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CF Striker
03-14-2007, 09:11 PM
New York, New York. One of the most booming cities in the entire world, it had always strained under immense overcrowding, poverty, and crime. The actionn is hot and intense, the night life and edge of your seat ride. Buisness booms and hobos sleep under benchs blocks away from one another. Yet somehow, it remains; an example of the limits humanity can be pushed to, a succesful exsperiment. Or at least it was, until somebody tampered with the fibers of being of the city, as well as humanity itself.

It struck Daniel odd how a city so full of people could be so inhuman. A car nearly plows a guy, her runs, and then life goes as normal. The crime in the streets runs unabridged because no one has the guts to anything about. Well, he admited this for him wasa bit of a hypocritical thought, and that , maybe he needed to fill that roll. But that would be another days battle. Today, he had to get to the Pennignton Co. They were exspert designers of the home industry and if he could get his art in there, he might gain some graft.

Of coarse getting throught hte streets of New York by bicycle is extremely difficult. Daniel growled, "If a wreck my bike I'm gonna get through this traffic!" A skater punk, using those new fancy "Hovers" rocketed past and knock him over. He barely avoiding his artwork samples from falling into the gutter. He raised his fist, "Watch where you're going..." the sighed, "man I need a pair of those..." He remounted his bike and finally got through the last two blocks, approaching the ediface of the building.

Pennigton Co. was huge, every since their founder laid the basis for the agency. There was supposedly a movement in there nowadays to take it back to "humanitarian routs" whatever that ment for a CO. like this. The building was a glossy sea-green due to the tinting on its windows and its shape resembled something like an upright pencil. Yeah it looked good alright. Nearly as good as the girl who was going to meat him.

Don't get the wrong impression, Daniel didn't love Anna Charlene Peters, but with her blue-gray eyes, flaming red hair, and hourglss frame, she was attractive. The fact she was wearing a well-fitting buisness suit didn't hurt either. However, this meating was strictly buisness amoungst aquaintences. As the head of the art team, she could help him alot.

Daniel approached her after parking his bike, running for she looked bored standing in front of the turnstyle doors, "Hey, I've got your artwork!" Anna smiled, gingerly releiving Daniel of his folder and picking out a random peice. It was of a woman, fondly eyeing a wine glass. She sat in low light, the table with flowers and wine bottle resting on it, a solitary spotlight on an empty chair. She smirked, "Not bad kid. A bit dark for the family motive, but maybe you've got some variety hmm?" Daniel answered regretably, "Well yeah, I mean i tend to be a little dark but I'm felxible. I draw brighter things every now and then, and can do it more if that's what you need." Suddently she gasped. Daniel grinned, she had pulled out the angels. He had spent months on that peice, a flock of near perfect featured, yet varied in appearence angels. They were male and female, black and white, old and young, but all had an unearthly glow to their beings. She shoved the picture in his face. "This, can you give me more of this Danny?" He nodded, "Yeah, sure. You want to take it for reveiw." She blew out air in a "pfft" sound, "Well duh! I'll call when they say they like it kid." The she walked in and was gone. Daniel jumped with a cry, "Yeah!" and turned, someone stole his bike. He frowned, but shrugged, "Such is life around here.

He began to walk home but heard a cry from and alley way. whoever screamed was very effeminate, or else very young. Danny sighed and closed his eyes. he couldn't stand it anymore. He WAS different, its like Ben Parker had told his nephew in the SPiderman comics, "With great power comes great responsibility." Daniel felt the guilt, and could deal with it no more. He let himself fade into a intangible nothing and flew up to locate where the sound was coming from. Normally flying humans are odd, but Daniel was invisible, so he didn't have to wory about this abnormallity, like a lot of undead spirts don't. Yeah he had power alright, and it creeped him out sometimes.

03-15-2007, 08:10 AM
Kaede had remianed institutionalized due to her lack of corroperation. She refused to let them test her powers, she refused to talk, at times she refused to eat. She had been trapped there for some time now, though she didnt know for how long, and she was getting tired of being there.
It wasnt until an annual physical that pushed her towards escaping. The way she saw it, the doctor got to 'friendly' with her, so (without moving a muscle) snapped his spine. Assisatances immediatly thought it was a heart attack...until the autopsy came in. They knew it was Kaede's doing.
She was restrained and locked away. She could hear voices outside her door. Kaede tried to easedrop, but the padding in the room absorbed most of the sound. She heard one thing though: terminate. Upon hearing that word, she loosened her restraints, flew open the door, and ran into the busy streets of New York.

03-15-2007, 08:23 AM
Amidst the choked mass that is the sprawling metropolis New York, Jason had a hard time to contain his soft fear for claustrophobia. He never could understand why people would willingly set foot in a crowded city with even more crowded roads and with an awfully crowded public transport.

It's like a giant ranch and we're the cattle, he amusingly told himself as he gingerly walked over the pavement, which were covered by the shadows caused by the mighty skyscrapers that the Big Apple possesed in abundance.

It was hard not to attract any attention from the pedestrians, who quickly stepped aside when he walked. It wasn't everyday when a cowboy walked the streets of NY and each time when a lady looked into his direction he could not help, but tilt his hat slightly and offering a short nod and a charming grin. In return most ladies couldn't help but smile back at his rogueish expression.

" Heck, I'd might like this town afterall..." He muttered to himself as he looked back at a lovely lady who looked over her shoulder aswell, while looking at her long silky legs and lovely bottocks.

" Hell...I'm liking it allready..."

He was off to see Guilermo, his source of income in the city aswell as the man who told him that he would show him around town. For last few days Jason worked for him as a "repo-man" as he made sure that the people who owned Guilermo a dime or two would pay back as soon as possible. So far he only had to give the odd thug a smack around the back of his head and he hope it would stay that way. The moment he had to kill somebody or threaten some old lady, he'd be on his way again.

He had no hurry to see the man so he stopped at the corner of an foul smelling alleyway as he took his time to light his sigarrete. The moment it was lit, he heared a helpless cry emerging from the alley as he turned around to see what might have occured there.

"Dang...just my luck...."

He looked back into the open streets again and seriously contemplated to turn away, but he gritted his teeth when another cry for help emerged and turned towards the alley once more just in case he needed to save a very gratefull pretty lady.[/SIZE]

" Darn...guess I hate this damn town afterall..." He angrily muttered to himself as he drawed both of his Colt "Peacemaker" Revolvers.

OOC: He's now entering the same alley where Daniel heard the cry from aswell. If this doesn't compute with your Rp story, be sure to tell me and ill change it accordingly. Also in case you all thought the reason why Jason uses short sentences which useually involve stopwords such as dang, darn etc. be assured it's not due to the lack of my writing skills but because Jason is just that kind of guy...gosh darn it!

03-15-2007, 01:05 PM
babs stood calmly in a shadowy alley. Her hands were comfortable in her pockets and she had her eyes closed as one of her pets a tarantula crawled over the left side of her face. on her left shoulder a small scorpion stood his tail high as if ready to attack. She opened her eyes when she heart some squiking near her feet and looked down,

A fat sewerrat scratched her leg and squiked "i see...show me"she spoke to the animal and follow it to the back of the ally. after a few turns the rat stopped infront of a young woman (keade) and squiked. babs stopped infront of her, her tarantula had taken place upon her head. she blinked "your diffrent..like me.."she spoke softly and closed her eyes for a moment and then opend them again and stretched her hand out "come.." she gave a friendly smile as a second tarantula crawled from under her shirt and made itself comfy in her neck.

03-15-2007, 01:16 PM
Kaede wasnt sure whether or not she could trust this strange girl, but then again, she did seem different like she was. She gazed over to the institution to see that they were, in fact, looking for her. Thats was more than enough 'trust; for Kaede.
She took the girls hand gingerly, mostly from fear of the scorpion. She mustered out a few words, much to her surprise that she could still even speak after the years of silence.
"Where to?"

03-15-2007, 01:52 PM
Babs pulled the young woman to her feet and frowned when another scorpion that had aparantly had been under her shirt walked over to the other females arm. with out fear she lifted the animal infront of her face "now now slivia what did i tell you about walking over to strangers"she said to it, the scorpion snapped it's scissors a few times and she placed it on her other shoulder. she let go of keade's hand and walked out of the alley towards her apartment. She glanced over her shoulder to keade indicating her to follow.

fox demon naruto
03-15-2007, 03:11 PM
Steam filled out as Link walked out of his shower with a towel wrapped around him. He clean himself up and got dressed. He looked out at his window of New York high above in a old apartment that he got for $50 dollars a week. The water was pretty took ten minutes to get hot and the lights went out sometimes but that was all he could affored. He looked down at the street as people walked by getting from place to place. A angry taki driver yelled as a person walked past him. Sighing, Link left the apartment and headed down stares.

He left the area and walked past an alley when he saw something. He looked back and saw a blue figure. It looked to be the shape of a dog yet it didnt have any legs and its tail looked to be cut off. Link looked back and forth looking to see if anyelse saw it. Walking closer to it he raised his hands and a green light appeared and the dog-like thing vanished. "Hmmmm." Link mumbled before walking off.

03-15-2007, 03:13 PM
The dull padding of the outside word, what he had outside his mind, seemed to knock into his very nerves bit by bit as he walked the streets, his hands tucked far into the pockets of his black leather coat. Not to his surprise people seemed to split apart and make a long open trail in his direction, the stares of onlooking people with scrunched faces in disturbance was only all to common. He wasn't a bad looking guy nor was he ever outrightly violent...

..At first that was.

One brave walker of the age of thirty braved his chances, whether he intentionally did or not wasn't know, but he broke the uniform trail lined by people around Tim, and bumped into the lad with, to little surprise of the people around, terrible consequences.

"Watch it!" A roaring voice spilled out into the crowded sidewalks followed by a large crash, the glass from the store to their right was shattered by the flying body of the thirty year old man who had happened to break the tides ways.

