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This fanfic is really called 'Final Fantasy 7: The Rebirth of Sephiroth'. However I decided to trim off part of it for viewing reasons. This is a work-in-progress thing that I am going to be releasing bit by bit. However a complete understanding of every piece of FF7 is needed to be known to fully grasp the entire storyline.

Basically for you vets: It takes place 5 years after the game FF7. It is a work used to describe not only major missing plot holes and problems that fill the game, but infact is derived from all offical works of FF7 and even FFX-FFX-2. Seriously the timeline and basic concept to catch everyone up to speed on this is more then this piece of the first chapter. (That's right this is only part 1 of chapter 1)

Right now I am looking for general understanding by other fans of who is talking and when in the story during the 'thought' or 'soul' pieces. The story is a pick-up of Sephiroth's latest attempt to become a God. Naturally this is going to be written with the full power of Sephiroth revealed and it is going to be cryptic. Let's just say from the very beginning the actual scene with the three Ex-Soldiers with Oni, Han and Miko is actually all in Han's mind. Sephiroth is just as powerful as ever and his full abilities are used in this fic.

Seriously, I want to write the BEST possible ending of FF7 and finally do our main villain some justice for the past 10 years of being misunderstood. So if you are reading this may I please present you with my introduction. Please review it critically.

(If you require a timeline before FF7 started and the actual set up to this by my reasoning using offical sources I will be happy to PM you. Though please remember the timeline itself is twice as long as this fanfic piece.)

Also: This fic is rated T.

Final Fantasy 7: The Rebirth of Sephiroth
Chapter 1: Sacrifice


Mother! My Mother! What plagues you?


Mother…speak to me.


CLOUD! I’ll destroy you! Mother! MOTHER!


Yes! Mother! I understand!

Mother. Where do you reside strongest besides me?

I understand. He will work.

Far in the frozen north by the Bone Village a body stumbled on shore. A hideous mass of rotten flesh and the vague appearance of a man lumbered onshore. Brutally wounded and flesh torn from his body the monster wore a blood stained lab coat. It groaned and gasped in an otherworldly voice. As it waded out of the clear blue water and onto a sandy shore the pile of flesh let out an unearthly scream, “MOTHER!”

The monster was no doubt the remains of the scientist Hojo. Hojo was defeated five years ago by AVALANCHE. The scientist injected himself with a large dose of Jenova cells and mutated through several forms before he was finally defeated. Hojo however was immortal now. The wicked scientist whose life was filled with cruel experiments and murder had produced not only the foulest creations to plague Gaia, but its suffering. As a scientist seeking immortality he resurrected Vincent Valentine and used his body for animal experiments. Vincent Valentine was resurrected, his aging stopped and he was infused with Chaos DNA. Hojo regarded Vincent Valentine as a success and performed brutal and painful experiments on himself. Blessed with immortality and his body from aging he was infused with animal DNA. Hojo’s sickening experiments turned him into a monster like Vincent Valentine, but one thing separated Vincent and Hojo still. Upon infusing himself with Jenova cells in Midgar, Hojo was able to increase his power dramatically. He became immortal and immensely powerful, but it proved ultimately too weak and he took refuge from the climatic battle and uploaded his spirit to the World Network; leaving behind a soul-less body.

The infusion of Jenova cells in his body reached Sephiroth and Sephiroth was able to influence and eventually control Hojo’s body. Hojo made his way through the water towards Sephiroth who was encased in the Mako in the Northern Crater.

“MOTHER!” he screamed again. The body of Hojo was a decaying mass of injured flesh that resembled an undead zombie of Hell. With no humanity left inside him he was without thought or needs, other then Reunion.

As the body headed towards Bone Village a collection of fiends blocked his path. A pack of feral wolves set their sights upon Hojo and circled their lumbering prey.

Sephiroth! Give up! We will pursue you until Jenova is destroyed!

This is disgusting. You’ve lost your humanity for sure.

Hojo let out an animalistic growl and his body started to quiver as green hand pushed against his stomach from inside. It tore and scratched and burst through his own stomach as a long limb and gave off a foul odor that was poisonous to breath in. The wolves backed away from Hojo, but their growls and movements were clearly ordered and unified.

Sephiroth! All your pawns and manifestations will be defeated! No matter what it takes! You will be defeated!

Aeris and Zack. Your presence is but an inconvenience.

