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11-21-2006, 10:03 PM
OK, here are the rules.

Posts must be at the very least 4-5 sentances long. Make it detailed eh?

When going to other worlds, use your common sense. NO JOKING WORLDS! Like the world of 'Neopets' or 'Tellitubbies'. Use worlds from video games and anime or Disney (Like KH).

We have a 5 post per day limit so keep to it.

Try to use your best grammar please! ^^

Lastly, be creative and have fun!^^

Kingdom Hearts:

"Waltz of Destiny"
As the worlds of the Rift seem to shine in the silver sea of stars, letters connect slowly into sight in front of it all. A light and mysteriously pure voice reads them off with a curious yet worried tone.

“I feel…. like there’s something more to this life…”

Whispers in the background say “There has to be. How can there not?”

“Adventures always end happily, right?” The voice questions with hope.

The whispers flow past the letters like a subtle breeze “Is it true? How will we know?”

“I want ours to be true, our story that is.” It said in an determined manner.

The whispers got louder as the letters faded into the darkness “We need truth. Our hearts shall guide our way.”

“For all of our sakes…” The voice ended in another ponderous manner.

The whispers died down as they said “And for the sake of destiny. We are the chosen.”

Suddenly you see three forms shooting through space, each with the symbol of a Door: The Heart, the Soul and Malice. They clash in the center of it all then break away shooting into the far reaches of the rift.

All around, ghostly feathers fall from above as the sight was laid on a Lobos boy in an everlasting darkness. He turned to look at you, his silver eyes pierced into your soul as he made eye contact. He held out his hand and a key blade appeared in a green shower of sparkling light, strings ran down it’s transparent green blade to the bottom of the hilt.

He held it in his arms and plucked at the strings for a few notes. The music burst forward like a wave of shinning rays and whether you were of the Hikari, the Shiro or the Koi mattered not for his music was eternal. The music so beautiful and mysterious wrought forth your past before your eyes, and it flashed as the boy played his key blade like an acoustic guitar

The boy closed his eyes as the song went on, your past kept flashing on and on as he played his ‘Waltz of Memories‘. Behind him a second key blade appeared, with two blades that could be clapped together, and it did so by the boy‘s will. The beat became steady and mystical as the clashing of the key’s blades became a steady drum beat.

The song went on as your dreams were filled with the images of other worlds, the celestial feathers still raining down slowly in the view. You would be walked through by the people of the worlds, for you hadn’t any physical form.

All of a sudden ‘his’ voice spoke from the distance “What is it that you fear? What is it that you strive for? What’s most important to you?” his voice questioned you as you looked over each world. “Think on these things as your destiny is revealed, for only you can choose your fate from here on out. Be strong, and don‘t lets the winds of fate push you back for you have a long road ahead.” and with that he brushed over the strings a few more times, and the drum beat disappeared.

You awake in the world you last fell asleep in, it seems all those destined to be in this conflict had fallen asleep suddenly. Even the lobos boy awoke from his slumber, with a mysterious smile on his face. “Well, it’s time to get going I suppose.”

He got up from his resting place on the wide road or light between Twilight City and Feudal Empire, two worlds that he felt he must travel to. “May the wings of the Soul guide me to freedom…” he said while holding his left hand upwards like a prayer. He adjusted his wide brimmed hat to tilt downwards as to not display his facial features clearly.

With that he walked on to Feudal Empire, the tail of his trench coat swayed by the force of the celestial breeze across the Rift. The ghostly white feathers could be seen in the breeze, for that was the breath of the universe. All around him, the paths of light could be seen connecting each world, and people traveling on there merry way.

Natu Utan
11-21-2006, 10:20 PM
-Ryuu wakes up from a lonng good sleep. He gets up from his little spot under a bench in a dark ally. He hears his stomach rumbling and gets up. Ryuu, was walking along Traverse Town. His head looking down, he did not have any money with him and was extremly hungry. His right arm swayed slightly as his left nub of a shoulder stayed motionless. He looked up, and saw a small cafe in the town. He entered it and asked the person at the register if they would be so kind as to give him a free meal, if he worked for it. She said No. Ryuu's left shoulder, started to form and turn. A large blade appeared out of his shoulder. It being made of what seemed to be pure ice. Ryuu smirked, and swung the blade at the Cashier. It connecting swiftly with her head, cutting it off completly. Ryuu stepped over the counter, and commenced to the Kitchen. He pointed his bladed arm at the cook, and demanded him to cook Ryuu food. A large meal was prepared and Ryuu Gracefully ate it all. Soon after, Ryuu killed the Cook, and everyone in the Cafe.-

OOC- Sorry for the suckyness, I was just to eager to finish the post... My others will be better... Also, sometime I may call my guy Natu or Fugaro because I am used to useing that name and not Ryuu o_o

Janus Silverlock
11-21-2006, 10:48 PM
Janus wakes in his room in the first floor of the castle in Radiant Garden, climbs out of his bed and gathers up his clothing for his days travels. His mind is full of thoughts... about the dream, about what it is he is about to do... he had never imagined he would leave Radiant Garden. Who would protect it while he was gone, he wondered. He exits the castle swiftly, full of hope for the future of his city. He exits the city gate and turns back to say goodbye to his home, and then begins to walk down the twilit road to an unknown destination, trying to find the answers.

Well... Here I go. I hope the answers are out there...

As he walks down the path outside his gate, he stares at the ground as he walks... wondering what is next to come.

11-22-2006, 04:47 AM
Chesh woke up from a small sleep "Gah!!" he sat up and gasped "What...what was that dream?.." he said as he stood up on one of the road ways. "Ah well, its not time to be asking questions....To my destination!!!". Chesh walked the road way to some other world, Chesh glanced up and saw the rift "This....this is to another world?". Chesh closed his eyes and held out his arms, he fell forward and entered the world of SPYRO.

OOC: Hey Tetsano, I hope this is good enough

Seikyu Kiba
11-22-2006, 05:28 AM
He awoke in a Location which was the World that Never was. He was looking around and he was surrounded by the Heartless they got near him and with a simple slash of his Keyblade, they all dead, This was no oridinary guy, he was the chosen one to Unlock peoples futer with his Chronos Keyblade. He walked over to the steps of the world and looked down.

OOC: Just to let you know for the first few posts he won't be talkng.

Kyuubi Naruto
11-22-2006, 06:50 AM
OOC:Ok,just to let you all know,Im one of the Co-GM's for this RPG,and Faro,we're traveling to worlds found in the Kingdom Hearts games,not a little purple dragon's games.XD.

Lance woke up from his bed,and looked around his room.As the rays from the sun rushed into the room,he covered is eyes,the sun blinding him.As the sun moved,he could see the calm,quiet Twilight Town.He got out of bed and stood there,thinking."Another dream........"He then got dressed and headed out for the town.He had just yesterday arrived at Twilight Town,but he knew that he could not stay long.He headed out to the rift,and looked outward."It looks like someone has just traveled here.Probably a civilian,dont want them to get hurt or anything,so I gotta go watch out for them."He took the rift to travel to the Feudal Empire,where not only would he seal the next keyhole,but also have to watch over the person who he thought had endangered themself in traveling there.

Janus Silverlock
11-22-2006, 07:25 AM
Janus continues to walk on the path leading out from Radiant Garden into the surrounding woods. Before he can enter the forest very far, he notices a strange, glowing path to his right. He recognizes it as a path to the rift from the dream he had the night prior. He steps to it, and finds himself looking at paths to many worlds leading from this one.

Wow... this is amazing. Have these worlds always been here? ... I wonder why these paths have appeared now... Well. I guess I should pick a world...

Janus gazes out at his choices, three paths heading out from the one which he stands on. Down one path, he sees a quiet looking town. Down another, he sees a Jungle. And down the final path, he sees a castle similar to his own back in Radiant Garden. He chooses to walk towards the castle, and soon finds himself standing at it's gate, waiting to be greeted.

OOC: btw, that would indeed be Disney Castle. Just so you know. ^_^0

Natu Utan
11-22-2006, 08:39 AM
OOC: Again Kyuubi with no spaces. YOur going to make me blind >_<. Also, Kyuubi. I am a Co-GM as well.

-Ryuu got bored with his slaughterings, and decided to head off to another world. This world, he became bored with and found nothing else to do. At the gates of Traverse Town, Ryuu's keyblade, Rumiko started to shine, appearing where his left arm should be once again. This time, he glowed with a brighter Aura, seeming stronger. Ryuu started to enter his Drive form. Soul Hivan. His body, rapidly decreasing in Temperature. A large shiled of ice appearing over his body. An almost indestructible barrier formed around his entire body, with the tempeature of 0 degrees Kelvin. That would freeze anything on touch. Natu's body, started to become Transparent, as it would become a Mist. A power from his Drive form. He walked through the gates if Traverse Town. Probably, never to return to it. He closed his sapphire eyes, and randomly chose a path to a world, that would soon meet its Fate. Once he entered the random world, Ryuu looked around, to see that, he was in the Fuedal Empire. Upon entering, he sensed another blade weilder in this World. And, Ryuu automatically got his guard up.

OOC:Look familier Kyuubi?

11-22-2006, 10:02 AM
OOC: Kyuubi, the worlds of Anime and video games are open too y'know. -.-'


Sanosuke found his way down onto the dirt road leading to the city of feudal archtecture. He walked a little ways down the wooded walls at the corner of a dojo where he could here people practicing there swordsmenship. They seemed to be childen.

"Well I'll play them some music that'll raise their spirits." he said as his Crescendo Keyblade appeared in a flash of green sparkling light. "Now it's time for the 'Song of the soul' that shall bring strength to their hearts and spirits." he said as he raised the blade up, then burst into a dance of sword sweeps high and low stepping back in forth like a blade dancer.

The sword started to flow a flute like music from it's blade as the wind entered the small holes of the keyblade. When he swung low, the tone was low and when he swung high the tone was high. His song got faster as his dance went on, the winds calling out a vigerous melody that could bring inner strength and confidence to all the were within ear shot.

A slender samurai walked from the dojo and watched Sanosuke with interest, his red hair and his poney tail swayed as Sanosuke's winds were blowing. He smiled and listened to the music, his sakabatou at his side.

Kyuubi Naruto
11-22-2006, 11:03 AM
OOC:Eh....a little familiar.XD.J/K.BTW!Tetsanosuke,I just figured out what world we're in!We're in the world of Ruroni Kenshin,arent we?Im so smart.XD.

Lance looked at the mountains end that would soon lead to a small civilization in the Feudal Empire. He heard a upbeat tune coming from the city, and walked inside of it to see Sanosuke playing for the kids and kids dancing and laughing about. "Well, isnt he a good semeritan?" He said. He stood their and listen to the tune as he sighed and thought about his journey. He then noticed a energy coming from directions of Sanosuke and a direction outward inside the mountains. He knew that without a doubt it was Keyblades, and he sighed. "Their key bearers.......good to know that I'm not the only one around here. I wonder what their doing here? Are the Koi,or Hikari?" He thought. He then began to step closer to the scene of the music and continued to listen quietly.

OOC:Good to know,we might need 3 GM's once when this RPG gets off the ground.
My god,I hate having to put spaces after puncuation,its so annoying!How do you people live like this?XD.

11-22-2006, 11:10 AM
Reiko woke with a start. She felt like she fell through oblivian. She stood up on the rift. Reiko rubbed the sleep from her eyes looking around. "Interesting! They all have seemed to connected" she exclaimed. She walked on and entered the world of the Black Cat.

OOC: Tet I hope I did that right. If I didn't tell me what I need to change and I shall!!^^

Janus Silverlock
11-22-2006, 12:00 PM
Janus knocked loudly at the main door of the castle, but no one would answer. He tried the door, and to his surprise, it opened. He decides to enter the building and explore a little ways. About halfway down the hall, he sees a massive door, with a small brass handle at waist level, and beyond the door he hears a great ruccus. A little disturbed by this, he turns the handle and finds that a normal sized door was carved into the gigantic one. Upon entering what appeared to be the throne room of this castle, he finds a very small figure shrouded in a black cloak, battling heartless. Immediately, he summons Serenity out of thin air and charges towards the figure, ready to fight off the heartless.

11-22-2006, 12:53 PM
OOC: Yukari, you are fine.


Sanosuke continued his swift sword music, the children became inspired and took up thier shinai (bamboo swords) and practiced like they never practiced before. The beat and the melody echoed on into the souls of all like a whspering wind filled with freedom and righteousness.

During the song his hat was on the ground for any who may be kind enough to give him something though he expected nothing in return for his services.

His Crescendo key started to draw green glowing streaks in the air as it whistled and flowed it's flute like tune. The musical sword dance continued on until the children were done practicing and when it was so Sanosuke tossed his Crest Key up into the air and in a shinning green sparkle it changed back into a the flying bird key chain. He tied it aroun hs neck and bowed.

The red haired samurai dropped a few coins in Sanosuke's hat and commended him on his art. "You seem to be a dedicated wolfie, that you do. Not only was the music a dream to the ears, your techinque was wonderous and flowing. I commend you that I do." The red haired samurai bowed and brought the children bck into the dojo where a loud but caring voice could be heard "Kenshin! Where were you? Don't tell me you let the students take a break while I was sleeping!"

Kenshin's responce slowly faded behind the gate of the dojo. "We had a great practice that we did. Now don't worry yourself." And with that the sliding doors closed.

Sanosuke shrugged and lifted his hat onto his head. The coins seemed to disappear into his hat. “May the wings of the Soul guide me to freedom…” he prayed as he walked into the village square and stood against another wooden wall.

Kyuubi Naruto
11-22-2006, 01:03 PM
Lance saw Sanosuke walking away and followed him.He reached into his pocket and ruffled a bag of money out,then took 5 gold coins out and flicked them all hat before Sanosuke was able to but the hat back on his head."That was amazing....but what kind of Keyblade....makes music?"He asked himself.He then walked on through the town thinking about what had just happened.

Emo is the name
11-22-2006, 01:13 PM
Axel awoke from a deep sleep in a red room. It had a single bed and a table. On there was so blood on the wall from the man Axel killed to get in. However, where he left the man was a heartless. Sighing, he got up and killed the heartless in a matter of seconds. Leaving the room without a sound he left and entered in a ally next to the room. He looked around and found he was in Traverse Town.

Janus Silverlock
11-22-2006, 01:43 PM
Janus charges towards the heartless, swinging Serenity in a fluid motion, striking the ghoulish figures and freeing the hearts that were trapped inside. He strikes Serenity into the ground, creating an eruption of light around him and the figure beside him, destroying the rest of the heartless. As the heat of battle begins to calm, the figure removes his black hood, revealing the head of what appears to be a mouse.

Hello, there. I'm the King of this castle. You couldn't have picked a better time to show up, whoever you are... these heartless have been appearing all over the grounds. But anyways, nice ta meetcha!

The mouse King extends his gloved hand towards Janus, which he graciously receives in his own and shakes it lightly. A slight smile appears on Janus's face, as this is the first other-worldly creature he has ever met, with the exception of the heartless and nobodies.

My name is Janus, Sir... and I was wondering... could you tell me what is going on here? What ARE heartless, and where do they come from?

11-22-2006, 01:51 PM
Chesh wounderd the World of the Dragons and sighs "This place is no fun..not a heartless in sight". He says teleporting out of the world "Where to next?" he said to himself woundering "Hmmm......". Chesh saw the road of light and began to walk down it, hoping that his next place would be better then the last world.

fox demon naruto
11-22-2006, 02:15 PM
Cid awoke outside area of Halloween Town. HE sighed, and got himself up. The moon reflected off of his keyblade. There was a rustle and Cid turned around. Two heartless were standing there. "Mummy Heartless." Cid said before slashing them up in two swift motions. Sighing, he desided to head back to the town. As he passed a few children continued by him finding more ideas for the upcoming halloween.

Seikyu Kiba
11-22-2006, 02:27 PM
Tryce walked along the dark path of the World That Never was, He walked around as Heartless were appearing. He simply walked passed them as they didn't try to attack him. He then heard a voice coming from the sky.

"I'm Jesus! (lol ignore that part.)

"Tryce...do you know why you are in this world and hold a blade that looks like a key?" The voice asked loudly.

Tryce had no intrest in replying so he simply shook his head slowly

"Its because you have been givin the Chronos Keyblade a blade that can unlock the future of people." It said "There are others like you, but they all hold a different ability..some chosen people may become your friends, or your enemies. Choose them wisely, The blde also gives you the abilite to turn invisible to the naked eye."

Tryce smirked as he looked at the heartless and drew his blade. The heartless came after him but he slashed them down one by one while walking. He then noticed a door with light coming out of it..he walked in and appeared in a world with light blue walls and a dark blue stair case going down and up. He slowly walked up the blue stair case as it spiraled he found a door at the end of the stairs. He entered it and there before him was a place with darkness and little white lights everywhere, and white paths leading every which way. He smirked at the sight.

11-22-2006, 02:51 PM
Chesh stoped in the middle of the long path of light "Wow.....I have along ways to go before I reach the other world..." he sighed and laughed "Oh!! thats right.". Chesh called out Bell and jumped up high into the air and started jumping along the light path "Fweeee!!!! this is so much fun" he laughed as Bell jingled

11-22-2006, 03:11 PM
Reiko walked around aimlessly. She came upon a group of three. She listened in.

"....Train! WHy did you use all these bullets?!" said a guy.

"Sven, I was practicing. What's the big deal?" said the guy named Train

"Train, bullets cost money...money of which we are low on" said Sven

"Oh" laughs "I forgot about that" said Train

"Train, When will you ever learn?" said Sven pointing two finger to each temple.

"I am hungry. Anyone want something?" said a little girl

Reiko stoped. They seemed like an interesting bunch of people. "Hmmm. I think I will follow them." she said hiding behind a rock.

Train and Sven answer at the same time "I do!" They both look at each other and back at the girl walking off. "Even! Wait up!" They both ran after her. Reiko follows them quietly

11-22-2006, 03:22 PM
Chesh continued to jump from light road to light road, he then suddenly stoped "Hmmmm........". Chesh sat down on the light road and pulled out a riceball "Mmmmm.....riceball....". Chesh devoured the riceball and sat there on the road "Hmmmm.........what to do?"

Natu Utan
11-22-2006, 03:41 PM
OOC: I love Ruoni Kenshin =D. To bad Himura is about to die >: )

-Natu walked along a dirt path, hearing a lovely musical melody. Before it faded away. The music had moveed Ryuu in a way he had never felt before. He longed to hear the wonderful meldoy one again, and saught off in the direction it came from. He came to a Dojo, and thought that it was inside of their. Ryuu's keyblade, Rumiko, attacked to his shoulder stub, the brightness of the ice glistening in the afternoon sun. Ryuu walked over to a pair of sliding doors. And, knocked on them. A small boy with black hair, opened up the door. He answered with "What do you want?" he said in a awful tone. Ryuu, felt offended by this, and swung Rumiko horizontally to the boys head. Cutting it clean off of his shoulers. The blade hit the sliding door, and cut it open. Making a loud noise. "I'll just let myself" Ryuu smirked as he stepped over the dead body.

-Ryuu looked around, and saw many bamboo swords around the place. He heard loud footsteps coming from all directions. A woman, followed by a red haired samurai came first. The samurai holding a long sword. But, it was reversed. Ryuu saw this and chuckled. "How do you expect to hurt anyone with that reverse sword?" He asked, pointing to the sword the red haired man held. "I do not plan on harming anyone with it, that I don't." the red haired man said. "Well then, makes it easier for me." Ryuu chuckled, as he pointed his regular arm out towards the red haired man. The arm, started to swiver and shake. As the other keychain, firetried ash started to shake and quiver from aroudn his neck. It shot up, and into his arm. His arm started to transform with a bright light. Once the light faded away, it looked like Rumiko on his arm, except it was yellow. With surges of electricity surging through, and around it. Ryuu looked at it in amazement. And smirked. "Its about time it activated."

-He leaped off towards the red haired Samurai, and the girl. Slashing both of his key blades towards their necks.

Emo is the name
11-22-2006, 03:54 PM
Axel continued to walk around the town trying to find something to do when he heard a voice.


Axel turned around to see a man with a black cloak on. His face was hidden. But, Axel could tell the man was not to be taken lightly. "What." He said quitly.

"You have so much potential as a Nobody. Why do you spend your time here in Traverse Town?" The cloaked figure asked.

"I dunno. I forgot how to go to other places. And how do you know I'm a Nobody?"

"All in good time my boy." The cloaked figure gave a chuckle before saying, "However, I think you should go to another world." The cloaked figure dissapeared and there was a flash.

"Wha!" Axel exlamed before passing out.

Miss Sunshyne
11-22-2006, 04:08 PM

Hollow hues fluttered open as a wind gusted by, nearly knocking the petite girl from the roof. Hands shot to her sides, broken skin, and bitten nails clutching down upon the shingles. "What the..." She blinked, as she fled to her knees, then soon enough, fingers unclasped the roof top and pushed against her thighs as she rose up. A few stray locks fell into the face of the teenage girl; leaving her facial features shadowed to the world. "What happened..." She whispered to herself as she began walking across the slanted top. "Was that a dream?" Voice was kept in a gentle whisper; careful not to even let the winds rushing by hear her.

Hands grabbed at a ladder at the end of the roof; body swung to the side, and feet landed safely in a harness. Small frame shuffled down the poorly built stepping ladder and right onto the brick walk-way of Twilight Town. "Hello?" She howled out looking around. "Mr. Sebastian?" Head popped up, and around the corner of the wooden house quickly. Soon enough, the sounds of pittering and pattering could be heard as little Miss Kyx ran inside. "Mr. Sebastian? Are you awake? I fell asleep on the roof again... and had this wild dream... You'll...." Words broke off as the small house stood empty. No one was there, and it didn't look as if anyone had broken in and took her adoptive Father hostage!

With a reluctant sigh, the young girl moved behind the counter that held so many little artifacts, and made herself comfortable. "Maybe he went somewhere.. .To get more things for the shop?" Gaze fell to the ground, staring at her feet, waving the right one around in a bored manner, then the second one followed it.

Kyx was obviously oblivious to her fate. Did she have any clue that she was part of some evil world? One that thrived on destruction? Did she have a clue that malice was open? No. She heard about it from others when she was so much younger, but all their blabbering seemed to be a distant memory. A bad childhood story that their parents told them.. Something like the boogey man or Santa Claus. Nothing amazing never happened to her in her little world... If something did happen... It would be.... Magical?

As time went on, Kyx was slowly falling back into a bored slumber... Least till a loud bang lead the young girl tumbleing to the floor. "Who goes there?!! I have a weapon!!" She threatened as she fumbled around the ground looking for something hard or sharp. "I'm warning you... Leav..."

"Kyx... Shut up... Now come up front here... I have something for you..." A low voice spoke out in a harsh tone.

"Mr. sebastian!" Kyx squeeled as she crawled to him on all fours; as soon as she reached his heels she jumped up. Sending that purple shaded mop swimming about. "What did you bring your lovely?" Pink strips took to the heavens, revealing those bright pearls behind them. "Candy? A puppy?" She teased softly as she watched the large man rumage through his bag.

"It's neither... It's a weapon... Well two..." Sebsatian said as he finally brought the present out. They were simple looking. Twin double sided daggers, though each appeared to have a keyhole through the middle. A little odd? yes.

"Oh.. Wow. Erm, what will I do with these?" Kyx peered up at him through a perplexed gaze. "It's not like much happens around here anyways..." Slender shoulders rose and soon enough fell.

"You're leaving..."

Thin mouth fell, chin reaching the ground. "I'mma what? i can't leave here? Do you not notice there is NO WHERE for me to go?" She growled and folded her arms across her chest.

"Yes there are other worlds around here. Ones you may or may not have heard of, but you will find them. You have a mission Kyx... One I cannot tell you of... but you have to learn on your own. Let's just say... It's the opposite of most you will meet..." With that he tossed the weapons to the little woman, and left the room.

Kyx was still in disbelief. Bedazzled at what had just occured. "He expects me to go out THERE? and fend for myself? He's crazy...." With that she shook her head and tossed herself in a circle. Weapons in hand. "I guess I'll just go sit at the cafe area..." Body moved forth and out there door. Feet dragging along for what seemed hours, till she finally took a seat ten minutes from the house she had come to call home.

Left leg crossed over the right as she plopped the two daggers upon the table top. Just staring at them. "What am I suppose to do? Am I suppose to click my heels together and wish to another world? Doubtfully... Maybe someone is coming to pick me up?" She shook her head and looked up in the direction of an older woman. One that looked as if she came directly from Cinderella. One of her Godparents.

"Hello Miss. C." Kyx spoke in a soft tone as the older woman brought her a plate of cookies, and a fresh cup of milk to wash it all down. "Thank you..." Hand soon ventured up swiped a cookie from the dish and began to gnaw upon the burnt batter. "Do you know how I get off this wor..." And before she could get the rest of her sentence out the old woman fled away. "Well, thanks again." Kyx grumbled and threw the cookie back to the plate. "C'mon.. Someone, something give me a sign."

11-22-2006, 04:13 PM
Reiko followed them to a store. The girl named Even got a candy bar, Sven also got a candy bar, and Train got milk. "Milk? Only cats drink milk." she being a wolf she doesn't like cats much but as long as they didn't bother her, she wouldn't bother them. The group was coming out the door and she quickly jumped to the roof.

Train looked up and whispered to Sven "Seems we are being followed" he said nodding to the roof

Sven nods "Seems we are. Shall we give him or her a run for her money?"

Train nods "Sure. Why not?" he finishes his milk and throws it away. Then Dashes off faster then a normal human could.

Reiko dashed after him keeping up with him. "A game of chase...how much fun." She went just a little faster and cut him off.

Train laughs "A fast one aren't you?" He pulls out a pistol with the number 13 on the side.

Seikyu Kiba
11-22-2006, 04:44 PM
Tryce walked along the path until he came to a door, He entered the door and appeared in front of a Cafe. He was holding his Keyblade and looking around as people who walked by staired at him. He was standing looking like he was searching for some one. He was probably the only one who looked out of place. He just gave a smirk as he closed his eyes.

11-22-2006, 04:57 PM
Chesh laughed and ran down the light path, he sees a door and enters it. Chesh glanced around and noticed it was a cafe "Hmmm....who is that?' he noticed the guy who just smirked and closed his eyes "He looks like a weird guy'. Chesh walked to a chair and sat down, just then a voice shouted to him in his head.

"Hey!!....that guy looks suspisous" the voice said all eerie like

Chesh gets startled "Wah!!...I was thinking the same thing....hmmm....." he smiles and watched the guy holding onto the bell around his neck

Seikyu Kiba
11-22-2006, 05:38 PM
Tryce turned around and staired at the strange cat guy that entered threw the same door. He staired at him and saw his keyblade. and with a smirk as pulled out his and pointed it at him. He turned the key like he was unlocking a door and a small portal opened up revealing the cat guy beinging attack from behind by Tryce. Tryce appeared behind the cat guy and raised his keyblade smirking. He then brung the keyblade down in a slash.

11-22-2006, 05:46 PM
Chesh Gasped "A keyblade!!!......Oh!!! Snap!!!!" he dodged the swing as he hissed "I...I have no advantage...hes to fast",he pulls out a smoke bomb and throws it down. Chesh jumped through a door and panted "I...I could have been killed....who was that?'. Chesh didnt want to stay around the door he came out of for very long, he jumped off the light path edge and landed on another one

11-22-2006, 05:54 PM
Ryuu's attack on Kenshin was anticipated, for the hitenmitsurugi wasn't anything to shake a stick at and with that he deflected the blow. The children ran when they heard the cut, a sound they new all too well. The red haired samurai had grabbed the woman and dashed out of the dojo with his god like speed.

After a leap he landed in front of Sanosuke, his eyes glistening in the light of the sun. "Mister Musica, I must ask you to help my Kaoru escape." The man let her go and nodded to Sanosuke.

Sanosuke felt the presence, the darkness of Kingdom Malice. His clothes changed into vibrant red and orange colors in a sudden shattering of energy. His Sforz Key and Tempera key fused into one, his Crest key appeared in his other hand in a green sparkling burst. (He's in Rigna form)

"I will hold the darkness at bay. I must apologise my samurai friend but it's not your time to die. The spirits will it so." his shamanistic origins connected him with something unsensable, and it seemed to guide him along the way.

With that the samurai escaped with Kaoru in a door to the light. It seems Kingdom Hearts was watching that scene. The door closed after the samurai said "I am indebted to you, brave and free Mister Musica that I am."

Sanosuke's form was surrounded by a red and earthy aura as his SforzTemp Keys vibrated loudly "Come to me oh unguided ones, for the wings of freedom with show you the path to eternity!" He said calmly

Kyuubi Naruto
11-22-2006, 06:18 PM
Lance watched the group and saw them all.He stood there smiling,then looked around the town."I wonder if maybe I could stay here for a while....this place looks....calm enough...maybe a fight every once in a while but nothing to bad.But I guess since there is a key bearer hear,I dont need to stay here long.I should be on my way."He left the Feudal Empire by traveling back to the rift in the mountains and went to Twilight Town again.He passed the first cafe and saw that it was being cleaned up and bodies were being taken out.He sighed and walked to the end of the avenue and saw another cafe with a mark on the ground,and smoke in the door way.When he walked in he saw a man with a keyblade who was holding it in his hand."Another key bearer?Could there have been a fight here when I was gone?

Natu Utan
11-22-2006, 06:20 PM
OOC: GAAAAAAAAAAH YOU TETSA!!! >_< I WANTED TO KILL HIM!!! awww man, Kyuubi. Why did you have to leave? I followed you for a reason >_<

-Ryuu landed on the ground, his arms outstretched backwords from the futile blow he made on the Samurai and the woman. Screams filled his ears, as Ryuu turned around. He looked and saw a few young boys and girls, standing theire. With Bamboo sticks in their hands. Ryuu stood at full height, and grunted "Get away from me. I have no tiem for the likes of you."

-The 4 young children jumped at Ryuu. Rapidly swinging their bamboo sticks at him. One of the little girls shouted "YOU TRIED TO KILL MR.KENSHIN."

-Ryuu got bored with their small, and futile attacks, and decided to try out his new keyblade, firetried ash. First, Ryuu kicked the little girl who screamed back, with his left foot. Pointing Firetried Ash at her, the surges of electricty growing brighter. As a small amoutn ejected from the tip of the blade, and hit the girl in the chest. The power surging through er body, shortly exploding out of her skull, the dead body falling to the wooden floor. "Oh, i like this one." Ryuu said with a smile upon his face. He had almost forgotten about the other children, when he swung Rumiko with a swift motion, just infront of their faces. The children were backed up in a corner, when they saw what happened to the girl.-

-A few moments after the swing occured, 3 rather large ice sicles formd in the air, and were sent propelling towards the children. Each of the sicle, penetrating their skulls, moving throug hteir brain, and out the other side. The bodies fell helplessly to the floor. Ryuu yawned greatly, and steped outside of the Dojo. Walking down the path that the red haired samurai ran off too. Rumiko, and Firetried ash, disappeared from his arms. But, something was different now. Once, Firetried ash disappeared, so did the arm that it was attached too. Well, not entirely but mostly. All that was left now, where Firetried ash once was, was a low, yellow aura. In the shape of his arm. It did not look solid at all, yet he could feel it there. And move it around. Like a normal arm.

Kyuubi Naruto
11-22-2006, 06:32 PM
Lance walked to the bar at the cafe and ordered.He kept his eye on the man with the keyblade at the stairs,as he slowly sipped his drink."This place is tainted with Key bearers."He looked at the person next to him."For all I know,this person could have a keyblade too."He then looked back to the man.He grabbed his drink and attempted to go up the stairs to see if the man would attack him.

Emo is the name
11-22-2006, 06:34 PM
Axel was in a white room of nothing around his but white. He then saw the man in the black cloak. He stared at him for a moment before saying, "Where am I?"

"In the gap between worlds." The man said. "You are to get the empty shell of someone. Its a women. Shes pretty strong but you will be able to get it. She wants something bad and you stop her before she gets it."

"Why should I do what you say?" Axel asked.

"I can destroy you and you will learn alittle of yourslef." Said the voice before fading away and another flash and Axel passed out again.

When Axel woke up he saw a sign saying, WELCOME TO MABASE.
OOC: Mabase is the town in FLCL. Tet I hope this is ok.

11-22-2006, 06:46 PM
OOC: Natu... What part of "The children ran" did you not understand? Bah whatever. Besides, Kenshin is with Kingdom Hearts now, not on a road.

Tis ok Emo
Sano noticed the presence leave the world and he followed. He clashed in into the ground and shoot towards the road where he entered to find the presence. But it was too late, Ryuu had access to the darkness and didn't use the road of light.

He growled as he powered down, going back to normal. He held out his Crest Key to the sky and twisted it as if unlocking something. Suddenly he disappeared and found himself in front of a giant shinning door, it was Kingdom Soul.

"May the wings of the Soul guide me to freedom." he said praying in front of the door sitting on his knees. "Free my heart of anger, for I have clouded my path."

He stayed in his meditative state as he sat there, his bangs of green hair swayed in a celestial breeze. The silence was forever tranquil and free. Sanosuke would find himself here whenever he was off balance and enjoyed the tranquility.

The door projected an Image of Kenshin and Kaoru in astral bubbles, sleeping soundly in the graces of Kingdom Hearts.

Natu Utan
11-22-2006, 07:03 PM
OOC: I know Tetsa, but likewise, some children stayed because I made them stay. Also, Kenshin HAD to run down a road first didn't he? >_>

-Natu stared at the yellow aura of his arm, and didn't think much of it. After, seeing everything he had seen, this was nothing ot him... Anyway, Natu strode off down the road, like nothing had just happened. he came to a small tree, and walked over to it. His body fell against it, and slid down the trunk of it. Once his body, was sitting on the Earth, against the tree, he closed his eyes. falling asleep.-

Kyuubi Naruto
11-22-2006, 07:11 PM
OOC:Sorry for the Double Post.

Kyuubi Naruto
11-22-2006, 07:24 PM
OOC:Good,cause I wasnt gonna do it anyway,Im tired of editing the posts.XD.And we need to straighten this out,you probably should read Tetsa's posts more closely for you wont do this again.Besides,we're Co-GM and we cant mess like this.

As Lance was walking by the man,he felt a energy from his keyblade emitting from the man."Yes.....he most definently has a keyblade.....I can feel it....it's like all of the key bearers are connect and can sense each others energy if we are close enough...it's weird...."He continued to slowly walk by the man standing on the stairs.

Janus Silverlock
11-22-2006, 07:54 PM
The mouse King walks towards the wall near his throne, and opens another small door that leads outside to what appears to be a courtyard. Janus follows him closely, and upon entering, notices several beautifully sculpted hedges, and a multitude of plants which he had never seen before. In the center of the courtyard was a small round table, surrounded by 6 chairs. The King sat down in one of them, and pointed at the one beside him. Knowingly, Janus takes the seat and looks curiously at the King, waiting for him to start telling him anything that he knows.

Well, Janus, ya see... The Heartless are a pretty big mystery to me, as well. That's why I've sent out my Royal Mage and General of the Knights out to look for anything they can find. They are out traversing the worlds themselves now. I was just preparing myself to follow after them, when I was attacked in my throne room by the heartless... thank goodness you showed up. The heartless seem to be what's left of a persons heart when they are consumed by the darkness. By defeating the heartless with your keystaff, you free the captive heart, sending it away to Kingdom Hearts. I haven't seen someone chosen to be a keybearer in a little while, but all of this I learned from them.

