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01-30-2007, 03:48 PM
Alright people let us get this party started!!!!!

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The Story Begins...

The mighty sun flourished onto the new day as Raftidia was busy with its daily events. The people were going about their business, with content feeling around their souls. You could see Neo Wayrea come into view as the giant castle with boundless hallways, gardens and courting areas were beautifully laid in a colorful array of plants and green stone. The halls were lit by a combination of torches and light orbs set up by the engineers of Shazuk itself.

In the throne room sat the Emperor and his Empress, Lord Cormac and Lady Leama. About the throne room stood stalwart guards ready to be of service at a single whim in their Wayrean style armor with the Tree of Life insignia branded to the metals. Moving from the throne room towards the west part of the castle lain the sacred garden where the Princess Hikaru and her long and loyal friend and body guard Fayt rested in the grass under the Great Tree.

The airship called the ‘Allure’ was going at full wind towards the castle’s port to the south of the structure, inside sat Kirgash; a lone Shazuk Captain of the Pouncing Tiger Brigade standing at the back hatch awaiting his landing. He was to see the Lord and Lady today, a dream he held since he was young.

The town itself bustled on as the people made preparations for the pilgrimage of the Arch Priestess from Tsunovia and the High ones from Novalark and Stockrom. The Crystal of Rhaf would be unveiled the following day for the Lord and Lady to ask of her wisdom once again.

Now the scene has been set, the people in their place, and the book on its first page. Prepare yourself, for the tasks ahead will be of no ease.
You are now entering the world of Raftidia 2: Dawn of the New World…


Key colors: Yggdrasil, Aura

Yggdrasil stood there on the left side of the throne with his sword at his side. "Hmm..." He hummed to himself, he took his pocket watch from his pocket and looked at the time "The evening is near". He lets out a soft sigh of disappointment, the day had been long and still not one major even has happened. He then glanced to the window on the right side of him "Mmm, what a beautiful sunset...oh how I do wish I could go out beyond those walls". Yggdrasil hasn't been outside the walls sense his childhood before his parents were slaughtered right in front of his eyes.

Yggdrasil sighed and looked down at his watch flipping it over to see his reflection "Is this....what I have become....a bodyguard for the lord and lady?". He made a low growl as yawned slightly "God I am tired!" he said pushing a lock of hair from his eyes. He whispered softly "I wish the lord and lady would give me something to do...." he said as his hair fell back into his eyes to cover his saddened look.

01-30-2007, 04:12 PM
Asami stood on the right side of the throne near Leame. She stood at attention ready if anything happen. Yeah only if. Nothing has happened. Everything has been peaceful and boring. She smothered a yawn behind one hand. She side glanced at Lady Leama to see if she needed anything. As usaully Lady Leama needed nothing. She heard shuffling of feet behind her. It was Mari. Mari was the child that Asami took in. Mari could turn into a wolf so she kept her close at all times. Asami smothered another yawn "When will something exciting happen?" she asked herself softly. she took a glance at her watch on her wrist "Almost time to end the day.....I haven't been outside the castle walls in forever! I may go to the market today. I have been needing to stock up on more food and Mari is growing out of her clothes" she said again to herself.

Mari stood behind Asami. She looked around the person she admired so much to see what was going on. She watched as people came in and out all day. Her feet felt like they wayed a ton from standing on them so long but it was their--or Yggdrasil and Asami's job--to protect the Lord and the Lady. She looked at the sun outside the window knowing it was almost time to leave. she wondered what Asami had in mind of doing after they were off the job.

Leama sighed to herself. Would the day ever end? She thought that being the Lady everything would be so exciting. She wished for something to happen or maybe she shouldn't. The last time she wished for something exciting to happen, Riftidia was almost lost into darkness. she let her mind wonder from business matters to her daughter then to Cormac.

Aura of the Twilight
01-30-2007, 04:48 PM
OOC: Colors Amilia's Leona's


Leona had just started out on her pilgrimage. She had wanted to start out at night because she wanted to take care of as much as possible before she left the Tsunovia temple. She had chosen Amilia to accompany her as they had recently befriended each other and were both of the same temple. This year Leona went with only one person instead of people to accompany her.

Leona and Amilia had been traveling for a short while and had already made it a good ways from town. "We seem to be making splendid timing already." Leona stated calmly.

"Yes it would appear so. I wonder how long this will take though. I've heard that in previous years it took the Arch Priestesses a few days to make it to their destination." Amilia stated.

"As true as that may be, the previous Arch Priestesses, like mother, travled in large groups. So if one person got sick or wounded, even with magic, it would slow them down greatly. With just You and myself traveling the pilgrimage it should not take merely as long." Leona explained with her calm tranquil voice. She then started contemplating what this years pilgrimage might bring.

"That's Leona for you. She always contemplating something. That might not be too good for her though, but that is part of the reason as to how she got the Arch Preistess position in the first place. I just hope we don't find any trouble on the way." Amilia thought as the sun set further into the sky.

"What a pretty sunset." she added to her thoughts as they continued to walk through the forest in silence.

Fionn Mac
01-30-2007, 05:08 PM
Cormac sat upon his throne, and let his hand pass over the wooden etching on the arm. He wore no crown atop his head, as eventhough he was a Lord, the people were the true rulers, he simply stood as a figure to unite and uphold their ideals. It was coming upon exactly 100 years to the day of the past events. In that time much had changed, he an average soldier had become Lord of all the land.
He disliked all the "protection" around him, he was no sterotypical king, for he'd rather be a captain than a lord.
But, his peaceful and honorable personality, made him able to unite the divided lands back together.

He noticed Leama's disposition and knew how she felt. They would have been content with staying the Temple guardian and Wayrean soldier, but alas they were put into their position for a reason. Cormac often wondered why fate had taken away Luteous...who should have been Lord, and placed it in his hands.

"Let us relieve these honorable guards of their duty" said Cormac as he patted Leama's hand. It was obvious their trusted guards were becoming restless, Leama and himself were more than capable of protecting themselves, Lord and Lady titles aside...they were still the powerful defenders of old.
"Yggdrasil, Asami you are free to go...and in the future, please feel free to wander while on duty...We are not defensless"

Cormac smiled as he gestured for them to be on their way. He would never think of making his guards or people for that matter, follow the "Royal Etiquette"...or what ever that was.
Respect, trust and loyalty...were virtues that went both ways.

01-30-2007, 05:21 PM
Yggdrasil stood and saluted his lord "Yes sir! and thank you sir!" he took a step back before turning to the front. Yggdrasil let his guard down and walked upstairs to his room. There he shut the door silently and whispered "Aura?...you here?" Just then out of the corner of his eye he saw a small white tail sticking out from his dresser . He laughed silently "Oh my not again" he said calmly walking over to the dresser. Yggdrasil slowly placed his hand on her tail and gripped it "Gotcha!" he shouted.

Aura made a yelp as her tail was being pulled "Owwwww!!!, master why do you did you do that?" she asked whimpering "You know!" she then turned into her human form "You don't have to be so rough!" she said walking over to his bed taking a seat.

Yggdrasil laughed and sat down in his chair sighing "I am so glad Cormac gave me permission to roam the city" he took off his shoes and then took his cloths off all except his undergarment. Yggdrasil yawned "I will be in the shower, call me if you need anything"

Aura nodded and smiled falling back on the bed closing her eyes "Okay master...have a good shower". She said giggling

01-30-2007, 05:22 PM
Color Key: Fayt Hikaru Kirgash ((((Ankikyo(Fate)]]]
As the graceful turbines of the jet green airship Allure soared through the skys, a man with a metal plated arm and a roughly torn cape pierced his sight through a side window down upon the land as the sun was setting. He looked down at his attire, his everyday set which would have to do. Being patient for what seemed like forever he finally received permsion to take the Allure to Neo Wayrea to see the Lord and Lady.

As his blond, spiky lengths curled up and around to the subtle shake of the vessel his mind was caught on the sunset's beauty. Such a thing to behold, such a world to be of. He looked down, the lands below were vast and amazing making him smile lightly.He saw through the side pane of the window to see the starting of Neo Wayrea's boundries make their way under the swift ship, it's wings spread out like a metal birds while the spinning turbines blasted their way through the sky.

Approaching the Heptrian capital he felt his heart beat faster and faster. "Finally.." his somewhat cold and cool voice flowed from his mouth "I will meet the two who.. fought the Dark Ones with the Legendary Heros..."

The sacred garden was beautiful, blossuming with flowers from all over Raftidia. Fayt, the you white haired boy sat on his knees beside the royal princess. He held a flower of azure beauty to his nose and inhaled it's essence, bringing a relaxed smile to his face.

"Fayt you lazy bum, concentrate on your studies!" Hikaru giggled as she pulled back her dirty blond hair behind her back, bending over to look Fayt right in his grey irises. Her blue eyes had taken a shade of passionate red as the sun was setting, the garden now overlayed with an orange tone from the sun.

Bringing herself to her knees in front of her friend she made a smile so sweet in could tame a lion.

"But it isn't study time Hikaru... ermm. M'lady." He studdered trying to be polite.

"It's alright Fayt, you can call me like you would anybody. I've told you that over and over again."

"But...yes... Hikaru." He didn't want to upset his etiquette teacher, but it seemed as though she wouldn't let him budge. "So.. shall we sit at the castle gates?" He offered, standing up. He offered her a hand with a smile "Come'on, lets go. I want to see the preperations for the ceremony."

"You read my mind Fayt, alright, lets go." She took his hand and they ran off towards the gate to take a seat at the stone pillers right behind the draw bridge.

01-30-2007, 05:59 PM
Characters: Kitanoru, Random Messengers
Location: Fuujai City

In the city of Fuujai, there lived a brave captain by the name of Kitanoru Tizu Horokei. He was one of the few captains that ran in the Sky Griffon Brigade, and he was very proud to be a part of this brigade. He was most of the time in a state of conscious thinking, for he looked towards different strategic tactics that could be taken if ever danger approached the town. He took a few minutes to think...

"No good... That won't do one bit..."

As he read over a message that was sent to him by his messenger's. Then another messenger ran into the room.

"Captain! Captain! I have word that a new recruit might be joining us!"

The messenger passes Kitanoru the letter, and to his surprise it was a new recruit. His name was Kuroro Tsyche, and he was said to be a very skilled knight of the Shazuk. He was stationed in the Pouncing Tiger Brigade, and was now to be sent off to join Kitanoru's group of soldiers. He was to be on his way, and that he will meet up in the city soon.

"Well then, i'l be darn... we do have a new recruit. This is great news! Messengers, please do inform the the other Sky Griffon Brigade Captains about this if you do see them."

"Sure thing Captain!"

"Thank you!"

Seikyu Kiba
01-30-2007, 06:25 PM
Woot: Seikyu Fang Radu Mieu

"COME ON YOU THREE!" Seikyu said riding on his nobal horse "Radu your panther Mieu should be able to keep up!" He said waving his hand to him. "Also you should be able to run quickly!"

Maybe if I was a horse! Mieu thought in a growl.

"Calm now Mieu, Seikyu maybe it would be best if you thought about what we are doing, we are going to the castle of Raftidia where Cormac and Leama are at..do you really think they will remember you?"

Fang nodded has his hood over his head flew back as he ran to keep up "Agreed." He said in more of a whisper.

Seikyu smiled and laughed "Come now guys, I the ledgendary Seikyu forgotten? Ha that's not possible..you remember I am a ledgendary Hero." He said as he kicked his horse to ride faster. He then looked over his shoulder and sitting on the back of the horse was Babs "How you holding up?" He said as he patted her on the head.

"Hey how come she gets to ride on the horse?" Radu said in annoyance

"Because ladies shouldn't walk, anyway she is my responsibiliy." he said with a smirk.

OOC: Note to Tetsano....move from the horse when I barge in because I tend not to stop until I hit something XD

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Asami looked at Lord Cormac "But Lord! You need someone to protect you! It would be bad for my reputation if I didn't protect you" she said turning to look at Lord Cormac. She thinks that she would like to get a few more hours in the city "Well..." she smiles happily "if you insist I will" she says walking out of the side doors. She smiles and looks at Mari "I was thinking of going into the city. You need new clothes and we need some more food. Would you like to join me?" She knew she didn't need to ask Mari but she did anyway. Mari follows her just about everywhere. she didn't really mind. It felt like she had a puppy.

Mari smiles and nods "Yes I would Misstres. Thank you very much" she said look down. After all this time she was spending with Asami she still was shy with talking to her.

Asami smiles and nodded "Okied dokie! Then let us go into the city! I can't wait to get out of the confounds of this castle. I sometimes feel caged." She smiles and ruffles the little girls hair. She walked out of the gates from the castle to the city. She took a deep breath in and coughed "I forgot the city doesn't smell like the castle." she laughed at herself and walked on into the Daymarket. She looked at Mari "You want any paties? Or cakes? Or rolls?" she asked quickly walking over to the bakery. "Hello I would like two apple paties, two small cakes and two sweet buttered rolls" she said without Mari answering. She would have order that even if the girl said she wanted nothing.

The baker came back with everything she order "That will be 8 coppers" the bakes said handing everything over in a basket.

Asami payed the baker and took the basket. She offered the basket to Mari after she took a patie out. She ate the patie in two bites.

Kyuubi Naruto
01-30-2007, 07:21 PM
OOC:Alright,let's get this started right.
Kyo Jace Hazel

Kyo Tarakama,the leader of Tourcha,the God of Hell,and a legendary who aided in the saving of Raftidia was in his throne room getting ready to depart for Neo Wayrea.He looked into the mirror of his room and ruffled his hair a bit."Alright."A loud knock on the door was heard,and in came Jace Sakura."Jace,good timing.You ready to get going,right?"

Jace nodded."Yeah,your not though.Why are you bringin' me on this trip anyway?I mean,I'm not use to being around all those people of high order."He said.

"So your saying I'm not considered high order?"He sighed."Anyway,see,your with me on this.The Arch Priestess is gonna read the knowledge of Rahf in not too long,and all of the officials are gonna be their,some of which are good friends of mine.I'm sure I've already told you about what happened back then,right?"

"Yeah,and I dont need a retelling.So,your friends with the Lord and Lady?"

"Yeah,and I'm sure their expecting all of us to be there,and I cant let them down,can I?"He walked out the throne room as Jace followed."see,I want you to meet all of them,this is a really important event,you just dont know it yet."The two of them reached the entrance of the Kingdom of Tourcha and the servants bowed to them as they walked by.

"So,we're headed off to Neo Wayrea.....this is gonna be my first time leaving Tourcha,and of all places to go too..."He said,deep in thought."So,how are we going to get there?"

A guard walked to them and bowed."Sir,I have assembled a group of guards to come along with you on this trip,they'll be with you shortly."

"Oh?No,that wont be needed,thank you.We can handle trouble we come across,doubted we come across any.Thank you,but that wont be needed."Kyo said.

"As you wish sir,but please,do be careful.We cant afford another death of either of you."He then walked away.

Jace watched as the guard walked away,then looked up to Kyo."So,we're traveling by airship?How long will it take to get ready?"

"Who said anything about an airship?Get with the program,man."Kyo clapped his hands togther and released them.As he did,a small phoenix about half the size of Kyo appeared in between the two of them."This is Hazel,my summoning phoenix.Been a while,hasnt it Hazel?"

The bird nodded."About 50 years since you traveled Kyo,but you havent seemed to aged at all."

"In human years,technically I am on 25,so that wont be a problem.But,that's not important.The Arch Priestess is heading to Neo Wayrea,and we gotta get there right now."

"Wise choice to summon me then."Hazel flew high into the air,and was enclosed by an orb of fire.When he emitted out of the orb,he had formed into an immensely larged flaming bird.He flew down to Jace and Kyo.

Jace looked in awe at Hazel."This thing is amazing....ya know,I may have already heard you tell me about saving Raftidia,but how'd you get Hazel?"He asked.

"No time for that."Kyo leaped onto Hazel and was followed by Jace."Alright,let's get on it.To Neo Wayrea."Kyo said,patting Hazel and pointing to the north.

Hazel flew into the air,letting out an ominous screech,and began to fly toward Neo Wayrea.

OOC:That was pretty long.Anyway,for those who remember Hazel from the 1st Raftidia,good for you.For those who dont or are new,then,well,there ya go.Expect to see him often in the RPG.

Kyuubi Naruto
01-30-2007, 07:21 PM
OOC:Sorry for the double post,what a way to start this RPG off.XD.

01-30-2007, 07:35 PM
OOC: Kyuubi you double posted once again!!!

BIC: Yggdrasil walked out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his waist "Ahh.." he said in a relaxed sigh "Nothing like a nice hot shower after a days work of standing". Yggdrasil walked over to his wardrobe and took his outfit. "There we go" he said huffing as he flopped down into his chair putting his feet on his foot rest "Now I will just sit back and relax!"

Aura giggled turning into her three tailed fox form "I am glad you get to relax master" she said jumping into his lap laying down "Now what shall you do for the night?"

Yggdrasil sighed "Just sit here for now and relax, then maybe get to bed and get something to eat in the morning"

Aura smiled "Yggdrasil my master you can't get to sleep..you're on night patrol tonight arent you?"

Yggdrasil growled under his breath "Oh yeah....thanks for reminding me" he said looking down

01-30-2007, 07:41 PM
Kuroro / Comrade Rytz

“YAWWWN! Wha? What time is it…? Argggg! First day of active duty and I over slept!” Kuroro hops out of bed and rushes to get dressed while thinking about the letter he received yesterday,

“Dear Kuroro, it is with great pleasure to inform you that you are now on active duty. Your new post with be with Sky Griffon Brigade in Fuujai City. Your commanding officer will be Captain Kitanoru Horokei. You are to be at the city within 48 hours.”

“Dang it! I needed to be out of here 2 hours ago! Fuujai City is at least a 40 hour ride from here!” Kuroro shoves the last of his things into a bag and dashes out the door and heads for the garage. Before he gets there one of his old comrades stops him at the door,
“Hey Kuroro! Where are you off to in such a hurry?”
“Oh hey Rytz. I’ve been transferred to a new Brigade out at Fuujai City.”
“Fuujai City huh? Well that’s quite a ways from here, when are you coming back?”
“Not for quite a while I think. Man I’m going to miss all you guys.”
“Ha ha ha, we will miss you to. Oh and here’s a tip, there’s a shortcut if you go left at Knockturn pass which will save you a good few hours off your trip. good luck .”
“Thanks man! I’m going to need it! Say farewell to the captain for me!”
“I Will.”
Kuroro wheels his bike out of the garage, says a small spell and the bike roars to life. Kuroro has to shout to be heard over the roar of the bike, “See you next time I’m in town!” And with that he hops on his bike and starts his long journey to Fuujai City.

Kyuubi Naruto
01-30-2007, 08:10 PM
Kyo and Jace were flying along the clouded sky,taking in the little air that was left at the altitude they were flying at.Kyo looked toward the north,but still no sight of Neo Wayrea."It's gonna be a while before we get there,but dont worry,it's worth the ride.The city is beautiful beyond all means,you'll have to see if you really want to understand what I mean.Kyo looked at the ground and saw two figures heading in the same direction as them."Yo,Hazel!Hold up for a second,descend.I see someone down there,looks as if they're headed toward Neo Wayrea."

Jace looked down and saw them as well."How can you tell?"

"There isnt many cities left on the way to Neo Wayrea,and tons of people will be heading there right now,so it's pretty much a guess,but the odds are in my favor,ya know?"

Hazel looked down."Secure yourself!"He yelled to the two of them.He then,literally,took a nose dive downward toward the ground,and near it,he spun in a loop,then landed down,perching himself on a large rock."Be quick,we shall'nt be late."

Kyo nodded.He then leaped off Hazel and recognized the figures."Well,would ya look at that?It's the Arch Priestess Jace,time to make our introduction."

Jace jumped off of Hazel and nodded."Alright then,I guess the odds were in your favor,werent they?And pretty good odds at that."The two of them began to walk over to the two figures.

Aura of the Twilight
01-30-2007, 08:23 PM
"ArchPriestess Leona be on guard!" Amilia said. Noticing the two figures and their pheonix.

Leona had yet to notice them until Amilia said something. "Hm?" she looked at the men and immediately recognized one of them. "it's alright one of them is one of the legendary heros, Kyo. Also be polite I consider the legendary heros a high rank than myself." Leona stated calmly and quitely. She walked forward some with Amilia right by her side and stopped a few feet away from Kyo and his companion.

"Hello Kyo and Kyo's companion. I take it you two are headed to Neo Wayrea as well? Is there something I can help you two with?" Leona asked while she bowed to them.

"I guess I have to bow as well." Amilia thought. Then she mimicked Leona and bowed deeply.

01-30-2007, 08:26 PM
Kali heaved a great sigh as she stood outside of what has been her home for the past twelve years of her life. Stockrom had made her feel accepted and now she was to leave on a pilgrimage. She looked into the sunset, "I guess I leave now." She walked down the steps of the temple and started her journey. As she reached the gate, she turned around to have one last look at her past and her future. She pulled up the pack she carried with her containing the few materials she needed. Then she tightened her sword she carried on right side. Kali closed her eyes and whispered something into the wind. Suddenly a large flame appeared on her hand to act as her light now that it was reaching darkness. And so she set off for the distance.
It was total darkness when Kali made camp approximately ten miles away from her temple. Realizing how late it was, she quickly ate some fruit from the forest and laid down to sleep. Before she closed her eyes into a nocturnal state, she stared up at the moon and whispered a prayer to the Gods that her journey goes well. And so she slept.

01-30-2007, 08:27 PM
Characters: Meikura, and the Mysterious Creature
Location: Leaving Tsunovia, and is wandering in the Woods

Within the city of Tsunovia lived Kitanoru's younger sister Meikura Tizu Horokei. He had once met her, but that was long ago, and due to having his memory wiped, he lost all traces of the idea that he had a younger sister. Meikura was just on her way to Fuujai city, when she heard a "hiss" like noise. She looked around, and saw nothing... She had thought that it must have been her imagination playing tricks on her. Then again "hiss." She heard it again... She could not figure out where it was coming from... or what the thing might be that is making that aweful racket. Well, anyways she decided to ignore it, and venture off into the woods in search to find Fuujai, the city of where her brother was staying. As she was venturing the woods, she stumbled across all sorts of creatures, and plant species. She found it to be very peaceful. When all of a sudden she reached what seemed to be a cross section of five paths. Trees with dark shadows lurked in the trees. She couldn't make up her mind on which path to choose. So she enchanted a spell, using her winged cresent moon orb.

"Shu- Rii- Do- Ma-Tou!"

She called out these very words. The words that defined a map. The map that she needed to find Fuujai. This unique technique "Shadow Detect," served her well. She took the path that eminated of dark water ripples at the edge of the entrance to the path.

"Ah, so this will lead me to my destination. Great! I will be there in no time at all!"

She steps up to the entrance, and to her surprise a dark figure springs from the trees.

"Huh? What sort of trick is this?"

The creature just stood there glaring into Meikura's eye's and at the winged cresent moon orb.

"If you want to live, I would move if I were you..."

There was no response...

"Okay I have no time to play the waiting game! I am getting delayed here..."

She starts enchanting her teleportation spell by tossing the orb into the distance.

"Ai- Shi- Ko- Mo- Di!"

Technique Failed...

"It didn't work! What is going on! Alright I demand an answer now!"

No response still...

"Alright... you asked for it!"

She starts casting a spell known as "Drainage Sea."

"Soh- Ra- Ono- Mas!"

A huge wave of dark murky water swept over the creature... The creature seemed to remain left un-harmed. Not even a scratch got to this creature.

"Um... um... This is not my day! What could be happening... This monster feels so weak, yet I cannot damage it at all! Alright... one last try..."

She begins casting her "Scar Drop," which can either harm her, or the monster. This all depends on if it lands in the right spot, at the right moment in time.

"Hy- Lo- Ku- Da!"

A drop of water splashes, and crashes to the ground, leaving only a small indent in the ground. The spell can only work if it hits on a crack directly on contact. If it misses, it deals damage to Meikura. She waited...

"Ahhh! I missed! Argh! Darn it! Geez, my spells are painful!"

"Ha, ha, ha, ha! Try to harm me have you? Magic is no good on me... sorry miss, but it would probably be best that you return to where you came from... that is, if you want to live. Ha, ha, ha, ha!"

The voice remained to chuckle... But Meikura was not amused by this creature's laughter, she was rather irritated, and frusterated. She was ready to try and kill the creature at all costs... Even if it costs her own life in the process... That is when she could have sworn that she heard both a roaring motor like noise, and that same hissing noise as before. Both noises seemed to be coming in her direction. Which direction? She was not sure, nor was she sure if it was a good presence, or a bad presence coming her way.

"Huh? Is someone there? Reveal yourself!"

Kyuubi Naruto
01-30-2007, 08:30 PM
Kyo smiled and shook his head."Oh no,there's really no reason for you to bow,right now,your more important to Raftidia than me,arent you?"He said."And hello Leona,been a while?"He sighed."Actually,you got it a little mixed up,we've come here,to help you."

Jace bowed to Leona and Amilia.As his head hung down,he began to think of the words to mutter."An honor to meet...your aquaintance ArchPriestess and ArchPriestess' companion."he said,then stood back up."I am Jace Sakura,assistant to Kyo."

Kyo looked back at Jace and sighed."Why'd I bring him again?"He thought to himself.He then turned back to Leona and Amilia and pointed at Hazel behind him."Well,I thought that it wouldnt really be right if the Arch Priestess had to go to Neo Wayrea on foot,would it now?So,I thought maybe Jace and I could give you two a ride to Neo Wayrea,much quicker.So?"He asked them politely,but his act was easy to see through.

Aura of the Twilight
01-30-2007, 08:48 PM
Amilia looked at Kyo and then Jace. "My name is Amilia, I am also pleased to make your aquaintence." she stated introducing herself.

"Hmmm, I do believe it would be much quicker. Yes we will accept your offer for a ride to Neo Wayrea." Leona stated smiling her sweetest smile.

"I'm sure I'm not the only one who saw through his act, but it still is an unrefusable offer." Leona thought after she replied.

01-30-2007, 08:52 PM
OOC: sorry Fionn for not putting leama in the lat post. I had to go to karate. I was knocked senseless, may have a black eye in the morning, and my mouth was bleeding earlier.

BIC: Leama looked at Cormac and smiles "Hey are we off duty too?" she asked knowing that they probably weren't but she still hoped.

Mari smiles and ate her patie. She giggles "Mistress, aren't you on the nightly patrol with that nice friend of yours?" Mari smiled at the ground

Asami thinks then nods smiling. She ruffles the girl hair "Thanks for reminding me. Here...." she said giving the girl some money "Will you please go buy us some food and get yourself some new clothes please. I need to head to my shift." she ruffled the girls hair once more and was off in a flash. She weaved in and out of the crowd on her way to her shift.

Mari had no choice but to do what her mistress bid of her. Her mistress did this all the time. Asami was too care free but she was a wonderful bodyguard, mari would even say the best bodyguard. Mari wished to be just like Asami when she is older.

CF Striker
01-30-2007, 08:56 PM
Artran Lei

The Allure:

Lei liked the color probably green, that's why he choose this ship in the first place. He had been doing alright this voyage, there was a box of fruit he was able to break in with his oversized shurikan, despte the fact he hadn't exactly wanted to go. However, one could only stand so much in a stuffy cargo-hold, so he pulled a box over his head and crep out onto the dock. A small hole was in the front of the box, so he could peer over the edge at the breath-taking scenery. He wondered who would now lead the gang back at home. He thought he felt something nudge his cover and gasped, cursing in his head for doing so and now staying very still.


Artran was bored. He was currently on GATE duty of all things. He really didn't see the importane of watching these pilgrims wander into the already packed city. If anyone WAS dangerous, Artran believed the people couldtake care of themselves. After all, this was Stockrom. As a inspection officer checked the peoples' valuables, Artram leaned on a wall and dreamt of greater glory to be had.

Kyuubi Naruto
01-30-2007, 08:56 PM
Kyo nodded at her and smiled."Great."Is all he said.He then turned to Amilia."Good to meet you,I am Kyo,Leader of Tourcha,and as Leona has already told,one of the legnedary heroes of Raftidia."He then turned back to Leona."Well then,come on this way."

Hazel looked at the small group and sighed."Kyo certainly is a funny one,to say the least."Hazel walked to the group,making a large crashing sound with every step.He then bent over for the group could get on."

Kyo turned to Leona."Would Milady want help getting up?"He asked with a slightly devilish smile.

Jace turned to Amilia and bowed again."Yes,good to meet you.Do you...need help up?Not saying that you cant do it yourself,just,offering...."He said unsure of what to do.

Aura of the Twilight
01-30-2007, 09:13 PM
OOC: both thinking the same thing is this color

"Take them up on their offer or not...." Amila and Leona thought. "Yes that would be most obliged." they replied taking the men up on their offer. Kyo and Jace helped them up and then Amilia and Leona waited for the men to get on the selves.

"They sure are polite." Amilia said to Leona in a hushed whisper.

"She doesn't see through his act. I'll have to explain it to her later." Leona thought.

01-30-2007, 09:47 PM
OOC: snuck on to post. ''>.> Shhh. xD


Kirgash was holding a hand to his chest while being lost in the sight of the airship flowing over the land. It had started on into nights womb, the sun almost completely down from the endless skys above. Kirgash could nearly feel the power and exitement approaching Neo Wayrea and intended to make his mark there by being the best he could be.

But his thoughts where interupted as he heard a stir in the cargo behind him, being so near the hatch he was obviosly sitting with the cargo. He brought his metal plated arm over then tapped with the finger tips a small bit on a box that was almost covering something, or someone. His violet eyes gazed around the box slowly as he brought his other arm about.

"Well, what do we 'ave here?" using to old kurchian acsent his father had used "Em'a to think that you'z be a stoleaway?" he said with a humorous tone at the kid.

Fayt had been sitting in a pillar to the left of the actual bridges starting steps into the castle, across from the white haired boy sat the princess. She had her hands clamped together in her lap as she sat on another pillar. He looked at her face, so calm and cheerful It was amazing she was as such, being in the castle most of her life.

Fayt could recall a trip out to Tsunovia when they were younger, and this brought back more memories. Cormac and Leama were more like parents to him then actual rulers, though they did make him do his work.