His eyes burning crimson, Timmothy Rekillok made his way into a dash down the sidewalk, the open trail came as fast as he ran while the anger seemed to follow from behind, a looming hand of fire and rock as well as a hot musty wind. There was no total escape, only evasion at this point. He dashed around into a nearby alleyway and hit the side of an apartment structure with his back. He had gripped his head with both hands as he ducked down in pain, growling to the influence of the inferno that was his mind.

"GGGRAHH!" He threw a fist towards the wall of the building in front of him, a burst of his power was formed at his knuckles pushing and ripping to be fully released. At that point the wall was dented deeply, as it was made of metal.

Throwing himself back onto the other way he tapped his head against it's form growling and grunting trying to calm down. "It was only a stupid man.. a stupid... ignoramus..."

03-15-2007, 03:20 PM
Kaede nodded and smiled. She followed the girl back to her apartment. She couldnt help but be curious to everything that surrounded her as she passed it. She hoped the whole while that no one would bother to follow her or go looking for her. She couldnt bear the thought of going back to that horrible place, or the thought of what they would do to her if she did go back.

03-15-2007, 03:29 PM
A young boy had just been arrested for stealing one of the new hover skates, and was still wearing them. He was thrown into a holding cell, a group of older men were there also, looking at him and the skates. A man came near him, grinning as he held a sharp peice of metal in one hand. "I like those hover type things, my son would probably love em'." The man spoke, chewing on the back of a toothpick.

"He probably would, so he'd just have to save up for one." The boy answered, looking at the man straight in the eye.

"I don't think you understand me, boy. Give me them skates and I won't decorate your face with pretty designs." The man said threateningly, holding the metal up to his cheek, some blood trickled down his cheek as the boy closed his eyes before looking at the man.

The toothpick had erupted in flames, leaving soot on the man's nose as the metal started burning in his hands. The boy's hands had been enveloped in flames as he approached the now backing up man. Just then a scientist accompanied by cops, entered the cell, grinning at the boy whose hands were still covered in flames. "Project 05 Pyro, also known as Giancarlo Roman, come with me, we have a few things to discuss about." The old man said, looking through his glasses as the cops handcuffed Giancarlo's hands behind his back, leading him to an interogation room, with the old man.

Giancarlo sat down, the old looking scientist sat down. "Ah yes, Project 05 Pyro, you have grown a lot since we have implanted you with the gene. I see you have discovered your powers. The rest of us would like to take you back to run a few tests." Giancarlo looked around the room, finding the wall behind him had a window peeking outside. He'll break down the wall and leave, right before knocking out the man.

"The rest of you? So your the one who gave me this power?" The scientist nodded "We need to test your skills, to see how much power you have." Giancarlo laughed "I got other places to go." He said, blasting a jet of flames at the scientist, having it swirl around his head as he stood in front of the wall, his hands covered in flames as he blasted two balls of fire at the wall, causing a loud explosion as he use the hovers to speed away from there.

03-15-2007, 03:41 PM
babs lead keade back to a roomie apartment. Upon entering 6 or 7 cats crawled against her legs mewling. after petting them ze walked to the living room where two dogs were wagging there tails. In the living room was a table, a couch a medium sized t.v and the walls were ridden with terariums and none were closed. some boa constrictors wrapped themselfs around her ankles as she walked in and a black cobra looked up for a moment before laying down again. A few skinks scurried across teh couch as babs made keade sit "they wont hurt you" she looked keade over for injuries.

CF Striker
03-15-2007, 03:44 PM
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Ok, maybe only slightly invisible. He watched a flock of birds swak as they passed and realized he wasn't indetectable, he hadn't used his abillities in a while. He dashed down toward the pavement, his eyes focused on a rough looking man attempting to steal an old womans purse. "Coward." Daniel thought. He hit the gruff man head, letting his prescence seep into the man's brain. The guy shifted attention from the woman to the ghost-like Daniel in front of him. Daniel motion for the woman to run, and she did with a hoarse muffled "Thank you."

Meanwhile Daniel became normal, feeling the new power seeping in his blood. The guy was afraid to die, afraid to be directly challenged on every bad deed he had done, as it was wise for him. Without a word, only a stare, Daniel grabbed the man's wrists and threw him at the dead end of the alley. "Go quietly," daniel whispered. He could help but become a little darker, a little less merciful in this state. It was time for punishment. Theman quickly began pushing back, reminding Daniel he was only a teen an a tug of war like senario ensued, each supposedly fighting in order not to be killed.

fox demon naruto
03-15-2007, 03:51 PM
Link heard a roar and glass breaking as a crowed formed ahead of him. Giving a confused look he looked as a man burst past everyone and ran off. He looked and saw that the man had a blue figure running behind him. It was of a man yet he seemed mutated. However, before he could tell what it was his brain screamed in pain. Clutching his head and mumbled, "A Gene." Link ran off trying to find the man. He heard a sorta crunch and saw the man punching the side of the wall mumbling to himself.

"A.....Gene." Link said standing before the man.

03-15-2007, 04:08 PM
After he spitted his siggarette aside, Jason dauntlesly entered the alley. He could not help but frown now that the useal screech of a lady was replaced with the grunting and pained cries of a male man.

He needed 3 seconds to get used to the darkness that started to envelop him with each step he took into the shadowy alley. A suprised frown quickly followed as he saw two figures sharing blows and punches with eachother.

Jason had a hard time to spot the "bad guy" of the two and for all he could know, maybe the two fellows were fighting over the possesions of the old lady that just ran past him.

" Excuse me miss but..." alas, she was allready gone before Jason could ask which guy attacked her.

He turned his attention again to the struggling men and Jason smirked when he saw the young teen holding out quite well against the big guy. A little too well, seeing he dealed a mean punch comparible with any merciless street fighter.
...so maybe kid could be the thug. A crackaddict that needed his fix for all he could know.
He had to squint his eyes somewhat due to the fact he could swear the kid was somewhat ethereal, almost invisible. He blamed on the bad light.
Jason shaked his head and grinned lightly as he pointed both his guns in the air and pulled the trigger of his left revolver once. He lowered them once more and pointed each end of the guns at another person so he had them both under fire.

"Allrighty here gents...now that I got the attention of y'all, I'd be much obliged if ya'll can tell me what in the blazin' be goin' 'ere so we be settin' this rumble to an appropriate end eh? "

He narrowed his eyes somewhat though he kept his charming smile as he turned his head to Daniel saying:

"And no darn funny bussines folks, especially you kiddo...for such a frail lookin' fellah, you sure deal a major punch...and that's a compliment sport"

He flashed another grin towards him as he shortly winked his left eye, while chuckling slightly.

OOC: Be sure to give my char an appropriate beating if you think it's appropriate. Miscommunication that leads to a fight tends to result in a long lasting friendship as the superhero lexicon tells us.

CF Striker
03-15-2007, 05:07 PM
OOC: Mmmm yeah, but thats not my character's style. Besides, who needs stereotypes. BTW, right now Daniel not ethereal, so he'll look normal.

Daniel threw one last punch at the theif, sending him flying back at the wall again, this time knocking his head against the wall so he fell unconcious. Danny picked up the man's knife, closed it, and stuck it in his pocket. He then faced the misplaced western icon standing in front of him, "That woman, that guy tried to rob her. I took the knife because frankly I don't trust him with it." He raised his hands harmless but raised an eyebrow, "So is this like a stick up on vilgilanties or am I free to go cowpoke?" He held back the bubbling snicker that wanted to escape. He couldn't help it, what the heck was this guy doing in New York. Then a thought came to him....maybe cowboy here was doing the same thing he was, looking for info. But that seemed unlikely. Contancting the dead was the only way he had regained his past, so how would this guy know what was going on if he was on of them, and that was also a big if.

Natu Utan
03-15-2007, 05:27 PM
"Hmph." Grumbled a teen as he graciously walked down the busy streets of New York. This teen, had short black hair, and wore all black clothing. Seeming almost Gothic, in a way, without the make-up. Through this busy street, this teen, heard many side conversations, not carng about any of them. As he walked, This teen, noticed a young boy on Hover skates, fly past this guy on a bike, who fell due to this. The young man laughed, he always found pleasure in other peoples suffering. He thought, "Why, a pair of them skates could be mighty usefull."

Booby, as this teen was named, continued his journey down the busy sidewalk of the Big apple, shadows covering most of the sidewalks, due to its impressivly large buildings. Bobby looked to his left, seeing a store selling all kinds of technology. A boy, ran out of the store holding up a pair of hover skates screaming "YES, I FINALLY GOT THE NEW V10 HOVERSKATES!!" Bobby chuckled lightly, as he strolled over to this boy. "Hello." Said Bobby to the young boy

"Hello sir, look at my new hoverskates!"

"I see them, and now, I sujest that you give them to me." The boy blinked, confused. "No, I certaintly will do no such thing! These cost me 2 months allowence!" "oh, well thats a shame then." With these words, Bobby plunged his open palm into the chest of the boy. As ice started to emit from Bobby's palm, into the chest of the boy, freezing the youngin.

Within a few seconds, the boy fell to the grounf, Frozen. Bobby gathered up the Hover skates, and put them on. Not paying any attention to the many screams and cries of the pedestrians, Bobby flew off. With these skates, Bobby flew all around the City, searching for something else to do.

As Bobby passed over an expecially busy street, he noticed a large figure, throwing a man into a store window. Then, it moving towards an allyway, towards a wall, where it put a rather large dent in the side of the metal building. At this time, Bobby covered his body, as well as his skates in his special ice. He knew that nothing could break it, and wasn't worried about the heat from the skates melting the ice. As he moved towards this 'thing', an aura seemed to be emmitting off of Bobby, as he shined in the day light.

Bobby looked at this guy, seeing that he possesed great strength. Bobby got off of his Hoverskates, at the beginning of the ally, his Body shining bright enough to blind a man if he looked at him at the right angle. A misty aura could be seen coming from his eyes, as he walked towards the man. "Villian or Hero?" Bobby asked the man nicely, wanting him to be an ally instead of a foe.

03-15-2007, 05:29 PM
Blinking somewhat unbelievingly as he saw the guy flying off as he got punched, Jason chuckled slightly.

