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01-10-2007, 02:54 AM
Some Sigs I've done, I do one thing different than most people though.. I refuse to spend more than 10 minutes on one, bwahahaha*coughs*.

Let's see I made these two today, one was just me being bored and using nothing but two brush sets.

Aaand these were for some other forum that I quit posting at because the Mods are Nazis.

Hahah omg I just found this one, it's a clan themed Sig from an online game I play, and ImageReady killed the colors, but...

So how badly do I suck compared to the average PS user here? Insult me bad enough and I might spend an entire 30 minutes on one. *shakes hands* lol

01-11-2007, 03:29 AM
You can tell you spent 10 minutes on them. lol But eh ... they aren't incredibly horrible. I'm going to comment on each one because I can't sleep and I'm practicing insomnia. :)

#1 - I really don't like it at all, to be honest. The colors aren't complimentary to each other and the composition is ... well, confusing. When you use vector shapes like that, the whole signature should be a vector based sig. The gas mask is a raster image, so that's why it looks alittle pixelly from possible resizing issues.

#2 - Not bad, the background has a nice grunge feel to it which is awesome. I think you should of moved the character a lot more to the left because you have tons of black space in there that is well ... unappealing and forces your eyes to focus on that. The border and text placement is good, but just move that guy over and you'd be fine.

#3 - This one looks good, but the dude you're using could of benefit'd from a sharpen filter because he's a little fuzzy. And the text above him, it would of looked nice going behind his head, not on top of him. Other than that, the rest of it matches pretty much.

#4 - Eh ... interesting, to say the least. The character text in the background are jaggy. If that's text, all you need to do is change the blending option on them and turn on antialiasing. If it's a brush, it's not a very good brush. lol And the character in it doesn't really go with the rest of the signature. A more green-toned stock would of been nicer.

#5 - Now this one is your best one your posted. The quality is there, the text is nice, the composition and placement are seemingly thought out. Don't really have a comment on this one other than add a gradient map layer to brighten the colors a little. I can tell there is a lot of them and a layer like that would only intensify them. :)

#6 - Another nice one. The background is nice, with its grunge feel and pentagram splayed on top. Not bad. The character you chose to put in there looks a little funny. The extraction looks off but I'm positive that's because it's a pencil drawing and there wasn't smooth edges. Also, a thing about working with characters is that because of the direction he's facing, he's forcing your eyes to go in that direction where there is nothing. You would want to make him face inward to keep eyes on the signature, not on some empty space.

Hopefully you find this criticism helpful and I look forward to seeing some improvement from you. ^_^ And do try to spend a little more than 10 minutes on a signature, be it just 20 minutes. You'd be surprised what difference a whole 10 minutes makes between signature design.

Good luck! =D

01-11-2007, 05:08 PM
At least show common courtesy and post why it was edited. But thanks. lol

And Thorny, the reason the first one sucks so badly is because it was nothing but me testing out a couple brushes hahah, but yeah thanks alot for the help.