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Aura of the Twilight
01-21-2007, 09:48 AM
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Altheena had just left her room and was walking towards the meeting hall where Overlord Shinji was going to announce the plans for the next attack.

"I wonder where Umi and Mark are? I haven't seen them all day." she thought to herself as she turned down another dimmly light corridor of he castle. The halls in this part of the castle all looked the same. They were made of black marble and had large candle stands that were seven feet tall holding five light candles every six feet. On the floor was a crimson red rug that always seemed endless. The doors that led to other rooms were all made of a red oak wood.

"They are probably already in the meeting room with Overlord Shinji waiting for everyone else to arrive." Altheena added to her thoughts as she let out a sigh. "I just hope they don't start a fight with eachother in fornt of Overlord Shinji. That wouldn't look to good for the Magic Institue's reputation." Altheena said outloud to her self.

Altheena turned onto another corridor, and walked to a set of stairs that led to the second floor. She had to take them since she was housed in the castle on the third floor while Umi and Mark where housed on the second. She finished going down the stairs and walked down the hall to the last down on the left and entered a room. She closed the door behind her and bowed in Overlord Shinji's direction. Then she saw Umi and Mark sitting to his right side. They were seated close to Overlord Shinji the only seat closer on the right side was the one directly on his right.

Overlord Shinji made a motion for Altheena to sit in that precise chair next to him. "Please sit here while you wait." he said smiling.

ALtheena started to walk towards the seat he mentioned. "That's odd, aren't the closest seats to the Overlord usually reserved for those who serve direclty under him? Like the Generals and stuff." Altheena thought as she made it to her seat and sat down. Many of the demons and even some of the humanoids thought Overlord Shinji was too kind to have his position, but he was such a good leader that nothing had ever been tried to over throw him or stuff like that. Umi smiled at Altheena as if to say "Hello" and Mark nodded his head towards her to also acknowledge her. Then even though you were allowed to talk the room sat in silence as you waited for everyone else to arrive.
"I guess they're not in a talkative mood. I wonder what this meeting is about?" Altheena thought as she looked down at her hands in her lap.

OOC: Since I don't really have a character in Celestia I'm just gonna nudge you guys allong and sometimes control Lucretia to keep you guys on track.

Lucretia announced that Celestia was going to rest for today and prepare for an attack the next day. So today was the day when new recruits should get to know each other, get some rest, and what not.

01-21-2007, 10:11 AM
babs or neverdyne as most knew her walked through the halls to the meeting room. Ignoring the useal catcalls and sneers on her apearance. She sighed as a guard yelled "did your mom eat to much whipcream during her pregnancy or something?!" he started to laugh. She just ingnored it for years people had been making fun of her ghostly and somehow cute aparance. she knocked and opened the door to the meeting room, wondering faintly why lord shinji wanted her with the meeting he knew she wasent fond to be around other demons and humaniods unless necesary. Walking in silently she bowed to overlord shinji and the woman whose name was vaguely in her memorie as athleena. she quitly pulled a far end chair out and sat down keeping silent.

Kyuubi Naruto
01-21-2007, 10:14 AM
Shikaru had been training with his soldiers,until he heard the Lucretia said that they would have a day off preparing.Shikaru looked at his soldiers."Well,seems like that's it,then?"

One of the soldiers walked to him."Sir,just because we have a day off,that does exactly mean that we dont have to continue training.We could continue to...."

"Listen,all you lot ever do is practice and fight against Netherneea,I do much more work than ya,so,I'm tired.I'm taking this day off,so dont bug me,alright?"He turned to the door."Train on your own if you want,but count me out."Shikaru said.As he walked at the door.When he left the door,a tall man in a red and black cloak was awaiting him outside.The man gave him a glare."Zeno?Oh,what is it?"

"I'm beginning to think that the soldiers you train have more sense than you do,Shikaru.The battle with Netherneea will be drawing closer with ever passing minute,you cant just rest since you have 1 free day."

"Well,Zeno,last time I checked,I was general,and you were my aid.Fine,go ahead and train if you want,but not me."Shikaru held up his hand toward Zeno and began to walk away."Maybe you should lighten up too!You worry about this stuff way to much,we'll be fine tomorrow,no doubt."

Zeno shook his head as Shikaru walked into the kingdom of Celestia,ignoring all disregard that he had for him."Why was he picked as a general....he's barely prepared for this job."Zeno said."He sighed and ran his hand through his hair."Fine."Zeno turned to the room with the soldiers and closed the door.

Shikaru entered the castle and walked to his own room.He stared out the window,picturing the battle that would be taking place the next day in his mind.He layed down on the bed and sighed."I wonder if any of my friends are around....there's gotta be something better to do than just sleep on my day off."Shikaru sighed."Tomorrow......it begins again......."Shiro tossed over on his bed and laid there,thinking of the coming day.

01-21-2007, 10:28 AM
~a summoner walked up read a text and a circle appeared it began to shine a dark aura as Phexithors, ShiKaiki, and Kage-Kaiki appeared the summoner spoke~

"Great warriors of long ago fight for this land a war is at hand"

~Phexithors turned to the summoner~

"Very well"

~Kage-Kaiki ignored the summoner and spoke~
"Ya...Ya whatever...man talk about a sleep!"
~Shi-Kaiki turned to Kage-Kaiki~
"Kaiki your a bloody idiot...this is a war and we must follow Tri-Scythe"
~Phexithors turned and began walking he pasted warriors a scythe with three sickles appeared and he threw it over his shoulder~

"Lets get this over with I have no quarrel with angel nor demon"
~Shi-Kaiki and Kage-Kaiki followed him~
"Hey wait up Phexithors!"
"I guess he never quits his job of dueing his duty very well"
~ShiKaiki unshethed his sword ignoring Kage-Kaiki's annoyences~

01-21-2007, 11:09 AM
He smiled. If this didn't make sense to anyone, he didn't care. This was good, and he didn't think that anyone could spoil it. There was no one around to, anyway, he was just alone with this wreckage, alone with a certain peace of mind.

The sky was quite clear now, the sun was beginning to set. He guessed it to be about five in the afternoon. It would be nightfall soon, he'd need a place to stay, or bandits would come for him. But then, what was he as he sat here cross legged with a bag of soldier provisions on his lap? This was his dinner, and maybe an allowance. You never knew when a soldier had money on him.

His pale fingers ran across the soldier's body, searching for anything that might prove valuable. His hands were already bloodstained from getting the bag off of him, it didn't matter much to him whether he dyed them redder. The soldier had not been killed by him, surprisingly, he knew this for a fact. a) He wasn't the type to go into a bloodthirsty rage, and b) he'd seen this soldier die from a distance, a Celestian soldier had delivered to him a few vicious blows to the chest with a sword. He didn't understand why they didn't use guns in this war, maybe the army was getting poor. He'd seen plenty of trigger-happy bandits.

He sat against the cinder block walls of what was left of a building, letting the wind drift through his shoulder-length black hair. He couldn't have been more than twenty-five, though trust me, he'd seen quite a few years in his time. He was dressed in a brown robe, as to which you couldn't see his figure. He always dressed like this, just to keep things hidden and not stolen. His dark eyes showed some sort of sweet innocence now, though usually they were brooding. He looked at his hands, and smiled. Only a few more months, he reminded himself. That was his mantra, "Only a few more months". It was reminded to him every time he saw a battle, and every time he saw its dead. Only a few more months until there would be no one left to fight.

01-21-2007, 11:23 AM
~Phexithors walked as ShiKaiki followed and KageKaiki hummed Lilium a nearby gaurd grabbed Phexithors' arm~

"Hey you new around here? If you are the barracks is over there"

~Phexithors eyes narrowed he turned to the gaurd and KageKaiki hid behind ShiKaiki~

"If you dont want to lose that arm...I suggest you remove it filthy being"

~the gaurd was slightly shocked and let go of his arm~

"What rank are your soldier"

~Phexithors turned~

"Doesnt matter as far as I concern this war I have no reason to take part in your tearing the world appart with this war...ask me another question and Ill be sure you join the demons you fight"

~he continued walking and KageKaiki cringed~
"Wows...after all that sleep you'd think he'd be less...you know grumpy..."

~ShiKaiki turned to him~

"You know you should do the opposite as him...take your own advise KageKaiki act your age not your wing spand"
~He followed Phexithors and KageKaiki looked behind him~

"Wait...I dont have win--HEY! TAKE THAT BACK!"

~follows them Phexithors walked out of the base and stared into the herizon his crimson red eyes reflected the sun going down~

"Tomorrow...is when these children...see there fate...like children they fight over this world unknowingly that they will soon not exsist because of it filthy creatures so...naive and ignorant"

~he sat down leaning his scythe over his shoulder ShiKaiki and KageKaiki sat down behind him and ShiKaiki looked at the herizon~
"How long has it been since we last saw a sunset Phexithors? 500 years?"

~Phexithors continued to watch it set~
"1513 Years ShiKaiki...and these beings still havent learned athing..."

01-21-2007, 12:19 PM
Logos walked through the steets... His eye's gazed over the demons and humanoids around him with a complete and utter serenity. He had a vague melancholy smile on his face as he watched them... He saw their fates and suddenly, without his bidding, his tongue began to move.

"There is a place under the sun
where black laced bullets start to run
catching iron in my eye
see the swords that shine and start to fly
in a loop around the sun
until they say their dreams have come

but I don't want to see
this world begrieved
with flies and ashes in their eyes

As one man walk to be
deep under the sea
with a blade that sings and starts to cry

screaming sonnets that sound in the dark
screaming sonnets that sound in the dark
she will climb through her skin
down to the place deep with in
laced with shadow you find her in her time
touching things that will grant her the crime"

Logos continued to sing moving through the crowd. He didn't know where he was going, that was irreverent. The world's heart would guide him to where his voice was needed. But he wouldn't speak until it became necessary. The Word must be bound away for a while longer. So he flowed. Like a stick in a current, he let the force of others do the work he wanted done and remained passive and unbothered. The Hand which lit the spark in the sky would guide him.

"And the hand which moves me now
has given up its voice and mute
stand in a circle with a flute
playing circles into those
who would drown all in their cloths
deep beneath themselves
dead and living on their shelves"

Some people were taking notice of his singing and, thinking him some poor trubador were tossing him coins which he picke up simply because it seemed like he ought to. He knew not why

"And from a window in the world
comes a being drapped in bone
and he comes so not alone
as the feathers move and fall
and then skim across a wall
where she is waiting and watching
some man who she should know
and then the world agrees
how strange it would be
for Voice to be so alone inside his tongue
and they are picking gold roses from their lungs"

Logos wrapped his wings close to him and looked to the sky.

Aura of the Twilight
01-21-2007, 12:42 PM
Altheena got tired of waiting quietly and looked in Overlord Shinji's direction. "Overlord, If I may so bold as to ask: What will this meeting be about once the generals and captians arrive?" Altheena asked in a soft voice.

Shinji smiled slightly. "I'll be explaining the plans for the next attack and some other business that will be explained later. On another note, How is your dear mother at the Magic Institute doing? It must've been very hard for her to see her only child go off to war." Shinji said.

"Oh, she's fine thank you for asking. I received a letter from her today saying that she has a lot of new students come into the school wanting to learn magic and participate in the war. I forgot for a while that my mother and yourself knew eachother long ago, Overord Shinji." Altheena replied smiling.

"That's good to hear." Overlord Shinji stated then her turned his attention to Neverdyne, "How are you today Neverdyne?" Shinji asked.

Altheena turned towards Neverdyne, smiled, and said "Hello Neverdyne.".

01-21-2007, 12:51 PM
her thoughts had been wandering when she was adressed. she blinked "fine" was a rather dry statement. she was not in the mood for talking, she wanted this meeting over with and back to her room where she could rummage with her potions and herbs. She mentaly smiled a bit atlist those were nice to her. She shivered when she rememberd when one of the generals showed her to his soldiers.


also we have a new soldier slash medic under us a female to the boot. some of the soldiers murmered and smirked. a female medic that could be fun. The general waved her over and she walked to the soldiers smilling shyly. The soldiers looked at her and started to laugh "thats a demanoid?!"another yelled "did her mother wash her to much when she was little our something?!" she just gritted her teeth and walked away as the general was looking flushed and embarast as the laughther continu's

en of flashback

she looked to the other two but didn't say anything else. She brushed a hair out of her face.

01-21-2007, 12:57 PM
~Kage-Kaiki began to hum Lilium again ShiKaiki got up and walked to stair at comethign else Phexithors listened to Kage's humming and his lips began to move~
"Os iusti meditabitur sapientiam,
Et lingua eius loquetur indicium.
Beatus vir qui suffert tentationem,Quoniqm cum probates fuerit accipient coronam vitae.
Kyrie, ignis divine, eleison
O quam sancta, quam serena,quam benigma, quam amoenaO castitatis lilium"

~Kage-Kaiki smiled~
"You still remeber the lyrics? wow...I bearly remebered the song..."
~he smiles~
"Well if were fighting for Netherneea we better propare"
~gets up~
"Kage...Shi...time to move in"
~they nod and follow~

01-21-2007, 02:08 PM
"Oh, no I'm dead meat if I don't move. Delta, Chaos, hurry up," Sigma yelled back at them as he ran. "Why did I oversleep today of all days?" Sigma asked himself, heading for the meeting.

"Delta, we're going to need to run for it or we'll lose Sigma," Chaos yelled at his brother who couldn't run today."Why did I get sick? Uh, I feel like I'm going to throw up," Delta said running far behind.

As Sigma passed the gates, the guards saluted, "Hello, First Advisor Sigma, sir!" Sigma just ran passed them as he got ready for the meeting and entered the doors as he said, "I'm sorry I'm late overlord... uh...uh, binji?" The overlord yelled, "It's Shinji, why do you always forget that Sigma," Shinji said frustrated. Sigma apoligized and turned towards the others, "I'm sorry Captain Altheena, Mark, Umi," Sigma then turned to Neverdyne and bowed, "I'm very sorry Miss Neverdyne," Sigma then sat at a seat and waited for Chaos, Delta, and everyone else.

CF Striker
01-21-2007, 02:22 PM
Celestia: Kavs was bored out of his mind. He "supposedly" had the day off but he knew better. His team had not been put together yet and they were supposed to show up within the next half hour. He drummed his fingers on the desk, a yawn escaping him. The office he claimed his own was very small. Just a shelf with a few books, a desk, and a few chairs that wouldn't be nearly enough for who he had invited today. Some he had picked, others would be responding to a flyer that he put up in town about a week ago. No "sane" soldier who wanted to saty alive woul respond to this ad, though in all honesty they would more likely escape the curse of becomming mere cannon fodder this way.

Kavs now simply twirled his long pony tail around his finger, as if cranking a generator to release a massive burst of energy. For now, his eyelids drooped.

01-21-2007, 02:29 PM
Muerte was in a deep, deep, trance. If he had flesh covering his face, people would look at him and say that his spirit was elsewhere from his body. In a sense, they'd be right. Muerte hovered, leaning on a wall, with his good friend Acheron in his hands.

The announcement came, and that brought Muerte's attention back to this world. He started running a bony finger down the serrations on the blade of Acheron. "Old friend, I think we've done enough for now. Let Libitina tend to the remainder."

He sensed the scythe's agreement, and moved away from the wall. He didn't care to form his legs, so he hovered, letting his spine hang down. He passed others, and most of them looked at him with, at best, a vauge fear. Why not? He was the Grim Reaper! Acheron tugged in his hands, and he let the scythe go, go back into the realm where it came from.

He came to a large, open training field, and turned his skull up to see the sun. The violet orbs in his eye sockets flikered, like a blink, before turning down to the field. He watched the Angels who were trying their best to ensure they'd not die. Most would, regardless. And that meant more work for him after the battle. Brother Charon would be in good buisness.

Light Wolf
01-21-2007, 02:42 PM
Yukimura walked alone toward the meeting room and the Overlord. His eyes were closed but he sensed that someone or something was closing in on his location. He quickly turned, opened his eyes, and unshealthed his sword he made contact with Benitora's sword and they both tryed to push one another back growling at one another.

Yukimura overpowered Benitora and was able to get him to leave himself open. He brought his sword down to finish Benitora off, but before he touched Benitora Aoshi's sword stopped his. Aoshi still had the same smile on his face that pissed Yukimura off. He overpowered Aoshi but was pushed back onto the wall by Benitora and Aoshi combined power. He growled and tryed to push back but gave up and spoke.

" Ok good you two have gotten stronger im impressed "

They back off and shealthed there swords. Yukimura's wings wrapped around himmakinga coat of somekind. Aoshi smiled and Benitora looked away, yukimura turned and continued down the hallway mad because he was overpowerd by his weaker and younger brother's.

" Yo brother Yuki let hurry up and get to the meeting or were dead for sure. " Aoshi spoke while he and Benitora followed yukimura.

Yukimura spread his wings out and falped them feathers surrouned them all and they disappeared. They reappeared in a circle of feather and everyone in the room turned there head toward the three brother's. Benitora quickly toke and seat and seemed to be asleep. Aoshio joyfully walked around the room and bowed to the overlord and smiled at the Beatiful women standing beside him. Yukimura looked at the overlord and bowed and waited for their mission.

01-21-2007, 02:44 PM
Something stirred. Logos looked again to the sky, this time with some vague intensity in his clear blue eyes. Something was moving. Something black and cold. His face was as unreadable as always and his tongue kept moving as he poured out someone else's feelings without his knowledge. The Voice stirred, close very close. But it did not venture to speak. It stayed where it was.

"And with the web of a shade it was made
and with the bones of a brain it was lain
by the fire to be warmed
by something strange and without form

and the words they were weak in the teeth
of fifteen people who sang through the reeth
of an ocean of fire
and brought to them something near desire"

He continued to walk, or to wander rather. His lesser voice ringing across the city walls and enveloping the people around him in a mist fair and true. He the particular eddie of this crowd seemed to be going toward a great castle and saw he followed the people, his path bending and moving as he crossed with different groups of people however, despite these occasional flucuations in direction his overall direction was toward the castle. The times that he was in a group going toward the castle the conversation was often bent around the war, talks of death and battle filled his ear. He merely blinked and moved.

"And a skull it looked up to the light
which cast its shadows like gleamings of white
and so bright were his eyes in their climbs
that they died 'neath the halo and chimed
with the sound of a breath, of a crow
who had fallen and died in the snow"

A spear moved to his side... it floated their strangely and then backed away, eminating a pulsing light and glimmering with holy energy that would bother the people of this town were it not wrapped thick with leather much like Logos himself. The Will was restless. Cain.

01-21-2007, 02:47 PM
neverdyne looked up at the entery of the three what apeared to be brothers. she rolled her eyes at the grand entreee not really impressed, yawing slightly looking at benitora who sat next to her. she rested her head in her hand and let her mind wander again it was the saves place for her when she was among her own kind.

Seikyu Kiba
01-21-2007, 02:48 PM
OOC: Jeez and its only been 2 seconds...w/e I'll wing it

Jade walked down the hall of the castle and then walked out in the front, some of the guards bowwed there heads. Jade turned to them and shook his head "Add ease men." He said bowing. He walked along with his sheckles on his hands, it looked as if he was going to prison, but he was General Jade of Celestia...a man sworn to never kill with his hands.

01-21-2007, 02:50 PM
---aww...last post for the day---

~now that is was night Phexithors sat watching the moon with his dark crimson red eyes his pupils slit~


~Kage-Kaiki and ShiKaiki scouted the base area while Phexithors waited~

01-21-2007, 03:31 PM
talon felt nervous, he had never been so close to all of the generals and captians before. he plucked a feather from his left wing and molded it into a small charm bracelet, now at least his hands had something to do. he knew that he wouldn't be able to get anywhere near athleena and he didn't really want to, he wouldn't bring that amount of shame upon her in front of overlord shinji.
"hey angel scum go back home"
Talon only stared at the demon guard as he entered the room. even as a fallen angel they still mocked him.
a few people looked up but quickly tutted or smiled then went back to their own business. Talon saw a spare chair and made for it. he was just about to be sit when he was pushed away by a tall stranger.
"i aoshi will not let you sit down when there are lady's who are standing." he grinned placing a beautiful girl in the now occupied chair.
talon shuffled off and lent against the wall, this wasn't his day...

Kyuubi Naruto
01-21-2007, 04:14 PM
Shikaru woke up from his short sleep and quickly jumped out of the bed and looked out the window.He saw nothing but endless plains to the west of the castle.He walked out his room and decided to go check on Zeno and the rest of the soldiers,but when he reached the exit of the castle,he was suprised to see a fellow General outside as well."Jade?Yo!Jade,How's it going,huh?Having fun with your 'day off'?"He said as he used air quotes.

Seikyu Kiba
01-21-2007, 04:19 PM
Jade turned around and saw Shikaru and smiled "Hey! Shikaru! Yeah I am enjoying my day off how about you!?" He said yelling back and then running up to him in his cuffs "Sorry I would shake your hand but I left the keys to the cuffs in my room." He said chuckling a bit "But anyway man what you been up to??" He said nodding.

Kyuubi Naruto
01-21-2007, 04:24 PM
"I'm pretty simply bored to tears.And those cuffs.......this brings me to a question that I've been wondering."Shikaru said as raised an eyebrow and slowly crossed his arms and nodded downward toward the cuffs tightly fastened around Jade's hands."Exactly why do you where those cuffs in the first place?You might be a better fighter,and have a more civilized appearance if you just took them off.Of course,this might be something that I dont understand fully,and if it is,I wont bother you in telling me the cause of the cuffs."Shikaru said said with a straight face.

01-21-2007, 04:25 PM
Surrounded by a band of soldiers, whether they were of Celestian or Nethereean didn't seem to hinder the scene's aggression. They all held out their blades towards the wingless angel and glared at him with death in their minds.

Renshi brought his hand at his center holding his thumb to his palm, he let his fingers slowly separate as he breathed in the essence of reality then breathed out his focus.

His body was enveloped in a holy seal, the golden arches of light and energy bent around his body as he drew his sword. His blade glimmered it's glorious shine as it slowly rang into existence with a silver aura about it's course as he brought it up towards the sky.

The open field next to the Celestian capital filled with bursts and blazes of white, blue and golden hues as the arches of power filled the area and struck out against the attackers, impaling and vaporising them one by one.

Renshi then ran into a storming dash towards the center foe, bringing his shining steel towards his center to find a blocking clang between the blades. He smiled as he held his open hand forwards, a swirling sharp cross formed of blue and red light appeared as he released the Syncra spell, a burst of blue light entered the man's body ripping him in two, his body fell to the blue hinted grass below.

"They always come.. to meet my blade." he mumbled as he sheathed his sword.

His back lit up into a star-crossed symbol, releasing his black and white wings into existence. He extended them outwards then ran towards the capital and in a great leap he was airborn.

He pondered his actions as he went, then shook them off. He hadn't any time to hesitate.

01-21-2007, 05:18 PM
As Sigma was getting bored waiting for the meeting to start the doors burst open as the twins bowled in. "We're so sorry, we were left behind by Sigma," Chaos panted as he and Delta sat in their chairs. Sigma chuckled at his friends as he thought that this was taking to long too start.

fox demon naruto
01-21-2007, 05:42 PM
Ryn and his assistant Cleo were walking briskly down a hallway as Ryn made his way to the meeting Lord Shinji had made.

"Have everything ready Sir?" Cleo asked.

"Yes Cleo," Ryn said in a tired way.

"Remembered what to say? What to do? To say things properly? Speek loud enough for whomever you are speeking to you can hear you?" Cleo asked more ergently as Ryn began to walk faster.

"Yes Cleo!" Ryn said more annoyed.


"CLEO!" Ryn nearly yelled. "I know what to do! I can do this. I'm not a child and this is just a meeting. Ok? Now go back to your room."

"But Si-"

"Thats an Order not a request." Ryn said firmly. Cleo just sighed and walked away. Ryn started to walk and soon reached the room. When he got there he noticed that the three brothers were there a women that looked like a ghost the overlord and a young woman leader of the Mage division next to him. Ryn came in and bowed to the overlord. He then walked up to the man and said, "Good to see you again Sir."

01-21-2007, 06:06 PM
OOC: What, no attention to the first advisor what up with that, LOL.

Sigma looked as Ryn entered the room, "Welcome captain, are you ready to begin, if so we should be able to start now. Sire, let's start the meeting now, everyone seems to be here," Sigma said with the hope of starting.

Chaos and Delta just sat there talking to each other, "Why do we have to be here bro," Chaos said wishing he could be somewhere else.

"Quiet Chaos, Sigma is here and we have to guard him in case of attack," Delta said in his normal stoic manner.

Seikyu Kiba
01-21-2007, 06:09 PM
Jade nodded at what Shikaru said "Well...I take them off...but when I am outside I don't use my hands, I can't control my energy through my hands, I don't know why but everytime I always end up killing someone..with my hands, so I bounded myself by putting these cuffs on my hands and using my legs.." he then blinked for a moment "I am a gentalmen yes, but of course I take the cuffs off when sleeping and stuff like that." he said chuckling.

Kyuubi Naruto
01-21-2007, 06:24 PM
"Ok,that opened things up to me,thought it'd be weird if you were like ALL the time.I couldnt live without being able to use my hands."Shikaru looked up at the sky."Hey,listen,how's your squad doing?I mean,we gotta run them,but I didnt feel like work today,so I kind of walked out on my soldiers.It's not that I wanted to,it's just that I've got a lot of worked being pushed on me at the time,so...."He then turned to Jade."You up for a little quick match?I've got nothin' better to do,and I've gotta do something other than sleep all day,right?"He asked Jade.

01-21-2007, 06:29 PM
Ether walked the corridors as he waited for the meeting to be over. "I wish they'd hurry up with whatever they're doing in their. He took out a small sword with some minor enchantments that had been given to him as a payment. He pulled off his maks revealing an otherwise handsome face except for a scar going diagonally across it. He then lifted the sword up and stuck it in his mouth and bit off a piece of the blade.

"Atleast the payment tastes good", he said inbetween bites. Finally he swallowed the last hunk of the blade. "Still it leaves me hungry" He looked at the meeting room but not only did he doubt it was necessary for a mercenary to show up, he was easily bored. "Can't wait for the next job", he said before stuffing the hilt into his mouth and swallowing, "maybe it will be, more fulfilling"

Aura of the Twilight
01-21-2007, 06:39 PM
"Alright." Shinji replied towards Sigma. He signaled for everyone to take a seat and they did. He promped his elbows up on the table and clasped his hands together for a few moments before speaking. "Alright We will be laucnhing a preemptive stirke tomorrow on Celestia. My sorces tell me they also plan on attacking us so we must be prepared the whole time. I have posts for each and everyone of you. Altheena, you will take your small brigade and some of the castle mages and follow behind the front line forces which will be lead by General Yukimura.You will provide magical back-up and launch magical attacks on the Celestia soliders. You are also to keep a safe distance away from the actual battlefeild unless you find it necissary to get closer.Neverdyne I would like you to be in the back lines with Altheena that way you can be there is someone is to get hurt but you will not have to do anything other than that." Shinji started to explain.

Altheena nodded,"Yes Overlord Shinji."

"Yukimura, you like I said earlier will be leading the frontlines. All physical attacker and their brigades will be under Yumikura's command." Shinji continued to say looking around the room. "That is of course if you can do magic and wish to be under Altheena's temporary command. If so let her know sometime tonight. Our strategy will be a scatter. You will try to catch the enemy off guard and scatter them so that they are confused and unorganized. If the enemy is prepared try to knock out some of their forces but do not get yourselves killed. Tonight will be a night of rest and meeting, that is all.You all may go." Shinji finished explaining then he got up and left.

Altheena got up and left she smiled at Talon as she passed him as if to say "Don't let anyone bother you." Umi and Mark followed her. "I'm going out into town for a little while. Why don't you guys relax?" she said to them.

"Okay see ya later Altheena." Umi said and ran off in another direction.

"Later." Mark said and walke towrds his room.

She made it to the gates of the castle and walked into a big crowd where she could hear something. "....Is someone, singing?" she thought to herself as she followed the sound. She moved through the crowd and bumped into a man that was indeed singing and then back away a few paces.

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to bump into you like that. Um I was just following the sound of someone singing I guess it was you. Did you come up with that yourself? Oh! Where are my manners?! I'm Altheena." Altheena said smiling at the man.

01-21-2007, 07:02 PM
Renshi rode the winds gliding gently into the Capital of Celestia to see two higher ranking warriors in a conversation. He landed with a small thud as his boots touched onto the cobblestone walkway. Bringing a hand upwards then waving it down his wings dissapated in black and light arches of energy shooting into his back.

He walked up to both higher ranking people with a straight and stern face, his amber eyes piercing into both of them as he made his presence known. He noticed Jade with the hand cuffs and narrowed his eyes onto them. He then brought his glance upon Shikaru, sensing he was ready to engage in some type of combat. He hadn't the time for words, he simply shook his head and made his way to the side of a building to the left.

Renshi leaned his back against the stone wall, he felt its flat coldness carress him, sending a slight shiver up his spine. The feeling kept him awake, though he felt somewhat tired from his previous endever. He brought both knees up halfway towards his chest before wrapping his arms around them. If there was going to be a fight he'd might as well stay and watch.

