View Full Version : I believe no one had ever heard of Lullacry?

02-11-2007, 01:08 PM
I really love this band,though in my country they aren't popular...
I supose it's same here...
Anyway,I'll tell something about them,so you tell do you know about them?
It's a melodic metal band with goth influences that hails from Helsinki,Finland...
Their vocalist Tanya Kemppainen had quit the band in 2002,leaving Lullacry without main element...
Anyway,band members had begun search for new vocal,and they found her atlast-Tanja Lainio,but she could never be real replace for Tanya...
Last album was released in 2005,named vol.4(dunno why),and after that they made single named Stranger in You...
-Here are band members:
Tanja Lainio - Vocals (joined in 2002)
Sami Vauhkonen - Lead Guitar
Sauli Kivilahti - Guitar
"Heavy" - Bass (joined in 1998)(real name Jarkko Hiltunen)
Jukka Outinen - Drums (joined in 1999)
-Their albums are(singles will not be listed):
Sweet Desire(well,it's not available anymore)
Be my God
Crucify my Heart
Vol. 4
So,that's little something about them...
Anyone knows about them,if you do,what's your opinion?