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Name of RP: Trek of the EXOUSIAI.
Approved by LPS

((This is my first time being the GM for an RP. I use a lot of biblical and foreign references when I name things. To help with confusion and to clarify where the reference originates from, a list of key terms shall be added in a little bit. This takes place in an alternate universe where technology is around fudel/medieval times. The technology is roughly at the same level. Last note, Biblical times did occur, yet they are just as distant time-wise as they are to us.))


About a century ago, it was ironic that this nation was called Kalm. The name sounds of the word "calm", yet the land was anything but. Violence, murder, theft, and arson were all daily occurrences nearly anywhere you went. Divisions between Humans and demon races worsened. The outcome for Kalm looked grave, and the people thought that nothing short of a miracle by the hand of God could save them. That is nearly what happened.

A group, which would later be known as "The High Angels", rose up and took power. Made up of both humans and demons, they spread a message of peace. They grew in power until they became the enforcement authority of the nation. Little is known about how The High Angels took power, just that they accomplished it.

Many years have passed since The High Angels took power and much has changed. Since the last heir to become King has died, The High Angels now act as an oligarchy. To better manage the nation, they have split into 5 governing entities. (Their names are spelled in all capitols to distinguish themselves from the true angels of the same names)
((Note: There is a lot of geographical references in the description of the High Angels, there will be a map that accompanies this, Here is a rough copy. Iíll try to have the better one uploaded sometime tomorrow night.))

ARCHANGEL- Enforcers of the Northern Province and bear the color Green. They have been laying siege to the cursed city of Altursa, and have been requesting aid in order to find a way to disperse the sentient fog so they may obtain the treasures within (See Key Places: Altursa) and auction them off to fund their nearly diminished treasury. Uniforms worn by ARCHANGEL are the thickest since much of their territory is permafrost.

CHERIBIM- Enforcers of the Western Province and bear the color yellow. Most of their forces are concentrated along the coast line to combat the smuggling of an illegal weapon known as Chacs, which are the equivalent of our firearms. Although Thrones handles most of trade through Baaj pass, there are a handful of CHERIBIM present. The rest of the Western Province is made up of plains that are used for farmland and subsequently do not need much enforcement. Notably, CHERIBIM has the most relaxed uniform policy. The only mandatory thing is an arm band to be worn on both arms that bears their symbol.

SERAPHIM- Enforcers of the Southern Province and bear the color orange. Because of the constant threat of outbreak from the Dead Lands, their uniforms are deep brown and of a very thick material and cover every inch of skin except for the face, which is covered by a removable facemask that bears their symbol on it. SERAPHIM have the largest number of "Angels" and are the only ones permitted to use Chacs, save for MEDATRON Angels in special circumstances. Their main concentration of Angels is at The City of Ur and around the Stiyxx Gulf. SERAPHIM are noted to have the quickest response times to any and all problems due to the possibility of an Outbreak.

THRONES- Enforces of the Eastern Province and bear the color Blue. With the least amount of land to enforce, THRONES is the most stable and prosperous of all The High Angels. Nearly all scientific and magical development in the past 20 years has come from this province. Their problems usually come, not from criminals, but from the demons of the deep that inhabit the Black Sea and the Crab Claw Gulf that are under the jurisdiction of THRONES. They are just beginning to find a way to make travel and life possible along the coast thanks to the development of "Flare Capsules". ((See Key Places: Costa Del Sol)) THRONES Territory is also the home to METATRON headquarters.

METATRON- Enforcers of special cases and bear the color red. METATRON Angels have the most distinguishable uniforms: They are all clad in black trench coats or robes bearing their symbol across their entire back. METATRON are the special forces of The High Angels and are used as reinforcement or sent on manhunts for extremely dangerous or escaped criminals.

