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Time Gate

I'm back! I have made a few other games as game master not always successful but in my opinion I managed to keep things fun the whole time. I have also joined many RPs and have shown I'm a decent RPer on this site. But during my time off this site I learnt many things and I have improved my RPing skills like never before. The only reason I'm saying this is to make sure you are prepared for this RP. It is like none ever seen on this site. If you aren't much of a reader then stop reading now because what is to come probably hits the 32 000 word count if not more. It is a story not for the light-hearted and will incorporate things I've learned here and there.

This will be an RP where we will see the true story-tellers and not the one-line cherries. This RPG will be reserved for the elite, for the people that can write not only in sufficient quantity but quality also. I will be strict in the choosing of the members but when everything starts and you start playing you will definitely find this RPG to be a lot of fun. By the end I wish to have an RPG filled with conflicts and surprises worthy of the best novels and posts that are worth reading. These posts will not be a burden to read but a joy where conflicting and differing ideas combine to form an awesome storyline. I present to you the world of Time Gate.

First off I'm going to start with the rules. Everyone MUST read these rules. If you don't then you might get nailed on one without even knowing. I will work with a 3 strike policy unless I find the infraction deserving of greater punishment. These rules are in addition to the ones of Anime Forum but some rules will be enforced and might overlap:

1. No swearing whatsoever. You can't even censor it. There is a zero-tolerance policy on this site when it comes to swearing. I got my best RPG closed down because of swearing and I won't have it happen again. If you are caught swearing you will get a strike and a warning. If you don't modify your post to remove the swearword you will be warned again and another strike to your name until you are just kicked out. Also if caught swearing I will have no choice to report you to LPS and she will deal with you however she sees fit.

2. Post Minimum. Okay this one is one of my personal rules and will be enforced. I will be lenient especially at the beginning up to a reasonable amount. The post minimum will be 3 paragraphs. Your paragraphs should have at least 2-4 sentences. You will never be penalized for writing too much but you will for writing too little. Once again a strike and a warning when you are caught. You will not have to modify your post but if you do I might reconsider and remove your strike. This rule is just to make sure we have a decent amount going on in every post and if you have less then that there are good chances you didn't describe much and that is the soul of RPing.

3. Posts per day limit. Okay this one I'm putting because of past experiences. Too many times I've seen a few people go on for 2 hours one after the other and making 3 pages just those two and forcing us to read them all. Not only is it confusing, long and annoying but usually if you post so often the quality of your work is decreased. To maximize the post quality make sure you thought well about what you're going to write. The post maximum will be of 2 posts during the week (Monday-Thursday) and 3-4 during the weekend (Friday-Sunday). This will make sure everyone gets involved and that you don't have too much to read. I might make changes to that as I go if I see everyone is really good and active but I doubt it. Once again prone to strikes if you disobey.

4. Dieing. Look I will not allow any character to be killed in my RP unless you have the other persons consent. But get this straight I personally don't mind deaths and actually especially in war RPGs I find it gives a touch of realism. No ones perfect and people get killed. Don't see it as losing a game see it as helping the story go forward. If at any point your character is killed you will be allowed to make another one. It will obviously have to be approved again before you continue rping but I'm usually really active.

5. Lucy Lueing. I don't know if you're familiar with the term or not but its basically in RP to dodge absolutely everything. It's basically making your character seem perfect and untouchable. Lucy Lueing is really a hard to judge law therefore I will warn but unless it is very obvious and repeated I will not issue strikes. I expect the people that will join this RP to be good enough to know that sometimes even the strongest of characters get hit. There are characters that will end up being able to dodge or take more because they are stronger for some reason but that all comes from the story and your character background etc. I don't want Gods walking everywhere but if itís obvious by whom the opposing character us that he's stronger then you then RP in consequence.

6. God Moding. This one is a pickle. Itís actually really simple to judge if you judge it really strictly but I'm going to try something for this RP. God moding is basically any action that you take for your opponent in your own post. I'm going to let people do what I call limited control. Basically it means that you are allowed in a battle situation AND ONLY in a battle situation to say what you opponent does. But here's the catch. At the end of your post the opponent cannot have been altered in any way (no injuries, no humiliations nothing). Then what's the use you might say well itís really only for storytelling. Basically you can say you shoot a beam at him and he jumps over it before teleporting behind you and trying to hit you across the face but you dodge it. You can be altered by the movements you are making him do though. This is just to make battle posts longer because if you can only write one move posts will get short but if I see it being abused I will ban it and no form of God Moding will be accepted and it will be up to you to find original ways of filling your posts, I know I can.

7. Veto. I reserve the right to say if any post isn't to my liking for any reason (obviously I'll have reasons not just like meh I don't like what you did). I'm saying if your post is unreadable or if you do something that clearly makes no sense or that you say something that contradicts or changes something already established. Most times I'll just point it out and ask you to change it.

Okay I think that's it for now but I reserve the right to add, remove or change things as I go to make sure the RPing experience is the best possible. One last thing I want to say. Usually RPers take this like you would take a video-game where dieing or something negative happening to your character means you are a bad RPer and that you should fight against it with all your might. That is something that isn't always true. Obviously if you always die and always take the hits it's no fun but sometimes letting something bad happen to your character will not only make it more fun for you but also more fun for everyone.

Think about it this way...the story before single characters. The quality of the storyline should be maintained even at the cost of individual characters. Some pretty sick revenge plots and secret stuff happen when people die or when people are exiled etc. Also please try to make complicated characters; I'm tired of unidimensional predictable characters. What I mean is somebody that actually sounds human. Donít make stereotypical people that always react the same way and never change. People change, people react certain ways because certain things happened. The more you stay away from unidimensional characters the more fun you'll have fun RPing. Yeah I'm sorry about the length of this but it was necessary for what I want to accomplish but think about it this way it was just as long for me to type it. Now the actual Story:

Time Gate

This is divided in parts and at the end you should have a basic idea of the world and what is happening and where you can place yourself in this world. Basically how magic works, certain important weapons, civilizations, etc. are all found here. The first part is a basic history and creation of that world.

The Creation


Time, the ultimate force in the universe, controlled by none, affected by none. Before matter, before light, even before the void of space, before God awoke and created the universe there was Time. Time is the ultimate element, the very essence of everything. Out of Time God was created. With Time God based his world. Even all-mighty God canít alter or change Time, Time controls God. In 6 days God created the universe. In a fraction of a second God was created from Time. Time sets the barriers; Time is the final control that creates the impossible and the possible. If one were to control Time they would be able to control the very essence of anything that exists. It is a force that exists but that is too ancient and powerful for any being, God included, to use at will.


In the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth, the earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep. Then God said let there be light and light there was. And God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness. God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all their multitude. And on the seventh day God finished the work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all the work that he had done. So God blessed the seventh day and hallowed it, because on it God rested from all the work that he had done in creation.


But during that seventh day while God rested the darkness he had imprisoned in the night wanted more and in small quantity escaped to the earth and created shadows. With the shadows present the darkness tested its luck once more. Like God created the heavens the darkness created hell, in the depths of the world hell grew bigger and stronger. When God realized he had been duped by darkness it was too late and hell was there to stay. God furious with hellís creation sealed off the earth from hell by creating an impregnable fortress of rock and red hot magma separating hell from the earth he had created. High in the heavens God watched over hell knowing full well nothing good would come from its creation and while God surveyed hell the humans evolved and spread.


Everyday during the creation of our world God created elements to watch over the different aspects of his world. During day 1 God created Light and it was spread far and wide as a force of good to be used by his followers to help the weak. During day 2 God created the oceans and from it the element of Water was created to hydrate the living and protect form the ravages of fire. Fire, created during day 3 it was a source of heat, protection and a necessity for all. On day 4 as he created the humans at his image he created the element of Wind. Wind cycled the earth spreading everything right and left, bringing oxygen to where itís needed.

Then the bare world took form and shape as other living things were created to accompany the humans on the barren world, it was known as Nature and was the basic element behind the ecosystem. Last on day 6 God created Ice and thunder, from the skies these 2 powerful elements emerged and on the earth they cause their ravages and benefits. Thunder, powerful energy and fury from the sky. Ice, cold and ruthless, without emotion or sense of good and evil. Ice doesnít judge it simply freezes. On the 7th day when God rested Shadow was created. An element in origin as neutral as ice and thunder. But through ages hell grew stronger and started to be known as being truly evil and the element of shadow was tainted, corrupted. What was once the balance of light became the tool of evil that spread on earth.


To help with their evolution and to make sure they survive the perils of the new earth God gave a few special humans the knowledge of the element and how to harness them. Then as the years went on the knowledge spread and magic was a skill practiced and mastered by many more then when magic started. Humans with their nature studied and developed magic finding more and more ways of using the elements in symbiosis to help themselves with their daily tasks. But like all advancements by man it soon led to conflict. Conflict that would normally have been stopped by God but God had his own problems.


As humans tasted the sweet taste of power and wealth they were influenced by the tainted shadows and new emotions built in the humans: anger, laziness, gluttony, lust, envy, pride and greed led to conflicts and wars. While the battles on the earth raged God was fighting his own war. An epic battle between hell and heaven erupted as God and the angels he created faced off against hell and its creators. At their lead stood the might of all evil, Satan. The battle between good and evil had devastating effects on the earth that already faced problems with all their own battles. Countless floods and devastating storms. Without forgetting countless volcanoes and earthquakes. All these catastrophes were results of the mighty clash between good and evil. The epic clash was escalating to such a height that the very fabric of existence was risking to rip and collapse. Itís at that moment that Time intervened. Time in an attempt to save the universe which it had grown fond of stepped in.


When all seemed lost and everything would go back to the void of old Time froze everyone and everything in place. Nothing moved, nothing happened. Time brought God and Satan together and they made a pact. Hell was to be released from its rock and magma prison but the evil and darkness that issued from its creation had to stay sealed from Godís pure world. Time created a wall, a wall that cut the world in 2 along its length. A wall that stretched higher then the stars and deeper then the core. A wall made of Time, an impregnable wall that none could get through. At its center stood the gate of Time, a gate created by Time incase of trouble, a gate that should have never been createdÖEvery human being and creature on earth was judged and placed in its respective area.

The dark, the evil, the shadows were placed on the left side of the world which was renamed Abyssus, Abyssus was ruled by Satan. The good, the light, the worthy were placed on the right side of the wall which was named Olympus, Olympus was ruled by God. On top of the wall where no being, God and Satan included could reach stood the castle of Time, a physical manifestation of Time and a beacon to ensure peace forever. But even Time couldnít foresee the unforeseeable. A key was created for the gate but it was separated into fragments separated on both sides of the wall so that there was no way for the key to be complete. The key was separated into 8 fragments, fragments that were shaped like swords, 1 for each element created by God and Satan. Those swords held power over the world given to them by Time itself, they were all locked away in different temples that reflected their respective elements. 4 in Abyssus, 4 in Olympus. Time hoped that they would never be used, ever.

Key Fragments/Legendary Elemental Swords

Excalibur, the holy one: Epic blade of light, sealed in a rock inside a temple at the peak of a mountain. A flight of steep stairs reach the temple but no one has managed to release the sword from its ancient seal. Itís in Olympus.

Crecento, The Forsaken: Epic blade of shadows, sealed in a block of black steel in the depths of a series of caves known as the Abyss. Too many people have died lost in its tunnels and the people who have made it to the blade were unable to release it from its prison. It is Excaliburís sister blade. Itís in Abyssus.

Hereet, Burning Justice: Epic blade of flames, it lies over a pit of magma chained to the rocky sides. It lies in the largest volcano to the south of Olympus. It is a symbol of justice, a protector of the weak; it represents the burning strength of justice.

Sub-Zero, Cold Fury: Epic blade of ice, it is stuck inside a huge glacier of ice colder then any other. The glacier is at the peak of the tallest peak of all Abyssus and Olympus combined. Its snowy peak is one of the most hostile regions of the world. It lies in a cave and the peak lies up north in Abyssus.

