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03-08-2007, 08:08 PM
A few rules before we begin:
1. No God Modding. So help me if I see you God Mod, I'll God Mod and kill your character off. End of story.

2. Dont kill off another character without that person's consent. Be nice people.

3. No CURSING. This is a forum rule, this is not something new. Also, dont try to dance around a curse by doing th**(this). Or th1s.

4. Posts must be at least a paragraph long. A paragraph= 5-6 sentences. Its really not a lot.

5. Be polite and have fun.
Now on to the RP!

In a world where pixies and elves exist, there lives a dark lord and a war that’s been going on for centuries. Elves, humans, orks, pixies, nymphs and the like have put aside differences and joined forces in attempt to defeat the dark lord, Lord Ballah, but to no avail. In a fit of desperation, several have gone off in search of a legend: The Divine.

Legend has it, that a child was born with the power of the Divinity, the power of the Gods. In fear of such power, the child was sealed away and hidden in time. It is also said that, if awoken, the child will pass judgment on the world and destroy it. Upon hearing that Lord Ballah was in search for this child in order to manipulate its power, the search to find it first has begun.

The Races:
Human- Humans have life spans of about 70 years and are usually very handy with a sword. They have no magic abilities, but make it up in strength.

Orks- Usually short is size, orks make up for their lack in size with attitude. They’re slow in battle, but pack a very mean punch. They also have a vast knowledge of war strategies.

Elves: Elves are very petite creatures, so they rely on archery in battle. Their wisdom of the world comes from such old age, even if their appearance doesn’t show it. They have very little magic skills which is usually limited to sensing others presences and healing.

Pixies: Also called fairies, pixies are small, winged creatures with a good amount of magical abilities. They can do small things such as unlock doors, create small fires, heal small wounds and the such. Given their small size, magic used is usually in small quantities.

Nymphs: Nymphs are creatures that have human/elf characteristics but usually have hair and eyes that match their elements*. They have the most magic ability but is restricted to the element they represent. (* fire= red, water= blue, earth= green, air= yellow). A Nymphs personality is usually based on their elements. Water Nymphs are usually very calm, Fire Nymphs are a bit arrogant and head-strong, Air Nymphs are whimsical and care-free, Earth Nymphs are wise and logical.

Character sheets:
Age: (must be over 17 if human)
Race: (if Nymph, what type)
Allegiance: (The Dark Army or The Revolt)
Appearance: (if posting a picture, USE THE ATTACHMENT FUNCTION)
Personality: (must be at least 5 sentences long and must be descriptive!!)

Sample characters: (These are NOT up for grabs)
Name: Lord Ballah
Age: unknown
Race: Fire Nymph
Allegiance: The Dark Army
Appearance: (picture N/A) unknown. He wears a hooded robe to hide his face, though his fiery red eyes can bee seen
Personality: Ballah is a very strong-willed and evil person. He’ll stop at nothing to have complete control of the world and its inhibitors. He holds a large army of all the different races and often sends a mole into the Revolt to see what they have planned. He stumbled upon the Divinity legend while leisurely reading and started the search immediately. He hopes on finding the said child so that he may utilize its power to help him conquer the world.

Name: ‘The Divinity”
Age: unknown
Race: unknown
Allegiance: unknown
Appearance: unknown
Personality: unknown

Name: Isis
Age: 376
Race; Elf
Allegiance: The Revolt
Appearance: (see attachment) Long, white hair, gold eyes. She stands at about 6’0 even, and weighs about 140 pounds. She has a very slender figure with fair skin.
Personality: Isis is a very kind, but very stubborn individual. She is wise beyond her years and often utilizes that knowledge in battle. Though she looks to be about only 20, her archery skills and knowledge of legends, facts, and race weakness is astonishing. Her healing abilities are great as she can heal broken bones and burned skin with little difficulties. Isis sense of presence isn’t too great, but her sense of hearing makes up for that lack.

NOTE: Absolutly no wolves. Im so tired of wolves. Also, just for the first week or so, Im gonna put a 6 post-per-day cap. I think 6 a day is pretty fair, right?

03-09-2007, 12:12 AM
Name: Nox Hander
Age: 17
Race: Human
Allegiance: Currently Dark Army but no loyalty involved
Appearance: (see attachment)

Personality: A cold young man who fights for whoever pays him the most. The ironic thing about this is he never actually uses the money. He will often just leave it behind when he moves on, taking only enough to survive off of. He really only fights for the joy of it but uses money as a way of judging how much value his contractee puts in him. Currently the Dark Army is paying his fees but they aren't paying him much and he's looking for a counter offer. Outside of his mercenary work he's a man annoyed greatly by the presence of others and dislikes being associated with. He's not very good at speaking, tending to spend upto a minute plannign out his next sentence before he says it but he is a brilliant writer. If you'd bother to get to know him you'd find a calculating mind that can be quite useful if its not turn against you. He doesn't like being asked about his family or even being near a family or having someone talk about their family. He doesn't really know why... it just bothers him.

