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Undrave Limito
12-08-2006, 01:46 PM
Now first up, let’s lay some ground rules:

1-For the first few days only 2 posts per day are allowed. I’ll re-evaluate the limit after seeing how this evolve. Off course this rule doesn’t apply to me nor to my Co-GMs (though I have yet to decide who will be one).

2-Your posts have to be at least a paragraph long. No one sentences or 3 line posts. Beside you can’t really afford to loose one of your post on such a small piece of text.

3-In relation to this no posts that are nothing but OOC comments. If you absolutely need to tell something to another player, use the PM system. This again doesn’t apply to me or my future Co-GMs.

4-Any character give a name but no full profile is considered a NPC and can be used by any of the playersas ‘conversation filler’. Basically they let you post long body of text without making your character into a lecturer professor. You can have them say simple things like “what do you mean by that?”, “oh so what you’re saying is that…” or “That sucks” or even “OH MY LORD! WHAT IS THAT ON YOUR ARM?!”. Note that only me or my Co-GM can have a NPC challenge you to battle, more on this later.

5-No Godmodding, in other word not making another player’s character act without that player’s consent and you can only mention facts about them that have been mentioned before either in the RPG or the sign up thread (and that your character would have had a chance of learning).

6-When engaging in a TPM battle with another player, please consult that player in PM and together decide who should win before hand. I also highly suggest you write the battle in PM conversations before posting it here, so you can combine multiple smaller post into big ones (though please leave space for any spectators comments). As is expected with the rest of the RPG quality is the most important, so you can have short or long battles all the same, they just need to be fun.

This importance of quality leads me to something I came up with that I nicknamed the ‘Challenger System’.

-The Challenger System-

As you can expect with this type of story your characters will often end up challenged to TPM battles by other characters. When that happens I (or Co-GM) will send you all the details and information you need to know (as well as any information that might need to be stated during the battle) about the challenger. Afterward it is your duty to write a fun and exciting battle where you take on that challenger. If I life your battle, and depending on the reaction of any spectator character I will be more inclined to send more challengers your way, thus giving your character more chance to be part of the main storyline. Consider this your ‘in game reputation’ so to speak. It won’t matter (at least in my judging) if you win or lose, for I DO expect you to lose at time (giving you a chance to get a revenge off course), all that matters is the quality. Player VS Player battles will also serve toward increasing both players in-game reputation. Once again don’t forget to let some space in your posts for any comments from potential spectator.

I think this covers it all...anymore suggestion?

Now let’s get this show on the road!!


April 1st is the begining of the school year in Japan. On this sunny April day a lone 14 year old boy trudge along the street, pulling a large suitcase.

“I’m late I’m late I’m late!” Complained Limito as he hurried along.

He had missed his train early on in the day and now he was only a few minutes until the beginning of the school day. Most of his belongings were already in his dorm room but he had packed so late not everything had been sent.

Finally the diminutive teenager reached the front gate of the North District Summoner School. The School ground was a rather large compound in the middle of the city. The school itself stood at the center of it, a large white school with multiple story, a flat roof and a clock tower just like many other schools in Japan. On each side of the school was a large blocky building linked to it by ground level corridors: on the left was the gymnasium and on the right the TPM battle dome with a high tech retractable roof. Behind the gymnasium stood the girls’ dorm and behind the battle dome the boys’ dorm. In the spaced formed at the back of the school was the large multi-purpose sport field and track as well as a smaller building containing the pool. The whole school ground had many trees, benches and patches of grass for students to relax on between class, and the school just happened to be near a commercial street that was a great place to visit over the weekend.

As Limito was about to step over the school ground’s frontier three older teenager stood in front of him, blocking his access. The three of them wore sashes with ‘Hall Monitor’ on them and they were all three rather big and bulky, the one at the front looking even more threatening with his bushy sideburns, old fashion ‘do’ and exposed arms.

“Where are you going squirt?” Asked the front one.

“I’m a new student here… I need to go to the gymnasium for the Principal’s welcoming speech!” Declared Limito.

“Oh I see… well you’re late squirt. That’s gonna put ya into some trouble with us the Hall Monitors.” Added the leader of the pack.

“Wha…I’m not late the bell didn’t ring yet! Just let me past the gate and I’ll go on my way.” Said the small teenager, trying to take a step forward, only to be shoved back.

“No way kiddo… you gotta prove you’re a student, or at least a Summoner before I let you in. It will not be said that Murata Baki let an intruder in.” Said the sideburn teen, introducing himself.

“I have my student card here.” Said Limito, pulling it out of his uniform pocket.

Baki looked at it and snorted “Weird name… well I guess you’re legit, ‘cept you’re still gonna be late.”

Limito was about to asked what he meant when the bell rang. “You stalled me!” He complained.

“I’ll have to report you to the principal…he doesn’t like tardiness, you’ll probably end up doing chores for a week! Being late on the first day? Tsk tsk…”

Limito was shaken “You did it on purpose! Why did you do that?” he asked, causing the trip to laugh out loud.

“’Cause it’s fun dummy!” Said one of Baki’s companion.

“What is going on here?” Suddenly ask a booming adult voice.

Out of behind the wall Limito saw emerge a middle-aged man in a suit. He was tall and well built and looked in great shape. His prescence was imposing and an air of authority was surrounding him. The laughter immediately stopped as all three Hall Monitors bowed to the man. Baki shot a glare to Limito who stammered an apology and bowed as well, not certain why.

“This student is late Principal Hinokuro. He’s new.” Stated Baki “First day.”

“That’s not true! I was here on time but they didn’t want to let me in!” Replied Limito, outraged

“You’re the liar!” Accused Baki’s second henchman

“That’s enough…” Started the principal, walking toward Limito “You do realize… excuse me I didn’t catch your name…”

“Burako Limito sir.”

“Mr Burako that those are rather serious accusations you’re making toward one of my Hall Monitors here.”

“But it’s true sir!”

“Well then there is only one way for you to prove you’re right. You’ll have to face Baki in a TPM battle. A Blue match, right after my speech should suffice. The loser will get two weeks of chores.” Simply declared the principal, making Baki chuckle with pleasure.

The 14 years old was taken aback “A…a battle?!”

“That is how things are done here, when a dispute arise only a TPM battle can solve it.” Explained Hinokuro, before he turned to one of Baki’s follower “You, Yamato, grab his suitcase and bring it to the dorm, while you Mr. Burako you will follow me to the gymnasium.”

“Yes sir.” Both Limito and Yamato said at the same time, not arguing with the Principal who’s prescence seem so imposing.

“Welcome to North District School Mr. Burako.” Added the principal as he walked toward the Gymnasium.

(OOC: Not quite as long as I expected it to be… I’ll work on a small welcome speech for the new students and then I’ll write out the Limito VS Baki battle.)

12-08-2006, 02:01 PM
Kaede woke up and got dressed. She headed out for school without eating (as usual) or without saying goodbye to her foster parents. She was now a third year student now. She passed by a park on the way and stopped to look at the cherry blossoms. A soft smile spread across her face as she thought to herself: maybe this year wont be so bad.
She walked slowly so that she would miss the stupid orientations they did every year. She thought about how maybe someone would be brave enough to talk to her. Maybe her peers wont see her as weird. Maybe she'll even develop a relationship with a boy. The thought of that flushed her face bright red. The blush quickly diminished when she approached the school. She let out a deep sigh. "Great, another school year..."

12-08-2006, 02:09 PM
Babs unpacked her stuff in her dorm room. she arrived a hour ago pretty much to early to go to the speech. she looked at a shirt and faintly wondert if the teachers here knew she could not read or write. she merely shrugged her shoulders at the possible outcomes in the worst cause they made her take lessons after school. she yawned a bit as she glances to the second bed in the room. Wondering lightly how her roommate would be..if she got one at al. she finished unpacking her clothing and drawing equipment. checking her watch she saw she had a few more minutes before the speech would start.

She went outside with a small notebook and pencil walking to the front of the school and sketched some tree's. but looked up when she saw some yelling at the gate it seemed some bullies picked on a kid. She putted her pencil and notebook away when a offical looking man walked up to them and spoke with them. when the man turned around she stood respectfully an started to walk to the gymnasium.

fox demon naruto
12-08-2006, 02:46 PM
Wada alked out of the front enternce of the boys dorm. Thinking to himself 'Well that takes care of that. I should head to the gym for the enternce speech.' Wada thought before hurring to the gym. He saw that a girl was drawing pictures and three hallmoniters were picking on a younger student. He then saw the princible come up to them and Wada continued on.

Mr. Hakuro was standing off near the enternce of the gym waiting for the princible to come. He noticed that the gym was getting full and kinda rowdy. Hoping not for a fight he desided to go out and find him. Leaving the gym he found the princible talking with three hallmoniters and a young student. 'Oh boy. This will end with a battle for sure.' Mr. Hakuro walked up to thee princible and tapped him on the shoulder. "Ah hello Princible Hinokuro! Hope you had a good break. You should hurry before a fight breaks out in the gym." He said.

Wada walked into the gym and found a seat in the back and waited for the princible to come and deliver his speech.

12-08-2006, 02:47 PM
Shinku walked down the street towards the school and sighed "I hope everything goes well on my first day at school, I don't want to make any enemies on my first day" he said looking into the sky "Oh!!" he then started to run towards the school faster. Shinku ran through the gate and skidded trough the doors, he quickly looked around "Oh man...where to go where to go!!..I need some heeeellllp!!!" he said yelling for some help.

12-08-2006, 02:54 PM
babs almost entered the gym as a teacher came out not noticing her at al. She shrugged and turned to walk into the gym when she heard someone yell i need help. Seeing him a bit past the gates she sighe 'i am giong to regret this'she thought as she whistled on her fingers and waved at shinku "over here!"she gave a faint smile before looking again.

12-08-2006, 02:57 PM
Shinku heard the whistle and someone calling to him "Hm?" he looked over and saw a girl waving at him "Hey!" he said running over to her "Thank you..I thought I was going to get lost on my first day of class" he said laughing nervously as he smiled "Oh..I am sorry allow my to introduce myself I am Shinku Fox but you can call me Shinku" he said bowing "I am new here so I really don't know my way around..what is your name?" he asked curiously

Emo is the name
12-08-2006, 03:12 PM
Yameta Hikaru was in one of the many trees on the campus. He was leaning against it with on of his legs hanging off the side and his other one on the limb of the tree he was on. He looked up at the clocktower. It was almost time for the speech. Hikaru looked around and saw that three hallmoniters were pick on a younger student and then the princible came around. 'Wow the pincible is in puplic. Being known as the worst princible at the worst school would emparrase him to be seen in public. Oh well.' Hikaru said before jumping out of the tree. He noticed that a girl was drawing trees. He shrugged and went to the gym. When he wwalked in no one bothered to look his way. No ever did he was only looked at when he was battling. Sinc he did have a 17-0 record. At the school. Sighing, he walked to the back and sat down next to Wada.

Fionn Mac
12-08-2006, 03:29 PM
Declan placed the strap of his bag over his shoulder as he exited the train. He had arrived from the airport, where his flight from Ireland and had landed not an hour before. He uncomfortably tugged at his sweater as the cool crisp air of Ireland was replaced by the warmer weather in Japan.
He was technically a new student, be he had been accepted in as a 3rd year student rank, as his credits from his previous small school had luckily transfered. Though, credits or not, he was new and knew little of the Japanese customs or way of life.
Declan quickly shifted his weight as a younger kid, rushed past him. The kid was obviously late for something...and judging by the direction he was heading in, it was school.

Declan quickened his pace as this meant he was running late as well. He didn't want to concern himself with friendships, or things unrelated to education. He was here for a reason...to become a better summoner, and then return to Ireland to take his ill father's place on the docks. He literally couldn't afford to waste this opportunity.

As he reached the gates of the school, he felt odd as he was dressed differently and he was much larger than most of the students...he looked more like a docksman than a student...and he felt that way as well. But he would make his family proud and believe in his abilities and purpose.
Declan found an open seat in the middle of the Gym, and sat down...awaiting the speech.

Aura of the Twilight
12-08-2006, 03:41 PM
Ameena had came to the school a day early, had unpacked her things in her new room, and gottne used to the school again all before some of the students even arrived. She left her room after preparing herself for the day and walked across the running track, through the main school hall and out the fron of the school. She turned to walk towards the gym and with passing the main gate saw the principal, a new student, Mr.Hakuro, and the three grotesque hall monitors all walking in separate directions. She continued to walk to the gym and took a short cut halfway to get there before the principal did. Ameena ignored the rowdiness of the gymnasium and took a seat in the back and waited patiently for the speech eventhough she was ready for it to be over with already.

12-08-2006, 03:47 PM
A small girl with big brown eyes hurried over th grounds of Summoner school she didn't speak to anyone and no one spoke to her. Yuki was beginning to get tired of this ever since her parents just left her here no one talked to her. She was too shy for anything and was looking to find her room since she had been here for a year. There were whisperes behind her "She's thinks she's so smart" "I heard that she vever talks to anyone but herself" as usual Yuki ignored those comments. She skirted past Babs and Shinku almost tripping over they're feet with a short "SOrry about that" she was gone.

12-08-2006, 04:02 PM
Kasch stood in a corner of the building... outside but where he hoped no one would find him. One of the dumpsters stood to his left and the smell of garbage pervaded his nostirls. But it didn't cover up the worse scent the wafted through his body, the stench that stung at his brain... Summoners. All around him. Disgusting. He could feel them. Could sense them.

He knew he should probably be somewhere else, perhaps an orientation since he was a new student or perhaps a class but he didn't care. There was nothing those summoners could teach him that he couldn't learn on his own. There was nothing he wanted them to teach him. He could learn for such slimy creatures. The fact he was one, that HE was a summoner only made it more odious to him. His skin crawled at the knowledge of it.

His bag of cloths was next to him. It wasn't much, a couple shirts and a change of pants. They had been given to him by his adoptive family before they had sent him here. They were the only reason why he had come to this forsaken place. It was they who had picked him up and he believed he owed them a great debt. This was part of his repayment, attending this summoner's warren.

Besides the cloths the only other possession he had was a switchblade in his pocket. It had been give to him a long time ago.

Well, he also had Azazel, he supposed, but he didn't like to think about Azazel. The two of them had a lot in commmon and the thought made his stomach turn.

He closed his red eyes as he leaned back against the wall of the school building. He hadn't slept last night. The fear had been pounding through him. He knew he was probably going to die here. Not only would he be surrounded by summoner's and there poisonous natures, but they were also probably all better summoners than himself. He couldn't hold summons. The feeling of having Azazel depending on him made him sick and he couldn't focus. He would loose in his first match and he would be run clean through by a fang. The TPM would do it. Those creature were evil. Some of them might act nice but they were just the deceitful ones. They were the ones that stabbed you in the back when you thought you could trust them. Thats was the one redeeming value about Azazel, he was honest about his evil. He didn't pretend to be anything else.

12-08-2006, 04:35 PM
Roch'ksh Runyadu got in from being on the streets again taking back some of his old places from gangs that thought they could beat him down. As it turns out they were wrong like they were every year. Walking into the school he goes to room 5005 and drops off the bag of stuff he has before heading back down to the gym to see if the princepal will say the same stuff he always does or if he will say new things again. He stops at the door and than walks over to his bag and grabs his trenchcoat and hat so that he can just sleep if the teacher dude says that same stuff. "Oh well another year comes and goes but i guess ill stick around this year to see if anyone is worth while." He says to himself walking out to the gym.

Seikyu Kiba
12-08-2006, 04:41 PM
Vaan bushed threw the entrance doors and looked around "Hmph, I guess I can be welcomed back." He said walking into the hall ways reading a book. He stepped down to his dorm room and looked up at it "Hmph, this is it room 4005, Maybe I will have a room mate." He said opening the door and pearing inside "I guess not." He threw his back pack on one of the beds and looked at the white walls and Blue carpet "Dorm Sweet Dorm." He said falling onto the bed reading his book. He then said to himself "I must head to the gym...well better get to it." He walked out of the dorm room and outside over to where the school was (That is if the dorms are not attached to the school) He then entered the building and walked inside down the hall and to the gym. He went and took a seat and sat down in the first row reading his book.

OOC: Edited to head to the gym

Natu Utan
12-08-2006, 05:10 PM
-Rumiko Kazuna, was sitting in his office for quite some time. He was examining the place, rearranging items as they came to him. He was a teacher here at North Distirct School, Teacher of class 2-A. He was teaching TPM battles, better techniques in useing them, how to control them better. pretty much, most things that had to do with having a TPM out, and useing them for fighting. He has been at this school for many many years. Having denied the principles job, he didn't want that kind of responsibility. Rumiko's classroom was mostly the gymnasium, and TPM Battle dome. But he also had a small classroom for test and such.

Rumiko, had short white hair, barly going down to touch his shoulders in the back. Bangs short. Black eyes were on his white face, with to small red slits vertically above his eyes. His ears were covered with fur, and on his left ear the fur extended over onto his cheek a bit. Rumiko had this weird white collor thing around his neck, that had a tan shirt underneath it, skin tight against his back and chest. A large bronze cross hung from his neck. Rumiko was wearing his usual black long pants with red on them, and two holsters on the back of them, to hold swords. Near the end of his pant legs, there were symbols on them. In a dead language, that not even Rumiko understood. He wore black shoes, with spikes on them. Most people thought that he was Albino, which he was not. Occasianaly, he wore long forearm protecters, these were long and black that had a few spikes on them as well. He looks like a mean teacher, but is not.

Rumiko placed a long pendulam looking thing above his desk in his office, and sighed with satisfaction. He glanced around the room and then over to the bed. His lovely TPM was laying in it. Her name was Li. She was a Chimera -C Type TPM. She was Rumiko's pride and joy. "Li." Said Rumiko with a smile on his face. At this, Li's head rose a bit and hers eyes awoke, apparently she was sleeping. Li's long tail wagged gently soon. "Its time to go now love." After this was said, Li started to fade in and out slowly, before completly disappearing. Li looked like a modern wolf for the most part. She had long lovely brown fur all over her body. She had a mane, which was quite unusal she being a female. The man was long, and usually seemed liek it was wet. The hair on her mane, was black instead of brown. Li had long claws on her paws, that were trimmed every week. But, they keep coming back. On each of her front paws, li had a circlet on them. Each containing a small Sapphirte inside of it. Symbolising her useage of water and ice.

Rumiko started to here some chatter outside of his office in the Gymnasium, as the students started arriving. He gracefully walked over to the door, and opened it slowly. Revealing his small classroom, with a few tables and chairs. He walked pass the tables without even glancing at them, he then opened the door that lead into the Gymnasium. His classroom, and office were both connected to the Gymnasium, al though he did have a backdoor in his offcie to get out quicker. Rumiko closed the door behind him once he stepped out of the classroom. He looked around and saw plenty of empty heads, waiting to be filled with knowledge. Rumiko strode into the center of the Gymnasium, hearing the familier voices of people calling out his name, and others whispering harsh commentd about his appearence. As he walked, the students seemed to quiet down a bit, wondering what he was going to do. But, Rumiko slimply sat down in a chair, in the center. Awaiting the principle to come and give his speech.

OOC: That was longer than intended to be for me... And Kiba, you need to go to the Gym...

12-08-2006, 05:41 PM
Ayumi looked around trying to find everything and set up before going to the gym for Beginning of the year welcome speech. Ayum had set up all her thing at her desk but couldn't find her books. Ayumi reached to her top boxs and slipped pulling the top box along with her. The boxs fell all over her.
"...found them..." Ayumi sweatdropped.
"I'm going to be late at this rate" Ayumi grouped all the books together in a pile. and started putting the on the shelves. Ayumi looked at her watch.
"I gotta go!!!" She ran out the door shutting it behind her as she ran towards the gym.
"I hope I'm not late!" Ayumi sprinted at full speed.

12-08-2006, 05:54 PM
Dan, who was hardly ever tardy, was already in the gym. As far back as he could manage without looking like the the crowd that always sat as far as possible, he was leaning back and throughly enjoying a copy of At the Mountains of Madness.

The Shoggoths were his favorite part. After all, they were Shaggoth's namesake. Speaking of Shaggoth, he wondered how the blob would fare in the one of the school's notorious TPM battles. He'd never battled with it before, hardly knew what it could do. "Lose with Shaggoth or kill everything with Cethali." he thought.

Damn Cethali. He wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Cethali. Damn him. He could almost hear the great dragon chuckling to himself. However, what scared him most about it was that fact that Cethali would not respond to him. That monster did whatever it damn well pleased.

Meanwhile, Shape was busy doing some unnecessary cleaning around the gym. He made it a point to introduce himself to the fishies each year that they came. Of course, some students would more accurately translate that as warning them of the creepy janitor.

"Ah 'ell." He muttered to himself as a pack of students hurried by. He pushed his cart, with it's squeaky wheels. "Need to fix 'at." he thought, for at least the hundreth time, if not more. After hiding it in one of the highly secure janitor's closets(that hid small weapon caches), he removed his favorite Bowie from the cart and stuffed it into his uniform.

Taking the long route, he soon found a student(Kasch) hanging out near the dumpsters. "Hey there, here to smoke?" He asked the student. After all, the only people who willingly stood near the dumpsters were the smokers. "I brought my own lighter if you're willin' to share." He continued as he approched slowly. Nearly all the students thought him a mass murderer, he didn't need to scare them more.

Akihiko Yamamoto Hozagaki
12-08-2006, 06:08 PM
Shizuka grunted as she rolled out of bed to hit her alarm. She slowly opened her eyes, and noticed that the clock said: "9:02 A.M". Her eyes widened and she gasped. She had never been late for school in her life. She threw back the covers, and jumped out of bed. She threw off her pajamas and changed quickly. She swung open her door, and rushed to the bathroom. She washed her face, scrubbing rather hard. She brushed her teeth, even without having breakfast.
She slipped on her black shoes, and brushed her hair. She grabbed her suit case, and filled it with her essentials. She pushed through the door, and locked it up. Shizuka ran down the street to the nearest train station. She must've already missed her train, so she hoped that it would come around again. Luckily enough for her, it did. She sighed, and pushed her way onto the train. The school wasn't too far from her stop.
The train came to a halt, and Shizuka struggled to get out from all the crowd. She saw the school in the distance, and ran towards it. She finally made it up to the gates, panting. She walked in, and finally knew... she made it to the school of her dreams.

red storm
12-08-2006, 06:11 PM
As the sun was rising on the roads to the North District Summoner’s school, a patch of purple could be seen skimming across the roads. Further inspection reveals a girl, brown eyes, probably around 16. The patch of purple would be her hair, tied up in two tails by two black cloth bands. A black uniform adorned her body, with white outlinings and a grey skirt. A pair upper arm length black gloves covered her arms, as well as a pair of equally black thigh length stocking did her legs. Two black shoes covered her feet, and the whole was tipped of with an orange scarf.

Yup, all in all Fuyiyama Kumiko was ready for another year of school.

As she entered the school gates, she quietly wandered of the mainstream path, and instead stepped into the tree line. She smiled as she surrounded herself with the trees she loved so much. “You guys seemed to have grown well when I was away.” She said softly as she ran a hand over the bark of the nearest tree. A grin spread across her lips as she grabbed a branch and placed a foot on the bark. However, just as she raised herself into the air, something snagged her orange scarf. With a loud “-urk-” and an indignant cry, Kumiko landed butt first on the ground.

“Ouch ouch ouch” the purple haired girl replied as she rubbed her sore butt. “That hardly ever happens, what did I snag?” she grumbled to herself as she turned around and looked for the offensive object that snagged her. A small tap on the shoulder pointed Kumiko towards its, or rather her, direction.

Towering above the sitting girl was another girl, arms crossed, probably a few years older then her, wearing a complete suit of knight armor, shield and sword included, with a light blue cape behind. The helm was limited to the visor alone, with two wing-like appendages at the side, allowing her long blonde hair to flow freely. A single golden cross hang, suspended by a thick cord, around her neck as a necklace. The girl was tapping her foot impatiently and giving Kumiko a light glare.

At the sight of the Kumiko gave out a nervous laugh, scratching the back of her neck. “Ahahaha, erm, Alistina, I can explain. Really. I mean, well, it’s just that… But it’s been do long! I missed them! They missed me!” The arm was now in front of her, joined by its twin, as Kumiko send a pleading look towards her summon.

Alistina, to her credit, never wavered under the pleading look, the trembling eyes, the quavering lip, instead she merely let out an inaudible sigh. “Is that a yes?” Kumiko asked, only to receive a reply in the form of an armored fist lightly hitting her head. “Ow.” The girl replied reflexively as she rubbed the now sore spot. “Aw come on, is that intro speech really that important? Its just the old man blabbering again about the rules and bla bla bla, nothing we haven’t heard in the first two years.” She really didn’t se the point in going. It was just so boring, sitting there.

Alistina, on the other hand, was adamant that Kumiko would make a presence. Crusaders were known to be protective over their summons to the point of mothering, which was exactly what Alistina was doing right now. She pointed towards the gymnasium, and gave a small glare towards her summoner.

Kumiko sighed in defeat. “All right, I’ll go to the introduction.” Her defeat was rewarded with a smile, and a pat on the head from Alistina. No words were exchanged, but the communication was clear. “Good girl.”

Kumiko smiled in return. “See you later.” She told her summon as she disappeared. With a final sigh, and longing glance at the trees, she set forth towards the gymnasium. Good thing the dorm had no elevator, gave her a nice excuse to climb the trees to reach the third floor.

12-08-2006, 06:37 PM
Raisuke walked through the gates, looking up at the school "Guess we made it." He had been sent to this school by his parents and even old principals because of him summoning Rahkshi, who tried to hurt anyone that angered Raisuke. He walked towards the dorms, after asking a group of girls that had walked his ay where the dorms were. He looked at the sheet of paper that held his room number, 3021. He came across a stairwell to only look up "Stairs.....wheee......great....." Was all he said as he picked up his black back pack and soccer bag that he carried around with him. He walked up the stairs until he came to the third floor. He glanced at the room numbers, coming across 3021. He pushed open the door to reveal two beds, a book shelf against a wall and two desks at each end.

He put his stuff on the bed at the left side which had a window. He sighed deeply and turned around to find Rahkshi lying comfortably on the opposite bed. "I agree, these beds are better than the ones at home." His summon got up and looked out the window, pointing to the horizon, pointing out buildings then making a circle around the things he pointed to. "Heh, yeah it is a nice view isn't it... I think we'll like it here, no?" Rahkshi nodded in agreement. The summon then stretched out it's leathery wings before glancing to the clock. Raisuke had taught him how to tell time, something he thought was helpful since the summon was more responsible than him.

He tapped on Raisuke's shoulder, making him look at the clock. Raisuke just shrugged "Since when am I ever on time?" A talon came out of the device on Rahkshi's left forearm, resting on Raisuke's shoulder as he tempted to scare him but made Raisuke chuckle "Alright, think you can give me a lift?" The summon rolled it's eye at his summoner before opening the window and jumping out, stretching it's wings as it hovered out of the window, grabbing Raisuke as they glided down to the grass near the gymnasium. "Thanks." Rahkshi then disappeared as Raisuke sprinted into the gymnasium, seating himself in an empty row as he played with his ring, waiting for the welcome speech.

12-08-2006, 08:01 PM
A guy with long red hair leaned to the back of the Gymnasium. He was dressed in his school uniform. Or atleast it looked like it becouse he had he blouse out of his pants and his tie was unknot around his neck. The guy was opserving all the other people in the Gymnasium, what was very easy for becouse he was clearly one of the talest persons in the Gymnasium.

Kayne looked around, all these people minding there own buisness. Kids looking nice looking evil, all differend all strange in there own way. Some kids where laughing with one another clearly a older year. Ok he was a fresh one, but that was only becouse he started to develope his summoning skills on a later age. Yes he was already 17 and clearly most of the kids around him where not. He listened with one ear to what the principal was saying.
"Well now Kayne", He tought to himself. "Lets see what this school is going to bring you" He pushed a lok of hair out of his face and blinked two times with his eyes realy fast. "A lot of new people thats for sure" he continiued his toughts. "Lets hope a few nice once."
Kayne moved away from his spot at the back and move towards the front. He looked around for a person who was not looking to happy with his new place and his eyes fel on the guy who entered the Gymnasium right after the prinsable. Kayne trew himself in the seat next to the guy and started talking to him. "So whats with the long face? you look like you failed school before it started."

12-08-2006, 08:25 PM
Ayumi smiled as she came to the door. She stopped and tried to catch her breathe. The school was big and gym was large. Ayumi had never seen a school like this when she went to normal public school. The key point was normal she was no longer at an ordinary school she was in Summoner School to become a great summoner. Ayumi assured herself and continued into the gym to find a seat. Once Ayumi was seated she looked around she saw many people that she didn't know but she was sure she would try to get to know some of them, unlike when she went to normal school.
"I wounder when its going to start?" Ayumi looked around. She pulled out a small book that read sodoku and started to solve them.