Thundhelios, Core Shocker: Epic blade created by the fury of the heavens. Blade that harnesses the power of thunder and lightning it is locked in a stone coffin in large catacombs under the ruins of an ancient temple. Lies in Abyssus.

Helionaut , the Hurricane : Epic blade of the winds, it is stuck high in the wall of time inaccessible due to its height. It is surrounded by the strong winds that characterize that altitude. Lies in Abyssus.

Unda, Flood Bearer: Epic blade of water lies stuck at the bottom of an ocean. Incredibly deep and magically stuck to the sea floor the blade was left alone. It lies in Olympus.

Sato, Natureís Defender: Epic blade of nature that is stuck in a huge tree in the middle of a very vast forest. Magic keeps it sealed where it is and has never been released. It is known as the protector of the forest. It lies in Olympus.

The Civilizations

Angelic: At their lead sieges God. This race of pure and fair people is a gracious reflection of the humans. Created by God to help him in heaven he used them most during the war against Satan. Usually winged and blond, they have flawless bodies and reflect Gods best creations. Long white wings give them the ability to go around heaven as they wish and they radiate with the holy light element that was infused into them. All angels are proficient with light magic. Different classes of angels exist, from minor angels all the way to arch-angels. After the pact with Time and Satan God forbid any angel to go down to earth without his permission. A few angels strayed from their path of righteousness for a reason or another those angels were either, banished to earth and had their powers removed, fled to Abyssus, have been killed or still defy God to this day. Angels that had strayed are known as Dark angels and are usually incredibly powerful if they havenít been killed.

Darkness: Satanís race. Darkness in the beginning was simply the opposite of light but being secluded and imprisoned by God and given practically no freedom of their own darkness rebelled and started evolving and adapting. Shadows were the first manifestations of darkness and even though they couldnít do anything they were still the first step towards a tangible force. Soon shadows evolved and were able to spy and even to move. As darkness creatures evolved they started becoming sneakier and some even became tangible. Satan was the ultimate form of darkness and was created when darkness needed a powerful leader to rival God. Satan is the combination of most of the darkness that had been imprisoned. Darkness also has ranks but they are based on power and what level of evolution you reached. It goes from basic useless shadows all the way to arch-shades. Darkness are really united and communicate permanently with each other at all time. No betrayal is committed within the darkness community and they all work to reach their ultimate goal. Darkness hates light but some evolved darkness have grown able to survive it. Most darkness lives in abyssus but some of the mindless kind was kept in Olympus for many practical reasons. Most darkness lives in Satanís humongous castle in the middle of Abyssus.

Demonic: The demonic race was created by Satan. Using the incredible knowledge of the whole darkness race Satan was able to like God create his own group of minions. The demons he created using shadow, fire and other elemental magic depending on his needs helped him a lot during his war against God. Demons were made specifically for a specialized task and were created differently based on that task. Like some demons have wings, some longer claws, others breathe fire and so on and so forth. No real ranks exist within demons but some are more powerful because they took more time, energy and were made stronger by Satan. They were created to serve Satan but unlike darkness they arenít as loyal. They hate the light and the angels so they wouldnít betray Satan to follow the good but sometimes run off on their own. A very adaptable race they are tough fellows but have no way of continuing their race without the help of a powerful sorcerer not being able to create each other. They populate Abyssus and are by nature quite violent.

Olympus Humans: Olympus was quite a nice land since the toils of war were long past. Peace has lasted for quite a bit of time and the different cities are prospering in this time of good. Merchants trade buy and sell their goods, kings invest into their people instead of into war and peasants donít know the word of famine or poverty. The Olympus humans have known a lot of good due to Gods blessing of the land. Since the pact with Time and Satan God decided to never directly interfere into the business of the Olympus humans and kept himself and his angels in heaven away from the humans. Even though God disappeared from earth his followers worship him in many temples and the whole land is incredibly religious. The whole land follows the one God and conflicts in beliefs are unknown. Weapons are rare and mostly for show for the humans interact with their nature and seldom needs to protect themselves from it. It is a good place and time to live. The two main human cities in Olympus are Angoria and Enosia. The monarch for Angoria is King Darien, the crimson king and the king for Enosia is Sir Augustin the 7th, the just.

Abyssus Humans: Abyssus is quite the opposite of Olympus. The land is like a barren wasteland filled with deserts, dieing lands and mountain chains. The only source of humidity comes from smelly swamps that are inhabitable for humans anyway. The humans in Abyssus usually live either in caves or travel in tents. Surviving in Abyssus is quite a feat and has made the humans there quite tough and adaptable. Abyssus humans are practically born with weapons to defend themselves. The amount of humans has drastically decreased since they first arrived in Abyssus but through the centuries the humans toughened up and found tricks to survive. Avoiding or killing demons that like attacking humans and avoiding seismic areas where volcanoes erupt more then once a week humans have grown hard and ruthless. Some humans live in packs and believe that their pack members are closer to them then any family and are very loyal but some go solo and are usually the stronger ones having dealt with more alone. Very few women survive in this harsh climate and it risks wiping the whole race clean off Abyssus but once again in packs women and children are protected and have managed to survive. No real king rules over the humans and it is pretty much anarchy in Abyssus but in the end Satan calls the shots but he doesnít care about the humans much.

Time Bender: 1 time bender exists at any one time. He exists to more directly serve Time. He does different jobs commanded to him by Time. He was a human taken when he was very old and experienced and taken to Time where he was offered an eternal job. Bringing him back in time and teaching him all from the beginning the Time Bender is given inhuman memory and intelligence and a grasp of things that is known to no other. He can start to grasp the subtleties of time magic and is guided and protected by Time. The Time bender lives in the time castle on top of the time wall and has for mission to ultimately protect the fabric of time and space and to ensure that Satan and God follow their deal so that the world doesnít plunge into chaos again. The same Time Bender has existed since the pact between God and Satan. In theory he is stronger then Satan or God yet he is forbidden to change the course of time directly and/or physically. He is there to change anomalies that are not supposed to be or/and to give hints to people who need them. Time should not be altered but sometimes he needs to step in to ensure that time flows like itís supposed to flow. It is a selfless job filled with sacrifice but in the end you acquire what none else can, practical omniscience.

The Second Millennia


2000 years have passed since the agreement between God, Satan and Time. Things seemed pretty calm and ordinary, maybe too calm and ordinary but nothing happened. Or so Time thought. But Time had been duped. Time wasnít as all-powerful since the creation of the time wall, time gate and time castle. He still hadnít recovered from the strain and itís the reason he needed to have a Time Bender to help him. In the recesses of his castle Satan plotted. He had been plotting since the creation of the wall. He wanted more, he wanted everything under his control and the Darkness shared his taste for power therefore they planned for a way to access that power. But Time wasnít stupid when Satan tried to grasp Crecento, the forsaken in an attempt to reunite all the elemental swords he lost his whole right arm. Replacing his right arm with an arm of darkness he asked demons and other darkness to grab the sword and they were instantly disintegrated.

In a furious attempt to wield a power that could rival the elemental swords he combined countless Darkness in the ancient forges of hell and forged Necrol, Sword of the damned. A sword that rivaled the elemental swords in power and is infused with the power of the Darkness race that sacrificed themselves for its creation. But Satan found a loophole. Time had given the responsibility in case of trouble to the humans to wield the mighty swords of elements so Satan chose 4 strong humans and brought them to the swords. They became Satanís Elite Force, under his control and more powerful then most. They were known as The Elementals but what Satan didnít know is that there were more to the Elementals then met the eyes. They were more complicated then just slaves to Satan, they had thoughts of their own and their views differed from each other. Now that he had the 4 swords on his side he needed to find a way to bring the 4 swords on the other side to the gateÖbut howÖ

---Trouble in Paradise---

As Satan plotted in the recesses of his castle God had to deal with his own problems. Since the deal with Satan and Time he had retreated to heaven and solemnly swore to never directly intervene in earthís affairs and strictly forbid any angel to go down to earth. But many angels were curious and God had to punish them and then you had the few rotten apples that he had to banish or kill. When you try to withhold control you seem to see more trouble then there is. But no problem was as huge as the Leros incident. Leros was at the Arch-Angel Supreme commander during the war with Satan and had kept his rank even after the war and was one of the strongest angels ever to have existed. He went around wielding the Heavenís Blade, a blade infused with light energy.

Leros had a feeling Satan was up to no good and disagreed with Gods decision to stay back and let the humans deal with their own problems especially if they came from Satan. He went a few times on earth to make sure everything was fine and even dared farther as he took a trip to Abyssus. There he confirmed his hypothesis but when he came back to heaven to tell his findings he was banished and not listened to. In a fight to arrest him he lost one of his wings but eventually fled to earth. Leros wanted to be even stronger to protect the humans he had grown really fond of so he went to Excalibur in an attempt to release it from its seal. But what Time had done to Satan, the demons and the darkness he had done to God and his angels. When he took hold of Excalibur his right arm instantly disintegrated. The mighty angel who was once known as Leros, The Avenger was now known as Leros, the crippled and he walked in Olympus avoiding the humans waiting for the time where he would be helpful. God soon gave up in trying to find Leros and figured in his current state he couldnít cause much trouble.

---Magic Mechanics---

Every living creature is born with a soul aka soul energy. Every spell cast belongs to 1 or more elemental groups. No magic user can cast magic of every element very well but all magic users should have a basic knowledge of all the elements. How it works is that to cast a spell you reach around you for particles of the particular element of which your spell will be made of. For example if you want to shoot a fireball you will reach out for fire element particles. You then combine those element particles with soul energy and then shoot the spell. Therefore every spell takes away soul energy, the more the spell is powerful the more soul energy it takes up and usually the more time it takes to accumulate the required elemental particles. Elemental particles of every type are found everywhere but certain places have more of a certain kind and it takes less time to take the particles you need. For example in a forest grabbing nature element particles is easier then in a volcano but in a volcano fire element particles are easy to reach for.

Certain weapons or items can be infused with certain elemental particles which can have many effects. First of all it can have stored a quick access of elemental particles but usually weapons or items like that run out quickly but they replenish with time by absorbing the particles around them. These weapons and items can make somebody master more elements then he would normally be able to use without them. Obviously the Legendary Elemental Swords contain a lot of element energy and are extremely powerful. A person replenishes soul energy as time goes by and more when the person goes to sleep. A person running low on soul energy will experience a lot of fatigue and drowsiness. If a person completely runs out of soul energy they become empty shells and fall down in a dead-like state to never wake up again because if you have no more soul energy you canít replenish it. So you have to be careful so you donít empty your soul energy and become a vegetable

Sample Character Sheet
Magical feats/elements mastered:
Race (angelic, demonic, darkness, Olympus human, abyssus human, time bender):
RP Sample (this is very important and I might refuse characters based on inadequate RP samples. You must achieve the minimums described in the rules to be even considered):

*Donít forget only 1 time bender and many restrictions control the time bender so think about it if you want to be the time bender. Itís a really hard character to play*

Sample Characters (anybody can choose to play one of these characters but right now they are just important NPCs)

*these obviously have no RP samples right now but if you want to play one you must accompany the application with an RP sample*

Name: Leros, The Crippled
Age: 2210 years old
Gender: male
Weapon(s): Heaven's Blade (blade given to him by God himself, it is infused with light energy).

Magical feats/elements mastered: Has mastered practically all aspects of light magic. Can use it to create devastating beams of energy, can use it to lock people with binding chains of light, to protect people with shields of light and to heal injured people. But he has lost something like 9/10th of his magical strength since he blessed a human with his own power.

Appearance: Leros has blond messed-up hair and blue eyes. He is quite tall with his 6"9 and was made really big and strong. He has 1 white wing that he ties under his cloak so no one on earth sees it. The other wing having been lost during his escape from heaven. He only has a left arm his right one having been disintegrated when he tried to grab Excalibur. He always wears a black very worn-out cloak to cover his unusual appearance. On his right arm he has a silver tattoo of a sun with 2 swords forming an "X" in it. After 2000 years of roaming and surveying Leros lost his once perfect appearance and now looks rough mysterious.