Hojo’s protruding new limb expelled a quick shot of black acid that landed on the wolves and instantly started to burn them away. The flesh of the wolves were exposed and then blood poured from their bodies. They fell to the ground almost instantly, their bodies decaying at an accelerated rate. Even the bones were dissolved into nothing. Within seconds only blackish ooze remained from where the wolves once remained. The lumbering body of Hojo used the tentacle-like hand and began to feed on the ooze. The body of Hojo started to regenerate, the flesh began to mend and skin reformed over his body. Feasting on it his body started to resemble less like a monster and more humanoid in appearance.

Is that all the planet can do to resist me? Mother is pleased.

Once more, but with greater ease and partially restored legs the monstrous Hojo crept towards Bone Village. The grass died and it to was absorbed into Hojo. Flowers wilted and decayed into nothing. Even mighty ancient trees rotted and fell before Hojo’s path of destruction. Everything which touched him simply died from his poison.

As he clear cut a path of death towards the village the planet once again began to cry. Once more Jenova threatened its existence. However, no longer could its cries be heard. The planet was in a state of recovery, but it was very weak. Even as Jenova was purified by the Lifestream and Geostigma was wiped out; Sephiroth remained. Sephiroth continued to restrict the flow of the Lifestream just as before, preventing the Lifestream from purifying life until Sephiroth’s will had once again been defeated.

Hojo’s body was a mere shell of its former glory, devoid of a soul. The cells of Jenova in the tainted body and the immortality that came with it was the only thing allowing Sephiroth to manipulate him. Sephiroth was no longer foolish as before, his will was regained and he knew that this would be possibly his final chance to be reborn. Unlike the three manifestations before him, Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo, he was already dealing with a body that had Jenova cells present. Hojo’s unique ability to change and transform was a blessing to Sephiroth. His father’s body was the shell he needed to complete his mission and become a God. The desire for Reunion was strong in Hojo, but still fragments of SOLDIER existed. Sephiroth would be able to control these far inferior beings to destroy Cloud.

Reunion draws near! Suffer my fury Gaia!

Sephiroth lay in the crystallized Mako, but his will was still powerful enough to disrupt the flow of the Lifestream. His consciousness was abstract and unified with all pieces of Jenova. Even though the Lifestream was purified the viral Jenova cells still infected a few select beings on Gaia. They were all in SOLDIER. They were Jenova.

Far off in Kalm town a group of Ex-SOLDIERs had taken up residence. One with bright blue eyes that shone even brighter then Cloud’s eyes. They staked out a rough existence as a band of hunters. A black-haired man who stood around five-foot seven was their leader. Often seen with a heavy trench coat and a large machine gun he was quite intimidating. A powerhouse of the Ex-SOLDIERs he has his code name tattooed onto his forehead in kanji, “Oni”.

The second man was clad in a trench coat and wielded two katanas as weapons. A sleek tall build and strong arms and legs screamed out his power through his coat. His face covered by fine long black hair his eyes did not seem often visible. His hair went down all the way to his nose in the front and was braided into a long ponytail that went down to his butt. He is lightning fast and extremely skilled with his blades.

The third member was a blonde-haired girl in a trench coat. Her face was hidden behind a black skin-tight face mask that hid her entire face in but two sharp blue eyes stood out from behind the mask as if they glowed. She seemingly possessed no weapons, but being the shortest member of the group at a mere four foot ten inches she stood out against her taller companions.

Inside a spacious cottage the three were asleep in three separate beds, side by side. The dark room was devoid of any light, but a deep rough voice called out in the darkness.


The sound of thick blankets being pulled back filled the room and in the darkness a figure sat up in bed. A soft and sweet voice filled the air, a woman’s voice, “Han go back to bed.” Then silence, for several minutes.

From the middle bed a rustling sound broke the silence, the tall figure of a man stood up over the right-most bed, his voice was the same deep rough voice from before, “Miko. He spoke to me.”

At last the final bed stirred and a candle was lit, illuminating the dark room. A second man climbed out of bed and his shadowy figure walked towards the door. Candles spontaneously ignited casting off the shadows and filling the room with light. They were lit without the aid of a match or person, but rather a force.

“Oni. Where are you going?” asked Miko. The woman rose from her bed at last and proceeded to follow behind Oni. Han was left in the light, but his face was hidden from his long hair, it was thick enough so that to him it was still dark. Han however followed his two comrades towards the door.