The King pauses, giving Janus time to let this sink in. Janus is still giving the King a puzzled look, though his mind begins to process this new information with the dream he had the other night. He remembered the three doors, the three Kingdoms. Serenity began to rhythmically vibrate in his hand, as if speaking to him, and seconds afterwards, he and the King were once again surrounded by Heartless in the courtyard.

Sir! Look out!

A heartless came from behind the King, wielding a large club-like weapon, swinging it down towards the chair which he had been sitting on. The King quickly jumped out of the way, due to Janus shouting his warning. Janus quickly took Serenity into his hands, and began swatting at Heartless, left and right. The vibrations from Serenity grew stronger as he defeated more heartless, and at a point, the staff told him something. It was as if Janus instantly knew something he hadn't known before, and in much the same way, spoke back to the staff, activating a beam of light from both ends of the staff. The beam pierced the remaining heartless, freeing the hearts and ending yet another battle.

Sir... we should probably leave this world. We won't make any progress, if we stay somewhere that one of us is familiar with. Shall we?

Janus glances questioningly at the King, which is returned by a look of awe. The King smiles, and nods, and begins walking towards yet another door. Janus follows, and the door opens, and the two find themselves standing in the Rift, looking out over the worlds, ready to move forward on their journey, together.

11-22-2006, 09:29 PM
Jonwolf stood at he top of a clff at the edge of town. Looking back, he could see the buildings ablaze. Apparently the inhabitants thought that fire would cleanse the darkness. In reality all it did was lower their property value tenfold and melt their skin. He pulled out a pocke watch and looked at the time.

"Late as always it seems" he muttered to himself looking off the cliff into the expanse of ocean before him. Where was that blasted cockroach? Jonwolf thought silently to himself. By no means did Jonwolf say that as an insult, for the man Jonwolf was waiting for was a rather large anthropomorphic cockroach by the name of Dr. Conway. The damned bug can survive nuclear fallout but one or two Hikari are that much of a problem?

Jonwolf grew tired of waiting. he decided that Conway could find him later if need be. If the worst thing possible happened, that being the death of Conway, Jonwolf figured hanging around to witness the rest of the inferno and the remaning Hikari of the world would probably not be the best idea.

That in mind, Jonwolf raised his left hand and the sleev fell down to a rest position, revealing the twisted merge of flesh, fur, and metal on his arm. Quickly he slashed into the air at a slight angle, ripping the very fabric of existance open. He could have just pointed and opened a road of darkness, but Jonwolf liked to have a flare for the dramatics. Inside the rift was The Land In-Between, a empty plane of swirls of gray and white. Steping inside the rift closed behind him.

"Poor bastard" Jonwolf's voice echoed across the plane as he moved to the next world.

11-23-2006, 12:26 AM
Suni was awakened by a large shake of the tree she was sleeping in. Fuymi started to meow her protest at being woken up. As Suni looked down, she noticed a rather large and perculiar looking man leaning on her tree. Drawing out her Haru-Ga-Kita, she prepared to confront the man. Putting Fuymi in her backpack, she jumped out of the tree soundlessly and walked around infront of the man. Then, poking him with her staff, she said, "Um, sir? Your kinda leaning up against my house and Fuymi doesnt take kindly to people who wake her up." At that moment, as if on que, Fuymi stuck her head out of the bag and hissed. With swift reflexes, Suni pushed her back in before she could cause trouble. "What I'm trying to say, sir, is that I would appreciate it if you would move."

OOC-sorry it took me so long to post. o_O ive been making pies all day

11-23-2006, 12:29 AM
Kool stories!

11-23-2006, 08:34 AM
Reiko stoped in front of Train. She pulled out her Bloody Fang keyblade. She didn't want to use it unless need be. "You are too, are a fast one to be human. I am Reiko. Why run? I did not want to hurt you" she said.

Train laughed "I am the Black Cat! Train Heartnet! Have you not heard of me?" he asked.

Reiko shook her head. "No, I am from another world. Your name has not reached us. I did not know of you." Reiko ear twinched. She looked over Train's shoulder and saw the girl, Even, now with wings flying towards her and the guy, Sven, running under her keeping speed.

Train followed her gaze and waved at the people. "The guy is, Sven, and the girl, Even. They are also sweepers" he informed her

Sven came up to Train heaving for breaths of air. "Why the hell did you run off like that!!" Sven looked at reiko and pulled out his hand pistol and aimed it at her and shot.

Reiko droped to the ground nd rolled out of the way. She jumped to her feet quickly and was behind Sven. She had taken his gun and was now pointing it at his back "I never wanted to fight you. So why shoot at me?"

Sven became really stiff "I am sorry, Miss. Now please give me the gun. I didn't mean any harm. You wouldn't want to kill me" he said trying to talk his way out of the mess he had goten himself into.

Even droped to the ground sliently her wings disappearing. She transformed her hands into a huge mallet. She ran and aimed for Reiko head.

Reiko felt the wind motion change behind her. She turned just in time to see the mallet coming towards her head.

"Even! Stop! She means use no harm!" yelled Train.

Even stoped running but her hands were still a mallet "She was pointing a gun at Sven back. How could she not mean us harm?!"

"Reiko looked at the thing in her hand "So this is a gun. I would have never known how to use one anyway. i just picked up that it is a weapon so I threated to use one. It appeartly worked" Reiko through the gun on the ground at sven feet and put the Bloody Fang away. "I better be going away. There doesn't seem to be any heartlesses around. Your world is still safe. See ya around again maybe." she cut a portal and jumped through it into the rift. The portal closed after her. She walked along the rift sreaching for a new world to enter.

11-23-2006, 09:09 AM
Chesh sat down on the light road again "Dang....who was that guy?" he thought to himself. Chesh glanced over to this right and saw a rift "Hmmmm.......is that...the land of the Black Cats?" he thought to himself "Well.....it would be a good place for me to go...but....huh? whos that" he saw a female loboji come out of the land of the Black Cats. Chesh hissed and ran over to her "You there....what are you doing in the land of the Black Cats..your a loboji miss.."

Seikyu Kiba
11-23-2006, 09:17 AM
Tryce was not pleased with the fact that the stupid fuzz ball ran away. So he decided to take a seat in the cafe and chill. He sat down and brushed some hair out of his eyes. People staired at him because he was extremely good looking. He didn't care if people were coming up to him and saying hello. He just sat there and staired at them all. But the one guy walking slowly by him, He sensed something about the man. So Tryce got up and stood in front of him and finally he spoke to him "Are you a keyblade bearer?" He said as he held his keyblade in his right hand.

Natu Utan
11-23-2006, 09:25 AM
OOC: Suni, was that post directed to me, it sounded like it, so I will go ahead and reply to it.

-Ryuu, was sleeping soundly. His energy regenerating back into his body. During his long, and delightful slumber, Ryuu felt something poke him. And soon after, what seemed to be a yelling of sort. Ryuu, woke up. But, stayed to act like he was asleep. Ryuu was sitting in a position, where you could not see his left stub of an arm, as it was pushed against the tree. Ryuu, determined the stance, and figure of the person infront of him, and with that, summoned Rumiko into his arm. But, to be sure that it was not shown, it had inplanted it into the tree.-

-Then, useing Rumiko's ability over ice and water, Rumiko summoned a large blade of ice, out from behind Suni. The ice blade coming silently, and slowly. Once the ice blade had came to the length of 3 metres, It swumg at Sani, with immense speed. aT this moment in time, Firetried Ash, activated infront of her, swiftly chopping up towards Sani, sending large pulses of electricity all around their bodies. While Ryuu did this, he had Jumped up, to get firetried Ash a better shot, while kicking his legs out to her.

11-23-2006, 10:35 AM
OOC: Geez, I'm always late for these things XD

"Why....why did you...."

Cross woke up, having the normal dream that he would usually have; The dream of hs sin. He woke up and looked around. He was in his home world of Arc Haven (Made this town up just so he had a home town). Looking out the window he saw people living their normal lives, shopping, talking, and any other thing they could think of.

"Well, guess I'd better get back to work"

He began to make his way to the world of Star Ocean: The Second Story, where currently, there was a door that needed to be sealed.

11-23-2006, 10:55 AM
How long has it been? Jonwolf pondered as we walked casualy along the abyss of nothingness. How long have I been involved in this whole keychain mess? Jonwolf looked down at his long left sleeve that covered his keychain And why did mine do this? All of these questions he had asked himself hundreds of times before. He used to know the answer to the first two questions, but he had lost track a long time ago. The third question, was never answered.

After walking for some time while deep into his own thoughts, he sensed he was at the entryway to another world. He never truely bothered to learn which world he was at unless required somewhere. Jonwolf usualy just rambeled amlessly throughout the worlds, corrupting and blackinging at random.

Raising his left arm in the same fashion he had done earlier, he shook his arm slightly to get the sleeve to fall to his side, lately the claws seem to catch on a small tear. He had never bothered to fix it because it was never truely a problem. Continuing to raise his arm, he gave a slight grunt as he cut the air again, tearing it. This time on the other side of the tear was not an expanse of gray and white, but a rather lush pine forest.

Jonwolf steped outside and the tear sealed itself behind him. Jonwolf could see a squirell scurry away at the sudden apparition of a tear and a wolf. Jonwolf smiled at the fear he rendered in the living. With his white teeth shining and fully exposed, he strode foreward, itching to corrupt.

Janus Silverlock
11-23-2006, 11:06 AM
Janus and the King stood upon the pathway in the rift, gazing out at the many worlds there were to travel to, trying to decide which looked most probable to have a lead. They glanced towards the town that Janus had seen earliar on, and noticed a large mansion, and for some reason the energy seemed very strange eminating from that place. He pointed Serenity towards the world, and sure enough, the staff began to vibrate vigorously.

Sir... I believe there are many keybearers in that world. Hikari and Koi, alike. I don't know why they are gathered there... but perhaps it would behoove us to investigate further. What do you say?

The King replaced his hood over his large, round ears, and nodded in agreement. Janus turned back towards their new destination in puzzlement, for the King was a symbol of great mystery to him... He pondered as to how the King had been defending himself against the Heartless when he found him in the castle earliar. He pushed the thought to the back of his mind, however, and began walking down the glowing path towards the world he would find out was known as "Twilight Town". Upon entering, he found himself at a train station, overlooking the entire city. He noticed below him that there was somewhat of a skirmish going on in the main square at a tiny cafe. He proceeded to walk down the many stairs and hills towards the cafe, not sure what was awaiting him there.

OOC: Umm... I'm wondering, where IS everyone at the moment? I know there are many people at the cafe in twilight town, but who all is? >.>;

11-23-2006, 11:17 AM
Reiko looked at the cat boy "The Black Cat was a human boy with speed and agitily of a cat and the couriousty of a cat too. I did no harm to them. I didn't even know how to work their weapons." walks away from the cat guy "Now if you will excuse me. I have places to be"

11-23-2006, 11:33 AM
Chesh looked behind him "Hmmm....cute....but alittle rude...oh well" he said as he jumped off the light path and landed on the next one "Hmmm...what can I find here?" he ponderd to himself,he laughed and walked into the rift. Chesh had just enterd the world of TALES OF SYMPHONIA: Sylvarant

11-23-2006, 11:58 AM
Reiko walked on the rift "Cute but...a little werid. accuse me of something I haven't done. I think he is a keyblade holder. I better follow him. He may be Koi."she said as she jumped down and followed the cat guy into the world of Tales of Symphonia: Sylvarant.

fox demon naruto
11-23-2006, 01:04 PM
Cid walked into Halloween town heading to the town square. When he reached it he was hit on the head and knocked ouy by a unknown person. He awoke in a unknown area. He looked around to see a castle and a very large feild. Most likly several miles long. When he walked closer to the castle he noticed that there was a moat and guards. Walking over to it the man said, "WELCOME TO HYRULE CASTLE MARKET."

11-23-2006, 01:20 PM
Chesh did not notice that he was being followed, he wounderd around a small field. Chesh suddenly heard a loud yell


Chesh hissed "What was that?!!" he drew Bell and jumped to where the voice sounded from "Who is there?!!" he called out

The voice grew louder "Help!!! someone please....we need a savior"

Chesh stopped and looked around "Hello?!!...anyone there?!". Chesh then felt a presence around "Hm?..over there!!" he pointed as he found a cave blocked by a rock, a loudl roar emitted from behind the cave

"Please...save us!!"

Chesh held up his keyblade and swung it at the rock shattering it into millions of peices "Come on!!! your safe now!"

A person ran out, one was a guy with brown hair dressed in a red..formal looking outfit looked about 21 years old "Thank you for helping us" he had two blades on eachside

Chesh asked the boy "What were you doing inside that cave?" he asked curiously

Janus Silverlock
11-23-2006, 01:22 PM
Janus and the King entered the cafe, and noticed a staircase to their left, where two men were beginning some kind of heated discussion, both men looked mighty suspicious, but Janus and the King were not ready yet to cause any trouble, so they took a seat beside a lonely looking girl at the bar. Janus paid her no particular mind, but was easily able to tell something was troubling her. He flagged the bartender.

Hello, Sir. Juice, for my companion and I, please.

The bartendar nods, and proceeds to fill two large, clear glasses with a deep red liquid. He placed the glasses in front of Janus and extended an open palm, waiting for payment. Janus dug into his pocket, and pulled out 50 munny, and handed it to the man. He then took the drink and swallowed a large gulp, breathing out loudly in satisfaction afterwards. The King followed suit, a smile forming on the two travellers faces, for they had both been quite thirsty. Though they appeared relaxed, both of them were very apprehensive of the men by the staircase, and Janus was ready to summon Serenity if the need ever arose.

Seikyu Kiba
11-23-2006, 01:28 PM
Tryce looked at the man who just walked in the cafe and sat down. Tryce smirked as he drew his Chronos Keyblade. He pointed it at the man with the king and turned the key as if he was unlocking a door. A small portal appeared with the man sitting at the table with a Heartless behind him ready to strike. Tryce looked at this future and appeared behind the man, slashing the Heartless behind him.

11-23-2006, 01:55 PM
Jonwolf continued to walk through the forest. Other than the squirell he scared off earlier and a few birds that flew off, Jonwolf had seen no other forms of life within this forest.

After another few minutes of walking he stoped. His black nose twitched as he caught the scent of something. Almost immediatly after the scent hit his nose he heard the snapping of a twig somewhere to back right of him.

"See anything?"shouted a deep voiced man to anoher one somewhere behind him.

"No!" called out another voice, slightly higher in pitch, somewhere further back. "Keep looking!"

I wonder who they are looking for? No matter, time for darkness to spread. he thouht as he Jonwolf spun with a grin to meet the creatures. He saw they clad in a strange armour. Both had helmets that covered their head all the way to their upper lip. Their eye holes was a single rectangular bar with a red bead in the center. One carried a large whip while the other, a rather generic blade. They were two Desian soldiors

"The darkness is already surging through your hearts." Jonwolf said alerting them to his position. with a morbid glee as he slowly lifted his arm, making sure the blade was still covered.

"There's someone up here!" the first shouted to the other in back. Within moments the second one reached the side of the first and looked at Jonwolf. "Who the bloody hell are you? This is Desian grounds."

Jonwolf gave a small laugh "I hold no care of your tripe laws here. Now lets make your heart beat with the abyss.

"Lets get him to the farm, the guy is crazy" said one of the desian as he held up his blade and walked foreward. "Alright, lets go." he said sternly.

Jonwolf stoped rasing his left arm. Insted he reached out with his right, knocking the blade from the Desians hands then immediatly grabbiung the Desian by the neck. He shook his left arm to expose the blade. Unfortunatly it caught again. "Drat" Jonwolf said casualy and flung the Desian to his left. Now having a free hand, he tore the sleeve off the talon free of it's leather prison, tearing it in the process. Jonwolf silently cursed, knowing he'd have to fix it even more later.

Bringing himself back to the matters at hand he raised his left arm over his head. The Desian who held the whip looked in horror as Jonwolf casualy approached. Frozen with fear he was unable to move. Even as Jonwolf swung the talon down he did not move. Once the red claws of the talon peiced through the breat plate and into the chest he was finished. The Raven Claw pulsed and surged as it brought the Desians darkness out, corrupting him further untill only a heartless remained. it droped off the blade and skiddishly looked arounds its surroundings untill its yellow eyes focused on Jonwolf
"Go forth. Corrupt. Breed the darkness" Jonwolf called out with a laugh as he began to walk again passed the dead Desian that he had just thrown that was now slumped by a tree dead.

(( OOC=Sorry it was kinda long and I did my best to try and describe the Desian armor. I havent played Symphonia in forever))

Janus Silverlock
11-23-2006, 02:17 PM
Janus turned behind him in time to see the man who had been standing by the stairs slash at a heartless that had appeared. The freed heart floated upwards and vanished in light, sent to Kingdom Hearts by the keyblade of the stranger. Janus stood and turned to face this stranger, and being a polite man, he extended his open hand in greeting.

Sir, thank you. That Heartless came from out of nowhere. My name is Janus. I see you are also one of the chosen holders of a Keychain... it seems there are many of us around here.

Upon mentioning the keychains, Janus summoned Serenity out of thin air, and the staff began to vibrate in a steady, slow rhythm, reaching into the fabrics of space and telling Janus that there are other keybearers nearby, though this knowledge was already known by him. This man before him was not the only one... there were atleast two others in this cafe alone. He just wasn't sure who they were, or where they may be hiding. The King also got out of his chair and stood up, though with his stature he was only slightly below the mans waist. He eyed the man, examining his keyblade carefully, and then extended his own hand towards the man as well.

11-23-2006, 02:59 PM
Reiko continued to follow the cat guy. Her ears twinched at the sound of the people yelling. The cat guy was on the move and she followed him silently. she saw him cut the boulder with a keyblade "I am right. He is a keyblade holder but is her Koi, Shiro, or Hikari?" she pulled out Bloody Fang again. Ready if he was going to turn and fight her. "Better to be safe then sorry"

11-23-2006, 03:10 PM
Sanosuke arose to his feet and started to walk away from the shimmering door. He summoned his Tempora key and turned it in the air bringing him to a road of light. He walked to the left path and entered a world where the shattering of rock could be heard, and a few voices shot from the distance.

He walked towards the noise and leaped into the corner of the scene pulling the strings on the blade down to the bottom of the holt making it playable. A guitar strap appeared around his neck as he held his Keyblade to his body, and placed his hat on the ground.

He slowly plucked the strings of the guitar as he leaned against the enternace of the cave, his music shot like a wave of light through sound eternaly. He eyed the scene while playing a romantic vigorous tune, like a spanish conceirto.

Emo is the name
11-23-2006, 03:20 PM
Axel walked around the city for awile looking for a women he was suppose to stop. He looked at a note he found when he woke up.

The women looks to be about 19 or 20. Has pink hair and drives a yellow Vespa.

"A vespa?" Axel said quitly. Sighing, he continued on. He looked around to find that the town seemed to have been attacked resintly. There was a gaint place that looked like a iron for a ironing board. THere was gaint hand made of Stone that looked to be reaching out to grab it. Smoke started to bellow out of the iron thing. Axel kept moving on until he heard a loud crash. Turning around he saw a gaint robot dog looking thing trying to be stopped by a girl of about 16. The creature continued to move closer to Axel.

11-23-2006, 04:06 PM
Chesh hissed "Hold on a minute....something isn't right here.....I feel like I am being followed" he held Bell almost like he was about to attack "Show yourself!!!". Chesh looked all around him and hissed with rage "I will find you!!! I wont rest until you are dead"

11-23-2006, 04:25 PM
Reiko step out into view "Heh, I would like as see you try and kill me. That fight wouldn't last longer then a second. Anyway, I followed you thinking you were a keyblade holder which you are. Now all I need to know is if you are Koi, Hikari, or Shiro. Which one are you?" she asked. She smiled "By the way, I am Reiko. What is yours?" She held Bloody Fang in her hand ready to strike if need be.

11-23-2006, 04:33 PM
Chesh hissed "So!! Its you who followed me...I see your a Key bearer as well.....If you ant to know what I am!!...you will have to fight me first." he smiled and growled "My name is Chesh Teki...but you can call me Chesh miss Reiko"

Chesh held his keyblade still ready to strike,he pushed the dude with the red hair into the cave "Stay here I'll come back for you"

Kyuubi Naruto
11-23-2006, 04:46 PM
Lance quickly looked at Tryce attacking the heartless and drew his keyblade.He leaped over the stairs and landed beside Tryce."I knew it!You are a key bearer!"He yelled at Tryce."What's your name?And are you a Koi?"He asked Tryce.He pointed LeoCross at him.

Seikyu Kiba
11-23-2006, 04:54 PM
Tryce shook hands with both Janus and the Kings hands. As Lance appeared and held his Keyblade up to his face. With a smirk he touched Lances keyblade and moved it so the blade was pointed to the floor. He then walked away and then turned around and in a quiet voice he said "Both your futures hold alot of wonder...you will met tons of new people, both good and both evil and some that take no sides...you may call me Tryce The Holder Of The Chronos Keyblade...It shows the future of anyone I point it at. but remember this...there are more like you and stronger than I...stay on your guard and you surely won't die." He said as a door appeared behind him and he vanished inside. Back on the road of light he leaped off of it and onto another light road. He looked around and started to walk down the path.

11-23-2006, 05:15 PM
Sanosuke watched as the cat man and the loboji woman faced off. He changed his tune to a spirited allegro of high and medium notes, playing a fight theme familiar to the world of Slyvarant. His fingers plucked and brushed the strings creating a red and blue tint in the light of the area.

His hat layed there on the ground, never moving nor yearning. It was empty, as empty as the feeling in the Rift.

Fire surrounded him as he played for the two, his vigorous "Ballad of Hearts".

11-23-2006, 06:43 PM
Forshadowing the mans attack, she quickly dodged out of the way with reflexes so fast she was almost invisable. As so, she jumped up to a branch above the mans head and slammed down her staff hard. It hit so hard, that when she drew it back up to herself, there was blood on the curved metal surface and the small bulbs that adorned it. She reached her hand backwards and Fuymi dropped a tissue in her hand. "Thank you Fuymi," she said as she handed it back to the cat. "You know what Fuymi? I bet if I hadnt been a pick-pocketer for so many years, we would have just died," she stated as Fuymi gave her yowls of agrement. With that, she jumped down and walked away as the man she had hit began to sway back and forth as if he was about to fall. "Keep and eye on him, Fuymi. I was time to prepare if he attacks," she whispered to the cat who let her know she understood by sticking her head out of a small side hole to watch.

Kyuubi Naruto
11-23-2006, 06:54 PM
Lance watched at Tryce left,but had listened closely on his words."What was that last line?It rhymed!'Just like you,stronger than I',keep your guard and you surely wont die?'Ugh."He then looked at his Keyblade."Chronos Blade....that's his keyblades name?"He held LeoCross in his hands."Some good.....some bad....."He slashed in the air at nobody."Alright then.If this is all true,then I know I cant come back to this place,I've got a job to do."He then opened a portal by slashing into the wall,then walked into,traveling into a road of light.

Seikyu Kiba
11-23-2006, 07:28 PM
Tryce continued to walk down the long light road until he came to another door. He entered the door and what was revealed in this door was: DEVIL MAY CRY: OLD TIME SPAIN (Thats what the environment is based off of so thats what I made up)

Tryce looked around this dark and depressing world, he walked along the cobel stone ground and saw horse and buggies ride by and people with umbrellas protected them selves from the rain. As he walked he heard gun fire in a dark alley way. Tryce decided to check it out, and when he got to the alley way he saw a man doing acrobatics with silver hair and a long red trench coat. He was fighting off heartless that were around him. Tryce walked over to the heartless and slashed a few away from him and stood there as the man destroyed the rest.

"Hey thanks." The man said with a smile "What ever those things were they were pretty tough...but you took them out in one blow."

"It's my job and my destiny to help you...I am Tryce." He said in a low voice

"Well mine is Dante and I am a demon hunter...but those things were the weirdest things that Mundus has sent after me in a long time."

"They are not Demons...they are heartless, creatures that are formed when a persons heart is tooken over by darkness, they don't think for themselves and they go after people who are pure hearted."

Dante was a little confused and a little surprised with it "Well that would make sense the fact that Mundus would take control of them."

"Mundus?" Tryce asked.

"He is the Emperor of the underworld, a powerful demon who is capable of destroying the world." He said spinning his gun on his fingure.

"Well my destiny brought me here...so I guess its my destiny to help you defeat this Mundus guy." he said turning around "show me where this guy is and I will help you take care of him"

"He is on Mallet Island...come on I will show you."


Tryce and Dante got off a boat in which it took them to Mallet Island. When they stepped on the Island Heartless Appeared.

"Well this won't be as easy as I thought." Dante said taking out his guns and firing at the heartless rapidly

Tryce used his Keyblades second ability which turned its user invisible. Tryce snuck up behind the Heartless and took them out quickly

"Well now that takes care of them..come on lets...."

All of a sudden (Now this is where I tweak everything abit and makes it more of a what if kinda thing) Vergil Dantes brother steps out with skin all red with black designed all over his body.

"Hello brother!" Vergil said with a demonic voice "What brings you to this Island...don't tell me you are here to defeat Mundus..well look no further because I have already took him down and now I have his power!" He said laughing evily.

"WHAT..VERGIL NO!" He said with a sad voice "W-why!?"

"Because I wanted power! Mundus found these creatures you see before you...THE HEARTLESS! Now I control them and with this I shall destroy you and..." Vergil was cut off when he noticed the Keyblade that Tryce was holding "A-a keyblade bearer! Well this is my lucky day!" He said as Dark Mist came around his body "I will take that blade and rule the worlds!" He said charging at Tryce.

"No!" Dante said as he fired his guns at Vergil but he was to fast for Dante.

Tryce was unamused with this and pointed the keyblade at Vergil "Your future will unfold!" He said unlocking a portal and it revealed Vergil beging shot threw the heart by Dante while Vergil was attacking Tryce.

"What!?" Vergil was then interupted by a gun shot and a bullet went right threw his heart "W-what!?" He said falling to his knees as blood came out. "T-this can't be!" He said falling to the ground "I-I control the heartless." He said with one final breath.

"Thank you Tryce...you helped me kill Mundus...but to bad that I had to kill my brother in the process." He said looking down

"It was his destiny..." He said glancing down.

A white sphere came out of Vergil and floated to the sky and revealed a Keyhole.

Tryce pointed the Keyblade at the Keyhole and a beam of light shot out of his Keyblade and hit the Keyhole. When the light hit the Keyhole a click was heard and the world was now locked from the Heartless "My work is done...I must be off...this world will not be shrouded in darkness anymore." He said walking towards another door of light.

"thank you Tryce." Dante said waving goodbye to Tryce.

Tryce stepped out and back onto the Paths of light. He then continued to walk down the paths in search of the next door "My job..is to lock doors from darkness...and fore see futures of other people...." He said walking.



11-23-2006, 08:05 PM
Sera woke up next to a large struture in a deep swamp. She looked around for her commander, Spartan 1138 Paul. She sighed from boredum and entered the structure She was walking down the corridor to the mess hall where several other Marines were at. But one soldier in paticular caught her eye.

"Sir!" she said running over to the armor clad soldier. "Is there any word from the crew that searched the Weapons cache ?"

Paul shook his head.

"Damn... Those things must have got them..."

She was referring to the lifeless dregs that attacked them when they arrived on the Ring World of Omega Halo. They called them Flood because of the way they overwhelm and consume their men making them one of their own.
OCC- Is this ok? And Paul is a NPC.

11-23-2006, 09:19 PM
Chesh didn't want to fight Reiko "I'm sorry...but our time is so short..you see this world cannot be locked yet" he throws down a smoke bomb and dissapers landing on another light road. Chesh looked around and saw another light road. Chesh ran down the light road and enterd another world.....Chesh Just Discoverd: China Town: New York City((World of Pet Shop of Horrors))

Chesh looked around and noticed everything was dull and rainy "Hm?...this place is odd...I should look around....huh?" he saw a guy dressed in all white with blue jeans on,he had a guy pinned down on the ground putting hand cuffs on the guys wrists

"You are under arrest for the murder of 11 year old, Anna Simon"

The guy spoke "But...I'm Innocent I swear I am!!! your making a bit mistake!!"

Chesh wounderd what was going on so he walked over to the two men "Excuse me..but what is going on here?"

The Guy in white spoke "Shut up!!" he slamed the dudes head on the ground to knock him out, he then glanced at Chesh "Isnt it alittle to late for halloween?' he laughed

Chesh hissed "Hey!! Havent you seen a Kobalt before?..wait..this isnt like the other worlds I've been to..this must be a more advanced place..." Chesh looked the the man "Anyway..whats your name?"

The man spoke "My..name is Detective Orcot...and what do you mean other worlds? and what is a Kobalt?"

Chesh shook his head but then sensed something behind Orcot "Wtch out!!" he drew Bell and jumped behind Orcot,he slased the heartless..which looked like a shadowy figure holding a rifle. Chesh watched as its heart floated up into the sky to Kingdom Hearts "You got lucky" he said turning around

Orcot shook "Wha....what was that thing...and what does that thing look like a key!??...What is going on??!!" he said freaking out now sweating

Chesh shook his head "That was a heartless now calm down there only here because I am here...they only attack me cause I have this..this thing is a keyblade..only people who are pure enough can weild one of these..the heartless will come after who ever I am with...so be on your guard"

Orcot nodded and drew his gun "I dont understand much of it...but..I'm a cop and I have to protect the city from any harm...I guess I'll give you a hand..doing..what ever we are doing"

Chesh nodded "Its good that your helping me..we are looking for a keyhole so I can use my keyblade to lock it..and prevent anymore heartless coming in this world..alright...lets go" he said lifting Orcot onto his back and carrying him out of from behind the building "Whoa!!". Chesh stoped in the middle of the road and noticed a bunch of heartless surrounding a man wearing a Kimono

The man yelled "Get away from me you horrible,ugly monsters!! I should have never opend that box...even though it said Funnel cake inside" the man yelled "Go!! my pets attack!!" three panthers jumped down from the roof tops and started to attack the heartless

Chesh ran towards the man "Dont worry I'll help you" he slashed a few of the heartless then jumped into the air "Fira!!" a fire ball shot out of his keyblade "Take that you beasts" he kicked one and then pounced on a heartless and clawed at it "Die!!". Chesh turned around and noticed one of the heartless was ready to lunge at him, a gun shot was fired and the heartless dissaperd 20 hearts floated into the sky and went to Kingdom Hearts,he saw Orcot "Thank you"

Orcot nodded "You saved my butt back there...I was returning the favor" he laughed and turned to the man wearing the kimono "D.!! You idiot you always fall for things like that if it has the word sweets on it!!"

D. smiled and laughed "I'm sorry Orcot...but I couldnt resist...but luckly I always come prepared..Sasha,Devil,Rukia thank you" he spoke the the panthers like they were human,they all purred in happiness

Chesh blinked and looks around "Odd....I don't see a keyhole anywhere.." just then he looked over at one of the panthers and noticed it had a collar with a keyhole shaped design on it "Well...that was easy" he gasped and noticed the panther was mutating "Oh....not good" the panthers fur turned a pure black color as gold stripps ran down its side,its claws got bigger as its tail turned into a blade that looked like a saber

Orcot yelled "Is this one of your tricks D.!! cause this isnt funny!!" he said reloading his gun

D. shook his head "No..I dont recall anything like this happening before...it would to appear it has mutated...Sasha,Rukia Get ready for a fight!!"

Chesh nodded and growled "Lets take this thing down quickly!!" he charged at it and slashed at it,the panther took flight as it spread pure black wings and fired down a rain of fire balls "Whoa!!" he dodged its attacks. Chesh looked behind him and noticed D. and Orcot handleing the heartless that the panther was summoning. Chesh jumped into the air and let out a loud hiss "Die evil heartless!!" he slashed down ward and then kicked it to the ground. Chesh didnt hesitate to stick his keyblade into the panther "Good...that was...to easy" he saw the keyhole glow "I dont want to say good bye...but I must go" he pointed his blade at the keyhole and it sealed...he teleported away to another light road with out saying goodbye


Kyuubi Naruto
11-23-2006, 09:25 PM
Lance continued to walk his way across the lit staircase that would soon lead to another world.As he came to the end,he saw a door with a blue light shining,and he walked into.When he came inside the door,he was in the world of WILD ARMS.

He found himself inside of a dark blue cave.As he traveled deeper into the cave,he heard gunshots and groans of what seemed to be creatures.He walked behind a rock,then peeked to see what was there.He saw a teenage boy,maybe little younger than Lance was,with blue hair and a red vest on,putting a gun away in his pocket."What's this?"He said.Immediately,the boy shot at him,but missed him and hit the rock.Lance quickly got from behind the rock."Wait!Calm down,dont rush to conclusions,im not a monster,or whatever you just killed!"

The boy was confused."Huh?What are you doing in this cave?You shouldnt be here."He walked over to Lance."Just who are you?"

"Im Lance,and truthfully,I'm not completely sure what I'm doing in this cave.And if I shouldnt be in this cave,what gives you the right to?"He asked.

The boy looked at him."My name is Rudy,and I am here for a reason that doesnt have to do with you.Now,I think you'd better get outta her,because this place is dangerous."

Lance pulled out his Keyblade."Well then,I think I've found what I'm looking for."He said."I'm here for something called a Keyhole,dont expect you to know about it."

Rudy stared at LeoCross."Well,I guess if you have a weapon,then looks like you can take care of yourself."He began to walk away.

"Hey,where ya goin'?"

"There's a person from my village here that I have to find,their in trouble,so it's up to me."

"Need any help?I'm looking for something too.If I'm lucky,you'll run into it on your travel."He said,beginning to follow Rudy.

Rudy nodded at him."Alright."The two of them walked off deeper into the damp,moist cave.

11-23-2006, 10:30 PM
Jonwolf finaly started to notice that the trees were begining to clear. After a short while he saw the edge of this pine nightmare and advanced with a quickened pace twords it. At the pines end, Jonwolf could see what the clearing held.

It looked like a castle. . . no. . . a fortress of sorts. High walls with a large iron gate that was now open. Jonwolf spotted several people standing in front of the fortress. there was clearly two sides to the people. One one side was a lone man, with golden armour and an arm encased in a cylinder thatg matched the armour. Faintly Jonwolf could hear him laugh and say "It will take a lot more than that to defeat me!"

On the other side were 3 people. A boy with red armour and two sword sheaths. An older woman with glasses and a book. She appeared to be wearing garb of an instructor or teacher. The third was a small child with a strange toy that looked like a ball attached to a stick with a cup on the top. Jonwolf thought naught that it was even a weapon.

Moments after the call of the man in the golden armour, the red armoured boy rushed at him and stabed the golden one square in the gullet. He fell limp to the floor and the three ran off away from the fortress.

Jonwolf approached the golden armoured man, and sniffed the air. He could see the man still breathing, obviously in his last moments of life. "You have much darkness in you. Your heartless shall be mighty" he said as he raised his left arm and shook off the sleeve. He drove the 3 red claws at the end of his blade into the golden armoured mans back, peircing through the armour, through the flesh, and making slight contact with the heart. The man gave his final gasp of breath as the Raven Claw began to surge and pulsate. Jonwolf smiled as the heartless rose. Truely this heartless was like the pheonix rising. Only insted of emiting fire, it sucked in all light.