Personality: A surprising thing about Leros is that he didn't grow insane after 2000 years on earth. He lived secluded from everyone not coming into contact with anyone living in the harshest conditions in the most hostile of regions. Having no one to really talk to but himself. He had managed to stay sane by knowing full well that his task was for the good of the many and by training his body knowing that after he relinquished most of his powers he would have to rely on his swordsmanship even with his handicap of 1 arm.

Certain things changed a lot in Leros during those 2000 years. Leros had once been a really kind and generous fellow and even though he still held his cause and his sacrifice true his personality had altered slightly. Leros had started to feel the emotion known as anger which was unknown in heaven. He had also started to look at things very logically sometimes less then morally. Leros was still a good person but 2000 years of training and thinking about nothing but when Satan would make a move would change anybody. He grew into even more of a tactician and a battle nut. He lived to protect humans without their knowing and that was all he thought about now.

History: Arch-Angel Supreme Commander during the war against Satan Leros was the most powerful angel ever created. After the war with Satan and the creation of both Abyssus and Olympus and when everything became peaceful Leros found that God was being extremely gullible if he truly believed Satan would follow the pact.

He told God what he thought but God told him to be less pessimist and trust in Time but Leros couldn't just let it go so he started once in a while to drop on earth and see what was going on. During his numerous secret and illegal visits he grew even fonder of the human race and decided to confirm his suppositions. He went to Abyssus and found out about Satan's plotting but when he came back to tell God. God was so furious at his disapproval that as an ultimate attempt to show all angels never to defy that rule again he ordered Leros's execution.

Leros seeing that God wouldn't help Olympus knew he had to help them so he escaped form heaven losing a wing in battle that opposed him to countless angels and hid for centuries in Olympus until God finally gave up in trying to find him. Leros then spent the next millennias training and preparing for when Satan would spring. Then he met one of the rare soldiers left in Olympus. His name was Edran and he came from Angoria and had for mission to travel the lands to make sure it was peaceful.

Leros blessed Edran with almost all his powers and brought him to Hereet which Edran took. He then spent a lot of time with Edran telling him everything he'd need to know. Leros then went back into hiding telling Edran to be ready for when he would be needed and that he would come back to him when trouble brewed. From then on he explored the lands making sure he knew all of Olympus perfectly.

Race(angelic, demonic, darkness, olympus human, abyssus human, time bender): Angelic

Name: King Darien, the Crimson King
Age: 41 years old
Gender: male
Weapon(s): The Crimson blade. The Crimson blade is a non-magical yet very well forged blade passed down the royal lineage of Angoria as a sign of nobility and power. It used to be a necessity for self-defense but soon became more like a symbol then anything.

Magical feats/elements mastered: none

Appearance: King Darien is your classic middle-aged man with a graying beard and graying hair. He hasn't started to lose his hair yet though and still has the strength of his youth. Medium-sized with his 5"12 and 160 pounds he has much stronger arms then legs from a life wielding a sword as a means to stay healthy. Always wearing his crimson red tunic and pants he doesn't go around with much jewelry or a crown. He used to be blond and still has some streaks of it and has dark brown eyes like his father.

Personality: Darien is a strong-willed man and one of the very few people remaining in Olympus that still believes in the good of a small armed force in case of problems. Darien loves the strain and competition of a good sword battle and is a good logical man even though some people might classify his methods as unorthodox.

Darien strongly believes in the death penalty to dangerous criminals and it got him the nickname of crimson king. His people trust and like King Darien but some people think he goes sometimes too far to withhold what he thinks to be right and true. Darien likes to act a lot more then he likes to plan and sometimes acts very spontaneously but in a whole he remains a logical person with a head on his shoulders.

History: Nothing very big ever happened to Darien. He was your classic lonely child and prince. Grew up learning everything to become a good king and respected his father very much. Then at the age of 27 became king of Angoria himself after his father died of old age. He always had liked reading and fighting with swords and it definitely reflects in his actions.

Race (angelic, demonic, darkness, olympus human, abyssus human, time bender):Olympus Human
Name: Sir Augustin 7th, the just
Age: 72 years old
Gender: male
Weapon(s): none

Magical feats/elements mastered: none

Appearance: Augustin is at a very respectable age and shows his age very well. He is small and has lost the strength of his youth. His fading grey eyes reflect incredible wisdom but seemed worn out and to have seen a lot. His snow-white hair is completed by an equally white beard that falls over his stomach all the way to his belt. Usually spending all his time on his throne either thinking or reading. He has that classic image of an old wise man waiting for death to finally take him.

Personality: A very kind and smart man. Spent most of his life living the life of a scholar and doing everything in his power to make the lives of his people better by any means necessary. Augustin doesn't believe in the need for weapons so he didn't bother to keep an army and instead invested in his people. A very just man believing that all man have equal rights and that death should never be an option he often has conflicting views with Darien. A very wise and kind man that will go down as one of the nicest humans to have ever been in power.

History: The youngest child of 3 and would have never become kind had his two older brothers not died from a fire that devastated the castle during his youth. Augustin and his father had been lucky to be away to Angoria at the time but his mother and his 2 elder brother didn't survive the fire. Since then Augustin had found it his responsibility to make good whenever he could. Living a life of reading and learning he thought that the more you knew the better you could base your opinions and the more your path would be logic and true.

Race (angelic, demonic, darkness, olympus human, abyssus human, time bender): Olympus Humans

I haven't posted my character yet and will post it right after the first person posts his/her character. I think you have enough examples with the characters as it is. If you need help on anything don't be scared to PM me I'll be glad to help. Also I reserve the character Edran described in Leros's description..HE'S MINE NO TOUCHEY!!! :P

03-07-2007, 10:26 PM
Beautiful, and wlecome back Incog. I'm not done yet, but this seems like a hardcore RP, close to D&D if I may say so myself. I would be honored to be accepted.(with due time and character, of course)

03-08-2007, 06:25 AM

03-08-2007, 07:38 AM
I'm sorry but that RP sample is way bellow minimum and cannot be accepted. If you read the rules the posting minimum for this RP will be of 3 paragraphs, each paragraph averaging 2-4 sentences. You have 1 paragraph only and a short one might I add. Also your history is insufficient and I'd like you to develop your character's personality. I'm trying to have more complicated characters and right now not enough is said. This character application might have been accepted for any other RP I have already made or most on here but I can't accept it for this RP.

03-08-2007, 01:25 PM
- Be gentle as this is my first post ;)
- Also; Join up people! Finally you're getting quality. Being able to write more than 3 sentences is only a healthy thing. I sure hope your job application forms will be longer than that ;)
- Added powers aswell as adding details to my weapons. Tell me if it isn't approuved and ill change it accordingly.

Name: Faustulus, The Fallen
Age: 1001 years old
Gender: male
Weapon(s): The Malific ( A giant flail infused with malign dark energy. When the flail is twirled the distinct sound of howling souls can be heard. When given enough time to charge his unholy twirl, the winds around the flail start to be blow, ensuring that all within the vicinity to be pulled inside this unholy whirlwind.)
The Redeemer ( A basterd sword which is surrounded with an aura of light. The weapon was bestowed to him by an angel to aid him in his quest for salvation. Powerfull holy magics are bounded to this blade which sometimes can even be overwhelming to the still remaining demonic blood of Faustulus himself. The power of the blade currently only manifests itself with it's aura of light and the apperent ability to deal greater damage to the forces of Satan, however as Faustulus slowly walks towards the path of light and heaven itself, then the blades' powers will also increase. A blue ray will remain in his swung path when wielded)

Magical feats/elements mastered:
- Carcari Cell: Searching deep inside of his soul, Faustulus can still call forth a very minor portion of his dark essance. When muttering a mantra, the shadow of Faustulus starts to grow at an accelarting rate until it covers an area of 100 feet across with Faustulus in centre. To those outside of the globe, they will dissapear, while those inside will be transported to an extra-dimensional space. There only pure darkness exists along with those trapped in it. This skill is a remain from his assasinating days and with it he would ensure his prey was seperated from any assistance he could get. The normal laws of physics exist in this extra-dimensional globe. This power can only last up to 5 minutes due to Faustulus' fear that the darkness will overwhelm him, aswell as his target. Also, as a power based exclusively upon darkness, it is possible for intense surges of light to crack open certain weak points within the globe allowing escape.
When Faustulus has to end the ability, the globe will reapear in the place of it's origin.

- Grace of the Demons:
Although Faustulus has given up most of his natural powers, he still retains superhuman speed and dexterity. Though relatively cumbersome as a gigantic demon, locked inside a human he has lost all excess weight. The prize comes at a loss of horrible demonic strenght, but the results are staggering as some times even gravity holds little or no power over Faustulus.

- Flare of Brilliance
Muttering a mantra in the angelic tongue, Faustulus can conjure an intense flash of brilliant light that matches the intensity of a solar flare, blinding those who stare directly into it for a moment. The flare is created from his new path of light. This is Faustulus' only light power though he slowly tries to gain more skill.

- Adominium Arises
Faustulus can't control his transformation into his old sinfull persona, although even if he could he would refuse it. During moment of overwhelming negative emotions or dark passions, there is a small chance Faustulus will turn back into Adominium. As Adominium his power increases immensely as he turns into the 10 feet tall demon who was capable of slaying the most powerfull of demons, shades and angels alike.
Only once this has happend and an entire patch of land was destroyed. Who knows what could happen next time? He dares not think of it for he knows the lure of darkness and evil would be a burden too much for him to bear.

Appearance: It would be impossible to guess that Faustulus was one of the most powerful demonic servants of Satan. Ever since his fall from grace, Faustulus has locked his spirit in a human host. As a human he has taken the form of a 16 year old handsome boy standing 5'6 tall. Black shaggy hair covers his head with occasional white strands littered across it. He also possesses a set of piercing crystal blue eyes. A perpetual smile remains fixed upon his youthful expression, though one cannot help but feel it is merely a generous grin to cover the sadness and melancholy to fills his heart. Many cannot help but feel sorry when their gaze is locked with his.
Covering himself with a long hooded gray cloak embroiled with silver, most people can only see his sad smiling mouth, a long fine blade in a sheath and his flail tucked inside a small sack on his back.

Personality: Faustulus used to go by the name Armindomium, the Unforgiving. He earned the nickname for his ruthless nature, but especially for the fact he gave his victims little or no mercy as he dispatched them in a gruesome manner. His trademark would be to take the heads of his foes and placing it on the torso of his next victim, leaving the deceased relatives in a state of shock and confusion.

However after the last great war between heaven and light, his soul fell into a state of confusion and fear. He changed and vowed never to harm a single living creature again and took the name of Faustulus. As Faustulus he is a soft-spoken, calm and almost a shy individual. Rarely angered and also compassionate to help those in need as he strives to redeem himself. However when he does become angered, usually when great injustice is omitted, then the smile quickly fades and is replaced with a determined passionate persona, eager to set things right. Sometimes when the passion overtakes him, the lure of evil will start to gain prominence again. His smile returns again, though it is an disturbing dark grin of mockery. He never dwells to long in this mode as he fears for his soul and sanity so he cannot be sure what he is capable of.

History: As stated before, Faustulus was a great arch-demon, made especially by Satan to dispatch his foes as he was the most favored assassin. As Armindomium he took great pleasure in his duties as he was a passionate creature. One thing his master Satan demanded however was that he would torture and toy with his victims long enough so that in the end they would offer their souls to Satan in order to receive mercy. Then and only then, could he slay them and take their heads. For years his duties continued spreading fear and terror on the earth, in hell and sometimes even heaven alike. In gratitude for his unholy services, Satan awarded him with the Malific, a Flail made from the unbreakable rare dark iron found in the deepest pits of hell. Satan attached the stolen souls of many damned humans to it and so infusing it with unholy power.
Until one fateful day he would change forever. When he was send to slay an archangel. Armindomium was rarely caught by fear though this time he felt ill at ease. When he finally tracked down his prey at the ruins of a Cathedral that fell out of favor, he was startled that the Arch-angel seemed to expect him. As the angel turned to greet him he saw that the angel wore a warm, yet saddened smile. Fear and panic took hold of Armindomium and he ran towards the angel, with his flail in full swing to make certain the angel would stop his accursed smile that pierced his dark soul. The angel offered no resistance and fell gently backwards upon the churches altar grasping the flails head with both his arms as it crushed his perfect body.