"Wull kiddo, count yerself a hero then" He said after he holsterd his revolvers before he twirled them twice around his index fingers "...but even hero's need to take it easy on bandits...less ya turn to be one yeself."

He walked over to the uncounsious body of the thief and let go a sharp whistle.

"Yup...he's knocked out cold allright...now how did a skinny kid like you get so strong without havin' the arms o' popeye the sailor eh?"

For a moment a thought in series of images relating to his past, with the final image imprented deeply into his mind. He could see himself again, as a young boy lying down with a dozen men clothed in the outfit of surgeons as they started to administer a sinister looking liqued through a siringe.

"Why...those popeye arms of you wouldn't have the letters NYRS tattooed on ye arms right? Geez, what am I talking 'bout...never mind kiddo...I'll be on my way..."

Something in his mind was bugging him the moment he looked at Daniel, and just had to ask it, albeit in a semi-joking maner.

He turned around and started to make a few carefull steps towards the streets again and hoping the kid would respond. Deep within he really hoped he would and he was at a loss to explain why he had this feeling.

fox demon naruto
03-15-2007, 05:36 PM
Link watched as a teen with hoverskates walk past him coering his eyes in the brightness. The teen said something about villan or hero to the giant man standing before them. "Villan or hero?" Link muttered to himself. Suddenly all around him became red and the dog shaped figure appeared again. "Another Gene." Link said quitly. Watching the teen talk with the giant. Not knowing what to do. "Am I with a friend, or a foe?" Link muttered.

03-15-2007, 06:25 PM
The essence of a familiar bend, a certain twist in the temperament of the alley caught his burning crimson eyes. He had been able to stay off the demon inside until now, but a person approached with the familiar aura-way about him. Then came another on those skates, his aura was brighter as if he wanted to show himself off. His eyes focused on both of them, there was a crackle from the renewing cold of the flying boy's ice.

He looked to the first boy then, their eyes upon him made him remember all those times, his sheer presence was him reeked of disorder and discontent. The children had always stared, knowing that Timothy was 'different' as they would say. Those stares.. those were the ones these people were giving him, at least to his eyes they were. He felt the burning hand erupt from the ground below him, the power inside starting to lasso his rage to his body.

A crack of bone and sinew was the only warning, before a burning mane of fire burst from the back of his neck, his hands erupting into large claws. His already large form became larger, muscles all over his burning furry body which seemed to snap into place as his face extended out into a nozzle, four large fangs pushing out from his mouth. It had took him, his vision was red and precise, he snorted steam as he cracked his large neck before landing on his front knuckles.

From his throat a small growl reached out into their ears, he hadn't cared for what label he was of now, he only wanted to throw this anger, the anger of hell itself. He threw his head back into a mighty alley shaking roar which burst out from the way causing the people in the streets to either run in panic or flock towards the noise in a scared curiosity.

Aura of the Twilight
03-15-2007, 06:46 PM
Iris had had a fairly normal day. She had gone to school, did her studies, and practiced her powers a little when her adoptive mother came into the room. "Hi mom, what'cha need?" Iris asked while turning her attention towards her adoptive mom who she is comfortable with calling mom.

Her mom smiled at her and stated, "I now how you love to roller skate, and since you did so well on your last test I got you a gift. I hope you like it." her mom replied as she handed Iris the box. Iris quickly unwrapped the box and opened it to see a pair of the new hover skates.

"Thanks mom! I'm gonna try them now!" Iris said as she hugged her mother and then put on her skate gear and then ran out the door and put on the skates and started off down the sidewalk.

She had been skateing for a while when she passed an alley way. She heard some voices coming from it and then went to skate away but stopped. She felt as if something was telling her to investigate. She slowly glided down the alley way and then saw a few guys, about her age talking. She slowly glided up to them and said, "I hope I'm not intruding, but is everything okay here?" she looked at them all one by one while waiting for a response.

Karissa was held in school for a while longer than most of the students for a meeting, so she was just now walking home. She held her books close to her chest as she waked in her school uniform, minding her own business. She turned down an alley while zoneing out, which she usually did because the alley was a shortcut to her house. She stopped walking when she bumped into someone and zoned back in. She looked to see a bunch of people one of which was a girl that she bumped into.

"Sorry," she apologized in her usual quite tone while looking boredly at the ground.

"Oh, um no problem," she said to the girl,"I'm Iris Linara." Then Iris looked at the guys again and said,"Well?"

"Karissa Smith." Karissa replied to Iris while still looking at the ground.

Natu Utan
03-15-2007, 06:47 PM
-Bobby chuckled as he realized that there was another presence in the ally with him and this now large monster. Bobby stepped back a bit, he turned his shining face to the man next to him, "I don't care who you are, what your name is, if you have any powers at all, if your a Hero or Villian, but right now, we need to stop this beast, cause I don't wanna die." And with these words, Bobby moved his hands infront of him, placing his palms together tightly.

He moved his hands apart slowly, and thrust them forward at a great speed. Sending a large blast of ice towards this large beast. As a safety issue. Bobby did the same thing, but this time, a large blast of ice ejected from his palms, and moved infront of the Beast, but, the balst stopped. As more ice was put into it, the ice began to grow. Making a wall of some sort Expanding up and down, and to the sides. Creating a large wall of ice. This, should hold in the beast for some time.

A cage was created, moving around all sides of the beast, trapping him it seemed. Bobby walked towards the Beast Casusially, not sure of what it would do next. Bobby's arms floated upwards, and onto his head, the ice shining brightly in the sun. Behind him, Bobby could here screams coming from the Streets. He didn't care, in fact, soon they would all be dead anyway.

03-15-2007, 06:59 PM
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Efreet as he would be called, watched in a growling gargle as the person decided to cage hell, well, nobody could keep that held for long and nobody knew this better then Timmothy, but he was only the beast now. The ice, though the temperature it was started to crackle as the heat from the air around entered it's molecular bonds, kinetic energy started to gather as the seconds went on. Efreet started to wail on the cage with fists, plain and simple. Each hit sent a vibration out, causing people to fall to their rears one blow after another.

Seeing as though his raging efforts where futile the beast tried his horns, head butting into the ice, his body heating the inside of the ice wall. The temperature was gaining faster and faster as his rage grew, his burning mane evaporating the water as it would slide down the cage. The vapor started to expand more and more inside and Efreet knew by instinct that this was the way out. He started to blow immense flames from his mouth all around, his body unaffected by either the extreme heat or cold.

He made a fang toothed grin as he clawed at the concrete below ripping it up until there was a deep hole. He then blew fire all around him with the utmost intensity, creating magma. The cage became an impending bomb of liquid molten rock ready to burst at any minute. The people all started to run as they heard the walls of the ice crack and blow steam from the inside out.

He was floating in magma, his demon body functioning fully as he gargled another roar through the magma.

Natu Utan
03-15-2007, 07:42 PM
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Bobby took a step back as this beast began melting his ice. He had forgetten to keep a constant pressure on the ice, so that I would not ever melt. He took a step back, again, completly forgetting about the other guy what was there with them. Bobby raised his palms again, they growing with the same Blue aura. The remaining ice returned to Bobby, letting this monster out free.

Bobby had no idea of which this beast had planned, but he had an idea. If Bobby stayed out this things way, it would go into the streets, and rampage, Killing lots of people. Something Bobby like doing as well. So, Bobby would kill some people with this 'thing'.

Bobby's feet began to shine brighter, as ice emitted from the soles of his feet. He jumped up, and a small ice ledge appeared underneath him, holding Bobby up. This man would then turn around, and skate off in a way, running in the air, as ice appeared below his feet, keeping him up in the air. Bobby moved into the middle of the street, suspended in air, laughing.

he looked down at all of the people, as his body lowered slowly. Bobby's lithe form moved in a circle, quickly. Creating a gushing wind of ice, freezing many people around them. Allowing them for easy breakage. Bobby retreaded back to the air, as he saw the beast was coming.

CF Striker
03-15-2007, 09:09 PM
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"Wow...hey wait" Daniel yelled. It hesitated at first, but then spoke up "Those letters are tattoed alright, tattoed to my soul. You're not with those freaks are you. Answer me truthfully." Finally, another like him. He couls TELL someone, he could relate, he could maybe even get even.

A loud roar erupted then and Daniel flinched, "What on earth was that?" he thought outloud. It sounded nowhere near human, or beast for that matter. He turned to his new aquaintence, "If you know what those letters are, you could come with me and check out that noise couldn't you?" Screams were now being unleashed, and Daniel grew impatient the more he heard them. "Why couldn't I have decided to crusade tommorow?" he thought.

03-15-2007, 09:49 PM
Getting stuck at school playing music for a the teachers like he does every day Billy had to almost run to get home so that he could go to the school of the musically gifted that was on the far side of new york from where his school is. As he passed one of the many alleyways he heard a loud roar coming from somewhere near by. In shock he leaped in the air and all around him a lovely music began to play and it lifted him in the air floating on it he held on to something on a building and pushed up higher. Looking around he noticed some guy flying around freezeing people no big deal to him but he wanted to know what that noise came from. So he sat on the edge of the near by building and waited to see what happens.

fox demon naruto
03-15-2007, 10:32 PM
Link looked around at the scene unfolding before him. Nothing in his mind exspected something like this to be created from the gene. Link, who still had red eyes, looked as the people were being frozen by this insane person who made the fire monster come alive. His eyes saw their souls screamed in pain and painic. Their bodies were dead but if that monster got to them as would there souls. He turned back to the monster and saw its own soul behind the caged creature. It was the shape of a man cained to a wall while fire was pumped into it. The scene infront of Link unfolded into a scene of pain and screams. Clutching his head in pain Link fell to the ground. Nearly in tears he didn't dare cry out for fear the monster would get more riled up.

Then the dog shaped soul from before appeared ontop of Link and dissolved into Link. Link felt power pump into him as he stood and stuck out his hands to the trapped souls. Strands of green emmited from Link as they grabbed the souls and dragged them to Link giving him power. He felt overwhelmed by the power that burst through him. Link, who was trying his best to not pass out from the enormous power looked back at the beast. It was still raging on and the ice was melting fast. Not only that he felt more alive souls comming this way. Some not of the regular. 'Genes!' He thought before focusing on the beast soul.