"Lady...errr Hikaru? Shouldn't we be going back into the castle now?" He waved to her as he spoke "The breath of night is upon us now as you see."

The princess turned to him with her blue eyes shining in the floating orb lights above and around them and in the city. Her face went to a slight pout as she said "Fayt.. I want to see the city some more. Please, let's stay out longer..." She looked down and started to shiver as she felt a cool breeze blow by.

"Oh, M'lady.." he said to himself before sliding off of his pillar, then jumping up to hers. He sat next to her and put his White jacket over her, on the back the old Arkrian insignia shined in the floating orbs light. "There... we don't need you catching cold so close to the ceremony."

Hikaru blushed a bit then nodded slowly "As my knight, it is your duty to see my well being... I see that you are doing your best Fayt." Her voice was warm as she had looked to him, a subtle serenity about her appearence.

"I'm doing my duty and helping my friend M'la--erhm.. Hikaru." After saying so he laughed nervously before turning out to see the city. He could see the roads paved with grey and green brick, houses were adorned with flowers and other various plants. Trees were even part of some of the building structures. His grey eyes resonated a small white gloss as his eyes rolled over the scene.

She giggles as he had lost attention, and lost his wording. "I see.." She then became lost in the same view, her eyes deeply adoring her homeland.

Light Wolf
01-30-2007, 09:58 PM
Occ: Kyoshiro Krad

Kyoshiro pushed both his hands onto the cell wall infront of him. He growled at the power of the barrier that had locked him in here for most of his life. He trained his powers while in his prison. He could now break out without killing himself. He spread both his palms out and closed his eyes. He felt the power of the darkness inside him and let it release itslef onto the cell's barrier. He began to sweat as the barrier started to crack. He opened his eyes and let out a roar of anger,the barrier shattered into many peices, Kyoshiro toke on step from the celll and began to feel his full power coming back to him. Thanks to the barrier his ture power had stayed dorment inside of his body,and now without the barrier is power was slowly coming back,it would take sometime before it was at its max.

Kyoshiro looked around and growled,this place hadn't changed one bit sense he last saw it. he did however notice that a darker arua had covered itslef iover his land. He looked at the gorund and placed his hand on it. A purple light began to pulse form his plams as he reached into the ground. He called a name out and the gorund began to shake.

" Kyōka Suigetsu (鏡花水月, lit. Mirror Flower Dark Moon)!!!!!!!!!! "

The gorund splits infront of him as the katana rose form the deeps of Ainza ~Silent Panther Brigade~ Kyoshiro grabbed the blade and its power spread throught out his home. The shockwave relesed many of the other ceatured being feld in their cells. Kyoshiro shealthed the katana and began to walk toward the gate so he could leave this place.


Krad sat in his cell and had his eyes closed. His eyes opened wide when he felt the power of Darkness. The power broke the cell aid eopen and Krad sat in shock, for he knew what power could do this He whispered it name as he exitted the cell.

" Kyōka Suigetsu...... " He knew that only one person could weild its power, he was shocked to think that this person was free once again from his cell. He smiled as he spoke Kyoshiro's name. He pionted his hand toward the gorund and called upon Kyōka Suigetsu twin brother Nijigasumi (虹霞, lit. Dark Haze) He drew the sword from the same place as Kyoshiro and shealthed it. As he did the energy relesed from it sent Kyoshiroenergy back toward his direction. Krad the began to walk toward the gates so he could leave and find his brother.

01-30-2007, 10:40 PM
Characters: Kuroro, and the Creature (Encounters Meikura)
Location: Forest

As Kuroro is speeding along the path in the forest, he sees in the distance two figures standing off against each other. There was an enormous wave of water that seemed to come out from no where, which it seemed to not even leave a dent in the creature that stood before them.

“Huh I wonder what’s going on?”

Then before he capture's the sight of the both figures, he spots one of them fall to their knees, which they seem like they are enduring some sort of pain. As Kuroro approached the figure in the distance, he could see the figure more clearly. The figure looked like a young girl.

“I’ve got to help her!”

He thinks to himself as he urges his bike to go faster, and faster, dodging trees as he tries to make his way to the girl. As he draws closer, he spies a large bump in the road, which he grins with an evil smirk on his face. As he puts on one last burst of speed, he hits the bump, and goes soaring into the air.

“YYYAAAAHHHOOOOO!!!!! Watch out little girl!”

As he is soaring in the air, he jumps off his bike, and pushes it in the direction of where the creature is positioned. He intended on flattening the foul beast, however the beast out smarted him and made a quick dodge. The creature gives out a loud howl of laughter. Kuroro flips in mid-air, and lands on his feet, which then he reaches for the sides of his waist, and pulls out his weapons which are his tonfa.

“Aw nuts, I left them in my bag! I have to get over there!”

He thinks to himself while saying,

“Get out of here little girl, let me handle this.”

The girl looks at him angrily and she moves out of the way. Kuroro breaks out laughing as the creature is distracted by his laughing, which he dives for his bag, and pulls out his tonfa, as he gets in a battle stance. The creature looks at him and laughs,

“You dare to challenge me?! I eat soldiers like you for breakfast!”

“Ha we shall see monster. We shall see.”

The monster takes a lunge at him chanting under his breath and in the creature's hands shadow like balls seem to appear, the monster cocks its arm back to throw another shadow attack. Kuroro grins and rushes at the monster before it can throw the shadow attack and Kuroro takes a huge leap, and slices the creature across the chest,

“ARGGG, you dare cut me human? You will die for that!”

The creature said as it cocked both arms back and threw shadow like attacks at Kuroro.

“Ouch! That hurt you foul creature!”

He starts spinning the tonfa round and round faster and faster until they're all but a blur. He dives forward once again dodging the shadow attacks flying at him and lops off the creature's hands and at that very moment the creature let out a screeching scream.


Just before his head is sliced off, the monster’s body fell backwards still twitching. Kuroro stops spinning his tonfa and stabs the monster through the heart.

“Well that’s that, now to tend to you miss, is everything alright?”

“My name is Kuroro Tsyche miss, and I’m traveling to the city of Fuujai, May I ask where you are headed to?”

"If you are going to Fuujai, would you like to accompany me? My bike can hold two people, but I will need some time to repair it, so you might as well make your self comfortable, we are in for a bit of a wait."

CF Striker
01-30-2007, 10:44 PM
For lack of better phrasing...Lei was screwed. He wouldn't fight yet, not if he could talk his way out of this one. Besides, he didn't have to lie this time and he liked the guys' weird accent. "Nah, well, yeah I mean..." he sighed as he started over, "I got into a scrap back at port so I hid in your caro hold and well, here I am!" At this last bit, he pounced from the box, one hand at his side and the other fingering the giant weapon at his back. He had to be ready for anything, no one else ever believed him about anything unless they were senile(sp?). He still smiled and talked with sarcastic light humor. "Gonna throw me overboard or what? I'm ready for ya."

Of coarse the guy was about 1 1/2 times taller than himself and had a metallic arm, so mabye he was just ready to run.

01-31-2007, 12:24 AM
Characters: Meikura
Location: Leaving the Forest, and nearing Fuujai City

Meikura looks at the strange individual that stood before her.

"Hmm... I could've handled that back there... It just would have taken a bit more skill... But I suppose I should be showing my gratitude for you helping me back there when I was injured. So... I would like to say thank you Kuroro, for all the help you gave me back there, it was much appreciated."

Meikura takes a closer look at Kuroro's device that ran on electricity.

"Quite a nice vehicle you got there Kuroro! Hmm, I am sorry I believe I have not told you my name yet. My name is Meikura Tizu Horokei and I am in search of my brother Kitanoru Tizu Horokei. Which leads my journey also to go in the direction of Fuujai city."

She thinks to herself for a second, and wonders what Kitanoru would do in a situation like this...

"Hmm... Well, I think I will be alright travel wise, for I have my winged cresent moon orb, and I can teleport a certain distance with it. However far I throw it, it doubles the distance to where I am teleported, so I think I may just stick to this method, but thanks though for the offer kind wanderer, 'Kuroro.' How about we race eachother to the city of Fuujai? Wouldn't that be loads of fun! I think it would be, so I will meet you there! May the best one win!"

Meikura enchants a spell while holding the winged cresent moon orb infront of her, and tosses it a distance away.

"Ai- Shi- Ko- Mo- Di!"

She vanished without a trace behind her. She made haste, and went in the direction of Fuujai city, in hopes to meet her brother, and to see her new friend Kuroro meet her there, later, or before her arrival.

01-31-2007, 04:47 AM
Yggdrasil got up from his chair as Aura jumped from his lap "Well, my night shift starts now..see you tomorrow Aura" he said walking outside. Yggdrasil walked down the tower stairs and into the chapel. "This should be fun" He said heading for the door as Yggdrasil opened the door. "Hmmm.." he hummed softly to himself "That cool breeze feels so good."

Yggdrasil walked the night time streets. He roamed from ally way to ally way looking to see if anything was wrong or if anyone was out this late "Not a soul in sight...." he said whispering to himself. "Now I am just as bored as I was insi....." He paused, "Someone is coming" Yggdrasil ran to the walls and jumped right on top of it. Standing there looking into the distance he sensed something "Three guys,a girl and a panther....bandits?" He stood on the castle walls to wait there arrival so he may make his attack.

01-31-2007, 11:08 AM
babs sat on the back and clung a bit to seikyu her eyes moving everywhere and nowhere. The boys and for some reason the cat bickered again. She was more busy keeping her senses out for danger. At seikyu's qeustion she nodded ï'm.....fine" she shifted a bit. as they neared teh city babs suddenly clutched seiky's sides "possible...danger.."she rocket back and forth a moment "be..carefull" she stopped rocking back and forth when fang stood next to her and pressed a hand to her lower back to keep her from falling.

Seikyu Kiba
01-31-2007, 02:18 PM
"Careful." Fang said pressing his hand against her lower back. But then heard what Babs said about possible danger and took his other hand and placed it on his sword.

Seikyu heard what Babs said and then looked ahead "everyone keep your eyes open! We don't want to make are selves look like enemies." He said has he was grabbing for his bow on his back and now riding with it in his hand. Seikyu staired at the castle and smirked "Ah, welcome home to me I guess." He said with a low whisper.

Radu looked down at Mieu and nodded as was now on his guard "Well Seikyu if danger strikes then it is the best Welcome party for you." He said laughing a bit.

Agreed Radu, all though I don't can't say that I wouldn't love to have a day without being attacked. Mieu said to everyone.

Seikyu and his men were now at the gate of the castle gate when he pointed and smiled "CASTLE HO!" He said jumping off his horse "Ahh home sweet home." He said as his bow was close to him.

When they stopped Fang let Babs fall back and caught her and then set her down on her feet and smiled a little bit. "There." he said in a low voice and holding his sword handel ready to strike at something.

"Ah so this is the castle." Radu said as he leaned against the Horse and stared at the gate, but never let his guard down.

So this is the place? Hmmm it's nicer then I thought Mieu said growling.

01-31-2007, 02:29 PM
Yggdrasil drew his sword and stood looking down at the "bandits" ready to strike "Foul bandits!!, I will not let you pass so you can raid our city and harm, the lord and lady!." He jumped down off of the castle wall and landed in front of them "Now die!!" He said holding up his sword charging at them. "I will take you all on at once!."

Yggdrasil then jumped into the air raising his sword high "Kyaaahhhh!!" he said attempting to slash the one off the horse.

Fionn Mac
01-31-2007, 03:35 PM
OOC: NP Yukari karate based injuries and multiple characters are understandable lol.
Cormac raised an eyebrow as Leama asked her question.
"Off Duty...well, no I suppose we are always on duty" said Cormac as he laughed a little.
"I fear I have become too dull for you my love...though I was never that much on an interesting man...just one who fell in love a goddess."
He then smiled again and got to his feet.
Even after 100 years, his love for Leama was as strong as it was when he first met her...perhaps stronger.
Before having their daughter, Leama probably could have chosen any man she wanted, but she chose to be with him for some reason, and they were able to unite the lands once again.

"It would seem we need to liven things up around here...for too long it seems our kingdom has been in a boring lull" said Cormac as he walked out of the main hall and went outside.
He noticed Hikaru and Fayt sitting together.

"Ah, a knight protecting his lady...a fine boy....man he has become" said Cormac as he sighed looking at the two. Fayt had learned much of his humility and respectful personality from Cormac himself. In fact, He had taught the young knight a lot of things...well somethings he kept for himself.

Cormac then took a deep breath and layed his palm flat facing upwards. He blew on his palm, and a green sparkling mist danced through the breezy air.
It found its way to Fayt's hand, and a white/green rose appeared in it.
Becoming a father had not made him blind to the obvious. Whether they were friends or more...a rose was also a symbol of respect and trust...and Cormac's signature "nature magic technique."

01-31-2007, 03:35 PM
Kinji Tashiro

Kinji yawned, getting up and stretching his legs as he watched the sunset. He wasn't the type to watch sunsets but this time, he wanted to watch it. The night consumed both him and his brother, he walked towards his brother, poking him with the end of is scythe. "Hey Tash, wake up, time to go."

Tashiro grabbed the end of the shaft, opening an eye before grumbling. "I'm up, no need to poke me." Tashiro sat up, cross-legged as he yawned, scratching the back of his head. "So, where we heading?" He asked his brother.

Kinji grinned, sliding the scythe into it's holster on his back. "We're heading for Neo Wayrea." Was all he said before running, his brother followed close behind him.

01-31-2007, 03:35 PM
Characters: Kitanoru, mysterious voice (this voice is linked to the previous RPG, and it will reveal itself later in the RPG).
Location: Fuujai City

Kitanoru Tizu Horokei was walking around Fuujai city in search of a place to get his weapon sharpened.

"Whoa! Why is nothing open at a time like this? It is the afternoon... after all."

Kitanoru searches, and searches, but he cannot seem to come across any place to sharpen his weapon. He decides to take a seat on one of the benches outside, by a nice little lake where the sounds of nature enrich the air.

"Ah! This is so peaceful and relaxing, just listening to the birds sing their songs, and the fish splashing in the lake, while the wolves howl in the far distance. I miss times like these!"

He begins wondering about that new recruit that is coming in sometime soon, and can't wait to meet him.

"I wonder how skilled this new recruit will be? The ones in previous times were quite weak, and quite the disappointment. Oh well, no need to jump to conclusions so soon I suppose, I will just have to wait and see for myself when he arrives."

When he heard a strange and almost recognizable noise from his past.

"hiss... someone dear to you will soon arrive in your presence, son of the great Kitanoru."

"Huh? Who's there! How do you know of my father? What business do you have with him? or me for that matter?"

"hiss...hiss... we will have to see, won't we now? bye for now, son of the great Kitanoru."

"What the heck was that about? Who is making there way here to me besides Kuroro the new recruit? I was never informed that another person was coming to the city? Hmm... could this be some sort of warning? No... it couldn't be... that voice... it sounded... so familiar... who was that back there, just now? I wonder if I will ever come across this creature, or character later? Well, I guess I can't be too sure now can I? Oh well, I suppose I will just have to wait and see what happens. I will be on my best look out for any suspicious activity that might take place in the city."

Kitanoru gets up from the bench, and starts heading back to where he was stationed to be watching guard. Not forgetting what the voice said, he kept trying to picture the figure in his mind, but nothing came clear to him, just the voice. The voice, as if he has heard it somewhere else before.

"Well... this sure has turned out to be a strange afternoon. I will certainly take guard if something, or someone attacks the city. I highly doubt it is anything to worry about, but I may aswell be cautious."

He looked in the direction of the woods in hopes to see the new recruit make an entrance. Hopefully before that other individual appears the new recruit will have been here already, for who knows, that other individual could cause a threat to him, or the city of Fuujai.

01-31-2007, 04:02 PM
Babs nodded slightly when fang captured her and putted her on her feet.As soon as Yggdrasil jumped down and yelled Babs her eyes turned black and a small black see through dome formed around them. The dome merely rippled a bit as the sword hit it. babs putted her hand infront of her "bad....man" she slowly said and dark energy orb formed not powerfull enough to kill she shot it at Yggdrasil to knock him backwards.

01-31-2007, 04:20 PM
Kirgash simply smiled, amused as he was cheerful in that late afternoon he couldn't be angry with the boy. He himself would have let him on either way, it's not like he'd do anything with Kirgash on the Allure anyway. "Ya thinkin' that I be'z a'ready to throw ya off da ship?" his old Kurchian ascent rolled on as he spoke "Nah, That' izn't muh way boy."

He slowly reached for Lei with his metal arm and lifted him by the collar up and over the crates. After placing him down before him he dusted the boy off and got to a knee. "You are lucky you have me on the ship..." his ascent went to his formal tone " Kirgash the Crimson Tiger never throws kids off of ships." he hit onto his chest with his hand of flesh making a small bumping sound.

He then got to his feet and looked down at Lei, his violet eyes giving off that cold look that decieves his warm personality.

Feeling something slip into his hand he turned his eyes down at his hand. In his head he knew it was the lord's doing and he couldn't help but blush on the inside. He slowly brought the beautiful rose up to Hikaru and smiled.

"Here, for you Hikaru."

Her face lit up as her beautiful smile widened at the sight of the rose, she took it carefully and looked upon it with red at her cheeks. "T-thank you.. Fayt.." her blue eyes were laid onto Fayt as she looked to her knight and close friend, the irises sparkling in the orbs of light floating about the city. She slowly put the rose in her hair and giggled, bringing a hand to her chin.

Fayt nodded once as he had been laying sight back upon her, watching her eyes glisten with joy. He felt the wind come some more at their backs, then something else in the wind. He turned towards the city where the main wall stood far across the city roads paved in green.

He slipped off of the pillar, hitting the ground with a 'clump' noise. He held out his arms and helped down Hikaru as well, holding her by the waist so she wouldn't fall.

"Well M'lady...Hikaru... you should probably go into the castle, I'm sure that your warm bed awaits you." He smiled giving her a slight push.

Hikaru yawned, but turned around looking into Fayt's grey irises "I'm not that tired.. let's check out that noise from the front gates of the town." She said taking him by the arm, basically dragging him off.

"But.. M'lady-Hikaru," he managed to slip her name in "I'm sure the Lord would want you to.." He was interupted as she took him down the main road between all the plant covered buildings towards the gates. "Ahhh...Hmm.."

Seikyu Kiba
01-31-2007, 04:21 PM
Seikyu watched as Babs formed the Barriar and knocked the man that was running towards them back "Good work Babs, looks like we do get some fun." He said drawing his bow and pulled back his arrow "Ice Arrow!" He said as his arrow froze over and came right at the man "Hmph, great welcome party..."

Fang made a black incantation circle in the air and then smiled "Shadow Chains" He said as he touched the design with his hand. Four giant black chains flew out of the circle and changed the man up restraining him in the air.

Radu closed his eyes and then shot a small energy ball out of his hand "Light Sphere" He said as the ball shot out of his hand and at the man who was restrained.

Mieu laid down and watched the action he hand no reason to attack and didn't know magic.

"Don't mess with Seikyu Kiba!" He said crossing his arms as the attacks all flew at him.

01-31-2007, 04:27 PM
Yggdrasil charged at all of them, he then saw Babs's barrier form and then he was knocked back "What!?". Yggdrasil tried to regain his balance when he was then hit by and ice arrow "Nice try!" he broke out of the ice and laughed "You think that.." he was then hit by the chains the man in the cloak had summoned "W-wha...what is this?!" He tried to struggle but he couldn't "I-I wont give up...I must protect Lady Leama and Lord Cormac at all costs" He said struggling to get free.

Yggdrasil was being crushed by the chains that was wrapped around his body "I-is that..all..you...got?" he then saw a ball of light shot out of one of the mans hands "Gaaaahhhhhhh!!!" he was hit hard as he felt like his skin was being burned.

01-31-2007, 04:32 PM
Babs eyes stuck on him something she rarely did "not..bandits" she calmly spoke. she dropped the barrier knowing the chance he would escape from fangs chains was small "m..m..mercenary's" she stuttered a bit. Talking and keeping her eyes straight at the same time costed a bit of concetration. after Having her say her eyes wandert again and she swayed lightly from side to side.

01-31-2007, 05:17 PM
Characters: Sybal
Location: Just outside of Shazuk, in the forest areas

Sybal was up in a tree, her bow notched, waiting for prey to come near enough. Since she had no job, no money, or anything, she spent her days hunting. Few times has she ever thought of stealing, and those were in the very worst of times, although she has never actually done the act, she had scolded herself sharply for ever thinking such. Her mother didn't die just so she could become like her murderers. The day dragged on, and nothing came by. Soon she would have to go home hungry. She sighed, and looked west. The clouds were starting to take up a tint of orange and pink. The trees stopped her from seeing the sunset. So, ditching hunting for the day, she got up and traveled to a tree where she could easily watch the sun set.

Light Wolf
01-31-2007, 05:21 PM
Kyoshiro was getting close to the gates now and would leave this place, that he hated so much. His heart was so pure that he didnt even hate the people that had captured and trapped him in that cell for so long. He had no hatred toward anyone. He only believed in fighting and helpping those that cant help themselves. Kyoshiro got closer to the gates and felt a strong arua coming close to him. He turned and was struck by a massive energy shockwave. The power of the shockwave had sent Kyoshiro crashing into the gate pillars he stood up quickly and his hand began to shake as he spotted the man with purple hair with the same sword as him at his side,but the sword had a different arua the surronded it. He knew who the man was and his voice began to get lower and lower as he spoke the mans name. "Kr...ad!!!" He drew his katana and held it up toward his face finding his face and reading himself for battle,it had turly be a long time seen he faced his brother.


Krad cotninued to walk toward Kyoshiro and drew his sword silently. He toke off with a great speed rushing toward Kyoshiro. His blade connected with Kyoshiro and they were stuck in a parry hold, both trying to push the other back. Kyoshiro's expression never changed he still had the same smart-butt smirk on his face that pissed Krad off. He tryed his best to push Kyoshiro back. Both of their powers began to send shockwave outward over the region destroying buildings and sending people flying backward. Krad growled as he try and try to push Kyoshiro back. Kyoshiro never toke his eyes off of Krads and Krad did the same. He hated Kyoshiro for being so clam and cool and would teach him a lesson.

01-31-2007, 06:39 PM
Asami ears picked up noise near the castle gates. She turn and started to walk towards there. She heard more noise and she began to run. She cam upon the group as they were attacking Yggdrasil. She pulled out her gun and shot the man--who yelled his name to be Seikyu Kiba--in the back. Her aim was perfect as the magic bullet embeded itself into Kiba's back. she smirks and run swiftly to Yggdrasil sides send magic out to help him with the chains. "Mari!!! If you can hear me come quickly. Drop everything and run to the castle gates!!" she yelled keeping her gun on the group.

Mari ears pricked up as she heard Asami call her name. She knew there was trouble. She droped her clothes and food and the basket of sweets as she turned into a wolf. she ran in and out between people on her way to the castle gates. She came up on the right side of the group. A low growl could be heard and the earth below her began to shake.

Leama smiles and nods. She gets up gather her dress up to walk into her and Cormac's room. She took of the dress and grabbed pants and a shirt that she could move more freely in. The put away her dress and walked outside to join Cormac "Hey my love." she smiles sweetly "I feels really good out here"

Kyuubi Naruto
01-31-2007, 07:08 PM
Kyo looked to Jace."Alright then,let's get going.Come on Jace,we got a way to go before we reach Neo Wayrea."He flipped onto Hazel and looked back as Jace who followed and sat back with Leona and Amilia."Alright now,let's go Hazel,sorry for the little detour."He said.

Hazel nodded."Seems you've lost some of your touch Kyo,as if you ever had any."the Phoenix chuckled and began to fly.

"Shutup and fly birdy."

Jace turned to Leona and Amilia."If I can ask,what exactly does a Arch Priestess do,huh?Ya know,other than what your being called to the city for.Like,your daily job?"He asked as the ascended high into the sky.

Aura of the Twilight
01-31-2007, 07:34 PM
"Well natrually I pray for the sake of the lands. I help attend to those in need and see audiences of the local people. I can tell everyone their fortunes for this year and what not. Although I'd have to say the hardest thing about my position is the pressure of looking and acting the part." Leona replied to Jace's comment. "What about you Jace what do you do?" Leona asked.

Amilia stayed quiet the whole time and mainly looked up at the starry sky.

Kyuubi Naruto
01-31-2007, 07:40 PM
"So you mean your able to tell people what will happen in their future?That's awesome."He sighed at the question asked by Leona and pointed to Kyo."Well,not much,other than learn from Kyo.Nothing has happened in years,and my life's been pretty eventless.But what I do is,I'm kind of a person from Kyo's entourage,I have to go with him wherever he goes as long as its in the castle,to meetings,and everything.This is truly my first time leaving the land of Tourhca,and Kyo says I'm lucky for getting to go Neo Wayrea for my first trip.And I'd never expect you to have trouble with looking and acting as a ArchPriestess,Ive got next to no idea on what they look like,but you act kind and of noble order,and isnt how all the high people,except for Kyo,act?"Jace said,whispering for Kyo would be unable to hear his comment about him.He then looked to Amilia,who was silent for most of the ride already."Amilia?"He asked,trying to start a conversation,"What's your job?"

CF Striker
01-31-2007, 07:46 PM
Lei relctantly backed off. hoever this guy was, he seemed to have just a little bit of a whiff of ego on him. Maybe he deserved his rep, maybe he didn't. The only reply he gave was, "I'm not a kid, I'm 15"

He leand out an looked at the scenery. He could get used to this: wind in his hair, ground rushing below. It was quite the way to live. He turned back toward the (and he hated to think it) Captin. "So...whe're we goin'?"

Aura of the Twilight
01-31-2007, 07:52 PM
Amilia looked out of the corner of her eye at Jace. "Hm?" she asked and the faced him somewhat more. "Oh I'm just a student at the temple and I help keep it clean, and tutor some of the other students who are having trouble." Amilia replied.

"Yes that's how we seem to be, kind and noble, but most of the high people just act that way and really want to be themselves and have some freedom. I'm sure even Lord Cormac and Lady Leama wish for a little more freedom than what they have." Leona stated calmly as the wind made her hair blow back.

Seikyu Kiba
01-31-2007, 07:58 PM
Seikyu noticed there was bullets being fired at them and then he shouted "Everyone down!" He said as the bullets came flying at him, he then shouted to them "WE MEAN YOU NO HARM!" He said as he held up his bow "Fire Arrows!" He shouted as he fired back at the group. "Fang protect Babs!" Asami.

Fang reacted swiftly as he deflected the bullets back at Asami and then stood infront of Babs to shield her. "Die!" He said as his eyes became black and he slammed his fist on the ground "Mental Shadow!" he said glaring at Asami making her mind become black and felt like the darkness was closing in on her, making her become insane.

Radu jumped around as bullets flew and then heard the ground shake and a women come running up "Hmm..." He said as he focused his energy and then snickered "Hells Grenade!" He said as a Static Light ball was thrown at the girl who was approaching.

Mieu growled as he stood completely defenseless dodging bullets and then trying to get close enough to strike but it was know use.

Kyuubi Naruto
01-31-2007, 08:02 PM
"Yeah,that pretty much sums up what I do as well."He then turned back to Leona."Well,take Kyo for example.Sure,he's supposed to act noble and everything,be he seems as if he couldnt care less abou those rules.If you havent noticed,but I'm sure you have,all of this politeness is just a bad act Kyo's putting on."

Kyo then turned around to Jace."Dont worry about that Jace,I'm pretty sure they've already found out."Kyo walked to them and sat down in the group."You have,havent you?"He asked Leona."Well,I'm gonna be straight from here.Also,like Jace has already told you,be who ya want to be,dont let those restrictions and the people's expectations control you."Kyo then stopped."Sorry,that sounded like something from a bad soap opera."

Jace sighed."Kyo,you have 0 home training,dont you?You shouldnt use slang around people of high order,especially if they are ladies."

"Ah,what do you know?Besides,I can be polite,I choose not to.And when I could be doing things like practicing my etiquite,I'm to busy training your sorry self."Kyo said,trying to ignore Jace's plea of him to act politer."Anyway,I'll take it nobody was gonna ask me about my job?"

01-31-2007, 08:07 PM
Yggdrasil noticed the chains drop and a light arrow fire at the "bandits", "Asami!!" He ran to her side and held his ground "These guys are powerful so watch your back" he said as he listened to one of the "bandits" say that they mean us no harm "I don't know Asami..should we trust them or fight?."

Yggdrasil grunted and cracked his neck,he then looked at his pocket watch "Hmmm...maybe it is a mistake..I jumped to conclusions to fast" He then called two of the guards "Arrest these trust passers and take them to the lord and lady to decide if they should be executed or not!"

"Yes sir!" The guards said as they held their spears to there throats "Lets go..if you make one false move or attack you will be killed on the spot" they said as a few more guards came and put there arms around there back 'Get moving" they pushed them

Yggdrasil chuckled "Foolish bandits.."

01-31-2007, 08:09 PM
EDITED<>I didn't see Faro's post.

Kirgash stepped towards the '15 year old' and pointed out the window towards the lands below. Being the kind of man who loves such freedom and scenery he sighed to it lightly before turning his head back to Lei. His head was now tilted down at him, there was something different about this young one that stood out. Getting the vibe that the kid wasn't too happy about his presence, he crossed his arms at his chest and turned back to the window.

"Well, tah an'sa ya question, we'z be goin' to the Heptrian Capital, Neo Wayrea." His violet eyes layed still on the view from the pane in front of them both. With his metal arm he reached out to the window and tapped it softly before bringing his arm back with his other.

"Ya see, we'z be seein' tha Lord and Lady of our lands, Lady Leama and Lord Cormac. I could get ya an audiance if ya like?" He was talking to the young adult while still watching the scenery pass by. He felt his mind wander a bit before snapping back.

"It's so close to the night now, an' I think we may be reaching the castle soon." he said under his breath. In his mind he assured himself "Give it time... Give it time."

The sound of a battle waging ahead became suddenly apparent. Drawing his Tachi he started into a dash towards the gate "Hikaru, stay back!" He shouted gripping the blade in both hands riding his dust with his Tachi at his side.