12-08-2006, 08:48 PM
Kasch was moderately curious as to what those summoner worms were doing. Nothing good no doubt. They were all tainted, drenched in sin. So much sin. How could they let themselves live? Didn't the shame get to them? Knowing they were some TPM's little puppet? Just thinking the thought made his insides roll as Azazel turned his minds eye toward him. He saw a form of Azazel sitting next to him, however, he knew it wasn't the real Azazel just the TPM forcing Kasch's mind to create an image of him to facilitate communication with the mortal to which he was bound. He felt an over powering feeling of agreement come from Azazel. Kasch had always found it difficult to deal with the fact him and Azazel shared there thoughts and emotions with each other directly and it always made Kasch double check what he was thinking lest Azazel sense something Kasch didn't want him to know. A feeling of mirth flowed from Azazel to Kasch as the devil felt the boy's thoughts.

Kasch lay back a bit against the wall... he had on a loose jacket that slumped down from one arm causing the sleeve to hang down low enough to completely cover his right hand. Underneath was the school uniform, which he already detested. The tie was like a shackle binding him to this life of being a summoner. A life he detested. An existance he did not choose. Summoners were evil, or more closely they were people who by birth were able to be used by evil powers, the TPMs. Azazel was an example of such an evil power however, his hatred was toward the other TPMs and thus he was useful to Kasch. And so Kasch was a puppet. A bloody marrionette. He slammed his fist against a wall, causing a faint feeling like soundless laughter to resonate through his head as Azazel took pleasure in Kasch's suffering. He spat at the TPM but the spit went straight through... it was just an illusion by his minds eye. The laughter heightened to the maniacal.

Kasch sneered. Damn summoners. Damn them and their unholy cabal! The Occultist shouldn't even be allowed to continue to live! His rage began to burn. His thin strong frame resonating with the ire the leapt like a conflaguration within his skin, scorching his organs until they broiled.

Kasch's body whent limp and he let out a sigh, "Calm I must be calm". Agreement oozed over from Azazel, the fallen angels black wings covering his torso and feelings of protective evil slipping from that hooded head. "One day, Azazel one day. They will see their evil natures." Kasch smiled here, relishing the thought of there wretchedness and Azazel join the mortal in his glee.

12-08-2006, 08:59 PM
OOC: Ratori's color, Kazuhiko's color, Azoth'na's color, Vulkain's color


Standing to the roof top of the school was a fairly built male, though he seemed small his mere presence gave of an essence of pure power. He stood at the corner watching the rising sun all morning with his wide Amber eyes. He looked over the city below and the students making there way to school.

After a sudden clap of his hands a small, red sword like insignia burned from his forhead. Before him a pentagram of burning black flames came into existance beside him. He rubbed his eyes awaiting the called one, his trusted partner Vulkain.

The tall red haired warrior stood next to Ratori, his black trench coat swayed in the wind, the sheath of his sword clicked against a chain on his black pants. "Ratori, you are going to be late if you don't get a move on." the tall being turned to him and took him by the shoulder turning him around. "Now you should be going."

As Ratori walked away, Vulkain disappeared in a black and red mist. With a quick run down to the gymnasium he stood more towards the front of the crowd as people started to talk about him.

"Oh look it's Raishin-san!" A female voice could be heard in the crowd.
"Oh he's quite popular huh?" an inquizitive voice could be heard.
"Hey he's always on time." Another voice stated.
"Yeah, he's a top one alright." A deep voice seemed to whisper from the crowd.

Ratori couldn't help but be content, he was proud of the reputation he's built. It was built on honor and respect, the things he was raised to uphold.

In the corner of the gymnasium there was a green haired boy with such serious dull blue eyes, his presence was chilling and creepy. He had removed his orange tinted glasses and observed the scene, but he wasn't alone.

A woman about seven feet tall was holding him in her arms, he was on her lap. Her blue skin seemed somewhat rotted, her double pupuled eyes were on Kazu, keeping a watch over him. Her blue kimono had lost it's shimmer long ago, and it was obvious that it had seen better days.

"Kazu..." she whispered in a chilling echo into Kazuhiko's head "It's time for me to leave for now dear."

All the while the new kids stared at him being embraced by the abomination that is Azoth'na. "What the...?" was one of many comments that were exchanged.

The other students stared also, though they were more used to the sight because it was often that they would sit together like that.

"Azna..." he whispered back at the zombie like woman before she disappeared into a purple mist.

12-08-2006, 09:09 PM
(Characters include: Seiyaku Reinakumo, and the voice on the announcement's, calling for students to report to the Gymnasium.)

(Location: Home, School, Gymnasium)

There spoke of a student, that seemed to keep secrets to himself, and no one else. Secrets that were locked away for quite some time, were about to be revealed. It was the begining of a new school year, and Seiyaku Reinakumo was accepted as a class 3A, student. Seiyaku Reinakumo was a very curious, and mysterious fellow. He did not much care for immature behavior, nor people that got in the way of his studies. This was the begining of his second year, stationed at the North District Summoner School. He was in the middle of writing a story, when he heard the noise, of birds whistling through the wind as they past his window on the northern edge of his room. In the distance he spotted the school. The school that he was destined to attend. He peered out his window, and noticed that there were bell's chimmering in the distance, as he thought to himself.

"Whoa! That must be a new feature added to the school! I don't recall the school having that before!"

He hustled to rush off to school, so that he wouldn't miss much of the meeting that was said to be held in the gymnasium once again. He placed his book in his luggage case, and made sure that he had packed all of his belongings that were necessary for the duration of the school year. Once he assured himself that everything was all set to go, he was well on his way to the North District Summoner School, to start a new year.

"pant, pant, pant... Where is everyone? The school is suppose to have a huge number of students! It was too bad that I came a bit later, and I couldn't properly introduce myself to the others..."

Seiyaku let out a loud sigh, that seemed to echo in a mono-tone like voice.

"How strange. There seems to be no one on duty as to greeting the new students... How peculiar..."

Seiyaku peered from side to side, trying to regain his sense of grounds. He spotted movement that went in the direction of the gym. It appeared in a shadow like form.

"Hmm, I wonder who that could be? Could it possibly be, that the person I just saw wandering the grounds, be someone that I know? I have been here for a couple of years... It will be good to see all the familiar faces, from last year, and the year before that."

"All students, please make your way to the Gymnasium immediately! The announcements are about to begin shortly!"

"Oh my! I am about to miss the best part! The opening lines! yawn..."

However tired Seiyaku was, he went along with the announcements on the voice projector, and proceeded to the Gymnasium. As soon as he arrived in the Gymnasium, he scurried in search to find the nearest seat available to him. The last thing he remembered was that he needed to go back to his dorm room afterwards to put away his supplies. The designated room number to which he was stationed in, was room 4117. He was never too sure if he would acquire a room mate, but he did last year. He knew from last year's experience, that if he has another stubborn, and immature room mate, it will be a living nightmare! He began to list a set of rules in his note book, just incase he was going to be placed with a frusterating room mate. He kept repeating to himself...

"If I am stuck with another nosey, and immature brat, they better know what's coming to them, and they better know how to learn fast, or they are not going to be in the same room for long! Please, if I do get stuck with someone, please let it be someone that is kind, respectful, and acts rather mature. That's all I ask!"

Seiyaku glances back and fourth from his note book, and the people entering the Gymnasium, as for the teachers preparing for their speeches getting ready for the opening of a new school year.

(OOC: Sorry for the long post, I tried to keep it short. I really did. But when an idea brews, it seems to slip loose, and it often finds its place in the lines some how.)

12-09-2006, 05:13 AM
Babs looked at shinku and muttered "babs"she walked into the gym and sat in a empty chair. she yawned closing her eyes until a rather heavey jumped on her lap. she opened her eyes and looked to sphinxa who was on her lap with her front and the ground with her back. Sighing she shoved the summon off "for the 100the time sphinxa your not a housecat and thus to big to be on my lap". sphinxa just purred and wrapped herself around babs her legs as far as that was possibe in the small space between the chairs infront of her atlist. Babs sighed and patted the animal on her head and smiled at the her "atlist i have you here" she smiled faintly when sphinxa rubbed her head against her hand though mindfull of her headgear. babs looked up when the last call for students to come to the gym came.

12-09-2006, 09:15 AM
He could tell Babs wasn't the talk active type,he then followed her into the Gym and sat down in a chair "Hmmm". Just then a demon girl appeared behind him and clung to him from behind, Shinku looked at the girl and patted her head "Hey Lily". Lily smiled softly and nuzzled his cheek "I wounder what is going on"

12-09-2006, 09:39 AM
Raisuke was listening to music when something caught his sight from the corner of his eye, he looked to his right to find his summon there. "I'll pay attention when the dude talks okay?" The summon nodded as it sat beside him. Raisuke then looked towards all the other summoners, a few of their summons were with them too. Rahkshi was adjusting his patch, his summoner took notice and just shook his head, smiling a little.

A few minutes passed, Raisuke hadn't said a word to his summon and it was starting to bug him as he got up. He looked around, his summon was about to get up to, but his summoner just said "Relax, I'm just going to make some friends, see ya later Rahkshi." His summon just nodded and disappeared as Raisuke's gaze rested on a boy with a demon girl. He walked through the little gaps between the seats before he was at the row the boy was in. He walked towards him, seating himself down beside him. He stuck out his hand in a gesture for a hand shake as he smiled a little "I'm Raisuke, new here, how bout you?" He asked

12-09-2006, 09:46 AM
Babs notcied the demoness and saw sphinx had taken notice to much to her annoyance. she watched as her summon uncurled itself from her legs and took a stance to jump the demoness. Just before she could do that babs grabbed her headgear and pulled her down "no sphinxa no jumping on the other summons if you want to play with her you have to wait"she poke in a stern voice. And would have sweatdropped if she could at the look sphinxa gave with big kitten eyes. her eye twitched in annoyace "that is not gonna work" she pulled sphinxa down and she stayed down though moping a bit.

Seikyu Kiba
12-09-2006, 09:49 AM
Vaan sat in the front row waiting for the principal to start his speech, "Hmph, Shinhon" He said turning the page as a flower started to grow out of his book. When the flower formed a small Venus fly trap appeared...actually it was kind cute because all it did was squeak. "Come on lets go find someone to talk to." He said walking over to a guy with a demon girl clung to him and another guy next to him. "I am Vaan, and this is Shinhon..my plant" He said patting it on the head. "Still...it's nice to meet you both."

12-09-2006, 10:05 AM
Shinku looked at the two guys who sat next to him "It is nice to meet you Vaan and Raisuke, my name is Shinku...I am new here" the demon girl gave him a kiss on the cheek and Shinku blushes "And this is one of my summons Lily.." Lily noddedas she looked at them. Shinku looked at the plant "Shinhon well that is an interesting name for an odd summon" he said looking at Raisuke and shook his hand "Yes I am new here...my parents and I just moved here from Hong Kong..but I am glad that I am not the only new student"

Aura of the Twilight
12-09-2006, 10:11 AM
Ameena Was waiting patiently for the speech to start when one of her summons, Lucian, appeared. "Yeah they sure are taking their sweet time with starting this forsaken ritual of a speech they do every year." Ameena said to him. He didn't seem to care very much by his expression, but was instead intrested in a group of other kids and their summons.
"They seem interesting." Ameena said. She then got up and walked over to the group with Lucian behind her. "Hi there I'm a third year student here. My name is Ameena, and this is one of my summons, Lucian." Ameena introduced herself. "It's nice to meet you. What are all of your names?" she asked.
She looked around the room but didn't see anyone familar from the years before. Then she returned her attention back to the group.
"Hmmm a plant and a boy, a sphinx and a girl, a demongirl and a boy, and another boy. Intersting this year should be enjoyable." Ameena thought to herself.

12-09-2006, 10:18 AM
babs was halfdragged of the chair when sphinxa tryed to jump on ameena. With some effort she manged to pull her back "babs and this naughty kitty is sphinxa" she pulled sphinxa to a sitting postion " and much to my dismay in a playfull mood"she rubbed her shoulder a bit. Sphinxa just sat innocently swaying her tail.

12-09-2006, 10:20 AM
Kaede got into class and sat down. She looked around her at all the other students, and even a few new faces. Old friends were in conversations about their vascations, while newer students had mixed experiences. Some quickly got into conversations, some were reading, others fell back asleep on thei desk. She thought maybe shed fall asleep too, but that was quickly interupted when the announcement came up.
"Damnit, its late this year"
She got up with the other students and headed towards the gym. She hated being in crowds like this, it made her feel so alone. She arrived at the gym and grabbed a seat. A girl sitting next to her made a face, turned to her friend and started whispering. Any hopes she had about the new school year were now gone.

Natu Utan
12-09-2006, 10:23 AM
-Rumiko lifted his left leg and placed it over his right leg, in a bored fashion. The light from the Gymnasium was slightly reflecting off of his albino like skin. He tapped his foot on the ground for a bit, and looked around. He saw a group of students and their summons conversing with each other "Hmmm, they look like they are having fun, for now." Pretty much right after he said this, Rumiko felt a familier nuzzle on his left cheek. Rumiko smiled and turned his head, to see Li. His grateful summon. Li lifted her front paws and placed them on Rumiko's lap, as she began to lick his hands. Rumiko chuckled lightly as he hugged his SUmmon. Just then, Li turned around and started running towards the group of kids talking, and showing their summons. Rumiko sighed, and stood up, walking over to the group after Li. Li pounced at the demon girl summon. He landed on her, and began to lick the demon's face. Rumiko got to the group in a short time " I am dreadfully sorry Children. My Summon just loves to play. Li, get off of her and come over here at once." Li whimpered and got off of the Demon girl, and went back to Rumiko.

12-09-2006, 10:29 AM
babs had let go of sphinxa and was rubbing her shoulders a bit. Sphinxa saw Li and not feeling her summoners hands on her she dived on the other summon causing babs to look up "oh hogtart Sphinxa get of the boy's summon!" she past the other student and looked at the mess of limps that were sphinxa and LI, she groaned in annoyance this was gonna be a long year.

12-09-2006, 10:34 AM
Shinku glanced and saw Li pounce on Lily, Lily let out a loud Eep!! as she fell to the grund with Li ontop of her. Shinku laughed and looked Rumiko "It is quite alright sir" he bowed smiling "It seems Li just wanted to make friends" he said laughing. Lily got up and bowed with a giggle, she then turned her attention Sphinxa, she giggled and bent down to pet her. He looked to Babs "Hey Babs how are you?..and is that your summon?" he said smiling

Natu Utan
12-09-2006, 10:56 AM
-Sphinxa landed on Li's back, and Li simple started to shake her fur, trying to get the summon off. Rumiko picked up Sphinxa and gave her to Babs. "Here is your summon young lady." He said to Babs with a smile on his face. Rumiko got down on his knees and wrapped his arms around Li, nuzzling her neck. "I am Mister Kazuna Rumiko. But you can call me Rumiko. I am a teacher here atthis school, I teach TPM battleing and skills of that sort. May I know your names?" He directed to everyone.

Akihiko Yamamoto Hozagaki
12-09-2006, 11:01 AM
Shizuka was curious, and heard noise coming from the gymnasium. She walked around, trying to follow where the sound was coming from. When she arrived, she saw a couple people. Naturally, she was way too shy to go up and introduce herself. She looked down, and stayed in the door frame. She was trying to decide whether she should go in or not.

Seikyu Kiba
12-09-2006, 11:01 AM
Vaan watched as the summons jumped on each other and then stopped. Vaan turned to Mister Kazuna and bowwed "My name is Nagasagi Vaan but call me Vaan." He said then holding up his little plant "And this is Shinhon my plant." He said as the plant squeaked. He then turned to Ameena and bowwed as well "It's a pleasure to meet you all."

12-09-2006, 11:03 AM
babs quickly took sphinxa though it was funny sight since sphinxa may have the body of a ordinary black cat she was stil the size of a lioness causing her front to be in babs arms and her lower body on the ground. babs scolded her a bit "bad sphinxa"she looked at the teacher "babs sir" she looked at sphinxa who decided to look innocent again "and you met sphinxa"she glared a bit at her summon.

12-09-2006, 11:06 AM
Shinku turned to the teacher and bowed "My name is Shinku Fox sir...I am new here" he said nervously as he looked at all of the students "And this summon is Lily as you have already met her" he laughed. Lily appered behind Shinku and wrapped her arms around his neck and began petting his head giggling happily "Ehe..Lily" he said smiling sweetly putting his arm on hers and rubbed it "It is nice to meet you all...I hope we can become friends I don't want any enemies"

Emo is the name
12-09-2006, 11:10 AM
Hikaru looked around the gym after hearing some noise. He then saw that there were a couple people talking and there summons out. He then saw that a teacher and his summon were there too. 'I thought teachers didn't have summons...' Hikaru thought. He felt his shoulder being tapped and he turned around to see the face of Lin. "What do you want LIn?" Hikaru said irritated.

"Nothing much. Just bored." Lin said.

"Look I'm not going to talk to them. They'll think I'm a freak. You know I cant keep a converstation." Hikaru said.

"Awww come on!" Whined Lin.


"Fine then talk to the guy next to you!" Lin said.

Sighing he turned around and said, "Hi, my name is Hikaru."

Akihiko Yamamoto Hozagaki
12-09-2006, 11:13 AM
Shizuka tried to just stay quiet. She definitely didn't want to go up to a complete stranger and introduce herself. Then again, maybe it would be better if she did, just to get it over with. She took in a deep breath, and walked into the gymnasium.
"My name's Watanabe Shizuka. Please call me whatever you please," she muttered.
She then back away, and sat against a wall. Her heart was pounding, and she was breathing heavily. There was nothing she hated more, than talking to people.

12-09-2006, 11:18 AM
Raisuke was looking at everyone and their summons and soon after Rahkshi appeared sitting beside him, arms crossed as he tapped his foot lightly. "Yeah I know it's annoying for them to make us wait but what are you going to do?" A blade came out of the device on his left forearm, making Raisuke chuckle a little "No, you can't kill the principal for making everyone wait, just have fun and make some friends." The blade retracted as he crossed his arms again, closing his eye " Come on, you know you want to." Rahkshi just adjusted the patch over his right eye before opening his left eye and looking at Lily and the others.

12-09-2006, 11:28 AM
babs had let go of sphinxa who stood on her feet again. she watched the summon snif Rahkshi hand before jumpin on top of him", she sighed "i don't get it usealy she rather sleeps than plays" she scratched the back of her head as the poor summon was 'washed' by sphinxa

Akihiko Yamamoto Hozagaki
12-09-2006, 11:37 AM
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Kyuubi Naruto
12-09-2006, 01:50 PM
Shiro walked through the street heading to his school.Cars passed,and yells of excitement from TPM battles were heard throughout the entire city."Another year,another load of TPM battles......for some reason though,I'm not as pumped as I thought I would be....."He sighed to himself.He then noticed that he had finally reached the school.He walked up to the school,then he saw a girl climbing up a tree to reach the higher floors of the school."What the hell?"He asked.He then cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled to the girl."Hey!What exactly are you doing up there,eh?I mean,we do have stairs inside of the actually school.Are you new?"He asked Kumiko.

Undrave Limito
12-09-2006, 03:36 PM
((OOC: Nespa, try not to post so much, the limit is 2 per day. I’ll forgive you for now but don’t try again. It seems like a lot of people are already confused by the amount of posts going on… luckily my post will sorta ‘reset’ things a bit.))

The principal nodded at the teacher “Yeah I’m well aware of that, but if I want to make the students wait then they will wait.”

And with that he kept walking toward the gymnasium, followed by Limito who felt quite out of place. The 14 years old felt nervous because once the speech was over he would have to pit his friend Branlud against whatever monster that goon Baki could summon. As he entered the gym he noticed all the students and that many were happily chatting with one another and some even had their TPMs out. He spotted what he guessed were the teacher at the front of the room, some of them looking rather odd… He noticed how some students looked and felt strangely out of place with his neat and perfect uniform. It seemed like the uniform rules were really lax. He sat down on an empty chair. That’s when someone sat next to him and talked to him, asking about his long face.

“I was almost late and three Hall Monitors picked on me. They stalled me until I was late and then told me I was gonna have to do chores as punishment. The principal came along and decreed that I would have to face that guy…Baki…in a Blue Match to decide who is right! I’m not sure how I’ll fare in a fight.” Explained the kid.

With long powerful stride the principal climbed on the stage and behind the podium.

“Quiet down.” He simply ordered with a booming voice, interrupting any conversation.

His voice was so powerful he didn’t need to use a microphone and at the sound of his voice it seemed like most of the older student felt silent out of respect and the new students out of fear.

“First of all I wish to welcome back our returning student, and welcome the new students. Today marks the beginning of a new year and usually I remind you all of the rules of the school. This year I decided to skip this dreary procedure, as most of you already knows them. The rest of you will find a booklet in your room, beside the rules about TPM battles, none of the rules are really different from any other boarding school. Instead I would like to remind you why you are here: to become strong of mind, strong of body and the best Summoners possible! This year we will show the world that the students of the North School are no weaklings!” He declared, pausing to allow students to cheer in response “To those of you who are but taking your first steps in this new world, do not fear: you possess all the power within you that you need to face any obstacles! Weaklings go nowhere in this world, never forget. Now… to celebrate the beginning of the new year we will have an exhibition blue battle in the Battle Dome between the new student Burako Limito and our Hall Monitor Murata Baki. You all have 20 minutes before the beginning of the match. Take this opportunity to meet your home room teacher and get to know those with whom you’ll share this school with. Attendance to the match is mandatory. Dismissed!” He finished.

Limito swallowed hard. Not only would he have to face an older student…but he would have to do so in front of the entire school! Limito suddenly felt a wave of confidence and excitement wash over him, coming from the Dreaming. It was his TPM and friend Branlud, stating he was raring to go. Maybe he was right and this battle wouldn’t be so bad after all.

12-09-2006, 04:01 PM
(Location: Gymnasium), (Characters: Seiyaku Reinakumo, Injikuru, and Heigo-Mono.)

Seiyaku was becoming a little impatient with waiting for the presentation to begin, so he decided that he would see what the cluster of individual's were conversing over in the far right corner of the gymnasium. When all of a sudden Heigo-Mono appeared before him.

"What are you doing out? I didn't summon you at this present time! I demand that you return to your present location at once!"

In a whimpering temper tantrum, the TPM replied in a some what confusing tone to Seiyaku, which he could only understand parts of the language that the TPM spoke.

"Why are you so cruel to me? Where as you are so kind to Injikuru?"

"Don't you recall what you did last time? You were very disturbing to me, and the other's."

"I thought that I apologized for that incident... If I didn't I am very sorry, please forgive me for my actions that I portrayed the last time I was out and about. I promise to behave myself this time."

"Fine! I will give you this one chance to prove to me that you will not do anything that disturbs either me, or my fellow class mates. You understand me?"

"Yes, I promise that I will be on my best behavior!"

"Alright, thank you. To keep things fair, I suppose I should summon Injikuru here too."

"Alright, that's fine with me. It's is your decision master."

"How many times have I told you to quit using the term "master," refrain from using that word, and use my proper name please!"

"Alright, I am sorry Seiyaku, please forgive me for my actions."

"You are forgiven. Now I call fourth Injikuru, to rise from the Hidden Dimensions!"

"Hello, Seiyaku. It is nice to be in your sight again! I am glad to be by your side. Is there something you wish for me to do at this present moment in time, and location?"

"You are free to follow me and Heigo-Mono. We are off to introduce ourselves to the other members that are here in the Gymnasium. Who knows, we may even attain a new friendship this way. You up to it Injikuru?"

"Anything for you Seiyaku, I will follow you to the farthest depths, and beyond. I would be more then happy to make introductions with these fellow students of yours."

"Awesome, let's be on our way then!"

Seiyaku, and his two TPM's wandered over to the cluster of people, and began introducing themselves to the others in the area.

"Hello everyone, my name is Seiyaku Reinakumo, and these two are my TPM's. This here is Injikuru, and over here is Heigo-Mono. How is everyone doing today? Ready for another school year? I sure am! I love meeting new people, and knowing that I have new challenges coming my way! Oh my! I guess we ran short of time on our first visit, the presentation has begun! I best be sitting down now. I wouldn't want to cause trouble for myself, or others for that matter. I will discuss my rank, and such later, I must meet with my other class mates, and my home room teacher now. Anyone here from class 3A per chance?"

By the time Seiyaku had sat down, the presentation was over, and he felt really bad about his actions, so he apologized to the teachers soon afterwards, and then wandered over to where he recognized familiar faces from previous years, and continued with his conversations.

Aura of the Twilight
12-09-2006, 04:27 PM
The principal gave his speech and then afterwards, Ameena walked towards Seiyaku. "Hi Seiyaku. I'm Ameena Ayomi, a third year student here, I'm pleased to meet all three of you. This is my TPM Lucian. I have another but currently she's not here. I think I've seen you here in previous years. How many years have you come here? What's your home room? I'm in homeroom 4C." Ameena stated.
Lucian tapped Ameena's shoulder.

"Oh just a second." Ameena said to Seiyaku, "What is it Lucian?"
Lucian made a waving motion with his hand showing that he was leaving.

"Okay goodbye Lucian." Ameena said the she returned her attention back to Seiyaku. Lucian folded his wings criss-cross infornt of him and then dissapeared in an orb of darkness.

"Do you have any other TPMs, or just Heigo-Mono and Injikuru?" Ameena asked curiously.

12-09-2006, 04:52 PM
Shinku didn't know what to do. He got up from his seat as Lily disappeared "Hmm...he said we need to go to our home rooms" Shinku walked around the gymnasium to find his homeroom 2-A, he saw a summon spirit walking towards 2-A "Hey it is that summon spirit who jumped Lily" he followed the summon to the class room "Oh..here it is" he said walking into the class room "Umm..is this..2-A?"

Natu Utan
12-09-2006, 04:53 PM
"Well, I must go now Children. Hopefully, I will see you all in class. Come Li.." As he said this, Li ran off towards Rumiko's class room. Rumiko stood up, and walked over to the Principal "Hello Sir. Are you sure, that we really should be putting a first year student up against one of our Hall Monitors on the first day? Thats a rather odd punishment. Well, anyway Sir. I must get to my classroom to greet my students. Good day." -Rumiko turned around and walked over to the other side of the Gymnasium. Passing students, and greeting them on his way. On the other side of the gym, was his classroom. Li was standing infront of the door, waiting for Rumiko. Once she saw him, Li entered the room. Rumiko saw the boy, whom he met earlier enter the room. Rumiko got behind him and said " Yes, this is Class 2-A. How lucky it is that you are in my class. Sit anywhere you like in the classroom." After this was said, Rumiko put a door stop under the door and walked over to his desk. Sitting down behind it. Li, had went over to her little corner in the room, curled up into a ball. Looking at the boy as he entered, wagging her tail.

red storm
12-09-2006, 06:05 PM
As Kumiko made her way to the gym, a small smirk made its way to her lips. True, she had promised Alistina that she would go to the gym, but she had failed to specify any particular route. And lo behold, there in on the side of the balcony overlooking the fields stood a large tree. Now, Kumiko knew she could take the main entrance, but that one was most likely crowded. If she went via the balcony, then it’d be easy access. Genius!

So, grabbing the trunk with both arms, she heaved herself into the air. Her feet clenched solidly against the bark to prevent falling, she grabbed one of the thicker branches and hoisted herself up onto it, and into the thick shield of leaves. However, someone must have spotted her because she soon heard a voice shouting reprimands at her.

Not feeling up for a superiority contest, she shifted her weight forward and allowed herself to topple over the branch, just enough so that her head and shoulders now pocked through the leaves. “Stairs are overrated, got tired of them before my first year was even over! Third year student from group A, Fuyiyama Kumiko at your service!”

It was then that the booming voice of the principal was heard, even though they were technically standing –or hanging- outside the building. Kumiko turned her head to the thick wall. “Well I’ll be damned, he actually skipped the rules.” She placed more weight forward and tumbled of the branch, finishing the turn mid air and neatly landing on her feet.

“Okay, you heard the man, lets go find our homeroom teacher!” placing a hand over her eyes, she frantically looked around. “Now, if I were a homeroom teacher, where would I be hiding?” Realization striking, she smacked her fist into the palm of her hand. “Classrooms, of course! Come on, pretty boy, the battles can wait, lets go find out our room assignments.”

12-09-2006, 06:16 PM
(Location: Leaving Gymnasium to go to Home Room), (Character's: Seiyaku Reinakumo, Injikuru (however he does not speak in this post), and Heigo-Mono.)