01-21-2007, 07:11 PM
Logos was lost in the flow of the universe. He could feel its heart beat almost. But it resonated hollow inside him. After all, he was a vessal. Without Voice. Yahweh stirred briefly in warning but Logos was too lost to hear. Something impacted, soft, against his chest. He stopped moving and place his thick-gloved hands upon the shoulders of some young woman. She backed away a bit and spoke to him. He stared at her with his placidly fluid eyes, blinking softly once. He nodded gently to her first question. And something tripped of his tongue,

"And so soft with the feeling of stares
deep inside of some place oh so sweet
she would stare at a sky, waxing gold
as she stared at the ground 'neath her feet"

he hadn't meant to say that but it just slipped out like it was whenever he sang. It he never did so intentionally. It was an instinct. Dur Wille was distrustful but the Spear like to push against things and would see conflict where there was none. For now though, Logos grin with vague omniscience at her fumbling. It was so utterly...human? Perhaps. But this was no human rather a humanoid. But for all their brandish of differences they were really quite similar, almost exactly the same, and not just in terms of appearance.

Of course, now she had posed him a question that he couldn't answer with just a nod or a shake of the head. But then, did it really matter what his name was. The Word of Word's and the Unmoved Mover had defined him as Logos. But did that really apply to the mortal realm? Did such a definition reside only in the spiritual or did the the machinations of the phenominal worlds drift down, like detritous from the sky to the very bottom of the ocean? It was indeed something to ponder. His tongue began to move again but then stopped as he looked back up at the girl. He had no way of telling her. His tongue was not something he could control, rather it moved on his own will. So he shrugged off his introduction. He cocked his head slightly to the side and looked at the girl.

"All things come from this bright place in the sky
'til they rest in the ground after they die
and from the web of all life she has come
to sip at the knowledge altar some rum
which is sweet with the nectar of life
pouring power into their new wife"

He need paper or something to write with. He made a writing motion so that she would, hopefully, understand.

Aura of the Twilight
01-21-2007, 07:29 PM
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Altheena listened to the man sing. "Hmmm what does he mean with his song?" she thought as she listened to him. Then the man mad a motion with his hads to write something. "Oh ummm paper?" Altheena stumbled out her words as she reached into a pouch she had brought with her and got out a pen and a small note book. She handed them to the man and thought," I hope that's what he needed and I'm not just being a dunce again." She then noticed that the moon was already out.

"Oh wow it got dark early today." She said quietly to herself not realizing she had said it aloud. Shen then looked back at the man standing before her. "I wonder if he is in the army? .....Probably not or I would've meet him already. His clothes are strange so I guess he doesn't live from around here. Maybe he's a traveler or a merchant." Altheena thought as she thought more and more she started to get lost in her own thoughts. As people pushed by and shoved Altheena snapped out of her thoughts and paid more attention to the man before her.

Mark walked pass a mercenary with a mask by the meeting room and glared at him then walked to his room where he started to meditate.

Umi wandered the halls looking for something to do or someone to talk to.

01-21-2007, 07:41 PM
A man had walked past Ether who had glared at him. Ether stopped and looked back at him. "Well that was a lovely greeting", he muttered to himself then he went off to look for somewhere to grab a bite to eat. He craved magical items but he could eat just about anything, however he doubted it would be very wise to start taking bites out of the walls. So he began his quest for real food.

01-21-2007, 07:45 PM
The moon was out making itself known as the day fell to night time. Renshi saw that there wasn't time for a round or bout, so he stood up gracefully letting his golden hair flow around his shoulders before bringing it all back into a pony tail, tieing it tightly behind his head. He took in a cool breath of the night air and felt a slight shift in the essence of the universal energies.

With that feeling he turned away from Jade and Shikaru, making his way up the cobble stoned road on a small hill in the city. Every step he took was one he thought he'd have to make again, and he was right. The eve of battle was upon the Capital and he could feel tensions within the city rise with the moon. He jumped onto a building with a light chant, creating an updraft of wind at his rear to help him onto his destination.

Sitting from the edge of a random building, Renshi looked down at the city around him from the top of the building. He stared at all of its luminescent glow as the energies of the universe were everywhere and he could feel it. It brought him a sweet feeling of warmth so subtle his body remained cool and calm. His amber eyes glowed in the moonlight as he looked up to catch it's grace and once again become lost in it's blue and silver hue.

He leaned back against a stalwart pillar behind his seat, and slowly closed his eyes to this glowing city of soft blue and green lights. It's beauty was so amazing, no wonder it was the capital. But as he dreaded pulling his sight from the view he couldn't help but give into the grasping hand of sleep at his mind and his mind subsided as his eyes pulled themselves closed while he basked in the moonlight.

01-21-2007, 08:17 PM
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Sigma sat in a meeting with Chaos and Delta while getting ready for the battle tomorrow. "I've decided to go on the front lines, I'll take Delta with me. I want you, Chaos, to snipe from the hills at the opponents and if needed protect captain Altheena and Neverdyne, though more than likely you won't," Sigma explained to them as both of them nodded silently.

Light Wolf
01-21-2007, 08:22 PM
Yukimura didnt like his job with the frontlines but he didnt care. He turned to walk out of the room when Aoshi stood infront of him, he placed his hand on Yukimura's sholder and again smiled that same smile that made Yukimura angry. Yukimura pushed Aoshi back a few feet and continued to walk only to be blocked by Benitora.

" U dont wont to command the frontlines do u brother Yuki???" Benitora spoke camly and cooly.

" No i dont but hey im a general it can be helpped but im putting the lives of the soilders in your heans Benitora, and the same for you Aoshi. "

Both brother nodded and they arua's seemed to change as they become one think unit of killing. Aoshi turned back to the boy he pushed and bowed to him and blew a kiss to the beatiful girl he sat down and to the beatiful girl that sat next to Benitora. Benitora holded his arms and turned to walk to the Overlord to speak but was stopped before he could say a word by Aoshi and Yukimura. Benitora growled and pushed them back and watched as both his britherslooked at him with fire in there eyes, He knew that now wasnt the time to talk to the Overlord.

All three brother slwoly walked toward the door and split up in a flash of light. Yukimura Turned back around and looked at everyone in the room and sent a small shockwave throught the room knocking some of the people off their feet and the stronger ones clothes and hair to sway back and forth. He smiled and disappeared.

01-21-2007, 08:51 PM
Muerte came out of another trance, his spirit returned to his body once more. Someone had slaughtered quite a few people, and all but one or two didn't have the willpower to go to the river alone. But then, that was why he'd come to fight in this war. There would be many who wouldn't go to the river. There already had been many.

That caused problems. People who didn't go to the river like they should were eventually absorbed by the realm. This caused a buildup of energies. That would eventually break, causing his superiors many hassles. "If I took a day off, the Great Beyonds would burn me at the stake." He said to Acheron, who had joined him in the meantime. His friend already knew this, of course, but that was part of Acheron's charm. He would always listen.

But the truth was, he liked his job. Which was good, considering he had no other options. It occured to him that most of his 'comrades' would be sleeping now. But Death didn't sleep, not that he knew of.

01-21-2007, 09:07 PM
Logos took the pen and paper with a nod of gratitude. He began to right. "I do not know of a good name to give you but perhaps it is best to go with how i am defined. There are somethings that define me, and the definition they give me is Logos. There are also those who define me as Minstrel, or as Priest. Others as Warrior. And still others as Wanderer. Perhaps I am all these things or perhaps I am none. But they are how I am defined, and therefore to people i am these things. Though there is a chance that I cannot be defined by other things but merely by my own will. However, I cannot define myself. I have only the definitions of others to grant me tangible reality." He felt nothing as he scrawled this on the paper, no curiosity, no wonder, only some sort of calm, empty, knowledge that it was a way of seeing. The world moved his pen. Or perhaps he moved his pen by way of the world. It was unclear. Even his eyes could not pierce the fog. Or perhaps they already did and he just kept it from his mind. Lacking Will caused that.

He then showed the note pad to the woman giving her time to read.

"And she wrote words like shakles of tongues
and in her voice was a whole world of lungs
and it bent all the world to her mind
all twisted and sweet and without rhyme
save to her eyes which blinked and were closed
and everything was garbed without clothes
What will this winged thing be
Will he be sorrow or pain or a tree
with his branches which blow in the wind
all smiling like an old well-worn grin
will he be steel or be soft like a quilt
will he be the blade or the tang or the hilt
or just a gust of some gone morning breeze
while she dwells in some hammock at ease"

His tongue moved. The Word slept. Yahweh thought. And he... he existed. That was all that was required

Seikyu Kiba
01-21-2007, 09:33 PM
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"My squad is doing great, although I wonder if I sometimes can be to strict on them...but hey I guess thats what generals have to do." then nodded "Sure, why not I could go for a quick match." He said with a smirk he shook his head to get his hair out of his eyes "I won't go easy on you though." He said laughing a little.

01-22-2007, 10:47 AM
neverdyne just stood after the meeting not talking to anyone. Ignoring the kiss she quitly moved out the door and to a stairs that led into the basement. She did not react wel with bright sunlight in her eyes so she had a room in the basement, it was because of her research also since alot of potions were made with herbs that smelled bad. She opened the door to her room, a simple stone room with a bed a desk and a long tabl to one side of the wall an a overfull bookcase on the other. A potion was bubbleing calmly on a soft fire. she walked to it bowing everynow an then for very long herbs that were drying from the ceiling. at the potion she checked her books and notes and started adding some herbs into it.

01-22-2007, 03:04 PM
As Sigma left the meeting, Chaos and Delta both went to their rooms to prepare. Sigma went to the grounds outside and saw soldiers training. "Hey, do you mind if I spar with you guys?" Sigma asked them in a fake child act. "Uh, but your just a kid first advisor. We don't want to hurt kids," the soldiers said as Sigma answered, "I insist unless you're a spineless coward."

The soldiers all burst, "How dare you, you little brat, take this!" The soldiers all charged at Sigma as he looked calmly at them. Suddenly Sigma jumped into the air, drawing two katanas and cutting the soldiers down.

As the soldiers (they were 5 generic brand) fell, Sigma walked off saying he used dull, rusty swords against them.

01-22-2007, 03:20 PM
talon felt strangely happy, athleena had aknowlodged him, which was more than he deserved and even the man aoshi had bowed an appology. he watched as five of the lower castle guards were easily cut down by a skilled swordsman, he couldn't be much older than myself thought talon, what had this war done...? he thought about the upcoming battle, it would hopefully only be a small skirmish, but he doubted that. even the angels were blood thirsty in this war not just the demons.

a castle guard strode up to talon and punched him straight in the face! he stumbled back as another guard came from the left.
"i bet your with that kid that just messed up my mates aren't you." the first guard said slowly. "time to get payback" laughed the second.

talon felt the magic raising in him. his mind selected two spells for him and quickly executed them. a net of pure golden thread fell around the first guard while golden roots erupted from the floor to hold the second guard in place.
"i don't want to hurt you..." talon started to walk away, the spells would diminish in a few minutes. he walked past athleena as she passed a pencil to a tall stranger. the stranger only stared vacantly before scribbling quickly.

talon set off to the shopping district, he hoped to stock up on a few supplies before the battle, it was starting to worry him...

01-22-2007, 03:28 PM
neverdyne was checking her calculations again and added something to the potion. she watched it bubble and after a moment the whole castel shook because of a large BOOM!. A few levels above the castel some of the guards chuckeld and maid smiled at one "sounds like neverdyn invented another potion"he chuckled "and somehow they go atlist once boom"he snickered. nevderdyne opened her door coughing a bit, her face was blackened by the smoke and some tears run down her face. she waved the smoke away "a cough slight miscalculation cough"she mutted as she went back in and opened the small window she had.

Aura of the Twilight
01-22-2007, 03:34 PM
As Altheena read the first thing that crossed her mind was, "Wow he has nice hand writing," then she read on."Oh so I was ... kinda right." Altheena thought as she read the paper. "Logos. So he's a fighter as well as a mage. He seems interesting, I wanna keep an eye on him, but how? ..... Oh I know!" Altheena added to her thoughts. She awaited Logos to finish his song listening to the lyrics carefully as he sang.

"Logos how would you like to help Netherneea by joining the army? I serve in it so you'd already know someone there, and there are actually a lot of nice and interesting people in it. So what do ya say?" Altheena asked looking Logos in the eye and smiling a reassuring smile. She then handed him the noe book and pen yet again.

Altheena waved as Talon passed and the reaverted her attention to Logos.

Mark finished meditating and went to sleep.

Umi walked into the grounds to see five generic brand soliders on the ground and Sigma walking away. "Ewwww that's gonna stink eventually." She thought as she ran past the bodies and up to the first advisor.

"Hello First Advisor Sigma. How are you on this full moon night?" Umi asked trying to start up a conversation with him.[/B]

01-22-2007, 03:37 PM
talon jumped, what was that? he looked up at the castle to see a small window open and a blackened face accompained with a plume of smoke glance out of the window. talon plucked a small feather from the bottom of his wing and blew a small healing spell into it, he sent it on it's way through the open window. having occupied a small room below neverdyne's he should be use to the odd bang by now.
this wasn't how a soilder should react, he had to be ruthless out there, but he reasoned, he wasn't in battle yet. the gold thread was wearing thin on the guard so he quickened his pace towards the shops...

01-22-2007, 04:06 PM
Sigma turned around and answered Umi, "Hmm, I guess you could say I'm anxious. The battle tomorrow will be tough, I might have to get serious for the first time since I fought the overlord. Even knocking out a bunch of punks isn't helping the anxiety," Sigma said in deep thought.

Chaos was hanging out at the shooting range firing at pictures of Shinji while an explosion occurred making him miss, "Damn Neverdyne, stop playing with that junk," Chaos muttered bitterly.

Delta was preparing his suit for the battle tomorrow. He went to bed and slept through the explosion, events like this are what gave him the title: "Worlds Heaviest Sleeper."

01-22-2007, 04:14 PM
Neverdyne washed her face at a small basin in seperate room and walked back to the pan to check the damage "dang..there go's my lunch"she muttered as she looked at the burned gumbo she threw the gumbo in the toilet and grabbed two sandwhiches. after eating it she went back to work on a potion to replentisch dark powers. she ran her finger over the pages of the book "hmmm kajaroot, plendor eye and one healing feather"she putted her hands on her hips "where am i gonna find a healing feather?" she blinked as talons feather came in 'someone probely thought i was hurt..perfect" she started to mix the ingridiants.

01-22-2007, 04:33 PM
Ether continued to search for any food. "Sooo hungry, if I don't get something in my belly soon then I'm afraid people may start disapearing" He then heard a boom and smelt something. He made his way toward the smell. "Foooooood", he groaned following his nose.

He finally came across the room that Neverdyne was in. "Something smells pretty good in here", he said, "kinda magical, my favorite flavor" His eyes flashed red behind his mask and he licked his lips. "Food", he said simply holding out his hands.

01-22-2007, 04:45 PM
Neverdyn was mixing the final ingredient when she heard someone say "fooood"infront of her door. she looked at the potion and smiled when it sparkled a dark purple "it worked" wiping her hands she opened the door and blinked at seeing ether. someone rarely came to seen her unless they were generals and most certainly not moaning food "what do i look like? a kitchen or something?"she scratched the back of her neck at the pleading sight "i think i have something for you" she left the door open and rummaged through some cupboards in the back.

01-22-2007, 04:56 PM
As soon as the the offer was made to join the army Logos immediately nodded ascent without hesitation. It wasn't that he had a reason to nor did he have a reason not to. Or more likely he had reason he just didn't bother to think about them. It was Yahweh that thought about things, the gave reasons and counterreasons. It was the Dur Wille that pushed and pulled the world. Logos however merely flowed with it. He was offered to join the army so he accepted. Perhaps this was the beginning of something horrible or perhaps something grand but it didn't really matter. Things would occur just as they always did and always would. To fight against the currents of life would only waste energy and leave him worse off. Better to flow with the current then get lost in a whirlpool.

Yahweh was thinking about what this would require him to do, what sort of requirements would be entailed and that sort of thing but Logos was not concerned. If there was something that needed to be done it would get done, and if not then it would remain undone. Things would go to their rightful place.

"And gates were let open with Eden in their eyes
glowing with some future past which twisted 'round like flies
circling some artefact of meat a few days old
as the drifting siren song it waits
and beckons in the cold

And a bang is seems
with angel beams
of nectar and ambrosia turns to dreams
so ofter and never dying it burns inside some scream"

He then took the pen and wrote, "You came out to do something. May I help you in this task?" The Will had reminded him that normally a soldier left the castle with a task in mind and certainly his recruitment was not that end. Logos didn't know whether this was true or not but it seemed to fit. Besides, Yahweh knew more about the thoughts of people then he did. He himself who was unable to define. To him it was all one definationless haze. Soft and Sweet.

His wings opened briefly to stretch themselves lazily before closing back around him.

01-22-2007, 05:00 PM
Ether smiled. He really didn't require much thought where food was concerned. Poison has no effect on him so taking food from strangers was less than dangerous. "You must understand I'm not usually so pitiable but I only get paid when I fight and the wait between big battles can be a bit tiring, besides it smells good"

Aura of the Twilight
01-22-2007, 05:17 PM
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Altheena read the paper and then laughed slightly, "Actually I only came out to explore the town some more and window shop but now I have a more important task." Altheena said. With that statment she started tugging at Logos's arm. "C'mon I have to get you registered. For now you'll be in my brigade." Altheena explained tomorrow's plans to Logos while she filled out the registration form for Logos. Then she turned it in to the head cleric in the castle and showed Logos around.

"...And finally this is my room. The room next to me is where you will stay since it's currently vacant." Altheena said after a long tour. She then yawned and stated," I'm going to go to sleep now. I'd advise you to do the same. Goodnight Logos." Altheena then bowed to Logos entered her room and slept.

Umi walked around with the First Advisor for a short while and then bowed,"I'm going to go rest for tomorrow First Advisor Sigma, goodnight." Umi stated and then walked off to her room on the second floor and fell asleep.

01-22-2007, 05:26 PM
Renshi awoke in midst of a rift in reality. He saw his sword resonate with a overlaying white aura from it's sheath as though it wanted out. He grabbed his sword from where it was resting on his shoulder and took it by the hilt. As he pulled the shining blade from it's scabbard the blade started to burst and crackle with a fiery blaze, the blade was nown fire red as he completed the draw.

He stood up slowly, watching as it's guards morphed to it's red hooked state. He pointed the bright red blade outwards towards the darkness in front of him as he looked upon his blade.

"Faun.. it's been quite some time hasn't it old friend?"

The blade occilated a red aura from it's being then established a connection. "It has been quite a long time.. too long to be asleep." The blade burst into flames of burning hellfire, reaching out father then before.

"Faun... we must awaken the others. The eve of battle is upon us." With that he released the blade to the air and it floated a few feet away from him. It stood up as symbols of red and white arches started to reach out from it's aura. To it's left was his original sword Ryuk. It's shining white glory eminated out into the rift as it occilated as well.

"Renshi... I'll stay at your side for eternity, it is my duty as the Eternal Sync.." The sword called Ryuk would have bowed if given a physical body.

"The others are yet to awake... but until they do doth me upon you. I will serve you until the end of the ages."

Renshi looked to the right of Faun to see two empty slots in the arching energy, it formed a sword rack of sorts before him. "I will fight this battle and live on as a warrior.. I thank you both." With that he held out his hand and summoned the blades back into one. He held Ryuk upwards, looking upon it's blade reflecting his appearence.

"I will fight on..."

All that time he slept under the moon in the Celestian capital, his sleep was soothing and calm. He'd be ready for battle tomorrow.

01-22-2007, 05:43 PM
The world seemed to blur around Logos as the woman, Altheena, moved him from place to place and Logos just let it blur. He didn't need direction, he would act as he always did wherever he ended up and suddenly he realised as the door to Altheena's room closed that they had place him... here.

He opened the door. And looked around. As would be expected of a soldiers room it was Spartan, a table hiding away in a corner, a bed with a straw mattress, a candle struggling against all odds to illuminate a darkening room. Those were the furnishments he had been given. Calmly he blew out the candle. The fire seemed to be suffering in order to stay alive. It was natural for it to die now. And his eyes saw through the darkness easily. His eyes. Blue, keen, like watery daggers stabbing through a black cloud.

Logos set the leather covered Yahweh on the ground and smiled looking across the town from the window. He sat on the ledge. His smile was sad. Like only half of himself was their to smile and not even that part was happy. It was a wax over of a smile.

He stared across the town. His words without Words touching the rooftops as he sang across them, skipping from clocktower to shop like a dancer on water.

"The only girl i ever loved
was born with roses in her eyes
but then they buried her alive
with just her sister at her side
and only weeks before the guns
all came and rained on everyone
now she's a little boy in spain
playin' pianos filled with flame
on empty rings around the sun
all sing to say my dream has come

And now we ride the circus wheel
and your dark brother wrapped in white
says it was good to be alive
but now he rides the comet's flame
and won't be coming back again
the earth looks better from a star
thats right above from where you are
he didn't mean to make you cry
the sparks that ring and bullets fly
on empty rings around your heart
the world just screams and falls a part

and now we must pick up every piece
of this life we used to love
just to keep ourselves
at least enough to carry on

and here's where your mother sleeps
and here is the room where your brothers were born
indentions in the sheets
where their bodies once moved but don't move anymore
and its so sad to see
the world agree
that they'd rather see their faces filled with flies
all when I'd want to keep white roses in their eyes"

And as the night wore on he sang through it all. Pulsing with the rythem of beating dreams, the heatbeats of people's minds so easy to taste while they were unmasked to their subconcious. They floated up from the beds of the town and into him and he refracted them, like a crystal, and sprayed them out in the rainbow of his voice. And he stood their on the wind ledge. And he walked across the air. His wings didn't beat. They didn't need to. He was not weighted down by the world. He just floated. And sang. A vessal. A lens. And all was good. But he knew... somewhere he didn't realize, that this would never last.

OOC: Song lyrics for this post by Jeff Mangum

Light Wolf
01-22-2007, 05:57 PM
Yukimura,Benitora,and Aoshi awoke at the same time. Aoshi grabbed his swords and weapons,cleaned them,and himself,dressed and left the room. Benitora did the same and Yukimura was last to leave the room. Yukimura waited outside where their forces would be ready to fight and get into a normal fighitng stance infront of his brothers. Benitora toke the same stance and Aoshi also, yukimura charged at his brother's and quickly spinned kicked Aoshi. Aoshio dodged quickly and landed a quick jab to yukimura's face. Benitora sweep kicked Aoshi and kicked him in the side making him side toward Yukimura. Yukimura stopped Aoshi and rised his leg into the air for a quick axe kick when he heard the voice of some soilders and stopped and helpped his brother up.

All three of them waited on the forces to arrive so they could fight and destroy those who wonted to destroy the world.

01-22-2007, 06:26 PM
Sigma, Delta, and Chaos got ready quickly as they heard the soldiers outside the door. As they left the room Sigma spotted the soldiers he knocked out yesterday and smirked at the bruises they had. Sigma then whispered to his subodinates, "Don't forget the plan, got it," Sigma then turned and headed for the battlefield as the twins followed grinning.

Aura of the Twilight
01-22-2007, 07:56 PM
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Altheena awoke the next day just before the sun rose, and prepared for the up coming battle. The last thing she did before leaving her room was grabbing a charm her mother gave her just before leaving for the war. It was a silver chain that had a black amythest the emitted a purple glow on it. Altheena's mother had said that it had it's own magical powers but she never figured out what. Altheena put it around her neck, and left the room. She meet up with Mark and Umi outside in the courtyards and scanned the area not seeing Talon, Neverdyne, or Logos anywhere yet.

"Have either of you seen Talon or maybe Neverdyne?" Altheena asked looking around yet again. She saw all the mages assigned to her for this mission but still no Talon, Neverdyne, or Logos.

"No." Mark replied dully as he looked out of the corner of his eye at Altheena.

"Yeah me neither. I haven't seen the squirt since last night's briefing." Umi stated also looking around the crowd.

"Well we'll just have to cover for them and they'll just have to catch up to us." Altheena said as the bell for the troops to march rang. After the frontlines had made it through the castle gates the mages made their way following swiftly and quietly. Within a short while they had made it into a forest where the troops were halted and the castle mages started chanting a transfer spell it was just a protocall transfer so that they could open a diemensional gate. Once the gate was opened everyone made it through. The gate would stay open for only a short time span of fifteen minutes before closing.

"I hope they all make it through in time" Altheena thought as she appeared in another forest that was different from the original proving that the transfer had gone successful. They were approaching Celestia from behind in the cover of the forest instead of infront in the open meadow or atleast that's what they thought. After a shortwhile the captial came into view and the mages halted shortly after the knew the capital was in their range. Unfortunatley the land of Celestia had changed too. The mages where halted on the edge of the forest ontop of a cliff. The frontline troops had to go down a path which lead to a five mile long meadow.

The troops just made it to one mile away from the capital when they were spotted. Horns sounded and the Netherneean troops charged. The fire mages used a basic fire spell to bang into the walls surrounding Celestia's capital. Water and wind mages affected the weather making it go in the direction of the Netherneean troops. Altheena and Mark stood there waiting for the opportune time to use their offensive magic while Umi helped the other water mages form a magical cricle and make it rain. The wind mages formed another magical circle to make the wind blow into the Celestian forces causing the rain to blow against them and hopefully weaken some of the lower warriors sight.


Once the attack started and the troops were being rushed out of the city to fight. Lucretia walked out in a white robe that covered her whole body except for her hands and large white wings, and had a hood that cast a shadow over all of her face except for her nose and mouth. She walked to the top of the city walls on the edge where the city was being attacked.

"Mages chant deffensive spells only to protect the city! I'll handle the enemy mages!" She yelled over the raging weather. Then she held her semi tanned arms now fully revaled skyward and started shantting something. A large ball of white light formed over her. "Heaven's Wrath!" she yelled out. Then the ball of light sent out a fast moving beam towards the Netherneea Mages.


As the beam of light approached directly for the mages of Netherneea Altheena stood forward in unisen with Mark. Altheena yelled" Protective Dark!"

Mark yelled, "Protective Light!" The magics converged to make a large Yin-Yang infront of all the mages. The light beam hit it and was split in two and sent to the sides of the mages and scorched the land besides them.

Altheena formed a large pentogram of purple light infront of her with both hands resting at the center when the pentogram was formed. She chanted for a few seconds and the yelled "Twilight's Doom!" Just then all five points of the pentogram started to form pureple and black flames. Then a larger identicle pentogram formed aroung Altheena and then another. Fifteen large magicall balls of purple and black fire was sent flying towards Celestia.


Madame Lucretia helped out with the defense spell just in time for it to take affect. The Twilight's Doom spell was disspersed once it tried to touch the city walls.


"It was blocked?!" Altheena exclaimed.

"It appears they are using a defenssive spell on the city and a stong on at the Mark satated.

"How are we gonna break it?" Altheena said to herself and started thinking quickly while keeping an eye out for the soilders below, who had just made impact in the meado with Celestian soliders, and other spells.

Seikyu Kiba
01-22-2007, 08:33 PM
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Jade heard the Horns of the Solider and heard screaming "Looks like are match with have to wait." He said running towards the front of the castle and saw what was going on, a soldier ran up to Jade in fear.

"General Jade sir, Netherneean troops are attacking, are units have already begun fighting..Lucretia is already fighting the enemy mages." He said panting a bit.

"Alright then I shall join the battle...please inform Lucretia that I will arrive." He said to the soldier then running off towards the battle. When he arrived he looked around and spotted Lucretia. "Well now I guess I should help out." He said as a enemy unit raised his sword at Jade. In a second Jade kicked the unite in the jaw and sending him to the ground killing him instently "Hmph, Weak." He said as another came at him. He closed his eyes as Purple mist was now at the bottom of his feet. "Shadow kick!" He cried as he kicked the soldier, but the kick went through the soldier and then vanished. The soldier stood laughing as if nothing happend. But in a second the soldier was hit three times in the stomach with it appearing nothing had happend. He ran deeper into the battle kicking and fighting and unites who got in his way.

As Jade was fighting a Celestia soldier ran up to Lucretia "Ma'am General Jade Stray has entered the battle." He said slashing one enemy.

Jade kicked another enemy and sent him to the ground. But behind him an enemy was about to attack him, Jade turned around and saw the sword come down apon him.

"Talons Claw!" A voice was heard and a sharp eagle like claw was seen through the enemys chest. The soldier fell to the ground and a man with wings flew down from the skys "So, Jade I wouldn't expect me to save you." He said with a chuckle.

"Syrus.." Jade said in surprise "you have the day off why are you here?" He said confused.

"Apparently I am here to save you." He said smiling.

"Hmph, alright then..Syrus I order you to defend Celestia.."

"Well then lets show these weaklings how to dance, Celestia style." He said with a glare in his eye.

With that Jade and Syrus stood back to back surrounded by enemies. "Now Syrus...White Lightning!" He said as his legs formed white lightning around them. Jades kicks became as fast as lightning and kicked all of the enemies on Jades side.

"Burning Fist!" Syrus Cried as his fist went in flames and Syrus punched the air and shot out a flame from his fist, lighting his enemies on fire.

