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01-25-2007, 09:15 PM
A word from the writer.
Three years ago I wrote it. Two years ago I posted it. Three days ago I promised part two, which I wrote about a year ago, according to that little "Sort by modifed" thing on my computer.. Anyway, here it is.

Fan Fic : Seasme Street : Volume 2 : Letter Q, Number 6
Special Edited Edition! there is no uncut version of this one at this point.
It has'nt been exactly one year, but since I won't be around for my birthday this year. I'm moving up production of the story. (Editor's note2: Heh.. Moving it up my foot. )

We all own our feelings and opinions about someone, sometimes, it remains bottled up over the years. We harbor love, hate , resentment and admiration towards others that we can never express.
That sickness, that love, that hatred that grows within us with every passing day, should we press on or should we just fade away?

It happens to all of us.
Even the best of us.

Even the Grafitti written on a wall can tell this sort of story, and behind the Gordan's store, there was found a small, beat up and dirt covered tape recorder and a letter from a person called the Count. The letter read as following " I've counted till I ended up back where I started." and the contents of the recording are what follows.

March 18th, Saturday!
One I say.. Two I said. Three , even four! Testing, testing, hah hah hah!
This is my new tape recorder, hah! I hope to finally make good use out of my counting skills, you my little tape will be my breakthrough into the world of music, hah hah hah!

1 year later.

June, 23
Could this really be my life? You worthless hunk of junk, I might as well put you to good use.
Where is it that I have gone wrong? That's one thing that has always crossed my mind. The very numbers which I strove to obtain have become the only thing that gets me up in the morning, the only thing that gives me the rush i need to even consider enduring on.
My precious numbers, the only thing that has'nt left me in life.
I remeber the day when she left me,Countess Von Backwards.
She counted down the reasons why she was leaving me.
10. She thought I smelled funny.
9. She thought she could do better.
8. She only liked me for my money
7. She wanted a bigger house
6. She said fangs were too small. Honestly, my fangs are bigger than alot of guys, what was she expecting mammoth sized?
5. She counted on me a bit too much.
4. She figured she could do far better.
3. She counted the suposed odors I had.
2. She said I did'nt love her as I loved counting. What could I say? There were'nt many things to count on her , ha ha ha ha.
1. She learned she was a lesbian
I counted the steps she took towards the door and out the castle.
I counted the times she sweared at me , called me trash, called me worthless. 45 times, 46 times, 47 times, 48 times, 49 times. 50 times!
I counted the times she started the car , 3 times. Three times she tried to start the car before it worked.
Then as she drove off.. I counted the tears that came to my eyes.
Two tears, for two eyes.
Ha ha ha ha..
The days that followed were strange, but with things to count I thought.. Nothing could ever go wrong.
I counted the nuns that walked down the street. 20
I counted the things that reminded me of her. 10
I counted the ways I could make things better for myself.. One Million!!!

October 27th
I thought I could just drown myself in numbers, every day it was a new set of numbers. Latin Numbers, Roman Numerals, Japanese Numbers, Spanish Numbers, French Numbers,Numbers of licks it does take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop.
It really does take ten thousand licks! Ah ha ha ha.
It was'nt before long I realized I had a problem. My sheep had finally quit, they were threating to sue me for unreasonable counting. There's no such thing I say!
Even my Arithmomaniacs Annoymous meetings.. I was tempted to count.
Before I started counting, I had so many problems, but when I did count.
I only had one problem, counting. It gave my life a focus.
As I sit here counting the hours of my life , wasting away.
One day.
Two day.
One year.
One year , two months, 12 days, ten hours, two minutes and 30 seconds!

December 14th
It all came to me one day, I was walkiing and walking counting the stones, the big stones, the little stones, the medium stones, one by one and two by three by four by ten! Here it was! The biggest number to count! How long till I hit the bottom! One potato, two potato, three potato , four potato, five potato, six potato, seven potato, eight potato nine potato...
~A sharp cracking sound is heard.
Nine Potatos! Hah hah hah!
~ The faint sound of whimpering can be heard . That really hurt, hah..


April 2nd
One stitch, two stiches, three stiches four! Hah hah hah, my little friend, they found you! Now you can know, I broke 40 bones and they gave me 200 hundred stitches! Hah hah hah!
They gave me these nice little pills to keep me from counting, hah. One pill I take to stop the laughing, two pills I take for the twitching, three I take for the pain or four or five or six even! Hah hah hah.

May 17th
Hah hah. Rehab is nice and the pills they give me , red pills , blue pills, green pills and a purple pill that makes numbers seem like letters hah.

day unknown
One pill, two pill, three pills, four pills, five pills, six pills, seven pills, eight pills, nine pills, TEN PILLS! Hah hah haaaaaaaaaaah.

End of Tape.