View Full Version : Maná (if there are any Latinos here)

01-04-2007, 02:22 PM
I don't know how many Latinos are on this forum, but you don't have to be hispanic to have heard of Maná. An amazing rock band from Mexico, they started under the name Sombrero Verde in 1979. Around 1984, they changed their name to Maná. Not only are they great musicians, but the messages portrayed thru their music is inspiring.

Fher Olvera - vocals
Alex González - drums
Sergio Vallín - guitar
Juan Diego - bass

Favorite Songs:
~ En el muelle de San Blas
~ Justicia, tierra y libertad
~ Fé
~ Nada que perder
~ Arráncame el Corazón
~ Tú me salvaste
~ Combatiente
~ Relax