01-22-2007, 08:34 PM
Renshi was awake long before the battle started and he was already at the wall towards the enemies offensive. He brought his right hand outwards creating a flat circle of white light. The circle filled with green and red arches of energy, twisting and thrusting into an ancient symbol.

He breathed out as his wings form from his back. He opened his fingers and the circle expaned greatly surrounding the city in a sphere of white and red-green energies. He only needed to keep his focus about the barrier.

But for now he saw the armies approaching and he pulled Ryuk from his side while slowly drawing it from it's sheath. The shining blade rang out across the field as he dived in followed by a few scirmishes of Mercenary teams. They flew into battle riding the back winds of Renshi's power staying behind his self sustain barrier.

"My city barrier can take one hit... I'm not god after all." He mumble to himself as he brought Ryuk to his side while charging forwards to meet the army ahead.

01-22-2007, 08:54 PM
Logos sighed as the dawn enveloped him. He then flew after the army, his wings beating hard against the wind until he landed on the battlefield. It seemed like everything had already begun. He sighed and watched and walked into the middle between the two armies. He was passive calm, unconcerned. Angelic Rainment. All around him, angel wings closed around Netherneean soldiers as Noumonal energy, the energy of the Body and the Word of God began to wrap around them. As he moved he would occasionally heal some person if the currents of the battle brought them close but other wise he appeared to ride the Zephyrs of combat unconcerned.

His spear however attacked enemies near him with fervant force. Wrapped in its leather sheath it smashed at the angels with passion. Blades were parried aside which Logos hadn't bothered to notice and his hands occasionally catching blade before cracking it with a small thread of energy. However, no body who he hurt ever died. Most merely lost conciousness and some were incapcitated but none died. Logos did not kill.

Rather he let himself be pushed around occasionally, he looked up towards the mages where Altheena was standing, the wings from his Angel Rainment wrapped around her protectively. He wondered why she couldn't break through but then realized it didn't matter. The battle would go as it willed and all his struggling wouldn't change that. Best to save himself the effot and go as the combat wished to go. He would turn this battle by being bent by it, not the other way around.

For some reason he didn't sing though. He hummed a bit but no words. It seemed proper though. Yahweh was worried but Logos was not. Yahweh wanted to scream and howl. Logos did not want. Did not desire. He merely existed. A demon fell next to Logos blood all over him and Logos' hands glowed as he placed them on the creature. Lay Hands. The demon rose back up and continued to fight.

Logos eyes looked up at the sun which then seemed to transplant itself into their cerulean epoch. Yahweh wanted him to use the Book of Nephilim. But Logos shook his head. That would be too forceful. Best to let things go as they should. Go as they would naturally.

Suddenly his voice erupted from his chest

"And all the moons they will weep out their stars
cross the black sky like bright shining scars
and they will hate and they will love all you are
man of men who screams from a far

And the tower of ivory it will crash with a blow
that will shake every tree and its boughs
as you fade in the night and you glow
so soft yet so dead you should know

And the doves of the sky they will fall
and all the kings they will beg and crawl
and all white lillies will be sewn into palls
for the crypts you erect standing tall"

Yahweh rolled unhappily. It wanted action. Logos could stop this couldn't he! If he would only act. If he would take off his gloves and removed the sheet he could turn the tide perhaps. But Logos didn't want to. The tide didn't need to be turned. It would only come back again. No better to let the tide come in and then use its power. Better to bend and then bend back. Better to fight without resistance. Logos seemed infinately sad though. Or his eyes did. The sun inside them seemed to weep a silken light.

01-22-2007, 09:03 PM
Muerte's form shimmered, disappeared, and was replaced with a overlarge scythe. This scythe form hovered rotated, then launched into the battle, spinning so fast as to be a featureless blur of a circle, mowing down everything in front of it. He was sure that he'd gotten some Celestian troops on the way down.

He reverted to his original form, and skidded to a halt having chosen to use his legs. Leg bones, ribs, and one large blade of bone flew out from his robes and formed his bone staff in front of him. He took hold, then spun to slice just through the jugular of a soldier near him. The resulting spray turned his bleached skull and arm red.

And so, Death moved through the battlefield, killing apparently whomever struck his fancy.

Light Wolf
01-22-2007, 09:03 PM
Yukimura stood beside his brother as their troops rushed into the enemy's and the fighitng began. Yukimura looked at his brother's and nodded as his brother's did the same. Yukimura,and Benitora unshelathed one of their swords and pionted the blades toward one another.

Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryū: Doryusen (Heavenly Dragon Strike)!!!!!!!!!

The brother's called their attack and the wind began to change. Yukimura stroke the ground sending airwaves and rocks into the air and to circle around them. Bwnitora called upon a holy wind and sent it into the tornado circling around them. Aoshi drew both his sword at the same and yelled his attack out.

" Gokō Jūji: (Shadow-Light Cross)!!!!! " he unshealthed both his swords and the force of the blade alone caused Yukimura's and Benitora's attack to be absorbs by Aoshi's swords. Aoshi slashed both his sword down at the same time sending a hurricane form his blades down to the battle field killing many of the enemy's troops before the rest of their troops made contact with the one that were left alive or that were hurt.

Yukimura smiled as he saw the power of their combined attack. He looked at Aoshi and nodded, and Aoshi rushed down the hill into the field meeting a number of enemy troops fighting them three at a time and killing them easliy.

Benitora opened his eyes and saw the demons that had jumpped into the air above Aoshi and ran his fingers down his blade. He spoke slwoly and calmly.

" Mumyo Jinpu Ryu Satsujin Ken (The Sword of a Devilish Wind)....... " his blade began to glow. he rested his sword on his shoulder as a red mist spread across the battle field blocking everyone veiw even his allies. He spoke his attack slwoly and watched as Yukimura's eyes were wide open in shock that he used this attack so early.

" Shin...... " Many Benitora's appeared behind the dmeon attacking his brother and cut them down. Many more appeared and cotninued to cut down the enemy one by one causing the enemy to lose their number's.

Yukimura's eyes were still opened wide and his mouth spread into a sicking grin. He was about to make his move killing most of his troops but killing almost all of the enemy's.

01-22-2007, 09:08 PM
Him, the head of the spear of mercenaries struck at the first batalion's center point. He had held his hand forwards releasing his barrier into a ram upon the center splitting it into two forces. He then landed at their center and drew a symbol in the dirt around his standing. Under his feet the blue and golden arches formed and spread out, shooting out like spears of energy at each approaching attacker.

As they fell the spears erupted into baths of glowing light and spread out light curtains of energy scattering the first batalion into samller skirmishes, small enough for the mercenary forces to take the rest of the slack. Renshi found himself dashing and slashing across the field, getting cut or jabbed every now and then.

But his resolve stayed true as he would cut down one foe after another, Ryuk ringing out into the morning sunrise. Every hit, every cut seemed fluent and deadly as he slowed down to meet enemies as they'd come. He'd let them close in then lash out with a Silver crossed blast of energy from his hand into a wide crescent swing with his sword from variating directions.

The battle raged on as he fell each foe, getting injured at some points along the way.

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01-22-2007, 09:23 PM
The battle that raged in front of Sigma, Delta, and Chaos was endless. No matter how many people died, ten appeared to take their place. The three of them on a cliff above everyone watched the battle with sickening grins over their faces as Sigma drew his swords.

Light Wolf
01-22-2007, 09:30 PM
Yukimura waited then found his piont of attack, he quickly unshealthed his second sword and twirled both swords around his body before getting into a stance. He rushed down the hill and soon became a big light ball rushing toward both army's. Everyone fighting seemed to stop and watch as this light came toward them. Yukimura rushed past half his own men and stopped after passing half of the enemy's.

He had his sword pionted to the ground and that same sicking smile on his face. Aoshi jumpped up and down yelling at him for doing that for he and Benitora knew what happened. The heads of Yukimura's men and the enemy's men slwoly fell off in different directions and their blood spread into the ground covering Yukimura's body and blood dripped form his wings. He growled and began to laugh as their bodys fell form different directions around him the both side began to back away form him. He knew he would have to bring the fight to them and not the other way around.

fox demon naruto
01-22-2007, 10:14 PM
Ryn was leading a small troup of 20 men. His enemies were quite easy since they were nothing more more then soilder's. He lusts for a stronger enemy. He looked up to see the mages clashing the skies. He had always been amazed about how powerfull they were. Any city caught off guard would be doomed. There was a loud bang and Ryn looked as two people killed off over 50 men. When he got a closer look he saw that it was General Jade of the Celestia empire, and another man he did not know. Ryn gave a small chuckle before slowly advancing his way toward him.

Ryn stopped and looked at his troops. "All of you surround him from a distance that can keep you covered and able to escape or aid me if needed. With all this rubble you should find a place far enough not to be ingured from a large blast." he said before his men scattered. Ryn smiled as he advance onto the general.

"Quite a powerfull attack, General Jade." Ryn said pulling out his sword.

01-22-2007, 10:24 PM
Something sickening rolled across the battlefield. It shuddered into Logos. It was an Imbalance. And suddenly, as though an opening of a curtain had taken place he was standing near a fallen angel similar to himself. He looked at the other briefly. The men he had killed hadn't been under the effect of the Angelic Raiment. If they had they might of survived. Angelic Raiment. Even more of the Netherneean army came under the protective influence of Logos lifeforce. He was force a lot of Nominal power out of himself. It wasn't much relative to his main supply however, it was approaching the limits of what his ward cloths would allow him to release. The cloths were designed to repress the power and to that extent they were working but in order to prevent further death He would need to draw upon more.

But he knew he couldn't do that. He would be struggling against the tide if he did that. The people who died died. Death was not something to run away from. He had to remember that. He sighed and merely watched the battle ebb and flow. It seemed that there were several individuals doing most of the fighting. But they couldn't do anything and he knew it. They were expelling so much energy in their struggle and only made the river bend more chaoticly when, if they allowed themselves to drift, they would find themselves where they wanted to be. Those who were not those individuals were dying in droves and Logos could see many of their souls bend towards The Spokes where they would dwell till their next turn on the Circle.

Yahweh floated next to him He didn't like these people. He didn't like the death they were bringing. He wanted Logos to uncover him. To let him protect and shine and fight. But Logos merely shook his head and gazed across the field. Que Sera Sera. There was no way to change the events that would happen, struggling against them only deepened the wounds. Logos. Looked across the dead. He saw their nothing. He looked across the living. He saw even less.

He healed some wounded man next to him and stood their. Yahweh wanted to fight so bad, to break up this battle. But the sun was crying enough as it was. Why add to his tears? Why add the Voice? The Body and The WIll and The Voice were already in one place! Everything was walking across a thread.

01-23-2007, 12:46 AM
His conversation had been cut short when he sensed conflict and he no longer had any interest in some magical brothe. There was a battle with live prey as well as a chance to earn a reward or two. Muttering a spell and making a simple hand sign he fell into his own shadow and which then zoomed off into the war zone. Finally he found a wave of soldiers that had been cut off from the others and were attempting to rejoin the battle.

He rematerialized standing on a hill in front of them. He removed his mask and then started making hand signs and chanting quickly. Finally he stopped and his eyes lit up red as he called out, "First elemental seal break, water!" His chest expanded to ten times it's normal size and he released a flood of water out of his mouth washing up the soldiers into it. Then making another hand sign he began chanting and a purple haze fell over the battle field. Screams could be heard from several different soldiers three soldiers were huddled together in the center of the fog.

Shadows began moving around them, every once in a while they would pass another soldier but would soon lose them in the fog. This continued for several minutes until finally the three heard a scream close by. Ether walked into view wiping blood from his mouth. One soldier charged him but he struck him down breaking his neck before he could swing his sword. Another tried to come up from behind the first but was scooped up by the mighty demon and thrown aside like a childs play thing. The last soldier backed away in fear stumbling over his own feet. "Do you want to know the hardest part about being me", Ether asked licking his lips, "it's really such a pain, you know that feeling you get when your stomach feels completely empty and you just want to feel it with anything you can fit down your throat? Well I'm like that all the time, do you know how annoying that is? No you don't, and now you never will" As the mist surrounded them the soldier yelled out his last scream.

The fog cleared and the soldier was no where to be found. Ether finished off the last of his dagger, the enchantments on it so weak that it was hardly worth the meal, but the owner had temporarily satisfied him. However he knew that he would be famished again soon and could already feel the hunger creeping back. So he ran off searching for the scent of blood and enchanted weaponry in order to satisfy his appetite.

01-23-2007, 11:04 AM
neverdyn blinked as he sank into his shadow "eep i am gonna be to late"she quickly stuffed herbs, medicen and a large tent and her potions in a large backpack and ran for the gate, she was just in time and ran towards the battle field. A little in the back she putted up her tent and quickly laid her stuf around. She opened the large pot with her replentish potion and putted it in several small bottles. standing again she putted the bottles in a smaller bag and ran to athleena "captain athleena!" she yelled as the tryed to find the woman in the mess that was the battle field.

01-23-2007, 11:25 AM
Muerte staggered back as some industrious soldier drove his lance into the bones of Muerte's chest. Muerte grabbed the lance with his free hand, then whipped his chest in that direction to pull the lance out of his opponent's hands. Then, he whipped around again to smack the free end into the head of his enemy. It worked. There was a satisfying smack of wood meeting bone and tissue, and the soldier fell. Not dead, though. But he soon would be, with the amount of fighting going on.

As he pulled the lance out and waited for the flow of dust and bone fragments to subside, he felt something. Someone here either had power, or had something with power from his superiors, in the Great Beyond. Great Beyond. Not the most poetic of names, but it fit. They were Great and they were Beyond most anything.

The bone scythe fell apart, and the bones of it returned to their holding points inside of Muerte. Acheron appeared in the air beside him, hovering like Muerte had taken to doing. Acheron couldn't move on his own for long or far, and his owner took hold. Muerte traveled, tracking that energy. It wasn't his sister, or any other Escort spirit. He came to behind and left of Logos.

"You," He said in a way that adressed no one else. "I think we've both been 'gifted' from the same source. I don't think we've had the pleasure of meeting, though. I am Muerte, an Escort. I keep the flow of souls steady to the afterlives. Beside me is Acheron, my good friend and tool."

Seikyu Kiba
01-23-2007, 02:16 PM
Jade heard a voice from inside all of the comotion, he turned around and saw a young guy standing before him "Ah, hello there Ryn I see you decided to join the battle as well." He said smirking a bit. "These pests don't stand a chance." He said as he kicked another enemy in the head then then kicked another one in the leg, shattering it and then nailing him in the head. "Having fun?" He said chuckling.

fox demon naruto
01-23-2007, 02:29 PM
Ryn stood unswayed when Jade killed a man infront of him. "Fun is a ugly word to say in battle. Who in there right mind would say war is fun?" Ryn gave a small smirk. "But, fighting a strong opponet is always fun. These men of yours are to say 'not up to snuff' for me. Too easy. I want a stronger opponent. I think you General would be a great foe for me." Ryn said.

Seikyu Kiba
01-23-2007, 02:44 PM
Jade smirked at the offer and then looked at Syrus "Syrus I want you to protect the castle and take command of the troops while I am handeling Captain Ryn." He said with a cheerful sound in his voice.

"Yes Jade sir." He said as he continued fighting the enemies around him.

"Alright, now that I am ready, shall we dance?" He said bowing and then putting his leg up. "I think I will let my body take care of its self." He said closing his eyes "Focus!" He said as his eyes rolled in the back of his head and looked as if the life was drained out of him. His body moved forward quickly, and his leg went to strike Ryns neck.

fox demon naruto
01-23-2007, 02:53 PM
Ryn watched as Jade's eyes roll back and he comming to attack him. 'His body is now in control.....I wonder if that mean's he'll just go on a rampage.' Ryn rolled under the leg of Jade just in time when it came near and hit the back of Jade's other leg with his blunt side of his sword. Getting up he readied a defence postition. 'I'll keep dodging until he wears down. But, that could take hours. No, I'll keep dodging until a find a weak spot.' Ryn thought.

01-23-2007, 02:57 PM
Neverdyne felt something behind her and moved out of the way just in time or she would be run through with a sword. . she growled "fight the soldiers already i am just the medic" she pulled her katana she had strapped on her leg and ran it through his chest when he ran at her. she glared at the dead soldier "but that does not mean i wont fight" she jumped out of the way of another soldier and kicked him in the back of his head "captain athleena!" she moved out the way of another soldier only his sword got caught on her bag and ripped it of her shoulder sending the potions flying "darnet!" she cut of the soldiers head and started to search for the fallen potions.

01-23-2007, 03:30 PM
talon burped, the drink at this inn was always good and it always helped to know the owner. the owner was a fat demon that for some reason took the form of a very bloated frog. it was his daughter that had caught talons eye. she was a humanoid and was verry pretty. talon sighed he would never gather enought courage to ask her out... he heard the alarm to signal the opening of the gate.

jumping up he ran headfirst into a girl. looking up he saw it was none other than the daughter of the inn owner.
"are you going to war" she asked softly.
talon nodded.
"please come back. it would be glum, without your happy smile in here..." she hugged him then went into a back room.
after standing dumbstruck for a few seconds talon ran all the way to the gate.


the fighting was furious. talon was suppose to hang back but it was too hard, after only a few moments it was the quickness of his spells and not his wits that were keeping him alive. he retreated back to athleena, she was sending the best spells talon had ever seen everywhere. talon sent a few healing feathers around the ranks then saw two men squaring up. talon reconised one of them as the famous general jade from celestia. he couldn't let the other man single handedly fight him. he molded a few feathers into a long rapier and flew down to help.

something grabbed him from behind and smashed the bracelet on his left arm. he felt the magic drain quickly, suddenly his spells weren't helping as much as before. he felt a bag fall over his head as the sound of fighting got quieter. someone was taking him away from the battle... but who?

01-23-2007, 03:39 PM
neverdyne slashed another soldier across the stomach and grabbed the potion "thats one" she looked around and saw talon falling apearantly drained. Looking at the potion she made a dash for him slashing soldiers here and there, two meters from him she yelled "drink this!"and threw him the potion. she saw another nearby the feet of what apeared to be a highplaced angel. Growling she dodged a few attacks and made a grab for it only to have it to roll away and grab the angels ankle "just my luck"she muttered. She rolled back and looked around noticing ryn "captain grab the potion from the ground!"she managed to dodge a slash "it replentishes your powers when your tired out! " she ducked to avoid a axe.

Aura of the Twilight
01-23-2007, 03:41 PM

As the battle continued on the mages broke up and started sending spells towards the enemy mages. Umi was fighting with the rest of the water mages against the fire mages. Mark was protecting all the mages mainly against any spells Lucretia sent their way. Altheena kept an eye out on the battle field for any anomallies while trying to think of a way to break the shield on the city.

Just then she saw Nevedyne in the battle area not too far off from the cliff they were on. Altheena ordered Mark to use one of his light spells to catch Neverdyne's attention and bring her up here.

"Exploding Light!" Mark yelled as he put his left hand infront of his body and a small ball of light went towards a group of soliders heading towards Neverdyne and blew them away from her.

Altheena waved until she was sure Neverdyne had seen her. Then she noticed some solidersthat were headed their way. "Freezing Storm." she said calmly holding her hands open palmed towards the soliders. A small white snow tornadoe formed around them for a few seconds and then dissappeared showing the soliders frozen in place.

Then she saw one of the enemy soliders carrying Talon away. She watched as Nespa saved Talon and then noticed they were having some trouble. She jumped off the cliff and used a small gravity spell to break her fall, she ran up to another solider their going their way while holding her right hand behind her. Her hand started to get black flames on the tips of the fingers, she sent her hand forward, "HEY!!" she yelled. The solider turned around and she put her hand on his face. "Darkness's Fall!" she yelled and the solider started to scream as steam rose off of his face. He fell to the ground clasping his face as it was starting to singe away.

"Are you guys okay?" she asked Talon and Neverdyne.

01-23-2007, 03:47 PM
neverdyne saw the light 'captain athleen' she thought and started to hack and slash her way to her as best as she could. when she was near her she quickly pressed her back againts the woman and avoided a back stab "i have good news and bad news, i would like to give you time to choose but i am afraid that time is not there" she kicked a soldier "i managed to make a shadow energy replentish potion but the bad news is one of the enemies managed to slash my back and send the potions flying, they men need to pick of bottles with a dark pruple fluid if they see one, if there energy is running low it will replentish them fully" she punched another soldier in the face and stabbed him after that.

01-23-2007, 03:51 PM
The Syncra angel had made his way deep into enemy lines, and swirled a hand forwards creating a temperary barrier. He looked at his body, bruised and bleeding. The pain reminded him of life and eternity, there was no going back now. He would strike at the heart of their magical forces and bring the fight of both magical forces to a stand still.

He watched as bolt after bolt and blast after blast pounded the white energies around his bubble, adorned in twisting and jaggad crystal symbols. "I will.. I must go on." He told himself under a breath as he conjured a glowing roll of white energy around his form healing his wounds.

After so he held forth Ryuk and brought it to it's sheath slowly. He closed his eyes as the rapping and ripping of the attacks against his shield pounded on his mind and soul, he took hold of the sheathed Ryuk and drew it forth in a valliant fiery blaze "Faun I summon thee!" His voice rang out as the burning blade and hooking guard formed from it's previous state. With that the barrier shattered into fiery shards of burning energy setting a great circle of flames about the area around him.

That outbursting blast sent the troops around him across the field in various directions as he blazed down through the field with his fiery steel at his side. He had made it to the mage line of the enemy forces were he saw a peculiar girl at the lead. (Altheena)

"I see... they have children fighting for them now...Faun we must put them to rest. I don't want to kill the child.. she doesn't seem to realise what war really is." His mind soared as fast as he did with his shooting back in flames like a combustion engine.

01-23-2007, 03:56 PM
talon could only smile, he still had the potion that neverdyne had thrown to him. he drank it then turned to see the look of worry on athleena's face. he reached out and placed a hand on her shoulder. "thanks"
he started to turn but saw a glint in the sky as something fell from above, he span round then pushed athleena to the ground.
"ahhhhhhhhh" talon screamed.
a spear had pinned him to the ground through his wing. he pulled it out and threw it away.
athleena looked even more worried.
talon only said, "no, go help the others i'll hide and heal..."

and without waiting for an reply turned around.
he called over his shoulder "if we make it out of here you can say thanks later"
that should sort things out, at least now he didn't feel completely useless. he remembered the hug in the inn. he had to get back, he hid behind a small peice of rubble and started work on his wing, this was going to take awhile...

Aura of the Twilight
01-23-2007, 04:10 PM

Altheena noted Neverdyne's comment, and after being saved by Talon Mark sent pout a private signal that only he, Umi, Altheena knew what it meant. Altheena looked where the spell was sent to see an angel with long blone hair and a firey sword nearby.

"Neverdyne climb up the cliff and go to the other mages I'll inform any nearby soliders and keep and eye out for the potions. You're not actually supposed to fight in this battle." Altheena said looking out of the corner of her eye at Neverdyne.

She then returned her attention to the angel and started to summon some of her magic in case he should try to attack her while she was waiting to make sure Neverdyne made it up the cliff safely.


Lucretia formed a circle and started to chant something. Magical energies were begining to form around her.


Altheena noticed the change in magical flow but kept her focus on the solider. He had an air of magic about him as well.

01-23-2007, 04:32 PM
Renshi had been spotted, but he worried not. Holding out a hand as he blazed towards Altheena and the mages he created a spectral symbol, that of a burning blue dragon. The ring opened as he brought forth an embodiement of the watery element.

The serpent charged forwards collecting a blue blast of force within it's massive jaws as Renshi ran up the serpent's neck. He jumped from the creature decending upon Altheena with Fuan forwards.

He had struck down using his wings tilted down as well as gravity to back his attack. "Back off child! I need not slay one of innocent age!" He called to her as he did so.

01-23-2007, 04:55 PM
Sigma laughed loud as he jumped down drawing two katanas and landing on two celestian soldiers' shoulders and broke their necks before continuing his attack.

Chaos grinned as he drew a rifle and blasted celestians into the pits of hell while reloading every 7 shots. "Let's get this party started," Chaos laughed.

Delta jumped to the ground and grabbed knives that were thrown into a group of soldiers as more knives appeared and he continued to throw them.

Sigma cut down as many soldiers as possible before he saw a mercenary angel using magic and a sword to cut down soldiers. "If I'm correct that's...uhh...syncra magic or something. I thought all the mages of that style died, I guess I was wrong," Sigma murmured as he walked to him. "You, you're magic is supposed to be extinct, who are you," Sigma said forming his stance and running toward him and as he noticed, captain Altheena

Light Wolf
01-23-2007, 05:06 PM
Yukimura's sicking smile spread and his bloodlust continued to rise with it. He let his wings spread all the way out and began to rise into the air. HIS body gave off and blinding light as his eyes began to glow white.


Aoshi grabbed a couple of soilders and rushed back toward Talon and Talon and the Captain. Benitora pack over 15 soilders on his body and still moved as fast as Aoshi. Aoshi grabbed Talon by the waist and rushed back a few yards and ducked ujnder the hill behind Yukimura. Benitora waited on the Catain and the rest of the soilders to retreat behind them also and nodded at Yukimura.

Yukimura continued to shine brightly and pionted his hand toward the battle feild and the enemy soilder that didnt move. He grinned as a emormous blast released itself from his arm destroying half the battle field and alot of the enemy forces. The energy cam back and began to fire rapidly destroying more and more enemy troops. The sun soon was covered by clouds and the energy stopped firing and Yukimura set himself back upon the ground. Most of the enemy's soilders were wipped out but their seemed to be more and more continuing to come. Yukimura fell to one knee and touched the ground, his eyes widened in shock.

" So thats what this is..... " He spoke as more enemy soilder surronded him.

Aura of the Twilight
01-23-2007, 05:06 PM

"Child?! Back off old man!!" Altheena said with emotion as she doged his attack. "Darkness Slicer!" she yelled and three dark crescent shaped ebbs were sent flying towrds the angel, but they disppersed before they reached him. "What?!" she questioned in her mind. Then Yukimura let out a lot of magical energy in his attack and shocked her slightly then she turned towards the angel again.

"If you truly didn't want to slay anyone let alone someone as "young" as me you angels shouldn't have attacked Netherneea and started the war in the frist place! And don't call me child my name is Altheena! Got it?!" Altheena stated. then she made herself calm down. She tried to use some of her magic but couldn't, "What's wrong with my magic?" Altheena thought as she was thinking she stayed ever alert to the angel. She also noted that her charm was glowing more than usual.

01-23-2007, 05:22 PM
Logos nodded to the emissary. He Knew him. Knew him through instinct. Not from memory or reason. He pulled out his pen and paper and began to write, "I am defined as Logos. Yahweh might know you better or perhaps the Voice would. I am a vessal and am not treated to such knowledge. You're purpose sounds vital and I shall not interfere with it. Perhaps I too have a purpose for existing but I do not know it. I merely go with the heartbeat of the world, I flow in its blood. Yahweh, is my spear. For now I observe and watch the world, It is strange to see these creatures move and shift the world around them. Too fight against the currents of history and inso doing drown in them. Do you wish to watch with me? It is a sad and surreal spectacle. Makes me wonder why the Hand of the Hub has guided me here." Logos handed the paper to the skeleton.

Logos gazed across the battle and Yahweh returned to his back not seeing anything happen. Then He saw it. Altheena seemed to be struggling the Wings from her Angelic Raiment were dim. Bowing briefly to Muerte for having to depart so soon he opened a Door of Eden and stepped through to near Altheena. He put his hand on her shoulder. Looking ask around at some of the others who had accumlated. Yahweh wanted to ask what was going on and fight but Logos did not wish to rush things.

Honestly, he had no reasons as he always didn't. Reasons were meaningless. Logic was a waste. All there was, was intuition. Thoughtless thought and actionless action.

01-23-2007, 05:22 PM
He casted Sigma's blind field walking aside, responding from afar with a grunt. He had faced Altheena again and shook his head "I do not come from this realm.. I am Renshi Rioshi of the Rioshi Syncra school of magic in the Realms of Hualtha. I fight because I defend these people who have taken me in... after my shrine was burned down! I fight because I wish to live!"

His call to her had rung across the field as the summoned serpent released it blue ray of power upon the enemy mages before being dispersed. The Serpent left with a screech, causing all but the iron willed to fall to their knees in pain of the ear.

He then dashed towards her again, in the process he sheathed Faun, then right before he slid under her defences he shot Ryuk forwards from the sheath launching the butt of the hilt into her gut, then turning about to meet Sigma eye to eye.

"So.. you wish to destroy those that took m---" He was cut off as he was hit by a bolt of pure energy sending him through a nearby tree. He felt his wings return into his back as he slid across the ground.

"A way ward spell...? I think not." He sensed a power coming from the girl he hand knocked earlier and raised his eyebrows. "That jewel... it's power is.. unusual.." He fell to the ground as he was hit by another bolt, he slid into another tree as well as under a row of soldiers.

"Is this..the..end?" he was helpless, trapted under the tree above. He fell unconscious as the battle raged on around him, Ryuk disappeared into his body as his eyes stayed shut.