Jonwolf's muzzle exposed a devilish grin as he saw the heartless fully risen. It turned and started into the fortress. With each step the ground quaked.

"Yes" Jonwolf called, "Seek and corrupt! Destroy and leave nothing but darkness!"

11-23-2006, 10:56 PM
Sanosuke noticed the cat boy leave and packed up to follow the brown haired boy. He was right behind him when he met his friends and defeated the man in golden armor. He then saw a wolf man step forward and Sano sniffed in his direction "Not Shadow or Spirit wolf..." he said to himself.

He saw the wolf turn the defeated man into a heartless and his Rigna form overtook him, fusing his Sforz and Tempera Keys into the SforzTemp Key, the glistening green aura like blades vibrated a fiery volcanic aura and pulsated like a rumble of the earth. His Crest key appeared in his other hand in a green sparkling light, and the wind blew into it creating a repeated smooth medium tone.

He smashed into the ground with his SforzTemp Key, the repurcussion action blasted him like a sudden upheavel of earth at the large heartless. His Crest key zoomed into it's gut as his SfozTemp key bashed out it's knees sending it to the ground. Sanosuke then lifted the mighty key above his head and smashed in the heartless's face making it burst into a dark mist.

He turned and growled at Jonwolf, his Rigna form seemed to upheave small chunks of stone all around him as his fiery red aura was burning, making a volcanic crackling sound.

"Dark one from the door to hatred, I shall spread my wings upon the malice and send you to the light, for the soul guides me to do so." his Crest Key seemed to whistle as winds surrounded the blade, his SforzTemp key burned intensly under the power of force, purcussion and vibration.

Janus Silverlock
11-23-2006, 11:07 PM
Janus found himself once again lost and confused by what had just happened... both of the men he encountered had been keybearers, and both had merely cut a hole through space to get back to the rift. Serenity had no blade, so he wondered if she was capable of such a task... However, he decided to discover that later, for he still had half a glass of juice to drink with his companion before heading off. The girl beside him seemed to be lost deep in thought, as she hadn't even noticed the rustle that had just happened with the three men and the heartless. Janus returned to his seat and drank from his glass. The King tapped Janus on the shoulder from his seat, lightly.

Janus... I am going to go my seperate ways from you, for a little while. I have a hunch about something, that I need to go investigate. You keep searching, and never lose faith. May the wings of the Soul guide you to freedom.

With that being said, the mouse King jumped backwards off his stool and vanished into a hole that appeared to be a gate to the rift... how the King was able to do this was beyond Janus, but he decided that he would take things as they come from now on. He noticed the Kings glass, and that he had only taken his first sip of juice, and the glass was still mostly full. Being a good samaritan as he was, Janus took the glass and placed it carefully beside the sad looking girl next to him at the bar, in case she should decide to drink with him.

11-23-2006, 11:29 PM
A breifing was held in order to find where the missing team had went. Though it wasn't clear most knew that The Flood were behind it. Sera was listening to Paul intently. She didn't miss a single detail, because she was picked to lead the team. She was nervous but exited.

"Now your moving out soon get ready... Dismissed!" said Paul saluting.

Sera went to her personal storage locker and took out a handle and powered up a Plasma Sword that looked like a key.

"This should help against those things..." she said to herself.

After the team was ready they moved out towards the depot that Fire Team Bravo checked out. Already they knew the sight would be horrible. They arrived and saw that their weapons and bodys were gone but there was blood. From the shadows disturbing noises were heard.

"It is the Flood!!!" said one marine as a Flood ran out and attacked. Sera powered up her blade and cut it in half.

"We can see them coming in this place..." she said as more sounds came from the darkness.

((The Flood are the Heartless of this place i guess))

11-24-2006, 12:49 AM
Cross made his way to the nearest town he could find. After walking for about 15 minutes, he came to the town of Mars, a small town. It was here that the door had been opened.

"It feels like it's coming from the forest..."

He began to make his way into the forest. About 1/4 of the way in, he realized that this entire forest was filled with bandits. He began a sprint towards where the door's aura was coming from. All along the way, the bandits persistantly attacked Cross. Cross was easily able to defeat them and make it to the door.

"Well that was easy enough"

As he began to make preperations to seal the door, a Gryphon like creature appeared out of the keyhole.

"Damn Heartless!"

He took several swings at it before it finally was defeated. He then quickly sealed the door so that no more heartless could come through the door.

"Well, what's next" Cross said as he opened up his communicator.

He had not received any new orders yet, so he decided to make his way to the town of Hollow Bastion to pass the time and gather information.

11-24-2006, 01:55 AM
OOC: Dante's color. Solid Snake's color

Dante leaned around the corner of the crate he had been hiding behind. Everything had happened so fast. He had just been walking along with some friends when a bright white light sucked him up. And then he suddenly appeared here!

He sighed lightly and loked around. 4 gaurds.

He pulled out his Stun Edge Ver.a keyblade.

'This should be easy.' He thought to himself.

He looked around again to see another man sneaking around. The man was tall, about 5 foot 10. He was wearing a tight gray jump suit and a bandanna. He snuck silently up to a crate, tapped on it and waited for the gaurd to walk over to it. He grabbed the gaurd, slit his throat and ran to the side of the crate, waiting for the other guards to investigate their dead ally. When they all gathered around the dead body, the man their a stun grenade into the middle of the group. The bright flash and loud bang set the men on their backs, dazed and knocked out.

The man ran behind another crate, some 50 yards away from the bodies, and waited.

Dante looked around confused about all the excitement. He silently crept across the area until he reached the crate where the man had hid. He sheathed his keyblade and knocked on the crate.

"Hey, buddy, you fighting those things too?"

Natu Utan
11-24-2006, 09:24 AM
OOC:Ladywolf, don't ever control my character again.

-As the girl dodged his attack, Ryuu, jumped over her. Dodging the oncoming attack by her staff. He landed on the ground, with his legs bent down. Ryuu spun and kicked his left leg out to her, to trip her to the ground. As he did this, Rumiko, started to shine, and take over his body. Turning the left half of his body, into a pretty much indestructible matter. The full Drive form, didn't work for some odd reason. Ryuu noticed this, and began to panic a bit. As Ryuu spun his left leg out to the girl with great speed, Firetried Ash, began to shake and quiver. Shooting large pulses of electricity into the air, and towards the girl, and around Ryuu.

Miss Sunshyne
11-24-2006, 09:38 AM
The commotion going around didn't go unnoticed by the girl; she knew what was going on but just voted against placing herself amongst the crowd. Something Sebastian said just made her feel uneasy. Were these the people he was talking about? Or were they else where? And the biggest question of all... Where did they all come from? They all just seemed to have come from the woodwork.

Taking in a deep breath, she held it for a moment as she stared down at the two double bladed daggers. "And what am I suppose to do with this?" Curious brow was raised as the young woman pondered on the subject. "Cut a tree down? Might have to seeing as I have no pace to live now..." Jowls snapped as Kyx looked back toward the opening of the cafe. She wasn't sad; she was very, very angry.

Bang; forehead made a loud contact with the table top. Sending the drink that was just sat beside her shaking and the liquid spilled over. "You have a mission." Kyx lowered her voice, mocking that of Sebastian. "It will be the opposite of who you meet. Blah blah blah..." To those passing by, or even the male next to her, Kyx would appear to be a little on the looney side. Talking to herself, growling at the air in front of her, and randomly flicking a weapon. A very strange weapon at that.

Slowly the purple mop came flying back up, beady little hues trailed to the area next to her looking at some brute. "Hey... Sorry if I'm bothering you..." Pearls came into view, biting down and gnawing on those pretty in pink lips. A nervous reaction. Body moving into a slumped position. Oh so lady like! Heh, that was Kyx for ya! Manners were the thing of the past.

Shaking her head, and soon straightening her posture; a smile beamed across that milky features. "The name is Kyx..." Hand was offered to teh stranger. If he would take it, she would attempt in shaking hands, then quickly pulling back. "Umm, odd question, but where did you come from? I've lived here most of my life and I've never seen you... Heh..." She turned around looking at the bundle of 'idiots' behind her. "Actually, I don't believe I ever seen any of these people..." She grinned even brighten then before as she saw Miss C. rushing toward her with a plate of something. "Except for her..." She pointed at the elderly woman that came in a panic. "She's kinda like a mother type to me." School girl giggle fled from teh chest of the petite woman. "Anyways..."

Body swung around in her chair, back leaning against the table, legs crissing and crossing over each other. And those sinful weapon behind her. Laying there in their onyx glory. That keyhole seeming to stand out more than anything though.

OOC: Crappeh post. xD I was trying to be quick since I haven't posted in ages. <.<

Seikyu Kiba
11-24-2006, 11:41 AM
Tryce walked along the light road and then the voice came again.

"It's Me Jesus Again!" (Ignore)

"Tryce you have done well...you showed the future to people for only a short amount of time and used the Chronos Blades other ability to turn you invisible..you are making progress." It said loudly

"My job, is to unfold the future to those who bearer the keyblades...I do my duty." Tryce said quietly.

"Yes, you have found your purpose...now then you went to old Spain and ran into Dante...you helped destroy the heartless in that world, it is now locked from the darkness...look for more worlds and lock them." The voice said and never spoke again.

"Hmph, my job is never done." He said continuing to walk along the white path. "My job...will never end."

Janus Silverlock
11-24-2006, 12:18 PM
Janus turned around in his seat at the bar and turned his head to look at the girl beside him. He shook her extended hand graciously.

I come from another world... I don't know for sure how it came about that I should end up here, but I hope to find out somehow.

He took notice to the spilt drink on the bar behind her, and picked up the glass to wipe up the spill with some napkins before handing the glass towards her.

I hope you take the gesture well. I wanted to make your acquaintance while I was here... as I most likely will be leaving soon. I have alot that I am trying to find out, and my journey will be a long one. It's nice to just sit and enjoy company for awhile, don't you agree?

Janus smiled warmly at the girl, though his smile lacked something... perhaps it was sincerity. He was a kind man, more kind than most you can meet... but his allegiance only lies with those he trusts, back in his home of Radiant Garden. He eagerly gazed back at the young woman, awaiting her response.

11-24-2006, 03:29 PM
((OOC- Sorry Tet, I forgot you were with the chari's from the game. vv" sorry))

"Poetic words," Jonwolf called out as he began to slowly move to a defensive position. His talon was still exposed, and begand to trail red light in respose to being close to a Hikari. He danced the talon back and forth to show off the trailing and sped up at a rythmic pace.

Jonwolf, using his free hand, removed his hood revealing his full visage. His pointed ears and his red and black eyes were now clearly exposed. As his hand droped down to unclip his Yubita Hisakata he sniffed th air. "There is wolf in you." he stated rather flatly, "Tis a shame, I do so hate killing kin."

Jonwolf was now fully in a defensive stance, both blades brandished and waiting, "Your move Mr. Poet." He called as a devilish grin arose on his face.

11-24-2006, 04:01 PM
Reiko stood there dumbfounded for a moment or two. Chesh had ran. She shruged it off. They may or may not meet up in the futrue. She looked around listening to want was going on and heard music. Her ears twiched. "Hmmm, Music? Who would be playing music?" she felt something behind her and spun swinging Bloody Fang cutting a heartless in half. It's captrue heart floated away. She kept Bloody Fang out and followed the sound of music. It started to get louder as she got closer and she heard what sounded like a fight going on. She sniffed the air smelling to wolves. Coming around a corner she stumbled upon them. She held Bloody Fang up ready to attack which ever or both if they decided to attack her "Hello..."

Seikyu Kiba
11-24-2006, 05:13 PM
Tryce was continuing to walk down the path as usual and then the voice came again

"Jesus is back to speak!"(Ignore)

"Tryce....I want to show you somthing." All of a sudden another door appeared before him. But this door was on another path, a Grey path. The door was Black with red spirals at the bottom of it. One the face of the door it had the symbol of the Heartless on it. At the very top a large demon head was mounted apon it. "This door is the door of the Koi...the Koi are the controllers of the Heartless."

"And...go on." Tryce said curiously.

"The Koi want you to lead the Heartless." the voice said as heartless appeared around Tryce. "You will not have to lock keyholes if you agree...instead you will have to taint them and take over and shroud the World in darkness."

Tryce staired at the Heartless, they looked like giant ants (the common Heartless in KH) and they were moving back and forth waiting for his decision. "Well...if that shall be my destiny then shall be it!" he said as dark mist started to spiral around him.

"Use the heartless to taint world...remember this is your destiny." The voice vanished.

Tryce looked at the heartless around him and then walked up to the door "I guess this is my destiny." He said as he pointed his Chronos Blade to the door and a black beam shot out of the blade, and an Unlocking sound was heard from the door. When it opened he stepped in side and the door closed. 5 mins later he stepped out. He looked the same but his eyes turned all black and dark mist was pouring out of him. "Heartless decend." He said. The heartless vanished as Tryce started to walk. The path of white he walked on turned grey. He was now walking towards a door. He was now entering


Tryce was standing before Jafar and was smirking evily "So..it's agreed...then."

"Yes we have a deal." Jafar said laughing. The heartless started to run a muck around Agrabah and was slowly being tooken over. The Keyhole was now Tainted, At least....for now.


OOC: Just to let you know I need someones character to come in and lock this world or I am going to get bored chilling in Agrabah.

11-24-2006, 05:21 PM
Chesh walked along the light road "Huh?...this light road seems to have to end" he blinks and he begins running across the road. Chesh just kept running until the road broke "Gaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!". Chesh fell through the road he thought to himself "I...Is this it?...is this where my life ends..no...No!!...". Chesh closed his eyes soon in just a few seconds he reopned his eyes....Chesh was in a new world...the world of: Created world: Darkness of Your Heart

Chesh looked around and rubbed his head "Where...where am I?" He saw what was a field of dead wilted grass and dark black grey clouds "Wow....This place is...so...depressing and frightening. Oh well might as well have a look around" just then Chesh heard a voice

"Chesh....holder of the KeyBlade know as Bell...you are the one I seek to help me on my quest"

Chesh got up and looked around "Huh? what quest?" he said curiously

The voice grew louder "Silence!!! you shall not question the great Tenki!!"

Chesh laughed "Ok I promise I wont question you again Tenki...Thats your name right??.....Oops!!!" he coverd his mouth as the ground started to shake

The voice erupted with anger "You have broken my sealllI thank you Chesh Teki!!!' he laughed as a the moon turned blood red, the grass turned a dead black and the sky turned into a pure midnight black "Fool..pitiful Fool!!..you shall now perish" just then an army of heartless rose from the grounds

Chesh stepped back "What!!!!....this...this cant be real.." he wanted to wake up but it wasnt a dream it was real "How...how do I get out of here!!??"

The voice laughed "You must destroy 1million heartless..or you will never get out...this thing right hear" a counter carved in a rock appeared "This is a counter..it will tell you how many heartless you have slain..when it reaches 1million you may leave..no one can get in to help you. It will only you, and that keyblade Bell of yours...and...one more thing...have fun" the voice laughed as it faded away

Chesh drew Bell and said chuckleing "Bring it on!!"

11-24-2006, 05:52 PM
ooc: im sorry. i just get so excited sometimes! it'll never happen agian

Bic: Suni didnt waste a minute. She flung her back-pack off and rolled away when she was tripped. When she stood back up,there was a kind of light begining to surround her. She quickly picked up her bag (which Fuymi had dragged to her) and rumaged around for Gatomi and in a heartbeat found it. She strung it so fast you would think she was trained to do it. Which, of course, she was being, how she had been a pick-pocketer. "I hope I get this aim right!" she whispered to herself. And with that, she pulled back the string, aimed the arrow right for his stomach and let go. As the arrow shot through the air, you could hear its battle cry. A soft but deadly sound. The sound of a wolf singing to the moon echoed through the air and beyond.

Edit: grammerical corrections

11-24-2006, 07:27 PM
Sanosuke growled at his wolven cousin not noticing the female loboji yo the side, and fur started to burst around his body in the Rigna colors; Red and orange. His eyes glowed red and glared 'into' the soul of the Koi wolf in front of him. "The banished tides of that which is free, flow beyond the reckless void and bless my eternal soul." he jerked his SforzTemp Key to his palm and burning crackling guitar strings formed down the whole thing.

The key was held afloat over his palm near the hilt, and whenever he moved his fingers the strings were plucked and brushed to his will. It sounded like a deep inccessive heavy metal from the depths of a volcanoe. He aimed the floating Keyblade and launched an arrow of magma with a quick high note towards Jonwolf, the burning liquid rock spread into a wall of smaller arrows.

Afterwards he followed his attack with a dash literaly blazing across the ground in a fiery rupture and swung his SforzTemp Key in a spinning vertical cresent slash followed by a quick thrust from the side with his Crest key, kicking off of Jonwolf afterwards.

11-24-2006, 07:57 PM
OOC ---> Kiba : Yea, I'll make my way to Agrabah. (Hikari to the rescue! ^_^ )

BIC: Cross woke up from his dream to the sound of his communicator.

"Seems I have new orders"

Looking down at his Communicator, He saw that Agrabah Was being overrun by Heartless to the point of a total takeover.

"That's no good. Better get there quick"

Arrives at Agrabah

The moment Cross arrived at Agrabah, he was attacked by several Heartless. Although they were weak, he still struggled a bit with the number of them. After a bit of time, he defeated his first encounter of them.

"This could become annoying, better find the source quick"

Cross Slowly made his way to the palace to seal the door that had been tainted.

11-24-2006, 08:08 PM
Jonwolf turned to his side and made an X oer himself with his two blades to defend from the arrows of magma. the swords were able to take a large amount but plenty hit and burned his leather. He could feel the heat burning against him but by some blessing, his fur was not burned.

From Jonwolf stance he didnt see the rush attack that Sanosuke had delivered and was knocked back at least a yard. In mid flight Jonwolf regained his senses and dove his talon into the ground, jerking him into a backflip of sorts that allowed him to right himself. He did not pull this move off 100% sucessfully though. The massive jerk his arm recieved from the sodden movement poped it out of it's socket. Jonwolf howled as he quickly poped it back in.

"Look what you've gone and did," Jonwolf said as he pushed through the soreness of his arm and kept a calm demenor. "You've gone and ruined my perfectly good clothes." Jonwolf made a single cut along a line in the coat with his Blade of the moon and his trenchcoat fell to the ground. The long stripes of leather that would have hung from the burned coat would have been a nuicence anyway.

Underneath Jonwolf's coat was a black tank top and a pair of black pants which had a hole in the back to accomidat for Jonwolfs slick black tail. Obviously his coat was not meant to be removed, but it was either comprimise the psycological aspect of losing a rather indemidating wardrobe, or comprimise his fighting ability. The ladder of which, he could not risk.

"I may lack the fancy stunts that your keychain can pull off, but I do have one thing," he paused as he extended his arms out. The talon pulsated quicker and quicker and left an even longer and thicker trail with each passing second. "and that is raw power!" he screamed as the Raven Claw gave a burst of red energy that seemed to surge through Jonwolf. He took off at Sano, digging his blades into the ground to preform a canteering run. With each step whisps of red and black puffed from the places where his feet or blades touched. When he came near to Sano, he made an uppercut x with his blades, opening his mouth in a howl to bite down on Sano's shoulder.

11-24-2006, 08:51 PM
Sanosuke saw him rush towards him after he landed on his feet from the kick. The 'x' slash took him by surprise, and cut into the riges of his jacket burning marks into his skin. The blades also knicked his hat, and you never want to touch his hat. "Your pure strength just knicked my HAT!" he howled.

The jaws of Jonwolf can towards Sanosuke with great speed, but the distance was was sent back by the 'x' slash gave him enough time to lash forwards his SforzTemp key into his cranium, thus deflecting the jaws of impediding doom.

The cuts he took went into his fur and his skin, he started to bleed slightly. His Rigna was running out as the crackle of the strings on his keyblade started to lower in tone "I'll have to finish this fast... or i'll be forced to fight at a normal level.." He thought to himself.

With that he howled to the sky and his red volcanic aura burst forth unleashing the last of the Rigna force, the blades of the SforzTemp Key started to clash in a tri formation causing a steady drum beat.

One final swoop from the three blades clashing like a folding claw sent a large beam of red and orange light towards Jonwolf, the beam was wide and powerful enough to drill through a volcano.

After the beam was fired his fur retracted and his clothes turned white and black again, his SforzTemp Key changed back into key chains. He pointed the Crest key towards the woman to the left, his mind cleared of the Rigna.

"Pardon me miss, can you tell me if you are Hikari?" he asked her calmly adjusting his hat.

11-24-2006, 10:02 PM
Jonwolf was disoriented by the blow and saw several stars as he was knocked back. His senses were only half regained when he heard the roar of the blast. This snaped him back, but only as the blast hit him. He crouched down and used the Yubita Hisakata as a sheild from the blast. He howled as the Blade started to tremble and fissure. He could smell his own fur burning.

After the blazing inferno was over, Jonwolf was nowhere to be seen. During the last moments, Jonwolf had sliced open the air to The Inbetween and rolled in with only moments to spare.

Inside The Inbetween, Jonwolf lay panting, casting heal to slowly regain from the wounds. A slight chuckle escaped from him, followed by a howl of pain from the moment the laughter caused.
"I underestimated you Mr. Poet," he whispered. Any louder and Jonwolf would have been wracked with pain again, "I wont make that mistake again." Jonwolf said with a little more voice, ignoring the pain through his anger. "For you've done something I can never forgive," His words began to echo throughout The In-Between, "YOU MESSED UP MY FUR!" he shouted at the top of his lungs, howling in a mix of pain and anger.

11-24-2006, 11:27 PM
Snake froze up for a second as he heard Dante's voice.

'What the ....!?' he thought, 'somebody else, here!? But how!?"

Snake quickly turned around the crate, pointing his gun straight at Dante's head.

"Who are you?" he asked in his deep, gruffy voice, "And more importantly, what are you doing here?"

Snake stood patiently, his gun raised, ready to fire if need be.

Dante shook his hands quickly as his eyes widened with fear.

"WHOA WHOA!! Hey now! Im a friend! We both are fighting the heartless so lets just forget about all of this!!"

He looked at the pile of heartless, the one the man had killed had already dispated into a black smoke.

He looked back at the man. He didnt seem that old, just under middle aged. Maybe 32. He was wearing a tight jump suit of dark gray, and a bandanna of the same color. His hair was jet black and his face was somewhat "experienced" to this type of area. He had many different pouches about his waist and an assault rifle on the back of his hip.

Dante nodded his head over in the direction of the knocked out heartless, sweating running down his face.

"Maybe we should get out of here before they wake up."

11-25-2006, 09:18 AM
Reiko stood back not wanting to fight at the moment. She watched them deliever blow after blow to each other. When the fight seemed over. A man turn to her "I am not Hikari but Shiro. I mean no one harm." she said bowing. She striaghted up a little "And what are you? Koi, shiro, Hikari?"

11-25-2006, 09:48 AM
Jonwolf, now fully healed, walked down the In-Between, cursing at himself for failing earlier. "Mr. Poet, you have found yourself a new enemy." he said as he brushed his shoulder, straighting the fur.

Thank goodness it was only burns. Weak as his heal spells were, Jonwolf could recouperate from burns without scarring or bald spots of fur. Deep wounds were the only thing that could realy leave a scar, and even that could usualy be hidden in the fur.

Planning what he could do to this poet upon his return, he thought aloud for several minutes as he walked aimlessly through The In-Between, then he stoped, rearanging his priorities. He looked down at his burned and still smoking clothing. "But first, I need a tailor. . ."

11-25-2006, 10:20 AM
Chesh Charged at the army of heartless "Die!!!" he went into a fury of slashes at the heartless,he turned around and noticed the counter said 100 slain "Grrr...thats not enough!!" he is hit in the back by a few more and slays the others. Chesh was getting pumbled but that didnt stop him,he jumped into the air "Thundra!!" he sends down a flurry of thunderbolts upon 200 heartless "300 heartless slain!!". Chesh was hit yet again in the frontside and the left side "Gaaaahhh!!" he throws Bell up into the air "Ok...Bell lets go!" Bell started to glow and went inside Chesh "Here we go!!!....drive form...Kitty form". Chesh 's body became armoured in gold and black armor. A giant keyblade shuriken came rushing to his side "Here!!!!!". he threw the shiruken at all of the heartless. Chesh looked at the counter and it said 9999999999999999 heartless slain "Huh?...I...I did it...with one swing?..from my drive?"

Chesh laughed "Ok Tenki!!, I did what you said...now let me leave"

Tenki laughed "Very well Chesh...but before you go..take this..it will be help full on your jounrney..It is called....Gong of darkness" Tenki made a bolt of light shot down from the sky into Chesh's hands

Chesh looked at the keyblade "Wow...thanks...but...Huh??" he looked at the counter and noticed it had a keyhole shaped design "So...this was...a world I had to lock...alright" he held out Gong streight forward as it shot out a beam sealing the door. Chesh appeard back on the road of light,he sat down and smiled "Wow......a new keyblade..."

World Locked: Created World: Darkness of Your Heart: Keyblade found: Gong of Darkness

Keyblade info: Gong of Darkness: Appers as a much smaller version of Bell but it has a Emerald blade with swirls of Sapphire going through it,Its hilt is a light silver color,It gives Chesh alittle boost in magic

Seikyu Kiba
11-25-2006, 10:38 AM
Tryce was standing on top of the Palace as he watched the Heartless carry out Princess Jasmin. But then his keyblade started to glow, he pointed the blade in front of his and a portal formed. Showing a keyblade bearer entering the world. "Hmm...looks like we got company Jafar."

"Don't tell me it's that acursed Aladin." Jafar said in annoyance. "He's always getting in the way."

"No...it's another Keyblade Bearer." Tryce said smirking. "Jafar...take care of him for me."

"What did you just say!? JAFAR LISTENS TO KNOW ONE!" He said angerly.

Tryce was not amused he walked over to Jafar and held his blade up to his neck "We had a deal remember that." he said evily.

"Y-yes...fine I will take care of him." Jafar said vanishing into the darkness.

Tryce began to chuckle as he watched the Palace turn black "This Palace is mine." He said smirking.

"You won't get away with this! Aladin will save me!" Jasmin said yelling.

"I highly doubt it....Send her to the dungeon!" He said as the heartless carried her to the dungeon.

OOC: Alright Astalle can you take over Jafar and Aladin for me??

11-25-2006, 12:39 PM
Jonwolf walked untill he felt something, "here," he stated to himself, and riped open the air again and steped out. It was dark where he was. Looking around Jonwolf discovered it to be an allyway. He could hear the bustle of a city and could see it if his line of sight to the street was not blocked by a dumpster. Peering beyond the dumpster to see the inhabitants of this world, he discovered them to be entirely made up of either humans (All blond for some reason) or lizard people (which seem to come in a variety of colors from red to green to a dark brown.

"Damn, no wolves." He said. Beyond the fact that there was no wolves, none of them seemed to carry weapons. If Jonwolf steped out, surely the people would look at him like monster, a monster with some rather nasty blades. He did not need to cause a panic, at least not yet.

Jonwolf cursed under his breath. That is what I get for not taking the dark path and actualy looking at the nams on the door he thought as he heard a door open. from the building Jonwolf was hiding against, a little ways down deeper into the alley, a man in a rather nice suit tossed a bag of garbage across the alley, hitting the other wall and sliding to the ground with a mix of a squish noise and the sound of breaking glass.

After the man had gone back inside, Jonwolf followed, giving a few seconds of buffer room. Opening the door he saw the back room of what Jonwolf hoped to be a tailors. A lot of pressed suits, hemmed dresses, and other various clothes hung from a large oval shaped moving conver, much like you would see at a meat market.

Jonwolf creapt towards the front, keeping low. poking his head out where the hole in the wall was to allow for the clothing to come out on the conveyer, he saw that the store was empty, and what luck, the windows were covered with shut blinds.

After a silent stab of his Raven Claw into the back of the obvlivious humming tailor, Jonwolf walked to the door and locked it. Looking back he saw the lowest form of heartless staring at him. Next to that, was his nobody, Jonwolf made sure that his nobody would be present. The nobody stood looking at him, with a now grey but still very nice suit still on it's body.

Jonwolf slashed the heartless, making it burst into a puff of darkness an it's now freed heart puff away. "That is what will happen to you if you do not follow my orders, make me a new trenchcoat!" he ordered it sternly. The nobody whisped away to the back as Jonwolf called out an additional order "And make it fire retardent!" Jonwolf hoped that although it was not 100% defensable against Mr. Poets magma beams and arrows, it should provide at least some durability insted of just melting away as it did before.

retaining enough to remember its trade. After a good 30 minutes the nobody returned, draging the coat. Jonwolf snatched it up and looked at it. It had the same basic layout as the old one, except for this one had a red trim to it that Jonwolf thought looked rather fitting. Also, this one opened a bit more easier on the left arm which Jonwolf was very pleased with.

Jonwolf donned the new coat, lifted the hood, and unlocked the door. He walked toward the back, slashing the noody on the way, killing it instantly, "I'd love to stay and corrupt, but I've got a personal matter to attend to." he said to no one in particular as he cut opened the portal to The In-Between and steped in laughing.

((OOC- Sorry if I butchered the nobodies abilities. I completly forgot wheather they appear along side the heartless or appear in The In-Between. Also I figured if a person died and became a nobody and could still retain their knowledge of how to fight with the weapons the had in life like Axel or Roxas, I figured a tailor could retain the knowledge of how to do his craft.))

11-25-2006, 12:43 PM
OOC: alrighty I am really sorry for not post for a while and well Thanksgiving got in my way and stuff this okay for my opeing post Tet?

BIC: Aka woke up her hair got into her mouth causing her to spit it out "What was that dream?" she asked sitting up. Her head ached slightly telling her she had fallen asleep in an uncomfortable postion. She got out of the chair which she had fallen a sleep in. Studying the room she got a hold of where she was. She walked outside watching the people mill around. She didn't want anyting to do with them so she sidestepped finding a dark alley all to herself "Good" she said to the dark the sat in the middle listening to the silence.

Dean haragatsu
11-25-2006, 01:32 PM
Dean Wakes up on the ground and starts looking around.He stands up and walks off searching for freinds or sumonne to talk to.He looks forward and starts thinking to himself(gaurding the in between is a to worth while i guess.)He closes his eyes looking back on his past life then thinking more(it is better than being with those people.Who cares if im alone in this life?huh?.)He opens his eyes determined(gaurding is my life and that is all i must do!)He thaught to himself trying to cheer himself up from the fact he has nothing to talk to or be of any assistance to.

Overlord Darth Fluffles
11-25-2006, 07:19 PM
This is the Color of Yoshimoto, This is the Color of Ma Qin.

Yoshimoto's sight went black. Then he saw himself appear floating. And a small voice said to him, "Leave this world, use your blade, it is a key."
"My...blade? you mean not Oni, but Darkness?" He questioned.
No answer then he woke up on the floor as soldiers where shaking him, "General! General! Takeda are advansing, Lord Nobunaga wishes you to intercept Yukimura Sanada's force!"
"Hmm, very well," He draws Oni his black Katana, "I shall intercept him. ~(this means thought to me) ~And prehaps i can find the way out...~. He grabbed his anhk amulet. He head on out to intercept Yukimura and find a way out.


Ma Qin was on the ground, he was passed out they said, but Ma Qin heard whispers, "Leave this world. Your Brother will try and do terrible things to the everything and everyone, bring forth darkness. Use your amulet to escape..."
Ma Qin suddenly woke up in his tent. He looked around puzzled then whispered to himself, "Brother...i...have a brother...and escape? How?...."
He looked at his amulet, The Eye of Horus. It glowed then he heard knews from soldiers that A Wei Attack force lead by Zhang Liao was heading this way. Ma Qin got up grabbed his spear and went to assemble his force.

OOC: i hope that was ok.

11-25-2006, 07:57 PM
Sanosuke pulled up his Crest Key, the chain slinked back and swayed in a subtle breeze blowing by. He lifted his hat slightly to her, though the nicks still bothered him he kept his mind off of it the best he could.

"I must apologise, one of the light. I am of the freedom." he turned to follow the brown haired boy and his companions and found then up a spiral walkway fighting heartless of many diverse sizes. With a sweep of his crest key he blasted himself up to the ledge that lead to the group.

He landed with a slight slip of his left foot but used the unbalanced position to engage in a rolling sideways slash upon the nearby heartless, sending their hearts to the door of light. He continued to swoop about, lashing like a fierce wind at every heartless playing a song of battle. The wind flowed through he holes in his Crest key, making the flute like music that was ever familiar just more vigorus.

After clearing the area he turned to the boy with two katanas and bowed "Sanosuke Dreifang, the musical mystic at your service." he looked up to meet the group of four who introdused themselves.

"Lloyd Irving is my name." The red clad boy said proundly.
"Genus here, thanks." The small boy with the hammerand ball said with an intelegent tone.
"I'm Zelos, not too shabby fancy dude!" He laughed as he shook his head.
"I'm Raine, nice to make your aquaitance" She had a similar tone to Genus's intelegent accent. She seemed to be the big sister.

Lloyd went over to a nearby metal door and hit a key on the keypad "Sano, we have just found out that the desians are making these creatures!" the group entered the room which seemed like a control room.

"Unfortunatly Lloyd you are only half correct, the tides of darkness and malice are at hand. Tis the work of the door to darkness." He paused as he adjusted his hat.

"We must find the heart to this world, I wish it to never be seized by the darkness." he stepped on a secret block in the floor and a giant armor clad heartless appeared from above smashing into the floor and sending everybody to the corners of the room.

"Augh! Ouch!" Genus shouted as he hit the northern corner with a large smack.

"Genus! Are you okay?" Raine shouted as she stumbled her way to her brother. She lifted him into her arms and looked to Zelos "Cut me a path! His leg is broken!"

Zelos nodded and pulled out his blade, and with a swift cross slash he cut apart a part of the wall to the north. He took Genus for Raine and let her cast magic.

The heartless glared at them as they tried to escape and started towards them with a giant slash from above with its large cleaver. It shrieked as it attacked, but it was stopped before the attack could hit.

Lloyd was at the reciving end, both swords crossed over to hold off the attack. He grunted as him and the heartless fought a battle of brute strength. He turned to Sano who was well on his feet by now and said "Theirs no time! Blow him away!"

Sanosuke felt a burst of deep regret for not being able to cover Genus's landing, and the pressure of having to make the decision whether to destroy the heartless at the cost of killing Lloyd. Llyod was directly in his way of the attack and their wasn't any time to move.

"Lloyd I...I..cant."

"Come'on Sano! You know you have to make hard decisions in your life! Now make the right one!" His body was straining to hold the attack off.

"...." He was silent, then something shot into him from above. His sad and regreting feelings were lifted in place of a deep blue aura from his keyblades. "I must unleash... The power of the Sadna!" he howled to the area above him and his keys fused into one.

The Sforz Key became like the butt of a rifle and fused with the Crest and Tempera Keys to make the TriRifle Key. The guitar strings shot up it's long blue blade from the air holes it donned.

Sano's clothes turned to all the different shades and tones of blue and green streaks ran up the sides of his face. His eyes turned sapphire blue and a deep flowing blue and green aura surrounded his body ripping out like tidal waves.

He pulled up on his TriRifle Key and brought it to his shoulder "Darkness from within the void, the soul shall cense you, your time is nigh." and with that he pulled the many trigger strings of the TriRifle and bursts of blue and green shots soared towards the heartless, completely avoiding Lloyd.

