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CF Striker
03-10-2007, 03:50 PM
This RP was brought to you by the National LPS Association. (Its Approved)

Awesome! CFS is now an honorary GM. This should be good guys.

Alright, here's the neccesary (and extremely repetitive) you guessed it...


1. No cursing: Its a forrum rule so if someone see it you could get busted. Keep in mind their are some youngsters around here.

2. This RP is rated PG-13: Nothing that would constitute as "R" should go here. To a lesser extent, this also meens to make sure nothing gets gory to the point where members are throwing up on their computer screens.

3. Every time you God-Mode God kills a Catgirl: That would be an utter tragedy I simply would not stand for, don't do it. This includes the fact that everyone has gotta take a hit at somepoint, but I'll warn you before I condem you on that part

4. This is a Modern RP: No elves, dwarves, etc. There are plenty of other places for that. keep in mind humans are extremely diverse based on their individual and cultural backgrounds

5. I am Kaiser: If your post affects the progression of the RP in a negitive way, or you break a rule here I'm gonna have to have it nulled, which means either all or part of that post will not be accepted and I'll ask you to remove it. Rule breaking and laxness to remove entrys will result in a temporary "Vegitable" state for your character, which means I control them and they do pretty much nothing aside from whats needed to keep the RP going.

6. Leaving policy : If you deside to stop participation in this RP, you really need to make one final post either killing your character off or having him/her fade into the background never to return. Its just polite.

7. Contact : If you just can't post, please OOC: that you'll be gone for awhile.

8. Have an excellent time! (just like Bill and Ted)

And now...The background!

Superheroes, unfortunately their powers were not obtained easily. Back in 3561, a mysterious organization known only amongst them, The New York Rebirth Society, undertook an extremely hazardous operation. This cult of fanatical geneticists unlocked the abilities of a recently discover gene called Serrinepidine, or better known as the S-Factor. When a human with limited quantities of this gene received more, it was found they could gain tremendous powers. However, a subject with none or little of the gene could develop serious varied side effects. A sad truth is that only highly developed people in some area of their mind or body possess the S-Factor. The NYRS decided the only way to test the experiment was to kidnap children and give them doses of the gene, combined with other chemicals and treatments to their own twisted delights. Every patient who they kidnapped and had their family either bribed or neutralized, successfully took the gene and developed amazing abilities. However, the NYRS needed more information on their specimens. They gave they children to families through an adoption agency who would keep the children close to New York. They now keep and eye on their “guinea pigs” through agents. However, some of these agents stole a bit of the equipment for administering the S-Factor and have taken up administering it as a black-market like community. A lot of delinquents have gotten their hands on this powerful treatment, and a running amuck in New York. The year is now 3567, and while the original specimens come-of-age, questions of where this production of supers came from now are popping up. As one of the original specimens now aware of your powers, the NYRS has drawn you into the hotspot of New York, where your fighting capabilities will obviously be tested one way or another. Fate can only decide what may happen next.

Technological atvancement in the year 3567:

1. Thanks to recently new materials, Solar panels are extremely cheap and effective. Now pretty much everything form cars to microwaves run on the powerful energy of the sun.

2. Weapons have been atvanced as well. Biological weapondry is getting popular worldwide. Bullets are definately not forgotten though, but now they pack an extra punch thanks to they new metal that has been created by treating Titainium: Adamantium. The best weapons to make use of this to date are the AAF-49, a adamantine bullet usings machine gun, and the LAS series of shotguns.

3. Hovers: The brand new christmas hotlist item, these metal boots have a jet propulsion system that has caused skaters to actually use the new "Fly-skates" They'll become prominet in sports as well as in backyards and skate parks.

Project Name: (the second person’s number is 02 and so on.)
Age: (should be about high school age)
Moral Allegiance: Hero, Mercenary, or Villain
Super Alias: (can be same as project name)
Appearance: (description or picture)
Background: (your character should have one ability that they are talented in, otherwise they wouldn’t have been picked for the Project)

Name: Daniel Hart
Project Name: 01 Fear Factor
Moral Allegiance: Hero
Super Alias: Geist
Appearance: http://tn3-1.deviantart.com/fs10/300W/i/2006/095/f/e/Anime_boy__Julian_by_EmoGhost.jpg
He is equally likely to wear contacts and glasses. He rarely wears eye shadow, mostly before facing a foe in a pre-planned battle.
His favorite apparel is a white T-Shirt bearing the filled in black outline of a rose and a pair of black jeans (most of his jeans are this color).

Background: The New York Rebirth Society found Daniel in Chicago, Illinois and saw at the early age of 10 his potential for artwork, a sign he could take the S-factor. The washed his mind, gave him new “replacement parents” for the ones they murdered, and injected him with the proper powers. Daniel only discovered his powers after a brawl with a school bully and afterward became very shocked. He accidentally contacted his dead parents on a field trip soon afterward and found out exactly what had happened. After facing his foster parents, who were just as surprised as he was, he set off based on the only clue he had been given; the adoption agency that had given him away was in New York. Daniel Currently, he does not make his powers known and is living in an apartment in New York, NY profiting of his artistic talent and occasionally attending a freelance art college of sorts. However, he his mostly looking for the mystery kidnappers and killers of his past, and seeks to have them face justice through his ethereal hand.

Powers: Daniel was the pet experiment of a cultist branch of the New York Rebirth Society. This mad experiment mixed the S-factor gene with ashes from stolen urns, tiny bits of corpses, and hallucinogens. The S-factor’s intimate link with the dead was magnified and gave Daniel some rather gothic powers. He can become intangible and only semi-visible and while doing so he can fly. He also has ability to speak with the dead whose spirits still linger on earth. However, his greatest ability is how he got his name. Danny, while intangible, can touch a foe’s mind and induce him with a panic like state. Depending on how much his foes un-nerves, Danny gains and increase to speed, power, and agility in his human form. This became known as the “Fear Factor”

Personality: The only emo thing in Daniel’s personality is that he can be EMOtional sometimes. Daniel sees beauty in everyday life and seeks to live one day at a time. His friends mean a lot to him and he sticks up for them the best he can. He’s an avid reader, writer, and sketch artist. His exposure to stories of the living and dead (often by visiting a cemetery) has made him wise beyond his years, and he sometimes offers ominous sounding advice. He only feels like he can open up to people who will open up to him. Despite his wisdom, he is often unconfident in himself and second-guesses his actions and interactions with people, lest he act like a freak.