He slid out in front of the wall and looked to the right to see Yggdrasil being aided by Asami, while being engaged in combat with a small group of people. "Yggdrasil-senpai!!" He shouted while charging into the fray "Asami-senpai! Are you both okay?" He felt vibrations at his feet and slid to a stop while holding his tachi forwards.

"What is happening?" He took another look as they were captured so to say. He sheathed his Tachi and sighed.

Hikaru had stayed back letting Fayt take the far lead, her dirty blonde hair swayed in the cross breeze as she stopped at the gates corner. As she saw Yggdrasil and Asami she took in a deep breath.

Seikyu Kiba
01-31-2007, 08:25 PM

Seikyu put his bow down and set it acrossed his back and then raised his hands "I am an old friend of Leama and Cormac, my name is Seikyu Kiba Mercenary...and these are my friends, Fang Lineheart, Radu Ion, Mieu, and Babs." He said as he put his arms behind his back and was pushed "Hey I am going!" He then looked at Babs "Oh yeah and Babs is shy and tends not to speak go easy on the girl."

Radu was unamused he put his hands behind his back and looked at Mieu Man we are not at a great start. He said with a chuckle. We will be dead before dinner.

Agreed Radu. Mieu replied only in Radus mind.

Fang hissed a moment but put his sword away and stopped all magic he was doing. He put his hands behind his back and then grunted "Bandits...ha." He said with an evil smirk.

01-31-2007, 08:36 PM
Kuroro looks at the spot where Meikura was a moment before and says,

“Why you little! There is no way I’m going to let you beat me!”

Kuroro twirls his tonfa once and sheathes them behind him on his lower back. He rights his bike looks it over for damage, satisfied that there is none, he hops onto the bike and kicks the starter, the bike sputters for a second and dies,

“Come on baby don’t fail me now.”

He kicks the starter once more and the bike roars to life,

“Now that’s more like it! Let’s go!”

He yells as the bike’s tires try to find traction in the soft ground,

“Come on! I’ve got a race to win!”

The bike pops a small wheelie and tears off like a bat out of hell speeding along even faster then he was going before thinking to him self,

“Wow! If I keep going at this speed I’ll be there in no time! Hey maybe I’ll even pass Meikura!”

As this thought dawns on him he urges the bike faster and faster. After a few hours he sees a figure in the distance resting on the side of the road so he slows down as he approaches. He sees that it’s Meikura. He starts laughing and shouts to her,

“You’re lagging behind miss, you might want to pick up the pace if you hope to beat me.”

Still laughing he speeds off towards town. Another couple hours later he sees the out skirts of town and breaths a sigh of relief. As he nears the city he sees a lone figure standing at the entrance like a guard,

“I had better announce myself then.”

Kuroro throttles downs the bike so that the man might hear him better,

“Hello there! My name is Kuroro! I’m a solider that was transferred to this town yesterday. I’m looking for Captain Kitanoru Horokei, do you know where I might find him?”

01-31-2007, 08:50 PM
Asami eased her gun from the group. She stoped the guards "No you hobbled them. Let me take them to the Lord and Lady. Yggdrasil, Mari, and I are mre then worthy to take them as long as they behave and since they say they are friends then they shouldn't get hurt." She smiles at the guards and takes the group. She pointed her gun at their backs as she ordered them to move.

Mari turned back into a human and caught up to Asami as she was leading the group to the Lord and the Lady. She still growled low in her throat at the group. She didn't trust them because they had attacked Yggdrasil and would have attacked Asami.

Leama looked up as the group was lead into the castle "Cormac it seems we have company." She got a good look at the group and jumped a little in surprise "Oh! Cormac , look it is Seikyu Kiba! From when the Bringers attacked!! Oh and what is this! He has a child with him. I never knew he would be the sort to bring along a child!" she smiles athe group as she singled Asami and Yggdrasil to untie their captives "It is so good to see you again, my good friend!"

Fionn Mac
01-31-2007, 09:19 PM
"Ah Seikyu...my sincerest apologies for my guards...hastened assumptions" said Cormac as he waved his hand, and vine burst from the surrounding plants and untied his old friend and his companions.

He then rubbed his hands together and parted them, spreading a healing aura over the wrongly accused mercenaries, healing any injuries they might have recieved.
It was good and suprising to see Seikyu, who was one of the few Legendary heroes left, that weren't Gods as well.

"Please, make yourselves comfortable...this is in fact "our land" and kingdom" said Cormac as hoped they were ok, his guards were very strict on judgement and protection...maybe a bit too strict.

01-31-2007, 09:36 PM
Characters: Kitanoru, Meikura. (An encounter with the new recruit, "Kuroro.")
Location: Fuujai City

Kitanoru Tizu Horokei took a glance at the individual that came up to him on an electric generated bike. He noticed that he was not from around Fuujai, but from far off in the distance.

"Hmm... Kuroro you say? That sounds very familiar. I think if I recall correctly, a new recruit was said to be coming today by that name. Could that individual be you by any chance?"

He looks behind Kuroro and spots someone in the distance.

"Hault! Who goes there!"

"Sorry for the intrusion sir, but I must speak with Kitanoru Tizu Horokei, is he around here by any chance?"

"What business do you have with him miss?"

"It doesn't concern you! Now could you please direct me to him, please?"

"Well, you see miss, that might be a little difficult..."

"Why is that!"

"It just happens to be that you are looking at him right now."

"Huh? The great captain Kitanoru is you? Yeah right! You couldn't possibly be my brother!"

"Wait! What did you say? Brother?"

"Yes, I am Meikura Tizu Horokei, and I am your younger sister."

"What! How can that be! I don't have a sister!"

"Wow... the rumours are true! You have lost your memories..."

"Whoa... I am terribly sorry Meikura, but I have no idea what you are talking about."

"Darn, and I thought this would be easy... Wow, was I ever wrong!"

"Well... if you are my younger sister, please do tell me more about yourself later. It is getting late, and we should all rest up for tomorrow. Oh yeah, and Kuroro, you are welcome as well, to stay at the castle."

"What... wait a second! Where did he come from! I was so in the lead! Aww... he beat me here! Darn it! Oh well... i'l win the next race!"

"A race? What race?"

"Me and Kuroro were racing to see who could get here first..."

"Ha ha! Oh my gosh! That is hilarious! Well, anyways let us head in for a bit. I am sure everyone is hungry, and exhausted after a long day."

"Whoa am I ever hungry brother! I could eat a whole buffet table!"

"Well... I see that you have quite the appetite Meikura? That is good, because the chefs serve quite the entree."

"Mmm... I can't wait till the feast begins!"

Kitanoru, and Meikura head on in to the castle, and leave the door open so that Kuroro can enter also.

"Hey Kuroro, when you come in could you please close the door? I would much appreciate it! Thanks!"

CF Striker
01-31-2007, 10:11 PM
OOC: Just so you know, I did make him 15. He is however, REALLY short and young looking

Neo Wryda: Stuffy city as Lei called. The grand capitalwhee all the grand impotant people talked grandly about how much sugar was in their tea. Why on earth would Lei ant to go there. Then again, something Capt. Kirgash said troubled him. Lei looked at the guy, "Lord and Lady? How on earth am I worthy to see them? I'm just loner at the moement, Lone Wolf Lei. I an count the people who know my name on two hands." His voice was a bit sadder now. It was true; even though he was exellent at it he hated going at life alone. Way too dull for his taste.

He looked out the side to see the skyscape, but his veiw became obstructed. Another airship, pretty large and colored a dark blue, was flying rather close to Kirgash's ship. Strange, why hadn't he noticed it before? He looked at it for a while and suddently recalled a rumor he had heard. "So Kirgash," Lei said calmly,"Is it true that the lawbreaking crowd reffuses to fly colors like that ship over there."

02-01-2007, 05:12 AM
Babs diden't like to be touched by strangers but seikyu said he knew the people in the castle so she asumed it would not be apriciated if she blasted them in the next world. She walked along with the guard and in the castle she barely paid atention to conversation between seikyu and another male. As soon as her hand were lose she sat on the floor in the lotus postion and started to rock back and forth her eyes wandering. she was not use what to do with the emotions she felt during the capture so this was her way of dealing with it.

Seikyu Kiba
02-01-2007, 05:21 AM
Seikyu smiled at them and then bowed "Yes, Lord Cormac and Lady Leama its been a long time." He said as they were healed "Tell that man who attacked us not to jump to conclusions." He said cracking his neck "He could have gotten himself killed." He then looked where the others were standing "Ah yes, these are my friends: Fang, Radu, Mieu and Babs."

Fang didn't say anything, but he walked over to where Babs was and sat down next to her and put his arm around her trying to calm her down "It's ok." He said in a whisper.

"well hello there Lord Cormac and Lady Leama." He said bowing and then smiling "Nice welcome party." He said looking at Yggdrasil.

Mieu was laying down and licking his paw, he wasn't in the mood for conversation.

02-01-2007, 01:33 PM
Erikai was walking in the out skirts of Fuujai. Playing her small wind instrument she sees some people in the distance. Reaching in her pocket she pulls out a bag with a little currency. "Just enough for bedding and food," she thought. She continued to play her instrument and walked towards them. It looked like they were having a bit of tension so she approached them politely. Before they closed the door she quickly asked, "Excuse me but do you know a place where I can have food and bedding?"

02-01-2007, 01:39 PM
Yggdrasil gasped and got on one knee "My lord and lady..please forgive me for attacking them. I did not know they were friends of yours." He said as he closed his eyes, his long blond hair fell covering his face "For my foolish behavior I will humbly take my punishment." He didn't move nor did he make eye contact with anyone, he didn't even look up to Cormac and Leama.

Yggdrasil was breathing heavily thinking about the way he acted, he was foolish for not asking questions to Seikyu and the others. He whispered to himself "I am sorry..."

Yggdrasil couldn't move, it was almost like his knee and leg here nailed to the floor. He waited for Leama's and Cormac's reply. For he knew it was not going to be just a simple "It is okay."

02-01-2007, 01:43 PM
babs calmed down and stood with the help of fang. her eyes wandert again when she stood. she slight waved from side to side but stil in fangs embrace so she coulden't fall. at Yggdrasil words she looked to him for a moment and then let her eyes wander again.

02-01-2007, 02:56 PM
Kinji stopped again, breathing hard before yelling out to the night out of frustration. "This is gonna take days!" He yelled.

"Calm down Kinji, let's just sleep, we'll continue on tomorrow." Tashiro told him, yawning.

Kinji grinned "No way, you know me Tash, I'm not the first person to give up."

Tashiro sighed "Yeah, yeah I know. Let's try something else, I'm tired of running." He stated stretching as he got up from sitting on the ground. "Remember what I was trying to do the other day?"

Kinji yawned looking at his brother "I don't really pay attention to what you do." He stated, scratching the back of his head.

Tashiro sighed again "I was trying to create a way of transportation with Light. I was trying to create a solid surface with it, but it didn't really work."

"So why should this time be any different?" Kinji asked, slightly bored.

"Don't know, just gonna try it." Tashiro told him. He concentrated, picturing the shape of the surface he was trying to create. He looked at where the board of light was going to be created. Something bright flashed at the space, leaving nothing but a shining board of light. He jumped on it, getting the hang of moving around with it. "Good, this should move pretty fast, you could probably create one too with darkness."

Kinji yawned, looking at his brother "I could, but whatever, if it gets us to Neo Wayrea." He stated, summoning the darkness around him, swirling it into a ball as he stretched it out, making it less of a sphere and more of a board until it was done. He stepped up onto it, leaning back as it jet upwards into the night sky. He shifted his weight to the right, making it turn right as he turned around, stopping at the side of his brother. "All right then, trick to this is all about shifting your weight, so lets go!" He yelled grinning as he and his brother leaned forward, speeding through the woods, weaving in and out of trees.

02-01-2007, 04:01 PM
Kirgash had simple mused his words about meeting the Lord and Lady with a simple wave. He heard the stories since he was a child. They were the kindest and most just rulers Raftidia had ever seen since the Days of which the Dark Ones were descending. The stories of their bravery and their kindess had been part of why we became a Heptrian Knight.

As the other airship came next to then in a small passing his violet eyes glanced to Lei as he spoke and inquired about the ship's colors. He brought his fleshy hand to his chin letting his metal arm hang limp from his shoulder. "Well, that there seems to be the Alycar, which is the ship of the High priest of Novalark. He ordered one from Shazuk a while back." He then remembered that he was asked a question and he cleared his throat.

"Yes, outlaws and sky bandits stay away from the colors from the old stories. Midnight blue was the old Ferlunes color before being called back from the dead by Luteous' Godly foster parents. She was bonded with an Kurchian prince.. his name was Mash." As he completed his sentance he let out a deep breath "Ferlunes were beautiful dragon like creatures.. but they died out after Mash's fell in battle..."

Watching as the night was no upon them he looked to see the castle, so marvolously adorned in it's green spledor and trees that seemed to be a part of it's build. His eyes widened as they were making a landing. Without thinking he opened the hatch from the cargo bay and jumped down to the launch pad.

As he flew down his cape was blown up by the wind, though it was ripped so it didn't push against the wind. He landed hard on the ground and got to a knee before slowy standing up. "So.. I'ya seein' we have arriven' eh?" Hechuckled in his old Kurchian accent.

As the nights splendor came upon the dusk of the far away sun, out there far into the ridden and hidden plains of existence sat a long and beautiful woman, her hair was as infinite as space itself, as black and sparkling as the stars in the night. Her body was surrounded in this aura as well, like space so infinite.

She brought her eyes, so endless it was unnerving to even try and dive into her gaze. She curled her lips into a frown while looking down at everybody in Raftidia. She pulled a thread from her hand and cut it in two, a guard somewhere in Fuujai fell to the ground; dead.

This didn't amuse her any more, not only had her son choose to rebel, he had lost his knowledge of such a choice. She would look down at Fayt with burning eyes. "Fayt..." she seethed.

Fayt had followed them back to the front of the castle, seeing that the Lord and Lady were outside together. He quickly bowed low before them and said "M'lord, M'lady... I will put Hikaru to bed now, I know well the things that are happening tomorrow. I will be sure to get her to sleep."

Hikaru had ran up to her mother and father and hugged them both tightly, as she heard them labeling Seikyu as one of the legendary heros she turned to him and bowed. "Our apologies.."

"Legendary hero Seikyu?" Fayt turned around getting to his feet for a look. "Wow.. the actual Seikyu.." He mumbled before taking Hikaru by the arm "We must be off Hika-- erm.. M'lady." he studdered while pulling her into the castle. They had walked along the long stretched hallways and decorated walls of the castle gaining on Hikaru's room.

"Hikaru.. be sure to get your sleep for to-." He was cut short as a sudden sharp pain fell onto his head, thus after entering the room he fell onto the bed. "Arrgh!" he screamed.

Hikaru leaped onto the bed and took Fayt's head in her lap "Settle down Fayt.. it's just another head ache..just another.." her voice was warm and soothing as it when to Fayt's heart.

before blacking out he saw 'her' face, her eyes as deep as the universe struck at him soul. "Fate..." he mumbled before passing out.

Fionn Mac
02-01-2007, 04:18 PM
Cormac looked at Leama as Yggdrasil got to his knee and gave his apology.
He didn't really know what to say. It was serious lack of judgement on the young guard's behalf...but he took his job seriously.

He thought for a moment and went over a few possibilites in his mind.
Cormac had always been a visibly intimidating man, the Wayrean men of old were of a hearty and thick stock, much like the tree the held so dear. But their overly kind personality didn't match the outside.

Cormac then walked over to Yggdrasil and placed his large hands on the young guard's shoulders. With a single gentle motion, he brought Yggdrasil to his feet.
"You need not hide your eyes from your king...or more importantly friend" said Cormac, as he spoke to Yggdrasil.
"Acting out of haste, will only cause misjudgements and problems...the shame or disappointment you feel is almost punishment enough"

"Once again my apologies for my guard's actions...they take their positions very seriously, even if it blinds their judgement sometimes"
Said Cormac as he put his arm around Yggdrasil and lightly knocked his head a few times, while looking a Seikyu.
"Dinner and drinks all around in the local tavern will be provided by...Yggdrasil, as well as anything else he can provide you"

Physical punishment or harsh words were things Cormac would never use. It may have seemed light in some eyes, but he knew Yggdrasil would learn his lesson by being hurt in a most precious place...the wallet.

02-01-2007, 04:35 PM
Asami bowed to the group "I am begging for your forgiveness." she said as she was still bowing "I was rash in my decision as I saw Yggdrasil was in chains and could die at any moment. I did not see that it was Seikyu Kiba M'lord. I am begging your forgiveness." she said as she kneeled down pulling out her sword putting it in front of her and puts her head to the ground. She waited for her punishment.

Mari got down on her knees putting her head to ground as Asami did. "Begging your forgiveness" she said with her head to the ground. She didn't move. She also waited for her punishment.

Leama smiled at Seikyu "It is nice to see you again! I am sorry for the way my guards acted." she watched as Asami and Mari got to their knees placing their heads to the groud as if the were the lowest of the low. She shakes her head and smiles "Up both of you. You are not servents of anyother thing. You, Asami, acted rash because of what you saw" she laughs a little "I probably would have done the same if I saw Cormac in chains. You, Mari, only did what you were told to do by Asami" she said as the walked over to them both. She knelt down nd lifted their heads up "Now to your feet. Go get a room ready with cool drinks and some food. The evening as becoming quite hot."

Aura of the Twilight
02-01-2007, 04:41 PM
Amilia looked at Kyo. "No I suppose that no one finds you intresting Sir Kyo." she stated somewhat joking and somewhat serious.

Well you certainly don't hold back when you're told to be your self do you, Amilia?" Leona asked and then she smiled at Kyo. "I don't suppose you would care to tell us what you do Kyo." She inquired still trying to be polite even after Kyo siad it was okay to be herself.

"How did he get his pheonix? I don't remember mother ever telling me?" she thought as she waited for a response.

Seikyu Kiba
02-01-2007, 04:49 PM
Seikyu shook his head and smiled "No need to apologize, if I was you guys and saw four people and a panther running towards the gate yelling and screaming I would react like that as well." He said in a sarcastic tone. "Thank you for the hospitality you two haven't changed that much."

Fang was embracing Babs and watched as her eyes wondered and then looked at Cormac and Leama "Thank you." He said with a slight nod.

Radu walked over next to Seikyu with Mieu close behind, He was still on his guard and was looking around quickly for any sudden movement "So, you both from what I here fought when the Bringers attacked?" he said asking politely.

Mieu brushed up against Radus leg and purred Ah that feels nice. He said scratching his back against Radus leg.

02-01-2007, 04:53 PM
Location: Just outside of Shazuk

Sybal hopped down from her seat in the tree. She fell on her knees, not properly calculating how high she was up in the tree. Muttering, she picked herself up. putting the unused arrow in her quiver, she began to make her way out of the forest, absent-mindedly talking to herself.
"Such a nice day, hmm? Been some time since I have eaten, that it has been."
She pondered exactly how long it had been, but then quit, feeling her hunger well up. She looked down at her stomach, then held it with her left arm and looked longingly up at the tree tops.
"How exactly am I to survive, with such little wild game to bring back with me? I may have to start going out farther, that I could."
Thinking of the possibilities, she continued on. She had a small overhang in which she would spend her nights in. Her days were busy scavenging for food. She did have a small supply of food at her overhang, but she hated to use it up. Sybal sighed, and focused on where she was. Though she knew her way well enough, she sometimes got herself lost.
"Not even a bird out today, not one single feather. Bad sign that must be."

02-01-2007, 04:58 PM
Babs smiled softly in fangs embrace as her eyes wandert. She passed mari and blinked. gently moving out of the safe arms of fang she carefully walked to mari when she stood before her she spoke "no..harm" she raised her head to mari's forehead and pressed her index and middelfinger against it closing her eye's. she opened them again they were black for a moment and then turned to her normal color, she smiled and removed her hand "nice...wolfie" she held carefully her hand out to mari and concetrating on keeping her eyes on mari '"riend?" it was not common for babs to aproach people on her own. They had to give a really good vibe to her but she felt this girl held no danger to her just like seikyu, fang, radu and mieu.

Kyuubi Naruto
02-01-2007, 04:59 PM
Kyo sweat dropped from Amilia's comment."Ouch,that hurt.Maybe you can keep yourself locked up just a little?"He asked with a laugh,then he turned to Leona's smiling face.He paused for a moment as he smiled back,then went on as he regained himself."But I wouldnt blame them,ruling Tourhca is a pretty drop-dead boring job.All it really is going to meetings of how to approve Tourcha,but there truly hasnt been any important business for a long time.I rarely have time to do anything entertaining because of the meetings and appointments,but I do get fun out of training the obviously hopeless Jace."He said with a chuckle."And I dont even get to see any of the other Legendary heroes much at all."

Jace thought for a moment at a topic to talk about,then patted Hazel's enormous body."Hey Kyo,I know something that probably wont be boring,why dont you tell us the story of how you got Hazel here?"

"Oh,that's a good one.Well,when I was...."Kyo thought of how to describe himself."Younger,my teacher taught me how to summon beasts,but I didnt catch on right away,of course.It was a time of a small disagreement between two of the parts of Raftidia,let you know this is back when Raftidia was still seperated.Anyway,I was going on a mission to infiltrate the enemy territory and what not,and I was ambushed,my spying skills not being very good.Go figure."Kyo inhaled the fresh air and went on."Well,turns out I was just a kid,and I was way outnumbered,so I attempted to summon Hazel.When I did,I summoned him in this form right here,and he totally annihilated the enemies.I dont really remember how I came to call him Hazel,but that's the story of how I got him."

Hazel looked to the side as he heard them say his name."Yes,you probably wouldnt be here right now without me,would you?"

Kyo smiled."Not sure,we'll never know,will we?"Kyo layed back,only to see a immense castle to the north.He quickly sat up and walked to the head of Hazel."Listen up everyone,turns out while we've talked the day away,Neo Wayrea has found us."He pointed out to the large city.

Hazel nodded at what Kyo said."Everyone,hold on,I'll begin my descent."Hazel began to speed up toward the city.

Jace turned to Amilia."Hey,I was wondering,you're Leona's assistant so you follow her around,right?Well,have you ever traveled to Neo Wayrea?"He asked.

02-01-2007, 05:00 PM
Yggdrasil smiled as Cormac put his arm around him "Thank you sir...I wont do it again I promise." He nodded "Sir I will supply with the finest drinks and food" he saluted and walked to the kitchen "Cormac is a good guy." Yggdrasil said as he walked into the kitchen and ordered the chefs "Alright listen up, Seikyu Kiba the legendary hero and his crew are here!, I would like you all to supply the finest drinks and food only using the finest and freshest ingredients"

The chefs nodded "Yes Yggdrasil, right away!"

Aura was chilling in Yggdrasil's room when she sighed "I wonder where master is" she said as she turned into her fox form and headed on the roof of the tower "Hmmm...." she sniffs the air "He is in the kitchen." Aura took a step back and jumped from the tower roof free falling until she hit the ground safely "Alright..I am tired of waiting" she said as she walked through a small hole in the castle side. It lead to the throne room where Seikyu,Cormac and Leama were talking "Oh!..they are here..damn..time to take my human form" she said as she quickly trotted behind a pillar and changed quickly.

Aura walked out from behind the pillar and walked up to the group "Excuse me..Lord Cormac, Lady Leama, I would like to know where Yggdrasil is" she bowed.

02-01-2007, 05:10 PM
Location: Just outside of Shazuk

Sybal reached the road entering the city. She looked down it, away from Shazuk. She shrugged, then took off at full speed towards her overhang. Quickly gathering her small supply of food, and her sword, she again took off to the road. She slowed asshe neared it. Looking in to Shazuk, she sighed and started at a walk, her destination being Neo Wayrea.
"Goodbye Mother, I will be back..."
Sybal started on her journey to Neo Wayrea. It would be long and tedious, but she could endure. Walking quiet happily at first, she hummed a tune, mysterious even to her, and talked to herself as she went.

02-01-2007, 06:18 PM
Asami nodded and ran into the castle getting a room ready while the Yggdrasil went to the kitchen. She brought out a few more chairs and a table for the food and drinks to be set on. She sighed beating herself up mentlely at her mistake. "What if it was a battle. I couldn't just run into a battle blindly not knowing anything about my enemy. You are just basicly the walking dead by then." she said out loud to herself. She punched a stone piller then pulled her hand back shaking it "Ouch...."

Mari smiles shyly and nods "Friends" she said not looking at the girl directly, she was too shy to "My name is Mari. What is yours?" Mari stuck out her hand for the girl to shake it. She had seen Asami do this so she would do the same.

Leama didn't punish Asami and Mari because she knew the two would punish themselves properly. She smiled and walk into the castle "The castle is so much more bigger then the temple. I still don't think I could walk around the castle and not get lost" she said aloud as the thought it. "Oops....I wasn't suppose to say that aloud" she shruged and smiles "Oh well. What harm does it make?"

Aura of the Twilight
02-01-2007, 06:19 PM
"So that's how it came to be." Leona thought. "Well then I guess we should be thankful to you Hazel." she stated.

"Well I guess you could say that I'm her assistant. No actually I hardly see her during the day time. We normally only meet during the night. No I've never left Tsunovia let alone gone all the way to Neo Wayrae." Amilia replied as she looked at the up coming castle.

" Well I must thank you again Sir Kyo. You've made this trip much more enjoyable and easier." Leona said yet again bowing her head down slightly to him.

"Yes thank you Sir Kyo. Thank you Sir Jace." Amila said.

02-01-2007, 06:57 PM
[COLOR=Lime]Aura sighed "Excuse me..Lady Leama?" she said in a soft and cheerful voice "I am looking for Yggdrasil, he is your bodyguard correct?..I want to know his were abouts"

Yggdrasil was walking around the kitchen to make sure there was no mistakes in the food and drinks, he took a sip of wine "Ahh..the finest, very good" he then walked over to some soup and smelled it "Such aroma...I can smell you have used the freshest ingredients" he smiled as he sat down in a chair and sighed "Such a fool I am....I jump to conclusions to quickly...and I...cut out to be a bodyguard..after all these years?."

Yggdrasil was beating himself up inside sighing, a small tear went down his cheek,he wiped it away "No...I can't cry...I am a bodyguard I have to be brave at all times." He looked down and thought to himself "I am loyal to my lord and lady..or...am I?." Yggdrasil never told them who Aura was secretly she was the light guardian.

"No one knows not even the lord and lady...I am hiding something from them..but..I promise Aura I wouldn't tell" He was feeling guilty already.

Yggdrasil knew he couldn't hide it for long but he must wait until the right moment "Speaking of light..where is Aura anyway?."

He put his head down as his hair dangled hiding his face, which he of course wanted "Do I deserve this position?." he thought to himself "I am respected by everyone in the kingdom, would people really think of me as a foolish person?." Yggdrasil never revealed the rest of his past story to anyone, not even Leama which he wanted to tell her but he couldn't with Cormac around.

Yggdrasil looked down to see a mouse scurrying into its hole, but before he could go back in, Yggdrasil snatched the mouse off his feet. He set it in his hands and smiled "Hello little one."

The mouse spoke clearly through telepathy "Hello there master Yggdrasil."

Yggdrasil smiled "And what I may ask are you doing? if you would like I can get you some food and water." he said with a small smile on his face.

The mouse cheered "You can!?, oh master Yggdrasil you have such a kind heart just as Aura described you as"

Yggdrasil laughed a little "Did she?..well I do love animals" he said taking some bread off the counter that was not in use and set it on the ground, he then set down the mouse "Now, run along to your family, you don't want to get caught." he said smiling happily.

The mouse smiled and bowed scurrying into its hole "Thank you again master Yggdrasil."

Yggdrasil nodded to himself and looked at his pocket watch "Anything..for a furry friend."

Seikyu Kiba
02-01-2007, 07:11 PM
Seikyu laughed at what Leama had said "Yes, I can see that." He said as he watched Babs walk to Mari and called her friend, Seikyu was surprised "Hmm it seems Babs can trust you guys, normally she is shy and doesn't talk to anyone." He said nodding "Leama I hope we weren't interupting anything important."

Fang watched her leave from his embrace and smiled faintly and then looked at Leama "Hmmm so your Leama." He said "Your power is strong I here." He said quietly.

Radu nodded and then looked at Fang "From what I here she had a brother named Lute." He said crossing his arms "of course he died in battle...what a bummer." He said with no enthusiasum.

Mieu walked forward and then laid down mm tired.

Kyuubi Naruto
02-01-2007, 07:27 PM
Kyo smiled at Leona."Does that still count as a bow?There's no need to bow to me,I know the real Leona wouldnt do that,would she?Besides,bowing is the gentlemen's job,isnt it?"

Jace smiled at Amilia."It's really nothing,as far as I'm concerned,we were lucky to have spent this trip with you."

Hazel finally reached the land of Neo Wayrea,flying close tot he castle.He came down and landed near to the castle,making a large crash as he landed.He then again bent down foward for the passengers could get off.

Kyo looked at the Neo Wayrean kingdom and smiled."Alright,not too long til' I reach them.If I'm really lucky,someone would have already beaten me here."Kyo thought solemnly.Kyo then turned to the rest of the group."Well,here it is,just as majestic as I remember it.Welcome to Neo Wayrea."

Jace leaped off of Hazel and looked around."Kyo,it's everything that you told me at the castle,and more."He said,staring in awe.

"Yeah,I knew you wouldnt be disappointed.So...."Kyo said to Leona."Will you want me to escort you to Leama and Cormac?That would be a thing that a gentlemen should do.But,part of the reason is because I dont want to leave your side just yet."He said with a small tint of blush on his cheeks."And those two will probably be glad to see me anyway."

Aura of the Twilight
02-01-2007, 07:35 PM
Leona looked down and smiled."Yes that would be most appreciated." Leona said as she slide off of Hazel with Amilia right behind her.

"This place is gorgeous Lady Leona!" Amilia stated with excitement.

"Yes it is a lovely place. I wouldn't mind visiting here but alas I will never have the time until my presence is required again next year after this." Leona stated with a sad tone and expression. Then she recomposed herself realizing how she was acting and smiled. "Well shall we go?" she asked looking at Kyo.