Another change to the land was the cursing of the nation below Kalm, which is now known as "The Dead Lands". The curse happened some years ago for unknown reasons and caused the dead to rise and devour the living. The nation of Kalm quickly erected The Great Wall to prevent the undead from crossing into their land. The only undead that are still able to cross are avian or amphibious species, but most are too decayed to make the journey successfully.

The most recent development was the rise of a cult known as ONI. Led by a ruthless serial killer, known as Lord Sever, they originally were a band of killers that joined together to better evade Angels, but have converted their group into a religion that spreads a message that The High Angels are evil and are plotting to destroy the nation. As of late their numbers have swelled to dangerous proportions and shadows of a rumor of revolution are beginning to circulate.

That brings us to now. METATRON is beginning to form a team to eradicate the cult and bring back the peopleís faith in The High Angels.

Key Places:

Costa Del Sol: The only port trade town in The Black Sea. The cost earned its name by lighting up the Ocean floor using flare capsules. Flare capsules are made up of a clear container, inside of which is a creature called a flare. Flares are creatures that look like balls of pure light. They self-sufficient organisms that Costa del Sol traps in clear containers and sinks to the bottom of the Ocean, giving the coast a bright shine at night. The light wards off the sea demons and keeps the people safe. Any boats traveling in the Black Sea must equip flare capsules onto the bottom of their boat in order to keep the demons from wrecking their vessel.

Crab Claw Gulf: A gulf of the Black Sea that contains the highest concentration of water demons.

Aeshma, City of Shadows: A sovereign city made up of evil demons, most of which are shadow demons. They were responsible for a string of terrorist attacks a few years ago, but have calmed since then. Since the terror attacks, hatred of shadow demons has increased.

Wutai Mountains: A mountain range that runs the full vertical length of the nation of Kalm. It acts as the physical barrier between the West, North, and South Provinces. The only way to cross the mountains besides a long and dangerous hike is the Baaj Pass.

Baaj Pass: The only realistic way through the Wutai Mountains. There are several checkpoints maintained by either the SERAPHIM or CHERIBIM that are in place to prevent smuggling across the mountains.

City of Ur: "The city next door to Hell". Being so close to The Dead Lands, and their only protection being the Great Wall, all inhabitants wear clothes that cover all the skin. It is also the city with the highest amount of weapons per capita in the country. Outsiders are urged to either wear ear-plugs, or make their stay in Ur minimal, since the constant moans of the undead can be maddening if one were not used to it.

Sovereign Cities: Cities closed to the general public and only allow pure-breeds of a particular race to enter. They are almost always enclosed by a city wall and consider themselves not truly a part of Kalm. Most of these cities were established around the time when The High Angels rose to power, and tensions between races were at an all time high.

Character Sheet

Sample Character Sheets

((This is the one I'll be using))
NAME: Jonwolf

RACE: ĺ Wolf Demon, ľ Raven Demon


DESCRIPTION: Jonwolf was only 5í 10" and slim, but his intimidating appearance made up for his somewhat short stature. His black fur seemed to blend perfectly with his black trench coat and contrasted his white canine teeth. Underneath his coat, along the backside of both of his arms was a row of long black ravenís feathers. His red eyes matched the red symbol of METATRON on the back of his coat. His hands were covered in fur, but longer and more talon-like than a paw and ended in sharp white claws.

BIO: Jonwolf has been working for METATRON for a number of years. Along with his standard assignments, Jonwolf has been hunting Lord Sever as a personal vendetta ever since Sever was nothing more than a petty thief. His weapon, The Raven Claw, was taken from Lord Sever when Jonwolf cut of his hand and took the gauntlet. He hates Chacs, thinking they take away the personal touch to killing and that without the pain and guilt associated with killing, anyone could be a murderer.

WEAPON: Raven Claw: A metal gauntlet the color of onyx with curved veins of crimson that Jonwolf wears on his left hand. At the end of each finger of the gauntlet was a 7" blade.