Edit Additioonal Info

Weapon: He wields a double-glaive(as the name implies a staff with a glaive blade on both ends). His right hand is also encased in a steel vambrace for parrying and (occasionally) very painful punchs.

Bio: He remembers some early childhood memories however their are a few holes in his memory, after these holes he only remebers being a traveling mercenary. He start traveling young and mostly did odd jobs like pest removal and occasion killing low-end monsters that wondered close to town. Now though he's a full mercenary, though this is his first time working with a full army. He appears to have taught himself his fighting style. As strange as it may be.

I also added a full picture of him. Obviously he doesn't use the gun

03-09-2007, 11:50 AM
I like the mercenary idea. Approved!

03-09-2007, 12:00 PM
Name: Varlinaul Hiroki (Howling Swordsman)
Age: 24
Race: Human
Allegiance: The Revolt
Appearance: On the Attachment. (Though he wears a black cloak around his torso most of the time.)

Personality: Varlin has a personality matching at that of the elves, and a bit of a wild side to boot. But most of the time he's quiet, but still caring. In battle though he is ruthless, and his very shout sounds like a death howl from a wolf of the underworld. But infact that howl is from the winds he utilizes in his attacks.

Other Info: Varlinaul,or as those who may know him call him Varlin is called the Master of the Howling Sword, this is because he studied sword fighting in his arts, the "Kaze no Ryu" (Flowing Wind Dragon Style) for such a period that with a slash or swing of his blade he can cut into the winds using it as his weapon. Though this isn't magical manipulation, he is so precise that even when the wind isn't blowing he can cut into the air and use it against his targets. He can also do this to a small extent with the claws on his gauntlet, but the wind needs to be blowing for that part to work.

He was born in a small human village, though it was destroyed by the will of Lord Ballah when he was young. He had escaped the horror of the massacre with limited use of his left arm and found his way to a clearing in the middle of the Elvish woods where he was taken in by an elvish sword master, though as rare a person like this was the master made up for his physical weakness by developing the Howling Sword so he could attack his enemies from afar with the winds.

Varlin grew up under the elvish influence and traveled with his master for most of his young life learning the way of the Howling Sword, and making his own impact on it. His master gave him that gauntlet for his left arm, infused with pixie magic it allowed his left arm to be used fully again. After he was of age his master who called himself only; Kain set him off on his own. He had been traveling this world for a long while now, searching to improve his master's technique, perfecting the very essence of sword fighting.

I hope the extra stuff is allowed. ^^;;
EDIT: I Added a second picture for referance of the rest of his clothing, and I know it's Albel from SOTEOT but I want my character to look more like the first one, with the clothes of the second. Yeah I'm confusing. >.>

03-09-2007, 02:16 PM
Name: Sin Hein Kainazzo

Age: 487
*Is there any key to the ages and how that translates? I don’t want to be 487 if elf maturity is 6000 or something like that*

Race: Elf

Allegiance: The Revolt

Appearance: Sin is very short for an elf, standing at only 5' 9". Much of his appearance is odd for an elf and caused him much grief as a child. His hair is the color of crimson and his eyes match. Along his left side, below the chest, is a ring of puncture scars from the time that he fell on a bear-trap. He wears a black cloak to his shame. Concealed within the cloak is a curved and serated short sword about a foot and a half long. On his back he carries a black bow and quiver.

Personality: Sin is a conflicted person. To strangers he is wary because of how he was treated in the past. To friends, Sin shows a fake side to him that is rational and wise. To himself, Sin is a person of misery. He is plauged by homicidal tendencies, which haunts his thoughts at all times. He tries to hide them away, causing a lot of internal pain and ulcers. Sin refuses to heal himself of the stomach pains, convinced it is his punishment for having such thoughts. He works for the side of the Revolt, hoping that helping a good cause could aid in redeeming him.

03-09-2007, 02:49 PM
Both approved. As for the reference for the elf age, and elf wont die from natural causes, there has to be some outside source that kills them: battle, fatigue, illness...stuff like that. Only humans have an actual life expectency

03-09-2007, 03:11 PM
Name: Tripie

Age: unknown

Race: pixie

Allegiance: The Revolt

Appearance: small wears a darkpurple dress that reaches her knee's and look like flowerpetals. her hair is moonlight silver that reaches her shoulders and her ears are slightly pointed. She has dark green eyes and lightbue wings

Tripie quickly attaches herself to people who are kind to her and often have a good ally with her if they need guidance through the forest or a swamp. People who try to catch her or hurt her however have small but annoying enemie against them. she is playfull and often wants to help even when it's clear her size is a problem then. she is rather curious and that ocasianly brings trouble. She can befriend practily anyone since she does not judge people by there looks but by there hearts.

03-09-2007, 03:33 PM
Name: Black guard

Age: 22

Race: human

Allegiance: The Dark Army

Appearance: Big strong men whit full black armor. you can see his red eyes and some blond hair. He big muscles to wear his armor.He got also a big huge sword and shield. Because he has all of this his speed is slow but his hit are great and strong.