Kyuubi Naruto
02-01-2007, 07:55 PM
Kyo leaped down off of Hazel."Thanks Hazel,we're good from right now,time to go."Kyo raised his hands,and Hazel's body began to glow.In almost an instant,Hazel had disappeared and Kyo's hands were glowing red.They soon went back to the original color.He turned to the others of his group and smiled."Well,I'm sure you'd all love to go sightseeing,but right now we really have some important business to tend to,people are comin' from all over to hear you Leona,you wouldnt want to let them down would you?"

Jace looked around."Ok,as long as we get to check this place out later,I'm good.So,do you think I'll be able to make a good first impression on the Lord and Lady?"

"Dont worry about that right now.Come,the castle is right up ahead,and I cant wait to see my old friends again."Kyo began to walk foward.When the group had reached the kingdom after not much time,Kyo was about to walk into the castle,when he was stopped by a group of guards."Huh?"
"Please state your name,rank,and business with the kingdom,otherwise,we will not be able to let you through."

"Oh,yeah,this thing."Kyo cleared his throat and sighed."Kyo Tarakama,Legendary Hero and Ruler of Tourcha.Old friend of Leama and Cormac's,here to escort the Arch Priestess to the rulers."

The guard was a little shocked at Kyo's words."Oh,Sir Tarakama,excuse me.Your part may pass."The doors were open to the group."I hope your stay is enjoyful."

"It will be."Kyo turned to the others with a smirk on his face and walked into the castle.

Aura of the Twilight
02-01-2007, 08:03 PM
"So we have a smooth talker in our midst I see...." Leona thought. She nodded at the guards and smiled and Amilia did the same. They followed Kyo through the gates.

"I wonder if the Lord and Lady know what Leona looks like? This place is huge, and beautiful!" Amilia thought as a million little things crossed her mind, and she started fumbling her hands.

Leona turned back and smiled at Amilia. "Calm down Amilia you need not be so jumpy. If it helps take deep soothing breaths and think of what we will be able to do with what spare time we will have here." Leona stated.

Amilia nodded and did just what Leona said and started to calm down.

02-01-2007, 08:10 PM
Hark had looked off the bridge of the Alycar, the midnight blue ship that was righting the Allure. The Novalark Priest had hold of his Halibert, he called it Hal for no particular reason. Holding it's blunt end at the base of his standing he leaned over to see the Allure landing, and Kirgash jumping from the cargo hatch.

"Seems like fun.. Crimson Tiger Kirgash." He smirked as he turned about, tapping Hal at the floor as he made his way to the hatch. He flipped a switch and opened it while in the air. The Alycar started to land to the right of the Allure in the open platform area made of stone almost like a dock at the west side of the castle.

His headband flapped as he descended onto the stone dockway and landed swiftly bringing himself to a knee near Kirgash. "Hello Crimson Tiger..." He smirked as he said so.

As the Allure landed he noticed the Alycar land quite close, and low in behold it was the fun loving Hark of Novalark. He got up from his knee and grinned as he responded to Hark, slowly reaching for Deathsong at his back behind his cloak. "So, the Bandit Priest has come after all.. huh?" He clearly jested.

"Oh.. you have a title for me too?" he chuckled as he brought the back end of Hal up against his back side, holding the blade outwards bending his knees slightly. "How about we, dance, huh?"

They both stared each other down, each with a light smirk on their faces. Kirgash reached back farther for Deathsong then started to dash towards Hark with lightning speed. Before Hark knew it he was right in front of him with a hand extended. "Hello Master Hark, shall we go into the castle?"

Laughing at this event he lowered the butt of his Halibert to the gound and took Kir's outstretched hand. "Yes we shall. Let us be off."

They both went into the castle down the hallways, directed by guards to the dining hall. They sat down and awaited 'everybody else'.

"Hmm.. so it will begin tomorrow..."

"Yes it will, I'ma bettin' we'z be in for quite da show!" he said in jest, they both chuckled softly.

Fayt was lost in a dark place, his mind trapped in a prism of endless vibrations and occilations. His vision was but a blur as he felt the breath of eternity on his chest. He could here her, he could here Fate seething over him. He would reach out, he didn't know what was going on or who was there but it was real to him.

The prism fell deeper into the darkness with him inside, but before he would shatter he found a golden light in the shape of an angelic being. This shape pulled the prism cage up from the darkness towards the light.

"Who.. are you?" he softly called out to the shape.

He could hear the faded voice so light yet tender and kind. Oh so familiar... "I...Luteous...time..ha...com....release..gatewa-" his voice was cut out as Fayt awoke in a cold sweat.

He was covered up in Hikaru's bed, and she had fallen asleep beside him. He sighed as he got up from the bed and let her have it all. Stepping slowly with a dizzy air about him he laid himself on the couch from across the room and closed his eyes. "Luteous?" the name was all he could really hear "What about the Legendary Hero?"

Kyuubi Naruto
02-01-2007, 08:18 PM
"Wow,arent you excited about this?Well,their good people,but I'm not sure if they've met either of you before.You tell me."

Jace looked toward Amilia and smiled."Heh....she's cute when she's all excited like this...."He thought."So,Kyo,the Lord and Lady are able to start conversations in which it doesnt lead to a big story of the old days,right?"He said with a chuckle.

"Your lucky I'm in a good mood,and have NO IDEA who you could be referring to with that tone,if you are referring to someone,of course."The group reached the door to the throne room.Kyo took in a deep breath and looked at the guards."I need to speak with the Lord and Lady now,if you may."The guards humbly nodded to him,and Kyo entered the throne room."So,been a while,huh?Leama?Cormac?"was all Kyo said,loudly across the large throne room.

OOC:Now,if neither Cormac or Leama are in the throne room,correct me please.

Fionn Mac
02-01-2007, 08:23 PM
"Oh, Aura...my apologies I didn't see you there" said Cormac while he rubbed the back of his head as he was a bit tired.
"Yggdrasil is in the kitchen it seems...he's cooking dinner and playing host to our guests tonight."
Cormac didn't know too much about Aura, he did have a lot of people to worry about, but he did know she was very close to Yggdrasil.

"Well I will take my leave for now..." said Cormac as he was about to head off for the night but Kyo, from the long ago battle had shown up as well.
It seemed it was a gathering of sorts of the heroes of the past, who now helped keep peace and prosperity throughout the land.

"Ah, Kyo...its been a long time...around 100 years in fact" said Cormac as he waved away the random gate guards and walked across the throne room and extended his hand to Kyo.
"Its good to see you ...you...haven't changed that much it seems"
Cormac laughed a little as Kyo still had his...vibrant personality.

02-01-2007, 08:31 PM
Yggdrasil walked out of the kitchen with the chefs leading them into the dinning hall "Everyone dinner is ready!!" he smiled and walked over to Aura "Hello Aura, I will be with you in a minute..but first" He looked at Leama "Lady Leama may I speak to you in private?."

Yggdrasil didn't know what her answer would be...obviously she had better things to do then talk with a foolish bodyguard who mistook her friends for bandits "It is important..Aura..please take everyone to the dinning hall"

Yggdrasil smiled and bowed to Leama "I am sorry.....if I could just..have a moment with you in the court yard would be delightful.."

Aura nodded and giggled "Of course master" she looked to Seikyu and the others and gave a gesture to follow her "Come on!" she took everyone to the dinning hall

Kyuubi Naruto
02-01-2007, 08:41 PM
"That long already?"Kyo joked.He reached out and shook Cormac's hand."It's good to see you again,I couldnt imagine it being that long,the time has flown by."Kyo sighed and took the event in."Well,isnt that a good thing that I havent changed?I dont plan on changing anytime soon,either.But,seems you havent much either."Kyo then looked behind Cormac to see the rest of the group."Hey,what's the deal?I would have came earlier if I knew we were have a little reuinion between all of us."Kyo sighed of relief and turned to Leona."And this is Arch Priestess Leona and her assistant Amilia.I brought them when I saw them on the way here.And this Jace,my,if you can,apprentice,assistant,all that."

Jace bowed."I'm humbled to meet your aquaintance,I've heard about all of you.I'm Jace Sakura."He said as he continued to bow.

Kyo nodded to Jace."But,right now,why dont we all catch up over dinner?I mean,I seem to have come at a good time,right?"He asked as he minded Aura beckoning to come to dinner.

Seikyu Kiba
02-01-2007, 08:43 PM
Seikyu looked at the little girl who waved to them all and began to walk before hearing the name Kyo and turned around "Ah Kyo my good friend how have you been?" He said smiling. "It's been...100..years.." A little surprised "Wait I am alive to so why should I be surprised." He said laughing.

Fang kept his eye on Babs thats what he was instructed to do at Seikyus order. He took a quick glance at the man who entered the Room and nodded "Fang.." he said as he walked next to Babs and patted her on the head.

Radu looked at the girl and walked towards her and knelt down poking at her ears "And who is this." He said looking at her eyes.

Mieu got up and walked over to Radu She seems to be a half breed

"Oh, Kyo" He said pointing at Radu and Mieu "That's Radu, and that's Mieu his panther..and Fang already introduced himself..and that girl over there is sweet little Babs...she is normally shy around people besides, Me, Fang, Mieu, and Radu." He said as he walked over to where the girl was calling them. "To the Dining hall!" he said pointing the opposite way of the dining hall location.

02-01-2007, 08:47 PM
Asami was in the dinninh hall setting up everything as Seikyu Kiba's group came in. She bowed low to them as they enter. She would continue to bow till they all took a seat or neede aomething. Which ever one came first. She keep her head and eyes down to the floor still mentally punishing herself for her idiotcy.

Leama waved to Kyo "I will be in the dinning room in a minute. Go on without me. I have something to attend to first" she said loudly across the throne room. She turned to face Yggdrasil "Follow me to the courtyard if you wish to speak." she said smiling. She walked off and out the door to the right side. She wondered what Yggdrasil had to say.

Kyuubi Naruto
02-01-2007, 08:52 PM
Kyo waved back to Leama."What a introduction."He thought.Seeing himself being approached,Kyo turned to Seikyu."Woah,what's the deal with your polite choice of words all of a sudden?"Kyo rubbed his head and sighed."I'm seriously the only one of us who HASNT changed?"Kyo then held his head up with a smile."Good to see you again.Seems you've got yourself a nice entourage,but they dont waste much words,do they?"He joked."Surpised you arent locked up somewhere,I saw a wanted poster of you the other day on my way to a meeting in Tsunovia."

Jace walked to Seikyu."So this is Seikyu,another one of your legendary hero friends?Good to meet you,I'm Jace,Kyo's assistant,Guardian of Fire."Jace then remembered that he never told Leona and Amilia about him being the Guardian of Fire."That can wait."He thought,keeping a straight face toward Seikyu.

02-01-2007, 08:58 PM
Yggdrasil followed Leama to the court yard and sighed as he stood there with the moonlight covering the left side of his face,he sat down on the bench and looked at Leama "I have been hiding something from you and Lord Cormac...my life is not all that great."

Yggdrasil looked to Leama with a soft gaze in his eyes "You see......I am...not from this kingdom..before Ragnarök I was a knight of a kingdom called Haru, I was the best knight there was."

He then looked down "But that all changed....when I did the most horrid thing...I was tricked into assassinating the ruler of the kingdom...soon..a war broke out and I was being hunted down, and almost killed...but...I ran away from the kingdom for 100 years soon surviving Ragnarök..I wound up here...at the kingdom."

Yggdrasil sighed sadly a tear went down his cheek as he looked down "I came into your kingdom and gained respect to everyone soon becoming your bodyguard....Leama...please...forgive me" he said as his blonde hair went to his face covering it "I didn't mean to hide this from you.."

Yggdrasil didn't know what Leama's reaction would be "I-I beg of your forgiveness..." he pleaded

02-01-2007, 09:15 PM
OOC: Good thing we have a post limit. Lol. As for all of you asking "What other kingdom?" Well there was in fact life down on the dead core of the planet while Raftidia was a float. But once Raftidia was restored, that kingdom was sent underground.

Thus we have the kingdom of Haru in the story plot. Just an FYI to those who couldn't deduct.

Hark stood up as people entered the Dining hall and looked at the bunch. He would scan them all with his green eyes latent with the light of the Astral Power within. He tapped Kirgash's shoulder to alert him of the 'company'.

"Captain, the others are here I suppose." his tone was playful as he waved for him to stand.

Kirgash stood as his violet eyes scanned the people as well. His metal arm hung limp at his side as he tilted his head to the left slightly, his cold expression was contridicting his words ans way of speach. "So'a I'za seein' we'z be havin' da company of some-o-da Legendary Heros eh?" his old Kurchian accent came through as he put his fleshy arm up at his chest.

"Captain Kirgash Kirigami of the Pouncing Tiger Brigade and Captain of the Allure. I hail from Shazuk to have my share in the ceremony tomorrow." He bowed as he went back to his formal tone.

Hark chuckled while his Kurchian ascent was rolling on, he would shake his head with a grin towards Kirgash before raising an eyebrow to the group. He slipped out of position and made his way in front of the group.

"Excuse me, Arch Priestess Leone? It's me, It's your good ol' pal Hark." He was acting as a previous bandit would, but with a bit more pride and a bit more restrain as well. He folded up his chain halibert and set it at his side, slipping a leather casing over the blade as to not cut himself

Kirgash was simply at his wine glass, sipping as he'd keep to himself. He could feel something and he brought his metal arm up on the table.
"Well.. I'ya hope we weren't intruding on yallz little get together, we thought we'd be invited as well..." His voice was somewhat unnerving yet crisp and calm, like he had no worries.

02-02-2007, 06:31 AM
Babs carefully shook the hand but didn't say her name as her eyes wandert again. She felt other people entering the castle but the were not hostile so she felt no need to pull up her shield. When fang patted her on the head she let go of mari and followed him into the dining room and took a seat beside him.

Fionn Mac
02-02-2007, 09:48 AM
Cormac once again bowed to the seemingly ever-growing group.
"Arch Priestess Leona it is of my highest honor, to welcome you to Neo-Wayrea...as well as your assistant Amilia...and you too Jace, working under Kyo deserves some of the highest praise.
said Cormac as he placed his hand over his heart and gave a polite nod to them.
"Please, there are more than enough rooms in the castle...most of which I've never been in, even after all these years...enjoy the dinner and make yourselves comfortable"
He then bowed and headed off toward Hikaru's room, just to check if she was hungry or needed something, if she was awake.

Cormac walked down the hall, and into Hikaru's room as the door was still open. He noticed that she was asleep in her bed, and that Fayt had fallen asleep on the couch.
A young man in the room of his daughter was a reason to cause suspision in most fathers.
But, Cormac simply grabbed a quilted blanket from Hikaru's closet and placed it over the sleeping knight.
"Rest well Fayt, protecting my daughter makes me in your debt more than you know...no matter what blood may say...you are apart of my family...I may have no son, but you have filled that role"

Cormac sighed and lightly patted Fayt on the head, and headed out of the room. It would seem he still had a night of entertaining to get to. The Lord and Lady were quite the topic of interest.

Aura of the Twilight
02-02-2007, 03:26 PM
Leona nodded towards the lord and replied, "Thank you my lord." Then she followed behind Kyo and Jace to the other room with Amilia right behind her. "Well this palac is certanily quite nice, is it not Amilia?" Leona asked calmly while smiling.

"Yes Lady Leona it is." Amilia replied then she noticed the people already in the room that were conversing with Kyo. She followed Leona over to Kyo's side.

"I never expected to be in such a lovely place. Have you ever seen a building this beautiful, Kyo?" Leona asked. Then she noticed Seikyu. "Hello I am ArchPreistess Leona, and this is my assisstant Amilia." Leona stated nodding her head down slightly towards the man.

Kyuubi Naruto
02-02-2007, 03:43 PM
Kyo turned to Leona and nodded."Never have I ever seen a building this beautiful,I agree.I've seen something,or should I say someone,more beatiful than this,but no,never a building."He said smiling at Leona.

Jace slowly caught on to what Kyo meant by that."Wow,that's probably the smoothest thing he's said all day,but that's not saying much counting on the fact that it really wasnt that good anyway."Jace thought."So,Kyo?Can we head over to the dining room?I really never got dinner last night due to having to get ready for the trip and what not."

Kyo stopped his smiling toward Leona and turned to Jace."Huh?Oh,yeah,sure go ahead.Everyone is heading over there anyway,so I guess there's no reason for all of us not to."Kyo turned to the rest of the people in the room."So,to the dining room,then?We can all catch up there,some of have already moved there,and I have something to say once everyone is settled down."

02-02-2007, 03:55 PM
I'm sorry to say that I must drop out of the RPG for I am grounded from the computer until further notice(no one is home right now). Good RPing to those that remain.

02-02-2007, 04:01 PM
OOC: Ok Aura, ignore Hark. He's only the High Priest of Novalark....
Btw: I know my posts seem really long, but I have my size on 3 so people can read better. Please don't nelgect posts, especially if they are pointed towards your character in some way.


It's seemed as though Leona was quite occupied, she didn't even turn to greet him. He let his shoulders slouch down as he returned to the dining hall, sitting next to the lone Captain.

"Well, I suppose she was always a bit outta it." he sighed.

Chuckling while putting down some wine he coughed a bit. A swift hit to his chest let the liquid run down before he took in a deep breath. Turning to Hark, he laid his Violet eyes upon him and raised an eyebrow.

"Eh? I'za thought you'z down in da Crystalra were tight. Like the bow an' arrow I heard." He brought his fleshy arm onto the table as he set the wine glass down "So we 'ave to wait for our introductions eh?"

Hark brought his head down onto the table, letting his skin feel the silky soft table cloth at his brow. He let out a sigh before slouching back in his chair, bringing a golbletof wine to his lips. He sipped from, and set the cup down with his dark green eyes half shut.

"It seems so..."

From far into the depths of the unknow the infinite woman could be seen, plucking at millions of strings before her grasp. Here hair as brilliant and infinate as space flowed back as she threw her slender chin in the air

"Fayt.. what is the meaning of this?" she called into the nothingness. "Why did you take my power? You somehow sealed the threads of those who were important to your cause.. but how?" She looked back down at the box of blue light and sighed. "I love you Fayt.. I love you.. and I ewant to kill you..." She said in a loving manner so evil that it would raise the hair from your head.

02-02-2007, 04:14 PM
Babs became nervous because of the many people. There was to much energy to tell exactly whichs was whoms. she started to rock back and forth she had never been around so many seeing that seikyu mostly spoke with the clients and she waited often in the forest under miue or one of the others sight to avoid any annoying qeustions because of her wandering eyes. and in the few towns they had been she was always on the same horse as seikyu. So her reaction became what she normaly did when she felt threatened a small black dome appeared around her and each of the other ocupants of the tabe each person having it's own little dome.

02-02-2007, 04:20 PM
OOC: You should have posted that in the sign up thread not the RPG one

BIC: Leama nodded taking in the information. "Hmmm.....I thought there was more then you were telling me but I didn't think it was anything like that." she smiles "Well thanks for telling me. Now if you will excuse me I shall be off to the dinning to help settle and catch up with our guest and old friends." she smiles and nods to Yggdrasil "I you are forgiven. There is nothing to worry about. We all have our sercets. I have mine that I didn't tell in the stories of the bringers and how we defeated them." she nodded her head to him and turned walking towards the dinning room.

Asami straighted and walked out of the room to stand by the door to make sure that no one got in without her knowing to ensure the Lord and lady of their safety. Asami looked around for Mari. She spoted her "Mari!" she said in whispered tones waving her over.

Mari came over to Asami and stoped bowing to her. "Yes ma'am?" Mari asked wondering what Asami wanted from her.

Asami smiled "Don't call me ma'am. It make me feel old." she laughed softly and smiles "Mari you should head to bed. You must be tired from everything that has gone on today." She smiles and pats the girls head "Now run off to bed.

02-02-2007, 04:23 PM
Kinji burst through the tree tops, leaves following behind him as he brother came through too. The two looked identical from each other, the only things that separated the two was a tattoo. Kinji had a tattoo on his right cheek while Tashiro has a tattoo on his left cheek. They swirled around each other,acting like kids again. They went even faster than before, only looking like a black and white dot against the sky. A few hours had passed as they saw the Kingdom up ahead.

Kinji yelled in excitement, coming closer and closer to the gates. "Finally, few more minutes and we're there!"

Tashiro closed his eyes for a few minutes before opening them again "Hey Kinji just don't make a huge commotion. We're gonna get in, find a place to stay and do whatever, just don't lose your anger and kill someone, this time?" Tashiro asked

Kinji laughed "Yeah, alright. No killing." He told him, sounding a little bored.

02-02-2007, 04:56 PM
Yggdrasil sat down and nodded he whispered as leama walked away "H-how..can she..forgive me..I made a mistake started a war..and assassinated the ruler of Haru..and yet..she forgave me." Yggdrasil's hair fell into his eyes covering his face once again.

Yggdrasil stood up and walked the other way "She forgave me...I should be happy she forgave me..but..I feel as if I can't accept my lady's forgiveness...I have done wrong killed a ruler ." Yggdrasil walked behind the castle and looked at the wall "Grraaahhhh!!" he punched the wall making a hole appear where he punched.

Two guards heard the sound from behind the castle "What was that?!" the other guard nodded "I don't know let's go see" the guard nodded "Right!" they both ran to the back of the castle and yelled "Hey, Yggdrasil is everything alright we heard something which sounded like an explosion!"

Yggdrasil didn't face the guards he then yelled "I am fine!, return to your posts immediately!"

Both guards shook there heads "B-but sir!'

Yggdrasil growled "That is an order now follow it!"

Both guards gulped and ran back to there posts "Yes sir!"

He didn't know what to do "I am a monster...no one will listen to me." He sat down behind the castle leaning against the wall with a deep sigh "I can't do it...I can't go back into the castle and just act as if nothing happened."

Aura took a seat at one of the chairs and looked around "Hmmm...something is not right...Yggdrasil is not back yet."

Yggdrasil had his legs pressed against his chest with his arms securing his legs in place, his head was placed inside the gap between his legs and chest "Leama....Cormac....I have been your bodyguard for years..but...you both are strong..you don't need a bodyguard." He let out a deep sigh "B-but..there is no other place I can go..this is the only home I have."

He lay his head back up against the castle wall, he takes out his pocket watch and looked at it "The ceremony..will go on..I don't think I will be there I have no use in being there." He laughed to himself as his reflection gazed back at him through the glass of the watch. "I want everyone to be happy...I am nothing more then a disgrace to everyone..why was I given the rank of bodyguard..was it out of pity?.Yes..that is it...pity..." He said as a tear went down his cheek.

He smirked "Maybe.....I shouldn't have came here...I am nothing but a fake..I can't protect my lord and lady, everyone else is stronger then me."

Aura's ears twitched as she sighed "Yggdrasil.." she whispered "Where are you?." A small tear went down her cheek as she then gasped. Aura began to cry harder as she then stood up immediately from the table toppling the chair backwards onto the ground "P-please...e-excuse me"

Aura ran out of the dinning room and up to Yggdrasil's room,she then laid her head on the bed and started to cry harder.

Yggdrasil growled and drew his sword "This is the only weapon I posses..a mere sword that does nothing "Hmph..and everyone else has magic all I have is healing arts....maybe...I can be put to good use somewhere else." He laid his head back into the gap between his chest and legs and closed his eyes.

02-02-2007, 04:59 PM
Characters: Kitanoru, and Meikura (An encounter with Erikai at the castle of Fuujai).
Location: Fuujai City (The Castle)

Kitanoru Tizu Horokei was walking Meikura to the dining hall when he heard a voice, and a soft melody of music being played in the background. He turned around to see if it had been a visitor at the castle. He noticed an individual that he did not seem to recognize standing at the door way.

"Hello there, is there something I may help you with?"

"Kitanoru... she kindly asked for shelter and food, are you hard of hearing?"

"Oh my deepest apologies my lady. Please do come in. I can kindly have someone escort you to a room, and if you'd like, you may join us for supper. The chefs do prepare quite the feast here at the castle."

Meikura was becoming impatient, and started pestering Kitanoru as to when food was going to be ready, and if she could start early.

"Well if you like cold and frozen food, by all means, be my guest Meikura. But you won't see me eating that with you, I actually like my food cooked."

"Brother, why do you have to be so irritating!?"

"Me irritating? I think you have me mistaken for someone else."

Kitanoru glares at Meikura in disgrace...

"I am sorry for Meikura's behaviour, she can seem to be a bit immature at times."

"cough... cough... me immature? Who is talking here, mister goodie two shoes!"

"Are you addressing that to me sweet cheeks?"

"Wha... what did you just call me!"

"Sorry, let me make this clear to you then 'sweet cheeks,' please could you act a little more your age? Atleast while we have company over at the castle?"

"Fine! If that is how you want it, you can have it that way then!"

"Thank you!"

Kitanoru turns his attention over to the lady that stood at the door way.

"Sorry for all the commotion back there, Meikura tends to be a bit moody at times. Oh by the way I forgot to mention, I am Kitanoru Tizu Horokei, and I am one of the few captain's of the Sky Griffon Brigade, I humbly welcome you into the castle my kind lady. If you do not mind me asking, what is your name, kind miss?"

Overlord Darth Fluffles
02-02-2007, 06:22 PM
OOC: This is my only post for the day so I wont be on 'till tomorrow.

Sithis walked around the province of Fuujai, hitting a city. His black armor clanked onto the ground, as he made each step. Upon his shoulder was a black bat. The bat flew down, and transformed into a beautiful girl. She looked at him, and sithis spoke, "What did I say about transforming in public?...."

She gave a confused look, then she replied, "Me?! Look at you! You're the general of the Griffion brigade! Someone might wnat you dead and here you are, strolling around like it is dandy do da!"

Sithis let out a sigh, "I don't really care. I will kill whatever tries to kill me. My loyalty is to Fuujai. And if something was to attack it right now, I'd give my life for it."

She tilted her head, "Don't you have a family, besides me of course. He-he."

"No....they were slaughtered, all of them. I feel that the brigade from Ainza are responsable, yet I have no proof. But I jsut wish something exciting would happen right about now..."


Strife jumped otu of bed, realizing he was late. He ran out of his home, and ran into the crowded streets. Rudly bashing in to people. Unfortunet for him, he bashed into two people from teh wrong crowd, "Hey moron! Watch were you're going! If you don't we'll rough you up!"
Strife was somewhat shocked, he look at both of them. Observed them head to toe, "Really? You do know that violence only lowers yourself...but you are pretty low enough...."

This made the two men mad. One of them looked at his partner and then Strife, "Taht's it! You're dead!" (White is combat with one of my characters agaisnt a well...unimportant person.)

The man amde a left swing, Strife however quickly blcked it with his left arm, swinging it between his arms. Then he brought up his fist and punched the man in the face, knocking him down, breaking his nose. This scared the other man, and he sprinted off.

"Great...now I am late for sure...."

Seikyu Kiba
02-02-2007, 07:35 PM
Seikyu sat down at the table as Leona greeted him "Oh Miss Leona its a pleasure "My name is Seikyu Kiba but please call me Seikyu." He said as he saw Babs as her barrier form around her. "Babs...it's ok these people are friends." He said smiling. "I'm sorry she is very nervouse around people."

Fang sat down next to Babs and smiled as he used his Shadow magic to make the barriers disappear "No, Babs.." he said smiling as he took her hand "Trust them." He said whispering.

Radu sat down next to Seikyu and smiled "Ah, Nothing like some food." he said raising up a glass of wine.

Mieu laid under the table at Radus feet and talked to him telepathicly. Ah..well now you guys have fun.

02-02-2007, 08:04 PM
OOC: Xain's color

Snoring could be heard throughout the airship Allure as a man layed asleep on one of the top bunks in the barracks of the ship.

The man rolled off the bunk, smacking his head against the floor in a loud thud. He raised his head, looking around for a moment before shaking it and coming to his senses. His vision slowly cleared as he inspected his surroundings.

He sat silently, trying to listen to see if anybody was around or if they were still moving.


Xain stood up, brushing off his clothes and walking up to the deck. He looked around for a moment, looking for Kirgash, anybody.

"Hello?" He called out, receiving no response.

He sighed and went back down to the barracks, pulling out Zanekotetsou, Ether and Ko.

"That jerk," He said to himself, "He didn't wake me up before he left. Figures"

He ran back up to the deck and jumped off the ship to the street below, running at a full sprint for the castle.

'Hope im not too late' He thought.

02-02-2007, 08:36 PM
Asami heard a crash. She looked toward where the sound came from and dashes towards it. She stoped at a corner looking around it seeing Yggdrasil pulling his hand from a hole it the wall. She heard him order the guards back to their posts. She put her back to the wall listening to everything Yggdrasil had to say. When he had gone quiet she stepped out from her she ws listening. She walked over to him and sat down next to him leaning against the wall "I knew there was more to you then meet the eye." she pulled her knees up to her chest laying her head on her knees. "Anything else we should know" she couldn't help but tease him a little. She felt bad after she said that.

Mari was asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. she was very tired from the day. she dreamed peacefully and soundly barely stiring.

Leama walked into the dinning room taking a seat at one end of the table. "Hmmm.....I know half of you and the other half I don't. Please introdunce yourselves to me." she said smiling

Aura of the Twilight
02-02-2007, 08:39 PM
OOC: I'm so sorry Tetsakosuke I must've skipped over your post! I didn't mean to ignore your character.


"It's quite alright for her to be shy it's just a normal emotion." Leona stated, then she smiled at Babs hoping that it would help with her shyness and then sat down at the table. "Please, Amilia, sit next to me." Leona stated.

"Yes Lady Leona, I would be glad to." Amilia replied and sat down as she was told to do. She glanced around the table and noticed someone she recognized.

"Lady Leona, is that not Hark?" she asked motioning her head towards where he was sitting.

"Hm?" Leona looked at him, "Yes I suppose it is him. Well since he's drinking I suppose tonight might not be a quiet one." Leona stated joking slightly. "So Seikyu what do you do for a living" Leona asked trying to start a conversation.

02-02-2007, 08:45 PM
Yggdrasil looked at Asami and smiled "Oh..Asami...I am sorry you had to see and hear that...I am just stressed out." He smiled looking at her "I-I...I just want to prove I am strong like everyone else." He blushed a little when he looked at her eyes.