Armindomium stood there for 7 days as he dared not to make a single step towards the creature. His fears, he told himself, were irrational and could not be explained. What did he fear? More doubt took hold of him when he realized he never rationalized anything in his existence as a demon driven by passion. Yet he had rip the angels head off as his greatest of trophies so far.
So when sun finally had almost set on the 7th day, the arrogant demon approached the fallen angel carefully with great uncertainty. And there it was when he gazed into the angels deep brown eyes and realized to his surprise that the holy creature had clung onto his life as long as possible for this eventful moment to arrive.

The angels smile still remained there and as Armindomium gazed into his eyes, he fell and continued to fall into a spiritual vortex as mixed images of light, heaven and all that is right upon this existence started to invade his mind. The dark clouds of his mind started to disperse as light made its way deep into his heart. The angels smile now starting to fade away, his eyes closed as he slowly started to disperse in an aura of light until nothing was left.

Nothing left but a demon with a warm, yet saddened smile upon his demonic face.

Nothing seemed the same through his new eyes which had turned from crimson red to crystal blue. He felt at ease upon the soft leafy soil of the forests, happy amongst the animals that dwelled in it and smiled warmly when he saw children play in it. However for years he would howl deep in the night out of frustration and insanity as his still present darkness remained firmly in place fighting the light that started to spread, until one day it had moved so far in his heart it could not hold sway over him anymore.

One day near the edge of the forest he saw an elderly lady shedding tears over her deceased grandson. Sorrow and compassion made him enter the corpse of the young boy and for the next 24 years he took care of the old lady to the best of his ability. The boy was named Faustulus and it would be the name Armindomium would take for the rest of his existence.
However no human knows eternal life so the time came that the old woman died out of old age, leaving her earthly existence behind thinking her grandson would live a good life.

Faustulus felt so much pain and grief with her passing that his dark passions rose from the dark depths of his heart as his passions infused his light and dark nature. He changed into his giant black demonic form again and burned down the house and it's farmland attached to it , ensuring nothing would grow there for the next 100 years. As his passions slowly started to subside, he knew his mind was still ill at ease with his new found nature. He vowed to himself he wouldn't let his passions guide him anymore in his path to redeem his dark nature aswell as not slaying a single living being, be they evil or good.

It was then when the heavens split apart and an angelic preasance decended upon him. It told him that the path he was about to take will be one filled with suffering and pain, though his goal of redeeming his soul would be bestowed if he can maintain his chosen path of goodness. To aid him, it created a sword made out of pure light, The Redeemer, which would aid him in his quest.

Faustulus then took off on the open road as a vagabond trying to find his place in the world...

Rp example:

Sometimes he could not help but feel that his chosen path was essentially an error on his part. Perhaps he should have stayed in the abyss of hell, along his kindred. Perhaps he could not change his nature. Perhaps...the world was not worthy of compassion and evil is the prime force behind it's raison d'etre.

This and many more doubts started to flood his mind when he saw a throng of barbaric bandits looming over what remained of the slaughtered caravan. It was a young girl, probably barely 14 years old and it was certain that the intentions of the bandits were not devoid of sin as they started to corner the child.

"No..." He softly muttered to himself. No he thought, as he regained memory of the images of the fallen angel, regained pictures of the old lady, images of goodness and when he placed them next to each other he knew that there was but one thing to do.

Making slow, yet confident steps towards the group of bandits, Faustulus pulled his gray hood down, while he offered a genereous smile towards these men as he spoke gently:

"Ah, excuse me...but have you not done enough harm gentlemen? Perhaps if you could be so friendly to find some compassion in your soul so that you will allow this poor orphan to depart unharmed?"

The bandits looked at eachother in disbelief as they bursted out in laughter. One person stepped forward which was apperently the ring leader. His face was scarred, probably due the hazerdous nature of his line of profession, though as he stood 6 feet tall, wearing only khaki coloured pants so that he can show off his muscular figure, it was apperent he was a powerfull individual.
His scimatar now drawn, pointing in the direction of faustulus, he told him mockingly in a slurred tongue:

"Bugger off, shorty...we are going to make this girl into a woman soon and if you don't go away I'll make sure you'll join..." His mocking speech was caught short as a large Iron ball slammed into the side of his suprised face, adding yet another scar to his repoitoire. The man was flung 20 feet away, a deep path of earth opened in his flightpath.

The smile still remaining on the face of Faustulus he adressed the now terrified bandits once more:

"Violence leads you nowhere but towards death. I vowed not to kill a single soul. Do not make me break that promise..."

Race: Demonic

03-08-2007, 01:44 PM
Hmm.. I'll give it a shot. ^^''

Name: Tetsanosuke Kirikami
Age: 900 (Estimating a 24 Year old look)
Gender: Male
Weapon(s): Arvalace and Destyn

Arvalace: A large wide bladed Katana like sword that has a burning golden energy chain down it’s center. It ‘s built up particles from Fire and Wind as well Earth because of his old job. The Blade itself is only a foot shorter then him, yet only he can wield it with a weightless like effect. The blade was forged with enchanted chains allowing him to wield fiery golden chains from the sword or from his hands.

Destyn: A Katana with a hilt wrapped in white, though unusual for someone fro hell, it only lets Tetsanosuke draw it and has a personality of it’s own at times. When it is drawn it rapidly absorbs magic particles from all around, thus it’s white aura around it’s blade, all the colors of the elements make it white.

Magical feats/elements mastered: Wind and Fire as well as Earth (Rock). Though he’s at his best with Fire, Wind in second and Earth in last. He has Mastered Fire to the extent to where he can form blades of it and sustain them as long as he has the power and particles to do so.

Appearance: He is a tall (6’8’’) and slightly muscled being, his skin is a little pale and there are patches of silver scales about his body, one being the right side of his face. His whole left arm is scaled silver as well as his whole right leg and the scales from his arm round out from his shoulder over his chest halfway protecting his heart. His hair is black and flowing, some of it hangs over his right eye.

His eyes are sapphire blue and glowing, usually the glow depends on how he feels. He wears a blue kimono, though he has black slacks on his legs under it. At his waist is a crimson sash lined with chain, which holds his two of his many swords Arvalace and Destyn.

Personality: True, he is a demon; but he had never been the greatest evil demon. He was ruthless at that, but he never embraced hatred or anything of the such, only strength. He has his own code of honor, and if he deems you worthy he will treat you like royalty. Other then that he doesn’t mind you, or kills you if being foolish.


Satan had always seen Tetsanosuke as the Odd one in the bunch of Demons, though he paid little attention anyway, he saw that Tet was, well, different. Tetsanosuke was created 900 years back when Satan had decided to assign Demons as castle guards, and Tetsanosuke was made after he accidentally added Fire Elements to the Shadows in an attempt to taint some light. But the light was absorbed instead. Satan had also decided to hold a tourney for elite guards, and though Tetsanosuke won all of his matches quite quickly, he denied any high ranking job and insisted on guarding the gates.

For around 860 years of his life he did his job, turning back demons and such who would randomly wish to see the Great Darkness, killing those who wouldn’t listen to him. He was on a rare break when he explored a mountain in Hell one day where he found a cave. Though he though he was in one of the caves where the Keys were, he was wrong and landed in the lair of a giant Dragon Demon. He looked up at the Dark Dragon, him with his obvious dragon like characteristics amused the large creature, and from a fiery fang forged Arvalace, and from a glowing talon forged Destyn. It is said that demon still resides in the two swords and Tetsanosuke keeps in contact through them. While the swords where forged he studied many ancient scolls left by angels about sword fighting and fighting in general and learned to dual wield swords as well as the initial single bladed way of fighting.

After so, he decided that there is much more to be then just a guard at Satan’s castle and he could get stronger by traveling the roads of Hell itself. He had for 60 long years of fighting and evading capture from Satan’s minions. He often wondered what Olympus was like, hoping to find a good challenge there, for he had already defeated many in hell.

Race: Demonic (Dragon like) (He left his position as a Guard At Satan’s Castle. See History.)

RP Sample
Tetsanosuke Kirikami, a Dragon out for his own empowerment was walking his way towards a small village, when he felt the warm black winds of hell blow by. As warm and musty as they were, they were cool in refreshing in there own light and to Tetsano, this was all he could ask for at the time being. He brought himself upon the village slowly, scanning every area possible with his sapphire blues, a rare kind of eye set for demons around here.

He could feel his blood pulsing through his body, his muscles straining at the feeling of an oncoming force. He pulled a long red headband from his sleeve pocket and wrapped it across his forehead, tightening the extra length at the back The rest of the length flowed with the musty breeze as he stood still, his hand over his Arvalace’s hilt, his knees bent ready to move. He could feel something tingling in his mind as his breath became deeper and before him lashed out a fiery demon, pure blaze as it’s body.

Jumping back from the fiery hand he swung himself about on a pivot and sent out a force of wind after grabbing it through the air, his turn had sufficed his needed amount of particles. The blast of wind off-ed a full blazing arm, causing the fearsome creature to retreat. He sighed as he dusted himself off and continued towards the village, the musty wind about his form.

03-08-2007, 07:11 PM
Name: Edran, the blessed
Age: 520 years old
Gender: male
Weapon(s): Hereet, Blazing Justice and Sub-Zero, Cold Fury (see magical sword description)

Magical feats/elements mastered: Edran mastered especially light energy using it in many different ways. He can use it offencively creating beams or balls of concentrated light. He can also use it to shield himself/others, prison peope with chains of light and healing. He also learned to master through his magical sword the elements of fire and ice but not as much as how he manipulates light. But his strongest ability which coems from his connection with Leros remains his arch-angel form. A form he can obtain by focusing his light energy and releasing a dormant angel form given to him by Leros. In that form he is a lot more aware and can grasp light energy with incredible facility. He also becomes a lot stronger and can fly. In that form he has the wings of an angel and an aura of light surrounds him. This form however drains Edran's energy and he can't maintain it for too long.

Appearance: Edran is a very built man averaging 6"11 of muscles given to him by a life of training and travelling. Edran is very easy to recognize with his blond hair and piercing blue eyes in a city where dark hair and eyes dominate the population. Edran really stands out when he travels also by his clothing. Very proud of his job he doesn't hide his purpose when he travels and wears his battle attire uncloaked. Going around with a gold-plated armour given to him by Leros that stopped using it when he dropped to earth. A blue cape falls to his feat with golden crosses at its bottom corners. Black metal-reinforced boots and gold gauntlets give him a powerful look. Sub-Zero and Hereet are in decorated sheaths that he puts on his back under his cape. Edran never wears a helmet and lets his short blond hair spike out in the air.

Personality: Edran is a very special individual considering he is human but living way longer then any human should normally live due to Leros's gift. But it has had some negative effects on his memory and personality. No one is completly independent of time and Edran is a living proof of that. Edran used ot be a normal fellow that just wanted to help his fellow man and had been brought up by a general father and learned to fight his whole life therefore found honor and battle very important hence why he decided to travel the land under Angoria's banner and make sure everything was under control. He used ot have very simple values and wasn't a very philosophical man.

As time went on Edran started forgetting details of his past and now can't even remember who his parents were. Edran developped a completly different personality a lot more confident then previously. No one knows if its a reason of his increased power or just the effect of time but Edran started to gain a lot of confidence especially in himself which transformed him not only into a great leader but also a very impressive man. Usually believes he's right Edran fights for his morals and to protect Olympus from a danger foretold to him by Leros. He takes his job very seriously and can even be ruthless if he feels the need to be. He isn't as pure and good as some people see him as but in a way he is Olympus's final rampart in case of trouble.

History: Most of what happened before his meeting with Leros is foggy and often gets flashbacks. All he remembers from his past was that he had once been an emissary of protection across all of Olympus under the Angorian banner. During one of his travels in the north he came upon a cave where he decided to spend the night. In the cave hid Leros and was amazed to see that soldiers still remained in this land.