"Hello Ameena, it is a pleasure to meet you. Did you just say that you were in room 4-C? Because if you did, that means you'd be in the same class as me. The question you just asked me about, whether I had more than two TPM's, a few minutes ago, my answer to that is: I have no idea, whether or not I have more, because you know how things go, sometimes as a year progresses, you attain new skills, and sometimes you attain a new TPM. It is very rare that you attain a new TPM, but it is possible. For now, these two are my only TPM's. I preferably favour Injikuru, over Heigo-Mono. The reason for this is because Heigo-Mono can be unpredictable. You never know what he might do, he sometimes disobeys me. That is when Injikuru steps in, he is great at taming the other TPM's. Such as Heigo-Mono, in my case. Well, anyways I suppose we better attend to our home room then, eh?"

Seiyaku offered to walk with Ameena to room 4-C, which was both their homeroom. Seiyaku held out his hand, in a kind gesturely way, as to say he was pleased to meet such a kind, and polite mannered individual. He had hoped they could be friends, and not enemies. Injikuru was growing tired, and asked kindly if he may rest for awhile, and Seiyaku said that it was alright. So Injikuru bowed, and placed his bow by his side, and said his fair wells to Heigo-Mono, Seiyaku, and Ameena.

"Have a nice nap Injikuru."

By that time, Injikuru vanished into small water particles, that evaporated in the air, in the form of mist.

"Hey Heigo-Mono, do you wish to return too? I mean rest?"

"I'm alright for the time being. Do you really think i'd get tired that easily! you fool!"

"Now, now... No need to be rude, or I will force you into vanishing."

"Psh, just you try! I'l return the second you return me to my location..."

"Don't make me get Injikuru, neither he, nor I will put up with your mood right now. I'm really sorry about this Ameena, he gets this way sometimes..."

"Oh be quiet, nice guy!"

"I call upon the Dimension of the Soul's, to seal Heigo-Mono, until I wish to call him fourth again! Fair well, for now Heigo-Mono."

"No! no... I... I'm sorry... Really..."

There was an aura that encircled Heigo-Mono.

"No, not this place again! No...!"

"Sorry Heigo-Mono, but I must, for the time being... Please forgive my actions."

Seiyaku waits for Ameena to answer, to see if she would like to walk together with him, to their homeroom, which was their next destination after all.

12-09-2006, 06:22 PM
Roch'ksh Runyadu haveing arivved just as the princepal made the annocement was already bored "Maybe this fight will help keep it interesting for once." He heads to his home room and sits down waiting for his name to be said wrong like it is every year. Rok'ksh Runydu" the teacher says in home room. you have it wrong again teach its Roch'ksh Runyadu and im here.

12-09-2006, 06:28 PM
Dan looked at all the TPMs around him, and concluded it wasn't against the rules to show them. A short moment after that, a blob apparently made of cloudy water and tar plopped into being beside him. The tarry-looking mass swished around as if looking through the rest of it's body. Shaggoth let out a stream of inquisitive piping notes as it rolled around, pushing itself under Dan's hand.

A few students looked at it and let out required "Eeeewww," as Dan stuck his hand into Shaggoth to tickle the tarry portions. Shaggoth let out an insulted and indignat tone, but didn't move away. Like stroking a cat's tail. Dan pulled his hand out, and leftover globs of Shaggoth collected on his palm and rolled off onto the main body.

Deciding he maybe needed to get to his class, he pushed off from his chair and started walking out of the gym, whistling two high pitched notes followed by one low note. Shaggoth obeidiently puttered after him.

Shape saw the leftovers of Shaggoth lying on the ground and roared out, "What the hell is this!?" Just as soon, he became the center of several dozen stares from students. He nudged the slime with his boot, causing it to squeal horribly and roll over to Shaggoth. "'At your TPM?" He asked Dan, towering over the student.

"Y-yessir." Dan answered, nervous to an extreme.

"Keep it from leavin' itself everywher', m'job's hard enough as is." Shape pleaded, then walked off. Realizing that he was the center of attention of just about every other student, he put a smile on his face(not that you could see it through his beard) and a welcoming tone in his voice, roaring, "Well 'en, welcome to another, fishmores! As for the fishies, call me Shape the janitor!"

Kyuubi Naruto
12-09-2006, 06:31 PM
Shiro was a little suprised by her happy-go-lucky attitude,but he smiled at her and nodded."Alright then.By the way,My name is Shiro.And I'm from Group A as well,good to meet you."He said,beginning to walk foward,but waiting for her to come along.He then smiled,and thought to himself."Hmm....she's kinda weird,in a good way,and she's cute.This year is definently gonna be.......exciting."He thought,smiling."So,you coming?"He asked,looking back at her.

12-09-2006, 07:30 PM
Ratori found himself listening in on the large conversation and learned what he could. His mind was clear, his thoughts forward on doing what he needed. But he noticed that the first year Limito was going to be fighting a hall monitor. Though Ratori had to deal with that when he was a first year, he was able to manage do to his previous training with Vulkain.

Though it was a blue match, Ratori still found himself slightly worried about the young Limito. He also found himself walking up to Limito and bowing for his introduction. "Burako-san, I am Raishin Ratori." he lifted his body up from the bow and crossed his arms "If you need anything, any help at all I give you my word that I will try my utmost to help you."

As he turned around some of the remaining students started to smile at the Ratori they all knew. They walked away talking about everything good they know he is.

Ratori didn't let the young one get a word in, as to say it matters not if he doesn't want his help. He walked to his homeroom to meet his teacher in class "5-A", after doing so he bowed and walked off to the Battle Dome.

Kazuhiko stared at Ratori as he walked away, he remembered the first time him and Ratori met. But he let that memory slip by him for he didn't feel like thinking back. All he wanted to do was get by the day without encountering any hinderance.

He arose from the bench to see a shy girl at the doorway, he heard her introduce himself and found himself returning the deal "Watanabe... Kurasume Kazuhiko... and don't forget it." his voice was serious and somewhat melancholy.

The rumors of how he became that way were somewhat like urban legends in the school. Quite a few students think he's a murderer of some sort. Kazu never paid any heed to the talk, he enjoyed his solice and kept it that way. The only times he felt anything close to happy was when he was in Azoth'na's arms, wrapped in the dark embrace.

He made his way to his home room in 4-B and glared at the teacher. The teacher waved nervously back at him as if saying "Accounted, you may go... please." He did so, slowly walking to the battle dome. He stood up high in a dark corner looking down at the shiftable field. "Battle's nigh, my force at hand. May the blood of the sky pour down it's soloemn elixor and wash away my emotional glow..." he then grunted abruptly and placed his hand over his face. "It's all down hill from here."

12-09-2006, 07:31 PM
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12-09-2006, 08:05 PM
(OOC: Cabalist and Occulist are derogatory slurs for summoners)

The gymnasium looked sick, Kasch thought with skewed mirth, after all it was vomiting up cabalists.

The convocation must have ended and the damnable little occultists were heading on there way to their wretched little classrooms. Luzifer debated whether or not he should even bother to go to those insipid classes. He decided that he would, despite the fact that it meant he would have to come into contact with those dispicable creatures. The reason was that he needed power and to that end he needed to learn. If the teacher wasn't teaching something useful he could always read and ignore the bastard, after all it wasn't his problem. If he did that he would eventually be stong enough and then... he smiled and Azazel oozed malicious glee into Kasch to complement his own.

Kasch pushed off the ground, waving to his feet in a single fluid motion that might make him appear to be with out bones. He pushed his black hair down in front of his eyes the white tips like spear heads raining from the sky. The hair blocked the rays of the sun so that his eyes were cast in a comforting shadow that soothed him. The illusion of Azazel disappeared but Kasch knew it didn't matter, the Nightmare was still inside him, some trick of the eye was not the limit of the being's power by any means.

He sauntered toward the main school building, crossing several small fields that were neatly partitioned by glimmeringly-new side walks that even for all their ivory shimmer were still starting to have foot-carved cracks crickle across their rapidly aging surface. They were gradually falling to decay underneath the tread of the students who took them for granted, not paying attention to the sacrifice of the synthetic stone of with the walked.

Kasch paid attention though, he paid attention to the air, which, though touched by the bosom of spring was still filled with icy fingers of the passing winter whose claws dug at his bones. He smilled though as stong gust rasped against him causing his jacket, still leaning heavily off on of his arms to flutter screamingly in its euphoria. His hair though remained still over his eyes, and his smiling shadow stayed neat and tight over his eyes.

Crossing the courtyard he slipped, almost completely, unnoticed, into the sea of faceless people. The current of the pushed him toward the school building and the feel of touching cabalists, though it was mostly through two layers of cloth, made his skin crawl upon his flesh.

12-09-2006, 08:17 PM
Mint was lost in a large crowd of people, TPM's and teenagers alike. This was turning out to be quite a school. She was totally lost and needed to find her classroom, leaving the gym Mint shook her head left and right. "Um..2A 2A..where are you." she said putting her hands on her hips.

She wondered what kind of people and Tpm's would be here.

Seikyu Kiba
12-09-2006, 08:38 PM
OOC: Sorry for the 3rd post but I should get to class

Vaan walked down the hall as he closed his book and Shinhon vanished "Hmph, now 4-A...where can 4-A be." He said walking by the class rooms. "4-B, 4-C.." He then stood infront of 4-A "Ah here it is room 4-A." He said opening the door and looking around at his class mates. He found the closets desk and sat down.

fox demon naruto
12-09-2006, 10:18 PM
Wada looked at the schoolmate next to him. "Ah hello! Your Hikaru! I'm gonna be your roommate!" Wada looked and saw that there was a summon behind his roommate. "Ah that must be one of your summons. I have two but they don't like to talk." Wada giving a small chuckle. Wada then turned his attention to the princible. After his speech Wada said, "I'm sorry I need to go to class see you around." Wada said walking out of the gym. As he walked two figure appeared behind him. One was slightly shorter then Wada and had a mask that covered his mought and nose. The shorter one had a sword that was a long as him. On the other side of Wada the figure was much taller then Wada. It was about 9ft tall and was all armor. He had metal joints around his neck to show he seemed robotic. "Ah, hello Zaka Yojo." Wada said happily.

"Hello Wada." Zaka said. (Shorter one)

"Hello." Yojo said. He looked around to his disgust to the younger students. And the older. And all the people. "Why must this place be filled with fools. And why must you be teached by non-summoners? Its foolish!" Yojo grunted.

"Yojo shut it. We don't need your insight since it always end with you insulting people. Teacher are not summoner so that the student don't challenge them. Besides who cares." Zaka said.

"I care. Unlike you shorty." Yojo replied.

Zaka's eyes were twitching now and he then yelled to Yojo, "At least I'm not a freakishly tall ogre that most people get mixed up with robot and golem."

"Why you little-"

"All right that enough! Yojo shut it! And Zaka please let Yojo said his opinion without a fight!" Yelled Wada.


"Sorry." Yojo said. HE then added, "Was the twerps fault."



Mr. Haruko sighed as he listened to the princible finish his speach. Walking out of the gym he headed for his classroom. When he finnaly reached room 4-A he noticed that there were some people already there. He then noticed Vaan but then sat down. He went to his bottom drawer and pulled out a book named, 'The World Book of GO!' He read it until all the students were in his classroom.

OOC: Mr. Hakuro loves GO.

Emo is the name
12-09-2006, 10:34 PM
Hikaru looked as the kid left. "Werid kid." Hikaru said. He stay awile longer. He liked to be somewhat late. He looked and saw that Lin was next to him. He then felt a very large thing behind him. Sighing, Hikaru turned around to see a 20 ft tall 10 ft wide golem sitting down behind him. Many of the starter looked googly eyed at the golem. Many of the second years were also googly eyed at the golem. However the third year and upper classmen didn't seemed bothered. In fact some were happy to see it.

"HELLO HIKARU!" The golem yelled sending a very loud roar though the gym being able to be heard from the whole school.

"Hello Gaia. Please stay in inside voice. In fact stay like that most of the time." Hikaru said sweatdropping.

"Sorry Hikaru. Just alittle excited to be back." Gaia said happily.

"Hey Gaia wassup up all the way up there?" Lin asked.

"Nothing much Lin. Hows it down there?"

"Not much either." Lin said boredly.

"Lets just go to class." Hikaru said walking out the door. Lin followed him but Gaia just walked through the side of the wall since he was too big. He was transparent at the moment. He steps would have ben lound and left large holes but they didn't. Some type of charm Hikaru put on Gaia so that he could stay at the school and keep Gaia. Hikaru flinched when the janitor yelled at him when he saw the gaint holes in the campus. Hikaru liked the janitor but when he was mad he was scary. "I think I'll see him after the match." Hikaru thought. When he got to the building he was suppose to go to he looked back at Gaia and Lin and said, "You go to the battle dome and I'll meet you there when the blue match will start." Hikaru said. He looked back and saw that Lin was already on Gaia's shoulder and he was walking to the battle dome. Hikaru kept walking until he found the room 3-B.

Fionn Mac
12-09-2006, 10:41 PM
Declan had listened intently on what the Principal had said. He had to make the most of this chance and upon seeing the reactions of the majority of the student body, he was the only one that felt that way...everyone else seemed like it was a burden to be here.

He took his bag and headed for his room. He walked along merely thinking to himself, and how he must apply himself on all levels...even if it meant watching a needless battle, most likely due to students not following the rules.
He then came upon his room, Room 4013. He didn't mind nor look into who his roomate was, for he didn't care as long as he wouldn't be detered from studying.
His home room was 4-B and as he stopped in the teacher seemed a bit, distressed. He wondered what other students were in his assigned class? Could they be that intimidating?

Pushing those questions aside, he tried to bow like he had seen some other students doing, and he left for the match.
He found a seat near the middle once more, as he wanted to analyze the battle without seeming to interested.
Declan closed his eyes and tried to relax, as he was tired...and also nervous though he was disappointed in himself for being so.

12-10-2006, 12:55 AM
(ooc: I'm sorry i didn't post. school work. >.<;; )

Yonaki listened to the annoucments and then focused what was infornt of her. A blank chalk board and piece of chalk, a small smile creeped on her lips. It's so boring here and there so happened to be a long new piece of chalk. Standing, she walked to the chalk piece and picked it up. She scribbled a few incorrect words along with violent drawings. She made her writing messy but readable. She pictured a boy Yonaki saw eariler, Declan and wrote his name at the end of the drawing.
Soon, by the end of the morning, she had skipped class and already 13 empty classrooms had violent drawings and words on it, and ofcourse Declan's signature on each and everyone of them.
The black hair swayed behind her as she scatch her nail agaist then chalk's side.
"The Mystery of the Arist is always a secret skill." Though the words ment nothing to the listener, she understood it prefectly well.

((ooc: Is that ok?))

12-10-2006, 03:47 AM
(ooc: sorry i was confused with another rpg who did not have a limit ><)

Babs looked bored to princepal as he spoke and yawned. After hearing they had to go to there home rooms. she stood and looked at Sphinxa who left the other summons alone and followed her obiediantly. She sighs and walked into the 1-A classroom after following a pair of other students who were talking about it. Siting in a empty chair Sphinxa laid her head on her knee's and she petted it 'i wonder how my teacher would be' she thought and yawned 'on second thought who cares' she rested her head in her hand.

Akihiko Yamamoto Hozagaki
12-10-2006, 09:50 AM
Shizuka rushed to what her homeroom was, 2-A. She was nervous, and was anxious to see who would be in her class. She already noticed Shinku heading there, and she gulped.
When she arrived to the class, she blushed. She was such a plain girl, and all the kids were so elegant and beautiful. From her perspective, they were all really pretty. She was worried to go in, since she didn't know where her seat was. So once again, she stayed in the door frame.

12-10-2006, 10:16 AM
Jing began to make his way to Summoner School. It was his first day and he was hoping to make a good impression.He walked along the river since it was a shorter root than taking the main road, which was clustered most of the time.

"Well, it's the first day of school, you excited Frossetulv?"
Frossetulv made a little gesture of happiness
"Heh, I can't wait to get there. Just thinking of all the cuties there..." Jing drifted off into thought.
Frossetulv looked at Jing and just sighed to himself.

Jing reached the school, only to realize he was late.

"Well, not quite on time, but least I know where to go" He said looking at a sign, which read:

Jing walked into the Gym and took a seat in the back row.

"Wonder when it's gonna start?"

Kyuubi Naruto
12-10-2006, 10:20 AM
"So,Kumiko,are you coming into the school or not?I mean,cant spend much time out here,can we?Shiro walked into the school,to see a rush of students exiting the gym."Oh my god,since when was this place so packed?And looks like I missed ANOTHER start of the year announcement in the gym.No worries,I'm sure they'll fill me in on all of this,sooner or later."He looked arou nd to see the tons of groups of students,male and female,walking mindlessly around the school,attempting to find their class."Alright now,what was my class again?"He thought,as he took a card from his pocket,with the word 3-A on on it."Hmm,the last 3 years I've always been on the B-Hall,but time for a change I guess."He slipped the card back into his pocket.He then looked behind to see if Kumiko had been following him.

Seikyu Kiba
12-10-2006, 10:33 AM
As Vaan sat in an empty desk of the room 4-A, he wondered what his teacher would be like. He decided it was best if he did what he loved to do...read. He took out a book and began to read. "Come on, hurry up teach I don't have all day." He said as Shinhon grew around his arm "No Shinhon you can't eat the teacher." He said patting him on the head. When Mr. Haruko walked into the room he closed his book and looked up at him "Are you the teacher??"

12-10-2006, 10:38 AM
Shinku nodded and bowed "Thank you sir" he said sitting in the 2nd row in the front, just then alittle fox leaped onto his shoulder "Oh!!..hey Nal!" the little fox murred happily nuzzling his cheek "Nal.." he said smiling. Shinku thought to himself he didn't want any of his summons to get hurt he loved Lily and Nal

12-10-2006, 11:16 AM
(ooc: Im a bid late with posting, I had a busy weekend sorry for that)

Kayne listened to the welcoming speach. "Ah my type of speach no nonesence just straight to the point" he tought to himself. He felt a bid sorry for the kid next to him having to fight a older student, but the kid seemed a bit more happy at the moment so things should be ok now.
Kayne heared a "iiiew" comming out of a few mouths behind him and looked what was going on. A guy with tar colered hair had summoned his TPM, a blob like creature and he was petting it. Ok it was not the most joyable thing to look at but it was ok. Kayne stood up and walked over to the tar haired guy, after a short conversation the guy had with the janitor he walked before the tar headed guy and made a small bow before him. "Nice TPM you got there." He said to the tar haired guy, "You new here to right? you got any idea what class us new kids are supose to go to? we had a letter but I lost mine."

Aura of the Twilight
12-10-2006, 11:21 AM
Ameena smiled at Seiyuka, "It's okay my summons act up sometimes as well. Sure let's walk to home room together. I hope we can become friends." She satrted to walk with Seiyuka when a thought crossed her mind.

"Well let's start up some conversation on the way shall we? Lucian's archetype is defender while my other summon's, Kali, archetype is attacker. Like you I have a stronger bond with Lucian but Kali is really close to me as well." Ameena stated, "What about Injikuru and Heigo-mono? What archetypes are they?"

"Oh I'm sorry I'm being rude asking so many questions. If you have an questions for me feel free to ask." Ameena apologized as they walked.

Kyuubi Naruto
12-10-2006, 12:20 PM
Shiro saw a group of people talking with each other across the hall.(Seiyuka and Ameena,etc.)"Alright then,looks like I gotta socialize wiht some fellow students,who knows,might end up getting in a TPM battle with them one day."He then began to walk over to the group,sticking his hands in his pockets,rumbling through them as he walked.

12-10-2006, 12:34 PM

He arose from the bench to see a shy girl at the doorway, he heard her introduce himself and found himself returning the deal "Watanabe... Kurasume Kazuhiko... and don't forget it." his voice was serious and somewhat melancholy.

I know Kazuhiko is creepy but you didn't have to ignore him completely Pengin-san! ;.;


Kazuhiko had sat in the corner where he had been standing, he felt lonely again. "Azna...I need you Azna.." As those words lefthis mouth a burning purple eye opened on his forhead and from a purple pentagram out floated the abomination he loved so much. Kazu stood up and hugged the tall blue woman.

Azoth'na looked down at him with her split eyes, and wrapped her arms around him. She brought him onto her lap in the far corner of the battle dome hallway, holding him contently. She hummed a little melody, though as chilling as it may seem to some it put Kazu to sleep.

Ratori sat in the middle where he found an exchange student, he was tall and intense, but Ratori could feel good intentions in his presence. Ratori sat next to the Irish lad, the tail of his light blue scarf was pushed back by the wind as he clapped his hands together once. Abruptly he offered a hand to the guy, in an attempt to bring a familiar custom about.

"Raishin Ratori; I'm fourth year here. May I ask your name?" He looked at the irish lad with respectful eyes, hopefully to make him feel welcome.

Natu Utan
12-10-2006, 12:44 PM
"Your welcome Shinku." Rumiko looked over at the door to see if any other students were coming, he saw a girl enter the door frame, and just stand there. Rumiko looked down at the sheet that was laying on his desk and smiled. He approached the girl standing in the door frame. "Hello." said Rumiko to the girl "You must be Shizuka. Don't be so shy, come on in. I am Kazuna Rumiko. And this is my class of 2-A." Right as Rumiko said this, a person came up behind Shinku with a badge that said "Office Aid' on it. "Hello sir." said the office aid. "I have your final attendence roster Mr.Kazuna." The office aid handed RUmiko a sheet of paper. "THank you. You may return." The hall monitor left, and Rumiko looked down at the sheet of paper. "Hmmm, small class this year. Only 4 people in it. Ms. Shizuka, you don't have to be shy. Were all going to be friends this year. Besides, theres not going to be many people in this class." Rumiko motioned her in the class room with a small push on her shoulder.

12-10-2006, 01:36 PM
Despite the efforts of the crowds undulations to throw Kasch off course and prevent him from arriving at his classroom, he managed to do so with little effort. There were already a few people here and though the room had a glittering neatness about it, it still reeked of cabalist. It offended Kasch's nostrils horribly and he balked at the thought of having to learn with all these fiendish summoner's around. However, he would not be stopped and entered the room with no visible hesitation, his face set in a stony calm.

He took a seat in the front row, far corner. And leaned forward looking over his hands which were intertwined infront of his nose. He closed his eyes and seemed to sleep. However, his mind was churning. And he was only barely able to keep from throwing up.

It seemed odd to him. Letting his eyes cast around the room again he noticed how few students were actually here, merely a brace. He wondered if perhaps there was something else taking the students attnetion however he ignored that possibility. Even if there was he doubted it was something he wanted to be part of. He didn't want to be a part of anything involving this wretched school and assuredly he would avoid all activities not absolutely necessary to his continued existance as part of this academy.

Undrave Limito
12-10-2006, 02:09 PM
Principal Hinokuro smirked at the teacher’s comment “It’s not punishment, it’s a chance to prove himself.” And with that he headed out of the gymnasium.

Limito thanked the older student sitting next to him and stood up, bowing good bye.

“I have to head to the battle dome now. Wish me luck sempai.” He then said.

Limito decided to take the long way around the school building instead of through. After all he had enough time while everybody were meeting their home room teacher. The campus was rather nice and could be fun to attend. Now he just needed some friends. Limito had never been one to have huge amount of friends but he got along well with everybody and got a few good friends… sadly one of them just started ignoring him after it was revealed he was a Summoner. Remembering that moment was painful for the short 14 years old. As he approached the large battle dome he was reminded that he only have four TPM battle under his belt, all practices with a Summoner from his neighborhood. She wasn’t a nobody either, the leader of the Tokyo City Disaster Response Team Summoner Section.

Some students were already entering the dome through the main entrace.

“This yeah squirt!” Shouted a voice he recognized.

It was his opponent, Baki, signaling him to head to a smaller side door. The combatants’ door thought Limito.

“I’m hope you’re ready for a beating! I have no intention to loose to you shorty.” Said the Hall Monitor, leading Limito through a corridor and toward the battle field.


Baki and Limito kept walking toward a lit up doorway. The sound of a crowd could be heard and both of Baki’s cronies were leaning on the wall to the left.

“Good luck boss.” Said Yamato

“Have fun!” Said the other “Lucky for you shrimp it’s not a Red Match, the boss would have completely crushed ya.”

Limito tried to ignored them as both he and the Hall Monitor walked out into the large battlefield.

It was an incredibly large field of dirt, with concrete slabs on each side serving as stand for the Summoners and with bleachers all around that were large enough to seat the entire school and then some. The roof had been opened up and the clear april sky was visible when Limito looked up.

A grey haired older man with black pants, a white shirt and a blue tie walked up to the pair, he was holding a microphone and had a whistle hanging around his neck “Hi there, you must be Burako Limito, I’m Mr. Armei, the referee. Please take your place, the match will begin soon.” He said.

“Thank you Armei-san.” Said Limito bowing.

“Take that side shortstop, that one’s my lucky side.” Ordered Baki, showing Limito toward his left.

Limito did his best to ignore the crowd looking at him. All those eyes set on him made the blue haired boy nervous. He could hear comments, cheers and even booing, not sure toward who those were aimed. For all he knew the students could be cheering him on to defeat the bully. He stepped up to the concrete slab, discovering the school’s coat of arm painted on the pentagram shaped surface. Baki was already on the other side, looking confident in his victory. In a minute or two the match would start, the first REAL match of Limito’s life.

Seikyu Kiba
12-10-2006, 02:11 PM
Vaan heard the announcment and then got up "Well to the Battal dome" He says walking down the hall and out the door and across the field to the Battle Dome "Lets see who is hear and who will win." He says walking into the doors and up the stairs. Looking around he takes a near by seat and opens his book and begins to read.

12-10-2006, 02:28 PM
The P.A. thudded annoyingly in Kasch's ears. Couldn't those bloody summoner's turn the volume down? Are they deaf as well as stupid? But it did go a ways toward explaining the complete lack of people in the classroom. They were probably all chatting before they had to go to the battle dome or whatever. They didn't particularly want to go to class, no teenagers that he knew did, and so hung out in the hallways clogging up the schools arteries with their fat.

For himself though, he was going to stay right where he was, he had no intention of going out of his way to see something so insipid as a fight between to summoner's. Chance were it was one of those "blue" matches or whatever they were called. Which meant there was no chance of a summoner dying, thus it was just a complete waste of his time to intend. Though it was a complete waste of his time sitting here. However...

Azazel flooded Kasch with a desire to go see the fight, the fallen angel wanted to see people get maimed and slaughtered but Kasch beat down the idea. After all it wasn't even a real fight. Azazel sent waves of disappointment but conceded easily enough.

Kasch took out the class textbook. As long as he wasn't doing anything he might as well get ahead. Time wasted was time lost.

Fionn Mac
12-10-2006, 02:49 PM
Declan opened an eye as he heard a voice next to him. He looked to see a student, Raishin Ratori, offering him a hand...politely trying to offer a familiar gesture no doubt.
Declan was suprised Ratori wasn't intimidated by him...obviously being a lot smaller than the 6'3 220lb frame of Declan...Declan came from a hearty stock of Irishman, taking on the appearance of his late grandfather, quickly surpassing most of the students in his past school...even some of the men on the docks...he wasn't your typical student by any means and he knew it.

He was a bit apprehensive to accept the gesture but he remembered what his father used to say.
"You can relate much of life to a Pub Declan...If a man offers you a Pint you'd be a fool to not accept his gesture...the same goes for a handshake, a man may be strong on the outside..but if he is not content on the inside...what sort of man is he?"

Delcan then took Ratori's hand and firmly shook it.
"Declan, 3rd year exchange...it be nice to meet an experienced summoner such as yourself" said Declan softly as he nodded to Ratori, trying to return the polite gesture.
"You been here quite some time then haven't yeh?...Why does it seem like none of ya, care about being here?...It seems like a burden to most?"

Declan wasn't sure why he continued the conversation, but his father's words stuck in his head. Besides, the event hadn't started and it was only talking.

12-10-2006, 03:02 PM
"Thanks," Dan said, "Named it Shaggoth." Speaking of which, Shaggoth had rolled up to Kayne, the blacker liquids in him swirling near the stranger, observing. "Don't pet it, Shaggoth hates being touched by people other than me." Dan warned, with good reason. At best, Shaggoth would squeal and retreat. At worst, it would start trying to pry Kayne's arm off.

The ominous voice hidden in the PA system relayed its vitally important message, and Dan said "Guess we better get over there, huh?" He turned and gave the two-high-one-low whisle call again, but Shaggoth merely settled on the ground. Dan sighed, and sent Shaggoth back. The blob lost all thickness and collapsed into a puddle, but before it hit the ground it evaporated out of existence.

Taking seat as close as he could to ground level in the battle dome, Dan set himself to watching intently, trying to pick up pointers for any battles he'd have to face.

