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03-12-2007, 02:46 PM
In a world where pixies and elves exist, there lives a dark lord and a war that’s been going on for centuries. Elves, humans, orks, pixies, nymphs and the like have put aside differences and joined forces in attempt to defeat the dark lord, Lord Ballah, but to no avail. In a fit of desperation, several have gone off in search of a legend: The Divine.

Legend has it, that a child was born with the power of the Divinity, the power of the Gods. In fear of such power, the child was sealed away and hidden in time. It is also said that, if awoken, the child will pass judgment on the world and destroy it. Upon hearing that Lord Ballah was in search for this child in order to manipulate its power, the search to find it first has begun.

Isis stretched as the morning sun stung her eyes. Her attention shifted to Lithaen who was still asleep. She smirked to herself and got up to stretch her legs. She rekindeled the fire and set some tea and stew to brew/cook. She knew the smell of food would be enough to wake Lithaen. Once everything came to a boil, she noticed her companion shift a bit. Oh yeah, she was up.
"Morning sunshine"

03-12-2007, 02:56 PM
Upon fully awakening, she leaped into an upright position. Her long ears twitching in the excitement of a delicious breakfast, she quickly calmed herself, though unable to control the twitching. Lithaen rubbed her eyes, stretched and spoke to Isis in a half-groggy, monotone voice, per usual.

“You always wake up so early, and then wake me with the smell of your ridiculously delicious food. I’d think it were unfair, were you not a much better chef than myself.”

Lithaen went to pick at the food, burning herself as she did so. She sighed, annoyed and impatient.

“Is it ready yet?”

03-12-2007, 02:56 PM
The Howling Swordsman, Varlinaul brought his clawed hand up towards the face of the sun as a man in dark clad armor pointed a large blade towards his direction. Varlin, his eyes crimson and calm held his arm up there gracefully as the man in the black armor charged forwards, prepared to swing at him with all of his force.

The man hadn't noticed, but Varlin hadn't even drawn his sword.

A few paces away from the Howler, the wind came across in a strong gust from the west, at that point the Howler smiled with a cold grace and slashed the five claws towards the man into the wind, and the wind turned and twisted into five separate waves, small at best but very sharp at the armor clad knight.

The knight was struck at five separate points of his armored body as the arm of Varlin went low towards the ground, the metal claws etching his mark into the ground, from where a large array, a five pointed streak seemed to slither away from his position. The armor of the man fell to the ground, slamming into the dusty dirt below. All he had now was his helmet and his sword, his bare body shaking with fright before falling to his knees.

"I-I-I-I Give.. I give...please just don't hurt me..." The man begged from behind his full face plated helmet.

The Howler heard the winding winds that fanned out and blew across the dusty road, he lifted his arm up back to it's side and walked past the felled sword fighter shaking his head. He went down the dusty road, still searching, yearning and burning for more of life.

What he didn't know was the dawn of this new adventure was ahead, and the heaven's child was not only the birth, but the journey.

03-12-2007, 03:07 PM
Isis smiled.
"You'd better take care of that burn before it leaves a nasty discoloration on you. And yes, its ready."
She handed her a clay bowel with the stew, and a smaller one with green tea.
"Both are extremly hot. Try to have a little patience before burning your tounge too"
She gave Lithaen a smug, but playful look. Isis pulled out a map and looked it over a bit.
"Well, it seems theres a mountain range with a vast amount of cave systems not to far off from here. Thats probably our best bet in finding it."
She referred to the legendary child as it in hopes that any wandering ears would pay no mind to their conversation.
"We'll leave after a nice breakfast and a cool jump in the pond."

03-12-2007, 03:07 PM
Veralimery shifted her position in the shadows. A wicked grin spread across her flawless features as her eyes caught sight of something that pleased her. Her next opponent? Perhaps.

She moved slightly to the left, making sure to not give away her position. Doing so would cause the downfall of her planned assault.

Elves can only work with bows and arrows, they say? I'll show them... Veralimery thought bitterly, drawing a small silver dagger.

The man moved about, completely oblivious of the Elf watching him.

Just a few more seconds...

Veralimery swiftly moved out of the shadows and in one quick motion inserted the dagger into the soft flesh of the man's neck. The man fell to the ground at once, his eyes wide in terror as he gazed upon the eyes of his attacker, the life quickly leaving him.

"No challenge whatsoever," Veralimery said outloud, wiping the blood off of the blade.

03-12-2007, 03:21 PM
Nox sighed against the wall... where was he again? Oh yeah he had been hired by the Dark Army or some such nonsense not long ago. He placed left hand on his right and instantly became sick... it was comforting, if only because it allowed him to wake up quickly. His mind apparently did not like that hand. Where was he though? Why did he always have morning amnesia? Perhaps to keep him from waking up screaming or something. He picked up his double-glaive which lay next to him on the grass.

There was supposedly some fighting going to happen but he wasn't being paid to take part in it so if they didn't value him enough to pay him to do it he wasn't going to do it. There was some rabble going through the camp of the dark army but honestly he didn't care, they'd tell him if he had to care, he wasn't so much a soldier as an amateur monster hunter but apparently they didn't give a crap and wanted him to hang around anyway but it felt good to be appreciated. One of the soldiers nearby was talking about his father and Nox felt some cold stirring of emotion ebbing through him... hn... whatever... he walked away without a second thought.

He looked out across the day. Would it choose to involve him? Or would he merely watch another pointless drama play out as people killed each other for the twisted gods that pulled their strings.

CF Striker
03-12-2007, 03:29 PM
Wil was imediately an odd site to to everyday commoner. Well, every thing made sense about armoured troops, grumbling mules and iron wagon, just not the air nymph on top sing away without a care, struming on an ivory guitar.

" There's a sweet, sweet wind in my face today
a joy deep down in my soul.
Content to be fed by the rolling clouds,
reflected on riverbed stones.

I'm leaving today from I have known
tommorow's the real mystery.
A grinning sun bows at me elegantly
on this trip on mine to find destiny. "

An ork walking along side the wagon shouted up as he walked bearing their Lord's flag, " Wil we'd be lost without ye, your music oputs me in good spirits. Har har!"

Wil lowered his guitar a little and smiled, "Thank you kindly. Just one of my hometown songs, y'know? Music makes the journey much brighter, don't you think?"

"Aye, though it might come to an end soon, we're nearing those caves we were sent to investigate, probably only about a mile away from here."

Wil frowned, but it looked more like a sad little pout, "Oh. I surly hope its not so. I've enjoyed traveling with you all so far. It will be a rather bitter day when I must diverge from this company."

"You speak truth so pretty-like Wil, we'll miss the music."

Wil grinned again, "Then I play on!" He rested his voice a minuete, but played a moderately paced guitar song. Life was easy, as it should be.

03-12-2007, 03:45 PM
Kerri sat by the edge of a pond watching the water swirl peacefully. She didn't want to move but she knew she had to. Her features were schooled to their accustomed serenity. She probably should move and head towards the caves they were less than a mile now. But.. being Kerri she didn't really want to move. Sweet music reached her ears. Kerri listened to it. Not much to go by but she would guess that they weren't far away. Caution told her to wait until they passed and saw her first. SHe shrugged and turned back to watching the water. A few leaves had landed creating ripples on it's glass-like surface.

Natu Utan
03-12-2007, 03:51 PM
"Ah, the lovely water." Matomoso sighed. "No one ever appreciates it anymore, all of those other Nymphs always destroy it. But not me, I take care of it," Matomoso could be found floating along a small river, flowing with the stream. He was sprawled on his back, laying ontop of the cool water. Enjoying, the cooling sensation of the cool water. Off in the distance, Matomoso could hear what seemed to be a small fight, but soon ended. Probably just another quarell between two Humans, he knew that they fought alot.

This Nymph didn't pay any attention to this, until he heard some guy scream for mercy. Now this, intrested Matomoso. A small bed of Water arose from underneath him, carrieing Matomoso upwords. This bed of water propelled Matomoso towards where he heard the cry come from. The water, sparkling in the sunlight, as he approched. When the old Nymph arrived, he saw a Human sprawled on the ground in a Metal Plate armor. "Hmph, Pathetic." The Nymph hissed.

He looked around, trying to fimd the one that did this. Seeing a Human walk away, Matomoso began following him, the bed of Water evaporated. "HEY WAIT UP." Matomoso screamed at the man. The Nymph stopped, as two strong jets of water ejected from his feet, propelling Matomoso foraard, towards the Human. 'Ah, another Human. I was right, it was just two Humans fighting.' He thought. Matomoso liked Humans, more than he liked the other creatures. Once Matomoso reached the man, he began to circle around the man in the air, the bed of water not underneath the Nymph. "Hello Youngin." Matomoso always called everyone youngins, for he did not ever find anyone older than he. "Was that your handy work back there? On that Pathetic human?" He asked gently.

03-12-2007, 04:01 PM
The Howler simply smiled to the Nymph who had made his way towards him and about him, though his smile was then followed by a waving arm pointing to a side. He could feel the winds on their way, his body got used to the way this world worked and thus the wind guided him onwards. His black hair reflected somewhat in the sunlight, the full metal arm gauntlet also had it's own brilliant lust as it hung out the side of his black cloak.

He stopped suddenly, letting his feet slide outwards a few inches before closing his eyes to the Nymph, he could feel it coming, the winds that were his way. The gust came by, his cloak flapping in the breeze as he held out his right arm bare of any armor. The wind went up his skin and into his cloak, he could feel himself becoming one with it, it refreshed him so.

He looked to the Nmyph slowly, opening his eyes that bore a crimson hue, the wind was in his soul as he slowly spoke, his voice seemed to echo in the breeze.

"Who might you be?" He grinned, the evil grin of a wolf that was about to pounce, though there was no real evil behind it, no real lust for blood, just a mysteriosly scary look.

03-12-2007, 04:02 PM
"Keh", Lithaen protested. "It's not as though it'd be greatly noticable."

Lithaen, however, did as she was told and placed her opposing hand over the burn, she watched as a very pale light shimmered for a moment above the burn. Removing the opposing hand, she shook the hand that was once burned and scanned it for points she may have missed during healing. Upon finishing she took the bowls presented to her, placing the tea at her side, she blew on the stew before sipping a great deal from it.

"Do you suppose it'll really be in there? It seems so bleak, I can't imagine wanting to--"

Lithaen stopped herself, correcting her speech.

"I can't imagine hiding something in such a dank place. And must we really jump in that wretched pond? I was sure we bathed yesterday.. If we make ourselves too potent, we may be saught after much more easily, perhaps?"

Her long ears quirked with inquisition as her eyes shifted through their surroundings dully.

Natu Utan
03-12-2007, 04:13 PM
The shining blue water bed vanishing, as Matomoso fell to the Earth. The nymph examinded the man, noticing all of his qualities. Measuring the level of threat from his appearence, and what he saw of the Metal clad man. A serious looked moved across the lithe form of the Nymph. His sparkling blue hair, flowing with the breeze of the wind, as it moved acorss his clothing. The Nymph took a small step back from the man, his eyes closing, a thought crossing his mind. Old, and Distance memories swirled into Matomoso's mind. And he soon shook them away.

His eyes reopened as The Nymph looked upon the man. Studing the question thay was asked of him. The grin appearing on the man before him, gave Matomoso a new Perspectivie of this Human.

"Now, that does not answer my Question, now does it?. For if you must know, I am Matomoso, young Sir, a Water nymph."

As this was said, a small wall of water appearing behind Matomoso, ashe demonstarted his abilite to Manipulate the water. A grin spread across his face, as he looked onto the Human.

"Now, many I know who you might be?"

03-12-2007, 04:20 PM
a few meters above isis trippie was trying to get her breakfast from a apple tree. Trippie pulled on the apple her small wings fluttering "let go off that apple tree, i wanna eat it" the tree didn't answer nor did the apple come lose "darnet!". trippie sat on the apple for a minute to rest and then stood on the apple and pointed at it "i am gonna eat you, wether you like it or not". flying to it's side again she grabbed it and gave one harsh pull. The stem broke "yay" but the apple was to heavey for her to carry and she fell to the ground and fell on isis her head. the apple rolled off her and fell to the ground. Trippie smiled in triompf and pointed to the tree "told i was gonna win" she started to squirm getting entangled in the hair.

03-12-2007, 04:24 PM
"Well, I suppose I'll just wash my face to get the sleep out of my eyes."
She yawned a bit before sipping some tea.
"And I think a dark, dank place would be the perfect place to hide something you want to be lost in time. Though...it may have been placed some where so obvious no one would think twice about it..."
She let out a deep sigh. She wanted to scream in frustration but held herself back. She shifted back to her cherry disposition.
"Doesnt hurt to look, right?"
She felt a thud on her head and saw an apple roll away. She heard a tiny noise and looked up to see a pixie. She grabbed the apple and lifted it up towards the pixie.
"Guess this is yours?"

Ballah sat in his throne rather impatiently as he waited for his informants to arrive.
"I'll give them five more minutes. A second later and I want you to have them executed."

A servant at his side nodded and bowed.
"Youre such a generous Lord."

Ballah smirked to himself.
"I am, arent I?"
He sat there and waited to hear more information on the Divinity, all the while with a wide grin on his face.

03-12-2007, 04:31 PM
trippie managed to get out of the hair and flew infront of her face "yea thanks" she grabbed the apple and tryed to flew with it but coulden't get it off the ground. she smiled sheepishly at isis "geuse i eat it here"she took a bite out off the apple some off the juice trailed down her chin while she looked at isis. after looking her up and down she spoke again "your a elf right?" she took another bite from the apple and wiped her chin. she had heard of elves but never seen one so her curiosity was piqued specialy with the fact that elves could use magic to. she brushed a lose hair back.

03-12-2007, 04:37 PM
Varlin, looking directly into the nymph's very eyes, the eyes of an immortal so to say and grinned again before turning forwards towards the road once more. His sight focused on a caravan ahead, a nymph was playing music and singing a tune. His eyes then arched into a mischievous look before he turned back to the Nymph.

"Varlinaul Hiroki..." He then started his way towards the cross roads to where the caravan would cross, his bodying leaning in slightly while his metal arm hung at his side roughly, the gauntlet clinking and clanging as the claws would scratch and tingle at one another by the motion of his movements. He raised and threw his right hand forwards to signal the Nymph to follow if his wished. He was but of the wind at this time and the air told him to follow those people.

He looked out towards the Nymph playing the guitar as he took every step not in any hurry nor lax, he was like the wind in his movements, the Howler stalked his destiny and would ready himself at all times. He was determined to improve his master's unfinished style, nothing else seemed to affect this crimson eyed character.

03-12-2007, 04:40 PM
Lithaen abruptly dropped her bowl of stew, pushing herself from the ground to skid by Isis. Standing, she yanked the pixie up by her wings with her left hand, glaring at her coldly.

"What exactly are you doing here, pixie-pest? You so wrecklessly drop things on people and then not even apologize?"

Lithaen's ears fell straight backward in irritation as her gaze kept still on the pixie. Her right hand moving to the small hilt of a dagger hitched onto her side.

"Since you seem to be so useless with these wings of yours, why don't we just get rid of them all together?"

At this idea, she slightly smirked.

03-12-2007, 04:46 PM
trippie eeped when she was suddenly raised by her wings and glared to the other female "do you mind? my wings are delicate and NEEDED" she crossed her arms "and i did not do it on purpos, i didn't see her sitting since i was busy pulling my breakfast of the tree" she kicked her legs for a minute "and i am not a pest, i was just getting my breakfast". she uncrossed her arms she found this one annoying the other one was clearly more civil. She concetrated some of her magic in her hands and threw a small fire orb in lithaen's face "and i was gonna apoligize" she smiled.

CF Striker
03-12-2007, 04:47 PM
The convoy was entering a foresty area. The tall trees rustled and Wil smiled, still playing his guitar. A roar from the front came thundering back.

"Would somone please cut the music! Their could be Revolters here as we speak!" Captin Hallza wasn't what one would call a gentle man, or a nice man, or a freindly man, etc. He was loud and stern and knew what sort of punishment awaited him if he didn't return with something of value. He rightly was worried.

Wil pouted again and stowed the guitar. However, something caught his eye. There was a lake nearby and a young nymph, (the way she stared at the water what else could she be) sat fondly, only peeking at the convoy every ounce in a while. Some crude comments where made behind him, things one wouldn't say had a child been around. Wil naively took them as harmless flirting and decided the girl was worth a chat to, if just for a moment. One of Wil's policies was not to let any interesting stranger pass him by too quickly.

He became a gust of wind for a period, not wanting to cacth the attention of the dictator/captin, and then breezed by to where he was sitting indian style in the air with a gentle smile on his face staring at the girl. "How's the water today? Though you wouldn't mind company for a moment. I'm Wil." The first part was common courtesy amoungst nymphs, sorta like humans say "How are you?"

03-12-2007, 04:51 PM
Being much bigger, though caught off guard, she dropped the pixie when the small flicker of flame touched her face. She quickly scanned over her face with her left hand to mend any damage caused.

"Keh. I don't understand how one so small could be such an annoyance. Little bug."

More irritated now, Lithaen glides her dagger out from it's snug position in her belt holder.

"If you were going to apologize, I suggest you honor that right now."

(also, nespa, try putting paragraph marks. whenever you talk, push enter twice and leave spaces so we can tell easier. <3)

03-12-2007, 04:53 PM
...the guitarist not far from Nox had stopped playing and apparently the Captain thought there were Revolters. Hm... The earth seemed to be breathing placidly and calm and Nox didn't really think there would be too much to worry about but he had learned in his work that there was no such thing as warning before storms hit, it was always a deathly calm that sparked the furnace. He stood with his spear set on the ground and looked around and waited patiently for this to be over or for some fight to start. He had gotten used to the tempo of being a hunter you were told what to kill, you went, found it, and killed it. This was too spasmatic. He was told there might be enemies here but they had no idea, no one had any idea. They were just shooting blanks into the dark.

He sighed and opened and closed his right hand

(edit: There is an Anachronism in this post reps for the person who finds it)

fox demon naruto
03-12-2007, 05:01 PM
A piller of Earth crubled withen a few seconds as Link, a Earth Nympth rose and walked away. 'Ahhh nothing like morning training to wake you up.' The Nymph thought walking back towards camp. Yawing the last of his sleepyness as he searched for food.

Link noticed that there was an apple tree near by. "Hmmm, apples are all I get today I guess." Link sighed. When he neared he saw that Isis and Lithaen were talking to a pixie. It also seemed that Lithaen was about to threaten the pixie. 'Yea pixies are annoying but you don't need to threaten them.' Link thought as he neared. "Oi Lithaen, Isis I see you woke up." He cheered to them happily.

I am your stalker
03-12-2007, 05:04 PM
Ginko wakes up and brushes the leaves out of his hair. He finds a small river and gives his self a bath. After he is clean he writes what he been doing the past week in his journal. He looks and found some fruit to eat and continues to the next city.

"So where are we going this time?" says a sound from his bag.
A fether pen floats out of Ginko's bag and it follows him.

"I am going to a new town or city whatever I see first to see if I can help in anyway." Ginko said

" Well, we need more ink so you know" the pen said as it found its way back to the bag.

"I will, I will."
Ginko says as he walks on whaching the sky and enjoying his time to him self.

03-12-2007, 05:11 PM
Distracted by the Earth Nymph, she looked to him, sighing in irritation.
"This morning just hasn't been easy, has it.." Grumbling to herself, she sheathed her dagger, impatient as always.

Lithaen glanced to Isis, giving her the notion of her evergrowing irritation.

"Morning, guh--.." Lithaen hesitated at forgetting his name. Veering away from needing to mention that she forgot, she simply continued the conversation.

"What brings you here? Food, like this wretched pixie?" She states matter of factly, glaring down at the pixie.

03-12-2007, 05:17 PM
Sin heard the commotion from the Dark Army. He lyed there, on the tree branch, with his eyes shut and a partly cracked smile on his lips. He made no moves, and made no plans too. It wasn't nessesarily that he was afraid of those who moved just beyond the trees, but he did not want to be bothered by them.

As Sin lyed there, listening to their movements, he began to to review his thoughts. How long have I been looking? was his first thought. After a few moments he found that he had forgotten so he moved on to another thought. What are the clues I have? The answer was saddly nothing. Am I not looking close enough? Have I missed something? Again, he had not looked over anything because no clues had presented themselves.

His last thought he was able to get a definate answer on. Maybe I should go back. The city might take me back in. Not a moment after Sin had thought this his mind shouted NO! Sin couldn't go back now. He had been gone to long and they never felt any compassion to him anyway. With a heavy sigh, Sin waited for the people outside the trees to move so he could make his way out.

03-12-2007, 05:18 PM
Trippie used the distraction of the nymph to quickly pull a chunk out of her apple. with her chunk she flew towards link and sat on his shoulder. "pixies are only annoying if you annoy them" she looked towards isis "and i apolygize for the bump on your head" she stuck her tongue out towards lithean.

Happy to have apoligized without the threat off losing her wings she bit a piece off apple in her hands and looked between the two chewing calmly. she swayed her legs a bit looking oddly comfortable on links shoulder.

03-12-2007, 05:21 PM
He the Howler approached a sudden chill ran up his spine as he felt the ones he was to look out for. A while back he found himself in the middle of his destiny, joining the revolt. He wondered how they had been fairing sense his leave, but knew that those ahead were of the Dark Lords forces. The wind told him so, the stench of those under the rule of Ballah, the one who killed his parents.

But he'd have to thank him one day, for if not for him he'd have never met Master and had never become at one with the winds. But he'd mean to thank him with the edge of his blade, which at this point was safely sheathed at his side in his sash. He ran towards the trees and stalked into the woods, though the wind was weaker here he needed not to have a fast gust for his claws, and only the air was needed for his katana.

He dashed to a tree, laying his back to it's side off to the right of the caravan. He held his right hand steadily over his blade at the left side before latching his claws into the trunk of the tree.

A single push could send him in the fray now, but was that the logical answer? Varlin smirked at his thoughts, looking into the crowd. Towards the front of the caravan was a glaive-man who seemed to have a deep sense about him, towards his front was a pond where two nymphs were conversing.

Where could the wind take him this time?

03-12-2007, 05:21 PM
The young Elf placed the dagger back in its corresponding spot once all of the blood was cleaned off. See if that will teach you to underestimate my capabilities She chuckled and headed back to camp, knowing that the Captain didn't like for anyone to wander without permission. He'll get over himself.

Verali finally reached the designated area for the Dark Army. She went and sat down on a wooden stool, and a couple of the soldiers shot her distasteful glares.

"I still don't understand why the Captain let an Elf, especially a woman, join the ranks," one of the soldiers whispered, obviously oblivious to the Elf's superior hearing.

Aggravated, Verali stood up and marched over to the group of men, who stood up as well. They towered above her, undoubtedly, but Verali did not back down.

"Do you have a problem, gentlemen?" She questioned.

"No, do you?" The same man responded, standing directly in front of her.

"As a matter of fact, I do have a slight problem against sexism." At those words she drew the dagger and placed the cold steel against the man's neck. "So do yourself a favor, and keep all comments to yourself."

The man's friends snickered, almost in a taunting way. The man then grabbed both of Verali's wrists, forcing them down. "Learn your place, woman."

Narrowing her eyes, Verali kneed the man in the stomach. The man doubled over and collapsed to the ground, gripping his abdomen tightly.

"Learn yours," Verali spat, grabbing the man by the hair and throwing him aside.

03-12-2007, 05:25 PM
Isis gave a nervous laugh as she walked behind Lithaen and massaged her shoulders a bit, trying to ease her up a bit.
She smiled to see that the little pixie was ok. She shook her head to show that there were no worries, and that her head would be just fine.
"Morning Link. Havent seen you in a while. What brings you around these forests anyway?"
She quickly thought to herself 'hes an Earth Nymph, why wouldnt he be here?'
She quickly laughed to herself.
"Nevermind the silly question!"

Ballah finally got the information he impatiently waited for.
"The Caves of Wind, hmmm? It would take quite a while to search such a vast cave system..."
He pondered to himself for a moment.
"No, I think that will have to wait until we've made sure the wetlands prove to hold nothing."

His informants bowed and left to give troops orders to return to their original duties.

fox demon naruto
03-12-2007, 05:33 PM
Link totaly ignoring Lithaen's abvious annoyance of his arrival walked towards Isis. "My, Isis you should know better then to ask a Earth Nymph why hes' in a forest. If it had been my brother you'd already be sinking in quicksand." Link gave a small smirk. "Though I was just doing morning training to get the sleepyness away." He said with a smile.

Link flicked his wrist as the apple tree bent down and Link grabbed on of the apples. Link gave a bite into the apple and said to Lithaen in between bites. "So, how are you Lithaen? Scarying pixie's and other people away with you irratance and anger?"

03-12-2007, 05:42 PM
Lithaen walked in front of Link, glaring at him profusely. Her ears tilt back, she narrowed her eyes at him.

"If I were you, I would learn to hold my tongue. Or, perhaps I could hold it for you. You know as well as anyone that I do not tolerate threats well."

Lithaen smiled coldly at him, clearly thinking of cutting his tongue from his mouth that instant. Her eyes shifted colors, leaning towards more a deep ruby rather than their usual garnet.

"I rather dislike being disturbed so early in the morn' by some pixie dropping things on Isis' head. It's clearly incompetent." Lithaen's glare shifted to the pixie perched on his shoulder for a moment before sliding back to Link.

fox demon naruto
03-12-2007, 05:55 PM
Link continued to eat his apple ignoring Lithaen's glare. After finishing it he threw it away and looked back towards Lithaen. He gave a small smirk and said, "I suppose you are true your anger does hurt people. I still have a small scar from the last time you hurt me." 'I still don't know why, I mean all I did was break one of her daggers and threw it in a lake.' Link thought.

Link turned his attention to the pixie and said, "Hello Trippie I havent seen you for awhile."

03-12-2007, 05:57 PM
Nox gently closed his eyes. there was a deep...no... forgotten and unseen rumbling. There were the fingers of god reaching up through the earth now and wavering to tell him what was coming. Not literally of course. But there was an echoing sense that a fight was coming. The moment had been struck like a tuning fork and hummed with potential. He sighed and waited.

03-12-2007, 06:04 PM
Trippie smiled at link "i believe 20 years or so link" she took another bite out of the apple piece and chewed and swallowed it. She looked to link "have you seen my family around link? i lost them 10 years ago after some humans decided i would be a nice lanternlight" she looked curious to the nymph.

She fluttered her wings for a moment and ate the rest of the apple piece wiping the juice of her chin. she smiled at the two before her before flying up and sitting comfortabely in links hair.

03-12-2007, 06:50 PM
Blaze walked around the Dark Army camp he was staying at, glaring at the humans that he passed by. He muttered threats at each human that greeted him. He was a Fire Nymph who hated humans for it was them who had killed his father. He was probably the strongest one in the camp, and acted like it too.

A human that wasn't watching where he was going, bumped into him, causing him to let loose a stream of curses.

"Watch where you're going, human! Your lucky I don't burn you here. Damn filthy humans..." He said, pushing passed the man who had apologized, looking a little shakened by him. Blaze resumed his threats, saying things like one day he'll burn every human alive, or how the filthy humans have a weird scent to them, making him sick. He was disturbed once again when he passed a female elf who had tossed a human aside.