"This man was forced by this...thing from that gene." Link said to himself. "I must figure out a way to stop the beast." Link sent more strands of green toward the soul in attemp to stop the constant flow of fire seemping into the soul, however proved futile. 'No there must another way!' Link thought before sending another batch of strands to the beast soul.

I am your stalker
03-16-2007, 12:04 AM
Leon was laying on the ledge of a building looking at the clouds. He looked when he sees a man just float to the building he was so happy laying on. He got up and looked over the mans shoulder with a dazed look and says "What are you looking at?"
As leon look over the mans shoulder he can see a guy freezeing people.
Leon thinks to him self *They can not be haveing a good day*.
He asks the man how played such nice music to get to where he is on the building "What is happing, do you know?"

03-16-2007, 01:24 AM
A soft sigh floated from Jasons lips as Daniel confirmed his suspicion and he felt oddly within as if a large weight was cast from his shoulders. Still on the run, but at least not alone.

He turned around to face Daniel again with a bemused smirk and looked up the moment he heard a beastly cry through air.

He nodded his head a single time and said in a non-serious maner:
"Well...guess we stuck with eachother then...normally I'd pass the oppertunity to seek out cries that could very well come from dinosaurs, but you look like the sort o' guy that might get himself killed. Can't have you dying without a few questions asked and anwsered now can we?"

He turned around and started make a few steps towards the main street again before he looked back at Daniel.

"As fer ya question if I'm league with the company, there's no need to be castin' ya evil eye on me kiddo. I' m more alike with Frankensteins monsters than the nutty scientist himself. Heck, I'm just poor ol' pelgrim tryin' to survive."

He looked up towards the sky and grinned

"Wull...might aswell start walkin' hero...less you plan on flyin' ..."

03-16-2007, 02:30 AM
Cutthroat was sitting on the edge of a skyscraper meditating and drawing in energy when his super sensitive ears picked up the sound of a commotion far… far down below. He didn’t need to turn his head to see what was happening, empty sockets aren’t very good at looking… and he could figure out everything just by listening.

The situation sounded complicated and it seemed that the number of people involved was only growing. If life had taught him anything thus far it was to stay out of other peoples’ business especially when it involved a bunch of them… besides he needed to save his energy for his next “job.”

Currently Cutthroat was working as an assassin, sure the work was shady but killing people is what he did best and he hadn’t found much other purpose in life then doing what you have a talent for. Of course he had morals, no women or children and he liked to deal with men who were somewhere on the bad side of the law; the organization he got his “jobs” from didn’t really care… if Cutthroat wasn’t willing to do it somebody else was, but at least he wouldn’t have that blood on his hands. His current assignment was to eliminate some drug dealer who had apparently pushed to many buttons of other local groups in the drug cartel business… seemed simple enough but he always liked to be in top shape for his “jobs;” so he returned to mediating but kept listening to the action below… at least the commotion would keep him entertained while he rested.

03-16-2007, 11:20 AM
babs traightend when something tapped on the window. She walked to it and opened it, a small pigeuon sat on the windowsill and coed flapping hsi wings. Babs looked at it and nodded "i see.." she walked back inside and picked up a piece of paper and scribbled something on it. She also grabbed a pair of scissors and snapped a small piece of her hair off tying the two together she handed it to the pigeoun "make sure the right ones get this" she watched the bird fly away knowing that the note said one simple thing "follow the pigeuon" she turned back to keade smilling "are you hungry" she closed the window.,

Natu Utan
03-16-2007, 11:24 AM
Bobby chuckled softly as he noticed more and more people coming into the area. Ha, just more people to be frozen and killed. Bobby floated around in the air, ice being emitted from the soles of his feet. Bobby floated to the ground, slowly. Watching as the "proper authorities" came around to see what all the commotion was. Bobby walked towards the cops as they got out of their cars, many shielding their eyes due to the intense brightness of Bobby's ice armor.

This boy sighed softly, getting bored quite quick-like with these pathetic beings. "FREEZE" Yelled some of the cops in sinc. Bobby only laughed at them. He rose his icy palms into the air, a mist could be seen coming from them as the sun melted them. But, to only be replaced by more ice constantly. The cops began to fire their weapons at Bobby. The bullets only hitting his body and freezing on inpact, falling to the ground with a soft thud. Elegantly, his lithe form now stood infront of one of their vehicles, as Bobby placed a frozen palm on the hood, the entire car froze, almost instantly.

The cops took a few steps back and began fireing again. This time, Bobby raised an empty palm up, an ice began to shoot from it, freezing the bullets in the air. As well as many of the cops. Behind him, a large man, came and had struck Bobby with what seemed to be a large metal pole. Bobby turned around, as if nothing had happened. He wasn't phased or stunned or anything. The man dropped his weapon and stepped back, his face full of fear. Bobby thrust his skull out towards the man, hitting him dead in the forehead in a strong Headbutt. The man fell to the ground.

Bobby walked on, freezing random people that he saw walk by. He began his trip down to the end of the street. He was getting bored, and decided to go home. But, to walk, and feeze anyone that he saw in his way. Which is what this careless, human being did.

03-16-2007, 11:33 AM
Kaede watched as the girl cut a lock of her hair and sent it to someone via bird mail. She wondered what excatly was going on, and if it involved her or not.
She shook her head 'no' when she was offered a meal. SHe looked around the room again.
"This is your power?"
She was referring to the large amount of animals the girl kept with her, and how they seemed to obey her. Sure, one could train a god or bird, but a scorpion? She had to have some kind of power over animals.

03-16-2007, 11:46 AM
Billy lifts his head, "Oh someone was up here sorry to disturbe you." All of a sudden they both hear freeze echoing up past them and Billy looks down. "God hey dude dont care if your good or bad but right now it looks like we have to stop that dude at least from killing all those cops. Mind helping me out?"

03-16-2007, 11:57 AM
Babs turned to her and walked towards the black cobra it tongled and straightend she petted it's head. she smiled "i can talk to them, i can speak there language thats why they call me whispana" the cobra curled around her arm "there are diffrent ones like us and my birds have been keeping a eye out for any possible ones" she turned towards keade "humans call be babs though"she looked out the window for second "the bird told me he saw a strange display powers"she petted the cobra "i hope they will come to me because i am gonna need help protecting you" she smiled.

the pigeuon in qeustion flew back to the alley he saw the display. cooeing he landed on links shoulder and dropped the paper and the hairlock in it. it coed and hopped around but flew away and laned on a nearby roof when it sensed teh danger from teh thing.

03-16-2007, 12:06 PM
"My names KAede, but the scientists called me Project 13, Minerva."
She looked away for a moment.
"I doubt you'll need much help protecting me. I think with my powers, I can protect myself easily."
She didnt say it to sound arrogant, but to show that she was far from a poor, helpless child. She wondered to herslef again.
"Or do I need protection because theres something importatn going on that involves me?"

03-16-2007, 12:29 PM
Giancarlo had relaxed a bit as he was far from the cop building. he was gliding down the sidewalk, taking in his surroundings. He had takin out a pack of cigarettes, putting one in his mouth as he held the tip of the cigarette, breathing in, the tip turned red, smoke coming out. He had taken it off some guy that he had fought with. Sure Giancarlo was only fifteen and already he was smoking, but he didn't care.

Giancarlo ran a hand through his shoulderlength dirty blonde hair, letting a puff of smoke escape him. He was finally relaxed when two cop cruisers came out of the streets, blocking his way. Four cops came out, guns pointed as one began to speak to him. "Giancarlo Roman, put your hands in the air and do not move." He ordered as Giancarlo just let out another puff of smoke through his nostrils.

He sighed, putting his hands up as he grinned, firing two jets of flames near the cruisers, causing a wall of fire as he ran through an alley, not wanting to get arrested. Someting happened, the image of the scientist that he had met came up in his mind, followed by a memory, causing him to grip his head at the painful memory. He had found himself in an operating room, seeing a doctor give him a needle that he guessed what gave him his power. The memory was finished and he was on the ground in the alley.

03-16-2007, 12:48 PM
babs turned to the window "i am not sure but something is brewing"she crossed her arms "and it has been brewing for a long time" she suddenly narrowed her eyes and opend the window. she pressed her fingers to her lips and whistled low, a seagul landed on the window. she picked up one of the two scorpions and handed it to the seagal "look for someone that is looking this with a telescoop"the seagel nodded nad flew off with the scorpion in it's beak "people have been watching me it's the main reason why i surround myself with poisions animals" she closed the window again.

I am your stalker
03-16-2007, 02:14 PM
Leon looks at the guy and says "Ya, ok I will help." At that momment a bird that looked like stone picked leon up as two other birds that looked the same as the first started to attack the man freezeing people. Leon can't tell if the birds are hiting but he knows they are trying.

03-16-2007, 02:29 PM
With one more powerful roar the magma filled ice cage shatter and exploded with a very deep and painful blast of noise, the magma rushed down the alley out to the street. It would be wondered if the soul man would get out of the lava's way, but whatever he did he needed to do it fast. A giant claw could be seen grasping from the side of the hole before the large demonic, almost dog like creature jumped out from the crater and set it's knuckles onto the lava covered pavement now fusing into rock. Those that were ice shattered from the heat once he took his first step.

From the bottom of the creature's very existence it roared again before dashing, on all fours like that of an ape, out into the street wear he saw the rest of the people, many had escaped and there was only the local authorities who seemed to be having a time against that one kid, the iced one. Efreet poured his hatred upon the line of vehicles as their bullets started for his direction, each bursting as they hit his powerful body. They were a annoyance, and only caused him more anger.

With that the creature tackled into the center of the line, his burning mane blazing out a streak of fire behind him. He took one of the cars into his giant claws and brought it over his head before smashing it into the next. This was followed by several large swipes from his furious claws, ripping into the nearby buildings and cars as well as knocking any other people down the street.