Personality:he is loyal to his master and does what ever he says.His family was always the royal guards for the dark lord to sand by his side all the time. he needs little sleep. he trains wen he can to be of better service to his master. he will give his life for his master if he must. He is also silent and don't says much he's only on this world to serve the dark lord.But now and then he sees how cruel the master can be and thinks that he is maybe doing this only because he is thought to do this. he has trouble to kill weak people that must be killed but he don't want to disobey the master this is a big dilemma for him.

03-09-2007, 03:36 PM
Lol Tetsanosuke! I actually took my character's first name from Albel's last name... its rather ironic

Also do you mind if i add some stuff to my character (bio and weapon and similar things)

03-09-2007, 03:53 PM
Yay! A pixie and an army member! Both approved.
And yes Luzy, you can add on. Just edit your original post with "edit: aniitional info" so I know what extras youve added

03-09-2007, 04:33 PM
Name: Kerri
Age: 122
Race: Water Nymph
Allegiance: The Revolt
Appearance: She has shoulder length blue hair and blueish skin wears flowing blue clothes and a blue silvery headband (veiw attachment) **NOTE: I take no credit for this picture I found it via Google Image search.
Personality: Kerri is naturally calm. She is pretty much never hurried or harried. She draws everyone to her by her serene additude and soft words. She could never find anything bad to say about anyone. She will add her thoughts or oppinion if asked to but otherwise keeps her mouth shut.

03-09-2007, 04:40 PM
lol, none of us take actual credit for our pics x3
I'll open the RP when I get about 6 more joiners

03-09-2007, 05:35 PM
Name: Blaze
Age: 182
Race: Fire Nymph
Allegiance: The Dark Army
Appearance: http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j251/Full_Metal_Warrior/hotguy.jpg His skin has a dark red tone. His shirt is pure red; the pants are a darker red than his skin.

Personality: Blaze does things his won way, stubborn as a pack mule. His stubbornness comes naturally, getting it from his father who had been killed by a human. Because of that, he hates being around humans and insult any when around them. He’ll go on saying that humans are weak and don’t deserve to even be talking to him. In battle, he’ll lose his temper if the enemy makes him mad. Once he’s angry, he won’t stop until the person is dead.http://www.animeforum.com/image/ (http://www.animeforum.com/vbimghost.php?do=displayimg&imgid=)

03-09-2007, 08:32 PM
Both approved. As for the reference for the elf age, and elf wont die from natural causes, there has to be some outside source that kills them: battle, fatigue, illness...stuff like that. Only humans have an actual life expectency

I understand that. What I mean is, Is 487 younge in terms of an Elf? Is 1000 their equivelent of a teenager? Is 1000 an elder? I've seen plenty of variations and I was just wondering what we were going by for this particular RP.

Natu Utan
03-10-2007, 03:13 PM
Name: Matomoso Kintoso

Age: 800 years old. =D

Race: Water Nymph

Allegiance: The Revolt

Appearance: See attachement, (Add blue hair)

Personality: Matomoso is a care free person, not really caring about much of anything. He is calm, and usually never acts out unless acted against. He is a wanderer, searching for a purpose in life. Matomoso can get along with generally anyone or anything, but he prefers to stay away from other Nymphs. The one thing he has, is that he beleives that he is the best and greatest Nymph around. He can act out at random times, and go on a spree of descrution and chaos, but this happens very rarly. He rarly speaks, unless spoken too and as a great respect for his elders. If, he ever finds any.


fox demon naruto
03-10-2007, 07:14 PM
Name: Link Wells
Age: Appeares 20
Race: Air Nymph
Allegiance: The Revolt
Appearance: See Attachent.
Personality: Link is a kind of hyper guy. He will do stupied things and do unthoughtfull things he is a nice guy. He does get in alot of trouble and has to talk his way out. He can talk his way out of alot of things. Though most the times he will still get in alot of trouble. During battle he is cocky and still do rash things. He is a good fighter though. He uses his speed and wit to get out of alot of things.

CF Striker
03-10-2007, 09:15 PM
Name: William (goes by Wil) Ghillibelle
Age: Appears 16
Race: Air Nymph
Allegiance: The Dark Army
Appearance: Maru, I'm not sure I know how to attach, but here's a link http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/art/h/a/halen/will_wind_col.jpg.html

Personality: Wil is in the Army purely by mistake. He doesn't have a clue what he's fighting for, only that he now has company and a roof over his head. After all, where else can a singer go aside for a rowdy inn. He's a bit shy for a wind Nymph, but opens if comforted. Sometimes he's a bit naive, but he's intelligent and kind. He also sings extremely well and is profficient with his mandolin as well. He has a shortsword, but only wields it at novice level. In a fight, he relies on his inherited magically abilities. He is extrodinarly reluctant to perform to a crowd he doesn't know.

03-12-2007, 01:11 PM
I dont mind links <3

All approved. And yes Natu, please shave down the amount of years on your character X3!

As for elf (and other) ages (Im so making this up):
1-100 child
101-600 teen
601-1000 adult
1001-?= elder

03-12-2007, 01:45 PM
It's not too late to join, is it? ^^;

03-12-2007, 02:04 PM
It's not too late to join, is it? ^^;
Nope! I havent even opened the official RPG yet, so sign ups are still open.
BTW, I plan on officially opening the RP tonight!!