"Hey elf! You shouldn't fight your own, even if it is these filthy humans." He said, giving a sideways glance at the humans.

03-12-2007, 06:51 PM
Lithaen sighed, shrugging to herself.

"I supposed it can't be helped" she thought to herself.

"That sounds like a problem for you to handle on your own, pixie. Why involve others?" Lithaen interrupted. "Link, have you seen others on this path, thus far? Or, in the general vacinity?"

Lithaen walked back to Isis, beginning organize the camp site ruined in her rampage while keeping her ear perked to listen.

I am your stalker
03-12-2007, 07:55 PM
OOC: Ginko, Nate.

Ginko walked for 3 or 2 hours (he was never good at keeping time).
He finds a small town and looks for a place to get ink or a drank. He find a small pub and gets some water but he looks and and he has no money, he got some to pay for his drank, but after that he was broke.
It was about noon and he finds a farmer looking for work help. Ginko approched the man and says
"Hi, good day sir are you looking for help?" Ginko asked the farmer.
"Hallow young man I am looking for some help for a day yes and I pay well." the farmer says.
"I am all but young but I am willing to help for a day." Ginko replys to farmer.
"Good do you have a place to stay for the night?" asked the farmer.
"No" replys Ginko.
"well, we can't have that you can stay with my famly for the night."
"O and my name is Ginko"
"Good to meet you Ginko my name is Nate."
"well, Nate I am happy to work with you."
"Let us go, yes"
Ginko went with Nate to his home and they talked some more as it got late they went to bed and got some rest for the work the next day.

03-12-2007, 11:39 PM
Verali stormed out of the Dark Army's grounds. She received a few skeptical gazes and a small murmur broke through the crowd.

"No one leaves without the Captain's permission." "That girl is getting herself in trouble."

Verali rolled her blue orbs and chuckled at the show of weakness. "Do you really fear this Captain, a man no different from you, so greatly?"

No response came to her inquiry, until, finally, a slender man waltzed up to her. Verali looked up at him, irritated that he had gotten in her way.

"Miss..." the man said. "The Captain...you have never met him, have you?"

Verali shook her head. "No, I have not, but I assure you that I will not fear him like all of you do whenever I do have the pleasure of meeting him." Pushing the man out of her way, Verali entered the forest. She enjoyed this place more than the barren lands that belonged to the Dark Army, perhaps because she had grown up in the woods and the sweet aroma of nature was like home to her.

The Elf wandered deeper and deeper into the familiar territory. I need a break, she thought, already imagining the lake that she was shortly to come upon.

"Ah...Finally," Verali said, glad that she had reached her destination.

03-13-2007, 12:13 AM
Nox sighed... there was a woman passing through seeming rather arrogant in her bearing and having already threatened at least one person was making several snide comments about the captain, the veracity of which he could not ascertain having never met the captain but taking from her tone he doubt she knew for certain the truth of her words either and merely assumed them to be reflecting this reality. But because of her distraction the moment had passed, that faint closeness toward some revelation of understanding, there was something out their but now he had lost connectedness to reality. He remembered when he first hunted monsters... wait... when was that... he remembered -sic- the trees bent and suddenly he knew it was coming, it was a sense beyond the concious self -sic- wait he didn't remember he had no memory of his first time -sic- the blood in his skin sang and spoke to him. A man... his fa...-sic- no... he never had a first hunting experience. He just woke up with this knowledge... yes... that seemed reasonable. Right? After all nymphs and pixies were born with knowledge to control the elements then why could a boy know instantly how to hunt. But what was that shadow world... that shadow mem-sic-There it was on his left hand black and red and running dark-sic-mory?

Either way the woman had broken his focus and now he was no closer to anything then he was before. Not that it really mattered. There wasn't much to worry about. Today was a fine day to die.

03-13-2007, 12:06 PM
Isis smiled to herself as she saw Lithaen calm herself down.
"Well, I havent seen a pixie in quite some time..."
She thought to herself a bit.
"We plan on heading to the Cave of Winds. It would be reassuring to know that the path ahead is clear of Ballah's troops."
She gave Link a sweet smile in hopes he would give them a small, helping hand.

Noises could be heard, but movement was impossible.
'Why, why me?'
The child thought to itself as it lay there, unable to open its eyes.
'Someone please help me...'

03-13-2007, 12:25 PM
trippie tiled her head to one side "they say the caves of wind are dangerous" she flew up and hung infront of isis "they say that on moonless night a child can be heard crying inside the cave" she sat on link's shoder again and tilted her head "atlist that are the rumors i heard" she fluttered her wings "also who entered the cave of winds did oftne not return".

she glared at Lithaen and thought a moment about isis pixie comment "now i think about, these forests are thriving with food and shelters for pixies but even i have not seen anyone nor heard" she tapped her chin "maybe that ballah guy is a cause" she crossed her arms in thought.

03-13-2007, 02:17 PM
It seemed there was a whole camp in these woods, Varlin's face became bright with excitement then straight with calm. He saw the ruckus, these Dark Lord Warriors always fought amongst themselves and he found it quite puzzling that the Revolt couldn't handle such hot heads. But as he pondered he gripped the tree tighter, the metal becoming the tearing force that is his will, the will of the winds as the tree was his determination. He wouldn't let anything go now, he would only move on.

But as for the metaphor, he lost grip of the tree as he stepped away, he wasn't about to attack a whole camp out of nothing, he may have been in the Revolt, but Ballah was his only true foe. He stepped from tree to tree as silent as the high winds at day break, little noise to say the least, which he made his way with little ease through the forest.

fox demon naruto
03-13-2007, 02:49 PM
Link looked over to Isis and frowned. "Yes, this would be the best time to look. His army is still searching the wetlands, and I've had to deal with some of his elfs that have been snooping around the forest. I belive that he will search the caves when he finds nothing in the wetlands." Link said seriously. "Though theres a camp with a captain right between us and the caves. Not only that but its the only path to the caves that doesn't have us dealing with fire nymphs." Link got up and stretched abit. "Though I'd be happy to join you."

I am your stalker
03-13-2007, 03:43 PM
OOC: Ginko, Nate

Ginko got up early in the morning with the farmer and he worked hard till the sun started to fall.
"It was good to work for you."
"It was good to have such a hard worker."
They added there words as Ginko left for the next town. He is about 2 miles out of town and the sun went down. Ginko made a fire and his prays to god. He lade down to sleep and wated for the next new day.

03-13-2007, 03:45 PM
Kerri didn't seem at all suprised when Wil came she turned her head slightly. "Just fine" She replied her voice was soft but not a voice that one would have to raise to get attention. "I'm Kerri" She ignored the rude comments. Or if she didn't it was hard to know. She didn't gasp or glare her features kept their discipline. "Was that you playing? It's very good" She seemed to have decided that there was no reason not to talk to Wil. She didn't seem at all flustered by the convoy. It only held her attention for a minute or too. A light breeze skittered across the water Kerri didn't make eye contact with the other Nymph it was the only indication she may have been less calm than outside appearances would lead a human to beleive.

03-13-2007, 03:49 PM
He was training at the training grounds what he always did. after some hours of training he was tired. he wanted to lay down and rest for a bit. he looked ad the sky and thought by himself(Is this really the right thing to do. It must be mine father had learned me this way. He said always:"this is your destiny to be a guard of lord Ballah and no matter what he says you will listen to him)But sometimes i wonder what it will be to life a one life.Then he stood up and walked to lord Ballah and salute him. He said :

"Lord ballah i report for duty. What are your commends?"

03-13-2007, 04:03 PM
void post

03-13-2007, 07:49 PM
The lukewarm water was an instant relief to the Elf. Placing her clothes on a nearby boulder, she entered the water that had found itself in this secluded spot. Verali knew that everything she was doing was going against the rules of how Dark Army soldiers were supposed to behave; there was to be no doubting the Captain, staying within territory grounds, and not pick quarrels with your fellow soldiers. Verali had broken all of these. If the Captain were to find out, it would mean instant execution.

Submerging deeper into the crystal-clear waters, the Elf let it wash all her worries away. So what if the Captain found out? She knew he would do nothing. He needed as many skilled soldiers as he could manage to round up, and, although a woman and a rebel, Verali had all the qualities he was looking for.

Verali glanced up towards the sky and managed to get a peek through the towering trees. The sun was about to set, and she knew that she had to be back in camp before the sun was completely out of sight. Good soldier or not, Verali didn't doubt that if she pushed the Captain a tad more, that she would be punished in some way.

Exiting the lake, the Elf grabbed her clothes and slipped into them. "Well, now...that was relaxing," she muttered to herself, "perhaps that's really what I needed today."

Undoubtedly Verali managed to return to camp before the sunset. A few of the men from earlier shot her quick, hateful glances, but left it at that. Verali saw someone, or...something out of the corner of her eye that intrigued her.

It was the Fire Nymph. She remembered him muttering something about not picking fights with the humans earlier, but had chosen to ignore him. Strolling up to him, the Elf eyed him. "If you despise humans as much as you do, what are you doing in a camp full of them?" she questioned, noting the attitude he had towards human beings.

03-13-2007, 08:05 PM
Nox lay back against the ground... he looked up at the sky. The woman was back and she was talking to someone who was out of his view. He could find out but he'd rather keep staring at the sky. The face of god leered down at him from the sky and for some reason he thought he was being judged a sinner but he did not know for what crime. He had commited no crime, not that he knew of anyway. To the best of his knowledge he hadn't taken a single life save from a monsters or the occasional murderous bandit. But he couldn't shake that echo... it beat through him like a wave. He shrugged it off and sat up. Looking across the camp, his face frozen in a passive expression, he noticed all the camp fires being lit, one by one till they equaled the stars. But he did no such thing, just sat in the darkness alone. Alone and watching. His eyes calm and placid. His form soft and strong. His mind open and reaching with binary fingers through the trees with their fetal fruits just budding from the flowers. Those impregnated ovaries still young and not yet ripe for eatting

03-13-2007, 09:10 PM
Lithaen finished packing up the camp Isis and she had prepared before taking her place on the left side of Isis. She knelt to pick up a white-ish stone and withdrew her right dagger, beginning to sharpen it on the stone.

"Apparently you lacked to notice, but we're elves. We are easily unnoticeable, though I can't say the same for a rare earth nymph and an obnoxious pixie. If you intend to tag along, you should use that witty brain of yours to help us decipher which course would be best for the accumulative properties we possess. Which are we more prepared to face? Fire nymphs, or Dark Army soldiers?"

She sheathed her dagger, replacing it with its counterpart and continued to sharpen, not bothering to shift her gaze from her task as she spoke or there after.

(ps: Luzy, ovaries don't get pregnant.. the uterus is the part that technically "gets pregnant", the ovaries provide the eggs. and uh.. that's not the name for them. :| bio anatomy 101)

fox demon naruto
03-13-2007, 10:22 PM
Link looked at Lithaen with a stren face. Annoyed, for once, for thought of underestimating his power, but it didn't matter right now. "Yes that is a problem. Though, I'm not the leader of this just a guest. However, if you wanted to know my opinion for once then I'll gladly give you it." Link said with a smile.

"Well first off the Fire Nymphs. Though there are not as many as the army they do know the area and are very subborn. They most likly will follow us till we reach the caves." Link stopped for a second. "Then theres the army. They probably have about double the nymphs and have humans, elfs, nymphs, and many other I'd rather not think about. However, they most likly hate eachother from race. If we went there and they fight umong them selfs then we should easily be able to get by. But, if we dont then we would have to fight a hord of the dark army. So its you desision."

03-14-2007, 08:26 AM
She sighed, irritated at the abrupt answer she received. Sheathing her dagger, she dropped the stone and held her hands out, pretending to weight the two evils mockingly.

"You take too much into consideration with what little information you have. Yes, there are many different.. types amongst the Dark Army and possibly that encampment, but we do not know for sure. Ballah is not a fool and would likely keep agreeable races together so to prevent that problem. Also, we are a common enemy for them. It is unlikely that they would be so petty as to let us slip by so easily."

Lithaen adjusted her attention to Isis, stating all she said matter-of-factly. She continued:

"Fire nymphs are relatively easy to deal with in this sense. There are fewer and they are less likely to be a nuisance. If they choose to confront us, we may dispose of them before they follow us, I would think that would be wisest." Lithaen looked to Link from the corner of her eye, smirking.

"In any event, a fight is bound to occur sooner or later, whether it is this moment or another. It is all dependant on how well you and that pixie feel you could keep up with Isis and myself." she stated as she held out her left hand to emphasize her carefree attitude about engaging in a battle.

Lithaen snickered, licking her teeth mischievously, her ears twitching.

03-14-2007, 11:18 AM
Trippie fluttered her wings and looked to link "perhaps i can cause a uproar so they can fight each other and you sneak by "she glared to lithean "i am maybe obnoxious but i am less easyer to sight then a big eared elf" she stuck her tongue out to lithean. She could fly fast and create fire here and there and hit some of the guys so they would start a fight.

She swayed her legs "as for keeping up, i just sit on a persons shoulder" she pulled a face towards lithean "though i woulden't sit on yours your clothes are probely dirty" she giggled a bit.

03-14-2007, 11:29 AM
Blaze turned around, looking at the elf from before "I'm here because I'm a soldier sent to help these weaklings. As much as I hate humans, I have to stay here....Whats a girl doing here anyways? Being a girl and all, it'd be rough." He said.

He noticed some humans giving her hateful looks. He made a small fireball with his right hand, throwing it at them. "Hey, she's a soldier here just like you, gotta problem with that, you'll be pickin' a fight with me!" He shouted. He hated people like that, and them being humans, it angered him more, though he probably treated the humans like dirt himself. The Nymph ran a hand through his red hair, looking back at the elf for an answer.

03-14-2007, 01:28 PM
Lithaen blinked, surprised that the pixie offered anything especially such an idea. Her arms dropped to her sides, ears perked.

"Well, what do you know.. The pixie brat had an idea. Actually, I wouldn't suppose that's such a terrible idea. Though the rudeness was unnecessary." She gave a face to Trippie.

"In all fairness, you are right about not being easy to spot. Your small size may come in handy yet. I'm not sure how you would go about it, but I hear pixie's have a mischevious nature.. You love pranks, do you not? This could actually be fun. However, being an elf, I can say that if there are elves at the encampment, they won't be easily fooled. We're very perceptive, you realize, and our ears are good to hear. You would be spotted sooner than you think. Before we make any decisions, I suppose it best we go sight our odds against the army. If it be too difficult, we can go through the nymphs."

Lithaen withdrew a necklace from the folds of her skirt, putting it around her neck and adjusting it properly. Replacing a hand on her hip, she sighed half-irritatedly.

03-14-2007, 02:26 PM
Taking the road out from the forest, he brought his feet into a long stride, for he knew where this road lead. That knowledge alone was enough to put a smile on his face, for the cave of the winds was rightfully called so do to the high winds that stir within its bounds.

The wind.. such a mysterious phenomenon, it seemed so vast to him still even as Varlin's vast connection with it deepened he was but a human. He would never be truly one with the wind, and this drove him more into his destiny. One day he would become one with the wind, he was determined of that.

He kept on the road, dashing with the ease of the wind at his back. He wanted to see the cave for himself, and knew it's advantageous potential in the battle to come.

03-14-2007, 02:34 PM
OOC: Sorry! Ive been packing ^_^''


Isis stayed quiet in order to hear better, so that she may think clearer.
"A distraction would be helpful to get into the caves...espically if that rumor is true."
She couldnt help but wonder whether or not those 'cries' were actual cries or just the wind.
"Im sure we'll stumble across a few wind nymphs, given the name of the cave systems. They tend to be very giddy and carefree in nature, correct? That may be helpful..."

Lord Ballah thought to himself for a moment. He couldnt put a name to the face that stood before him, but he quickly disreguarded that fact.
"I would like you to scout out around the cave of winds. No need to do any actual searching, just make sure no one enters or leaves."
He dismissed the boy with a flick of his hand.

03-14-2007, 02:39 PM
trippie stood on links shoulder "i wann try it, if it go's the wrong way i can always flee into the woods" she cocked her head to one side "i do understand the danger of the elves but don't forget that in the confusion they might do not check there surroundings either" she flew up her wings fluttering softly "air nymphs are friendly mostly" she tapped her chin "i don't really recal a airnymph being evil but be carefull nontheless these days you can enever be sure" she licked her lips.

and looked between the two elf and then to link. Link had known her since she was a very young pixie and could be protective sometimes but she was not gonna let him talk her out of this.

03-14-2007, 02:56 PM
The Elf sighed and took a few moments before answering the Nymph. Ignorance runs thick through this camp... "I'm just as qualified to be here as anyone else, perhaps even more capable of handling myself better than a lot of these dimwits, this place being 'rough' isn't much of a problem for me," Verali said, looking around. She was never one to really socialize, but the attitude of the Fire Nymph intrigued her.

"The Revolt," she began, pacing around the Nymph, never allowing herself to remove her eyes from his, "have you ever fought them before, Nymph?"

03-14-2007, 03:08 PM
Nox lay there listening to the patter of words from others. He wonder how the could be so free with the spoken tongues… how could they twist words from their lungs in such languid streams that beckoned the ear to hear. He had never been able to speak so sweetly or so easily, dwelling only in his own mind and even then with the nagging suspicion that there might be some piece of knowledge in there out of reach yet sending tendrils of fell blackness through his conscious mind. He sighed, knowing no answer and expecting none. He merely rolled over to watch the two people talking out of the corner of his eye. The red haired one spouting some anti-human dogma and the woman quite set in some anti-everything mindset that almost pulled from his throat a mirthless laugh but failed to do so only because he found no humor in it. He didn’t really care that much but there conversation was something to distract him as he waited for an attack. Today was a good day to die but apparently it wouldn’t be the day he died. It would just be another silent night listening to the song that flowed up from some secret place deep within him.

03-14-2007, 03:30 PM
He saluted the lord Ballah and siad:

"Yes sir, i will go there right away"

He leaved the room to go to the stable. He saw a little girl in the camp and went over there and said smiling:

"Little girl are you lost?"

Girl said crying:"Yes i cant find my mom anywhere"

So first i brought the little girl home and saw where they live in. A house where you just can sleep whit four people. The parents thanked me and i give them some gold. I went back to the stables to get my horse. I said:

"I am here for my horse is he ready"

Stable master:"yes he is here."he try to grabs the horse, but the horse kicked him away and i said:

"He only trust me so i only can get him"

I grabbed the horse and get on it to go to the caves.

CF Striker
03-14-2007, 03:53 PM
"Yeah that was me. I'm glad you liked it, music is so...essential is it not? Its very nice to meet you Kerry."

He perked his ears up. The wind was feeding something to his ears. Some sound, voices. He couldn't make out any words, but the sound was voices not off his troup, too lighthearted to that.

He sighed, "Dang, well I hoped to talk longer but it seems as if i need to attend to something. After all, I am supposed to be scouting for that dang blasted army."

He smiled though then, "Well, I bet we met for a reason, and I think this may not be the last time we meet. Until our roads cross again, Farewell Kerri!"

Toward the sounds he rushed with a breeze. His clothes fluttered as he swooped through the wood around limb and trunk. He came to a large rock formation, obviously what was the back of a cave entrance. He flew to the top and silently pressed an ear to the rock. He quietly debated, "Ok...Nmyph, maybe earth but hard to tell....an elf...wow a uptight one at that. Oh! Well that's a pixie hands down......and the other.....bah. Elf or human, one of the two." He removed the ear and crept to the lip of the cave, when whoever was in there moved he'd know. This may very well be the Revolt, the group was said to work in small numbers. Most evil organizations that are effective work that way anyway.

fox demon naruto
03-14-2007, 05:21 PM
Link looked over at Trippie being brave for once. The entire time he has known Trippie he has never seen her so serious. Giving a small chuckle he said, "It will be dangerous and none of us would blame you if you didn't go, well I wouldn't but I dont know about Lithean. However, if you believe you can do it I have no objections." Link said with a smile.

The nymph then turned to the elves and said, "So, when shall we go?"

03-14-2007, 05:47 PM
Only mere minutes had passed between the Elf and the Nymph, but she suddenly lost interest. She stepped back and blinked a few times. She looked around the camp and shot the Nymph a sweet smile when she caught him looking at her.

It had happened yet again. Verali's split personality had resurfaced once more. The sweeter, calmer, and more understanding side of her had decided to show itself.

Having no memory of previously speaking with the Nymph, she began to wander around, taking in the sights. "This place is rather...bleak," she murmured, rubbing her arms for warmth as a cold breeze teased her.

The beings before her were the Dark Army, and she was with them. At least she could recall that much. "But...why?" she asked herself out-loud.She wanted to wander, wanted to explore the vast grounds unknown to her, but at the same time something tugged at the back of her mind, warning her that that was not a good idea. Shrugging that feeling off, she sauntered over to a campfire. "Hello," she said sweetly, looking at the men.

One of the men, a big burly one, narrowed his eyes and stood up. "What do you want, Elf?"

"Maybe she wants to give you another beating," snickered one of his companions, who received a rather nasty glare from the man.

Verali blinked a few times and stepped back a couple of steps, but the man followed her, closing the space between the them. "It is against Lord Ballah's word to attack a fellow soldier," he growled, cracking his knuckles, "but perhaps I could go against it just this once."

The Elf's eyes widened. "Sir, I'm...sorry to inform you, but I am no pushover," Verali said softly, attempting to back away once more.

"Yeah? Well neither am I!" The man raised his hand high above him, ready to have his palm crash down on the Elf's cheek.

03-14-2007, 05:59 PM
Trippie nodded "wait until they fight" she flew over to the camp and zigzagged between the legs of the ocupants 'lets see, i need..' she saw a human who's foot was partly bare. she mirked 'i need that' hiding behind the lower leg of a horse she concetrated her magic and send a small fire ball towards it. The male yelped and jumped up stumbleing backwards and into another soldier who turned and growled "watch where your giong!" the hot footed glared at the other and they started to argue.

Trippie fluttered over some off the horse that had provisions and flew until she was at one's head "i'm sorry"she drew her hand back and punched the horse i the eye causing to whine and stand on his hind legs. she quickly flew to a nearby tent and looked from above where else she could cause havoc. some of the other soldiers also hand started to fight she looked at the tent and wondert if putting it on fire would be a good idea.

03-14-2007, 06:04 PM
Blaze had bee searching through his memory, he had fought lots of men who opposed him, some even he fought with the Dark Army. He guessed these were the Revolts. Blaze looked up and was about to answer the elf when he noticed she was gone.

Damn it, no one leaves me with a question without getting an answer. The Nymph walked around the camp, looking for the elf. He had found her with a few men near a campfire. A man was in front of her, just about to strike her, he grabbed the raised hand. "Amongst my family, the people who strike down women, are considered cowards."

03-14-2007, 08:22 PM
Sighing Nox stepped up the Nymph was about to escalate a problem between some elfish woman and one of the Dark Army... and he deigned to intervene. He stood up, a cool calm grace falling over him and he walked with measured pace and a sensing for to the two would-be combatants "Stop. Both." He said short and clipped pushing the two apart. "Silence...Gold..."

He crossed his arms and once more appeared completely disinterested, staring off strangely at the horizon, dark and deep. Tensions were always high near the enemy, men prepped their bloodlust and kept it close at hand not knowing when tthey would be called upon to use it and more often than not, it leaked into their manners. This wasn't an important fight, this was just postuering. They would back down easily enough, and if not then... well...he'd burn that bridge when he got to it.

03-14-2007, 08:39 PM
He was at the entrance cave of winds. saw a small group of bandits nearby. He asked:

"Guys get away here and never come back.

The bandit leader came to me and said:
"You make me laugh hahaha. We are whit five and you are alone you think you can beat us."he grabbed his sword and swing it at me.

I get my sword and swing back. Wen my sword med his. The sword of the bandit breaks in thousand pieces and i cut him in half.I said to the other bandits:

"I give you a last waring go away and never come back"

They run away like cowards as in expected. now back to scouting around the cave, but instead of scouting i will just guard it. Because i am no good at scouting my armor is to heavy and i am to big. I sit in the frond of the cave and prepared a camp.

03-14-2007, 09:12 PM
Lithaen quickly turned to watch the pixie shoot off into the croud. Heavily irritated, she unsheathed her twin blades and walked behind the nearest tree she could get a view of the grouping from.

Looking back at Link from the corner of her eye, her eye exemplifying the magnitude of reds it possesses, with a glare. Her ears lay dead back in utter ferocity.

"Link, your friend better not expect to be saved after being so idiotically wreckless. We were supposed to come up with a plan first, diving in like that endangers us all- Not just her. I suggest that, if she live, she learn her place; in the back of the group, not the front." She snarled at him, glaring at Isis' lack of direction before changing her sight back to Trippie as she proved to be more problematic than her worth.

Lithaen then slammed her daggers into the tree she stood before. Picking up her bow and quiver full of white-feathered arrows, tying the quiver around herself before pulling the bow over her head and securing it to her back. She withdrew her daggers from the tree, tightly gripping the hilts. In blatant frustration, she muttered to herself in Ekalish, narrowing her eyes.

(fox demon naruto, PLEASE learn to write my name. I'm tired of having it spelled incorrectly. "LithAEn", thanks. :])

fox demon naruto
03-14-2007, 11:18 PM
Link looked back at the elf and gave a small nod and looked over to the area that Trippie headed. 'Neither do I LithAEn, but she is still my friend and I don't leave them to die.' Link closed his eyes and clasped his hands together muttering something.

Suddenly Link had a up close view of the area, from a bush nearby the area. He spotted Trippie a few yards away and Link muttered something and a hand made of dirt rose out of the ground and grabbed Trippie. A few seconds later Trippie came out of the ground next to Link. He opened his eyes and stared angerly at Trippie.

"You fool!" He said in a hush voice. "You don't do that without our premission. Not only that you could have gotten yourself killed!" Link said still in a hush voice.

"Look I know you want to prove yourself, but getting yourself killed doing something stupied like that wont prove anything. Your a spellcaster, someone in the back. Your not suppose to be in the front getting hit! Thats LithAEns job!" (Note- That was suppose to be concidered a joke.)

Other Note- I hope taken Trippie one place to another wasent concidered God- Modding or whatever.

03-15-2007, 08:24 AM
Isis stood there, mouth agape at Trippie's sudden force of action. She slapped her hand to her forehead and sighed.
"Pixies are so spontanious..."
She noticed something sturring behind the little sprite. Someone had spotted the small pixie. Isis immediatly took a shot at was later revelaed to be an Ork, and pierced its neck. She cringed a bit at her ghastly handywork and it chocked on its own blood.
"Well, might as well make a run for it now!"

03-15-2007, 08:34 AM
Lithaen scowled, irritated at such a reckless action.

"At least Link knows his place. You two are far too small and will cause more trouble than you're worth if you attempt to fight within the field. Link is correct in saying that I am to be at the "front", as is Isis. Pixie, I warn you now and only once, another reckless decision will be your last." she stated with a chilling tone.

She quickly turned, just catching the Ork fall; she raised an eyebrow to Isis.

"My my, already in the game, are we?" she snickered lightly at Isis, smiling partly at the grimace on Isis' expression.

Lithaen slid to the nymph and pixie, picking the nymph up by his collar; she tossed him into the tree above, landing him on the nearest branch.