Soooo, who wants in?

EDIT: Almost forgot, posting limit. Let's keep this to 4 posts a day, thats for the week and weekends. I think this policy will keep the RP alive much longer.

EDIT(again): Ok, new sign up policy. Projectss 16-18 are open for submission since currently they have no person controlling them. Yeah, skipped some numbers but I don't care. Anyway, ounce these three slots are filled, you newcomers are gonna have to get the S-gene somehoe other then NYRS. Yeah tricky, but not impoosible. You're smart you'll figure it out. After all, this is New York baby!

Natu Utan
03-10-2007, 04:18 PM
Name: Bobby Drake

Project Name: 02 "0 Kelvin"

Age: 17

Moral Allegiance: Villian

Super Alias: Absolute Zero

Appearance: Picture in attachements

Background: At the age of 9, when he was a boy, failing school, and beating up the other children, it was noticed that Bobby had a nack technology. He was able to understand and comphehend some of the most difficult technological advancements. This, allowed him to have the gene installed. He was taken from his family, and they were murdered. He was placed with a family in Downtown NewYork New York. His memory erased, and all forgetten. He began anew. His power was discovered by him a an excepttionally hot day. He had wished that it would snow, and get cold. Within his room, the temperature dropped instantly to 0 Kelvin all around him. His foster parents had wondered what was going on, and investigated. When they entered the room, they were instantly frozen. Bobby was fine though, this leading to the Project name "0 Kelvin." And hid Alias, "Absolute Zero." Since that day, he has abused his powers all for the rest of his time, useing them, but making sure that no one knew it was him. He still bulllied people, but used his powers only for personal gain. Not to destroy, not to Help. Only for him.
Powers: The ability to turn anything into a 0 Kelvin ice, and Conjure 0 Kelvin ice at his wish.

Personality: Bobby is an uncaring person, never in the mood to talk to anyone at all. He hurts and kills people for fun, and uses his powers for personal gain. He talks whenever he wishes, and dropped out of school. He steals everything he needs, ranging from money, to food, to entertainment items.

CF Striker
03-10-2007, 04:35 PM
Awesome, welcome to the RP. Hint for ya, keep in mind all energy and all atoms cease moving at 0K, that might be usefull in the funture.

Absolute Zero: Approved

BTW, nice Ice-Man reference.

Natu Utan
03-10-2007, 04:40 PM
Thanks you, and believe me, I know what Absolute Zero is. Its my Major in school, Ice. I know ALL about it. And if you look, EVERY character I have ever had, can use ice and all that. =D

CF Striker
03-10-2007, 04:52 PM
*reveiws and recalls*

...wow yeah I see that. Hadn't thought of it, but definately see it. Sorry if I sounded "smarter than thou", it wasn't meant to be that way. Anyways welcome aboard. :)

fox demon naruto
03-10-2007, 05:26 PM
Name: Link Wells
Project Name: 03 'Souls'
Age: 18
Moral Allegiance: Hero
Super Alias: Soul
Background: Link was known to be just a normal student. When he was taken he didn't realy know where he was going in life. He had usual friends and did usual things. The only thing the the NYRS found intrested was his journal entries. They found that he had a very good understanding of emotions. He never noticed it but the NYRS found it a chance to implant a gene in him. Caputuring him and killing his parents and having to erace the minds of every single person at that school about him. After they implanted his gene they set him with foster parents. Link first noticed his power when he was fighting with the neigbors kid. He was running from him (since the guy was twice his size) when he noticed that all around him was red. He then noticed a blue figure that took the shape of a person. He yelled for help and blue thing dissapeared. Link passed out and when he came to he saw the boy laying a few feet from him, dead. He had a gash in his torso and he was decapitated. The blue figure appeared again but had spots of red across him. Link scared and confused ran and never went back.
Powers: Link has the ablilty to see souls. Though most time they are in strange shapes and hidden. They apear only when Link needs them. When he wants them they are usualy uncoperative. He can control them and bend them into diffenernt items from a sword to jsut letting it attack someone. Also they dont always come from dead people he can suck them out of alive people.
Personality: He isnt sinile or insane. He is a clam and a slightly friendly guy. He is a quiter guy and dosen't usualy start converstaions with people.

CF Striker
03-10-2007, 05:34 PM
Interesting....great original idea.

Soul: Approved

Aura of the Twilight
03-10-2007, 07:05 PM
Name: Iris Linara
Project Name: 04 Flowers
Age: 16
Moral Aliance: Hero
Super Alias: Lilith

Background: Iris was an ordinary girl. She hung out with other girls, had crushes, good grades, and a disfunctional family. She had an odd fascintaion with botany and flowers. She had a green thumb is what many people said. She could take a plant that was on the brink of dying and nurse it back to health. Seeing this the NYRS kidnapped her one day on he walk home from school and implanted her with the gene. They had bribed her family and then erased her memories of her friends and anyone she knew and sent her to a foster family. She first notice her powers one day when she lost one of her new friends to a car accident. She was in her room crying and looking at her new full bloom flowers when they started to wilt. Then her adopted mom came in and cheered her up a little and the flowers started to bloom fully again. She mad herself sad and then happy and the flowers changed with her mood. Then she started to be fascinated by her powers and quickly learned how to make them grow without using her emotions and she even learned how to morph the petals into weapons after a long while.

Powers: She can make plants grow or die in the blink of an eye. She can also turn the petals of flowers into kunai sized daggers if need be.

Personality: She is very outspoken and friendly. She doesn't like others to be treated badly and ends up getting into fights because she defends someone else. She is almost always smiling is always tries to be optomistic. She likes to be with other people and is slightly afraid to be alone.