Light Wolf
01-23-2007, 05:32 PM
Benitora grabbed Yukimura's shoulder and a smile spread across his fac different then ever before. Yukimura's eyes again were wide as Benitora threw him back and landed ontop of Aoshi. Both brothers watched as Benitora began to change and his sword seemed to look like a blade connevcted to a dragonsa motuh inwitch Bentora hand grabbed the handle of the dragon's blade, he then pionted the blade toward the sky and energy began to build in the sky and a lighting bolt rained down around Benitora making a corcle with a seal in it, he was calling the ture Shin, Benitora opened his mouth and let out a horrible roar that broke apart the ground and caused even demons to run away form the battle field.

Benitora pionted his toward the battle and the red mist surronded his body then a great gust of wind turned the mist into red creasent moons. The creset moon shape attack rushed down the hill toward the battle cutting down enemy after enemy and sending their blood into the air raining down onto of Benotra's blade. He grinned and his sword whent back to its normal self and his body did also. He shealthed his sword and looked at the sky as blood dripped form his mouth.

01-23-2007, 05:56 PM
Ether was still fighting his way through the soldiers. "Pathetic you people aren't even an appetizer!", he yelled backhanding a soldier and snapping his neck. He was tearing through the ranks like tissue paper. Finally one soldier was able to get close enough to catch him off guard. He swung his sword and it hit Ether knocking his mask clean off of him. Ether dodged as the man tried to finish him.

He grabbed the soldier and his jaws unlocked and stretched allowing him to swallow the offender in one bite. His body was stretched out for a moment but soon the soldier was assimilated into him and his body returned to normal. Before he could fully digest the man he was pounced by several men. They kept piling up trying to hold him down until finally he was no longer visible. They stayed like this for a moment before he yelled out, "Third elemental seal break, wind!", and the soldiers were sent flying off of him by a huge cyclone. Before most of the survivors could regain Ether pounced and began stuffing them down his throat.

The feeding frenzy continued for a while before Ether sense a great magical presence. His eyes widened and lit up red. He punched in the chest of the soldier in his arm and began making his way toward the source of the energy. "Something smells good", he muttered.

Seikyu Kiba
01-23-2007, 06:16 PM
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Jade continued to attack fiercly with out stopping, blocking the attacks Ryn through at him, Jades legs were charged with dark mist and then he kicked Ryns stomach "Shadow Kick!" He said as the kick went right through Ryn. The kick looked as if it did nothing but a force was shot right into Ryns stomach. "Hmph, Focus allows me to concentrate more and use less energy so I don't get tired out." He said smirking with his eyes still rolled back.

Light Wolf
01-23-2007, 07:01 PM
Yukimura regained his energy and stood up quickly he grabbed Benitora and gave him to Aoshi. Yukimura then unshelathed both his swords and made an X with them. He get down low to the ground and jumpped as air as he could. His wings spread out and feathers swirled around his body. the ribbon that was wrapped around is body swirled around the feathers and the wind swirled around the ribbon. Yukimura closed his eyes and listened as spells form the enemy flashed by his head. He waited and waited intel he heard a strnge sound. He qucikly opened his eyes and kicked one of the spells ocming toward him down toward the sound. The spell hit the gorund and a man was blown formt he gorund. He grabbed his shoulder in pain and half on the enemy forces flashed in and out. Yukimura knew what had to be done.

Yukimura let his wings spread all the way out and a dragon seemed to form around him, it was made of light. The dragon was absorbed into Yukimura's swords and a seal began to form on the blades. Yukimura opened his eyes and the seal spread out of the blade and the swords disappeared absorbed by the feather surronding him. The feathers turned pink and swirled around Yukimura in the air. He looked at the mage that made all of the enemy soilders and with a smirk the feathers rained down ontop of him. Yukimura knew that if this attack hit him then the battle would be over and they would have one.

01-23-2007, 07:19 PM
~he ShiKaiki and KageKaiki landed~
"So it has begun"
~he walked casually into the battle and KageKaiki took out his tri-bladed weapons "Fallen Fang of the Void" ShiKaiki removed his sword and Phexithors was surrounded~

"Hmm...highly unintresting..."
~there was a glow and he spun around cutting through the surrounding soldiers with his triple-sickled scythe and continued on KageKaiki dashes into the battle at a great amount of speed slashing through many the grappling a spearman with his daggers~

~his two weapons glowed a dark red~

~a blast sent the Celestia spearman fling back with a broken spear as two dark arrows shot up and few rained down impaling few soldiers then vanished ShiKaiki blocked a soldier and then cut through him with a swift samurai finishing slash and walked on~

Aura of the Twilight
01-23-2007, 07:47 PM
OOC: Another long one and yes everyone must read this one as well.


As Yukimura's magical attack came towards Luctretia, who was in the middle of a chant, they were stopped and decentegrated into nothingness by the shield of the city. Lucretia finished her chant.


Mark ran towards Altheena and grabbed a potion bottle on the way. He slowly poured the potion into her mought to help her recover consciousness after taking her from Logos gently. Altheena opened her eyes and jumped up.

"....Huh where's Renshi?" she asked no one in particular. Then noticed Logos, "Oh I'm glad you made it Logos. Oh wait that didn't come out right..." Altheena greeted Logos.

"Over there." Mark replied to Altheena's question pointing towrds a pile of soliders. She could see one of Renshi's arms from underneath the pile of bodies.

"Ahh! He'll be crushed!" Altheena excalimed as she started to run towards the pile. Mark grabbed her hand and stopped her.

"What are you doing?! He's the enemy?!" he stated.

"That may be true but he didn't kill me when he had the chance which means he isn't completely our enemy. I have to help him it's just how I am. You of all people should know and understand that." Altheena explained and then snatched her hand from Marks grasp and started moving the solider's bodies off of Renshi. She somewhat dragged somewhat carried him over to a tree. "Are you okay?" she asked him.

Mark ran up to her and stood beside her. The he started to talk," Altheena why is all your magical energy in that charm?" he asked while glareing at Renshi.


Lucretia started to draw a circle with a cross in it in the air made of white light. Once it was finished she held her hands forward. "Light's Savior!" she yelled then all at once every bit of magical energy around her was formed into a white light that was made into a beam. It headed staright for the area Altheena and the others were, while it was getting closer and closer smaller beams shot off at an angel from the sides killing any enemies it hit and scorching anything it touched.


As soon as everyone realized the beam was headed towards them they turned their attention to it. Umi ran up to Altheena, "How're we gonna stop that?!" she questioned panically.

Just then Altheena's charm started to gather the magical energies of anything and anyone around her. Suddenly without thinking or trying to Altheena formed a pentogram and then another upsidedown on top if it made from purple light with her hands "Twilight Liberation!" she yelled and all of the energy around her was shot off in a purple beam and meet with the white one, causing an explosiong in the center of the battlefield. The beams spiralled upward and then dissappeared.


Lucretia collapsed from exhaustion.


Altheena aslo collapsed from exhaustion. Then a mage from the castle came towards them saying the Overlord was watching through a magical portal and has issued a retreat, and that everyone was to start retreating immediatley that a dimensional gate had been made at the top of the cliff.

Mark picked up Altheena and walked towards the gates with Umi and some of the castle mages trailing them while others were informing the rest of the forces to retreat using the magic that they still had left.

01-23-2007, 07:56 PM
When Ether had made it to the source of the power he was distracted by the blasts. Soon everyone around him was runnning back yelling that it had been ordered to retreat. His eyes were now glowing a solid red. "Crap on a stick", he said through clenched teeth. What was that?, he thought to himself, it felt so strong I could have had a feast off of it. He slowly turned and made a hand sign before sinking into his shadow. "Oh well atleast this job just got a lot more interesting", he muttered while zooming away from the battlefield.

01-23-2007, 07:57 PM
~he smirked and stood in the middle of a Celestia battle front~
~he opened his hand and a giant black orb began to form a black aura formed around him the soldiers that attacked him were blocked by ShiKaiki and Kage-Kaiki~
"Here comes the fun part!"
"Kage you are way too cocky...but that I must agree on"

~Phexithors' aura picked up the triple-sickled scythe and the Masamunes and protected him from any other intrusions until the ball got large Phexithors spun and his weapons landed standing by them selves he roared~

~the orb blasted forward and exploded into quite a few souls that berserked at every Celestia soldier warrior and mage within a 50 foot diameter Shi and KageKaiki flipped back and started moving at great speeds dodging oncoming souls and slashing ShiKaiki got stabbed by a spearman but his armor blocked it he soon tore out the spear and impaled it into the spearman's skull and continue fighting around the souls~

~Phexithors wrapped his hand that was glowing shethed his scythe and took up his Masamunes and slashed blocking and attacking a spearman thrusted at him he ducked it missed him barely he than sprinted under the spear jumped up and roundhoused it in the face then when it was knocked down he impaled it and commeced to fight other warriors~

01-23-2007, 08:02 PM
Renshi was taken captive, being carried back to the gate as a few soldiers looked at him in disgust. But they held their tounges, for it was Altheena that wished him help. He was carried on the shoulders of four troops, his arms hanging limp off the sides.

He felt the energies of Celestia fading, his thoughts were on the glowing soft lights of the Capitol in the blue tinted moonlight. His eyes opened slightly only to close, not to open again for hours.

In the time after the retreat, he was thrown into a dungeon, a single cell with a mgical seal about it's stone. He floated in a large sphere, holding his knees to his chest.

"Is this really.. happening?" He felt a thought cross his mind.

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Light Wolf
01-23-2007, 08:10 PM
Yukimura,AOshi and Benitora all grathered around one another and Yukimura stopped his attack he spread his wings and feathers covered some of their soidlers, all of them disappeared and reappeared infount of the portal the three of them pushed people into the portal and helpped the retreat.


01-23-2007, 08:24 PM
Logos watched the army retreat but stayed behind on the battlefield. He sat down by a tree among the bodies and looked around, he watched as the buzzards had already begun to circle and his wings wrapped around him and his wards dissipated.

"And the world has turn
and so many things they have passed
and the soil face is burned
it is charred and is covered with grass
as some hands from child hold
some latern so cold
to illuminate his father's dying eye
all while the sky's they turn to cry
on the roses which aren't growing no more

down on the field were Avalon fell
to the ground with a whoop and yell
and did nothing but to die and be released
from fire and some contract of a soul that had been leased
and the Wheel it winds
away its time
like a clock that is running low and down
as it spills it gears across somebody's dying ground
and some will cry to see
and future to be
free from all the pains of their demise
all while oceans they are spinning in their eyes"

Logos made the only sound on the battlefield. Alone. He wondered if he should return. Yahweh thought it was a good idea. but Logos decided not to. He had no reason to return. Not yet anyway. He would lie hear admist the bodies. Voiceless and singing. Perhaps, that would be enough to guide them. Let them return. So the wheel could continue to move.

01-23-2007, 08:39 PM
~he shethed his Masamunes and turned and began walking back to the base calmly ShiKaiki slashed through few more retreating soldiers and walked back as well KageKaiki grappled slashed and impaled as many as possible before he turned back but not before frowning at the sight of retreat without saying~

"Aww...there retreating..."

~the returned to the base and watch them retreat while killing obvious war spies for Celestia ShiKaiki and KageKaiki patroled the area as Phexithors waited once more~


CF Striker
01-23-2007, 09:26 PM
Kavs just assumed to have the day oof anyway. No one had shown up, which ment he now had to go find whoever wasn't in the midst of this conflict. He enter one of the few taverns in Celestia: Fleatherlight Inn.
Kavs was used to the erriee solummness of the place. Celestia just had no idea how to throw a good party. He sat next to a man with darkish skin, he seemed lost in thought. He looked strong, so Kavs decided he was his first target.

Kavs talked smoothly, "Think the war is pointless?"

The man grunted, "No, army won't have me. I'm a lost guy without a regiment."

Kavs grinned, winning was a very good thing. "Well then, find me tommorow, we satrt work immediately. He handed the man a buisness card and the man raised an eyebrow, "Retribution team?"

Kavs replied, "Yeah, if you want get some real work done and figure out the meaning of this whole thing I could use ya' "

The man nodded, "I'm Rodriguez. Se ya; tommorow then."

Kavs nodded. He had gotten what he came for, but he never exspected such a matter-of-fact conversation. He started heading for the back door when an arm jerked him and shoved him to a wall.

"I see," a voice said, "so the men are the only ones good enough for you hm?"

Kavs was speachless at the moment because one: the lady looked...good and two: she had him pinned to a wall. She had obviously overheard his earlier conversation, so he handed her a card as well."

She snatched it and stck in down her shirt, to look at later. She taunted "of coarse I may not come, but I'll think about it." She let go of Kavs and let him run away. He'd know her skills soon enough.

Kavs went home and tried to sleep. His mind wanted to answer questions, but his body quickly slumped into an apathetic slumber.

OCC: Sorry, I'm tired and this post is kinda bad. I'll flesh these guys out more later.

01-23-2007, 09:39 PM
Muerte had already started his true work. A monumentous battle, to be sure, with a equally monumentous amount of shades who wouldn't cross over themselves.

"Come now, there's no shame in death." He wasi as he floated beside one of those shades. "It's a part of life, like birth and puberty. You won't do any good just to stay here. Go over, please."

And then, the view shimmered and changed. There, not too far away now, you could see Styx, and dozens of shades lined up on the shore. Two ferrys were floating in the blue-black waters, Muerte noticed. So Phlegyas had been pulled out of retirement for the day. As Phlegyas made the return trip, Charon grumpily waved more shades onto his boat, then pushed off.

The shade Muerte had been escorting timidly made the trek down to the shore. Far away, near Phlegyas's crossing point, he could see his dear sister. Their eyes met, and she waved her scythe over her head, in a greeting they'd established long ago. With a little joy in his bones, Muerte swung Acheron in a wide arch up in the air, then turned back to the battlefield.

Logos was staying, he saw. Some of the shades seemed gathered around him. Muerte approached them, and started talking to them, trying to figure out what approach would be best to get them to cross.

fox demon naruto
01-23-2007, 09:45 PM
Ryn groaned in pain as the pain swept through his body. But he still stood ready to attack. Suddenly he heard a voice from one of the mages to retreate. Ryn crused before looking back at Jade. "Sorry Jade we'll have to fight another time. Where pulling out." Ryn said before placing his sword infront of him. "But here's a parting gift." A small glow formed around Ryn and a large enegy shot through his sword. "Twin Air Dragon Slash!" Ryn yelled before swinging his swords and two wind dragons appeared and began to attack Jade. Ryn, useing this time, rounded up his troups and left.

When he and his group joined the Mages he once again cursed. He hated to retreat. It showed that they were out of chances to win. It felt as if they said they were weaker then the opponent. However, he held his tounge. He didn't need to get the mages angry. They had a better idea of what was going on then he did. Sighing, he jumped into the gate and went back.

01-23-2007, 10:18 PM
Logos sat under that tree. And watched as Muerte came near him talking to several peopl near him. Or two thirds people. They had the spirit and will but lacked the body. The White and the Black only lacking the gray. The bi-polar purity lacking only corruption. He sat their. Leaning his head back against the tree. They would all go in their time. Things would flow as they should. He wondered if his purpose was to guide them but, though it was a potential ability he had and could do it was not his purpose. There was no sense of fulfillment at the idea. He would let the Angel's of Death do their duty and he would do his. He looked over to the city of Angels and vaguely recalled his parents and he wondered if they still feared him. They, in their seperate houses.

Logos leaned back and let his empty mind drift on the currents of the spiritual wind that moved the souls and sun. His eyes were closed, their luminence seperated from the world by a veil of flesh.

01-24-2007, 10:33 AM
neverdyne was runnin towards the cliff as she saw one of the angels pick up a potion. she quickly turned and slashed through him, she picked up the potion and sighed not sure what would have happened if the potion was pulled apart by the angels. she suddenly heard yukimura yell and paled when she looked over her shoulder 'i hope this holds' she thought. Putting the potion in her shirt she spread her arms "shadow protection" A dark see through ball formed around her and she yelped when the attack hit sending her rolling. After a minute she was not sure which side was up and down while the attack kept killing angels. She hissed when she hit the barries of the castel and dropped to the floor as she let go of the orb. she stood but was to dizzy and sank back down 'that was one powerfull attack he send me over the enemie lines'she thought. she blinked finding something not right with that thought 'enemie lines? oh no' she stood but felt something hit the back her head and she sank back to the floor. The last thing she saw before she gave into darkness were a pair of boots and feathered wings.

Seikyu Kiba
01-24-2007, 02:46 PM
Jade was hit by the attack and sent flying against a near by tree. "Gah!" when he was sent flying towards the tree his head slammed against the bark and then started to fall. He quickly recovered and landed on his feet, He looked at his self and noticed one of his left leg and his left shoulder were injured "Ah, he got me..no matter..I will..take...his..life..nex.." Jade fell to the ground passed out from blood lose.

"Jade!" Syrus said flying over to him and knelt beside Jade "Medic!" Syrus yelled as the enemy was retreating. "Hang in there General!" He got up and ran to look for a medic "I have to find someone." He said looking around "Medic!" He couldn't find anyone "Man I knew I should have took medical classes." He said and almost tripped over an unconiouse girl on the ground. "Whoa!" He said catching himself and looking down "An enemy mage? She is unconsiouse....." He said poking her with his foot, he saw someone standing by her and then tied her hands and legs and picking her up. "Well, now to find a medic." He said running through the gates and then giving the girl to one of the soldiers "Here, I have no idea what I am doing so just take her to a cell." He said heading back off into the battlefield and trying to pick up Jades body "Wow, you are heavy lay off the food." He said trying to pick him up "Hey a little help!" Syrus yelled into the battle.

01-24-2007, 02:59 PM
Nederdyne groaned as she slowly woke up 'what happened' she blinked to get the blur out of her eyes and sat up, she frowned when she heard jingles and looked at her wrists. they were shackled with what apeared to be seals on them. she sat up and looked around the cell, a heavey door was on her left side across from her was a table with her weapons, the potion and for some reason her hairtie. She sighed and concetrated her healing energy on her hands pleased when she noticed her healing was not sealed. she pressed her hands against her temples and sighed when the headache melted away. she looked at the shackles again and noticed her nails hand been shortened to 'these people are smarter than we think' she drew her knee's up and wrapped her arms around it "oh wel besides the shackles it reminds me alot my room back at the castle "she muttered.

01-24-2007, 03:13 PM
talon couldn't see, the light was so intense. he heard singing and made his way towards it. this spell was going to kill them all. he noticed athleena and a few others make it back through a newly formed portal. the light was still getting brighter he noticed the man that had been writing to athleena casualy sat next to a tree. maybe he could help? the man had stopped singing and had closed his eyes. talon was still too far away, the light hit him and he was thrown towards him. talon grabbed his arm and felt his magic all most bursting out, it was immence!
talon hoped the stranger wouldn't mind if he borrowed some magic, then used it to teleport to the one true place he felt safe... the inn.

Seikyu Kiba
01-24-2007, 03:23 PM
Syrus finally was able to pick up Jade and carried him to the medical area "General Jade has been severly injured.." He said running in looking at the nurse "Please take him and heal him." He said putting his body on a nursing bed.

"Thank you, we will take care of his wounds." The nurse said taking him away.

"Good." he said turning around and walking out the door "Hmm I wonder if the prisoner is awake." he said as he walked over to some near by stairs and started to walk down them, the stairs spiraled down and then when he reached the bottom a guard stopped him.

"What is your purpose here??" The guard said with his sword at his side.

"I am here to see the prisoner that I brought in." He said with a seriouse tone. "Now let me through."

"Yes Syrus." The guard said opening the door.

Syrus stepped inside and walked down the hallway with rows of cells. He finally reached the one that the prisoner was put in and he turned and faced it "Well, hello there prisoner." He said with a teasing tone "Hope your comfterable." Syrus looked at her and then leaned against the cell "Of course a Netherneea skum should be use to this kind of living." He said chuckling.

01-24-2007, 03:29 PM
nevderdyne looked up at the opening of the door and smiled "yes it almost exactly my room at the castle" she stood and slowly walked to him stopped a few centimeters before him because she ran out of chain "i can already tell you that Netherneea wil pay no ransom for me or even bother to save me" she walked back to the wall calmly her hair swaying behind her "I am just there medic and most soldiers don't even like me because i am a albino"she turned and sat on the ground again "my own parents sended me in this war to get rid of me". she smiled sweetly "so your words have no meaning to me" she brushed a few hairs back.

01-24-2007, 03:38 PM
talon started work on his wing again. it had gotten dirty in the rust towards the singer. also now his back was tingling with painful magical energy. it took about an hour to heal all of his injurys. in which time the bargirl had been over with three free drinks. they were alot stronger than what he was used to but they helped with the pain. he thanked the girl with an hug "do you mind telling me your name?" talon asked.
she blushed "Leonie..."

suddenly he felt a faint magical signal, it was pitifully weak, like it had had to fight it's way to get here. it said softly only a single word "neverdyne". talon wondered what had happened so he set off to the castle to find her. he hoped she was ok, maybe another potion had blown up. did that girl never stop? only just back from battle and brewing potions already...

"sorry Leonie but i've got to go, i'll come back later." said talon and with that he quickly walked out of the inn...

Seikyu Kiba
01-24-2007, 03:58 PM
Syrus frowned a bit "Oh...I see." He said looking down "Well so much for teasing you prisoner." He said as he pointed "I know asking you to join are side is a dumb idea so don't try and seduct me into thinking about it." he said crossing his arms "I am a soldier trained under General Jade Stray." He said folding his wings. "Your albino...what is so bad about that?" He said rather curiously.

"Don't get to know the enemy Syrus..all of Netherneea soldiers are the same, no matter how tragic their story maybe." A voice said from the door way.

"G..general Jade sir." He said soluting.

"Hmph, Syrus I told you, you don't need to solute me when you see me, and it's just Jade to you." he said limping a bit

"Gen..err...Jade you shouldn't be walking around in your kind of condition." he said looking down.

"I'm fine, a few cuts won't keep me down...so..this is the medic I heard you captured." He said looking at her "Hmph, she is young but I don't trust her." he said with a scuff in his voice.

"Yes sir this is..uh...the prisoner, she was found unconsiouse."

"Syrus...good job, because you captured her, I am leaving her in your hands, watch out for her tricks and keep her in here." he said turning around "And don't converse alot." He said strickly. Jade turned around and limped out the door.

"Yes sir." He said turning back to her "Well, I guess are conversation is done." he said sitting down in a chair that was leaned against the wall. "But to let you know, I had to join this war, I made a promise to Jade that I would follow him anywhere." He said crossing his arms. "Oh, and my name Syrus Heartful." he said closing his eyes.

01-24-2007, 04:06 PM
ooc: mech your post is not logical, if demons are taken prisoner then i don't think they just let them lay around tied by a piece of a rope.

neverdyne rolled her eyes at jades words "does he expect me to hide another sword in my bra or something?". she looked at syrus "i don't have any tricks on my sleeve, i am just a medic" she lifted her wrists "and if i could break these seals i probely would done that by now" she crosses her arms and sighs "if your not allowed to converse or even tell me what they are gonna do with me then could you atlist get me a book?" she played with lock of her hair and shifted to sit more comfortabel.

Aura of the Twilight
01-24-2007, 05:19 PM
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After an hour of rest from retreating and the battle Altheena awoke in her room. She sat up and looked around still a little confused from what happened. She looked at her charm to see it glowing at its normal rate again she got up and wrote a letter to her mother about what happened at the battle and gave it to a messenger peigon and sent it off. She then left her room and went to the first floor to check the boards to see who had made it back. She noticed that quite a few names were blackened out meaning someone had seen them dead and there wasn't a check by Logos's, Neverdyne's, and a few other names as well. Then she looked at the announcement boards and looked at it. Then she noticed that a large paper with the words "Netherneea Ball" on it.

"Aack!" Altheena exclaimed jumping back slightly from surprise. "I can't believe they are still going to have the ball after today." she thought reading on. "Whhhaaatt?! It's tomorrow night?! Why so soon?!" she added to her thoughts. Then she walked away and found Umi in the halls. "Did you know they're still having the ball and it's tomorrow night? Some of our troops are still missing too." Altheena asked as she started a conversation with her.

"Yeah I know. It's sad that they will miss it if they are still alive, but my mom made me the most gorgeous dress for it!" Umi exclaimed as she continued walking with Altheena at her side.

"Oh I'll have to see it later. I haven't checked my closet lately so I have no clue what my mom's put in it during her visits. Ummm where are we going? The only place down here is the dungeon." Altheena stated as they tuned down a hall.

"I know, I volunteered to watch that angel guy you had contact with earlier durning the fifteen minutes of switchtime when the guards change shifts, and that starts in one minute." Umi replied with an echo as they walked down some stairs into the dungeon where the guard was just getting up to leave. He saluted Umi and Altheena and then left.

"His name is Renshi and he claimes to be a syncra angel or something along those lines. My memory is still a little fuzzy from some of the battle." Altheena stated as she stood by Umi.

"Yeah he's being held in cell three over there. Oh that spell was awsome Altheena when did you learn it?! *Twilight Liberation* is what you called it I think," Umi stated.

"I don't know I guess it came to me subconsiously. Has he seen any medical attention?" Altheena asked.

"Just enough to survive." Umi replied sitting down in a chair.

"You're terrible sometimes." Altheena frowned and the walked over to cell three and squated down with her knees held together by her arms and leaning forward slightly to maintian balance. He wasn't tied up at all, then again he didn't need to be since all except for healing and alignment magic was useless in the dungeon and his weapons were confinscated. "Is he healing himeself like that?" Altheena thought as she started at him.

01-24-2007, 05:33 PM
Ether made it back about an hour later since he stopped off to grab a quick snack. He rematerialised and sniffed the air trying to track down the magical force that had triggered his appetite so suddenly. He eventually caught it and began searching. In the end it led him to a the the first floor, he hid around a corner and put his hand to the wall and said, "Second elemental seal break, earth" He then began listening in to the conversation through the vibrations in the wall. Even as they walked away

A ball huh, he though to himself, and that girl has my meal around her neck, maybe this little party can be used to my advantage. He smiled and licked his lips. He sensed someone coming his way so he left before they made it there making his way to a deserted corridor to plan his next move.

01-24-2007, 05:39 PM
Logos stood up. The winds were blowing toward Netherneea. The world's heartbeat was sending ley blood toward it. The Hand of the Hub was moving. He opened a Door of Eden, its marble slab opening a whole, much like a dimensional gate, in space-time. He didn't select a location. He didn't care. He would let himself run in the vessals of The god. Stepping through he cast on final look at the spirits of the dead. and was silent. and the world was silent with him.

He stepped out in the Hallway near his room back at Netherneea. He didn't pay that much mind. He drifted and wherever he appeared was well enough. Some fuss was being made about something called a "Ball" but it seemed like something to dread. After all, it was being forced into existance, not happening on its own. He wondered if products of human hands were equal to those made by the hands of The god. If a group was gathered by threads of fate was it greater then one gathered by human desire and effort? He sat down on a window of the hallway and watched the sky. He didn't know if he would go. Didn't plan to and didn't not plan to. He would go if he walked there and if he did not he wouldn't go. He didn't need to prepare for preparation denied its existance. He'd been thinking more lately he almost realized but didn't. The Voice was stirring. His other third.

"So with peace in her breath
and the rest of us screaming
we will break through her breast
cascading and streaming
down to the floor where we will be whole for ever more

And with the blood of the birth
she will hold us still bleeding
her blood on our skin
her heart soft and needing
she will touch use in our sin and touch our core

And with a dream she had slain
from her stomach a tear
all red as the rain
which falls when the sun's near
to crushing itself on the ground on the horizon's peak

And with her lips spilling love
she will hold us and cradle
till a sign from above
dolls us out a ladle
and pours onto us something which makes us to seek

and we will tear out her soul
and we will kill her in hatred
and we will shriek to be whole
and devour what's sacred
until we are lonely and so sad for ever more

and then she will birth us again
and from a cloud she will scream so in pain"

Light Wolf
01-24-2007, 06:13 PM
Yukimura awoke to the growling of his stomach and the tears falling form Aoshi's eyes. He looked at his brother and punched him destroying his bed and leaving a crather under his bed.


Yukimura lowered his voice when he sensed people listening form outside. He helpped his brother up and brushed him off. Yukimura patted Aoshi on the back and sent him to eat something when he heard a few people talking about a ball tomorrow night. It made him sick tio the stomach. Benitora entered the room and sweep kicked Yukimura causing him to fall. Beniotora held his sword to Yukimura's neck and opened his eyes. Yukimura understood what Benitora had in mind and nodded.

Yukimura and Benitora entered the kitchen only to see Asohi eatting like he was going to die. Yukimura sat down and began to eat as much as Aoshi. Benitora sat down and drank a cup of water before standing up and walking out of the kitchen. Yukimura and Aoshi knew what was happining and continued to eat.

Benitora tapped a mage on the shoulder and made him open a portal to the battle ground from yesturday and walked into it having the mage close it after him. Beniotra ecitted the portal and looked at the battle field and the bodies of the enemy and his alliea laying lifeless on the ground. He knelled down and touched the ground and felt the aura of a allie the one he sat next to at the opening with the Overlord. He opened his eyes and saw a ingured angel crawling toward what seemed to be an opening into the enemy fort. He stopped and find behind a tree and watched as a squad rushed out and grabbed the angel and began to ran back toward the opening. He quickly ran toward them and killed their leader causing the rest of them to charge him trying to capture him. Beniotra was shocked to see that they didnt try and kill him and stopped fight and dropped to his knees and surrendered. The squad captured him and toke him into the enemy base where he was thrown into the same place with a familair face. He grinned at the girl he sat next to before and held his hand out toward her......