"Stay there and use your magic as needed, when it looks fairly clear, follow us. Orks and humans probably will not be able to reach you, but elves won't find it so hard." She paused for a moment. "I may not like you, but I would rather not be bothered with having to bury you."

Lithaen then moved forward through the bushes, crouching down and looking to the nearest Ork that stands above the body of his once comrade. She snickered as she thought, “Well what do you know.. the pixie managed something, after all.” Scanning the body, she came across pointed ears, her eyes widening slightly before she regained her focus. Lithaen tossed her dagger, grabbed the blades tip and launching it at the Ork’s chest. The blade imbedded itself deep into the sternum of the Ork, forcing it to bleed and suffocate to death. She snickered coldly to herself at her expected accuracy before turning to Isis and speaking quietly to her:

"There are elves. Though, if this one was indeed killed by the Ork, then our odds are increased. Hurrying would be best."

(itachi22: "They run away like cowards as in expected."<- THIS would be God-Modding. You need to follow the story and not make up your own as you go. So your post is pretty much null. oO;

fox demon: No, that was useful and considered in alignment with your abilities. What itachi said is an example of GMing.)

03-15-2007, 09:26 AM
Isis sighed to herself a bit.
"I prefer giving head shots, but the bug was in the way..." she mumbled to herself.
She watched Lithaen take aim and hit the ork. She tried not to cringe again; though, considering how long she had been traveling with Lithaen, one would think she'd be used to the blood and gore by now.
She smiled to Lithaen and whipered back:
"Shall we run in and strike whatever moves?"

ooc: Itachi- its best to refer to your charcter in the second and third person. Use 'he' instead of 'I', and toss his name in there a few times. It helps the other players remember your characters name.

03-15-2007, 10:09 AM
Her ears perked in the delight of a new battle and the fact that Isis openly offered, she almost grinned.

"That is possbily the best idea I've ever heard. A clear cut path would be best, I assume. But, whatever will happen, will happen." she snicked at her comment, at the idea that she would leave without putting in a severe notch in the Dark Army's campsite.

She walked to the Ork which she had previously slain, tearing her dagger from his chest and shaking it once to force any loose blood off. Lithaen gazed at the body of the dead elf for a moment before cutting off the elf's quiver with her free dagger. She seperated the arrows into two even sets, tossing one to Isis, she put the other in her own.

Smiling, proud of her find, she somewhat bowed out.

"After you, m'lady." She spoke, clearly all too happy at the fight they were about to partake in.

(i lulz'd at your comment about Lithy & blood/gore, Roo. :3)

03-15-2007, 11:38 AM
ooc: X3! Then you'll love this one


Isis grabbed the set of arrows tossed to her and smirked.
"One can never have too much of anything, espically weapons."
She put then in the small pack that hung behind her and set one arrow into place, ready to be shot. She then giggled and curtsied to Lithaen.
"Why thank you my dear, you are far too kind."
With that, she took aim at another ork who was trying to rally up the other troops that were stationed at the small camp. She released the end of the arrow and watched it soar straight into the beast's head, just as she preferred. She stayed close to Lithaen to make sure she had her back, just as she knew her companion had hers. As they progrssed, her motioned to Link and Trippie to follow in the wake of their ambush.

03-15-2007, 12:22 PM
trippie yelped when she suddenly dissapeared in the ground and came eye to ey with three irritated faces. she narrowed her eyes at there lecture 'what do they know, they arent the ones that hunted by bird of prey often'. she pouted when lithean told her her place was in the back but then her sight turned into a glare "i just wanted to great a diversion but if you big ears rather fight then i am out off here" she fluttered her wings and flew off.

03-15-2007, 12:49 PM
(Ohhh, I doo wub it. :3)

Lithaen almost laughed at Isis' quickshot. She launched herself from her standing point and landed, crouched, behind a cloaked human. She stood, drawing her dagger to the humans throat with a hold on the womans hair. Lithaen smirked, having noticed the human attempting to draw her sword on Isis, she glanced at the womans hand on it's hilt. She quickly reversed her motions and gouged her opposite dagger into the womans gut before knocking the back of the womans head with her elbow, forcing her to fall.

She looked back to where Link and Trippie should be, checking if they had followed as Isis directed, when she noticed the small pixie fly away.

"Looks as though we lost one, Isis. I certainly have no intent to chase her, though." Lithaen scoffed.

Lithaen set her back to Isis', sheathing one of her daggers and trading it for her bow. She withdrew the string of the bow, preparing an arrow before launching it into the skull of another Ork in front of them.

fox demon naruto
03-15-2007, 02:39 PM
Link watched as Trippie flew off and gave a small sigh. 'Probably for the best.' Link thought as he looked back to the fight. He saw a few humans sneaking behind the elfs and gave another sigh. 'Lithaen probably already knows that their behind them. Idiot humans.' Link clasped his hands together and mumbled something.

The ground under the men wrapped around them and sucked them into the ground. "Che, I'm not one for torture but, what works, works." Link said walking near Lithaen. 'At least I'm not barbaric like those elfs.' Link thought. he heard steps of Orks as two came charging at him with their swords drawn. Link stuck out his arms and gave his hands a signal to come at him. Suddenly two trees from behind the Orks used there branches to wrap around the Orks and send them flying in the other direction. Link gave a small whistle as he put his hand over his eyes looking as they flew across the forest.

03-15-2007, 02:51 PM
She looked behind her to the area where Link had sucked the two humans into the earth. She nodded to Link slightly in a "thank you" motion. However, her ears twitched at picking up Link's soft voice, she quickly retorted.

"I do believe that my methods work quite well, it also prevents them from coming after us again or possibly running to Ballah himself and filling him in on our activity. What he does not know won't hurt us." She patted him once on the head, as if he were a small child.

Lithaen took a few steps forward, proceeding towards the entrance of the cave before an elf approached her slowly. She hastily took her stance, pulling her bow up, thought this time, prepping it with her dagger, instead. A few feet from the elf, she held back the bows long tie and stared at the elf, half-expectantly.

03-15-2007, 02:55 PM
trippie flew to a nearby lake and sat on a rock glaring at her reflection "whats with large people and saying that pixies are useless" she brushed her hair back and sighed "i fought more times than that foolish big eared elf" she grimaced and punched her reflection.

"she propped her head on her hands and looked over the water "this is stupid, i can't find my family, i am alone again and i know for a fact thats a bad thing for a pixie" she concetrated some magic in her hand "i wish someone would apriciate me.." and threw the magic orb in the water making it sizzle and watched it disolve.

03-15-2007, 02:57 PM
The sound of battle was carried on the wind to his back, into his ears the clamoring of magic and weapons sparked off like a quintet of instruments, each one plucking off a single note in the over all song that was the battle. Varlin could feel the vibrations from the ground, everything seemed to become a slight blur for a few moments before it stopped suddenly.

After the calm the howls from the caves could be heard, the wind blasted out towards his form pushing and playing with his black hair for a few moments before dieing down. He entered the mouth of the cave with his right hand at his left side over his katana, ready to draw if need be. The steps he took kicked up small bits of dust, his boots clumping into the soft ground every step forward.

He reached a crossing after walking in several meters, twenty or so, and looked left then right before straight down. He knew the wind was around here somewhere, that whispering gale that could sooth his mind and quell his thoughts. There wasn't much here he could remember to be important, only a drive from within his being to keep him flowing forth, like the wind itself.

Inhis mind a bit of an old story from his younger days came at the tip of his sight, the thought of his master's teachings had brought this very cave up and he knew there was something here. But the question was 'what'?

03-15-2007, 03:09 PM
Isis sniped off a few more orks, along with a few humans here or there before meeting at Lithaen's side. She also saw what awaited them at the mouth of the cave.
"One of Ballah's no doubt. And here I thought he was only interested in the wetlands."
She thought to herself for a moment as to what they should do. She whispered to Lithaen:
"We might be able to get some information on the dark lord's plans from this one, perhaps it'd be best to keep him alive for a while?"

CF Striker
03-15-2007, 03:31 PM
It had to be the Revolt, no doubt about that. They killed with such speed and skill, no normal army had that kind of training. Slinetly he became one witht the wind and watched the little group for quite some time. The battle was going bad and he should have been fighting, but someone needed to give an accurate report. Besides, he might be able to do something later.

For now, he indetectably rushed past the killing band, and into the caves. His breathern needed to be warned. He felt their presence in the caves and sure enough found one solitary guard at a passage. He materialized, knowing well the Nymph could see him. "You better call up the guard, there's a troop killing everything in its way to get to you right now."

The guard yawned, "Yep. Don't worry kid we know. Freind or foe, we'll be ready."

Taking the hint he wasn't needed he left running puzzled, "Freind or foe, how could in not be foe?" Suddently he found himself face to face with the gang, headed towards him and a couple of guards, including the captin. It meant he had no choice but to fight. He bowed his head as he floted in the air, "Forgive me," his said loudly "but I have no other choice." He suddently dashed and grabbed at the elf's arm, begining to swing her about in a whirlwind spin lifting higher and higher into the air. Hopefully, all he'd have to do was knock her out.

03-15-2007, 03:39 PM
Murphy had been traveling through the mountains, orders being to supplement the scout at the Caves of Wind. At places it had been tricky, with his size and weight, but not much.

He felt near to his destination, and scanned the landscape through the single slit of his helmet before proceeding. His halberd rested in it's slot across his shoulders so he could have both hands free to climb and balance himself.

Not silently at all, he tromped around the face of the mountain to the entrance to the Caves of Wind. Upon seeing a band of people clustered at the entrance, he stopped a few paces away and said to them, "Who are you?"

03-15-2007, 03:50 PM
OOC: dentist appoinment...grrr I hate dentists

Kerri nodded not seeming to care when he left. Better move. Kerri stood and walked along the bank of the river trying to remember why she didn't just head to the Caves of Wind. She slid into the water not caring that she was still wearing clothes. Then dived under the surface to think.


Kerri blinked watching the little ball of magic energy disolve above her head. She popped up with out making a splash to see a pixie. "Hello" SHe said bobbing in the water. The little pixie looked mad. Kerri kept aloft easily "Are you mad?"

fox demon naruto
03-15-2007, 03:57 PM
Link, who was quick to act, clasped his hand together and slammed them to the ground making a swril of mud appear around the man that was attacking them in a chance to lose his balance to let go of Lithaen. Link noticed as a somewhat of a giant appeared.

Link wipped away beads of sweat as some fatigue came as he sent those spells. 'We have to be quick.'' Link thought.

03-15-2007, 04:27 PM
Trippie looked annoyed at the water nymph but sighed. she coulden't fend her anger on someone innocent. she looked to the nymph "a elf said i was a spell caster and should stay in the back because i was small"she frowned "i fought more battles then that big ear so i went away" she brushed a hair back "what are you diong here, there is danger around ya know" she tilted her head to one side wonderingt why a water nymph was out here al alone.

03-15-2007, 04:46 PM
Kerri tilted her head to the side and water streamed off it in rivulets "I can defend myself" She pulled herself up and out again without making a splash. She didn't seem to notice or care that her clothes were wet and sticking to her. Kerri drew the water out from her clothes in one motion creating dry clothes again. She herself was still wet but wet was Kerri's favorite state because of her affinity with water. "I was sent for the Caves of Wind altough I have no intention of leaving for there" Kerri leaned back so her head was on the ground.

03-15-2007, 05:00 PM
trippie watched as the nymph dried herself "don't count one me if i show my face there big ear will probely whine again" she grimaced and looked into the water her wings fluttering lightly "sometimes being a pixie is annoying, you can barely survive on your own" she threw small rock into the water watching it it "and big people either laugh at you or try to put into a lantern" she looked towards the waternymph "they often forget people need to fight for food with animals they consider pets or tamed" she looked towards the water again.

03-15-2007, 05:05 PM
Murphy slogged forward through the mud until his feet dug into solid ground, allowing him to climb out. Mud clung to his legs and hips, dripping between plates and clogging joints. A nuisance, but not a completely debilitating problem.

His hand went over his shoulders, one taking hold of his crossbow and the other grabbing a bolt. Using manual stength, he cocked the crossbow and set the bolt in the slot. "Identify yourself." He said patiently, giving the group one last chance to explain itself and, by extension, their actions before he attacked.

03-15-2007, 05:33 PM
Isis stood in awe at the large metal giant. It, or he...whichever, demanded identification of the group. Isis couldnt help but think 'Aww, crap'.
"Uh, Im Lt. Roselin and this is St. Startch, we were sent by the great Lord Ballah to investigate the caves in search of the legendary child of the Divine. He sent us because of our sense of hearing, espically in a cave...what with echos and all."
She made up a seemly god excuse off the top of her head in desperation.
All the while she waited for the beast to reply, she stodd there and thought: 'please be stupid, please oh Gods please be stupid.'

03-15-2007, 06:47 PM
There were two distinct winds in this cave, the wind from the front seemed important, but not important to him and his followings. He looked to the right direction of the jagged natural cross way and felt a the second wind, a peculiar one at that. Varlin could feel his hands tremble at the feeling of that one, the gale seemed to howl like the wolf, just like his Howling sword Technique. He took the right tunnel, his ears drawn to the humming howl like a moth to a flame, or in this case, a blind man to someone dear.

The cave became darker as he traversed slowly, each step clapping at the stone below with his boots. There was an awe inspiring glow that seemed to shake and ring from below, the power of the wind seemed to make these crystals that lined the path light up. The cavern ceiling was well above his head, it was a large cavern at that. But the problem was that the wind was never continuous enough to supply enough light.

Thinking fast, he drew his katana in a swift motion from his side, taking hold of the sheath in his right hand to pull it back while he drew. The very draw of his sword brought up a small gale, barely noticeable, barely active at that. He raised his hand and katana up above his head, the ceiling was only a foot off the tip of his blade while he focused down the darkness of the cavern. He knew he was facing forwards now, and now was finding the right string of air to sheath and reap into a wallowing gale.

After breathing a few times, deeply at that, he brought his blade down with one arm, slicing into the wind with precise power, the cut brought the wind into a waving blade down the tunnel, thus pulling the rest with it, this slow breeze was powerful enough to light up the trail of crystals and he followed in a hurried dash, swinging downwards whenever the wind was losing strength.

Onward he went to see what laid ahead.

03-15-2007, 08:06 PM
Being grabbed at, she released her dagger into the elf's head before her, mistakenly. She dropped to the ground as a result of Link's attack, landing in a crouched position a few feet from where she once stood. She cursed in Ekalish before she quickly jumped to the elf's corpse and yanked her dragger from it's skull, she hastily re-aimed it at the smaller man now surrounded by mud.

Lithaen slightly twitched at Isis' answer before quickly adding onto it.

"There had been rumor, dear giant, that this group of travelers had been plotting against the Lord; so we dealt with the situation accordingly. You know as well as we that incompetence is intolerable. And as Roselin stated, we were needed. Not only can we hear better, we are less detectable." She narrowed her eyes, holding onto her collected exterior. Lithaen glanced to Isis to read her expression before looking back to the man who had grabbed her.

"And you, child.." she spoke, her voice clear with anger "Must learn your place among your peers. Recklessness will lead you only to your death."

After finishing speaking to him, she relaxed her bow, sheathing her free dagger in it's rightful holder. She walked to stand in front of Isis, thusly in the way of the giants weapon for Isis.

CF Striker
03-15-2007, 09:20 PM
The mud had found a loophole in his hurricane swing and plastered him like a punch on his left cheek. He fellat hit the top of the cave, damaged but not nearly out.

He stood up in time to hear the ridiculous lies being told to the stalwart Army general, and for a moment he thought about blurting the thruth. The he grinned, he had a much better and much more effective idea. After all, his wit was much more powerful than his fighting skills would ever be.

He stood up and walked over to the Revolt group with casual air in his voice. "Oops, Sorry about that commander, case of that battle fury. Barely can tell freind from foe sometimes y'know? I'm sorry i'll never happen again, forgive my insolence."

Now he had made his challenge. If they didn't induct him into their group for the time being, they'd risk him blabbing their true identity. However, along as he was with them, even if it meant being a prisonor, he could gain information and take it bake where it belonged. It was risky, foolish, and totally unexspected and Wil liked it.

03-15-2007, 09:35 PM
"Amongst my family, the people who strike down women, are considered cowards." The Fire Nymph said, intercepting the blow from the man.

"Why...I never!" Verali exclaimed, narrowing her clear blue eyes. "You don't ever strike a fellow soldier, sir, it creates unwanted rivalries."

The man sharply withdrew his arm, glaring at the two. The rest of his crew had stood up as well and were now standing mere feet behind him, in case they needed to jump into a fight.

"Stop. Both."

Yet another man had come into this quarrel, pushing the Nymph and the man away from each other. Crossing his arms, the man simply left it at that.

Grunting, the man and his crew backed off, walking away whilst mumbling empty threats.

Verali watched him for a few moments before stepping up to him. "Thank-you for your help," she said, and then glanced back at the Fire Nymph, "You too." Bowing her head in gratitude, she began to walk away, when a high-pitched noise only she could hear penetrated her mind. Her hands flew up to her head, clutching it tightly in a feeble attempt to make whatever was happening stop.

Just as suddenly as the event had taken place, it ceased, and Verali immediately knew what was happening. The soldiers that were frantically rushing around the camp only confirmed what she already knew.

Something was happening, and battle awaited them in the near future.

03-16-2007, 12:10 AM
Murphy lowered his crossbow. "Apologies for the confusion. I am called Murphy, number 203 of the Lazarus brigade. My orders are to join the scouting at the Caves of Wind." He said, not commenting on the obvious dissarray of the forces here. Allowances could be accepted far from the central command. "I am not a giant. My size is the result of the Automaton experiments."

He uncocked the crossbow and stowed it on his back once more and walked over to them, standing at ease at a reasonable distance from Isis, ignoring Lithaen being between them. "I assume you are in command, Lt. Lt. Roselin." He said, then: "Until the completion of my mission, I am effectively under your command."

03-16-2007, 09:18 AM
With Murphy lowering his bow, she stepped to the side, taking her place beside Isis. Lithaen raised her brow inquisitively at the air nymph, knowing all too well how clever they rumored to be. She sighed, thinking “How troublesome”.

Lithaen diverted the majority of her attention back to Murphy as he spoke; however, she continued to keep tabs on the air nymph, watching him from the corner of her eye.

As Murphy finished his statement of loyalties, Lithaen rolled her eyes to herself.

“Annoying.. A ridiculously large human and an air nymph, of all things. This is proving to be more work than I had hoped for.” She sighed out loud at her thoughts. “I suppose it cannot be helped. We’ll just have to make due until we can have more time to collaborate on it..”

She proceeded to place her bow back around her body, then withdrawing each dagger individually, wiping off the blades and shining them with a cloth from the bottom one of the holders, bored.

03-16-2007, 10:07 AM
Nox bowed his head to the woman. He didn't deserve such thanks but now it seemed that he would not have to time to enjoy it. The camp had gone chaotic with the sounds of men screaming, rushing their feet in paniced hurry unknowing of where the enemy was. "It begins..." He sighed, then he said the only full sentence he could say without any hesitation, "Today is a good day to die."

Slowly he walked off into the forest, his body sauntering with no real rush or quick pace to it, he wasn'[t particularly interested, and he didn't want to create confusion rushing things. He ascended a small knoll near the camp and could get some look at the cave system they had been sent here to infiltrate. Calmly he leaned his glaive against his shoulder and walked towards it.

Of in the distance to his left he could see a large hulking metal...person-maybe- talking to some other people he didn't recognize. It did seem to be of any real import so he decided to continue toward the cave and leave that big man to solve the problem on his own. After all, he was being paid to secure the cave, not to kill the enemy or protect his allies. He would stick to the letter of his contract as long as they valued him. The sun slept full beamed over head, bleeding a beautfiul light across his face and the world, so half illuminated thanks to the awning of leaves he stood in a world of shadow. It was pleasant and yet...frightening.

03-16-2007, 10:54 AM
Isis did her best to hide her austonishment, instead replacing it with a look of importance.
"Thank you number 203, but you are well needed guarding this entrance. Your help to us would be to make sure no one enters in attempt to put faults in our mission."
It was hard too look at Murphy, not because of his size or she wanted to seem like she was fitting in her role as a Lt., it was simply because the noon sun hitting his metal body made it practically blinding to look at. She turned to Lithaen and nodded, gesturing for them to enter. She then turned to the new member of their party and Link.
It was another gesture for them to move into the cave before their 'superiors'.

fox demon naruto
03-16-2007, 02:54 PM
Link looked slightly annoyed that he was poistioned as a 'private.' Link however, followed in suite behind Lithaen and Isis. 'Why did I have to be a private?!' Link thought angerly. Sighing, he just kept his mouth shut since he couldn't do anything about it.

'But that Air Nymph is up to something. He is clearly not as stupied as the giant, and shouldn't have been fooled by that exscuse. I know Air Nymphs are not idiots and this one isn't either. But what is he going to do.' Link thought as he watched the Nymph through his bangs that hid his eyes.

03-16-2007, 08:47 PM
"Master.. where is this leading me?" His voice quietly rolled through the tunnel as he took each step in the dim green light of the cavern.

Letting another slash forwards with his katana he could feel the strain of the winds on his blade, cutting the wind was a precise art and after a while of slicing and launching the gales it can wear at the blade's very build. He hasn't had the time to let it have a rest because he needed the light to traverse.

He had reached the end of his path and found a large open cavern, a room of sorts. It was dark all except for the far end where there was a pedestal with a emerald adorned sword; a katana of a green aura dancing up and down what of the blade that showed. A small shining green spiral ran up and around the blade as it stood in the light from a hole above.

"Master.. is this your legacy? What is it here you want me to learn? To gather? What can this sword bring me that I don't already have?" He looked upon the blade from his position at the entrance and stepped forwards. He heard the shooting howl of a familiar move, it was his own Howling Sword coming from two sides; his left and his right.

He rolled forwards grasping a chunk of dirt with his clawed hand, the metal clinking with the small stones in the handful. Once the roll was complete he was back on his feet and he threw the dirt outwards into the dim green light where he saw the waves of the gale currently swinging away from him. Whoever was using the Howling Sword was preparing for a Raging Fang, a deadly technique indeed.

He brought up his sword and spun towards the right swinging across in a horizontal cut into the wind. The blade of air went out into the dim darkness knocking the larger attack towards the left. The gale went by him just barely, striking the cave wall dehind him in a large vertical blow with serrated edges in the dent.

"The Raging Fang.. who is it I face?" He asked himself as he brought his claws forwards slowly.


03-16-2007, 11:03 PM
Nox sighed sitting in a tree near the entrance to a large cave... the Dark Army camp was in complete disorder and, since he was a mercenary, he had never gotten the pre-mission brief so he had no idea what was going on or what the goal of the army was. He had joined the Dark Army when they had passed through a town he had been clearing out some monsters for and apparently the villagers had started waging their tongue about a "hero for hire". The Dark Army offered him a fair sum of money and so he joined, not that he really needed or wanted the money but it was nice to be valued by someone. He liked this idea of condoratti, being a mercenary. One could find out one's value to someone in a fiscal way. Why have relationships any other way?...After all, why be left guessing about how much people care about you when you can be told with certainty? But than he wasn't going off of experience having never -sic- Where is he? Oh...god... YOU!-sic- nah...

Then he heard it. The sounds of winds and steel and the grunts and wasted voiceless words. He had entered into the ether for a second their and had percieved beyond himself. Someone was in the cave... he wondered if he should investigate... it might be part of what he was being paid to do... if he failed he would be less valued and the amount he would be offered would lower. He jumped down to the ground with an even gait and entered the darkness of the cave, enjoying the blackness. It was so much like those... wait... those.. -sic- lush jungles so emerald and floating so fresh and so sweet. The exuded a sense of pleasure and life and passion that bordered almost on the sexual. And why shouldn't they? Everything in the jungle was an entity of its own reproducation, of its own life. In so doing it devoured the lifeforce of all other beings. Snakes eternally devouring their own tails.-sic-...no it didn't remind him of anything. But it was comforting non the less like a mother's embrace... and as soon as that thought passed through his head he hated it... mothers... why did it bother him?

03-16-2007, 11:19 PM
Chaos erupted. Soldiers hastily grabbed their armour and their weapons and rushed off into the darkness, perhaps never to return. Verali rushed to where she had placed all of her belongings and reached into a small, dark red bag, pulling out a variety of daggers and knives. She knew that she was expected to use her bow and arrow in battle; knew it all too well from the precise instructions an upper soldier had given her when she first joined the Dark Army. "You are to use the bow and arrow you posses in battle. That, and nothing more, we must be certain that we have soldiers left over in case The Revolt manages to cut through."

The Elf snickered, giving her assigned weapon no more than a mere glance. If she was to be caught without it, execution would descend upon her if she lived through the battle.

Sighing, she quickly strolled over to where it leaned against a tree, and grabbed the weapon. She then grabbed her arrows and slung the pouch on her back. This will only slow me down... Verali growled inside her head. She had never really been taught how to efficiently use a bow and arrow; she'd only been taught the basics. Reality was that she was most likely no better with the bow and arrow than a child faced with a complex situation.

Shrugging all of her thoughts off, Verali rushed to join the others who were marching towards some cave. Is this where the battle's taking place?

The cave loomed ahead, and the small amount of soldiers that had made their way to their destination together dispersed. She was now alone. Looking down, Verali noticed a small puddle of blood. She tensed, more alert now than she thought she'd be, and gripped her weapon tightly. Looking at it, she hid it among the bushes nearby. I'll deal with these 'consequences' when the time comes, she thought, swiftly fetching a dagger from the inside of her boot.

03-17-2007, 11:25 AM
Blaze grabbed his two blades, tying one on each side before following everyone else into a dark cave. He held up a hand and lazily created a fireball to illuminate the way. He scanned over the soldiers, looking at their weapons and facial expressions. Everyone he saw was outfitted in armor, all but him, he wore the garbs of his father. He believed that the garbs possessed his father's spirit which gave him the will to fight.

It was the only he felt close to his father, like his father was really beside him, but no one was at his right side, just the darkness and the light coming from the fireball in his hands. This was how his father had died, fighting against the revolts along side with human soldiers. When the fight was over, one of the soldiers that fought alongside him, stabbed him repeatedly. The other soldiers had stood around, watching but not doing anything to stop. The humans could not be trusted, one second they fight with you, the next they turn on you and kill you.

He was broguht out of thought as he had bumped into someone. This caused him to close the hand with the fireball, extinguishing the light. "Damn." He muttered, summoning another fireball, he saw it was the elf girl from before. "Sorry." He said to her.

03-17-2007, 12:58 PM
The twisting gales and the cooing waves of wind stretched and snapped as another attack came his way; a simple blade of wind. He reared back his claws, seeing that there was a small push in the air from his right by all of this movement, and he took a left inwards step into a duck. He had cleared the attack, seeing the invisible wave fly past his head as his next attack was already set. Swinging his claws in a back handing motion from his turn he released four twisting gales of wind into the dim emerald darkness.

The gales flew forwards and hit the opposite side of the room with four large crashes, each one after another from each finger on his hand. "What? Where is my foe?" He told himself as he narrowed his eyes. He then started to dash forwards, if he couldn't see his foe from there he knew that just dodging and countering wasn't going to get him anyway. After his fifth step he heard the whistle of his claws, but he wasn't preparing a claw based attack.. it came from ahead.

