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01-18-2007, 11:21 PM
Note: First FanFic and its is a Naruto FanFic. I had this in my head for weeks and I'm a tirrible writer. I avoid better wordsd because I cant spell them.....I need a dictonary....................Anyway this first chapter will be very bad but please bear with me.

Summary: The Akatsuki have had trouble getting demons. So they bring back to life of the greatest ninja there ever was. Nearly capturing all nine demons by himself. Now he is out to get the Nine-Tailed Fox Demon Kyubi! The demon that killed him. Or is he out for something more.

Dis: I dont own Naruto......I do own the main Charater!

Let us begin

Chapter One
.................................................. ..................................

It was rainy....

It was cold....

It was dark....

Uchiha Itachi Stood on a edge of a cliff holding his cloak as the freezing rain sprayed on him. He looked down at the black aybess below him not even able to see the bottom. To anyone it would be tempting to jump off just to figure out where the bottom was. However, that was for fools and Uchiha Itachi was no fool. Itachi was smoking. He had picked up the hobby after his traviling with his partner he found it to be very stress realiving. Screw the fact of non- healthy! If Asuma could do it he could do too.

Itachi heard a door rumble open and watched as his partner's blue shark face come out. He signaled for him to come in. The Uchiha spit out his cigarette and followed the large sword weilding man. He entered a large room with a few dim lit areas. He saw some of his so called 'teammates.' There were a few like the hand mouth, blonde from rock person, Deidara.(?)

He still didnt know if he was a guy or girl....

And the blonde's partner, the red head sand human puppet, Sasori.

He still has never seen his real body.......

Another side was alrge fellow. he couldn't see him but he knew that it was Zetsu. Since he had a smaller person with him.

He still dosn't know how the hell he became a plant....

And he feels that he knows the smaller person from somewhere....

He then saw the other people and then Itachi came appon the middle of the room. There in the spot light was a coffen. It was black with purple lines down its side, and had a single cross on the top. Around the coffen was a circle of seals and at eight different spots seals exstended outwar to the wall. The Uchiha also noticed a man standing just out light of the coffen. The leader of the orgainazation.

Itachi still didn't know who he was....

Itachi looked as the mans eyes looked over to him. Though Itachi couldn't see it he knew that the man had a smirk on his face.

"Come here Itachi-san." The man said softly so that Itachi could only hear him.

Itachi walked over to never re-moving his gaze on the man. When he came near he asked, "Why have you called me here leader?" Itachi said quitly.

"Do you have any idea why we are here?" The leader asked.

"Something to do with this coffen?" Itachi retorted.

"Yes...well." THe leader's voice got louder. "Fellow partners of the Akatsuki please give me your attention as I tell you the reson for being here." The man said more like a order then a request. All the mumblings stopped as all eyes gazed on the leader. Satisfeyed with the responce he continued. "As you may have guessed this little meeting is because of this coffen infront of me. As you know we have had very hard time getting any demons. Hell no demons for that matter. So thats why I'm getting alittle back-up. Have any of you heard of Rayon the god?" No responded untill Itachi said,

"He is known as the greatest ninja in the world. That was over 600 years ago when being a ninja was rare and no villages were even founded. However, he was known becaused he captured eight demons by himself. He died however, but the Yoko Kyubi." Itachi stated.

"Right!" The leader responded. "Back then there were bounties on the demons. Enough money that you would be set for life and your Grand- kids would be too. Now he is dead and," The leader kicked the coffen. "in this box is all that remains of him." There was a deadly silence as the S- ranked criminals looked at the box. Sighing, the leader continued. "We shall bring him back to life." Everyone snapped back to the leader. Suddenly a large door opened and in came eight people in cages. They were knocked out and cags were set in the eight points that the seals extended to the wall.

"WE shall use these as helpers now get out of this area or you'll be killed in the process." THe leader said emotionless and began to walked to the edge of the seals. THe other members scurried away along with Itachi. The leader bent down and started to make hand seals at lightning fast speed. After two minutes the leader snapped open his eyes and slammed his hands down on the first seal.

The area glowed a bright green as wind started to swril around the room. Suddenly bright blue things started to come out of the peoples bodies and float around the room. THen they started to enter the coffen. Thats when Itachi figured out what the things were. They were the peoples souls. THen after the souls were gone the bodies started to dissapear into green dust and flow into the coffen. 'For the physical body.' Thought the Uchiha. The whole process too about an hour and Itachi started to notice that the leader was starting to get tired.

'It must take large amounts of chakra to do that.' Itachi thought.

Suddenly a large blasted accored and the coffen exsploded. Many woden peices layed around the area. And there in the dust stood Rayon the God.

.................................................. .............

So yea thats the first chapter. Hoped you liked. I wont be able to update for a few days if anyone cares since I'm going to D.C. for the weekend.

?- I dont known if I spelled his name write could anyone tell me.