01-24-2007, 07:18 PM
Still floating in that spherical magic cage he opened his eyes to the sound of two voices, Nethereeans at that. But one voice was familiar.. it was Altheena, the child that he had knocked out before being blown away. He could feel Ryuk pounding from his soul, the magic sealed Ryuk in his soul like it would any other offensive magic.

His eyes opened fully as he released his legs, he now floated inside his cage, that sphere their mages casted around him inside that cell. He stretched out his legs and his arms as he looked back at Altheena and Umi, his face stern.

He felt the darkn trudges of Nethereean energy flow about the area, his armd were now in front of his, his finger tips drawing out a large pattern in the air. The pattern turned to a long and wide ribbon of red energy which wrapped around his body.

As the ribbon dissapated, with his eyes on the two he averted his eyes before grunting "Well you have the last of the Rioshi Syncra House in your grasp, are you going to make my blood extinct?" His tone was burning stern as his deep voice rang throughout the magical cell.

Aura of the Twilight
01-24-2007, 07:33 PM

"No, atleast I have no entention of letting that happen. You didn't kill me, for what reason I don't care but you didn't so not only do I think you're not exactly all that bad but I technically owe my life to you. Ofcourse you angels think that demons and the humaniods that do live in Netherneea could careless about stuff like that. Well I assure you that I do care." Altheena explained.

"Why are you talking to him?" Umi asked while crossing her legs.

"Because no matter how much he's going to deny it he will start to yourn for something to cure his boredom, not to metion I feel slightly obliged to." Altheena replied while a smile formed on her face.

She then rose to stand up straoght and stated, "You know frowning's not going to get you out of there so you might just as well save youself some wrinkles and stop being so stern and serious, Renshi." Altheena said still smiling as she leaned against the stone wall of the dungeon stareing straing into Renshi's eyes.

Seikyu Kiba
01-24-2007, 07:46 PM
Syrus sighed a bit and then shook his head "well considering you are still human, and you do get bored." He said pulling out a book "I guess I can let you read it, but...don't you dare do anything funny." He said seriously. He then looked down "You will probably be executed...depends on how they feel." He said smirking "doesn't that sound fun...by the way....what's your name?" He said tilting his head.

01-24-2007, 07:51 PM
Renshi smirked, he thought nothing of the sort. He knew that all life cared about life some way and some how. His intention was to retain life and live his in fighting the war. But now it seemed as though he would never find a right home.

His smirk turned into a smile as he clearly stated "I think you people as nothing less or more then us angels. As you just proved here, I was right." His sword Ryuk pulsated in his soul as he chuckled. The sword seemed to chuckle as well, it thought it's owner was to die. It seemed not.

He raised an eyebrow with his smile as his amber eyes caught hers "Well then.. how about a stroll? I mean floating here seems fun in all but... since I can fly naturaly it's not so exciting."

He looked down as he crossed his arms and he mumbled "Maybe my life is worth ending... my shrine burned down and my family slain... I should end it all..."

After his mumble Ryuk pulsed again as if saying 'No!". He brought a hand to his chest as he softly chuckled "I suppose I couldn't leave you here.. old friend."

Aura of the Twilight
01-24-2007, 08:26 PM

Altheena chuckled. "You think too high of my position. If I had the authority to let you out of this cell you would have never been put in it." Altheena stated. Just the two gaurds came down the stairs.

"Wow they're early today." Umi stated getting up.

"Yes it appears so." Altheena replied then she returned her attention to Renshi. "Of course if you promise to behave yourself I could see about you getting some free time to walk around at the Netherneea Ball tomorrow, Renshi." Altheena stated.

"Captain?!" Umi questioned hysterically.

"Calm down Umi I know what I am offering him. I also know the consequnces if something goes wrong, and I'll be willing to accept them if the wrong doing falls under my charge." Altheena tried to reassure Umi.

"So Renshi, what do you say? Care to go to a ball?" Altheena asked still smiling.

Umi stared at Altheena with a worried expression on her face. "If only your mother knew what you were doing right now." she stated.

"Well she doesn't now does she," Altheena stated laughing slightly.

01-24-2007, 08:29 PM
The cycle was moving itself. Logos eyes, bright with a sun of seawater sheath, gazed forth across the city and then across the lower ramparts of the castle where the skeleton guard was being replaced by the returning soldiers. He sat their in solidtude. He watched the sent of creatures going about their lives. Moving in some ethereal flow most of them couldn't even discern. Some struggles against it. Others flowed with it. Most, some where in between and Logos just watched. These people were all looking across their own timelines. Staring from some limited space and frame of reference trying to define something greater then themselves. They were like children trying to spell god without an alphabet, trying to say love without a tongue. It was sad in away, yet hopeful. It was magnifacene and beautiful. Such small creatures, so easily snuffed out with the passage of time, were grabbing at the coattails of an immortal essence. There hands scraping to give it definition. Thats what they could do. That was their gift. Their weapon agianst the world. They could define. He was a being who could not define but could BE defined. That was why he paled in comparision to these creatures. They had a weapon against The god, against ALL gods. They could define their reality. Gods were the victims of creatures like these, essence as well, they were entities strong by their lack of definition and only by their lack of definition were they immortal. That was what the Greater Things possessed that made them Gods made them something more then Gods, made them Essence. They were physical and at the same time spiritual, hot and yet cold, soft and yet hard, strong and yet weak. Essences, the Hub of all Being, were being chipped away at because gradually they were being DEFINED. They were becoming things, with limitation, with ends. By the power of these weak creatures to move things to the level of their own comprehension. The ability of these creatures to over power the world by the force of will which they held in their soul of souls, in their heart's heart. Soon they will have defined all things and what would Logos be? The last thing alive because he drifted a threads path. He let part of himself be defined. He was a boy. 1700-some odd years old. He was an Angel. He wore full body cloths and had two pure white wings between which he kept a wrapped spear. These were things people could easily define. And thus they did so and thought they had defined him. But they hadn't. They had merely taken the bait. His Essence was yet undefined. That was what seperated him. And what made it better was that his essence was divided in to three things to prevent all three from being defined. His Body and his noumanal Essence was one. His Voice and his Essence of spirit and conversion was another. His Will and his phenomonal essence was another. These Trinity of Essence, seperated as a fail safe against definition was what aloud him, an being of Essence, to exist among mortals. And, in time, would lead to him being the last of the Essence. His Anima. His inner soul. His undefined portion locked away. His price to pay. Seperation from his own parts of being. The eternal emptyness of being imcomplete. Logos watched these creatures and wondered. Was the sacrifice worth it? These people, they were soft and weak and yet the shaped all things. He was alone in his inability to define. He had sacrificed that as well. That made him a bystander to this world. He could not define because he was fragmented and undefined himself. If he were to have the ability to define the first thing he would define was himself. He would say, "I am Logos" or "I am God." or any name that pleased him. And as soon as he said that he would cease to exist as an undefined being. So he watched these people unable to defined them. Were they truly people? But they were an Essence of their own. It was strange. To recognize something and yet not being able to define it. He wondered, How long would he be content to merely watch these people live lives and define and shape their world and be the lonely spectator? How long could he live in fear of definition? How long could he resist the defined world's ability to be beautiful? These creatures' ability to be so beautiful? How long go he remain this way? He leaned his head up and looked at the sun. The sun, which was the first great Essence to be defined by the minds of men and demons and angels and he whispered, voicelessly, to it. What did you do when you were defined? Did it hurt? But the sun only stared at him in silent definition from the sky. It would not speak. It had been defined as not having a mouth.

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01-25-2007, 10:50 AM
neverdyne took the book and looked a the cover. shrugging she opened it as she spoke "so my parents wish comes true afteral" she looks over the book to him "neverdyne it means nobody and as for you other qeustion, demoniods are suppost to be creatures of the night just like demons, we should be able to melt with the shadows"she turned a page "i stand out like a flare in the shadows" she read the page and turned it.

Seikyu Kiba
01-25-2007, 02:40 PM
Roy nodded at what she said "Nice to meet you Neverdyne...umm...can I just call ya Dyne?" he said tilting his head as he looked at his gauntlets and then his fist when in flames "You stick out like a flare...well have you tried doing the exact opposite?" He said chuckling a bit "Blending into white." He then looked down "Sorry, I didn't mean to insult..ah well your scum anyway." he said shrugging.

01-25-2007, 03:02 PM
talon could only squirm, a ball!!! what was shinji thinking. talon couldn't even count how many good men and women were missing. also when he told some of the higher ranking demons outside the castle about the pulse of magic he felt about neverdyne they told him it was too late. for once talon didn't cry. the battle had changed him from a shy, unwanted 15 year old into a group of people he cared about... his surviving friends in the army.

he thought about asking athleena whether he could bring Leonie to the ball, would citiezens be allowed? would he be allowed?!? a disgraced fallen angel, he couldn't even assassinate a lower ranking officer in celestia and was brought back to nethereena and chucked in the mages school. thankfully magic was something he was good at.

he set off to find athleena and ask about the ball...

01-25-2007, 03:26 PM
Nevderdyne looked at him dryly "i come from a demon dimension it does not even snow there"she shook her head and muttered "moron"after turning a page she looked at the table, the potion sparkeling "the potion making is the only reason the allowed me to be in the war"she turned back to her book "some of the other demons find i am to pretty to be a fighter and should try to be a pet to some angel instead". she looked at her book again "i don't know whats worse that they often wish me dead or being a pet" she tapped her heel on the floor for a moment.

01-25-2007, 03:29 PM
Renshi raised an eyebrow and chuckled soflty, his blonde hair ran down his chest as he looked down "A Ball after the battle? Heh..." he took his hair and pulled it back behind him. He formed a small symbol from his palm and a ribbon of silver-blue shine tied tightly around his hair into a pony tail keeping it pulled back.

He looked up at Altheena and shrugged "Why not? Anything's better then floating here..." he smiled before saying "As for clothes, I'll be fine. I'll be floating here until tomorrow."

He looked to Umi and smiled as well "Maybe I'll see you as well?" It was amazing how calm he was, for such a situation. He had no mal-intentions in actuallity, he thought he'd just take in whatever kind of air around that place and maybe think about his life.

Aura of the Twilight
01-25-2007, 04:11 PM
OOC: Sorry another long one.


"Okay I'll go pull in a major I owe you ofr Overlord Shinji, and get him to allow you some freedom then, ta." Altheena walking up the stairs by Umi's side leaving the guards to their posts. They walked down a hall and started going up stairs to the second floor when Umi broke the silence.

"You do know that Mark and myself worry about you Altheena." Umi stated.

"Yes I know." Altheena replied as they walked up to the forth set of stairs once they got to the Overlord's room Altheena told Umi to wait outside and then knocked and entered the room. Overlord Shinji was sitting at a desk with a good deal of paper on it.

"Altheena I needed to see you, this is very convienent. We recived a messenger from the M.I. (Magical Institute) with a gown for tomorrow's ball it's in your room. Now what did you need?" Shinji asked.

"Overlord Shinji, I know I am merely a captian but I have a rather large request for you." Altheena stated while bowing.

"You're being very serious today. What is your request?" Shinji asked leaning forward slightly in his chair.

"The prisoner angel would like sometime to breath some fresh air, which in the dungeon is perfectly understandable. So I propose that he be put under my charge for tomorrow night's ball." Altheena stated with a straight face.

"You do know that if anything goes wrong under your charge the penalty is death? It's a very high risk, are you willing to accept this?" Shinji asked.

"Yes I am." Altheena stated.

Overlord Shinji sighed and then replied, "Very well I'll inform the guards that will be in the dungeon tomorrow that when you come the prisoner is under your charge. You're dismissed." Shinji stated.

"Thank you," Altheena replied and then left the room. Umi sent a glance Altheena's way as if to say "Well what happened?!" So she stated, "Renshi if free to walk around tomorrow." Then you both walked down the stairs to the second floor.

"Now you can see my dress!" Umi stated then she grabbed Altheena's wrist and lead Altheena to her room. There she got out a blue dress that came down to her knees and frilled out slightly at the bottom. It had a big white bow on the middle of the back that tied around the dress like an obi does a kimono. The sleeves were long and had the hand peice that had a white ring on it to go around the middle fingers. On the center of the chest plate was a white crystal.

"Wow! It's beautiful Umi!" Altheena excalimed. "Oh yes apparently I have a dress now. So let's go look at it." Altheena said and then they walked to her room. She walked to her bed and picked it up and held in infront of her body to get an idea of what it looked like.

It came down to her feet and the actual body was mainly black. It had no sleeves but was held up by a chocker like neck peice that was black. with a purple rose design in the center of it. It also had a bow that was purple in the back, which was low cut, and the excess ribbon was almost as long as the dress. It had a body hugging material to show off figure and a diamond cut on the upper chest plate to show some cleavage.[/COLOR]

"Wow Altheena your mom has even better taste then I remember! It's abosolutely gorgeous!" Umi exclaimed. Then they left the room and walked around for a bit.

Altheena was relieved when she saw Logos but didn't stop to chat with him because he looked like he was in deep thought. The sun was starting to set when she and Umi bumped into Talon"Oh hello Talon. Are you looking forward to tomorrow's ball?" Altheena asked smiling at him.

01-25-2007, 05:02 PM
Logos began to gently tap against the pane of glass he was staring out of. He was not aware of this, he wasn't thinking, wasn't feeling, was just sitting there. He was himself. He was a vessal. And all voids must be filled. He sang into the solitude. Feeling some force from these streets. These echoing streets which...

"sing like the rain cross the small of the back
of a girl who is waiting alone
for some fire she used to hold now all black
for her lover who had gone to atone

and a star it fell down the the world
he was shapeless in form and upturned
He screamed out alone till unfurled
he had given all that he had to learn

And when the world it gives into the glass
which is growing like nine blades of grass
and so soft he will watch the world pass
so ageless and young he will last

Oh Anima let me hear what you say
inner soul of some passing night's day
will I hear wedding bells from the floor
of a room where two youths locked the door

And you can watch the silent moon bend
its beams over this town, paint it white
until each little thing it will rend
itself from the world in this pale dying light

But Anima! Don't leave us now
A soul we need we will trade for and endow!

Oh Dreams that were scrawled out in lace
of the bed where two pounding hearts race
Will you clutch us and grant us respite
and let them dance in the hollow sunlight"

His voice changed suddenly and he looked down. At the ground still touching the glass as he watched the ground.

"I watched a girl split the sun
with her body as she fell from above
and watched her break and her spirit it run
and it ran to the sky like a dove
and she will wait in the sky like a saint
her life all snuffed by her hand drenched in paint
or perhaps it will come off at the wrist
as her soul in its Vessal it twists
but now she is out in some other fallen nation
fifteen years from now
Perhaps she's a sweet musician
or perhaps she tends her cows
from the back of some fallen farm hill
who spine could bear the globe
and watches as she bends her own will
and sends it out to probe
the limits of her essence in Anima and sin
and her carnal nature found
in trees 'neath spring like skies!

But as she passes she will fade
and then a spin and in brocade
brocade birthing fluids she is there
allowing her hair to spin in the air
once again

But from this place I have come
where words could split in two
a love that was supposed to last for ever
if it was ever true
spinning like hearts all wrapped in fluids
coming out of them
and they will pump their bodies
and come back around again

and still standing
he will watch them
blue tinted
and sheltered from
some stain upon
his mind it fades
defination laced
with passion made
of stone
and the fire flies
which dance around
glimmer once
than touch the ground
the glimmer twice
they come again
for ever

But he isn't blinking
not shining
so soft and sweet
so hard and cold
burning down the ashes he had found"

Logos sighed dreamily. Well, were it possible to sound dreamy without dreams. Soulful without heart. He smiled without mirth, only melancoly. There would come a time, he could feel it swollen and close to bursting, there would come a time win all things would be decided. Perhaps today, perhaps tomorrow. Or maybe never. Or maybe it would last forever. He looked almost sad as his smile, so frail and omnipresent, hovered over his face like some passing dream that one could not help but savor. The sun was hitting the horizon now. It was dying once more. Only to be reborn again tomorrow. The victim of the passage of time.

01-25-2007, 05:24 PM
Ether had found his way into an empty room witha mirror in it and was modeling for himself. He looked into the mirror and surveyed the scar on his face. "Hmmm has some character but I doubt it'll be very impressive in the area of seduction", he said traceing his finger over it and it instantly disapeared. "Much better now I just have to remember not to loose focus or I'll return to normal"

He surveyed his clothes and frowned. "This is no good, not anywhere near dressy enough", he muttered to himself. Suddenly a suit case caught his eye. It obviously belonged to whomever the room did. He opened it and found a black suit and a blue tie with wavy black patterns all down it. Deeper in it he found a brush other varying "supplies" he was searching for.

"This is conveniant", he laughed to himself. Then he stopped and sniffed himself. "Maybe I should have taken hygiene in to be a factor" He soon found a bathroom and began to bathe.

Kyuubi Naruto
01-25-2007, 05:30 PM
OOC:Sorry for not posting for 5 pages,I've been a little occupied lately.*If on restriction for bad grades counts as occupied*Tell me if I'm missing anything or did something wrong,because I'll edit.

Shikaru rested soundly in his bed after the fierce battle.He sat in his bed,crunching numbers on how many of his soldiers had died."Hmmm...maybe I could have lessened the numbers if I had trained the day we had off,instead of being so lazy."He layed back in his bed."I Zeno probably thinks that I'm nowhere near cut out to handle this business as a general.I'm starting the begin to think that maybe,he's right about.....no,I know that I am ready.....otherwise,what was the point of being here."He stood up,and walked out of his room to relax.

01-25-2007, 06:15 PM
~a Celestia scout walked forth and had been scouting for sometime one of his allies yelled out a warning~

~the scout looked up Phexithors had flown up with his scythe in a downwards slash the scout barely dodged it and the sickles had impaled themselves into the ground the scout smirked but, then his eyes widdened for with great strength and speed Phexithors and drug it out from the ground cutting the scout in half with little effort he then threw his scythe on his back as the scout's allies ran torwards Phexithors~

~he unshethed his masamunes spinning them blocking both of the allies he then flipped over them and without missing a beat slashed them in half arrows flew and hit his skeletal wing he shook them off and shethed his masamunes removed his scythe and spun around cutting down the trees he than threw his scythe like a giant boomarang cutting the archers in half it came back he spun around and blocked a few scouting soldiers he kicked them back and finished them off by decapitating them he then turned and walked back to the base while removing the arrowheads from his bone wing~

"Scout group down..."

Seikyu Kiba
01-25-2007, 06:24 PM
"A pet to an angel??? Well, you maybe different but your still a person, err...demon." he said as he looked at the potion "I noticed you around battle as well." he said as he caught what she said "Hey, I maybe a moron but at least I'm not the one in sheckles." he said nodding as he spun the chair around and wrapped his wings around himself "If your hungry dinner will be served in a bit." He said nodding.

01-25-2007, 06:41 PM
Sigma rested in his room thinking about what happened and then thought about the ball, "I don't see a point in me going, but Shinji said something about me planning something in the music department," Sigma thought. Sigma looked at his robes that he wore, "I guess they're good enough, afterall I'm not looking to do anything except sit there," Sigma sighed.

Chaos was practicing his dancing as he looked around, "I can't wait to pick up girls at the ball, it's going to be great," Chaos said happily.Delta was practicing his skills to get ready for the ball. He was going to be on guard incase Celestia attacked.

Sigma sat down and picked up a book with old writing on it, "I better practice in case of a worst case scenario. Sigma then read the book taking in data that his family hadn't used in 1,000,000 years. "If I'm going to study I also better plan defensive measures," Sigma said with a dry laugh.

CF Striker
01-25-2007, 06:49 PM
Kavs had his generals, now all he needed was his charge. He strode with confident steps into enemy territory: The Celestia HQ

The clerk at the desk was a young angel, but by her bored expression Kavs could see she'd be difficult anyway.


"Do you have an appointment."

"No, I have rank." Kavs pulled out his special forces badge, "You've heard of me?"

"Yeah, you're that one guy who we're gonna give the rift raft section to a little later right?"

Kavs didn't repond to that, "I've gained some allies and I want a commision."

The secretary shrugged, "Then try and get one. I'll let her know you're on your way, but if you're denied access, it's not like I care."

Kavs frowned and stormed off. He hated these people, good morals, just sucky personallities. He found a chair outside the office and waited. He had gotten rumor that a famous warrior had been kidnapped in the first skrimish that had occured today, so he had a pretty good feeling he could get work for his sneered at unit.

OCC: Aura, you're controlling Lucretia right? I just need a little help, I'm lost at where to really enter myself in the events here.

01-25-2007, 06:50 PM
~he walked in greeted by Shi and KageKaiki~
"I cant wait for the ball tomorrow night!"

~he smiled practice dancing Phexithors turned~
"Kage...you can go if you chose..."
"Wha-? What about you Phexithors?"
"We have been summoned to fight against the Celestia...we have no place in this world but alas...I may go..."
"Seems your state of mind is different somehow Phexithors"
"Though I dont plan to dress up...ShiKaiki keep patroyling with Kage...I just took down a scouting group a half an hour ago keep your focus on caution"

~He walked into the inner area where most of the captains and generals lay about~

Light Wolf
01-25-2007, 07:10 PM
Benitora sat down in the cell the enemy grauds gave him and thought about his next move. He quickjly toke out the hidden vial in his back pocket and drank the substance inside of it. He stood up and grabbed the pole of the cell and easliy broke them to pieces. He rushed out of the cell and drop kicked the angel graud closeest to him. He continued to search and search intel he heard an alarm and heard the enemy coming his way, he was surroneded.

Yukimura and Benitora actted like nothing was wrong and continued to live their lives they knew that Benitora could be killed and knew that it would be their fault, but they knew Benitora and of his powers, they were not worried but still they entered the Overlord's throne room and bowed to him and waited for him to speak to them.

01-25-2007, 07:38 PM
Sigma was now reciting the book as he took it to heart, "Fuu-Rin-Ka-Zan," Sigma mumbled as he wrote on paper a passage in the book. "With this I will now move to something else," he said as he got up and walked out the door looking for something fun to do. "Hmmm, I never did finish my conversation with the syncra angel. Why don't I pay him a visit," Sigma smirked as he walked along before getting stopped by a royal messenger of the king.

"The great Overlord Shinji wishes to speak to you, First Advisor," the messenger said as he ran off. Sigma just shrugged and went to see Shinji. When he entered the room he saw that Sanada and Aoshi was there and just sat back.

Aura of the Twilight
01-25-2007, 09:03 PM

The moon had just started to come out when Lucretia was told that a man was waiting to see her about an important matter dealing with army recruitment. " Send him in." Lucretia stated. She looked up from her papers as she saw a man (Kavs) enter the room and close the door behind him. "So you're the one who wants to be in the army? Kavs? Well looking at your papers her it says you have a ....unigue team gathered. It also states that you have some experience in fighting. .....Well seeing as we now have quite a few positions opened I'll grant you access for now bt I fore warn you anything conspicuous or of the like will result in decommisioning." Lucretia explained.

"You'll be the new captain of squad "D" your living quarters are in sector 25 same goes for your team. Talk to the atendant you spoke with earlier for the keys and any other information. Present her this as proof." Lucretia explained as she handed Kavs a card that said SQ: D and SC: 25 on it. "Now I'm sorry to be so short but if you will leave please, I have much to do." Lucretia stated as she returned to another stack of paper work.


Overlord Shinji had just sent the message about Altheena's charge to tomorrow's appointed guards when he recieved an audince. So he now had three people in his presence. His trusted first advisor Sigma, General Yukimura and one of his brothers. "Alright to business. The reason I issued retreat was that you accomplished our goal. Which was unbeknownst to everyone but it was to make the enemy on their toes weaken their forces and their numbers. Now none of the lower ranking soliders or captians know this and they will not for a while. Two days from now after the ball we will hold a strategy meeting for another attack hopefully it will be our final attack." That's all I needed you to hear General you and your brother may go unless you have something to say." Shinji stated.

"Well that's the serious business on to less important matters, about tomorrow nights ball. How is the music coming along, Sigma? You do understand that the true reason behind this ball is to mainly raise moral and to stick with yearly tradition, right?" Shinji asked looking at his first advisor.

01-25-2007, 09:30 PM
~He walked calmly as many of the captains and generals turned noticing he has a skeletal and angelic wing a unique scythe and tatooing he continue to walk ignoring the whispers he stopped and looked up at the higher quarters his pupils slit and his crimson eyes focused he opened his wings and flew up landing on a roof he then turned his attention and looked outward across the lands~

"Hmm...this war is pointless beyond effort..."

01-25-2007, 09:48 PM
Suddenly, Logos' eyes expanded, it was brief, fleeting, covered by the dieing sun casting a relection from his eyes. He looked sad. A subtle sadness. More of aura than of feature but it was perceptiable. The air around him seemed to dull and mute in tone and color. Everything seemed to drag itself, the breeze that shifted the leaves outside did so only mournfully and made a dragging sound as the leaves it pulled scrapped along the sidewalk out side. Like a body being dragged his grave.

He had seen the threads of the future. It was horrible. So much death and sorrow and yet he knew he could do nothing to stop it. To fight the natural path of the wheel would only cause it to go further down the wrong path like the bumbly attempts to seal a would could only cause it to grow worse. He had to be calm, placid beyond placid. He smiled slightly, in his normal melancholy way. It was more to keep his knowledge and sadness from infecting others. All his smiles were like that. He had never been happy. But that was to be expected. He had only wisdom. And wisdom was not capable of joy. Perhaps pride and sadness but not happiness. He just leaned their against the glass and tapped gently agaisnt it one last time. This time he forced a small amount of his Noumanal energy through his finger tip and the glass made a loud, horrendously loud, sound like that of a massive steel bell. A funeral bell. Its dirge loud and doleful. Eyes everywhere looked up toward the church to see who had died but were puzzled to see the bell, that sad creation which had absorbed so many bainshee wails, lying dormant and quiet.

Logos's wings wrapped around him like a blacket but he took no comfort from it. His eyes gaze listlessly across the sky which was now darkening and it seemed he was lying in graveyard which had been glazed over with ice.

He stood up from his ledge but then sat back down again. He had no where to go. He was truly bothered. He never wasted a motion and he just had. He reached into himself and indeed the Voice was crooning. But if he became whole he might do damage to the path, might damage the Circle. Not only that, he risked being... Defined. He couldn't be defined. But he couldn't remain a passive spectator forever.

And these to sides fought inside Logos. But to the passer by he seemed to be lost in some kind idle thought, sunning himself in the glow of a happy memory.

He truly was seperate. He was seperated by clothes which covered every inch of his skin and by a power that he could never allow himself to make complete or use and by a perspective no one could ever see from and by a knowledge that could never be known. His eyes drifted. They blinked. And the wind with outstreched hands. Touched the face of god. And all Logos could do was watch

01-25-2007, 09:49 PM
Ether swooshed around in the water whistling as he washed himself. "Oh Ether you are truly such a genius" He smiled and then picked of a bar of soap and a sponge and began role playing his evil plan qith them. He held up the sponge and made out as if it were talking. "Why hello young lady you look ravishing"

"Why thank you Mr....um", the soap started.

"Ether", the sponge answered, "may I have this dance?" He then moved the two object around as if they were dancing.

"You are so graceful Mr. Ether I think I'm in love", said the soap.

"The feeling's mutual", replied the sponge and then Ether smooshed them together in a soapy kiss. "And they lived happily ever after, well....I will atleast, after I eat that necklace of her's" A small twinge of guilt hit him unexpectedly and he began hearing a voice in his head.

"Remember Ether", the voice said, "we must never give in to the hunger completely or else it will only grow until it consumes you" Ether bit his lip for a moment thinking before replying to the memory. "Shut up old man, dead for who knows how many centuries and you still manage to haunt me"

He then compulsively through the soap into his mouth and ate it. "After I eat this item I'm sure I can be satisfied, then maybe I can forget the old timer", he murmured while chewing the soap and getting up. He dressed himself quickly and then went to rest on the bed in his stolen room. Staring up at the ceiling with nothing to distract him a forlorn look fell over his face. "I guess whoever this room belonged to must be dead, works for me", he said before rolling over trying to ignore the unwelcome memories that always seemed to find him before he went to sleep.

01-25-2007, 10:34 PM
Sigma looked at Shinji and smirked, "Of course, you are accused of being too nice, but what they don't see is that you have an unmatched tactical prowess. As for the music I picked an assortment such as slow dances, polka, rock, rap, etc. technically everything," Sigma said with a small laugh. "I've made Delta sit on guard because he has no interest with kind of thing. With Delta are a group of mages that will put up a barrier and third eye spells in case Celestia attacks. Also on the subject, I have found info that Neverdyne has been captured, though they are rumors. Overlord, what is your response?" Sigma asked Shinji with a serious tone.