He saw the separate gales of wind, each heading right for him a twisting spiral. In a quick attempt to deflect the gales he threw his right ankle back and around his left in a spinning step all the while his claws and sword swiped from low towards the ground upwards creating a small vortex around him. Three gales was all it could take in quick succession, the four hit him on the chest head on sending him flying back into the ground. His body dug up some of the dirt from the cave as it slid.

He grunted as he attempted to get up, and after a few fast twitches of muscle he finally got to his feet and shook his head. "That's my Technique.. Master never knew that one."

He could only see the faint outline of a warrior in front of his sight, it stepped forwards yet made no sound. It then seemed to solidify into a green outline.

"I see.. my opponent is.. me."

03-17-2007, 01:24 PM
Kerri let silence stretch between them. A thought occured to her. "If you don't mind my asking what is a pixie doing out here all alone usually they travel together" She sat up. No expression was on her face except her habitual sereneness. Of course she had been alone a long time but she wasn't a pixie. She didn't even know this one's name. Well I guess if she watned me to know she would've said it. Not that Kerri actually cared but she liked to know names it made it easier to recognize a face when it reappeared and they always did.

03-17-2007, 06:22 PM
Something bumped into Verali, and she instinctively turned around, outstretching her arm with the dagger, adrenaline pouring into her system. Her eyes adjusted to the dim light that seemingly appeared out of nowhere. Her dagger was up to the Fire Nymph's neck, lightly touching his skin. She lowered it when a wave of recognition swept through her. "I could've killed you," Verali hissed in a low voice, lowering her weapon.

Again, the high pitched noise penetrated her head, causing the Elf to tightly shut her eyes. The more aggressive, open-minded side of her was once again going to show itself.

Verali opened her eyes, a smug smirk plastered on her face. "The Revolt, eh?" She chuckled lightly, toying with the blade of her dagger. Looking at the Fire Nymph, her eyes would switch from looking at the flame to looking at him. "Where's your armor?" she questioned. "Surely you will be in need of some protection." She snickered and turned around, resuming her journey down the darkened cave.

03-17-2007, 07:06 PM
Talking...behind him... he heard it before he saw the cave around him begin to etch itself out in haloed outlines that flickered with a warm glow. He glanced back, it was the girl form before and the red headed person. It wasn't his concern. He closed his eyes and focused once more on the blackness of the caving, sending out feeling hands of instinct into the darkness. He stepped into the shadow of the caverns interior.

There was something going on... he could sense it...

He continued to push through the unseeing void of the cave. The sounds of conflict where getting loud, howls, like dogs baying to the high-enthoroned moon, ricocheted around the cave. The echos overlapped into a deafening cadance. He let his instinctual gaze pour across the cavity he had just now entered, a swelling of the cave like a stomach in a beast bowels. The way the echo bent around the cave stenciled vague forms across his mind's landscape. There were two forms, one solid and real the other...half in existant... an actor that lacked a material nature.

03-17-2007, 07:33 PM
The wind seemed disrupted by a presence behind him, the Howler swiftly turned to catch a glimpse of the mercenary, the one he saw in the camp from before. The gales came again in form form of the same attack, though he wouldn't be taken by it's gust this time. The not existent form had swung it's aura of a blade to conjure the winds yet again, Varlin had no intent on letting either side, his test nor his foe, or thought to be foe get in his way.

He ran his blade quickly along the cave wall as he dashed to the right of the quadruple gales heading in a straight path. The sword sparked upon the cavern's crystals as the blade cut into he wind, this blade being made by elvish steel caught flame from the sparks he drew from the dash and he ran up the cavern wall, catching his dash upon the annex of the ceiling and wall.

Taking this opportunity he jumped from the wall towards the aura like figure and slashed in a fiery spin at it's form, his sword taking the rough damage the specter could deal. The specter caught ablaze and reared it's glowing arm to strike upon Varlin, but Varlin had landed with both feet, his knees bent ready to uppercut with the wind upon himself, the foe that was his green copy.

As the green form swiped down Varlin pushed in a diagonal way with his left foot stepping out once in a quick leap landing upon his right, the fiery aura blade etching a streak upon his shoulder armor, but in that same moment his spinning brought his blade up and with it the swirling gales of the room. The green lighted being was sucked into the swirl like the wind itself and was sent towards the ceiling striking of a green torch. The fires were green and powerful, twinkling and flashing it's influence about the chamber deep within the caves bussom(sp?).

He turned back to see the Dark Army Mercenary, and quickly jerked his head towards the blade that seemed to be one with the wind; it's emerald grace shining out as the green fires collected the light from above upon the pedestal. He dashed for the sword as he saw his waste away at the tip, shattering slowly without doubt. This blade had served him well, and his master's will without a doubt.

Sliding to a stop he grasped at the hilt of the blade, seeing as his trail was complete, he was able to pull it free. As he did so the wind from within that chamber gathered around the blade and came into a green visible force about it's aura.

"Well well... why have you come here?" He uttered to the man, his silence was broken for now, the fact he hadn't a point was indeed apparent.

03-17-2007, 08:03 PM
That was...interesting...The green aura flooded the room. He didn't react though, his face was immutable and uninterested. Certainly, it was impressive and yet...not something he really cared about. It was at that point he realized he was being spoken to so he stood their...doing nothing...for a minute. He carefully placed every particle and verb...not that he had many verbs in his sentances. "I don't know why...I was...not told... merely paid. Why?...is this place important?"

He looked around the cavern...what was this place anyway? Seemed like a strange objective for an army... what was the point anyway?

03-17-2007, 08:36 PM
More people. Verali felt their presence long before her eyes caught sight of either of them. She stuck to the shadows, and turned around briefly to look at the Nymph and hiss out a single command: "Make that fire disappear, now."

Creeping along, the Elf narrowed her eyes, dagger in hand. Whoever lay ahead could be working for The Revolt, and if they were she preferred to surprise them. If the were part of The Dark Army, then...well, that was a completely different story. She didn't particularly like the beings she had to call her allies, but then again she didn't have much of a say in the matter. Like it or not, these beings were fighting for the same cause she was. Maybe.

Verali stopped abruptly, blinking a few times. What was the cause she was risking her life for? It had been her choice to join the Dark Army...but why? What had she done it? Did she feel as if she had something to prove to someone? Yes, that was the most logical answer. With being a woman and all, Verali presumed that she wanted to show the men of her capabilities as a soldier.

One of the men she recognized, but the other she did not. The first was with the Dark Army as far as she knew, for she had spotted him treading along with the Dark Army a few times. The other man, however, she did not know. Gripping her weapon tightly, she cautiously began to approach the figures.

03-17-2007, 08:53 PM
He swung the blade up and over, pointing the tip towards Nox in a slight thrust forwards, the thrust was followed by a small breeze that seemed to sway forwards. The Howler felt the air in the room being disrupted again as the elf approached, no doubt she knew the other man in a way. But he hadn't any quarrel with either of them, at least not one he really new of. They were unaware of his side with the Revolt, and he intended to use this to his advantage.

"This place... I only found importance from my own direction." He responded to the man before walking towards the right with the sword still extended. The small swirling wind that went up and down the blade seemed to dance in it's own whirling manner as Varlin slowly brought it down to his side.

"And what about you? Who else disrupts the winds?" He called to the approaching elf, his cold and deeply mysterious presence seemed to become a part of the air as his crimson eyes focused on the two, the air in the cavern starting to sway to the movement of the naked blade.

CF Striker
03-17-2007, 09:00 PM
Wil was hacing too much fun with this whole thing sighed, "Sure sure, I run ahead, see whats up, come back and report. Its not like its any other way." As he flew ahead into the dankness and dimness he sighed, he didn't even lie a lot on that last one.

He dashed on, recklessly putting himself in harms way again, flight as ever for he'd have to escape as soon as he could. He was flying quickly towarsds a source of energy he figured was the commotion, so whe he saw an elf and a fire demon form his army, he talked quickly "Revolt,...with us,...play along....see ya!"

He hid in a dark corner near to the dead end room. He recognized one man from his troop, but the other was a mystery and that was where this surging gale of power exuded from. "Who are you warrior?" thought Wil. This would call for song composition later.

03-17-2007, 09:09 PM
Nox smirked. His movement was sudden... his placid face broke around that vicious smile like a tornado from an empty sky, like a predator from ambusing in the jungle. He moved as soon as the soldier started talking to the elf girl. He spun his double blade glaive over his and in his bare hand while his other was held out to maintain balance. He leapt and brought down his glaive letting the staff of it slip through his fingers till it hit against the bottom blade. The staff bent with force and fury. His gauntlet touched the ground and the earth beat its blood vessals into him. Darkness... there was darkness in his mind. He lost touch with his conscious mind. It was only the immense bliss of sense that he felt. All his senses tingled with some gradual realization, a dawning of his own mythical humanity. The world was part of him, he acknowledged his place in it. He opened himself up to the primal thirst to consume life for life... the eternal cycle.

Did this fool really think that he, a predator a hunter, couldn't sense his prey. He knew his enemy by smell, by feel, by touch, by taste... oh yes by taste and by the feeling that existance pumped through him. He didn't get paid to be bad at his job and he wouldn't fail someone who valued him enough to pay him.

03-17-2007, 09:09 PM
Blaze closed his hand, extinguishing the flame before placing his hands on the hilt of his blades, following the elf. He didn't do too well in the darkness, but no matter he could see two figures up ahead. He couldn't tell if they were friend or foe. He didn't care, either way Blaze will kill them without hesitation, if they threatened him. He saw the elf make her way towards them, he followed, sliding the left blade out a little.

He must have zoned out or something because he saw something move at the corner of his eye. He looked to his right to see his father beside him, grinning at him. He placed a hand on his right shoulder, sending a shiver up his spine as he soon saw his breath.

"Relax, if your too tense before a fight, you'll end up dying." Came the faint voice of his father.

He always told him that when practicing with the sword. It was something he had forgotten the day he had died. But even before, he never took it to heart. Blaze shook his head, looking to the right of him to find nothing but an unfriendly darkness. He almost forgot where he was, but seeing the elf move forward and the figures up ahead, he remembered. Blaze moved more quickly, not caring about safety and things like that. He walked past the elf, drawing out both blades as he stared at the human pointing his blade around. He recognized the other human as the same one who interupted what would have been a fight back at the camp. The human from before attacked the other. Blaze didn't care what he did, focusing his attention tot he human with a raised blade. "Who the hell are you?" He asked

03-17-2007, 09:52 PM
Ignoring the newcomer's question and smiling at the other one's attack he raised his claws up as he took a step back away from the downwards swing, and quickly a light jump clearing the blow. The glaive went right by his front hitting the ground separating dust like river would separate minerals from it's bed.

He slashed down his claws forwards with a smirk then a small chuckle as the four spiraling gales rang forwards twisting the winds from the cavern into four missile like outlines towards Nox, each howling like wolves in the dead of night, his passion carrying on through his attack.

"Not even letting me speak eh? But let me assure you.." He swung the emerald katana up and to his side "I am no normal prey..." His legs bent down before he launched himself into the wind, slicing in a spin behind himself creating a vortex at his backside, he whirled about and struck towards his foe following up his previous attack with him in his sights.

03-17-2007, 10:02 PM
"Idiot!" Verali spat as she watched the Fire Nymph walk towards the two men. She outstretched her hand in an attempt to grab his shirt and drag him back, but her fingers merely brushed against it and weren't able to grasp the cloth. She growled lightly, clenching her fists tightly. Now that her plans of sneaking upon the two had been hideously butchered, the Fire Nymph had given their position away. Does he not know that you do not simply waltz up to an opponent? She glanced towards the other human, the one that she did not recognized, and then looked at the one she did. She shook her head and readied herself to join in the confrontation, when she sensed the presence of another nearby. The Elf quickly turned around, dagger ready, in case of an assault, but saw nothing. Her eyes scanned every shadow in an attempt to pick out something that didn't belong.

Something flew by, and Verali's eyes had almost missed the being as it flew with amazing speed towards the back of the cave. What in bloody hell was that? Curiosity had always been something Verali could not ignore, and something gnawed at the back of her mind for her to go find out what that being had been. She had picked out a few of the quick words it had said...something to do with The Revolt. Was this being an opponent after all?

She glanced at the Fire Nymph and then at the two men. Heh...that Fire Nymph can handle himself for a minute or two. She thought, moving swiftly past the men and rushing towards the direction the creature flew to, dagger ready to strike in case it presented a threat. "You!" She said in a loud, firm voice. She knew he was close, she could feel him, but yet, the darkness that engulfed this place prevented her from picking out his figure.

03-17-2007, 10:10 PM
Nox brought up his vambrace the winds skidded off of its cold steel surface. Not even a mark remained on it cold steel, these gauntlets were always made to be stronger then... wait... "these gauntlets"-sic- remember, you put your gauntlet in the creatures mouth, That way it renders them immovable and gives you a-sic- He shook his head... there was no "these gauntlets" it was just a vambrace that happened to be very strong... nothing unusual about that.

Suddenly he had to be back in focus... his enemy was rushing him... he closed his eyes The mans sword pierced his side, blood splashed across the ground, pain seared his side his eye flashed upon. His favorite sentance moved across his tongue almost before he was conscious of it. "Today is a good day to die..." He brought his gauntlet around to smash his enemy in the face. Dying had no fear him. He was an organ. Nothing more. Blood ran down his side...

03-18-2007, 09:53 AM
Across the chin he felt the hit, as his sword went through his foe's side he hadn't taken the time to raise his claws. He was knocked several feet into the nearby cavern wall, but no cries of pain would be heard and only a small chuckle was rumbling from his throat as he slid down to his knees.

"Well well, a suitable foe I see..." He raised his head slowly towards his foe, locking his crimson eyes upon his frame. He raised to his feet without the help of his arms and cracked his neck lightly before he flicked his wrist letting the blood on the emerald blade slide off onto the cavern floor. The spiraling winds about the blade forced away any of the remaining blood rendering it clean.

Now bleeding from his lower lip he smiled at Nox, the Howler had found his challenge and this time he wouldn't let it go. he brought his clawed hand to the bottom part of his swords hilt before leaping off towards the left making space between them. He raised his blade up over his head with both hands at the winds gathered at the edge of the sword, he grinned as he slid a foot back and bent his elbows slightly.

The next attack would be one that was known for eating armor, it was the Raging Fang that he had avoided earlier by a hair. Once his spirit was focused and centered he swung his blade down into a step forwards, the winds winding up like the chain of a chain saw and then the fangs of a deadly beast ready to shred into whatever lay in it's path. With that the slash followed through and howled towards Nox like Cerburus deep in Tartarus, roaring with three gruesome heads all aimed at this Mercenary, ready to rip him apart like a three large chainsaws.

"Howling Sword, Part three... Raging Fang." He recited in his mind as he released the strike.

03-18-2007, 10:31 AM
Nox cringed, he placed his gauntleted hand over the wound... blood slipped between his fingers glistening on the black leather under armor of the vambrace. It had been close... had that been a straight edged sword and not a katana it would have pierced his lung... luckily the cut was to shallow to cause major damage...save for the loss of blood he was now experiencing. He didn't feel the effects though...his liver was being emptied as his reserve stores of blood began to flood his system and his adrinal gland was likewise dumping his contents into his body. His muscles clentched and hardened. His vision, disturbed by the darkness, heighted. His senses buzzed... he could feel everything.

Suddenly, he felt the earth cringe and his gauntlet came away from his wound to dangle in front of his with his double glaive held back behind him parrallel to the ground. The enemy was preparing something. He heard it as soon as the blade moved... felt it long before that. His entire essense screamed. The blades of air, three fierce hell beasts of draft, hurtled towards him. He brought his gauntlet up.

The impact was sudden and yet it lasted an eternity. He felt the blades trying to eat into his gauntlet... the steel held though... however his bone weakened... pain zigzagged its way up his arm as the bone bent almost to breaking. Than suddenly relief hit it as his body was picked up of the ground by the forced. He landed against the wall feet first. He didn't realize it then, to high on adrenline, but his arm had suffered internal hemoraging, the muscle itself was bleeding from the impact. The force of the impact held him their for a momentum and he used that opprotunity to jump to the side behind several stalagmites. Not for any defensive value they might have but to use them to creaet a screen. He needed a plan. He wasn't going to win head on that was certain. The opponent had far more reach than him and unlike a bow and arrow, he didn't have that vunerable period where he had to draw his weapons. However, if Nox could set up a strong hit and run he could win. His double-glaive had a longer blade than his opponents sword and that created a small margin of area where he was close enough that his enemies wind attacks where impractical and far enough away that he couldn't reach him with his sword. So if Nox was able to his that area and get a blow in he might be able to set his opponent off balance and once that happened it was over. Or he could try and close the distance as fast as he could, using the cover available and just wail in melee. He had an even chance but he wanted a better chance than even.

And glancing up an idea struck his mind. Agility. That was his advantage. His body knew what his mind did not and remember memories he didn't himself recall. He was fast and he could move through air with speed and grace. That was his only chance.

He brought his gauntlet back and smashed a near by stalagmite might... a chunk came off the size of his head and he grabbed from midair with the same vambraced hand an in a motion hurled it at his foe. Not waiting to see the results he jumped onto the tip of the stalgmite he had been hiding behind, balance evenly on the tip for the bredth of the beat of a hummingbirds wings and was again aloft toward the castle ceiling. He looped his bracer arm around a stalagtite and, while using it as a pivot and kicking off another stalagtite, leapt towards his opponent landing just in front of him. He than brought his glaive up in a sharp rising thrust. His brace behind ready encase his foe tried to press the attack

03-18-2007, 12:48 PM
The wind was pumped in the cave, back and forth the wind seemed to snap for one warrior or the other and Varlin had lost sight of him. He had been aware of his opponent's general location yet not exact, and he knew the affects of his Raging Fang. His vambrace was powerful enough indeed, to take a triple Raging fang head on, but what of his body? There was a swift movement, fast, incalculable maybe... but for Varlin it was the thrill of his life.

The thrust came up after his foe landed, his crimson eyes had narrowed focus upon the thrust as it came, pushing the winds in his direction. The thrust punctured into his left shoulder surprisingly through the shoulder piece of his clawed gauntlet. He felt the blood squirt out and drip down his gauntlet to his elbow where it dropped off, you see, he had brought his clawed grip over the shaft of the glaive stopping it from puncturing farther, the claws started to chip into the shaft of the glaive as he held tight.

Staying the thrust for however long he could, he howled to the air in the cave as he brought his sword into a powerful thrust, backed by a gust from the swords attributed winds towards his foes chest. At this point if his foe could raise his vambrace he could stop the green steel, but the gale-thrust would at the very least force him back.

"Well then..." He had slowly and lowly said while this went on. "I have found a worthy foe..."

03-18-2007, 01:14 PM
He saw the blade coming towards him and for a second he was at an impasse... how important was this mission? He gritted his teeth... more important than his life... He pushed the blade to the side the air from it cut through his shoulder, blood and skin flying through the air as the wind shave it down to the bone. He wrapped his fingers around the blade and use it to hold close to his foe as he was almost pushed away by the blow. Centering himself and firming his feet again, he felt his vision blurring from bloodloss. He needed to rush this. But first he needed to respond... the person had been speaking for quite some time... "Today is a good day to day" Lunging forward he tried to slam his forehead against his foes nose...

03-18-2007, 04:26 PM
With a painful leap back he let go of the glaive and pulled the sword from his foes hand, which the sharp edge of the blade could cut into said hand as it left it's place. He stumbled back in a slightly daze,his foe had went for his nose but in return he had thrown his own head forwards, both were affected of course.

"A good day to die, yet at the same time, a good day for victory and testing oneself." He said after he stumbled back, behind him he could feel the light from the sun shine down from the hole that was above the pedestal, he knew this cave couldn't take too much more or at least this room. His Howling Sword attacks would only become more violent in general and he didn't need a cave-in to ruin his perfect fight.

A breeze came from the left wall and he used it to swipe around with his claws sending four small blades of wind at the opening carving a large ext from the stone.

"We need more room... I dare not fight my greatest opponent in a cave as such." He said this before leaping from the pedestal. He cleared the jump, being raised by the elves had it's purpose after all. He stood five feet away from the ledge taking in deep breaths while letting his would settle. The action with his claws had caused more bleeding, making it drizzle down every so often.

03-18-2007, 09:20 PM
Nox gritted his teeth as he fingered his forehead briefly... but he couldn't stall much on that. His enemy was getting away from him and he his amount of conciousness was about to be expended. He made a running leap and rolled onto the the other his side, his glove leaving a bloody hand print on the ground... the old blood mixed with the new blood. He pushed himself erect and stood there staring his opponent in the eye. This person was treating him like some sort of obstacle... an potential trophy for his wall of victories... Nox was merely doing what he was paid to do.

He twirled his glaive over his hand and set himself back into his read position waiting for his opponents next move... not a position he wanted to be im.

03-19-2007, 08:22 AM
Ok, due to my current lack of internet, Im putting a 4-5 post cap on. Also, Nespa has dropped out of the RP.

Isis walked behind Link and their new 'friend' with a firm grip on her bow. Her vision was narrowed to the air nymph in fear he may attack. What puzzled her the most was why an air nymph would in the Dark Army. Most were either neutral or for the revolt. It made her realize that the only person that she could intrust 100% was herself and Lithaen. Her worries werent full blown until they came to a split in the cave.
"Fantastic..." she whispered to herself.
"We're going to have to split up, but that one cant be entirely trusted." She said as she pointed to the air nymph.
"So, how do we go about splitting up?"

03-19-2007, 09:02 AM
Lithaen dragged shortly behind Isis, looking puzzled at how hard Isis had been thinking and wondering what it was she could have been thinking about.

She, herself, thought for a moment about the nymphs.. "I wonder if it's possible that Link has picked up the same feeling as I have. He's a nymph and rightly knows them better than we do and--"

Her thoughts interupted by Isis' question, she looked up. Snapping her finger, she looked to Isis. Non-suspiciously, she took Isis by the arm and took her aside, far enough that the Nymphs couldn't hear, and she spoke quietly.

"I think it best that if we must split up, perhaps the nymphs should travel together. Link knows far more about his type than we, and earth against wind? Wil would not hold a candle to Link, magically speaking. Link can hold his own and it would be an opportune time for us to relieve ourselves of the Dark Army's eye. Air Nymphs are known to be clever and he's no doubt thought there is something strange about us, in the least.."

She caught herself almost glancing to the nymphs, though knowing it would cause a stir, she veered her stare away to one of the seperate paths. Forcing herself to appear as though she's discussing which route each group should take and would be less perilous for that groups skills. She hesitated briefly before forcing a shrug and a grim face to make their conversation seem that much less suspicious.

03-19-2007, 12:08 PM
Isis nodded in agreement. Link had a better chance of fighting Wil with magic then either one of them had with weapons alone.
"Link, you take whats-his-face, down that tunnel, Lithaen and I will go down this way. We'll try to meet back here in 3 hours to talk about our findings, ok?"
She was about to walk away when she remembered:
"Oh, and Link, if he acts up, you have my permission to do what you feel is neccessary."
And with that, she started to head down the one tunnel with Lithaen at her side.

03-19-2007, 05:00 PM
Blaze had been watching the fight between the two humans, not bothering to interrupt. It was their fight, not his. His fight will come in time, sliding his two blades back in their sheath as he spotted another entrance in the cave. 'Probably where the other human came through.' He thought as he walked into the entrance, leaving the two humans to fight. It was dark so he summoned a small flame to illuminate his way. The Fire Nymph walked down the tunnel, right hand resting on the hilt of the blade on his left side.

CF Striker
03-19-2007, 05:23 PM
OOC: My character was spying on the fight, but I'll edit. Just read m' posts 'kay?

Wil silently crept out of the darkness and whishper to the girl, getting behind her. "If you spot the Revolt, act like you're with them. I pulled a fast one on them. Gotta go!" And with that he blasted off again, just in time to here how he was to be delt with by the Revolters. He sighed, at least he wasn't with the crabby elf who seemed to be unfriendly even to her allies. Wil turned to the earth nymph talking out loud, "Ok, so we'll take the left passage way and ignore the fight betwen Mr. mercenary and Mr. soldier back." He rolled his eyes, "Its not like I'm in a position to do anything anyway."

As he and his "jailer" walked down the passage to left, Wil's curiosity got the better of him so he asked the Earth nymph, "Link right? What the deal with this rebellion of yours. I've been told you with to overthrow the empire. I've seen some of the cruel deeds you've done, pillaging villages and that sort of ilk. Why strike the people you mean to fill with revolution?"

03-19-2007, 05:42 PM
It seemed his foe, a hunter on the prowl, his opponent in honorable combat as some would say had followed. The only thing honorable about this was the fact he hadn't attacked him on his way up. He wasn't one to do so, not with such a fight for his life. But they were in the open air, a vast tip of rock large enough for the two to do battle. If he had took the time he could have seen all around the general area, to the west he would of saw the elvish territory and to the northeast there would have been the devil palace of Ballah himself.

Had that cave really went up that far though? He couldn't contemplate how they were so high, and there was a bridge behind his image that was old and tattered for the most part. He knew his foe was losing himself by his wounds, but he also knew he was not push over and at the same time his wounds were getting to him. He cracked his neck slowly as he laid his crimson eyes upon Nox, the Howler ready to take on his prey. He took a dash towards his foes right after a huff and he dragged the emerald blade across the stone that was their footing. He came about with his blade in the winds, already sparking flame as he approached his foe fast.

He let the blade run along until he was about to pass his foe up and in a front flip he spun under himself launching a burning blade of wind, the fire from the friction was cast towards Nox with the burning howl of a hound from hell.

After the attack he would have rolled towards the edge getting to a knee and would stand looking back at the result of his strike. "Burning Fang... Part 1." He recited in his mind.

03-19-2007, 06:49 PM
Nox knew what was coming as soon as his opponents blade touched tone... then enemy was foolish, his wind attacks were impressive yes but they were predictable. He telegraphed his cut line as he dragged it alone the stone, building up power and it was a simple matter to merely dive to the side. In a pitched battle, where there was little space for dodging it might be useful but not in a duel. In a duel the vertical was already a dangerously dodgable technique even in close-combats, from this distance it was fool hardy. However, it also sparked a plan in Nox's mind. The enemy had a weakness. He had the wrong state of mind. He had picked it up when the enemy referred to the battle as a "challenge". Nox's face remain imutable and cold but his mind was a restless torent as he precisely placed every logistic.

The enemies attack slide by him, and crashed into the piece of cave behind them causing the ledge to fall away destroying any chance of escape that might have been presented there. But that was okay, in fact it was perfect.

Nox immedately dashed in on his opponent, closing distance with a lynx's grace. But just before he was about to get in his opponents striking range he drove his spear into ground and used it as a pole and pushed himself to the side and dashed past his foe not attacking.

fox demon naruto
03-19-2007, 08:29 PM
Link looked at the nymph before saying anything. 'Just as I thought! Hes no idiot like that giant from before. Killing him wont be easy.' Link thought.