Very few were left at that moment indeed. Quickly Leros seized him opportunity. Leros was crippled and a shadow of his past strength but he decided that this man could represent a serious protection if educated and helped. Leros infused Edran with his magical powers, almost all of them to be exact leaving him very weak but giving Edran powers that a lifetime of training would not even come close to comparing.

Over 2000 years of power was just transmitted to Edran. Spending a few years after that learning how to manipulate this new power he studied under Leros and learnt a great deal about the heavens and about the Time Gate and what layed behind. He became one of the very few humans on either side of the gate to know the secret. After Leros deemed Edran's training complete they both left the cave and went out in search of Hereet and Sub-Zero that Leros told Edran would incredibly increase his power. After many very hard years he finally managed to get his hands on those legendary swords.

Leros then retreated back to his cave not to come out unless the situation really demanded it. Edran on the other hand decided to continue his travels and train with his new swords. A life of adventuring left him without a very stable social life and therefore never got attached to anyone and rather rely on himself. Not under the reign of any king Edran lives by his own laws but respects the laws established by the kings. Hundreds of years have passed since he last seen Leros and yet he still hasn't changed at all. With every passing year Edran becomes stronger and stronger and waits for what Leros prophesized, waiting and barely living.

Race: Olympus Human

I'm not actually going to put a sample RP lol but if you need any tips just PM me. Shadesofgrey your character is very well thought out and was well posted also your sample RP was very good. You are approved. Tetsanosuke your character is also fine but your sample RP was border-line. You are approved but watch out when you actually RP. It makes me laugh but to be quite frank I was expecting it but all characters are extremly old lol.

03-09-2007, 09:09 PM
Name: Sin Scarmiglione

Age: 899

Gender: Male

Weapon(s): Heinís Wrath and Tryving
[/b]Hein's Wrath: A scythe Sin has had since his creation. It is infused with earth magic, allowing him to manipulate the land by the movements of the blade. When it is used it can only be used at full capacity, causing tremors in the ground and much destruction. He cannot wield it to do small tasks, as the power would overshoot what he wanted.

Tryving: A cursed dagger that Sin was tricked into holding. Another demon offered him this dagger claiming it had special powers that was so powerful he did not trust himself with it. Sin accepted the dagger in ignorance and now it is bonded to him until he can dupe someone else to taking the blade, which he refuses to do. When the Tryving is unsheathed, it must kill someone before it can be sheathed again. The longer it is in the hand of the person who unsheathed it, their thoughts get progressively more tainted by homicidal thoughts until they kill.

Magical feats/elements mastered:
Jonwolf is by no means of master of magic. But the magic that he is most profcent in is fire.

Fire-Pillar: Sin collects fire particles and releases them as a spiraling pillar, sweeping all who are caught in the blaze up to the top of the pillar where the fire is hottest. It only stretches a few feet around Sin so he has to use it after grappling his enemy.

Lingering Arc: Sin collects the fire particles at the tip of his scythe and releases it as he swings, creating an arc of fire that dangles in the air, burning all who touch it. The length of the fire can be up to 12 feet long, although that drains a significant amount of his energy.

Appearance: Satan created Sin as more of a throwback to the biblical demons he created. Sin stands upright like a human, yet his appearance is more of a Jackal. His legs are jointed like a canineís, making pants rather inconvenient, but allowing him to quickly. His fur is dark brown, but lighter around his chest. His large canine ears that stick out of the top of his head are the most dominating feature about him, save for his white teeth. Sinís dark brown eyes blend into the rest of his body. He wears a black tunic, which hangs down to about his knees.

Personality: Sin is a demon of logic. He weighs his options and goes with what he believes to be his best corse of action, trying to let emotions get in the way as little as possible. The only emotion Sin tends to show is sadness. Boring, tedius, or repetitive tasks ae agonizing for Sin and often causes him to lose his carefree attitude and become depressed. When on the battlefeild, Sin does not let anger cloud his thoughts and keeps his focus on his next move.

History: Sin was created as a castle guard, much like Tetsanosuke. He bested most of the competition in the tourney but was utterly desecrated by Tetsanosuke. Sinís ranking was just high enough to land him a job at the armory.

Working there was boring for Sin. He merely sat there deep in the castle, just outside the large double doors to the armory. Heíd check paperwork for demons to withdrawal weapons or take inventory to make sure the stock matches. . . Truly boring work.

Sin sat there in that boredom for 860 years. Once he had gotten word that a guard at the gate had gone AWOL, it began to plant seeds of rebellion in Sin. Secretly he sold armaments to the demons around the castle and edited documents to cover his tracks. He did this successfully for around 30 years until higher-ups noticed his increased spending. After being confronted by another demon, fear drove Sin to run from the castle in a panic. Since then, Sin has wandered about Abyssus, under the alias of "Nosimba Underhill".

Race: Jackal Demon

RP Sample:

It was just another day for Sin. Another boring day in the castle of the Eternal Darkness. With a heavy sigh he took his seat on the old and uncomfortable wooden chair that he had been using for the past 300 years. He looked around the long hallway. It was the same as it had always been. A long boring hallway with a few paintings of His Infernal Majesty clad in the fires of hell along the way. The large double doors behind him were the same as always. Everything here was the same as always.

Sin lost track of time. He could have been sitting there for minutes. He could have been sitting there for hours. Luckily, Commander Rhine came to break up the monotony. Sin stood and gave a half-hearted salute, still somewhat at sixes and sevens from his long sit. The commander handed him a piece of paper, on it was the order for a withdrawal of armaments.
Sin nodded and walked with Rhine into the armory.

Inside, it was jus a square room, probably around 20 yards by 20 yards. There were large shelves running in rows across the room filled with assorted swords, knifes, shields, helms, armors, and other battle accessories. Sin grabbed a trolley and filled it with what was on the order. Commander Rhine gave a nod as Sin handed the trolley to him. As Commander Rhine left, Sin let out a heavy sigh. He stayed behind and began to take inventory of the armory. Just another is boring routine. The inventory counts were always perfect . This was Sinís personal hell. He was a demon created to guard the castle of the Great One; yet every day, no, every hour, his boredom increased along with his sadness. "Am I damned?" Was the only thing the jackal said as he walked out of the armory and took his seat on the uncomfortable wooden chair. Staring up at the ceiling, Sin gave a heavy sigh and resigned himself to another boring day gaurding the armory.

EDIT: Sorry about that Inc0gnit0. I lost track of myself there for a minute and fell back into some old bad habits. Hopefully these revisions will help.

03-09-2007, 11:30 PM
sorry Jonwolf I can't accept this character. Your weapons and skills are fine but your history and personality clashes. What I mean is first of all we are talking about a world with very low technology who is pretty much in the medieval times. Guns? Ritalin? COme on man I'm trying to have a serious RPG. Also I doubt in Satan's castle there would be inventories and stuff like that. It isn't all that bad but man we are talking about the king of all evil and you stick in an inventory...kind of anti-climatic don't you think. Also your personality is just...weird. You are a demon. Had you been I don't know any form of human or even an angel I wouldn't have cared for a care-free stupid guy but don't play demons as jokers. Demons were created by Satan himself.

You can obviously have demons that differ and stand-out but you would have been killed if you were actually like you said you were. If you want to make that kind of character then I suggest making a human. I'm not trying to restrict originality or bring down ideas and make everyone follow a mold but I don't want to have retarded unrealistic characters populating my RPG. I've known too many DMs that allowed practically anyone that basically followed the posting guidelines without taking into consideration if the characters would help the story forward. Personally I think a character like yours would either just die very fast or hinder the story and for those reasons I cannot accept it. Either modify him or make something new alltogether.

Aura of the Twilight
03-10-2007, 04:21 PM
Name: Tsukiko Aiomya
Age: 666 (looks about 22)
Gender: Female
Weapon(s): Noir and Cerul

Noir is a pure black long bow that Tsukiko forged herself when she first started living on her own. It's forged from one of the stongest barks available in Abyssus. Tsukiko makes arrows out odf anything she can so she normally doesn't run out.

Cerul is a 15 foot long whip that by appearence seems to bee made of ice but is really a bluish mateiral. Tsukiko received Cerul as a gift for helping a merchant out of serious trouble.

Magical feats/elements mastered: Tsukiko has mastered the element of ice and hence forth is most often seen using ice based magic. She does use darkness magic on occassion, but is no where's near as good with darkness as she is with ice.

Freezing Storm: It's a fairly week spell that doesn't use a lot os soul energy and causes the air around the target to get extremly cold. Then the air surges into the ground and usualy freezes the target into place. Tsukiko normally uses this to get out of fights, escape from battles, and hold the enemy so she can either interrogate them or strike them.

Ice Liberation: This spell is Tsukiko's most powerful spell and uses a great amount of soul energy and time, so it normally leaves her drained, tired, and voluneerable for a fairly good amount of time. It takes in as much ice element particles around a twenty foot perimeter of Tsukiko as possible and gathers it all into a space between her hands to where it's so compacted that the particles are visible and seem to glow. Then Tsukiko moves her left hand and takes some of the particles with it and freezes the ground and the legs of the opponent. Then she sends two thirds of the rest of the particles into the air and morphs them into sharp ice crystals that then rain down on the target from all angles. Finally she sends the rest of the particles forth and the enery surges through them causing all the ice to shatter which is like a small icey explosion. This spells strength depends on how many ice particles are used, and is normally a last resort spell.

Ice Daggers: This is probably Tsukiko's simplest technique, and doesn't requier hardly any time or ice particles at all. Ice particles form together and form dagers in Tsukikos grasp. When thrown the daggers are like any other but when the hit something the cause a small ice explosion that freezes anything about a 6 inche radious of where the dagger lands.

Icey Touch: This move requiers almost no soul energy and ice particles. It enstows whichever weapon Tsukiko chooses with ice, or even her hands temporairily. Which causes anything it touches to freeze or be hurt with the element depending on how strong of resistance to ice the target has.

See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil: This is one of the few darkness spells Tsukiko has. It is a mildly draining technique, but doesn't take long to prepare. A medium amount of darkness particles form together to make a black cloud. Then the cloud moves towards the target(s) and surrounds it/them. Then it randomly strips two of the three senses of hearing, seeing, and speaking from the target(s) temporairily. The more targets the more draining it is for Tsukiko and the shorter its effects last.

Appearance: http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i204/darksakuraempress/Tsukikocharacter.png

Personality: Tsukiko is very smart and quick to think up a solution for any situation. She can seem like ice itself and be cold, uncaring, and harsh but it's only because she was hurt in the past. Although, once you get her to open up she gets somewhat friendlier and more trusting, but in contrast to that, she is a bit of a loner and doesn't have many friends to trust to begin with. She has a lot of patience but if you run them short she'll either walk away and avoid you for a while or she'll snap at you and try to be so cruel that she scares you away, and despite all this she still seems to be a fairly social person, and she will help those in need if she sees it fit.

History: Tsukiko was born out of darkness and was treated like every other darkness until the others found out that she had a problem with staying tangible. Whenever she was in a fight and she used too much soul energy or was losing the battle badly she start to become untangible.So the other darkness treated her horribly. Then when she was about 300 she had had enough of the treatment and left the other darknesses. She found a mountain that was rarely traveled on and decided to stay there. There she forged Noir and then started to tech herself in the ways of ice magic. She lived a lonely 100 years on that mountain perfecting her ice magic and survival skills.

Then a settlement was made at the base of the mountain and she started to occasionally visit the town and look at the wares and what not. One day she was going down the mountain to barter for new materials for clothes when she heard a man yell out in fear or pain. She investigated to see a merchant from the town being attacked by two random demons. Tsukiko quickly aided him and killed them demons, and in return for saving his life she was given Cerul. Then for another 100 years she paid more visits to the town and the merchant she helped. She grew close to him and normally bartered with him instead of the other merchants.