Natu Utan
03-12-2007, 02:09 PM

i changed my character's age. xD

03-12-2007, 02:31 PM
Name: Lithaen
Age: 378
Race: Elf
Allegiance: The Revolt
Appearance: (Attached: Please note this is a character drawn specifically for me, the watermark is there for a reason. <3) Stands at 5'9'', weighs roughly 130, lower-back length auburn/brown hair, eye color varies garnet to ruby. Slender, "athletic" build. She's fair skinned, though her skintone is dark.

Lithaen, though young, is very mature for her age. She doesn't much like those who are overly spunky or irrationally optimistic. She tends to be very serious and generally withdrawn; however, she is unafraid to voice her opinion and will go the lengths necessary to achieve what she wants. Because Lithaen spent less time with friends, due to her strange appearance, she spent more time honing her skills growing up and there for she’s fairly skilled in both archery and light weight weaponry, particularly her twin daggers.

The reasoning behind her strange looks is that she’s a Sun Elf, of which there are few. Sun Elves genetically have darker skin, longer ears, and are shorter in height. Her appearance is the reasoning behind much of her attitude as it has caused grief for her over the years. Appearing, physically, in her mid-twenties, she’s often undermined. When in reality, she’s progressed very well in her studies of magic art and has thusly enhanced her ability to heal to a greater extent as well as her perceptiveness increased. Though because of her time spent alone in her younger years, she tends to make more selfish decisions and bases her actions off herself, rather than others or how it will affect them. In battle, she makes spur of the moment decisions to fit how she sees it and these rash decisions hinder her when she fights in a group setting.

Over time, Lithaen has proven to get along and fight well with Isis and so this has surpassed Lithaen’s cold exterior and caused her to befriend Isis. For this result, Lithaen is generally found not too far from Isis on any occasion. She holds an immeasurable amount of respect for Isis for not only her personality, but her for skill in battle. Lithaen holds Isis remarkably close in regard BC DEY ARE BFFFFFFFOREVERRR.

03-12-2007, 02:34 PM
Yay! ^^

Name: Veralimery Sterling (Verali to those who don't know her very well)
Age: 601
Race: Elf
Allegiance: The Dark Army
Appearance: On the Attachment

Personality: Verali has a split persona going on. The rude, stubborn and often conceited traits of her personality leave her with little beings she can call “friends”. Verali is cynical and critical of everything that she hears or sees, which combines quite well with her judgmental tendencies.
She knows no in-betweens, only one side or the other, good or evil, sad or happy, right or wrong. This causes her to have an extreme personality, meaning that she is either feeling one extreme or the other (euphoria or extreme depression, rage or serenity, curiosity or evasiveness, et cetera).
Despite her extremes and unpleasant attitude, Verali is quite the classical proper girl that she was raised to be; she always remembers “please” and “thank you”. Yet however polite she can act, her inner workings shall always contain certain sadistic and psychopathic natures. When in battle, these sadistic and psychopathic qualities make themselves quite well-known. She enjoys spilling as much blood and creating as much suffering as possible.
Verali is also quite the loner simply because most things about people annoy her. The dramas and beliefs and ways of everyone seem to arouse her aggravation. Her conceited nature causes her to believe that the very simplicity, ignorance and weakness that she sees in others results in her deeming of everyone else as “pathetic” or “unworthy”. She dislikes company.
She tends to live in a “jump-in; there’re no rules” type of attitude, which often results in a lot of her decisions being uneducated and harsh.
On the other hand, the 'rational' side to Verali is very much like-able. She is calm and thinks things through before acting upon them.

Other Info: Much about Verali's past is unknown. The only thing that is really known about her is that she has a severe case of split personalities.


o.o I think I overdid it with the personality, and that's why I left the other info spot kinda blank. ^^;;

03-12-2007, 02:34 PM
I DENY YOU!!!!!!
Im kidding, of course youre in BFFFFFFFFFF <33

Edit: Youre approved too Panique

I think I might start the RP in a few minutes....yeah, I think I will

03-12-2007, 03:10 PM
Mrew, >>; *Pokes in* Uhh...is it all right if I change the allegiance to The Dark Army? *Puppy-dog eyes*

03-12-2007, 03:15 PM
Sure, thats not a probelm ^_^

I am your stalker
03-12-2007, 03:35 PM
Name: Ginko
Race: Human
Allegiance: The Revolt
Appearance: http://img435.imageshack.us/img435/8014/mushishi8iu.jpg
Personality: A holy man and very happy with the way things are, he would not like to see much chang. He looks out for others and the weak. He is a traveling preast, and he uses the power of god to help others and fight the The Dark Army. His power is limited so he can not kill anyone that has not sined(One of the 7 sins).

03-12-2007, 03:37 PM
I love that 'thou shall not kill the innocent...but screw the rest' idea. Very nice.