01-25-2007, 10:47 PM
~*~last post for the day~*~

~he jumped off the roof and landed in the middle of the now sleeping general and captain area he removed his triple-sickled scythe and slashed the ground making a rather large red symbol he then looked up~

"So...they've already made precautions have they?"
~he smirked and walked to a building he flew up finding Shikaiki and KageKaiki waiting~
"Hey Boss! We took out several other scouting groups..."
"They have made precautions Phexithors does that give us a little ease?"
"Not just ease...your opponite will attack even the highest defences without mercy keep in mind that all barriers can be broken and that even though they have precaution defences whos to say they dont have agents within the barrier...your foes attack when your at ease so be on your toes...for now report to your quarters I will patrol tonight"

~they saluted and both said~

"Yes sir"
~they then turned and ran back to there rooms Phexithors sat down and stared at the moon as its light glistened on his crimison eyes he lend his scythe on his shoulder and waited watching the night sky he smiled~

"...that was only a false blow after the short break we begin are true blows to the enemies"
~his wings folded and the wind blew his silver hair as he scanned the area for any signs of movement once more his pupils slitted becoming more keen~

01-26-2007, 08:45 AM
Nevertdyne shurgged "aparantly my parents thought about it once, in one of the other demon realms slavery is a common thing" she turned a page "but the council of elders thought it was a bad idea because of the family name" she looked at him.

Seikyu Kiba
01-26-2007, 01:55 PM
Syrus nodded at her response "Oh..I see, well at least your lucky." He said as he nodded "It's odd how Angels will use you people as slaves...of course I would to." he said with a sarcastic tone "I'm surprised I have held a good conversation with you." He said smiling a bit as he opened his wings a bit.

01-26-2007, 02:00 PM
Sigma got up and walked out of the room saying, "The decision is yours to make. I will let myself out." Sigma left the room walking along before getting dizzy. "What's going on everything is getting hazy..." Sigma said before collapsing onto the floor.

01-26-2007, 03:04 PM
nevderdyne chuckles "maybe maybe not it depends on how you see it i geuse"she turned another page "i am not even from Netherneea, iam from the helador demension" she brushed a hair back.

fox demon naruto
01-26-2007, 03:04 PM
Balthazar was leaning on a chair sleeping next to a oak door. He heard footsteps from behind the door and he woke up and opened the door. "Good to see again Captain."

"What did you exspect? Me dead?"

"A-ah n-no Sir!"

"Haha, it ok now tell me where you working hard?" Ryn questioned.

"Yes sir! I was working real hard." Balthazar said before getting a fist to the face.

"Blath you idiot! You dont do a thing around here you lazy bum!" Shouted a girl.

"Good to see you Lia."

"As to you sir. Now I'll go and take this idiot off your hands and make him do dishes."

"Alright. Could you send Cleo to my room." Ryn said before heading up his stairs and into his room. After ten minutes Cleo walked in. "Cleo I've got a injury to the gut could you look at it. Its starting to annoy me." Cleo looked at the bare skin of Ryn and then said,

"Just a sore spot. Though the stomach does seem to be a little injured but it'll clear up And neck isnt broken so its alright. Just in time for the Ball too." Cleo said happily.

"For the last time I'm going to the Ball!"

"But, it'll be fun."

"If you have friends going or a date with you."

"Then get a date."

"I cant get a date because I cant talk to anyone easy like you guys or the overlord, and I don't think Shinji would like fo me to be talking to him all night. And hes probably going to be too busy."

"Your the only captain that dosent go to the ball." Cleo said.

"Big whoop I like to be differnt. Its a good time for training since no one will be around." Ryn snapped.

"Sigh, fine come find me if you want to go. I got a nice Tux for you but fine." Cleo said before leaving.

Seikyu Kiba
01-26-2007, 03:20 PM
Syrus tilted his head and then looked down "I grew up in Celestia, I always wonder what it will be like to be a demon." He then looked at the book "Hey what exactly did I toss you??" he says tilting hsi head and then standing up and leaning against the wall "Hungry?" He says looking at the wooden dungeon door, a small spider crawls down and dangles from a web infront of his face. "Well, Hello there."

01-26-2007, 03:24 PM
Neverdyne looks at him "there not much diffrences really, we both fight for a side that thinks there right, and are wiling to sacrifese people to support that believe" she looks at he book "if ya ask me they could have settled it with a rock paper siccorgame"she looks at him again "and the book is moby dick" she turned a page.

Aura of the Twilight
01-26-2007, 03:51 PM
OOC: Next post will be the begining of the ball

Altheena talked to Talon for a little bit and told him it was okay to bring Leonie to the ball. Then the moon was fully overhead and Umi and Altheena parted ways and went to their rooms. As Altheena lay in her bed all she could think about was tomorrow's ball. She fell asleep and then the next day she woke up and walked out to see servants, cooks, and other castle personel scurrying about. Altheena walked around all day. Around noon she bumped into Mark.

"Oh hello Mark. I'm so excited about the ball tonight what about you?" Altheena asked.

"Oh I'm uh ...I gotta go!" Mark blurted. Then he bowed to Altheena and left.

"That's odd, even for Mark." Altheena thought. Then she shrugged it off and ate some lunch in the kitchen. After the day progressed Altheena went down to the dungeon.

"Hello Renshi." Altheena said smiling at him as the guards opened his cell door and what not. "We've got about an hour until we should arrive at the ball so you have time to prepare and what not." Altheena said as she lead him through the castle. She stopped at her room, "This is my room you can bathe in the shower in here and what not if you feel like you need to. Afterwards the bathroom's mine so that I can change." Altheena explained opening the door to her room, and leading Renshi in.

Kyuubi Naruto
01-26-2007, 04:01 PM
Shikaru walked down the long corridor of the kingdom of Celestia,heading to the medicine room,to find any of his comrades that might have been severly injured in the battle earlier.When he arrived,he met Jade,his wounds being tended.He leaned against the pane of the door and arched a brow to Jade."Well,this is strange,the all-experienced Jade being tended to his wounds,while the little kid general comes out of the war with just a 5th degree burn.(sarcasim)You doin' alright?That was quite a battle,wouldnt you agree?"He asked,carefree.

Seikyu Kiba
01-26-2007, 04:06 PM
Syrus nodded and then smirked "I agree we should make peace everyonce in a while." He said nodding and then turning his fist into ice "Well, staying down here it feels as though I am a prisoner...of course I have to watch you..Jades orders." He said flicking the spider against the wall.

Jade was sitting on the nursing bed and looked up as Shikaru walked in "yeah, I am surprised as well, I didn't think an attack so powerful would injure me that badly...of course I lived so that's good." He then nodded and laughed "Yes quiet a battle indeed, Ryn was a tough guy but I injured him pretty good, right in the chest and neck." He said as he uncuffed himself and then got up. "I am free to walk now...so how is everyone so far??"

01-26-2007, 04:19 PM
Ether rose from the bed. "I despise dreams, they never shut up", he said and then began mumbling incoherently and putting some slippers on. He looked in the mirror and his scar was there again. His eyes lit up red and he drew his fist back and shattered the glass into tiny little bits. He looked down at the shards and his likeness cast by them and scowled. "I'm nothing like them", he growled at the shards while bringing his foot down on them and grinding them to dust, "and after this I'll never have to worry about that possibility again" He smiled rather maniacally and his scar vanished.

He turned and began getting ready. He bathed once more, more to distract him than anything else, got dressed, and braided his hair back. He surveyed his reflection in another mirror which had yet to suffer his wrath and frowned as the small voice in the back of his head rung out in protest against his current course of action. He ignored it and made his way into the hall letting the scent of magical items distract him and becoming once again lost to his hunger.

01-26-2007, 04:19 PM
Neverdyne rolled her eyes "you can go to bed if ya want to i aint giong anywhere"she returned to her book. she found it more intresting than escape palns. She softly taps her heel on the floor again,

01-26-2007, 04:19 PM
OOC: This post is a dream that my character is having, that means no logic.

Sigma looked downfrom a spire a top a tower in a rainy, crumbling city. Sigma looked down as two humanoid children were injured. One carried the other who was really bloody along the passage. "No, don't give up, Zangetsu, please," the kid holding the bloody one. Zangetsu reached his hand out to the kid, "It's... all right.... ********... you have to save yourself. Don't let yourself die... my brother," Zangetsu said as his hand fell.

The scene froze as Sigma looked away, "Stop, don't make me look at that anymore," Sigma cried. Suddenly a phantom appeared and looked at Sigma, "You blame yourself for what happened to this day... that is so sad," the demon laughed. Sigma yelled his eyes glowing red, "Get out of my way now, Rubedo, unless you want me to crush you," Sigma started pulsating fire. Rubedo formed entirely, showing his flame red hair, red eyes, and fangs as he drew his sword, "You tried to forget me, tried to separate our souls, but... I WILL NEVER BE A MEMORY," Rubedo yelled as Sigma woke up in the infirmary.

Kyuubi Naruto
01-26-2007, 04:24 PM
Shikaru nodded."Yeah,everybodies ok,there werent as many deaths as expected,and none of the officials were hurt.So,pretty much,everything is alright.No worries.By the way,who exactly is that person you were fighting?They seemed to do a number on you with whatever move your talking about.And also,that whole thing about the all-experienced Jade,was a joke."He said with a chuckle.

01-26-2007, 05:01 PM
Sigma looked around as a doctor came up to him saying things of how he had collapsed and was unconscious for 15 hours. Sigma didn't listen but instead focused on the dream he had, "Why... why did Rubedo awaken after so long. If he's back I'm sure they noticed it to," Sigma thought. Sigma got up and went into the dressing room to change into his robe.

Chaos was laughing before he felt something, "Rubedo's awakened, that means the messengers are back too. Albedo, what are you guys planning," Chaos said with a worried tone.

Delta was resting before he felt a hand grab his heart, "Nigredo, get away, I am done, you are dead now," Delta said, his hair breifly turning black.

Light Wolf
01-26-2007, 05:10 PM
Yukimura looked up at the Overlord and his voice was cold but serious.

"Overlord Shinji my brother Benitora was captured by the enemy and i would like to take my brother Aoshi and attack their stronghold and get my brother andare siolders that were captured also."

Aoshi looked up at the Overlord and waited on his answer hopeing to get a yes form his mouth.


Benitora ran torught the enemy stronghold hopeing to find some of the allie that they had lost. He still didnt find Neverdyne but he still looked. He came to a stop when three angels fired a few spells at him. He duscked and dodged and sweep kicked one of them. He broke the second neck and grabbed the three and questioned him.

" Where are you all holding the enemy force that you captured?!?!?! "

The angel told him to go down the hall then take a right then down the stair to a barriar break the barriar and then he'll be sent to the dungen room with his allies. He pushed the angel away and axe kicked him into the gorund causing the angel to pass out. He ran down the hall and toke a right he rushed down the steps five at a time and came to the barriar. He punched the barriar and watched as energy charged in ti before it relesed itself and sent him flying back iunto the stair causing him to let out a roar of pain. He listened as his roar echoed throughtout the castle letting them know that he was their.

01-26-2007, 05:22 PM
Logos vanished from his place at the window sill. No one noticed him get up. None of the guards saw him leave. The only sign he had moved was that a few moments after one person saw him sitting at the window sill, another saw the window vacated. No one paid this much mind. People were allowed to come and go as they please. Their heads were buzzing with buzzing too much with party business to care about the disappearance of a single soldier.

Logos was walking down the streets. The sky the overhead was dead-blood red. He walked through the gates of the city and the guards of the gate didn't see him. He just appeared on the other side of the gate. He walked along the road away from the city. Alone. He walked off into the distance. It felt right. Being there had started becoming burden someone on him and for everyone else even if they didn't no it. Being there put them in jeoprady. He knew a great battle was not long in coming and he knew if he was their he might become tempted to become whole. If he became whole the Circle might shatter. That could not be allowed to pass. He was observer. But he had begun to alter the course of events. He was risking definition. Better to go back to the road.

His blue eyes gazed across the field he was passing through and he smiled with sadness.

Seikyu Kiba
01-26-2007, 06:23 PM
Jade nodded "I know it was a joke." He said crossing his arms "His name was Ryn, his attack was powerful called the Twin Dragon Slash..." he said with a seriouse voice "I'm lucky I am alive, I used Focus to keep myself from lossing alot of energy, but that attack was just to fast." he said pushing some hair from his eyes.

Syrus yawned a bit and then sat down "Alright, but Jade told me to stay guard so I will just sleep here." He said as he sat down and closed his eyes breathing slowly "Night." He said as he drifted off slowly.

Light Wolf
01-26-2007, 06:57 PM
Benitora was stopped he jumpped to his feet and foguth the first gaurd to get close to him. He performed a one to step and sent the gaurd flying into the wall breaking it give him a way to escape. He jumpped throught the hole and ran intel he faced another barriar. He looked back the way he came and saw the shadows of the gaurds coming his way. He growled as darkness poured from his body.

The first gaurd turned the corner and was struck by a quick blow to his heart. He grabbed his heart and fell to the ground. Benitora then turned the corner and qucikly fought the next couple of gaurds. He defeated them and ran back to the barriar. HE touched the barriar and watched as the same energy began to build he continued to punch it intel the energy relesed itself. BEnitora qucikly moved to the side and punched one last time barly cracking the barriar. the energy expoldes destroying the stair infront of it. Benitoro jumpped up and placed himself obver the barriar and wacthed as the guards looked for him.

They lowered the barriar think that he got in and before taking another step Benitora dropped form the roof on the first guard and knocked him out. He then spinned and sweep kicked the other guards causing them to fall over. He then knocked them out and entered the prison. He toke a step into the prison hallway and was struck by a barriage of spells. He coughed up blood and begame to fall back he talkked out Neverdyne name as he fell back to the ground.

01-26-2007, 07:10 PM
If Benitora looked up right now, it'd be hard to miss Muerte, who was standing over him now, staring intently. Muerte bent down, scanning Benitora's body with his lifeless violet orbs. He hated ones like this. Couldn't see whether they would live or not. He couldn't see the future. He could merely see when a person was about to die in the present.

"This is in your hands now," He said, "I can't see for you. Are you going to die here, or are you not?" He finished by summoning Acheron, resting the scythe on the sheperd's crook counterweight to the blade.

01-26-2007, 08:14 PM
Yahweh mourned. The times had passed. For a long time the spear had hoped Logos would change his mind and return to Netherneea or to Celestia or somewhere where the boy could make a difference in the coming war but he had given up hope. Logos had been phasing across the ground. Moving Quickly. He wanted to be far from this place of war. Well, not so much that he wanted it as it was what the current of the world was pulling him to do, it was natural. To Yahweh though what was natural was not what was just. Yahweh knew the reasons that Logos left the scene. His power didn't belong. The stage was a place for actors and the audience must stand aside. Now he was sure. He was crossing the border from Netherneea and into Unclaimed Lands. Perhaps he would find some lonely cliff to dwell upon. Or perhaps, Yahweh shuddered, cast himself from like a tossed stone. No Logos wouldn't do that. So far from people Logos could not sing. His tongue did not move. He was a vessal even more so than before. For so long the emotions of other had wavered through him like light through a crystal but now they did not. He was dimmed. His eyes were cast with forlorn thoughts as he sat down beside the road, a road growing over from lack of travel. There was no one on it. No one but him. Was he running? Perhaps. But it was better than forcing the worlds cogs, his presence put to much pressure on them, pushed them to the point of breaking. Sometimes wisdom was a horrifying thing. But Logos was not horrified. He smiled. He knew he was doing what was right. What was wise. It weighed on him heavily that without him many more might die but if he did show up even more could die. He could risk it. The Book must never open. The Horn must never sound. The Word must go unspoken.

Light Wolf
01-26-2007, 09:01 PM
Benitora slowly opened his eyes as blood ran down the side of his mouth. He goaned and slowly sat up. He used the wall closed to him to stand up. He looked at the man that stood over him and his eyes narrowed. He looked back at the gaurds still waiting to attack him again. He growled as his aura began to rise. The wall next to him began to crumble then out of nowhere it broke apart sending rocks toward the mages. They fired spell to protect themselves but didnt notice Benitora dodging the spells and getting close enough to them to finish them off.

He used his supierour strenght and sent a couple of them flying in the walls. He turned back around to the ma before and looked at him with fire in his eyes. He looked at him to see if he was friend..or foe.

01-26-2007, 09:03 PM
~he walked into the inner area near the place where the ball be held followed by ShiKaiki and KageKaiki although it was a formal ball they all dressed in there battle armor and there weapons where still close~

"Keep your gaurd on prepare for anything even if this is a nice ball we are still in war mind you..."

~they both saluted and continued to walk forward KageKaiki being excited ShiKaiki being alert but Phexithors was both cautious and very alert having a ferm grip on his Masamunes his crimson eyes shifted back and forth~

fox demon naruto
01-26-2007, 09:13 PM
Ryn woke up the next day ready to do some training. However, he couldn't find his sword. "Where did I put it. Ah, what kind of Captain missplaces his own sword. God I'm pathitic." Ryn said angrly before walking into a bathroom. He heard a door slam behind him and be locked. "Aww now what?" Ryn mumbled. He went up to the door and slammed on it. "Who closed this door?!" He yelled.

"Me Cleo. I also have your sword." He said calmly.

"CLEO! Open this damn door now!" Ryn yelled.

"Not unless you go to the ball tonight."

"Oh, for heavens sake WHY?" Ryn yelled.

"Because it would help your reputation." Cleo responded.

"What can I do to get a better reputation? Nothing now let me out!" Ryn said still yelling.

"No man who wishes to be a general in the overlord's army dosent go to that ball." Cleo stated.

"Bah, who ever said I wanted to be a general?" Ryn snorted.

"You said it to me when I first got here."

"....................fine." Was all Ryn said.

"Good Baltazar, Lia will you please." Cleo said. Lia and Balthazar came in and took Ryn to the dressing room.

01-26-2007, 10:21 PM
OOC:Theres no point posting today after this.

Sigma walked along the hall entering the ballroom and sitting down, his head throbbing, "I can't let Rubedo revive fully no matter what," Sigma repeated to himself as he looked at the room. Suddenly a blast of energy destroyed the room and Rubedo appeared with the red dragon avatar. "You wish to separate yourself from everything you believe in, why?" Rubedo asked his eyes drilling into Sigma with unparelled ferocity. Sigma yelled, "I'm myself, I exist as myself, I will not give into you Rubedo. My name is Sigma, if that's too much then disappear like you should have 500 years ago," Sigma yelled loudly before seeing it was another illusion.

01-27-2007, 02:48 PM
Renshi awoke with his arms wide open, his tied back hair floating in the magical cell. His eyes scanned the walls as the blurred vision started to clear, he heard the voice of Altheena pounding at his head. Released from the magical sphere he fell to the ground, on a knee, he looked up at Altheena with a weak smile. "Finally, I can have some air..."

As Altheena directed/escorted him to her room he looked around the castle taking in ever image he could. His mind took it all in, and stored it for later use. He stood outside the room and looked to Altheena as she offered her room for a shower and change of clothes. His lips curved into a grin as he brought a hand to his center, holding it in a praying like position.

He breathed in deeply, as he did, his hand became enveloped in a circular symbol of golden-red arches and crosses. He brought his hand over his body, while he did so the arches turned blue. Once he breathed out he brought his hand over the length of his body. Any odor he may have had was extinguished, his hair shined as though it was just washed and his clothes morphed into a decorative suit.

The top robe was cut at the waist, hanging down behind him only a few inches in it's white and blue scheme, his right shoulder was adorned in a spherical crystal blue orb guard. His slacks ran down over his boots, touching at the heel with fiery blue designs along its lining. Around his neck formed a slim yet long white and blue scarf that ran down his back.

He bowed to Altheenea, opening the door for her to get ready. "I'm all set, I'll be waiting respectively." He said as he looked up from his bow.

Aura of the Twilight
01-27-2007, 02:58 PM
OOC: Okay this is when people should start to go and arrive at the ball


"If this war stops and we're both still alive you'll have to teach me that someday." Altheena said as she grabbed her gown, shoes, etc. and went into her bathroom. She bathed and got dressed after half an hour in the shower. Then she stepped out of her bathroom and smiled at Renshi.

"Okay let's go! People should start arriving just about the time we get to the ball room."Altheena said as she put her charm back around her neck.

"Fine you may go to your brother's aid." Shinji replied. Then after his audience left he went back to his work.

Umi got dressed for the ball and left her room and bumped into Mark. He was wearing a tux and they decided to walk together just because they were going to the same place.

"You didn't ask her did you?" Umi asked looking forward.

"Nope." Mark replied emotionlessly.

01-27-2007, 03:52 PM
Sigma looked at the people entering the room for the ball including the guy he hired to play the music. He never looked straight at them as he handed the music over to the MC as he thought more on Rubedo's sudden appearance and why it happened now. Sigma then called Delta to come to the ball instead due to Rubedo.

Chaos entered the ballroom but unlike what he planned, he was depressed due to Albedo's awakening recently and was surprised if only slightly to see his brother appear, "My brother is lucky, Nigredo issealed more than the others but still Nigredo is the strongest next to Rubedo. Master, be careful not to lose yourself," Chaos thought in an eerie silence.

Delta walked into the ballroom wearing a strange suit with an ancient sealing symbol on it, with 2 white gloves with additional protection seals emblazened on them instead of the usual.

Sigma watched this as he got up, "I might as well pass the time, even if I look like a 13 year-old kid," Sigma said removing his robe to reveal an old tux with red stripes on the sleeves. "My hair needs some work also, it seems," Sigma said flattening his hair before it turned red.

01-27-2007, 03:53 PM
Reshin bowed again as she left her room, dressed elegantly, he had to admit. Foer his time inside that magical barrier, his muscle were still somewhat weak even after he stretched while waiting for her. With a swift motion he took her hand and started off in her directed direction.

"I must say Miss Altheena, you look like the glowing clouds of Mana that float about the grounds in Celestia at midnight, so stunning yet magestic all in all." His tone was calm and cool, he had nothing to worry about for he was the one uner watch. He didn't need to keep watch himself, these people had proved themselves worthy of his trust, if not full, part of it.

01-27-2007, 04:26 PM
neverdyne laid the book down once it got to dark for her to read. sighing she laid on her side on the floor of the cell, she looked at syrus and suddenly shrunk in herself in pain. Gritting her teeth she tryed to keep from yelling out 'great just great, i should have known this would happen with a strong male around' she thought. she panted lightly 'and i don't have my herbs with me, i must not turn to my feral form' she started to breath slowly trying t control it.

Aura of the Twilight
01-27-2007, 04:26 PM

"Thank you." Altheena replied. "Flattery will get you everywhere and yet nowhere with me Renshi, and please try to refrain from calling me "Miss". It makes me feel old plus I'm younger than you so I should be calling you Mr. Renshi, but who cares?" Altheena stated as she walked. They walked through the hall and the courtyard to the ball room and entered to see quite a few people had already arrived including Mark and Umi.

"If any of the nobles or soliders give problems either ignore them or tell them that you're under my charge and they'll leave you alone." Altheena stated. "So what do you want to do with your freedom?" Altheena asked looking up at Renshi.

01-27-2007, 04:36 PM
"Oh, well Altheena I think I'd like to stand at a balcony or somewhere in the air. But I'd better keep myself scarse, and not open my wings." He tilted his head to the right slightly before turning about to see the ball room shining before him. He eyes the people entering, and in turn, they eyed him.

Letting out a sigh he brushed back some of his blonde hair, his amber eyes glistenedin the many lights of the ballroom while he walked to a table, lifting a glass of wine. He slowly brought the crystal glass to his mouth, sipping it slowly while leaning back against a pillar to the far west of the room.

"Where can I find the outside...?" He asked himself.

fox demon naruto
01-27-2007, 04:43 PM
Ryn looked at himself in the mirror and sighed. He did look nice it went well with him but he still didn't like it. "Now can I have my sword?"

"Your not going to go to the ball with your weapon!" Cleo stated.

"And what? Go to the ball un-prepared? The mages have magic but not me or any other close combat people. We need weapons." Ryn responded.

"Fine!" Cleo said annoyed. He tossed him a small dagger. "There now go!" Cleo said before pushing him out of the house.

"Stupied butterknife." Ryn muttered before setting off.

When Ryn reached the ball many people stared as they watched Ryn come in. Since no ever saw him in formal cloths......ever. He sighed, this was for a bunch of noble people and high placed people in the army. Sure he was one but he didnt have to attend. Sighing, he looked around until he found an open bar. 'Good I can get drunk and forget this whole thing.' He thought before ordering something from the bar.

Aura of the Twilight
01-27-2007, 04:53 PM

"Excuse me for a moment." Altheena said while bowing to Renshi. Then she walked to the open bar and ordered a strawberry daquiri. It took a few minutes and then she had it and walked back to Renshi.

"Okay I'm back, and to what you said earlier. There is a blachony on the second level of the ball room if you want some fresh air or we could go to the courtyard and just stand there for a while. Just remember I have to go just about everywhere with you tonight." Altheena stated and then she took a sip of her drink.

Umi and Mark just decided to go to the ball together that way they weren't without dates. Umi spotted Altheena with Renshi. "Hey look she really did bring him." Umi stated tugging at Mark's sleeve and pointing.

Mark just stared at them and then turned his attention else where in the room.

01-27-2007, 04:55 PM
Sigma looked around and saw Renshi and went to talk to him and Altheena, "Hey Renshi, long time no see, same for you captain," Sigma said in a lighthearted tone. Does everyone want to dance?!!" the MC yelled with a big reply from the people, "Ok then here's one for the dancers," he yelled as he played the song "Dance Dance" by the Fallout Boys. Sigma chuckled as the song played.

01-27-2007, 05:27 PM
Ether walked into the ball his eyes roaming the room for any sign of Altheena. "Where is my meal ticket", he muttered under his breath. Finally he located her alongside a man he had never met. "She's with someone, well this could complicate things", he said and sighed in aggrivation. He began observing the two of them with a keen eye.

"Every plan has it's annoying variables that pop up", he assured himself adjusting his tie, "I'm late to the pounce but it's nothing I can't deal with" He continued stalking his prey waiting for the moment to make his move. Staying close enough to keep an eye on them but remaining a good enough distance so that he himself could be ignored.

01-27-2007, 06:32 PM
Avery had just finished up some basic attacks with his twin blades, when his teacher had came out of the house. "Hey kid, you heard about the attack on Celestia launched by Netherneea?" Avery looked confused, sliding the blades back in the sheath at his sides. "Well, it's got nothing to do with me." Avery stated, stretching his black wings. He ran a hand through his black hair out of his dark blue eyes. "You're wrong kid, because you're going to help them." The old demon told him. "What!? I am?" "Yeah, or you'll have to deal with me." "Alright, alright, just relax." Avery muttered the last part before walking into the small house.

The old man followed after him, closing the door, making Avery sit at the small wooden table. He sat himself across from the angel "I've heard from other demons that theres this ball going on." Avery yawned "This matters to me because?" The demon sighed "Because you're going there to find the overlord and tell him that you wish to join the army." Avery scratched his chin. "Alright then, but I'm bringing my twin blades and Agaroth." He said getting up and taking the two handed blade. Where the blade met the hilt was a design where black wings extended wings came out. Even the blade was black as the night. Avery slid it in a sheath on his back, right between his wings. Avery walked outside, extending his wings. He kicked off the ground, his entire body blending in with the night sky.

01-27-2007, 06:34 PM
"Well then," Muerte started, "This is a bit of a moral dilemma. I have no real desire to stop you, but I did enter into this war on my honor to fight for them and to do what they want, and they would want me to stop you, so the question is, do I break my word and let you go or honor it and fight you?"

Of course, he knew what he was going to do by 'then.' The rest of the monolouge was simply to determine what angle of attack would be best. A scythe was a weapon that preferred wide spaces for powerful swings. A tunnel wouldn't provide much room of course. A spear or gladius would be a much better weapon choice.

Muerte relaxed like he was about to speak again, and ran his hand up to just under the head of Acheron. In a rush not quite possible had he been using his legs(he'd been floating) he closed the distance between the two and grabbed Acheron with his other hand. At a far closer distance than he preferred, he swung Acheron horizontally to slice straight through the soft organs under his ribs.

01-27-2007, 07:21 PM
Logos sighed as he stood along the road. He wasn't thinking. Just staring off in front of him. Yahweh was thinking. Logos smiled one final sad grin, burden with knowledge, wisdom, and indecision. He wondered if he was running away from his duty. Or perhaps doing the right thing. He didn't know. But it was what the world wanted wasn't it? It was the safest thing for all concerned. He resigned himself. He would never see Netherneea or Celestia again. He took a step forward.

OOC: I suppose that this is the last post Logos will ever have... at least for a while... we'll see

Seikyu Kiba
01-27-2007, 07:26 PM
"Are you alright." Syrus said opening his eyes and still facing straight forward "If you need anything then I will get you it." He said closing his eyes and breathing slowly as he wings folded around him to keep warm. "I wouldn't want you to suffer." He said smirking a bit.

01-27-2007, 08:58 PM
He smiled and nodded. "Understood... let's be off to the balcony then."

He followed her to the balcony, then sat on the side rail while looking out to the stars above. Bringing in a huge breath of fresh air he sighed out to the winds touching his form.