Then one day she went down to visit and the merchant yelled at her saying that she had stolen from his store in a mad rage and told her to get out and never come back and that he should have never given her Cerul. This event drove Tsukiko to hate most people and even more men and she secluded herself from them. She than started to travel from town to town making a living anyway she could and avoiding too much contact with one person fearing that she might get hurt again, and so that is what she has been doing for the rest other 166 years she live by herself making it a grand total of 366 years of being a loner.
Race: darkness

RP Sample: It was another painfully dull and ordinary day in Tsukiko's life. She had just reached another settlement at sun rise earlier that day and was still walking around the town. She walked into a rather larger tan colored building that said "Fighter's Choice Wares" on a sign hanging over the door and looked around. The buliding's inteirior was plain and made it seem smaller on the inside than the outside. The walls were lined with shelves that held many weapons and armors. The only spot that didn't have weapons was a door that led to the back room and the counrter where the clerk stood.

Tsukiko examined the ineventory of the store to see that it had a wide range of weapons from swords, to bows, to lances, to maces, and so on so forth. She walked up to a shelf to see that the weapons were of very poor quality and very highly priced. "A weapon of the low of quality shouldn't even be one third of the price they are seeling it for. They must think that travelers are really imbicilic and stupid or don't care." Tsukiko thought as she looked down at a sword, not even attempting to lift it and see how bad of condition the other side is in. She then left the settlement without buying anything since she knew the next one was less than two days away.

Shortly after leaving the settlement Tsukiko came across a woman that was being attacked by some lowly raiders. She chased the men off and then helped the woman up. The woman went to thank her, but Tsukiko just looked at her with a piercing gaze from the one purple eye that wasn't covered with hair and then and then walked off. Tsukiko could not have been walking for more than a few hours before the winds changed and clouds started to gather.

"A storm is coming..." she said outloud to herself as she looked up at the sky. Then she sought out shelter and found some with a nearby cave where she waited out the storm. The sotrm lasted for many hours and by the time it was over Tsukiko had fallen asleep.

"That acursed storm has set me extremly behind." Tsukiko thought to herself irritably as she tied her whip to her hip and put her bow in its holder. Then she set off again a little after sunrise the next day. She walked for hours and hours without a break and then as nightfall started to cover the sky she reached the new settlement.


1: Just making sure I understand this right. When you use magic all it actually does it make your more and more tired unless you use all your soul energy, correct? I mean it's not taking years off your life for each speel you use is it?

2: Are are allowed to make up more spells as our characters grow in the RPG? It would make it seem more realistic.

03-10-2007, 06:29 PM
Jonwolf you're accepted but like I said be careful about the inventory stuff. Also your RPing seems border-line so be careful if you don't want to accumulate strikes. Aura of twilight to answer your questions first: 1.no magic doesn't take away years of your life and your soul energy comes back in due time as if it never left so no, no other repercussions if you are careful. 2. Of course you will be able to learn new spells as you go on if the story allows it because learning new spells is not an easy task especially if you expect learning a new powerful spells. Also new spells like the starting spells have to be reasonable and make sense in the story. Anyway that was for your questions.

Now for your approval...I can't approve your character. Its just a logical mistake that I can't accept. You're a human, unless you have one hell of a good example (refer to Edran's history) for why you can live for so long then you have the average life of a human which I assume by how your character looks between 21-35 years old. Being 666 is just not conceivable for a human. Even Edran which was blessed by an angel for his longevity feels the effects of this unaturally long life. The wings can also not be accepted. Humans are humans, not demons, not darkness, not angels. Your character looked more like some form of darkness or at the limit a demon or if you remove the darkness aspect maybe an angel but unless you modify key points of your character you will not be accepted.

I'm accepting your character but I want you to change something. Darkness are being of pure darkness that took tangible form and have evolved into a more humanoid shape which is fine for your character. But darkness don't have organs like a brain or a lung. They can't feel diseases and don't need to breath. They feed off the darkness around them hence why they are stronger in abyssus then in Olympus. Also darkness are very loyal to eachother considering they all came form the same place originally but it isn't unheard of that a few darkness went AWOL. I just want you to modify the reason you were rejected. But right now you're approved, just modify that as soon as you can.

Second right now I have 4 characters on the abyssus side of the wall (3 demons and 1 darkness) and 1 on the Olympus side of the wall controlled by me. Obviously I'm hoping for at least 2-3 more people before even considering to start so if you are reading this if you could make a character on Olympus's side of the wall it would be appreciated. It makes me laugh because its the first RP where no one wants to make a good character usually they are really abondant and we have a hard time finding evil characters. Also, don't hold your breath considering on how picky I am with the characters and how harder this RP will be especially to read. SO I am expecting this RP to maybe start a little later then other RPs on this site but don't lose faith it will start eventually.

03-12-2007, 09:22 PM
ooc:I stand ever so corrected. Will refrain from l etting boredom take hold of me again good si r.

03-13-2007, 05:27 PM
I understand you were bored but please delete this character and refrain from doing it again. Its useless to post more NPCs and it won't be used by the story unless you feel like bringing her up but even then an NPC doesn't require a character sheet. The only reason mine have were for character sheet samples.

03-23-2007, 12:01 AM
Hey, if you'll forgive me, I am working on my sheet...not quite finished...I'll have it by Monday or Tuesday...sorry for the lateness...

03-25-2007, 03:03 AM
I was really disappointed to see how interest in this seems to have lagged for the past ten days or so, because I was really intrigued by the description. You seem serious about making a big-person RPG.

Though I doubt this thing is going to start now, I'm going to make a character sheet. On principle. Because I want more RPG's like this around.

Name: Deucius Max
Age: 49
Gender: M
Weapon(s): A large bastard sword, well-crafted but decidedly unmagical and without real distinguishment from other blades, save the memories in it which matter only to him. Its edge is kept sharp despite its age, the work of a loving and practiced hand, and its gold-and-silver hilt will be fashionable twenty years ago, would that Time intervene.
Magical feats/elements mastered: Deucius does not, in fact, trust magic, believing that such feats are better reserved for powers greater than humans and that their use corrupts the mind. He trusts only the sword, and the discipline its mastery brings. His views notwithstanding, he has come to master a select few abilities controlling the element of wind. He can change the direction, and temper with the intensity of, wind in a several-mile radius, useful for diverting one's smell away from a dangerous animal. He can also concentrate funnels of wind, for which he can use to "leap" great distances. Lastly, he can summon small tornadoes, but their unruly nature makes them difficult to control.
Appearance:Deucius has let himself go in recent years, letting his belly get somewhat large and his gray hair quite long and unruly. His beard, formerly a source of pride, has become scruffy and unmaintained. His blue eyes, once as cutting as his sword, now seem to sag against their own weight. Though his powerful muscles remain, they have become loose and seem to be mere fat. He remains tall and with a large frame, usually shrouded in what remains of his old war clothes - a sullied red cape, a beaten tunic whose white, red, and silver colors have faded considerably, pants of similar style, fabric, and sorry state, and travelling boots of a shade of brown darker than they originally were. The only item he seems to take care of anymore is his sword sheath, matched to his blade, polished and gleaming.
Personality: He is sullen and cynical, his best years long behind him and the knowledge weighing on every moment he lingers on this earth. He is self-loathing, and wishes desperately for company, morosely pointing out to anyone in earshot how they will not drink with him (for he is quite often drinking) - yet any kind or ignorant soul who tries to comfort him finds he has a biting nature, and himself pushes people away with his trying remarks.
History: Deucius was once a golden boy of the king's military, a gleaming prospect for the future and a testament to his people. Joining the army at the youngest age, he advanced through the ranks thanks to his impressive swordsmanship and horseriding skills, as well as a keen tactician's intellect, an eye for people, and a extroverted, friendly personality. His only flaw was his lack of filter, for he said what he thought, whether or not it agreed with whomever he was speaking to - a superior officer or no.

At the age of 24, Deucius found his battalion outmatched against a large assortment of monsters. After the death of their leading officer, Deucius took command, and thanks to his quick thinking, many survived that day whom might otherwise not have. Following the battle, he met a small group that had just begun a journey - a strange assortment of very different people, with very different professions and personalities, brought together for the common cause of - what else? - saving the entire land from evil. Deucius joined their band and went on a journey that would last many months, facing uncountable dangers and terrible hardships. Their pains were rewarded, however, with the defeat of a dangerous sorcerer and the safety of the known world.

Yet, after the adventure, after the decorations and excitement were over, Deucius found life rather...lacking. Life in the army was far less satisfying than it once was, as the rigorous respect for the chain of command required of a soldier now clashed with his extremely individualistic sensibilities. The army was reluctant to discharge a war hero, and so he stayed until the numerous conflicts caused him to quit on his own (much to the army's relief). He lasted on the funds he had gathered in better times for as long as he could, and then, began hiring himself out as a mercenary to make ends meet. As his self-discipline waned and he became less useful as a soldier, the contracts became fewer and less lucrative, and he turned to non-violent odd jobs. His situation deteroriated thus until the present, as he remains something of the drunk of his block of Angoria.
Race (angelic, demonic, darkness, Olympus human, abyssus human, time bender): Olympus human
RP Sample: The wood was already stained with beer, darkening its color, as the old knight slammed his mug down on the surface, spilling alcohol across the bar. "Barkeep!" he roared, spewing droplets of beer from his unkempt beard, "Another! I shall slay this enemy just as I have slayed his ilk, and have slayed all those before him, and shall, indeed, shall stay all those to come!" The barkeep, never meeting his customer's eyes (feeling ashamed for the old man), did not answer, but did as he was asked, and, having predicted the old man's request, already had his next beer ready. "Wait, did I say slay, or stay? Stay? Say? May? May-bay? Stay, maybe? HA! I think I shall!" At that moment, he caught the looks of a couple of young men, unfamiliar with the establishment and the frequent patronage of this eccentric man, and were quickly given up to his wrath: "What? WHAT? Dare you stare at me, like some travelling nomad's odd attraction? Pay me, if you care to gawk at me! Atleast pay me gold, if you'll not pay respect to your elder!" Then he leaned forward, tipping his chair dangerously as he growled at the two bewildered men, causing them to shrink back. Satisfied by the reaction, Deucius tipped his chair back into the full upright position, turned to the bar, and jumped as he saw that a full mug was sitting before him (he had already forgotten his earlier order). "WHAT? Trying to sneak up on me, eh? Do you not know who I am, you aqueous beast of foam?" As he spoke, he leaned in forward, the better to menace the container, but the gesture backfired when he became entranced by the shifting texture of the surface foam. He sat quietly, his jaw agape, transfixed by the steady waves, and imagined tiny horses galloping across its shifting plains.

In one of these lulls in his rants, another customer signalled the barkeep over. "Hey, are you going to do something about that guy?"

"What, him? No, no. He'll be out himself in no more than another half hour, I'm sure."

"Not what I meant. I mean, is he okay? Doesn't he have someone to pull him off the beer and take him home, a decorated soldier like that?"

"Don't you know who that is, lad? That's Deucius Max, the hero who saved this land from certain doom. Travelled in a troupe of colorful characters, made a long journey, all that stuff."

"No kidding? What happened to him?" The barkeep shrugged.

"The adventure ended." Down the bar, Deucius watched his beer, and gave no sign of hearing, but indeed, he had drunk in every word as surely as the alcohol now thickening his blood. Many times he had heard the barkeep or some other regular patron of the bar recount, to lesser and greater details both, his fall from grace. Each time, it seemed to hit him like an ogre's fist. He watched a single tear fall into his mug before he lifted his head.

"I think I'll be going home now."

03-25-2007, 09:02 AM
hey Rockman and thanks for the support. But with you and the two people that are supposed to post in the next few days I'm pretty sure this RP will eventually start. I just don't want to start too early and ruin what I want to be an awesome RP. I have skimmed through your post Rockman and it looks nice but I don't have time right now to actually take the time. I will give you the official thumbs up when I get back from my friends house monday. Anyway got to run see ya.

Rockman you are officially accepted. I also got a PM from another person that will be joining in the upcoming days so with Tigris that should be joining soon, that person, this person I asked to join that should be back from vacation soon and the people already here I'm hoping to start the RP by at the latest the end of the week.

