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The Plot ((Open and ready for pm requests))

In a world where angels, demons, vampires and various magical intriguing creatures live together, there can only be one thing...chaos. For there lives a very evil and vicious creature by the name of Viron. He controls the undead and controls some of the darkest and most decietful things known in the universe. He aims to do one thing, destroy everything in his path and reign with is own kingdom. There is only one girl who can stop him. An angel named Rioki. Though, she cannot do it alone. She owns the power to stop Viron's path of destruction but needs companions to help her get there. Her companions consist of a fellow angel named Lena and a demon named Taoki. Together, along with the help of others, they can stop it. Only then will the world, be at peace.

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1. Please try and be literate. I honestly don't have the patience for people who don't know how to make complete sentences or don't know how to spell.
2. Absolutely no using action marks. Stay in the past tense. It will be easier for everyone to understand. If I catch you using action marks you will be suspended from the rp and put on the blacklist.
3. Keep romance to a Pg-13 level. No cybering or anything of the kind.
4. No being all mightly powerful. You are not allowed to kill another person's character on the spot. You must ask permission from me and the person playing the character you plan to kill before carrying on.
5. For OC profiles, please send me a pm with the subject 'Angel Symphony' and insert:closedeye into your pm so I know that you read the rules.
6. When requesting a pre-made character please send a pm with the subject 'Fallen Symphony' that way I can tell the difference between a main pm and a OC pm.
7. Most of all just have fun. If you don't, I would've made this rp for nothing ^-^!


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wats tht about

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Ranking: (if any)
Companion: (if any, it can be an animal or whatever you want)
Member playing character:

Please be sure to follow this format

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If you follow the rules, you will be put on this list immediately!

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If I find that you have not been following the specified rules, you will be put here..

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Name: Rioki Tashimaru
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Angel
Appearance: http://www.anime-extreme.net/imagegallery/albums/anime/angels/sad.jpg
Bio: She is a very young angel who has no idea she is as powerful as everyone believes. She desperately wants to prove to the elder angels that she can take care of herself and that she can defeat Viron. The only problem, is that she doesn't believe in herself. She hopes that with the power that will soon come to her, that world peace will be restored.
Ranking: Beginner Angel
Companion: Taoki and Lena
Member playing character: Symphonic*Angel

Name: Taoki Mishumarne
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Demon
Appearance: http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i6/Akkedo/Anime%20Guys/7c985dfa.jpg (http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i6/Akkedo/Anime%20Guys/7c985dfa.jpg)
Bio: He grew up with Viron and his brother Leonte in the demonic castle of doom. Once he knew things were going to be rough and chaotic he ran away from that place in search of a new life. Along the way he round Rioki and Lena, and have been with them fighting ever since.
Ranking: Captain of the demon army, or at least he was.
Companion: Rioki and Lena
Crush: In the beginning, he liked Lena, but now his feelings drift towards Rioki
Member playing character:

Name: Lord Viron
Age: 1094
Gender: Male
Race: Demon
Appearance: http://wire-d.net/te/images/grid_lucifer_02.png
Bio: Raised evil and made his way to the top of the demonic race. He destroys whatever is in his path and continues to do so. He not only wants Rioki to destroy her, but he also has an obsession, he wants to maker her his.
Ranking: Lord
Crush: Rioki
Companion: He has one companion that is always with him Leonte.
Member playing character:

Name: Lena Yanumare
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Angel
Appearance: http://i63.photobucket.com/albums/h131/blackhenna/c9f155af.jpg
Bio: She grew up with Rioki in the gates of heaven. Now her and Rioki have been sent down to earth to defeat Viron. Little do they know of the heartache and obstacles that come there way. Lena is ready for anything.
Ranking: Intermediate Angel
Companion: Taoki and Rioki
Crush: Leonte
Member playing character: Danie-chan

Name: Leonte Hirakaru
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Demon
Appearance: http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f93/Ceirel/anime/am_as34.jpg
Bio: He was forced into working for Viron by his general in the demon army. Though in time, he became one with the power that came with being by Viron's side. He know shares the same goal as Viron, to destroy everything and to take over the universe. He is related to Taoki in being his brother.
Ranking: Head Commander of the army and right hand man to Viron
Companion: Viron
Crush: He likes Rioki but he is beginning to have mixed feelings for Lena
Member playing character:

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did u get mine

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Name:Steven Leonard
Race: half demon half human
Appearance: cowboy hat priest uniform long blonde hair and carved cross in forehead long brown trench coat.
Bio: Sold my soul to the devil to save a person then that person died I raged against god now back to kill the demon that killed my friend
Ranking: Priest
Companion: None
Member playing character: Ivan Issacs

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((Well guys, we just need a few more characters to be filled then we can start ^-^))

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