03-10-2007, 07:29 PM
Name: Giancarlo Roman (Carlo for short)
Project Name: 05 ‘Pyro’
Age: 15
Moral Allegiance: Mercenary
Super Alias: Blaze
Appearance: http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l37/Narume13/Anime%20Guys/Animeguy2.jpg
Background: Carlo had always been a good kid, exceeding in school, especially math, up until his house had caught on fire. He had been sitting in his room, combining a few chemicals that would make a small explosion, supposing to be harmless. He had made a slight miscalculation and his room caught on fire. Him being a whole math genius, something like this could have never happened, but he didn’t know how, it just did. Carlo had been amazed at how the flames would spread throughout the room and house, how it seemed to dance from one point of the room to the other. His father had pulled him out of his room, and ever since that happened, he had been making calculations on how to make a lighter. The teachers always caught him with one of his homemade lighters, but no matter how many times they take one away, he always seems to have another.

This caught NYRS’ attention at how a 10 year old went from a good kid to a pyro. He was smart when it came to making things that produced fire or small explosions, knowing how to set them off, make it or even disable it. They had kidnapped him, trying to see if he was compatible with the S-factor. Giancarlo had his entire memory of his parents erased, and grew up with foster parents after NYRS killed off his birth parents. For the first two years, nothing seemed to happen; NYRS had doubts about him, up until he had turned 13. On his birthday, he had gone to school, nothing big happened during then, a few burners had just turned on without touching them, lighters going to an unusual height, some even exploding as Giancarlo walked by. It was on his way home, his friends had made him angry, wishing that they should burn in hell. The next day he had heard that flames had erupted from the ground at his friends houses, cracks were seeable in the pavement, like it was the flames erupting from hell. He had gotten his wish, but there was no way for him to tell he had done it. So he had tried it out for himself, putting a few drops of gasoline on a piece of paper and just concentrating on it. The spots where the gasoline droplets were, erupted in two small tongues of flames. Over the past two years, he had developed his skills further, being able to summon fire at his will

Powers: He is able to produce any size flames at will, even covering his arms or entire body in fire.

Personality: Giancarlo is kind, but he does have a nasty side, if you ever get him mad. He does get angry sometimes, but is usually calm and kind to any, even strangers.

CF Striker
03-10-2007, 07:52 PM
Lilith: Approved

Blaze: Approved

Great characters guys! Keep it up!

Kyuubi Naruto
03-10-2007, 09:59 PM
Oh yeah,this one looks really good,I gotta join.

Name:Trey Johnson
Project Name: 06 "Dark"
Age: 17
Moral Allegiance: Hero
Super Alias: Shadow
Appearance: http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l37/Narume13/Anime%20Guys/SDK.jpg

Background:Trey was a normal young kid 6 years back.His friends cared about him a lot,although head had certain problems with his family,constantly getting into futile arguments against them.It was one day when his parents were contacted,and given a bribe for the ownership of their son,and his parents gladly accepted this,wanting to get rid of the troublemaker they once called a son.After Trey had realized that the parents that loved him sold him out for a quick buck,he changed.He became a much darker person than he was before,and after being tested with the S-Gene,his relationship with his parents has weakened to almost nothing,never communicating with them,he now lives with a friend of his.Also, his darker personality gave him his ability to control shadows and use them in any way he saw fit due to the S-gene.He was formally a villain,but after realizing what he had done,he began to consider himself no better than his own parents.He felt the pain he had underwent when his parents had given him up for a bribe,and changed his ways,trying his hardest to become a better person,changing into a hero.

Powers:His powers give him the ability to control shadows in anyway thinkable.He is able to control shadows from nearly any object that makes one and use it to attack.He can also control waves of dark energy from the shadows with his blade.(See Pic)One of the strongest moves given to him by his shadow powers is to enclose his own self in layers of shadows,transforming him into a large demon of sorts.His powers,although,are best at night,where he is able to use the shadow the moon makes to enhance his abilities,taking power from all darkness around him.
Personality:Although his personality has become much darker than before the time of the kidnapping,Trey is able to keep a somewhat calm personality.He is able to blankly have conversations with others,and is easy to befriend.If someone has proven to him that he can trust them,he becomes very protective over them,not wanting to be like this parents who didnt care for him.

Well CF,consider yourself honored.I'm trying out a new type of character for this RPG,and I've got to thank Thunder as well for taking up fire powers,otherwise I would have chosen that and ended up doing the same old thing as I always do.Anyway,this RPG has lots of potential from what I see,ever need any help,like a Co-GM or anything,I'll be glad to help.

03-10-2007, 10:14 PM
((I kinda wanted to be a hero, but everyone seems to be either a hero or a merc so I figured I would try to balance it all out))

Name: Jonathan Wolfe

Project Name: 07 "The Artist"

Age: 16

Moral Allegiance: Villain

Super Alias: Gami

Appearance: Jon is a short kid, only 5’ 8" in height, and very thin. By no means could he ever be considered strong or a fit athlete. His skin was pale and his hair is dark brown and spiked on the top while keeping the "emo" bangs covering his left eye. He will usually wear a simple black shirt and black pants. He refuses to wear anything too fancy because is clothes get covered in paint on a regular basis. His eyes are a stunning blue and never seem to be focusing on a single place for long before darting to the next point of interest.

Background: Jon grew up in a small city in Northern Michigan. He never took to video games like most kids, and he never was involved in sports. His focus was always consumed by paper. He’d spend days cooped up in his room folding paper into all sorts of different shapes. The tops of his dresser were lined with his most prized creations. Sometimes he’d sit on his bed, staring at his creations, wishing that they would come to life.

When Jon turned ten, his parents gave him a painting set. He immediately grew to love the art of painting and drawing, giving him new ways to express himself on the paper he loved so dearly. Within a few years, Jon had become an expert painter and his room was lined with his creations. Again he would lie on his bed, staring at his creations, wishing for a way to make them come to life.