Crimson Eyes
03-27-2007, 07:21 PM

03-28-2007, 06:39 AM
Umm...(looks around, narrowly dodging brick thrown by Incog)
Hey, uh, Incog...Yeah, it's been real hard trying to get on the last few days. Sorry...really. And now I feel bad becasue my char's not dine, and it is past Tuesday. (i'm usually punctual) But I will attempt to finish soon. I am working on it still. I suppose I can just send the first draft, then re-edit the better version...You can go ahead and start if you wish, don't wait up for me. I'll come in good anyways. lol

03-28-2007, 07:03 AM
lol don't fear my wrath for no wrath shall come out of this. I don't get mad if people are a little late especially when the RP hasn't started. I understand some people actually have a life and sometimes I'm going to be a little late for reasons out of my control. As for the RP take your time I'd rather start a little later then start suddenly and mess up.

04-04-2007, 05:25 PM
Name: Shamandalie Kaatikainen
Age: 25
Gender: Female

Weapon(s): - A short blade dagger. The handle has courage engraved on it. Its made of one of her mother's bone. It represents that women also hold a certain amount of physical strength and endurance. She also has a home made bow that her dad had given her in her young age.

Magical feats/elements mastered: none... yet

Appearance: Her long (middle of back) length, curly, red hair looks rough and tangly. Her pale complection complimented her smooth skin dotted with millions of rusty coloured freckles. Her dark brown wide eyes stand out on her heart shapped face. Her small button nose seems to fade away next to her plumpy lips. She has a long slender neck but wide shoulders. She has an hourglass figure and a strong bust. Her legs are long and strong so are her arms. Her hands are soft and she has long, thin fingers.

Personality: She is sweet, caring, comforting, lovable, happy to the ones that she has known for a long time. For strangers, she puts on a mask. She seems cold, distant, unwelcoming and unlikable. She is a determined girl out to prove that she is ready for anything and everything, that she is willing to fight for whats right, help others at the same time as she remains hidden behind the mask that almost everyone sees.

History: As a child, she was brought up by her mom and dad. Tormented by her older sister Sharon, she managed to get taught logic, how to write, read and religion by her mom and fighting, tricks when in a war, how to weild a dagger and shoot arows with a homemade bow by her dad. She led a semi-normal life with her small family. Her parents would fight alongside who they believed were true to God. At the age of 10, her mom died from a bad cold. The loss was sudden and had engraved one of the deepest scars in her soul. When her father had given her the dagger she now weilds, she never parted from it. Not even to sleep, it remaied tied to her belt that she had refused to take off days after her father had given her the dagger. Since then it became a habit to hold it close to her at all times. Since then she had time to fight, grow and learn which made her the strong, fit, determined woman she is today.

Race (angelic, demonic, darkness, Olympus human, abyssus human, time bender): Olympus human

RP Sample :

As Shamandalie walked down the long, crooked path that lead to her welcoming house, she thought of her mother and how much she had missed her over the past 15 years of her life. Her hand wondered inside her thick fur coat to feel the handle of the dagger made by her dad from one of her mothers bones. Shamandalie's hand felt the cool handle and the word courage engraved in it. As memories flowed through her, she let the dagger go and slid her hand back in her pocket.

The ice cold wind hit her face violently like a hundred knifes, making her pale skin turn to a bright red on the exposed parts. Shamandalie brought her collar up some more to cover up her chin to stop some of the burning as her thoughts flew around what she had to do once she went back home and other things... Like God. She always had wondered why He had taken her mom away from her at such a young age. Her mom, Eva, was only 29 when she had passed away... Thats too young, she thought, I wonder what it would be like with mom around. I wonder if everything would be the same. Shamandalie thought on, What was her last thought? Was it about me? Or maybe dad.... yes most likely dad. Or maybe not? Maybe the fate of our family? the country?... the world? So many questions squirmed around in her mind as she quickly started to see the house that she had long looked forward to going to once again.

The young lady opened the door as quietly as she could, knowing that someone could be sleeping and waking them up would mean getting yelled at. Besides, the longer it stayed quiet, the longer she had time to herself to think and day dream. The house looked dark, cold. Shamandalie started to wonder if anyone was even home. "Hello?," Asked the girl. "Anyone home?" As her voiced echoed into the darkness of her fathers house, she realized, no one was there.

She walked back out to get some firewood to start one in the small fireplace that was basicly the heater of the house. As her hands gripped into two huge peices of wood, she heard a noise come from the house. It was loud and hard to miss, a crashing noise. That sounded like crashing cristal.... she thought out loud. Shamandalie droped the wood, alarmed by the noise. As a new, self-taught reflex, she slid her hand quickly in her coat and took her dagger out of its guard and creeped up against the wall to see what was going on inside...

04-04-2007, 05:37 PM
straight forward character. Decent sample. Just be careful characters like that tend to fall behind in a supernatural environment. But nicely developped none the less. You're accepted.

04-04-2007, 11:03 PM
Name: Avya Yan
Age: 19
Gender: female
Weapon(s): light element bow and arrow
Magical feats/elements mastered: Avya has almost mastered light and is starting to study thunder.
Appearance: She has shoulder length, bleach blonde hair. Her bangs have grown a little bit past her cheek bones. Her hazel eyes are usually over looked behind square shaped glasses. Avya looks old for her age and is usually mistaken for a 21 year old. She stands at 5 feet 6 inches tall with long legs and a strong upper body. While practicing a thunder spell she lost concentration and it back fired. Not only was she knocked out for a few days but a scar remains starting from the back of her left hand all the way up to her shoulder. She usually wears a fingerless gove on that hand.
Personality: Avya is very mature for her age which is part of the reason why people mistake her for being older. She seems confident and strong willed on the outside when really she hides behind glasses that she only needs during target or magic practics. Avya is a quick learner, smart yet gullible, and tends to be a bit of a scatter brain.
History: Like most nice families she was rasied by her mom, her dad and her grandmother. She has a twin and two older siblings. Mya the eldest is 25 years old, married and has one kid. Vincent the second oldest is 24 and studing to be a math teacher. Avya's twin Matthew has always been more gifted in magic than she has. He has mastered fire, light, and water. Because of this Avya has never really met her parents expectations. She usually spends time with her grandmother. Her grandmother is not really fond of her magical practices but enjoys her granddaughters company. Avya's vists with her grandmother usually conists of reviewing history and religous enlightenment. Now that she studies far away from home with her twin she only gets to vist her family on holidays and birthdays. Avya's grandmother is the most influental person in her life.
Race (angelic, demonic, darkness, Olympus human, abyssus human, time bender): Olympus human

RP sample:

Avya and Matthew had begun their daily close combat sparing when their teacher walked in beconing Matthew to follow him into the other room. Avya could tell it could be awhile. Their teacher is always pushing Matthew to become a master of all elements so that he could be his successor. The two of them had long hour chats that took up most of Avya and Matthew's bonding time.

Avya took this as the time to work on her newest thunder skills and went outside to a different training area. She started off simple. Concentrating hard gathering up as many thunder particals she could find and combinding them with her soul energy. She mummbled a barrior spell and soon she could hear nothing.

The thunder barrior had blocked out an sound of the outside world. Avya contained her excitement by breathing slowly in through her nose and out through her mouth. It was a great meditation trick. By blocking out all distractions it allowed her to learn how to concentrate even in the deadest of silence. Avya opend her eyes, not even realizing she had closed them, to see her brother stand outside the barrior with a grim look on his face.

Almost instantly she let go of the spell, "What's wrong?" she asked. Matthew only shook his head, "It seems that I am too advanced for this school, and I am to be transfered." Avya could tell he was lying, but knowing her brother she didn't push the subject. "When are you leaving?"
"Tomorrow." he replied.

Avya felt her heart shatter, but kept enough of her composer to not fling herself at her twin. It seems she would have to take a trip to grandmothers a month early.

04-05-2007, 05:21 PM
accepted but I find your character application kind of short and your character to be too linear for my liking but if its how you like to play yoru character you're free to do what you want. Anyway I'm giving one last day for sign-ups and tommorrow as soon as I have the time I will start the RP it will probably be in the afternoon. Post as soon as possible because people that will not have posted in the first 2 days will be sent a PM to remind them they signed up to this RP. Start planning an opening post to set yourself in the story because it will greatly influence the rest of the story. People from Olympus start in Olympus while people from Abyssus start in Abyssus, no exception. To facilitate RPing considering at the start people will be seperated at least in two and probably in more groups so I ask that everyone puts at the top of their post where they are. Just say if you are in abyssus, in olympus or elsewhere and if you know a bit more specifically where you are put that too.

04-06-2007, 12:14 AM
Question: Maybe I'm just slow, but I'm not clear what the common man knows about the larger universe in this RP. Is everyone clear on the big division of good and bad worlds, or is that just something between God, Satan, and Time? What do more everyday people know about the workings of the universe?

04-06-2007, 01:17 AM
It depends. I'm happy somebody brought it up because it isn't very clear. In fact this is how I see it. The demons and the darkness know about the existence of the wall and of the world beyond it as well as the existence of angels, heaven and Time. The darkness it's just by their basic connection and the demons because they were created by Satan with the knowledge. As for the abyssus humans it depends who you are and it is up to how your character was raised. Some tribes closer to Satans castle were conditioned with this knowledge. Others are way too far from Satans influence and know nothing more then the land around them. As for the olympus humans they are a lot more oblivious to the threat that is on the other side of the wall.

The main cities are far from the wall and have very little contact with it. Humans that live closer refer to it as the edge of the world a bit like in the older days when we used to think the world was flat and had an edge. Very few and I mean VERY few olympus humans know the truth and they are either hysterics, fanatics or were in contact with a superior being. The angels obviously know about both sides and actually see both sides from the heavens. The time bender obviously knows everything. I think that pretty much covers that aspect.

Feel free to ask anything you are not sure about. I'd rather you ask a question about the subtlties(sp) of the world that you don't understand this world and go blindly into it. Just know this right now militarily the Olympus side is incredibly weak while the abyssus side is incredibly powerful. Olympus military at this point in time is practically unexistant while on the abyssus side every living thing is conditioned since birth to fight for their survival. You see where conflict might rise?

04-06-2007, 04:50 AM

- After viewing the application forms of our new arrivals I cannot help but come to the conclusion that the people who joined first (Namely the demons and the shade) are considerably more powerfull than the humans. What would be then considered abuse of the god-modding rule and where is the fine line between accurate depication of the character and blatent god-modding and your Lucy Liu rule?

- Considering that quite a few abyssal humans know about the existance of Olympus, I wonder how they would feel about them. Do they wish to come in contact with their lost brethern or do they resent them for living the good life and wish to conquer them?
Excuse me if the information is allready known.

04-06-2007, 09:28 AM
will you guys stop excusing for asking questions lol. Now to answer your question...The rules don't change when fighting weaker characters. It's just that in light of this information you have an alot larger arsenal to attack and a lot more inovative ways of dodging their attacks. Also a normal human will rarely be able to dodge or survive a huge electrical barrage attack for example. Thats why playing weaker characters takes more diplomatic skills because you can't go head first and solve all your problems with fights and they usually need to join up with a more powerful character. Usally weaker characters if not played correctly die unless their owner is really attached and really doesn't want to let go. As for your second question it really is a case by case thing. Some will resent them for not living in the hell that they ive currently and usually Satan tries to make them resent their brethren from across the wall but some envy them and others simply want to be reunited again. It all depends usually in what tribe you were raised.

04-07-2007, 03:49 PM
Due to a planned study trip towards Rome I fear I must delay my characters grand entrance until next friday. Ill be certain to make up for it ;)

04-09-2007, 06:40 AM
Sorry, Op...My comp's a junk heap...Can't get on yet. Really sorry. I'm woking with Godspeed, but I won't be back up until the end of April. Sorry to Let you down. But I'll still try to join. Can you reserve me Helionaut and Thundhelios, please? I know it's not my place to ask a favor right now, but could you do that for me? Thanks for being understanding...Tigris

04-09-2007, 12:22 PM
there urs for now because nobody has wanted them but if somebody wants one of them I might give it to them and leave you with the other one. WHen you join you'll definitly have 1 but you might not have both.