The shots ripped through the iron clad heartless like it was nothing and it ruptured into a dark mist.

From the ball on Genus's weapon, a large keyhole appeared on a control moniter and glowed a fabulas array of rainbow brightness.

The four all stared at it and Sano as he pointed his key towards the hole.

"May the wings of the Soul guide me to freedom..." he said as a blue beam shot from his key into the hole thus sealing it from the darkness.

After all was discussed and goodbyes were made Sano was off towards his next destination powered down from his newly gained form.

WORLD LOCKED: Tales of Symphonia: Sylvarant.

Kyuubi Naruto
11-25-2006, 07:57 PM
As Lance and Rudy continued to walk through the dark cave,a yell was heard from a distance."You dont think that was him,do you?"Lance said..

Rudy ran off."I do.Its the only thing we got,let's get moving!"He turned to the left and saw a large purple monster with multiple arms and claws coming out of its spine cornering a young boy at the edge of the cave."There he is!"Yelled Rudy.He raised his hand and took out a gun.He shot the gun and the creature screamed in pain.

Lance looked at the special gun."That's pretty nice,what is it?No kind of regular gun can do that!"He said.

Rudy looked at him."We can talk about that later,alright?He pulled out a sword in the other hand and slashed at the monster,making a gash in its back,catching its attention.The monster shot at Rudy with an energy ball from its hand,but missed.Rudy then leaped up and slashed him again.

Lance landed on Rudy's shoulders and jumped of,stabbing the monster with LeoCross,then kicking it away from the boy,causing it to crash into the wall of the cave.He then powered up LeoCross and shot a large fireball at the monster,sending it deeper into the cave.

"That's a nice blade,where'd ya get it?"

"We can talk about that later,alright?"He said with a smirk."Alright,this battle is gonna be a quick one,stand back."He said.He leaped into the air and came down in a swirl of his keyblade,and shot a large fire beam at the monster,devastating it and finishing it off.The lifeless body lay there in the rubble.

"I dont care if you dont tell me what that is,I've gotta get me one of those."Rudy said,laughing.

Lance laughed along with him.As he laughed,he looked at the way that had came and saw a light coming from it.It was a group of people.When they arrived,the were in shock at the monster lying dead in the cavern.The little boy ran to the group.

The group of people began to yell at once,until a old man walked to the front and quieted them down.The man pointed at Rudy."You!Havent we told you before,this place is forbidden?"

Rudy nodded."Yes,but,I had to come!What,did you expect me to let this little kid die because of my village being to cowardly to come save him themselves?!"He yelled.

"It doesnt matter now Rudy.By doing so,you have put this entire village in danger1Do you not understand to listen to your elders,and superiors?"

"Superior!?How are you superior if you would let one of your own die before you'd have a chance or second thought to go save them??"

The man sighed."Rudy,I can understand your concern,but this is the last time I shall let you put my village in danger.I am sorry Rudy,but you are no longer allowed at the village."

Lance was shocked at the mans words."What do you mean he's banished?He just saved this boys life!"

"I advise that you do not get caught up with the affairs of other worlds,key bearer."The man said,pointing to LeoCross,still in Lance's hand."What is done is done."The group began to walk back out the cave.

Rudy stood their as the group walked away and the little boy who had been saved slowly waved to Rudy.He stood their and placed his 'gun' in his pocket.

"Rudy....Im really sorry...I...."

"Dont worry about it.If I have to be punished for doing the right thing.....and I feel like I did......well then"

"You did."Interrupted Lance."And I'm sorry,but I've gotta go.There's a job that I have to do,and I cant stay here.

Rudy put out his hand."Well then,it was good to fight with you this one time.It's been fun,and thank you for all of this.You know where to find me when you need me,on the open road."He said.

Lance smiled and nodded,then shook his hand."Right."All of a sudden,a heart came from the body of the dead beast."And before I go."He held up his keyblade,and a beam of light went from the heart,making it explode in a bright light,illuminating the room."Good luck,stay safe."He slashed at the air,opening a portal to another world,and he waved back to Rudy,then walked out of the portal.

Rudy watched his new companion walk away,then headed on the way to his new life on the road through a shining passageway out of the cave,without a second thought of ever returning to the village that he once called home.

OOC:That took a while.XD.

World Locked:Wild Arms

11-25-2006, 08:23 PM
Jonwolf cringed as he heard the sound of several doors being locked. But one in particular bothered him even more. "Damn." he cursed aloud, "I squandered too much time." Jonwolf considered trying to get in through the In-Between again, "Bah, I not risk a fight with such a disadvantage. Better to start anew somewhere else."

Jonwolf continued to walk a little longer, finaly reaching where he felt was a new world. Again, rather recklessly he sliced open the portal. Looking inside he saw towers of metal and stange machines flying all about, with large bionic tentacles and a single red orb for each. He did not even have to enter to feel it. "There. . . There are barely any hearts here at all." Jonwolf was viewing the world of The Matrix, on it's eve of the final battle with the machines.

Allowing the portal to close Jonwolf walked a little further down to find a new start location from that world. Slicing the air again he steped in, sensing more hearts close by. Inside he was on a platform, under a dome of sorts. Below him he could see a strange advanced, yet in shambels town. All of the people seemed to be preparing for something, when all of a sudden the dome above fissured and fell open, sending thousand of those machines inside.

"Some sort of war. Between those with hearts, and those without. Yet, they are not heartless, nor are they nobodies." Jonwolf said in ponder as a group of the machines spoted him and speedily advanced to his position. Quickly reopening the air with his Raven Claw, he ducked back inside, the slice sealing itself moments before one was able to penetrate it. "I have no reason to corrupt there. . . It seems as though those indiginous heartless are well suited enough to destroy the remaining hearts on it's own."

A tad annoyed by the dud-world he encountered, Jonwolf continued on hopefull that another world might hold some value of corruption. Stoping again, he cut the air and steped inside.

Dean haragatsu
11-25-2006, 08:49 PM
Dean climbs a tower of steps to come to a peacefullplace of such relaxation.He walks still thinking to himself not paying any attention as to tripping on a log and falling in a pond in the woods near a man with black hair and a red hair strap on his forehead.He swims out the pond spitting up water thinking to himself(I hate it when i just fall in places like this.)

Sanosuke opens his eyes asking"are you ok?"He then walks near Dean and helps him up and says"the clumbsy needs to pay more attention,this lesson you must learn"

Dean looks at the man and coughs out more water.

sanosuke drags him to his current home and covers him in a towl.Then sets him out back,He then asks"what is your name?"

Dean looks at sanosuke and responces"Dean Haragatsu,and yours?"He then looks to the ground and listens to the wind actually scanning for any heartless but hears nothing.

sanosuke respnces"sagara sanosuke."He stares at Dean supposedly studying his actions as he sands up and glares at the dark hooded shadow in front of them.

Dean then looks at sanosuke and seems alarmed that Sanosuke is preparinng for something mainley involving him.He grabs his key preparing for a fight as he notices a heartless has appeared.

Sanosuke looks at the thing and notices its not human like so he asks it"what the (profanity is prohibited) are you doing here?"Sanosuke gets no responce so he pounces at it using his Hiten fist to cause the heartless harm but it has no effect at all and n fact the darkness only countered his attack by slamming him on the ground,knocking him uncontiouse.

dean looked down then grined saying"i had enough of watching you nearly slaughter people in these world."He rises and takes his key and points it straight at the heartless as a sharp formed ice sculture appears and tries to spear the heartless threw a tree but it vanishesthrew a dark portal.He then wraps the towl over Sanosuke and thinks to himself(this guy tried his best to help me i might as well do the same but........what does the darkness want with this world?)

11-25-2006, 09:29 PM
OOC---> Kiba: Yea, can do.

After fighting off several of the heartless, Cross eventually made his way into the market place.

"Geez, this is more than the usual amount of heartless, something wierds going on..."

Cross then came across a gate which seemed to lead to the palace. Right in front of the gate, there was someone fighting a rather large heartless. Cross watched as this man fought with the heartless. It looked as though this man was going to lose if he didn't get some help, so cross ran towards the heartless to help him out. Together they were able to defeat this heartless.

"Damned things are so persistant...Are you ok?"

OOC: Aladin = -------

BIC: "Yeah...thanks for the help"

"Why exactly were you fighting it though?"

"I needed to get into the palace to save someone"

"And it was blocking your way huh"

The man nodded his head. Cross couldn't help but feel sympothy for him

"Well then, lets go save whoever you need to save"

Aladin looked gratfully towards Cross and Nodded

"My name's Aladin. What's yours?"

"Just call me Cross, now lets get going"


The two of them made there way towards the palace with the hopes of saving this person.

11-25-2006, 11:20 PM
Sera had just cut through another Flood but more kept pouring our. They kept coverting the Marines under her command until there were only a hand full left.

"Ma'am! We are getting overwelmed!!!" yelled one as a flood clothslined him.

Sera cut through one and started to think she wasn't going to make it.

"Dang it! This can't be it can it?!" she asked herself.

One more marine was converted over the the flood.


OCC- Sorry about the short posts... It is just a little boring playing by yourself...

Dean haragatsu
11-25-2006, 11:50 PM
Dean puts Sanosuke in his home as he runs off to what he thinks they realy want.He goes to a Tokyo festival and sees how it is getting terrorized by a heartless.He takes out his key and swings the teeth at the heartless repeatedly moving it back.

The heartless bllocks with his key repeatedly and flips backwards over a shushi stand to dodge the attack fully.

Dean crashes his hkey into his stand then as the heartless swings its key at his head he ducks then he smirks and combines with the key to transform into a wolf and he prounces on the heartless biting the kly and snapping it in two peices.He then bites the heartless on the neck as it buursts into dark mist and its heart travels to kingdoms hearts.He thinks to himself(it was after the heart of tokyo...which was the mayor but that still dosent make any sence.)He then transforms back uncombining with his key and glares at the mayor asking"is everything ok?"

The mayor says"yea,but the festival is ruined."He looks from the stand as the hearltless all seem to get sucked threw a dark portal and the people look upon there festival with frown faces.

Dean then looks at the situation and shrugs saying"not my problem."He lifts his key into the air as a light seperates the sky and he floats into it.It takes him back to the light Path.He then walks it towards the kingdom of Agrabah about 1 meter away in a desert.He thinks to himself(this looks promising.) as he enters the town of Agrabah.

11-25-2006, 11:58 PM
Reiko shruged as the guy walked off. She ripped a whole into the world and steped out onto the rift. She looked around a little. She walked on the rift aimlessly looking for the next world. She triped and tumbled hitting her head on the rift. She sat up rubbing her head "Owie....that hurt!" she looked around getting up. She shook her head and winces in pain "Not a good idea. That was some fall" said said continuing to walk on the rift. "I wonder what I triped over. I didn't see anything....maybe i triped on my foot" she said thinking about it. She walked into the WORLD: CLAYMORE

Dean haragatsu
11-26-2006, 12:47 AM
Dean walks among the city and sees a heartless right in front of him.He ignores it as the heartless runs up behind him about to attack him with its ket.He takes out his key quickly and blocks the heartless's attack.He then spirals it into a counter kicking it back and facing it as he is now very ticked off.He ruuns up to the heartless and sorrounds his keys teeth with ice and makes it seem like he was going to attack the heartless with its back plain side but instead as the hearltles attempts to block he turns it around and kills the heartless as it bursts into dark dust and its heart returns to the kingdoms heart.He says "peace be with that heart and all the rest with them." but in that event the soldiers of the king has seen his skills and walked up toward him.

The gaurd looks at him and says"Hello welcome to our kingdom and i want to offer you a job of protecting the princess."He wraps his arm around him and stares at him.

Dean grabs the gaurds hand and moves it off saying"not interested." and walks off bu the gaurds sorround him screaming"you are under arrest."He thinks about the conditions he is under and descides to go peacefully for now.

The gaurds toss him into a jail wagon and drives him off into the kingdom of Agrabah and sets him in a jail cell with his key.

Kyuubi Naruto
11-26-2006, 07:51 AM
As Lance was traveling to another world via the rift,he noticed a dark light coming from inside the destination he was headed to."What's that..."All of a sudden,a group of heartless(wyvern)flew out of the portal and attacked him.He quickly leaped into the gate,closing it inside of the gate along with him.LeoCross appeared magically in his hand and he charged at it.He slased it across the stomach,then stabbed his Keyblade into the back,when he released it,it died,fell to the ground,and disappeared in a puff of purple and black smoke."Where'd that come from?And how did it reach the rift?"He thought for a minute."Damn,things are getting more dangerous by the second...if only I could talk to the other bearers and tell them about the Heartless reaching the rift.."He said to himself.He then looked around this world,a large city in the middle of a desert.He senses another key bearer as LeoCross begins to glow."Man,this place is filled with other Key bearers..."He said to himself."I've got not time to waste,I've got to find them and tell them the threat of this place.(World Entered:Agrabah)

Seikyu Kiba
11-26-2006, 08:50 AM
OOC: Alright Natruto Keep in mind this world is tainted by me so there are lots of heartless.

Tryce was stairing down at the two running towards the palace. "Hmph, Jafar take care of them!" He said yelling.

"Yes sir!" He said disappearing and then reappearing infront of cross and Aladin "Ah Street Rat it seems like you have a new friend....as well as I." He said as heartless appeared around him. "I shall crush you." He said shooting lasers from his snake staff (Ok he can't really do that but its cool if he can)

Tryce was laughing evily until he smirked "Well well another one..I saw this in the future but I didn't think he would come this soon." He said making more heartless "DESTROY THE SECOND BEARER!"

11-26-2006, 11:04 AM
Reiko ducked quickly as a claymore sword came swinging at her head. She roled off to the side jumping to her feet and Bloody Fang was in her hand "Now now, I don't want to fight anyone. I just came to see if this world was tainted." she said trying to reason with the sliver-eyed witch.

"Are world is already tainted by yoma's like you!" she said swinging her claymore at Reiko again

Reiko blacked the claymore with her keyblade. They were shoulder to shoulder "I do not inteand to harm you but if you continue to fight me I will have to out of self-defence! Now back down!!" she said in a somewhat low growl.

"You are a yoma but you do not want to hurt. That puzzles me so." she backed off with a jump but still held her sword out ready to attack if Reiko did something tricky

Reiko put her keyblade away but it would come to her had if it was needed. "Have you seen any black cretrues running around here of late?" she asked looking for any heartless

The woman seemed to think on that question "Yes I do seem to recall them. They are a new type of yoma. I have never seen them before. Do you know what they are?" she asked

Reiko nodded "They are heartless. Your world is tanited. If I don't lock this world soon it maybe in utter darkness soon." she said. She sensed something behind her and the girl lunged at her. Reiko ducked quickly turning around to see the girl cut a heartless in half. It's captrued heart flaoted off. "Thank you"

"Don't thank me. It is my job. What do you mean by worlds and what are you? You have wold ears and a wolf tail." she said looking over Reiko

Reiko nods "I am part lobiji. I come from another world. There are many worlds out there. Not just yours. The darkness has started the speard. More everyday. It is a very sad thing. Now have you seen any keyhole arounf aomewhere?" she asked

11-26-2006, 11:29 AM
Dante huffed for a second our two, they had been running for quite sometime. He looked around the desk they had been hiding behind, quickly turning back behind it after searching the surroundings. They were in some sort of control room, the walls ladden with computers. He looked out the window at the hangar that was right across from it. There was a giant robot type thing. It was gray and had two legs but no arms. The cockpit was somewhat triangular. The left should of the cockpit held a rail gun, the other a type of dome. There was a missle pack on the back of the unit.

Dante looked over at snake.

"So, where exactly are we?"

Snake stood up and walked over to what seemed the be the main computer. He pulled out some sort of cardkey and put it in one of the computers.

"We are in the main hangar for Metal Gear, remember, that robot i told you about?"

Snake knew he remembered, they had both explained everything to each other along the way. Fighting hundreds of heartless all the while.

The computer started to speak in an electronic voice.

"Key number three, activated. Manual system activation complete."

Snake beat his fists agaisnt the control panel.

"Activation!? What!? But didnt i just overirde...!?

Snake growled in anger then looked at the pathway to Metal Gear's cockpit, seeing a man standing right by the cockpit, waving his hand for Snake to come over.

Snake began to run out, but was soon cut short by a large group of heartless that appeared arround the room.

Dante stood up quickly, pulling out his masamune.

"Ill take care of these guys, you go take care of him!"

Dante looked around the room and swallowed hard.

'Well' he though to himself, ' I gotta try at least...'

Natu Utan
11-26-2006, 11:56 AM
OOC:Sorry for not posting in awhile, been grounded. I would appreciate it, if everyone could send me a pm with a small Summary on what their character has been doing. So I can catch up a bit. THanks. Co-GM signing back in character,

-Ryuu's body seemed to be moving by itself after he turned into his Drive form. His eyes glistened in the light softly. He looked up over at Sani, as she shot the arrow towards him. Immediatly, a small hand of ice reached out of his ice body, and grabed the arrow. Stopping it in its tracks. Ryuu was still puzzled on why he could only activate half of his drive form. Once the arrow was grabbed, it suddenly froze, due to the intense coldness of the ice hand. Ryuu smirked, and gave a soft chuckle. His body, started to melt. Into a water form. The water of Ryuu soaked into the Earth, only to, rise up from behind Sani. As he was rising from the ground, Ryuu harshly swung Rumiko upwards, from behind Sani. While, Firetried Ash began to shake and Quiver, it started to make its own motions without Ryuu knowing what it was. The blade, began to change form. Shooting electrical sparks everywhere. All around Sani and Ryuu.

Dean haragatsu
11-26-2006, 02:13 PM
Dean gets up and grabs his key.He looks at the cell and says"this just isent my day."He then waits there wondering what will happen next.

The gaurd goes to the king of Agrabah and says"Sir there is a fellon in our doungon.He is a unusual lad with unusual cloths and he has attacked oneof our gaurds with a unusual strange blue object.We beleive he can be a major threat."

The sulton nods and says"yes,he can indeed.I should call Jafar on this."He then goes looking for Jafar.

Dean only sits there figuring his way out but dosent come up with anything at all.He then sighs and says"this is hopeless."

Kyuubi Naruto
11-26-2006, 02:55 PM
OOC:Alright Seikyu,just the way I like it.Gonna be fun.XD.

Lance saw a passing jail cart and LeoCross began to glow out of control with a blinding light,but when the light died down,Lance was greeted by a swarm of heartless."Oh my god.This place is probably crawiling with'em."He slashes LeoCross into the air."Alright then,its time to take this up a notch!"He yelled."He holds up Leocross and leaps into the air.A red light shines and when it is over,he appears as Leo-Unleashed."Come on now,it's time to kill me some heartless!"He yelled."He then charged at the Heartless and began to mindlessly hack and slash his way through the group heartless.HE flew high into the air and came down with a devastating slam into the ground,sending a shockwave through all of Agrabah,and killing some of the Heartless.He jumped up and began to hop from Heartless,slashing each one as he jumped off,then finished the fight by leaping into the air.He pulled his keyblade back in his hands,then came down iwht a slash that destroyed the rest of the Heartless.Once when he thought it was over,another group of heartless came,most of them fat bandits and some wyverns.He sighs.Then,a group of police carts came and surrounded him as well.

"You are under arrest!Put your weapon down and put your hand behind your head."

Lance knew that he could take them on,but he thought for a minute."Wait....was that another key bearer in the cart?"He asked himself."In that case,looks like my permanent record is ruined,but better,I can find another bearer."LeoCross disappears in his hands.He puts his hands behind his head."Alright,take me in,ya got me."He said,faking.The grabbed him and placed him inside a police cart as the Drive power ran out and he returned to normal.
__________________________________________________ _______________________

When he finally reaches the jail cell,he is placed in a sell across from Dean,and locked in.He looks at Dean,as LeoCross appears in his hand again and glows.He stares at Dean for a while."About time,another Key bearer."He stands up in his cell and puts his face against the bars."Yo!"He yelled."You there!I gotta know something.........are you....a key bearer?"He asked hesitantly."I've gotta know,and if you are,then you know what I'm talking about.Also,I'll tell you how to get out of here.I've been in this position before."He said to Dean.

fox demon naruto
11-26-2006, 04:28 PM
Cid stared into the large market area. It was very busy and seemed to be in the middle ages. The place was peacefull but Cid felt something wrong going to happen. He suddenly felt being push by and saw a kid with a green tunic and a green hat run off. He also noticed the kid had a fairy with him. He looked continued to look around. He walked off until he found a church. He was about to walk in when a force blocked his path. Suddenly he passed out again.

11-26-2006, 04:30 PM
Sanosuke waved his right hand in the air and from a sparkling red and blue light his Tempera keyblade appeared before him. He pulled the strings down from the blade to the end of the hilt and clicked them into the guard.

He started his way towards another road, playing his Tempera keyblade like a guitar. The music sounded like a desperato theme, sort of mexican in it's own way yet still mystical in the celestial breeze of the rift. The waves of sound flowed forth like water in the ocean to all who could sense it's presence, and as Sano walked down the lighted way he turned at a cross road.

"Playing ever so swiflty and vibrantly he continued to walk the paths of light, trying to find a suitable world to play his music. He slowly started to sing "From the depths of it all, to the power behind the twilight, my soul calls to freedom, and beckons it forward..."

He sung his mystical song while playing his key, the ghostly feathers of the celestial breeze surround him like a vortex as he walked on.

Seikyu Kiba
11-26-2006, 04:56 PM
OOC: Wait one moment....The Palace is the one controlled...ah well I guess we can say Ill be in the throne right now and Jafar handeling Cross. Anyway I guess I will make my appearance before the Sulton and take control of him...hehe. Sorry Dean but mind if I take the Sulton for a bit??? (Guards,Sulton.)

Tryce smirked as he appeared before the Sulton "No Sulton you must stay here, Jafar is taking care of some of the other intruders right now." He then made the heartless appear around the Sulton. "Heartless make sure he doesn't leave the Palace.."

"What is the meaning of this Tryce!?" He said with a scared look on his face.

"Oh well you see there is no room for you anymore once this world is tooken over by darkness." He said laughing.


"Hmph, my my you really want to fight do you!" He said holding his keyblade up and making himself turn invisible.

"GAH!" The guards fell one by one completely unaware of what was going on. When they were all down Tryce reappeared.

"W-what!?" The Sulton was then locked in a cage of darkness "What is this!?" He said trying to get free.

"Oooh just something that will keep you from leaving." he said chuckling "Now take him to his room and keep him there." The heartless carried him off. Tryce walked down the stairs of the dungeon and went up to the cage of Lance "Well well it seems we meet again." He said smirking "Oh and look another one...well it's not your lucky day..you see the one with Aladin is doing a much better job." he said laughing.

Kyuubi Naruto
11-26-2006, 05:28 PM
"Get your facts straight before ya open your mouth again.I'm here on purpose,we're gonna break out of here,like this."He spun his keyblade around,and it turned red.He then unleashed a blast of flame from it,burning the bars.He then stepped out."No cage is gonna trap me in it as long as I got LeoCross.Now,who are you?And are you a Koi,or Hikari?Or maybe even a Shiro?"He then broke the bars of the cage that Dean was in."You can thank me later."He then turned to Tryce again and crossed his arms."So?"He asked,interrogatively.

Overlord Darth Fluffles
11-26-2006, 05:31 PM
Yoshimoto slowly walked upon the open battlefeild. He looked at broken spears, arrows, and peices of armor. His men followed behing him, extremely nervous for an enemy attack. Then He looked in the distance. He saw a man, on a white horse with red armor and a spear ready, "Yukimura..."
With no hesitation Yukimura set out a charge signal and men of Sanada/Takeda Charged out. Yoshimoto lead his tropps directly at the charge. As they came closer Yoshimoto jumped into the air bringing his sword down upon Yukimura. Yuki however blocked with his spear, "Lord Yukimura, i challenge you."
"Ahh, this will be an interesting challenge, come demon. You shall see i am not easily beaten."
"heh, neither am I..."
And so he ran at Yukimura, Yuki thrusted his spear, Yoshimoto parried it to the right, makng yukimura, loose balance. Yoshimoto went to slash when his chain glew black, then purple. A portal opend and he fell right through into the known Kingdom of Malice.
Yoshimoto got up, "What...the....uhh, where am i?" He asked nothing scratching his helemt confused...
"Ahh, Yoshimoto...I thank you for taking the time to answer my little...suggestion."
Yoshimoto drew his sword, "Who the crap are you? Do i have to kill you as well?"
"You shall find out who i am in all due time. All you need to know is we have uses for you...another purpose you can have...anotehr kingdom you can serve."
"Show me what you look like, that cloak is annoying me.
"Later...later, for know we have to deal with your brother..."


Ma Qin removed his spear from a wei soldier and he fell to the ground. More men came and he swung, slicing right into their stomachs. Not to far from his position he saw Zhang Liao, killing Shu Soldiers, Ma Qin decided to make a charge and attempt to kill him unaware, but while he ran a portal opend and Ma Qin went through.
Ma Qin landed on a table in Kingdom hearts, Peolpe stared at him, with curiosity, others in anger...while others didnt care. "Oh crap...."
"Who are you?!" Demanded a Female voice
Ma Qin got up, "Oh i am terribly sorry but i am Ma Qin, A general of the Shu Dynasty. Fighting for the sake of the people and vitrue. May i ask who you are...ma'am?"
"Ahh yes Ma Qin. Call me Gatekeepr for now, but yes i know who you are. You are here to help seal the locks and stop your borhter."
"May i ask who my brother is? Because i have had a whisper about it and i dont know what they are talking about, i ws born an only child by my mother and Father of the Qin Family."
"<sigh> We have lots to discuss...."

Seikyu Kiba
11-26-2006, 05:40 PM
Tryce looked at Lance and smirked "well you should have stayed in that cell..I for saw your future and it isn't to grand." He said stepping back "How can you not know me? We met at the Cafe.." He said still with an evil smirk "I told you simply Tryce The Holder Of The Chronos Keyblade..if you are to dumb enough not to remember my name then I shouldn't answer any of your questions "Behold your futures." He said pointing the keyblade at Lance. The portal opened and revealed Cross, fighting Jafar with Aladin. Then showing Lance and Dean on the ground before Tryce. The portal closed as Tryce smirked "This is what will happen if you stick around and fight me." he said holding his blade down to his side. "But if your going to run, then I won't make it so easy for you...HEARTLESS DESTROY THEM!" he said as Heartless appeared around Dean and Lance.

Dean haragatsu
11-26-2006, 05:47 PM
Dean steps out now looking a little pissed off after all the stress he went threw.He was growling and he glared at tryce with the most evil of ewyes that the blue moon has ever seen.He clutcheed his key asking iin a growly voice"are you the one responcible for the people who put me in this cell?"He dosent keep a straight face but just glares.

11-26-2006, 05:59 PM
Jonwolf looked around his new surroundings. He was in some kind of compund. There was a large wall around the entire area, which was enormous. Every hundred yards or so there was a large watchtower with someone in it. Jonwolf could not see who or what specificly was in the watchtower but they obviously were the sentrys for the base.

The ground was desolate, mostly dirt with a few pinches of brown grass here and there. Sparraticly there was a barren tree, ranging in size from about 65 foot and skinny to over 100 feet and over 10 feet in diameter. Jonwolf could see several mini-forests and a large one about 100 yards away from him to his mid-right.

There , straight in front of him, somewhere in the distance was his gaze. The monolith of black and red that portruded from the ground. It looked like a castle already tainted by darkness. If Jonwolf were more sensitivve, a tear might hwave left his eye at the sight of this beautifuly dark place. "Where in the name of Altursa am I?" he said aloud as he turned his gaze about. After a few seconds he noticed a sign next to a dit path leading to the castle of black and red, it read: Mordhaus-1/2 mile.

"Mordhaus?" Jonwolf said aloud, loving the way that even the name of this plce sounded evil. "I think this shall be easy to taint this place. My work is already half done." Deciding not to walk the path for fear of being seen by the sentries, Jonwolf walked close to the path, among the dense cataclysm of dead trees.

After a bit of walking, Jonwolf could see Mordhause in greater detail. But his awe-struck sight was interupted by some rather unusual sounds. Peering out of the decaying oaks, he saw several men, all very buff, wearing black tank tops and pants, beating down on one of the most disturbing clowns Jonwolf had ever seen. The beating soon ended and the men walked off toward Mordhaus saying to the clown, "Walk home Clown."

Jonwolf approached the clown, "Darkness is bountiful within you." he said as he stood over the clown who was wearing a green skin tight jumpsuit with a neck hole so large it made his belly button visible. His hair was light blue and mung down to his back. He wore a purple police cap and wore fluffy pink boots. His face was donned with make-up much in the KISS fasion and the red ball on his nose had several spikes on it.

"Wha?" he said in a rather high and grating voice, still rather dazed from the beating. "I do. . .cocaine" he stammered out as his vision went black.

"I see there wont be much of a fight here" Jonwolf said already with his Raven Claw exposed and well above his head. He dove it down into the clowns chest and as usual the blade pulsed and surged. Soon the mans body had been replaced, the heartless grew and took shape untill it was complete.

There standing before Jonwolf was at least a ten foot tall black shillohette of the clown, with the standard heartless symbol in red over its chest. It had slited yellow eyes and a 3 foot razor blade in one hand, and what Jonwolf guessed was a l6 foot long straw with a sharp and pointed end.

The beast roared out and shashed a tree in half with the straw. The sentries took notice and sniper bullets singed through the air, passing through the heartless without damaging it in the least. This caused the heartless to roar out in anger. "Yes!" Jonwolf shouted to his minion. "Corrupt the sentries as you please, I shall deal with Mordhaus" he said as he walked away from the lumbering beast toward the castle.

((OOC- I assume Metalacolypse is an okay world to go to? The heartless is the Rock-and-Roll clown and i took the initial setting from the new episode currently only on "The Fix". www.adultswim.com/adultswimfix (http://www.adultswim.com/adultswimfix) for those who want to see it. Otherwise it's on tonight at 11:45 i believe.))

11-26-2006, 06:34 PM
Suni was not at all suprised that he was pulling a sneak-up-behind kind of attack. She was fully prepared. In the time it had taken him to melt, absorb, and reform behind her, she had set her staff and bow and arrows into drive form. Haru-Ga-Gatomi was posed in her hands and she was ready to swing. When the light had started to go bazerk around her, she knew where he was. She quickly dodged to the side and took a swing, aiming right for the stomach area. When she swung, she was not expecting to hit. As long as he dodged away, she would be fine. And even if he didnt, he would face her indestructible sword, so she had nothing to worry about.

11-26-2006, 06:41 PM
Reiko continues to look and felt a few heartless behind her, Bloody Fang appeared in her hands and she cut through them. More appeared and she cut through them too. They appeared in a circle around her. She looked around at them. She turned invisable "I only have a min...." she didn't finish the thought and swung her keyblade at the darkness and turned behind her cuting down more. She jumped out of the circle and grabed the womans hand and pulls her behind Reiko. Reiko became visable a little while after they hid. Her chest heaved trying to get more air in "That was close" smiles at their luck.

The woman nods "I have never seen so many! They were all after you. I would have never goten out of there alive but you did!" she said amused. "Tell me your name"

Reiko nodded "Reiko, is my name and what is yours?" she asked couriously

Looks at Reiko "You don't need to know my name. You would forget it anyway." she said as her eyes deepened. She eyes focused of something as she colected herself "My name is Clara" she said at last.

Reiko nodded and looked where Clara was looking as saw a keyhole "There! There it is!!" she said jumping up. She ran towards it and heartless fell from the sky and came up from the ground. She looked around surround yet again. Having Bloody Fang still in her hands she cut through the heartless. They kept appearing around her. Each heartless she cut down another one took its place. Clara appeared at her side.

Clara looked at Reiko. "Go! I will hold them off!! Now!" she said cutting through some heartless

Reiko nodded and cut through the heartless to the keyhole. She put her keyblade into the hole and locked the world. The heartless started to disappear. she stood up stright and looked at Clara "Thank you again but I must take my leave now. Take care!" Reiko cut through the world and jumped out onto the rift


11-26-2006, 06:41 PM
OOC: So many Key Bearers in Agrabah lol

Cross began to feel the presence of several Key bearers....

"1...2...3, 3 Key Bearers... Something's going on"
"Key Bearers?" Aladin said, Confused.
Cross Held up his Key Blade
"A chosen few are selected by these Keys"
"I see... Whoa! Look Out!"

Aladin Quickly pushed Cross out of the way of Jafar's Lasers (Added it just cause it sounds pretty nifty)

"Your as quick as ever Street Rat, But this time, I will not lose!"

Cross watched as Jafar merged with a large heartless surrounding him. He changed into a snake like creature almost the size of the palace gate.

"Oooh, this power....it's unbelievable! Preparee your self Street Rat!"

Jafar made a lunge at Aladin. Cross Quickly Moved in the way and stopped Jafars Assault. Jafar looked down at Cross.

"I don't have time for this" Cross said, glaring angerly into Jafar's eye.

Cross's Arm suddenly became surrounded by a green aura (Sacrafice's Ability) and with one slash, cut jafar right into to.

"How...can...this be...!"

Jafar fell right to the ground. When Cross turned around, he saw that Aladin had already started making his way into the Palace. Cross followed quickly behind but heard Jafar utter a last few words.

"Tryce....I have failed...you..."

Seikyu Kiba
11-26-2006, 06:52 PM
Tryce sensed that Jafar has fallen and then looked at Dean who didn't look to happy "Were you even listening? You my friend are to blind to see your future that I showed you?" He then shook his head "I guess this one can't be convinced of what will happen to his future." He held his keyblade up to Dean and then appeared behind him and went for a slash to the arm.

11-26-2006, 07:08 PM
OOC: I'll allow it this one time Jonwolf. This one time!


Sanosuke ended up at the end of the road and jumped into another world. He looked about to find himself in the middle of a magical world, one where the will is the source of power. He approached a castle with crystal towers as high as the sky and the heartless were everywhere. They all seemed to be adorned in a purple armor of sorts and they had long broadswords.

From the giant doors he say three young girls clad in armor. Each had a different color scheme, one was red, another green and the last one blue. they all wielded swords of great art and beauty with the utmost percision, cutting through the heartless horde.

But alas their weapons had little effect in the long run, so they cast magical spells at the onslought.

"Flaming Arrow!" the red haired one shouted while launching a gaint cone of flames from her hand. It seemed to work, the heartless were being destroyed.

"Emerauld Whirlwind! the brown haired green armored one with glasses shouted. Twin green cyclones shot forth ripping heartless to pieces.

"Water Dragon!" the blue haired girl shouted, unleashing a giant serpent of pure water in the remaining foes.

"Wait, can this be? People other then the ones with Keys can destroy the heartless?" he puzzeled to himself as he approached the three.

A small boy appeared behind Sanosuke once he stopped in front of the three. The boy walked into his way and raised a large staff towards him "Boy from another world, are you the one who holds the key to destiny?" his silver hair swayed in the breeze as he questioned Sano.

"I am of the freedom, a key to the neverending dust at the dawn of light. I hold the power to lock worlds from the despair of malice... to destiny though, is something I may not know." he tipped his hat to the four of them and introduced himself "I'm Sanosuke Dreifang, the Mystical Musician."

"Hikaru Shidou! Nice to meet you Sano! Fuu Ooji is my name, nice to know you Sano. Umi Miyuzaki, pleasure to meet you." All three introduced themselves with a bow, their swords disappeared into their guantlets as they turned around to enter the castle.

