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A faint sob echoed throughout the empty school on that faithful Thursday evening. Jojo Benedicto, a teacher for the 3rd year students, gazed at the 3rd floor of the High School Department of Saint Theresa’s College, upon hearing someone crying, to see a silhouette of another, threatening to jump from that height. He ran as fast as he could towards that person, hoping that he or she didn’t jump yet.

In front of the III-3 classroom, there stood a woman whose eyes were red from crying. Her long, black hair covered half of her face, her hands rested below her stomach. The sky yielded a full moon on the 1st of February, 2007. Her eyes darted from left to right before at the empty corridors and whispered to herself, “W-why… di-did… *sob*… th-this… *sob*… h-h-happen… *sob*… t-to… m-me???” in between small sobs. She didn’t bother to wipe her continuous flowing tears that blurred her vision.

Jojo ran faster and faster when he heard faint sobs echoing from upstairs. “It’s coming from the III-3 classroom…” he thought as he sped around the stairs. He reached the 3rd floor to see his fellow colleague, standing on the ledge. “What is she doing there?!” he thought with shock. But before he could step in and help her, he heard her speak and he stopped to listen.

“I… I… *sob*… I c-can’t… take…. *sob*… t-this…. *sob*… any-anymore!!!” he heard her say.

Before he could stop himself, he ran towards her, made her come down from the ledge and hugged her tight.

“NO…NO… don’t do this…” he whispered to her.

She kept quiet. Jojo continued, “…I’ll help you… I won’t abandon you… please…”

“Th-th-thank you…” was all that she could say.

Light Buster
03-07-2007, 11:20 AM
short sad story with a sad end. could been a bit longer. but good job though...

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*To be honest, this isn't finished yet... it has a continuation...*


Jojo entered the strangely quiet Faculty Room for the 3rd and 4th year teachers. He sat down at his seat and fixed his things, all the while looking for her. He saw her enter the Faculty Room minutes before the bell rang and when he was about to call her name, she quickly departed.

“Is she avoiding me??” he thought to himself, feeling deeply hurt at that thought.

He left the Faculty Room and went towards his first period class, that thought still mingling in his mind. “…I hope she isn’t embarrassed at what I said to her before…”


“Miss??” a student said, breaking the silence and tension that covered the classroom.


Her voice was soft and pale. She stared at the student, who was directly in front of her, wishing that she shouldn’t have asked that question yet happy at the same time that a student cared for her.

“Are you okay?” the student continued. The class’ attention loomed over their teacher’s answer.

“Yes… Yes… I’m fine… “ she replied, not taking her eyes off the student. “…but thank you nonetheless for caring…” she added, making the student smile. “…as for the rest of you, finish what you’re doing so that I can check it at once… I still have to do many things, you know…”

“Yes, miss.” They all said in unison.


Students burst out of their classrooms, eager to eat and eat and eat some more after the lessons. But one class stayed in their classroom, closing their door, windows and even taping a sign on their door which read: CONFERENCE!!! DOOR IS LOCKED.

The class president hushed her fellow classmates before saying, “Guys… what do you all think??” in a whisper only heard by the class as they were all sitting on the platform.

“Well… It really seems unlikely…” the vice-president said at once. “…And for that matter, why are we having a conference, anyway??”

“It’s a very sensitive topic that will get us suspended or something really bad that isn’t being suspended… I don’t want any of us discussing this outside the classroom… and besides, this is only a speculation…” the president said.
“Well… if you put it that way…”

“But do the two of you really think that’s possible??” one student chirped.

Murmurs of agreement and disagreement started. Opposing students debated against each other.

“Please stop… you’re getting too noisy…” the president said in a commanding tone that never suited her but would always get the attention of her classmates, ALWAYS.

The class became silent, apparent to their president’s anger.

“Even though we tend to joke around with her… it seems likely that what we’re thinking is true… but we don’t know for sure…” she continued as the class settled down.

“Do we have any proof? And why are we even bothering about this issue??” another student said aloud. “…I mean she isn’t our ADVISOR or something… so why bother??”

“Because we care about her and her well being….” She said seriously. “…and because of the fact that this is a really weird issue and I know you’re all anxious as well…” she added, eyeing each student, a smirk across her face. They smiled back at her.

“Anyway… let’s stop discussing for now… Partly because someone’s knocking on our door and partly because we only have 10 minutes to eat…”

As she said this, heads turned around their door to hear faint knocks. They all stood one-by-one and proceeded to leave their classroom and, at last, eat.

The president and vice-president stayed behind and thought in unison, “But… why are we really even bothering??” before they left the classroom as well.


Voices echoed throughout the school as students left their classrooms, ready to leave the school and go home to rest.

Unbeknownst to them, a teacher stood at the rooftops of the school, a place where only a few dared to go. That person had no plans of repeating what she did before, but instead, stared at the almost empty school and at the very few students as they walked on towards their destinations. Behind him, a male teacher stood, waiting for her.

“Why do you keep on following me? Why do you keep on pursuing what you can’t obtain??” she whispered. The wind gently blew her black hair away from her face, where tears endlessly fell from her eyes.

The sky yielded an orange hue as the sun started to set. Jojo, stroked the black mane of his colleague and said, “Because I said I won’t abandon you… I’ll help you…”

She turned around to face him and smiled at what he said. He smiled back at her and added, “…oh, and Happy Valentines Day…” and he gave her a large bouquet of flowers attached with a card that said: I LOVE YOU… EVEN IF THE GAP BETWEEN OUR AGES FAR APART, I STILL LOVE YOU – Jojo

She smiled even wider and hugged him tight. He responded by hugging her as well.