"Such a calm place... yet so vibrant.."

Bringing a hand to his forehead he sighed again, then closed his eyes.

Will I ever find a home?
Or will I be lost forever?
Beyond the twilight's flow...
Running through every endever

Can this be right?
Or is this just a dream?
How much can I write tonight
If a journal was upon me...

His thoughts were like a song.. but why?

Aura of the Twilight
01-27-2007, 09:23 PM

"Oh hello First Advisor Sigma. Yes it has been a while. You know Renshi?" Altheena asked. Before Sigma could respond Renshi said he wanted to go to the balcony.

"You're welcome to join us anytime on the balcony and FYI I love this song great job with the music First Advisor Sigma," ALtheena stated. Then she bowed which looked somewhat odd in her gown seeing as a curtsie would've looked better. Then she lead the way to the balcony and stared out at the stars and then at the moon in silence with Renshi by her side.

01-27-2007, 09:29 PM
Ether saw them and on the balcony his eyes flashed red. "Great those two are getting all cozy, I either move in now or else I lose my morsel forever", he said his eyes flashing red for a moment. He made his way through the crowd with knife like precision not bumping into anybody.

He took a long drink of wine out of a glass he had snagged on his way to the balcony and took a swig of it, not that it had any effect on him, and tapped Altheena on the shoulder. He deliberately stood between her and Renshi and cast a smile that actually looked very sincere despite his true motives. "Why hello there miss, I'm sorry if I'm interupting but I saw you when I first arrived and haven't been able to take my eyes off you since", he said in a decievingly kind voice he bowed and extended his hand, "would you please do me the honor of this dance"

01-27-2007, 09:56 PM
Sigma nodded thinking it was strange that they recognized him when he had flat red hair. He looked around as he saw the MC ask after the song finished, "Pick your next song, whatever you like I'll play for you!" Sigma laughed as a girl appeared infront of him. The girl looked about 14 and had pink hair with green eyes. You want to dance?" the girl asked Sigma, giggling,"No, not really, anyway who are you kid," Sigma asked.

"Why you little brat, who the hell do you think you are," the girl asked angrily. "I'm the first advisor, if you don't know. Also, I'm older than you are thats for sure," Sigma argued with a little bloodlust. "FYI shorty, I heard the first advisor was a majestic, beautiful, muscular, tall... anyway there's no way you're the first advisor, and I'm 1463 if you need to know," The girl yelled at him.

Light Wolf
01-27-2007, 11:25 PM
Yukimura and Aoshi both dreesed to impress. Yukimura threw on a Crimson red tux with matching Tie socks and shoes his White wings spread out the back of his tux, while his feathers had a crimson red lining down them. Aoshi wore a Light blue colored Tux with black lining going down the side of it, that matched his eyes. He wore his katana on his back and had its shealth covered in the same light blue colors matching with his eyes and tux. Aoshi wore Black shoes with light blue socks. His hair was a shine black with a light blue ribbon with Black lining with a seal wrote on it that wrapped around his the shoulders of his tux and it swyed from behind him.

Yukimura and his youger brother entered the room without Benitora hopping that he met get back any second now. Yukimura watched as the people stared at him and his brother. He smiled and smirked at the closest girl toward him making her heart float and casuing her to faint. Aoshi smiled and laughs while scracthing his head. He loved the attention and toke the time to talk and met some of the other people. When while Yukimura sat down and holded his arms thinking about his brother and what was happening to him.

Benitora quickly dodged the weapon getting his side cut a little bit. He growled as he placed both his hands on the ground. He swinged his body around spinning and kicking at the same time hopping to make contact with the enemys body. He thought of the damage he could do and thought about his next fore moves thnking about what would happen if he did this.

Benitora thought about trying to block the weapon with on of his hands then kicking his attacker back a few feet taking his weapon away form him. He erased that thought knowing the maybe the attack could call his weapon back to him just like he could. He then thought about jumping performing three backflips and landing on the wall, he would then use his speed to seem to appear in mutiple places at once trying to confuse his enemy but choose to try something else. He finally thought about after using the move he was using he would allow the enemy to see a weak spot and try to attack it. He would then use some of his arua to break the floor under them casuing him to fall to the gorund below him. He would jump oto the wall and jump form wall to wall didgint the fall. He smiled at the plan and readed himself to carry it out.

fox demon naruto
01-27-2007, 11:48 PM
Ryn sat at one of the stools at the bar and asked for his 4th beer. He hasent left that place since he came.

"Sir dont you think you should be going I mean at this point you'll just get drunk."

"No! Really!" Ryn said sarcasticly. He was about to say something when he felt something in his waist area. "Your lucky I need to go to the restroom." He said before walk away. He noticed that the music stopped and the 1st advisor was being yelled at by a young women. He gave a small chuckle before entering the restroom. When he left he went up to the MC and said, "Hey put something good on like Lynyrd Skynyrd." Ryn said the beer starting to overcome him. He walked back to the bar and took his beer and walked off. He then heard Free Bird being played and his lips made a smirk. "Finnaly something good."

Aura of the Twilight
01-28-2007, 09:31 AM

Atheena looked up at the man and then looked away. "Sorry but I'm not in the mood to dance right now plus I have more important things going for me right now then dancing with some random guy wether he be in the army or some noble. I'd rather be forced to marry an angel than dance with you." Altheena stated with a bit of an attitude. She hated when she was called miss and she didn't like the vibe that she was getting from this guy wether he was innocent or not.

"Ouch shot down with avengance." Umi thought as she walked by over hearing Altheena talk.

01-28-2007, 11:15 AM
Ether's gritted his teeth. Spunky, he thought to himself. "As you wish then", he said turning around. His eyes began to glow crimson. "This isn't over", he muttered, "not by a long shot" He sunk into a corner and began thinking. Real nice, you're actually kind to a person and they just go and bite your head off, he thought, I've eaten people with less attitude.

01-28-2007, 11:51 AM
neverdyne sighed "just get some bitteroot herbs please, my hormones are raging"she squirmed a bit feeling uncomfortable. she sat up and sighed and laid back down, she never could sleep during these times. she frowned as a shiver ran though her body.

01-28-2007, 12:22 PM
Sigma was ready to kill this annoying girl but stopped himself thinking it would look bad, "I am the first advisor, but still, what was with that swooning, that was creepy," Sigma said to her face calmly as his hair reverted to normal. The girl just stared at him, "How did your hair change colors, that was cool. I'm sorry if I was being rude, but you started it. Also my name is Shion," the girl announced in a small voice. Sigma looked down, "Sorry that I was rude, I just have had a lot on my mind lately. Also about your question of if I wanted to dance, sure, I actually was forced here by a friend... AND I'M NOT SHORT," Sigma said yelling that last part. Shion then giggled, "Okay, okay your not short, I bet your thinking why I'm here, I'm a daughter to a lord under the king. Thanks for the dance but are you sure you're the first advisor?"

Chaos was living it up by picking up as many woman as he could... only to get slapped imediately. Delta just kind of sat in a corner in the back of the bar.

01-28-2007, 01:07 PM
Avery was getting close to the castle now, trying to think what to do. Alright, I'll land at the balcony and casually walk into the ballroom and search for someone that can lead me to the Overlord. Avery came in closer to the balcony to see two people there. He just shrugged and slowly glided to the balcony until he landed away from the two

Maybe I shouldn't have brought my weapons along...Well no sense in turning around now. Avery just started to walk, stopping in front of the two and bowed, standing up straight he asked them "Don't suppose one of you can show me where the Overlord is, could you?" He scratched the back of his head, glancing towards the other angel.

Seikyu Kiba
01-28-2007, 01:15 PM
Syrus blinked for a moment and then walked over to a small cabnet with a few herbs in it "Bitteroot....ah here we go." He said taking off the shelf of the cabinet and walked over to the cell and opened it with a key from his side. He walked to Neverdyne and set it down. "Here you are." He said turning around walking out and begging to walk out of the cell.

01-28-2007, 01:17 PM
neverdyne took the herbs and ate them, grimacing at the bitter taste, when her hormones finaly she stoppe. She noticed him walking out of the cell bu tsaid nothing laying down instead.

01-28-2007, 01:32 PM
Soz i couldn't get on to post over the weekend. but i should be able to get on every other night:unsure:

talon sat on the roof. he noticed two people walk out onto the balcony, one was athleena. was that her date? they suited.
he plucked another feather from his wing and moulded it into a small chain. his hands were shaking. why tonight? he had dared to ask Leonie to the ball and she had been estatic. when he had gone to pick her up only a few hours later she had been dressed beautifully. they had only just had a single dance when a small messenger boy had ran into the hall to talk to leonie. it seems that the inn had been attacked and burned to the ground. talon had passed the men who had done it, before he had gone into the inn earlier.

leonie had ran off in tears, only saying thankyou and quickly promising to come back later. he didn't know what had happened to the innkeeper. he felt like it was his fault, the men did look dodgy, hanging round the inn all day.

talon looked out over the grounds towards the gate leonie had decided to come back, everything must be alright. he flew down to meet her...

Seikyu Kiba
01-28-2007, 01:39 PM
Syrus turned around and smilesd softly and then walked out of the cell and locked it. He sat back down on the ground and closed his eyes wrapping himself up in his wings. He kept his ears open as he was sleeping. "Better?" He asked quietly. Thinking to himself I would have thought she would have been more reckless...I guess not all Netherneea people are bad... He slowly started to drift to sleep.

Light Wolf
01-28-2007, 02:00 PM
Yukimura walked passed a couple of people and headed toward the bar. He stopped when he felt the arua of an extremly strong opponent. He spread his wings out and rushed toward the balcony. He spotted Athleena and her date for the night. He then saw the man stand a few feet away form them. This was a new face and Yukimura didnt like it. He called one of his swords to his hand. He used its hanlde to push himself and the new face over the balcony. He quickly pushed off the man and landed on the gorund below. He looked at the man and thought of every situtions that may unhold tonight.

" Who are you and why are you here? " He staed as he shealthed his Weapon and waited on the man to answer and wold quickly kill him if he said the wrong thing.

Aoshi oticed the group of people looking over the balcony and listend to some of them talk.

" Who is that guy General Yukimura is fightung and where did he come from is he an enemy or a friend???? "

" I dont know but if that guy doesnt tell him what he wonts to no Yukimura will surly kill him..."

" I think hes with the enemy and havnt you noticed that only two of the three brothers are here wheres the last one.....Captain Benitora yea thats his name? "

" I heard he was killed atthe battle and now Yukimura and Aoshi wont to attack the enemy stronghold by themselves... "

" Can they really do that?? Are they really that strong??? "

" No No I heard the Captain Benitora was captured and is now fighting the enemy inside of the base. He cant win theres to many enemies there he going to die no matter what i swear it.. "

Aoshi heard enough he quickly sweep kicked the last man that said someting and jumpped fomr the balcony, landing beside his brother he nodded to Yukimura and took off toward the gates. Time seemed to slow as he passed the man his brother was about to fight. He looked him over and rushed passed him. He ran up the wall of the gate and disappeared over the top. He rushed into a gates and disappeaered.

01-28-2007, 02:08 PM
Renshi could feel the bitter and hungerous intentions of the man, he could she the arches of his Syncra power form in his sight alone, rolling over the man like a scanner of sorts. He turned away from the man with a half frown as the man walked away. He then looked down at the ground below before turning to see Avery bowing.

"Im sorry sir, I'm but a prisoner here." He said as he bowed slightly in return "If you'd excuse us..." He said pulling Altheena by a hand with him into the ball room. He leaned his back against a pillar with his eyes closed, taking in deep breaths for a few moments. He then opened his eyes to her and asked her "Do you think... that everybody can find a home in the end?"

His quiestion rolled off of tounge as a sad presence was made about his form. "Do you think that people have a place were they can stay? Where they can enjoy for their whole lives?" He had crossed his arms as he weakly looked to her, his mind racing...

"Towards a dieing sunset
The wings of a weak bird break
His home was lost,
never to come back
The winds inside his heart race"

He couldn't help but feel as though he'd remain homelss, for if Celestia cared not for him, then where could he stand?

01-28-2007, 02:20 PM
Muerte completed his swing and took the blows on the armor of his arms and back. Well, his opponent was smiling, no doubt with some trump card of a move up his sleeve.Muerte quickly decided that letting his opponent get close to him in these tunnels was a bad idea.

Gently, he let go of Acheron, who floated in the air just behind his right arm. He spread both arms like a cross, palms facing him, fingers pointing up and curling in just a bit. The glowing orbs in his eye sockets burned even more brightly, illuminating his skull from within.

Eight dark holes appeared in the air around Benitora. Rusty, barnacle encrusted chains shot out and connected them all to form a rectangular prism in the tunnel. A low, bass chanting spilled from within Muerte as he diverted the flow of Styx. Eternally blue-black water began to spill from the top holes, filling the space marked in by the Binds of Judgement.

Light Wolf
01-28-2007, 02:58 PM
Benitora punched the closest chain to is body, but was sent back at him with even more power. He growled and attacked form every direction he could. He hated not having his sword. he tryed and tryed to break free but gave up after many tryes. The water was rising fast and soon he would be dead. He stood in one spot and closed his eyes. He felt his death coming soon as the water covered his head and he could no longer breath the sweet air he longed for. His body and mind split as his thought shattered into thousands of pieces. He thought about Aoshi and Yukimura and everyone. He knew that this would affect Aoshi badly and Yukimura would go on a rampage. He let imself be covered in darkness and seemply faded away form his body. The last think he remember was calling out his blades name for the first time.

01-28-2007, 03:19 PM
neverdyne nodded and rolled over facing the wall. If she was truthfull she did not want to go back to the castle but leave and find a world where she would be acepted. She sighed 'not that thats is gonna happen, if i survive this mom and dad wil probely marry me of to some far away lord' she thought.

01-28-2007, 03:29 PM
talon watched as the two brothers rushed past leonie. he hoped that they'd be ok. she ran up to him as he flew down.
"are you ok" he asked.

she cried and clung to him. talon wished Neverdyne was here, she could make a potion to take away the sorrow... although she probably would have advised against it. but he couldn't bear to see her cry.
the innkeeper had died from a wound to the heart, and on the body there was a single feather.

they walked back into the hall and sat at the back.
talon didn't know how leonie could still bear to be near him, the angels had killed her father and destroyed her life. how ironic that an angel would also comfort her. talon made a small blade from a feather and turned towards her.
she looked up, still amazingly beautiful to talon through all the tears. he bent down onto one knee then clenched his fist. the blade cut deep.

talon shouted "i swear on my own blood that i will help in any way to end this war!!!" he let the drops fall onto the polished floor.
cheers and a few shouts followed his little speech but for him the best part was leonie slowly standing up and whispering "i know you will..."

01-28-2007, 03:39 PM
neverdyne moaned lightly in her sleep as she turned.

Dream area

she walked through a dark forest but held not fear, the forest was not a danger to her but to someone else. she sighs "seems my shadow magic has trust me in anothers dream" she frowned "bit strange though i thought everything was sealed she looked at the tree's "but only one near death could dream of a place like this" she walked til she got a clearing and saw Benitora floating in what seemed to be a watertank. She muttered "great" walking to the glass she placed her hands on her hips and looks the tank up and down. Rolling her eyes she drew one hand back and smashed the glass watching as he fel out of the water tank and onto the ground. Grabbing him by the shirt she started to shake and yell "wake up! You must fight for you life you dumbass!" she shook a little harder when he was not responding "come on! I don't like to waste my shadow magic here ya know!". She smirked as he blinked "good your awake, not fight for your life!" she threw him backwards into a tree and dissapeared.

outside dream area

neverdyne sighed as she woke up 'he better live or i will kill him in his dreams myself" she smiled at that thought and closed her eyes again.

Light Wolf
01-28-2007, 04:07 PM
Aishi stopped when he sensed his brothers life slowly leaving this world. He froze ontop of the field infront of the enemy strong hold. He looked at it and listened as tears formed in his eyes. He felt his brothers life end and let out a roar of pain that reached the castle.

Yukimura heard Aoshi pain and felt it himself, he shealthed his sword and walk past the man infront of him and called Benitora sword to his hand. He unshealthed Benitora's sword and watched as it disappeared. He growled and punched the ground sending waves of energy thorughtout the caslte. His brother was dead and now he would destroy the person that killed his brother. He growled and spread out his wings and his clothes changed into his battle armor. He flapoped his wings and toke off with Bentiora shealth in his hand.


Benitora's body floated insdie of the trigram cell. His mind still wondered intel he heard his sword answer his call. He returned back to his body, and his sword slowly formed in his hand. Darkness spread throughtout the triangle and slowly broke it down. Benitora fell out of the water but he didnt look the same his hair eyes and clothes were different and his Katana was a purple dragon and the blade was purple and dark. He swung his sword once sending the darkness throguht the area destroying the walls giving him more room to move. He looked at Muerte and pionted his sword toward him. He closed ihs eyes and the blade began to grow. It was his turn to show off a attack and would finish this off then finish his mission.

Aura of the Twilight
01-28-2007, 04:11 PM

"Yes I suppose everyone has a place where they can be truly happy. It's just some places ar harder to find then others. Some are hidden and some are so obvious that you can't see them. That's what I think anyways." Altheena replied.

Umi walked past Talon and joked around saying, "Talon's going emooo." Then she walked up to the band and requested "Somewhere I Belong" by Linkin Park.

"Well I hope Mark doesn't make a request or a lot of the guests are going to start headbanging!" Altheena joked. "Hey, Talon! Come over here for a second!" Altheena somewhat yelled getting Talon's attention and waving at him.

01-28-2007, 04:40 PM
~looks down from the ceiling survaying the room Kage and ShiKaiki look up at him~

"How does he do that?"
"Trust me you dont want to know it would make your little brain explode"
"Stop bickering you two...seems to be fine"
"Then can we abandon these war outfits?"

~he drops down~
"As summoned recruits I dont feel like abandoning anything..."

Seikyu Kiba
01-28-2007, 06:35 PM
Syrus was mumbling in his sleep and then fell infront of Neverdyne cell and laid sleeping peacefully, he was completely out like a light. He didn't have a dream but he was enjoying sleeping. His eyes opened for a second and realized he was laying down and then sat up and yawned "man what time is it?" Syrus said in a tired voice.

01-28-2007, 08:01 PM
"So hidden yet so obvious..." He repeated that idea to himself, he could feel Ryuk calling out for him in distress. But alas his magical binds set from the cell were still unbroken. "Ryuk.. what troubles you?" He whispered to himself as his sword pulsated through his soul.

"I can feel you my friend, where is the trouble?" He felt his chest turn out towards the city's direction, he could feel a cry of desperate sorrow flow forth through the Ebb and flow of the energy around.

"It seems someone was killed.. out of pure spite and recklessness..." He brought a hand over his eyes and whispered again "A broken wing upon the bird so weak..."

01-29-2007, 10:08 AM
Neverdyne just slept through the fall of syrus. Her breathing steady and calm. she rolled over and muttered "syrus that tickles" she msield faintly.

01-29-2007, 01:32 PM
Avery had been standing alone at the balcony, watching everyone have a good time. He didn't like this, he was just standing and not doing anything, something he couldn't do. Santaro, the old demon that had took care of him, had always asked him why he couldn't stand still in a place so unfamiliar to him. Avery took in a deep breath before letting it out softly "Damn that old demon." He muttered before looking out into the clear sky. I have no business here, if he wants to fight with me when I get back, so be it. "Why bother them now when they're having a good time when I can train tonight and go tomorrow." He muttered before jumping off the balcony, opening his wings and flying towards his home.

01-29-2007, 02:38 PM
talon felt stupid, he'd forgoten where he was. umi walked past grinning. oh well, he didn't really have much of a social status to begin with.
leonie smiled, "i'm renting out a small room at the castle, i'll see you tommorow." she hugged him then slowly walked out of the hall.
"Hey, Talon! Come over here for a second!"
athleena was shouting him.
"soz about that, are you alright? what do you want?" he wasn't being his usually smiling self, but if anyone could cheer him up it was usually athleena...

Seikyu Kiba
01-29-2007, 02:47 PM
Syrus caught what she said and turned red in the cheeks a little now I am curiouse. He thought to himself as he drifted off to sleep.

~Dream sequence~

"Hmmm...it's been a while sense I dreamed." He said standing on top of a castle wall "this looks familiar." He said looking around as archers were standing with him.

"Sir Syrus your commands...Jade wants you to give us the command on when to fire."

"Alright." He said in a seriouse tone. The enemy came charging towards the castle as Syrus rose his hand up and pointed "FIRE!" he shouted, a wave of arrows shot at the enemies, hitting everything in there path. As the arrows shot more came back at them "TAKE COVER!" Syrus yelled as the archers ran for cover. Syrus tried to move but his feet felt as if they were stuck to the ground "What!?" He said as arrows shot through his body. "W..why..me?" Syrus said as everything went black.

~end sequence~

"N..no.." Syrus said softly "I..failed."

OOC: Kyuubi you know Jade is waiting for your post....

01-29-2007, 08:00 PM
Sigma was spending his time with Shion trying to enjoy it all, but still feeling uneasy for some reason as if he was being watched. Sigma looked around before his eyes rested on an old man covered in chains and a white cape and long beard. As Sigma started to focus on the old man, a red shadow appeared and started to approach him. "Rubedos here, why, why won't he disappear," are the thoughts that ran through Sigma's mind as Rubedo stopped next to Sigma for a split second, then disappear. "I will send you to hell one day, till then don't die, don't die unless it's by my hand," Rubedo said, the thoughts entering directly into Sigma's brain. Sigma's sight got foggy before he collapsed, seeing that the old man had not been there, and coughing up blood.

Aura of the Twilight
01-29-2007, 08:30 PM

Altheena looked at Renshi and thought, "What are you thinking about" Then Talon made his way over to them.

"Lemme see your hand." Altheena stated then she gently grabbed Talon's hand. "You know, blood oaths are good and all but most of the time it's best not to make a large wound. Like slicing your palm open." Altheena stated. Then she waved her hand over his and a white light appeared and the wound closed and the blood and light dissapeared. Altheena smiled at Talon.

"Oh that's right!" Altheena grasped Talon in a hug and then let go of him. "Thanks for saving me back on the battlefeild the other day." Altheena stated bowing to Talon. Before Talon could say anything Sigma collapsed and then started coughing up blood.

"Oh no!" Altheena thought then she ran towards the First Adviosr's collapsed body. She looked up at Shion and said, "Go to the infirmary and tell them I'm on my way with his body and what happened." Then Shion ran off.

"Renshi I have to take him to the infirmary. Either come with me or stay here with Talon." Altheena said picking up Sigma. "It's a good thing he's younger then me, otherwise I might not have been able to carry him." Altheena thought as she walked out of the ballroom and towards the infirmary.

01-29-2007, 09:09 PM
~Phexithors watched Sigma collapse and someone walk forward pick him up and carry him out~


~he folded his arms and continued to survey the room~

Light Wolf
01-29-2007, 10:24 PM
Yukimura watched as arrow rained down on his home. He was powerless to do anything. He watched as his brothers were beaten badly and Aoshi lost his power. He growled at the man in a hooded cloak. He watched as his kingdom fell and a portal opened behind him. He was sucked into it as the final attack form the enemy laned in his kingodm. He watched it being destroyed and a single tear fell form his face.

Yukimura soon woke up form the dream and his body was covered in blood as arrows were stuck in his chest. he tryed to move but noticed that he was under a binding spell and couldnt move. He watched as the hooded man walked out of the dust with a dark dragon sword the same as Benitora's but a different color. He growled at him and his memories came back and poured into his mind. He found out that he could move again and quickly called his blades to his hands. He stabbed the man with one swords and then cut his head off with the other. The mans head fell to the ground and his body fell slowly after. Yukimura watched as the man body dissolved into the ground. He watched in horror as the mans sword connected with his arm and his blood spread into the air staining the gorund below him. Yukimura didnt know why he was out here and how this was happenieng but he soon remebered when Aoshi called at Benitora's name/ Yukimura looked to his brother's voice and his power came back ten fold. He pushed the man back a few feet and drew his sword back to himself. He watched as the enemies force slowly closed in on him. He didnt think the attack would happen to early but he was ready to attack and find his brother.

01-30-2007, 02:49 PM
the hug was unexpected, but welcome, the bow was uncalled for, though he was grateful. he now had two reasons to fight, leonie and athleena. his two closest friends.
he did feel better now, then sigma collapsed, talon faintly saw something in the corner of his eye and heard a distinct rattle of chains, but there was nobody there. did someone magically attack sigma?
this wasn't the best party he'd even been to, why did shinji still hold the ball? when talon thought about it, it was stupid. it had lowered everyones defences and made them careless.

he hurried after the retreating backs of athleena but then stopped, she had enough to do. he decided that if renshi went he would go, otherwise he'd stay and try to enjoy himself,
"not much chance of that" he whispered softly...

01-30-2007, 03:02 PM
Renshi nodded slowly as he walked up to Talon, his amber eyes scanning the boy before turning back to Altheena as she went. He placed a hand on Talon's shoulder, seeing as though he was a fallen angel he could find someone else here that was somewhat like him.

"I'll stay with the lad, you have my word of honor that I will behave myself." He had called to Altheena as she walked off. Taking a deep breath he looked down at Talon with his powerful amber eyes and made a soft smile.

"So.. you are fallen... I am too.. in a way." he said to Talon in a low voice before heading to the side of the entrance hallway, pulling the lad with him.

"So... what is there to see around here?" he asked Talon with subtle tone of anxiety and boredom.

Aura of the Twilight
01-30-2007, 03:41 PM

Altheena walked to the infirmary and placed Sigma in the bed the clerics told her to put him in. She walked up to Shion and said, "I'm sure he will be fine don't worry, the little squirt is quite stubborn." Altheena said and then smiled at Shion.


Lucretia finished her paperwork as the moon was two thirds of the way past their backs in the sky. She called for a meeting of some of her advisors and their soliders. "We need to strike now. It's apparent that Netherneea is sticking to tradition and still holding the Netherneea Ball. We should send your troops and rally the others now and send them in a surprise attack this instant!" Lucretia stated.

"But my lady! The Netherneea Ball is a sacred tradition much like our own that we would be having if it were not for your fear of the same thing happening to us! It was agreed by the Seraph that if a war should break out a ceise frie was to be held during the time of the balls!" One of her advisors said.

"I know this! But we must attack now if we hope to win, and they have one of our top fighters hostage!" Lucretia stated.

"As do we one of their healers." the advisor argued back.

"Do not get me wrong. I know the situation and my character are at question now but we have to attack now. I'm not asking I'm ordering!" Lucretia stated.

"Yes my lady." everyone replied then dissapeared and started to spread the word. Then once a set of lackie troops were assembled they were sent as a small first wave.


Altheena was walking back to the ball room when she saw a portal open. Then some angels came out of it and attack horns were sounding.

"Looks like this dress is gonna get ruined," Altheena thought as she started to run towards the ball. When she got there nobles were starting to panic after hearing the horns. Talon, Umi, Mark, and Renshi were all grouped together. She ran over to them and stated," We've got to go! They need the mages against the magic of Lucretia!" ALtheena stated panting slightly from the long run.

01-30-2007, 03:51 PM
Unable to hold a conversation with Talon, Renshi saw the angels burst through. He looked to them, his amber eyes narrowing in at the sight of them. From the group of them flied forth a berzerker with dual daggers, dashing at full blood lust after Altheena after jumping over most of the crowd.

"Altheena!" He shouted to her as he brought out his wings and covered her with them both while holding her in his arms. The crazed warrior slashed at his wings and back side over and over again laughing maniacly as he did so.

Renshi managed to fan out his wings, or what was left of them into tthe attacker sending him across the room. Blood started to run down hisback as he slumped over on Altheena, his breath heavy "Are you okay?" he whispered trying to hold himself up "Please... break the seal on Ryuk.. break the seal on my magic..." He whispered again and he tried to limp with her and the others to safety.

Aura of the Twilight
01-30-2007, 03:59 PM

Altheena was competely shocked. Renshi, her enemy, yet again saved her life, and she didn't understand why. As she was beiong held by him she asked, "Why ...did you do that?"

She somewhat helped him over to a hidden corner of the room with Umi and Mark standing guard while she tried her best to heal some of his back.

Then going against all codes that she followed she accepted Renshi's wish and broke the seal on him releasing his magic and his sword which he had reffered to as Ryuk not too long ago.

From out of nowhere a tear slide down her cheeck and she quickly wiped it away. "Okay, I healed your back but I don't know how to mend wings of anything let alone an angel." Altheena stated backing away a bit to give Renshi some room to move.

"Guys go with Talon and make sure he stays alive it would be a pity to lose him now." Altheena ordered.

"Yes Captian Altheena!" they both replied and started to run into the fray and accompanied Talon.

01-30-2007, 04:07 PM
he really wanted to talk to renshi but didn't have the time.
talon didn't feel scared like normal. it was just a calm sense of purity. he felt happy to know that maybe renshi would stay with netherneea, then he wouldn't be mocked. nobody would dare mock him with athleenas favorite angel on his side. he pushed his naive wishes aside and threw a bolt of lighting at an angel with a katana. he watched in slow motion as renshi was slashed repeatedly by a burly looking angel. he went to help but was stopped by a group of angels.
he felt his magic waning already, the braclet had not been replaced. the group of angels swarmed over him. the last thing he saw was athleenas face before he was teleported out of the hall...