After entering his creations in several art shows, he was hailed as one of the greatest up and comers to date. The NYRS noticed his talents and captured him. They killed his birth parents and covered it up as a house-fire. Jon was brainwashed, injected, and sent to a foster family in Southern California. The only thing Jon was able to retain was the paintbrush his parents gave him.

Jon noticed his powers when he turned 15. He had just finished crafting an origami rabbit, and wished for it to come to life, just as he did when he finished any creation. Suddenly, just as he wished for it to come to life, it sprang forth. He discovered that any of his creations, if he wished it so, would spring to life and do his bidding.

Later, as Jon was playing with his paintbrush, pretending to paint in the air, paint sprang forth and colored the air as Jon wished. Not just colors, but materials as well, allowing Jon to create entire buildings if he were to spend the time to paint one into existence.

Jon, developed his skills in both forms until he was able to create flocks of does in seconds, create forests in as little as days.

Jon can use his skills in origami to create creatures to do his biding. They each share their own consciousness and will follow any order given to them by Jon.

He can also use his paintbrush to paint things into existence. He cannot just swipe his brush and something be created perfectly. To make anything well he must spend time on it using perfect brush strokes. Jon paints in a very gothic tone, with very thick edges, high contrasts in color, and a lot of twisting curves.

Personality: Jon is a very shy person from all the years being cooped up in his room. He prefers to keep to himself, surrounded only by his creations. He sees his origami as perfect beings, creatures who don’t lie or cheat, much unlike the human population. Jon is misguided, thinking that his actions are just. He believes that all are guilty of evil and are subject to his justice.

EDIT: I changed my project name from "The Painter" to "The Artist", Since his powers incompass more than just painting.

Natu Utan
03-10-2007, 10:30 PM
Hey Naruto, not saying your character is bad or anything, or that this isn't allowed. But where in New York.... Can you PLEASE get an English name? ;-;

03-11-2007, 01:22 AM
Name: Timmothy Rekillok
Project Name: 08 Burning Anger
Age: 17
Moral Allegiance: Villain
Super Alias: Ifreet
Appearance: Demon Powered form and Human form in the attachment. (Minus the gunblade)

All throughout his life Tim has been a loner, a tough guy and a power house so to say. His anger burns like a fire, so hot in fact that he was chosen to be a part of the project. Since he was young he had always been out casted, it is uncertain why he was, the other kids just wouldn't go near him unless they had to. They stayed away from him, and some even had the urge to attack him out of plain fear of his presence. He fought back alright, and in his anger he killed a few kids, sending him straight to a juvi-hall.

For the rest of his schooling years he would fight daily, his anger taking over every time. He killed multiple inmates there as well in his fights. His parents had given up hope a long time before then but were killed in a faked terrorist bombing, he was then darted and pulled from his holding room and brought into experimentation.

After being brainwashed and such, he was thrown in a new juvi-hall in New York, where he discovered that at his will his body could change, making it super strong, fast and agile, but in return it played on his burning rage creating fire from his skin. He couldn't control his rage when he transformed into that creature. He busted free from his imprisonment soon after he discovered his abilities and is now living on the streets, occasionally unable to hold his anger, letting the demon from hell out.

Powers:His body changes to that of a Inferno Demon, his skin hardens and his muscles grow giving him super strength. In this state he can blow fire, as well as use it to create things from it. (Ex: He can grab a chunk of the earth and spew fire so hot at it, it'll become a ball of magma.) Because of his body, he is unaffected by any extreme temperatures, and anything related to such temperatures. The only downside to all of this, that it lets his rage control him, he'll only act on instinct until he calms down.

Personality: He is a very stubborn and angry person (duh!), and he thinks for himself and only for himself. He sees life as survival of the fittest and will not hesitate to kill to live. His anger is easy to arouse. But he doesn't always want to be angry, and will try to cope with it as best as he can by either breaking something or someone usually.

CF Striker
03-11-2007, 07:59 AM
Naruto: Yeah, this is a little different from the usual, but I think you can probably pull it off.


Jonwolf- Y'know the thing about this RP is the Hero Merc Villian thing is really only for personal moral standards. Characters, especially ones like yours, could change sides but maintian the same personal morallity.


Tet- Alright, glad to see you made it! You're anjoying the whole new sneaky villian angle aren't ya? Great character, as always.


Also, Co-GMing has been brought up, so I'll address that. I'll definately need some people to watch over things every now and then when I'm bogged with work or just not feeling good enough to post. Sooo....I think I'm gonna need a new system for this RP.

I'm gonna have 3 slots open, one for "Hero and "Merc" characters and another for all the misc. "Villians" that will appear. Trust me, Jonwolf and Tet won't be the only ones by far!

Naruto, you've exspressed some interest so I'll give you one of the "bad guy" slots. You're usually good with the firery personallities, as you said yourself, and I think you can bend that depending on the situation needed for a villian.

Ok Mods stand like this

Omni Mod: Me!

Hero-Merc Mod: Open

Villian Mod: Kyuubi Naruto
Villian Mod: Open

I'll send some PMs later and give you guys additional info when needed.

Aura of the Twilight
03-11-2007, 12:21 PM
I was wondering if I could make a second character. If not it's okay but here she is.

Name: Karissa Smith
Project name: 09 calming
Age: 17
Moral Alliance: villian
Super Alias: Aura

Background: Karissa had had a rough life. She was born with a weak immune system and problems with her lungs. As she grew older she matured faster than most girls did and was smarter than most of her teachers. The only reason she hadn't excels in school was because of her health and family. Karissa had and extremly disfunctional family. Her father was abusive her mother also abusive and cowrdly her siblings moved away the day they turned 18. Her being the youngest she wast left alone to deal with her parents at the age of 11.

Even with her family problems she still managed to pass in school and stay away from drugs. She had an extreme coughing attack at school one day when she was 14 and was rushed to the hospital to find her lung may collapse in the near future. Her parents blamed her for her condition and blamed her for everything else as well: the money problems, the stress everything. So as a result Karissa started to avoid her parents. She normally stayed with friends.