* * *
NAME: Kaosu Kiri

RACE: Shadow Demon

GENDER: Female

DESCRIPTION: standing at only 4í 10", Kaosu is a meek image to behold. Her skin was incredibly pale and her eyes had the glazed look of a corpse. She had black hair that flowed past her hips. She usually kept most of her appearance hidden beneath a black cloak that she wore.

BIO: Kaosu keeps silent at all times unless speech is absolutely necessary. She is not mean or rude, she just does not enjoy speaking. For the past few months she has been up at Altursa working with the ARCHANGEL attempting to perfect a Shadow magic to dispel the fog. So far she has met with frustrating defeat and was relieved when METATRON called her to their headquarters. She was grateful for a break and is now anxious to see what the METATRON wish to speak with her about.

WEAPON: Kaosu prefers to not fight with her hands, feeling that contact with another person is in bad taste. Instead, she uses her power over the shadows and darkness to fight for her. If she were ever to fight with her bare hands se would more than likely lose due to her weak body.

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Yay you got it up~~!!!!! I added in a personality thing to separate it from the BIO. Hope y'don't mind.
(Note.. he ISN'T AUTO GOD MODE! Thank you!)
Name: Tetsanosuke Kirikami
Age: 9000 Years (Looks around 18)
Race: 75% Dragon God 25% Human.
Appearance: (Weapons included here)

He is a tall and slightly muscled being, his skin is a little pale and there are patches of silver scales about his body, one being the right side of his face. His whole left arm is scaled silver as well as his whole right leg and the scales from his arm round out fromhis shoulder over his chest halfway protecting his heart. His hair is black and flowing, some of it hangs over his right eye.

His eyes are sapphire blue and glowing, usually the glow depends on how he feels. He wears a blue kimono, though he has black slacks on his legs under it. At his waist is a crimson sash lined with chain, which holds his two of his many swords Arvalace and Destyn.

Personality: He always shows what emotion he feels unless something depended on him hiding his feelings. He is an honorable, yet kind and caring and deeply imaginative creature who loves life itself. He is stern when needed and though hard to anger he is a wrath bomb when so.

He was born 9000 years ago in a dimension called the "Dragon Verse", his father was the Reigning Dragon God at the time and he had met a human woman. Gamjinosuke, Tet's father traveled with Vajura Yuka for a few years after coming to this world on the trail of a demon from the void. They had a son, Nosuke who was half Dragon God and Half Human. and a thousand years later, After Gamjinosuke fused his blood into Yuka they had Tetsanosuke. Thus his 3/4 Dragon God blood.

Throughout his life he learned about his powers over Creation and Destruction. The power to Create anything and Destroy anything at his will. Throughout his adventures he made many friends, and though most died of old age he would honor them by living on keeping the peace. More or less recently, Nosuke Died for the second time after being brought back to life, at that same time Gamjinosuke was murdered as well. Taking the essence of his Brother and father, and the power of the Forbidden Art called the "Omniessence", Tetsanosuke became the Successor to the throne in the Dragon Verse.

After events went by, he fell in love with an Elemental named Katomi Isaki on one chance day after sparring with a friend. Later on his home, the Dragon Verse was destroyed by Ragnarok, 'The end of everything' and his mother was near death. But with the power of his will, love, passion and friendship he was able to destroy the envoy and banish it's essence from existence. Since then he had lived a quiet life with his love, and now he has set off to travel once more in this new land he as reached, and he discovered the many places on a map he found. He now roams keeping the peace as best as he can, helping others in as much as he can.

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Good to have you abord Tet. Wouldn't be a good rp without ya.


03-10-2007, 01:09 AM
NAME: Kisha
RACE: 3% Dwarf, 27% Human, 70% elf
GENDER: Female
BIO: Kisha loves to swim. Even though she is a dwarf, she is very tall for her species. She stands at 6' 3". She is very into medicines and alchemy. Her family was killed infront of her during the war. She has not spoken since.
DESCRIPTION:She is 6'3", brown curly hair-shoulder length, purple eyes with specks of blue, pointy ears
WEAPON: blue sword that her mother gave her during her training. it has a sharp tip and the blade can cut through almost anything.