Sniffing the air for a brief moment he saw the ice man still reeking his own havoc, and snorted out a large pit of steam from his nostrils. His large crimson eyes burned even more as he could feel more approaching, more prey for the slaughter. The beast wanted them to come, he wanted to make that revenge yet again, that which he had taken every single time Timmothy had lost control.

fox demon naruto
03-16-2007, 02:44 PM
Link jumpped at the last minute before the magma gushed past him. He landed on a roof and watched as the monster bolted down the street killing many. Link grabbed the souls of the dead and flinched in the ammount of power he had. He continued on knowing well that if that monster continued it would destroy the city. When he neared the beast he also the other teen that was with him. 'Ice man will pay for what he did!' Link thought. Standing now behind the monster of fire, Link gathered his power and shot two thicker strands at the monster.

The beams blasted through the soul but nothing happend. Then the beams wrapped around the monster's arms in atteamp to hold the beast in its place. "You must stop!" Link yelled still holding on to contain the monster. He saw the chains that held the person shapped souls together start to crack. Link, hopping that this was weaking the hold the monster had, stregnthed his beam as he absorbed the souls of the forzen around him. Beads of sweat ran down his face in fatigue. "You must stop!"

OOC: All souls a invisible and only able to see by Link, and Reaper my other character who will come in later.

03-16-2007, 02:54 PM
Pulled back by an invisible force the beast started to swing himself about, pulling an arm forwards to no avail. His clawed feet started to dig into the concrete as the beast motioned it's large arms into a circular motion in an attempt to wrap whatever was holding him back around his arms. To a surprise he wrapped the length of force a few time before flexing his beastly muscles, spewing flames in front of him as the person's words made no forth clash against his burning temper.

What held him back, in the eyes of this beast, was weakness, hatred for weakness only prevailed. He slid one of his giant paws back across the concrete and leaned forwards, ready to pull whatever had him into oblivion with him. He felt the end of the 'spirit lasso' become easier to pull with time. After a few more strong pulls The beast was off in a fiery gallop down the streets of New York, pulling the wielder of the Souls with him. He didn't look back, he only kept going making treading holes down the street with every beat against the concrete. It can be thought his rancher was still being dragged and whipped about by the beasts bucking and blazing until he turned a sharp corner.

The velocity of the turn could possibly hurl the one who attempted his capture into the nearby building, but it wasn't quite clear if it would.

Kyuubi Naruto
03-16-2007, 03:05 PM
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Trey walked down the random and exciting streets of New York,in search of a shop to spend his hard-earned money on.He came across a store that sold the new styled 'Hovers',and decided that he had found his place.

"Alright,that's $65.34."The cashier of the store said,tallying up the money Trey needed to by the hovers.

"Thanks."Trey said.He had been leaning against the counter,and lifted his hands up,but from the shadow of his arms came a hand,reaching out and grabbing the skates after Trey had just gotten the money out to pay for.Trey became alert of the events.

"What do you think your doing ya little thief?Huh?!"the man yelled as he snatched the skates from Trey and took the money."Ya thought you could pull one over me,didnt you?"The man turned around,putting the hovers behind the counter.

"I already paid for them,and I'm going to get those skates!"He said sternly,holding up his fist.The shadow from the fist came and knocked the man into the rack behind him,dropping the hovers onto the counter before Trey.Trey paused for a moment to think of these actions,then quickly snatched up the hovers and slipped them on quickly.He activated them as he was rised a bit off the ground and made his way out of the store and down the streets.As he continued on,Trey looked at his hand."What....happened?The shadows again,the 4th time this week.....why do all these unfortunate events seem to happen to me?"He though solemnly as he rode down the streets."Dammit....these shadows hurt that man....I hurt that man...what's wrong with me?That gene that was injected to me,was the cause of this....why cant I learn how to control this damn thing?!"He said aloud causing an echo in the dirty streets of the city,skidding to a stop as he soon arrived in front of the house of the friend who had taken him in after the events of him leaving his family.

fox demon naruto
03-16-2007, 03:11 PM
Link tightened his grip in holding as the beast tried to free itslef. Link thinking that the beast had been contained found him self being dragged by the beast at a fast speed. Link felt his body being battered as his coat was soaking the blood from his left hand. Link tried to get steady but fond no avail as he saw the beast not slowing up. He looked up to see the beast turn sharp and see him heading for a wall. Suddenly he saw that beast soul as the chains around the man figure crack again. Giving hope Link set his feet out and more power spewed out of his feet as he bonced of the wall leaving a opening.

"I need an ancor." Link said to him self. About to land hundereds of strands shot out of Link's feet and buried securly into the ground as they ripped the pavment of the streets. Link still absorbing man more souls some dead some alive. Right before he landed another barrage of beam shot out and dug into the ground.

He could feel the beast slow as the 'ancors' held seceruly no matter how the best struggled. Link saw that one of the four chains of the soul figure had been broken.

03-16-2007, 03:16 PM
Reaching into his bag Billy pulled out a flute and began to play though no noise came out of it than with a sigh he released his music and it hit the dude covered in ice in the back just like a shotgun blast would leaving no marks just deafening noise. The cops all fell down their ears hurting from the noise as Billy continued to do what he was doing blasting more and more music at the ice dude.

03-16-2007, 03:19 PM
The beast was dragged to a stop as the 'binds' ripped into the ground and jerked him back. He hit the street falling onto a car with a hard hit, crushing the driver inside. The chains of fire that held onto Timmothy snapped as the powers of the soul man knocked at the binds and loops. Hell wasn't intent of letting him go, there was a need to readjust it's grip. The chains shattered from within as the beast roared out, the fire came from it's form. Efreet's chest arched up into the air then back down as his body started to slowly shrink with the cracking of bone and the snapping of muscle.

From a flower of fire, literally, Timmothy laid in the crushed vehicle over the smashed roof sprawled out. Another flame danced over his large naked body creating his clothing on his form. His head was turned to the right, his hair spread out and flowing as the winds came down from the sky running down the side of a skyscraper.

Groaning, Tim turned about in the small prism of fire that formed from the flower, he twitched once before passing out.

fox demon naruto
03-16-2007, 03:30 PM
Link breathed hard as the soul of the man was to normal and the beast slowly dissapeared. The souls that binded the beams also dissolved away as they floated to there owner or to leaving the world forever. Sighing, Link started to limp his way to the man. His arms and legs both blood spattered of his own blood. He kepy an arm up in fear that the beast would rage again. He felt the heat of the flower that the man was in. He saw as the man flinched and then passed out. 'A gene can do this?' Link thought looking at the scene infront of him in amazment. He then rlized that destruction of the scene. Not only that he relized that if they found the man in here the police may arrest him and wake the beast again. Hoping to advoid that he picked up the man carfully hope not to burn himself and left hopping to leave the area without anyone seeing him.

03-16-2007, 04:06 PM
Babs turned on the t.v and zapped until the news was on "downtown a strange monster caused alot off damage to the city and even stranger were the people that were able to stop him" the newsreader shifted his papers "but more on that later first this urgent message, from the mental instisetution a dangerous womas escaped today" a picture of keade was shown "she is considert armed and very dangerous, authoriies warn to not aproach her at any costs, if you see her call this number" babs narrowed her eyes at the number "so it has begon" she sighed and looked to keade.

The pigeon coed in annoyance as link ignored the message. It swooped down and dropped it on timmothy's chest and pecked link on the head and coed flying around his head.

03-16-2007, 04:26 PM
Kaede shifted her gaze a bit in annoyance.
"I am not armed." she membled to herself.
She let out a deep sigh knowing full weel that her life just became extremly difficult. She couldnt help but think that she if had just affected his heart instead of his spine, she wouldnt be in so much trouble. But, whats done is done, and she had to deal with it. She replayed the news cast in her mind.
"Wait, theyre calling themsevles a mental institution?? Those...argh!!"
She quickly clamed herself down as to not mess up Babs's apartment.
"They better hope they dont find me."

fox demon naruto
03-16-2007, 04:27 PM
Link wacked away at the pigeon attacking him and gabbed the note. He read it and looked up at the bird. Getting the message, the bird flew low and not to fast so that Link could follow it. The bird used alleyways and other ways to get to advoid big crowds. 'Smar Bird.' Link thought following him.

Later he found himself infront of a apartment and the pigeon landed on his shoulder and stared at him. Looking back at the bird he gave a small sigh and knocked on the door.

03-16-2007, 04:35 PM
babs blinked "they probely don't want civilians to aproach you and armed people are considert very dangerous" She head a knock on the door and opened. she looked at link and timmothy "good think i have a medic kit"she ushed link inside and quickly glanced if none of the noughbours saw them. She was not knowns for hosting a party or anything, in side she walked into the kitchen and got a large medic box "keade please move so we can lay him on the couch" she turned the t.v off.

03-16-2007, 04:36 PM
Giancarlo found himself standing in an alley, three cops standing near him, one approaching cautously with a gun. He backed up slowly, his eyes on the gun, his eyes narrowed as the barrel of the gun, melted over. He quickly looked up as someone came from behind him, stabbing a needle in his neck, causing him to fall limp onto the floor as the cops and the man neared him.

He felt his hands being cuffed behind his back before falling unconcious. He felt himself being picked up and taken away.

He woke with a start at the back seat of a cruiser, a shotgun resting at the temple of his head as he saw the man that injected him with something. A cop sat on the other side, while the other two were at the front. The cop beside him had the gun which he melted the barrel so that the bullet would hit nothing but solid metal, causing the gun to explode. The cop hadn't noticed, along with everyone else.

"How much do you think the Doc will give us for capturing him?" The man at his right asked.

"Not much probably, around $80, max." The cop driving had answered his question.

"Never send an old man to do a real man's job." The man stated, causing Giancarlo to chuckle.

"Yeah, well when this real man decides to show up, I look forward in beating him to a pulp." Giancarlo answered, grinning as he felt the handcuffs melt away in his hands. He looked at the barrel of the shotgun as it melted over as well. As far as he knew, fire couldn't burn him, so the explosion from the gun won't hurt him, instead he'll use it to blow off the door of the car so he could jump out.