12-10-2006, 03:05 PM
Shinku heard the P.A. "Excuse me sir..but I have to go to the battle dome" he said getting up and walking out the door to the battle dome. Shinku walked up the stairs and took a seat "Finally..a real TMP battle, I hope it is good as everyone say it is" he said waiting for the match to begin

Kyuubi Naruto
12-10-2006, 03:15 PM
Shiro stopped walking toward the group as the announcements came on.He then heard that the students were to enter the dome for an exhibition match."Are you serious?Alright,I havent watched a TPM battle in.....hours,to busy participating in them.This is gonna be a good welcome to the new students,and a little fun for me too."He walked over to Kumiko."Yo,Kumiko!Ya hear that?We all gotta head to the dome,wondering you wanted to head over there with me,so?"He said,taking his hands out of his pockets.

red storm
12-10-2006, 03:15 PM
Scouring the halls for class 3-A, Kumiko completely missed the fact that Shiro had already wandered of to socialize. Still, when she finally did reach class 3-A, she turned around with a smirk. “See? I told you he was aroun- Pretty boy? Oi! Pretty boy!” She glanced around furiously to try and spot him, but failed miserably. “Oh well” She said with a shrug. “Back to business. Sensei! Can I get my room assignments?”

‘Sensei’ turned around. “Ahh, Fuyiyama-san. Good to see you are still so well in health. Your room this year is 3020, and your roommate is Saruwatari-san.” The keys are in this envelope.

“Heeeh? Ayumi-chan?” Kumiko spoke with glee. “Then I’d better go and see if she’s there. Top bunk is mine!” She shouted as she dashed of, completely ignoring the fact that Ayumi probably couldn’t hear her. When dashing out, she bumped into Shiro again. "Huh? The dome? Baaah, just a TPM match. We'll see plenty of those, I'd rather get first dibs on the top bunk!

Kyuubi Naruto
12-10-2006, 03:18 PM
"Oh yeah?Well,I'm in the mood for a match,you already know your way around right?I'll bail if it gets boring,but if not,I think I'll watch.I'll see you....afterward,or later."He walked pass her,then turned back to see her."Oh,by the way,if we are assigned rooms,that better not be my top bunk your taking."He said with a smile."He then raised his hand in a waving motion,turning around,then began to walk off.

12-10-2006, 03:54 PM
Kayne smiled as the guy gave him the warning, "I was had no intensions of toutching your TPM." Kayne looked around as all students started to move to the battledome. The PA system made its anounce ment and Kayne followed the tar haired guy to the battledome. He took the seat next to him and looked over the battle field. "So my name is Altera Kayne, please to meet you." Kayne said to the tar headed guy. As his eyes scanned the crowed he saw a lot of summons sitting next to there masters. "well this is a good place to summon Fy then he tought" He concentrated for a few seconds and next to him on the empty chair Fy emerged out of nothing. Fy looked like a small human girl with the age of a 9 year old. she had two large lightning bolts on her back and was dressed in a yellow balarina dress. "Took you long enough to summon me again Kayne!" she said with her sweet little voice. Kayne smiled at her as he lood in her empty eye's just in time to see a little enery spark. "Well you know, I got to a new school so did not yet had the time" he apologised to her. "But look, on this field we shall have our first real TPM battle." Fy looked down and saw the two fighters getting ready. "Ah a fight!" she childishly shouted. Kayne laught as he layed his hand on her shoulder. she kindly lay her little child hand on it and smiled. which made her total appereance even more scary.

Natu Utan
12-10-2006, 03:57 PM
-As the PA gave its semi-important announcement, Rumiko stepped over to his desk and placed the attendence Roster of it. "Yes, Shinku, go to the Dome. I will be their shortly." -Rumiko got a Pen, and a peice of Paper. He wrote on it, "In the Battle dome at this moment be back later." Rumiko got up and strode over to the door, taping the message to it, "Ms.Shizuka, you need to report to the battle Dome once you find the seat you want. Just follow the signs, and it will lead you there." Rumiko stepped out ofthe classroom and into the Gymnasium. He stepped gracefully though it, and towards the Battle Dome. He entered a side door to the Battle Dome, which lead to a box, on the ground floor behind a large concrete wall, with a one way window in it. He sat down in a chair, in the room, watching the battle. Everything that happened he could, see and hear in the room he was in.

12-10-2006, 03:58 PM
Babs had wandert into the dome after hearing the call and sat in a empty seat behind kayne, sphinxa sat at her feet until she saw fy and tryed to hit her a bit with her paw. babs wasent worried sphinxa wasent worried, it was clear sphinxa rather wanted to play with the summon than hurt it. She looked at her summon "be gentle with her sphinxa" she chuckled light before looking bored again and looked at Kayne brushing a hair back.

red storm
12-10-2006, 04:02 PM
Kumiko blinked. And blinked again. Then slowly, like a line her going upwards, her face turned red as the full implication of Shiro's statement sank in. "If we are assigned rooms, that better not be my top bunk you're taking" Did that imply what she think it did? "It's not like that!" she yelled after him, hands clenched and arms streched at her sides as she furiously tried to battle her embarasment.

Kyuubi Naruto
12-10-2006, 04:07 PM
He turned back to her."Huh?Oh,no!"He yelled,also a slight bit embrassed."See,I didnt mean it like that,see?I was just saying.......Oh my god,I didnt mean to offend you like that!"He slammed his hands onto his forehead."I really gotta work on my choice 'a words."He thought."Anyway,it's not like I was implying what you thought I was,I.....I was just saying...."He studdered,thinking of what to say to settle this situation down."Listen,I didnt MEAN it that way,besides,the dorms are seperated between gender,right?So,you dont have to understand that it was a joke,and hopefully forget that we ever had this conversation."He said the last part of his sentence under his breath."Ya know what,we can talk about this later,right now,I...um...gotta get to that exhibition,alright?"HE then began to walk away quickly.He sighed as he walked toward the dome."Oh my god,this is such a mess.....I really gotta learn to say other things to try and not offend someone.I'm an idiot!"he thought.

Emo is the name
12-10-2006, 04:32 PM
Hikaru heard the comment and left the classroom and headed for the dome. He noticed many of the students not going. He really didn't mind. A battle was a battle. He didn't care who it was or what it was. He liked the fighting. When he reached the dome he noticed that Gaia and Lin were there and many first years gathered around Gaia. Sighing Hikaru walke up to them and said, "Hey back get going." With that many of them shot of into the dome. "Ok, Gaia, Lin you'll be watching it from the top I'll be in the dome watching it and when its done we will go to our room." Hikaru said walking into the dome and getting a seat.

12-10-2006, 04:34 PM
Ratori made a wave forward with his right hand after the shake and said "Bah, I know quite a few people here wish they were normal, like those who can't conjure a TPM." he sighed as he turned his head to the dome, he eyed the contenders and the burning sword insignia appeared on his forehead. "I sense potential in that Limito... can't you see it Delcan? The limitless potential streaming from him, and many others around here?"

The insignia burned away before he turned back to Delcan for his responce.

Kazuhiko was just bearly able to see down into the stadium after Azoth'na brough him closer to the rail. They stood side by side, the tall scarred woman and here summoner seemed somewhat interested. Kazuhiko felt the purple eye on his forhead appear and turn blue. "There will be... a revelation here today." he said under his breath.

Azoth'na hummed something then stared down at the great mass of students, the positive emotions seemed to be sucked into her as she drew breath. Her left arm was wrapped around Kazu's neck, as if to prevent him from falling over the hand rail.

Some students passed by on the railway and couldn't help but look awkwardly at Kazu and Azoth'na. they saw a long fierce scar down the length of her back and shivered.

A fourth year student whispered to the new ones "Don't stare... I'd never mess with them if I were you." and with that they walked away continuing their conversation.

12-10-2006, 04:39 PM
Fy did not move an inch when sphinxa tried to hit her with her paw. Kayne was impressed of her improved self controle, normaly large bots of lightning would fill the sky at this instance. Kayne looked from Fy to sphinxa to the owner of the summon. "Well hello there Miss, My name is Altera Kayne. With who do I have the plesure? and I advice you to keep your summon under controle, even tho it only wants to play I dont think Fy realy likes that" Fy had her little hands on her lap and was trying everything she could not to burst in a fight, as she knew Kayne would not like it.
Kayne bend over to Fy and whispered in her ear. "Your doing fine Fy, just relax Im very proud of you."
"Please, have a seat" Kayne said too the girl with the strange sphinx summon.

Kyuubi Naruto
12-10-2006, 04:53 PM
OOC:Awesome,I got 1000 posts!

Shiro headed to the dome,to see a large amount of students already there inside of the dome."Wow,look at this,we've never had this many students at the school in the other 3 years that I was here......sad thing that this is my last year here,I'm gonna miss times like this."He saw a seat close to him and saw Vaan sitting in the seat next to it.He walked over to Vaan,and said,"Is this seat taken?"He placed his hands back in his pockets.

12-10-2006, 05:14 PM
Roch'ksh Runyadu hearing the annocement heads on down to the dome just to see if this kid is any good or is he a pushover like some students that he has seen from time to time. He sits in the back and watches the arena just waiting. Daystar appears with a smirk and Roch'ksh Runyadu and him start a bit of a converstaion before Daystar disappears again. "Dang why did he have to show up and ruin my fun again." He gets back up and heads close by and yells out "Have some fun dudes." than walks out and heads to his dorm to see if his roomy is there.

chaos hero
12-10-2006, 05:30 PM
:ninja: yach ran throw the door late so the techer yells at him she asking why hes so late all the time "well...."the teacher cuts him off and yells your the best student in are class so why are you late "ok my mom was talking to me as i was doing my homework and she ask me if i now about my dad and i said "ya he was one of the strongest mage in the world" my mom siad but was he good or evil he answer good his mom throw a lamp at the wall and said he was evil thats why hes not here to day he died from my dad....what thats why you are late all the time "no i jest wanted you to fell sad for me so i dont have to do work*and i dedent do my work*:ninja:

Fionn Mac
12-10-2006, 05:32 PM
"Potential?...I haven't seen what he can do yet...but he's brave, I'll give him that" said Declan quietly as he paid more attention to Limito, now that Ratori had mentioned him.
"The other one however...that Baki...I'm guessing he's one of the characters that gives this school its reputation...overconfidence is what I sense in that one."

Declan wasn't concerned however in Limito's matter. Only he could prove himself to the student body...no amount of cheering, would instill the inner strength he needed to combat his fear. But apart of him wanted to see the overconfident bully lose...openly flaunting ones abilites was as sign of weakness, atleast in Declan's eyes...he prefered to gain strength through experience, no matter what the outcome, for a win would boost confidence...and a loss would show what needed to be improved on.

Declan folded his arms and prepared to see his first TPM battle in his new school...how it would differ from past ones, he wasn't sure.
"We will see what side wins shortly...Overconfidence or Potential seeded with doubt" said Declan as he looked toward the participants, awaiting the battle.

Kyuubi Naruto
12-10-2006, 05:35 PM
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12-10-2006, 05:57 PM
Raisuke was already down at the dome, sitting at the back of the rows as his full attention was on the event that was going to start. He hadn't really heard anything about these two, but looked forward in watching them fight. He played with his ring as he waited for the fight to start. Rahkshi had appeared beside him, eye set on the two, arms crossed as he stretched open his wings. "I see you came out to see the fight too?" The summon nodded, his attention on the two summoners. "Alright, I'll leave you alone so you can watch." Raisuke let out a deep breath as he sat back and crossed his arms.

12-10-2006, 06:06 PM
(Location: Hallway, Home Room, Battle Field.), (Characters: Seiyaku Reinakumo, and the PA announcement.)

Seiyaku began conversing with Ameena about the types of archetype that he posessed. Seiyaku was following Ameena's lead towards the designated room, 4-C, when all of a sudden an announcement on the PA system came on.

"All students prepare for the battle between the Hall Monitor, and the new student 'Burako Limito,' and make your way down to the battle field, and take your seats immediately!"

"Whoa! That was on short notice! I was not expecting the battle to begin that soon! Well, I suppose we better make our way down there."

Seiyaku stuffed the novel into his back pocket, and began walking in the direction of the Battle Field. He was hoping that Ameena was following him, because as he was walking towards the Battle Field, he was discussing both of his TPM's archetype's.

"Well, Injikuru falls under the category 'Fey,' and he specializes in healing abilities, and defencive techniques. He is a +C type TPM. Where as Heigo-Mono is a U type TPM. The difference is Heigo-Mono can be more destructive. But he is nearly the same, which he mainly focuses in on defence, but he does go into a bit of attack. So he is a more balanced character I guess you could say. But you never know with him, what he will do with his abilites. He is a chimera type too, which I forgot to mention. He is very mysterious, and even I, don't believe I know his full potential yet. For I think he is hiding something from me. Anyways, here is the Battle Field, I suppose we should find ourselves a seat eh? Ah, perfect there's a spot with four empty seats, let's snag those!"

Seiyaku, scurries up to the seats, so that he can reserve them for Ameena when she arrives, and if one of their TPM's wishes to come out. When all of a sudden someone seemed to have approached Seiyaku. He seemed kind enough, and was asking if the seat next to him was free.

"Hello there, why you may take a seat here if you'd like. However the seat to my left, I must reserve for my home room companion i'm afraid to say. But if you'd like to take the right seat, you are more then welcome to it."

Seiyaku observes the character that stands before him, asking whether the seat is taken or not, and shoves over to make room for him.

"You may take a seat if you'd like. My name is Seiyaku Reinakumo, but you may call me 'Seiyaku,' that is what everyone else calls me around here. This year makes my 4th year here. It is quite an intriguing school if you like the fact that you are learning to become a skilled summoner. I have enjoyed my stay so far, and I wish to continue my education here, so that I can be well on my way in persuing my goal as a strong minded Summoner, that focuses primarily on a person's personality, rather than appearance."

Seiyaku takes a quick glance over the railing, and see's what seems to be Ameena coming up the stairs, in search of a seat.

"Over here Ameena! I saved you a spot!"

Seiyaku stood up, waving to where his position was on the stairs, of the gigantic podium, which stood before him a Battle Field.

Aura of the Twilight
12-10-2006, 06:30 PM
Ameena saw Seiyuka waving to her and walked over to him. "Thanks for saving me a seat Seiyuka. Ameena said while smiling as she sat down. "So you have a fey and chimera. Both of my summons are nightmare. I wonder if I get another summon this year and what it will be like." Ameena said to Seiyuka. Then she scanned over the battle feild. The place was crowded with kids talking and laughing while they waited for the battle to start. Some were smiling with anticipation while others seemed quite.

"Wow! This place is emmensly crowded we must have gotten more new students than I realized. Ameena thought before turning her attention back to Seiyuka.

"I hope that Limito wins. That hall monitor is a real jerk. He's very rude." Ameena stated. "Who do you wish for to win?" She asked. "I also wonder what kind of summon he has." she added to her previous comment.

Seikyu Kiba
12-10-2006, 06:32 PM
Looks at Shiro and shakes head "No not at all please take a seat" He says looking back at his book. "My name is Vaan Nagasagi." He says holding out his hand to shack. he then summons his plant from his Book "This is my Plant Shinhon." He says patting it on the head.

Akihiko Yamamoto Hozagaki
12-10-2006, 07:56 PM
Shizuka finally decided it'd be better to just sit down. She sighed, and found her spot in the corner of the room. Everyone had there TPM out, but she preferred to keep hers away. Rio was really important to her, but he was big and over-protective. He never let anyone get close to Shizuka, which she didn't mind too much. She loved the fact that someone cared about her so much, but she thought that everyone would laugh at her. She rested her head on her hand, and thought about all that she brought. She then gasped; she forgot her guitar. There was no way they'd let her go back for it. She was distraught, and prayed that there was a music store around somewhere. She just couldn't live without her guitar.

Kyuubi Naruto
12-10-2006, 08:34 PM
"Thanks.The name is Shiro,and I really didnt expect to show everyone one in public,but,here's my summon,Sky."A mark appears on the ground,and in a swirl of magical energy,a light shines,and Sky appears from it.
Sky looks to Shiro."What's the deal Shiro?Is there a TPM battle up next?"He points the stage at the dome."Nice,is that where we're fighting?"

"No battle,just had to show somebody."Shiro then sits down beside Vaan."So,what year is this at the school for you?You look like a more experienced summoner to me,but that's my opinion.And,your firend?"He said,moving his head toward Ameena.

12-10-2006, 08:35 PM
(Location: Battle Field), ([B]Character's:[B]Seiyaku Reinakumo)

Seiyaku turns his attention over to Ameena in response to her question, about who he was cheering for, to turn out as the winner.

"In my opinion, I really hope that the new student wins. I think I recall hearing that his name was 'Burako Limito,' or something relatively close to that."

Seiyaku quickly faces in the direction by which Shiro, and Vaan are sitting. Which is relatively close to where he is sitting. A matter of fact, they were right next to him, and Ameena.

"Are you two new to the school? If so no worries, my name is Seiyaku, and over here is my incredibly intelligent class mate, Ameena. We are fourth year students here at the North District Summoner's School. May I ask what your names are?"

Seiyaku quickly blurted a few last words out from his mouth. He gazed in amazement, as he saw lights flickering in the sky.

"I wonder if it is almost about to begin!"

He becomes excited, and turns his attention towards the battle field, and lets out a a big cheer for 'Burako Limito.'

"Go Burako Limito Go! You can defeat this weakling! I am certain of it! Never turn your back to your opponent, and you're surely to win!"

Seiyaku sat back down, and focused on Shiro and Vaan, that sat right next to him. He examined them so that he could try and find out what they were capable of, and what sort of personalities they posessed.

Seikyu Kiba
12-10-2006, 08:40 PM
Vaan shakes his head "I am a second year but I don't know my way around to much." He said then looking at Seiyaku and Ameena "Hello Seiyaku I am Vaan, Ameena I believe we already met." He said closing his book "I am experienced in summoning but I only have one summon." He said looking at the battle and smiling "So who do you think will win?"

12-10-2006, 08:40 PM
Shinku looked over and noticed some of the students sitting next to him "Oh..hello everyone here to watch the fight?" he said asking nervously and smiled "I wounder who will win...oh uhh...what is your names?..my name is Shinku Fox..but you can call me Shinku" he asked everyone

12-10-2006, 08:55 PM
(Location: Battle Field), (Character's: Seiyaku Reinakumo)
NOTE:(I'm sorry for my third post today... But I was brought into a conversation. I will continue my posts tomorrow, and if you'd like, I will limit myself to one, if you wish tomorrow.)

Seiyaku saw another figure before him appear. When all of a sudden he heard Vaan ask who he thought would win.

"I am voting for the new student 'Burako Limito.' By the way, I have two summons. One of which can be a real hastle at times."

Seiyaku then turns his attention to the figure that just appeared before him.

"Hello, my name is Seiyaku, and I am a fourth year student here at the school. I am pleased to meet you Shinku."

Seiyaku then cleared off the seat that he didn't even recognize was there, and welcomed Shinko a seat if he wished to sit down.

"Ready for the battle everyone? I sure am! I am overly excited to see this! I haven't seen a battle in ages! Atleast it seems that way to me."

Seiyaku focused his attention back at the battle field, for he could have sworn he saw the summoner's go into their battle stances.

Undrave Limito
12-10-2006, 11:20 PM
The principal had a special booth built on the side of the battlefield from which he could see all the action. There he had a big chair for himself, which the student had nicknamed ‘the Emperor’s Throne’ as well as a few other normal seats for any teachers who’d like the privileged view. As he appeared and sat down in his seat it felt like everybody noticed and settled down. With a nod he signaled to the referee to begin the match.

“Welcome everbody to the battle dome! This match is an exhibition Blue Match. Each Summoner will be allowed only 1 TPM with no substitution allowed. There is no time limit. Gentlemen, please summon your TPMs!” Called out the referee into his microphone.

“Allow me to go first squirt!” Declared Baki, cracking his knuckles.

He reeled his fist back and punched at the air. Right at the point in space where his fist had stopped a fissure in the air open, with unnatural light shining from within.

“Is he still doing that ‘punch through the fabric of reality to summon my TPM’ shtick?” Commented Yamato on the way side, shaking his head.

“I summon you! BUZZKILL!” Called Baki, and with that a creature flew out of the fissure.

The creature was a giant burnt orange and black wasp with wings made of brown dead leaves. It flew around its summoner, emitting a loud buzzing noise before setting in a hover next to Baki.

“Show us what you got twerp!” Called the Hall Monitor.

“If you want to play it over dramatic then I can play that game too.” Commented Limito, knowing full well how to simply materialize his TPM, but he felt like being a show man.

He snapped his finger and raised his opened hand up to the sky “DIMENSIONAL GATE OPEN! BRANLUD, EMERGE!” He shouted.

High above him a circle of blue light started to form like a portal to the dreaming. When it was about the size of a manhole cover it stopped growing and then, in a burst of lightening and a crack of thunder, a bird-like shape emerged. The TPM cawed like a raven, hovering in mid-air and flapping it’s wing. It was a big black raven with a silver collar and a yellow jewel on its forehead. With a majestic swoop it landed on the boy’s shoulder. Both TPMs were roughly of the same size.

The principal rubbed his beard, clearly amused and impressed by the shorter kid’s showmanship. Limito smiled at his TPM and the Chimera seemed to smile back. His human-like eyes showing he was happy to be out. The two shared a feeling of happiness and then asked each other if there were ready. There was no feeling of doubts coming from the summoned creature and it help pump up the young boy for the incoming match,

“A bird like Chimera against a wasp like Green…interesting match up we got there.” He commented to himself, and a form that had appeared in a dark corner of his booth.

“And… BEGIN!” Shouted the referee, before blowing in his whistle.

“Show us we mean business Buzzkill.” Simply ordered Baki.

“GO!” Shouted Limito, pointing toward the enemy.

Branlud took flight and sped up forward, just as Buzzkill flew forward. Branlud opened it’s beak and the jewel on his forehead started to sparkle with electricity that then gathered in his beak, while Buzzkill swung her abdomen forward. The blast of electricity and the sharp dart left at roughly the same time. The two flying dodged the attack and flew past each other. Limito gasped as the dart flew toward him and all he could do was bring his hand up. All he heard was a crashing sound and he looked up, realizing that he was now surrounded by a glowing blue force field emerging from the side of the concrete pentagon. The glow of the force field dissipated, but Limito was sure it wasn’t gone. The same force field protected Baki at the other end of the battle field. The two TPM kept flying and then before nearing the Summoners both took a sharp turn upward and spun around to face their opponent, hovering in the air high above the opposing Summoner. Limito looked across the field and was somewhat surprised to see the confident Baki simply standing his ground with his arms crossed, a smug smirk on his face. Limito could tell Branlud was excited by this battle, but he also could tell the TPM wasn’t sure what to do next since he had never faced another flying opponent before. The excitement and desire to win coming from the TPM felt infectious to Limito. Just like Branlud needed the boy to exist in this world, the boy needed the Chimera to enjoy a fight.

Buzzkill fired three long darts at a rapid rate. Limito knew what to do and sent a sharp signal of aggression that Branlud understood in a flash, literally, and he fired a bolt of lightening. The lightening blasted right through the three darts and headed for Buzzkill who simply dodged and flew ahead.

“If long range attacks won’t work, we’ll simply go in for a direct attack.” Said Baki with a chuckle.

With the sound of an electric drill, Buzzkill’s dart started to spin incredibly fast as she swung it around.

Limito snapped his finger, ready to response in kin “Thunder Spin!”

Branlud shot himself forward, letting off sparks of electricity in his wake. Half way before meeting up with the charging Buzzkill he charged electricity in his beak and went into a mad spin. Limito smiled and glared at Baki, as if challenging him to a game of chicken. Baki’s smirked disappeared, replaced by a frown and a glare. Neither contestant were ready to give in and neither were Buzzkill and Branlud. The two spinning force clashed dead center, the spiraling energies creating powerful shockwaves that kicked up the dirt and send swirling air current at the crowd. The two TPMs were still locked in this battle of force, Buzzkill’s dart spinning just like Branlud. The two spiraled further upward and then in a great flash were thrown back above their respective Summoners.

“I’m impressed by your TPM shrimp, but how long can YOU keep this up?” Asked Baki, his smirk returning.

He was right. Limito was inexperienced and in under normal circumstances he could only keep Branlud around for 20 minutes maximum, but with the strain of battle his energy was lowering rapidly. In fact a few beads of sweat were appearing on his forehead. If the two kept negating each other’s attack the winner would obviously be the one who could hold out the longest, and in this case it would probably be Baki. Branlud felt this distress and without a word his confidence washed over Limito.

“You’re right…this match is not over yet!” Commented the boy softly.

12-11-2006, 02:20 AM
The battle had raged on with spetacular proformances from both sides. Clearly, everyone was involed with the battle, two strong TMPs where fighting and it made Yonaki's heart race. The sight of two TMPs battling was a beautiful sight. She noticed Shinka for the first time and then shrugged and glided behind him. The black hair teen took a a few steps and stood prefectly still next to him.
"Hello. I'm Yonaki. Pleasures all mine." She faced him with a sweet smile on.

Seikyu Kiba
12-11-2006, 05:24 AM
Vaan nodded and turned to Seikayu "'Burako Limito does seem pretty strong...by the way I have one summon." He said summoning him from his book "This is Shinhon.." He says smirking "He is a plant and can grow sizes so he maybe small now but just wait." He says as he turns to Shinku "You shouldn't be nervouse just because you are the only one here who isn't new." He says then turning to everyone "Hey what is your dorm room numbers and home room numbers? My Dorm is 4005 and home room is 4-A"

12-11-2006, 06:50 AM
Kaede followed the corwd into the battle field and watched for a moment. She quickly became bored, and decided to go back to class and wait for class to start.
Once arriving to class 3-A, Kaede sat down and watched the battle out the window. She didnt bother to see if there was anyone else in the class, and she really didnt care.
Once she had enough of watching, she pulled out a book she had been working on, Angels and Demons, and began reading.

Akihiko Yamamoto Hozagaki
12-11-2006, 08:38 AM
Shizuka heard a couple kids talking about a battle, and she immediately stood up. If everyone was going to go watch, then it's be okay for her to go, too. She followed a couple students to the battlefield, and watched as the battle took place. Once again, she was tempted to bring out Rio, but something stopped her. Unfortunately for her, she was in front of the crowd, which was bad. She was horridly afraid of getting hit with anything from the battlefield. She took in a deep breath, and finally decided to summon Rio. She focused hard for quite a while, and large figure appeared.
"I don't want you to go overboard this time," she whispered.
Rio nodded, and stood right next Shizuka, ready to protect her.

12-11-2006, 10:04 AM
Ratori smiled as the battle waged on, his smile was that of presumption and wisdom. He seemed to see all the possible outcomes of the fight all in his observation. Likewise the fight seemed to go Baki's way. "Limito will find a way, and if he doesn't then it matters not." He paused before speaking again

"As long as neither are hurt this match will be fine." after saying that he folded his arms and looked up to see Shizuka to his top right, a few steps up. He got up and bowed to Delcan before climbing up the stairs to her. Beside her he noticed her TPM Rio, and kept his pace. He approached her with a smile on his face and bowed to both of them.

"I'm Raishin Ratori, fourth year." he introduced himself. "And aren't you Watanabe Shizuka? I've noticed you around but never seemed to be able to meet you. I apologise for my rudeness." His bowed faded as he stood up strait, his amber eyes filled with a respectful shimmer.

Kazuhiko bent slightly over the rail as the lightning clashed and the thunder roared. He found himself laughing maniacly, shouting "Yes! Yes! that pulsating electricity flows forth! Tremble my subtle heart oh kindly volts!" his dull blue eyes sparked with such an interest, lightning always seemed to hypnotize him and make him different in some way.

"Azna, I hunger for the passionate battle, the clashning of the rolling thunder... Our next battle shall be my meal!" With that he walked off to class, Azoth'na right behind him. He found no more amusment from the fight.

12-11-2006, 10:29 AM
Ooc: undrave i don't wanna act like a little kid but why am i tapped on the fingers for posting five times and then keep to the limiet and kyuubi and a few others post more and you don't even say anything about it? also kyuubi be a little nicer okey maybe chaos is new.

babs just looked at the woman bored and muttered a sorry and pulled sphinxa away who laid at her feet after grumbleling. She wasent really interested in the battle so she pulled a small notebook and started to draw some things ignoring the cheering and yelling of the crowd around her. Sphinxa yawn and closed her eyes deciding to take a rest, babs watched as her summon dissapeared and yawned to.