"I'm Master Mage Cleff. May you come inside Mr. Sano?" he siad as he turned to follow the girls.

"Indeed I may... Thank you Master Cleff." he followed the boy inside the illustrious castle, wondering what would happen next.

WORLD FOUND: Magic Knight Rayearth = "Cephiro"

Kyuubi Naruto
11-26-2006, 07:20 PM
"You can call your little heartless away because im not running.If your to afraid to fight us and you hae to send Heartless for us,I dont really think your that strong.And I dont believe you telling the future and all that crap so dont try to scare me with that stuff.Now quit the chatter and fight me!"He slashed at him twice in a side to side motion,then kicked him into the wall."Dean,you might wanna get outta here and help those other two guys fight that guy with the funny robe and hat,I'll take on this punk.If you leave,there's no way for his vision to come true."He said."Now fight me!"He yelled at Tryce.

Natu Utan
11-26-2006, 07:21 PM
-As the sword came towards Ryuu's stomach, it split apart and open. Making the sword move through the opening. Once it had went past the length of his body. Ryuu began to materialize over the sword. Absorbing it into his body. Sending a large chill of ice over it, and down the blade. Onto the handle, and moving towards Sani's hands. At this moment, where Sani was still, holding the sword. Ryuu thrusted Firetried Ash towards her chest. It had taken the form of a pike, electricty oozing out of it.

Dean haragatsu
11-26-2006, 07:23 PM
Dean jumps and manipulatad and ice sickle falling on his key blade.He then backflips in aback of him and swings his key in the air and says fgrowling realuy pissed off" i dont give a (profanity is pronibited) what you predict my future to be.I controll my own future."His keyblade then glows light blue and he swings it as the swipe of freezine below -40 degreese weather at Tryce.

Kyuubi Naruto
11-26-2006, 07:27 PM
"That's right!"Yelled Lance."Well,it looks like you wanna handle this by yourself.So,ya want me to get the move on and help those two people he saw in his 'future' thing.One of those people have to be a key bearer and there's no way we can let him die.So,you wanna handle this on your own...um....what's your name?"Lance said,still keeping his guard.

Seikyu Kiba
11-26-2006, 07:30 PM
Tryce was sent flying to the wall but then landed on the side of the wall and bounced right off "I don't think thats very wise." He said turning himself invisible while flying threw the air. Tryce slashed Lance in the legs and then reappeared "Oh my vision came true alright." He then smirked "They just don't happen exactly as you think." He said smirking "Your on the ground before me..." He then was hit by Deans attack in the arm "But sometimes they will be a little foggy even I'm not perfect." he said as a portal appeared behind him "I think I will take me leave...there's no point in fighting so many when out numbered...it's dishonorable." he said jumping threw the portal as it closed up.

Kyuubi Naruto
11-26-2006, 07:34 PM
Lance had dodged the slash by jumping up."Oh my god,that little punk ran before I got a chance to even get at him,or one of us got to leave for it can be a fair fight."He laughed."Let's hope one of us meets up with him again,then we'll kick his arse(XD)when we do,and next time,he wont be able to run away.Its sad when someone says there gonna beat you so bad,but end up running away like that."He sighed."So,you are?"He asked.

11-26-2006, 07:35 PM
Jonwolf could hear yelling from several different voices as he opened the huge door to Mordhaus. Inside it resembeled the out, black with red accents. The main room was large and held many treasures within; hot tub, arcade machines (most in black and red) and a huge fireplace behind several couches on which several people sat.

On the couches sat Nathan Explosion, Toki Wartooth, William Murderface, Swisgar Swsgef, Pickles, and their lawer. All of them were yelling, save for the lawer. "It is statisticles provens that clowns are the most hated creatures." said the man with the Scandanavian accent and long brown hair.

"Statisticlies or not, We donts likes that guy." replied the one with the blond hair and matching accent.

"Such darkness, within them all." Jonwolf said as he steped foreward, making his presence known.

"I offer you all a choice." Jonwolf said extending his arms out for a slight bow as he walked. The sound of gunshots could be heard faintly from outside, "Surrender your heart to the darkness and join my plight against the light. . ." he gave a pause. They had all stoped in their tripe argument and stared at the intruder. "Or resist, and surcumb to the darkness by force." He said as he pointed his now exposed talon at them.

"Were metal" Nathan said in a very deep voice, "Were already dark." The lawer began to move slightly to his left, heading for something. Jonwolf saw this but paid it no mind figuring he was going to make a break for it.

"Ah, you are dark, that much is certain. But this blade shall release that darkness in its full grandure. Take a look out that window. Out there is the full power of the darkness of that clown." They all shifted their view to their left momentarily to see what Jonwolf spoke of.

Outside the clown was at one of the near sentry posts. In front of him, was a group of the gaurds in their hoods and black clothes with assault rifles, firing at the heartless in a firing squad type formation. A faint roar was heard as the clown put the dull end of the straw into his nose. He bent over and sucked in, snorting the guards in like a line of cocaine. He roared and reered back as he shot out from his mouth a group of heartless, the same in number as the troops he snorted in.

Toki spoke, still looking at the heartless, "Is that Dr. Roxo? That is so freaking metal!"

Looking back to Jonwolf, Pickles spoke, "As cool as that is, we like, you know, play music. I don't realy know about being one of those things."

"Brutal, yes it is. But I's dont thinks it is a good ideas." Said Swsgar.

"Well, It seems we are undecided." Said the lawer coldly, reaching down behind the couch. "The answer is no." Jonwolf could hear a lever being pulled and the entire area droped away benath the floor, the hole sealing itself with a steel door. Brandished on the steel was the Dethklok logo.

"Damn!" Jonwolf cursed as he slashed the floor with his Yukari Hisakata,sending a trail of sparks into the air. "I should have guessed something like that would happen" Jonwolf snarled, "Where the damn did they run off to?"

Moments later, the main lights flicked off, replaced with rad ones that flashed at set intervals. A loud wailing alarm shreiked throughout the building and surrounding grounds. "It takes them that long to fire the alarm off?" Jonwolf said astonished that with all the events it didn't go off sooner. Removing his hood, Jonwolf set off into Mordhaus, hoping that his ability to sense the presense of hearts would held him locate the band. At current, all he could tell was that there were a lot of hearts within the area, the ability to pinpoint lessened with the large quantity of gaurds running about.

Dean haragatsu
11-26-2006, 07:39 PM
Dean falls and struggles to get uop but he cant.He lays there with his key and then his eyes close slowly.He becomes sleeping in the instand and then his sad them plays in the background.He sees nothing at the moment ant thinks(i have been injured....noone will help me now.)

Kyuubi Naruto
11-26-2006, 07:41 PM
"Well,looks like he's down for the count.I'll fix this."He grabbed an elixir from his pocket and knelt down to Dean.He then flipped him over and poured the elixir in his mouth,then forced him to swallow.He stood back,waiting to see if the elixir's healing power had worked.

Dean haragatsu
11-26-2006, 07:53 PM
Dean awoke and sayed to the guy"thanks."He then stands up and says"we better go protect the other two to see whats going on....and anyway i owe some heartless a huge peice of my mind."He stares at the guy and holds up his key.He gives the guy his had and says"the names Dean."He starees the guy straight in his eyes and tries to smile nbut cant so he only smirks.

Kyuubi Naruto
11-26-2006, 07:58 PM
"Lance.And your probably right about that,but I have no idea where they are.Even so,chances are they're in this town,not somewhere in the desert,so we gotta get moving,no time to waste."He said,beckoning Dean to follow as he walked out of the jail hall and began to leave the building.As he left the building,Lance began to think that maybe he had finally made a friend who was also a key bearer,and maybe it was time to put his real skills to use.

11-26-2006, 08:23 PM
OOC: Sorry I forgot to add this in my first post.
World Found: Metal Gear Solid

"Right! Thanks Dante, I owe you one!"

Snake shot off four shots at the heartless. The ylooked exactly like the ones before. They were genome soilders. They wore gray, splitter type camoflauge all over their bodies, they even wore ski-masks of it. There all carried FAMAS assault riffles and grenades. Across the front of their camo was a big, black heart, the emblem of the heartless.

The shots went strait into four of the heartlesses heads, clearing a path for Snake to run out. As soon as Snake got out, however, four heartless took place of the now dissapating dead ones.

Snake ran across the walkway, running toward the cockpit of Metal Gear and the man who was standing beside it. It only took him a second or two before he was facing the man with his gun pointed straight between his eyes.


Dante smiled, holding Masamune in both hands.

"Right, lets do this!"

He charged forward and struck straight across taking out two of the heartless. A heartless fired at him from behind, which he responded to by jumping, doing a backflip, then landing behind the heartless and slashing straight down it. He then ran forward and stabbed through one, spun around and threw it off of his blade at another heartless, killing them both.

He breathed in deeply and looked around, it was like a never ending stream of heartless!!

"Dang! They dont stop coming!"

Kyuubi Naruto
11-26-2006, 08:50 PM
Soon after Jafar was killed,Lance felt a feeling as if the main source of darkness in Agrabah was gone."Cross...who ever that person is.....he killed Jafar...soon,he will be unlocking the keyhole....in that case,it looks like I'm not needed here anymore."He said to himself.He looked to Dean."Listen,this world is safe from the heartless,so there's no need for either of us to stay here any longer.I gotta get on my way,so I wanna wish you good luck,and maybe one of us can meet up with Tryce again and show exactly what the future has in store for him."He said with a smile."Good luck."He slashed into the air and opened a portal leading to the rift,which he traveled into,leading him into another world.

Dean haragatsu
11-26-2006, 08:57 PM
Dean walks ou t the castle of Agrabah.He thinks to himself(noone locks me away or attacks me like that and gets away with it.)He walks threw the town and lockks agrabah and then goes back threw the desert as the rift gets unlocked for him.He enters the rift and he walks a golden path with light arounded him and nothing more.

11-26-2006, 09:28 PM
"Looks like they're gone...all three of them...."

Cross looked around at the remaining few heartless. Just then he saw Aladin walk up the stairs with a women in his arms.

"Is she alright?"
"Yes, she's just a little shocked that's all. Thank you for your Help Cross."

Aladin Brought the women up the stairs, most likely to a bedroom of some sort. Cross then turned to the throne where he had felt the heartless appearing from. With a quick swing of his Key, he sealed the door so that no more heartless could enter this world.

"Mission accomplished" He said as he turned to leave. Just as he turned to leave, he heard a quiet voice inside of his head.


Cross Quickly turned around but found nothing.

"Looks like I still need to repent...."

Cross slowly walked out of Agrabah, remembering his sin as he walked along to the next world.

Locked: Agrabah

11-26-2006, 11:09 PM
Sanosuke found himself in the main hall of the castle, he looked to the left and saw a swordsman in blue and bowed slightly to him.

The swordsman bowed and crossed his arms. "The name's Lafarga, nice to meet you." he walked over to Cleff and the girls and stood, his arms still crossed.

"Sanosuke, you seemed to be connected to the sacred keys of the Doors to the Universe... Which Door is your avatar Sano?" Cleff looked at him with great curiousity.

"Cleff, how is it you know of the Doors? And how did magic other then that of the Key destroy the heartless?" He quizzed the Mage.

Hikaru stood out from the group and said "Because Sano-san, Cephiro is the land of the Will, if you will it so it will be possible!" she said jumping up with a little excitment.

Cleff shifted his large staff to his other hand and nodded. "As long as you have the will to do so, anything is possible." he looked up and pointed to the ceiling, revealing a small halogram like projection of the rift and an endless amount of tiny lights, some where snuffed out and others were protected.

"My knowledge of the doors comes from the Door called 'Kingdom Hearts', it seems each has a figurehead representing each of the three paths. Kingdom Hearts has a woman by the name of "The Gate Keeper".. I suppose they all call themselves that one way or another." Cleff sighed as he felt something approach. "Get ready, they're about to storm the castle.."

Umi let out an annoyed sigh "Don't they ever learn Cleff? Let's take care of them once in for all!"

"Miss Umi, please settle down. We need to think this through..." Fuu turned to Sanosuke and held out a hand to him "Mr. Sano? Will you aid us in our plight to save Cephiro from the darkness?"

Sano confidently took her hand and tipped his hat "It would be an honor to dance with you in combat, Miss. Ooji." He shook her hand lightly then turned around lashing out his Crescendo Keyblade from a sparkling green light

"Thank you Mr. Sano, Lets go and defeat those currupting the universe!" He summoned forth her green claymore and held it on her shoulder.

Hikaru jumped and in her hand appeared her burning red blade "Alright let's mince some heartleaa behind!" she called out.

Umi summoned her blue rapier to her hand and clenched a fist "Alright, now to end this!"

"Let us dance to the song of eternal will..." he held out his Tempura Keyblade in his palm to the left and it started to float in front of his hand. Every time he moved a finger it would trigger a note on the stings.

They walked down the hallway towards the giant castle door as Sanosuke played his song, the notes rang throughout the castle, causing it's inhabitants to feel the power of hope and will.

The Heartless broke through the door and flooded into the castle hallway, many a diverse type were present ranging from Shadows to Wyverns and giant metal tank like heartless.

Sanosuke stared at the onslought with a subtle grin, he threw his hat into the air and charged into the horde ripping into them as furious as a fierce wind, his Tempura keyblade floated behind him still playing the notes to his song.

His notes were accompanied by the full wide whistles of his crest key as he slashed low and high, destroying heartless as he went.

Hirauke had jumped into the horde and summoned a sphere of fire over her body that would bend at her will. He slashed her fire fortified blade into a row of heartless then she charged the larger ones without fear.

Fuu stayed on the outer lines of battle, not allowing and stragglers to get by and healing anybody that needed it with her "Winds of Healing" spell.

Umi shot into the center with Sanosuke thrusting down several Heartless along her way. She unleashed her "Water Dragon" in the center blowing away a cross section of the forces. She continued to fend of the center Heartless as they swarmed around the circle she and Sano had carved from the middle.

Lafarga Attacked anything that Fuu couldn't handle and wiped them out easily. He slowly walked into the battle swings vortexes of energy from his upwards slashes.

Sano's song played as the battle raged on, the battle for Cephiro was at nigh.

Janus Silverlock
11-27-2006, 07:48 AM
Janus stood, waiting for a response from the girl, but to no avail. He placed both glasses of juice to his own mouth and chugged down the deep red liquid, slamming both empty glasses down on the bar and letting out a very deep, satisfied breath. He wiped the juice off his lips with his sleeve and turned to the lady.

Sorry, miss, but I have to be on my way... maybe we'll find our paths are meant to cross again sometime. Now... let's see if I can do this...

He concentrated hard on what he wanted to do... he knew he needed to return to the rift, so he could gain access to another world. His Staff, Serenity, would not CUT through the worlds, like the blades of the other travelers... but perhaps she had another way. He took his staff in front of him with both hands, and concentrated hard on it. Almost immediately the vibrations came, and he felt himself begin to fade... as if the fabric of space began to thin around him. He opened his eyes quickly, a fierce glow present in his iris, as he slammed the end of Serenity into the floor of the Cafe. A burst of light sprang forth from him, and in an instant, he was gone. He found himself standing on the path in the Rift, once again, surrounded by the varying grays, blacks, and whites that were ever present in the rift. He started walking towards the only world he could see ahead of him... a world of great desert.

World: Planet Gunsmoke (from Trigun)

Emo is the name
11-27-2006, 08:50 AM
Axel jumped out of the way right before the dog monster thing got to him. He saw it then eat a car. 'It must not eat human or heartless. Maybe this thing will lead me to the women I need to find.' Axel thought before following it. Before long with many exsplosions and things the ting came to the gaint hand Axel saw ealier. He also saw a kid of seemed twelve a man with big eyebrows and a women that seemed to be 20 or 19 with pink hair.

Axel watched as the women throw the boy in the air and have the dog like thing eat it. Then the dog turned into a werid thing that filled the hole in the hand. The hand moved and grabbed the place that looked like a iron. Suddenly a figure appeared with a guitar in one hand and was all red. He look to find the women to be happy. 'Stop her before she gets what she wants.' A voice rang out in Axel's head. Sighing, Axel jumped up to the figure and slashed it down in a matter of minutes. Turning to see a suprised women into a mad women. The women came at Axel but he was able to dodge here blow and knock her to the ground. Useing his keyblade Axel slashed the women in two making her dissapeare. 'Good.' The voice rang again and Axel pass out again.

Axel woke on top of a building in what would seem to be a desert. 'I will leave you here until I need you again.' The voice rang out again. "Slave driver." Mumbled Axel. His keyblade dissapeared and Axel looked around to see where he was. He saw a old sign that said, AGRABAH. Axel suddenly felt something and looked around. "Key weilders." He said softly before running off to find them.

11-27-2006, 12:05 PM
OOC: Liquid's color Colonel Cambell

"Liquid...! What the heck is going on here!? I thought Metal Gear had already been activated! So why did it say that i had activated it when I used the PAL key cards!?"

Snake was gritting his teeth, pressing them hard together. He held his SOCOM up, pointed straight at Liquid's head. His muscles were tense, his expression fierce. He was ready to shoot as soon as Liquid do so much as say the wrong words....

Liquid laughed lightly. He wore no shirt, just tan brown pants and black leather gloves. At his side he wore a Desert Eagle, but it was not taken out. He smiled evily as he looked back at Snake.

"My dear brother, you would point a gun at me??"

He laughed again.

"Besides, Metal Gear was never activated in the first place. We used you, dear brother. We knew that if you could get ahold of the PAL card that you would use it to perform a manual override of the systems start. Or, in the case that we hadn't started the system, you would start it for us. Which was very fortunate, seen as how Ocelot killed the DARPA Chief before we could extract his password from him..."

Liquid scowld at the thought of the dead DARPA Chief, cursing Ocelot all the while.

"But at any rate, I must thank you now, for Metal Gear is now activated and mine to use."

Liquid laughed again, jumping over the rail in the open cockpit.

Snake fired off 2 shots, both hitting the rail just underneath Liquid's feet. He cursed himself, punching downward on the air infront of him.

He looked at Metal Gear as it backed away from the docking bay walkway and growled. But the walkway began to descend to Metal Gears feet. Snake looked back into the control to see Dante give him the thumbs up, then get swarmed by Heartless.

Snake growled again, but nodded in thanks to Dante. He looked around for a moment and ran behind a crate. He pressed his fingers agaisnt his earlobe, his palm by his check.

"Colonel, what do i do now?"

"Snake," the colonel responded in his deep and gruffy voice, sounding a little worried, a little pumped by adrenaline.

"There should be a Stinger Missle Launcher in the southeast corner of that hanger. According to the satellite shots from your Solaton Radar, it should be behind a large cluster of crates. Get there and get that stinger launcher! Then use the Stinger to fire at the radar dome on Metal Gear's left shoulder. You understand Snake!?"

"Right, i understand."

Snake peared around the corner at Metal Gear. This wasnt going to be an easy fight, but he knew what he had to do. He swallowed hard and readied himself for a full sprint toward the southeastern corner.

"Come out, come out, Snake, my little brother!"

Dante growled as the heartless piled on him as he lowered the hanger walk way. He spun around, knocking them all off, and thrust his right arm out in front of him, Masamune appearing out of a red light in his hand. He pulled the Black Chocobo off of his back and pushed the two key blades together, making them into one. He then put his left arm out at a 45 degree angle to his side, the Stun Edge appearing underneath his palm. His clothes changed to a mixture of orange red and black.

"That does it!"

He roared loudly and charged at the large group of heartless, cutting through many of them. He continued to kill many heartless, cutting them down, dodging attacks, and fighting them off as they continually respawned in one anothers place.

He growled lowly, putting his right arm out, holding the combined Masamune and BC horizontally. His eyes grew pale with a little hint of red in them. He then spread his hand out, the keyblade staying there by Dante's sheer will. Fire started to spark off of his body, going outward in arcs. He growled again as he yelled out "FLAME!" and 3 tiered wall of fire spewed upward from the ground around him.

11-27-2006, 12:24 PM
Chesh admired Gong "This is so cool" he said getting up and walking on another light road, he jumps down off the light road he was just on. Chesh landed on a new path and laughed "I hope I don't fall again" he said continueing to walk on the light road singing.

Chesh had no idea on what world he would come upon next "I wounder...will it be a world that I can actually get help? or will it be like that other world I was just in with that freak Tenki". A cold chill suddenly ran down Chesh's back "Wha?...who is there?"

A voice from up above "Chesh....bearer of the KeyBlade..do you know your purpose on why you were chosen to weild this powerful tool?"

Chesh shoke his head "No....I never really thought about it."

The voice spoke "Kingdom Hearts has chosen you..of all the human and non-human life forms on Earth because of your pure heart, you someday will be a true hero..but you must prove it"

Chesh nodded "I understand...but how do I prove it?"

The voice spoke again "You must first find a companion to accompany you on the place I am about to send you..you will be sent to a world beond Kingdom Hearts much farther then the world you see before you, this world will have much stronger Heartless and Nobodies then the ones you see here" he makes a shadow heartless appear and then a Dusk nobody appear "These are just the basic Heartless and Nobody...once you and your friend enter this world..you will have to go through 3 worlds just to get back here"

Chesh nodded "I..I understand...I will find a partner and ask him or her to come with me"

The voice spoke one last time "But...if the person you ask rejects...you will automatically be sent to the world I am about to send you too...so...pick wisely"

Chesh sighed and nodded "Alright..." he took off to find....Reiko

11-27-2006, 01:03 PM
Reiko walked along the rifted aimlessly again. She triped again flying off the rift and landing on the rift below. She landed with a dull thump stoping at someone's feet. She back back and looked up at the person a little knocked senseless "ow...my head...again" she gets up snd looks at the guy. Sees a cat tail and cat ears and Bloody Fang appears in her hands "Never finished our fight..." she said readying herself for a fight

11-27-2006, 02:03 PM
Chesh drew his new keyblade Gong "Reiko!! Am I glad to see you...listen I need your help" he explains to her that he needs a partner to come with him to another side of Kingdom Hearts "You see if I don't find one I will be sent to the other side alone..and over there...is stronger Heartless and Nobodies"

11-27-2006, 02:31 PM
Reiko looked at Chesh "You want me to be your partner?" she said thinking on the question and looks him over. "You do know that I am a lobiji and you are a kobalt. Why ask me anyway? What is there for me?" she asked confused that he was asking her

Seikyu Kiba
11-27-2006, 03:23 PM
OOC: Uhhh is Agrabah tained? because no one locked it.

Tryce appeared on the Light road that quickly turned to grey. Then the voice came back.

"I can walk on water for I am Jesus!"(Yeah ignore)

"Tryce, you did do well but your abilites are weak." The voice said in disapointment.

"I know, I thought I could win with the Future, but turns out the future won't happen exactly as I see it." He said holding out the Chronos blade "So...what shall I do??"

The Malice door appeared and then opened "Step inside and you shall recieve a whole new power."

"Hmph." Tryce stepped inside the door and the door glowed a bit and then Tryce stepped out with a second Keyblade. "Hmmm, a new keyblade??"

"Yes Tryce, this keyblade is powerful its called the Mirror blade, discover its true power on your own." and the voice disappeared.

Tryce swung both blades around and then held the Mirror blade up "I wonder what it can do."

11-27-2006, 05:12 PM
The heartless forces had pushed the group up into the castles higher levels, they were relentless in their wake laying everything in their way to waste. Sanosuke started to growl like a wolf as his song became fierce, more intense and burning with anger.

"By the power of the burning music, I call forth the Rigna!" He became surrounded in a red orb of light, which shattered revealing his vibrant orange and red outfit. His Sforz and Tempura Keyblades fused into the ever popular SforzTemp Key in his right hand, and in his left hand was his Crest Key. His eyes burned red with furiosity.

He growled in anger at a large armor clad heartless swinging two cleavers in his direction and with a clash from his fused key he broke the fiend's blade with ease. With that he charged in for the thrust with his Crest key and ripped it upwards into the heartless running up it's purple armor. He jump kicked off of it and slammed his Sforztemp key into the ground as he landed, creating red volcanic shockwaves.

The large heartless was toast, as well as all the smaller ones in the large hallway. in a roar he called to the girls "We must hold them as long as we can! Awwwooooo!" he howled as he unleashed his signature Volcanic Beam down the hallway, blowing all the heartless out of the castle. For some reason he still had most of his Rigna power left, this was do to the fact that in Cephiro the will was power and Sano had a great amount.

Hikaru wiped her face as she looked around the hallway with catious eyes. "Sano, we must get to the upper floors, people need help. It's our dutie as the Legendary Magic Knights to help them all." He took her sword again in both hands and ran up the spiral staircase.

Fuu followed right behind her, calling back "We must make haste, they seem to be able to go through walls!" She had a worried tone, her breath was somewhat intense.

"Sanosuke..." Umi took his burning shoulder and looked him in the eyes "We must move, no time to be angry now Sano." she smiled then made her way up the stairs, her rapier in her hand.

Sano scratched his head as his furious form turned blue, his fur retracted. He turned into his Sadna form, and he created the TriRifle Keyblade like before. "You three are quite the energetic bunch... I'll be there as fast as you can say 'May the wings of the Soul guide me to freedom' and ready to fight." the green marks down his cheeks resembled tears, tears of freedom and power.

He started to float upwards six inches off the ground then leaned forward, causing him to to shoot up the stairs. He held his TriRifle Key at his shoulder ready to unleash an barrage of energy shots at a moments notice.

Dean haragatsu
11-27-2006, 05:26 PM
ooc:i keyed it so no worries.
Dean enters a plaze of tokyo settings.He looks around dazzled at it and then he looks at a guy in a mask wearing tights.He watches the guy running towards what seemed to be another heartless.

Robin runs up to the dark figure and hits it with a pole bu it gets blocked by the figures huge key.Roben then leaps into a back flip and stares at it.Robin sasks"what kind of villan are you?"He runs at it again and throws three exploding robin made ninja stars at it.

The heartless then jumps in the sky and lands swinging the key across robin's face and actually striking him.

Robin starts to cartwheel and then stands staring at the heartless but nearly out of breath ad barley enough strength to stand after a blow such as that.He runs up to the heartless,twirling his rod and stickin git in the ground.He lifts his foot in the air aiming it at the heartlesses face.

The heartless bends down and spins kicking the rod off balance and then it twirls while rising up and hits robin in his stomache with the handle of his key and swings it back in to place.

Robin flies threw a building and now it seems he can no longer move.

The heartless slowly walks rwards robin and raises his key and is preparing to strike Robin for a final time.

Dean then decides to step in and runs ther as fast as he can and uses his key to block the blow saying"enough!"He then knees the heartless and sends it flieing back.He then runs at the heartless and swings the key at the heartlesses head.

The heartless flies twards a tree and then burst into a dark mist and its heart flies to kingdom hearts.

Dean helps robin to his feet asking"are you ok?"He walkes him to a wall ad sets him there.

Robin only says"help the others...."as he passes out and rest for the day.

Dean says"ok..i will try." and thenhe hears police sirens and he runs out of the streets searching for these other people Robin was speaking of.

world: teen titans

11-27-2006, 05:42 PM
OCC- Whoops forgot to do something ><

World Found: Installation 01 Omega Halo

"Darn it!" yelled Sera as another marine went down.

The Flood was coming and there weren't enough to hold them back. Just then machine gun fire could be heard from behind the crowd of them. Paul had pushed through with his own team and was attempting to withdraw Seras and what was left of her marines.

"Sera get out of here... We will handle this.. There is a Carrier Warthog near... GO!" he said blowing up another flood.

Sera nodded and ran for the Hog. Her and what was left of her marines jumped in and drove off. Sera was for the first time in a while tearing up.

"Damn it paul..."

Kyuubi Naruto
11-27-2006, 05:54 PM
Lance continued to travel through the rift,and was soon brought to another world.Being spat out of the rift,he flipped and landed on his feet,then looked around at the location he had ended up.From what it looked like to him,he was surrounded by a large,mechanical city with passing hovercars and people,and guards dressed in yellow and red armor and armed with guns.He looked around as he heard gunshots off in the distance,and as he did,he a young man with long yellow hair,wearing a blue tunic,and what seemed to be a orange rat-like creature on his shoulder speeding away on a hoverboard as a dozen police hovercars raced after him."Looks like I've found hell.But....who was that person?And those police cars?I should take this one into my own hands."He turned into Leo-Unleashed Drive Form and began to fly after the group of police cars.He soon was able to catch up to the cars,and as he did,he flew down to the and slashed the pilot,making him lose control and crash into the ground,causing a small explosion.Another police man on a red hoverbike saw what had happened and shot at Lance,but Lance deflected the shot by hitting it back at the man,knocking him off the hoverbike and into the ground.He then flew onto the hoverbike and began to shoot down the other police men.After taking damage,his hoverbike was nearly fully in flames,and as it was,it exploded,sending Lance flying into the air.As he did,he came down in a stab to the engine of another police hovercar,destroying it and the man on it.6 of them were left,and they decided to retreat,but before they were able to,a blue ball of energy coming from behind Lance shot at the group,hitting one of them,sending an electric shock to all of them,destroying their rides.The men then ran for cover and soon left the streets.Lance looked behind him and saw the same young man from earlier with a large gun with the head of an animal on it."Hey,thanks.Sure saved me the trouble of running after them,didnt ya?"

The man put his gun away and looked at Lance."Just repaying the favor,dont sweat it."He the held out his hand."Who are you,and what are you doing here in Haven City?"

"What?That's the name of this place?Alright,that makes a lot of sense.By the way,the names Lance."

"Jak.So,your telling me,you came all the way here without having a clue of where you were going to?What's wrong with you?"He saw LeoCross in Lance's hand."Wait,your one of those Key bearing people,arent ya?"He pulled out a yellow gun and aimed it at Lance."What are you?"

"No!I'm a Hikari,I'm hear to unlock something called a keyhole,see,I'm not an enemy!"He said,placing his hand on Jak's gun and pushing it downward.

"Alright,but you'd better not be pulling a fast one."He said.

"So,what was up with those cops on your tail like that?"

"I'm working for the underground,that's normal for me."


"Man,you really have no idea what's going on here,do you?"

Lance quickly shook his head."I just got here through a thing called a rift,long story.So,what is going on here then?"

"I'll tell you,but there's a catch.See,those guys who just attacked me?They're part of the Baron's guards,and I'm about to break into one of their bases and unleash some hell.Help me out and I'll tell you everything."

Lance smiled devilishly and nodded."You've got yourself a partner.By the way,what's up with the naked mole rat?"

The animal began to talk."NAKED MOLE RAT?What,are you blind or something?"It began to pull on it's hair."See this?It's hair!I'm fully clothed,mind you!"

"Oh,that's Daxter.That's also a long story,I'll tell you that along the way too,now lets get going,alright?"He turned around and pulled out his hoverboard.He then tossed another hoverboard to Lance."Here,use this,your gonna need it."

Lance caught the hoverboard and nodded."Alright,let's go."The two of them,along with Daxter on Jak's shoulder,sped of into the city,heading towards the base.


11-27-2006, 07:10 PM
Dante's eyes and clothes all went back to normal as the dead heartless dissapated into a thick black fog. He put away the Masamune and the BC, pulling them apart first. He then walked out of the room, holding the Stun Edge in his right hand.

He walked to the edge of the walkway and looked down, swallowing hard.

"How am i supposed to get down there!?"

Snake nodded to himself, it was time. He turned out from behind the crate, running at full sprint toward the large cluster of crates in the southeast corner...

"THERE!" Yelled Liquid as Snake's movements were picked up by Metal Gear's radar dome.

"Ill get you now!"

He slightly bent the legs of the metal gear, a laser that was found in between them heated up and fired off at Snake.

Snake dove behind the crates, just barely reaching them before the laser reached him. He leaned around them and looked at Metal Gear. The laser had left a trail of burnt ground where it had traveled. Snake went back behind the crates and picked up the STINGER.

He put it over his right shoulder and loaded it with a missle, putting two more on his back. He breathed in deeply and prepared to jump out and fire.

Dante looked down at Snake who was underneath him, hiding behind a cluster of crates with a stinger missle launcher. He looked up at metal gear then back down at Snake.

"Theres no way hes gonna be able to fire at Metal Gear and actually hit, unless I can distract Liquid..." he said quietly to himself.

He turned sideways, holding out his right arm and pointing the type of the Stun Edge at the Radar Dome, aiming. He aimed for a second or two before saying "Lightning" and lightning arced across his keyblade and shot out at the radar dome, hitting it directly in the center.

"HUH!? What the heck!?"

Liquid was confused as to why the entire monitering system and radar had gone fuzzy. It was all black and white, it didnt make sence to him either. What could of happened?

The he remembered about Dante.

"Dang! That little brat! But how did he manage to hit me!?"

11-27-2006, 07:22 PM
After several minutes of darting to and fro within the maze of black and resd, Jonwolf slowed to a stop. "This is fruitless, for all I know they are in a panic room somewehe. They might not even be in Mordhaus." Jonwolf stoped at the next door. It was a bedroom of who's Jonwolf was uncertain. Lingering only for a moment to see any signs of movement, he was about to move on. Only moments before Jonwolf's feet set him off to another room, The furthest wall crumbled in an eathshattering crash as the black straw peirced into the room. It drew back out, clearing the remaining debris to show the head of Dr. Rockso's heartless peering inside.

The sudden intrusion made Jonwolf jump. He was about to scorn the beast with fruitless yelling before realizing that this heartless might just be the way Jonwolf needed to search the building. "Yes!" He called to it. "Destroy this castle, for the prize of hearts lie within!"

The beast seemed to understand and reared back in a roar, slashing at the walls with the razor-blade. Jonwolf set off up the stairs to the roof, figuring he could escape by means of the In-Between before the building colapsesed while allowing him to take full view of the grounds and see where they tried to escape from.

After a good while of running up stairs, Jonwolf finaly reached a heavy metal door with a round know with the word 'Murderknob' writen on it. Paying it no mind, he opened the door and steped onto the roof. He could hear a whirring noise and straight in front of him there was a running helicopter, the cockpit facing away from him.

Matching the castles color scheme of black and red, the helicopter was easily the size of a large 2 story home, with spikes off the side. If he was not in a hurry, Jonwolf would have marveled at the craft. Sadly, however, Jonwolf did not have time to awe. He focused his attention and saw the one with the red dreadlocks enter the helicopter. Surely the rest must already be on Jonwolf thought rushing toward the mamoth helicopter.

The door slamed shut and the copter began to rise. Jonwolf hit the ground, canteering across the castle top, then he leapt into the air ramming his talon into the side of the tail of the helicopter. Hanging there, he could see the castle fall away, along with the surrounding grounds, and the gargantuan clown heartless who was still busy at work shashing and bashing the side of the castle.