Marionette Kadaj
03-15-2007, 10:58 AM
Name: Kyro
Age: He forgot
Race: Pixie
Allegiance: The Revolt
Personality: Kyro likes to joke around a lot and it sometimes gets him in trouble, but he doesn't seem to notice. He enjoys the simpler things in life, such as counting stars, and his preoccupation with nature makes him seem like a bit of an airhead at times. Kyro is skilled in magic and, because of his laid-back personality, finds himself using it to get out of tight situations often. He will help anyone who needs it and despises those who hurt others, but he will fight ardently for any cause he believes in. He can have temper tantrums at times, but recovers quite well nine times out of ten.

03-15-2007, 11:29 AM
Aww, thats such a cute pic! Lol, I just wanted to point that out.
Approved, you can shimmy over to the RPG whenever you like =3

03-15-2007, 01:15 PM
Name: Murphy ("Murph")
Age: 34
Race: Human
Allegiance: Dark Army
Appearance: Murphy was grafted into his armor(see added history), and the only living part of him showing is his head, which is bald, has a metal plate running up the left side, and has that greyness associated with corpses. Murphy prefers to wear his helmet. As for the armor, it's a full body suit(like a knight) much larger than normal armor. The many overlaping plates give him a wide range of movement and conceal hidden weapons. However, his main weapons(a halberd, crossbow, and a broadsword) are in plain sight. The crossbow rests in a slot on his back. Bolts are stored just besider that slot.. The halberd is usually carried in hand, but is sometimes carried horizontally across the shoulders. The broadsword is in a hip sheath. In all, Murphy is about seven and a half feet tall and very heavy.
Personality: Murph is pretty serious, as the stress and trauma of the experiment dulled away most of his emotions. He's loyal to Ballah mainly because he doesn't know who else to be loyal to. He follows orders to as close to the letter as possible. He doesn't show mercy unless his orders specifically call for it.

03-15-2007, 01:21 PM
7'6 o_____________O
Well, I guess with the metal body, but DAMN! lol
Approved (my little slave, bwahahahaha! -ballah)

03-15-2007, 01:41 PM

Light Wolf
04-24-2007, 05:52 PM

Name: Kyoshiro Sendo

Age: 250

Race: Fire/Air Nymph

Allegiance: The Revolt

Appearance: http://http://www.animeforum.com/image/6771745b17dbf15a8e.jpg] His left eye is Red and his right is green

Personality: Kyoshiro born form a human mother and a elf father. Gifted with great eyesight and born with great wisdom, Kyoshiro was trained and set to find the Divinity. He hates the sight of his own blood and sometimes goes into a blind rage when his hands are covered in blood. He is quiet around women and sometimes cant stop them from talking to him. He hates men that talk to much and hurt women. He has nevered kill a human but doesnt care about killing anything else but he wont kill a women. He loves food and eat alot he hopes to find the Divinity so he can stop the fighting for good. He believs in talking first he will not just start fighting for no good reason.

Other Information: Kyoshiro uses twin short sword to fight with and can move at almost lighitng speed. He uses the forbinndin Angelic Trigrams for hand to hand combat.


04-24-2007, 06:22 PM
ok light, a few problems:
The Human/Elf is fine, but since they dont generally mix, it would be a "forbidden love" kinda thing. He cant also be a nymph.

Humans and elves dont have 'vampire teeth', if anything, he'd have long pointy ears.

As for the rage...I guess having a human father could do that to you, though your bio is a bit short.

Just make those few changes =)

Hollow Ichigo
05-07-2007, 08:29 PM
Name: Serge Breaker
Age: 19
Race: Nymphs/ Fire
Allegiance: The Dark Army

Personality: Serge is the son of a clan of Assassinions. He was trained to use the flames and the darkness to his advantage. He was then sent out to join the dark army gain a high rank find the divinity and destroy any and everything that got in his way. He is quiet and normaly never talks. He stays to himself and always is on guard. He is one of the most powerful of all the people in the dark army.

05-07-2007, 08:35 PM
Hollow: approved. Feel free to join the rp anytime, and pm me if you want to plan some stuff with Ballah =3

05-18-2007, 02:21 PM
Name: Synova

Age: 226

Race: Water/Air Nymph

Allegiance: The Dark Army

Appearance: As attached. Currently wearing the outfit of the first image, equipped with the sword of the second and (minus the flowers and length) has the hairstyle of the third. Her hair is as long as it is in the first image (of course there is an end to it, though) Stands at 5'7''.

Personality: Born into the Dark Army as an experiment of cross-racing with a water nymph and air nymph, her mind has been molded to make her the perfect soldier. She doesn't think in terms of herself, but is aware enough of herself that she can make her own decisions. She was raised to be the perfect fighter, using her quick mind to analyze every possible situation before it occurs.

Synova, though it seems she lacks the sensory to feel pain, does not respond to it. She has been trained to ignore all signs of feeling and pain and has a strangely calm aura. Though because of her secluded life of training and experiment testing, she is ruthless and cold-blooded. Enjoying torturing like a favorite past time, she hunts her prey and destroys it, causing them the most emotional and physical pain possible. Her expression rarely changes to anything of a kind nature, save when in the company of Ballah. She is malicious and malcontent, constantly mischievous and looking for ways in which to cause damage and trouble.