Undrave Limito
12-11-2006, 10:54 AM
OOC: Sorry Nespa! I just didn't have as much time as I had hoped this weekend for this so I didn't want to waste time counting everybody's post and just trusted them... but now that I go some Co-GMs things should be less crazy for me ^^;

12-11-2006, 11:45 AM
Kayne looked with strange eyes to babs as she completly ignored him. "Everything alright miss?" Kayne asked, he stood up from his seet and walked over to babs. Fy jumped up from her seat but Kayne already had his finger pointed at her. He knew that Fy would react yellous so he did the one think he always did to have Fy's complete focus. Fy froze just a few inches above her chair and used her lightningbolts on her back to float. She knew very well, that on this moment a single sound would be enough to make Kayne pop instead of Fy. Kayne was insulted by the fact that Babs ignored him so he was going to do something about it. He started talking but he would not use words for long. Kayne stood right infornt of Babs and looked her straight in her eyes. "Did you not hear me?" he asked with a normal voice.

12-11-2006, 11:50 AM
Babs hmmmed and looked at him "did you say something?" she rested her draw work on her lap and looked at him boredly. She brushed a hair back and glanced at at the summon who looked at her strangely probely jealous and yawned as the fight went on below.

Natu Utan
12-11-2006, 03:56 PM
-Rumiko leaned back in his chair next to the Principal watching the fight. He had a smile on his face, with his finger tips placed together just under his chin. He seemed deep in thought, as he watched the battle. Analyzing their battle routines and possible attacks or defences. He knew, that this Lumito had great potential, and hoped for him to win. Even though, Baki was in his Homeroom, he didn't like him much. Baki always being a Brat and a bully.

A small sphere,appeared behind Rumiko on the ground. The sphere growing, and glowing with a blue aura. Out of this blue sphere, Li came about. Rumiko didn't even notice that Li summoned herself, as she came up next to him, aching for a fight. Li, had this weird ability, that, once she saw how a TPM fought, she could remember it, and adapt to a way to defeat that way of fighting. Li placed her head on Rumiko's lap, watching the on going fight.

Automatically, Rumiko lifte his left hand and placed it on Li's head, petting her. A smile came across his face, as he sensed what Li was saying to him, through the Vibrations on her body. He knew, that she was calculating a way to defeat them if need be. Even though, she had defeated Buzzkill before last year, when Baki challenged Rumiko.

12-11-2006, 03:59 PM
Kasch felt a tingling, painful sensation dancing on the nerves of his left arm, the one which was hidden by the sleeve of his jacket. The cream was wearing off. He slipped a small phial out of his bag from between two shirts. He poured a small amount of a black liquid out of the phial and, slipping his hand up his sleeve, began to rub it into the skin of his arm. He winced a bit at the initial pain but that quickly began to fade into a cooling, calming numbness. The pain had brought up old memories but the now chill feeling spreading across his skin helped to bury them neatly. He looked out the window for a moment, his musing eye locking on a cloud.

How many things had that cloud seen? How many crimes? That was why there was rain, he supposed sighing, clouds eventually grew to see so much sin that they cried for the world. They wept. That was why the deserts were dry. There was no living person to commit sins there. And probably the greatest sin of them all was the fact that summoner's were still allowed to exist. Despite all they had done they were still allowed to be there.

A single drop of rain fell and hit the window Kasch was looking at. But no more feel. Just that single drop. Which eventually skidded down the window pane reluctantly and rested in front of him. He took it as a reminder. Or maybe a warning.

12-11-2006, 04:03 PM
OOC: AHHHHH too much going on! I feel Like I'm drowning! *heh* anyways here is my post

BIC:Yuki had been in room 3A but hand't made her presence clear to anyone. Now as she watched the match the same was true. But she liked being invisible then at least there wasn't snickers behind her back and teasing to her face. She heard a couple kids behind who didn't seem to be watching the TPM battle. "Look there's Yuki back for another year here I heard that she hatess talking to anyone" "Oh I know she really is queit I bet she thinks she's better than us" Yuki felt her cheeks go red. She tried to ignore them but the whispers kept coming "I heard that she doesn't even answer questions the teacher gives her" "She probably thinks she's better than them too" Yuki shifted uncomfortably she hated being the subject of gossip but it had happened last year too. THe worst part was Yuki had nos social life and so no friends. SHe quietly moved down a seat and found herself sitting by Vaan. She could still hear the whispers though "I think she heard us" "Does it look like I care she needs to hear this maybe it will bring her down a notch" Yuki steeled herself she shut out the two people even though what they said was hurtful and mean and they both knew it.

OOC:There a post that counts!!

12-11-2006, 04:51 PM
Kaede heard the whipsers and saw a girl sluped down in her chair. Was she the 'Yuki' they were talking about? One thing was for sure: they were disrupting her reading.
"SHUT THE HELL UP! SOME of us are trying to expand our minds!" She gave them an evil glare. She was much taller than both girls, and wasnt a push over. Both girl quickly quieted down and left the room. Kaede gave Yuki a faint smile and went back to reading. She didnt care if people talked about her, but it got her mad to see someone getting their feeling hurt by gossip.

12-11-2006, 05:35 PM
Raisuke felt Rahkshi's excitement and anxiousness for a battle. But the summons attention was diverted to a girl shouting. "Ignore it, just watch the battle, and don't worry, we'll fight a lot this year." The summon actually grinned, in all the years he's known Rahkshi, he'd never seen him grin, but it didn't last long as the grin disappeared. Raisuke smiled as he went back to watching the battle.

Aura of the Twilight
12-11-2006, 05:45 PM
Ameena looked over towards Shiro. "Hello I'm Ameena. A fourth year student here just like Seiyuka. I'm very pleased to make your aquantiance." she explained as she introduced herself to Shiro. "Hello Sky it's nice to meet you too." she said turning her attention to the summon for a moment. Then she turned her attention back to Shiro. "I have two summons, both of which are nightmare, Lucian and Kali." Ameena stated. Then the refferee made the announcment for the fight to start so Ameena turned her attention to the battle grounds.

"I can't believe that blithering imbicile is still doing that tiresome summon." Ameena thought after she saw Baki summon Buzzkill, she shivered "his summon still gives me the creeps." she added to her thoughts.

As she watched the match more and more Ameena coldn't hold her self content just sitting there watching it. So as an outlet for her energy she channeled her excitment into one big cheer.

Ameena jumped up cuped her hands around her mouth and yelled, "C'mon Limito! You can do it! Show that jerk what you're made of! Kick his butt into next Friday! Woooooo!" She then sat back down feeling a little more calm and content with herself. As she continued to watch the match her left leg kept moving up and down as a smaller outlet.

Seikyu Kiba
12-11-2006, 07:15 PM
Vaan realized no one was answering so he sat down and began to read until he noticed everyone wanting to fight "Ah come on now at least enjoy your selves this is the fisrt day." He said putting his feet up on a chair infront of him kicking a kid in the head.

"OW!" The kid said

"Oh shut up!" Vaan said with an evil glare

"err..yes sir." He says getting up and running away.

Kyuubi Naruto
12-11-2006, 08:47 PM
Shiro laughed at the actions of the entire group."Man,I'm liking this little group already.Anyway,I'm Shiro,and this is my last year here at this school,good to meet all of you.And this battle,well,I expected more out of it.Maybe this Limito guy can kick it up a notch,otherwise,looks like he might been down for the count.And,turns out,unlike the way you all look,your not afraid to show your emotions,what,with the yelling,kicking other people,yelling again,and all that."Shiro turned to Sky."Alright,time's up,I dont wanna waste all my summoning energy at once,I need to save up in case there's a battle comin' up next,so,see ya."He markings on the ground disappeared in another swirl of magical energy,along with Sky."So,Vaan,said ya don't know much about this place?Well,I'm willing to help anyone who needs help,because I've gotten kinda use to doing it."

I am your stalker
12-11-2006, 09:10 PM
Heather walks in her room #4001. She takes a look at the room and noticed she had a room mate she sighs and thinks *I don't know why they gave me a room mate.*She unpacks her things and puts a empty book with a pin in her pocket. She leaved her room and looked around the school, she find her home room and she looked in the "Battle Dome" but did not like the crowd so she walked back to her room and fell asleep in her bed.

12-11-2006, 09:27 PM
"This is an interesting match" Jing said watching from the back row. He had missed the welcoming ceremony but had no intent of missing out on a TPM match. He watched both combatants fighting each other, studying each of their special moves.

"You seeing all this Frossetulv?"
Frossetulv made a nodding motion to Jing
"Good, don't want you to miss out on any of thier abilities"

They continued to watch the match as it progressed

"That kid thier has some great potential if you ask me"
Frossetulv again made a motion in agreement
"Lets see who wins this one"

Seikyu Kiba
12-12-2006, 05:25 AM
Vaan nods and smiles "Alright then thanks, that would be great." He said with a peaceful voice. "What is your homeroom number? Mines 4-A." He says holding up his dorm room number "And my dorm room is 4005." He said as Shinhon grew around his arm and laid on his shoulder "Now Shinhon don't be such a lazy bum"

I am your stalker
12-12-2006, 09:02 AM
Heather wakes from her nap *I will try to put up with the ppl in the "Battle Dome"* She thinks as she grts her things. She walk to the battle dome and finds a empty seat. Heather pulls out her fav. book and reads in the dome ignoring the crowd.

Undrave Limito
12-12-2006, 11:32 AM
OOC: Sorry, no time to post the rest of the battle for now... hold tight and it should be up in the evening, maybe later this afternoon.

12-12-2006, 02:40 PM
Shinku got up because he felt a pain in his stomach "I am sorry..I have to use the restroom" he said getting up and running out the door. Shinku looked around quickly for a restroom "Ah ha!! there is one" he said running into the restroom

12-12-2006, 04:22 PM
A few minutes has passed since Rahkshi was summoned and Raisuke was feeling that he should go back so not to tire himself out. "Hey, Rahkshi, time to go back." The summon moved his hands furiously in the air but in the end nodded and disappeared. Raisuke looked over the crowd, seeing who was watching or who was just talking. His eyes rested on a girl that had just sat down and started reading a book. He moved down the rows until he was sitting beside her "Any reason in particular why your reading instead of watching a great battle?" He asked, smiling.

red storm
12-12-2006, 04:52 PM
Kumiko sat on one of the higher branches of a tree right next to her classroom, her feet dangling in the empty air beneath them. She had already ‘claimed’ the top bunk of her apartment, mainly by making sure the higher bed was covered and barred with her stuff, damn nearly turning it into a cave. Even if someone were to switch rooms, there was no way they’d be able to claim the top bunk.

She sighed as she turned and swung one leg back over the branch to lean her back against the trunk of the tree, enjoying the feeling of its rough, yet smooth bark against her back. She glanced up to observe a giant stag beetle scouring the branch above her. She glanced at the classroom, and seeing mostly bullies present, bugging the two bookworms that were trying to read, momentarily considered picking him up and tossing him in. She decided against it, though. The little guy looked busy, and if she tossed him in, someone might decide to squash him. She continued to look inside, and observed one of the bookworms called them off. She smiled, the bookworms probably wouldn’t squat him. They’d probably think, ‘book bugs or real bugs, small difference between them.’ Or at least she hoped so. Books were heavy, especially for bugs.

Shaking of the thought, she turned her gaze back upwards. Back to the beetle, who continued scouring the branch above her.

Fionn Mac
12-12-2006, 06:08 PM
Declan was infact impressed with Limito's performance so far. For such a young and small individual he had the heart of a giant and skills to back it up.
Baki however, was overconfident...but his skills did affirm his state of a strong belief in himself, no matter how cocky it was.

"Limito, could actually learn something from that Baki" said Declan quietly to himself as he folded his arms and relaxed a bit, as he no longer needed to converse with anyone.
"Overconfidence be a bad thing...but underconfidence isn't much better...Come on Limito, you almost be out of stamina, end it."

Declan wasn't the melodramatic type, nor was he a dark-emotionless loner. In fact he disliked both extremes. He was simply a focused individual, he didn't talk much, nor actively pursue new friendships...but he was not above silently rooting for the smaller, more driven Limito.

He moved his hand and touched the small stone that hung around his neck. It was his connection to his animate Braun. He felt the subtle emotion move through his body. He wouldn't flaunt Braun around to the public...but he could feel his friend wanted Limito to prevail as well.

12-12-2006, 06:23 PM
Shape, right now, was performing the grand and glorious job of cleaning up after the pep rally. There were candy wrappers, papers, pencils, just about everything except money. He'd never found a student that dropped money yet.

He dropped everything he could find into a rolling bin that held a large garbage bag open. "A little more of this and I can go relax at home." he thought. Home was a relative term, really. It's relative position in the areas under the school, smartly placed next to a water heater. Being so near the pipe, he always had hot water.

All for a hot shower at the end of the day...

Dan was engrossed in the battle, his mind swirling with questions. Namely, how would a physical attack hurt a liquid? If Shaggoth could split itself up unharmed, how would being stabbed or cut hurt it? Questions like these eventually made him decide to go and take a walk around campus.

Movement helped him think. The crowd roared behind him, making the space in front of him seem overly quiet in comparison. He sighed, and started humming a random tune that sounded like one of those dramatic ochecstral peices one hears in some movies and video games.

Not paying any real attention to where he was going, his feet carried him to one of the many on-campus trees. He looked at it, having one of those feelings. He checked everything around him, then heard movement above him. He looked up to see Kumiko. Figuring he had nothing to lose, he cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled, "How's the weather up there?" up the tree.

Akihiko Yamamoto Hozagaki
12-12-2006, 06:24 PM
Shizuka was always fascinated with the battle system. She had only been in a battle twice, and only won once. Her TPM was a more defensive type, so she usually used a more defensive strategy. Unfortunately, Rio is a -C, so he cared for no one but Shizuka. It didn't bother her too much, but she worried that he'd be too much for other people. Thus, she never brought him out too much.

12-12-2006, 06:36 PM
Shinku walked out of the bathroom "There we go.." he said as he then noticed Lily behind him "Wah!!..Lily...where did you get here..wait were you spying on me?" Lily blushed and giggled, "Ehe...Lily you really have to stop doing that..you make me wounder about you" Lily looked down and looked up,she wrapped her arms around his neck and kisses him on the lips. Shinku blushes as she pulled away "Lily..you..you love me?", Lily blushed and nodded "Aww" he said smiling "I love you too". Lily vanished back into Shinkus arm "Cute" he said walking back to the battle dome

Kyuubi Naruto
12-12-2006, 08:45 PM
Shiro sighed."Well,my homeroom is 3-A,and so far,I've only met 1 person who's in the same class as I am.Her names Kumiko..."He then remembered about what he had said to her."Damn....why couldnt I have said something else?"He said with his hand on his head."I'll tell you about her later,maybe introduce her to you.And I think my dorm room is around 4008,that's pretty close to Kumiko and you as well.So,what's up with your TPM?It's the first of its type I've seen since last year."

12-12-2006, 09:54 PM
Ratori was obviously ignored by the girl, and he stopped his plight entirely. He turned around,his scarf flowing back waving like a flag in the wind. "If only she would pay attention, maybe she wouldn't feel so.. lonely."

Ratori walked off down the halls of the school, wavings to the occasional friendly face, exchanging words with those that would. It would seem in the end he would return to his dorm to see his roomate, this he sorta looked forward to.

Kazuhiko had switched directions half way, going to his dorm room instead. He sat on Azoth'na's lap on the corner bed, under a shadow from the windows light.

Azoth'na slowly ran her hands through his hair, each hand had a fierce scar down it's vertical length to the wrist. One would wonder what the point of those markswere, but those who have seen her fight know all to well.

Seikyu Kiba
12-13-2006, 05:26 AM
Vaan nodded "ALright then sounds fun." He said then patting Shinhon on the head "Well this is Shinhon, he is a +C Green Type, in other words he is a plant type." He then smirked a bit "It's not very common to see someone have a plant type, of course I guess you can call me unique in a way." He said as Shinhon was getting tired and let "He is a very calm plant as well."

Undrave Limito
12-13-2006, 10:05 AM
Baki was getting tired of this match and decided to end this quickly. With a nod he sent Buzzkill forward at full speed. Her abdomen was swinging, showing she was ready to skewer Branlud. Limito saw that and thought he knew how to halt the assault. Branlud shot a bolt of lightening and to the TPM and boy's surprise the giant wasp turned around to offer her back to the blast!

There was a flash of light and Limito thought he had hit the opponent's TPM, but to both he and Branlu'd surprise she was still there! She quickly turned back forward and opened fire, shooting three darts at Branlud from a much closer range than she had done previously.

Now out of maneuvering room Branlud did the first thing he could come up with. He folded his wings and let himself drop below the attack. He dived toward the ground and at the last minute opened up with wings and swooped back up, missing the ground by a few inches and kicking up a small cloud of dust. He flew up between Buzzkill and her Summoner and opened fire again with his lightening bolt attack. Once again the back of the giant bug was offered to his attack it did no damage at all.

Branlud kept circling Buzzkill, firing bolts after bolts but none could connect! It was clearly frustrating the chimera and his Summoner while amusing the opposing pair. Baki laughed out loud.

"You're wasting your energy twerp! By beating her wings at a certain speed my dear Buzzkill can create a shield of pressurized air behind her and is totally impenetrable for weak attacks like yours! You'll expend all your energy before you can even make any damage to us!"

"Oh yeah? Is that what you think? Well we still got a few tricks up our sleeves! Branlud! Climb up and show them... the Thunderbird Dive Attack!" Called out the boy

With that the bird took off higher into the air. With a loud cry his forehead jewel started to glow with a bright white light. The light started to spread in the form of a complexe network of lines all over the TPM's feathered body. Energy started to crackle around him and without a word he dived back down at incredible speed toward Buzzkill.

"You fool! That won't work! Buzzkill! VIBRATION SHIELD!" Called out Baki, certain of his success.

Buzzkill turned around ready to meet the assault just as Branlud started to spin once more, becoming an arrow of light and lightening.

The two TPM collided, but Buzzkill barely moved an inch. Thei mpact sent another shockwave into the air, but Branlud didn't let up. He kept on spinning and pushing forward. This manoeuver was draining the poor Limito who was reaching his maximum time. Sweat was pouring down his forehead and he suddenly dropped down to one knee. Limito felt like giving up for a second, but then he felt how hard Branlud was trying to win, and he realised he couldn't give up if his friend believed in him this much he had to prove himself worthy of that confidence.

"This time, it's you who won't be able to hold off forever, sooner or later your shield will fail." Said the short boy to his opponent, making him laugh.

"You little fool! It's you who'll fail long before Buzzkill's shield! Her shield is unpenetrable! It's beyond the limits of your power to break it this way!"

Limito smirked "If you're so smart you should have noticed..." He begun, as he stood back up "...that my name means..." he continued, now back up completly "LIMIT BREAKER!" He shouted.

As if the shout was a magic spell, the energy covering Branlud seem to increase and with a loud thunder cracking noise the two TPM crashed into the ground, creating a thick cloud of dust. There was a faint glow within the cloud, showing that one of the two TPM had went back to the dreaming, but only the Summoners could know. Baki was completly stiff, his jaw to the ground in total surprise.

Limito snapped his finger and with a cry Branlud bursted out of the cloud and into the air. With a faint crackle of electricity the lines on his feathers fainted back into the jewel and he returned to normal before swooping down and landing on his Summoner's extended arm.

"Nice job buddy." Said the boy.

"And the winner is... BURAKO LIMITO! The Limit Breaker!" Called out the referee, making the crowd go wild.

12-13-2006, 02:57 PM
Kayne was suprised, "The limit breaker" He tought as he apploded. With a small grim on his mouth he turned around and walked to the exit. He left just before the crowd started to so he was out the battle doom fast. Fy flew next to him making strange little noice. She always seemd to do that at Kayne always found it soothing. Kayne started to walk to his dorm, so he could see his new room mate. Last year Kayne had no room mate becouse the numbers just did not at up even. But this year he did had a room mate. Kayne entered the boys dorm and kept walking untill he found the door with the corect number on it. He opened the door and entered it. His eyes where immidiantly focused at the guy sitting in the left courner of the room. he was in the embrace of an TPM, an abbaration just like Fy. Only much scary then Fy was, it had a strange dead blue skin color and out of its hands strange tentacles where erputing.
"Euhm... Well... Hi there, you must be my new room mate" Kayne said feeling a bit uncomfertable "My name is Altera Kayne" He said as Fy landed next to him and grabbed his hand. "And who are you?"

12-13-2006, 03:25 PM
Shinku walked to his room and opened the door "Hm?..is this it" he looked around "Hello!! anyone here!!?" he said walking to the bed and setting his bag down "Mmm..Nal!!". A little fox summon named Nal jumped out of his arm and landed on the bed "Mrr" it said sitting down and looking at him

12-13-2006, 04:08 PM
Yuki shifted uncomfortably she wasn't sure why the girl had stuck up for her but it got the girls off her back and she was thankful enough for that. She caught Kaede's faint smile she sent one very breif and very unfamiliar the only time Yuki smiled was when her TPM Yuri was around he was her best friend. Right now she wished she could summon him but last when he disrupted a battle. She watched the conclusion of the fight. 'Limit Breaker' hmmm he could be fun to watch maybe to even fight. She thought. But as soon as it was time to leave the gym she knew more whispers would start up. Sometimes it so unfair having your parents just drop you Yuri was her family now even if he was "just a TPM" in her father's eyes. she left the gym but no one whispered behind her back it was a reprive. Dorm 3021. Yuki opened the door. Her new roommate was a short girl with long blonde hari and huge blue eyes upon Yuki's entry the girl moaned "Of all the people I could be stuck with it had to be you 'Miss High and Mighty Yuki'"
Yuki didn't reply but materialzed Yuri then flung herself on the bed that hadn't been taken. Yuri jumped after her and flopped over her like some overgrown dog.

I am your stalker
12-13-2006, 04:36 PM
A few minutes has passed since Rahkshi was summoned and Raisuke was feeling that he should go back so not to tire himself out. "Hey, Rahkshi, time to go back." The summon moved his hands furiously in the air but in the end nodded and disappeared. Raisuke looked over the crowd, seeing who was watching or who was just talking. His eyes rested on a girl that had just sat down and started reading a book. He moved down the rows until he was sitting beside her "Any reason in particular why your reading instead of watching a great battle?" He asked, smiling.

Heather looks up "This is my fav. book and I just can't put it down...O I am heather nice to meet you" she says with an empty smile. Heather puts down her book, and puts out her hand offering a hand shake.
"What is your name?" She asked

Kyuubi Naruto
12-13-2006, 04:40 PM
Shiro softly clapped his hands together as the battle ended."Man,I hate this.Every time I see a battle,turns out I always get pumped and want to battle myself,but I guess I gotta wait."He turned to Vaan."So,where are you and your little crew headed to next?"He asked,as he stood up from his chair,looking around the dome.

12-13-2006, 04:48 PM
Azoth'na retracted the tentacles that were slighting hanging from her back and hands. She grasped Kazu tighter as the room mate approached while introducing himself. She made a slight gurgling rumble in her throat holding a hand out to strike but Kazu pulled her hand back.

He looked up with his dull blues, his face emotionless with no distict features. His features were covered by the shadow made from the wall by the window. "Kurasume Kazuhiko...Altera..." he grunted before saying "By what chance do you think you will be able to stand me?" his look a serious stared towards his roomate.

Ratori ended up in his room, he hopped on the bed and sprawled out after emoving his favorite scarf and tossing it on the desser he claimed to the right.

Seikyu Kiba
12-13-2006, 05:35 PM
Vaan thinks for a moment and then looks around "Actually my crew isn't going anywhere.." He then watches as Shinhon fades away "So can you show me around a little more?" He says looking at the battle as it ended "I can't wait for me to fight" He says glancing down reading his book "So I can show my power!" He says chuckling.

12-13-2006, 07:25 PM
Kasch leaned back, he could see from his window that people were now leaving the stadium. That must mean the fight was over. Heh... he turned his head back to his book with a crisp, cold motion. He had work to do and couldn't be bothered with that. He was starting to be rather taken with this classroom when it was empty. The way the air-conditioning echoed endless through it, undisturbed by the sound of human chatter and punctuated only by the flipping of his book's pages. Currently he was working out the direvative for the square root of the fuction of cos x to the third power all cubed. The chain rule of calculus. Easy, but time consuming. Such was life in away. Straight forward but dull, tedious.

And such was the classroom, neat, simplely furnished but dull and empty. And he rather liked it. The only thing that ruffled him was the stench of summoner on it. Now that he was reminded about how many cabalists had set foot in this room it seemed far less appatizing, the hues seemed more garished and the air-conditioning a thunderous rumble more than a lulling hum. But at least he was alone he thought.

12-13-2006, 07:46 PM
Raisuke shook her hand and said "Raisuke Kuroushi, nice to meet you Heather." He looked at the battle to see it end with Limito as the winner. He grinned before standing up, he looked down at her and said "Well the fights over now, guess I'll head to my dorm or homeroom, whichever. Again, it was nice to meet you, see you around." He said smiling before walking amongst the crowd. It was a great fight and he felt energetic and excited, most of it was the emotions from his summon but either way he was happy. Raisuke walked in the hallways, looking around himself as he looked for his homeroom. He found it but just stood in front of the closed door. "Should I go in or should I go to my dorm? What do you think Rahkshi?" His summon appeared before him as he pointed to the classroom.

"Okay, guess we're going in." He opened the door to walk in the classroom. It was empty since almost everyone went to see the fight. He turned around and walked towards the boys dorms. He walked up the stairs and opened his room to find his stuff on he floor and some guy lying in his bed. "Great, I got a wannabe punk as a roommate." He said aloud as he looked at the guy that was wearing a leather jacket with alot of piercings on his face and long hair. "Hey, off my bed." "I don't see your name anywhere." Raisuke chuckled "Funny..." He walked over to the guy and pulled on his nose ring, making him get up as he pulled up. "There's your bed and here's my bed, got it?" He didn't answer so he twisted the nose ring, making the guy yell a little. "Got it?" He nodded "Good." He threw him to the other bed and stuck out a hand "The names Raisuke, be wise to not make me angry." He said smiling a little. "Jake." was the only reply Raisuke got so he did nothing and sat on his bed, looking outside the window.

Natu Utan
12-13-2006, 07:48 PM
-Rumiko smiled lightly, as his hands rose up and began clapping softly. He knew that Limito would win. He frowned slightly, as he realized that Baki would complain about his lost when he got to class. Rumiko looked down at Li, and petted her head soothingly. Li smiles and wagged her tail a bit, as the familer Aura surrounded her body, enclosing her body in it. The Aura faded away, leaving a Mist in its spot. Li had went back to her world. Rumiko looked up at the principal "Ah, so thats why you chose him to fight I see." Rumiko stood up, and made a quick Kowtow to the principal "I must be off now Sir. I have to attend to my classroom." He smiled, and stepped out of his place. First, he had to congratulte Limito. He stepped into the battlefield and walked over to where Baki was standing first. He placed his palm on his Shoulder and smiled "Its Ok, Baki. You win some you lose some. Your just to overconfidant. i thought you learned that when you lost to me last year. But I guess not." Rumiko smilled and walked off towards Limito."Hello Mr.Limito. I am Professor Rumiko Kazuna. I am head of TPM battling, and also the TPM Battleing teacher." said Rumiko, with an outsretched hand as he introduced himself "That was an impressive match. I can't wait to see what else you can muster. Your the first Freshman to beat an upper classman in his first match." Rumiko smiled once he finished speaking.

Undrave Limito
12-13-2006, 11:50 PM
Baki clenched his fists and grinded his teeth.

"Stupid kid...stupid teacher!" He muttered under his breath.

He would have his revenge. Next time he would summon the twerp to an all our Orange match. No one ever defeated him in an Orange match... maybe he should consider one against his annoying teacher.

"Go take a rest good friend." Said Limito after patting his TPM on the head. Branlud took flight and dissapeared in a portal of light.

That's when Rumiko came and talked to him.

"Ah...thank you sir...thank you!" Said the boy, bowing and shaking the teacher's hand.

"I guess I owe it to my previous teacher... she tought me a few things quickly and I guess they work... now if you'll excuse me this match tired me out and I need a nap."

And with that, the 14 years old boy fell down unconscious.

(OOC: Natu, until he wakes up you can do anything you please with Limito and I also give other players the ability to carry him around.)

Fionn Mac
12-14-2006, 09:07 AM
Declan decided to head down to where the battle had taken place, to see the lay of the land. He was impressed by Limito, and Baki who aside from his overconfidence truly had a strong connection with his TPM.
He then saw Limito talking with a teacher. Declan was a guy of few words but he felt the need to give his congrats to the young summoner.

As he walked closer, he noticed Limito had fallen over due to the strain of the battle. He himself had passed out many times, even to date as he gave everything he had to help Braun have as much strength as he could.
Baki was being a sore loser, mumbling to himself...he most likely hadn't lost in sometime and losing to a younger student must of hurt.

"Professor Rumiko, I be looking foward to your lessons on TPM battling" said Declan quietly, as he came up behind Prof. Rumiko and tried to bow like the other students did...which must of looked awkward, as he felt weird doing it.