Through out all of this she was treating herself with medicines that she made herself. Medicinal knowledge is where she excelled the most. She normally helped out the school nurse when she had free time. The NYRS saw this and kidnapped her on her eleventh birthday killing her parents and then injecting her with the gene. They then erased her memories and put her with a foster family in New York City.

The first year she showed no sign of reaction. Then one day on her way home from school a few thugs mugged her, stole her things, and had beat badly leaving her in an alley. She couldn't move her legs and was bleeding greatly. Out of impulse she put her hands on her legs to put preasure on them and stop the bleeding. She wished that she didn't have to feel the pain and then a whitish pinkish light formed and her legs started to heal right before her eyes. The she held out her hands and healed her self.

At first she was really happy then she started to think that she shouldn't have had to use her powers in the first place. She started to resent other people and tarted to lose her positive look on life, and for that reason she is rarely seen smiling but when she is she's very pretty. (Like in pic)

Powers: She can heal others near by or at a distance as long as she can see them. She can cure just about any wound as long as the person isn't dead. This includes calming their nerves although she normally doesn't have to use her powers for that.

She can also use her powers to form a ball of light if she is in a dark place.

Personality: She doesn't warm up too easily and almost always has a cold stare in her eyes. She does talk, but only when needed or if she feels like it, which normally is only around people she has warmed up to. She can warm up to people it just takes a while, but when she does she becomes a great deal more friendlier.

Kyuubi Naruto
03-11-2007, 01:38 PM
Aura,there's one problem with your character.The events of the S-Gene happened 6 years ago,so she couldnt have been 15 when it happened,and 17 now.You can lower her age when the even occured,or maybe make her older now.

03-11-2007, 02:04 PM
Name: Jack aberems

Project Name: 10 greed

Age: 20

Moral Allegiance:Mercenary\Villain

Super Alias: sin


Background: He lost his parents at age of 8 in a accident and was alone and on the streets. he learn how to steal and was good in it. First he stole things to survive. four year later he was rich and has his one gang. Now he stole because of greed he wanted everything gold,hot girls and power. he had the greatest gang of new York, the drugs and weapons trade was almost all of him. then the FBI did a in fall and he killed all of them because his speed and power where incredible. Than the NYRS saw the fight that was going on and kidnap him that night after it. he was 6 years gone and his gang was falling apart wen he came back. So he restore his gang and wanted gold, hot girls and power again, but then he find out about his powers and leave his gang behind. they where holding him back. now almost every criminal was his possession and every black marked. The FBI was sacred of him and don't want anything what going on whit to interfere whit it.

Powers: His speed and strength was increased much. he can eat souls to give him much power
and he can clone other powers for a hour.

Personality:everything about him is going about Gold, hot girls and power. he is always calm and things good about his tings but wen its about gold or womans he he going absolute crazy. he will always except gold or hot girls for hiring. Hot girls get almost everything done whit him and he is always trying to showoff for hot girls.

03-11-2007, 02:09 PM
Eh, I can Co GM if yah need me, as you see, a few of the RPs got really slow so I have time on my hands. ^^;;

03-11-2007, 05:30 PM
Name: Babs teal

Project Name: furca 11

Age: 19

Moral Allegiance: Mercenary

Super Alias: Whispana

Appearance: long black hair that reaches her butt. darkblue eyes, creamy skin, on left cheek is paw like birth mark, a sleeveless musscle shirt, black shorts and sandals, has two piecings in her left ear and three in her right and a small stud in her right nostril.

Background: Babs was left unatended by her parents at a very young age because they were always working. the only one she saw daily was miss watson who was her nanny. A from a very young age babs seemed to connect with animals wether it be dominastic ones or who were semi wild. when the someone off the NYRS saw her petting a wild kangaroo at the zoo she was kidnapped that night. They eraseed her memory, injected the gen and placed her with foster family. babs lived with them for several years showing no reaction until during night out she was attacked by thugs and nearby dogs started to attack the thugs randomly. she was surprised to find she could speak the language of the animals, a few months later she also found out she could run very fast. a year after the incident she left her foster family and went to live in new york, working as a veterinarian.

Powers: can speak to animals, has the speed of a cheeta

Personality: babs prefers to keep away from humans and let them deal with her own problems. however if needed she will help someone by asking her animal friends to search, hunt or track someone. She considert odd by most people but she does not seem to care about that.

03-11-2007, 06:45 PM
Name: Bill Thorn
Project Name: 12 "Sonic Blast"
Age: 19
Moral Allegiance: Mercenary
Super Alias: Sonic Surfer
Appearance: http://www.animeforum.com/image/thum_3756245f48ce99a270.jpg (http://www.animeforum.com/vbimghost.php?do=displayimg&imgid=6590)
Background: Bill at a young age was really good at music as well as running track, which the NYRS noticed but they left him alone till about 10 when normally that kind of skill goes away, but in bills case it actually became better he was able to play most insturments that you would find in a music hall. So they picked him up and erased all memory of his family and friends as well as kill off his family and erased the memory from his friends about him. Then they took and gave him the gene with some broken musical strings and other musical stuff, than sent him off to his foster family, who happened to live in north side of new york. Well a couple of years passed by and he still played music, he was even going to be giving an award for his playing at a recital. But as it turned out that would be the day his abilitys would activate while playing the ninth symphony the music became so loud that people actually were passing out he didnt seem to notice it until he stopped playing and the crowd was all out cold. In a state of shock he fell back and touched a flute that suddenly began to play by itself. He looked around and touched a drum and music came from it as well and with a grin he began touching others and whatever he had touched continued to play in tune. So hin his free time he began to try different things like playing and focusing his power outward and soon he realized he could control sound itself. Thats when he began to accquire more and more insturments to mess with and soon began moving around the town of new york.
Powers:messing with sound using it to float on various objects
Personality:a quiet lad he spent most of his time in his room having fun with his instruments. hes very calm and very laid back most of the time he would rather sit back and listen than do anything.

CF Striker
03-11-2007, 08:24 PM
Aura: Change the other age of your character to 11 and you're fine.