03-10-2007, 10:11 AM
Hitsugaya389, It's a little bit short. Do you think you could expand out your ideas a little bit? If you need help coming up with ideas PM me.

Natu Utan
03-10-2007, 02:58 PM
Its gonna feel soooo good to get back into Roleplaying here, after months!!

NAME: Matomoso Kintoso

RACE: Full blood of an unknown race called the Hylorians


BIO: Matomoso was born in a small village long ago, about 15000 years actually. When the Hylorians ruled the universe. He grew up, mastering the arts of his tribes fighting styles, and abilities. He learned the power of Hydrokinesis, at a young age, which is the Hylorians blood power. When Matomoso was around 5000 years old, a disease spread through all of the Hylorians, killing each and every one of them, except Matomoso. Now, he wanders, looking for more of his kind, doing anything he can to survive, and live. Everyday he trains to become stronger, to be able to ward of the demons which have come across this land now.

DESCRIPTION: Matomoso is an uncaring being, bent on killing anything in his way that trys to stop him from completing his quest. He joined METATRON a few years back, hoping that they would be able to aid Matomoso in his quest. Matomoso is a short fellow, around 4'9". he has long silver hair, that constantly shines with a low aura. The hair almost the ground. He has a standerd METATRON uniform always on. In combat, Matomoso uses his abilities to cover his body in a bright blue ice.

WEAPON: Matomoso conjures many types of weapons made out of water and ice. He mainly uses his Hydrokinesis abilties, and hand to hand combat to fight.

Wow, that profile sucks.. xD

03-10-2007, 03:15 PM
Good to have you abord Natu!


NOTE TO ALL THOSE WHO ARE CONSIDERING JOINING: We might need a few more characters to be called to METATRON for the initial group. You can be from any of the High Angels. If nobody voulenteers I'll jst rp another person as well and mix things up a bit so that it'll all fit together.

Natu Utan
03-10-2007, 03:17 PM
Awesome Jon. =D

Also, I can change my character so that hes not with METATRON if you need me too. And make him a person that gets recruited or somefin.

03-10-2007, 03:45 PM
Thanks for the offer Natu, but I don't believe that will be required just yet. If worse comes to worse that would be good, but I'll try to keep your character intact the wayyou originaly created him.

I do so hate screwing with people's chracters. . .

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Bio(cont.)-Kisha was the bravest person in her clan, but she was always excluded. When she tried to join something, she was always turned aside. She then discovered a hidden village where she got adopted by her "mother" and "father". She then had siblings that were like her in some way and she had friends for the first time. She was very happy until she got captured and almost killed. Her life was filled with misery until, she found out that she wasn't supposed to exsist. She was even more depressed. From then on she was known as Kisha(her real name is ichigo)

03-11-2007, 03:03 PM
Eh, good enough.

*STAMPED* approved.

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arrrhh, i was just about to make a character then i'm being force to log off. i'll write it in word and hopefully post it tommorow.

great RPG by the way...

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BIO needs some work Shuichi. As soon as you fix that, your in the clear.

*Readies the stamp and awaits corrections*

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I noticed this RP hasn't started to kick off...
And Jonwolf has been having computer and schedule issues lately, if there are going to be any more sign-ups then I'll alert him myself when I can (We go to the same school) and be the one stamping his approvals.

If this is it then we can't get the RP going, and I'm sure it could wait until a later time if the people aren't interested now.