"Well most times the pillaging is just search for something. The Army does it all the time. Its not like we do it because we want to. We do it because we have to. Your leader 'Lord Ballah' does it also for the same perpose, to find the Divinity." Link sighed. "Also those sayings that we pillage are not true. Most times the army dogs come in and cause a fight." Link said.

Sighing, Link put a hand on a wall and stopped. "Sadly however, I cant have you go much futher." Link glared at Wil as earth spikes from the wall shot out towards the nymph.

03-20-2007, 07:47 AM
Lithaen followed Isis promptly, perking her ears to listen to their surroundings. She felt the vibrations of the battles from the floor, the closest one being the nymphs. Stopping to look back towards the direction they came, she wondered if perhaps it was a bad idea to leave the nymphs together.

Sighing at the turmoil of it, she continued to walk before speaking up to Isis.

"Do you suppose he will be alright? The nymph.. I don't particularly care for him, but I also don't want to deal with it if it was a bad decision on my behalf." she grumbled, silently. "That air nymph was all too happy about being dragged in here, Isis."

03-20-2007, 02:15 PM
Somewhat confused by his foes tactics he rolled forwards bringing him father away from his foe after he dashed past him. He turned about on a knee as he looked to his bottom right, there was the ledge and a steady rickety drop. He looked towards his opponent as he felt the blood burning at his arm, the warmth was so much for him. He noticed his sword was still burning hot and he unlatched the top part of his full arm gauntlet revealing his shoulder.

Grunting, he slapped the flat of the blade over his wound and burned the flesh together. The fact was that his left arm wasn't fully in feeling even with the gauntlet so there was barely any pain to be felt on top of the epidermis. But the wound withing was still painful enough to keep him awake. He wiped the blood from his mouth as he pulled the blade back to the ready, still on a knee, looking towards his enemy.

"Hmmm... today is a good day to die.. after all."

03-20-2007, 03:44 PM
Nox continued to run until he reached the rickety bridge and began running along it... the fool had been thinking like this was a duel... it wasn't... they were in a battle. Nox merely had to render him unable to fight and he would win. Now that the opponent had let himself move away from the battle all Nox had to do was isolate him and he would have accomplished his objective. As he ran across the bridge he sliced the ropes with a spin of his glaive and,grabbing on to the last bit of rope swung with the bridge to crash against the cliff face and claimed back up to the top of the cliff. He pitched himself over the cusp and rolled onto the ground.

03-20-2007, 04:09 PM
He watched as he did so, and smirked as he found this amusing. Either he was running or simply expecting him to jump after him. He may have lost the challenge but he was far from stupid. The elves and his master made sure of that.

He cracked his neck slowly as he arose to his feet, he sheathed the emerald-steel katana into his original scabbard, he found himself lucky to have had a slightly larger one for his original blade. But him master was no 'sheath smith' anyway.

He turned towards the open way of the cavern and jumped down, there wasn't any other way to go. He slid off the side landing in a roll, and as he stood up he heard the rumble of battle... though magical it seemed. He couldn't worry himself with such a thing, and he took the path he had taken to get there back towards the cross ways.

03-20-2007, 04:31 PM
Nox shrugged as he watched his enemy slip off. He knew that there was noway down that direction. When he had dodged his oppoenents blade it had impacted against the cave causing massive cave in's. The bugger would probably end up spending most of the battle clearing debris and stones or, if he was lucky, wriggling through tight holes in the rubble. While he was doing that he slipped down the cliff, following a small trail and was soon back and among the main body of soldiers from the group. He went to the medic and in short order his side was bandaged and he was back and ready to fight again.

Now that one enemy had been put into a poor tactical position (even if he wasn't dead) he could now focus on others if they presented themselves.

CF Striker
03-20-2007, 08:48 PM
Wil pondered, "Not true. Well, if he tells the truth this could be interesting info indeed." However ha didn't have a lot of time to think for giant earthen spikes were heading his was. He backflippedtwie to doge each spike then held his hands up in a surrender ish position, but he floated in mid-air to get off the ground. "Now hold it. Who is this divinity anyway? Also, I've never heard nor seen Ballah destroy any town, unless your saying the wool's be pulled over my eyes." He focus on Link to hear what he was saying, and prepare an attack if nessecary.

fox demon naruto
03-20-2007, 08:58 PM
Link gave a small smirk as he heard the Nymph speak. "Now why should I tell one of Ballah's dogs? I mean I'm sure he wouldn't want his men to know that the Divinity is one thing that can easily destroy him." Link said getting into a fighting poistion. "You know I never really like Air Nymphs, and your not exseption." Link said before jamming his hands into the ground. Link pulled out a whip made of earth. He swung the whip quickly to send him a fast hit.

CF Striker
03-20-2007, 09:11 PM
Well that made since, know wonder Ballah was paranoid. He frowned as the whip came out, "I'm no dog I assure you, and I wonder be leashed either!"
The whip came out and Wil had to leap high in order to dodge it. He came to the floor and wound up his fist till a small tornado formd on his fist. He ran at Link, "So you simply seek to destroy order and replace it with chaos, feind!" He aimed a hard punch at Link.

fox demon naruto
03-20-2007, 09:32 PM
Link was hit hard and sent back into a wall. Stuggeling to get up Link said, "Ballah gave this world Chaos I simply want to help rid the world of him and his ideas. If that mean some of his followers die then fine!" Link got up and looked at Wil, "However, if you think turning a blind eye to the facts of things then your worse then a dog." Link as ground near began to form into a pole. Taking his stance Link shot off after Wil in a front attack. He rammed the pole into the ground as he propelled himself over Wil. Then landing, he swung the pole heading for the ribs of the Nymph with alarming speed.

03-20-2007, 09:35 PM
Blaze had been walking for a few minutes, the dim light of the flame flickered a little as he let out a deep breath. It was much quieter in this tunnel then being around the humans. They were too noisy for his liking, never quiet or just enjoying a peaceful moment, though there are few humans who probably did that. The quietness of the tunnel was so relaxing to him that he felt like never wanting to return to camp. His home was peaceful like this. He had lived near a volcano with his mother and baby sister.

It had been a few years since he had gone to visit them. Something moved out of the corner of his eye, as the familiar shiver ran up his spine like the first time. He turned to see an image of his father, smiling at him as he ruffled his hair. His head felt cold from the touch of his father's spirit. "Never get distracted when on the battle field. Keep relaxed, but have a minds eye on the goal." The faint voice of his father came like a whisper to his ear as the image of his father disappeared to the darkness.

He shook his head, looking around himself to make sure his father's spirit wasn't somewhere behind him. Faint voices came from the opposite end of the tunnel, causing him to look down the way he was heading. His right hand flew to the hilt of the blade on his left side as he continued walking, prepared for anything.

03-20-2007, 10:57 PM
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The Elf was intrigued by the words the Wind Nymph had spoken. Pretend to be with The Revolt? Of course! It was truly a brilliant idea, why hadn't she thought of it herself? Shrugging, a slight grin spread across her delicate features. Sure, she could pretend to be with The Revolt, but the question is, would they believe she was truly with them? Surely they would not be dim and oversee her lies. But, she figured, what could it hurt? Getting in with the enemy was the best plan of attack. Sighing, Verali closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths. She was now alone, the darkness almost suffocating, yet she did not let herself become afraid. If fear managed to find its way into her system, she knew that she would lose control, and losing control was not an option.

Verali began to descend down the narrow tunnel, her hands outstretched on either side of her as to not lose her footing. A peculiar stench hung in the air, and the Elf wrinkled her nose. "Ugh..." she muttered lightly. Her bow, attached to her belt, would occasionally bump against her bare leg. "This mission just keeps on getting better and better..."

03-20-2007, 11:15 PM
Nox rushed about... the camp was a hectic calm, remanants of torn up divisions were moving throug hlike bloodied ghosts and scouts who had been looking in the wrong direction were pocking at long empty campfires, sullenfaced and crestfallen. No one was rushing, nobody had anywhere to go but there was a nervous tension running through the place such as had never been there before. Nox aloned seemed to possess direction and even then he stumbled and swaggered occasionally as bloodloss had made him woozy. Blood clotted on his shoulder and in his hand, streaks of it where it had dried rolling down his gauntlet and a the white bandaged one his side was already starting to get cancerous splotches of red, like holes forming in paper being held over a match. Gathering himself and thinking, a slow process as waves of dizzying nausea pumped through him from time to time, he decided to head back into the cave... he had to ensure victory... he had to become valued and then he would be paid more and the more he was paid the more he was valued... the more someone else depended on him... there was an equation to it but he didn't know what it was, a slider scale without numbers, sliders, or scales.

He dashed from the camp and before long he was back in the darkness of the cave. There should still be a few individuals from the Dark Army left in the cave, he would need to find at least one of them. His body in this condition would not be able to win if he was attacked alone. But with an ally he might hold out, even if all they did was get in the way.

03-21-2007, 03:37 PM
The way he came was blocked by rocks and rubble, but what of the way that fire nymph took when he passed by his fight? He turned around and quickly dashed away from the dead end and back to the annexing cavern where he found the sword. He looked to the far east side, yes, there it was. A dark shady cavern-way. He strode over looking down the long cavern tunnel, he saw a small light in the distance.

"The fire nymph..." He said lowly as he shook his head, he looked down at his sword and then back down the cavern. Thinking for a moment he realized a few things;

1. He now had his master's legacy, or at least a part of it. It would need a name.

2. Though he hadn't time, he would have to explore the sword and see what else lies within it's build.

3. He could unleash a triple Raging Fang down this cavern and destroy the Fire Nymph's way back and possible crush him from the cave it. But that would leave him no other choice but to either go back and clear rubble or attempt to climb down the rocky slopes.

He thought for a moment as he lifted and curled his left arm, the total arm gauntlet making light tension noises as he closed his eyes. He too in a deep breath before following after the Fire Nymph, silent as a small breeze.

03-22-2007, 08:35 AM
Isis was about to answer Lithaen when she noticed the cave shook a bit.
"Damn those nymphs"
She quickly took off knowing full well there was a fight. She knew she had better break it up before they caused that part of the cave to cave in. She ran until she saw both Link and Wil is a small scuff, and quickly drew out her bow with two arrows, each pointing at one of the nymphs.
"Alright, break it up. Now, what excatly's going on and who started it?"

03-22-2007, 09:36 AM
Lithaen followed close behind Isis as they ran back to the nymphs. Upon getting there, Lithaen looked for Link, sighing once finding him. She turned her back to the nymphs, walking next to Isis and speaking to her quietly in Ekalish.

"Bith drect na sul lai mienta deshk. Elus pemon toskhit sul dreg nath, sa lai gelos tak. Na shen ilsu pa dein luver chent aythul."
(This nymph clearly knew what he was doing. Perhaps it would be better if we disposed of him now, he is a risk. We underestimated him and it will not be well from here.)

She looked back to the nymphs from the corner of her eye, speaking once more.

"Na sibth sul traven ti kalash misuhl pa.."
(We should not be this distracted from our goal..)

Lithaen's ears twitched, semi-irritated at the detour now before them.

(Note: Ekalish is the tongue of Sun Elves. However, Lithaen taught Isis to speak it fluently. Also, I've included the translation below each statement, BUT, your characters don't know what Lithaen is saying. Considerably because they don't speak Ekalish. ;P So please don't act on what I've said. <3)

03-22-2007, 05:07 PM
Blaze stopped for a moment, listening as the voices had drawn away. If there were people coming down this end, then that would mean there's probably nothing there. Blaze thought, just about to turn around when his curiosity got the better of him. He silently made his way down the tunnel, dimming the small flame in his hand. He walked for a few minutes before coming to a point where the tunnel opened in a small space, to the right was another tunnel.

Sounds of a fight that sounded like it had stopped, came down that way. He grinned, looking down that way and walked down it. He had extinguished the flame in his hand, seeing as he was alright seeing without it now. As he got closer, he saw four figures, two which looked like they were fighting. He slowly walked towards them, stopping a few feet away to see two nymphs and two elves, one with a drawn bow, two arrows pointing at the nymphs. Blaze stood close to the wall, not making a sound as he watched. He had two options, attack them with a fire spell, or follow them, in hopes of them leading him somewhere.

Decisions, decisions......I'll follow them for a short period of time, and if they lead me to a good place, I'll make myself known, that is if they don't find me first.

Blaze closed his eyes, breathing in deeply, letting out a soft breath as he looked on at the small group.

03-22-2007, 06:36 PM
Nox continued through the darkness, the flowing blackness of the cavern's true night flooding his vision with phantasmic emptiness. It reminded him of something but he couldn't remember what, an instictual memory of the body that danced through his limbs which slipped easily over unseen stones and cobbles, not needing vision to determine the land scape before them. It was an infinite comfort a sense of belonging that enveloped him now, this was why he fought. He loved these brief moments, when the hollow echo of his waking life seem to fade against waves of ecstasy and tension that now bathed him in serene pleasure. The darkness wrapped its tentacles around him, gripping him in a warm, humid embrace that left a fine mist of unglistening water on his skin which mixed with old and new sweat and ran along his flesh. This was life. Everything seemed to thud around him. The void darkness seemed alive with organisms to much made of living energy to be granted tangible for. Even the stones scream with pleasure as he walked over them. Everything was one and all was none.

He moved through the darkness before hearing sounds... like before it was the sounds of battle. The cave was a giant echo chamber and his ears had become sensative as they sent probing tendrils out into the darkness. No such noise would escape his notice. He began to slip close and soon he could see the battle, there was a light shining askew through a hole in the castle ceiling which illuminated the battle but cast all else in shade. He slipped calmly amongst the reeds of darkness and waited for the end of this combative peace.

03-23-2007, 03:30 PM
Taking to Blaze's dust, he had followed him from a distance. But his flame went out, leaving the cave dark and void to the Howler's eyes, he smiled as he felt the darkness slip over his body. He remembered what the cave was made of, and he drew his sword out in a fast flick of the wrist, a twist of the sheath and a pull from his arm. The blade came out as swift as the wind, for the winds had surrounded it's form. He brought it out before his frame, his arm extended, as he walked down the corridor now lighted with the winds of his blade and the effects of the winds on the rocks of the cave.

The dim emerald light was enough for him to see, though he'd have to be careful at the next opening, there were sounds ahead and he wasn't sure what was happening other then a possible clash.

"Darkness slipping, airways tripping, falling from the void.." He whispered under his breath.

CF Striker
03-24-2007, 08:04 PM
Wil groaned, he had leap but not quick enough, the earthen pole rammed him in the stomach and knocked the wind out of the wind nymph. He hit the cave wall, the craggy surface spiking into his back. he looked back at Link, "Err...you're fast for an Earth nymph..." He didn't take damage well and was content to lie and not prolong the fight when another one of the revolters showed up. That and that arrow shot at him really wouldn't be good for him at all. He pointed, wheezing, "He..ow...did." He tried to remember earlier..this one had at least sounded nice...she could exspalain things. People had always thought it strange when he showed up with the army, and he couldn't thinking that something could be horribly wrong. He stood up groaning and tired to raise his hands up but could only do so a little. "Ok, obviously I'm not getting along to...ow...well with by partner. I suggest a little switch maybe, like I'll head with you and your partner can keep Link-boy over here calmed down. I'd...ow dang it.....have a few questions anyway I'd like to ask, if its alright of course."

03-25-2007, 11:44 AM
Lithaen quickly shot a glare to the Air nymph.

"I don't think so. First of all, Isis and myself travel together. Period. Second, Link doesn't simply attack people because he can, he had a reason. And it must have been a good one for him to willingly endanger the stability of the cave. He knows better than that. If you have questions, feel free to ask them here and now."

She quickly walked up to the air nymph, unsheathing her left dagger and holding it steadily in her hand, gripping its hilt.

"So, air nymph, I propose a decision for you that you have no choice but to make. You tell us what made Link here decide he should rip you apart, and then I'll decide whether or not I'll finish what he started. Make no mistake, lie to me and I'll know it. I'll then proceed to cut your little nymph heart out without a second thought." Lithaen spoke ultimately coldly, the chill in her voice coming about like a striking winter wind.

Her eyes cooled over a deep ruby, her ears straighten back and her glare intensifies. Clearly ready to simply dispose of him, knowing she could do so if she pleased, her grip on her daggers hilt tightened.

CF Striker
03-25-2007, 02:14 PM
Wil glared, "I'm sorry, I don't think I was really talking to you was I? For the record, I did nothing to provoke an attack earlier so you don't quite know as much as you think you do." With that he moves, summoning his innr strength and gusted a fair distance away from the knife-weilding hot-head. "I'll have you know also I don't feel to comfortable around that knife of yours and I won't have you threatening me for something I didn't do. Know, I far as I can see, you have know choice to follow my terms because Link is the only one here who can really take me on and I'm faster than all of you, so whats to stop me from ratting out you all to Mr. Heavy Armor back their hm? Right, so Isis, if that's your name, you seem to be the only logical soul around right now so I really need a minuete to talk to someone who I can trust won't murder me just because they damn well feel like it!" He glared hard at the dagger elf, "Make no mistake I'm not that easily manipulated. Your temper is simply uncalled for, and I won't have it."

03-25-2007, 03:15 PM
Being close enough to the action to hear the commotion he knew that there were fellow revolter up ahead, but that Fire nymph was in his way.. He was getting to close with his light source and so he sheathed it, letting the darkness of the tunnel wrap around him. He readied himself to dash from the abyss, and pulled his claw to a side before breaking into a dash towards Blaze at first, but he tilted, touching onto the walls of the tunnel with his steps. He managed to run 'over' Blaze's position from his high one and he flipped down a few meters before him, smirking before dashing out towards the Air Nymph.

He threw out his clawed gauntlet, letting the metal talons wrap around his neck before pinning him to the cave wall. The sound of his body rang through the caverns nearby as he grinned, seeing a being who was in fact one with the wind in his clutches.

"Heh.. Varlinaul... Mercenary Captain of The Revolt, back for duty..." He said with a malicious tone, his crimson eyes piercing into the very being of the wind nymph he had him between his claws. "There will be no flying away now..." This was true, the ends of the metal talons were stuck into the wall of rock at Wil's back.

"So... Will you be answering Milady's question?" He tilted his head towards the right somewhat as he put his right hand on the bright green wrapped hilt of his Emerald Steel katana in his sash.

03-25-2007, 04:36 PM
Lithaen quickly blinked, looking to Varlinaul for a moment, nodding slightly and raising her eyebrow before looking back to the now-pinned air nymph before her cold glare reinstated.

"You're just as naive as you make yourself out to be, child."

With that Lithaen launched her dagger at the air nymph, impaling his left arm. She quickly pulled out the other, stancing herself for another throw, she smirked.

"I'll have no air nymph pretending he is high and mighty here. As I stated before, you have no choice but to do as I say. Regardless of what you think, Isis and myself are not as weak, nor slow, as you seem to think. It's apparent you know nothing about the elven races. Even if "Link were the only one who could take you"".. Lithaen rolled her eyes in the hilarity of it. "You are still out numbered. Not to mention how easy it would be to convince the Dark Army that you're a traitor. Considerably because Air Nymphs don't generally work for Ballah, not to mention that you are so incredibly self-centered that they wouldn't second guess it. In addition to all this, by your sudden display I know exactly why Link attacked you and why you indeed deserved it."

She sheathed her other dagger, walking up to Wil in his pinned state, she looked to the dagger she imbedded in his arm. Grinning at it, she grabbed the hilt of it and wiggled it a little, leaving it in his arm. Lithaen looked to him from the corner of her eye, a cold grin still on her face, she spoke eerily and quiet to him.

"You seem to think that you have some kind of authority here, nymph. In that, you are dead wrong. I listen to no one, at any cost. If you would like to continue to pretend that, then please, amuse yourself. However, there will be a price for it that you can only pay once."

With that, she tore her dagger from his arm, twisting it on its way out and stepped back to Link. She looked down to him, allowing her face to show a slight expression of concern as if to ask if he was alright.

03-25-2007, 06:13 PM
Nox saw what had happened. He didn't like the odds of what he had to do but it was in the best interest of an overall strategy. He moved. It was with suddenness and a windy stride that he leap from his position, slipping through the half-light like a silver fish, flashing beneath the watery surface and then gone from sight. His immediate mission priority now, as he saw it, was the recovery of a captured comrade, he remember the air nymph from earlier. It wasn't like he knew the person or would feel any sorrow if he died it was purely practicality, if he let this happen he would be paid less and his value to those who put faith in him, in the form of coin, would decrease.

He had closed the gap quickly, slipping across the ground with long, lithe strides. He spun his voulge over head and brought it down in a verticle slash towards his former opponent, aimed at the clawed hand that was holding the air nymph against the wall. He made no sound as he did this, save the patter of his feet against stone and the whistling of his double-glaive through the air. His vocal chords were unnecessary. He need not speak to these people. They would not barter with him. They would cut him down. This was like two behemi on the same turf, they did not growl or threaten each other to back off, just attacked on sight. There was no need for threats and words. Power spoke on its own plane. And the hunter of Nox's kind knew that well. He could not ask his prey to die...no... his prey would fight back and kill him if he could. There was no such thing as negotiations in the forests.

He was already planning his next moves, scenarios flashed through his head and the entire world seemed to beat in his veins. He was working in the future, and his past was the present. He looked forward and acted backwards. This was it. Glory or death.

03-25-2007, 09:13 PM
As fast as it came, Varlin was taken by surprise and he attempted to jerk back his fully armored arm. No such luck at dodging the attack, the glaive knocked his left arm down, the cling and clang of metal on metal could be heard as he winced at the strike, though not too much as to stop him from drawing. The gauntlet had been pierced again though not too deep. it did it's job with it's slight magical essence. He drew out his Emerald steel and a whipping gale burst out from his position as he held the sword in his right hand.

He jumped back with a stalwart cut from his blade sending a simple blade of wind towards his former rival. He smirks as the blood of his would ran out from the claws down below and he whipped the arm towards Nox letting his blood go off towards him. He drew back a step and raised his Emerald Steel up high, looking to the air nymph with his crimson eyes.

After taking another step back he was ready, his 'comrades' were behind him though he wasn't of any real value to them it seemed. His arm hung loosely at his side now while he stood there, his sword still raised.

"Silence be the winds of the air, the winds of time unfold the snare. Let it be true and let it be there. What legacy holds truth and to who it may not care.." He stated in a whisper to the winds as he felt a gust ready at his back, the cave was about to let out a shot of of it's power in the form of a large gust, equal to that of a volcanic eruption. An eruption of wind that wave. This was the cave of winds after all.

"We must be weary, the flow of wind is drawing back, the cave will flood with it soon.." He said back to his comrades, a slight blur in his eyes.

03-26-2007, 07:42 AM
Not having time to wait for Link's response upon the entrance of the new enemy. She quickly picked him up by the scruff of his collar and launched him next to Isis, where she then jumped to as well. She quickly pulled out both her daggers with a quick spin, stancing herself in a protective position of her friend and, strangely enough, the earth nymph.

"Isis, drak us la mein tath Link nakvet te lavitk."
(Isis, heal whatever wounds Link may have.)

She readied herself, looking to Varlinaul as he spoke; she scanned his eyes quickly for any kind of answer as to what was going on, glancing has his arm for a moment. Lithaen hesitated at his words, her ears twitched as they picked up the faint sound of strong winds blazing within the tunnels. She looked into the darkness, narrowing her eyes at it, almost searching for something.

"Se labeth na tul kej pa sibth travein bith pemon drect va? Tashkit gaoun reu ma te sul heriktu." She spoke to Varlinaul, before shaking her head in forgetfulness and repeating what she said in common tongue.

"What is it that you would have us do here? There are only so many options." Lithaen said abruptly, focusing her attention to Isis and Link for a moment before looking back to Varlinaul inquisitively, occasionally glancing back to Isis.

03-26-2007, 07:48 AM
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Isis put away her weapon and remained silence for a few moments. She thought to herself about Wil's request to ask questions...were members of the dark army simply fighting without knowing for what?
Link was tossed to her side and was asked by her partner to heal him, which she did. She watched what unfolded between the three with patience. She waited for things to quiet down, but that didnt seem likely. What worried her the most were the wind speeds increasing. She knew the nymphs would have no trouble, espically Wil, but would Lithaen and herself be able to withstand it?

03-26-2007, 02:43 PM
Blaze had been watching the fight before him for a while before itching to fight as well. He grinned, his gaze set at the unwatched backs of the elves and an earth nymph. One of the elves had looked to the darkness that had swallowed him, and went with guessing that he wasn't seen yet. He clenched his fists, summoning fire to cover his hands as he shot out multiple fireballs at the group, not aiming or anything, and not caring who it hit. He whipped out his blades and started running at the group, the tips of the blades scraping against the ground.

03-26-2007, 02:55 PM
Nox stood in front of will and blocked the wind blade with his gauntlet, he knew more was going to be coming, his enemy couldn't possible expect him to go down after that, it was merely a distraction. In an instant the wind was howling and it was equaled by the scream of fire canvasing the cave... "Damn!..." He turned to will and picking him up half threw him towards the way back "You..."He pointed to both will and the fire nymph "Run!... I... Fight..."

He turned towards his opponent hoping they would take his advice... if his former opponent was right this cave would be a death trap shortly and that meant all he had to do was hold these for enemies in here long enough and they would all die and the only price tthe dark army would have to pay was his own meaningless little life. It seemed a fair trade as far as he was concerned. He twirled his voulge over his hands and looked towards his opponents, keeping another eye on his allies, and waited for the next pawn to be moved so he could strike the king.

03-26-2007, 03:42 PM
Slicing into the wind in a kneeling spin he kicked up several blades of wind each cutting a fireball at the center. The fires were blown out as he looked to see Nox telling his comrades to move. He knew he had to do the same.

"It seems it's time to find out if my Master's legacy is truely a part of the wind, All of you go back, I see another tunnel at our rear, the air is cool there. I think there might be a way out." He turned towards Nox, the Emerald steel in his hands glowing brightly as the wind started to pick up. He brought the blade outwards to the right, letting the edge point back towards his allies.

"Move it, I will be sure to find my own way, for my master has taught me all about the wind." His voice was stunning now, gallant in it's cool and somewhat malicious manner. He tilted his head downwards some as he flipped his blade to his slide, placing it in it's sheath.

He took in a deep breath as he felt the wind snapping back yet again, to would explode from the top and the bottom from four large holes on the ceiling and the floor. Each leading into the darkness of the cave.

He smirked at Nox, he there was nothing in his way now, only the winds which he planned to ride. His clawed hand slowly inched up to his sheath holding it in place as his right hand pulled it from his sash, letting his arm hang with it at his side. Then he let his right hand lightly take hold of the hilt as he focused on his foe, the Howler ready to unleash his Bark, which in his case was as bad as his bite.

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03-26-2007, 04:23 PM
He clenched his theeth as a the dagger sreamed into his arm. Oh yeah it hurt like hell, but he wasn't gonna cry for forgiveness in front of this... he didn't know. She was vile, attacking someone who couldn't defend themselves. It was cruel and it made Wil wonder if the earth nymph Link really had been lying. No one listened, no one cared, not even his supposed comrade. He knew well what was going on, he knew this guy wrell. Aloof, withdraw, he was just doing his duty.

