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Beyond The Grave
12-07-2006, 06:35 PM
When I get bored, I make stuff out of paint. So until I get a PS that isn't too high (when I find PS7 I'll just for joy) how about u all just look at my works of art from paint eh? Lol but anyway let's get started shall we? This is my first work since I last actually did something. It's a wall can u believe it >>;


Forgot how to resize so just click the link and leave a few comments while ur at it!^^;

Hmm...I think it's smaller than it should be though, and I dont know why either ><; Oh and the butterflies I got from the banner up above*points* So I praise whoever made them >>;


Something I recolored and put font on. It's not much but I like the result of how it came out, was going to make it another color >>; Found this little thing on the search engine though so I really don't claim it as mine, except for the bordering, font, color..now that's mine^^;