01-30-2007, 04:22 PM
Renshi coughed a few times while Altheena healed him the best she could. Standing up weakly he felt Altheena break the seal. Oh, it was on alright. From his chest appeared Ryuk into his left hand, by the sheath he held it to his side bringing his right hand to the hilt.

"Thank you Altheena...." He grunted.

He looked to see the Falle angel boy dissapear, he winced at the though of his demise. Much like the boy, he was fallen and lost yet still alive. He turned to the oncoming swarms of Angels, his body eminating Arches and twists of elongated energy taking form around his body. The light cracked over like a solid branch from a mystic tree as it dissapated into a green wind about his form.

His old black and white wings were ripped off, to Renshi's pain, to be replaced by metalic counterparts created by the power of the Syncra spell. After so he drew forth Ryuk in a shining emination of power dashing into the oncoming intruders that were once his brothers.

Sending the hilt to the gut of every angel he encountered, as well as kicks and palm strikes he started to knock them out, thus returning them through the portal via a small Syncra spell.

Though after ten of them were gone he was sent back into a full flip across the room from a giant spell if red and white energy in bolt form.
"Argh..." He said sliding back at his landing, holding Ryuk tightly as he turned to Altheena.

"As for your question... I think I've found a home... in the presence of those I care to protect." After sending a wave of red light at the oncoming line through a long red and white symbol of his own, he took Altheena by the arm "We must flee..." He said dashing off with her to find the others.

01-30-2007, 04:24 PM

Sigma looked around, hoping for an exit, "I need to find an exit before Rubedo comes," Sigma thought frantically. "Don't be sad, Sigma, I will make good use of you," Rubedo said appearing with a red cloak. Sigma backed up before running away from Rubedo as he drew a giant, 5' stone sword. Rubedo rushed past him and slashed at him, but Sigma jumped back, "I guess I'll have to fight you now, Rubedo, I was hoping it wouldn't come to this," Sigma said cooly as he drew an identical sword to Rubedo's.

"You think you can stop me, you are simply to weak. If you want to see how it's done though I'll be glad to show you... BANKAI," Rubedo yelled as his sword turned red. Rubedo charged Sigma as he slashed, Sigma parried, counterattacked, and Rubedo did the same. Finally after what seemed an hour, Rubedo dashed past Sigma and slashed his sword forming a red dragon. The dragon crashed on Sigma as the area burned into oblivion.

-end dream-

Sigma bursted out of bed as a cleric walked up to him, "First Advisor, you shouldn't push yourself, stay in be-," she said before a sword approached her neck and she passed out. Sigma yelled with flaming red hair, "Sigma, who is Sigma? My name is Rubedo!" Rubedo got up and felt around, "Angels have entered this dump, perfect," He said with a malicious grin as he walked out.

Light Wolf
01-30-2007, 04:42 PM
Yukimura Qukcily rushed back toward the castle intime to see the enemy enter the castle. He growled and pionted his katana's toward the angels. He grinned as a whilte lihgt began to glow at the tip of huis sword,the same light from the earlier battle. He released the energy with half force and watched as some of the enemy angels vanished with the light. He rushed toward the center of the angel attack and fought his way intel he was surronded by the enemy. They seemed to stop and look at hi waiting for him to make the first move.

Benitora continued toward the enemy stronghold and entered the portal the enemy came through. He slowly searched the huge place in order to find his brother and save him if he could. His training from the silent Squad back at his hiome world ame in handy here. He wauted as thousands and thousands on enemy troops exited the caslte into a portal. He thought hard and came to the conclusion that he portal leaded it his caslte. He grinned and formed a plan quickly. He dropped form the ceiling ontop of a couple of guards and killed them silently. He continued his seacrh and would help his brother Yukimura later.

Yukimura coninuted tio fire blast after blast at the enemy. He watched them slwoly decrease in numbers but more and moe toke their place. He spread his wings back and flaped them hard, he retreated into the ball room with the others and started to fight the angels that were in their. He growled as more and more came and came. He stopped fighting when he noticed that three spears had entered his body. He looked at where the spears came form and saw three angels with the spears in their hands looking at him form in the floor itself. He growled as he cut the spears in half and the angels heads off. He toke a few steps back and growled with pain. He back away intel he was in a corner where fresh blood was,it was the blood of an angel, He didnt care his power was almost gone. He removed the spear heads form his body and looked at their tips. the were coated in a speacal pioson used for killing his kind. He laughed at the pioson and throw the spear heads away form him. He looked up at the cieling and hopped that his brothers were ok. He was showing emtion he knew this was not a good sign for him. His vision slowly left his body as he fell into a dream.

01-30-2007, 04:44 PM
neverdyne opened here eyes and yawned her stomach rumbled and she geused she was hungry. she brushed her hair back a bit looking drowily around the cell.

01-30-2007, 04:58 PM
Four angels surrounded Ether, he smiled and began to laugh. "I just got shot down, do you have any idea how ticked off I am right now, if you value your lives then get lost", he yelled smiling. They fired energy blasts at him and he was lost in a blaze part of the wall collapsed on him. The angels began to move away but one heard something and went to check it out and the other three waited for him. He finally put it in the back of his mind and began to leave when a hand reached out of the rubble and grabbed his ankle pulling him down into the debris. The others rushed to help but were to late. There was munching sound from with the rubble for a while and when it ended Ether emerged.

His suit was torn, his hair messed up, his scar returned, and blood running down his mouth. "Joy", he said smiling, "comfort food" Before his enemies could react he launched out tearing ones wing off with one bite and then swallowing it. They began firing spells at him but he was to fast. He targeted one of his attackers and tackled him. He unlocked his jaws and swallowed him whole. A blast his him and knocked him back into the rubble. The two remaineding angels opened fire and coninued for a while but eventually stopped. They waited and right when they thought they were safe a long arm extended out of the smoke and pulled one of them in. Ether thrust the angel into his mouth.

The remaining enemy, injured from Ether's second attack tried to stop Ether and run away at the same time. Ether easily dodged the blast and finally caught and devoured his prey. He wiped his mouth and then looked around. "Can't let them kill that girl", he growled and then stopped for a minute and corrected himself, "I mean can't let them get my meal"

She's nothing to you, he thought, none of them are. He then raced off following he scent.

Aura of the Twilight
01-30-2007, 04:59 PM

Altheena looked around while running behind Renshi with her wrist being clasped by his hand. "Uhhh teleports teleports who in my group knows teleports?....Mark! Mark knows teleports he must've saved Talon by teleporting himself, Talon, and Umi to saftey. That's why they're nolong to be seen!" Altheena thought.

She shot off a spell at an angel headed towards them and the stated," They're not here! Mark must've teleported them somwhere safe!" She still followed Renshi while thinking," PHe wants to protect....me?" Then an angel almost made it to her as she was thinking, "Ahhh!" she yelped. Then instantly the charm shot off a wave that was visible purple energy towards the angel and sent him flying.

"Hey! This thing really comes in handy!" Altheena stated not noticing she said it aloud.

01-30-2007, 05:15 PM
Avery was only a few meters away from the castle when he heard a few faint shouts. That old demon would just kill me if I went back now. He thought, flying back to the castle. He landed back on the balcony, walking into the ball room to find angels coming in. "How coward like, to attack when everyone was having a great time." He muttered, watching what was going on. His eyes rested on the angel prisoner whose wings, by the looks of them, were replaced by metal ones. He grinned "Let's have some fun." He muttered running towards the angels. He pulled out his twin blades, stabbing them into any angel there.

He noticed the prisoner run with the girl that was with him. He didn't really care as he cut off another's head. That was up until he saw that two angels tried to kill them but failed. He decided on what to do and shot off towards them, his blades slicing through the waists of angels. Another was about to attack them when he brought his two blades and tackled the angel into a wall, his blades stabbing into the angel's chest. He then ran towards the two, running alongside Renshi. "Need some help?" He asked.

01-30-2007, 05:46 PM
Rubedo walked down the passage, as angels got near him he sliced them in half, "More, give me more," Rubedo laughed in a crazed voice. Rubedo soon saw Renshi and Altheena with a new face running from angels, he passed them and cut down the enemy one by one, laughing as he was stained with blood, "Come on, don't stop now, you might make this slaughter enjoyable," Rubedo laughed. Suddenly angels jumped at him but were then shot as Chaos and Delta appeared, "Albedo, Nigredo kill them," RUbedo said as he ran in front of Altheena and the others, "Where do you think you're going? I'm going to enjoy killing you," Rubedo said his eyes gleeming with the blood.

Chaos and Delta turned to Rubedo before yelling, "We are Chaos and Delta, remember that," then saying, "Time for some freedom, ALBEDO, NIGREDO," they yelled a revolver with two white stripes appeared in Chaos' hand while a black curved dagger appeared in Delta's. Delta slashed 5 angels into pieces in the blink of an eye while Chaos shot and cut about as many, "We won't let you go any farther, say good-bye," They said laughing like Rubedo.

01-30-2007, 06:01 PM
Renshi drew another symbol in the air as he ran, the symbol faded away as a giant serpent of water was thrown from the air into their trail. The serpent would spew an intense flow of water at all the angels coming for them, but it only had a certain amount of time before dissapating.

He swung his arm in front of him, using his index and middle fingers to draw spell after spell, unleashing waves of blue and red light towards any approaching foe. He spotted Avery next to him and sighed "Well, that would be great..."

He brought Ryuk's sheath into his belt as he kept hold on Altheena with his left hand. He would then twilt Ryuk into an underhanded position slashing down any angel striking at them.

Up and over, then down and across. His blade would ring as the metal clashed and the skin ripped. Over an over untril they reached the balcony. His metalic wings, of white and black scheme, started to flap as he made it towards the balcony.

Taking Altheena in an arm, then grabbing Avery by the collar he set off and took to the Northeean skies.

"Blast.." the word burst from his voice as they were flying away.

Aura of the Twilight
01-30-2007, 06:28 PM
OOC: final post for me today



"Ahh!" Altheena clinged to Renshi as he took off into flight. She had never flown on anything before let alone having the only thing keeping her from the ground was Renshi's grip.

"Where are we going?!" Altheena asked. "What was with the first advisor I'd never seen him like that before." Altheena thought Just then some angles started flying after them launching off the balcony.

"We're being followed!" Altheena stated. She was about to launch a spell but couldn't. "My magic won't work again!" she stated then her charm started glowing brighter than usual as well.

Just then a portal opened 100 feet infromnt of them and Lucretia and some of her angel warriors and mages appeared from it. "You! This is all your fault you filthy archangel! I'll rip your wings off and sell them to demons after killing you!!" Altheena yelled at Lucretia.


"Oh really? You stupid demon I'm doing this for the angels you demons and humanoids started this when you existed." Lucretia replied smiling.


"You're the one that started this war! Overlord Shinji is just acting in kind!" Altheena yelled back. "You're a cowardly archangel that doesn't deserve her title! You hide yourself and then start a war and hide yourself yet again with those cloaks and hoods. I bet you're the one making your beloved Seraph sick!" Altheena yelled some more.


"Imputant humanoid! I'll deal with you myself!!" Lucretia yelled finally losing her temper.

Seikyu Kiba
01-30-2007, 06:47 PM
Syrus woke up and looked over at Neverdyne and smiled "Well good morning I hope you had a good night sleep." Syrus said stretching out his wings and yawning "Man I am hungry." He said holding his stomach.

"I thought I told you don't socialize.." Jade said walking down slowly and with a mad expression on his face.

"Jade." Syrus said looking up in shock "So you are better." He said with a smile

"Yes, I am..now I am going to inform Lucretia about the prisoner and ask what she wants to do with her." he said turning around walking away coldly.."Don't get to attached, she might now live for long." Jade said as he walked back up the steps.

Syrus nodded and then looked at Neverdyne "sometimes I wonder about him.." He said as a guard came in with Breakfast.

"Syrus sir here you are, the cheif thought you might be hungry as you watched the prisoner." He said placing a tray infront of him. "enjoy."

Syrus bowwed and smiled "Thank you very much...umm what about her." He said pointing.

"She doesn't get hers until tonight you know the rules." He said walking back upstairs.

Syrus opened the lid on the tray and was revealed as Pancakes and bacon "Mmm..smells good." He said taking it and was about to eat and then looked at Neverdyne "Would you like some?" He said with a smile.

Mean while where Jade is:

Jade walked over to where Lucretia was and opened the door "Umm..Miss Lucretia..umm...I'm sorry to be a bother but I wanted to know what we are going to do with the prisoner..." he said as he walked in on her talking to Altheena through a portal "Uh maybe I will come back later." He said as he turned around.

01-30-2007, 07:28 PM
Rubedo got mad as they passed him then he felt a prescence of an old enemy, "Why is she always messing up the fun, but I bet that he's with her this could get interesting," Rubedo laughed as he rushed towards the aura that eminated as he cut down angels in his way.

01-30-2007, 08:09 PM
Avery had been following Renshi to the balcony when he had grabbed his collar. "What the... hey let go, I can fly too you know!" He said, putting his blades away and releasing himself from the angel's grip. He dropped through the air, his wings unfolded as they flapped furiously until he was floating in the air. He looked up to see angels taking flight after them. He shot towards them, brandishing his blades as he cut through one of the angel's wings. The soldier fell through the air until he hit the ground, dead.

He grinned, looking at the others, raising his blades towards the sky, crossing them as he muttered an incantation. A swirl of a dark red cloud formed in the sky, just above the many angels starting to come. He then shouted "Blazing Sky!" He brought his blades down, pointing to the group of angels before slicing through the air like he would cutting through someone's waist. Nothing happened for a few moments. The angels started looking at each other, confused. Then from the center of the swirling clouds, a fireball flew out, hitting on of them in the shoulder. Avery grinned as soon more and more fell through the sky until they were caught in a storm of raining fireballs. A few hit some of the angels in the wings, leaving nothing but a burning hole. As this happened, soon some of them fell from the sky. Then the spell stopped, cloud disappeared and he heard a few shouts coming from behind him. Turning around he saw a portal had opened and Luctretia along with some of her angel warriors and spell-casters.

01-30-2007, 09:35 PM
Logos was with a group now… it was odd. He wasn’t exactly want but no one was adverse to his presence either. Nor were people indifferent to him. He was like a small hand twitched, tolerated but obnoxious, beneath a more sustained reaction and far too strange to be given greater thought. There was girl who sometimes spoke to him. She was human, 17, pretty face, sweet smile, all those sorts of things that Logos shouldn’t be unfeeling toward but was. He was nice to her, but only in the same way he was nice to everyone. She talked to him and realized rather quickly that he wasn’t able to speak. She couldn’t read though so all his responses were off of vague small gestures. It was a strange relationship he supposed. But he just went along with the caravan and it was fine with him.

He traveled where the caravan went, their direction was his for now and that was enough, he went where there was tail wind. This was a kind world, he had someone that noticed him, though he didn’t seem to notice and a place where he wasn’t completely ostracized… but of course he had not sung recently. He had remained more mute then ever. His eyes still glowed with their sad fire and the moon still bent itself in their depths. The girl seemed to sense his sadness and always bore a smile when near him. Her name… was Mary.

It wasn’t long after he had join this group, half a day at the longest that they were ambushed. There was no horn of warning. Only the quick splash of blood and a gargled scream before the place was in a tumult of shouts and flames. Logos fell back and avoided combat. He didn’t want to fight, he didn’t want to reveal too much of his power lest he be defined. Skirting the conflicts, he fought only those who attacked him directly and even then Yahweh was the one that fought not him. His partial godhood must remain hidden. That was why he had been placed on this world, to preserve the power of the gods against the omnipotent minds of men and their world of limits and conception.

The caravan blazed orange in the night, the flames reaching up like praying hands toward the sky, beseeching the gods for aid in their plight. But god did not come to their aid. For god feared the power of men. He was terrified of these people who were being cut down around him and even those gods of Anima and Essence which were whole, undivided and in the Ether would not help these people. They fear as well being defined. If they called lightning they would become a thunder god and loose their power over all else, if they called landsides they would be gods of the earth. They would become limited by those they saved. They themselves would die. And even the gods had not the charity to sacrifice their own lives for that of this caravan.

Each person died that night.

Except for Logos.

Yahweh knocked every single bandit unconscious, but did not kill them. They were spared out of mercy. Because Logos did not kill. He would never be punitive. But as the young boy surveyed the scene, his wings wrapped around him like dusty blankets over out of use furniture, he realized the full price of inaction. But he had done what he was supposed to right? It was his duty! He couldn’t risk definition and he was supposed to be a spectator not an active participant in this world. He had to avoid having any effect. Then he opened his eyes, which unbeknownst to him had closed whilst he had been thinking, and lo he saw glimmering the lines of the Ether moving around him. He saw the Anima over which the gods, him one among their number, presided. Anima the collective consciousness of mankind. And looking he realized he had made an error. He had manipulated. He had acted. He was supposed to be a spectator. But more than that he was meant to be Flotsam. He was supposed to avoid directly acting upon the world but he had run against the tide and fled. Fled from where Anima had thought it best for him to be. Anima, mankind, all existence, wanted him to be in that castle, for what purpose he did not… no… he now knew. He knew what his reason for being guided their was.He knew as soon as he saw the young girls… no… Mary’s corpse amidst the burnt husks formerly laden with the hopes and dreams of merchants.

He had been placed on this world by the gods, as one among their number who was to carry on their legacy after they had all become defined and limited. But they were acting against the Anima. Logos’ eyes glimmered with kindled fire. He would sacrifice his godhood. He would become whole soon. And he would be defined. And he would become closer to man. For the gods came into existence out of the Anima, out of the collective consciousness, they were to be the caretakers of the soul of men but more than that they were meant to one day join with the Anima once more. The gods served men. Gods… God… were slaves to men. Logos was a servant of men and had been trying to hide like an employee skipping his shift when he thought his boss wouldn’t notice. He would be defined. He would loose power. He would serve all creatures. He would join the cycle of Anima. That would entail his loss of immortality but he accepted this. For Anima was the Hub. The hub of the wheel where each piece of it circled in an endless cycle of lives. He would be born again. He should be happy. He would become human but maintain some of his godhood. He would still have a longer lifespan even if not infinite. He would still have the power over the Phenomena, the Nomina, and the Vocal… the vocal which bridged the two. Voice which combined spirit and matter, virtue and action, thought and deed. He would be limited but his limits would be wide. He had no fear now. He would no longer be a god but he would transcend godhood. He would become human. Humans the ultimate creation of the world. The building block of Anima.

Now he had one task. And that was to stop this war. This was the job for which Anima had chosen him to sacrifice his god hood. To crucify it and absolve the world of this chaos. The will of Anima be done. Man must survive. And he would be the first god to martyr himself for man so that man would no long martyr himself for gods. The Will and the Body were for the first time in line. The Voice stirred and rose to his throat.

“Yahweh…” He whispered, though the sheer force of the Word of Anima caused the world to echo and shake, small fissures in reality seemed to form. This was why he need to be defined. If he was not he could tear the world apart with the nature of his existence. Gods were limited to the Ether for a reason. The world of limits could not stand their presence unless mankind defined them and gave them limits. Without an observer to limit the observed there was nothing to hold it back. Mankind was essential in the regulation of existence, of power and force. “Open the Gate of Heaven”

Two massive doors swung open in front of Logos. They appeared out of the air and opened into nothing. Opened directly into a stream of the Ether, specifically one that wound its course to the Netherneea castle. Logos’ skin glowed faintly. Even only two thirds whole, with the Voice and the Body, he still radiated holy power like a beacon. He had to hurry.

He stepped thought the gate into Netherneea castle, where he found only Pandemonium. His intuition flared briefly and instantly he was aware that the best course of action would be to pacify both sides of this fight and then weight until the final battle to become whole.

“For Anima” He mouthed. “For People. For Soul. For Reality. For the Phenomena and the Nomina”

He delivered a slow punch to the person near him, a Netherneea guard, and forcing a small amount of his energy out rendered him unconscious. Yahweh hit a Celestian and rendered him equally incapacitated. He would not kill though. There was enough of that.

Light Wolf
01-30-2007, 10:13 PM
Yukimura rab throught the deep halls of his home world. He ran intel he came to his fathers room. He broke threw thw door and fell to his knees when he saw the blood draining form his fathers neck onto the ground. Heyelled in pain as his fathers life slowly faded infornt of his eyes. He was powerless to save him and his kingdom. He yelled as the black hooded man cut throught his body. He slowly awoke to the screaming and yelling of his allies and his enemies. He slowly stooc up and watched as two angels rushed toward him with the spears and swords pionted toward him. Yukimura's arua slowly changed from white to black as did his eyes, He quickly uppercutted one of the angels sending him flying back. He then spin kick the second sngel into the first one. He call his blades to his hands and twilred them around. He didnt remember were he was and didnt care he continued to twirl the blades around just like he did at the earier battle. The angels that were closest to him ran away for they remember the attack that he was about to unleash upon them. They ran from him and tryed to fly away form him, buit before they reached the balcony Yukimura unleashed the attack ten fold and destroyed most of the ballroom and half of the area he was in. The angels disappeared in the black light that sined from the ballroom, stopping the fighitng for a couple of minutes as both side looked at the destroyed area. Yukimura wlked from the are with both katana pionted to his side. He looked up at tthe armies and his eyes slowly turn black. He jumpped into the air above the portal and stabbed both his katanas into the gorund. The energy relesed from his blades traveled thorught the portal into the enemies stronghold killing all that were trying to come thorought it. Yukimura rose and watched as the one left surronded him. He had killed most of his allie but didnt care. He laughed as he shealthed bpth his katana's and hold both hands up toward two sides.


Aoshi barly dodged the incoming blast that traveled througt the portal. He growled as he contined on his path toward Benitora and the captured allie in this fortress. He came to a stop when he found the one called Neverdyne sitting in a cell with one of the guards not close behind her. Aoshi drew one of his katana and spoke to Neverdyne form inside his mind.

" Move away from the guard now im going to killing him quickly then well find my brother and the others and get out of here. " AOshi readed himself and waited for Neverdyne to move away form him so he could kill him quickly then go.

01-30-2007, 10:32 PM
Renshi knew he'd need both hands now, but he had to find a way to keep Altheena aloft. Bringing his now open hand to his center he formed an orb around Altheena, with green crystal arches and crosses in an elaborate scheme. The orb dissapted allowing her to flow through the sky using the winds at her will.

Letting her off into the sky he brought both hands into a clap before throwing one hand forwards. He slowly drew, no, carved crimson characters of an ancient origin into the air before him, the characters flashed brightly creating a red blazing orb above his hand, which he threw up into the sky above Lucretia.

"Burst Through... Flames of Tributory!" The orb rained a barrage of fire missles upon Lucretia, blazing directly at her in a swirling burning rage.

He quickly turned about looking to Avery with his amber eyes flaring "Can you take the rear?" he called to him.

01-30-2007, 10:43 PM
Ether dug himself out of the rubble after the blast. He had used the elemental seal of earth to protect himself. He finally reached the balcony which by now was torn to shreads. He searched about and spotted Altheena and Renshi flying away. "Power buffet", he yelled and a pair of wings from the angel he had devoured appeared there. He flew off after them.

Some angels were catching up to them but Ether cast shadow haze and they were all lost. "I'll help you out of here, but only if you give me the necklace as a snack afterwards", he called out, "think fast it's a one time offer!"

01-31-2007, 10:47 AM
Neverdye glared a bit at jade as she spoke and walked away, growling she yelled after him "wants my parents adress?! if you tell them you killed me then they might send you a gift ya know!" she sat up and shook her head "i'm fine" she brushed a hair back.

01-31-2007, 12:04 PM
Avery grinned "Yeah,don't worry, I got the back." He answered pointing one of his blades at the angels "So? Who wants to die first?" He yelled at them. The group of angels that was left after his spell charged at him. "I guess they all want to die first. The nerve of some people, thinking of themselves before others." He muttered as he flew towards them. He stabbed both his blades into the neck of the first angel he encountered, ripping them out as he had cut through their collar bone. He slashed across the chest of one, cutting off the head of another. He stabbed both blades into the angel he had cut, twisting them as he heard satisfying crack from his ribs. He wasn't paying attention much as he felt something cold penetrate his back side. He looked down to stare at the end of a sword through his stomach. The angel pulled it out of him to only be surprised that Avery wasn't dead. "Like I'd die from a small cut like that?" He asked grinning as he sliced through the man's waist.

Sure I bring my swords but not my armor....The old demon is gonna kill me if they don't. He chuckled a little before blocking a attack from one with one of his blades as he blocked another with the other. They pushed on, determined to disarm Avery. He struggled a little before finally pushing them back and with a flick of his wrist, he had cut the hands of the two, making them drop their weapons. He left them alone to block another with both his blades, he felt the sword on his back being pulled out before he felt the pain of the slashes across his back with his own sword. "No one cuts me with my own sword." He muttered, kicking the angel in front of him in the gut before sliding his blades between his arms,stabbing into the body of the angel that held Agaroth, letting the blade drop through the air. Avery hadn't noticed this and just went on cutting off the heads of angels, blocking and dodging when needed.

01-31-2007, 03:08 PM
talon woke up. his head hurt. he tried to move his arms but they wouldn't respond, he felt afraid again. what if they had paralyzed him? he wouldn't put it past the angels.

"well, well, well" the little angel has woken..." a voice was mocking him.
"i can't be here right now i'm too busy destroying your presious athleena."
he knew the voice now, his other side knew it well. it was lucretia.

i'll just awaken your other side then send you back to your demon friends as a perfectly hidden assassin. you see every person has a dark side. at the moment of birth the usual case is that one will die, the good or the bad. but you have both in you.with the good being prominant, now i've brought out the bad... to everyone else you will be nice sensitive little talon. then you will strike at the heart of the netherneea defence...athleena!"

talon gave out a silent scream as the evil talon, stood up and prepared to leave, he was a prisoner in his own body!...

01-31-2007, 03:58 PM
Rubedo continued to run toward the aura as he cut angels one by one, laughing every second. "There she is, and I bet he's here to," Rubedo said running as he saw her appear. "Seraph it's been a while, tell me, where is he," Rubedo said to the seraph with whips of flames emenating from his body.

The seraph said in a melancholy voice, "I have come to seal you again, Rubedo. The seraph of this world is dying, and I've secretly entered this dimension just to seal you again," her hands now glowing as a phantom appeared. Rubedo laughed, "Zangetsu, you've come to the show, I'll kill you now," Rubedo sounded insane as he drew his sword which glowed red. Zangetsu formed entirely with a black cloak, "Long time no see Rubedo, my brother. No your not my brother anymore, your just a demon wearing his skin," Zangetsu said drawing a 6 foot sword with spikes going down it, "Demon, I will kill you now," he yelled dashing at him.

Chaos and Delta were slashing and blasting as many survivor angels as possible, "Come on, Delta, we need to hurry," Chaos said heading to another room. "I know Chaos we have to help Sigma, also why is Zangetsu of the darkness here," Delta replied. Chaos was about to answer as he was side by side with him when they looked behind them selves and saw an old man with chained hands, a long beard, and piercing gray eyes behind them. "UUAAAAAAHHHH," was the sound that pierced all silence all noise, everyone heard it as their bones chilled.

Aura of the Twilight
01-31-2007, 04:15 PM
OOC: SOrry Menchia but I'm the only one that can control the Seraph and he isn't even here right now.

"What?! You're insane! I wouldn't let you eat this if the whole universe depended on it!" Altheena yelled at Ether. Then she put her hands infront of her and tried to form an orb of magical energy only to have it dissapate before it fully formed.


The flames from the spell dissapeared only to reveal an unharmed Lucretia. "So you HAVE betrayed us. I can't believ that you decided to protect that misserable lothesome humanoid." Lucretia stated.

Then she turned to Altheena. "It won't work, your magic that is, it's reacting to this," Lucretia stated pulling out a silver necklace from her robes that had a pure white moon shaped gem on it that emitted a light blue glow. "...Kill them." Lucretia stated. Some of her angels near her broke off from their protective circle around her. Some went after Renshi but two also went after Altheena.


"Ahh! Down down down!!" Altheena yelled quickly going down towards the ground. She made it out of the way just in time to avoid being hit by one of the angels sowrds. She then touched the ground rendering Renshi's spell useless and ran over to Avery's sword, Agaroth, and picking it up and holding infront of her.


"Ha! She doesn't know how to weild that weapon she's just a mage that current;y has no powers! Don't hesitate!" Lucretia stated to the two angels going after Althenna.


The angels made it to Altheena and she dogded both attacks, and was locked into a parry holding Agaroth above her head blocking both of the angel's swords.

Seikyu Kiba
01-31-2007, 04:28 PM
OOC: No one even acknowledges Jades exitense...he walked into where Lucretia was.

Syrus chuckled at what Neverdyne had said and nodded "Ok, if you want any just ask." He said starting to eat and then thought for a moment. He stood up and unlocked the cell and walked inside, he then looked at a chain link on the wall and pulled it and out came a small bench. Syrus shut the cell door and sat down on the bench "So, sleep well?" He said chuckling "You know you talk in your sleep."