11-27-2006, 08:32 PM
Suni had to admit that the demateralizing and remateralizing came as a shock to her. 'I think he's trieing to freeze my blade,' she thought. Then she burst out laughing. "Sir, my sword doesnt freeze," she stated plainly as she dodged his attack. "Its made of out stone and bone so its freeze proof." And with that she yanked it backwards, out of his stomach. 'This is taking to long. I'm going to get a box on the ear from Mr.McSmither if I dont finish this quick.' Then she got an idea. "Fuymi, reach out and set off a smoke bomb," she whispered so softly that only Fuymi could have heard her. At that moment, the sleek black cat reached its head out and set off a large smoke bomb. As soon as it was set off, SUNI took off running. She ran into the woods behind her and ran all the way to the other end and waded through the river. On a normal day, she would have taken the path, but she had already lost a lot of time. When she got to the other side of the river she saw the small stucco house where Mr.McSmither lived. When she entered the small house, the man was standing there with a questioning glare set on his face. "And where have you been?" he asked in his angery voice. Then he noticed that she was bruised all over and his glare softend. "What happened to you, child? You look like you fought a bull dozer!" he exclamed as he came over to examin her. "I'm fine. I just got in a fight with this guy. But he was huge. And he kept on changing himself!" she said. "Tell me exactly what happened," said the old man and Suni went on to tell him all that had occured. "My my, child. You must be lucky to be alive," he said, a grim expression setting on his face. "I think its time for you to leave, Suni. That man might come after you. Here, take some money and leave," he said, handing her some bills. "But Mr.McSmithers, I cant take this. I didnt earn it." "It doesnt matter, child. Just take it and leave, but promise me you wont come back till its safe." "OK I promise." "Thats a good girl" he said his face turning into a smile. Then he hugged her. "Now go" he ordered upon relising her. "Good bye. I wont forget your help." And then she was gone. Taking her staff and bow and arrows out of drive form, she started to swing her staff around. "Now where am I supposed to go?" Then suddenly, out of no where, a hole appeared in mid air and she stepped through it. There was a blinding light and she relized she was on a path made of light. "Well, where do I go now?" she wondered out loud as she began to walk the paths.

OOC- sorry i kinda added an extra character there. i just needed a foot hold i guess you could say.

11-27-2006, 09:34 PM
Cross walked into a bar in Twilight Town. After fighting several heartless, he just wanted to relax for a bit. As he sat their drinking, a women walked over and sat in the seat next to Cross. Cross took a quick glance at her, but then just went on about his drinking. The women then turned to him.

"So, do you miss her"

Roc turned to the women, who, at this point, had a bit of a smile on her face.

"I don't know what your talking about" Cross said coldly.
"What if I told you there was a way to bring her back?"
"I wouldn't believe you"
"Then keep on repenting"

The women got up and was about to leave. Quickly, Cross turned around.

"Who are you?"
"You could say I'm the Mistress of Life r something to that degree"

The women exited the Bar. Cross turned around.

"Mistress of Life huh? Like Hell...."

Cross put his head down and slowly drifted into his own world of thought.

11-27-2006, 10:06 PM
After a few presision moves, Jonwolf was able to gain entrance into the ship by cuting his way into the cargo bay. Jonwolf noted mentaly that, given the omnipotent look of the ship, the metal was surprisingly easy to cut through.

Now a bit irate that he had to do so much work in order to corrupt these men, Jonwolf sacrifiesed stealth for speed. Walking quickly through the long hallways and winding stairs, he quickly moed down any guard or opposition in his way, reducing them all to heartless.

Jonwolf rather liked the look of these heartless. Standing at about 2 1/2 feet tall, hey kept a rather human form, bulky arms and the same type of hood that the guards wore in life. Their eyes were long yellow rectagles that sat perfectly horizontal on their face. Their fingers were very long and pointed, much like the generic heartless, save for the fact that the generic had two fingers while these had five.

After treking across the vessel for some time, creating many heartless that were currently either following close behind Jonwolf, or had slithered away as a shadow to find other hearts to corrupt. Jonwolf finaly stumbeled upon a pair of huge iron doors that clad a black rectangular plae on it with the red inscrioption "Cockpit".

With great joy Jonwolf did not even bother turning the handle. Insted, he cut through the door in several slashes and a rather forcefull kick that left Jonwolfs foot sore. Inside all 5 band members and their lawer stood looking at Jonwolf as two pilots flew the craft, paying no mind to the interloper that had forced his way into the ship.

"Although I give you some points for getting this far," Jonwolf said as he walked foreward toward his next victems. "But the time for cat and mouse has ended." He removed his hood along with the sleeve that covered the talon. His full visage and weapon now fully exposed at close enough range to ee detail, a gasp escaped everyone that looked at him.

"Dude!" shouted Pickles in his usual heavy mid-west accent, "What in the hell are you?" Jonwolf gave no response. He jutted his talon into Pickles, and in its usual fashion, it pulsed and surged. Quickly he repeated the process to the rest of the band, who either tried to run or fight, all who failed. The pilots put up no fight, even when one was corrupted. The other drove abset mindedly and even their heartless atempted in vain to operate the controls. As the heartless began to grow and take shape, the copter began to waver in the absense of a proper pilot. Jonwolf quickly departed into the In-Between momentarily only to rejoin the world moments later on the ground.

They were still inside Mordhaus grounds, near the western end. In the distance he could hear the roar of Dr. Rockso and in front of him he could see the copter plunge and hit the ground, exploding into a mesh of fire and metal. The metal did not shoot outward though. It burst out momentarily, only to be sucked back into the explosion. Before the smoke was able to be cleared, a guitar riff hit the air.

Standing before him, was Dethklok. All the members were now at least 20 feet tall. All bearing the heartless symbol on their instrument made of darkness. The metal from the explosion, had been reformed into a makeshift stage which the heartless Dethklok stood. The riff began again, followed by bass, drums, another guitar, and eventualy singing.

The singing was not so much singing, as it was garbled screams. Weather this was because heartless were incapable of speech, or the song simply called for scream singing, Jonwolf was uncertain. When all the band members music were played at the same time, the darkness spread. It shot out like veins across the land. Turning the ground, trees, buildings, all to black.

Jonwolf smiled as a light shot out from behind the stage. The keyhole he thought. Jonwolf was a tad sadened that he found the keyhole and had to leave the improve 'Concert of Corruption' because he rather liked the song they were playing. Raising his keychain talon, a red light shot out of the 3 claws that sat at the end of his blade. Each one made the keyhole of light shudder and splinter. From the cracks it bled darkness. Jonwolf's arm jerked as a thick black light shot from the whole of the blade, making the three red bolts twist around it. The combined light was the final staw and the keyhole shattered.

As the light fragments of the keyhole fell, they turned black and disapated into the air. At this point, even the cresent moon that hung above their heads began to dim and the stars began to darken. Before the final peice of the keyhole dissapated, Jonwolf was gone, off to find the next world to corrupt.

Metalacolypse World: Corupted

Janus Silverlock
11-28-2006, 05:48 AM
Janus stumbled off the light path of the rift into a small town in the middle of a giant desert. He walked cautiously down the main street, feeling eyes looking out at him from the windows and doors of the shanty houses that lined the street. He gripped tightly onto Serenity, wondering if the heartless were in this world, not knowing what to expect around the next corner.


Janus froze. He had heard several gunshots fired in the street parallel to the one he was on... He dashed into the alley leading towards the gunshots, and hid behind a barrel near the street. He peeked over it, to find a man in a black suit with a white undershirt, carrying a large, cross shaped gun which he now pointed down the street at an opponent that Janus could not see from his vantage point. He leaned out on Serenity to get a better view, and saw that what the man was shooting at was, in fact, a heartless. Not the tiny shadows that Janus was used to fighting... this heartless was large, and shaped like a man. It wore heavy army, and seemed to also be armed with a gun. The heartless fired, and out of the gun came a massive black ball of energy, and it moved nearly as fast as the mans bullets. Janus saw this, and jumped out in front of the man, deflecting the blast with Serenity, and turning to face the heartless.

Sir, stand back... you do not know what you are fighting, your bullets will not harm it... Only I can fight this opponent...

Janus took up an offensive stance, and charged towards the heartless. The heartless stumbled backward, surprised at this offensive strategy, but then fired three blasts towards Janus. Janus swung Serenity in a circle, and deflected all three blasts into the sky. The distance between them was closed, and Janus forced the end of Serenity into the gut of the heartless. The pure white staff pierced the darkness, and protruded from the other side. The dark body of the heartless melted away, freeing the heart that was held prisoner by the darkness. Janus turned back towards the stranger, to find a look of astonishment on his face. The man pulled a cigarette out of his shirt and proceeded to light it.

That was amazing. I've been trying to hunt that thing down for days. My bullets never even made a scratch, and you just beat it with a staff... Well, anyone who can fight those things should be a friend of mine, I think. Names Wolfwood, pleasure to meet you.

The stranger extended his hand towards Janus, which he accepted welcomingly after he approached the man.

And I am Janus. The pleasure is mine, Sir. Now... you may have a hard time believing this, but I am from another world... I'm not even sure how I have come to possess the power you just witnessed, when I defeated that creature. I don't know what you call them, but regardless, they are known as Heartless. I don't know where they come from, but I do know what they are. They are what becomes of a person when their heart falls into darkness... I am trying to put a stop to them. I am quite exhausted, though... do you know where I can stay the night?

The man eyed Janus up and down, examining him, pondering the amount of trust he can put into a stranger. Presently, he smiled, and placed his hand on Janus's shoulder.

Sure, my friend, you can stay with me and the group I'm travelling with. We're in this hotel around the corner, I'll introduce you. You and Vash will get along great, I think.

Janus smiled, and graciously followed the man to their hotel. The others were apparently still out somewhere, so he simply said goodnight to Wolfwood, and layed upon the furnished bed that he found in his room on the 2nd floor of the Hotel. He dreamed pleasant dreams that night, of his home in Radiant Garden.

11-28-2006, 11:49 AM
Returning to The In-Between, Jonwolf was growing weary. He had never found out if Nobodies needed sleep, but Jonwolf liked the periods of rest between his chaotic life of spreading the darkness. Walking for a ways he suddenly cut open a portal and walked in with out slowing.

Inside the new world, Jonwolf saw he was in a lounge tavern of sorts. The building was wooden but nice and polished. The barkeep was a Drakon, a dragon-human indiginous to the world that stood about 7 foot tall. His right eye along with a bit of his face surrounding the eye was an abyss. He was quite fammiliar to the darkness, along with the other inhabitants of the bar from their looks.

It was quiet, and the lights were dim. Jonwolf sat in a large armchair that he was fond of that sat facing toward the middle of the bar where there were several tables, only one or two of which were occupied. The barkeep nodded at him, this being the first time he had seen the wolf in a while and returned to his bartender duties of cleaning glasses.

Jonwolf had come to this world a few years ago. Seeing that a plauge of darkness which had changed the inhabitants into something different than they used to be (hense the darkness surging from the mans eye, or internaly in other cases). He decided that if he were to corrupt and further blacken this land, it would be one of the last ones on his list. Right now this was his place to relax and rest between plights of darkness.

Quickly falling into slumber, Jonwolf dreamed. This dream was unlike any he had before. It was so much more odd, and real. He stood in the darkness, content. Around him was nothing but the abyss. In the distance, however, Jonwolf could see the light. It was as if someone had drawn a line through the expance of nothingness. On one side, there was light, on the other, darkness. The light seem to grow brighter, and Jonwolf had to look away due to the pain it caused to his eyes.

He could feel a presence approach. Looking back he could see nothing but the light in the distance. If anyone was there, the light blocked his sight of the person. After a few moments, a voice rang through the air.

"Why do you fight for the darkness?" It called to him.

"I am a Koi. I fight because the Hikari fight." Jonwolf responded snapishly, angered by the intruder.

"What happens if you win? When the light is swallowed?" It rebuked.

"I will reign over the darkness along with the Koi!" He shouted.

"But then what? What will you do then?" the voice rang out inquisitivly.

"Then. . ." Jonwolf was silent. He could think of nothing.

The voice began to make a speech, "Both of you fight a fools plight. With light, there is darkness. With darkness, there is light. Without one, there is chaos."

"Quiet!" Jonwolf shouted trying to cover his ears. "I will hear no more of this!"

The voice penetrated through Jonwolf's cover. "What then?" It called seemingly to mock him. "What then?" Jonwolf could feel the presence leave, nither by way of the light or the darkness. the two words rang out through Jonwolf's mind. "What then?"

Waking with a start, Jonwolf looked around. He couldn't have been asleep long, the same people that were there when he had fallen asleep were still present. Jonwolf considered sleep again only for a moment before deciding not to, for fear of that mocking voice's return. He gave a nod to the barkeep before glancing outside.

The streets were paved with a sifting darkness. The stars glowed a deep purple on the black sky, and the very moon itself, was just a black disk on the black sky. "What then?" he questioned a loud. This place seemed to be the what then. The darkness reigned here. . . and yet. . . Jonwolf pushed the thoughts from his head. It was probably just a bad dream from being so injured by that Mr. Poet. Jonwolf noted to hurt him double for infecting his sleep as well as for the embaresment he suffered on the battlefeild.

With a slash of the air and a few steps, Jonwolf was off, Back to the In-Between. Jonwolf focused on finding a world, and kept the thoughts accosiated with the dream off his mind.

11-28-2006, 01:14 PM
Chesh nodded then shook his head "I understand that we are both of completely different races but...you are the only person..next to Tryce but I haven't seen him. So...your my only hope to making it out alive".

Chesh looked away "What is in it for you...I don't know that...all I know is, is that it's on the other side of Kingdom Hearts" he sighs looking down

Seikyu Kiba
11-28-2006, 03:37 PM
Tryce walked along the path and the completely stopped to stair at his New Mirror Blade "Hmph, I wonder what it does.." he said holding it up in the air. In an instant the Blade glowed and another Tryce appeared next to him. "Well this is intresting...it can create copies of me.." he said making another one. "Hmm..well now this will be fun." He said smirking as he just continues walking.

11-28-2006, 04:14 PM
Reiko thought about it "Hmmm" she said in tought sitting down on the rift. She crossed her legs in deep thought and then looked up at him into his eyes. She held his eyes with her own sreaching them to see if it was a trap. She nodded letting his eyes go "I will go with you. I trust this is not a trap. if it is and I get out you will be dead. Keyblade holder or not you will die" she said making sure he got what she said. She put Bloody Fang away and stood up again.

11-28-2006, 04:19 PM
OOC: okay this is a fast growing RP jeez I should try and post EVERY DAY or I'm going to really have to speed read

BIC: Aka still sat in her dark alley. Sighing she got up. "I guess silence works for thought" she said to herself stretching. Kingdom Malice the small voice said it wasn't her thoughts it sounded like something outside. "Nothing to lose" she said as she entered that limbo between worlds. She arrived there. Nothing really happened just the dawning sense that she was where she needed to be which did not help at all. Studying her surroundings she set off for the center of Kingdom Malice. Watching the blueish pale people and cratures mill made her happier than watching the worms that weren't Koi.

Koi Visited Kingdom Malice

Emo is the name
11-28-2006, 04:51 PM
Axel came to the area where he sceneced the keyblades to find nothing. 'They left before I could find them. Oh well no use in staying here.' He thought before pulling out Black Mage. Slashing open a portal he readyed to jump in. The portal began to close with his heisitation but jumped in at the last second. Jumping into anywhere.

A man of about 20 or so was walking down a hallway with two gaurds at his side. "I don't understand what is the problem with seeing the king?" "The Koi are acting up. Its only a percaustion." The man said to the man. Sighing, the man readyed himself for the king. "The king will see you now." The other gaurd said. Walking into a beight room of reds and oranges there sat a king. He seemed old but wise and powerful. The king looked up and said, "Axel, what have you brought me now?" The king asked. "A blue print of a way to stop the heartless." Axel said. "Really, let me see.......

Axel woke up in a very sandy place. Looking around he saw that it was night time and he was the desert. He heard something in looked around to see a old man with a young woman. He walked up to the old man and said, "Where can I go to get out of this desert?" The man shot a glare up to Axel and said, "Well I thought my daughter was the dumbest person in the world but you are more stupied then her. This whole planet is a frikin desert there ain't no way to get out of it. Der is a town down at the vally over there. Now away wit you." The man yelled.

Sighing, and walking away from the man he headed for the town. When he got closer he felt another keyblade. "Another." Axel said before running off again.

Seikyu Kiba
11-28-2006, 05:00 PM
Tryce continued to walk down the paths of light until he sensed a presense "Huh?" He said to himself looking around "I feel a energy of a Keyblade weilder...but it's not on these paths but." He said s he turned around and the Malice door appeard

"So you were able to sense a presense in the Malice door?" the voice said questioning.

Tryce nodded and then smirked "Tell me, is the person new to the Koi?" He said tilting his head.

"Yes, and it would be best if you see to it that the weilder is givin a proper greeting to the Kingdom Malice." The voice said laughing "Jesus out!"(ignore)

"Yes..." Tryce said stepping in to the Malice door. This time he didn't come out, but walked around "Hmmm, I think I can enjoy this more..Now Chronos show me where this person is." Tryce Pointed Chronos infront of him and the portal appeared revealing that the person who entered was about to head towards the middle of Kingdom Malice "Well, I guess I should get going." He said walking off into the Purple mist flowing on the ground.

11-28-2006, 06:44 PM
Sanosuke had found his way up the staircase and on the next floor, he saw Hikarualready fighting of what had infultrated the area. He took aim at the walls as heartless spewed from the crystal foundation. Several of them aimed small wands at him and unleashed a volley of fireballs.

Sano flew to the left an fired his own barrage of ice shots and wind blades from his TriRifle Key, plucking each string like the trigger of a rifle. With a rush of speed he charged into the group and melee'd them with the blade of the gun, then fired a shower of blue bullets which rained down upon his foes like freezing rain.

Hikaru had engaged a large armor clad heartless and found herself at the losing end of a clash, he parried the large blade to the side and dived in for the strike. Her burning longsword cut the fiend in half, releasing it's heart to kingdom hearts. "I'll be in the audiance chamber! Umi come with me!" she shouted running through an open door to the right.

Umi looked at Sano and Fuu quickly, but followed Hikaru as ordered. She fired a Water Dragon which swept about the room eating any remaining heartless within the hallway.

Sano and Fuu exchanged glances, trying to figure out what was next on the agenda.

Fuu sighed as she lifted her claymore onto her shoulder then walked over to Sano. She noticed his srms were cut up from the battle "Mr. Sano... you're hurt! Here... Winds of Healing!" soothing green winds surrounded his arms and healed the cuts. "There we go..."

"Thank you Miss Fuu, I owe you a great deal. Now I just need a new trench coat..." he looked at the rips and laughed a little bit.

Fuu giggled slightly, until she saw something behind Sano... a Dark figure. "Sanosuke look out!" she shouted in horror as a dark figure swooped down and slashed Sano across the back with a Dark Keyblade.

"Arrrgh!" Sano howled to the spirits as he flew towards Fuu, who caught him in her arms. "I've got you Sanosuke...hold on."

"Hmph, the will of Souldo hasn't taught you anything huh you Shiro scum? Bah! You seem as powerful as that blasted nobody, but like him you have no real dresire to exploit it!" he pointed his hand out towards Sano and from his palm shot a black lightning, it seemed to wrap around his neck and torso.

The dark man under the black hood lifted Sano with the lightning then forced him into the nearby wall. "Gaaahhhh! Argh!!" Sanos yelled in pain, his trench coat started to rip apart from the seams as his body started to tingle from the pain. He turns back to normal, his Sadna power drained away by the lightning.

Fuu jumped up with her claymore in hand as her eyes slowly slipped from the horrible sight "Put him down you monster!" she shead a few tears and her glasses started to fog slightly. "PUT HIM DOWN!" With that order she held out her hand and a chain of wind wrapped around Sanosuke banishing the dark force.

"Hmmm... it seems I have underestimated you fools...The name is Zankuu, remember that. Malice be the illuminating darkness that guides me." He vanishes into the darkness leaving an evil laugh behind.

Sano fell to his knees after the bolts stopped pushing him up, his back was slashed open and his hat was a bit burned. "Souldo... that's the gatekeeper of Kingdom soul.. so that's Zankuu... to The Malice." he felt himself loosing strength as he coughed a bit.

"Sanosuke..." Fuu said before healing him "Let us be off..."

OOC: Souldo and Zankuu are Gatekeepers. Any voices from any of the doors comes from these 'Avatars' so to speak. Zankuu is a Heartless (extremely powerful) and Souldo is a Nobody (He is yet to make an appearence) and the Hikari Gatekeeper is still yet to be revealed but keep in mind like in Jack's post she is female.

Koi's prayer found: "Malice be the illuminating darkness that guides me."

Dean haragatsu
11-28-2006, 07:05 PM
Dean then walks towards what seems to be a robotic man.He watches thisman fight the heartless.

Cyborg aims his gun at the heartless ands says"boo-yea."He blast it straight heartless's head.

The hearltess leaps up as the beam folows and it flips over Cyborg.As it watches a sighn that cyborg accidentally blasted down falls on his head.

Cyborg falls on the ground as even his own weapon was caught by the sighn.He just lays there as he shuts down.

The heartless slowly walks towards Cyborg holding his weapon.

Dean runs after Cyborg and grabs him by his hand and swings Cyborg into the heartless as hard as he can.

The heartless is hit by the attack and bashed into a wall.

dean then chases after the heartless after droping Cyborg and hits the hearltess with his key blade.He then watches the heartless turn into a black mist and its heart goes to kingdom hearts.After which he runs befcause he knows the cops are after him and he sences there are more heartlesss in this world.

11-28-2006, 07:59 PM

Cross was walking along a silver shining path. Looking around him, all he saw was darkness. The only light was the path below his feet and a large glow at the end of the path. Cross began to walk towards the light, when suddenly he heard a voice.

"You who are light, spread your wings! Follow the light which is guiding you!"

Cross continued to walk along the path, getting closer and closer to this light calling him.

"You who are light, Shine with your brilliance! Let no Darkness appear to you!"

Cross kept walking closer a closer to the light.

"You who are light, Defend what you believe! Believe in what your heart tells you!"

Cross eventually reached the light. It was coming from a large statue of a man. In the man's hand, there was a keyblade. The voice appeared again.

"You who are light, regain your lost wing! Let this shining Keyblade restore your Cause!"

Cross grabbed the Keyblade from the statue's hand. Once he had stepped away. The Darkness around him disappeared revealing a grand hall. Before he could get a good glance, he suddenly woke up.

Looking around the room, he realized he was still at the bar. He sat there and thought about his dream for a moment or two before getting up to leave. When he was at the exit, the voice suddenly echoed in his head again.

"You who are light, return to this place again! Master your new blade so we may meet again!"

11-28-2006, 08:05 PM
As she wandered through the light paths, she came to one that seemed to draw her near it. 'I wonder what this place could be' she thougt. 'Maybe I'm draw to it for a reason.' As she entered to world, she looked up and saw the most beatiful sight she had ever seen. "Are those...rainbow colored clouds?" she wondered out loud. They were so amazing. Huge billowing clouds of all defferent colors, sliding by each other in the most nonchalant way she had ever seen.

"Amazing, arent they?" asked a voice behind her. She turned around with a start to see a brown haired boy in a red and white outfit standing next to a blue haired girl in blue and white dress.

"Yes they are. Um, do you two live here?" she asked the strange couple.

"No, we dont. But there have been strange reports of some weird creatures around the land here. We live on the Gieko," replied the brown haired boy. "By the way, I'm Renton and this is Eureka. Whats your name?" said the brown haired boy named Renton.

"My name is Sunimatoca, but you can call me Suni for short," she replied.

"Well, Suni, why dont you come back to the ship with us?" asked Eureka.

"I guess I could. But only if you let me help you fight the creature things," she barganed.

"Well, you couldnt do any harm," replied Renton.

Then the boarded back up to the ship where it sat high above the rainbow colored clouds. When they reached the ship, a man with whiteish hair greeted them at the board dock.

"Where have you two been and who is this with you?" he asked in a some what harsh voice.

"Her name is Suni and shes going to help Eureka and I fight those creatures," stated Renton in just as harsh voice. "We also invited her temporary stay on the ship till the task is complete."

"Fine, then she can stay. But if I catch her up to any funny business, she goes out imediatly," said the man. Then with a turn of his heel, he stalked off in the other direction.

"Maybe I'm not welcomed on this ship," said Suni. 'Maybe I did something offensive to him. Or maybe he's just in a tight spot right now,' she thougt.

Noticing her doubtful looks, Renton reassured her. "Dont listen to Holland. He's just an old grump. He'll warm up to the idea of you being on the ship."

With a smile, she replied,"If you insist." Then, with a motion of a hand, she followed Eureka down a hall.

"You'll be rooming in the girls bunker," she said. "The top bed on the left side is aviable."

"Ok, thanks Eureka," she said. As Eureka left, she went to the bunk and put her few things on it down at the end. Climbing up on the bed, she thought 'Man. This is the most comfortable thing I've slept in or on in a long long time.' And it was true. She had mostly slept on alley floors and in trees since she moved out of her adoptive familys house. With a sigh, she stated out loud "This is going to be a wonderful stay."

OOC- Tet i hope this is more fitting to what you wanted me to do^__^

Kyuubi Naruto
11-28-2006, 08:51 PM
As Lance,Jak,and Daxter all walked down the streets of Haven City,Jak continued to explain the entire story of the city to Lance."Crimson Guard?"Lance asked Jak.

"That's right.Those guys who were after us earlier,they're hired guns for the Baron.See,Baron controls this entire town,and not a thing goes down here without him knowing about it.He makes life down here for rebels harder than anyone else.The Underground is what its called.Its a group of rebels fighting against the Baron's bad rule.Im on my way to infiltrate the Crimson Guards base,got caught up in a little gunfight,and,well,that's how I ended up meeting you."

"Alright.So,where is this base,exactly?"

Jak pointed to a tall and wide building,take up 3 blocks of the city downtown."There it is."He took out a gun with a yellow load in it."You'd better get ready,because its time for the mission,take down this place."

Lance nodded and LeoCross appeared in his hands."Alright then,let's go."He jumped on his hoverboard and jet down the street,as Jak followed him,soon passing him."So,Jak,what's up with the animal on your shoulder?"

"Oh yeah,it's a long story.This is Daxter,my....eh....friend.."

"Your friend is an animal?Man,you dont get out much,do ya?"He said with a slight chuckle.

"Hey!"Daxter yelled."I used to be a human,and a devilishly good looking human,at that!And I'm not a rat,I'm an Ottsel!"

"Man,that things got quite the temper,dont he?And what the hell is an Ottsel?"

Jak shrugged,and leaped off his board as they finally reached their destination."Here it is,get your weapons ready."Jack loaded his gun and shot at the door,blasting it down.He then ran into the facility,as Lance follwed closely behind.When they reached inside of the facility,there was a room with computers and 2 routes to be taken.There was a route blocked by green lasers,and passed the computers was a route with a room filled with Crimson guards."Whaddya think?I'm saying we bust up some Crimson Guards,but you might be frightened."He said with a devilish smile.

He slashed LeoCross into the air."Man,you wish."He leaped over the computers and ran into the room.A platform was suspened into the air,with 2 red clad crimson guards on it.Lance leaped into the air,reaching the top of the platform and knocking both of them down,into a deep,dark abyss.

Jak came out of the hallway and began to unleash bullets on the enemies that surrounded them."Alright,we gotta push through,no time to waste!"

"Right!"Lance jumped down from the platform and landed beside Jack,and the two of them ran ahead,slashing and blasting the Crimson Guards they saw on the way to their destination.

Natu Utan
11-28-2006, 08:53 PM
OOC:Ladywolf, stone and bone or whatever, can freeze. Everything can feeze. Apparently you don't know just how cold 0 degrees Kelvin is. 0 Degrees Kelvin, is the coldest there is, its where all molecules and Items are stopped, in there tracks. Not moving. Colder than Pluto in Mid December.

"Hmph." Ryuu grunted, he stood up and deactivated his drvie form, along with his teo keyblades. Ryuu turned around, without any marks upon his body, walking away. After a few moments, of Mindless walking, through the Feudal Empire, he soon realized that the place was swarming with Heartless. Heartless of all shapes and sizes were comeing out of nowhere, forming from small dark portals that just, appeared. When he realized this, he simple chuckled. "Well, It seems that this world will soon be tainted by the Heartless." Ryuu thought, with a smile on his face. His walking, had taken him back to the Dojo where he first was. This time, it looked different. The entire place, was black and purple, swarming with Heartless. Inside, Ryuu heard loud grunts, and moans. It seemed that someone was fighting. Ryuu, decided not to speak another word, untill this world was tainted.

He entered the Dojo, and saw an old man, attacking and destroying the Heartless. He seemed like a strong, fighter. With many skills and abilities. Once Ryuu saw this, he lunged towards the man, swinging his left arm stub out to him, as Rumiko activated. The old man did not see the blade coming, and it struck his left arm, cutting it badly. The old man, turned around, and hid arm healed like nothing. He chuckled and spun around in a 360 degree circle, swinging his long Claymore axe out towards Ryuu. Ryuu stepped back, avoiding the axe swing. Ryuu slammed Rumiko into the Ground, a large ice wall forming, ejecting towards the old man. At this, the old man summoned a large wall of fire, to block the ice coming. Even though the cie did not melt, it stopped in its tracks.

They both jumped at each other, swinging their blaces feircly towards each other, neither one able to land a single blow. After about, 10 minutes of mindless, and useless fighting, they seperated. Standing away from each other. They were panting, from the feirce fight. The old man jumped at Ryuu, in a final attempt to kill him, swinging his Claymore towards Ryuu, as it emmited in a large burst of flames, blowing fire in every direction. Ryuu tried to dodge the attack, but when he did, the axe simply grew, and moved towards Ryuu, the axe struck him, knocking him to the ground.

Ryuu fell down, and quickly stood up, his insides changing and forming with ice, to heal the wound he had gotten. The old man fell down forward, on his face, exhausted. Ryuu walked towards the man, with a smiurk on his face. Once Ryuu was tanding before the man, he rose Rumiko up into the air, and with great force, thrusted it downwords, onto the mans head. Rumiko peirced his skull, killing the man. And, right as the blade fully penetrated his skull, the room started spinning. A voice, that seemed very distant, yet getting closer came into sound range. "Ryuu, you are doing well." As Ryuu heard this, he turned around. Looking everywhere, while blood started pouring from the skull of the old man. The Dojo, started spinning around. Or atleast, Ryuu's vision was.

Once the spinning stopped, Ryuu was standing infront of a large door. The door, seemed black, with red circles at the bottom of it. "You, have been Chosen, chosen to destroy all the worlds, and reek havoc to every living thing. You, need to travel to as many worlds as possible, tainting the worlds hearts, letting out as many heartless as possible to them. So they can feast on the worlds hearts. Every world is connected, in a way or another. Once a few worlds or Tainted, the rest shall follow suit." after this was said, Ryuu's finish began to blur and spin again. This time, when he came back to his senses, Ryuu was glowing a bright yellow, with Firetried Ash, brighter than ever. Also, the keyblade had surrounded his entire body. Ryuu was almsot seethrough, as the electricity surged and pulsed through his body. Ryuu looked amaze, as he examined his body. With each step he took, he left a small amount of electricty behind him, on the ground, it sitting there, sparking. Within a few minutes, Firetried Ash, deativated. And Ryuu turned to normal.

Ryuu stepped outside, and looked around. Heartless was swarming it. Ryuu smirked, realizing now, that this world is to far deep into the Heartless to be Sealed. He walked off down a dirt path, towards the place where he entered the world. Once he got to the spot, Ryuu's body vanished. And appeared in a different world. Skipping the white rift and everything. Ryuu was in a forest, and not to far off, there was a town. Ryuu stood there, taking in his surroundings. A few people with immense speed jumped and flew through the trees past him.

Fuedal Empire:Tainted New Drive form:Kazuna Entered World: Konoha

Janus Silverlock
11-29-2006, 04:10 AM
Janus awoke with a start, as he heard the sound of a gunfight outside the hotel. He looked out to see a man in a red duster coat, firing at some heartless with a silver handgun that was abnormally large. His blood already flowing, he jumped out of the second story window as he called to the man.

Whoever you are, look out!

The man in the red coat saw Janus before he even called to him, and he rolled out of the way as Janus landed between the man and the heartless. There were three of them this time, all of the same type as the one he had fought the day prior. Janus knew this time things wouldn't be quite so easy... all three of these heartless had the power to shoot him with those blasts of darkness, and having never been hit by one, Janus didn't know how many shots he could take. He pulled Serenity out in front of him, and concentrated hard. He knew his staffs magic, it had saved him time and time again. He was depending on it this time. The heartless started moving before Janus could do anything, they raised their arms and began to fire. A barrage of about 10 blasts of darkness came towards Janus, and before he knew what was happening, his eyes faded to black. His staff began to change... Serenity was no longer white and pure, but darkness was sweeping over the staff like a flood. Janus' Kimono became absorbed in darkness, every fiber of his being becoming black with it. He gazed back at the heartless, Chaos throbbing in his hand. He charged the heartless with an inhuman speed, appearing behind each heartless in turn, piercing his dark hands into them and pulling out the heart, releasing it to Kingdom Hearts. The three enemies vanished as the hearts were freed, and Janus was back to normal. His eyes fluttered, and he passed out where he stood. The man in the red coat stared on, not sure what had just happened, but glad that the heartless were gone. He picked Janus up and carried him inside the hotel, so that he could rest. Janus was plagued by dreams of darkness as he slept that night... his company watching him cautiously as he tossed in his sleep.

11-29-2006, 10:03 AM
Sano stood up with a bit of weakness in his legs, his ears twitched from the shock to his system. Sanosuke clenched a fist then took his Crest Key in hand and started towards the audiance chamber withought a word. Along the way he ripped off the tattered remains of his trench coat and tossed it aside, revealing his white long sleeved shirt. "Thank you Fuu..." he said as he walked by her.

Fuu followed as with a quick pace, keeping up with the slightly aggrivated Sanosuke. She could say nothing, only follow and be ready for what was next.

"Lightning ball!" Cleff fired a giant ball of lighting at a large heartless that seemed to be fused into the wall. It's red eyes seemed to pierce into whoever caught it's gaze, and it's dragon like head was enourmous.

The lightning ball crackled and zapped, into the head of the fiend, but it was knocked away during the clash, "Drat! Hikaru, Umi..." he turned to see a rather shocked Fuu and an annoyed Sano enter the room. "And Fuu... we need the rune gods now!"

"Ok Cleff, we're on it! Celes, come to me!" Umi shouted as a dragoninc bipedal blue Mech surrounded her body.

"Rayearth! Let's do this!" Hikaru threw her hand up and summoned forth a blazing red Mech, which surrounded her body in holy flames.

"I'll try... Windom I need your help!" she commanded as a large green bird surrounded her body in the form of a green bipedal Mech.

Sano pointed his Crest Key at the Heartless, the winds brought about by the Rune God's aura swayed init the holes of his keyblade, creating that immaculet music, the winds started to surround his blade like a green twister, playing a song on it's own. "It is time to dance... to the Endless Waltz! he howled to the sky before charging the fiend.

With a quick jump he landed on the creatures long neck and started to cut into it, hacking at the dark form below him. he ran up the creature's length then spin flipped in front of it being held up by the winds. He unleasehed a long combo of tornado powered strikes at the beast below flipping away "Now go! Legendary Magic Knights!" He called to the girls, ready to end this.

Hikaru and company charged forward, bearing their powerful weapon with great skill and accuracy, All three charge into the foe's heartless insignia at it's center.

"For Cephiro!"
"For the light!"
"For all of the worlds!"

They all then called out together "By the power of Will be banish you from this world!" and all three of their elements combined; Fire, Water and Wind into the last pulse of energy that they shot into the creature, rupturing it from within.

The three jumped from their Rune Gods and landed next to a soewhat injured Sanosuke. His clothes still smoked somewhat from the attack before, but his scars were healing up.