Wil tried to get but was in no condition. His arm gashed, chest bruised, back mutilated in who knows how many ways, he lay limp. He couldn't stand it, his mind was breaking. This was the first conflict he had really been involved in and he realized he could not stand violence. Needless lifeforce rust on the floor...why...why.

The wind in the cave increased and so did the insanic power growning within him. On its own accord, Wil levitated in the air, a furious slashing wind sphere manifesting around him. He opened his eyes and bellowed as he amplified what forces were already melding into him. He dashed throught the air, a wind wall before and charged at everyone fighting. It didn't matter the violence had to stop. His whirlwind force now seemed to control him, he spun in the midst of them in a way no mere mortal could dream of. It reached a peak and made small crack upon the floor of the cave and wil immediately fell, the wind still raging but his strength depleted. He bowed over in the center of a battle, hunched like he was doing a puch up. He looked wretched. He felt himself fading and made one last use of his willpower. H took a peice of white stone and scrathed on the floor: "Cave in...get out now...army needs back up...they can keep me or let me die..." Wil passed out, knowing it may well be the last time he ever saw the world again. His thought in amusement as he srifted out, "Heh, my guitar is ruined, the music is ruined, dischord reigns..."

03-26-2007, 09:48 PM
She winced for a moment, being taken off guard, the force of Wil's wind pushed her back a bit before she regained her ground. Lithaen watched as it all unfolded now. She sighed, now beyond any type of frustration she'd reached before. She quickly withdrew three white tail arrows from the quiver on her back, drawing her bow. Without a second thought, Lithaen launched the arrows amidst the miscellaneous amounts of wind. With ease, each arrow pierced the wind it was striding through, creating separations and thusly abolishing some of the winds power.

She skids to where Wil had lay, pulling her hand from her side and slightly frowned at the small nymph's exhausted body. Placing the hand over the middle of his back, a light white glow forming around it, she mended his wounds enough for the moment. She picked him up by his collar, ripping a part from her skirt, she used the cloth to tie the nymph around her back, tying his wrists together and draping them around her neck. Lithaen stood, now centering herself, she shouted furiously in Aekalish, sunlight suddenly streaming from somewhere and leading itself to her, shining oddly through the darkness of the torn cave.

"Ith na drect sul ta!"

She quickly dropped her bow and withdrew both her daggers, faster than anyone could have blinked. Lithaen, non-hesitantly, pointed them at each Varlin and the Dark Army member before looking to the enemy, her eyes a piercing blood red.

"What is it that you fight for? Your style is messy. I suggest you know the answer to that question before you ensue in battle." The tone of her voice shot cold, she sheathed both her daggers, picking up her bow. The sunlight glimmered strangely from its nowhere, soaking into her skin and causing a light yellow/orange glow to radiate from her flesh.

Lithaen held out her hand to Varlin, a white/orange glow emitting from her palm. The same faint glow wrapped any of Varlin's wounds, immediately healing them, the yellow/orange radiance from her fading slightly. She felt a slight weakness in her body, shaking her head briefly and lowering her palm. Lithaen glanced at him a moment before carrying the small nymph back the few feet to Isis and stopping.

"If this cavern collapses, it is likely that a chain reaction will occur. Die if you wish. But I will not allow either of you to cost us our lives, nor our purpose." Lithaen's voice rung eerily clear through the mess of the battle and winds, the glow from her skin dimmed once more, now merely a faint shine. She looked to the nymph on her back, then to Link and Isis, realizing that Isis and she were now being depended on.

03-27-2007, 11:04 AM
Isis slammed against the wall, and hard. She held her head for a moment to keep conscience and felt something wet on her hand. Sweat? No, blood. It was obvious that she fractured something somewhere, but where excatly?
She instead watched Lithaen. She laughed to herself a bit. It wasnt like Lithaen to show kindness to anyone but herself (Isis), let alone an enemy. She struggled to stand due to her dizzyness, but was able to manage. She looked to Lithaen, who was now by her side with Wil strung to her back, and gestured to leave the cave...and quickly. Rocks were starting to fall, which meant that the cave wouldnt hold much longer.
Isis couldnt help but feel a sense of sadness come over her. If the child of legends was really sealed away in this cave, then all hope was lossed

03-27-2007, 03:18 PM
"Today... is a good day to die!" Nox yelled as he charged heedlessly into the whipping winds, his wounds still fresh and his body still weak... he had nothing to fear. There was no uncertainty in this battle. Everything had been settled and there was nothing more pacifying then fighting a battle to which one already knew their own personal conclusion. He spun his glaive, his head was down low to pierce the wind... He had to gain his comrade back and get him to base before the cavern fell, he wouldn't let him be captured. He would rather die then return in failure. Besides... he would never complete his mission until he died... it was, after all, a mercenaries mission to die. The benefactor did not want the hireling to live for if he did then that would demand payment. Therefore the most valuable mercenary was one who killed the enemy and then died. That kind was worth an infinite amount of coin.

Nox charged, he ached all over... his glaive came around. The air pushing it along to attack the girl... but did he really have a chance? He was a human, she was an elf. She could use magic, he could not. She might be hundreds of years old, he barely 17... this wasn't a fair fight. His previous fight hadn't really been fair either, he would have lost to the wind-man eventually. His oppoents use of magic gave them an advantage... -sic- "Why do you keep him? This boy has no talents! He is the lowliest of our hunters and lacks special skills like the elf-born... just a peasant boy."..."Your right... but I figure he can at least die so that an elf-born boy doesn't have to... if he does that, it will be worth his being here..." "I did hear he made his own weapon though... maybe you should have him seek tutelage under a weaponcrafter" ...." no... humans are slow learrners and have a limited lifespan. What's the point of giving them knowledge if they die a few years later because of their decrepit frames?"..."true, true"-sic- He didn't care though... he didn't mind... he'd long ago given up on being valued emotionally... now if he was useful to someone as a sword or as a brain, as an arm or a back he was content. As long as he was paid then that meant he was worth something to someone... and for that... he would gladly die.

03-27-2007, 04:34 PM
After nodding to the elf that had healed him he narrowed his eyes before strafing to her front, ready to lash out one last time. He stepped back pushing her a little ways to get her going and smirked at Nox as he came closer and closer. The Howler stood as silence came, time seemed to freeze around him and his foe. The cave was going to fall as the winds would erupt. But he wanted to know, he wanted his definition as a Howling Swordsman.

Could he in fact become one with the winds he loved so much? This question was pounding in his heart and in that sense he had but one chance; deflection and intervention.

Time cracked back into place as his left foot drew back and then stepped forward with a lightning fast push, drawing his katana into the wind itself. The gales that surrounded his steel became saturated with that of the cave and at that the bladed winds which he would launch became one with his blade, making it larger and pulsing temporarily.

Seening as this happen he swung the over sized blade of wind in a wide arc at Nox's weak frame releasing a small sideways tornado in his direction. And with a 'shink' of his sword to his sheath then to his sash, he turned around and grabbed who he could while dashing out towards that light. One of these people were Isis, the other was Link, he knew the other one was strong enough and at the same time weary of such acts. So she'd be right behind them when she decided to go.

03-27-2007, 06:47 PM
When focusing on Isis' gesture, Lithaen was pushed by Varlin. Sliding on the wet cave floor, she quickly knelt to regain her balance, finding it strange that she even needed to do so. She held tightly to the wrists of Wil, so as to be sure she wouldn't drop him.

Standing again, she looked up to see Varlinaul's attack at the soldier and him picking up her companions and leaving. Agonizing over being seperated from Isis for the first time in years, she knew she couldn't leave yet, though hesitating due to the small life currently tied to her back. Lithaen looked back to the soldier charging directly into Varlins attack, with pity. Looking into his eyes, she recognized the expression written in them.

Not allowing herself to get lost in thoughts of the past, she thought fast and withdrew her bow with an arrow ready to it. Lithaen tore another piece of her skirt, thanking the light that it was made of leather, silently. She aimed the arrow at the boy, launching it and hoping that her skill would pay off. The arrow latched through some of his loose clothing and dropped heavily.

"What a fool to not recognize he had more worth than I'm sure that pathetic Dark Army gives. Perhaps I'm growing soft. Why do I care if he lives or dies?" Thoughts echoed in her head when suddenly she remembered a scene from her younger years. A tall, white elf speaking to her in a language she was barely familiar with at the time, but she was speaking and not screaming. She remembered the warm kindness of this elf distinctly. Quickly, Lithaen glanced back to where Varlin had taken Isis and Link, not too far ahead of herself.

With that, she grabbed the long leather strap she had torn from her skirt and yanked down with her weight, the strap catching his clothes and pulling him to the floor, hopefully away from the reach of Varlin's winds.

03-27-2007, 06:56 PM
Before she realized what was further happening, Isis was grabbed by Varlin and dragged out of the cave. She had just enough time to look behind her to see Lithaen still standing in the cave. Once he stopped, she quickly dashed back towards the cave, all the while repeating to herself:
"I cant leave her in there, I cant leave her in there"
She didnt get very far though, she was farr too dizzy to run straight. She fell to the floor and noticed her snow white hair had streaks of red in it before passing out.

03-27-2007, 07:18 PM
Nox slammed against the stone as he was pulled to the side... his head was dazed for a moment but the adrenaline slamming through his skull soon set that to right. But something gnawed at his brain... had he just been... saved? It was a daunting thought but right now he need to focus his mind on the battle.

Thats when the other girl fell not far from him... bleeding. Instantly he had a plan and ran towards her, picking her up and leaping with feline grace up the cave towards the opening where the other warrior had gone through... he would still have other chances to recover the air nymph if he stayed close with these people. He had to think of the big picture. He didn't really know though, in his heart of hearts, whether this was a repayment or a favor or part of a scheme. He never really thought like that too much in battle, it got in the way of implementing the plan if you thought to hard about its motive. All he need be concerned with now is making his next move.

03-27-2007, 07:23 PM
As soon as Nox exited the cave with Isis, Murphy lifted her from him and layed her on her back, kneeling beside her to check her wounds. He had run part of the way into the cave after her, using his durability and weight as a safety from falling rocks and winds, but retreated out when he saw Nox leave with her. It wouldn't do to leave his commanding officer in the hands of a stranger.

"Her wounds appear to be minor," He said in his expressionless voice, "Signs of life are present." He stood up, self-checking his internal devices for damage from his going into the cave. He noted through what sensation remained in his head that there was a dent in his helmet.

03-27-2007, 07:35 PM
Blaze followed Nox out of the cave. Once outside, he saw something take the elf away from Nox as the fire Nymph stood outside the cave, glancing at all of them, his hands resting on the hilts of his blades though he won't fight anyone that just came out of battle

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03-27-2007, 07:50 PM
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Varlin grabbed Isis. When they left the cave, Isis attempted to run back in after Lithaen, she then collapsed. Nox then picked her up.


Lithaen slightly smirked to herself as her quick note plan had been successful. Ensuring that he left the cave, she began to drag herself out of it, walking backwards and trying to think of ways to prevent it from crumbling before them. Growling in frustration and realizing she had to leave or she'd be crushed, Lithaen quickly spun herself around. Using the pressure from her heel, she attempted to use her energy to vault herself nearer to the entrance, however the crumbling ceiling posed more of a threat than she thought. Knocked from the air, she near landed on her back, remembering the nymph was there, she forced herself forward. Lithaen skid across the ground on her knees, pushing herself back up, though wincing from her now gashed knees, she swiftly ran the rest of the distance.

Glancing around at the now group of misfits that had accumulated from this event, she spotted Isis in her unconscious state. Lithaen knelt down by her, resting her cool hand on Isis' forehead, she closed her eyes tightly, speaking quietly in Aekalish. Her hand glowing the familiar shine it always had, the wound from the hit on the wall sealed slowly.

Adjusting Link next to Isis, she then untied the nymphs hands from around her neck and lay him out on the other side, holding both hands now over his chest, they continued to glow. The wounds from his chest through his back healed for the most part, the rest could heal on their own. Lithaen winced, feeling somewhat faint from using her healing magic so much in such a short amount of time.

She stood, passing a gaze over the fire nymph, to gesture that she noticed him upon her exit of the cave. Lithaen nodded to Varlinaul, once more in thanks. Blood from her wounded needs seeped into her boots as she stood there, she looked to the soldier who she had saved.

"It is as I expected." Lithaen stated bluntly, though her voice not it's usual cold.

03-28-2007, 06:20 AM
..."hn..." Nox grunted quitely in response to the elf womans words and then sat down on the ground to rest... he hadn't had a chance to rest since the day began and his wounds had drained most of his blood but they had stopped bleeding for the time being and he didn't see any real point in bringing them up. He had to think now. What was going on? This was really a strange occurance, one which he had not planned on happening. Soldiers from both sides were now staning next to each other politely waiting for the other to say what the hell was going on and he didn't think that either side really knew.

Still, he was still a mercenary hired by Ballath and he had to keep that in mind. He would have to return eventually though for now he would remain quiet and not raise too much of a fuss. He just needed to be patient and whatever the hell was happening would reveal itself and he could deal with it then.

03-28-2007, 02:35 PM
Isis was out cold for about 10 minutes. As soon as she regained conscience, she shot up from where she lay in fear of her partner still being in danger. She went to call out Lithaen's name, but instead grunted in pain. She held her head and gazed around a bit to see that everyone was, more or less, ok. She spotted Lithaen and whispered a 'thank you'. She knew it was her that stopped the bleeding. She then sighed and held her head again.
"My head is killing me..." she mumbled to herself.
She looked up to see that the two main enterances to the cave were completly collasped in. Her heart ache at the thought of all their hopes laying in that cave, forever unreachable.
"Hopefully theres another way in..."
Her attention quickly focused on the ones who caused the cave in.
"What the hell do you all think you were doing anyway?"

CF Striker
03-28-2007, 05:36 PM
Wearily Wil sat up, "May I just take this moment to say I am really sorry for that." He lacked much energy and fell back on the ground. His back was better, how the heck had that happened. He sighed, in some ways dieing might not have been so bad. he scooted back and proped up against a tree, "Actually that wasn't my fault, but if I get stabbed for telling the truth then I'll gladly lie to your pretty face." He wasn't in the best of moods any more, how he longed to have a guitar and play again. Oh, and I what I was doing was to simply survive dirt-boy's little assult, now that youask finally." You'd be in a bad mood to if you almost died and had no idea what was going on anymore.

03-28-2007, 05:52 PM
Lithaen, who had been watching Isis intently, was relieved when she jumped. She almost laughed at Isis' panic and nodded back to her.

"Isis, xehg vya pud. Vyuocy ya'z tkux vya Dark Army, E'x huv zu zoka ut yex. E guh'v vyehj ya jhunz nyiv ya'z guehc yaka ihg vyaka ez gazriek eh yez adaz. Ev zyuomg namm kaxehg duo ut zuxauha duo uhla jhan."

Lithaen changed her gaze to Varlin, raising a broww inquisitivly.

"Though she has a point. You fight well, but your skill is hindered by your wrecklessness."

She moved to stand next to the soldier boy, placing a hand lightly on his head and leaning down, close enough that she could speak quietly and be heard by him.

"You are not as discrete as you think, to an elf. Be stubborn if you wish, we are opposing sides. But I consider you not my enemy and therefore you could ask the favor." With that she stood, though remaining next to him, her hand still on his head, she looked back to Isis and Varlin, everyone really.

"You can move, that's good news. You were badly injured so I took the liberty of carrying from the cave and healing your wounds. They are not entirely cured, but what's left your body can mend on its own." she said when looking at Wil, before stating to all:

"It's known now who is who, but it is also apparent that few of us are in the shape to engage in a fight. We all also know what we are looking for, and that now we cannot currently find it. I see no benefits in hostilities for the moment."

03-28-2007, 06:45 PM
Nox looked up at the girl who was putting her hand on his head... it was a strange gesture... was she looking down on him? Like an adult to a child, possibly, given her possible age, or was it merely something done without thought. He didn't know and decided not to read much into it. Still, what she said perplexed him slightly... he would admit when it came to doing what he was paid to do he had a stubborn streak but he liked to believe he was at least more circumspect then, say, the one with the claw he had been fighting earlier... still..."What... favor?" he asked hesitantly looking up at her, his white hair moving roughly underneath her hand. He was not a sociable person and this entire situation struck him as incredibly awkward.

03-28-2007, 06:47 PM
Isis sighed to herself a bit. For once, its was Lithaen who was calming her down, instead of the usual othe-way-around. She stood up and regained her posture.
"Well, it looks like we'll have even more trouble finding it."
Her attention quickly shifted.
She walked over to the buried enterence and cursed in Aekalish, but only so Lithaen knew just how miffed she was at the whole situation. It had been months since they first started searching, and to come this far and hit a huge block like this was extremly infuriating and frustrating...even for calm, cool headed Isis. She breathed slowly for a moment as to calm herself down.
"Well, perhaps we should all talk about why we were here for a bit so we can get a few answers from each other."

03-28-2007, 07:26 PM
Murphy stood quietly, examining the cave entrance. "It is possible I could move some of the debris," He said, "But it is not recommended as the cave may be unsafe structurally." That said, he began thinking through his journey here for any second entrances he might have passed. This was typical Murphy: Superiors need to do something? Murphy simply works to do that something.

In response to Isis' question, he said, "I am Murphy, project number 305 of the Lazarus brigade, orders to aid in scouting operations near the Caves of Wind." And then he continued his trip through memory, still searching for likely second entrances.

03-29-2007, 07:57 AM
Blinking and looking down at the boy, she decided to sit. Bending carefully as her knees were still wounded and taking her hand off his head in the process. She propped one elbow on one of her thighs, placing her chin in the palm of her hand tiredly.

"Anyone in the situation you were in would not come out unscathed." She stated plainly and as matter-of-fact. "As talented as perhaps you may be."

With the commotion of Isis yelling and cursing, Lithaen looked up to her, cracking a small smile she had forgotten that she had. She found it amusing that while she, herself, was calm; Isis’ feathers were quite ruffled. Though her “mission” was to find the child, it was only so because she and Isis had been charged with the responsibility of searching for her individually. The only reason Lithaen had agreed was because she went no where without Isis and she knew that this could take her to Ballah.

With a short sigh, she waved her hand in the air as if passing off the moment before speaking.

“You know me, but they do not. I suppose that’s reason enough.” She paused, knowing that Isis would be confused as to why Lithaen’s attitude had suddenly become so light.

“My name is Lithaen. I am the last Sun Elf in existence, due to Ballah, and I travel with Isis.” Knowing that they all knew each other had no other reason to be in the cave, she kept her real goal to herself.

03-29-2007, 02:09 PM
Varlinaul sighed, his fighting caused the cave in? He saw no real sign of that, though a few minor cave ins maybe but nothing too big. The wind was going to erupt anyway in the end he he had known that.

But he wasn't one to dwell on it, and so he shook out his arm before leaning against the rock of the cave entrance. He looked to everyone, the Revolters and the Dark Army followers and shook his head.

"Varlinaul Hiroki..." He somewhat codly stated. That's what they needed to know so that's what he told them. There wasn't much for him to say, only much to watch and listen. With this in mind he looked to the green cloth hilt of his sword, the one he found left by his master.

He knew it was so, for his master had told him to seek his legacy before he left him. As Lithaen spoke about why they were all there he voiced his ways.

"Thall rael nall las' cornethal swardu come'thun..."
(I came here for my master's legacy)

He was speaking woodland elvish, the language his master spoke.

"Kull rekrea... swardu thun 'allus"
(Apparently, this sword.)

He said as he pointed down at the blade sheathed in his sash. He knew there must've been more to the legacy, but this is all he had for now.

03-29-2007, 03:04 PM
"..." Nox didn't say anything for a while... he was thinking. He had never been good at talking and it always took him a few minutes to plan out exactly what he wanted to say, making sure that every word was properly placed and reflecting the proper shade of meaning. He didn't like ambiguity he didn't. "I... am Nox... My talent is that i have no talent. My skill is that I am without value. I am here because I am paid to be." That was the simplest way he thought he could put it while capturing the essence of what he meant to say. He never cared for words, like shooting a bird from the sky and giving its corpse to someone so that they would know you were talking about a bird. It killed the thing it tried to wrap its painfully maladroit fingers around. He closed his eyes and pulled in his knees Till they were a a bit below eye level and wrapped both his hands around them, balling up like an armadillo save with twice the armor.

03-29-2007, 09:07 PM
Blaze preferred to stand, arms crossed as he looked to all of them, remembering the names of the ones ones who spoke. He let out a slow and steady breath before speaking "My name is Blaze." He said and was about to continue but felt no need to, instead he said "There is no reason of me being here except following orders."

This wasn't the real reason was it, no he knew that. There was another reason of him being here, but he failed to recognize it. Another image of his father had decided to appear in front of him, his pale hands set on his shoulders, his ghost-like eyes seemed to stare right through his soul, seeing the sins he had done. The touch from his father made him shiver as his father's image took in a rattled breath.

"Be true to your heart, and the flames will dance to your will, guiding you down your true path."

Blaze shivered again, it was the last thing his father said to him. When he heard his father had died, he would sometimes see his father somewhere, either amongst the people in a city or beside him when he had been at home. But now he was seeing him more frequently,, almost three times a day, listening to the advice he had given him when he was alive. His eyes started to burn as he felt a tear about to form when he cleared his throat and turned around from the rest, walking to a nearby tree and sitting down, brushing his sleeve across his face to seem like to wake him from tiredness.

03-30-2007, 08:06 AM
Regretfully understanding the tongues Varlin used, she sighed and shaking her head.

The boy next to her speaking caught her attention and she listened. Her ears twitching in effort to pick up low key intonations of any kind, her brow furrowed.

With a shrug, she replied. "Value is not judged by others, Nox." Lithaen pointed to Isis slightly, looking at Nox. "Besides, I'm sure someone does not feel that way."

Lithaen looked to Blaze from the corner of her eye. She had noticed him before, surely, but somehow he wasn't what she had now expected him to be. It was times like these that she wished she wasn't so damn perceptive.

"Humanizing things only makes it hard to be rid of them in the end. These people are so corrupt." She thought briefly, her brow furrowing once more at it.

"E imxuzv gu huv ohgakzvihg vyaza raurma, Isis. Vyad ika imm yegehc zuxavyehc iz vyuocy na lihhuv zaa ev. Vyiv teka hdxry, ya yaikv rivvakh lyihcag tuk i xuxahv itvak ya zruja ihg yez aqrkazzeuh woeljmd gezvukvag. Ihg vyez pud yaka, yun luomg ya pa zu zoka vyiv ya miljz bimoa, nyah ya fozv metvag duo tkux vya liba? Zoly ilvz ika huv ohbimoag.. Nyd ez ev vyiv vya Dark Army uhmd yekaz vyuza vyiv yiba rkupmaxz nevyeh? E katoza vu immun Ballah vu zopfalv vyez pud vu ihdvyehc amza. Vyaka yiz vu pa zuxavyehc na lih vu gu lyihca yex." She spoke quietly, knowing that Isis could pick up the sound, anyway.

03-30-2007, 03:06 PM
Nox merely sighed. He didn't really expect to be understood, hell he didn't really understand himself. But ever since he could remember, ever since he woke up so long ago on the forest floor with shadow etching his face he knew that value of the heart was worthless. So transient and subject to change. People only valued you as long as you made things easy for them and even then you never knew by how much you were valued. If you made a mistake they would cast you out quicker then reflex. There were only summer time soldiers and fair-weather friends, people who were nice only when you were doing go by them. But when you hurt them they hurt back. Or so he had always thought and so he was inclined to stay.

Besides, humans by nature were worthless... they lacked elvish lifespans and nypmh powers. They were weak and by the time you taught them to be strong they were knocking on death's door. Elves were justified if they looked down at humans because they were nothing but short term investments. Something to transient to be worth considering. But that was the advantage of humans. They had nothing to loose. Thats what he thought, he lived that creed. He could throw away his life without care because he realized that compared to one of an elf, such as the girl sitting next to him, his life was to brief to be worth protecting, merely a flower's blooming in spring, short and sweet but doomed. Thus he could take risks that elves would not dear for the punishment for failure, death, was the death of an infinite number of years rather then a scant 50 "Humans are by nature worthless... but..." he looked over at her and tried to ask this as tactfully as he could, though it still came off more blunt and rude then he intended, "Why... are... you talking to... me?"

03-30-2007, 04:39 PM
Not looking away from Isis, her ears twitched.

Noting the intonation in his voice, though unaffected, she almost laughed at how similar he was to her, though much younger and a completely different race.

"Do you think that I perhaps should not be? I suppose you'd be right. I don't gladly associate with anyone not her." She nodded her head to Isis lightly. "But are we so different that it is strange I would associate with you? It is that type of thinking that brought about this tyrannical war, that destroyed my kind." Her voice rang flat, monotone and dead.

"I am of an elf race and have an infinite number of, what humans call, years. I can heal my wounds, use my skill to evade my opponent and slay them with ease, and I've been gifted with a memory worth my endless life. I have visioned memories of my land being ravaged and burned. Is this how I am superior?" The tone of her voice remained flat and cold, though she made sure to keep the sound of it minimal.

"I am superior because I have the ability to heal all wounds save the ones that are the most injuring? I am superior because I have a life in which I can lose more than you can gain in yours? I am superior because I have the skill to decide who lives and who dies? The ignorance that inhabits this world spreads far too quickly. The fool that names superiority, is deserving of the death that awaits him."

03-30-2007, 05:39 PM
Nox thought for a while before responding... to put that better he thought for a few moments about his response and then tried to find the words for it. He rubbed his gauntleted arm with his bare hand, as he oftened had the habit of doing when thinking about sad truths of the world. That had was his only clue towards his Original Sin. When he had woken up without memory and without knowledge he was wearing his gauntlet but it was covered in blood and the blood had seeped through and covered his hand where it was now dry. His hand had been so drenched in that foul black heart blood that he knew he had killed someone, could tell by the color, purpish-black the color of wounds that are fatal. Whose blood it was and why it was there he did not remember, he knew only that he must atone and that only by being valued again, redeeming himself, could he ask forgiveness. It was a strange subconcious feeling and what was odd was that it seemed like concious thoughts that had been moved down to the subconcious -sic- "Yeah...you lack skills. You're slow. You're weak. You're the worst at everything you try to do, save making armor but there is one thing you do well"..."what"...."You said you just realized your worthless one day and now you fight like a devil possessed because you lack fear, right? Well, that shouldn't be possible because the subconcious would get in the way, would make you feel fear but it doesn't. I think the skill you have is that you can make force concious thoughts into your subconcious."..."That sounds...pointless"... "Well... it just needs to be used right" -sic- So in honor of whose ever blood now coated his hand, he never washed it. Even now, under the leather of the under armor, his hand was still black with dried blood. And thats where he had gotten his name, Nox meaning black and Hander, handed. So yes, as she said, he did deserve the death that would come. He had closed the book of his life, stopped writing in it so that he would have a chance to atone for what he had written.

It was difficult because he didn't know who to ask for forgiveness or how to go about it so he decided something simple. He would travel the world, and he would fight for people and they would tell him how much they valued his service with gold. By becoming valuable to people he would have performed the necessary service for people only value that which performs good works unto them, and it was through good works that he would obtain some sort of salvation. He didn't think much about his Original Sin much anymore. He had gotten so used to his life that he didn't bother to question it anymore and merely kept up his existance. It was an endless journey it seem with no destination and no chance of joy, but there was no pain in it either. Only a numbness that he had grown content with.