Giancarlo jumped at the man with the shotgun, placing his right hand on the man's face, burning it as his hands were engulfed with fire. The man shot at him, the barrel exploded, causing the two to hit the door off it's hinges as Giancarlo rolled away. He felt pain come from his left arm, he dislocated it and man did it hurt. Giancarlo got up, setting the man who had the shotgun on fire. He shot a fireball at the cruiser, watching it explode as he walked away, popping his arm back in it's socket, causing him even more pain. Giancarlo sighed before walking towards his house, the hover skates he had stolen were totally destroyed.

03-16-2007, 05:46 PM
Kaede hopped oof the couch and looked at the injured boy. She looked to the other one and asked:
"What happened excatly?"
She whised she could help out in healing to boy, but she couldnt. All she could do was stand, watch and listen for any orders that mightve been given to her.

CF Striker
03-16-2007, 06:35 PM
Emegency OOC: I can't post to day. If things start moving really fast, whoever is hero mod keep my character stickinng with shadesofgrey's character. I'll be back tommorw!

Kyuubi Naruto
03-16-2007, 07:49 PM
Trey walked into his friends house and plopped hiself down onto the couch,taking off his hovers while at it. He ran his hand slowly through his hair and sighed of annoyance. His friend,Dominique,walked into the room and sat on the chair across from Trey.

Dominique shook his head. "The shadows....they occured again, didnt they?"

"I dont know what's all of this about.....its as if, anytime I make a shadow large enough, even if it's not my intent, it comes out....and it just causes me trouble. The S-Gene, the thing that my parents got injected to me for the bribe, has gotta be the cause of this. I remember when they injected it into me, but that was like 6 years ago. Why do you think it's just activating recently?"
Dominique stretched out on the chair and yawned. "Dont know, and I really dont think there's anything I could do about it, so..."He said as he began to drift to sleep, cutting out the lights in the room, letting the shine from the sun outside come through the window.

Trey stood up and clenched his fist. The light made a shadow behind him,which seemed to rise up from the darkness. The shadow spread out and wrapped itself around Trey, completely engulfing his body before Trey was able to let out a single word. The shadow of his form grew larger and larger,oversizing the house. The building roof crumbled as the shadow figure grew to an immense side. It let out a large shriek as the people walking upon the streets looked both in awe and terror at the creature.
Dominique ducked under the couch as a piece of the roof fell upon him."What the hell is this?!"He yelled at the creature that was Trey.

Trey was seen inside the creature, it hadnt reached full power, but was still imense in size. Trey's eyes were closed, as if he was in a position of complete and total unconsciousness. It ran down the streets, destroying nearly all building in it's path. The shadows had found there window: they had finally been somewhat released from Trey's confinement. Trey's eyes were seen opening, as he looked at his surroundings. He was cut off from the rest of the world and was trapped in what seemed to just be one large shadow. He had nearly no control as the shadows swirled around his body, but as he struggled, the shadows began to grow smaller. The creature itself was decreasing in size, but at a very slow rate. It's destruction had just began, although the surrounding people had wished it was over.

Natu Utan
03-16-2007, 11:32 PM
-Bobby countinued walking forward, freezing a few more people as he walked. A loud noise was heard, behind Bobby, as he was shot by this weird Music type thing. No damage was done, as there was no way it could penetrate his armor, it was just really loud. He paid no attention to this, and allowed the man to shoot him as many times as he pleased, nothing would happen.

The large beast ran past Bobby with Link being dragged by him.' ooo, someone is trying to stop the beast', Bobby thought to himself. The frozen boy quickened his pace, following the beast as it ran. Soon, he saw it stop, and fall. Returning to normal. He could be a powerful ally. Yes, another dark hero. He will join us or die (xD, who can tell me where I got that from?)

He followed Link, as he carried Tim. The ice melted away from Bobby, as to not attract any attention so, he followed, slowly and silently. As the pigeion came and dropped the message, he followed them still. Once they got to the apartment in which Babs, Kaede, Link, and Tim were not at, Bobby waited a minute.

After about 5 minutes, Bobby placed his hands on the front door, ice covering his palms, entering the door. Freezing it, the ice spreading out, to freeze the rest of the apartment, inside and out. The apartment well on its way to be completly frozen, along with the rets of the apartments. After about, 30 seconds of this, Bobby kicked down the door, it falling to the ground, shattering with a large crash.

The ice covered Bobby as the door fell, and he stepped in slowly. Looking around at all of the animals. He saw Tim Moving to be put on a couch, for what seemed to be healing. Bobby instantly ran towards the group, ice being shot out from every which way on his form, as he reached down and moved to grab Tim, the ice coming from all directions from his body, aiming at the rest of the animals and people.

fox demon naruto
03-17-2007, 12:21 AM
Link jumped and grabbed Tim dodging the ice along with it. He kept his head down not knowing what happened to the others. Link kept his head down until he felt a similar presence and looked and the dog-like souls appeared again. "Comming again I see." Link mumbled before the dog dissolved away.

Link stood up with Tim laying behind him. Ice shot toward him but were stopped when a green beam gabbed them and let them fall to the ground. When the last of the barrage stopped Link looked at the man and said, "Ice man, leave before I hurt you."

Natu Utan
03-17-2007, 01:14 AM
"hahaha, Ice man? Who you calling Ice man?" Bobby chuckled lightly as this was said. "And you, hurt me? HA, yeah, okay." And with this, Bobby raised an open palm upwards towards Link. He closed his fingers except fro his pointer and middle fingers, his hand sparkling in the light. He rose the fingers up quickly, as a large sicle of ice shot from the ground underneath Link, moving upwords, toward the man. After this happened, Bobby lunged forward, Grabbing Tim's body from Link, and turning around, facing Link as the sicle rose up quickly-

fox demon naruto
03-17-2007, 01:47 AM
Link jumped out of the way of the ice just before but lost the grip of Tim and Bobby gabbed him. Reacting quickly, Link shot strands of green out from his hands. The weaved through the icicles and soon came into contact with the teen knocking him and making him lose grip of Tim. Strands quickly cuaht him and put Tim to the ground as others wrapped around the teen's finger shuting them tightly and extending them backwards behind his head as far as the boy's bone would let them. He then had two other strands tie his feet together and another wrap around his neck. The strands were unbreakable and by chance he was able to free from his arms and legs he would start to choke the teen.

Link looked at the boy again and said, "Leave before I hurt you."

03-17-2007, 04:18 AM
Babs looked up when everything started to freeze, she quickly picked up keade and ran around for a moment to keep from getting caught in the ice. whe she stood still she saw al the smalle animals except for the few that remaind on her body had saught refudge in the body heat of the cats and dogs. she glared at bobby and the dogs growled as the cats hissed. she nodded to the largest dog and he gently grabbed tims arm and drew him out off harms way. The animals cirkeld around her, tim and keade she looked over shoulder "keade please do something, use the powers you have al i can is talk to animals and be really fast and thats useless against mister popcicale over there" she glared back at bobby pulling timothy to her chest trying to keep him warm a bit.

Kyuubi Naruto
03-17-2007, 06:12 AM
The shadows that had wholey engulfed Trey,although ha ddestroyed almost the entire west wing of New York,finally began to lose there power.The shadow began to slow in its run,as it grew smaller and smaller around Trey,completely vanishing.Trey's body was left on the ground,panting from part exhuation.He slowly turned around to see the destruction he had caused on his own,and stood in shock.People around him were coming out of hidind against the creature,and some had been rather seriously injured or killed."I've done this......." He said,as if disgusted with himself.As he turned,a house seem to be nearly shaking on its roots from a sort of action going on.He looked inside to see 3 men,2 fighting and 1 seemingly unconscious, and 2 women, both standing back, 1 surrounded by animals.He was ready to jump into the fight,until he saw that the other man seemed to throw green shards at his opponent,hanging him upside down."They seem to be protecting that other body..........."With that,he simply placed his hands on the sheath of his blade,staring at the battle."The S-gene."

03-17-2007, 10:15 AM
After a short run towards the place where they could hear the beastly growl being emitted from, they saw their path being blocked by a massive police cordon.
Jason tried to walk past a wall of policemen but a short push against his shoulder caused him to stop his course of action.

"Get lost punks...official police bussines and there's nothing to see here."

He looked back at Daniel and winked once at him as if to tell him he' ll make it allright.

He closed his eyes and carefully focused upon the image of a clock slowly ticking towards the next second and forced himself to imagine that he moved more slowly and gently with each passing tick until he could hear only a long each of the clock ticking and mentally envisioned to stop entirely. When he opened his eyes he saw the world frozen entirely.

Carefully stepping alongside the policeman, Jason could not help but steal his sunglasses. "Consider it a permanent loan due to your bad maners sheriff."

He had to make haste now as he could feel his grip over the flow of time starting to slip and he entered the alleyway with haste.

Next to the policemen and all investigators, Jason saw a scene of great carnage. No human could have done this, unless...

Jason quickly turned around, but not before he spotted 2 men in a suit that seemed awfully familliar. They had to be from the company. Now Jason was certain. Genes were involved.

He could see people slowly starting to move allready and the moment he stood before Daniel he let go his grip over time and all moved normally around him.

"Say kiddo...we ride towards the sunset and get the hell away from here allright? We got company men here and if they see us it could get real messy...let's be hero's another time and instead figure out this strange sequence of events. I got a hunch that me and you ain't gonna be lonely no more..."

OOC: Picked up the pace a bit. Will be gone till monday so I' ll trust in case CFstriker is posting tomorrow that you will take care of my char ;) And what's the fetish for alleyways? :)

Natu Utan
03-17-2007, 11:49 AM
OOC: Ummm, Mr. Link person. You godmodded. You chose if the strands hit me or not, and basically did whatever you wanted to with my guy. >_> So half your post was void.

-Bobby has dropped Tim, as he was hit by a mysterious green stand. Bobby's ice around him grew brighter, and colder. Now fully reaching absolute zero. This ice be so cold, that anything ot touch it, would instantly freeze on contact. No matter what.