Aura was still on the bed was still crying "Yggdrasil...please...your anger in your heart is frightening me..please..wake up and get rid of the evilness in your heart."

Yggdrasil smiled and pushed Asami lightly "Asami...thank you..for coming out here..you are like family..you're my best friend." He took her hand and kissed it "So..is there anything I should know about you?." he leaned against her slowly.

She then stopped crying "Yg-Yggdrasil.....I..I an sense something in your body...deep in your heart...you are in love..with someone..close to you." Aura smiled and nodded "B-but..the anger..the rage..the guilt you are feeling..is frightening me..

Kyuubi Naruto
02-02-2007, 09:07 PM
Kyo made it to the dining room.He walked over to the other seat beside Leona."You dont mind,do you?"He sat down at the table.

Jace had just beaten Kyo to the dining room,and sat down across from Amilia."So Kyo,exactly what did you want to tell everyone earlier?"

"Oh,yeah."Kyo grabbed a half full glass and a knife and tapped them together."Listen everyone,if I may have your attention before we began to eat."He held the glass up."I want to make a toast."Kyo stood up as well and inhaled a large breath,and sighed in relief."This toast.....goes to all of those who werent able to make it here today.It goes to all of those brave warriors who sacrificed there own lives,for we could help,to make a better Raftidia.This toast goes to our loved ones,friends,and family who gave the noblest of all sacrifices for the noblest of all causes,to help this world.I know for a fact that it is hard on some of the people who lost loved ones that they lost,the sadness that overflowed them when it happened,but,think of it this way.Heroes,like those who died in the strive for prosperity,truly dont deserve to be forgotten."Kyo siad,ending his speech-like saying and sitting down.

02-02-2007, 09:14 PM
She blushes slightly and smiles. She smiles softly up at him. "Only best friend? I wish I was more. I gues I am not that important anyway." she thought sadly. She smiles trying to keep the sadness from her smile and eyes "You're welcome. I am glad that I can help." she smiles "Hmmm...anything about me....let's see..." she thinks "Hmm...there is a few things..." she smiles softly

Mari woke up slowly. She was sad for some reason. She sat there thinking "Hmmm....Asami must be sad.....I wonder why..." she sat there thinking on this matter

Leama bowed her head in respect to the family and sweethearts that have losted others. "Kyo makes a very good point. If it wasn't for those who died. Then all of this around us wouldn't be here." Leama said sorrowfully

02-02-2007, 09:21 PM
Yggdrasil placed his hand on Asami's hand and smiled "Maybe....I could be more then a best friend too...Asami..don;t say that!, you're more important to me then anyone else!" he blushes taking both of her hands and smiling softly "I...I.." he was choking on his own words.

Aura smiled softly "Yggdrasil....you can do it." Aura concentrated to see into Yggdrasil's heart, there she saw the darkness had been cleared. "Yggdrasil...thank you..." she cheered and danced around the room.

Yggdrasil had liked Asami ever sense they were little and they were just servants of Cormac and Leama, he had never had the courage to admit his feelings. "Asami..." he played with her figures and blushed deep red.

His eyes were gazing softly at her as he blinked slowly.

02-02-2007, 09:30 PM
She blushes a deep red. She didn;t understand what he was saying "Yes, Yggdrasil?" she said looking back into his eyes searching from what her meant. She held his hands tightly. She too had always liked him but never knew what to do. She tried the shallow the knot in her throat but it won't go down "G-Go on"

Mari smiles. Asami had just become happier. She knew something good was going to happen "Asami tell him everything.....You know you can trust him with your heart.....you just know even if his past wasn't the best" Mari said as she smiled.

Fionn Mac
02-02-2007, 09:31 PM
Cormac had come in and taken his seat next to Leama. He wasn't hungry, but he had to be respectful and entertain the special people who had come great distances to be there.

He tried to stop the tears that came due to Kyo's speech/toast, but he failed.
Cormac placed his hand over his teary-eyed face, and wiped away the tears away.
It had been so long, yet even those who survived the battles had long since passed, aside from the Gods, and the few Legendary heroes that still managed to live on.
As every day passsed since then, Cormac missed Luteous, his fellow Wayrean Knights and the others that he cared for.
He wondered if the Wood Spirit would reveal why he had been the one to unite Raftidia and live on past his friends.

"Powerful words Kyo...we must remember those who have passed still are with us and guide us through difficult times" said Cormac as he tried to compose himself, feeling a bit embarassed by his emotions..especially since he was a lord.
"I apologize for my emotions my friends...it has really been a long time since those dark days"

02-02-2007, 09:41 PM
OOC: Screw the new posting rule...alright we will lower it..5 posts per day..including weekends..this will start on Sunday

Yggdrasil gulped as his words came out slowly "I..I..I love you.." he blushed and looked away, now that it has been said he was not sure of what she will say. He was blushing deep and dark red.

The wind slowly running through his long blonde hair made it seem like it was dancing. Yggdrasil looked back up at her to meet her eyes again looking for her answer. "I..I do..I love you...ever sense we were little..I had feelings for you...I was hiding it..from you..I thought you would have rejected me..after you heard about my past.."

Aura danced around and spun cheering "He did it!!...Yggdrasil is in love with Asami!!" She smiled and laughed giggling.

He could hear Aura as he spoke to her telepathically "Aura...thank you...I am glad I have the light guardian with me..to support me..with out you..I can't be brave"

Aura stopped and smiled as she spoke to him with telepathy "And with out you, you can't give me power and heart..when you are upset and angry..you scare me and I start to cry..when you are happy..I am cheerful"

Yggdrasil laughed in his head to Aura "And Vise versa...with me"

Seikyu Kiba
02-02-2007, 09:44 PM
Seikyu grew a bit caustions when Leoma asked what he did, but he gently replied "Well if you haven't looked around....Miss Leoma" he said holding up 5 wanted posters "I am a wanted Mercenary....along with Fang, Radu, and Mieu, oh and Little Babs." he said keeping an eye on her. He said holding up his glass to what Kyo said "Yes I toast!"

Fang nodded "Yes, it's true..." He said as he sat close to Babs making her feel less nervouse. He didn't actually drink he perferd water but still held up his glass.

"Once regular men, now wanted Mercenarys...that's the life, and how wonderful it is." Radu said sipping his wine and smiling, not even paying attention to Kyo he held up his glass for no particular reason

Mieu laid quietly on the ground next to Radu and then growled low Seikyu..if you get us killed..I will kill you.

Kyuubi Naruto
02-02-2007, 09:48 PM
Kyo turned to Cormac and shook his head."Dont worry,we're all human here......well,actually,I'm technically classified as God,but we all show emotions.See,you cared about the people who you lost,and no matter what,you cant stop from missing them.None of us will respect you any less if you just simply shed a few tears from the memory of your friends,so,just let it out,alright?"Kyo smiled,and thought to himself."Wow.....have I actually changed a bit?Just a little?"

Jace looked around."I do not know the pain of this loss because I was not there to know about these people,but all the same,I pay my respects to them.That was great Kyo."

Kyo nodded."Yes,so,let's strive to make this wonderous world of Raftidia,even better.In memory of those people,alright?"Kyo said.He then sat in his seat and smiled as he looked at all the people at the table."We wont have any problem in doing so."

02-02-2007, 09:57 PM
She was shocked. She didn't expect him to say that. She was blushing wildly. "I-I love you too....I do....I have since we were little kids too....you acted very disant and gloomy....I knew something bad had to happen.....when I heard your past it didn't make me loving you any less but probably only more...." she blushed deeper if it was even possible.

Mari smiled and clapped "Asami!! I am so happy for you! You finially told him your feelings!" Mari jumped up and down on the bed so glad for Asami, her role model.

Leama nodded "Lute is probably watching over their souls leading them to the peaceful rleams where they can live out their dead live in happiness and peace" tears were beginning to roll down her cheek as she thought of lLuteous. "Our greatest lost was probably to the lost of Luteous....the dreams from those days still huant but don't have that much imprssion on me anymore" she shivered as she recalled the dreams.

OOC: if anyone doesn't remember or is new. Leama use to have very awful dreams of the three god that attacked at the end of the first Riftida.

02-02-2007, 10:04 PM
Yggdrasil blushes wildly and smiled softly "Oh...Asami...." he hugged her tightly in his arms and kissed her cheek "I want to be with you forever..till death do us part." He picked her up off her feet and cradled her,he smiled down at her "Come on..let's go inside." He says carrying her into the castle and into the dinning room where everyone sat at the table. He still had her cradled in his arms not wanting to let her go.

Yggdrasil gave a soft whisper "I love you" he smiled as he kissed her lips not caring if anyone who was at the table saw.

Aura giggled "Awww, so cute...Yggdrasil..is such a sweetheart....he has raised me sense I was a little pup..oh..the good times" She thought to herself about the good times they had when she was a pup.

CF Striker
02-02-2007, 10:13 PM
OOC: I've already posted this so I'll be breif. Emotional stuff happened, I ok now pretty much and I'm still in this thing.

After the last words he spoke to him, Lei had run off to exspolre the ship. For some reason, he understood it find, areodynamics how to steer, change speed. Their were a few things he couldn't put his fingers on, so he assumed that part to be the high-tech mechanics of it all.

At the top of the crows nest, Lei found himself unable to take his eyes away from the "Crimson Tiger" and "Bandit Preist." They moved so fluidly! It was art to watch them spin and fight, but what was this...a hand shake? Lei was shocked, they were just fooling around. Lei wonder how they had become so good.

The ship landed, and it was obvious "The Crimson Tiger" had better things to do. So what could Lei. He pondered and then grinned: sigh-see of coarse. He set his windmill shurikan an the ground and stepped on it, mutter a few words as a whirlwind lifted him high into the air. He laughed with his arms out like wings, circling the city. It was his misfortune, while admiring the scenery, to run into a burly looking man with an ale mug.

The collision sent both projectiles flying backward. Lei groaned, he'd have a nasty bump from that.

The man growled, "You little punk!" He charged and grabbed Lei by the back of his shirt collar, marching straight toward the imperial capital.

Lei failed. This is why he hated being short, "Hey leggo of me! Stop it, put me down! It was an accident!"

The comical scene continued all the way until the two were inside the castle, where in front of an open doorway, Lei broke free and spun delivering a powerful broadside with his weapon he has managed to hold the whole way. With a groan, the man fell senseless as Lei panted and looked into the doorway.

Eyes, piercing gazes at this little disruptive street urchin. Lei froze, he was gonna get it now. He frantically looked around...the Captin was here! Maybe he'd have some sympathy. He swallowed his nervousness and leaned on his weapon with a nervous laugh. "Heeeey, if it isn't old Capt. Kirgash!"

02-02-2007, 10:24 PM
She was still blushing wildly. She had never been this close to Yggdrasil before. She took in his aroma and his looks. She took in everything about him wanting to remember it all. She didn't want to get out of his arms as he walked into the dinning. She knew she probably should but didn;t make the effort to move at all. She kissed his lips back closing her eys slowly. It had been a very long day.

Mari was nearly jumping off the eall with joy "Asami did it!! Asami did it!! She really did!!" mari yelled happily

Leama looked up at Yggdrasil and Asami in his arms as they kissed. She smiles sweetly and whispered to Cormac "They finially told each other how they feel. I am so happy for them." she nearly forgot about her dreams when she saw them. She smiles.

02-02-2007, 10:26 PM
Well on his way as the food was brought out, Hark was half lost in the sweet sensation of unsoberly thought. He raised a bottle of wine up to the toast and chuckled a bit before saying "And to the sky..we..uhh.. We look on towards the future....uhh.. There is no way of..sellin-" His face slowly went to the table cloth below as the drinks had tired him out.

Kirgash raised an eyebrow to Hark, worrying about him. But he always knew that Hark loved to tie one on, it was part of the reason he was the Bandit Priest after all. Taking what food he had, he slowly took a bite into the roasted turkey and nodded in satifaction.

He looked at the table and rose from his seat, dusting himself off. With a slight bow he looked at everyone with his violet eyes, they melded somewhat red before releasing back to their original violet coldness. "I am Captain Kirgash Kirigami of the Pouncing Tiger Brigade, here to attend tomorrow's ceremony. Don't mind me, I'll make myself as useful as I can be to what you need Lord and Lady."

With that he pointed down at Hark and grinned "Well, we all know that's Hark, the High Priest of Novalark." He tapped his shoulder slowly, musing a responce from him. Nothing.

He then coughed into his hand of flesh and sighed. "Well'a, that be all the things I'za needed tah say y'all." His old Kurchian accent rolled from him as he took a seat.

He noticed Lei by the door and smiled, waving him in. "Oh and here's Lei, I hope he's of no problems M'lady and Lord. He's a friend of mine."

From the door on the other side of the room was a strong turn of the door knob and a powerful swing, the door opening sent a small wind across the dining room. All you could see was the big, braud chest of a man in black and white, down to his feet.

Stepping into the room the man had ducked under the stone where the door had stopped, raising to his full height he looked down at everyone andslowly stepped to an empty seat, his Earthen green eyes scanning over everybody with no apparent motive or reason to be doing so.

Silently he put an elbow, a very large elbow, on the table and let his head rest in his palm, one of the largest palms one has seen in years.

He slowly worded his name. "High Priest Galintz..."

Fionn Mac
02-02-2007, 10:45 PM
Cormac took Leama's hand as he had noticed she was emotional due to the speech as well.
"Yes, I was wondering when they would both realize it...it has been quite obvious even to our aged eyes" whispered Cormac as he wiped the tear from Leama's cheek.
"It seems we've also restored love and kindness back in to Raftidia as well...I feel Love is the power that will keep our land united"

Cormac then turned his head to Kirgash. "I'm pleased to have you and your company as well...its been some time since I've heard a strong Kurchian accent, said Cormac as he nodded to the captain.
"And please no need for the Lord title, we are all equals here...and friends united"

"It is so pleasing to see the young confessing their love for one another...it was not so easy back in our days"
Whispered Cormac as he turned back to Leama.
"I often wondered why you chose to stay with me Leama, even before our daughter...being chosen by a Goddess is no easy feat."

02-03-2007, 04:12 AM
Babs dropped the barrier and withdrew her hand from fangs but she did not really calm down. she started to rock back and forth again only getting glimps of the conversations being held. Her eyes wandert fast 'to much energy's' she thought but when Galintz entered she had enough. she stopped moving back and forth and pressed two fingers against her forehead and her magic enveloped her and she turned into a small black orb. It floated aboe the chair for a momen and then flew out the nearest window. she moved towards the forest and the ball lowered, she sensed someone in her path but coulden't move out of the way and hitted the back of sithis head for a moment before dropping to the ground and rolling a bit. When she laid stil she remaind in the orb not daring turn back incase she ran into a enemie.

Kyuubi Naruto
02-03-2007, 06:47 AM
Kyo nodded to Cormac."Yeah,love,is pretty strong,isnt it?"Kyo took a quick glance at Leona and turned his head back to Cormac."Like you and Leama,who love the land of Raftidia,thus you protect it everyday,right?"

Jace smiled at the words being spoken at the table."So,I'll take it that your done with your speech,arent you Kyo?It seems that it had a real effect on some of us,I didnt think you,of all people,would be able to conjure something like that up."

Kyo smiled and laughed."Well,I guess I was in the moment.And I dont want any of them to be forgotten,so I had to remind all of you about them.Now,if you want to,we can begin eating,I'm done."

02-03-2007, 07:40 AM
OOC: remember everyone tomorrow starts our 5 posts a day limit

Yggdrasil cradled Asami in his arms for what seemed like forever when he looked down at her giving her a sweet smile "It has been a long day, my love..you should get some rest."

He kissed her cheek and sighed happily, glad to have a loved one

Aura giggled and murred "And to think all of this happened because you caused a giant hole in the wall" she fell on her bed happy and cheerful "Love is a wonderful thing."

Yggdrasil's hair fell into his eyes but he didn't bother to push it back behind his ear, he didn't want to let go of Asami. He yawned a little, but he closed his mouth quickly.

02-03-2007, 08:59 AM
Asami nods and rest her head on his chest. "Ok....you seem tired as well" she said sleeply. Her eyes were still closed. She slowly drifted off to sleep in his arms.

Mari smiles and lays back on the bed "Love is such a powerfel thing. It can be bad and good. It could cloud your jugdements or make you see clearer." Mari said as she sighed happily.

Leama smiles and nods "Yes let the food come out" she waved a servant over and whispered "Bring out the food and drinks." she said sending the servant to the kitchen. She looked t Asami and Yggdrasil "You have the rest of the night off. It has been a long day. Go get some rest. I wouldn't want Cormac's and my bodyguards to not be at their best tomorrow" she turn her attention back to Cormac "Yeah being a goddess isn't easy. You have a lot of pressure on your shoulders but you learn to deal with it." she smiles at Cormac and holds his hand. She turned to look at everyone seated as the food began to come out "I welcome you all to this castle and I hope you all have a wonderful dinner. Then we can either talk or you are welcome to pick a room and go to bed. It has been a long day and some of us are tired."

02-03-2007, 09:09 AM
Yggdrasil smiled and then nodded to Leama "Thank you my lady." He carried Asami up to his room and noticed Aura "Oh!...Aura there you are." He noticed her eyes were red "Have you been crying again!..oh no...my anger scared you when I was depressed." he laid Asami in his bed and covered her,he then picked up Aura and placed her in his lap "I didn't mean to scare you"

Aura poked Yggdrasil's nose and giggled "Hey, it is not my fault we are connected...your fear and rage scared me so I started to cry..but then" she looked at Asami "You admitted your feelings to the girl you loved..it is beautiful to see you happy master."

Yggdrasil looked to Asami sleeping "Yes, I am glad...I have her...I will protect her with my life and never let her go, even though she is stronger then me in many ways..I will still protect her."

Aura smiled and kissed Yggdrasil's cheek "You're such a sweet guy...I am glad Cormac chose you as his bodyguard."

Yggdrasil shook his head "Not bodyguard Aura....friend.." he smiles and patted Aura's head "Now you run along to bed."

Aura nodded changing into her three tailed fox, she then ran into her fox hole and curled up inside.

Yggdrasil watched as Asami slept in his bed "I will watch over her, to make sure nothing happens." Yggdrasil put his head down onto his chest and closed his eyes.

Light Wolf
02-03-2007, 09:11 AM
Kyoshiro pushed Krad back then used Krads wieght to throw himself over KIrad letting him spin kick him in the air. Krad threw his weight around and quickly gained his feeting back. He rush back toward Kyoshiro and performed a three frontflip axe kick to his head.Kyoshiro placed both his hand on the gorund and performed rolling darkness on Krad. His energy was sent to his feet as he backflips with his hands on the gorund letting the energy make a cirlce of darkness sending Krad back another few feet.Krad backfliped in the air and landed on his feet he shealthed his sword and disappeared out of no where. He reappeared beside Kyoshiro and quickly kicked him in the back of the head sending him to the ground. He then quickly kneed him in the face sending him back up. he jumpped into the air and punched him back toward the ground. He placed both his hands on the ground and wrapped both his legs around Kyoshiro neck. He pushed up with his hands sending him and Kyoshiro into the air. Hegrabbed kyoshiro's legs and began to spin in the air. As he fell form the sky, Krad quickly relesed Kyoshiro and seemed to attack him form every direction.Kyoshiro was getting hit from every direction by Krads attacks. His anger rose and he quickly kicked what seemed to be air but soon Krad reappeared at the that piont with Kyoshiro leg in his side. Kyoshiro then threw Krad to the ground. KRad hit the gorund hard for they were only a few feet away form it. kyoshiro jumpped back into the sky and fell ontop of Krad both his legs slamming into Krads stomach. He watched as Krad coughed up blood and it hit his cheek.Krad layed on the ground as Kyoshiro slammed his feet into his chest. He coughed up blood on Kyoshiro cheek and smiled this is what he wonted. He quickly grabbed Kyoshiro's feet and tripped him. He placed on hand on the ground and quickly kicked Kyoshiro five times before backflipping away. He stopped once he was a few feet away and watched as Kyoshiro slowly stood up.
Kyoshiro slowly stood up and looked at his brother a grin slowly spread across his face as he sword pulsed. He and Krad were at the same level of power. He believed that Krad had gotten a little stronger. He grabbed the handle of his sword and smiled. This was what he to wonted.

Aura of the Twilight
02-03-2007, 09:25 AM
"Oh my I wouldn't have known you were wnated if you didn't say anything. I don't see many wanted papers in Tsunovia. You must run into your fair share of trouble, Seikyu." Leona stated.

Leona looked at Kyo and smiled as the food was being brought out. "Yes I concur that was a beautiful speech, Kyo. Unfortunately I too was not here for the loses of so many to have emotions of sadness towards them, but I'm sure most were wornderful people to help this land." Leona stated.

"May the hearts of the departed guide the souls of those yet born to a wonderful future." Amilia said.

Seikyu Kiba
02-03-2007, 09:51 AM
OOC: Will now be making up random names for Crime Lords....Be back in a moment. Oh and Babs Sithis isn't in the forest.

Seikyu nodded and laughed "Well Miss Leoma I hope you don't lock us up, yes we have ran into are fair share of trouble, We have killed the biggest crime lords, like...Faro Domisai and Tetsanosuke, also the dreaded Yukari" He said smiling then looked at where Babs was seated and then his eyes grew wide. He stood up and looked around the room "Babs!" He yelled as he looked around "Did anyone see where she went?" He turned to Fang "You were watching her..."

"Window..." He said standing up and pointing, Fang ran to the window and didn't see her "We must depart for a moment." He said turning to everyone and bowing "Shadow Portal!" He said as a large portal came into view.

Fang And Seikyu were about to walk in when he turned to Radu "Radu come on we need your healing arts incase she is hurt." He said with a panic.

"Calm down Seikyu she is probably fine, she is a strong girl." he said getting up and walking over to them. "But still I guess it couldn't hurt..come along Mieu."

Ok I'm coming.. Mieu said walking out from under the table and then walked over to where the group was standing

Seikyu turned to everyone and bowed "Im sorry but we will return in a moment." And with that they stepped into the Portal as now Fang was tracing her energy.

Fang focused until he got a clear reading "Ok.." He said as the other end of the portal opened.

Seikyu and friends stepped out of the portal and saw Babs laying on the ground in a small ord "Babs!" he said as he knelt down beside her and poked the orb. He noticed she was ok and let out a sign of relief "Oh thank god your Ok.." He said in a relief

Fang smiled a bit as Babs was laying on the ground "Hmph." He said with a low voice.

Radu was relaxed but was looking around for enemies around "Hmm she must have thought there was to much energy.

Mieu walked up to her and licked her in the face. don't do that, it worries us

02-03-2007, 10:07 AM
Sprinting through the halls, his boots making a thuding sound every time they met with the stone floor, Xain made his way to the dining room.

First he had gotten late, no thanks to Kirgash, and then the gaurds gave him trouble.

'Figures,' He thought to himself, 'They send me to do something important and i end up being late. Just my luck....'

He ran down the hall until he had reached a large set of doors. He bent of over for a second, clinging to his side and breathing heavily.

"Ok...," he said to nobody, "Compose yourself, go in and just say your sorry.."

He slowly raised and composed himself, opening the door slowly. He stepped through the door way and before saying anything, his eyes met with Kirgash's.

He didnt say a word, make any motion or anything, but the expression on his face gave the message clearly to Kirgash, the one saying 'You didnt wake me up you jerk.'

He turned his attention to the head of the table where Lady Leama and Sir Cormac. He bowed slightly, beginning to speak.

"Sorry I'm late, Lady, Sire, I got caught up with some other business...."

He raised himself from his bow.

"I am General Xain Dormir of the Crimson Lion Brigade."

He walked over to an open chair, seating himself across from High Priest Galintz.

02-03-2007, 10:53 AM
Sybal hadn't stopped at all in a few days, pushing herself to her limits. Neither had she had anything to eat. She saw birds and wild game plenty, but her mind was set on the fact of new towns. She had never been far away from Shazuk before, and she was nervous. Her feet moved on their own, and her mind reeled of how she was going to get any money at all. She had little to sell, and little options of jobs. Currently, her mind kept pulling blanks on her. She walked aimlessly on.

Kyuubi Naruto
02-03-2007, 10:59 AM
OOC:So Seikyu,you dont take me as dreaded enough to add to your little list of people?XD.Just kidding,besides,saying you killed Kyuubi Naruto wouldnt make much sense anyway.

"Thank you,I just felt like we should remember them as we look around and see everything we got,and how they werent able to be here with us."Kyo looked as the food came,and sighed."But dont feel bad you werent here,you should be happy that you didnt have to undergo the pain of losing all of them."

Jace looked at the food and began to eat hungrily,and stopped.He turned to Leama and asked,"So Lady Leama,your a Godess,just like Kyo is a God and so was your brother?What's it like being a God or Godess,if you dont mind my asking."

Overlord Darth Fluffles
02-03-2007, 12:07 PM
Sithis stood. He looked around, "Well....I guess nothing exciting will happen.....I guess we're heading to Neo Wayrea."

Lucreacia glanced at Sithis, "Why do you want to go there? I mean I don't think anything really exciting is going on...."

He turned from her, heading to the flying ships, "Well stay here if you wish, I am going to go see the ceremony. These...Guardians. Before you start I know I will need a fast one, but I have my ways of getting there, so shut your gulp little lady."

"Little! Are you claiming I am little!? Well forget you! I'm doing what I want from now on, good bye!" She stomped off into the night turning into a bat and flew high into the black sky.

Sithis just let out a sigh and shook his head, "What a troubled little girl......"


Strife walked into the bar, "I am soo sorry I am late! I woke up late and some ruffians got in my way. please forgive me Melody!" He said bowing before her.
A women stood before Strife, her name Melody. She was at medium height, black hair extending down past he shoulders, down to her hips. She wore a white dress, holding two mugs of beer. She smiled, "It's ok...just please don't do it again! ^.^"

"Thank you Melody, so any deliveries?"

"Actually no. None yet. But i'll keep you posted."

02-03-2007, 12:30 PM
Hark was about to fall off the table, both arms were hanging limp from his shoulders. He groaned somewhat, the drinks getting to his mind as he would slowly wade left and right in his seat. There was a daze about him, and as he brought his head up to watch people enter and converse he smiled and put an arm around Kirgash. "Well'a I'm just...err...kinda going to sleep...Eher...Hmm.." He let him head drop from his body as he dozed off.

Kirgash turned his glance to Hark slowly, letting his violet irises scan his form and stature. He grunted slightly, bringing Harks arm off of him and placing hark back in his seat. "Drunken Priest.. I now have one story to bring back to Shazuk." He turned to see Xain enter the room and his eyes widened. "Heh...I guess I did forget to wake him. But he seems fine. We are only here on request after all." His thoughts started to build upon each other as he nodded slowly.

He turned to Galintz, the giant at the end of the table and raised an eyebrow.He wondered how such a man could be the High Priest of Stockrom, though, he seemed like he'd be good for mining mythril. Heck, the guy seemed to be a powerhouse, and Kirgash didn't wish to temp his possible anger.

"What is he thinking I wonder? He seems so blank, like there's nothing inside." He turned to see that Seikyu's group left and sighed as they left. "There goes one of the Legendary Heroes.. leaving on his way."

Galintz was silent, he brought his elbow from the table as he started at his food. He wasn't one to waste food so he took his time, enjoying each bite while sipping his wine. He would stare around at the group, watching Seikyu's group leave early, or whatever early was. He then shot a glance at Cormac, his Earthen Green eyes blank of any emotion.

What he was thinking, though, was what was to come ahead. He shifted his Zanbato at his bck, the blade touched the ground in it's large sheath strapped to his form. What was he really looking for? Only he knew, and he wasn't talking.

02-03-2007, 01:24 PM
Asami slept peacefully in Yggdrasil's bed. She hadn't sleep so peacefully in a while. She usaully woke up many times during the night because of some dream she couldn't really remember. Had had no dreams but happy ones now.

Mari knew that Asami wouldn't be coming back to the room tonight and she was happy that she wasn't. Asami really deserved happiness now. Mari slowly drifted off to sleep tired from the long day and many more longs day will be ahead.

Leama ate her food "Luteous was a god. We were the twin light god and goddess. He died saving riftidia from the darkness and bringers. He was the only family I had at the time before Cormac, Hikaru, and Fayt. Out father had died years before and luteous decided to follow Father's path as I decide to become a temple guardian. It was a sad day indeed to lose Luteous" she said sadly. She hadn't even noticed that Seikyu's group was gone and that Xain had entered. She was wraped up in her sad thoughts.

Overlord Darth Fluffles
02-03-2007, 01:44 PM
Sithis boarded the ship, "Albieorg." He quickly paced around franticly hoping he can arrive in time for dinner, but he knew that he would not. Quickly he started to talk to himself, 'God! Why am I late...always me.....can't they move this thing any faster!?' he kept talking to himself, punching the wall. Finally he sat down trying to relax. As he let out a sigh, Lucreacia came up to him.

"HAII!!!" She yelled popping up right in his face.

Sithis let out a scream and fell to the floor. Quickly he recovered and realized who it was, "What are you doing here! I thought you went your own way!? You practically killed me!"

"I decided I'll come along, not to be with you, but to eat and be at the ceremony. The reason I am here is not because of YOU!" She stuck out her tounge waving her hands around making fun of him.

Sithis started to get angry. He started to growl, then fianlly snapped and screamed, "Girl! Sit your but down and be quiet! If you want to live to even see the ceremony I suggest you do this!

immediatly she sat down, and stayed quiet. She then gazed around the ship, keeping Sithis's advice.


Strife sat down in a room on the upper level of the bar. He laid down on a bed, plaacing his arms underneath his head. Relaxed he slowly started to drift into sleep. Then he heard his named called. He got up and ran downstairs. "Yes Melody?"

"A man, OOC: Bandit king tetsanosuke) He wants you to go to the Neo Wayvren forest and deliver a new bow to Seikyu. I think it wont be hard.

Strife nodded his head, "alright. Away I go!!!"
Strife got onto his electirc scooter. And he flew off to his destination.

02-03-2007, 01:53 PM
OOC: Everyone finish your meals and conversations in the RP for the next day is the Ceremony

BIC: Yggdrasil opened his eyes and looked to Asami seeing her sleep peacefully in his bed "She looks so..innocent." He smiles whispering.

