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Goal: Make your own crew and be the king of the sea

After crossing the grandline and passing many trials, Loopy and his gang finally acheive the one piece. They earned the respect of all people and become very popular. Many years have passed by, and Loopy and his gang become a legend only, they are the forgotten ones. But many still believes they are still alive, but that still remains a question...

Goal: Be the leader fo the marines and capture the the pirates

With their reputaiton ruined badly by Stronghan Loopy, they want to restore that reputation. And yes they are succesfull after the disappearance of Loopy and his gang. the marines gain consecutive victories and capturing pirates. But until when will these wins continue?

1. Be a Pirate
a. Captain-Own a ship and look for crews and be always alert of the marines, be the king of the sea!

b. chef- Cook for your crews

c. doctor- Be like chopper

d navigator- The next destinaiton depends on you

e. swordsman- Be like Zoro

f. Mechanic- The ship's condition depends on you

g. Archeologist- Be like Robin

*You can think of other positions

2. Be a MArine

a. Admiral- The highest rank to be achieve by a marine, deffend your base or your fellt

b. Vice Admiral - Second highest rank

c. Commodore-

d. Captain-

e. Lieutenant

f. sea man- The lowest rank

3. Template
Marine or pirate:
guild name:
special technique: (only one)

All will start with 1,000 belly


Template discussion:
1. How can I level up?
- Train and Fight, ccomplish missions
- Marines will have an academy, they can train there by paying 100 they will level up
-Pirates will have training gorunds, usaully on forests by paying 100 they will level up

2.How can I create my own Guild?
- Look for party, and you need to pay 1,000 golds for registration

3. How can I earn money?
- Join missions, and when your succesfull you will get treasures.
- For maines if the captured a pirate, the bail on his head, he will receive that much, so the more fmaous the pirate the higher the prize on him.
-For pirates, stealing treasures on navy bases there are many gollds there

What is special technique?
-Like the ability of Loopy

What is belly?
-It is the term for money in One Piece

4. Missions
As usual, I will be the mission maker,

Goals: depending on the mission, but usaully
Pirates: To get the golds
Marines: To capture and stop the pirates on doing so


1. Fuusha Town- is a small and quiet village, and the Red Haired Pirate Crew spent a year relaxing here. This was where Monkey D. Luffy was born and where he starts his journey to become King of the Pirates.

2. Shell Town- The location of a Navy base headed by Axe-Hand Morgan

3.Shimoshiki Village- This is the location of Zoro's past

4. The Island of Rare Animals- Called "Gold Island" in the English dub. This island is covered entirely by forest and has many strange animals on it, most of which are mixtures of two or more normal animals.

5. Syrup Village- This village is the birthplace of Usopp

6. Baratie- The Baratie is a high quality restaurant that floats upon the sea founded by Zeff, and this was where Sanji

7. Conomi Island- is the island where Nami grew up

8. Loguetown- spelled "Roguetown" in the English manga and anime, is the place where Gold Roger was born and where he was executed.

9. Mountain of God: This mountain is where the treasure of Ocean's Naval is kept.

10. Clockwork Town: This is the place where all of the island's inhabitants live. The city is technologically advanced, for the One Piece world,

11. Calm Belt- North and south of the Grand Line are two "Calm Belts", acting as the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. In these areas, there is no wind nor ocean currents, making travel nearly impossible.

12. Twin Capes Lighthouse- After entering through Reverse Mountain, there is a lighthouse where one can find information about the dangers of the Grand Line.

13. Winter Island- Reverse Mountain is a mountain at one of the points where the four Blues meet and is one of the two known entrances to the Grand Line.

14. Whiskey Peak: Called Misty Peak in the English dub. This city is inhabited entirely by bounty hunters working for Baroque Works

15. Ohara- Ohara was where Nico Robin was born and was where a group of archaeologists studied the Poneglyph located there.

16. Tree of Knowledge: Inside this humongous tree was a large library of historical books and documents, where archaeologists studied the past.

17. Alabasta- is a desert nation with a rich history

18. Asuka Island- Asuka Island is where the legendary Seven Stars Sword, a cursed blade, was sealed

19. Clam Island- This island is said to be the location of a great treasure. In actuality

20. Elbaf- This is an island inhabited by giants.

21. Enies Lobby is one of the World Government's largest bases and hasn't been attacked in over 100 years.

22. Fireworks Island- This is an island famous for its yearly fireworks festival.

23. Fishman Island- This is the island where most of the world's fishmen reside.

24. Impel Down- Impel Down is an underwater prison that is supposedly the largest in the world

25. Navarone Island- Navarone Island is taken up entirely by the Navy base

26. Raftel - ラフテル (Rafuteru) is the last island on the Grand Line.

27. Seas of the Sky

28. Angel Island is where the sky people lived and was part of Skypiea.

29. Bilka- is where Enel is from and isn't part of Skypiea.

30. Loopy's Isalnd- No information about this isalnd has been made. What we only know is that Loopy and his fellow pirates are living here.

