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03-04-2007, 11:02 AM
Hi, i felt it's time to bring something like this up, even though, i already fear it won't change much.
This is the first time i'm setting up stuff like that, so please bear with
the fact, it could be incomplete or in some aspects errorous.
Some of the following things will be elaborated more or go as time goes,
but for now, that's how the do's and dont's are like:

1) The Japanese test:
Q) When should I take it?
A) When you feel you're proficient enough to pass it and
want your lyrics to be validated and submitted to the page fast.
Q) Do I HAVE to take it?
A) No, but since the lyrics submitted by non-test takers are
quite numerous, and submissions by test-takers are handled with
priority, it is strongly recommended.
Also submissions from non-test takers are more likely to be deleted from
the queue.
Q) When should i NOT take the test.
A) When you see, you have problems reading the Kanji
and/or are not proficient enough in Japanese.
Q) What are the different levels for?
A) They are to determine what you can upload.
- Level 1 is for submitting romaji transliterations only.
- Level 2 can submit both a translation and romaji.
- Level Both is basically like level 2 but requires you
to submit a translation AND a transliteration while
level 2 only requires you to give a translation.
(But consider "Both" and "Level2" as the same thing
meaning in both cases give romaji AND a translation)
- Level None: Is given to people having taken the test
but failed for some reason.
- Level -1 is given to people screwing with the test by submitting
junk/non test related stuff (like lyrics and comments of any sort).
(-1 means, you cannot submit anything at all)
Q) I took the test, and haven't received any result/response in days what
A) - Validating speed depends in the amount of tests in queue before you.
- Also in some cases, a mod is inconclusive if someone has passed the test or not
in such cases mods may ask you to do either the translation or transliteration part again.

After passing/failing the test, you'll be notified the next time, you log on the al.com.
If you have given both, a translation and transliteration, and the mod finds a problem with one of those parts
you might be given a lesser level than you applied for. In such cases we will ask/recommend to do the
questioned part again.

What to keep in mind when taking the test:
- If you realize, you end up with your Kanji being all "???"
(meaning you have gaps in your translation and/or transliteration)
it's better to refrain from taking the test.
- Please check for missing syllables/missing words/typos before
submitting your answer. Having too many typos and/or kanji with the
wrong reading will result in failing the test.
(Please do NOT rush it, take your time, and check over it
before submitting the test)
- Do NOT submit lyrics through the japanese test field
it will result in getting Level -1 instantly!
- Do not write any comments like "this is probably wrong" or
"???" or "i cannot read it, you guys are mean" in the translation/
transliteration you give.
- Comments are allowed ONLY when you offer alternative reading for
names or another way of translation for a phrase/sentence.

2) What to keep in mind when submitting lyrics.

- Lyrics MUST either be transliterated/translated by yourself
OR be official transliterations/translations!
(if they are official, please write that and the name of the
CD/DVD they are from in the comments field)
- Op/Ending length for anime are not appreciated and will be removed
from the queue/page if we identify them as such.
- Lyrics have to be full-length
- It is NOT allowed to submit lyrics you have taken from
other sites and/or fansubs.
- Do not submit lyrics from localized versions of a song/show
(like a spanisch/dutch/whatever one piece opening f.e.)
- If a song is originally in a language other than
Japanese, please write that down in the comment.
- Translations must be in ENGLISH ONLY
- Dont submit lyrics you just memorized from hearing them somewhere.
(i have to say this again, since it really happens a lot)
- When your submissions are, for some reason, errorous
or incomplete, the mod is going to notify you through the PM
function of this board (so please make sure, you're properly
registered in order to receive the PM).
If you don't respond within the next 3 workdays, your submission
is either corrected by a sitemod or removed from the queue.
- Do not submit English translations to songs that already are in English.
- Romaji should be given either using the Heburn, Nippon or
Kunrei (mombushô) system.
Be sure, not to combine different systems.
Allowing usage of other systems is an issue the mod has to
decide when he processes your submission.

3) How to submit

- On the front page, there are 4 sections each one has letters
written under it. You chose the letter your show/game/etc starts
If the show is already in the system, click on its name, then there
should be the option "submit a song for this show".
If you have lyrics for a show/game/etc we don't have, you should see
an option "submit a song for a show we don't have" right after you
clicked on a letter.

Q) I submitted a song - what now?
A) You wait till it appears on the site.
Q) What if it doesn't appear?
A) Songs don't appear instantly on the site, a moderator has to validate them first.
Q) How long does it take?
A) That depends on how many songs are in the queue before your submission.
- If it takes longer, than one week there's either some issues with your submission (that being the case, you should be
notified via PM) or you didn't take the japanese test, which may result an a long waiting period.
- Inappropiate submissions from non-test takers are deleted without a notification.
Q) I took the test, i waited, still no lyrics on the page and no notification.
A) In such cases, along with all other kinds of questions, we suggest you use our forum or the "contact us" button
found on the front page, since we've not perfect either and sometimes also make mistakes.

Finally, some general things to keep in mind:

- If a song is extraordinary short, and yet is full length, we would appreciate if you write
that down in the comments, so we won't mistake it for a short version, and
have no need to contact you to ask about if it's the right length or accidently delete it.

- When submitting more than one submissions as a non-test taker, please keep in mind to
write "official translation/transliteration" under each of your submissions

- The reason why we prefer submissions from people who took the japanese test so much
is because by passing, they've shown that
a) they are capable of making a transltion and/or
transliteration by their own and have no need to take other people's works.
b) are less likely to submit junk to the page

So, having written this, i will unlock this thread, so people can post their suggestions and comments on how to improve/change these rules.

03-19-2007, 06:09 PM
So, looking forward to see how long it takes, till the first time i have the change this ^^°

10-24-2008, 01:48 PM
Q.) How do I request lyrics?