Bobby saw a few more strands of that mysterious stuff come towards Bobby, and he reacted quickly. Bobby slammed his right foot onto the ground, as a large wall of ice circled bobby, caging himself in. Protecting him from these attacks. In the back of this cage, a hole opened up, and Bobby stepped out slowly. Bobby slammed his frozen palms against the rest of this ice wall, and hundreds of sicles of ice, flew out of the other end. Aiming for Link, Kaede, and Babs.

As the sicles continued to fly towards the three, he bent down casually, placing his palms ont othe floor. As he began to freeze with the same ice that was around himself. By now, the entire house was frozen, except for the floor.-

03-17-2007, 12:28 PM
Babs hissed and dropped to her stomach, she winces when a ice particale cut her cheek. She gritted her teeth as she heard the windows behind her breaking 'i geuse i have to do THAT thing..and i hate to do that'. She moved to one knee and managed to move tim over her shoulder "keade, string guy jump out the window! " she made turned and mad dash for the window an jumped out off it, she puckered her lips and let out a high note whistele and a extremely large flock off birds dived down and grabbed her clothes. She closed her eyes 'let this work, please let this work'she sighed when she felt she was slowing down and dropped to the ground she looked back to the window paling at the sight that the whole building was frozen. she groaned and shifted timothy "your prety heavey" she muttered.

ooc: your godmoding a bit yourself to natu your not really giving us chances to dodge or escape your attacks afteral and it's pretty clear wer are in the disadventage.

fox demon naruto
03-17-2007, 01:16 PM
OOC- Yea she is kinda right oh and sorry about before


Link used his good arm to somewhat parry the ice put was still blown back and the shard still let a cut in his arm. 'Not having a great day today.' Link thought while doging the rest of Bobbies icecles. Finding some shelter from the ice Link began to think of what to do.

'How am I suppose to beat him. I'm weaken from the last brawl and this guy has a clear advantage.' Link noticed as Babs fled the apartment. 'Guess thats all I can do. I dont have any advantages here. I need more room. But, then innocent will get hurt since that cold blood teen feels bored.' Link thought. Finding a chance to make a run for it Link dashed to the window and jumped out sending beams of green to null the landing, but it still hurt. Link found some shelter to protect him if that teen sends a random barrage of ice out into the streets.

03-17-2007, 01:28 PM
babs saw link follow her but didn't see keade 'cowpoo i can't keave her like that!' she whisteled and a seagal came and looked at her "if you see keade lead her back to us but don't let that ice boy follow you"the animal nodded and flew off, babs ran towards link with timothy still on her shoulder. She let him slide off and looks at link "who the hell was that guy?" she looks back to the building hoping keade was okey.

03-17-2007, 01:38 PM
<>No~! Don't do it Tim! Don't!<>
<>Freeze! Put the boy down or we'll open fire!<>
<>I don't want to die!<>
<>Johnny.. why'd you have to pick a fight with him?<>
<>I repeat, put the boy down~! NOW~!<>

Tim could feel the air passing by him as his eyes opened half way. His mind was still in a scramble while the past came back to huant him. He was numb now, nothing around him seemed to take him away from that cage, the cage that was his consciousness.


Natu Utan
03-17-2007, 01:58 PM
OOC: Actually, no I haven't been moddin, making multiple attacks at once isn't modding. You can make your post at anytime in the history of my post, so you can dodge an attack, then dodge the other. Not giving you a chance to dodge is saying what Link did, choosing if the attack hit. =\

- Bobby rose to his feet slowly. Feeling the presnece of the people leaving. The ice wall vanished slowly, melting. Bobby turned around, and saw kaede standing there. He snickered lightly, and walked out of the door. The ice around Bobby vanished. No one knew who he was, unless his ice was around him. No one has ever seen him use his powers without it.

Bobby put his hands in his pockets, not wanting to go after the rest of them. He was getting really thirsty. Useing all of this ice had dehydrated him a bit. He needed more water. As bobby walked, his head down, his hands in his pockets now. He decided not to cause anymore havoc for the day. It was getting late, and the sun was going to set soon.

-Bobby walked to his house, in the Suberbs of New York. His house was next to a small lake, which was glistening in the remaining sunlight. The house was painted a lime green color, with a garage on the right side of it. A screen porch was infront of it, with two car ports to the side of it. He walked past his house, and towards the lake. Bobby removed his black shirt, and waded into the water. There, he sat, for the rest of the night.

Kyuubi Naruto
03-17-2007, 02:15 PM
Trey had gotten out of the premesis before the final events of the fight occured.He ran after Babs and Link,slowling into a walk as he slowly encountered the too of them.Before reaching them,he looked back at the destruction caused by the fight between Link and Bobby,then turned to the couple again,finally walking up to them."What happened here?Are all of you alright?"He asked."I was standing by watching that last bit......who was that ice guy?And,were the two of you affected by the S-Gene?"He shook his haed and straightened his face."I've gotten ahead of myself,My name is Trey.I've already told you that I saw the fight,so,are you alright?"He asked the two of them.

03-17-2007, 05:04 PM
Babs narrowed her eyes her dogs suddenly jumped infront of her. she knew thye had jumped out off the window to along with the cats they growled being carefull after the last one "whats a s-gene"she looked at timothy and told her dogs to shush "explain later, i need a first aid kid and a place to stay for this fellow" she looked at trey

CF Striker
03-17-2007, 08:44 PM
OOC: Barging down the door an exspecting a fair fight 3 to 1 is sorta arrogant, which is fine for your character Natu. What's NOT fine is the fact you pretty much tried to take out everyone in the apartment by droppiong the temp., and then complained about god-modding on Link. None of Link's post is void, for the record, because one its a bit hypocritical and teo I exspect a PM before a descion is made of that nature. It called Co-GM, but keep in mind I'm head GM of this forrum, so I exspect the same if not more out of my Co-GMs as to following the rules. The whole "auto hit" concept is alright if its used very rarely and not abused. It's not like the attack was gonna kill you, and it keeps the RP rolling.

Daniel could only blink at Jason's incredible speed. He looked around a policeman's shoulder to see the greusome sight himself, then nodded to Jason he was ready to leave.

He mind raced.....suits....a massacre.....there! That was it! He pulled Jason into earshot, "It's gotta be an awakening, some power that someone hasn't learned how to control yet. Yet the police have no culprit, which means he either escaped or was otherwise taken out. So I guess what I need to ask is where would you go if you were unconcious and weak?"

He made another comment, "I don't like whats going on, I've never seen powers so enormous in public an if things aren't calmed down then its going to start a frenzy. I dig around what I can, and I know that their a drug dealers who have no got S-genes supplies, who knows where from. Its also safe to say most alley-drifters don't have the chemical makeup appropiate for safely accepting the gene, so things could get out of hand very qucikly."

03-17-2007, 09:22 PM
Giancarlo had been walking home up until he saw two people jump out a window at a good height, one which had birds assist them down and animals jumping after. But the other used something to leave him unharmed from the jump. He moved a little closer to them, noticing three people instead of two which he had thought. Two guys and one girl. Another guy came running towards them, guessing that they all knew each other in a way.

'They have powers like me, probably different. But still, they might know why we're different from the regular human being.' He thought, approaching them cautiously. They were a few years older than him, which made him more nervous than he already was from earlier.

"E-Excuse me.... D-Do you guys need help?" He asked no one in particular, looking at the ground as he glanced up at them every few seconds. 'I'll ask them later.' He thought, standing a little away from them.

fox demon naruto
03-17-2007, 10:58 PM
Link looked at Trey and then at Babs. "Its alright Babs the S-Gene is a gene that was implanted in you and got a power somehow. Its how the teen was able to make ice." Link then looked at Trey. "Yea I have one. However, we can't talk now. We need to get to somewhere safe." Link said checking Tim to see if he was alright.

03-18-2007, 06:11 AM
babs looked worriedly at timothy "he is breathing but he is cold" she sighed and looked towards the building "we need to move fast there are people watching us and i am never sure if they are friendly or bad" at that point the seagal that she send with the scorpion landed, she blinked he had the scorpion on his back but a disk in his beak. she picked up the scorpion and took the disk "whats this" she looked to the seagul qeustionly and it shook his head aparantly it didn't know either. She looked towards the scorpian "i see..good job" she petted the scorpion.

Kyuubi Naruto
03-18-2007, 07:08 AM
Trey nodded."Yeah,I didnt expect us to have much time to talk here.We can go to my......"Trey had forgotten that his friends' house was destroyed by the shadows that had consumed himself,and clenched his fist in the dirt.He knew the only other option was to go to his parents house,which was only about 5 minutes down the New York streets that they were at right now.He was not sure if he was prepared to handle confronting his parents,but he swore that he would turn a better leaf in this life,and he started out with helping others affected by the gene."Dont worry,I know a place where we can go to be safe,we can talk there.Come on,it's not far away from here,and we need to treat your little friend."Trey said,standing up.As he did,a voice was heard from over yonder,and he turned to see another boy."Another character."Trey thought simply."Not sure if you could offer us any help in what we're doing.Just who are you,anyway?"He asked.

03-18-2007, 09:16 AM
Giancarlo looked up "My name is Giancarlo Roman, but everyone calls me Carlo. And I don't mean anyone harm, besides I doubt I can harm the three of you..." He glanced at the ground then back up "I-Is it alright if I go with you guys?" He asked. Giancarlo doubted that he was able to go back home, the cops could easily have found out where he lived.

He was uneasy around them and took out a cigarrette, holding the tip of it with his thumb and index finger as it glowed hot red. He inhaled, letting out a puff of smoke away from them. "Sorry, a habit I picked up..." Giancarlo looked at the ground again, glancing up every once in a while, letting out a plume of smoke away from the group as he awaited their answer.

03-18-2007, 10:00 AM
His eyes shot open as he felt a familiar heat, the fires of another Gene, one that tasted fire in a different manner. His large frame leaned back forcing Babs to release him from his weight, he stepped on the ground as he shook his head and looked down at Babs, he was at least two feet taller then her and she was able to carry him?