“Sephiroth. Mother. Why do we keep dreaming about the dead!” yelled Han.

A piercing youthful voice filled the cottage, “They live. Still.”

“Oni…What’s gotten into you?” asked Miko.

Just then Oni’s eyes flashed at them in the darkness. A pin released in the darkness. The sound of fluid filling a container. A hiss. The smell of Nacin. The room started to fill with a cloud of deadly nerve gas.

“Nacin. Fools.” exclaimed Oni as he began to listen carefully, scanning for the sound. He pointed his gun to the small wood stove in the cottage and fired two rounds at it. A spark ignited the gas and blew a massive twenty foot hole in the side of the house. Everything caught flame. The cottage began to shake and crumble

The Ex-SOLDIERs ran through the fire and out of the house just in time before it collapsed and the wood and hay house went up in a fireball. They split and moved as one single unit. The sound of footsteps disappeared into the pitch black night. The moon never rose tonight, but SOLDIER was an elite group of super-soldiers that didn’t even need to see to track and kill their targets.

A man ran through the fields of Kalm, the tall grass bent silently to his skilled movements. His foot falls were almost soundless. He wore a complete black suit and a black face mask, it would be hard to track him for the Ex-SOLDIERs.

Miko pursued the closest behind him and something amazing began to happen. The grass caught flame and became an inferno that was burning everything in sight. Miko carefully used her powers to start other fires, soon trapping their silent prey in a large closing box of flame.

The three moved in closer and closer, the ability to run was sealed off and at last a sound other then flame pierced the darkness, a sound of metal weapon being unsheathed.

As if they were one the three Ex-SOLDIERs moved in for the kill, the faint lighting provided them with a visual confirmation on their prey. A tall man wearing a suit of black cloth. He jumped in the air, he jumped nearly fifty feet straight up and five objects shot towards the three Ex-SOLDIERs.

Miko lit up these objects and attempted to burn them in mid-flight, but as soon as she did they burst into pieces and hot liquefied metal rained on all three of the Ex-SOLDIERs in their delta position. The molten metal hit Miko first and her scream was so loud it could possibly be heard for miles around. Oni and Han skillfully jumped back and avoided the deadly rain, causing it to ignite the grass in front of them on fire. Miko fell to the ground, screaming and screaming in pain. The prison of fire she created burst with intensity and rushed inwards, threatening everyone.

As the flames came closer to Oni he grabbed Han by the waist and pointed his gun down. Proceeding to leap as high in the air as he could he fired three shots to control his angle to leap over the incoming wall of fire and shoot three oversized cannon shells from his gun right past Miko. Almost instantly the ground exploded and dirt began to rain from the skies as the rounds exploded. Materia-laded rounds with impressive earth spells caused the ground to rupture and rain rock and dirt. Covering Miko instantly as the flames closed in. The inferno met and burned everything it could then died out leaving nothing behind except two mounds of dirt.

Miko rose from the dirt and brushed herself off, but the second pile did not. She moved over to the body, being rejoined by Oni and Han. Her eyes flashed red and the ground exploded in flame, but it set off a bomb and the three Ex-SOLDIERs were sent flying in the air. Hundreds of feet away all three landed on their feet, but were surprised.

“Another hunter?” asked Han. His voice was deep as ever, but a flash of fear crept into it as he said ‘another’.

The darkness swallowed everything again and the sound of something splitting the air softly rung in to the three as an attack. Oni used his heavy gun as a shield and swung it to counter the attack directed at him. A blade hit the gun sending a shower of sparks in the air and igniting the bullet chamber. The gun exploded in Oni’s hands and his arms were blown off.

“ONI!” shouted his comrades as blood splattered their faces and the sword cut threw the air and slammed into Miko’s right leg, lobbing it off cleanly. She fell to the ground screaming in agony.

“MIKO!” yelled Han as he heard a sword pierce the darkness again, aimed at Miko still. Rushing in he drew both his katanas and using his left hand blocked a slash from the darkness. Stopping just two inches from Miko’s neck the two swords clanged loudly and sparks flew again, Han was shocked by a powerful electric current. His muscles spasmed and his katana cut the right shoulder of Miko clean off her body. The woman screamed and screamed, but her pain would not end it seemed. The cries of Oni and Miko filled the night as Han and the unknown man faced off against each other.