A student stared at the floor above the Mother Marie Louise De Meester Wing, her eyes wide open. She shock her head and focused her eyes on what she was seeing, making sure that it was real and not just her warped fantasy. When she looked closer, she recognized the 2 figures that stood above the rooftops.

“OMG!!! It’s Sir Ben and--------“

Serenith Youkai
03-23-2007, 10:39 PM
Huh, I like it. Are you still going to continue with it? It's nice so far I'd give is a 9/10 I suppose.

03-23-2007, 11:07 PM
Huh, I like it. Are you still going to continue with it? It's nice so far I'd give is a 9/10 I suppose.

Yap!! I'm gonna continue this!! XD Thanks!!

>>The Next Day<<

What that student saw the day before spread like wildfire the very next day. The first and second year students murmured with excitement to each other, hearing the unbelievable discovery of that student, even if the two teachers involved were not their teachers at all or even if they didn’t know who the other one was. Their constant murmuring was noticed by Mrs. Sacdalan, who, with irritation, made (note: harassed) Celine de Guzman, the TSC president to announce something she considered important.

“First and second year class presidents, please proceed to the Mother Marie Louise De Meester Wing NOW… Thank you…”

The shuffling of steps were heard as students from the lower year levels scurried on towards their own classrooms, not wanting any part of Mrs. Sacdalan’s noticeable annoyance towards them.

“Wait… It’s quiet, too quiet.” She said to a now annoyed Celine, who in turn replied in an overly sarcastic tone, “Well… the 3rd year students aren’t making any noise… IN FACT, I haven’t seen a third year student this morning, expect for my sister, of course...”

Mrs. Sacdalan’s focused her gaze at the third floor, where, sure enough, no student was seen walking around the corridors. All the doors and windows were closed as well.

Being the easily irritated kind of person, she took the microphone Celine just used and said, “Third years, come out of your classrooms AT ONCE…”

A blank silence greeted her words. None of the third year students came out from their classrooms.

“Okay… You’re testing my patience…” she thought. When no one left their classrooms after a couple of minutes, she exploded with rage and went towards the third floor.

>>On the third floor<<

From being the noisiest floor, the third floor became one of the most silent floors in the whole HS Department, only on that morning. The whole floor was deserted, with a couple of hairballs being carried by the wind.

“I told you!! I told you!!” a student whispered to her fellow classmates, who nodded with her words. Others shock their heads with disbelief. “It’s IMPOSIBLE!!” one of them argued back.

The class president, like what she did before, hushed her classmates using her commanding tone. Everyone stopped arguing and looked at her.

She cleared her throat and said, “Well, it seems that our theory is correct…” ignoring the protest from her classmates who continually argued at their discovery, saying that it wasn’t true.
“…there’s no doubt that those two are going out…”

>>Third floor, Mother Marie Louise De Meester Wing<<

“Mrs. Sacdalan!!” someone called from behind. She turned around to see the third year computer teacher waving frantically at her from afar and literally running towards her.

“Hmmm… I know!!!” Mrs. Sacdalan said at once. Celine, who was behind her sighed and whispered to herself, “Oh no… please…”

“Ms. Magaway…” Mrs. Sacdalan said, the tone of her voice changing drastically from being irritated to being overly sweet. “…can you go to your section and check on them?? Something seems wrong with the students and I’m looking for the advisers of each class so that they can check on their classes…”

“Of course!!” Ms. Magaway said at once, not making Mrs. Sacdalan finish her sentence and proceeded quickly to III-3.

“Oh!!! And I forgot… please don’t let yourself get caught by the students and…” Mrs. Sacdalan added in a whisper before she left her.

>>After that<<

Ms. Magaway paced the third floor corridor quietly, once in a while, placing her ear besides the doors in hopes of eavesdropping on the conversation of the students.

“Miss… I don’t wanna sound rude, but isn’t what you’re doing kinda… desperate??” the TSC president whispered to Ms. Magaway as she crouched down to avoid being seen through the windows.

“No... This isn’t desperation… I just need to find out why they won’t come out of their classrooms… And believe me, if I force them out and ask them, they’ll make excuses…”

“Okay…” Celine said in defeat.

“…and besides, Mrs. Sacdalan told me to do this or else I’ll get fired!!!” she added. Celine nodded in total agreement.

>>In a classroom<<

“Wow… the bell hasn’t rung yet…” one student exclaimed with awe as she stared at her watch. Her other classmates stared at their watches as well, and sure enough, it was 7:15 already, yet no one rang the bell.

“Okay... I think we should line up… just in case…” the president said, casually standing up.

After fixing her skirt, she walked towards the door while her other classmates were murmuring to each other. Upon reaching the door, she sighed and said out loud, so loud that it was heard outside, “Sir Ben and...”

“…Ms. Gino.”

>>Back again, outside<<

“Wh-what???” Ms. Magaway whispered. She slowly stood up and slowly let go of the doorknob of the classroom currently in front of her. “…so… is that really true??”

Celine stood behind the computer teacher and stared at her expression. It was a mixture of disgust and anger, something that she had never seen before from the teacher. She was afraid of what Ms. Magaway will do now.

“I hope you don’t do anything bad Miss… I mean that’s okay, isn’t it?? Well… look at Mr. and Mrs. Valencia!! Don’t forget about Sir DM and Mrs. Del Mundo…”

She didn’t answer her. Instead, she walked away from her and proceeded towards the faculty room.

“Oh no…” Celine said. After seeing Ms. Magaway’s expression, she knew she had to do something.

Celine knocked on the classroom door.

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AAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Danie, that is so suspenseful! I love it. Its like one giant mega plot with a million plots per square plot. I love it!!!!! Hurry up and post the next part. This is to good to wait for!!! I must be off but I'll hurry back so be ready!! *tips her hat*

~* Love, Lady *~

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