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NAME: Mystia
RACE: Cat Demon*
GENDER: female
BIO: Sometime before Mystia came to work for METATRON. SHe lost her speech no one knows how or why. She was dumped on their doorstep with only Mystic and her fighting skills. While she has worked for METATRON she developed a sign language to use for herself to communticate with people although her sentences are disjointed and simple she gets her point across
DESCRIPTION: Mystia is about 5'2" with long black hair and large green eyes. She isn't very intimidating to look at and uses this to her advantage when sent on a mission. She also has golden lion ears that pick up a lot. Her dark METATRON trench coat brings out the fact that she is deathly pale and looks as if the next breeze would blow her away.
WEAPON: She calls her black glowing sword "Mystic" because it always seems lit from within and the red veins give in a slightly surreal look like herself.

*Cat Demon as in Lion or other big cat

That's the best I have

04-12-2007, 06:11 PM
Well until Jonwolf can get back on this is Approved. I'm just going to have to tell him.

04-12-2007, 09:24 PM
((Awesome idea!!!))

NAME: Megumi Hashibana (er, edited the name.)
RACE: 30% Human, 20% Angel (if its allowed. ^^;; ), 50% raven demon
GENDER: Female
BIO: Megumi may seem like a silent and soft soul at first glance, but all is an illusion as to what she can really do. Her voice is barely audiable, and her face always wears and innocent smile. It's as if there's something about her past that got destroyed. Being an angel, she makes a promise to herself not to kill anyone, unless they've already died. Since Megumi is part demon, there is also another part of her that lets no mercy on the person who gets in her way. Many times, she will struggle between purity and evil. It can be hard, considering that she works for the THRONES. Many would say she was wrongly named, since her name means "God's Blessing", but many times, Megumi is cold to those who aren't close enough to her. There is also the fact that a human and a demon had a child together.
DESCRIPTION: http://www.animegalleries.net/albums/userpics/70363/anjo%20negro%202.jpg
WEAPON: Megumi's weapon would be the Silence Crystal. It is something like a large and curved lavender sythe, the blade's edges encrusted with a transparent crystal that seems to reflect the colors of the rainbow. Depending on how she controls it, Megumi can slash a body and desinigrate(sp?) it and decay it into the ground, or if the soul didn't deserve death, she can heal it and bring the soul back into it's container.

04-12-2007, 09:51 PM
It seems to work, I'm going to have to tell Jonwolf real soon. He'll be happy seeing as though his RP is getting more members.

So until he can get back, Ichigo is approved.

04-16-2007, 02:48 PM
This takes place in an alternate universe where technology is around fudel/medieval times. The technology is roughly at the same level.

SERAPHIM have the largest number of "Angels" and are the only ones permitted to use Chacs, save for MEDATRON Angels in special circumstances.

So you see guns are primitive, and only as said above are they used.

So no Beretta looking guns. Even if they are special. Chacs are usually 1 shot at a time if I can remember correctly. So Edit please.

Also, I talked to Jonwol at School today and he has given me in his absence the power of GM just to keep things tight. He should be posting RP in a bit, not sure how long though due to a virus on his computer.

So keep them coming.

Honest Lies
04-21-2007, 09:34 AM
This looks cool, a lot of my characters don't really fit in with this, or have the odd mild swear word in, so I'll either make a complete new one, or edit one of my old ones...

04-21-2007, 09:41 AM
Just post your character and I'll see what's up. Jonwolf has told me the people I have explained to him before are excepted accept from that error I'm still waiting to be fixed for Crimson.

And yes he still has that German virus. -.-;;

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Cool rpg! Although, I might have misunderstood a few info though...please just tell me ^^
Name: Celestina
Race: 100% fox demon
Gender: Female

Bio and Appearance: Celestina is a quiet girl and looks so innocent that deceives almost everyone in their first glance at her. Looks can be deceiving for she is over 1000 years old but her appearance remained like that of a 14-year old human. Although she had a pair of fox ears that she hides using an added black hood with her black trench coat that also partly covers her emerald eyes and her long wavy golden hair.
She is a new recruit in the Metatron and usually works alone because she believes that the work is done faster without anyone to disturb her during the fight. Yet, she doesn't mind working with others either.
(I can't describe her appearance too much..sorry..I'll post a picture soon)

