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*Okay!!! This is an original fiction of danie-chan!!! If you see some similarities towards an anime/game/story you’ve read/manga, well danie-chan didn’t copy them. danie-chan just got this idea because of danie-chan’s being a bit “emo” today… Anyways!!!! Please enjoy!!!!*

*Note: Words/Sentences in italics are thoughts of the characters.*

Chapter 1- BIRTH

"Waaaa!!! Waaaa!!!"

"Shhhhh.... Please baby... Shhhhh.... Stop crying, you'll wake them up..."

"Waaaa!!! Waaaa!!!"


A couple of men in black suits came rushing into a room where the sound of crying was heard.

"I think I heard it in here.” One of the men said.

He opened the sliding doors and entered the room. What he and his companions saw made them gasp.

“Wh-What the---“

A young girl stared back at them with her sapphire blue eyes; in her arms was a baby, who continued to cry, much to her dismay. Behind her, blood covered the blankets scattered around the room. Her clothes, a plain white shirt and denim shorts, were smudged with blood. She looked frightened, but nonetheless spoke to the men with authority.

“Why are you here??” she asked them, making her voice as loud as possible, hoping to drown down the baby’s desperate crying. “Do you know that it’s rude to barge into other people’s room??”

One of the men stepped forward. He cleared his throat and spoke in a low voice. “What the hell is going on here?!?!” he looked around him before continuing, “What have you been doing to that poor child!?!?” he was clearly ignoring the girl’s question.

She gave the man a cold, frozen look. “This is none of your business.” She replied coolly. She glanced at the baby at her arms, who now was sound asleep and continued in a strangely small voice, “This is not my fault… Why did she have to be the one???”

The men looked questioningly at her before stealing a glance at the baby in her arms. There they saw a faint black outline of a cross, covered in thorns and some of the sides dripping with blood on the baby’s left arm.

“The symbol?!” They all thought in unison.

The men left the young girl at once, closing the sliding doors with a thump and quickly running away from the girl’s room.

“At least you’ve stopped crying…” she whispered to the baby’s ear.

She laid her young one into a blanket which was covered with blood as well. For a moment, she stared at the faint mark in the baby’s arm, her thoughts drifting to death and destruction, to hate and revenge, towards her daughter’s predictable future.

“Why did you have to be the one??”

She then proceeded to clean the blood that was smudged all around the room. She stole one more fleeting look at her baby and the mark before cleaning up.


*That’s it… first chapter finished!!! danie-chan hopes you understand this!!! Please feel free to tell danie-chan of errors (e.g. wrong spelling, punctuations, grammar, etc.) and danie-chan’ will be obliged to change them!!! Also, please, in the name of danie-chan, tell danie-chan what you think about it… danie-chan wants to know what you think of my story… Now, if you want to read more of danie-chan’s works, please visit danie-chan’s fanfiction.net!!!! Oh and feel free to pm danie-chan if you want to talk to danie-chan about the story, ask about something you don’t get or just be danie-chan’s friend!!!!!*

*Oh… And obviously, danie-chan’s thoughts are in between these (**) symbols…:D*

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Yeah, can you not post fanfictions with rediculous colors?