Declan finally got a closer look at Baki and saw why many people were bullied by him. A strong individual, with strong build. However, Declan wasn't intimidated by Baki. He had atleast a good number of inches over Baki, and was more built up from working with his father.
Declan's 6'3 frame, for a student, unintentionally made many others afraid of him.

Declan then bent down and picked up Limito by the back of the shirt with one hand, and gently placed him over his shoulder.
"No winner should have to lie on the ground after a inspiring victory" said Declan as he glanced at Baki, and then back at Prof. Rumiko.
"I can take him to his room, or to the nurse to rest for a while, Professor"

12-14-2006, 01:45 PM
"He's pretty good huh Frossetulv..."
Frossetulv made a gesture of agreement

Jing walked down to the stadium and poked Limito in the head.

"Yep, he's pretty much drained" He said staring Limito.
"Looks like he's about my age"

He then turned around and noticed people were staring at him. He quickly gave a smirk.

"Hey there, names Jing, and you guys are?"

red storm
12-14-2006, 02:37 PM
Kumiko ,hearing the voice calling out to her, leaned forward untill she was lying with her belly on the branch. She then grabbed the branch with both her arms and legs and tumbled sideways, hanging under the branch as she turned her head to grin at the guy almost four metres below her from her topsy tervy point of view. "Weather's always better up here!" She called out to him before she let her legs slip, hanging now only two meters from the ground, before letting her arms go and drop to the grass in a crouch.

Getting back up, she patted down a few creaves in her skirt before she turned to the guy that had adressed her. Recognising him as a student one year ahead of her, she tilted her head. "Heeeh? Dan-sempai? You here? Aren't you suposed to be watching the 'most exciting' match between a freshman and the bully?

12-14-2006, 02:47 PM
I am withdrawing from this one. I can't follow it anymore sorry.

Aura of the Twilight
12-14-2006, 03:29 PM
"Yay! Limito won!" Ameena cheered jumping up and down after jumping out from her seat. She realized what she was doing and stopped. "Oh, sorry I guess I got a little carried away. So, uh Seiyuka, what do you want to do now that the match is over and everything." Ameena asked looking down at Seiyuka.

She looked to see some of the students leaving through the hallway that lead from the battle dome. Then she looked at the battle ground, then she looked back at Seiyuka.

"I wonder when the next fight's going to happen this year, and who it will be between." Ameena thought, "I wonder if I'll get in any fights this year. Hmmmm I hope so but also I hope not at the same time. I'm too complicated for myself to figure out that can't be a good thing." Ameena though while she let out a nervous laugh.

Natu Utan
12-14-2006, 03:30 PM
OOC:That is fine Nespa, you gotta do what you gotta do

"Yes, Thank you Declan. You may take him to his room. Also, I look forward to having you as a student soon" Rumiko said with a smile on his face. He then turned around and walked towards Baki. "Baki, your first assignment for my class will be a 5 page essay on what you learned from this match. I want it in by next week." Rumiko did a quick about face and walked off away from Baki and off of the battlefield. He introduced himself to a few students as they approachd him, as Rumiko set off to his room. He entered the Gym, to see the Janitor finishing up his cleaning duties. Rumiko bowed to him, before walking off to the other side of the Gym, and into his classroom. He walked through the classroom, and into his own room. Rumiko sat down on the chair he had, infront of a Desk. He went into a deep thought.

12-14-2006, 03:43 PM
Kaede got up and noticed something move outside the window. She looked over to see a younger girl jumping off a tree limb. She looked further out the window to see her with a boy about her own age. A small blush spread across her face, which she quickly shook off.
"No, no, no, no, no, no. Crushes do just that, they crush you." She let out a deep sigh.
"I should focus on other things..."
She went to head out when she saw she was face to face with Chou. Chou had a stupid smile across her face. She threw her arms around Kaede and almost snuggled with her.
"Why are you here?"
"Dont give me that lonely stuff, Koe is always with you"
"You know, youre just as scary as she is...now go back. We'll train a bit after school, ok?"
Chou nodded with puppy dog eyes and disappared. Hopefully today wouldnt be as hectic and this morning was.

12-14-2006, 04:02 PM
Yuri made a whimpering sound trying to get his mistress's attention. Yuki patted his head "Not now Yuri, I'm thinking" she told him. She may have been dwarfed by the wolf TPM but she didn't let him control her. When she first saw yes Yuri did control her but she had gained "Alpha wolf" position through hard work with her professors who were really the only ones nice to her in the school. Her roommate had left soemtime ago Yuki couldn't say that she minded. She was thinking about which teacher to give her "welcome back" smile and talk too. Yuri whimpered once more "What is it Yuri?" Yuki demanded sitting up. Yuri didn't help just whimpered again. Yuki buried her hand deep in his fur "Time for you to go then mister!" Yuri dissapated like smoke. Yuki sat up and decided to see what Professor Kazuna was doing. SHe hummed to herself as she headed for his classroom.

I am your stalker
12-14-2006, 04:11 PM
Heather saying bye to Raisuke got up walked out of the battle dome. She finds a small pace to sit at a secluded place, and opens her empty book and stated to write, as she writes a shadow creature takes shape and spekes in a hollow wheez of an elderly man.
"Why do you soumman me?" The shadow says. "To ask a question" Heather says. "You my ask me anything" The shadow adds. "My I meet others her?" Heather says with a week look on her face. "You can...But why asoshate with such week ppl?"The shadow says back. "It was just a question" she says as she ended the sommon. Heather walks back to her room sits on her bed, opens a book and starts to read.

12-14-2006, 06:10 PM
Kayne stared back at Kurasume. This kid was every other thing then he expected. This kid was strange at least to say. Kayne rolled with his eyes, "By the looks of your TPM I will give you the minimum of 7 minutes against my Fyxanf here" he said. Fy made one of her strange noices but this time to give Kayne for vote of confidence. Kayne looked to the other side of the room and saw that his bag had arived at the right place. He ignored Kurasume completly and started to unpack his things. "But then again, I dont wanne fight you".

12-14-2006, 07:40 PM
Ratori felt tired for a strange reason, he fell to sleep on his bed in his room. His red hair somewhat covered his eyes from over his forehead, and under his hair the burning insignia flashed as a red pentagram formed next to the bed. It was Vulkain, his only TPM.

The tall man, around Azoth'na's height looked down at Ratori from the side, over the collar on his trench coat. His right hand extended forth as he kneeled down beside the bed before taking a seat on the floor. He lifted Arvalace up and rested it on his shoulder.

"Ratori... may our next battle bring forth your true potential.." his gruff voice rang throughout the room, a rare occurance for TPMs indeed. "Show me that our power is limitless.."

Kazu looked at Altera with slightly angered eyes, though his face was blank; it made a terrifing combination. He moved from Azoth'na's embrace and stood up strait. He eyed his roomate's Abomination and smirked "I think I like you already..." he sat back in Azna's embrace, a mischevious smile running across his face

Fionn Mac
12-14-2006, 10:33 PM
Declan nodded to Prof. Rumiko as he walked off. He shifted Limito on his shoulder, so the walk to his room wouldn't wake him up...the kid needed rest after all.
He then saw another young student who had poked Limito's head confirming he was out.
The student called Jing, was about Limito's age and stature.

"Declan...this is Limito and that was Professor Rumiko" said Delcan softly as he tried to answer the question.
"I...we must be going, the kid needs his rest"
He then gave a head nod to Jing, as he couldn't bow without moving Limito, and headed off to find his room.

As Declan found the room key in Limito's pocket, he was off to Room 1018. He walked the grounds to get to the dorms, recieving suspicious looks as he had the much smaller Limito draped over his shoulder.
Some students whispered thoughts that Declan, the large rugged exchange student had knocked out Limito and was trying to hide him somewhere.
Other's simply looked away, fearing the large Irishman would do to them whatever he did to Limito.

Declan shrugged off the looks and whispers and reached Limito's room. He fiddled with the key and entered the room.
He placed Limito on his bed, much like an older brother or sibling would put their younger brother to bed...Declan had a few sisters and was used to taking care of them... much like handling fragile cargo.

He knew Limito wouldn't know he was the one who took him to his room, and it was for the best. The kid needed to make friends who would be the friend type, not the focused study first person like himself. And Prof. Rumkio was kind enough to seem like he would be the obvious one to take Limito back to the room.
"You have the heart an strength of a man 10 times your size, Burako Limito" said Declan under his breath.

He then left, closing the door behind him allowing Limito to sleep off a hard fought battle.
Declan decided to rest under one of the trees in the entrance of the School.
He took out a text book and began to study. He couldn't lose sight of why he was here..to learn and gain experience.

12-15-2006, 03:07 AM
"Good for us then" said Kayne, "I dont wanne pick a fight with the guy I need to share a room with for the rest of the year". Kayne turned around to Fy and trew her a hand kiss, Fy smiled and slowly desolved in to nothing. "I just wanne make something clear" Kayne sad down on his bed and looked at Kurasume "I dont want you to have your TPM out in our room constant, She gives me the creeps. I hope thats ok with you?"
Kayne pushed some hair out of his face and layed down on the bed looking at the ceeling. "What a year this is going to be" He tought.
"You know how late we have class?" he asked Kurasume.

12-15-2006, 12:54 PM
Kazuhiko smirked at Altera's comment, Azoth'na was his prize, his most important aspect in his life. How could this room mate be so bold as to ask him to not have her around? But Kazu was stunned by the guy's strait-forwardness, though it didn't show on his face "Azoth'na will only be around so far as I can keep her out, then I will unsummon her... So, you can stand her beauty for a few on and off hours of the day..." yes, to him she was beautiful, to him she was like a mother or an angel from the heavens.

After stating his answer he responded to his next question with a soloemn grunt, as if saying he was done speaking. This was the first time he's every really talked to someone other then Azoth'na with more then five or ten words, which was surprising even to himself. He laid back on his bed, and the glowing purple eye on his forhead appeared.

With one last hug Azoth'na disappeared into a dark purple pentagram, the same way she entered this reality. Kazuhiko closed his eyes and started to breath steady breaths, ready to fall asleep.

Ratori was in the midst of a dream, dreaming of his past years at the dojo with his father and the other students. He had his training clothes on with a bokken in his hand, facing an older student. Ratori was in a state of mushin, or complete and utter balance and clearness in one's mind. The older student was sweating somewhat, his grip tightened on his wooden blade.

The match started off, the older one stepping in with a vertical strike, but it was to predictable and Ratori lead the blade aside causing the student to fumble. With a quick step and strike he knocked the student to wooden floor with a downward hit.

Ratori turned to see his next opponent... but the surroundings shattered into a dark and icey cavern, the darkness seemed to pull him towards a large skeletal warrior about eight feet in height adorned in black and blue armor. The skeleton had deep icey glowing orbs for eyes, horns started from where it's brows would be and spiraled up and back. The horns barely reached a few inches from the back of the skull. Ratori felt his body freeze as azure mist flowed forth from the jawless skull of the creature, it's fangs were razor sharp.

The large boned metal clad creature approached Ratori drawing an Icebrand from his wide dual sheath, the creature felt he only needed one of his icy blades. He pointed it at Ratori as his blue orbs narrowed onto him.

"Are you the one... the one so honorable to doth the presence... of the One called Vulkain?" There was actually no voice, only a chilling grumble from the ice blue skeleton, it seemed to be made of the bones of a demon, because they were intensly thick.

Ratori stared at the Frozen Warrior, unsure what to do. Meanwhile the sword insignia on his head started to glow blue, flashing light throughout his room where Vulkain sat unaware of the events unfolding.


Kyuubi Naruto
12-15-2006, 07:11 PM
Shiro looked over to Ameena."What do you mean,'you wonder if your gonna get in a battle this year?'It's garunteed that EVERYONE will battle this year,and way more than just once.Asking if your gonna get into another battle is like asking if I'm going to breathe in a couple of seconds."He sighed,then inhaled air."Unless,you've ever gone a whole year without a battle,in that case,how?"He asked."Not to be rude or anything,but I thought everyone got into battles."He looked at Jing on the stage."Hey,what ya doing up there?"He yelled.

Seikyu Kiba
12-15-2006, 07:18 PM
Vaan nodded at what Shiro said "Yes, hey maybe I will challenge you Ameena." He said chuckling as he continued reading "Well I guess I will head to my dorm.." He says standing for a moment still reading. "Oh By the way...what is everyones home rooms?" He then closed his book and put it down to his side "Mine is 4-A" He said nodding

Kyuubi Naruto
12-15-2006, 07:24 PM
"Yeah,well,you do that.I'll see you around,my dorm is 3-A,so it wont be that hard to find me.Now,it's good to meet yall,but I think I'd better get going,ya know?Gotta go sort something out with Kumiko before she thinks I'm a total peverted idiot for as long as I live.Catch ya later."He picked up his stuff and walked out of the dome,and headed back to the school to search for Kumiko.

12-15-2006, 07:33 PM
Kayne looked over to his room mate and saw that he fell a sleep. "No thats smart, I tought that we had class in a few minutes.. Ah well, good time for me to see if I can connect too Fyxanf's world again" Kayne tought.
He got up from his bed and sat down in the meditation pose on the floor. he closed his eyes and let his tought dwell to Fy, he hoped that he could use her being to connect to the dreamers world.
In his mind he started to shape the little girl as he knew her, but somehow he could not keep the shape real good. It slowly changed to a taller girl with angel like wings on her back. Kayne opened his eyes and looked a bit confused. "Ok this is the second time I see this angel like girl. who is she?" Kayne tought.

12-15-2006, 11:40 PM
As lothe as Kasch was to admit summoner's into his presence he was beginning to desire the classes to start? Wasn't this a bloody school? Work needed to be done and so far only two people had work, the two who had fought. Azazel sent him thoughts that made it abundently clear that the TPM desired battle. He slipped his switch blade out of his pocket, flicking his wrist to make the blade come out. Azazel rumbled in his chest. Luzifer dragged the blade along the surface of his skin, not cutting, just dragging it gently so he could feel the sensation of it. He sighed... what tedium.

He looked out the window watching the sky. He twisted his head a bit and imagined it was the sea. but it wasn't the sea. The sea he knew was red.

maybe with dusk it would seem more a sea.

He opened the window and swung one foot over the cusp easily, like mounting a horse. Then the other foot and he sat looking across the campus. He saw a group of cabalists where one was asking the room assignments of the others and looking through a window he could see some arguement brewing between two occultists. or maybe they were finished. he didn't particularly care. He just watched them all. Detached from it. Alone. He smiled.

He wondered if he was the only person here who hated summoners. Or maybe there was a whole underground movement of self-hating summoners just waiting to be tapped? Azazel was doubtful of that and Kasch was inclined to agree. He was behind enemy lines in a war with no borders. Wait... yes he knew it was an oxymoron but Azazel relished it and that bother Kasch who spat to the ground.

Leaves shifted themselves noisely through his head.

But he liked this

Being an unwatched watcher.

Undrave Limito
12-16-2006, 12:00 AM
OOC: Allright people great work so far! let's get this first day of school wrapped up. Skip through classes with a passing mention ,maybe how your character would introduce himself/herself to his/her home room, get acquainted with your room mates (who is the person playing another 14 years old boy again? Your character will bunk with Limito) and then go to sleep... maybe dream a little and then the new day will start and we can get more story going!

Natu Utan
12-16-2006, 12:13 AM
-Rumiko stands up, and stretches his arms high above his head, a yawn escaping his lips. He looks over at the clock, he had hanging on the wall. It was around 7 PM. "Wow" he thought to himself "The day went by fast" Rumiko was quite tired from the day. He moved over to his twin sized bed, blue sheets were on it. With Green pillows. He smiled, remembering how soft his bed it. Wanting it, on his back. Rumiko removed his shoes, and placed them, next to his bed. He layed down in his bed, removing his shirt and throwing it into a hamper across the room. He knew, that Li would come and go in the night. At the times when Li was in the human world at night, she slept beside Rumiko. On the bed with him. Rumiko layed his head down on his pillow and closed his eyes. Thinking, of the days events. He soon drifited off to sleep.

12-16-2006, 06:59 AM
As usual Luzifer found himself sitting on a window sill. This one however, was the one for his room. He had had class and was now in his room. The classes had been easy however, he had been forced to introduce himself with his faulty japanese to the cabalists in room 4-B. Other than that, it had been fairly uneventful. He had sat in his front row corner and avoided being called on or asked to give his opinion about anything. He perfered not to interact with htese summoners.

The night was alive with singing lights. Some from the dorms and some from stars. The light glazing the air into a nebulous grey and letting him see the vague outline of his hand. He wanted to right but his labtop was still charging and he liked to sit and think a bit more.Should he write a poem? or work more on his novel? In either case he suppose he should get to work but he decided to treat himself to a little more watching.

Aura of the Twilight
12-16-2006, 09:24 AM
"Yeah I guess you guys are right but it isn't impossible." Ameena replied to the guys' comments. "I'm in homeroom 4-C and class 3-A with Seiyuka and my dorm number is 4017." she replied.

"Hm? Oh that's right! I gotta go do some stuff then report to home room. So I guess I'll see everyone later. Bye Seiyuka, Bye Vaan! Ameena said as she waved and then sorta jogged out the battle dome. Ameena went to her room got her stuff for class and a sketch pad for drawing and walked to homeroom. There she had to introduce herself to her homeroom class then she went through a rather uneventful day of school. Ameena got to her room after school and started to sketch a picture before she went to bed.

Seikyu Kiba
12-16-2006, 10:35 AM
Vaan blinked for a moment and then closed his book "Gah! I am late!" He said turning to Shiro "Sorry but I have to go Ill see you at lunch! (if they have one)" He says running out across the school yard and into the school. Down the hall and into Class 4-A "Gah! Sorry Im late Sir" He said bowing. He realized class had ended and then looked down "Oh Well I guess I will have to head to my room 4005" He said to himself as he walked to the dorms. When he found his dorm for the second time he walked over to his bed and laid on it reading as usual.

12-16-2006, 12:25 PM
Yuki had given professor Rumiko her welcome then goen through classes saem old same old. She hated her roommate but again didn't talk to her just fell alseep on the bed before however doing that she summoned Yuri told him goodnight then let him go back to where ever it was he went.

OOC: Doggy sick may not post for a while

I am your stalker
12-16-2006, 02:27 PM
Heather put down her book thinking *It is time to go to my home room*.Heather got to her feet and got her things, and walked out of her room. She walks to her hoom room *Now I can't...was it 4-C*
She pulls out a sheet of paper and says "yes, 4-C". Heather walks in and takes a set. After her class was over she walked back to her room and fell asleep, hopeing the day will go better.

12-16-2006, 06:13 PM
Vulkain sat up to find the night outside and Ratori asleep with the shining blue aura about his summoning insignia. He jumped up and shook him in a worried manner for he knew something was going on.

"Ratori... awake I say." he said while shaking him lightly.

Ratori held his bokken steadfast as he felt the heat from the Never Ending Sun fill his body. Vulkain was with him. "What manner of being are you? and how do you know Vulkain?" he demanded of the Lich, his eyes burning fierce into the darkness of this dream world.

The Lich narrowed his blue orbs towards Ratori and dashed into a hilt charge, he drove the hilt of his sword into Ratori's abdomen causing him to fly across the dark reaches of the Iced Cavern. The Lich roared loudly, the mist shot out like a blizzard. "Show me your connection with the Warrior of the Never Ending Sun! How close is your bond?!"

Ratori got up using his wooden blade as a cane, he held his abdomen with his open hand. "Vulkain and I are one, we both fight for honor!" summoning up his strength he charged at the Lich with his bokken steady at his side, his resolve flawless. He leaped foward, and in a spark of fire he unleashed a Vakbato, a drawing Fire cut used by Vulkain.

The Lich's orbs turned into a brighter blue hue as he saw how Ratori connected with Vulkain's power, the skeletol created bowed before him one a single knee as the strike hit him on the shoulder guard. He shot out his other hand and grabbed Ratori by the shoulder "Be as that it is... you will need another allie, master..." the lich bowed it's demonic skull low, connecting with Ratori through his grip.

He handed Ratori his swords and grumbled "Azuka and Zeeran, the blades of the eternal cold of the void...."

Ratori took the blades and they disapeared only to reapear in the Lich's sheath. "So... what shall I call you?" Ratori said, still somewhat surprised by this event.

"Narzural... but you give me a name master..."

"Kanjiki it is..." Ratori held forth his hand "Partners?"

The Lich put forth his armored guantlet and shook his smaller hand. He then floated away as Ratori was sent to his regular dreams.

Vulkain could feel the familiar presence and he disapeared to the 'In dreaming". He stood across from Kanjiki with his arms crossed. "So... you think Ratori... has the potential?"

Icey mist shot from Kanjiki's mouth, or half mouth to be exact. He grunted as his blue orbs faded away as if closing his eyes.

Vulkain shrugged before sitting on his knees, closing his eyes as well for the night.

Kazuhiko fell asleep as night approached, his mind in his own little world.

12-16-2006, 06:45 PM
Kasch's roommate had come in and slumped on his bed but apparently hadn't noticed him on the window sill. He didn't want to interact with the cabalist so he very stealthly slipped his hand in and grabbed his laptop. The then climbed up to the roof along the side of the building, grabbing the sill above to pull himself up. Soon he was sitting comfortably on the edge of the building, his face etched by star light and filled out by the glow of his laptop screen.

He typed working hard on his novel, it was a huge epic which focused on the relationshipi between man and god if such a god existed, the nature of religion and all that. He had always been taken by theology though he had never been religious. It was odd. But he liked it. Azazel's illusion stood beside him.

Wait we'll have our chance soon enough

Azazel sent waves of omniscience confidence. A word stuck out in the mass... SACRIFICE.

Kasch began to laugh. It trickled out over the buildings innocent and vicious. Azazel joined him though no one could hear Azazel since his form was but an illusion, a mere manipulation of Kasch's ocular receptors.

Outside the full moon’s howling

Outside the midnight calls a tune

Inside there’s a young boy bawling

And he screams till face turns blue

I know your nervous child

I know you drunk on what is true

I know that mercy mild

Has left you her with one not two

Arms are trembling now still

Take into the wellspring maroon

Which stains the wispy wills

Of people who have died too soon

And you wonder why joy is crying

It seems she left you with a loon

Whose red eyes consume the dying

Leper and pain’s tycoon

Kasch mirth stopped. The moon was a gem in the velvet of the sky, and it gleam skittered across his skin. The Man there was screaming. The birds were answering him, sweet and shrill, and grasshoppers too, dull and throbbing. The nightengale was fluttering across the wind. Kasch leaned back and smiled in a twisted happiness. Azazel waited to the side, a specator to a strange thing. "God is a place, Azazel." Kasch said outloud. "A place where some unholy spectacle lies. Some sinful miracle cries."

To kasch the outlines of the buildings were always sharper at night. Everything was viewed with clarity. He spent the entire night up their own the room. Eventually slumping to the side when sleep overtook him. He would wake to find cabalists.

But his dreams were those of the past.

Seikyu Kiba
12-16-2006, 06:56 PM
Vaan looked at the window and noticed it was open "hmm looks like I have a roommate" He said as He summoned Shinhon "Well Shinhon can you tell where he is?" He said smirking. The Plant shook its head and then rested its head on the bed "Oh you lazy bum" He said patting it on the head.

12-17-2006, 03:11 AM
Kayne's first day to class, was not very interesting he mostly was daydreaming aboud the angel winged girl. When he came back to his dorm he saw his room mate already fallen to sleep. so Kayne went to his bed and also tried to sleep. In the middel of the night he did awake again altho he tough he wass'nt sure. what he did know whas that infront of him on the bed said the angel girl again. he blinked and she was gone. so if it was in hisw dream or in the wake world. made no difference, it was a TPM.
"aybe I could summon her" Kayne tought as he fell asleap again.

12-17-2006, 10:12 AM
"Mmm...Another school year..." Yume mumbled, brushing her green hair back. The peach ribbon in her hair was getting loose; better take it off. Another day had ended, and Yume still went to her dorm in Building D-4...alone, at least. She was never one to socialize.
She hiked away from her 4th Year Summons class, watching the concrete under her feet all the way. Once she'd gotten inside, a big sigh heaved. Opening her door and flicking on the lights, her face drooped, even after a hard day of classes. "Hey, Tasku-chan..." she grabbed a purple stuffed bear from the ground, and hugged it tightly. "Another day..."
With another sigh, all her nightly routines were completed: changing, brushing her teeth, quick snack, and a good nights sleep. "Another day..." she mumbled. easily drifting off.

Kyuubi Naruto
12-17-2006, 10:12 AM
After class was over,Shiro went back to his room in 4011 and flopped down on his bed.He sighed,as he looked at the surroundings of the medium sized room."This is my last year....might as well make the best of it."He said.He sat up in his bed."Wonder....do I have a roomate?If so,they did a pretty good job of not making it noticeable."He opened his bags up and began to unpack,then summoned Sky."Sky,this is our last room here at the academy.

Sky looked around."Nothing special,but beats the hell outta first years dorm,dont ya think?"He said with a smrik."So,where's your roomate?"

"Not sure I got one,but who knows,huh?"Shiro continued to unpack as Sky looked around and inspected the room,then sat down on the bed.

"So,what about that battle at the dome earlier today?How'd it go?"

"It was alright,then Limito kid won,and that other guy got really pissed off.Seeing him storm away in anger was probably the most exciting thing about it,I should have listened to Kumiko and just went to my dorm instead.But I met a couple of people,one of them who needs some help learning their ways around here named Vaan,and this other girl named Ameena,this is her last year too.Weird,I've met most 4th years since we've been at it since the first year,but I guess she must be from a different side of the school or something."He said,putting his bag in the closet."So,wanna go storm the night?If we're lucky,we might not only find my roommate,but maybe get in a TPM battle."

Sky nodded."Let's get going then."

OOC:If anybody wants to be my roommate,you can give me a PM,the room is 4011.

12-17-2006, 10:16 AM
Kaede headed home. She went up to her room and saw that it was now empty. She headed downstairs and looked for her foster parents.
"Ummm, Judy? Wheres my stuff?"
"Oh, Kay dear! Im sorry we didnt tell you before you got home, but you didnt answer your cell. Hideki's brother and wife are having really bad finicial problems, so they'll be staying with us now. We got you a dorm by your school. All your stuffs already there, just go to the office and get your room key."
"Im sorry sweety...look, I'll drive you back to school, ok?"

Kaede had mixed feelings about the whole thing. She was kinda excited that she'd have a roomate, which could start a friendship, which would be nice. She also didnt like the thought of being so close to that school 24/7.

"Now, your father and I will be transferrign your allowance into your bank account. We'd also like it if youd come by and see us during the weekends. I know its dangerous to be walking by yourself, so your father and I are thinking about getting you a car..."

A sparkle gleamed in Kaede's eye. She was dropped off, got her key, and headed towards her room. She walked in and saw that someone was staying there, but they themselves werent there. She unpacked her things and went to sleep.

Undrave Limito
12-18-2006, 12:39 PM
Limito was walking down a beaten forest path. It looked like it was the middle of the day but so little of the sunlight could filter through the thick overhead foliage. Small beams of sunlight beamed down through the thick oaktrees and lighted up his way toward a clearing. At the center of the clearing a spring had form a deep well. The air around the well was crisp and cold, but not freezing. There was a large, almost circular, shaft through the leaves that allowed light to reflect on the surface of the water.

A small acorn dropped into the water, creating ripples as the boy walked closer to the edge of the pool. There was the cry of a raven, which sounded fairly similar to Branlud, and then the water exploded!

And Limito woke up. He sat up in his bed, realising he was now in a room, his room in fact judging by his suitcase. He was still wearing his clothes from the previous day and guessed he had collapsed from exhaustion after the battle and that the teacher he was talking with had brought him back to his room. He looked to the other side of the room at a boy (Jing) he didn't know sleeping in the other bed in the room. A quick look at the clock told him it was quite early and so Limito decided to try not to wake him up. He slowly and silently got up and took this opportunity to take a shower and get changed. With some free time before breakfeast he headed outside to get some fresh air, maybe he'd meet someone out there.

12-18-2006, 12:51 PM
Kaede woke up early the next morning, got dressed, and found a secluded area to train a bit. She summoned both Koe and Chou and prepared her violin.
"Alright, we'll do some advanced tatics. Remember to keep up your guard."
She began to play as Koe and Chou had a practice battle. They didnt use their powers, it was just pure agility. Kaede had trained them to move based on sound instead of visual...since Koe was damn near blind. Both girls moved with grace and agility. Once that was over, Kaede announced that they would now be doing some manouvers as a team. She picked up her violin again, and began to play.