Holding great power over the air and water with the help of her strict training over the last 110 years, she can summon and manipulate any form of either source. She is also skilled with a double-edged sword and carries one from the water nymphs religiously. She is obedient strictly to Ballah and has acted been like a daughter to him (though of course we all know he is only interested in the experiment portion), as he was keen on the experiment. The experiment has made her like a machine in terms of stamina, speed, agility and knowledge.

05-18-2007, 03:04 PM
Jynx: approved.

Im making another character....cause we need more DA members >_>;;

Name: Clairen [pronounced clair-in]
Age: 412
Race: Earth Nymph
Allegiance: Dark Army
Appearance: Dark green hair [is practically black], emerald green eyes. Is fair skinned and stands at about 5'9. Has green ivy tattoos on her arms and legs.

Personality: Clairen is a highranking officer in the Dark Army. She tends to be very morbid and has a slight air of arrogance to her. Her personality is much like Ballah's, which is probably why they have small trists. Though, she does not let her relationship with Ballah get in the way of her goal: to destroy the Divinity. The thought that there is someone stronger than her angers her, so she has made a vow to find the child and kill it, proving that no one is stronger than she is.

Her skills in weapons is practically unmatched. She has had training in all different sorts of weapons, though she prefers using her powers or her 'tarot' throwing stars. Clairen also has a strong belief in the occult and often goes to oracles to have her fourtune told. She was tought to read tarot, and has sharp, metal trowing stars made to resemble all the cards in a tarot deck. The one she uses most is the 'death' card.

05-20-2007, 02:15 PM
Name: Eika

Age: 99

Race: Elf

Allegiance: Currently The Dark Army

Personality: Eika is still a child in the eyes of the other membersin the Dark Army and many want to see her off. This is due to her closeness to the Dark Lord Ballah. When they say close they mean that she is his personal executioner and entertainer at the same time, (entertaining as in killing in style =p) finishing off anyone who dares defy the Lord. She can read people's minds by their body movements, and expressions.

She is always seen next to the lord, but she never speaks in public. Eika is a girl that takes life as a game, even when she kills she pretends it's a game and seems to enjoy it. Her one purpose in life is to find her long lost sister. Lord Ballah had promised to find her sister for her if she was a good girl and served him well. Eika has no memories of her past life except for her sister, but that doesn't bother her, she gets through life by playing games, and of course annoying other members of the Dark Army.

Appearance: Shoulder lenght hair, darkish brown. Brown/gold eyes. Always with a smile on her face. As for clothes she wears a weird assortment of clothes she stole from those that she killed. Has a very bad fashion sense actually. Young looking, slightly tanned skin and carries her personally made weapon from dragon bones.

Picture attached: Self scribbled >.>

Nyah. :3, Anything to change roo?

05-20-2007, 03:05 PM
Nope, everything looks good Ookie, feel free to pop in anytime <3

05-21-2007, 09:11 AM
Clairen, Eika and Synova are all Ballah's main girls, it seems. As they're all always with Ballah and doing his personal bidding, we should make them, like, a trio of death. Haha. :}

06-17-2007, 11:45 PM
Name: Arya Drake
Age: 689 but she looks like she's 20
Race: Elf
Allegiance: The Revolt
Appearance: [see attachement] She has a gold breastplate and has green straps and undergarments on her. She has brown sandals and uses a bow and arrow for weapons.
Personality: Arya may seem cold and mean, but inside she's really nice, once you get to know her. She won't talk to you if she meets you at first but once she gets used to you, she talks more and opens up. If you try to pry her, she'll snap and not want to talk to you. In a situation, she's usually calm and collected and never panics at all. Arya knows what to do and doesn't need people to defend her. Arya is a type of person who fights her own battles. Arya looks kind of small and frail and looks as if she would lose in a battle. She uses her bow and arrow because she doesn't want to use swords and heavy weapons. She is quite strong for her size however small she may be.

Hope it's okay ^^;

06-18-2007, 07:42 AM
Approved B.O.W
Feel free to enter the RP

Hollow Ichigo
06-22-2007, 03:03 AM
Name: Misaki Breaker Code Named: Lady Blue
Age: 18
Race: Nymph Water,Fire
Allegiance: The Dark Army
Appearance: http://http://www.animeforum.com/image/67323467b812cc197a.png]
Personality: Being the brother of Serge always made Mizaki feel useless,she was never given mission and was never allowed to leave the castle. After she heard about his betrayal she was given the job of killing him and all that get in her way. She is cold blooded deadly and feared when she removes her glooves. For this is the time where she is ready to kill.

06-22-2007, 07:33 AM
The only problem I have with your character is that her brother is Serge, who is a fire nymph, but shes water/earth? The only cross breed nymph is Jynx's character due to special testing they did on her. You can have it so that their parents were a fire and something else, but you really cant cross three diferent elements with two parents [it would mean that one parent was an experiment, and Synova is supposed to be the only known experiment].
I have no problem with her being fire/water or fire/earth, since her brother is a fire nymph

06-22-2007, 02:54 PM
Deleted post

06-23-2007, 08:40 PM
Uh...I don't know if I can play but I am new and would like to try my hand at a RPG!!