He looked toward the girl next to him, his purple eyes wavering slightly with an unfocused stare, seeing not the girl but through her, past her, into some infinite beyond which looked so dark and so sweet it made him sleepy beyond belief, as though if he closed his eyes he would drift in to an Eternity of empty nirvana, a world of spiritual emptyness, where pain had over lapped with pain so much that nothing distrubed him and all was beyond grasping or caring about. "Yes... but one must realize ones place, and if it is as a pawn then it is as a pawn. To lie about ones worth is to deny one a chance of worth"

03-30-2007, 07:01 PM
"Places are not fated. I was not born a bishop. My race gives me no special treatment other than to be berated and slaughtered. I forced my way to where I am. I lied, cheated, stealed and slayed for this "life" I have now. I have denied the high worth I was given and the low worth pushed unto me by my peers. Accepting the value placed on you by someone other than yourself is irrational. Even I, a murderer, can accept and understand that everything has worth. Our worth is not decided by our acts, nor is our place."

Lithaen, ignoring his look, stretched half tiredly. Muttering to herself in Aekalish, she sighed, shaking her head and looking back to Isis.

03-30-2007, 07:56 PM
One word stuck out to him... murderer... it made his brain hurt... he gripped his head in pain... what was this? something... he forgot...or remember... he had murdered... but there was something... faces... no... nothing. He shrugged it off and spoke with words dropping from his tongue like hail stones, "A human is worth less than an elf... this... cannot be...denied. If i pretend that...I am an elf or am worth a much as one... I would make mistakes of logic... that would lead to mistakes of intuition. He was beginning to feel uncomfortable for having talked so much and looked down to his chest to relieve the discomfort of having to see the person he was talking to and pretend he was just talking to himself. "You cannot fight the world, that is self destructive. Bend with the world and it will hurt you less. Thats what humans must do. Elves have the time to fight against the currents... humans have to float or drown. Human lives are worthless... worthless worthless... You forget the worlds paradoxical nature of being human... if one believes one has value one has none. Your an elf, an organism, I am a human, cell... a germ..." Why did he keep talking to her? He should just shut up... elves had the time to refuse their fate, they had time to make their own... but that took more time then humans had. Elves... were infinitely capable, could learn a million skills, loose everything and rebuild. Humans were frail. If they lost they were out... they didn't have the time to recover. Of course she didn't understand... looking towards a constantly rising sun while his was setting. But he couldn't stop himself... some sort of pride... sick and twisted as it maybe... wouldn't let himself be detested by her... wouldn't let her think him some misguided person who had not yet seen the light... no... he couldn't stop...

03-31-2007, 02:21 PM
Isis sighed to herself. Lithaen was right, he needed a second chance. She walked over and best down so that she was about his level. She gently grabbed his hand and compared it to hers.
"We are both of flesh."
She then grabbed a streak of blood-soaken hair.
"We both bleed the same blood. True, elfs live much longer than humans, but we are very frail by nature. Humans can endoure much more physical endevors than elfs can. We battle with light weight weapons because we generally arent very strong."
She got quiet for a moment and looked away.
"To be honest, I envy the short lifes of humans. To live for centuries at a time, to watch others die of old age while you still live on, to witness decades of horror, death and murder. How does that make us superior?"
She slowly stood and walked away, fighting back a small amount of tears.
"I need to wash this out of my hair before it attracks a wild beast..."

03-31-2007, 02:39 PM
"Humans are inhernetly flawed creatures," Murphy started, "But it is those flaws that allow them greater room for improvement and change. Elves and nymphs have a far lower sucess rate in Lazarus experiments than humans." He finished, expressionless as always.

Judging that now was the right time, Murphy said, "I passed several caves on my journey here. It is likely one of them could be an alternate entrance to the same cave system as this," motioning to the ruined entrance. "There is also a small stream that runs trough the nearest of those entrances."

03-31-2007, 02:55 PM
Value, worth, definition... Varlin tilted his head forwards as he heard the conversation wheel on, spinning, rolling onwards. He could feel Nox's words attacking his very being, but the attack was easily repelled by his own thoughts and beliefs. He stood from his lean and walked towards the group ahead as Isis showed him what was what. Holding up his clawed arm he slowly unlatched the gauntlet from his form and it dropped to the ground kicing up dust. At that point his left arm fell limp at his side, you could see a large vicious scar running down from the shoulder to his hand stopping where the fingers started.

"Humans live on... a weak as we are thought to be we keep moving on." He looked to his former foe with narrowing crimson eyes, his arm swayed with the small breeze before he spoke again. "Humans, elves, Nymphs...and all creatures with similar minds and souls, we all have our own circumstances and our own values."

While kneeling over, he grabbed the gauntlet as he continued "But to say one's value is only sated by others is just saying you are too weak to find the value within yourself." He slid on the chain glove-work that lined the inside of the gauntlet, letting his fingers take their place in each of the claws.

"You live, and your life depends on your decisions in the end. My village was destroyed by Ballah when I was young, his knights slayed my parents and gave me this disability..." He paused "This I couldn't change and never will be able too." He then latched up the plates of the armor and the shoulder guard. "But I took it upon myself to escape, not just out of fear, but inside I knew I could make a difference in the end." He stood up and looked to him again "I have value, because I choose to live on, and try my best to get my revenge on that cretin. To live and to die in my own way by my own choices; that is my value."

He then tilted his head forwards "Are coins and pleasing others yours because you haven't the strength to take hold of your own definition?"

03-31-2007, 03:35 PM
"Shut up, you liars!" Nox shouted standing to his feet, it had been one thing just talking to the girl but with all these people badgering him he couldn't think straight, it made him uncomfortable, he didn't like it. He wanted to be alone. Just like always... always and forever. There was a ringing silence as he put together words, but they came together quickly, his discomfort oiling his tongue with words that he used to care his way out of this situation, "At least I can accept who I am! I least I don't live a lie! I don't run from my sin, my weakness. I take it and hold it close to my heart so that i may atone. Life is a cycle of atonement and those who do not accept the millstones of their own making, the products of their decisions, are cowards. You sit here making up excuses to hide your minds from the truth... so what if you see your loved ones die? You think i have not? I, who killed his best friend, his father, his mother, and then his lover? You think I do not know death!" that small floating bubble popped on the surface of his conciousness but was gone before he knew its nature. He had not heard his own words and that rotten log, sending up bubbles from beneath the water, remained a secret from his waking mind, "You think that just because humans make good pawns that they are better than rooks? Humans are the best of pawns but that does not mean they surpass. Elves may lack strength but they are like the nerve cells of a human body. They make the short lived and individually worthless cells move and work but once they die those other cells loose function and die! Well have your lies! Live in happiness and false hope. Just leave me alone" Nox turned and ran... he probably wouldn't have been so aggressive if there hadn't been so many people poking at him but it was their fault. They should realize where they aren't wanted. It was their fault it turned out like this.

03-31-2007, 07:28 PM
Lithaen instantly shot up from her seated position, glaring at those who had spoken, her ears tight back.

"Fools! It's one thing for someone of such a fragile state to speak with one person, but many is a ridiculous expectation. I was try--" She stopped midsentence before quickly shaking her head and shouting to Isis in Aekalish.

"E'x cuehc itvak yex. Eh vya zviva ya ez eh, abah vya Gikj Ikxd nuomg keg vyaxzambaz ut yex. Yez xaxukd ez pkujah, zopluhleuozmd ya jhunz nyiv ya'z guha pov vyiv zixa zopluhleuoz yiz pmuljag evzamt tkux yez xaxukd ihg ya lihhuv zaa ev. Zuxavyehc xozv pa guha. Nivly vya uvyakz, et ihdvyehc yirrahz, limm."

With that, she quickly leapt into the tree next to her with a wince. Landing on a branch, crouched and watching the boy run, she eyed the dried blood on her knees, cringing as the wounds reopened and small amounts of blood creeped through the cracks. She proceeded to launch herself from branch to branch before finally landing in front of the boy. When he grew closer from running, she smacked her hand across his face heavily.

"You yell at them for running from their mistakes and yet you do the same immediately afterwards." Her voice was now cold and stern, left compassionate than when she previously spoke to him, she sighed.

"They are right in saying that you define your own worth, but you have designed your value yourself, haven't you. This is your value. But I'm telling yo uthat it isn't good enough. You can atone for sin and still value yourself. That in itself is valuing yourself becuse you are giving yourself a second chance." She paused, recollecting the softness in her voice. "As you are, the Dark Army wouldn't hesitate to treat you like a pawn and kill you. Wounded and weak of mind, it would take Ballah a millionth of a second to decide you were hereby useless. You are just a boy, too young to meet that fate. If you stay out here, I'll be forced to stay with you. You may as well simply come back with me."

Lithaen rested her hands on her waist, her knees bending slightly from being wounded and weak from the jump, she bit her tongue to keep her face from showing any signs of the pain she was in.

"Keh. That fall had done more to my knees than I thought it would have.. I'll have to get Isis to heal them soon or I'll have some wretched scars." She thought for a moment before slightly rolling her eyes at her concern for bodily damage.

04-01-2007, 12:38 AM
Nox stopped in front of her and grit his teeth as she spoke but realizing no one else was coming he calmed down a bit and waited for her to finish. Suddenly her knee buckled and he kneeled next to her and then turned around so his back was to her, still crouched "Climb on...I will... carry...you" he said not looking towards her. He had ended up helping the enemy more then his allies today but he figured these were extreme circumstances and that he could be forgiven. But he decided to speak while he waited for her to get on. "I run from them... because to run to them would be to run from myself. I am on an... inward journey... one which is distructive to my weaker selves. In order to journey towards myself...i must journey away from others." It seemed simple to him. But she still didn't understand his underlying principle... that by nature he had no value and that value had to be earned.

Now he needed to plan. He would bring the girl back to her friends, he figured it would be the least he could do for dragging her out her in the first place... though it wasn't his fault she chased after him. In a way... she reminded him of someone but he didn't know who. All he knew is that she echoed of some other person... -sic- Ami... -sic- but who that was... he had not the foggiest idea. So the Dark Army would kill him, eh? That didn't really scare him. Death would probably be a nice release from this constant journeying for as a saying he remembered would go, and here he whispered to himself unknowingly "Duty is heavier then a mountain. Death; lighter than a feather."

But she would stay with him if he stayed here? That seemed almost... laughable... in her condition. He wasn't about to allow that. Enough blood had been shed for his sake and enough people had suffered for it to. The only person who should suffer for his problems was him since he had been the one to cause them. But he couldn't remember the last time someone had reached into his problems... had there been another time... he thought so... but he couldn't remember...

04-01-2007, 02:20 PM
Irritation setteled in Isis from the boys words. She watched Lithaen go after the boy and said nothing. A small scowl crossed her face and she quietly turned and headed for the nearby pond. She didnt want to admit it to herself, but she was jealous. Even scared.
She sat at the foot of the pond and looked into it. She tried to fight back tears brought on at the though of loosing her only friend. She knew deep down that it wouldnt happen, but old memories brough up insecurities. Isis tried to focus on cleaning her hair instead of a dead love. She let out a deep sigh as she stared at her reflection. Her hair was soaked. She knew that by talking to that boy she opened up a wound that took her time to mend. A wound she kept hidden from even Lithaen.

04-02-2007, 12:44 AM
Blinking strangely at the boy now kneeling by her, she took a small subconcious step backwards, a small confused noise falling from her throat. She decided it would be best if she attempted to heal herself, rather than accept the ride. Lithaen knew quite well that using strength she didn't have could render her useless for awhile, but it was far too awkward for her to have someone help her. She did the helping, that was her role in life. She did the helping, the killing, the everything, that was where she was sure of herself, most comfortable.

Lithaen dropped to the ground, pulling her legs out in front of her and hovering both hands over her left knee first. A very dim light began to glow from her hands, the wounds on that knee sealing ever so slightly, she started to find it harder to draw breath. Inhaling a bit, she moved to the next knee, healing it over as half well as the first. Blood from the wounds snuck through what appeared to be sealed skin, she sighed half-irritated that this was the best she could do. She stood back up, hesitating to straighten her knees.

"Eh, thank you for the offer. -- It looks like we're staying out here, then? I'm far too stubborn to listen if you told me to leave, and far too quick to be outrun. So, run from the others all you wish, but I will be escorting you."

With a shrug, she held out her hand to him to help him up, allowing herself a soft half-smile.

CF Striker
04-02-2007, 11:30 AM
Wil missed the debate on humanity because he fell asleep again, his body still recooperating. By the time he awoke, everyone seemed to have drifted ways. He could escape, but Wil didn't want that. He wanted thruth. He had heard a little bit, and if that elf-girl was really a Sun-elf, which he had thought to extinct, it accounted a lot for her harsh treatment o fher enemies, it was payback. It made since, and that also meant that Lord Ballah was a wretch. But, Wil wanted to hear from another, so he drifted about looking for the one he knew to be just a bit more caring and rational from his spying; Isis.

He found her, quite accidentally. She was quite far away, but based on the flesh colored tones he could tell she must be bathing. As a nymph, it really didn't bug him, but he was smart and knew humans to be a little sensitive about these things. He flew quickly onto a tree limb that Isis could see, making sure his back was turned to face her.

"I didn't get an introduction. I'm Wil. I'm an Air-Nymph currently employed to Ballah, a man who is infamous to most. I lack knowledge of him and...if you don't mind that is, I know I'm your enemy but I really want to know whats going on. You were searching for something....I have no idea what that is, only I'm supposed to find it as well. People look at me oddly, ask me what I'm doing in the army. I thinks its I found out what I'm standing for. I did a little....snooping about earlier and you seem to be both leader of the troop and a caring and rational soul. Can you spare me a word?"

04-02-2007, 12:06 PM
Isis sat there and didnt pull away from her view of the pond.
"Isis. And to answer your questions, Ballah is a monster. Hes destroyed an entire race of elf, killed hundreds of innocents and all so he can rule the world. We've been searching for the Divinity, a child of legends with the powers of the Gods themselves. We're searching in hopes that the legend is true, and this divine child can rid of us Ballah...so we can live in peace again."
She ran her fingers through the water which was nice and cool from the shaded area.
"Anything else you'd like to ask?"
She had no problems answering his questions. She knew that Ballah was aware of everything the Revolt was trying to do, so speaking freely with one of his soldiers wasnt hazzardous to their plan.
She closed her eyes a bit and listened to the sound of the water. She tried to clear her head of all the bad memories she had in the past so that she may focus on the present and future

CF Striker
04-02-2007, 12:18 PM
Save for the part about the elves, he had heard the other things dozens of times before. Isis was so breif and blunt, and a caring person frankly probably couldn't stomach details. Wil certainly steered clear from them. He knew now that the army was wretched and dispicable; everyone he met had said so and "enemies" like the Revolt were few and far between. Most of the soldiers he had fought with though, that was another story.

Well, she didn't have to know yet he was deserting, Wil still had questions to ask. "Ok, so Lord Ballah is what you say; a cruel and evil tyrant. Does your Revolt intend to place someone on the throne, or are you going to take that place for yourself?" It sounded a bit harsh, even for how he was currently acting, so he added another question, "And...why am I here? That cave should've collasped on me...I don't remember much..."

04-02-2007, 12:36 PM
"If anyone is to take place as king or queen, it should be the child of legends, not mortals such as us."
She looked to the sky for a moment to think.
"They say they sealed away the child in fear of the destruction of the planet, but a child is pure. No harm could come from innocence. And to be granted a gift from the Gods...the child is a true leader, blessed by the heavens."
She smiled to herself a bit at the thought of a peaceful world.
"As for you, my companion Lithaen pulled you out of the cave. Enemy or not, no one deserves such a slow, painful death."

CF Striker
04-02-2007, 12:54 PM
The combination of all these things hit Wil mind and stuck into it deeply. Their beliefs were the same as his and WIl couldn't help but smile himself at the thought of peace. He wasn't sure about this child, but it was something to hipe for, something to believe in. In other words, it was a lot more than he usually had.

He was quiet for a while, the peace easing back into and along with it happiness. He smiling knowing what he was about to say; he loved being unpredictable.

"Hm...I beleive you. I will not tolerate a lie, and if I find out all the prospects are lies...well I'll be pretty ticked. Anyway I guess then my I've got two last questions: where do I sign, and where can we go to pick up a guitar, It's sorta a must for me."

He smiled, containing excitment of a life he would soon have. A little bubble of impatientence started floating in him, he'd like to see his new employer in person from some position other than on top of a cave.

04-02-2007, 02:32 PM
The boy ran off and so did the elf, his lips curled into a wicked smiled as he heard the far off talk briefly in the winds. He could sense the caves place with the wind, obviously, it was a volcano of gales and gusts. Just like him, or so he thought. Though he brought his body back slightly while he pondered this and just as he rose a finger to his brow he felt the nymph go by. A slight jealously would have came about him if he was only of a human mind. Though as far as humans have to go onto Elven knowledge he knew quite much. He knew that to be jealous would be but a thorn in his own side, stopping the confidence that backed his way.

Though one couldn't help but feel a little bit of sorrow from his presence, as confident and sure as he was, there was always a lingering air of void about him. Disconnected from the flow, though in truth all but one; the Howling Winds. They bid him to search, for what's within the cave may truly be of importance, but where to start?

He decided to check on Isis and the Nymph, as swift as the wind he jogged out of the clearing into the greenery, then looked from the bushels while listening in.

'The Nymph seems to have had failed to realize his master's way... lost perhaps?' He thought to himself before making his presence known.

"Just so you two know, I'm right here." His voice was loud and clear, the prowess of a lion behind it. "If questions be held here at this point, let me ask some as well..." He paused for a few moments before starting again "When we find this child, does anything else matter? Is there anything else we should uphold on the way of this...quest?"

He was mainly thinking about his memories of his master telling him of the legacy, which seemed to come back slowly. Perhaps in this journey he could find it all and also complete the Howling Sword Style of sword fighting.

04-02-2007, 03:16 PM
Looking at her hand with a dull stare, he made no motion to accept it. He just turned his head back toward the the forest, listening to the chittering of cicidas and crickets. "So be it..." he sighed... he let his gaze move across the undergrowth, it wasn't thick, though there were bushes in holes between trees but other than that it was a seemless covering of leaves. Almost lifeless, though he knew that insects and worms teemed beneath the leafy covering. "But... I...Stay..." He said monotonously, his voice returning to its normaly sporadicness as he put his wall of ice back up to its normal height, perhaps a bit higher for him knowing conciously that it had been breached. He made the resealing permenant by forcing that thought down into his subconcious and forgot about it.

Still, there was one thing bothering him. There was a girl floating over him like a mother hawk and he didn't need that, didn't want that... "I need...no help" he said softly letting his violet ice stare move towards the endless horizon of which he could see between interuptting trees.

04-03-2007, 08:28 AM
With a sigh, she used the hand she held out to push him over from his crouched position. She leaned her back against the nearest tree after doing so, boredly.

"For someone so young, you seem to like pretending you're this immensely complex being.”You need no help", but that is wrong. Even I will admit to needing help occasionally, that's why I have Isis. -- You are not the only one to be as you are. Quite a few have traveled this road and have lived through success, much to their dismay. You will do the same, with no doubt, I assure you."

Lithaen shrugged as she spoke, looking up into the trees and following her eyes around her surroundings. She kept her head still so that she couldn't be noticed doing this, as she was scouting, she intended to keep her findings to herself.

"I wonder what the others are doing. I shouldn't have left Isis, though I didn't have a choice, this needed to be dealt with." She ran it over in her head, trying to make up excuses for herself as to why she so openly abandoned Isis. Lithaen rolled her eyes slightly at herself for being so reckless, Isis would scold her for it if she could and Lithaen very quietly laughed at this.

04-03-2007, 03:42 PM
Nox let himself fall forward when she pushed against him and lay on the ground for a moment before rolling over to look at the sky... maybe he was operating under a supposition of being complex but it was impossible to tell, all he had to go on was his own inner assessment of himself. It was completely a priori, if he remember his terms correctly, based on intuition and not on empirical evidence. Therefore it followed that his assessment would differ from hers especially when she didn't have a first hand experience but rather looking through the medium of his words and actions. Could she really be correct in implying that he was simple? Yes, she could be. And he could indeed be wrong. But he couldn't tell for certain, especially since he knew so little about himself. He had know way of determining where the subconcious leanings of his mind came from, where the stimuli for their development had begun and he therefore couldn't set his experiences against those of others to determine relative complexity. It was so hard to judge his own conciousness. But did... um...this girl (did he know her name?) have a better view? Sure, she had the technical advantage of objectivity but could an objective view judge something subjective like a conciousness? The only data that provide a direct link to the conciousness was all feelings and emotions and thus subjective. The objective conciouness the girl was using was attempting to find the cause not by looking at the direct effects but at the indirect side effects. And what if multiple root causes and effects produced similar side effects? That was a possiblity as well but ultimately that might also not be a possiblity and every state of being could have its own unique fingerprint.

He sighed gazing upward, his back against ground, no where to turn his sight but upward into the ever expanding realm of possiblity. So if anything all his thinking could do was rule out answers, and bring up more questions. It took something simple and made it complex... but if it made it complex perhaps it was never simple to begin with? That seemed indeed the case. He was merely looking at the smaller bits of a greater hole and the possibilities that existed already. But just because they existed did they have an effect?

He put his bare hand over his eyes. These were thoughts for another time. Too long would they take to sort out and deduce. He looked towards the girl slightly, a mere passing of his eyes, no motion of the head. Bah... she couldn't possibly want to do this and it didn't seem to be making her any stronger, and he doubted her conscience was bothering her, so he was left with no rational to perscribe to her. She had some person named "Isis" and so she out to return to that person and not waste her time looking after the walking dead. "Just...Go. Return." he muttered

04-04-2007, 10:36 AM
Lithaen shrugged once more.

"I believe I told you, I'm too stubborn to heed your quiet warnings. Also, I am not a pet to be commanded. Telling, nor asking, will get you what you want. You've no choice in the matter."

She tilted her head slightly, looking down at him on the ground.

"What is it that you would intend to do if I were to leave? Lay here, droning in your endless thought? Or perhaps you would continue onward, facing all you are alone. But, that is silly, isn't it. You already consider yourself to be alone in mind, physically would be no different. So. That being the truth, that I know it is, merely pretend I am not here if it suits you."

She scoffed at herself in her thoughts, imagining that this is what a mother may have sounded like, or perhaps a sibling. But she had neither of those, so she couldn't be positive. She then thought how similar she was beginning to sound in comparison to Isis when they first met. Lithaen remembered well how much Isis had persisted to crack the shell Lithaen had built around herself. Days, weeks, months, they all passed and Isis still spoke to her each day, still forced her way into Lithaen's mind and burried all the sorrow that had replaced the happiness. What became of it, however, was nothing more than anger as it is now. Instead of humanizing herself, which she was sure was Isis' goal, she stopped bothering herself with trying to feel remorse, guilt or sorrow. She became a shell, only able to focus on fighting and killing.

Lithaen sighed to herself in recognition of these thoughts. Hoping that what she was now trying to do, wouldn't have the same effect on this boy as it had her. As he had made clear, she had lifetimes to repent or start over, where as he had one. She pitied him for the waste he had become for whatever reason. No child should adhere to being so guilted, burdened with the reality of sin.

Shaking her head slightly, she refocused her attention on the boy.

04-04-2007, 12:02 PM
Isis smiled to herself.
"I thought I heard someone come by."
She stood and faced the two.
"According to legend, the child will pass judgement on the world. If the earth is found unworthy, then its the destruction of us all."
She let out a deep sigh.
"Once we find it, we have to convince it that the world is tarnished by Ballah and there are innocents that are worth saving. Perhaps then we can harness that power towards the defeat of Ballah instead of the destruction of our planet."
She leaned against the tree and looked up into the sky.
"Im sure there will be obstacles in the way...dangerous obstacles..."

04-04-2007, 04:41 PM
"Why do you want me near you?" he asked bluntly. She had already made it abundantly clear that she knew her presence would have no effect on him and to that end it meant that having him nearby somehow affected her. She probably didn't trust him to be alone or something similar but he wanted to be certain so he asked.

He had finally restored himself to his usual difference. His eyes were once more glazed over with an apathy towards the world around him that bespoke of a fierce inwardly turned gaze, and his hair, pale and white, floated in front of those eyes, threatening to hide them from view. His features seemed stone-hewed and unchanging,

CF Striker
04-04-2007, 07:30 PM
Ok, well he thought he hd new employer. Varlin has sorta stolen his thuder, unintentially he was sure. The guy seemed so...welcoming. He had an aura sorta like himself, but he was human, that was certain. what Was up with this guy?

He focused back ont the task at hand. This was going to be challenge. Good, he wanted that. The thrill of adventure, the feeling of risking your life...it felt wonderfull as long as he didn't die. He Spoke aloud again, "I...think you might have missed what I said. Isis, I tend to deal with liars very unfreindly like, but I don't think you're lying. It appears that I am on the wrong side. I present to you and apology and offer my services, if you would have them."

04-04-2007, 08:16 PM
Lithaen blinked for a moment, rolling thoughts of responses over in her mind. She stood still for a moment. She could be honest, though that'd be baring herself far more than she was comfortable with. Instead, she gave him a light noise and replied dead-toned.

"Whatever it would be that I should tell you would not change the fact that you wouldn't believe me. I could give you the truth, or a lie- It wouldn't matter, you'd still disregard it. So make up whatever reason to your liking and believe that."

04-04-2007, 08:29 PM
"I see... You don't want to say." He muttered... if only to make her realize that he had taken note of the flimsyness of her response. She seemed to try to be using his apathy towards her to prevent him from obtaining an answer. Which led him to believe she didn't feel comfortable talking about it which... he could understand after a fashion so he decided to just let the subject drop.

He lay back on the ground, his eyes closed and his hands resting behind his head. He was tired. He had lost much blood today and decided it would be best to sleep for a while. He doubted this girl would talk more even if he had wanted to talk which he did not. He never did like wasting spoken words.

04-05-2007, 12:50 AM
She grumbled slightly, when she was sure that he was asleep, she walked to him. Using her light body to her advantage so as not to be heard. Lithaen knealt beside him, shaking her head slightly before holding her hands out over his chest. Straining, her hands glowed ever-so slightly. After a few moments, the worst of the wounds he endured had been healed. With that, she stood with a slight grunt.

"You'll appreciate it later." she thought tiredly.

Now fairly exhausted from forcing a last ditch effort, she relaxed back against her tree. Sighing heavily, her ears drooped as she skimmed the grounds once again.

04-06-2007, 08:45 AM
Nox's sleep was not an easy one. His dreams, subconcious paintings sketched with feverish strokes across a burning canvas, never remembered upon waking, haunted him as they always did. But when Lithaen healed him a strange thing happened. A white light burst through the red haze of blood-fogged dreams and sin-stained ravings and for the first time since before he could remember, his dreams looked heavenward.

04-08-2007, 05:07 PM
OOC: Back...


Varlin simply nodded to her words, he wasn't sure of the sturdiness of such a plan but he couldn't change anything. There wasn't any part to it that could be made better. For then, he found it important to follow his fellow Revolters.

