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01-31-2007, 03:48 PM
This is progressive metal at it's best. Ayreon is the brainchild of Arjen Anthony Lucassen born in 1995, this is no ordinary group though, if you ask me. Arjen writes up some snazzy music, usually in a sci-fi setting (the only real exception would be The Human Equation), and hires many guest vocalists and other musicians like Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden, James LaBrie from Dream Theater, and many more. I love how Ayreon puts in many different styles like progressive, heavy metal, folk, and electronica. Which means a variety of instruments from guitars and drums to violins and flutes (they even use a didgeridoo). Some of the best Rock Operas around.
Sad though, Ayreon is almost impossible to find.

Some songs I like the most include:
Day Two: Isolation
Day Three: Pain
Day Six: Childhood
Day Eight: School
Day Sixteen: Loser
My House On Mars
Temple Of The Cat
And The Druids Turn To Stone

Among others.

Best Albums:
Into The Electric Castle
The Universal Migrator (Both Parts)
The Human Equation

And The Final Experiment was really good as well.

Seriously, check these guys out if you don't know them.

EDIT: In fact, check out their myspace here. :p