Age: 24
Race: Human
Allegiance: The Revolt
Personality: Judas is a funny know it all. He can't fight but with the knowldg he has he learnd to use weak magic. Not haveing the ability to use magic he has collected magical items from othe races. His family was human and was hated as a kid. NOw he is just looking for a place that he can be his self at.

06-24-2007, 02:04 PM
Diz and Hollow:
Sorry I havent responded sooner -__-;

06-24-2007, 03:00 PM
Can I sign up? I guess it's to late since 480+ posts but I stumbled upon this thread and didin't realize the RPG version MaruDashi.

06-24-2007, 03:14 PM
I'd probably say so, after all DiZ just got approved today... so why don't you post a sheet and see what happens

06-25-2007, 04:34 AM
Pfft, talking to me like you don't know me Luzy. :p
In my creation of my character sheet, I used the Dark Lord extensively to portray my characters life with much dialect if that concerns you MaruDashi.

Name: Cathel'lin Balron Waer, (Balrog)

Age: 26

Race: Human/Orc Hybrid

Allegiance: The Dark Armies Ork Separatist faction

Appearance: Height 6,0, broad shoulders of an staunch human but tight muscles of an Ork. A minimal amount of hair covers his body like an human. His ears are fairly pointy related to his Ork genetics and has pale skin with a dark shade of green. Short, blond hair strewn across his head unkempt, compressed by the consistent wearing of an helmet. Dresses in an dark symbolic outfit tunic with shredded ringmail across his chest and legs. Equipped with cracked metal pauldrons and gauntlets stained black originally straight gray. Wears an shredded blood-stained blue cape representing his origins and military boots covered over with metal plating.

Personality: I made my characters details in order: Mother, Upbringing and Biography.

Cathel'lin's mother once served the Dark Lord decades ago in the conquest of neighboring towns in what she once knew as home. One of the few of the Dark Lord's best that didn't follow Him in blind greed or corrupted by magic; true to His cause of conquering the world and making it a better place, was accidentally killed by Him after she married an Ork that was trifling his Dark Army for years. While slain, she was pregnant and gave birth to him proceeding her death. Balron gave him an Ork name in pride, nicknaming him Balrog for a mighty mythological creature readily revealing his true Human name when in protest.

Bent on revenge against the Dark Lord, he trained Cathel'lin in his childhood in the martial arts of the Ork militaries in using two-handed swords and two-sword styles to tackle multiple enemies whom he would endure in the Father & Son fight against the Dark Armies. Although Cathel'lin known of his mothers death and training to fight the Dark Lord, his upbringing of his father made him contemplate his Human side to be inferior and nasty, growing upon his Ork name Balrog and xenophobia for such people.
At the age of fifteen, Balrog and Balron undertook a campaign to relieve the Dark Lord's presence in the towns and villages conquered by his deceased mother and draw the attention of the Dark Lord. In one night of bloody fighting between them and an Dark garrison, the Dark Lord alone pounced upon them in open combat and after an tenuous struggle slew his father, proclaiming that he raped and killed his mother but insisted deliberately that it is man that has caused his folly. In the damp evening, wounded and exhausted, mind splintered and mashed from the memories of his life all at once, broken down into walloping tears. The Dark Lord sprang to his side, truly grasping the complexity of his mind and physical skills as an Hybrid, the first he ever seen regardless of experiments. This was a real non-artificial creation between Human and Ork, nothing inferior to his crude creations.

"Human and Ork you are, and you must be wretched by the world before you." "Balrog... your circumstances aren't uncommon in his world ran by dubious idiots, therefore I beseech your aide in ruling this world together" Laying his hand upon his shoulder. "You can lead the misguided Ork's to new fruition and the Human's to their graves, if that is so you wish, Cathel'lin..."

Known by The Revolt and Dark Army as Balrog, many whisper the cold name Cathel'lin. Balrog tries to maintain an air of peace but his masters dogmatic dream of the world and the daily life of an leader of a large band of Ork's has him bloodied and strong-headed to keep up with his vicious brothers and demands of the Dark Army. Nevertheless he has an cheeky attitude toward those not answering with the blade first and talk later and does seek to consult with the everyday road-crossers of his life but as always his duty pressures him. At worst, his extreme distrust and erratic emotions toward Humans makes him eccentric of their presence lest otherwise known personal.

His weapon is a 4'foot two-handed, double-edged long-sword. Sleek blue dyed grip wrapped in bloodied ripped clothing.

I kept going off and on on him so I think I made afew mistakes and inaccuracies.

06-25-2007, 07:45 AM
Dont sweat the small details, lol

[and its about time we got someone with an ork-ish character!!!]

10-22-2007, 05:54 PM
Sign-up thread is reopened as requested.