The one Nymph named Wil was...switching sides. He tilted his head towards the boy with his crimson eyes peaking the little sunlight through the trees before he smiled and turned off. He walked back to the previous clearing and leaned against the rock once more. He found some answers, but detours as well.

"As long as there is a way, I'll follow it I suppose..." He told himself.

04-09-2007, 10:35 AM
Sitting there quietly as she had for the last few moments, she sighed as she curled her knees up a bit. Looking at the tears all along her skirt, she sighed again.

“This will certainly be a pain to fix. I will have to buy a whole new damn skirt. How irritating.” She thought bitterly.

A small bird had landed on her now upright knee. Lithaen looked at it, eyebrow raised, before an idea sparked in her head. She held out her finger for the small bird to step on and as it did, she pulled it close to her mouth and spoke quietly in Aekalish to it. With a few small tweets the bird was its way to its destination, Lithaen stretched and withdrew her daggers. Placing one into the soil, she found a white stone on the ground. Picking it up, she began to sharpen the blade of the dagger left in her hand.

“With how often I dull these, I should need to replace them soon. I am far too rough on them, I suppose. They’re flimsy human-made daggers, after all. They lack the material that elves would use to keep them new.” She spoke to herself in her mind, as though she would be speaking to someone else. It wasn’t unusual that she did this, as she was so used to talking to Isis without second thought. She sighed. How long had she been away from Isis, was she okay? Lithaen was drastically uncomfortable with being off like this from her and she knew Isis was probably upset when she left, though Lithaen hoped that she would understand.

She looked to the boy, sleeping in front of her. How strange it was that Lithaen had acted so collectedly when it came to him. Lithaen, known for how fierce and reckless she always had been, had suddenly taken a new interest in something that had nothing to do with herself. What exactly did she intend to do if she couldn't help him? Would she follow him and watch him or would she force him to come back with her. She didn't have any answers and any questions he may further ask would force her to be open with him. Lithaen knew he wasn't completely wrong in his ideas and she knew well how he felt, but portraying that was a different story in itself. Lithaen felt responsible for him, now. As she supposed an elder sister, or mother, might be. She hated that he was caught in such a horrible web at such a young age. It made her stomach curl with rage at Ballah and his ridiculous tyranny.

Gripping the hilt of the dagger she had been sharpening, she launched it forward into the trunk of a large tree, the force of the dagger causing the tree to split upwards through its center. She cringed a moment, closing her eyes and silently asking forgiveness for needlessly wounding it. Lithaen stood, walking to the tree and yanking her dagger from it. She placed her right hand on its split and closed her eyes, tilting her head downward. Sunlight from the forest floor crept its way to her feet, and looked as though it soaked itself up into her. A red-orange glow emitted from her hand and slowly the tree began to draw itself together, beginning to bond itself into one whole.

Moments later, flying through the forest and intertwining through the trees, the little bird has found Isis and sat on her shoulder. It began to tweet and flap its wings, jumping around to catch her attention and try to convey what Lithaen had told it to do. It jumped and flew in the direction that it came before flying back to Isis and repeating itself, tweeting calmly all the while.

04-09-2007, 11:13 AM
Isis stretched a bit and smiled to herself.
"Oh, theres a small town not too far off from here where you can buy some very nicely crafted instruments."
She had been referring to Wil's broken guitar. She dusted her skirt off a bit when a tiny bird perched on her head. A large grin spread on her face as she let out a little laugh.
"Sun Elf trick number 25."
She didnt go further into her comment, but she was referring to Lithaen's little tricks with animals, a very helpful trick indeed.
Without a word, she followed the little bird to where it lead her. She gave a small gesture that the other two may follow if they wished. She found herself following the bird into a clearing where she saw Lithaen and that boy, though he was asleep. Seeing that she was still unnoticed, Isis decided to be a bit playful. She climbed up a nearby tree and crawled to a limb that reached out the furtherest. She gribbed the limb with her legs and allowed herself to hang upside down from it. She tossed a small stone at Lithaen's back, then quickly hid back up in the thick foliage of the tree.

04-09-2007, 11:36 AM
She twitched a little, a last burst of sun following into her and following out her hand and into the tree. The tree cracked together and solidified.

Lithaen turned and sheathed her dagger, looking down at the rock which hit her. She held back a small snicker, glancing to the boy to make sure he was still asleep. She slunk over to her other dagger, sheathing it as well while doing so, she picked up a few pebbles in her hand, secretly. With a quick turn and thrust, she launched the pebbles into the surrounding trees. Crouching down, she skid around the back of a tree and launched herself into it.

Lithaen snicked to herself. "It's been a long while since we last played this.." she thought as she made sure to keep a watchful eye on the boy.

CF Striker
04-09-2007, 04:29 PM
Wil nodded to himself and followed, what else was he going to do. He leaned against a tree grinning, not distrubing the antics between the women, but not really trying to hide either. He just smilied and chuckled softy, "At least they both keep their youth vital." he thought. He turned his head to see if that swordsman intended on coming this way as well.

04-09-2007, 05:15 PM
The nymph looked to him at his perch on the rocky slope from the side of the cave and he narrowed his eyes ever so quickly before letting them open wide. He lifted himself off the rock and went to the Nymph's side and nodded lightly as he felt the wind within him. His emerald steel started to resonate lightly from his presence which wasn't to his surprise. This boy was in fact with the winds, and to that thought Varlin would take in what he could about him. He could seen the winds ahead to a new yet somewhat silent friendship. He looked down to the boy with his crimson irises and smiled lightly before looking on, watching the two throw pebbles at each other.

He closed his eyes after a few minutes of taking in the scene, letting the burn of strain come upon his oculars, letting it all go in the sound of a slow rumble in his mind. He leaned back against a tree as he sighed to the wind and let himself go, loafing against the tree with little view to what was next.

CF Striker
04-09-2007, 05:23 PM
While Varlin seemed to out of it, Wil glanced at his blade. The beutifully crafted emerald gleaming in the sunilight, the breeze seemingly flirting with its hilt as they passed. Wil smiled, "He fights with the wind...the guy shares some of my veiw I bet." He looked back at Varlin's and then back the scene ahead. He spoke quietly, "So, what are you expecting out of this adventure proud warrior? I'm curious as to your technique, its seems to resonate with me quite well."

04-09-2007, 06:37 PM
The words of the nymph were met with a sly smile, as though something would just shoot from his mouth in the way of words. He knew the boy looked at his katana and could feel it's power, the legacy of the Elvish Forge, crafted by the mind and will of his master who dared to tame the wild gales. Though in the end manipulation was never in the way of the Howling Sword, only use and assertion with the way one could slash at the air, letting the molecules clash then burst out into a typhoon within itself.

"Adventure..." He found himself saying with a low yet ringing voice, his voice at a sort of repeated mild grumble. "This is but the way the winds yearn me so... I search for the next challenge..." He then looked down at the Emerald Steel, his katana of bursting green radiance. Maybe that would be it's name, no, there was a better one; Emerauldas.

"This sword... and this style as well as this claw were all put upon me by my master, an elf who... dared to try and tame the winds." His head tilted somewhat towards Wil as his eyes scanned him again. "But you.. you are one with the winds yourself are you not? Tell me, what does it feel like?" He became lost once again after that question rolled from his tongue. His daze was quite repetitive at this time. Maybe it was the prior blood loss finally taking it's toll.

CF Striker
04-09-2007, 08:56 PM
Wil's eyes widened a bit, "Tried to tame the winds, your master was either very brave or very foolish. Wind is, as any element, extremely beliggerent(sp?), but wind is also the most stubborn. Most of us nymphs dare not try to control it at all. The winds merely comply to us because...we are their children. We understand the essence of the wind...and by those understanding we tend to act like it, breezing through our lives at whirling and dizzing speeds. There are a few times when we fully emmerse ourselves into the wind. Its...pure freedom of being. Its flying higher and faster than any bird. It awakens you, its joyous. For a short time..you are wind, you are freedom, you are happiness. At least....this is what I feel. If you could manage to join our tribe, you might not feel the same way as we do. I more than highly suggest you don't head down your tutor's path though....you're liable to get yourself killed or worse...."

04-10-2007, 11:49 AM
Isis tried to tune out the others chatting and listen for a strange rustle in the trees. Once she heard it, she took her aim and chucked another pebble in its direction. She then dropped down and chucked two more pebbles at her two new companions, quickly hiding herself in the trees again.
'Im sure she knows where I am by now...'
Isis quickly hopped over several different branches and hid herself in another tree, pebbles in hand.

04-10-2007, 02:54 PM
Spotting Isis, she launched herself from her couched position in the tree, leaping legs first to the tree that Isis was in. Reaching it, she hooked her legs around a branch and circled it upward, landing in a crouched position once again, behind Isis. Lithaen took her last pebble and knocked Isis in the back of the head with it.

Snickering, she spoke; "You still have a lot of training to do if you can't out fit a spiritually wounded Sun Elf."

With that, she dropped from the tree, landing back next to the sleeping boy. Lithaen crossed her arms, nodding to Varlinaul and Wil before crouching to check the boy.

04-10-2007, 03:11 PM
Nox's eyes flickered open and shut when the elf girl landed next to him. Sitting up he looked around with vague unfocused eyes ere he stood erect and stretched away what little fatigue remained. He had rather liked his last sleep which was rare but he couldn't figure out what had made it so restful, some strange white light had comforted him but he couldn't discern what it had been. But it probably wasn't anything more then a random eye in the center of the storm and would never return again no matter what he did.

He crouched down again and picked up his glaive, feeling its weight in his hands. He glanced down at the elf girl, she was quite short, he realized, not even quite up to his shoulders. "Bye..." he muttered slightly and turned away and began to walk back to the Dark Army camp. He hadn't planned on everyone being around or even awake when he left but it couldn't be helped he supposed.

04-10-2007, 04:48 PM
Wils words make him chuckle slightly, his head tilted towards Lithaen as she nodded to them. He kept his focus towards her and his prevous foe as he responded "Ah.. but that's the difference between me and my master, he wished to tame the winds, I wish to become one with the wild winds, the shining gales that stretch farther then we know." He saw the pebble Isis threw at him and caught it in his clawed hand, he squeezed on it before letting it drop from his palm.

He shook his head as he turned towards the cavern again, his crimson eyes scanning up and down the bare rock, a slight hint of green could be picked up by his eyes as the sun tilted at the far west, there were still several hours of daytime left. Maybe he could find a way before nightfall?

"I know that it is impossible, but it doesn't stop me from trying." He finished as he turned back around, closing his eyes.

CF Striker
04-10-2007, 06:41 PM
Wil raised an eyebrow when he saw Varlin cacth a pebble and turned toward the tree. A quick flick of his finger fliped the pebble upward, causing it to drop in front of him. He laughed cheerfully, he'd get her back later. He turned quickly to Varlin, "Not as impossible as you think, Master of the Blade. We should talk more on this later."

After that he stepped foward taking quick glances at everyone, "Well newfound freinds, I know the Army well enough that I think it won't take very long for them to locate our position. I think it may be best to plan our next move now."

He then slowly walked toward Lithaen, knowing that his request would probably get shot down, but heck he had to try at least. He extended a hand, "I'm with you now. I appologize for my ignorance and hope we can start off on a new breeze."

04-10-2007, 08:23 PM
Lithaen twitched slightly, immediately standing. Simultaneously she forced a little nod to Wil, shaking his hand with the opposing to his, while using her free-hand to grab Nox's collar and yank him back to the ground, turning her head just slightly and speaking.

"I am sure that, by now, I have made myself perfectly clear on where you and I stand. Don't make it harder on yourself."

She looked down to where she had pulled him back, sneaking a soft and genuine smile to him and walking back to where he was now, standing protectively by him.

She looked back to Wil and spoke again.

"I suppose that would make the most sense, and you do have the insight for it. But, you know that if you are fooling us.." Lithaen trailed off, trusting that she didn't have to finish the threat for Wil to understand.

"I would suppose that we have awhile yet, though after drawing a truce with what was left of them after exiting the cave and then we have all just left them, I think that seems like we already planned it. We need to yet find another way into the cavern and the tall one said he saw some openings, did he not?"

Without realizing it, she placed a hand gently onto Nox's head, a warm red-orange glow just barely emitting from it.

CF Striker
04-10-2007, 09:35 PM
"Yeah," thought Wil to himself, "It seems at most you're willing to put up with me. I hope you change your mind later..." Meanwhile they breifly shook hands and the elf started to confer her ideas.

Wil pulled out a parchement from his pocket and opened it. "I was supposed to mainly scout for the army, so they gave me a map of the general area." He points to a large shape, "This the cave we are near. There was only one entrance here but," he moved his finger to a smaller shape near the corner of the paper, "This cave was included on my map. If there is a big underground system then these two ought to connect somewhere. Its a little out of the way, but we might be able to make it there by nightfall without rushing too much."

He foled up the map and spoke again, "If at all possibe I think we should avoid the tall guy. Word was our caravan was going to receive some "infamous backup." I can safely say his abilities may be greater than any of us think they are and at the very least would make for a hard battle."

04-10-2007, 11:03 PM
Without warning Nox's scarves suddenly clenched around his neck and he was pulled off balance as they choked him and falling backwards. He hit the ground with a hard thump and moaned silently as he opened his purple eyes to see that elf girl looking down at him. This was starting to get infuriating! What did she mean she made herself clear where she and him stood? He had no idea! All he knew was that she had some sort of wierd obsession with holding him hostage. You'd think since he saved her friend she'd let him go but apparently she didn't think that way. He was completely confused by her behavior. It seemed to him to be so irrational. He was a mercenary for the opposing side! That left him not only an enemy but also a condottieri. And in his own experience sellswords were never well liked, found even more disagreeable then those of the oposing faction at times. And then she smiled at him! What did that mean? Damn he hated people! Especially illogical ones, which was most. They always relied on forms of none linguistic communication: tones, smiles, frowns, body language. All those ambiguous ways of communicating that he had never, in all the two years he could clearly remember, understoood to any extent. All he could tell was that smile meant something, and not just any something but something special, something he should pick up on. But he couldn't tell if it was good or bad, only that it left him very apprehensive.

He would never understand this. They were even talking about their plans right here in front of him! Did they think him not a threat? Like some puppy? It was then that her hand was set gently on his head, as if to confirm his newly aquired pet status. He sneered sulkily to himself. He knew he could stop this but he just couldn't bring himself to use the viceral means necessary to do so. They were his enemy and they seemed to be insulting him but still... this wasn't part of the battle so he should just leave. But of course this infernal girl wouldn't let him leave. Perhaps he would have to wait till she slept... but what if they were attacked before then? The Dark Army would think he switched sides! And not only would Balliah not pay him but he might send someone to kill him which would mean even his normal monster hunting work would be fraught with new peril.

He dipped his head and let out a slight breath. Anyway he sliced it this situation was bad. And what was worse a feeling of omen was piercing him. As though something was happening. And while he was own the thought of feelings the top of his head,the part underneath her hand, was starting to have a strange, warm sensation. But it was probably just her body heat... but if that was the case then she was very warm... did she have a fever or something? Bah... it wasn't his concern.

04-11-2007, 02:39 AM
Blinking as she noticed her hand on Nox's head, her ears twitched slightly, taking it off as she crouched next to him, the glow still being emitted, sunlight soaked into her hands as they touched the ground to balance her.

"I'm sure that I informed you that we weren't to be seperating anytime soon. Besides, you shouldn't be so flustered." She spoke gently and quietly before taking his hand from the ground and using it to help him up to a stand willingly or not. Lithaen kept hold of his hand, mostly to prevent him from trying to leave again.

"Well, nymph, aren't you full of surprises." She smirked slightly. "I suppose that is the way we should take." Lithaen paused, glancing to the boy now next to her. "I hadn't thought about him. Going near Murphy with this boy would prove to be more trouble than it'd be worth-- He's still, technically, an "enemy"."

She rolled her eyes at her own statement, knowing that if anything were to happen, she'd be protecting the boy rather than harming him. Lithaen hadn't wanted this boy involved at all, much less with Ballah. The thought of him made her stomach turn in anger, she subconsciously increased her grip on the boys hand, tightly.

"Isis! Et Ballah, uk uha ut yez xeheuhz, tehgz vyez pud hun, vyad nemm zokamd vkd vu jemm uk vija yex. E nemm huv mav vyiv yirrah, duo jhun vyez. Ya ez huv mudim vu Ballah uk yez ikxd, zu yez vykaiv ez xehexim, pov E gu huv jhun nyiv ya nuomg gu et vyaka naka uvyakz ikuohg vu viehv yez galezeuh." Lithaen spoke loudly enough that Isis could hear her from the trees and distinctly.

04-11-2007, 05:04 PM
Nox blinked a the girl. Did that really explain anything? He was quite well informed about the effects of his situation but not its cause. He wanted to know why she was doing this but as she practically dragged him to his feet he decided that he shouldn't worry about that as much. He needed to keep his mind focused on the practicalities of his situation and not the nicities of cause and effect.

And now finally, in respect to that the man in armor from earlier, they were finally starting to treat him like a person capable of making decisions and not some kitten they had found wandering the streets and decided to take in. Still, she seemed strangely protective of him. He hand now had what seemed to be a death grip on his, one which he could, but didn't bother to, shake off. It was strange in that it reminded him of something, something that seemed to be speaking through a viel of water, coming out garbled and sad. Did she perhaps know him? It was possible, given how little he knew but to him it seemed doubtful... rather she was probably just being,,,

oh it didn't matter

04-11-2007, 05:44 PM
Murphy, believe it or not, hadn't moved since the others left. After all, no one invited his presence nor did he have orders to follow any persons. That also revealed another truth about Murphy: He was basically an order-and-forget person. Once given orders, by the combination of spells that grafted him to his armor and kept him alive also compelled him to follow all orders. Get order, fulfill order, return for new orders. Typical Murphy.

Ever since he was selected, he was considered expendable. He was chosen along with 99 other considered-expendable candidates. 203 wasn't just a convienient number. Batch 2, number 03. All of them expendable. Just under half rejected the Lazarus treatment. Written off as 'acceptable loss', all of them. After all, it wasn't as though he was treated for his sparkling conversation.

Most of Murphy's bad qualities were also his good qualities. His loyalty, his dedication. His ability to tolerate being left in a corner until a task arose. After all, typical Murphy.

04-12-2007, 02:56 PM
Isis hopped down from the tree and mumbled to herself "cheaters". Not that anyone actually cheated, she just didnt enjoy the feeling of being beaten.

She listened to everyones plans and nodded to herself. Part of her was cought up in ideas to improve her skills more than anything. It wasnt until she heard Lithaen speak in Aekalish that she snapped back.

She thought about her words and nodded.
Her mind was now consumed with why Lithaen was so intristed in this boy. She pushed it to the back of her mind for now.

04-12-2007, 02:58 PM
As Wil pointed out the way he tilted his head a bit to a side before letting himself take a seat on a nearby boulder. The elf Lithaen seemed to have taken a liking to his previous opponent, which in all honesty was amusing to Varlin, but he kept face and stayed straight thereof.

"Well, this cave seems like a good plan." He commented some "As for the infamous backup, I think we can handle ourselves. Besides he doesn't know what's going on really." He made sure his voice was only audible to the main group.

04-13-2007, 09:28 AM
Realizing her grip on Nox's hand, she let go completely, glancing at him from the corner of her eye. She looked to Isis after her remark, snickering at how uptight she'd gotten.

"As the map is useful, perhaps you two wind users could suggest which path we should take. I imagine that a longer tunnel would have farther winds and the longer the tunnel, the closer we are." Lithaen waved her now free hand suggestively in the air for a moment.

She walked the few steps to Isis' side, reclaiming her position and sighing while crossing her arms. "Vyihj duo" she muttered before looking to Varlin, scanning over his face for a moment from the corner of her eye, her brow raising just slightly.

Lithaen's ears twitched and she slightly shook her head to herself before refocusing on the group as a whole, all the while occasionally watching Nox from the corner of her eye.

04-13-2007, 03:10 PM
As soon as the elf girl, who he still hadn't learned the name of as far as he could remember, let go of his hand he crossed his arms and leaned his back against a tree. He closed his eyes and decided it would be best just to listen for a while and plan. He kept running the fact that they were all enemies through his brain. Maybe if they offered to pay him, he'd consider switching sides but it didn't look like they had any money. And he hadn't trusted peoples words on how much they valued him since he could remember. There was an instinctual distrust on that issue which he could not shake.

Still, these people didn't seem to have much of a plan and were pretty much flying by the seats of their pants. In all likely hood they would all end up getting killed in the long run. He couldn't tell whether that notion bothered him or not. Or even, whether it should.

04-16-2007, 09:58 AM
Isis glanced over at Lithaen every so often and notice her attention shift towards the boy.

"Maybe we should stop by a nearby town first and pick up some supplies. We might be in there for a while, and I doubt there'll be game to hunt."
If it were just her and Lithaen, food wasnt a concern. But now there were two, possibly three others joining them, so food was a must.

It still bothered her that Lithaen showed so much interest in the human boy. Part of her wanted him to leave and rejoin Ballah's army, though part of her did want him to stay...she just hated how he absorbed so much of her friend's attention.

CF Striker
04-18-2007, 05:09 PM
OOC: Sorry, sorry I'm back I swear

Wil glanced at the map and shrugged. "I dunno, whichever one we can reach first probably is as fine as the rest of them. All of this system is gonna have a lot of wind in it, so the differences will be so minute I don't think it'll effect much." He looked to Varlin and nodded, seeing if he'd put his two cents in.

04-18-2007, 05:33 PM
Catching Wil's nod he tilted his head some before looking off to the brilliant sky, where the winds seemed to reside. Though he knew everywhere was like the origin, the sky was where it was most free and where he knew it would be whenever and wherever.

"The wind shifts and moves where the hot air comes over the cold, the more movement between the hot and cold air the more wind there is, this is no different for a cave, especially when the rock can heat up and then cool off into the air... I say we enter the cave in the morning that way it is still cool and the winds will be less of a worry, even so we have Wil hear, but even he has limits."

Leaning back against a tree again he sighed some "And I could only do so much with a continuous flow, though with this sword I might have a bit more of an edge then usual." He let his arms hang limp at his sides holding off both shoulders like pendulums in a clock, swinging lightly from side to side.

04-19-2007, 01:19 PM
"After we lost our supplies before we entered the cave, I agree with Isis. Restocking would be a good idea, besides; the two of us do not have an infinite supply of arrows. Not to mention that I am not fond of walking around in a raggedy, torn skirt and filthy clothing."

Lithaen reached up behind her and felt the tops of her arrows with her fingers, briefly and quickly guesstimating how many she had left. She then switched to a stretch, looking at her torn skirt now exposing the shorts that she wore under it, still having not slept or rested after exerting so much energy for healing and chasing and whatever else had come up. Lithaen looked to the sky to find the sun, she assumed it was late in the evening by now as the sky had began to change from its blues to more subtle purple and red hues. She then switched her gaze back to Isis, quite obviously seeing the displeasure in her expression, she adjusted

"Wasn't there a town part west from here? It wasn't large, but it might very well have what we need. We could rest there or just outside it until early morning and then start anew."

04-19-2007, 02:37 PM
Nox merely listened, knowing full well he was not in a position to make suggestions or even as question about what this group planned to do. Though he hoped they would decide to spend the night at wherever they went, if they did it would make his life much easier. So all he did was keep his eyes closed and waited for them to come to a consensus. And let himself dream that they would just ask him to go away but he doubted that he would ever get so lucky as that.

04-19-2007, 03:14 PM
"About west, north-west. And new clothes would be nice..."

Her mind drifted off to Nox. Would he tag along? And if he did, would he try to slaughter everyone while they slept? She felt something turn in her stomach, but that might've been hunger mixed with fear.
She turned her attention to Nox.

"Well, you tagging along or going back to Ballah. Or maybe you'll go and meet back up with Murphy? What's it going to be?"

04-19-2007, 03:28 PM
Nox's face was impassive and stoney as it always had been for as long as he could remember. He felt the girl's distrust (or should he say woman? she was far older than him after all) but he had long ago gotten used to being distrusted and disliked. Mercenaries were rarely on the good side of those who considered themselves up standing. Now he had to think, "I'd like to just go back. But..." he muttered, it wasn't like that girl was about to just let him go. She had been ruffling him for sometime and he didn't like it, it made him think to much about things he would rather not remember. He rubbed his gauntlet with his hand, gliding his finger along the smooth steel surface.

04-23-2007, 09:25 AM
Her attention quickly shifted to Isis, her eyes glared, thickly covered in a deep crimson. Lithaen knew well that Isis had understood that she wanted to keep Nox around, and yet she asked anyway. She then looked to Nox, also knowing that the "but" at the end of his statement was because of her. Her expression fell into a frowning, almost saddened face, her ears slightly drooping, she looked away. Lithaen thought about answering for him and forcing him to stay, but second guessing herself, she kept her mouth closed. How long could she have kept him here, anyway?

"Keh." She grumbled quietly before launching herself in the tree above her, quite angrily. Leaping from branch to branch, she headed towards the town alone.

"Jealousy is disgusting. I do not recall being owned." Lithaen thought, growling in her throat with frustration.

She landed on a branch within a large tree in a crouched position, her hands palm down on the branch and her legs crouched up outside of her body, and sighed to herself slightly.

04-23-2007, 08:06 PM
He chuckled as the elf went on ahead, his amusement was met with discipline before he turned his body towards their destination. He saluted back towards the group before dashing off after Lithaen, he pushed off of a rock onto the side if a tree where he would let his claws into the bark, pivoting him towards the next tree where he would swing from a branch before landing on another moderate sized boulder.

He then proceeded on foot after hopping off, he took to the winds as they seemed to be at his back, every step going with the flow on and on until he slid under Lithaen's position.

Looking up to her face he tilted his head, his hair was hanging off to the left side of his face as he began to speak as smooth as the air. "I thought you may need one to talk to, seeing as though you are upset with your friend, but perhaps I'm just kidding myself."

He would then start towards the dirt paved road slowly in sequential step before talking in woodland Elvish "Thall alseiru, Na monon"

(Translation; Or wait for it, until morning.)

04-23-2007, 08:37 PM
Nox watched as the girl ran off and the swordsman followed. He would never do what that man was doing, it seemed stupid and inconsiderate. If he were the girl he would want to be alone if he was having trouble and to that end he would give her space. Still, it seemed strange to him that where as before she had been so adament about Nox staying, she seemed to be so... fatalistic now. But then, perhaps, this was how she normally was and had only been acting strange earlier, he didn't know her well enough to tell. All he knew was that he wasn't doing anyone any good by staying here.

"I go..." he muttered to the other elf girl... "Need mercenary... find me..." he figured he might as well advertise, especially since Balliah or whatever his name was, would be angry about his failure to secure the cave and might cut his payments or at least reduce them severly.

He took his voulge in his unprotected had and began to walk away. Why did these people have to be so strange? And why was there some old, familiar ache in his soul? Some sad memory screaming into his chest.

He shook his head, his palid hair swirling about his face with heavy, sweeps, the solitude of the walk back to the Dark Army camp would clear things up. Maybe, he just needed to be alone for a while. He hoped he had better luck getting privacy then the girl did. He almost wanted to hit the swordsman for being so unempathetic... but just shrugged the emotion off.