"So... you three actually did it... Thank the Soul for that."

"We did it because you came, Mr Sano. You showed us what we knew all along."

"Yeah, we knew inside our hearts that no matter how dark the dusr may be, there is always a new dawn."

"With the wings of the soul, and the power of the heart one can accomplish anything. You showed us that today."

After those words were exchanged, the jewel on each of the the three's chest plates shot out into a white light over the throne. From that light appared a small rabbit like creature.

"Bo Bo Booooo!" The small white rabbit with a jewl on it's head kooed.

"Sir Makona! Are you going to help Sano seal our world?" Hikaru smiled as she hugged the fluff ball.

"Bo Boooo! Bo!" the creature answered, and from the red jewel on it's for head shot a second beam of light into the ceiling then all over Cephiro. The Will of the world was it's lock, and it revealed it's self in the sky.

Sano jumped onto the highest point in the crystal tower and aimed his Cest Key towards the giant shinning Lock. A bright green beam shot into from his key into the lock, and there was a large locking sound that seemed to be carried by a flowing song of the Crescendo.

"May the wings of the Soul guide me to freedom..." He said as he adored the lights of the rift.

11-29-2006, 01:03 PM
As Onyx comes to he sees before him an axe and he rembers the dream he just had. The light was surronding him and he was in pain when a door open the revealed nothing but pure darkness and he entered to escape the toture that was being done to him. As he entered the door, a feather of light tried to follow him but when it reached the edge of the door it became a feather of darkness almost like it was corrupted. Onyx grabs the feather and it changes into a axe and he looks at it with a smile. He bows and turns and walks back into the light where he strikes the ground and the light begins to move away from him. He than smiles and begins to walk forward again but this time he starts to fade away almost like he was waking up.

As he grabs the axe he feels a surge of power but he doesnt use any of it he swings it on his back and than looks around to see where he is. He had awaken in front of a large castle surronded by thunderclouds. He smiles realizing that he was here for dracula cause someone told him he would be a challenge for him. so he begins to move forward when a whip hits in front of him. "Stop or i will kill you." He stops and turns and starts to say something when he realizes his voice is finally gone for good. He frowns and shakes his head. "What are you doing here?" the voice yells out and he looks and sees Trevor Belmont there before him. He points to the castle and than his axe like he was trying to say he was going to fight but trevor again snaps his whip and than says. "Leave this place or die." So onyx turns and walks off to find someone to speak for him.

11-29-2006, 01:58 PM
Chesh smiled and nodded "Thank you, Reiko..thank you so much" he took her hand and pulled her towards the door of Kingdom Hearts. Chesh looked up at the door "Gate keeper who guards the door to Kingdom Hearts..I Chesh have returned with a friend to help me accomplish the tasks in Kingdom Hearts..please hear me and open the door to the palace of good"

Emo is the name
11-29-2006, 03:33 PM
Axel ran up to the hotel to find that the keyblade person and a man in a red duster coat fighting with heartless. Desiding to not help to figure out how powerfull the people were. The keyblader was powerfull. However, even without a drive Axel probably could give him a good fight. 'He also seems to be weak right now.' He thought before he heard something. He turned to see a heatless looking at him. It was a rather weaker one in the armor suite. Pulling out Black Mage and destoyed the heartless and watched as its heart went into Kingdom Hearts. Sighing, Axel sat down for watch till morning when he would confront the keyblade weilder.

11-29-2006, 03:47 PM
Reiko's hand was taken and pulled by Chesh. She blushed a little by her hand in his. Her hand has never been held before. She tryed to stay focus and stay alert for anything but it was hard. She looked at the door couriously "Are we going to go through that?" she asked

Seikyu Kiba
11-29-2006, 06:05 PM
Tryce walked inside of Kingdom Malice. The whole place was spraying with Purple mist, and there were purple ghost creatures flying around inside the mist. He smirked at everything going on until he did get to the middle. What he found was a surprise, There was a Giant Heartless symbol in the middle with torches all around it. He didn't go in the middle but stared at it "Well this is intresting."

11-29-2006, 07:25 PM
his eyes open slowly to view a world he hadnt seen a door of white stood before him he slowly got to him feet looking around only one door...and one platform nothing behind the door nothing behind him instinct failed it was now up to him to choose he walked in the door while voices echoed in his mind

Sacred paths that bind...keyblade...new weapons...heartless...nobody...end of the world...no turning back...oblivion eternal...you choice remains...search for the door of light...its destiny will bind you...bind you...to your life...your choice...Shade?

he opened the door and walked in to find more platforms and a stairway that lead to them he walked forward as dark forms raised and watched him

the last thoughts...Forsaken Angel...amnesia...your choice...Shade?

he continued up the stairways as the dark forms watched him and the voices echoed in his head memories of what was before

darkness...light...hero...villian...twilight...not hingness...

a item of a scythe with a "key" resemblence stood before him he grasped it and...

Shade...Alpha...the Forsaken-Angel...amnesia...is the price...for destiny...

his eyes opened the place and voices were gone

a dream?...were am I?

Natu Utan
11-29-2006, 09:09 PM
-Ryuu looked around for a few more minutes, before stoping, and heading forward. Once he left the woods, and came to the town, 4 Ninja came to Ryuu. They were each holdinf a Kunai in their hands', looking ready for a battle.

"Halt." yelled one of the Ninja. THe 4 ninjas walked towards Ryuu, surrounding him.

Ryuu stopped in his tracks, not wanting to cause any trouble until he gained there trust. It seemed that the heartless had not attacked this world yet, but soon will. And soon, will this world fall to the heartless. Ryuu smirked, and held his right arm up behind his head.

"Don't move." said the head ninja. These ninjas were regular Jounin ninja of the HIdden village in the leafs. Two of the ninja, behind Ryuu grabbed his arm, and his side, pushing him forward. " You are under arrest for aiding Orochimaru in his trying to take over the village." They pushed Ryuu forward, and into the Village. It was under contruction almost everywhere, buildings were shatered into peices, and ruble lay everywhere. It seemed like it was just under attack.

Ryuu didn't say anything, and followed their orders. He was taken up many flights of stairs, and was pushed into a room. Ryuu was forced on his knees, with the 4 ninja around him. Sitting behind a desk, infront of Ryuu, was what seemed to be a young Woman. Long blond hair, and a strong physical apperance.

"Excuse me Tsunade-sama. We have captured a traitor, of the village. We beleive he aided Orochimaru in the attack of the village. He is not wearing a symbol of any village. What do you think we should do with him?" As the ninja said this, he bowed low towards the lady.

Ryuu thought that this lady was the boss of them all. Ryuu had a smirk on his face, with his head laying on the ground, his right arm placed over his back, twisted a bit,

THe lady stood up, and walked over to Ryuu, looking down on him. She kicked him in the side lightly, turning him over. "Speak. Where are you from? And why are you here?" Tsunade directed to Ryuu.

Ryuu stood up, infront of the lady. He had a small smirk on his face. "I, am Kajiyama Ryuu. and I know how i got here. The last thing I remember, was falling asleep. Then waking up, in the forest, infront of this village. Also, I don't know who you mean, by Orochimaru."

"Hmph." Tsunade cirlced around Ryuu, examining him. She turned to the ninja, "Let him go. His story is beleiveable. Just, keep an eye on him." "Are, are you sure Hokage-sama?" "Yes, get him out of my sight, it sickens me." With this, the Ninja grabbed Ryuu again, and lead him outside of the town. "We will keep an eye on you Kajiyama-san." THey turned around and jumped off, leaving Ryuu there.

11-29-2006, 09:59 PM
he gets up slowly in a meadow he sences a prescenes and turns his head to see a dark cloaked man he turns his head to see a white cloaked man

White Cloaked Man: Follow me to the light Shade and all will make since

Black Cloaked Man: No Shade down believe him! Follow me to darkness and all will be explained!

he gets up and the keyscythe appears

This? again? that means...it wasnt a dream...

he turns to see the two men


he slams the scythe into the group and the cloaked me dash at him


he spins the keyscythe and flips up blocking both of the mens fists he quickly spins it knocking them backwards them now weakened


the scythe points at the black cloaked one


he charges stricking the black cloaked man and he vanishes back to darkness

now then

the keyscythe then points to the white cloaked man


he quickly dashes slashing the other one down


the scythe vanishes after the white cloaked one does

that was strange...who were they? and where am I?

he looks up then and begins to walk

the scythe...it was like...it had a mind of its own...

red storm
11-30-2006, 05:18 AM
(start Nephilim no Utagoe)

She appeared out of thin air, startling the ninja who had not sensed her coming. As soon as they recovered, they immediately raised themselves, grabbing kunai, shuriken and katana as they observed the girl. The girl had purple hair, and dull amber eyes. Her skin was barely covered by a few pieces of... bone? They seemed to serve as minimum cover for private parts, a pair of long bracelets for each wrist and two skulls as shoulders. One of the younger ninja paled at this. Further observation brings us to the reason the ninja armed themselves. Sticking from the girls’ back were two purple leathery wings.

“Who... who are you?” a younger ninja tried to ask. He flinched as the girls dull eyes shifted towards him.

“...Mythus.” came the reply.

“This is not human.” One of the ninja hissed. “Maybe she’s a Jinchuriki?”

“Maybe” another, the captain, muttered back. He then addressed the girl. “You! Identify yourself! What village are you from? Are you a Jinchuriki?”

The girl turned to stare at the captain. “Jinchuriki?” She repeated, testing out the strange word.

“Yes, one who holds a demon sealed inside of them. Do you have a demon inside of you?” The captain was feeling confident. So far, the girl had expressed little in the ways of hostility. If she was a Jinchuriki, they would be able to catch her of guard, maybe kill her before she had a change to get to Konoha.

The girl shook her head. “No, I hold no daemon inside of me.” The Konoha nin sighed in relief, but before they had a chance to ask any more questions, the girl stretched her arm sideways. The ninja got a sinking feeling in their guts which was only improved when the air around her arm turned into a vortex of red, black and purple energies. Terror ran through the group as they witnessed the energy changing shape, bending into the form of... a key? Or a sword? The older nin were locked with fear. The last time they had felt terror like this was when the Kyuubi had attacked Konoha.

“Y-you! Who are you! You said you did not hold a demon!” The captain cried in fear as he fell backwards.

“I already told you my name. Mythus. Apostle of chaos undivided, scout into the other worlds, direct servant of the chaos gods themselves.” The energies around the keyblade subsided, revealing Immateria in his full terrifying glory. “And daemon first class.”

(end Nephilim no Utagoe,
start Nothing can be changed)

The young ninja decided that he had heard enough and charged towards the daemon. A wrong move, as Mythus simply sidestepped and send her keyblade tearing through the young nin’s side. Blood spattered over the floor and her body, and a bloodied husk that once contained life fell to the ground.

“Reiko! No!” one of the older nin cried. “You! You work for Orochimaru, don’t you!”

The girl merely swung her blade, tossing away a large amount of the excess blood and replied. “I have no idea whom you are referring to. I am here under orders of the chaos gods, to spread the word of chaos and taint the door that connects this world. Tell me, where is the door?”

The captain snarled. “Like we’d tell you, demon!”

Mythus let a smile make its way to her face, but the Konoha nin could find little comfort in it. If anything, the smile increased their terror. “A fiery temperament, and fierce loyalty. Good. I’m sure lord Khorne would be delighted to have someone like you in his service.”

“I would rather die then join a demon!” The captain snarled.

Mythos closed her eyes and let her head tilt to the side, the smile still remaining on her face. “We’ll see, you have no idea how many of my troops have told me those exact words.” She shifted her keyblade until the tip was pointing at the remaining three ninja. “Now, show me if you are worthy of the powers of chaos!”

And with that, the Konoha nin charged. Soon, the forest was filled with blood, terror and cries of suffering.

Janus Silverlock
11-30-2006, 05:55 AM
Janus found himself to be dreaming...

in front of him were three doors. In the middle was a door with great wings for hinges, flying through the rift without pattern. The door to his right was black, with the symbol of the heartless drawn out on the door in red. He could feel the cold, unfettered hatred flowing towards him from that door. To his left was the door he recognized as Kingdom Hearts, a beautiful ivory door with a marble handle, and a heart shaped symbol covering the front of it. All three doors opened, and out of Kingdom Hearts came Serenity, her beautiful blends of pearl, grey, white, and ivory reflecting in the light that was showering the door. The door to the right, the dark door of hate, opened next. Out of this door, came a black staff with a red keychain. This is the staff, Janus recognized, as the one that he had used against the heartless in the street when he saved the man in the red duster coat. This staff scared him, but he knew it had great power. Out of the door in the middle, Kingdom Soul, Came a figure. It was shrouded in a gray mist, Janus could not make it out. Then, out of the mist two hands darted to both staves, grabbing them and pulling them into the mist. The distortion cleared, and standing in front of Kingdom Soul, Janus saw himself holding the staves, a red fire burning in his eyes. Janus stepped aside for his other self that he saw standing before him. The Janus holding the staves charged past the Janus who was having the dream, and went out into the rift. Janus could see him even as he got far away, and watched as he used both Serenity and Chaos to destroy the heartless in all the worlds of the rift. Janus awoke, slowly and calmly, and found himself to be holding both of the staves. He blinked, but then he stood. His company had gone, but he heard gunfire in the streets, so he assumed they couldn't be far. Janus let go of the staves and they vanished into the air. He closed his eyes and pulled his gloves tight to his hand, and he exited the Hotel, ready to face the heartless.
Janus knew his destiny.

... May the wings of the Soul guide me to freedom...

11-30-2006, 10:33 AM
Sera and what was left of her team arrived back at base. They arrived with heavy hearts and didn't know how they would survive with out the Spartan Commander they had lost.

"Ma'am... Your in command now." said one of the marines. "What are our orders?"

"I don't know... I just don't know... Is it possible we can send a distress call or something?"

"Ma'am We will try."

The marines left. Sera sat down and sighed. She sat the Plasma Key on the table in front of her.

red storm
11-30-2006, 12:57 PM
(Start shana’s anxiety)

The cries of agony had subsides. Now, Mythus stood in a forest that had turned into a mixture of reds and greens. These humans had proven to be worthless. Their bodies had been incapable of handling the energies of chaos she had inserted in them. She sighed. It mattered not. If they weren’t been capable of handling the energies, they were too weak for her squads anyway. They wouldn’t last a day back in the warp.

Still, it was a surprise how fast they died. Within mere seconds there was little left of the humans except large amounts of blood. They even died too fast to relay any useful information about the location of the door. She cursed. Now it would be even longer before could taint the lock.

Suddenly, she heard a crack behind her. She whirled around and raised her keyblade towards the sound.

(Stop Shana’s anxiety,
start ‘glued state’ –naruto ost)

Up in the trees, two pairs of eyes had observed the battle below. Hoshigaki Kisame grinned. “that girl sure knows how to wield a blade, ne Itachi-san?”

Uchiha Itachi nodded. The level of skill the girl had showed was far above any regular human. That meant that she was telling the truth when she called herself a daemon. “Let us go, Kisame. I think this girl deserves a welcome into our world.” And with that, he stepped into the open, purposely stepping on a twig. The girl immediately whirled around and pointed the strange blade towards them.

Itachi never flinched as the deadly weapon was pointed towards him. “Greetings, daemon Mythus. My name is Uchiha Itachi, and this is my associate, Hoshigaki Kisame” Kisame took a bow. “On behalf of the Akatsuki, we bid you welcome to our world.”

Mythus lowered her weapon as she saw no direct threat from the duo in front of her. These two obviously recognised power when they saw it, and they weren’t intent on angering her just yet. “And what would the Akatsuki wish of me?” She asked. Humans usually never spoke unless they wanted something in return, might as well get to the point.

Itachi nodded “Ah, yes, we have witnessed your battle and have come to the conclusion that you posses something that our leader has told us to watch out for a long time. We request that you follow us and meet with our leader, who undoubtedly will have questions to ask.”

Mythus considered the request. The human in question would want her power, no doubts there. She refused to be a servant of humans. Still… this Akatsuki might prove useful in finding the door. Perhaps she would propose a trade of information. And if the human sought power… chaos had it in numbers. “Very well, lead the way.”

11-30-2006, 01:15 PM
OOC: I would like to ask all my Co-GMs to gather the information on "Names of the discovered worlds" "Characters found and by which character?" and the number of locks sealed/tainted\destroyed"
Seikyu: Sealed/Tainted\destroyed locks.
Kyuubi: Characters found by which characters (Meaning only characters important to our featured worlds.)
Natu: Names of the discovered worlds.
I would apreciate this information for the next plot Synap and I'll get the rest okies?


Sanosuke was brought to the edge of Cephiro by the magic knights in their rune gods, they made their goodbyes and Sano started on the road to the next world. The celestial breeze of white ghostly feathers surrounded him, blowing his green bangs of hair away from his silver eyes.

His blue collarless shirt had a music note on the back as well, but he missed his trench coat very much since it was torn to shreads. His pace was strong and steady, his Crest Key still in his right hand playing with the mystical winds of the rift. These winds changed the sound of his Crescendo music into something even more sublime then before.

He looked around the empty rift, feelings of abrupt sadness and pain filled his heart as some worlds blackened into the tainted darkness. Sanosuke held out his Crest Key and turned it like before, and he appeared in front of Kingdom Soul. He aproached the large white door, surrounded by an endless void of lwhite tranquility.

With a slight bow and tuck he sat on his knees and looked towards the ground, his hands clentched into fists holding his body steady. His hat fell to the ground and plopped in front of him on the cold white ground.

"So here he is, the Mystical Musician himself at the door to freedom. What brings you here so often young one?" a man with grey hair covering his face walked towards Sanosuke from nothing, his skin was grey from his old age and possibly his origin. He was dressed in a trench coat, with wide dark grey pants and a white shirt. On his back was the insignia for the shiro, the "Winged Cross".

"My freedom fighter, partner and rival, my brother throughout these two years. Yet you never spoke to me I knew you always lended your ear." Sanosuke looked up at the slender man and pointed at himself "The coat you gave me two years ago, I am ashamed to say that it has passed it's time." He was disapointed, for he's had that coat for two years, eversince he set out on his search, as well as his hat.

"Oh young one, you have had your coat torn to shreds? Well it is better then you losing your life. I should thank that young girl." the man's voice showed no emotion, he was like a blanck slate. "But alas, I'll replace your lost coat, but what about that hat?"

Sano looked at his hat with the two knicks on the brim, he sighed and lifted it back onto his head "I'll keep this hat, for it is still here and whole. Thank you Souldo for the coat..." he looked at Kingdom Soulls as the grey man named Souldo walked around him slowly.

"Souldo I must know, when the gods made Kingdom Soul, did they know we'd be fighting for the light?" He asked Souldo, his gaze still set of the door.

"Fight for the light? Sano, have you lost your wings?" Souldo returned his question with his own. "The true porpous of our plight is to make sure the balance stays intact. We fight for no side but where our souls guide us." Souldo turned around quickly, then from nothing he dragged out another trench coat similar to Sano's first and put it on his shoulders.

"Here young one, your coat is done. May the wings of the Soul guide you to freedom." With that Souldo seemed to float away into the endless white void, his grey face as blank as ever.

"It seems I need to look inside for my heart has lead the way, I cannot let my soul astray in this time of greed and corruption." He put his arms through the sleeves of the coat and clapped his hands together twice in a prayer "May the wings of the Soul guide me to freedom...."

As Chesh approached the large white door, a vstrong female voice heard his plea. "Young one destined to aid the Heartfull... Do you have your partner?"

The voice paused as a shinning light shot from the top of the ivory door. A woman decended infront of the cat man and the wolf girl.

"I am Fayrah, Gatekeeper of the door to the light... and I see you have your partner hmmm?" the woman was adorned in a white hooden cloak, the heart symbol on her back between her large angelic wings. "The Heartless inside are like none that have ever been seen in the rift, after you enter you must be sure to hold on to the graces of the Heartfull, the hearts of those who voulenteered to fight the darkness.

A couple of people in white armor and clothes bowed before Chesh and Reiko. "Are you two ready to aid us of the Heartfull? We hop more of you will join the cause..."

11-30-2006, 02:12 PM
Chesh bowed as the Gatekeeper spoke "Yes I hae found a partner..her name is Reiko..she is a Loboji but is also my friend" he spoke with his heart "We would be glad to help you take care of the Heartless that threaten the Heartful..guardian Fayrah," he said as the armored people approached "I will give you my assistance as will Reiko, I don't know if others will join us or not" he said turning to Reiko holding out his hand "Ready?"

Emo is the name
11-30-2006, 03:02 PM
Axel awoke from the sound of gun fire and looked out to see people fighting the heartless. 'Damn, I fell asleep.' He thought before running out to fight the heartless. He came to a street with many heartless. He saw one charging at him. It had a large body but seemed to fight wildly. Jumping out of its way and striking it back causeing it to realase its heart and dissapeare. Looking back he saw much more. Sighing, he readied his keyblade ran up shooting two spells. The first one sent a giant ball of fire into many of the heartless nearf him. The second made a volley of lighting hit the back ones. He watched as hundered of hearts float away into kingdom hearts. Axel heard gun shooting alittle futher and ran to aid the people.

11-30-2006, 04:14 PM
OOC: srry for not being here again I'm getting less and less time on the computer jeez well where did I leave off at? Right...

BIC: Aka reached the center. A gaint heartless smybol was staring her in the face. She studied it. A grin spread over her pale blueish face. A voice made her turn abruptly. The gin was gone replaced by a hostile glower. "Who are you?" she demanded. It was a man he wore glasses and carried a strange sword. Aka had already noticed the purple mist. She narrowed her eyes waiting for an answer to her question. He didn't seem to be happy just interested. One of her ears twitched showing she was annoyed.

11-30-2006, 05:02 PM
Cross opened his communicator when it began to shake. Looking at the message, he had a new order. Apparently, there was a world with a small amount of heartless starting to develope. It was decided that he should take care of them now before it gets out of control and tainted.

WORLD FOUND: Breath of Fire III

Looking around at his surroundings, he was on a beach covered in metal. When he turned around and looked up at a sign that said "STEEL BEACH" He walked the beach until he saw a group of people standing near the water. As he approached them, he realized that they were pulling in a scrap of metal from the ocean. He watched as they kept pulling and pulling.

"Whatever they have there is rather large"

Suddenly, Cross felt the presence of a Heartless. He looked all around, but could not see it.

"Where is this damned...wait...NOO!"

Cross made a dash to the water where the group of people were. It was too late. They had pulled up not a giant pieceof steel, but rather a giant heartless (Who was ironically made of steel). To Cross's surprise however, The group of people overpowered the heartless very easily. Cross paused for a moment and then ran up to the group of people, questioningly.

"How in the world did you defeat that thing?"

A Teenage boy with blue hair turned to him, looking a bit confused. He wasn't quite sure what to say.

"Why do you ask? IS there something about that monster we don't know?" said the man standing next to the blue-haired boy.
"That monster you fought is called a heartless. Too my knowledge, they can only be defeated by these" Cross said, holding out his Keyblade
"My that's an interesting weapon there" A large man from behind said.
"It certainly is different from any weapon I've ever seen" Said a small girl.
"My my, how interesting, may I analyze it?" Said a women from the back.

Cross looked at these people in total surpise. He had never seen such an odd group before.

"Just who are you people?"
"I'm Rei"
"I'm Momo"
"And I'm Nina, and this here" She said pointing to the blue haired boy "is Ryu"

Cross suddenly felt something creep onto his feet. Looking down, he saw what appeared to be an onion. With a closer look, he realized that it was alive. Cross quickly jumped up and away from the Onion thing.

"Peco, you should know better than to scare people"
"Peco..." Said the little onion.

Cross looked at this group. Just who were these people and why can they defeat the heartless with ease. Cross thought to himself

"This might actually be a quick seal"

11-30-2006, 05:29 PM
As onyx walked away from the world of castlevania, he turns around and smiles and points at the castle, than turns and disappears in what seemed like a large amount of shadow. when he reappears, he is in what seems to him to be a void but he sees stars in front of him. he doesnt rember any where like this and as he looks around he realizes he is on his back staring at the sky and he wonders how he got here.

Kyuubi Naruto
11-30-2006, 05:52 PM
Lance and Jak rampaged through the Crimson Guard base,and in little time,finally had reached the ending of it and saw a large amount of explosives stuck together."So,Jak?Ya never really told me exactly why we're in this place anyway?So,I'm gonna take a guess."He pointed at the explosives."Does it have anything to do with that?"

Jak held up his gun."We have a winner."He then shot at a panel attached to the explosives with precise aiming,and a computerized voice sounded off.

"Emergency Backup Explosive Pack To Detonate in 30.29.28."

"Alright Lance,now all we got left to do is get outta here.The exit is right across the room,no problem,right?"He ran to the end but was stopped by a large black and purple creature with large tentacles sticking out of its body."Oh my god.We dont have time to waste on this thing!"He yelled.He pulled out his yellow gun and began to blast at the monster,but it had no effect."What the?"

"I dont feel like dying today,so stand back!"Lance said to Jak."He grabbed LeoCross and slashed insanely at the monster,chopping of the tentacles that turned into a purple mist afterward.He drove the monster to the edge of the room."Jak,I'm gonna let you handle this last one!"

Jak nodded."Alright."He pulled the gun with a head of an animal and blasted the monster,electricuting,sending it through the door and outside.


Jak stared at Daxter."So?"

"What?"Daxter asked.

"This is the part where you say something smart,then I tell you to can it,then we get out in the nic of time.We always do this kinda stuff."

"Move it!"Lance yelled."The group leaped out of the base and landed into the streets.Lance sighed."Man,that was a pretty nice escape we made,eh?"

Jak sighed."You bet,but,what's up with that?"He pointed to a heart floating over the creature."That's never happened with any of the monsters I've taken out,and that's saying alot."

"I got this one."He raised his keyblade and a beam of light shot at the heart,exploding it in an array of colors that spread across the sky."Yo,Jak,it's been great,but,turns out I gotta get on the move."

Jak nodded."Yeah,figured that.I know you key bearers can never stay here too long.Well,it's been good.Kill some Koi for me,alright?"He held up his fist.

Lance bumped fist with him."You got it."Lance slashed into the air and a portal leading to the rift opened,and he walked through it,traveling to his next world.

(World Locked:Jak-Haven City)

11-30-2006, 06:06 PM
he slowly walked out of the forest
["13th Dilemma" KH2 OST begins to play]
then the ground shook the white and black cloaked men appeared again


Black & White hooded man: We are you! You cant defeat us by just that key item...

Black Hooded Man: I am Abyss your darkest memory and a force to be reconed with
White Hooded Man: I am Aura also a force to be reconed with me and Abyss are part of you...find us and you will gain your power

Abyss: Come Shade awake from this nightmare
Aura: And forfil your destiny

he looked at the two men

Destiny? Awake?

Abyss & Aura: You are currently sleeping inside a capsale in a world known only as "The Shattered Oblivion"

Shattered Oblivion?

Abyss & Aura: Indeed Be warned Shade you will meet many friends and many enemies now that you hold a "key" weapon who knows what darkness will come for you


Abyss: All will be explained in time slowly your memories will return along with us and the worlds you visit

Aura: You went through the door of "spirit" it was destiny you couldnt see the door to darkness or light because your will was nautral

Doors of--?

Abyss: Enough now awake and find us!
Aura: Indeed...

a staff appeared in Aura's hand and he swung it making a sonicboom knocking Shade backwards hitting his head on a nearby rock finally awoken to see a capisal

his keyscythe appeared

hmm...? you long for freedom?

he swong the the scythe breaking the glass of it and jumped out the keyscythe pointed in a direction and he followed what looked like the inside of a castle of white and black walls moving
["Sacred Moon" KH2 OST starts playing]
This is the castle of the Twilight Oblivion?

Seikyu Kiba
11-30-2006, 06:09 PM
Tryce glanced over at the girl who was standing and then gave a small chuckle "I'm a holder of the Keyblades, Chronos the futuresight blade and Mirror the copy blade...but you may call me Tryce." He said pointing Mirror at her "Now then...who might you be?"

11-30-2006, 06:38 PM
Suni had been dozing in her bed when she relized that she had no idea where Fuymi was. Sitting up quickly, she looked around. "Fuymi? Fuymiiiii!" she hissed quietly. There was no response from the cat. She searched the room and, sure he wasnt in here, wandered out into the hall. "Fuymiiiii. Fuymi?" she called quietly in the halls. As she rounded a corner, she almost ran into a girl.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she said.

"No, dont worry about it. It was my fault.By the way, have you seen a small black cat around here?" she inquered.

"You mean the kitty is yours?" the girl replied. "She's in the lounge. I was playing with her and the kids there. Would you like me to show you the way there?" the girl asked.

"That would be great. My names Suni by the way."

"You must be the girl Eureka was talking about. Hi. My names Gidget. Nice to meet you," said Gidget. Then she led the way to the lounge. When they got there, three kids were sitting around in a circle. A loud pur of contentment could be heard echo-ing through the room. "Hey, kids. This is Suni and that cat is hers. Time to give it back now." The kids responed to this with groans and complaints.

"Its ok, Gidget. Fuymi seems to like all the attention he's been getting. Couldnt do any harm to let them play with her longer," said Suni with a glance at the children. They seemed to instantly bright at the mention of getting to play with the kitty longer.

"Well then do you want something to eat?" asked Gidget.

"That sounds great," replied Suni. Then she follow Gidget to the kitchen, where they had sandwiches. When they were done eating, Suni felt tired so she said good bye to Gidget and went to collect Fuymi. When she finally got back to the room, she flopped down on the bed and set Fuymi at the bottom. "Nap time Fuymi, so get some rest." Then she settled herself into a nice long sleep.

11-30-2006, 06:42 PM
he walked into a room where the scythe was pointing and layed a pair of knuckles he held out his hand to see if he was dreaming the knuckles with keyteeth as padding for them appear on his hand

uhh? another one?

a alarm went off


he dash out of the room into the cooridor and then ran down turns stairs and reached a big door he opened it and saw a man in a white cloak

Aura: You are nearer to me but not near enough the darkness is coming fight it off with you "key" weapons Shade then find the escape pod from this barren land quickly! Fight off the heartless!

he reached for Aura and "Neoshadows" surround him and Aura vanished his keyscythe pointed at the heartless


he jump up and kicked the air sky diving into a neoshadow swung the scythe making others vanish back into darkness he jumped back and swung again a "Large Body" hit the scythe out of his hands and the knuckles pointed at it
a voice sounded off in his head


he spun punching the large heartless in the chest and a orb of gravity crushed it he saw his scythe behind more heartless and reached for it it appeared in its hand and he swung it defeating more heartless but more replaced them

Im out numbered I have to get out of here...

he saw a wing and ran up jumping over surrounding heartless and crashed through the window landing on the edge of the castle he looked into the window and saw a escape pod he heard movement above and saw swarms of heartless climbing down he quickly jumped through the window open the pod not seeing where it was pointed and pressed launch it launched him out spinning him into another planet's atmosphere

11-30-2006, 06:51 PM
Snake jumped out from the side of the crate, aiming the STINGER and firing off the missle. He grabbed another as the first flew through the air toward the radar dome, shoving the second missle into the launcher. He aimed again and fired. He quickly reloaded and ran to the southwestern corner of the hanger, hiding behind some crates there. He waited for a couple of moments for the explosions of the STINGER missles, hearing them was like beautiful dancing music to his ears.

"GAAAH! What the.....!?"

Liquid was highly aggravated. Not only had the radar systems died but he had been hit by two explosions, both on the left shoulder. He growled lowly and hard, making his throat raw.


He punched the radar control panel a couple of times but it was to no avail. The systems would not reboot. He growled again, lowering the hatch to the cockpit, opening it so that Liquid could see out manually.

"Where are you!?"

Dante did a victory arm shrug.

"Yea! Nice shots buddy!"

He smiled broadly, thinking that they had won, until Liquid opened the cockpit hatch. Dante's jaw dropped in complete surprise, seeming kind of annoyed. He growled to himself. He grasped his keyblade with both hands, holding it straight out in front of him, aiming it toward Liquid. He took a moment and summoned his energy into the type of his blade...

"Lets see how you like this you jerk. Fire!"

A mass ball of flame formed around the tip of his keyblade and shot forward at a great speed, straight for the opened cockpit and Liquid. Dante smiled broadly and waited for the fire to hit Liquid.

Liquid growled at Dante's attack, finding it annoying. The ball of flame was bright, slightly blinding Liquid for a moment before his eyes could adjust to its brightness. He quickly turned the Metal Gear, however, causing the ball of flame to hit the side of the Bi-Pedal tank.

"Foolish little child" He said, his head turned in the direction of Dante.

He slowly turned his head to face forward, finding a Missle coming right to meet him in the cockpit.

Snake watched as the missle soared fast toward the cockpit. The missle just caught the bottom edge of the hatch, blowing up right underneath the cockpit. He watched as a few more chains of explosions went off, causing the giant tank to fall to its knees.

He waited for a moment to see what happened but soon saw a stun grenade fly toward him and listened to the loud "ping" of the metal hitting the ground. He looked down just into to see the incredibly bright flash and to be knocked out.....

Dean haragatsu
11-30-2006, 07:30 PM
Dean then bumps into a green rino.He backflips out of the way of the rino as strange as it seems it is getting attacked by the heartless as well.

Beast boy heabuts straight into the heartless's key and snaps it into peices as he headbutted the heartless in the stomache and it bursts into a dark mist and ethe heart returnes to kingodms hearts.

Dean only smirks at this and syas"well at least somone hear has no problem with dealing with them other than me.He then walks to a high tower with a clock on it.He looks for the next heartless attack.

Starfire flies around as a heartless jumps at her and swings it's key at her.She dodges the attack by flying twardss the side saying"do not attack me you dark figure with a sharp key please?"

The heartless only tosses its key at her like a boomerange and actually strikes her with it in the back of her neck.

Starfire falls towards the ground as the ground explodes from the hight of her fall.SHe struggles to get up but she seems caught on a peice of cement because of her making a hole in the street.

The heartless slowly walks towards her grabbing his key and getting ready to slash.

Starfire's eyes glow green saying"enoguh!" as she throws a green bolt at the heartless knocking it back.She then bolts up the cement and starts hovering out the hole.

Dean hurry's to the location of the heartless and as soon as he got there he sees starfire,robin,beastboy,and cyborg all sorrounding the heartless.

Robin says"Titans go!" as they all attack the heartless one by one.He tries to upercut the heartless with his rod but it was blocked by the hearltless stills ending it flying into the air.

Beast boy transforms into a green tiger and lleaps at the heartless opening his jaws and clutching theeem on the heartleas's key but the heartless knocks him off and still flies upward,this time twirling.

Cyborg blasts at the heartless with his gun hand but the heartless blocks it with his key which deflects it sand knocks over a building but in the end it kmnocked the heartless higher.

Starfire flies up above the heartless and combines her two bolts and shoot them at the heartless back.

The heartless gets suprised by the attack and bursts into mists as its heart goes to kingdom hearts.

Dean seals this place and he walks into another rift but this time with golden stairs.He climbs the flight of stairs saying in his head(what will happen next?) as he climbs the everllasting golden steps.

11-30-2006, 07:37 PM
he lands and opens the pod it vanishing

hmm...? where am I know?

neoshadows appear

You guys just wont give up will you?

the keyscythe and knuckles appear

fine...have it your way...

he moved swiftly stricking them down he rolled out of the way of another one and stricked it as well after all vanishing back into black mist he looked around

were am I?

