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12-11-2006, 08:45 PM
I'm sitting here, waiting by my phone. I don't have to call anyone, nor' is there anything planned, but I'm here...waiting. Why? I'm not really sure. Truth is, I had this feeling, that someone was going to say hello to me today. I was right. 11:45 the phone had rung, on the other line. "Hello?" At first I was shocked, for it was pretty late, the male on the other end started to fade. "Hello, Sir." I said, not truly knowing who it had been, but we chatted as if we were lost buddies, old friends. "Can I meet you at friendly's at midnight tomarrow?" I never said a thing.

After a moment, I told the man yes, but first asked his name. I was smart, I wrote down on a paper in my home "Went to friendlys with Fred Breaultt, October 31 Halloween night." I put the paper in my drawer, so none thought me crazy, and got dressed for the morning. I went about on my usual day, not really seeing who might or could be walking my way. As I dressed for the evening, jeans and my tee, I strung pearls bou't my neck, with a blade near my knee. I was not one to use weapons, but in cases like these, one was never too sure how deal with deceased. As I parked in the lot, I saw only one car, A pickup infact, two men sitting on leather.

I had then decided to check inside, for Friendly's was open late this said night. As I walked through the doors, one man had come out. "Are you the one I spoke to last night?" I could tell by his voice he indeed was the man, and I turned around quick, to see his face. "I am." Said I, my face glowing pale in the night. We chatted somemore till his car door slammed tight. A tall man popped out, this one I knew. "Thomas Kenny." I said with A smile. My eyes opend wide, as he came closer to me, and embraced me right there.

Fred and Teddy, my two old friends, What means were there calling me at this hour? I don't really know. I hopped in the back of the pick-up truck, and all three of us drove off, now teddy was always known to be crazy, and indded it showed more at two in the morning. He opened the car door and out he went, as he jumped in back with me and a blanket. Fred was driving, so I knew I was safe, so I snuggled in close and I closed my eyes. Before I knew it the car had stoped moving, Teddy still by my side. Fred got out, and asked Teddy to drive. Now I was resting on Fred, not that I mind. Back to sleep I went, as teddy drove on, I became weary, as I awoke with a jolt. Teddy was recklace, and he too was tired.

But as I jumped up, Fred's lips I discovered. Now this was a thing I did not want to do, but Fred brought me closer Teddy saw that in his rearview. I pushed Fred aside, and wiped my mouth clean, This was not what I wanted, nothing close to my dreams. Teddy stoped the truck, and I got out quick, in a dash it was to him that I went. Teddy hugged me close, nothing more then that. Fred had been drinking, of this I was sure. I tasted his breath, and it was not pure. So I got in the Drivers seat as the boys began to queral, and I started the truck, turning on the heat. "Boy's just get in, I want to go home." They stoped Fred in back, Teddy with me. I drove to Fred's house, and droped him off, then headed to Friendlys to pick up my car.

As I got out, the other door closed. Teddy was switching sides of course. He came to me, and we hugged again. My cell then went off. It read. "Fred is dead." I droped my phone, and Teddy and I got into our cars, like A car pool we ran to Fred's house like cops. As I entered the door, it was Mike I had seen. It seems he was keeping an eye on me. "Mike, what have you done?" Was All I could say, as I slaped him and cried over the blood of my friend. I heard his breath and I gave it a try, I wrapped him up quick from a bandage of mine. Now the bandage had coved a deep cut on my leg, so it was me who was bleeding instead. He must be saved. As I had finished I held my leg tightly, as I breathed for him twice and dialed the night guy.

I told Mike to run, but he said he would stay, like a man he would take his crime to the grave. So I hugged him and said I was sorry, but lashing out due to jellousy was not in my plans. I was fine and in no danger, it was friends I was with, He walked out as the cops had come in. They did not stop him for he went out the back. I said I just found him, Teddy had my back. He knew I was too good not to care 'bout all of my friends, the good and the bad. As we left in the ambulance, Teddy held me again, I saw fred's eyes open and I rushed straight for him He said "I am sorry, 'bout the kiss on the truck, I missed you Kell and I like you a lot." I teared up quick, and hugged my dear friend, Tedy looked sad so I hugged him again. Now this was a bit different, for both said I was dumb, then the doctor pronoucned, I should wait in room one.

As Fred and Teddy both came out bandaged, I looked at Teddy, he said " I was branded.." I looked away quick and saw the blood on my leg, then went to the nurse, but instead, I would faint. In a room of pure light I awoke with a thunder Teddy asleep in a chair by my side. Fred was in the other bed, his hand in mine, so I laid down my head. The nurse had stormed in, and awoke both the boys, as my eyes had become hazed it was a dreadful noise. I heard only one thing, from Teddy I think, "I like you too Kell so please don't leave me." I awoke and they smiled. It was the day after this. When Fred had planted that one strange kiss. Now each of us had our own little faults, but it was me who was guilty, for answering the call. Now I'm in a mess with two great people, and it seems that I am the one who's in trouble.

This took me a while, but I like it a lot. Please read this. ;.; --Kinasha_Uchiha--

12-12-2006, 11:29 AM
Is this a badly formated story? If it's a story then please label it correctly. And if it's a story, please edit the formating, it is very hard to read bunched together like that. (I realize you can't edit the thread title, so if it's a story, tell me if it's an original fiction or what so I can do it for you)

12-13-2006, 02:35 PM
Yes, it is a story. And I wrote it fast, I didn't really edit it. Thanks for that. ^-^; Well, other then grammer, I hope the story was good.