Nespa: Accepted for the most part, but I do wonder why pretty much ALL of your characters are named Babs. ? I do have one little picky thing, but its a quick fix. The project name should be different from her allias. Think of it this way, it the name those messed up scientists gave to her so something along the lines of "The Animist" or something of that nature would be more appropriate.

viperoushell: I'm gonna tell you the same name, change the project name and then you're in.

Itachi: You're in, Congrats

Sin: Approved

Also as of now the last two CO-GM have been filled.

Omni Mod: Me!

Hero-Merc Mod: Natu-Utan

Villian Mod: Kyuubi Naruto
Villian Mod: Tetsanosuke

By the way, general message, we're getting a bit villian crazy around here. To new people to join, we could use a few more Heros, I think we have 4 heros compared to everyone else. One or two more should cover it, but I think we need that many. Oh, and just to confirm Aura, more than one character is fine as long as you think you can control both. I MAY make another one myself, but thats a MAY. I'm gonna have to control some other villians and such later, so we'll see.

I'm gonna give this a couple of days a then I think we can get started......I think.

03-11-2007, 08:53 PM
I can switch if need be. It isn't that hard with my character. Just switch him from thinking that everyone is guilty of evil and should be punished, to that just those who are evil should be punished. Simple enough.

CF Striker
03-11-2007, 08:56 PM
You could, but I'd rather you didn't have to do that. Give some people a chance and a couple of days.

03-12-2007, 10:15 AM
And yes I found the villain role to be... quite 'new' so to say. I just wanted to try it on y'know? My characters always are on the good side, even if they seem to be evil. (ex: Tetsuo -ATWF) Or they are tainted/manipulated to be (Ex:Koshiro - Vampire Siesta).

But now I have a character based on my real name.. but the funny part is I'm quite the opposite of this character, except for the strong-ness. >.>''

And thank you for giving me a position as Villain Mod, it makes me feel better about being Eeeviil~!

Hmm.. I might make a hero character as well... I'm thinking about that. ^^;;

03-12-2007, 01:31 PM
Name: Kaede

Project Name: Project 13 (Project Minerva)

Age: 19

Moral Allegiance: Hero

Super Alias: Silent Death

Appearance: Long (ankle length) black hair, violet eyes. She has fair skin and stands at about 5'8. (pic to come when Im not so lazy <3)

Background: Kaede was taken in because of her amazing telekenitic ablilites. Though once brought in, she refused to use her powers for testing. She was kept seprate from the others due to her refusal to copperate. It wasnt until one of the male doctors decided to give her a physical when she got her Alais name of Silent Death. She didnt speak a word, instead she focused her powers on his spine and snapped it. She dispises all the staff of the Society, though her nature isnt usually one of malintent.

Powers: Telekinesis (the ability to move objects with one's mind)

Personality: Shes very quiet due to her lack of human interaction, but is generally a kind spirit. Though she does have the death of a doctor on her hands (though she felt it wasnt a routine 'physical') she isnt an evil or malicious person. She does have a great hate for the staff that put her through painful experiments in hopes of getting her to use her powers, but thats as far as her hate (currently) goes.

Aura of the Twilight
03-12-2007, 03:40 PM
Okay I edited my age for Karissa.

CF Striker
03-12-2007, 03:46 PM
Aura, your seccond character is fine.

Aura: Approved

Nespa and Viperoushell made their changes and are good to go as well

Whispana: Approved

Sonic Surfer: Approved

Maru! Good to see you here, your character will really help thing out too! Just edit the name a little (man these project name things are annoying...sorry! :( ) You're #13 and otherwise you just need a name , I'm not sure if a number works but it might. Try it. Sorry for the inconveince.

BTW, go ahead if 'ya want to Tet, no complaints here if you make another kick-butt character.

03-12-2007, 04:10 PM
Edited. Hope thats better

I am your stalker
03-12-2007, 04:15 PM
Name: Leon Garcia
Project Name: DE ASTURIAS 14
Age: 18
Moral Allegiance: Hero
Super Alias: Dandelion
Appearance: http://www.tokyopop.com/image/10414/6939_large.jpg
Background: At the age of 12 he was a master of hand-to-hand combat. At 14 he was good with animals he loved animals and animals loved him. He was able to tame any animal. His favorite animal are lions. His abilitis only got better. He was abducted by NYRS they killed his parents and he was given to a faster famly. Now at 18 he works at a zoo and is happy with things now.
Powers: He can create animals from earth and from dreams. The animals are made of the material arownd him. He can make new animals that he sees in his dreams.
Personality: Funny, loveing, and over protective(He is protective over life). He has a procastion problem.

CF Striker
03-12-2007, 04:30 PM
Hm....I'll let you slide Maru. Most characters have some sort of name attached, but "Project Thirteen" just has to be I think, you lucky person, how'd you end up with #13? Anywhose

Slinet Death: Approved

Stalker: Well bluntly it needs just a smidget of work. Slap a number 14 onto the project name and then, well exspand.

Your Bio should include something about when your character got abducted, yours probably for his physical talents since he knew martial arts. Maybe also add what he does now or something like that.

If you can add more to personallity, please do.

And the powers. Animals from earth and dreams? I sorta get it but would like you to elaborate on that. Are the animals simply forms of animals that look like stone statues, is there any differnce btween these animals and the ones in his dreams. Can he make up new animals? Its a good concept, but it needs more. Just edit a bit and you should be fine.

03-12-2007, 05:03 PM
lol, Im such a tard! I finally got what you meant, edited again.
I figured since shes kept in confinement that she'd have a special codename, thus the project. Since its a 'project' to get her to use her powers in the first place X3

Natu Utan
03-12-2007, 05:13 PM
When we gonna start!?!?!

I wanna start!!!

I am your stalker
03-12-2007, 05:27 PM
Ok I made changes to my charcter so give it a look, ok ^_^

CF Striker
03-12-2007, 06:27 PM
No worries Maru, you're cool. :)

Stalker: Alright, that looks better. See ya in the RP!

Dandelion: Approved

Natu, I'm think I might wait just one day. I don't know if Tet wants to make another character not, plus I'm sorta bogged with work (that I need to be working on) today, but I think tommorow I'll be ready to launch this thing. I'll still accept characters once this starts BUT they can't be members of the orginal project.