04-13-2007, 09:59 PM
sigh...I figured this would happen. This site wasn't ready for what I was trying to get at. I'm tired of keeping this up just to be one of the only one with very few others to actually try to produce something decent. Have fun people with your small little RPs that all close down eventually because they become stale and with your one-line cherries. I'm just not in the mood for issuing change anymore. I got the message this site isn't ready for the likes of me anymore. Anyway my RP is officially on pause. If people come to me and ask me to reopen my RP and I see they are really sincere and in a good enough number then I might reconsider it but right now consider this RP closed.

04-13-2007, 11:48 PM
Name: Yume Hamasaki
Age: ??? (appears to be 18 in looks)
Gender: Female
Weapon(s): Diamond Crystallite - The Diamond Crystallite would be a long, purple staff with a circle at the top to hold the orange orb that assists Yume in her spell casting; it also serves as a physical weapon, or a battle staff. Infusing her full power, Yume can do the unimaginable with the energy. However, her kind spirit will leave mercy.
She is also a novice in the elements of Earth and Light. Earth would be her speciality.

Magical feats/elements mastered: Yume has the ability to control rocks, plants, and dust particles in the air to her will. Her skills may be strong enough to create a small sandstorm stretching to a maximum of 20 yards across.

Healing: giving up some of her strength, Yume can heal wounded others.

Battle Strike: A swift strike with Yume's staff onto an enemy.

Earth Throws, Vine Bind, and Solar Beams: These should be self-explanitory.
-end basics-

Holy Ballad: Twirling her staff to gain magical stamina, ribbons of pure power will gather into the core of the Diamond Crystallite, softly humming a song and asking for God's aid in defeating Evil. It will take quite a while, so she can be attacked during this period of time. -2-3 posts- Therefore, she needs someone to aid her in to keep her from getting attacked.

Intertwined(sp?) Light: This is a defensive magical skill. If something, such as a shot is coming towards her, then Yume will summon a small, golden circle to absorb the attack. However, there is a limited use of this because this would be an expert's skill, and she's a novice. It will drain a lot of energy from her.

Dream Catcher: This would be Yume's most dangerous attack. It will cause her death, with no way to get it back. If a soul has left it's container, she can sacrifice her heart to bring the spirit back and kill herself. Her personality will make her seem prone to do so, but she hasn't done it yet.

Appearance: http://www.animegalleries.net/show.php?img=albums/userpics/36588/moonlight%20pic.JPG

Personality: Yume is a kind and soft soul, never judging one by appearence and looking to see the good in people. This could be a fatal flaw in her. She can sometimes refuse to send an evil spirit back into oblivion and where it came from, because of her angelic ways. She is totally dedicated to His word and rule, and will be risking anything to help Him.
However, she has a problem with her self-esteem. Something very deep that may affect her everyday life.

History: (sorry if it needs fixing up, too.) Why was she here? Why did He bring her here?

She was a simple angel emitting an aura of light. How was she created? By He, the ruler, of course. The years... she hadn't one clue. However, her very limited abilities led many to believe she was in her youth, 100-400-years-old. Quite frankly, she could care less. He created her for one purpose: to bring out His duty. Other than that, she did not matter. Did she believe all angels were special? No, she didn't. Her breathing was just a pattern.

Her hair, her eyes, her mouth, her face, her heart beat was insignifigant, she told herself. But she was created by Him, brought to His order. So was she so insigifigant? It was strange. She was His perfect creation, yet her mind kept degrading her self-esteem. And her hair wasn't like a clone of others; it was black, like the coat of a raven, beautiful and elegant. Was it a mistake? Of course not, He never makes mistakes, he's perfect. Everytime her mind ask this, Yume felt ashamed of herself. If He was perfect, there had to be reasoning as to why this characteristic was changed. Perhaps she was different?

Given this because it was a representation that she wasn't as good as the others? That she had limited skills and learned so little, and she could've been here for so long? Was that why that small seperating thing was there? Maybe there isn't anything she can do because of what little she knew; maybe she's just a distraction for someone else who truly deserved to be one of His perfect creations. Maybe that's why she existed. The only reason why. She thought it was true, and she thought she knew it was true. She isn't anyone. She doesn't deserve a name. She's just a creation. Nothing special. Not one bit of her was special. Not even what God had given her.

But now she was on earth, send for "General protection of the humans". There isn't anything I can do, she thought at the meeting for her mission.

Race (angelic, demonic, darkness, Olympus human, abyssus human, time bender): Angelic

RP Sample (this is very important and I might refuse characters based on inadequate RP samples. You must achieve the minimums described in the rules to be even considered): (I prefer to exagerate things and this type of roleplaying is just my style!) -this would be in a situation where a battle begins-

"No," Yume gazed at the hideous creature forming before her eyes. It was hard to watch it. 'Disgusting,' her mind uttered, not seeing the purity in the thing at all. "What is going on?" she mumbled softly. She could feel it. An aura of evil, something that would almost knock a human into fainting. This feeling was so strong and horrible, and it was too strong for her. Yume couldn't do anything. "I can't.... I can't do it!" she screamed. 'I'm His creation. I'm perfect. I can withstand anything.'

"It's so--" now she couldn't breathe, the darkness was choking her, eating her lungs and body from the inside out. "Strong." the final word of her sentence was coughed out. Deeply closing her eyes, and trying to draw light in her, a long staff appeared into her outstretched palms. "I'm His creation," Yume uttered her words, her voice was brute, not shaking of stalling. "I will now serve my purpose!"

With a battle cry, and her knuckles turning white from gripping her staff, she immeaditely flew into battle. "I refuse to vanquish you, but I must, if I wish for evil to be gone from this world!" Yume held her breath; she was coming closer and closer to the demonic horror. However, the darkness singed her eys, watering them and almost acting like pepper spray. 'It's horrible. But it's my duty. I was only created to serve His purpose. My sole reason for existence. I'll fight him with all that I have!' With that in mind, she gave up almost all of her strength to summon her power.

04-15-2007, 09:15 PM
I like you character and im gonna approve it. A few thigns though...Vanquish is too powerfula nd will either have great limits or have to be removed, angels don't have the power to send demons into oblivion considering demons are opposites of angels and would then theoretically be able of the same thing which they are not. Also your intertwined light spell will have restrictions or else it would be way too strong if you could block anything with it.

Also if you are an angel you need a reason for being on earth and I know you didn't think of one and set it to unknown but you can't be on earth for no reason especially considering God is really against it. If you want you can be sent by God to hunt Leros because God found new hints of his presence or something like that. Also how is having an unusual trait godmoding? Nah if anythign its strange but highly acceptable for christ sake I got a 550 year old human don't tell me that isn't strange :P Last like I said I've reopened the rp because some people really seemed genuinly interested and I will probably end up joining them. Anybody else interested coem join the fun.

04-15-2007, 09:23 PM
Yes! Thank you! I'm so sorry for the errors... It's my first time doing something like this, without my own narrative story line.

EDIT: Oh, the first paragraph of Yume's history was to quetsion why she was created, not brought to earth. (That almost sounds like the same thing)
I never make things clear in my posts... I meant I read it in your plot line... sorry, I'll just go start my introduction on the board if my parents don't make me go to bed....

04-15-2007, 09:28 PM
ull have to get soemthing straight about me I am catholic but only by birth, in actuality im very much atheist and a firm believer in science. Angels to me are an awesome concept for stories and magical beings. All that you have to know about MY angels was written in the description. I suggest forgetting everything else you might have heard of them. Also unless you haven't noticed I kind of make God soung like an over-controlling jerkwad and there's a reaosn for that. I'm trying to pass teh concept of good and evil as being a matter of perception. Just think as angels as God's soldiers and unless they have one hell of a good reason angels arent to desend on earth without severe punishment. You need a reason or else you'll be bored all alone in heaven.

04-15-2007, 09:33 PM
I meant your plot line... sorry... I'll just write my introduction if my parents don't make me go to bed.

04-20-2007, 10:44 AM
I can no longer access the internet. Sorry to let you down Op. I'm gonna have to drop out...

04-20-2007, 04:18 PM
A few remarks on the RP so far as a player:

Cities: I feel reluctant posting any background information concerning the town in which I dwell due to the fact I'm uncertain as to what the town should look like. I hope I am not too bold to suggest that our GM could perhaps post either a basic outline of the town or mayhaps even a detailed account of what the place should look like. Because now the players are writing about a sprawling ghetto while I just recently saw the Gm write that the town which we are is actually quite posh.

Joining: Ill be short about this one...JOIN MY CHILDREN! I want more players to hack up.

The RP looks extremely promising so join while you can folks.

04-20-2007, 11:46 PM
Fine I'll do this just because Enosia and Angoria are extremly important cities in this RP. ANy other cities will be up to the players imagination as we go along. I'll start with Enosia. Like all cities in Olympus there are some more ghetto areas but it is definatly not a place where poverty is excessive. Through the centuries Enosia has put all its rsources to make it the jewel of a city it is today. Poverty is practically irradicated and the Enosian castle at its center stands high and proud. Enosia however was built off a small town and it still reflects that heritage in its town layout.

In contrast to Angoria, Enosia is extremly all over the place. The castle rests at its center but no organization was done when bulding the streets and buildings. The farther you get from the castle the less wealthy the homes are as a general rule but Enosia's economic outburst places even the worst houses better then some all around Olympus. However if Enosia was attacked they are no better then sitting ducks. With no refuge for miles in the flat plain around the great city and with no defencive rampart to dream of. Also Enosia has no soldiers and very low law enforcement for criminal activity is quite low.

Angoria was built to support the humans of Olympus and was the first and greatest city of Olympus. It grew fast and was forced to grow in a world of war and terror. Angoriathen during the years of peace developped quite differently from Enosia. Having lived through a lot of suffering Angoria has never let down its guard completly. Built with strategic precision the city was built on layers and seperated into 4 sectors.

Each layer being higher then the next and each sector being blocked off by massive walls. Tremendously large gates at each cardinal point lets people enter each sector. The castle stands on the highest layer and is at the dead center of the city. High walls with archer towers line each of the layers and ensures easy defence in case of attack. Most of the military buldings are in the northern sector and has led the northern gate to be the most used. The northern sector is also the only way to access the castle directly and is extremly fortified at all times.

The south, east and western sectors especially in the lower layers are where most of the people live and poverty is seen a lot in those sectors. Encircling the whole city is the great Angorian wall which towers even higher then the castle and ensure complete isolation from the world outside and ensures incredible defence. Angoria is not pleasant to live in as Enosia but it is a lot safer. Even though criminals are in higher number in Angoria so is the law enforcement and the patroling guards. Also Angoria doesn't only protect themselves and have a group of elite soldiers known as the SEARCH that patrol the lands to make sure everything is allright.

Basically like you can see Enosia and Angoria are basically opposites.

05-13-2007, 12:30 PM
My apolagies for my absence lately, but due to an unplanned internship for my studies I have found little time to keep up with the RP. I'll return with a post the moment I have more free time although I can't help but notice that the momentum of the rp is lost. What happend to all our players?

05-13-2007, 06:37 PM
exactly what I said would happen, no one was able to keep up the RPing level I was hoping for on a daily basis and people just gave up and I dont feel like talking to myself...

05-13-2007, 06:57 PM
Actually, I'm still waiting for someone to post in the RPG. I think I posted last, (quite horribly, might I add) and I haven't gotten a reply to that.

05-14-2007, 08:14 AM
Well something I noticed is that alot of the people who signed up seem to have been offline since mid april. One can hardly blame them due to the fact that something important might have occured in real life. However those people who still frequent the forum and haven't posted yet can hardly find an excuse not to post. Come on people, don't give before even trying.

As for my own lack of rping as of late, not only have I been busy but I also suffer from the same problem as the gm here. Ill basicly be talking to myself. I have consistantly posted posts of (in my own opinion) sufficient quality and surely enough quantity when compared to the useal posts here. And I feel that the other players that did posts have done the same so far. So the lack of rping as of late shouldn't and can't be blamed upon us.

Ill post something within this week to get some momentum again.