Aura collapsed on her bed and closed her eyes murring softly "E-everyone..." she spoke to herself "Tomorrow...Raft will make her appearance."

Yggdrasil's eyes widened "That is right...tomorrow..the ceremony." He looked to Asami "What will happen after that?." Yggdrasil couldn't predict the future. but he could hope for the best of the ceremony "I hope the ceremony will be a success like every year."

Aura slept soundly, she then started to shiver and grip the bed sheets she was sweating. Aura sat up immediately panting heavily "What...was..that.."

Yggdrasil walked to the other side of the bed and sat down "You need a lot of sleep." He placed his hand on her cheek and smiled lightly.

Aura of the Twilight
02-03-2007, 02:00 PM
Leona ate for a little whileand mainly conersed with Kyo the whole time. "Well if everyone will excuse me, I think I will retire to a room for the night."Leona stated getting up a bowing to evryone and walking out of the room.

"Yes I suppose I will retire for the night as well. Goodnight everyone." Amilia stated and the followed Amilia out of the room. They walked down a hall they followed one of the servants down a hall and to their rooms which were next to each other and then said their prayers and went to bed.

Kyuubi Naruto
02-03-2007, 02:40 PM
"Good night,see ya in the morning."Kyo said to Leona as she walked out of the room."

Jace thought for a minute."So,you two are god and godess of light,but Kyo is the complete opposite,the god of hell.How come the 3 of you were able to get along like you do if you 2 were light and Kyo is dark?"

"Well,actually,I myself am not dark,just some of my powers are based on darkness,while most of theirs are based on light.Other than being gods/godesses of these different forces,the 3 of us are just as normal as any of you,not that special.But it wasnt a sad day just because Lute alone died,not to act like I didnt care about him,he was a young time friend of mine,but all of the others like Faro and Garr also couldnt be here with us today.But then again,I made that speech to remember them,we've insured that none of them will be forgotten,that doesnt mean that we cant look to the future,we should get of this topic before anymore of us come to tears."Kyo said with a chuckle as he finished eating."Anyway,looks like I'm done.It was good to see all of you again.I've got to be on my way right now,good night."Kyo walked out of the dining room and took a right turn toward his room.

"Yes,thank you for all of your time,I've gotta go to bed to,tomorrow's the day,right?"He walked and took a left as a servant lead him to his room.

Light Wolf
02-03-2007, 02:53 PM
OCC: Does that go for me also? OK OK NVM IM IN A DIFFERENT PLACE I THINK.....Hahahahah......~ Runs away in shame ~

Kyoshiro watched Krad closely and matched him move for move. Both their blades hitting one another and sending waves of energy outward. kyoshiro growled as they both flashed in and out of the area they would reappear in the air then on the gorund then in the air again, both blades making a sweet chiming sound form the force of their attacks. Krad found his opening and kicked Kyoshiri in the stomach. He backfliped and scissor kicked Kyoshiro into the ground below him. He flashed away and reformed in the air above Kyoshiro. He dropped down and yelled as Kyoshiro slammed his blade into the ground. Kyoshrio quikcly slammed his sword into the ground and let it loose. the blade slowly sank into the gorund leaving waves of energy behind. Krad's attack was about to hit when his grin spread across even more. Krad's attack hit it piont and he slammed down into Kyoshiro chest. Kyoshiro smiled as he fadded away and one huge cut spread across krad's shoulder. He smiled and stood up, his attack worked and now the hit was over. Kyoshiro looked at Krad and shealthed his sword. Krad layed on the ground and coughed up blood. His brothers attack was to powerful and strong, he couldnt do anything to stop him from attacking him. he watched as kyoshiro shealthed his sword and looked down at him. He growled and slowly shealthed his sword holding its shealth in his hand.

" Kyoshiro brother you've gotten stronger my brother."

He smiled and slowly stood up almost falling after trying to take a step.

"Little brother you o have gotten strong im impressed.......but you still hold onto much anger....way is that???"

Kyoshiro watched him closey waiting to be answered.

02-03-2007, 03:58 PM
Kinji and Tashiro landed outside the gate, seeing it closed, two guards stationed on each side of the gate. The one on the right told them to stop "No entry at night."

Kinji got angry "Hey buddy, you better let us in or I'll have to hurt you!"

Tashiro held him back "Kinji, what did we discuss on the way here."

"Not to kill anyone, and not to make a huge commotion." He said, bored and angry.

"Good boy, you'll get a cookie later, now lets go." Tashiro told him, grinning a bit.

Kinji stopped and walked away, his brother following behind him as the two walked back into the trees. Not long afterwards did Kinji make the board and grab his brother, flying over the gate without any notice. He landed in an alley before stating "When can I have my cookie?" He chuckled a little before walking out of the alley with his brother.

Tashiro sighed "You never were a good boy, Kinji." He muttered, the two entered an inn, getting two rooms and headed to their rooms.

02-03-2007, 04:29 PM
babs turned back to normal after seiky's poke with a soft plop. She looked sheepishly at the others "to..energy's.."she shivered "coulden't..figure..who's.."she stopped for a moment "who's..was..who's"she started to rock back and forth again. but stopped when mieu started tol ick her face. she giggled and scratched the panther behind the ears a bit.

Seikyu Kiba
02-03-2007, 04:35 PM
Seikyu smiled at Babs laughing as Mieu licked her face "Oh thank god your not harmed." he said and hugged her "Don't scare me like that." he said closing his eyes and then his eyes shot opened, he let go of her and sat back "Well...it's good to see that your ok."

Fang smiled as he opened up a shadow portal "We must return." he said quietly.

Radu laughed a bit as he watched Mieu "Now Mieu come now don't get her face all slobbery." he said laughing as he walked over next to Fang ready to leave.

Mmm can't we just wait here a bit..it feels so go He said as he laid down letting his ears be scratched.

Seikyu stood up and looked down at Babs "When your ready to go back say so."

02-03-2007, 04:41 PM
babs frowned, she did not rreally want back to mass of energy but she could not stay here either. she looked at mieu and got a idea "idea" she said and pressed her hands together a small orb formed around her and a string of magic. The orb with her shrunk to the size of a little catbell and the string tightend ariund mieu's neck the orb was see through so you could see her. she rubbed her face through the side of the orb slightly against mieu's fur feeling safe.

Seikyu Kiba
02-03-2007, 05:30 PM
Seikyu blinked for a moment and smiled "Nice idea." He said as he saw her in the bell "Alright then, lets get going." He said as he stepped into the Portal.

Great..Just don't do anything that will choke me He said as he walked into the portal behind Seikyu

"Well Mieu it seem you have a traveling companion...." He said laughing and walking into the portal that had appeared.

When everyone had entered Fang stepped into the portal and then another appeared infront of the window Babs flew out of.

Seikyu and the others stepped out from the Portal and looked at everyone and then scratched the back of his neck "Well it seems that no one noticed we were gone.." He said as a small sweat drop appeared on the back of his head.

02-03-2007, 05:39 PM
babs sat with her back against mieu's "no..i..rather..do..this"she reached up and scrathed mieu's chin through the orb. Her eyes were wandering again, she faintly wondert if her traveling companions knew she was more aware of what was giong on than they gave her credit for. she sighed and looked up at mieu atleast she felt safe now.

02-03-2007, 06:19 PM
Hark wasn't going to budge any time soon, for he had became heavy from all the drinking he was doing. He would sigh in his sleep and snore lightly as his head was limp at his shoulder, his back flat against the chair he sat in.

Galintz had finished his meal and wiped his mouth and chin, he looked to Hark with his broad earthen green eyes and shook his head lightly. Slowly raising his giant frame he stood up from the table and clomped over to hark, and with one arm he brought him over his right shoulder. He said only a this; "I got it..."

He then ducked under the doorway and followed servents to Harks room, dropping him off before going to his.

Kirgash stayed at the table for a few minutes as everyone left, then made his way to the rooftops of the castle. He stood leaning his arms onto the stone 'railing' as you could say looking down at Neo Wayrea in its natural splender, watching the floating light orbs keep lumination to the allyways and various areas.

He looked down at his metal arm and sighed as he remembered the past, he could see it now, a group of bandits had dropped upon his cadet troop years ago and taken him captive. He was almost killed for they had cut his right arm off, but he awoke back in Shazuk after he passed out to the pain. He couldn't remember what really happened then.

Now he has this metal replacement and uses his electricity magic to make it move. He was a conduit for power, inner and outer strength and he saw no reason to flaunt it.

"My Goddess now, the moon is bein' full to-night." He said to himself cracking a smile.

Overlord Darth Fluffles
02-03-2007, 07:34 PM
Sithis had finally arrived at Neo Wayrea. He darted out of the ship, and onto the port. He looked up at the sky, observing the moon. "Man...I'm sure the dinner is over...Stupid!" He said this kicking a rock and hitting a window with it, "Hopefully they still have a room for me...if not....someone is going to die tonight...." After he had said this he sprinted off, his armor clanking was waking everyone around him up. Finally he reached teh gates. Two guards stoped him, "You shall not enter the Castle at this time. I am sorry, please leave."
Sithis was sort of out of breath and he said heavily, "I...I am Sithis...Necromax -gasp- General of the Sky Griffion Brigade at Fuujai...I am here for the ceremony...."
"Oh! Sir! Welcome! uhh...your room though...it has been given away...but there still are some normal beds avaiilble....I think...."
"What! My room gone!" Sithis was furious, in his anger he brought his fist to one of the guards knocking them against the gate, as tehy fell unconscious. "Wow...tonight sucks....Oh well.....Let me through...I'll sleep there." The gaurd stood aside and opended the gate, Sithis walked through and he entered the castle, telling each guard he encountered his story. Finally he found the room. He removed his heavy armor, exposing his pale flesh. He then laid in bed, and drifted to sleep.

Lucrecia bursted out laughing as she witnessed Sithis run off. "wow....he's too funny. Oh well...time for me to get some sleep." As she said this a black cloud surrounded her, and she transformed into a black bat. She came up to a wodden railing outside of a shop, holding the sign that says "The Thing edge." She hooked her claws into it and slept upside down for the rest of the night, still laughing in her sleep about Sithis.

OOC: Strife is still on his long...probably pointless journey to find Seikyu.

CF Striker
02-03-2007, 09:00 PM
Lei had sat down at the table inconspicuously (sp?) and ate, trying hard no to make a utter fool of himself manner wise, though he was sure a drunken preist would attract far more attention. He couldn't help but keep thinking, "What's going on here? Everyone is so freindly, and so strange."
When the Lord proclaimed himself equall to everone in the room, including a street urchin, Lei became even more incredibly shocked at the whole of the event. Things didn't add up.

He crept out of the scene quietly and waited till he could stalk the Capt. When you don't want anyone to see you, it's very easy to hide. Currently, the Capt was talking to some guy, but Lei was impatient and unwilling for to wait until the conversation ended. Lei waited a while before striding onto the balcony and placing both his arms on it, his feet streched to tip-toe now. he commented, "If this wasn't Neo Wayrea, I would think this whole thing was just a plotting of rebellion. What's going on here?"

Fionn Mac
02-03-2007, 09:16 PM
Cormac watched as most of the guests went to their rooms.
He could tell Leama was still a bit sad after being reminded of Luteous' passing.
Cormac figured she simply didn't hear his question as to why she had chosen him to be her husband all those years ago.
In time he hoped he'd know why, as it was something they never really talked about nor had the need to. But with all the confessions of love and thoughts of the past, it was something that was on his mind.

"Well, I wish the rest of you a peaceful good night...I must retire for the night" said Cormac as he stood up, and nodded to the remaining guests.
"Tomorrow is an important day for all of us...I hope, as we all do, that we will hear some insightful words"
He then bowed, lightly kissed the top of Leama's head and headed off to his room.
Many questions would be answered at the ceremony, and he hoped the Spirit would approve of how Raftidia had progressed...as well as his ability as the King.

Light Wolf
02-03-2007, 09:28 PM
Krad seemly stood their not answering Kyoshiro's question. He didnt wont to speak about his inner feelings. Krads toke a step forward and slowly walked toward the border. He would go to the capital and then he would talk to Kyoshiro about everything on his mind.

"Lets go to the Capital brother."

Krad looked back and and then noticed that kyoshiro was a few feet ahead of him. He growled and followed his brother.

Kyoshiro looked back behind him from the corner of his eyes and noticed Krad following him. He smiled and listened to the darkness speak to him. He would go to the capital and then he would find someone that could answer his questions. He grabbed his hand as it shaked forcefully. He growled and contined to walk not try to let Krad no that their was anything wrong with him. Kyoshiro knew that something was wrong with him, because all the time that he was sealed away he felt like a trapped panther inside. His anger and his power continued to increase while he did nothing. He then noticed that he could do things that others could not. He then noticed at after his anger reached a pionts his hands and legs would change, then soon his body would, then after that his face would. He noticed these things and it troubled him seriously. He would go to the capital and ask them what was going on with him.

02-03-2007, 09:56 PM
Asami slept. Collor was brought to her cheeks when Yggdrasil put his hand on her cheek. She stirs slightly but she doesn't wake up. She sleeps happily.

Mari stired. she twisted and turned. She was tangling herself in the blankets. Her hands were held fast but her side. She kicked vilolently with her feet as she tried to get free from whatever was holding her in her dreams and the blankets. She woke up in a cold sweat and screaming loudly.

Leama jumped when Cormac kisses his head. She was so lost in thought she didn;t notice anything that was going on. She stood up slowly and bowed* I think I will retire to me bedroom for the night. Please continue to eat and pick a room to sleep in" she said as the striaghtened and walked to her bedroom. She grabed her pajamas and changed into them.

02-03-2007, 10:14 PM
Yggdrasil watched as Asami slept "Asami....my dear...if we are to go on an adventure with everyone else..I want you to come with me." He smiled running his hands through her hair.

Aura gasped "Raft...Raft is coming tomorrow...I haven't seen her in years."

Yggdrasil kissed Asami's cheek and walked to his chair,he sat down and laid his head back closing his eyes. The room was silent Yggdrasil had lite the fire place so the room would keep warm.

Aura sighed "I just hope Raft doesn't reveal who I really am....I don't want Yggdrasil to get in trouble or worse."

Kyuubi Naruto
02-04-2007, 07:07 AM
Kyo reached his room and sat down slowly on the bed."Alright,so,tomorrow's the day......"He layed back on his bed."Man......this whole stay at Neo Wayrea will be a short one if everybodies gonna leave tomorrow after the summoning of Raft.....I barely got to spend any time with my friends,and after not seeing them for so long."Kyo sighed in solemn,the thought of having to not see his friends for so long again,after only being with them for a short while overthrew his mind."And I barely got a chance to talk Leona at all.....damn!And odds are that with all the work that'll be piled on us when we get back,I wont see her for a while."His yell could be heard in the rooms beside him,but from what he knew,nobody had occupied those rooms yet."And odds are that with all the work that'll be piled on us when we get back,I wont see her for a while."he muttered the words,unclothed,then got into his night clothes.He layed on top of the bed,not getting under the covers,and gently drifted off to sleep.

02-04-2007, 10:14 AM
Xain slowly walked up next to Kirgash, having finished his meal slightly after he had and waiting a few moments before following him up to the rooftops. He sighed and leaned against the rail next to Kirgash.

"Full moon," He stated, "Reminds of that night...you know, the one in Shazuk where we first met."

He turned around and leaned his back aginst the railing, his elbows holding him up.

"You remember it dont you??"

He turned his head to Kirgash and smiled slightly waiting for his response.

02-04-2007, 10:39 AM
Sybal had reached the streets surrounding the castle. Looking up at the night sky, she held her hand out and formed a sphere of electricity. She sighed and ran her other hand through her hair. For tonight, she would have to sleep somewhere. Looking around, all of the inns had closed, and street lights were already on.
"Time seems to have escaped me. I've arrived too late."
Choosing an alley, she sat down and slept.

Seikyu Kiba
02-04-2007, 12:08 PM
When Seikyu and the others arrived he realized that everyone had gone to bed and Seikyu sighed "Ah well, I guess..I'll find my own room." He said as he turned to Fang, Radu, Mieu and Babs in the ball. He smiled at everyone but a guard walked up to them.

"Seikyu and friends, Leama had told me to show you to your guys rooms." He said standing with a spear in his hand turned around and walked down the hall

"Ah alright then." He said as he followed the guard.

The Guard turned to a door and pointed "Seikyu Kiba this is your room."

Seikyu opened the door and looked around the room, it was the usual look with a Bed against the wall, a night stand and a dresser. "Ah thank you." Seikyu walked into the room and smiled "Good night everyone." As he closed the door.

"Now then, Radu your room will be right across the hall with Mieu, Fang and Babs I'm sorry but your both going to have to share a room...hey where is Babs?"

Mieu felt Babs scratching his chin and in a happy tone Around my neck. He said closing his eyes.

"Ah right then, if you must she can stay on his neck." The guard said as he pointed at Fangs room "This will be yours."

"Thank you." Fang said in a low tone and then walked to the room, opened the door, before he closed it he looked down at Babs in the bell and smiled, then slowly closed the door

Radu walked over to the door and opened it, revealing the same room that Seikyu walked into "Hmm Cosy." He said as him and Mieu walked into the room.

"I bid you goodnight." The guard said walking back to his post.

02-04-2007, 12:28 PM
babs got out of the bell with a soft poof and scratched mieu behind the ears for a minute or two. she looked to radu "not..to..much" she looked mieu for a moment "energy's..now" she stood and walked towards the door "safe" she said smilling safely and crossed the hall to fangs room and knocked on it before her eyes wandert again.

Light Wolf
02-04-2007, 12:59 PM
Occ: OK Im sry but i cant think of anything right now o im just going to have Kyoshiro and Krad at the city gates if thats ok with all of you.

Bic: Kyoshiro and Krad reached the city gates after traveling all nnight long. It was still midnight and the moon was bright in the starless sky. Kyoshiro looked back and saw that Krad's wounds had almost healed compeletly. He smiled and continued to walk toward the gates. He reached the gates first and looked up at the hieght of it. He could jump it but that would start a fight and he was to tried to fight anyone right now. He looked back at Krad and found out that he to was weak and ready to fall over asleep any second. He put his arm around Krad's shoulder and jumpped. His foot touched the wall then he jumpped again and again reaching the top in no time. He dropped Krad on his face and looked around for guards, he didnt notice any so he and Krad walked slowly toward the streets surronding the castle. Kyoshiro Never noticed the three guards that had followed them all with the weapons pionted toward them both.

02-04-2007, 02:03 PM
OOC: Rahf, the wood Spirit. Let's keep that in mind eh? Lol.
CF? Is Lei on the rooftop with Xain and Kirgash or some balcony elsewhere?

Kirgash looked to Xain with his violet eyes piercing into the semi-dark night lit by the orbs that would float through the town, Sighing lightly he let himself lean a bit more as he turned his view back to the moon. With his hand of flesh he brough his fingers through his hair and closed his eyes.

"I remewmber that night well, I was fresh into the sevice and my hopes were high..." He took in a deep breath before continuing "I was on my first night patrol and I saw the Caravan returning from Tourcha." He shifted his legs slightly as he leaned on the rock, reminiscing.

"Out from the cover of burning flames a sudden crack of lightning stormed with a band of bandits towards that caravan and you were on a mission of trade if I'm not mistaken. Being the young fighter that I was I dashed into the scene to find you surrounded by three rather large men with sharp weapons.. I can still remember the sheen from those blades as they charged you."

He then chuckled a little bit, letting the next scene roll on "I had tackled the rear man, and got into a power struggle and well I didn't have my Flexus at that time." He pointed to his metallic arm as he was speaking "So as you cut down your opponents I was thrown across the road, heh..." He then brought his body strait up as he kept his gaze at the moon.

"You lifted me by the arm and dusted me off, telling me thanks." He shook his head "Well you didn't expect that other guy to come at you with a battle axe, and I had shoved you down and unleashed a burst of red lightning at the bandit. He remembered that hit for weeks if I'm not mistaken." He would then look to his hand "That's how I got the title, the Crimson Tiger... my red lightning..."He sighed "Oh the memories."

02-04-2007, 05:59 PM
Xain tilted his head back a little bit, allowing the light breeze to blow across his face, giving his nose a slight chill that he ignored.

"Ah yes...if it weren't for The Crimson Tiger, i wouldnt be alive."

He turned his head and looked at Kirgash.

"So what's on your mind? I don't think you came up here to just look at the moon....."

Light Wolf
02-04-2007, 06:04 PM
kyoshiro turned around to find that three soilders had the weapons to his and Krad's necks. He sighed and glanced at his brother.Krad did the same and grinned at his brother. He quickly ducked down and spin tripped the three soilders. Kyoshiro pushed of his brother's back with his hands and spinned in the air. He kicked the three men to the alley closet to them and walked off. Krad laughed and followed. He was still tried and need a place to stay but every where they went the place was full or closed. Kyoshiro was tired of what and looking for a place to say and walked into a alley and found a girl laying down there asleep on this cold and dark night. He toke his coat off and placed it on her shoulders and covered her up with it. Krad sat down by his brother and slowly fell asleep. His head fell down on Kyoshiro's shoulder as he silently sleept. Kyoshiro looked at his brother and then at the sky, he could see the moon from where he was and his eyes seemed to close themselves. Darkness toke the place of the moon and soon Kyoshiro to was sleep.

Seikyu Kiba
02-04-2007, 06:47 PM
OOC: Alright Right Now Seikyu Radu and Mieu are sleeping...this Focuses on Fang right now....

Fang heard the knock on the door and walked over to open it, he opened the door and saw Babs standing infront of the door with her eyes wandering as usual. He opened the door fully and smiled "Come in." He said greeting her. He left the door open and sat on one of the beds. He removed his robe revealing his long grey hair. He watched her eyes wander waiting for her to come in.

02-04-2007, 08:19 PM
Asami stired waking up a little. She blinked the sleep out of her eyes and yawns slightly. she layed in Yggdrasil bed trying to remember how she got there. she gasps and sits up quickly "Mari! She must be so worried!" she said loudly and then quickly covers her mouth. She hoped she didn't wake up Yggdrasil. she lays back down closing her eyes "I will explain it to her in the morning"

Maro sat in her bed panting, sweat dripping off her. "I-It was just a dream....j-just a dream" she tried to remind herself. "But.....but it seemed too real to be a dream...." Mari get up from bed and puts on some decent cloths to walk around in. she opened the door and walked out closing the door behind her. Light ingulfs in hand and she holds it up to see. She walked down the dark silent hallway. She shivered and continues to walk. She turns and enters the garden. She always feels better around nature. She sits down under a old, big white oak tree. The branches as big as she. She leans against the tree in the moonlight as she closes her eyes feeling much safer here then in the room.

Leama got into bed and closed her eyes. Sleep took over her as soon as her head hit the pillow. She dreamed of that night of the final battle against the Bringers. She dreams of Arrow's arrows shooting at her and she not being able to move out of the way in time. As Luteous takes the arrows for her. She cried in her sleep.

Light Wolf
02-04-2007, 09:26 PM
Kyoshiro was runningdowna long,dark,evil hallway. He ran from what seemed to be darkness. His tears showered the dark floor as he ran from the darkness. The darkness toke the shape of a man and this man was strong. He stood over Kyoshiro with his six foot muramasa pionted at Kyoshiro's nec. Kyoshiro would die if he didnt do something. Then he woke up right before the sword strunk his body. He looked at Krad who was still sleeping on the gorund and at the girl that was acrossd from them. She was sleeping warmly in his white imperial coat. Kyoshiro stood up and walked around the area listeneing to the sleeping voicing voices of those who had given in to the sandman. He looked at the gorund and let his mind wonder. Before he knew it he was standing infront of the Caslte gates. He looked at the caslte and at the towers the hover above him. He whated to ask his question now and get his answer but kjnew that he had to wait tel the morning. He growled as his hand shoke again. He looked at the moon and let out a thundering yell that covered the intire area waking some poeple and sending animals running.

02-05-2007, 04:26 AM
Babs eyes wandert for a moment probely checking the area for hostil energy's before walking in. she walked to the other bed and undid her cloak revealing the man shirt and pants under it. the shirt seemed a bit tight around her chest but she took no notice of that as she climbed in the other bed not bothering with changing her clothes. laying she rolled over to fang and slowly fell asleep.

Seikyu Kiba
02-05-2007, 05:33 AM
Fang watched Babs climb into bed roll over and fall asleep. He then walked to the dresser and removed his other clothing and changed into a black t-hirt with sweat pants. He walked over to the empty bed and covered up, slowly drifting to sleep.

02-05-2007, 07:36 AM
babs woke a few hours later. she sat up and looked towards the windows it was stil night, she looked at fang and slipped out of bed. walking towards the balcony her eyes did not wander this time. she looked down as she guards changed there shifts and then back up at the moon and grimaced 'something...bad...is..coming' she narrowed her eyes as if daring the moon to go against her thoughts 'something..really..big' she shivered lightly as a soft wind moved her shirt and hair a bit 'but..what' she closed her eyes.

CF Striker
02-05-2007, 10:12 AM
OOC: Yeah that was your balcony...just act like he showed up now, I'll add something. Sorry I didn't see you there Xain!

02-05-2007, 03:34 PM
Yggdrasil opened his eyes slowly and smiled when he heard Asami's voice "You're away?" he laughed a little and sat up in his chair "I didn't want to wake you so I tucked you into my bed myself." Yggdrasil yawned loudly and cracked his neck starting to stretch. "You looked so peaceful when you were sleeping."

Seikyu Kiba
02-05-2007, 03:40 PM
Fang woke up a bit and saw Babs standing by the Balcony, she was shivering slightly because of the cold, he lifted his head with his hand and laid on his side and then lowly whispered "What is it Babs?" He yawned lightly wondering what was wrong. He felt the cold wind hit his skin and a cold chill ran down his back. "Cold..." He said lowly.

02-05-2007, 03:51 PM
Babs opened her eyes they were black, she opened her senses more to figure out what gave this bad feeling. she hoped she was wrong because of tomorow's ceremony'. she didn't turn at fangs qeustion but her eyes turned to normal. she kept them on the moon "something..bad..is coming.." she shivered and wrapped her arms around herself "something..big" she let her eyes wander again and walked backwards into the room closing the doors "but..cannot..pinpoint..what" she shivered again as she turned to fang.

Seikyu Kiba
02-05-2007, 03:57 PM
Fang got up fully and walked over to Babs and held her to him to keep her warm, he looked down at her and smiled "Don't worry....if anything happens then we will stop it." He said as he realized the Ceremony was tomorrow. He knew Babs wanted to be wrong but normally she wasn't wrong..."There will be alot of energy.." He said quietly.

02-05-2007, 03:58 PM
She sits up quickly and gets out of his bed. "I am sorry. It is your bed. I shouldn't have slept there." she says bowing. His bed was so warm and she was sleeping in it. She blushed deeply at the thought. She straightens from her bow. "It is almost morning....maybe I should go unless you want me to stay.

02-05-2007, 04:07 PM
Yggdrasil stood up and walked over to her,he kissed her cheek and hugged her tightly "You were so exhausted, I put you in my bed because I didn't want to wake you up and make you walk to your room." He smiled and looked out the window "Morning...the ceremony is in few hours..I hope everything goes well."

Aura yawned stretching rubbing the sleep out of her eyes "Morning...few...hours...ceremony...I hope everything goes well." She sighed "I will have to join Yggdrasil when they all leave...I hope nothing happens, or if Rahf or I..blow my cover I am done for..maybe..or..Yggdrasil could be punished or worse for keeping this a secret."

02-05-2007, 04:25 PM
Babs rested her head on fangs chest since he was taller than her "catbell"she said softly and smiled. she knew that the ceremony could drive her crazy because of the many people but as long as she was with mieu everything should be fine. She looked up at fang "bigger..than..anything..we" her eyes wandert again "ever..fought..though"she shivert but this time it was not because she was cold.

02-05-2007, 04:29 PM
Asami hugged him tightly back "I should go and get a shower and dressed from the ceremony." she smiles and turned walking out of his room. She turned down the hallway and opens the door to her room. She closes the door behind and looks around for Mari.

Mari's eyes open and she straches. She gets up and yawns. She walks back to her and Asamis room. when she opens the door and runs into Asami's back "I am so sorry! Please forgive me!" she says bowing.

Asami turns around at smiles "It is alright." she smiles and ruffles the girls hair "I am going to get a shower. Will you get out my armor for the ceremony. Full uniform today" she walks into the bathroom and get undressed turning on the shower.

Light shines in from the window waking her up. Leams sat up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She gets up from her bed.

02-05-2007, 05:12 PM
Kirgash looked to Lei and smiled "Well my friend, tomorrow is the ceremony for when we call upon the Wood spirit Rahf from the Crystal. She will tell us what is important and guide us through her wisdom." He took in a breath before continuing "The Priests and Priestess will do a find job of calling her, I'm sure of it."

He would then place a hand in Leis head and pat it lightly before hearing Xain's inquiry. He would lift his hand from Lei and place it on Xain's shoulder before sighing. "My friend.. cannot a man just adore mother moon once in a while?"

With that he noticed the moons light fading and the dawn approaching, he sighed as he would cross his arms "Until noon approaches.. we must wait."

Galintz awoke from the chair in his room, which could barely fit his giant frame. He then let himself to the open window and looked out upon the city.
"Beautiful..." He grunted.

Hark awoke with a hangover, but he simply waved a hand over himself and a light from around him emanated throughout his form, cleansing him of the feeling and the affects. He then stretched out from the bed he was laid upon and got to his feet.

He stepped into the hallway and slowly walked to the main hall, his chain Halberd connected together in hand.

Fayt awoke to find a blanket over his body, and he found himself in Hikarui's room to say the most of his worries. He stood up quickly seeing how Hikaru was already up and sitting at the window. He took a deep breath then approached her slowly, every step soft and silent. "Milady Hikaru..." He said in a low tone.

Hikaru slowly turned around and smiled, so radiant it made Fayt avert his eyes for a moment. "Good morning Fayt... it is quite early is it not?"

"Y-yes it is... are you sure you shouldn't.. sleep more?" He nervously said.

Hikaru stood up and approached Fayt with her clothes on for the day, her dress flowed down to her ankles. Down the dresses length there was a swirl of bright and vibrant greens and blacks that seemed to glow to one's very sight. Her dirty-blond hair was tied back into a single braid.