5. Shops

A. Dial shop

Vision Dial: This dial has the ability to absorb images and "reflect" them as photos. costs 500 belly

Breath Dial: Produces a burst of wind; larger ones can be used for powering vehicles such as the waver. Smaller Breath Dials can also be used on footwear to give a user improved jumping and help the wearer travel around faster. costs 400 belly

Jet Dial: This dial causes increased acceleration by releasing the air in one quick and powerful burst and works similar to the Breath Dial. It can be strapped to the forearm to allow a user to throw an accelerated punch before the enemy even knows what hit them and Wavers equipped with this Dial are exceptionally faster than Breath Dial Wavers. The creature that made these Dials became extinct hundreds of years ago, making these Dials quite a rare sight today. costs 500 bellys

Heat Dial: A dial that produces heat. Used for cooking and heating up weapons. costs 300 bellys

Flame Dial: A dial that absorbs and releases flames, not to be confused with the Heat Dial. costs 300 bellys

Lamp Dial: This dial produces light and therefore is used for lamps. costs 200 bellys

Tone Dial: A dial that is able to record and replay sounds spoken into it. costs 400 bellys

Water Dial: Though not seen, it is presumably used to absorb and release water. costs 300 bellys

Ball Dial: This dial releases a puff of cloud that forms into a ball shape upon being released that can be sat or stood on. costs 400 bellys

Milky Dial: A dial that produces a trail of clouds that can be used to travel on by Breath Dial-related vehicles. It can also be used to move the user up into the air, like a rocket, although it is not effective as the Breath Dial for general movement. costs 400 bellys

Flavor Dial: This dial can store smells and aromas, along with other types of gas such as explosive ones. costs 400 bellys

Axe Dial: A rarer dial not found on Skypiea itself, it is used by Enel's enforcers. It has the power to absorb and reflect slices. A shield cannot protect against these slices. costs 1000 belly

Impact Dial: A dial that works by absorbing the impact from a force colliding with it. The stored energy can then be released in a powerful blow. Used mainly for fighting where it is normally attached to the hand with string, bandages, or a glove. Just like the Reject dial the user of a Impact Dial feels some of the dial's force as it releases its power, however unlike the Reject dial, the Impact Dial is not deadly, only inflicting force equal to the absorbed impact onto the user rather than 10x said force. costs 600 bellys

Reject Dial: An extremely rare Dial. it is 10 times stronger then the Impact Dial, but its increased power means it is deadly to the enemy and the user alike. costs 1500 bellys

Flash Dial: Works in the same way as a Lamp Dial, however unlike the Lamp Dial it produces light in a quick and bright flash. In battle it can be used to blind someone for a brief moment of time, allowing the user to strike their foe when they are recuperating. costs 300 bellys

B. Navigation shop

Log Pose is a fictional, compass-like navigational device. costs 400 bellys

map use for journey. Costs 50 golds

Eternal Pose: Another special type of compass, known as an Eternal Pose , always points to the same island, no matter how long it stays elsewhere. costc 500 bellys

Kame Pose- Yet another special type of compass consisting of a baby turtle ( in a small pool of water. These are used instead of Log Poses to navigate to Mecha Island. costs 200 bellys

c. Boat shop

Maxim- A giant flying arc designed and used by Enel. costs 50, 000 bellys

Puffing Tom- The Sea Train The Puffing TomTom's finest and most powerful Sea Train. Costs 40, 000 bellys

Marien Battle ship- Costs 30, 000 bellys

Waver- A small vehicle created in Skypiea made from a small boat. Costs 5,000 bellys

D. Weapon shop

Pluton- is an ancient weapon (a superweapon said to be a huge warship) of mass destruction, constructed long ago in the city of Water 7 in the Grand Line. It is said to be capable of destroying whole islands.Costs 40,00 bellys

Poseidon: Another weapon of similar intentions to Pluton. costs 40,000 bellys

Seastone- called Sea-Prism Stone in the English anime, and Cherry Stone in One Piece Grand Battle, substance that can cancel out Devil Fruit powers.

Medecine shop

6. Members:

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