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02-23-2007, 05:18 PM
Anna followed her mom gloomily down the stairs toward the kitchen. "Mom why do I have to do this again? Why oh why am I being so horribley punished?" Anna asked frowning. "Because you are a lady as much as you want to believe your not." Anna began to reply but her mother quickly put up her hand. "You are my sweet little angel Anna. NOT some punk rocker person with no chance at being anything!"
Anna stopped and glared at her mothers back. This had all started when she had came home with her boyfriend Mark. He had worn a shirt that said "Won't ever amount to anything" and her mom had flipped and acted like he had brought a bomb. She was presently banned from Mark, the mall, and from seeing her friends. All because of a dumb shirt. Then of course it was her mom. Betty Crocker at its finest. Blonde hair, Pink dresses, great job, great boyfriend....blah blah blah. One pimple and her mom freaked out. ONE hair out of place and her mom whimpered. So naturally a Goth daughter was a nightmare. Black hair, black clothes, everything. Everything she did it was a disaster. Anna sighed and walked up to her room and slammed the door in her mother's yelling face. She texted her friend and wrote "Gawd save me! Betty Crocker 101 at my house. SAVE ME!!!!" She soon got a text message back saying "I'll be waiting outside your house at 12. Be ready"
It was Midnight and she had a bag packed full of clothes and a purse full of money. She had about 500 bucks saved up for this awsome apartment she saw but she decided this was better. she whispered "I knew I could count on you Leah!" as she saw the black Chevy park across the street. She jumped out of her One story window and ran accross the green lawn toward the car. Leah smirked at Anna and said "Hey ready for a little trouble in NYC?" Anna widened her eyes. "We are gonna be so dead. But then again we should live our life to the fullest." She jumped into the passenger seat as Leah hopped in and kissed her cheek. Anna blushed and looked away. Her mom would so kill her if she knew she was in a relationship.....especially with a girl..."Let's go princess" said Leah. "Okay....let's get Sam first. Make it a trip to never forget." They drove off in the black Chevy while Anna's mom was opening Anna's door to see her gone.....
Did you like it??? I need some opinions. Thanks! New chapter coming soon!

02-23-2007, 07:34 PM
Hmmm... I read it and can't help but get the feeling that you are basing this off of someone...

But who I wonder?

Oh the possibilities. >_>

There were a few grammatical mistakes but otherwise it was well written. Reps for you, my friend. ^^