12-18-2006, 01:15 PM
Ratori awoke early in the morning, quite early infact. His room was freezing cold and he was stumped to the reason it was so, until he felt a familiar tingling on his forhead. It felt like the tingle he would feel when summoning Vulkain, but instead of warm it was cold to the touch.

He then opened his eyes wide to a stunning realisation "I have a... second Partner now..." he rubbed his head while stretching out, preparing for his morning training session. He took his shower and got dressed quickly, and as he walked out the door he grabbed his scarf and redwood oak bokken before closing it.

He didn''t see his room mate which was peculiar, but he paid no heed to it for the time being.

He made his way out into the school yard were he found the young Limito looking around, taking in the dark morning.

"Hey Bakuro-san! " he called to him while jogging in his direction "You out here to train? Or just enjoying the morning? Ah heck, you fought yesterday, and I heard you won. Congradulations." he bowed to the younger student, he could still see some subtle potential from him.

Kazuhiko awoke to the sound of Ratori's calling to Bakuro, he shook his head then opened an eye "That Ratori is getting on my nerves... he must think he's all that and a box of pocky.." he groweled to himself before sitting up. He looked to his right to see the image of Azoth'na sitting beside him, using their connection to project herself to him.

Azoth'na raised a hand towards him, wiping his face to no avail. She hummed a shallow hum before disapearing from his sight.

Kazuhiko's eyes eased from her image, and he shook his head as it disapeared. He started to ponder what he's gaining from this school, he never enjoyed the company of many and a subconscious jelousy always plagued him.

After doing his morning routine, not careful in any aspect to keep quiet for his room mate, he made it out to the secluded field behind the dorms where he heard the variant sounds of a violin. He found himself following the music until he found a girl running drills with her TPMs. It was Kaede, and Kazuhiko had seen her around the school once in a while but never thought about it.

He leaned on a tree watching her TPMs wisp and blaze about to the music. He grunted as his eyes scanned the scene slowly in the dark morning.

Fionn Mac
12-18-2006, 01:28 PM
Declan spent a lot of time resting under one of trees in the courtyard. When it got to late to stay outside he headed into the dorms.
He had already taken Limito to his room, and he decided he should head to his respected room, Room 4013 where is roomate was someone named Seiyaku, though he hadn't met them yet.

It was late anyway, and Declan decided to slide right into bed unnoticed. The first day had been interesting. He had seen a tough battle and had interacted far more than he anticipated he would.

In fact he had carried the soon to be well-known, unknown 1st year student Burako Limito, back to his room after he had collapsed from beating an older student...so much for wanting to not concern himself with others too much.
Although, Luckily only a few people had seen him, like Baki and Prof. Rumiko.
If 1st year students were that tough, he knew he would need to study even harder to become better.

As morning approached Declan had dressed but continued to lay ontop of his bed. So far it seemed some students were quick to make friends and some distanced themselves.
The school it seemed, would be able to bring the best out in some...or the worst out in others.
As much as he wanted to stay focused and to the books...some part of him felt that was nearly impossible...this school was different it was truly unique.

12-18-2006, 01:29 PM
After a few moments, Kaede sped up the pace and played faster. Koe and Chou responded. She also changed the tempo and bit to hint to use powers. Again, both girls responded. Instead of using their powers as attacks, they used it more as visual affect for a ballet. This helped them have better control of their powers and the force behind them. Kaede played faster and faster until....-snap-
A sharp pain crossed the left side of her face. Once of her strings had snapped. She fell to the ground and covered her face. She looked at her hands to see they were covered in a good amount of blood. She heard footsteps running towards her, and someone trying to pull her hand away.
"Stop! Blood will get in my eye!"
She opened her right eye to see Chou trying to pry her hand away.

12-18-2006, 02:15 PM
Kasch woke up to the feeling of Azazel's impatience. Azazel emotions screamed for Kasch to get strong so that he might actually accomplish all the goals he had set for himself, among them the extinquishing of all cabalists from the face of the earth. Kasch woke immediately and keeping his lap top under his arm walked down the maintenance stairs from the roof to the ground floor and left via the back exit, that way he wouldn't have to spend undue time with summoners.

He rounded the corner of the building, from the shadow of it cool and dull into the sweetly singing rays of the spring sun which skimmed across his skin soft and smiling. It was a sensation and he absorbed it like he did all others, the glimmer of it casting across his black-white hair which fell across his eyes which leered out from behind their drapery. Calm and calculating.

He walked across the fields of the main campus, ignoring paths, perfering as always the most direct route. From the courner of his eye he saw a girl with flowing black hair in a secluded area. The way the shade seemed to bend around her made it seem that her hair was a touch darker then perhaps it was and the sound of music from he violin caught his ear for a moment. He wasn't a sentimental person and musicment little to him (though he would confess to liking a few lyric-heavy groups but mostly for the poetry), however, he was still caught in strange way by it. Not exactly mesmerized but perhaps distracted. His senses didn't dim and see two TPMs moving around the girl, his hatred rolled beneath the calm overcurrents. But he watched. Observing an enemy was paramount. This girl might become an enemy just like everyone else here. Some... some might become allies if they accepted their sinful natures like he had, resigned themselves to death. But someone who played the violin so with such skintillating over tones and labrynthine depths seemed more like one given to personal anguish then ubiquitous guilt. So he listened, feeling her notes as he fingers palpated across the string board.

Then a string snapped and slashed her across the eye. The red blood flooded down her face. Soft and sweet. But he still stood there. Not acting. Hesitating. What would be the right action? What would be just? To kill her and save the world pain? Or save her and ease his conscience? To help in selfishness or kill in beneficence. He didn't know, but he gradually glided closer. Not making any hasty moves. In fact avoiding the semblance of going towards her alltogether. From the surface his action would seem like he was just going their for his own reasons. He moved towards her at an angle, not directly. He moved with calmness that belied the immediacy the situation desired of him. And his switchblade rested in his pocket.

And it was screeching.

Seikyu Kiba
12-18-2006, 02:32 PM
Vaan woke up and got ready for the new day "Hmmm time for a new day" He said walking out of the room with his Book in hand reading it. He walked out of the dorm halls and across to the main campus where he spotted a girl covering her face with a summon trying to pull her hands away. Vaan reacted and met up with Ritter "Hey you! What's going on here?" He said as he walked over to the girl and nelt down. He saw the blood and then closed his eyes. He took out a hankerchif and then held it under her chin then picked her up and turned to the summon she was with "Don't worry I will help her." He said nodding at Ritter and the summon "Now then lets get you to the nurse fast."

12-18-2006, 02:55 PM
A boy came over to help Kaede who was to busy worry about whether or not she'd be blind to actually rush to the nurse's office. He helped her up, but Koe shifted in a defensive way that stopped Kaede in her tracks. Koe may be practically blind, but her senses were sharp. She stood there facing in the direction of someone. Chou now stood next to Koe. Kaede knew something was wrong, neither girls would act so hostile towards another human. For a mintue, she completly forgot about the gash on her face. Chou attacked, but with an illusion, and both then disappeared. This was her chance to get away from this other person. She looked to the boy who was helping her and nodded that she was ready to go. They headed to the nurse's office.
"Thank you. I probably wouldve sat there and bled to death if you didnt come by." She gave the boy a weak smile. With all the blood loss, we became a bit dizzy and light headed. Part of her was still worried that she would loose sight in her left eye...

Natu Utan
12-18-2006, 03:08 PM
-Rumiko awoke at the sound of his clock going off at 7 AM. The sound, coming from the clock being that of a Shard of ice flying through the air, a swift noise. Rumiko looked around, and saw Li laying on the bed next to him. Her soft fur lieing peacefully on her body. He stood up, not waking his Summon. Rumiko changed his clothes, to a similar outfit from the day before. Tossing his dirty laundry onto the ground. Which in turn, sucking into it. The floor, absorbing his dirty laundry. Rumiko smiled and walking into the bathroom. He releived himself, then took a shower. After finishing his clean ups, he walked out of his room and into the classroom. Rumiko cleaned the place up a bit, getting ready for the school day. Soon, Rumiko was walking out of the Gym, down towards the Cafeteria to eat some breakfast.

Li had woken up, seeing that her master was gone. Probably to go otu and work for the schools day. She layed his head back down on the bed, resting it on her paws. She had just summoned herself before Rumiko woke up. And didn't really feel like going back. She sighed, her ears drooping down, as he body began to evaporate into a mist.

Rumiko sensed that li had put herself away, as he smiled. He entered the Cafeteria, seeing all of the srudents there. He glanced at the clock, seeing that classes would start in an hour. He got a small order of Biscuits and Gravy from the Cafeteria worker. Rumiko ate the food, savoring the sweet taste. He stood up, leaving his plate where it was. he walked outside, to see Limito walking. And Ratori running to him. He thought he would say good morning and stepped of towards the two.

Seikyu Kiba
12-18-2006, 03:19 PM
Vaan looked down and smiled "Well it's no problem, I couldn't just leave you there to bleed to death." he says now looking as she was getting dizzy "Rest and don't speak" He said as he wrapped the Hankerchief around her eyes "this should stop it for now." He said running threw the halls down and then into the nurses office "NURSE WHERE ARE YOU WE HAVE SOME ONE SEVERILY INJURED!" He said yelling.

12-18-2006, 03:33 PM
Raisuke had woke up, standing up straight as he stretched, yawning a bit. He sat back down and looked out the window, it had a somewhat good view, at least he could see the battle dome from his room. He got up, getting dressed, not paying attention if he woke his room mate up or not. Raisuke silently opened the door, closing it softly behind him as he walked down the stairs and outside. He walked a feet aways from the dorm until he found a good space behind the battle dome where he summoned out Rahkshi.

"Alright, ready good buddy?" The summon nodded as he scratched his head. "Alright, practice flying attacks." Rahkshi stretched his wings as he flew upwards until he disappeared behind the clouds. The blade slid out as he dove towards the ground, spinning. He passed through the clouds to only have it spin with him. He closed his wings to fall faster to only open them again just inches before hitting the ground, gliding at a fast pace over the ground, the blade's tip scraping the ground as he flew upwards again where he did numerous stabs and slicing through the clouds. "Alright now let's practice your powers." Something both he and his summon hadn't used in a long time.

Rahkshi stood in front of Raisuke, his back to his summoner as he drew the blade back in the device he used. He had his hands opened in front of him as he concentrated on making the black sphere he had made once so long ago. Raisuke stood in the same position as his summon as he yelled out "Night shade!" a huge black sphere appeared before Rahkshi, his eye patch was on the floor as his right eye was blood red with no black pupil. He shot the black sphere up in the sky as it exploded once it was past the clouds. The clouds turned pitch black before returning to normal. "We're.....we're gonna have to work on that." Raisuke said, bending over, breathing hard. His summon bent down and picked up his eye patch, tying it back in place before his summoner took any notice.

12-18-2006, 03:53 PM
They moved away and Kasch raised a hand... reaching... grasping air and falling to his side... an unmoved mover. An unwatched watcher. An unheard listener. A voiceless screamer. His hand reacherd again but they were gone. Azazel sent waves of disappointment into Kasch and Kasch nodded. The music must have had an effect on him. He felt drunk. Or what he assumed was a drunken feeling, he'd never imbibed an alcoholic substance in his life. But still he stood there a while.

He smiled. A stone was being cast from place to place. Bouncing off of walls waiting to hit someone. He wondered what would happen when it impacted. Would it break or be broken?

He doubted he had the strength to break anything anymore. All he had was justice and how frail a thing was that! Justice. He shouldn't bother with it but his heart wouldn't let him ignore it. Justice. It wanted him to kill so many people. He closed his eyes and held his hand returning to his original task of walking to his classroom. His mind pulsed with fervor. Watching that boy take the girl away. Such thoughtlessness! Did he think about the consequences? Did he take all the agony he might cause into account? Some rash action that might bring pain. Such small actions! Such bricks! What of the mortar? That sickly paste formed of souls and dreams. Would his stick or merely break apart?

And What of his own?

His arm began to pain him again and once more he slipped the black cream from his pocket and rubbed its numbness against his squealing skin. So sad. So sinful.

But hear he stepped from the shadows and the light blazed against him. The sun had turned sickening in that breif time. He couldn't think anymore and once again he turned his thought to the cold practicalities his life would be made up of. Azazel waved over his conciousness with satisfaction.

Master...So weak and soft... squishy... but... your taste is rich like... like a pale floating color perhaps gold and so beautiful as it reflects of the world. This scent of pain is kind and calm... and it will guide you... if you listen... but azazel did not allow Kasch to feel these words and kept them to himself

12-18-2006, 05:07 PM
Kayne opened one eye and looked to his roommate and his TPM. "Do you need to make so much noice so early in the moring he murmeld as he came to a sitting position and trew away the blankets. Kayne slowly got up out of bed and opened the curtains. "Well the weather has not changed since yesterday" He walked to the sink and started to clean himself up. Brushing teeth and washing his face, he also shaved his face and started to get dressed. "You realy can live without your TPM or can you?" Kayne asked to Kazuhiko. After getting dressed Kayne grabed his school gear for the rest of the day and opened the door. "I'm going to get something to eat in the cafateria if'you wont take to long ill get you some food and a seat too." He smiled to Kazuhiko and walked out the door.
Kayne was humming a mery song as he entered the cafateria, since he started to dream about the Angel girl Kayne felt a lot more confidend and happy. "I realy hope she is e real TPM that I one day could summon" he tought as he entered the line for breakfast.

12-18-2006, 05:27 PM
The nurse dragged Kaede to a back room and put a warm, damp towel over her fave to clean up the blood. She then grabbed some rubbing alcohol and put it on the cut. Then peroxide. She put a few butterfly bandages on the cut and let out a sigh of releaf.
"Youre lucky it wasnt deep enough for stitches! Once more, you lucky it missed your eye."
Kaede looked over at a mirror and saw that it slahed her forehead down to her eyebrow, then skipped down to her cheek.
The nurse left the room to tell the young man that had brought her in that she was all right and that he could go see her if he liked. She also went to get her something with sugar in it, to produce more blood.
Kaede sat there and wondered if she should even bother going to class.

Seikyu Kiba
12-18-2006, 06:01 PM
Vaan signed in relief and walked into the room where Kaede was in, he saw her sitting and then walked over "Thank go your ok" He says sitting down in a chair against the wall "I was worried you were going to go blind" He said then standing up and walking over to her "Oh I'm sorry I haven't throughly introduced myself...My Name is Vaan Nagasagi" He said holding out his hand. "Who might you be miss?"

12-18-2006, 06:20 PM
She shook his hand and smiled
"Kaede Ichiahara."
The nurse came back with two sodas and some cookies and gave them to both students.
"To boost your blood count back up. Feel free to go to class when you feel better. Let me know first, and I'll wright you a note."
There was a small moment of silence.
"So...what class are you in Vaan?"

12-18-2006, 08:14 PM
Dan had passed the remainder of the previous day without any much drama, found his room, made something like a friendship with his roommate(NPC), and went to sleep. Well, he had finished At the Mountains of Madness first, then slept.

A dead-end canyon. Right in the middle of the canyon was Cethali, swinging and stomping and blasting at TPMs surrounding him. A view from the ground zero of the area. To his right, a creature resembeling a large cone with a ring of appendages around the top was dutifully tinkering with various components resting in pockets of a vest to make different weapons. To his right, a monster resembling a human-sized spawn of crab, scorpion, and lobster was climbing up Cethali's leg, hacking and spitting acidic venom into the wounds. A shadow flies over him, and a huge, armored man with an elongated face and seven eyes made a leaping slash with a Claymore. Then all of Cethali's limbs glowed, and the dragon let out it's worst attack, filling the canyon with it's condensed hate.

Dan woke up just before the beam hit him. As he expected, the pillow he'd been sleeping on was now on the floor. He could never sleep, it seemed, without knocking the pillow off the bed. Sighing, he flopped out of the bed, shaved with the electric razor that growled for his facial hair, made his hair look he'd at least considered how it looked, dressed, and left. Day 2. Whoo-hoo.

Shape had retreated to his underground lair and flicked on the television. Program after program, he'd waited for it to get late, then left his lair to make his nightly rounds. These weren't so much cleaning as sweeping for students and unruly TPMs.

He'd patrolled until it was late, then partrolled till it was early, then in those few hours before the wake up calls when no teenager could seem to stay awake, he'd gone back to the lair to catch however much sleep he could before his day job.

Seikyu Kiba
12-18-2006, 08:24 PM
"Nice to meet you Kaede" He said taking the cookies and soda from the nurse "Thank you, can I have a note as well?" He said then hearing Kaedes question "I am in class 4-A." He said as a small vine grew out of his shoulder and out popped a venus fly trap, it rested its head on Vaans shoulder and fell asleep. "SHINHON YOU LAZY BUM!"

12-18-2006, 08:37 PM
"4-A? Then I guess we can share a note."
She stared at the small plant that sprouted behind Vaan's back. It was actually kinda cute, and it made Kaede giggle a bit to herself.
"Shinhon? Thats a cute name."
She got up slowly to see if she was fit to go back to class. She then scanned the room to make sure that she wasnt still dizzy. Nope, all seemed to be fine.
"I think Im ready to go to class.How about you and Shinhon?"

12-18-2006, 08:51 PM
Raisuke had been practicing for a few minutes before lying on his back, his summon simply did loops in the sky to excersize his wings since he hadn't used them for a while. He got up and shouted to his summon "Hey Rahkshi, time to go, and I'm getting kinda hungry." His summon landed before him, actually smiling before waving a good bye as he disappeared. "Whoah....someones a little happy." He muttered before walking towards the cafeteria.

12-19-2006, 12:31 AM
Kasch slipped into the cool building, and though he pressed closer to other students then he did outside he became more distant from them. There was a huge gulf between him and everyone else and he perfered it like that. He quietly found his way to room 4-B and took his front corner seat by the window, the partial cover of trees causing stray beams of light to play games on his desktop and skin. He burrowed himself into his seat and seemed to sink away from reality as he waited for the class to start. His first day of education. Finally. Time to get all this over with so he could leave this hell hole.

12-19-2006, 03:19 AM
Kayne overheared the talking of Kaede and Vaan and walked to them. "Your in class 4-A? so am I! I remember you to from yesterday in the class. my Name is Altera Kayne nice to meet you". Kayne made a small bow as he was tought to be proper to new people he had met. He looked over his shoulder, "I wonder where Kazuhiko is, he is late" Kayne tought to himself.

Seikyu Kiba
12-19-2006, 05:25 AM
Vaan smiled and then looked over at Shinhon "Yep Shinhon, It may not be the best name but hey I have had him for a long time so I had to call him something." He said as the plant woke up and yawned "WHY YOU LAZY!" He said yelling at the plant. "Oh your in my class? Well that's good because then at least I know someone." He said turning to the nurse "We are ready to head back to class."

12-19-2006, 07:57 AM
Kaede gave a polite bow to Kayne. She got a note from the nurse and the three headed off to class. About 10 mintues after class started, they entered in. Kaede handed the teacher the note. She stared at Kaede for a moment.
"Violin string popped."
The teacher gave an "oh..." and gestured them to have a seat. She took her seat by the window and looked out it...and became lost in her thoughts

12-19-2006, 08:52 AM
Kayne smiled a bit silly to the teacher becouse he knew he had nothing to do with the voilin string but the teacher did not say anything. Kayne quickly entered the class and trew himself in the seat behind Kaede. "Another class day" He tought, "Maybe I get a battle someday soon now I feel I am getting rusty."

12-19-2006, 09:13 AM
Ratori had lifted his bokken high above his head, he then turned around adjusting his grip and elbow joints as he faced away from the rising sun. He swung down fimly, pushing the air down towards the ground. He repeated this process while awaiting an answer from the young Limito, he had to get his morning practice in after all.

Kazuhiko had followed the people he saw, he grunted at the time when the girl was cut and something inside him compelled him to see if she was alright. He ducked around the corner of the nurses office, and he heard the conversation between them all. He noticed his room mate with them and shook his head.

After keeping unnoticed while they left he went to class 4-B. Somehow they never noticed him; at least to his knowledge. But he kept it from his mind, for why would those light hearted students care? They held true to there unbound outwardness and Kazuhiko felt it tearing his own hate into a farther trench. His hate wasn't infact a direct hatred towards others; more like a hatred towards himself.

He sat in the back of the class, saying nothing and keeping unoticed.

12-19-2006, 09:50 AM
OOC: I dub room 4-B the room of highly defective people

IC: Kasch watched another cabalist enter the room. His red eye followed him, panning underneath his black and white hair. This one seemed infinitely peculiar, but it wasn't more than a casual notice for now. He'd keep his eye on every one of these occultist bastards, it was part of his mission here to learn their weaknesses. To kill them. He kept to his corner though, hidden in plain sight and undeserving of attention, despite the seething emotions that flowed off from him. Feelings of hatred, of sorrow.

Azazel sighed in his mind, the TPM was getting dulled by the drudgery of the class when finally the teacher began to enter and the various other students began to meander towards their seats. There were still a few minutes but the time for class to start was approaching. Kasch sat up a bit more, leaning forward and resting his nose against his crossed fingers. He had to get stronger. As it stood he was probably the weakest here. Having summoned Azazel only once before and never having taken part in a TPM battle, not to mention having repressed his summoning abilities till he was 17 meant that he was fairly atrophied. But he would get stronger. Stronger then them all. And then he would murder them and rid the world of their sinful existance. Humanity would be free.

And he would be damned.

12-19-2006, 03:37 PM
By lunck time, Kaede was sturggling to stay awake. She headed for the cafeteria and grabbed anything with sugar she could find. She went outside and sat under a shady tree, took out her box lunch (along with teh three sodas and a bag of chips she bought) and ate. She looked around at all the groups of students eating with their friends and having a good time...which gave her a sour disposition. She woundered where Vaan and Kayne went, but she dared not follow them in fear they would think she was desperate for attention. She looked at her uniform for the first time all day and saw that it was splattered in blood stains.

Seikyu Kiba
12-19-2006, 03:53 PM
Vaan walked outside for lunch and summoned Shinhon "I figured since you love the outdoors we could eat outside." Shinhon happily growled and then started to move with Vaan. When someone caught his eye he noticed Kaede. He walked over with his book in his hand reading and then closed it "Hello Kaede mind if I take a seat?" He said as Shinhon grew around the tree. "Wasn't class today boring?" He said taking out his lunch and sitting down. He pulled out a case of sushi and some chop sticks. He then noticed her blood stained uniform and then chuckled "You should get that cleaned."

12-19-2006, 03:59 PM
OOC: dog better
BIC: Sitting in room 3-A hadn't been to interesting decided Yuki. Jsut listening to the teacher not at all interesting. Lunchtime. She found most students were sitting with their friends. She hated the way it always turned out and no one seemed to want to sit with Yuki. Her roommate was chatting quietly with her other blonde haired blue eyed friends not that Yuki expected her to welcome Yuki with open arms. SHe caught sight of Kaede sitting under a tree by herself. She didn't really know her all that well but she had defended Yuki if you could call it that. Yuki took a risk and sat quietly beside her her voice sort of faltered as she said "I-I wanted t-to thank you for defending me and g-getting the girls off my back. I-I'm Yuki" she said offering a small shy smile. she smiled slightly at Vaan too "M-may I sit here?"

12-19-2006, 04:03 PM
Kasch didn't bother to exit the room at lunch, staying in his isolated corner, he didn't need food that badly, not badly enough to endure the presence of summoner's. He held their for a fair while before his stomach and his boredom forced him down into the cafeteria. He stayed aloof and after he recieved his food he sat down on the floor against a wall lest other people seeking a seat try to talk to him. Azazel wafted hatred through Kasch's frame and his red eyes scanned the entire room. Azazel was trying to make him snap, to attack someone, to start a fight but Kasch clamped his teeth and held off. He had to be patient. Discretion would be the better part of valor in this battle. Though he loathed summoner's to the core of his being he wasn't going to be stupid and let himself stand out before he was ready. He applyed his black balm to his skin which was beginning to burn as his thoughts twisted in his skull.

For now though he watched the Cabalists, how they chatter inanly in their little circles, the buzz of their voices beating hard against the walls and givening the room a sense of indigestion. These were the enemy. But the sad part, or perhaps the happy part, of it was that they didn't realize they were the enemy. They didn't realize their own evil. This made it easier for Kasch but a bit harder on his conscience. Killing someone for a sin they didn't even know they had commited would be a stain upon his honor and would probably cast him to hell but it would be alright if it save one child from waking up to a final nightmare of flashing teeth, constricting vines, or the freezing tendrils of otherworldly ice.

12-19-2006, 04:23 PM
Raisuke now wandered around campus, looking at all the people talking, seeing that some wore uniforms while he just wore his clothes. He never did like uniforms, they made him feel like being imprisoned and always made him look like a rich kid. Besides he liked his own clothes, his jeans and shirts he always wore, though some jeans were ripped at the knees. But if anyone had a problem with that then they can have a nice chat with Rahkshi or his fists.

He wandered to his own class, standing outside the door and was about to open it but had a second thought. I shouldn't interupt, I'm late and if I show up now I'll get into trouble. So he walked off, he walked into his room where he felt a fist hit him in the back of his head. "Ow, ow ow ow...." He rubbed his head and turned around to find Rahkshi there, looking slightly annoyed. "Relax, I'll go to class tomorrow, besides I'd have to think of a lame excuse as why I was late." He laid down on his bed, hands behind his head as he closed his eyes "And I'm too lazy to think right now." He felt the bed tilt to the side as he fell to the ground. "Okay, okay I'll go walk around some more." Rahkshi shook his head and pointed to his books "I dont want to go to class now." The summon just closed his eye and disappeared. Raisuke grinned "Alrighty then, lets walk shall we? Make a couple of friends, eh?" He got up and left his room, once again walking around campus.

12-19-2006, 05:32 PM
Kaede smiled when Vaan came to join her. She giggled at his remark about her uniform. A younger girl came by...a girl she saw earlier.
"Dont worry about it. No one likes bullies, feel free to join us Yuki."
Kaede couldnt help but but squee with joy inside that she now had some friends...or at least aquaintences.
"My names Kaede by the way, and this is Vaan" She went to ask what room the young girl was in, but those familiar arms appeared behind Kaede and held on to her.
It was Chou, being her plaful self...until she got a whiff of the blood.
"And this is...CHOU!"
Chou had grabbed on og Kaedes sleeves and was licking at the blood stain. Before she could whack the red head off, she was grabbed the the other sleeve where Koe was doing the same. Kaede grabbed both girls by the ears and pushed them off of her.
"The first one is Chou, and the second Koe. Both of which are a pain in my side at times"

Seikyu Kiba
12-19-2006, 05:44 PM
Vaan laughed at what the two summons were doing "I see they want to help." He said as Shinhon rested his head on Vaans shoulder "YOU LAZY FLIPPIN CREATURE!" he yelled patting him on the head and then turned to Yuki "A pleasure to meet you." He said smiling as Shinhon stoll a cookie from Vaans lunch "HEY!" Shinhon ate the cookie and then smiled. "ah you big baby." He said chuckling.

Kyuubi Naruto
12-19-2006, 06:06 PM
Shiro had woken up,got in his uniform,and already headed out to lunch after his first class.As he walked out to lunch,he looked around for any familiar faces,when he noticed Vaan.He took his lunched and walked over to Vaan,laying his lunch on the table,but not sitting down yet."Yo!Vaan!What's up?Mind if I....."He noticed Kaede and Yuki both,then looked back at Vaan,with a slightly suprised look on his face."Oh,I'm not intruding or interrupting anything,am I?"He grabbed his tree and pointed over to another group of people he knew from last year."Cause,I can leave,if ya want me too.Dont wanna get in the way of you three."He said,arching his eyebrow as he turned to Vaan for a reply.He looked at Kaede,then a Yuki."Hey,Shiro's the name,good to meet ya."He said,holding up his hand in a small wave.

12-19-2006, 06:11 PM
Dan was having, by most standards, a bad day. He'd gotten to room 4-A late, after thourough searching had proven that 4-A was, in fact, NOT on the other side of the campus, as the map had led him to beleive. He'd muttered some hasty excuse the teacher and slid into rows in the middle that never draw attention.

Lunchtime was a guessing game of sorts, since Dan didn't really know what most of the food they were serving was. He picked out a few items that looked somewhat familiar, or at least readily eatible, and went outside to eat.

He saw a few people eating by a tree, and they looked like they were having a good time. "Just don't start quoting Necronomicon at them," he thought as he walked over there. "Uhmm, hi." He said, "Name's Danforth, I just say Dan." he said, then made a quick "Excuse me" as he summoned Shaggoth. He whistled commands to the living goo, which swelled to overlarge bean-bag size and took on a more opaque color as it thickened. Dan turned around, then flopped onto Shaggoth, which kept it self together for it's Summoner.