"Today is the day... I can't wait to see what Rahf has to say." She said while hugging him good morning.

Yeah.. I know how you feel.." He said in a low voice.

02-05-2007, 05:24 PM
OOC: Nah, dont worry about it CF

Xain just smiled lightly, at Kirgash's response.

He turned around and leaned over the railing.

"Your right, sorry my friend."

He stood silently for a moment, watching to sky's colors change to shades of oranges and reds and even violets. He sighed, breathing in deeply. The air seemed fresh and crisp, even if only for a moment.

He sighed again, looking out over the city.

"Noon today..."

02-05-2007, 05:39 PM
Yggdrasil watched as she walked out of his room "Mmm..I love her." he walked into the bathroom and gets undressed,he turns on the shower and starts to wash. "Ahh, nothing like a nice hot shower before a ceremony." I want everything to be perfect."

Aura got undressed and into the shower "Ahhh, a nice hot shower did the trick. I want to look good for the ceremony, and Rahf I haven't seen her in years. I hope she recognizes me her light guardian friend."

Seikyu Kiba
02-05-2007, 05:40 PM
OOC: Morning already

"Yes..Mieu will keep you safe." Fang held her but realized she was still shaking "Why are you still shivering?" He said lowly. He then looked at his robe as the sun came up, he stuck his other hand out and his robe came floating towards him. It wrapped around him and then closed, when it opened he was now fully dressed.

Seikyu was right on the edge of his bed, ready to fall off when the light shined into his eyes, he rolled over and hit the ground "Ow..." he said as he looked out the window "Morning..." He then got up and walked over to the Shower, he climbed in then got out, he walked over to the closet and threw on his close, he then swung is bow over his shoulder and smiled "Now then, time for a new day." he said as he opened his bedroom door and walked down to the dining hall.

Radu was already dressed and up, it looked like he had been up all night. He got off his bed when he heard Seikyus door opening "Well..so he is up." he said stepping out into the hall and then catching up to Seikyu "Hey Wait up!" He said running "Good morning Seikyu."

Seikyu turned around and looked at Radu "Good morning Radu." He said walking next to him "How was your sleep? Where is Mieu?"

"My sleep was good, and Mieu is waiting for Babs so she can be around his collar." He said with a low tone "Do you think Babs and Fang are?"

"Hmm..No well maybe, but they just stay together because they can keep each other company...and if so then good for them." He said laughing

"They both arn't good at starting conversations either." Radu laughed.

In Radus room Mieu sat on the windowsile then climbed down, walked out the door and sat infront of his door licking his paw and laying down Ahh now to wait for Babs. He thought to himself.

Kyuubi Naruto
02-05-2007, 06:02 PM
As the light shined through the window in Kyo's room,he turned to the blinding light,squinting his eyes.He sat up on his bed and got dressed."Alright then.Todays the day,hope Leona's ready for this."He grabs a brush on the dresser and sighs."Wow,look at that.Guess Cormac and Leama must've known that I'd need this,this was the same room I stayed at 100 years ago,and they still got this same brush here,waiting."He brushed his morning hair back to regular,and looked toward the door.He then turned to the bathroom and freshened up by washing his face and brushing his teeth.He slowly walked toward the door and twisted the handle,causing a low creeking sound as he walked out the door."I'll go see how she's doing,she's important for all of this to happen,after all."Kyo walked down the hall,heading for Leona's room.

Jace had gotten up early and was getting ready for the day.He had already been awake for hours before the others,he had been practicing his manners and ettiquite toward the royals,he knew that this was an important occasion,and he didnt want to make a fool of himself."Shame that after all this,I'm gonna have to go back to my old life,this little adventure I've had,no matter how short it was,has still been amazing."He sighed and walked out the door to his room.

Aura of the Twilight
02-05-2007, 06:32 PM
Leona had awoken and bathed, cleaned her teeth, and prepared for the day when she had a knock at her door. She went to answer it, and it was Amilia. "Oh Amilia please do come in." Leona stated moving out of the way so Amilia could enter. Amilia walked in and sat on Leona's bed and Leona closed the door.

"So are you excited about today?"Leona asked while putting her fans on her hips and then brushing her hair.

"Yes! I'm so excited about this Leona! I hope everything goes well. I wonder what will happen?" Amilia stated

"Yes it is rather suspenseful isn't it?" Leona asked. Just then another knock sounded at her door. Leona walked over to answer it after putting her brush down. She opened it and Kyo was on the other side.

"Oh hello Sir Kyo. Is there something you need?" Leona asked.

Kyuubi Naruto
02-05-2007, 06:40 PM
Kyo opened his mouth,but no words came out when he noticed that Amilia had already entered the room.He took a step back."Oh,well,I kinda just came to talk,if you were excited about today,and if you were ready,and if I could help you out in anyway,but if I was interuppting any woman-to-woman talk,and can totally leave,dont wanna intrude or anything."He said.

Jace was walking down the hall,but he then noticed Kyo at the door he remembered was Leona's room."Who does he think he is walking into a woman's room earlier in the morning like this?"He thought."Man,he's got a ways to go,I feel sorry for the guy."He slowly walked by,attempting to eavesdrop on there conversation.

02-05-2007, 06:50 PM
Asami gets out of the shower turning it off. She grabs a towel and dries off. She wraps the towel tightly around her and comes out of the bathroom. She graps her uniform and gets dressed. She then puts the armor over the cloth and mail. She dries her hair and puts it back into a braid. She looks at herself in the mirror and nods "Ok I am good. Time to go get something to eat." she said as she straped in her 3 katanas, her gun and her daggers in place. She walked out the door and towards the kitchen. she opened the door to kitchen.

The staff of the kitchen looked up "Oh! Miss Asami! Don't you look wonderful in that uniform! You should wear it more offen" she staff claped and wooted.

Asami smiled and garbs her breakfast "Thanks. I may wear it more offen but I don't know" she said as she opened the door and began eating her breakfast. She walked out to the gardan and sat down in the morning light.

Mari got dressed and got breakfast. She walked out onto the roof feeling to morning breeze. She looks out over the city and smiles "What a wonderful city!" she said smiling happily.

Leama opened the window to let fresh air in. She smiled breathing it in. She put on the gown that the servant had put out for her to wear for the ceremony. She opens the door and walks out smiling happily.

Aura of the Twilight
02-05-2007, 07:19 PM
"Oh no you don't have to leave. We were just talking about today. Although since I have finished getting ready I was just about to suggest we go get some breakfast. Would you like to join us Sir Kyo?" Leona asked.

"Yes you must join us and maybe you could tell us some more of your wonderful stories." Amilia stated with some enthuiasm. She stood up from the bed and walked up to Leona and Kyo. Then Jace passed bay and Amilia noticed him. "Oh isn't that Sir Jace?" she asked.

02-05-2007, 07:34 PM
Aura knocked on Yggdrasi's door "Yggdrasil!! come on!, the ceremony is about to being!"

Yggdrasil put on his bodyguard outfit on and headed out his door "Let's go Aura..lets meet up with Asami." He said smiling

Aura nodded and smiled "Ok!" she skipped down the all as Yggdrasil followed from behind.

Yggdrasil looked around "Now where could Asami be?"
Aura made Yggdrasil's sword appear in her hands "Master you forgot this!" she smiled

Yggdrasil smiled and clipped his sword to his belt "Thanks, Aura"

Aura nodded "Welcome!.now lets find Asami"

Kyuubi Naruto
02-05-2007, 07:42 PM
Kyo nodded."Yeah,I'd love too.And I guess it wouldnt hurt to share some of my tales,doubt there's much,but I bet you've heard of the one with the Bringers that long time ago,havent you?"Kyo then took notice of what Amilia said and turned around to see Jace."Jace?"

Jace began to walk away fast,but was caught by Amilia and turned around."Wow,would you look at that?Here you four are,talking....."He walked over to them and bowed to Amilia and Leona."Hello miladies,are you both ready for today?"

Kyo sighed."Oh,also Leona,havent I told you before not to refer to me as 'Sir Kyo'?It makes me feel as if our relationship is only professional.Besides,would the real Leona call me that?And,do you I know the real Leona,because if I dont,I would like too.Just,Kyo,ok?"he said smiling.

"So,I heard that you were all going to breakfast,mind if I join?"He asked."Also, there's something I sorta forgot to tell the both of you,about my rank other than being Kyo's assistant and what not."

Fionn Mac
02-05-2007, 07:43 PM
Cormac had been up quite early and was nervous to say the least. For other than Rafh, all eyes would be on him...the Legendary hero who united Raftidia with his love Leama.

Never once did a servant prepare, apply or help Cormac with his armor. He placed the Wayrean/Arkrian armor of old on, piece by piece.
It now had a new symbol on the chest piece. For behind the Tree of Life was a pair of eteched Wings, in honor of who else...Luteous.
Cormac's flowing green cloak had the same symbol and the Clasp was the Pendant that Luteous' and his friends presented to him.
The item still glowed with the residual power of the fallen warriors.

Cormac had moved to the garden, where he watched the sunrise of the hills and mountains of Neo-Wayrea. He needed some peace and clarity.
The feathered tassel on his sword gently swayed back and forth as the gentle morning breeze blew throughout the kingdom.
How the feather from Luteous' wings remained intact all these years was a mystery to Cormac.
But to him, it meant Luteous was with him in some way.
He hoped with everything that his brother was proud of him, and approved of his actions over the years.

"Well, shortly we will see what is in store for Raftidia" said Cormac to himself as he closed his eyes, taking in the atmosphere of the tranquil garden.
"I've done my best to do what you would have done my brother...I have lingered in the world for sometime now...far beyond that of any normal man...I hope the reason for this is made clear"

CF Striker
02-05-2007, 07:44 PM
Lei was confused, so very confused. Crystal...spirit? Well he didn't know what was goining on, but he nodded and acted like he did anyway. He probably should've heard this, and he cursed himself for that. But all he had to do was wait till noon to see what was going on, so he'd wait with these two till then.

Aura of the Twilight
02-05-2007, 07:54 PM
Leona stepped out of the door way into the hall and Amilia followed behind her so she closed the door. "Okay I can called you Kyo in private I believe, but I do not believe it's in my or anyone elses best intrest to see the real me. She can be quite rude sometimes." Leona stated and the laughed a little. "Of course you can join us Jace." Leona stated.

"Okay then let's go shall we?" Amilia stated and then they all headed towards the dining hall. "So what did you need to tell us Jace? Something about your rank?" Amilia asked and then smiled at Jace.

Kyuubi Naruto
02-05-2007, 08:02 PM
Kyo chuckled at Leona's comment."Oh,really?Well then dont tell me,your just making me want to meet her more and more,but I'm sure I could change her,right?"He said with a small smile.

Jace tunred to Amilia."Oh yeah,well truth is,you know how there are guardians for the different elements,right?Well,I was born as the Guardian of Fire,I just completely forgot to tell you all when I met you because I was caught up in the excitement that was going on and everything,sorry."He said,as he shrugged."Anything that you might ahve forgotten to tell me?I dont wanna feel like the stupid one,forgetting something like that."He said as he laughed a little.

Kyo looked to down to Leona."So Leona,everyone's gonna be up there watching as you summon Rahf,your not scared or anything right?And exactly how are you supposed to summon in the first place."He said as he continued to talk,noticing that they were almost at the end of the corridor which was before the corridor with the dining room.

Aura of the Twilight
02-05-2007, 08:12 PM
Leona looked up at Kyo and the looked forward. "I'm extremly nervous right now. If we weren't walking I'd probably be shaking. I really just don't want to mess anything up. As for how we summon, ... well you'll just have to wait and see when the time comes." Leona said while smiling.

Amilia looked up at Jace and asked, "Are you sure that's the reason you forgot to tell us. As far as I know we didn't leave anything out did we Leona?" Amilia asked.

No, I do not believe we did." Leona replied as they reached the end of the corridor.

02-05-2007, 08:14 PM
Galintz had taken a trip up the highest center tower of Castle Neo Wayrea, and stood in front of a large box. The box was encrusted and laid with jade and emerald about it's frame. Hoisting the large box onto his back the giant made his way down, and guards would offer to help him out. He would only say "No need..."

He made it to the main hall, and he didn't pay any attention to Hark as he was being watched by the scruff Priest's green eyes. Galintz walked across the moat on the draw bridge and stepped to the stone paved roads heading for the town center.

"We'll see... Rahf." He mumbled.

Fayt threw water onto his face and washed up fast, he could hear the people gathering around the town center square and he could smeel the fresh food for everybody to take meal of. He sighed as he threw on his white chest plate and then his over coat. If you didn't figure it out yet he was in his room at that time, he had left Hikaru's room after there small morning hug.

Walking down the halls his tachi's scabbard would shift back and forth from his belt and he found himself looking down at it. "I've had this weapon for so long now.. hmm.." He looked around and saw that the door to one of the treasuries was open and he heard a low howl from the inside.

"What? A dog? Mari?" he then stepped in and looked around. It was dusty, as this seemed to be unused in a while. He walked over to the small cabinet in the corner, and he could hear the howl even louder.

"What is this? What's going on... in there?" he opened the cabinet slowly to find a large glowing white fang on a chain necklace. He brought it into his palm and felt it resonate, the magic seemed wild, yet stable.He could feel something enter his body as he gripped the fang.

"Wait.. what is this.. feeling?"

It seems you have found it, I knew you would and so did he. Yes, you will be needing this on your journey ahead.

"Wait.. who are you?"

Use the Soul Fang well.. it's the last of my physical essence... Luteous knew that if he couldn't give you an edge, then I, Gaar, would have to do so.

"Wait a minute, what journey!? It's only the Ceremony!" He looked around the room trying to find the source of the voice. "Gaar..Luteous.. you are both dead.. what's going on.."

In time young son of Fate..in time...

The voice faded as the Fang seemed to spread out into a weapon, two blades of golden metal came from both ends in Fayts hand. "The Soul Fang..." he quietly said to himself "What is all of this?"

The Soul Fang changed back into a necklace and Fayt put it around his neck " I have a bad feeling about this..." He mumbled as he made his way to the main hall.

Hikaru had been in the garden as well, watching her mother and father as they would prepare. She sighed as she thought about the future of all things. She then got up and left the garden, reaching the castle gates. She watched as Galintz approached the center square in the town and sighed. "Well Rahf.. will me and Fayt have a future?" she said to herself.

Kirgash looked down as everything started to roll, he looked to Xain and sighed. "Well, might'en we'z be goin' down there tah be seein' the show? Or will we'z be staying here? I dunno 'bout you'z two," He looked to Xain and Lei as he spoke "But I'ma gettin' me arse down there for tha show."

With that he jumped down from the roof tops and onto the side stone of the castle, a shear drop was at his feet and he just let himself fall. Before he hit the stone below at the bridge he waved his flexus arm around creating a field of red electricity. With that it forced the molecules in the air to expand for a brief period of time allowing him to touch down onto the stone unharmed.

Walking now after Galintz he kept his pace steadied, for now he was ready to see the wonders of the Ceremony.

02-05-2007, 08:15 PM
Asami finishes her breakfast and jumps up into the big old white oak tree. She climbed high into the tree with her armor on. She was still able to move gracefully with the big bulky armor on. She sat at the top of the tree and looked out over the city as the sub rose. Then city looked like it was on fire as the sun began it's climb into the sky.

Mari lookedover to see Asami in the tree. She smiles and decided not to brother her. Asami looked so peaceful up there in the tree. Mari looked over the city and smiles.

Leama smiles. She walk into the garden and up to Cormac "Good morning!" she says smiling happily. She stands beside Cormac "Did you have a good sleep?"

02-05-2007, 08:23 PM
Yggdrasil walked outside and saw Asami sitting in the oak tree,he walked up to the tree looking up "Hey, Asami!!" he waved up to her with a smile.

Aura jumped "Asami!!, where is Mari?!"

Yggdrasil patted Aura's head "Aura you are free to wounder the city and find Mari"

Aura ran off "I wont go to far, thank you master!"

Yggdrasil looked back up "How has your morning been?!." he gave her a smile and sat down leaning against the oak tree.

Yggdrasil looked up "You know people are gathering in town you know that right?"

02-05-2007, 08:34 PM
Asami smiles down at him. She jumps down from the tree flip through the air and lands on her feet unharmed. She walks over to him and sits down beside him. "Hey. My morning was good and yours?" she says smiling.

Mari smiles and jumps down in front of Aura. "Hello!" Mari had become fast friends with Aura. Something just made her feel safe around. "Goodmorning, Aura! How are you?"

02-05-2007, 08:44 PM
Yggdrasil nodded "My morning was good, thank you for asking." he placed his hand on hers and smiled "I had a nice hot shower, a wonderful breakfast, and most of all..I get to be with you."

Mari was Aura's best friend over the years "Mari!!, my morning was great, how about yours?." she smiled and gasped "Oh! did you hear? about Yggdrasil and Asami!?." Aura hugged Mari and smiled

Yggdrasil then put his arm around Asami "I hear the ceremony is starting soon..I am quite nervouse about..Aur...oh never mind" He didn't want to tell Asami about Aura being the light guardian other wise he would be in trouble for keeping a secret not to mention lying to his lord and lady.

Fionn Mac
02-05-2007, 08:54 PM
"Oh, well to tell you the truth I've been too nervous to get much sleep these past few days" said Cormac as he looked at Leama, who was very beautiful in her ceremonial dress.
He took her hand and kissed it, making a green and white rose appear in it. It had been sometime since he'd used his small magic spell for Leama.

"Its hard to believe so much time has passed...we have a beautiful daughter, great friends both new and old, and a kingdom that is united by love and peace" said Cormac his voice trailing a little as it almost seemed to perfect.
He then sighed and looked away from Leama, focusing on the sunrise.

"Leama, tell me something...do you think I've made Luteous and the others who gave their lives, proud? said Cormac his voice becoming soft and serious.
"Have I made...you proud of me as well?"
"You chose to be with me all these years...what did you see in to have me become your love?

02-05-2007, 09:10 PM
Sybal woke up gently. Yawning, she blinked the sleep out of her eyes. She immediatly noticed a guy sitting across from her. Stretching, she held the coat placed on her and got up. Looking around, she noticed the time of day. The ceremony would begin soon. Sybal threw the coat on the guy.
"I don't know who you are, but if you're here for the ceremony, then you had better get up."

02-05-2007, 09:16 PM
Kinji was the first to wake up, grinning widely as he jumped out of his bed, putting on his clothes, fastening the strap to the holster which he slid his scythe in. He opened the door and burst through his brother's door, almost breaking it down.

"Tash!" He yelled.

Tashiro woke up with a start, throwing a knife at the doorway, it just hit the door frame right beside his own brother's head "Damn it Kinji! You got to know when you've crossed the boundary to our relationship as brothers!" He yelled getting up, putting on his own clothes.

"Hey, I'm not the one sleeping with a knife at hand! And I'm supposed to be the bad one." Kinji replied, walking out of the room as his brother followed

"So what's with the sudden wake up call?" Tashiro asked, staggering about due to the cause of him being half asleep.

Kinji smiled, actually smiling, not one of those grins when he has the satisfactory of making someone angry. "The ceremony is today. That's why I wanted to come here." Kinji told his brother, pushing through the crowd of people that started to gather. "Damn it, Tashiro, let's fly. We'll be able to get a better view." He told his brother before walking into an ally, dragging his brother along.

The two summoned their boards that they have no easily created, rushing down the ally before going upwards and into the sky where they got an aerial view of the entire kingdom. Tashiro was amazed and had no words describe what he saw. It was too amazing, especially when the sunrise added more to the effect. He looked to Kinji who actually seemed happy. 'You know, underneath the whole cold-hearted bad guy that shows no kindness, is a happy little boy, waiting to be freed from his prison.' Tashiro thought to himself, smiling.

02-05-2007, 09:55 PM
Xain smiled and laughed, watching Kirgash jump off the side of the balcony. But, of course, he did the same. The only difference was that he created a ball of flame that thrusted up against him, causing him to come down slowly toward the end of the fall.

He ran up next to Kirgash and Galintz.

"Hello High Priest, how are you faring?" He said, attempting to make some sort of small talk on their way to the ceremony.

Light Wolf
02-05-2007, 09:56 PM
kyoshiro awoke to the sound of a girls voice. He stood up quickly and put his caot back on. He looked at the girl,but couldnt say a word for Krad's arms had somehow gotten aorund his waist. He looked down at Krad and punched him in the head waking him up. Krad jumpped up quickly and looked around not knowing what was going on. He then felt the large bump on his head and glared at his brother. Krad then looked at the girl form the other night and grinned. He grabbed her hand and bowed to her gentily kissing her hand twice before he looked back up at her. Kyoshiro looked at the girl then at krad then at the girl again and looked at the sky again. he hated to see the lihgt of day and wanted to just ask his question then get out of here.

02-06-2007, 02:54 AM
Sybal looked down at the guy. She smiled, then giggled.
"Sybal Starina. And you are...?"
She turned and glanced at the other one standing nearby.

Overlord Darth Fluffles
02-06-2007, 07:17 AM
Sithis got few hours of sleep, for his excitment kept him up. Finally after he had seen daylight, he got up. Like usual he put on his armor, and kept hold of his red crystal. HE finally walked out of his room, down the halls, and out of the castle. Making his way to the ceremony he pushed countless number of people down to the gorund. After getting lots 'o' people angry, and finding a good veiwpoint, he dicided to stand. Then he said to himself, ' Heh, finally a chance to see these "guardians". I wonder what form of power they posess.

The rays of sunlight went upon Lucreacia's eyes. This woke her, and blinded her in her bat form. In her moment of freaking out, she fell directly to the ground, transforming into her normal self. She then got up, "Ow....wait! The ceremony! I hope I can get a good viewpoint!"
So she hasted downt he street, making her way to the grand Ceremony.

Strife reached the forest which Melody told him. For it seem like hours he searched and searched. He then felt defeated, and annoyed. "Ahh, forget this! It's only one delivery I don't make," He said with a sigh, "I guess I'll head over to the main city. Maybe I can reach in time for the Ceremony, but unlikly chances. Ooohhhhh well."
And he hoped onto his scooter and made his way to the Ceremony (though he won''t make it.) "Maybe I'll see that Seikyu guy...."

02-06-2007, 10:30 AM
Babs sighed as the sun rose and a thumb was heard from one of the other rooms 'seikyu..fell..out..of bed...again' she thought before letting go of fang. she pressed her hands together and her magic swirled around her for a moment. when she was done she wore a simple black dress. She called her cloak to her the same way fang did, she personaly disliked dresses because she found them to drafty on the underside. But a ceremony was important enough to look female for her. she looked at fang and nodded telling she was ready.

Seikyu Kiba
02-06-2007, 11:08 AM
"Yes he did." Fang said as he watched her change and then started to walk to the door and opened it. He saw Seikyu and Radu walking but saw Mieu waiting by his door for Babs. He walked over to Mieu and scratched his head "Morning...Babs will be out in a few." He said with a smile.

Mieu closed his eyes and purred She can take her time He said as his tail swayed back and forth.

Seikyu got to the dining tabel and sat down and then looked around looking for anyone who was around "Now whens breakfast?" He said laughing at Radu "Make me something."

Radu glared for a moment and then walked into the kitchen and cracked some eggs and just started to cook "What am I a cheif..oh wait...scratch that." He said chuckling.

"Thank you!" Seikyu yelled.

02-06-2007, 11:26 AM
Babs moved into the dining room and sighed she moved her hand over the table, some pancakes and orange jus apeared. Her magic usefull for more things than just making a dress and attacks and stuf. smillig she sat down with seikyu, she reached down and a bowl with fresh meat apeard on teh ground for mieu "cat..needs to eat..to" she smiles as she straightend. She blinked when se got funny looks from the males before reallising she never did this when they were on the road, she smiled sheepishly and let her eyes wander a bit.

Seikyu Kiba
02-06-2007, 01:18 PM
Radu walked into the dining hall and realized that Babs had made Breakfast "Man I wish I could do that magic." He said as he sat down some bacon and eggs and toast. He then fixed his plate and started to eat. "So whens this ceremony? It seems no one is telling us anything."

"I really could care less about it, but still its later tonight." He said fixing his plate and eating Maybe we should have came at another time He thought to himself. "Babs did you get enough sleep?" He asked with a smile.

Fang grabbed a plate and fixed his plate, he sat down next to Babs and started to eat "Ceremony...I might attend" He said lowly. Fang wasn't the one to stick around for something important

Mieu rubbed against Babs as a bowl of meat appeared and he began to eat it Mm now this is the life, I am so glad we decided to stay Radu.

"Yeah, of course we were saved by Seikyu so we stay with him." He said whispering to Mieu.

02-06-2007, 01:40 PM
Babs ate some pancakes and froze at seukyu's qeustion. she swallowed "something..bad..is..coming"she said softly and shivered again. She sensed alot of bad energy in the air last night, it was lesser now though "not..sure what" she drank some of her orange juice.

02-06-2007, 04:57 PM
Leama smiles and looks out over the city. "Yes I think you have. You have and I think will continue to make us all proud. We couldn't ask for a better person to rule us. You are a kind and caring ruler. You would never turn anyone away. I am glad I chose you and I wouldn't want to change that. My life is complete now that I have you."

Asami lays her head on Yggdrasil's shoulder and smiles "I hope the ceremony goes well." she said smiling. The sun already come up over the city as the Daymarket began.

Mari hugs Aura back "Yes I did! Isn't it so great! They so deserve each other. Anyone could see that they liked each other but them" Mari said giggling and smiling

02-06-2007, 05:15 PM
Yggdrasil cuddled Asami "I love you Asami.." He smiles waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Aura giggled and nodded "I know! Yggdrasil and Asami loved each other sense they were little!." she smiled happily "Mari, would you like to go to the ceremony together?!."

Seikyu Kiba
02-06-2007, 05:19 PM
Seikyu froze for a moment then continued eating "something bad?" He said with a smile "Well then if this bad thing comes we will drive it off." He said in a confindent voice and then put his arm around her to get her to stop shivering.

Fang nodded at what Seikyu said and then smiled at Babs "Yes.." he said taking his plate and put it in sink. He was sure the others were around but it was nice with just the five of them.

Radu was a little shocked at Babs sensing energy that made her shiver "Yes we will drive it off." Radu said continuing eating.

Mieu has no idea whats going on he was to distracted eating his meat.

02-06-2007, 05:54 PM
Hark had made his way out in time to see Kirgash and Zain do their fancy art, or their way of moving about. Sliding beside Kirgash, Xain and Galintz he would tap his Halberd/staff on the ground at every step keeping to a rythem with the walking.

With the large crate still at his back he would simply grunt a "Well...you?" His giant frome went a clear two feet over Kirgash, and his body was build to take the hardest of blows.

He would take each giant step with careful precision, as to not step someone down.

"Galintz doesn't talk much, just so you know my friend Kirgash's friend." Hark would state to Xain "So don't expect much of a responce, right big guy?" He would tap the big man's shoulder lightly, and in responce get a light grunt.

"Well, I'ma wonderin' what he'z be havin' in dat case? Y'know?" Kirgash raised his fleshy arm and pointed his thumb at the crate. "What be inside eh?"

Hark chuckled softly as he layed a hand on the jade and emerald box, stoking it down the side slowly "This baby is the wood crystal's home container, Galintz here hauled it down from the center tower. Heh, he's a strong one, right me larhge fellow High Priest?" And again he got a solitary grunt from the large man.

"Well I'll be, that is dah wood crysta' in there?" He chuckled as well "So, you really do hafta hall arse to get it down 'ere?" He started to laugh. He let his Flexus arm hang limp at his right side as he would show a cool cheer from his face, and his violet irises.

Fayt had brought himself next to Hikaru from the main hall, and he took her my the hand and slowly said "Well, are we ready M'lady?" with a smile.

Hikaru smiled gently as she looked to Fayt, her blue eyes meeting his grey eyes, but she could feel that he was just shaken by something. Being born half Goddess does that to one. But she decided it wasn't the time to ask about it, for they were heading to the center square with their thoughts floating on.

Hikaru would turn to talk with Fayt as they caught up with Kirgash and crew. They were walking right behind them, and Hikaru knew what was in the box on Galintz's back.

"Fayt.. I'm nervous..."

"Don't be Hikaru... I'll be there with you. So don't worry. Well see what Rahf has to say and then we'll be ready for the next however long or so." He tilted his head some as he was talking "So come on, today is a glorious day."

"I know Fayt but.. I can't help but feel like something is happening." She whispered to him after getting closer to him. "Just promise you wont leave me alone."

"I promise, as your Knight I'll stay be your side."

"Thank you..."

Hark was grinning as he heard the two conversing behind them, and he poked Kirgash on the shoulder then whispered "Well, I see the servent boy has gotten lucky eh?"

"Shut it eh? We don't need your outlawish mouth right now." He chuckled.

They finally made it to the center stage, the people spread out and made a line into the center of the cuty. Galints walked up the wooded steps onto the circling stage that surrounded a pillare at the towns center. He placed the box down and sat on it. How the box took his weight was amazing, but it was built strong.

"We wait now.."

Kirgash took a seat at the front row while Hark followed Galintz up onto the stage. He crossed his arms and looked up at the pillar. "Hmmm, I knew that thing had a use..." He mumbled to himself.

Fayt and Hikaru made it on the stage and looked at the pillar, Fayt's eyes were focused on it's indent in it's center. It seemed as though the crystal would be set there. "I wonder when we'll start?"

Aura of the Twilight
02-06-2007, 06:05 PM
"Well it seems we will have to eat later, as it's almost time for the ceremony we must take our leave now Kyo and Jace. I weill see you both later." Leona said nodding at them and then turning and walking towards the palace exit.

Yes, I hope we will see you at the ceremony. I'll be really close to the front of the crowd. Try to find me when you both get there. Goodbye Kyo and Jace." Amilia stated and followed behind Leona. Then they walked to the place of the ceremony. Then Amilia parted Leona and sat in the front row just like she said and waited atiently.

Leona walked onto the stage and walked over to Fayt and Hikaru. "Good day Princess Hikaru, Sir Fayt. How are you both fairing today?" Leona asked trying to start a little conversation after bowing to them.