To those would be members once my RP starts, that means you've gotta get access to the gene somehow, illegaly or whatever. You can't inherit the traits because the first batch of "supers" had kids. Good luck with that one. :)

Natu Utan
03-12-2007, 07:16 PM
>( Fine. okies

03-12-2007, 07:46 PM
Name: Cid X ("His hatred for his families has led him to remove his last name")
Project Name: 15 "Eyesore"
Age: 19
Moral Allegiance: Mercenary/Hero
Super Alias: Cutthroat

http://www.animeforum.com/image/thum_7705245ee14b51918d.png (http://www.animeforum.com/vbimghost.php?do=displayimg&imgid=6377)

Background: Cid was recognized at a very young age as being an unrivaled musician with an immense mastery of the piano... it seemed as though he could hear music even before he played it. Unfortunately Cid had been an unexpected birth and his family had hardly wanted to take care of him from the start, so when the NYRS came inquiring about him they were quick to hand him over and forget about him completely.

At the NYRS he was subjected to a new technique for administering S-Factor which involved injecting S-Factor directly into his eyes; unfortunately the test had horrible results as the S-Factor began to deposit in his eyes which ultimately caused them to burst releasing an acidic substance which melted off his entire face down to the bone of his skull. It was a miracle that he was able to live after that, but he now always had to wear a mask to conceal his disturbing face, and the massive doses of S-Factor had caused all the pigment in his hear to fade out leaving him with perfectly white hair. He has no eyes and has no mouth though the doses of S-Factor have given him the ability to draw energy and water out of the air so he no longer needs to eat or drink.

With what the NYRS believed to be a failed experiment they released Cid into the custody of a foster family, but the foster family was immensely scared of Cid because of his skull face even though he tried to always wear his mask... and one snowy day they kicked him out of the house and told him never to come back.

Since then he has been living on the streets trying to make it as best he can, and it is there that he discovered his powers. While he was living in an alley some local people got freaked out by him and called the cops, Cid was caught off guard by the sounds of police sirens. Cid wasn't about to get caught so he slowly started moving back further into the alley so he could escape the other direction when the police opened fire on him... using the nearest thing he could find a piece of pipe he stuck it in front of him and to his surprise he could sense the bullets through their sounds and moved the pipe with such lighting quick speed that all of the bullets harmlessly ricocheted off the pipe... and he escaped into the night.

Powers: He has developed lighting quick reflexes which allow him to move so fast that he can knock bullets out of the air using the two knives he normally carries with him. His heightened speed and reflexes also allow him to perform amazing acrobatic feats like running along buildings and surviving jumps from extremely high places. He also has an extremely heightened perception of sound and can sense how a person is feeling by listening to the speed of their heart and the way they speak.

Personality: His personality is very cold as he has never felt an attachment to anybody, and currently he feels a need to only look out for himself. His emotions are very hard to figure out as he has no face, though he does wear either a smiling or crying mask depending on how he feels. Also, because he lacks a mouth, his voice is generated by a speaker within his mask which picks up the vibrations made by his Adam’s Apple… and although he can adjust it to sound like anything (male or female even) he currently only uses a very mono-tone male voice which gives no hint of emotion.

CF Striker
03-12-2007, 08:43 PM
I have no idea what 氷の動物 means, but you've got some high quallity stuff here! That's a really interesting character.

Cutthroat: Approved

Kakashi Sharingan eye
03-12-2007, 09:39 PM
Name:Danny Bishop
Project Name: 2" Shadow project
Moral Allegiance: Hero
Super Alias: Shadow
Appearance: On the attachment. Has red hair wears black shirt and pants.
Background:The New york rebirth society found Danny in Dallas,Texas and saw at the age of 13 what he can do.They capture him and brainwash him. He had no parents. Inject him with shadow genes. He was walking pass a store and saw blood marks on the ground he remembered that he got shot at befor he got captured. He ran away from the base. Right now he is living with a roommate in a appartment makeing sure is powers dont get out of control. HE is going to college at the university of texas. He is also looking for the kidnappers for revenge.
Powers:To cover the enemy in shadows and crush them in the shadow. teleports,Hides in the shadow, take the shape of others, reanimates the dead.
Personality: Danny is a dark kind of person. he is not goth. He gets along with everyone, plays sports, he opens up to people, and gets in alot of fights

03-13-2007, 06:48 PM
Name: Jason Blackstone
Project Name: Project 19:Project “Tick-Tock"
Age: 17
Moral Allegiance: Mercenary
Super Alias: Bullet-Time

Jason is seen by most as a handsome young man, with soft features and a tender smile that tends to put people at ease and reveal his easy going nature. He stands 5'9 tall, and useally strokes his left hand through his shaggy brown hair to ensure it stays a as untidy as possible.
His eyes are emerald green and seem to let people peer into a soul that is essentially care-free and easy going on the outside but deeply troubled within.

He useally wears a long brown leathered coat over a white shirt and a black vest along with black jeans. The top of his head is useally adorned with a brown cowboy hat. A large belt with two colt revolvers attached to it is strapped very loosy around his waist.

Ever since he could remember, Jason felt most people he knew had let him down. Born to an alcholic mother, who was unsure to name a father, Jason was frequently verbally abused by her and blamed for him for the faulty direction her life had taken. She was quite contend when child support took him away from her and it was then Jason was able to express himself without the fear of being abused. However his way of expressions were useually manifested in blatent disobiedience towards his foster parents and he would regulary run away from his foster homes. His academic succes oddly enough wasn't hampered by it as he would exel in sciences as display great skill with the acoustic guitar aswell as displaying an inate ability of having a photographic memory.

This didn't went unnoticed by the people of NYRS and soon they arrenged that after Jason recieved the experimentation that he would be send towards an employee of NYRS who would act as a foster parent.

After the experiments were finished upon him he was taken into the care of a NYRS employee who would ensure his possible powers were cultivated. For the first time in his life, Jason felt accepted and part of a family as he could relate and look up to his adoptive father.