12-19-2006, 06:14 PM
"Freaking hooray..." Yume woke up, and brushed her teeth, a dull face on. Apparently, she had to be in a rush to get to class. What was the point? Even after four years here, she still had no friends, and never spoke to anyone, except her TPMs. "Oh, I'd better get some training in with Sariento and Tomoe..." Yume muttered, now walking out with a dripping face and putting on a school uniform.

And with this quick routine, she grabbed her bags, and half-jogged to the lunchroom. With a loud panting, an empty spot was snagged, near a little clique speaking with each other, ignoring her, as wanted.

12-19-2006, 06:44 PM
Kaede polietly nodded to Shiro and introduced herself and welcomed him to join their group. A few moments after, another boy walked up and introduced himself. Kaedes face flushed a bit. She again introduced herself, only a bit more shyly this time. She couldnt help but think to herself: Gash my face and make friends! She offered Dan to join them as well, the more the merrier!
Chou sat in front of Kaede and ran a finger across the cut on her face. She then put her finger up to her lips as if in though. She then pushed aside Koe's hair, and examined her face as well, looking back and forth the whole time.
Neither Kaede nor Koe looked amused...

12-19-2006, 06:50 PM
Kasch's head wavered on its stump, fatigued from his long night vigil but it remained aloft though his neck strained to maintain itself. He watched the summoner's more, learning the way the lunchroom flowed and beat like a giant heart, at times expelling the cabalists and then taking new ones in. He listened, an soon to his ear came a conversation, one which he was alien from and which he felt as though he were hearing the faintest shadows of from acros a great ocean. From his island alone.

His eye panned towards it. There were a couple summoner's talking and he almost immedately recognized the dark haired girl whose string had snapped in her eye. His eye was dazzled by the blood on her shirt, filled with a macabre fascination with the patterns it made on her shirt, the main contientents where the outpouring of blood landed and the small islands, archipelagoes, and atoll's that formed around it. The geography of blood. The topography of life. A strange synthesis of morbid horror with transcendental love.

He listened as they exchanged their various words and was amazed my the way they so easily traded words with each other. But what shocked him most was the flippancy with which they treated not just their own TPM's but also the TPM's of others. Azazel was not his friend and neither he nor Kasch pretended to be, there emotions crashed against each other's but there was a bond of knowledge, not of fellow feeling. It was the knowledge that neither could succeed in his aims without the other. That ultimately victory would be mutual, but by then Kasch hoped to find a way to kill Azazel, though he respected the Fallen TPM, and Azazel was probably thinking of ways to kill Kasch. It was a mutual empathy and antipathy that created a strange alliance. And what was what they face? But loosly knit groups of people talking and chattering like mewling children! That was there only hope of victory.

But still there was some part of him that rang hollow. Some weak portion of him that screamed from his chest and which sang from his skull, filling his skin with a sensation of uncontrolled stroms straining inside him. It was a cold furnace that wretched within him and he watched them. He watched. And watched. And listened. And felt. And smell. And tasted. And was numb.

Utterly numb.

But he was used to the numbness. it was the sensation of his black lotion and that of the past 12 years. A numb throbbing hatred. A numb throbbing heart that smashed against rips to weak to hold, and too soft to shatter.

Seikyu Kiba
12-19-2006, 06:56 PM
Vaan looked at Shiro and smiled "Of course join us!" He said chuckling and then his face turned a bit red "No your not interupting anything." He said as Shinhon grew around Shiros feet "Well looks like Shinhon found a new pillow." He said chuckling as Shinhon grew his way up and then laid his head on Shiros head "Well....yep lazy as usual!"

Kyuubi Naruto
12-19-2006, 08:25 PM
Shiro stood silently and still as Shinhon wrapped around his feet,then slowly crept on top of him to his head."What the....."He slowly pulled Shinhon off his head and handed him to Vaan."Well,looks like he can get accustom to pretty much anything,can't he?"He asked."So,Vaan,I was wondering.Maybe after you finished your lunch,if we hurry,we can have a practice TPM battle,how 'bout it?I was out last night searching for some Summoners myself,but no dice."He asked Vaan,still holding Shinhon is his hands."Oh,ya might wanna take this,I think it's getting a little TOO comfortable."He said,as Shinhon's vines wrapped around Shiro's arms.

Undrave Limito
12-19-2006, 08:28 PM
OOC: crummy connection right now, sorry if I'm holding you back Tetsanosuke, just say Limito called your character Sempai and Ratori introduced himself and moveo n... I'll post when the connection returns to normal.

Undrave Limito
12-19-2006, 08:57 PM
Limito blushed a bit at the attention he was getting.

"Ah...thank you Sempai." He said, bowing "I'm just out to enjoy the morning really...why?"

Meanwhile, on the otherside of the school Murata Baki was training. He was punching against the trunk of a tree with his barehands. It wasn't the first time he was practicing there, his fists had left a mark on the bark of the tree since he had started this exercice early last year. Buzzkill was hovering behind him, everytime he punched she would do a sharp move to the side or up or down, always shifting direction.

After a while he stopped and wiped his sweaty brow with a towel.

"Next time I'll get ya!"He growled "Return to the Dreaming Buzzkill, you deserve the rest." he then told his TPM.

The TPM buzzed happily, flying around her Summoner before dissapearing. The young man was happy his TPM had recovered so quickly after its defeat, but he was still angry at it. If only the rules of the school weren't preventing him from challenging Limito for two weeks he would already be planning a revenge Purple match...Heck he couldn't even challenge anybody else until all his chores would be done...After breakfeast and before class he had to head over to the pool and help prepare it for summer.

He punched the tree one more time. Why was the principal so hard on his own Hall Monitor? Baki knew the reason was that the principal wanted to test his resolve and character but it was still annoying. With that he decided to head to the cafeteria.

Fionn Mac
12-19-2006, 09:37 PM
Declan finally got going and headed to his class, 4-B. Most of the students in his class were...detached, to say the least. One student obviously hated Summoner's..even though he seemed to be connected with something. The other student of...interest, had a TPM but was as cold as the personality he gave off.
"How in the world did he end up in a class with this sort?" Declan thought to himself. Although, the near silent class wouldn't provide any distractions...and those who didn't want to learn or care to, would only help with paying attention.
His own persona could be lumped into the "style" of class 4-B. Other students would no doubt see him as the intimidating silent giant, who was rightfully paired with others like him.

As the others went to lunch, Declan decided to stay in class. The teacher who was quite relieved to get out of such a...glum class, left the door unlocked but closed it to comply to Declan's request.
He pulled out a book and began to lightly read, but he mulled over seeing the damaged tree...which Baki had taken his aggression out on.

It seemed everyone had their own unique personalities. It was lucky for some to form quick friendships with others similiar to themselves. And for others, suprisingly more than Declan thought...friendship was far from their minds.

12-19-2006, 11:09 PM
"Oh... just wondering. Wah! It's getting late. Time flies when you're swinging eh?" he said with a chuckle before waving as he left "Gotta get to class Bakuro-san. See you later."
After Ratori had finished his swinging and his chat for the moring and had ran to his room for a quick splash of water before heading to class 5-A. He sat in class writing notes and completeing his work fairly fast.

"So the summoning cirlce is the radious a celestial body erupts from the rift, and thus creating a slight rip in demensional...blah blah blah." His pencil soared on in his note book like a never ending printing press. Though this was stopped by the lunch bell.

He took a seat outside in the open field, several students would sit by him then just walk away. From the sidelines a short girl with long purple hair and glasses tip-toed over by Ratori and sat down quietly.

Ratori noticed her and smiled "Hello there, and your name might be?"

The shy girl responded in small bits "Take.na.. Mi..yu..ya.. " she was able get out. She seemed quite embarrased.

"Nice to meet you Takena-sama, I'm.."

"Raishin Ratori..." She finished his sentance.

(EDIT: I worded something wrong. Gah)
Kazuhiko noticed the malice of the one 'Kasche' in the class room and felt himself smile,it was an unexpected one that seemed to tingle at his thoughts. "Azoth'na would love to take in this... joyous scent of hatred.. yes.."

Though as soon as class started it seemed to turn to Lunch, and Kazu stood outside the front entrance leaning againt the brick of the building while sitting on the wide stone hand rail. He looked around, sipping at a water bottle keeping silent.

12-19-2006, 11:53 PM
Kasch, found himself gaining a sickening slimy coating of some strange sad emotion. It was haunting and clinging. He gripped his hidden left arm and felt pain from the sensation, he focused on the pain and used it as a reminder of what he must do, why the world had turned the way it had. Stood up and slid out of lunchroom feeling no more hunger and in fact feeling as though he had eaten far too much though he had only eat a scant few bites. He had never been a strong eater, and if he remember his family had a history of anorexia bulimia but this was an honest sickening in his stomach.

He stepped back into the classroom feeling as though he was laden by some sinuous substance and he took his seat in the far front corner. He looked out the window. The sky had a cloud in it. The cloud seemed to cry out in crazed lonlelyness as it was beaten down by the sun. Eventually the cloud dispersed and there was nothing left but that infernal sun casting stinging rays in Kasch's eyes.

Seikyu Kiba
12-20-2006, 05:28 AM
Vaan laughed at Shinhon "Oh thank you." Vaan said taking Shinhon "You lazy plant don't get comfterable on people." He said as Shinhon grew around him and laid on his head. "Hmph..." He then thought for a moment "Sure I would like to have a practice match." He said with a smile.

Undrave Limito
12-20-2006, 01:23 PM
"Goodbye sempai." Said Limito, bowing... and then realising he forgot to ask the older student his name!

He quickly went over to the cafeteria for a quick breakfeast and headed to class. In class 1-A he noticed his roomate was also there, something that could come in handy. He hoped he would be able to talk to him but once the lunch bell rang he lost sight of him. Limito headed back to the cafeteria and chose something to eat that looked palatable and then tried to locate his missing roommate. He had to at least introduce himself to him.

While wandering the cafeteria he bumped into someone, almost dropping his lunch.

"Oh my mistake! I'm sorry!" He said apologetically, until he realised he had bumped right into Baki.

The Hall Monitor galred at him as Limito simply slowly backed away. This was not the time to anger his defeated opponent. He felt a strong hand grip his shoulder from behind and he looked up in fright, finding the Principal standing over him.

"Calm down little one. Baki can't challenge you to another battle until he'S down all of his chores. Those are the rules. If he tries to harm you outside of the battlefield he will certainly find himself stared down by a few angry TPMs from other summoners who enjoyed your incredible performance... don't forget you can also summon your TPM to the rescue. Don't forget that you have powers in you and you have no reason to fear someone you know you can defeat." Said the Principal with a strangely scary smile.

"Incredible performance? Was I really that impressive?" Asked the short 14 years old.

"Why yes, no new student ever defeated an older student, let alone a Hall Monitor like Baki, in their very first battle at the school. It's unheard off. You have great potential my boy, just make sure to use it where it matters... I might even have a place for you in my group of Hall Monitors." Proposed the Principal.

"I'll...think about it." Said the boy before hurrying off to finish his lunch.

The principal gave him the creep.

He hadn't find his roommate so he decided to just eat and head back to class. All around him people were already making friends and he felt a bit left out. Luckily he'll meet people soon enough. He entered the class and sat down in his seat. He quickly summoned Branlud and petted him on the head.

"I know you will always be there good friend." He said, before letting him return to his world.

All was calm on the campus as class had resumed for the afternoon. A silent round shadow crept across the campus. A drop of green slime landed on the ground, scarring a squirrel away. It was Slimeye, the Principal's strange floating eyeball of a TPM. It was silently floating about the campus ground. It wasn't the first time he would be doing this kind of round and no one, maybe not even the principal himself, seemed to know why it did so. Slimeye was a mysterious TPM, almost unreadable because of its lack of features and it wasn't very communicative with its Summoner, even if it was loyal. Slimeye stopped in front of a classroom window and stared intently inside the classroom. Right at one student in particular sitting in the front row. The one named Kasch Ritter. Slimeye just hovered there staring like only a giant flying eyeball can do so. Was it interested in the boy or mad or just liked his haircut? No one could tell.

12-20-2006, 04:00 PM
Yuki looked around. SHe had never met so many people or she had but htey had all been teasing her. These people were being nice. It sort of put her off balance making her more shy. "H-Hi" Maybe if Yuri were here she'd be more confident. Yuri materialized on her lap. He looked excited at the prospect of meeting new people. He barked like a dog "Yuri, how many times do I have to tell you? You are not a dog" Yuri sort of whimpered and grudgingly moved off her lap. He immediately noticed Dan, Shiro, Vaan and Kaede. He couldn't sit on Yuki's lap so plopped on to Vaan's. Yuki blushed "Sorry he's sort of a bum"

12-20-2006, 04:16 PM
After class Kayne went outside to the school yard and summoned Fyxanf and started to tell her about the new TPM he had encountered in his dreams and vissions. Fy was realy currious about her becouse she tought she knew the Angel girl. After a long talk Kayne slowly realized that he had Fy summoned longer then normal. normaly he couls not keep her in this world for about 30 minutes but now she was here for almost an hour. Kayne smiled as Fy disaperad in to her world with a bow. "I must have improved" Kayne tought "Maybe I can summon the Angel anytime soon now"
Kayne saw the green eye flow past him to a class room window. He knew the eye, once he had a fight with a older kid and the Eye jumped in between right after the older kid had blown Fy back to the dreamworld. If the eye had not done that Kayne might no longer be alive now. the Kid with the name Derm was expelled from school for this action. Kayne was only a 2nd year and Derm was a 4th year.

Kyuubi Naruto
12-20-2006, 04:18 PM
Shiro laughed at Yuri's actions and sighed,then turned to Yuki."Ha,well,looks like that makes two of them."He said,pointing at Shinhon.He then turned to Vaan."Well,that's great.We can have right around here,and I'll be kind to you and let you choose which type of battle you want,I'm ready for pretty much anything."Yuri caught Shiro's eye as he was sitting in Vaan's lap,and he turned to Yuki."So,who are you?Nice TPM By the way."He said with a chuckle,pointing at Yuri,still plopped down on Vaan's TPM.

Fionn Mac
12-20-2006, 04:37 PM
Declan noticed that Kasch, the silent, depressed looking student various others had whispered about had came back to the classroom. He was a sickly looking individual, not a physical sickness...but one of depression and sorrow.
He had the look of one who needed help and a friend...but wouldn't ask nor accept any attempt.

Declan got up and turned in some work...most of which was due the following week, but he got an early start on.
He tried not to, but ended up subtley glaring at Kasch.
The student was the kind of figure Declan's Dad would bring to the local pub, buy him a drink, and take him home for a meal making sure to straighten him up.
But this wasn't his home...nor was it the same situation.

As he made his way back to his seat, a few rows behind Kasch, he noticed a Floating Eyeball just randomly looking in...but at the detached student.
Declan placed his hand around the small stone on his necklace, sensing that it was a strong summoner's tpm...most likely a teacher, if not someone even higher.
But why would it be focused on Kasch...or even close to the odd 4-B class?

Natu Utan
12-20-2006, 04:40 PM
-Rumiko walked off away from the two, seeing that they parted from each other. He returned to his class room, just in time for the bell. Rumiko, looked around, noticing that only 3 people were absent. He would have to make a mental note of that. "Konnichiwa class." Said Rumiko, with a smile on his face. "I am Professor Rumiko Kazuna. And i will be your teacher for TPM Battling this year."

"Good Morning Professor Kazuna." stated the class without any enthusiam at all. Most of the students were either laying their head down, or doing something non school related. But, a few were happily paying attention to Rumiko's class.

"First," Rumiko began to say with a smile upon his face. "I would like to introduce you all to my TPM. Li." As he said this, a large mist began to swarm the room. The icy mist covering the floor and the air. Making it hard to see. In the mist, you could see two bright green eyes. The students all became terrified.

Li, howled quite loudly, as she came into view of the mist. She knew that it was the first time she would be meeting her summoners class, since he didn't have class yesterday. She began to prowl around the room, licking a few students, as they jumped back. The mist began to evaporate. Once it was all gone, Li was standing in a pouncing position on the desk, of a demale freshman, with her fangs showing.

"AHHHHHHH" howled the little girl as she jumped up out of her seat and ran to the door. The rest of the students cowering in their seats, others, who knew Rumiko simply chuckled.

"Its ok Miko-chan." Said Rumiko as he walked over to the girl and put his hand on her shoulder. "Shes harmless. I ust do this every year, scares my students into shape." he said with a Chuckle. Li, had moved over to her pallat in the corner of the room. Rumiko walked back to his desk, as the little girl returned to her seat. "This, is Li." said Rumiko as he pointed over to her. "She is my one and only TPM. And has only lost 2 fights in her life time. To the principal, and to my father once. You all will fight her by the end of the month, to test everyones currect skills." He started pacing around the room, older students had stood up and hugged Li. As they knew her. "In this class," began Rumiko. "You all will learn how to eefficiantly control your TPM, and its powers. Better skills in useing them and battle and anything else in between. I expect everyone of you to accept any challenge that is made to you. No matter who is the opponet."

Rumiko explained the rules of his class and blah blah blah. DING DING DING, The lunch bell rang. After the class had left, Rumiko walked back into his little office. Followed by Li. Rumiko set a large bowl on the ground, with a steak in it. Next to it, a bowl of water. Li gobbled the food up. Rumiko, opened up his little fridge and pulled out a hamburger. He heated it up, and ate. He couldn't stand this Japanease food, so he cooked his own food. All American food.

12-20-2006, 05:07 PM
Raisuke had come across a group sitting under a tree, some had their TPMs out. Raisuke had started walking towards them to only have Rahkshi appear beside him. He was never really comfortable around other TPMs "Relax, it's good to make new friends, you'll see." He stopped a few inches away from the group and said "Hi, the names Raisuke, is it alright if we could sit with you guys and girls?" Rahkshi saw they had their uniforms on and looked back to his summoner to notice the difference that he wore his normal clothes. He knew his summoner didn't care so he just stood by him, his left eye gazing over everyone.

Seikyu Kiba
12-20-2006, 05:26 PM
Vaan looked at Yuri in his lap and then struggled "Hey get off me!" He said laughing as he had two summons on him. After he settled with Yuri he looked at Shiro "Ok then how about a Blue Match." He said nodded as Shinhon grew around Yuri "You lazy plant!"

12-20-2006, 05:39 PM
Kazuhiko spotted Ratori off to the forward left, his perch on the stone rail gave him a fair view of the field where many were eating lunch. He noticed the one Takena Miyuya being sheepishly shy about that glowing essence of conformity, and it brought a sick feeling to his stomach.

"Such warm hearts... all to be lost to the crackling pits of oblivion in the end..." He felt a burning sensation on his forhead and the outline of a giant crimson dragon burst forth from his body and he yelled loudly, feeling the fires of hell on his very soul.

Azoth'na appeared as quick as lightning grabbing the burning Kazu into her scarred arms, her double pupiled eyes looked at him worried. She shot out from the field in a flash of lightning, she unleashed 10 of her many tentacles from her back grabbing onto the top of the school building.

She pulled him unto the roof and held his burning body in her arms, he sat in her lap while writhing in furious pain. His breath was shaking, the pain almost to much to bare. An ungodly roar could be heard from the roof top, a dragon's call was a nigh as a few hall monitors made there way up to the TPM and her Summoner of a son burning in pain with a crimson flaming aura.

"It's Kurasume... What should we do?" a monitor said nervously.

Azoth'na screeched at the approaching summoners and released even more of her back's tenticles. You could hear the burning of her eatheral body from the fiery aura, and just as well hear her skin split as the electrified tenticles shot forth.

"Run!" the yougest on said, his bird TPM carried him off the roof.

"Dang.." said the first one as he and the others jumped back. " I don't know, get somebody, get Baki or just anybody. I don't think us three will be enough, his TPM is like a mother defending it's child."

"So Kande-senpai... are we going?" another younger on addressed the first.

"You two go, I'll stay with Garr..." he swung his hand forward and before him appeared a giant black wolf-like TPM, it stood in front of it's master silent and calm.

Kazuhiko opened an eye in time to see the wolf... and it brought him back to that day tweleve years ago...


The sky was turning Dark as the small Kazuhiko heard the sounds of clashing and ripping comming from the direction of the police station next store, only a tall cement wall separated his house from the building.

His five year old eyes, so filled with blue vigor stared out his window with curiosity as to what was happening. He heard a sudden crash then and explosion. The wall crumbled when a man and a metal clad hound TPM went through it skidding on Kazu's driveway. They both layed there; lifeless. the iron hound disappeared into a grey flame as the man layed there, his blood running cold.

A rather large TPM in the shape of a whithering wolf pounced upon the body of the dead policeman. It seemed like the authorities around Kyoto didn't have enought summoners in their ranks.

A few men wearing dark suits walked up to the driveway and laughed "That'swhat you get for mmessin' with the Koda Gang you bastards! You spoiled our shipments long enough!"

With that the Summoner stepped forward. He was wrapped up in a red cloak, his hair messily poked from several headbands hanging down over one of his ears. His eyes were red with bloodlust as well was those of his TPM. The wolf stood a good seven feet tall, porportionate to that size from a regular wolf. It seems to be hazing because the darkness from it's form was like a dark mist. It was mist in the form of a wolf, with red piercing eyes.

Kazu's parents stepped forward summoning their TPMs, but in the process they were ripped apart by the black dusk of a beast, losing limb after limb before falling to the paved drive way.

Kazuhiko was crying the whole time from his window, he had seen the whole act in the dusk. His body trembled in fear as he cried out "Mommy?...Daddy?.... wah..ngh..waah!" tears covered his face as he forced himself to look at the one responsible and his TPM. The wolf looked back at him snarling at the boy.

Kazuhiko fell back in frieght, his little heart racing with terror, but also burning with hatred. The people left the scene after missing Kazuhiko in the window.

~Flashback Over~

Kazuhiko glared at the wolf called Garr, and pointed a fiery hand forwards.

Azoth'na couldn't help but obey, so she lashed out fifteen of her lightning intense tenticles at the beast.

Kazu shouted in anger "ENDLESS BLADES!"

Azoth'nas tenticles snapped into hundreds more, all ripping, lashing and slashing at the wolf TPM Garr. Two of the many, latched onto the wolf's paws sending nearly 100,000 volts each into it's body as a few other groups of tenticles ripped at it's fur and lashed at the rest of it's body.

"Garr!" Kande shouted falling to his knees "No...Not my best friend!" He stood up and shouted "Garr! Use..uhh...no..use...oh damn what to do!?"

The wolf yelped as it was being torchered brutally, it eventually fell limp and disapated into nothing, it's essence was sucked into Azoth'na.

Kande was speechless and empty as he fell to his knees once again, his tears covered the ground before him . "....."

Ratori had summoned Vulkain and made his way up but was to late, as Vulkain cut down the lashing weapons Kande was lost in depression.

"Kurasume!? What did you do? What was that?" Ratori demanded

Kazu shook his head "You know nothing of pain..."

Kyuubi Naruto
12-20-2006, 05:45 PM
"Man,we're attracting people like a sweet scent."Shiro whispered to the rest of the group."Sure,what's your name?I'm Shiro,good to meet you."He then turned to Vaan."Alright then,but before we battle,why I need to get famliarized with our little group.Afterward,we can go to the center of the lunch quarter,that way we can put on a show for everyone,how 'bout it?And,as my might already know,I'll be using Sky."He then turned to rest of the group."By the way,everyone,since I've seen most of your TPM's,I'd like you to meet my TPM,Sky."He summoned Sky.
Sky looked around and saw the group."Wow Shiro,even a complete nobody like you can make a lot of friends,can't you?"He said with a laugh.

Shiro laughed along with Sky,then slapped against the back of his head."Give it a rest."

Sky chuckled,then waved at the group."It's good to me all of you,I'm Sky Kerin,Shiro's one and only TPM.

Shiro nodded.All of a sudden,a large explosion was heard,and Shiro and Sky turned to see that a tentacled TPM was on top of the school."Well,looks like the year is starting off with a bang.Sky,let's get going!"

Sky nodded.They leaped over to the scene of the action and walked up to Kande."Hey,what's happened?"He yelled,asking Kazu.

Shiro looked to Kazu as well."I guess it doesnt really matter right now does it?Sky,other TPM will be on the way,right now,we gotta handled this.So,are you in on this as well?"He asked Kande."Wait,stay here.Alright!Sky,get in there!"

Sky leaped up onto the top of the building and held his hand out toward the TPM."Maybe I'll be able to give you a real challenge,so face me now!"He yelled,as he leaped straight up into the air and dived at the TPM's tentacles,attempting to grab them as his hands began to glow a bright red.

12-20-2006, 06:49 PM
Kasch sighed as he watched some strange eye hover near him from outside the window. Azazel could sense that it was a TPM and thorugh Azazel's eye Kasch could see the tether that bound the thing to its Summoner. He ignored it though finding something much more interesting to watch off on top of one of the school buildings. Kasch watched with immutable chill the slaughter of a TPM and the tentacled corpse defending some cabalist. He knew TPM's were evil and it seemed that this on had the sin of rancor on its head. He wondered if he should bother to kill it... maybe kill the summoner too, call it self defense and let that end it. Azazel's loathing for TPM's wafted through Kasch so strong he could hardly control it. He felt his body move. He opened the window and jumped out, falling a few stories and feeling pain shoot up his body as he landed. His feet moved him towards the scene on the roof and they acted outside of his conscious desires, he was being pulled along a rope. The outer layer of his dermous was covered in goosebumps as he came closer to the most loathsome thing in all the universe... a TPM. It visiual hideousness bothered him not at all but the hideousness of its nature, the nature of its existance that all TPM's share, sickened him and made his stomach churn like a vat of fetid butter. He had no words as he walked closer to the abomination...well... the abomination that was more honest with its appearance. He walked calmly up the stairs to the roof. He watched with apathy... standing off to one side content for now to watch with fascination as these TPMs proceeded to tear themselves apart. Azazel screamed from within Kasch's chest to be set free upon the occultists, his thoughts begging Kasch to let him maim and kill, to murder the other TPM's the one's that had cast him down so long ago but Kasch resisted the demon. It's plan wasn't logical. Patience.

Kazu shook his head "You know nothing of pain..."

At this Kasch gave a mirthful smirk... but kept his thoughts veiled he didn't want Azazel to sense his feelings and in order to prevent that he couldn't even think them. Kasch continued to watch from a corner of the roof... a normal corner, he didn't hid or act suspicious, just watched. He was completely unworthy of note. His black-white heair was dull and distant, there was a wisp of cloud protecting him from the sun. He was in shade... and he was calm.

Undrave Limito
12-20-2006, 08:06 PM
Slimeye rose from the side of the building, coming into full view of the scene at the top of the building. Without a noise the TPM suddenly shot wads of slime at every TPM at the scene, intending to immobilize them, and not caring if it hit any humans in the process.

"That's ENOUGH!" Yelled a powerful voice that the Hall Monitors knew well enough.

From the doorway to the roof emerged the principal, a small furry creature on his shoulder in the shape of a rat with spider legs. Slimeye flew over to hover above his summoner, as if daring anyone to attack him.

"This ruckus lasted long enough...will someone tell me what is going on here?" He asked in a strong confident voice, knowing that he was the most powerful person on the whole campus.

Limito was in his classroom when the fight had erupted over the other building. He watched with surprise as a giant eyeball floated upward to the scene.

"What is that?" He asked.

"That is Slimeye, one of Principal Hinokuro's TPM." Answered the teacher of the class. "If the principal is getting involved you can be sure it's serious and there will be consequences... probably an official battle too."

The teacher was a math teacher, a normal human who was hired for this normal class. It seemed like he was somewhat in awe of the principal. Limito knew how intimidating the man could be. He hoped no one was hurt over there, but he could feel a strange wave of sadness coming from Branlud...something bad had happened to a TPM.

Kyuubi Naruto
12-20-2006, 08:14 PM
Shiro quickly dodged the attack from the Principal.As he landed on the ground,he quickly turned his head to the Principal."A TPM battle.That's what was going on,but if ya want me to be more specific,I was trying to stop the guy from bustin' up the entire part of the school.I dont really know what all this is about,but I just jumped into action without any other info.If ya wanna talk to anyone,talk to him."Shiro pointed to the TPM with tentacles.

Sky leaped over to Shiro."What do we do now?"

Shiro looked to make sure there was no eavesdropping,then whispered to Sky."Just keep your guard up,chances are that this aint over yet."He stepped back from Sky,and looked at the other TPM,then at the principal.

12-20-2006, 08:15 PM
Kaede was pulled away from her secret stares at the new boy Dan by the sound of someone shouting. She looked around a bit and saw that it came from the school's principal. She let out a deep sigh.
"Hinokuro strikes again"
A small smile crossed her face. 'Hes gonna get all protector of justice again, isnt he?' she thought to herself. Well, better a principal that cares too much then a prinicpal that doesnt care at all. Kaede leaned against the tree and waited to see what would happen next