10-22-2007, 08:43 PM
Sages of the Balance: Pending Maru’s final approval I will be creating a third faction: The Sages of the Balance. The Sages are an apolitical organization that exists in secret and remains aloof towards the goings on of the world. The Sages view the Divinity as little more than a Force, a Power, which can upset the Balance of the world and thus their sole goal of the Sages is to prevent the Divinity from reawakening and to seal her back up if she escapes. Failing all other means they will kill her in order to prevent her power from being loosed upon the world.

The majority of the sages are elves with great arcane skill, in particular those with a specialization in Barriers and Seals are highly sought after in order to cast and/or maintain the spell that holds the Divinity in slumber. There are also some that act as guards for the elves since most of the wizards are so specialized in their arcane talents they possess little martial skill.

Heretofore the Sages of the Balance have tried to stay out of the center of the fray, their numbers being too small to commit to the center of a fray between two forces as well as it not being in their collective disposition to interfere with the politics of the age. However, they have decided to send a small vanguard, a pair of its youngest members to gain a better idea of the situation and, if need be, to engage anyone attempting to awaken the Divinity.

Name: Emond Field

Age: 572

Race: Forestveil Elf (aka Forest Elf)

Allegiance: Sages of the Balance

Appearance: http://www.blkdragon.com/images/uploads/gallery/95.gif

Personality: A snarky smile perpetually hangs on his lips and an aura of confidence exudes from his skin. A man well versed in all things arcane, though at times his loyalties seems strained more towards the pleasures of the flesh than to the treading the path of a Hunter. His street-wise nature is in stark contrast to his diligent sister who for all her harshness remains wholly ignorant of the workings of the real world. A laid back individual, he rarely stresses anything and takes life in its due time, his only care is his burning responsibility to maintain the Balance and prevent the Divinity awaking. Its hard to tell, but this cause means more to him than his own life.

While maintaining a little of the infamous Hunter arrogance, as well as the already lofty nose of Forestveil elves, he is, compared to both his sister, and his fellows, a rather humble individual. Which is to say he isn’t arrogant all the time. Very practical in his assessments of others, as long as they earn their keep he tends to avoid direct insults. He knows the value of a kind word in maintaining a fluid relationship.

Bio: Born and raised in the Forestveil town of Ara with his younger sister Amiya. He lived the life of most Forestveil elves, which is to say that his station in life was chosen when he reached the tender age of 100. His intellect made him suited for the Life of the Hunter-Adept, those Forest Elves who possessed a natural affinity towards magic, an affinity which did not benefit from the long hours of study that the Tome-Walkers traditionally required. Rather, the Hunter-Adepts were trained to provide a magic support for the other members of the hunting party, manipulating magic by sheer force of personality.

He showed no incentive to progress himself until his sister informed him about the organization she had contacted and what it was trying to do. After she told him what was happening he decided to pledge himself to the cause as well and has traveled the world for the past hundred years training his natural talent toward manipulating magic to great levels. Always he takes the world on with a smile on his face.

Name: Amiya Field

Age: 538

Race: Forest Elf

Allegiance: Sages of the Balance

Appearance: http://www.blkdragon.com/images/uploads/gallery/71.jpg

Personality: She is in every way the inverse of her brother. Amiya is a scholar first, and an elf second. Her face rarely moves from a stoic seriousness that seems to give the air around her a noticeable chill. A childhood spent among books and spell components has left her ill-equipped to deal with the economics of everyday life and this often makes her the butt of jokes. Not that she is aware of it. Incredibly diligent she keeps herself on a short leash and expects everyone else to do likewise. Her entire life has become bent around her mission and she seldom see’s right and wrong as long as the balance is maintain, though she is not a cruel individual, by any means.

Hard to get along with, even at the best of times, the Forest Elf snobbishness shows its full splendor in everyone of her motions and her youth of seldom having to be unnecessarily kind to others has left her little capable of it. She maintains the rigid Forestveil caste system, and sees humans as an inferior race and typically does not associate with them.

Bio: Amiya was chosen for the Tome-Walkers when she reached her first century but was already so well versed in their lore by the time she entered that she climbed the ranks like a bullet. The Tome-Walkers were the most learned of the Forest Elves, specializes their lives almost solely to the study of the world and of magic. Even, among the Tome-Walkers her overzealousness and diligence was consider “human”, her jaded fellow students seeing in her actions the restlessness of more short-lived races who needed to work into the early hours to get even a pittance of knowledge before they died.

Her studies in the art of seals and barriers quickly put her amongst even the elders of the Tome-Walkers and by the still young age of 247 she had published two analysis of the most advanced wards.

Amiya’s enthusiasm for the warding arts did not go unnoticed and soon she was contacted by a fellow specialist in the field of protective magic, one who happened to be a member of the Sages of the Balance. After she had studied the myths surrounding the Divinity she decided to join the Sages and recruited her lay about brother to this end.

10-23-2007, 07:06 AM


It'll be nice to have someone bent on killing the Divinity

10-23-2007, 03:36 PM
Yeah, yeah. I also see the shortcomings of Murphy's character now.

11-08-2007, 12:30 PM
/bumps this also

It's really not a boring RP, I promise. :x