Seikyu Kiba
02-06-2007, 06:17 PM
Seikyu got up and looked at everyone "Well guys, I am going to head to the stage where the ceremony is being held." He said turning and walking down a hall way and then found the stage seeing Fayt, Hikaru and Leona "Hey guys! Ummm...Fayt and Princess Hikaru if I am not mistaken." He said walking up onto the stage to join them.

Radu got up and joined Seikyu, he walked onto the stage and looked at them both "Hello...Fayt, Princess Hikaru, my name is Radu please to meet you." He said bowing lightly.

Fang sat next to Babs and looked at her "I guess they are in a hurry." He said as he looked under the table at Mieu "Staying?"

Babs needs to become a Bell before I leave so...yeah I'm staying. He said as he was now done with his bowl

02-06-2007, 06:20 PM
Yggdrasil stood up "Asami" He walked forward "I am going to the stage..meet me there ok?" he smiled and ran looking for Fayte and Hikaru. "Hmm..where are they?.' He looked around and saw them "There they are!..hey! Fayte, Hikaru!" He bowed and smiled "Are you ready for the ceremony?."

Aura grabbed Mari's hand and dragged her to Yggdrasil and the others "Come on!" she giggled smiling "We don't want to miss it do we?."

02-06-2007, 06:21 PM
Fayt and Hikaru bowed to Leona as she approached and they answered her accordingly. "I have been well Arch Priestess Leona, thank you for asking." He turned to each person one after the other as they greeted him and Hikaru "Yes, it's great to be here.. nice to see you all heh.." He was somewhat nervous now.

"Yes, I've been quite well, just bored. But I shouldn't complain, my mother was bored before the events of the Days the Dark Ones were Descending, so I shouldn't wish for anything out of the ordinary." She raised into a stand with Fayt as she smiled. As she would bow in responce to each greeting that came her way and say what she felt, that she was excited and she was well and hello and so on.

Hark walked over to Leona and and grinned "Are we ready to go, Leona?" his tone was that of an excited child in the voice of a man "I can't wait to see our magic come to work y'know?" He waved to Galintz who was sitting on the chest. "Well you need not answer that.. we need the Lord and lady here now."

Hark walked to Galintz and brought him to Leona by the arm "Alright, who's going to lead today? Should it be me? Nah.. I'm not to good with fancy words." He looked to Galintz and raised an eyebrow.

Galintz looked back, and there was a random silence between the two. He then took a deep breath and sighed "Crazy Priest..."

Hark let out a nervous laugh, seeing as though Galintz wasn't the obvious choice. At that time both Galintz and Hark puased and slowly turned their heads towards Leona and smiled.

"Arch Priestess..."

Walking slowly back to Leona Hark grinned again "How about it? You wanna lead the ceremony?"

Fionn Mac
02-06-2007, 06:28 PM
Cormac smiled as Leama's words made him feel better and more confident.
"Thank you my love, know you and Hikaru mean the world to me and everyday I spend with you is a gift in itself" said Cormac as he turned to Leama.

"Well its almost time for the ceremony...it seems its about time we joined the others...I hear the pillar has been placed" said Cormac as he gave a "lead on" gesture to Leama, and offered his hand.
"It will be an honor to see the Priestesses and Priests do what they traveled all this way for."

Cormac awaited Leama, as they would go take their place to begin the ceremony. He trusted the crystal was safe and was interested to say the least how it would all go.

Aura of the Twilight
02-06-2007, 06:30 PM
Leona was taken back at what they said. "Oh no no no! I couldn't it's my first year doing this. I'm much to unnerved to. I've never even seen the ceremony be performed before. I barely can grasp the concept of our magic put together let alone have some fancy show to put off as well." Leona stated showing a worried smile and taking another step back.

"Really, one of you two should lead, I insist. I wouldn't want to mess this up." Leona stated.

CF Striker
02-06-2007, 06:51 PM
Lei decided to get a better view of the spectacle from a nearby roof-top. He always felt more comfortable in high places anyhow. He looked curiously at the hulk of a man carrying huge box before setting down in front of a rather peculiar pillar. Obviously, this must be the capitals center. Lei yawned, waiting for action. He'd have to talk to the Capt. again once all this was over.

Meanwhile in Stockrom, Artran was takinng a well deserved break from guard duty. All the brigade had been given scrying glasses to watch the events in the capital that would unfold. artram laid back in his caught, handling the glass sphere in one hand, rotating it and looking fondly at it. It was amazing this day had come so fast. He wondered if anything new would be in store for him after today

Kyuubi Naruto
02-06-2007, 07:21 PM
"Hey,Leona!Ya know if you want me to,I could come,just to be beside you to help you if you ever got ner........"Kyo yelled out,but it seemed that she was not able to hear his yell as she was taken away.Kyo sighed and his head came down."Well,let's go get to the ceremony Jace.......not like she really needs me or anything,right?"

Jace looked at Kyo concerned."Man,dont feel bad.It's not your fault she's gotta do all this,as far as I'm concerned,this is kinda the most important thing to do right now,so it's obvious they wouldnt care if you were spending time with her before or not.But you'll have other chances,alright?"

Kyo looked up and began to walk off."Let's just go,I dont wanna talk about it right now.Well,I'd better find the other officials,I gotta be there with them,like everyone else.Let's go....besides,it's not important about what matters to me,so,just ignore it,alright?"Kyo muttered these halfhearted words as he continued to walk away.

"Poor guy."Jace thought as he shrugged,then walked behind Kyo.
OOC:Wow,yall sure did a lot in the less than 24 hours I was gone,a whole page!And more!Just want to know,are all of the officials(King's,rulers,legendary heroes and such)suppose to meet together for the ceremony,because if so,my characters need to be there.Can someone tell me through OOC or PM?

02-06-2007, 09:18 PM
Leama took his hand and lead them to the ceremony. She looked out over the crowd. She smiles at the crowd "Welcome!" she voice boomed hushing everyone "Welcome to the ceremony! I hope everything goes well. You all have a blessings for good health and fortune!" she said smiling at everyone.

Mari hand was taken and pulled. She stood in the back watching Leama start the ceremony. She crossed her fingers hoping everthing would go well but her dream last night showed her that it wasn't going to happen. she shook her head clearing all the negative thought out.

Asami smiles and nodded "Ok" she walked instead of running to the ceremony. She got there just in time as Leama began her speech. She stood to the side at an attention stance. Her hands were behind her back atthe middle of her back. Her legs were at should width apart as she blanced her weight on the balls of her feet.

Light Wolf
02-06-2007, 10:17 PM
"Krad........Krad Sendo is the name. Seeing beatifu; girl like you are my game." Krad smiled hard and let go of the girls hand. He elbowed his brother softly and growled at him.

Kyoshiro looked at Sybal and quickly spoke his name.

" Kyoshiro Sendo's the name getting out of here is my game. " His sense of humanry was lacking by alot. He turned and walked into the streets passing by more and more people. He hated all of this light and wanted to get out of her. Kyohsiro looked back at Sybal and Krad and grabs both of their shoulder's. He held them tight and jumpped over the crowds of people trying to get to the Ceremony before they missed it.

02-06-2007, 11:13 PM
OOC: Engaging temporary character control: Leona: Access has been granted via PM.

Comencing... xD

Alright I was just beeing silly. Let's get this going.


Galintz had grunted looking down at Leona with his stern earthen green eyes and he had let out a sigh after a few moments. Leama had called to the croud to hush, this was good, for Galintz didn't feel like talking more then he had to. He would then wave his arm at both Leona and Hark positioning them each at a point around the pillar.

Fayt was granted the honor of opening the box, by the motion of Galintz he nervously brought his hands around the green crystal shining forth an emerald light. He slowly brought it to the pillar and set it in place, then he stepped back to Hikaru and took her hand.

Galintz brought a large hand forwards, his eyes shining out his green aura with the rest of his giant body, there was a rush of power surging from him.

Hark brought his halberd up with both hands focusing his magical essence through the shaft of the weapon. His shining white and silver aura swirled about his form as he started to hum in a low tone. His hair was standing at it's ends, now bright silver with his Astral Light essence.

Leona brought both hands forwards after a few waves, her magical essence flowing throught her body like a stream then out and around as though a serpent of multiple colors. This technicolor aura danced around her as it started to flare with power. She would start to hum low as well, seeing as Hark was doing so.

Galintz brought his other hand at his center, holding it straight up towards the shining sky. The light of the sun seemed to take of an emerald tone of light as the crystal was shining freely at the pillar's grasp.

Galintz would then let his deep voice roll on as he called to the world, to nature and to the spirit herself;

"Rahf, the spirit of nature and life... bring down upon us your unending wisdom and grace, as our people have been doing for the last one hundred years, we humbly as for your guidance for the future to come." The hand he had held out became surrounded with his aura of Earth and a beam of magical essence had shot into the crystal's form.

Hark hit the butt of his halberd to the wood floor as he let the light from it's blade shine down upon the crystal in a beam of silver power.

With a quick snap forwards she thrusted a hand forwards releasing her technicolored beam into the crystal as well, and with that the Wood Crystal began to resonate vibrantly with a dazzling aura of serene origin.

As the ceremony was going on, in the depths of nothiness sat Fate on her crystal thrown, her eyes looking down into the endless strings that laid below the force field like floor. She opened a large window into the world, allowing her to see all that was taking place. Brushing back her hair as endless as space in color she would growl lowly at the sight.

She reached out bringing a thread from below her throne to her hand, but it would snap back below after snapping at her with a shock of white energy. "Grrrrr.... Fayt ... my son .... you sealed their strings so I couldn't tamper with their lives? How long have you planned ahead my son? How long had you decided to betray me for they humans and their Gods?" She would call out into the nothingness of the void;

"You and all of the universe will be destroyed by my hand!"

Kirgash was on edge as he leaned forwards at the sight, hi violet eyes widening at the view of their conjuring. He brought his flexus arm up and crossed it with his other arm and cheeered to himself. "Now this is wonderful!"

Hikaru smiled brightly as she watched the summoning before her, she would finally get to meet the spirit of wood who was said to look like her father's mother. She'd be able to see her grand mother, or at least what she looked like in a way.

She held on tight to Fayts arm as she watched the show.

Fayt held on tight to Hikaru as he watched, but he felt something in his chest snap in a way as though something was being manipulated. He brought a hand to his chest and called out in pain, but the ritual was too loud and his calls weren't heard or noticed.

Hikaru took hold of him, her eyes tearing as she watched him fall to his knees before the pillar. She knelt over and hugged him tight, she would shout to him "Fayt! Don't black out! Come on Fayt! What's wrong? Fayt?"

She turned towards her mother and father and shouted out "Fayt is in pain!" But her shouts were not heard,over the roaring crowd below.

With his eyes shut the whole time he brought his other hand forwards and clapped it with his first, thus releasing the final pulse of power with a radiant lime green occilation.

Hark hand brought his Halberd down on last time releasing his final pulse from within, his silver hair flowed with the wind as he kept his focus.

Leona brought a hand up then behind herself, swinging in a passionate and beautiful motion forwards reseasing her final pulse in the form of a ball of energy. It connected withthe rest , creating a pillar of their energy into the sky, the light was like a sword that cut into the heavens.

From the tallest pillar of light stepped forth a radiant woman, her skin was light green and emolient by the look and touch, her hair was long and lime green and as soft as silk. Her dress was long and flowing, elegant and green in it's bright manner. She stepped down between Galintz and Hark, looking to the both of them with her eternal yellow eyes.

She looked upon Cormac, then Leama too. Her expession was kind and caring as everything became silent in her presence.

Fayt had yelled in pain once more before looking onto Rahf with his grey irises. He looked into her eyes as she turned to him, running to his side. His vision started to blurr as the last thing he could see was the kind yet worried smile of the wood spirit and the panic ridden face of Hikaru.

"What is...happening..uhh.." He fell into Galintz's arms, for he had made he way behind him.

Rahf looked at Fayt and stood up, her face serious now as a bead of blue sweat dropped from her forehead.

"There is...danger ahead." she quietly stated.

02-07-2007, 05:04 AM
Yggdrasil gasped as Rahf had appeared "R-Rahf..she is more great then she was last time." He said smiling.

Aura cheered "I'ts Rahf!..she's heere, she's here!!"

Seikyu Kiba
02-07-2007, 05:34 AM
Seikyu and Radu both stood amazed and didn't say a word, their mouths just hung open. "R-Rahf.." Seikyu said in amazement "I-I don't believe it...if Fang could see this now."

Radu was actually fasinated, he actually liked to see a guardian up close and in "Person," Radu walked slowly and then stood next to Yggdrasil "amazing!"

02-07-2007, 10:47 AM
Babs ate the last of her pancakes and looked to mieu "i..need..to..go"she smiled at him and walked into the hallway. There her smile turned grim the feeling was getting stronger she moved into a bathroom and locked the door. Inside she sighed 'i am sorry seikyu'she thought as she walked to a sunlit area and stood so that her shadow was on the wall. Her eyes turned black as she touched her shadow it shifted in shape and became a hooded figure "child of shadows why do you call upon us" it spoke. Babs looked at the figure when she was 8 she acidently called the shadows out and since then trained to become stronger for something she could not place yet but that thing seemed now, she did it in secret because she feared seikyu might found it to dangerous for her. she glared at the at the figure "what's ..giong..on" it chuckled "the shadows of past and present are shifting what once was wil start again" she narrowed her eyes but before she asked it answered "we cannot answer your question child but you wil need your strength" she closed her mouth "but we can provide you with extra power" the shadow stretched it's arms holding a darkble stone "this wil give extra power for your shield"she acepted it "and don't go into the catbell you know you don't get stressed around alot of people anymore" it chuckled and dissapeared. She looked at the stone and moved out of the bathroom. In the kitchen she looked at mieu and concetrated her magic to for ma large cloud "lets..go.." she looked at him.

Light Wolf
02-07-2007, 05:44 PM
Kyoshiro let go of Krad and Sylbel and continued on his way. He walked into a room and noticed that few of the poeple spoke of the name Rahf. He didnt care and looked for someone that could get him close to the Lord and Lady of the land. he wanted to ask his question and hurry and leave. He didnt like the warmth and the light that was surronding him. His anger grew as did his arua. His arua moved throught out the area and let the one that could feel it awere of his presence. he toke a deep breath and lowered his power. He knew that he was now spotted but really didnt care.

02-07-2007, 06:07 PM
Asami felt the power radiating from Kyoshiro. She turned head quickly towards the man and walked towards "I am sorry, Sir, but I am going to ask you to leave. You are desturbing the ceremony." she said with her hand on the hilt of one of her katanas. She motioned for him to leave and quickly. She didn't want to upset Rahf.

Mari watched as Asami walked toward the man who had shown his great power. She growled low in her chest then stoped. She knew that Asami could take care of this. She turned her attention back to Rahf and smiled "Oh! She is more wonderful then last year!

Leama walked towards Fayt "Fayt!" she said. Shw was worried for him like she would worry over Hikaru. Leama then heard what Rahf said "Danger?" she asked as if she didn't believe what Rahf was saying.

Light Wolf
02-07-2007, 06:15 PM
Kyoshiro looked at the girl then at her katana and grinned. He grabbed the hilt of his katana and began to draw it when Krads hand shoot out and grabbed his shoulder. Kyoshiro looked back at his brother and relesed his katana. He looked into the girls eyes and his eyes narrowed. He felt something different about her and would find out later. He turned around and began to walk out of the room. He didnt feel right anymore and the one they called Rahf made him feel uneasy.

Fionn Mac
02-07-2007, 07:14 PM
Cormac watched as Rahf made her long awaited appearence. He also noticed Hikaru looking towards him, trying to say something...but the crowd noise was too overbearing, but he knew when his daughter was distressed.
Moving closer to her, he noticed Fayt had fallen ill or was weakened somehow.

Cormac felt odd using his magic in front of Rahf, but he quickly drew his hand up into a fist...creating a wooden chair of sorts for Fayt to take rest in.
He felt comfortable around and liked the quiet Galintz, but Cormac more or less picked up Fayt from Galintz's steady hands giving him a kind nod, and placed him in the chair.

"It's an honor to have you grace us with your presence...its been quite some time since I've seen you" said Cormac as he got on a knee, giving a respectful low bow.
He was disheartend to hear danger was ahead...but he had felt something, deep within himself...that things were going to well.
Cormac hoped Rahf would elaborate more on the issues they all had been wondering about.

02-07-2007, 07:32 PM
Sybal stood slighty shocked. Soon, though, she got over the surprise and looked on with the others here to see Rahf.
"Amazing. . ."
The wood spirit's beauty and grace awed her. She had never seen one who held herself with so much pride, so much elegance.

02-07-2007, 07:49 PM
She nodded to Cormac as she watched Fayt weak in the chair. She looked out to the crowd around the circular stage with a mystical smile. She drew herself to Leama and nodded. "Twenty years is a long time in between.. but I fear this time isn't going to be boring or simple by any chance."

Turning back to Cormac her radiant hair swayed in a soft wind from the west. She stepped to him and looked to Fayt.

"This boy.. he is the son of a power far beyond the Gods of Ahven, far beyond the Dark Ones that Decended those one hundred years ago." She brought out a hand to Fate and raised it slowly, green sparkles seemed to lift the necklace from around his neck.

"As you see, this is the last remaining Fang of Gaar... Luteous' Faithful Familiar." She let the fang back around his neck and floated over to the boy.

"You are the of this force.. I see it in your eyes young one, the power of Fate is in your soul. Your mother must be very upset with you."

Fayt's blurred vision started to clear as he sat up on the chair, he looked around at all the silent onlookers then to Rahf. "What do you mean? Minerva died a while after she gave birth to me."

"No Fayt... you are born of something higher then the Gods..."

"Higher? T-then the Gods? No way.... there's nothing higher then the Gods..." He brought himself to a dazed stand on his feet, Galintz behind him keeping a sure eye on him.

"Woah woah woah...." Hark stepped forewards "Are you saying that there's something Higher then Leama? Luteous in fact?" Hark had a drop of sweat rolling down his face as his breath was somewhat shortened.

"Blast it all! They know now! Rahf you lowly spirit, if only Fayt hadn't sealed your thread too... I'd wipe you from this plain..." Ankikyo, or otherwise known as Fayt watched as the information was revealed.

"It's Fate we are talking about. Ankikyo, she holds the strings to our very lives and existence in the palm of her hand. I fear that she is up to something.. and the fact that her son is here makes it all the more obvious."

"No.. I'm just a servent... I'm just Fayt Delour... No I can't be.." He looked down as the truth set in, and his eyes started to blurr again.

"You can feel her now, as your eyes blur the spell you set on her threads is holding strong." She turned to the crowd and looked about, then she raised a hand allowing a soft green light to spread forwards and all around the town square.

"Fayt is the gate way to his mother... he is but the doorway.." She described.

OOC: Okay lets get this going, Qs for the Spirit anybody?

Leona is officialy out of my hands. Thanks Aura.

Aura of the Twilight
02-07-2007, 07:54 PM
Leona did a full out bow when Rahf arrived, instead of her usual nod. "Danger oh dear," Leona thought as she walked over to where Fayt, Cormac, Kikaru, and Galintz all were. She didn't really know what to do, especially infront of Rahf, so she bowed once more to Rafh and just stood there next to Galintz.

"Ohhhhhh, What are they saying? I can't hear them. I wonder if Sir Fayt is sick?" Amilia thought. She rose slightly from her seat but then sta back down. "Going onto the stage may get Leona in trouble and I don't want to cause her any. I know her to well she's wearing a mask again, but she can't hide her eyes from me. She's worried something's bad about all this." Amilia thought as she started to wring her hands anxiously.

02-07-2007, 07:57 PM
Yggdrasil whispered to himself as he watched Rahf and Fayte "I can't believe it...it is happening...we are going on an adventure."And Rahf is more beautiful then ever..I haven't seen her in twenty years."

Aura watched Rahf. Aura spoke to Rahf telepathically Rahf great wood goddess it is I Aura the Novalark fox guardian of light, what danger do you speak of..and how is Fayte involved in this?.

Seikyu Kiba
02-07-2007, 07:58 PM
Seikyu Stood in amazement of what the Spirite said "Maybe I am getting over my head..." He said them smirking "Nah."

Radu was actually quiet shocked as well he wasn't going to speak at all because of the amazement "Spirits....now this is going to be fun." He said with a chuckle.

We missed the ceremony but the Spirite is there still. He said as he layed down Are you getting onto my neck? He asked Babs.

Fang couldn't quiet put his fingure on it but something was wrong with Babs, but he didn't ask questions, instead he turned and began to walk down the hall to where the ceremony was. When he arrived his mouth dropped open and stood next to Seikyu "Spirite." He said in amazement.

Light Wolf
02-07-2007, 08:03 PM
OCC: So do i enter spirit mode of something cause im lost. But if we do then here we go!!!!!!!!!! EXCUTE NOW!!!!!!!!!! BEAST SPIRIT EVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kyoshiro went out side with his brother and looked at the bright lihg that covered the Brightly lit sky. He closed his eyes and felt the warmth of the sun and the chanting of the poeple trying to catch a glames at Rahf. He let himself go and before he could find peace the face of a black Panter shot into his head. he grabbed his head and bumpped into Krad making him step back a few feet. He growled and his body again began to flash in and out, different limbs toke the place of his own then falshed back to his own. He growled and feld his side. His vision blurred and before he knew it he was on the ground.

Kyuubi Naruto
02-07-2007, 08:15 PM
OOC:Well,you never included Kyo when you talked about Gods,did you Tetsa?It wouldnt hurt if you did,not being selfish or anthing, just I'm feelin' really unappreciated,unimportant,unwanted,or in other words,HURT.XD.

Kyo looked upon the happening and sighed."Well,I can think of a lot of thinks that could have made this better.If there's danger coming,looks like we've got our hands full."

Jace turned to Kyo."So what's the plan now?"
Kyo shrugged and sighed."No idea.Doubt Rahf would lie to us,she never has,she's said that Raftidia would be safe for these past years,and every time,she was right.What makes you think that she would begin to lie to us all of a sudden,huh?"Kyo stood up and began to walk onto the stage,but was stopped by Jace.

"Kyo!You cant go up there right now,what if you were to anger Rahf?"

Kyo turned back and shook his head."I really dont give a damn."He said simply,then began to walk quickly in concern toward the group of Leona,Cormac,and the others.

CF Striker
02-07-2007, 08:30 PM
Something very strange was happening to Lei. His head seemed floaty, as if it were split on plains of existence. A very samll gust of wind wa circling his body. Lei had to resist from actually levitating on the spot. His mind was racing. "Rhaft...she seem so gentle. I feel her energy...what am I? This bond is strange. I'm just a street urchin."

Even though he was speaking to himself, Rhaft obviously heard the questions of the ever quickly manifesting wind Guardian, the powerfull soul waiting to bloom in Lei's heart.

OOC: Bout time he found out. Technically, he's asking Rhaft theese questions.

02-07-2007, 09:45 PM
Asami watches s the man walks away. She turns on her heels and goes back to standing next to the crowd. She would catch anyone who would try and ruin the ceremony. She listens to everything Raft. She couldn't believe what she was hearing.

Mari shook her head* Am I hearing this right? Is Fayt really that powerful? I know he is Hikaru's bodyguard and all but he is really more powerfull then Leama?" she asked awed.

Leama looked at the fang around Fayt's neck. She remembered Moonlight from 100 years go. Moonlight had died years before. You forced herself not to cry. She looked at Raft. She wanted to ask if Luteous is ok.

Light Wolf
02-07-2007, 09:56 PM
Kyoshiro awoke to the bright light of the sun again,and once again he cursed the sun itself. Kyoshiro looked aorund and noticed that he was still at the ceremony and quickly stood up. He brushed himself off and searched for his brother. He seacrhed intel he heard the voices of beatiful women and the voice of a idiot. He turned a corner and found Krad with three beatiful women with water and food in their hands. Kyoshiro knew his brother had conned the women into getting himself some supplies but Kyoshiro really didnt care to much.

Kyoshiro doubled back into the main hall and watched the girl that had told him to leave form before talk with a group of others,then he noticed the one they called Rahf form a distance and began to walk towards her. As he got closer his power seemed to grow inside of his body." Was she really this strong.......so strong that she could make his own power increse bit by bit......." he wanted to talk to her and he would no matter what for he knew that she most likly had the answers that he was looking for.

02-08-2007, 10:15 AM
Rahf looked about as the energy from her hands spread out farther. "There is hope..." Her voice rang from her powerful whisper.

"There are seven amongst the people of Raftidia... each with the essence of my kindred spirits. Each has the power of the animal they held close to their hearts." She pointed to Mari with the light and she floated up to the stage. Afterwards she pointed to Aura then Sybal, then far out to Kyoshiro, Each of them were lifted by the soft green light as the emerald sky opened up to let the sun shine in.

The Great Tree that was in front of the center tower at the castle started to vibrate with power, it was the largest tree around and could be mistaken for a tower. As Rahf lifted the Guardians onto the stage, she saw Kyo walking up and smiled.

Then Jace was lifted to the stage, and they were all lined up behind Rahf.

Aura.. be strong... She telepathically responding to her.

Sensing the questions she would look to each person filled with curiosity, Lei was lifted from the air and brought on stage as well. Turning to Lei, while looking down upon him she smiled.

"Little wing, you are of the wind."

Turning to Jace;

"Honored flame, you are of fire as you know."

Turning to Aura;

"Shining tails, you know you are of the light."

Turning to Mari;

"Steadfast paw, you know of yourself, one with the earth."

Turning to Sybal;

"Brave cat, you are of the lighting."

Turning to Kyoshiro;

"Deep Beast of honed survival, you are of the darkness."

After looking upon all of them she looked to Fayt and nodded as she could feel Leama's question. Aloud she said "Luteous can be brought back from eternity, and it would be wise to have him near. For the power that strides against us is too great to face alone."

She looked around at everybody awaiting anything else.

Hark stood still, scratching his head while leaning on his Halberd.

Galintz listened closely, nodding as she had been speaking.

Kirgash head the whole thing and sprung to the stage, getting to a knee before the wood spirit. He held an arm to his chest and closed his eyes "It is my duty to be of service to the kingdom, and to try to return Luteous back to our world.." He got up and faced the Lord and Lady.

"Allow me too be a part of this, it's obvious there will be a lot of work to be done."

02-08-2007, 10:36 AM
Babs just shook her head at mieu and floated outa window on the cloud. She floated voer the crowd a bit and smiled faintly at the sight of rahf whom floated people on the stage. Some people moved aside as she landed and she looked up at rafh and spoke gently "the..shadows..of..the..past..and..present..are..sh ifting" she was silent for a moment and her eyes wandert "what..happened..in..the..past..wil..happen again.." it was weird for her to talk so much but she was sure rafh would understand.

02-08-2007, 01:41 PM
Aura was lifted onto the stage and nodded Rahf I will be strong I promise you Aura smiled looking at all of the people. But Aura was hoping Yggdrasil wouldn't get in trouble for keeping her a secret instead of telling Leama and Cormac who she really was.

Yggdrasil saw Aura and Mari being lifted onto the stage "Mari...is the guardian of earth?....I couldn't imagine...Aura...Mari...Leama..." He clenched his fist and walked up onto the stage,he knee next to Kirgash and spoke softly "I am Yggdrasil bodyguard of lady Leama and lord Cormac, I would be of service to help bring Luteous back to our world." he glanced to Kirgash and nodded.

Fionn Mac
02-08-2007, 02:17 PM
Cormac was shocked to hear that Luteous could be brought back. He would give anything to see that happen, for Luteous in his mind was more suited to be Lord of Raftidia.
"Fate may have our lives in her hands...but as long as there is Hope in our hearts...the threads of our souls will stay strong and unwavering" Said Cormac trying to lift the spirits of the now dazed crowd.
Their outlook was bleak, as they were battling something far surpassing any power seen before.
Had he failed in protecting his people from this?

Cormac nodded his head to Kirgash and got up from his bowing position.
He had questions for Rahf...but none which could really be said aloud.
His mind was still full of Why was he chosen? or Had he failed his people?
But these were doubts the people shouldn't hear from their King.

He simply stayed focused on Rahf and her words. He listened to the chatter in the crowd, as word of the future outlook was reaching far back into the village.

Seikyu Kiba
02-08-2007, 02:18 PM
Seikyu watched as the people floated on to the stage, but he noticed Babs on a cloud and then talked about Shadows he turned to Fang who was beside him and whispered "What's she talking about?"

"Not sure." He said shrugging a bit "But..she has been sensing bad energy." He said in a low tone so no one would here him.

Mieu was standing beside them and then looked up You know, she hasn't gotten stressed by all the energy around. He said tilting his head.

"Yes I also realized this...what's going on?" He wondered he was worried about her even though she was a growing child.

Radu blinked and then turned to them "Guys, maybe it has to do with the energy that she was sensing.."

"Maybe..." Seikyu said still watching the ceremony.

Overlord Darth Fluffles
02-08-2007, 02:27 PM
Sithis watched the ceremony in amazement, he spoke to himself in a quit tone of voice, "I....I have never seen anything like this.....Spectacular." At that moment while he was stunned by amazment a black image came across his mind, and his whole body tensed up, "What?!"
After about thirty seconds of tension his body relaxed. Unoticed to him, his eyes were glowing a small red, instead of having them thier normal green color. And a small black aura came from him.

Lucrecia flew around, watching the ceremony in process, then she saw Sithis. "What the...a black aura? usually it's green? Something's up....." She then flew down to him.

Sithis however, seen enough. He turned away, bashing down people in his way. He started to speak to himself in a dark voice, "This...guardian...I am sure there are more. Plus...their powers....i am sure they are obtainable. But which one to go after? Should I? What can happen if I do?" At that moment another black flash came across his mind. He then spoke to himself yet again, "Yes. I will....in time I will. And the "Light Guradian". That is who will be first. But...I must first do something...."

"Hey Sithis! Looks like I will always see you. Heh, guess we must be related."

At that moment Strife bumped into Sithis, Sithis looked down at him with an evil glare and pushed Strife down. Strife freaked out, and said "What the?"

Sithis bent down towards him, he lifted his arm and his Masamune came forth, the tip at Strifes throat. "Boy...watch your step, or you will meet your end." he then walked off, as Lucrecia followed.