Weapon: Her weapon is a light double bladed scythe that is tied behind her and 3 sai tucked in her sides and one at the back.(traditionally) Although she rarely uses them because she prefers to use her scythe, which she named Cruentus.
(I'm sorry for the mistake I made before..hope this one is right. Sorry again)

04-24-2007, 04:32 PM
NAME: Xaras Alexander
RACE: *Lunarian
BIO: Found and raised by METATRON agents while he was just a baby, he was trained in the way of the sword and didn't fit in with everyone else, due to his extra-terrestrial strength. His origins are unknown, not even by him, and while in the the services of the METATRON, he met the agent Mystia. He understands her the best and helps translate it to others when they are on missions together.
DESCRIPTION: Xaras is about 5'7'', has white hair, eyes that are split color, (left eye is blue, and right eye is red). He is very muscular even though his appearence doesn't show it, but he looks very intimidating with the black METATRON trench coat. The blade he uses was found with him when he was found.
WEAPON: **Heavy Metal Blade

*= Race of people barely known to the people of Kalm, this is the name that the High Angels gave him with their vast knowledge and didn't give any more details.

**= Mighty crystal-embedded blade that could only be lifted by the might of Xaras himself. It has the power of all elements but can easily be defeated by the opposite of each element. There are two empty holes in it. There are six elements (excluding the two missing ones); fire, ice, earth, lightning, wind, and steel. The two missing elements happen to be light and dark. The blade can only be broken if all the crystals are removed from the Heavy Metal Blade (H.M.B. for short).
(Note: My friend Altarsian Swordsmaster could not get on so I did him a favor by posting it for him he'll be on to add what he wants it if he wants more sorry for the inconvenience)

04-25-2007, 07:07 PM
Crimson, thank you. And I got'cha FMA. Those are good to go.

(Though Tetsanosuke will lift that blade some day! Lol, Dragon God-ness xDD)

Altarsian Swordsmaster
04-26-2007, 03:35 PM
I don't want to add anything to my character

(But I'm sorry, you'll lift the H.M.B., if you can pry it from Xaras' cold dead hands)

04-26-2007, 07:04 PM
Name: Myra
Race: 60% Shadow/ 20% Angel/ 20% Wolf Demon
Gender: Female

Description: Myra has long black hair, grey eyes like rain, black feathered wings as black as darkness itself, She is able to make her wings appear when ever she wants, also her clothes, she has the same clothes as cloud strife from kh1, except that her cape is blueish black.Her sword is also like cloud's buster blade, except that her blade can turn into 1 to 2 katanas

Bio: She was found by the Thrones, where she was raised to be one of their own. As each day passed, so did her fighting skills with a sword, martial arts and other abilities, she gained while training there. Her demonic skills and Grey eyes led her enemies to believe she was a silent, heartless demon, who knew nothing but to kill

(Is that better? sorry, I was really tired and wasn't thinking,sorry)

04-28-2007, 12:10 PM
Darkshadow.. I'm curious to how you have 90% 80% and 80% when there is only 100% of a total being.

I haven't talked to Jonwolf about this one yet so it'll be a bit.

04-29-2007, 03:44 PM
Sorry, I'm just wondering when the roleplaying board will get started....

Oh, and I edited my character. :-D

04-30-2007, 10:12 AM
Jonwolf still has that Virus on his computer, I'll see if I can get him to post it.

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Posting from school as of right now. Sorry that I have been dead for so long, a virus took over my computer making it impossible to even have the computer on for more than 5 minutes without it rebooting itself.

I will have full access to a lap top on most days and bits and peices on weekends once school lets out. If I am correct, then I only have 11 day (including weekends) untill this occcurs.

Again, my appologies, This rp will hit the ground running as soon as I get the chance.