All of a sudden Han regained his composure and started lashing out at his near invisible enemy. The sound of each others sword’s cutting through the air served as a way to be prepared to block or dodge the incoming slash. The sound of swords clanging filled the night as Han faced off against an equally skilled man.

Miko’s bleeding was lethal and she began to get dizzy. Her life was draining out of her. Using her left hand she covered the wound and used powerful curative magic on herself. Her shoulder immediately began to heal over, but skin replaced and bound the bleeding. She repeated this for her stub of a leg. Any chance of saving them was now lost, not even the latest surgery breakthroughs would restore her body.

She crawled over towards Oni, dragging her body with her left hand and leg towards her comrade. Oni was also bleeding badly, blood was freely shooting from his wounds with each beat of his heart. Unlike Miko who cannot calm herself, Oni was able to reduce bleeding by going into a sort of trance. He was in shock physically, but Miko realized he would no longer be able to fight with his injuries. Quickly expelling her magic she placed her hand on his right arm and healed it over, the bleeding stopped and magically skin reformed, closing the wound. Her body was going into severe shock now, she was draining her magic from her body which made her not only strong, but kept her alive.

“Oni…Even if I die…you must live!” she cried out as she drained almost all her magic into healing his severed right arm. This time however the bleeding did not stop as quickly and the skin took much longer to heal, but as soon as the wound was closed Miko fell unconscious on the body of Oni.

Han continued to lash out and finally after what seemed an eternity managed to thrust both of his katanas out in a large double slash, sending his enemy’s sword flying through the air. Although Han proceeded to follow through and kill his enemy something landed on the ground beside him and was forced to jump back before the grenade went off. The explosion was intense and probably lethal if he was within the blast range, but more importantly then his safety was that the unseen attacker disappeared into the night.

Han grabbed the sword of his enemy which lay in the grass and noticed it was a katana much like his. Infact, he was sure it was his. He quickly ran back to Miko and Oni who he left behind.

“MIKO!” He yelled and cried out, looking at her on top of Oni it seemed she had passed out from healing. Han felt her faint heartbeat with his hand on her neck and pushed her off of Oni without another thought. He put his feminine hand over the neck of Oni and felt a heartbeat and then started to laugh.

“Ha-ha ha-ha-ha HA-HA-HA! You can’t kill us! We’re SOLDIER.” he laughed out into the darkness. His head thrown back in laughter he cried tears of joy.

Just then a sword was placed against his neck. The cold blade cut in immediately and drew blood from just touching it. A sinister voice asked, “How does it feel?”

Han froze and his joy was replaced with fear, his pupils shrank into nothing, his body froze up. He trembled and began to say, “W-W-Why…?”

The sword slowly started to cut into Han’s neck, the bleeding increased. The voice replied as cold as ever, “Mother.”

Han was so afraid his bowels were released, he soiled himself in both ways at the same time. His voice was shaken and rattling, all the life in his body turned to a ghostly white, “We seek her.”

The figure pulled back his sword and replaced it flat against the side of Han’s neck. The left side of his neck felt the cold steel cut in slowly again. The figure in the shadows mocked Han, “I will spare your lives if you will take my body.”

Han’s eyes widened. He surged with happiness and joy once more, he thought he would surely die, but it appeared as if God was merciful. Han begged, “What do I have to do?”

The figure took back his blade and appeared before Han, revealing his face. He was the striking resemblance to another member of SOLDIER.

“Consume my body. Drink my blood. For I am a sacrifice to Sephiroth. I am but a servant to Mother. This body will no longer suit me. Take it and the path to Mother shall open. Will you do this when I order it?”

Han nodded softly. The man smiled and replaced the black cloth mask over his face again. He spoke from behind the mask, “You are the chosen one, the one who will save this planet.”

Han was stunned, but the care of his comrades was more important to him. He grabbed both Miko and Oni and carried them upon his shoulders back towards Kalm.

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Nice FF7 FanFic. Think its a little long though x.x.

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I like it, I'm a little late to the party though...or so it seems.

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Nice FF7 FanFic. Think its a little long though x.x.

Haha! It seems long because he breaks each "paragraph" down (which isn't really a paragraph)- that's why it seems long. Another reason is because of the spacing, that makes it seem long (but it could be long in general).