NYRS had reason to believe Jason could wield the ability of heightend reflexes. Therefor his caretaker ensured that Jason was skilled many forms of martial arts to promote his reflexes. His adoptive father was a fan of westerns aswell and had a soft spot for colt revolvers himself which was a passion Jason would share.
However, still unable to extinguish the rebelious nature of Jason, his adoptive father couldn't prevent him from running away again after a heated argument when he turned 16.

From then on, he managed to survive doing one odd job after another, always at the run from the company. However one year later they had him cornered at an abandond barn in the mid-west. Among the 15 men that surrounded him, there was also his former adoptive father who explained to Jason that he had to be eliminated due to the fact he was a "failure".

When his adoptive father spoke these words, Jason felt betrayed yet again. His angst and negative emotions couldn't be contained anymore when he thought of his neglecting mother, the adoptive parents who never accepted him and his treasoning adoptive father that was now send to kill him. He pulled both of his revolers, which were a gift from the very same man that tried to eliminate him and jumped out of the barn ready to meet his fate. It was then when the first assasin opened fire, that Jason felt that the bullets fired towards him were slowing down up to the point they barely moved at all. When he reached the ground the initial shock started to wear off and the time hastend again though still very slow.
He easily dodged the bullets, but couldn't bring himself to kill anyone as he was still essentially an innocent soul.

He could only run off again as he jumped into a car and drove away with NYRS in persuit, however now they were intent on capturing him as they saw that their pet project was a sound succes.

Jason remains on the run, though he disguises himself as a cowboy from the mid-west as he tries to make a living in New York, unsure what to do with his new found powers and skills.

Jason has the ability to alter the flow of time to the point that he can make it stop. However useally his ability to move during the time stops are slowed aswell, but during moment of high adrenaline and stress he is able to move normally when he alters time.
Most people would make the mistake of thinking that Jason had immense super speed as sometimes most people tend to only see a blur.

Also due to the fact he recieved intense training to heighten his reflexes, he is able to preform impressive acrobatic feats which comes in handy when he needs to dodge bullets and deliver damage himself.


Jason is seen by most as a great guy to hang out with and a very charming individual aswell. He barely lets the chance go by to sweet talk a lady when he sees one, but remain a gentleman when doing so. However to the people that start to know him longer than for merely a day, they can't help but feel that Jason is hiding something under his cheerfull and charming exterior. During moments when he thinks nobody watches, he tends to stare out in the distance, with an expression of melachony and shame fixed upon his face. Nevertheless, after being alone for most of his life, Jason will be extremely loyal to those he considers his friends and will stop at nothing to ensure their safety.

03-13-2007, 07:35 PM
I must say, Striker, this looks very interesting. I see promies in you, you'd have great ideas for other RP's.


Name: Avril Kitsune

Project Name: Project 20- "Plant syrum"

Age: 16

Moral Allegiance: Mercenary

Super Alias: Black Rose


Background: She was born into a lowly family, and was born, to be blunt, a bastard. Unwilling to pay for her keep, and unwanted, they willingly gave her up, to what fate, they knew not.

At twelve years old, with three years of being injected with a nameless fluid, she showed no results. So, giving up on her, they threw the fluid away and let her do whatever she wished, except interfere with other experiments.

Being the one with oddly bright eyes, one troublemaker always picked on her, teasing her for her strange eyes. Unconsiously, she summoned a tree's roots to grab the boy from underneath and drag him under the earth. When she did this act, she couldn't speak. After that, she never talked, just nods and sign language.

Seeing the newfound results of their seemingly failed tests, they [icked up where they left off, but again, to no avail. They trained her to control her powers, and then, after her training was complete, she snuck out.

Powers: The ability to control plants, such as trees, flowers, vines, etc.

Personality: A loner type, she usually stays silent. Even in close company, all she does is nod, and uses sign language, no matter if the person is a very close friend or not. She rarely laughs, or smiles.

CF Striker
03-13-2007, 08:06 PM
Sharigan eye: Sorry, take a look back at Kyuubi Narto's character, its almost like you've cloned his powers. I'm gonna instist he be at least a little different. Plus, the project name and allias need to be different

Yamanaka_Ino: Yours is similar to Auras, but I think its different enough to where you could pull it off.

Black Rose: Approved

Shadesofgrey: Dang, awesome character, but there one thing thats a little off. Your character has to get his powers through NYRS S-gene injection, he can't have powers before they abduct him. Edit the backstory a tiny bit,then you're good to go.

fox demon naruto
03-13-2007, 08:37 PM
Name: Unknown
Project Name: 00 'The Death'
Age: Unknown says about 19
Moral Allegiance: Villan
Super Alias: Reaper
Appearance: http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e326/encourager06/anime%20guy/thangelshunk.jpg
Background: Not much is known about Reaper, infact they dont even know his name. The real reason he was captured by the NYRS and if he even had a family. All that is known was that he was the first person the NYRS captured however, was a complete faliure. After implanting the gene they saw that his mind was unstable and very dangerous. Seeing the danger the NYRS asked for him to be disposed of. However, everytime they tried the man would die from the kids power. The enclosed him in a chamber for the rest of the abduction era and never was heard from. Untill one night he killed the guards after perfecting his skills and escaped. He has unstable power and has grown insane.
Powers: Reaper; he has the power in which he obtains a scyth and can rip apart the humans soul. However, he cannot do it to others with the gene. Only to humans. With this he has almost become a living reaper.
Personality: Insane and find the suffering of other enjoyable. His main focuse on everything is to kill the others that have the gene. He is jealous of them and is ready to kill them all.

Kyuubi Naruto
03-14-2007, 03:16 PM
Well,didnt expect this much people to join,we're gonna have our hands full GMing this one,huh?

BTW CF,can you send me and ther other Co Gm's some info on when the RPG will start?

CF Striker
03-14-2007, 03:32 PM
Fox demon: No prob, liked it before and I like it again

Reaper: Approved

Shadesofgrey: Thanks for the PM, you're good to go.

Bullet-Time: Approved