But his weary and confused eyes turned into eyes of a cold burning, he reached a hand down towards Babs not knowing what he was doing. He stopped halfway down as he noticed something... they didn't seem to be affected by his presence. He looked towards the heat source and looked down to Carlo, stepping away from Babs.

He took the cigarette from his mouth and crushed it in his hand before walking off towards the nearby street, a solemn grunt left his throat as he looked ahead, he didn't need these people or at least he didn't think he needed them. But who really knew what he needed now? He wasn't about to start anything now, he didn't want to turn.

Natu Utan
03-18-2007, 10:27 AM
-Bobby awoke from his soft slumber within a few hours. He rose his head up, looking at the orange sky. He didn't sleep much. He never did. The water is what kept him going. Bobby slowly stood up, and walked out of the lake. He looked at his body, and saw that it was a bit pruny. This, was a clear sign that his body had absorbed enough water for now. Bobby closed his eyes, his legs spreading apart. Bobby's lithe arms rose upwords, as they began to be covered in ice. Once his body was covered in his ice, it evaporated as quick as it came.

This was how he dried off, usually. Now, since no more water was on Bobby's skin, he walked onward, into his home. He walked in through the back screen porch. As he opened the door, his small Calicou cat came running towards him. "Hey there little fella." he said to his cat. As he picked her up. The cat began to putt softly, as Bobby pet her. Her name was Patches. A name given to her by the patches on her body due to her nature of being a Calicou.

Bobby stepped into his home now, he was in the kitchen. Which is where his back door led him. He kissed Patches, and set her down. She ran away towards her little blanket in the corner of the living room. Bobby placed his shirt on the back of a white chair, at the dining room table. Bobby opened his black refigerator, he reached in and pulled out the milk. Which he set on the table. Then, bringing out a box of 'fruity pebble' cereal, he made some cereal. Which Bobby took into the living room, turned on the news, and sat down in his large blue chair. He ate his cereal while he watched the replay of the destruction on the news.

03-18-2007, 11:10 AM
Babs blinked as timothy wakend and said nothing as he struggled free and left. She sighed what was er to say anyway this whole day was wacky her, her apartment was ruined some guy was talking about a s-gene and seemed to have powers as wel. she had not seen keade since mister ice came along but atlist her animals were safe. she could only think of one thing in this situation "i need a whiskey shot" she muttered looking others.

03-19-2007, 08:05 AM
OOC: I have no internet outside of work, so I wont be making too many responses.


The whole ordeal left Kaede in a bit of shock, since she didnt have actual human interaction in a while, not to mention super-human interaction. She watched as everyone left the apartment leving her alone and stunned.
"Why would someone use their powers as a weapon?"
The thought buzzed in her mind for some time until she noticed a seagull begging for her attention. She knew immediatly what it was there for and followed it.
The bird flew out the window, which Kaede found to be the perfect chance to test out the extent of her powers. She could move objects, but could she move herself? With a deep breath, she focused on keeping herself at level with the seagull... and succeeded. With a nod to the bird, they were off.

03-19-2007, 12:02 PM
Seeing as everyone was leaving Billy sat back down on the roof and thinks screw it im not going to school again. He stares up at the sky seeing a seagull go by and with a smile he closes his eyes and a bit of music begins to play around him.

03-19-2007, 04:56 PM
He nodded in an agreeing fashion as he listend to Daniels words of caution.

" I hear ya kid,sounds like there's a major problem brewing and I ain't likin' this for one bit"

He continued to cautiously look back again at the men in suits and his eyes narrowed when he saw them. All his woes and problems were essentially linked to that company which had ruined his chances for a normal life aswell as forcing him to be constantly on the run. However, did they not give him hope when he finally found a foster parent he could relate to? And didn't they also give him powers beyond his wildest dreams?

Jason shook off the thoughts that clouded his mind and looked back to Daniel with a sincere smile.

"We best be starting to look for other folks like us kid. Currently we're just sittin' ducks ready for a christmas dinner, but if we can muster a whole band of people like us...well...you saw the alley right?"

In one single smooth motion he let his left hand glide through his hair and remarked:

"So, what are our options now pal?I doubt the yellow pages will list our Frankenstein family....don't you have a list somewhere at your place with any leads to our next step?"

03-20-2007, 11:14 AM
Babs pocketted the disk and stood "don't look at me"she sighs "i had my animals searching for potential others but they always came back with empty paws" she looked to the ground "so what now, it's clear my apartment is out off the qeustion" she looks at the others

CF Striker
03-20-2007, 08:16 PM
Daniel shook his head, "Sorry, I've already tried my orphanage, I was the only one there. Outside that I got nothing..."

He pondered again..."Maybe some sort, y'know, of a notice, a inconsipicous sort of gatherimg of S-geners like us. I don't know if any sympathises exist yet for our group, so unless you got something I may have to do some hunting of my own..."

03-21-2007, 11:41 AM
Babs frowned and pulled the disk from her pocket turning it around in her hands "i knew people were watching me for years seagals brought scorpions to the spy's to let them kill them" she looked at daniel "but they never brought anything back but the news they killed the spy" she holds up the diskette.

03-22-2007, 08:16 AM
Kaede followed the bird to what seemed to have been a bar. She cautiously entered and looked around for Babs. She spotted her with a few others and hesitated before walking up to her.
'Could they also be from the institution?'
The more she thought about it, the less she started to care. She walked over to where Babs was and sat down.
"What'd I miss?"

03-23-2007, 08:22 AM
Jason nodded agreeingly and leaned over towards Daniel and spoke in a hushed voice:

“We best split up then and double the search effort...I got an idea of my own...but first I need to hunt down somebody who knows how to get inside the companies hq. From there...I'll see what I can dig up..."

He looked down at himself and chuckled as he scratched behind he head

“...but maybe I should ditch my current attire before I attempt goin' undercover eh?"

He took a pen and a ripped a sheet of paper from a thrown away magazine and wrote a few numbers on it and handed it to Daniel

" Here ya go stranger...don't be shy and gimme a call when you need an extra gun...or maybe even two ”

03-23-2007, 12:01 PM
babs turned to keade "oh good your safe" she frowns and suddenlt drags her away from the guys "your to known in those clothes"she pointed out and scratched the back of her head. she was not sure what to do, she had wanted to give her some clothes at the apartment but in the excitement and the fight she had not chance to grab some.

03-23-2007, 12:16 PM
Kaede looked herself over to see that she was in fact still wearing clothes from the institution. She tried to think about what she could do to blend in a bit.
"Maybe a jacket or something? I really dont own anything..."
Everything Kaede had once owned either went to the institution or was thrown away. She didnt even think about this of that nature when she escaped. She sulked a bit over her lack of planning during her escape.

03-23-2007, 01:37 PM
babs clucked her tongue and then got a idea. She walked towards a sidewalk where a sewerenterace was and made some high pitched noises in it. she stood and walked back to keade witha smirk on her face and checked her watch. A few minutes later a stray dog came with a plastic bag in his mouth. she petted him and took the bag and opened it revealing some underwear, a shirt, a short, a pair of sandals and a black cowboy hat. she looked at keade sheepishly "i have some rat friends in a clothing store" she handed the bag to keade.

03-23-2007, 08:55 PM
He had been walking, but after a few long groups of time, a few long shards of the staff of Cronus himself, he knew he needed to get away from people. These people of the city, these citizens and all these bystanders were too much for him to bare, the constant temptation of the hand of hell soon slithered towards his door and knocked loudly as each tap seemed to set off an explosion in his head causing him to take hold for his life.

He stumbled across another street as he writhed in pain, the people walking past avoided him and dared not cross paths with him. That presence of his was very strong indeed. He needed but tranquility, silence and void. If he was going to calm down he would need to be where no one gets into your business by accident. He made his way down an alley and stumbled down a small flight of stairs to an underground bar of sorts. He made his unsteady way to the table in the corner of the room and placed his elbows on the table still clasping his head with his hands, almost pulling at his brown hair.

The tender raised an eyebrow to Timmothy, but he minded his own business and that was a goo move by his part. He sent a waitress to set a glass of water at his table, though crept out and totally scarred by his presence she managed to leave the water at the end of the table and run back behind the counter. Timmothy looked up at the water with his crimson eyes and took it in a tense hand, a large one at that. After takng a long drink he had downed the whole glass and steam shot from his nose before he laid his head on the table.

He was shaking slightly, but not from the cold. It was the heat from within that trembled him from the inside out.

CF Striker
03-24-2007, 11:46 AM
OOC: Sorry for my abscence. Gosh dang it I'm gonna post more I swear!

Daniel took the papers smiling. Another freind in the world...it was good to be alive today. He laughed, "Yeah cowboy, I'd invest in some new digs if I were you. I'll call 'ya later. Good luck!"

Daniel's approach to the search was to become ethernal and dart about the apartments of the "less fortunate" areas of New York. HE floated around, apartment to alleyway looking cautiously but moving fast. Only a keen eye could spot him, an then only breifly.

03-26-2007, 08:51 AM
Kaede looked into the bag for a moment and then quietly headed into a bathroom to change. She came out and felt akward. She looked like a southerner. But, it would have to do. She left her old clothes in the bag and handed them to Babs.
"Thanks, though Im not sure if you want to keep the old ones or not..."

03-26-2007, 10:36 AM
Babs frowned at the old clothes and turned. she whistled through her teeth and a rather fat looking straydog came walking her way. she handed it the bag "here marcie nest material". the dog barked for a moment before taking the bag wagging her talk and walking away. she turned back to keade "now it's recycled" she chuckled a bit at the outfit "atlist they wont look for you in those clothes" she rubbed the back of her neck.

CF Striker
04-02-2007, 12:07 PM
OOC: Bumped to try and save my RP!!

04-09-2007, 08:56 PM
It became quiet.. too quiet for Timmothy at this moment. Well to tell the truth there was no such thing for him in general just something seemed to bother him about it now.

"What...Grrr...." He growled to himself as he laid upon the table snorting like a bull ready to charge at a matador.

OOC: What happened people!? Get RPing!