Frost Alchemist
11-30-2006, 07:52 PM
*Soku wakes up in his room on destiny islands and yawns*

Another day without a cloud in the sky in the islands.

*gets up and puts on his clothes*

I wonder if Takiko is awake yet.

*walks out of his room down the stairs and out of his house to the street*

Well she must be at her house so ill try there first.

Frost Alchemist
11-30-2006, 08:04 PM
*runs to Takiko's house to see her mother outside gardening*

Hello Mrs.Chiro*he waves*.

Hello Soku if your looking for Takiko she's not here.

Do you know where she is?*stops*

No she ran off earlier this morning and didnt say where she was going. She didnt even have breakfast, so could you take this to her for me?*hands you a granola bar*

Sure!*he nods and takes it*

11-30-2006, 08:23 PM
he turns to see Aura

Aura: I am in a near village called Konha find me and beware when you do there is a darkness that controls a dark monster gaurding peices of your memory this shadow beast is unknown to villagers but ninjas have been vanishing in there

From what?

Aura: Heartless have been stealing there hearts at night with those weapons you can release the captive hearts please take your time killing these beings of darkness then find the main one

Yes...anything to get my memories

Aura: One more thing Shade


Aura: You arnt formillar to these parts so be warry and alert there are evil in these parts one called Orochimaru the ninjas may mistake you for one of his hentchmen so try and dont aggravate them


Aura: Also there maybe darker plans ahead you'll find more enemies will reveal themselves as you go along through this world many darker than the heartless and maybe a few friends will be accompaning you which ever path you choose no matter what it must led you closier to memories now go...the forest near by has many of heartless be alert...

But...who will I me--!?!

Aura: All in good time...

Aura vanishes

This is very frustrating...

he walks into the forest with the keyscythe and knuckles on hand

Frost Alchemist
11-30-2006, 08:31 PM
*runs off torwards town and then everything freezes except for him and Dusks appear*

What are these things*takes out wooden sword and attacks but cant hit them*

*dusks attack him six times knocking Soku out*

*is in a white place, suddenely an old man in a wizards hat appears*Who are you?

Do not worry about that now take this*hands him oathkeeper keychain*now go!

*wakes up just as the dusks close in on him. he jumps up and stikes all of them with Oathkeeper keyblade and everything goes to normal*What was that*looks down and notices Oathkeeper is gone*Hmmm...............

Natu Utan
11-30-2006, 09:07 PM
-Ryuu was walking around the town for a little bit, trying to gain everyones trust, to gain some information to the door of the world. He still, did not see any sign of heartless. Ryuu had closed his eyes for a moment, to rest them from the sun. A few seconds after they were closed, some people ran into Ryuu, knocking him back a few feet. Ryuu immeditatly, opened his eyes, and looked at the person who had hit him. He was a small boy, weraing an Orange Jacket, with blond hair. He had a headband on with the Konoho symbol on it.

"I'm sorry mister." said the bow as he bowed, towards Ryuu. THe boy then turned around, and looked behind him, to see an old man, with long white hairm chasing after him. The boy shrieked and sped off. The old man seemed really angry.

"GET BACK HERE NARUTO!!" screamed the man as he was running towards the boy. He stopped infront of Ryuu. "I am sorry for my subordinates behavior. He dosen't know how to watch where he is going." "Its ok." said Ryuu with a soft smirk upon his face. THe old man stretched out his hand towards Ryuu, with now a serious look on his face. As if, he sensed some danger from Ryuu. But Ryuu, did not want to start anything, yet. "My name is jiraiya. And the boys name is Naruto." Ryuu shook his hand. "My name is Kajiyama Ryuu."

RIght after, Ryuu said this. His head struck upwards, looking off towards the forest. He sensed the power of a keyblade. "I am sorry sir, I must be off." He let go off the old mans hand and jumped up in the air. Running towards where he sensed the energy of a Keyblade weilder. Ryuu had stopped short, and slowed his speed as he heard conversing. Ryuu hid behind a tree, watching, as he saw a woman easily slaughter 4 ninja. Ryuu saw that this girl was a keyblade weilder, and by he attitude, seemed to be a Koi, just as he was. Ryuu still decided to remain silent. He watched as two people came up to her, and as they took off with her, Ryuu followed, silently.

11-30-2006, 09:12 PM
Through the rift Jonwolf wandered once again. He wasn't intently focused on a new world, for his head suddenly felt like it was going to pop from all the presure. This was easily the worst headache Jonwolf had ever suffered. He winced at the initial pain and when the next event happened Jonwolf felt like the headache was affecting his vision.

He could see the rift of swirlying white and grey before him. . . But every few seconds the world fizzled quickly into the half dark-half light world from his nightmare along with a quick flash of white noise when it transitioned. Jonwolf rubbed his eyes, convincing himself it was just his mind playing tricks on him. But in a few seconds, it happened again.

The world fizzeled from the half-and-half world to the In-Between like a child fdgeting with a TV, flipping stations back and forth, undecided in what to watch.

Apparently the child that was controling Jonwolf's vision selected the half-and-half world. Jonwolf cursed aloud as he looked about his surroundings. What the hell am I doing here? I'm awake! his mind screamed as he could feel the same presence that he did earlier approach again.

"Why do you bother with this war on the light? You're not real." It said in that same monotone voice as before.

"Neither is the Boogy Man, yet he is successful at his job of scaring children." Jonwolf quiped trying to justify himself.

"You are not Jonwolf. It is a lie for you to say you are"

"The only part left is what you see before you!" He shouted, angry at the voice for saying such things.

"You admited it yourself. You are a part of what Jonwolf was. . . But you are not him. You are a nobody. You don't even exist." the voice paused momentarily to change topics. "You would do well to stay away from those that do exist, like Sanosuke."

"Who is this you speak of?" He questioned the voice with a harsh tone still in his voice.

"You know him as 'Mr. Poet'". Do not let your destinies cross again. . . Or you're fate shall be sealed and you will die by his hand." The voice was not able to get another word out before Jonwolf shouted.

"Enough of your senseless noise!" turning toward the half of this world that was drenched in endless light he shut his eyes to minimize the pain as he ran into the light toward where he thought the presense was, slashing and howling.

The light burned him badly. So bad that soon his trenchcoat had burned away. Continuing into the light, Jonwolf continued to slash and howl. He could feel the very skin on his body disintigrate into the light. Jonwolf didn't care and his blind rage allowed him to continue into the light. The light burned more. Jonwolf couldn't open his eyes if he wanted, for his muscles and organs had buerned away into the light, leaving only his skeleton and the keychain that was fused to the very bone.

Somehow Jonwolf was able to continue slashing and running into the light, determined to kill the presense if it was the last thing he did. Finaly, Jonwolf could feel his bones fade into the light. Somehow Jonwolf could hear the sound of his keychain hit the ground with a twang that reverberated into the light.

Waking with a start, Jonwolf looked around his surroundings. He was still in the bar. "What?" he said aloud, very confuesed. The bar was nearly closed, for it was dark outside and there were only one or two other patrons in the bar. Finaly Jonwolf's mind was right enough to peice together what happened. "I was dreaming. . . That I was dreaming." he said as he got out of the chair, a little worried that he was in some sort of triple dream and the voice would return again.

Just like the prior time, he nodded to the barkeep before slicing open a portal to the In-Between and stepping in with a heavy sigh. He had a feeling that his fortune was about to take a turn for the worse.

Crimson Eyes
11-30-2006, 09:45 PM
Shinsei opened his eyes to a bright sun shining onto his path face. He winced at the sudden brightness and visored his eyes with his hand. He sat up and looked around. He was sitting in the middle of a meadow. A very wide and distant meadow to be exact. With dirt roads running through its grassy fields. Shinsei quickly got up to his feet. He was baffled to see no water at instant sight. He was obviously not home.

"What? Where...where am I? Am I still asleep? Is it just another trick? No. It can't be. I feel like I'm awake. I feel so refreshed, but worried. Did I get here through that big door in the dark place? This bizarre..." Shinsei kept looking around his location. He looked to the south and saw an opening into a forest. He then looked to the west where he saw more meadow. He then turned to the east and saw towering mountains and one gig mountain with an ominous black cloud swirling over it.

Shinsei finally looked to the north and saw a grand castle with made of stone. "A building, maybe I can find help there." Shinsei began to walk towards the grand castle of the land of Hyrule. As he trailed one of the dirt roads that lead to the castle, a heartless appeared. Shinsei, startled by the sudden appearance, jumped away. "Whoa!" Shinsei looked at the little creature. "What is it?" The heartless stood there for a moment and then charged forward at Shinsei. Shinsei blocked his body and a whip appeared in his hand. A voice then spoke out to Shinsei: "Strike IT!" The heartless jumped forward. Shinsei, following the voice's command swung the whip horizontally and struck the heartless, making it disappear.

Shinsei looked at the whip. "Where...am I?"

11-30-2006, 09:51 PM
Dante watched as the large Metal Gear fell to its knees, being bathed in explosions. He let out a triumphant yell of victory but soon came to realize that it was for not as the many missle and fuels that had been stored in the hanger were caught by the explosions.

The crates erupted with flame and explosive destruction, one of which blew up right underneath Dante, sending him flying. He flew forward, down and down more and more toward the bottom of the hanger. Pieces of the cieling were begginning to fall and cave in. A large chunk fell over top of him but seemed to roll perfectly around his body and go underneath him. He sighed lightly with relief but it was soon wipped away as his back met with the large chunk that had just fallen under him. His head hit hard agaisnt the breaking ceiling piece, knocking him out....

OOC: This is approximately 15 minutes after Dante is knocked out.

"Snake.....Snake.....come on little brother, wake up already."

Liquid was standing over Snake, his body bloody and warn from the explosions of Metal Gear. He was smiling evilly as he looked down at Snake who was tied up, leaning agaisnt a wall of pure rubbel. The entire hanger had collapsed over top of Metal Gear, except for a few small areas around it. He knelt down next to Snake, lightly slapping his cheek.

"Come now brother, you arent that weak are you?"

Snake groaned as he slowly opened his eyes to see Liquid slapping his cheek. He shook away Liquid's hand from his face, causing Liquid to stand up and move back a little.

"Liquid. What the.... What happened here??"

11-30-2006, 10:34 PM
Sanosuke sat up after a few, he pulled out his Crest Key and pointed it forward like he had done before. His new Trench coat felt heavenly and so free, no restrictions at all. After his arm movements were done he turned his Crest Key and appeared over road of light which brought him to a busy city street, some people were being attacked by heartless with large white fangs. They looked like... vampires.

From the corner of the street from a dark portal a tall man in a red suit and wide brimmed hat (Like Sano's but Red) looked at the scene through his orange tinted glasses and smirked.

"Heh, you undead scum thing you can make your way in here?" he pulled out two large pistols, one made of a black metal and the other with a silver tint. He aimed the guns at the heartless and blew them away with a single shot each, the bullets seemed to shine like shooting stars as they zipped past Sanosuke.

Sanosuke jumped towards the red coated man with his Crest Key in hand, he was ready to strike forward. "Watch out! Behind you!" he shouted to the red man as a large heartless appeared behind him.

The tall man turned around faster then the eye could see and drove his right arm theough the creature, it exploded from the dark aura of his attack.

"These pitiful excuses for demons sicken me." he said as he turned around just in time to catch Sanosuke by the collar of his trench coat. "Wello Lichen boy..." the was reffering to his wolf ears "What might you be doing with an interesting weapon like that?"

Sano smiled nervously, the tall man in red had him hanging by the collar, his feet were a good foot of the ground "Hello there Fangs," He was reffering to him by his vampiric fangs sticking over his lips at the time "I'll the Sanosuke, a Spirit Wolf you may call me." he lift his Crest Key and nodded to turn his attention to it. "This is a Key Weapon, the only way to seal the darkness from the worlds."

"Muhahahaha! Seal in darkness you say? What, is the Rift trouble by these pethetic scum of demons?" he seemed to know about the Rift, but how? "You might be wondering how I know about the Rift right? Well Lichen boy I'll tell you." He set him down and tilted his head slightly "I am Arucard..."

Sano thought to himself about the name, and a sudden shock set it "Aru-Alucard?" he made a connection "Dracula..backwards..." a shiver went up his spine as Arucard stared at him with a devilish smile, so evil looking yet somewhat trustful. "So you know about the other worlds right?"

"Of course I do Lichen boy, now let's see if we can find this 'lock' I've heard of. If I can kill more scum along the way then I think this will be quite the outting... Muhahaha!" He laughed evily yet again... so creepy... so evil.

Sanosuke span around his Crest key playing a sharp note, his spirit was up. With this powerful vampire at his side, he might be done faster then he thought. "Onwards Arucard!" he said pointing his Crest Key up into the air in a cheer.

Indeed Lichen Boy, let us be off..."

Arucard and Sanosuke walked off into the empty dark streets of the city, the tails of their trench coats flappin in the mild wind. Both had their hat tilted downwards in a mysterious way. Sano started to think "Wow, someone who is hip to my style..." he put his silver goggles on and walked into the night with the most powerful vampire of all...

To keep track of worlds, please put in caps when you find a world. Then make a separate name for it Ex:


When a world is Sealed/Tainted\Destroyed put it like this:

LOCK TAiNTED: "......."
LOCK SEALED: "......."

Now please make sure to label the new worlds when you enter them. It makes it easier on me and my Co-GMs to make the Plot Synapsis this way. Thank you.

Janus Silverlock
12-01-2006, 03:01 AM
Janus strutted out of the hotel. The gunfire right in front of him now, he could see the man with the cross weapon and the man in the red duster coat, both of them firing down the street. Janus wondered when these men would realize that their bullets are useless against heartless. He walked out beside the men and saw what they were shooting at. This was even bigger than what he faced the day before this. This was not a large group of heartless... this heartless was huge. He had a large gun for an arm, what appeared to be a chain gun. His head was covered by an orange visor, and his body was giant. He was roughly 4 times the size of Janus. Still, Janus stepped in front of the two men coonfidently. He summoned Serenity into his hands in a bright flash of light. He gazed onward at this new enemy, and took a defensive stance, crossing Serenity over his body.

Mr. Wolfwood. Sir. You had best leave this to me. I know what this is, and your bullets are wasted on it. My keystaff and I are the only weapons in this world that can defeat it.

With that, Janus stared the heartless dead on... The heartless moved, taking aim and beginning to fire rapidly at Janus. The blasts of darkness came quickly, but Janus deflected them deftly with Serenity and got out of the way. He dashed towards the heartless, jumping up onto its chest and smacking Serenity into the Visor that covered its face. The visor shattered, revealing the face of the heartless... glowing red eyes full of hate and malice, sharp teeth, and seething anger. Janus jumped back, almost afraid of this form. Serenity began to vibrate... he knew this phenomena well, and concentrated to listen to his weapon. He felt a calm flow over him, emanating from his staff. His eyes became blank, and then pure white. He felt himself start to change... his clothes began to glow a bright white, and wings sprouted out of his back. Serenity grew double her length, and a pure white glow began to come forth out of Janus's body. He was flying above the heartless, now, as he extended out an open palm at the enemy.

Be gone, now, servant of Malice... be destroyed by my purifying light!

Janus shot forth his own volley of blasts, bright orbs of light that pierced straight through that giant vestige of darkness that had once been terrifying, and now began to melt in the power that Janus expended. The threat gone, Janus floated slowly to the ground, Serenity went back to normal, and the wings shrank away. Janus was once again in his normal form, and stared on as the heart was freed from the heartless. He saw a white light appear, and shoot into the sky. A giant key hole appeared, and Janus knew what it was. He twirled Serenity about himself in a fluid, beatiful motion, and pointed its tip to the sky. A white light shot to the keyhole, and a loud locking sound was heard throughout the world. The two standing behind him were silent and dumbfounded.
Janus gripped the edges of his gloves and tightened them onto his hand.

May the wings of the Soul guide me to freedom...

Janus walked slowly down the street, away from the two men. His time on this world was over, and he needed to move on. For he still didn't have the answers he was seeking.


12-02-2006, 12:20 AM
Cross followed the party around, learning that they were no ordinary people. In fact, there were many 1-of-a-kinds in this group. Cross learned that Ryu was the last of his kind, The Brood. Rei also had a special ability to turn himself into a weretiger. Garr was the last protector of his tribe. Nina was the princess of a country called Wyndia. Momo was a technological genius. Peco was...well....Peco.

"Your all so unique; each of you has something individually that no one else has"
"Well then again, your one-of-a-kind yourself too you know" He said as he pointed down at Cross's Keyblade.
"Well actually, there are others who can use these, but most of us go our seperate ways"
"Why's that?"
"Well, for as long as I've had this Keyblade, I've been told that they're three divisions of Keyblade wielders; Koi, Shiro, and Hikari"
"Which one are you?"
"I'm a Hikari, which means I follow the path of Light. In a way, my job is to stop Koi, those who follow the path of Darkness"
"My, sounds like quite the difficult job"
"Sometimes it is, but I've been doing it for years now, so I'm used to it"
"Have the Koi done something here?"
"I would have to say yes, Heartless are definate signs that this world has been tainted"
"That monster you fought a little while ago was a heartless. Normally, the ionly thing that can harm them is a keyblade, but you guys some how managed to defeat it"
"Actually, Ryu was the one who defeated it, none of us could harm it, but Ryu's Dragon form was able to harm it"

Cross thought about this for a moment.
"So it was his brood powers that defeated it...interesting"

Cross looked over at Ryu
"Maybe there's a connection between the powers we have?"

As Cross thought, They made there way to the top of the Radio transmitter tower on steel beach. Something up there felt strange...Cross looked up to see a giant Heartless.

Frost Alchemist
12-02-2006, 12:22 AM
*walks into town and waves to everybody as they pass and thinks about what just happen to him*

That was weird and that weapon just appeared out of nowhere after that dream.

*notices something clinging in his pants leg pocket and takes it out and stops with a look like he was freaked on his face*

That chain that was on the bottom of the weapon but whats it doing in my pocket?

*shrugs and looks everywhere in town for Takiko and doesnt see her*

She must be at island where we hang, yeah she is definently there.

*runs off toward the dock, jumps into his boat and sails toward the second island*

Man this girl really needs to tell people where she is going.

*watches as a portal opens up and he is sucked into it. Next thing he knows he lands on Janus*

Oww this is gonna hurt later

Janus Silverlock
12-02-2006, 06:00 AM
Janus walked into the rift, vanishing in a flash of light. He stood in the now familiar terrain of the pathways between the worlds, and tried to guess what world he might find some answers on. He sighed deeply, and began to contemplate.

Man... I'm lost as anyone can be. I need some guidance... Maybe Serenity can help.

Janus concentrated to summon Serenity to his palm, but Chaos appeared instead. Janus could feel the Darkness pulsating from the weapon, but he was not afraid. He knew he commanded the darkness in that staff, not the other way around.

Hmm... it seems I am to listen to Chaos this time... Alright, Chaos... Point me in the right direction.

He concentrated. Chaos had a different way of speaking to him than Serenity... Chaos was less subtle. The staff moved violently to point towards a world that was shrouded in mist, what looked to be the ruins of a City, in the center of which were 9 Gigantic pillars. Janus smiled, and released Chaos back to the Darkness it came from.

So, this is the world? Alright... let's go there, and see what we can find.

Janus walked down the path of the Rift, the world of Twilight flickering between light and dark, and into a world filled with darkness of a kind Janus had never seen. A world of Vampires and Demons.

WORLD DISCOVERED: Nosgoth (The Legacy of Kain)

red storm
12-02-2006, 07:36 AM
The two members of this… Akatsuki organisation seemed to take security in high regard. Already she could sense hidden traps in the surrounding, and those were probably the weaker ones, the only the ones she could sense. Anyone who would try to follow them without being guided would surely fall victim to at least a fair share of traps.

Nevertheless, they eventually arrived at a large cave. The two members remained at the entrance, while they motioned Mythus to proceed. As mythus entered the cavern, she noticed a huge statue, consisting of two hands, with the palms upwards and a huge head with a few eyes opened, but the multitude closed. As she stood near the base of one such hand, a shadow of a figure appeared.

The leader of the Akatsuki could barely believe it when he heard Itachi and Kisame report they had found a world traveller. When they told him this one was wearing a keyblade as well, he immediately demanded they bring her here. However, now that she was before him, he was fealing uneasy. This… daemon, as she called herself, radiated power. At first, he planned to simply take her keyblade, bind it to himself and use its power. However, with one such as her, he would have to tread carefully.

“I am the leader of the Akatsuki, and I have a proposal for you, Daemon Mythus.” He then went to explain his plan to cover the planet in an eternal war, with the Akatsuki on top, governing everything. He then proposed for her to join the Akatsuki, adding her powers to her own. With the keyblade, they might even be able t govern multiple worlds. However, though he was prepared for a rejection, he was not prepared for the second answer he would give her.

“I will not join your… little organisation. My loyalty lies to the chaos gods. However, I do have a proposition for you, leader of the Akatsuki.” At this, the shadow of the leader seemed toshift slightly. “Join chaos.” Mythus spoke. “Your powers are great, that much I can sense, and with your ambitions, you will make a great impression on my masters.”

The leader hesitated. This was a chance… but would it be worth it? What would he gain out of it? “That is an interesting offer, but I cannot allow my plans to be interrupted.”

Mythus raised an eyebrow, a small grin tugging the right corner of her lips. “Who said anything about an interruption? The chaos gods couldn’t care less how you will dump this world into chaos, as long as you do so. Of course, joining chaos will not be without reward.”

This sparked the Akatsuki leader’s –as well as the other members present- interest. “Reward? What type of reward?”

“The type you humans always seek. Power. The powers of chaos will be yours to wield, yours to command. And when enough worlds are tainted, you will be able to call forth legions of chaos, further increasing your manpower.”

The leader of the Akatsuki was no longer thinking rationally. The promise of power was swimming through his head. “And how do I get such power?”

Mythus smirked. “That” she said “is easy.” And before anyone could react, she jammed her keyblade in the shadow’s chest.

In a place far away, the Akatsuki leader fell down in pain. “Im- impossible, it was only shadow…” further words were drowned out by screams of pain as the energies of chaos flowed through his body. He could feel the eyes of the chaos gods upon him, as if discovering him for the first time. And even he, who had faced the beiju when h had sealed them in the statue, felt terrified under their gaze. The energies seemed to choke him, flames of purple, red and black appeared around him and seemed to burn the skin of his bones. Then, after moments that seemed like centuries, the pain subsided, and he felt it.


Glorious chaos.

The Akatsuki leader raised himself, and as he did so, so did his shadow in the cavern. “This feels… wonderful. The powers of chaos… marvellous.”

“It is, isn’t it?” Mythus said in amusement. “Then as your first mission, tell me the whereabouts of the door that connects this world.” The shadow of the Akatsuki leader froze as she gave him her first order. Itachi and Kisame whirled around as they heard someone give their leader an order.

The Akatsuki leader, however, froze for an entirely different reason. When he had accepted the powers of chaos, he had sworn allegiance to the chaos gods, and by their order, to Mythus as well. He was now part of her army, and any order would be carried out, without question. The problem was, he didn’t have an answer to her question. He immediately dropped to one knee and apologized. “I beg your forgiveness, lord Mythus, for I do not have answer. The door you speak of in unkown to me.”

Mythus sighed in disappointment. “Rise, the fault is not yours. I should not have expected you to know matters beyond your edge of knowledge.”

“Excuse me, lord Mythus?” Came the voice from –surprisingly- Uchiha Itachi. As Mythus turned to him, he continued. “There are legends in Konoha of a door, which is always locked. The door had been there since the Shodaime created the village, and has been sealed of in the mountains by his order. Those mountains have later turned into a monument for the Hokage. Perhaps the door you seek is there.”

Mythus was impressed. These humans seemed to be valuable after all. “Very well, I will go to Konoha. You stay here, while your leader instructs you how to follow him in the service of chaos. After that, you may continue with your plans until other orders come in.”

All the Akatsuki members present bowed and chorused “Yes, lord Mythus!”

Mythus nodded, then stepped out of the cave and spread her wings before taking of towards Konoha.

~Character corrupted: Leader of the Akatsuki.~

Kyuubi Naruto
12-02-2006, 07:57 AM
As Lance traveled through the rift,he heard a cry for help in a distant portal.The rift took him there,and when he arrived,he found himself in the world of a nearly destroyed Konoha,and saw Mythus flying over the town."What the.....that's another key bearer!But....this one is a Koi,and a female!"He looked at the destructed Konoha."Oh my god.....did she do all of this....."He asked himself."You!"He yelled at Mythus in the sky."Who are you,and what are you doing here?!"He turned into LeoUnleashed Drive form and flew up to her keeping a distance,pointing his keyblade at her."What are you doing here?"

(World Entered:Konoha/Keybearers occupying:2)

Janus Silverlock
12-02-2006, 09:15 AM
Janus walked slowly on through the mist of this world, moving towards the Pillars. He assumed they must be an object of great importance, as they were so large he couldn't even see to the top of them, and they were located in the center of the landscape. Janus heard noises in the mist surrounding him, but nothing ever attacked him. He felt himself being watched. Sometimes he would catch a glimpse of a pair of glowing green eyes gazing out from the mist... or perhaps he was seeing things. He finally arrived at the Pillars, and saw that each one had a symbol carved into it. Janus was weary from his walk, so he sat down and laid his back against the center pillar. He closed his eyes and began to meditate.

Keybearers! Koi, Hikari, and Shiro! Any of you who can hear me, I am lost and do not know what I should do next. I know that you, the Koi, are my enemy. And you, the Hikari, my allies. Fellow people of the freedom... May you find your own way. But if my path should cross yours, I will treat you as allies before enemies. Anyone who can hear me! Come and help me find my answers!

Janus opened his eyes from his meditation, and saw before him a very strange, macabre creature. A brown cloth was wrapped over its face so you could not see any of it below the creatures nose. His skin was a pale blue, and the eyes that Janus had half-seen through the mist were now gazing into his very soul. A spiritual blade was emitting from the creatures right hand, which was actually more of a claw than a hand. The rest of his body seemed to be half-rotted off, he had no insides as far as Janus could tell. But despite his ill-looking body, he stood as though he was quite fit, and could move with more agility than Janus could imagine. Janus stood, and the creature took a step back and raised it's weapon.

You, creature... why have you come to Nosgoth, and where from? You don't look like you're from this world at all... you're not a Seraphan, and you're not a Vampire... Tell me what you are.

Janus was slightly taken aback to hear the creature speak, but courteously bowed and began to introduce himself.

Well, Sir, my name is Janus Silverlock, and as you guess, I am not from your world. I am from a city named Radiant Garden. I am on a search for the answers of how I can stop the vile darkness known as the Heartless from spreading further, in the name of defending my noble city. What I am is a Keybearer. What may I call you by, Sir?

The creature looked at Janus curiously, before allowing his wraith-blade to vanish within himself, not feeling threatened by the newcomer.

I am Raziel. I was the first born Lieutenant of the vampire-tyrant named Kain. When I surpassed him, he betrayed me and threw me into the lake of the dead. This is what became of me... I should be dead, but the powers that be had other plans for me. Now, I am a reaver of souls... my old blood-thirst is gone, but now I have a new hunger. I eat the souls of the dead, and that is what maintains this... body. I know of these heartless you speak of... they have no souls. I have fought them, and my wraith blade will cut them. I have tried to consume the heart, but it always vanishes before I can. Protected by some other powers, I suppose. If anyone might know about the Heartless, it would be Kain. I am seeking him out, you can travel with me if you wish.

Janus nodded. He knew that Raziel could definitely be of use to him, as this is his world and he knows his way around.

Yes, That sounds good. Lead the way, Sir.

Raziel tilted an eyebrow, but shortly just began walking further on past the Pillars. No one had ever called him Sir, atleast not that he could remember. This man was definitely strange, he thought to himself, but he knew that they both could be useful to each other. The two walked on into the Mist, towards the abandoned Seraphan Stronghold.

red storm
12-02-2006, 10:18 AM
As Mythus approached the walls of Konoha, the first thing she noticed was the state f the village. It looked like it had seen battle only recently. Damn. She thought to herself, a smirk playing on her lips. I missed the carnage. She was brought out of her musing by a voice shouting “You! Who are you! What are you doing here!” Mythus couldn’t help but sigh in annoyance. Truly, the humans in this world asked too many questions. Back in the imprium, they would just open fire as soon as they caught sight of her.

When she turned around and caught sight of the human in question, however, an eyebrow made its way skywards. Another keyblade wielder, and judging by the distressed look on his face, and the glances of concern he was shooting at the village, it was a Hikari. The scantly clad daemon glanced at the keyblade pointed at her before shifting her gaze back at the Hikari.

“Isn’t it obvious, little Hikari?” She said as she raised her arm side wards, and Immateria appeared in a roar of purple, black and red fire. “I am here under orders. Orders that oppose everything you work for.”

12-02-2006, 12:35 PM
Liquid laughed his evil laugh, untieing Snake's hands and then stepping away from him.

"Well Snake, it seems that stun grenade really did you in eh?"

He laughed for a moment, taking what seemed to be a detanator out of his pocket. He looked at Snake, his thumb raised slightly over the red button.

Liquid pointed to his left, to a body laying next to a bomb.

"He was helping you fight me, hes your friend i suppose?? Well if you would to save him, your gonna have to beat me first."

Snake stood up, rubbing his wrists from where the ropes had bound him. He looked over as Liquid pointed toward the bomb, and the body of Dante.

He looked back over at Liquid and growled.


He took a step forward but not before being cut off by him.

"Ah ah ah. You have to beat him and get out of here before this bomb goes off. It will provide a nice enough explosion to destroy this facility. So i suggest we hurry."

Liquid pressed the button and put it back in his pocket, going into a normal fighting stance.


Snake growled, Liquid had stripped him of all of his gear, even the shirt to his sneaking suit. He upperbody was bruised and scarred. Pulsing with red bruises and blood from cuts made by the falling debres.

He ran toward Liquid and started across the surface of metal gear as he got closer. He kicked out Liquids legs and quickly stood up, getting on Liquids back and twisting his arm.

Liquid growled and quickly rolled, causing Snake to push off of his back. He stood up and started to slowly move in toward Snake, preparing to attack.

He got with an arms length and threw a punch, which Snake blocked, and tried to follow up with an uppercut, which Snake responded to by grabbing his fist and squeezing it.

They stood there for a second, their arms fighting to push each other off.

After a moment or two, Snake pushed off Liquids right arm, still holding onto his right hand, and threw a punch into Liquids face. Blood spewed out from his nose as he fell backwards, his head tilted back. Liquid stubled back and grabbed his nose, looking at his hand, full of blood. Liquids nose was a little upset and kind of bent off to the side...

Liquid growled through the pain as he looked down at his hand full of blood that was from his nose. He looked back up at Snake, his expression dark and evil.

"How dare you..."

12-02-2006, 12:44 PM
OOC: please bear with me for today and early tommorow people. I am on a much smaller keyboard than I am used to so I might not have the best spelling. I am at my Aunt's in Ohio so I may only respond every few hours. I doubt any of this will matter, for many of the worlds everyone is visiting I have never seen/read anything about it. :sweatdrop sorry))

Jonwolf gave a heavy sigh and he walked foreward through the rift. Was he that unsure of his abbilities that his dreams would tell him he would fail? Or was it a preminition of something more. Jonwolf shruged off those thoughts. I wont be killed by someone with such flowery speech he though as he cut open a portal to the next world.

Inside the next world he saw he was on top of a high rise building. Looking around he saw that the sky was dark and ready to rain. Jonwolf made his way to the edge of the building to see just how high up he was and what was surrounding him. He guessed that he must have been at least 20 stories up, and the surrounding buildings hovered around the same, varrying no more than 5 stories. Looking toword the street, he saw that the roads were tight, as if the buildings were slowly encroaching on the asphalt.

The city streets were not crouded, only a handfull of people were down there. It seemed like they weren't going to a specific place either. Most just seemed to wander aimlessly around the street.

Then Jonwolf heard gunshots. A man busted out of a broken elevator shaft a little ways down the road and in a very rambo-esque style, ran through the street blowing away all the inhabitants who were shooting at him in vain.

After the man had dissapeared through a theater to god knows where, Jonwolf quickly took the fire escape down the building, choosing to leap at the end insted of taking the ladder down the last bit to ground level.

There he could see the form of the creatures the man had blown away. They all seemed to be in polie uniforms and were anthropomorphic pigs. They all had a rather ghastly expression of evil on their face, except for the ones who had taken a shotgun blast to the face. . . They realy did have much of an expression other than the peices that were sort of disasembled on the ground next to them.

Jonwolf decided that his first manner of business was to corrupt the gun-toting man. Moving quickly into the dark theather, Jonwolf followed the various sounds of gunshots toword his goal.


((OOC- Oh, and on a side note. . . are the worlds just each indivisual world? Or would each "world" be the universe of that show/game/whatever? Like if I went to something like Star Ocean, would each world be a different place to corrupt/seal. Or is it that corrupting the seal of that world corupts the entire Star Ocean universe. Tet told me not to long ago but I forgot))

Frost Alchemist
12-02-2006, 01:23 PM
*gets off of Janus ands helps him up*

Im so sorry i just fell through that portal at sea.

*looks around observing his surroundings*

Have you seen a black portal?

Kyuubi Naruto
12-02-2006, 01:40 PM
"Yeah,I guess it is kinda obvious,isnt it?"He said with a smirk.As she turned around,he saw what she was wearing."What the?What's up with the outfit?Or,should I say,piece of outfit?I mean,come on,have you no shame or something?"He shook his head."Anyway,whatever you came here to do,looks like you did a pretty good job doing it.And obviously your a Koi.Well,it stops here.Because you already know I'm an Hikari,and with that,you know what I'm here for.I here to lock the keyhole.But first,I must ask,have you tainted this world yet?And how long has it taken you to do all of this?"

red storm
12-02-2006, 02:18 PM
Mythus shook her head. Truly, these people of the light were confusing. Shame? What shame? Is wearing something comfortable a shame? She was actually quite modest, for a daemon. Hell, she even covered her privates... somewhat. “I can gut a human and fry him with dark flames, and few would bat an eyelash, but when I wear something comfortable, you light people go berserk. Don’t try to deny you are not enjoying the view.” She flexed her arm, pointing her keyblade towards the little hikari. “As for what I did and how long it took, that is of no concern to you, little Hikari. But let me tell you this: Once chaos has taken root, few manage to escape its corruption, and even fewer manage to eradicate it, for the roots of chaos grow long and deep.”

Mythus tilted her head, and her eyes hardened into a glare “But even that is of little concern to you, because you have manoeuvred yourself in my way. Get on the way of chaos, and you will fall, one way” she raised her keyblade above her head. “or another.” And lowered it in a slash, sending a bolt of purple-red chaos energy towards the little hikari.

Kyuubi Naruto
12-02-2006, 02:30 PM
As the bolt of chaos came down at him,he raised his keyblade and drew a circle of energy above him,forming a barrier above him,knocking the chaos into a nearby building,causing a large explosion."Enjoying the view,eh?Ya know what,I'd rather keep to myself on that opinion.And if you want to fight me,then fine.At least It'll be a fight where my opponent doesnt run away in the first 2 minutes."He looked blankly at her."I dont fight women on a regular,but your probably stronger than some of the men I've fought,so I'm sure my mother will let it slide......"What he had just said has sparked memory in his mind of what the Koi had done to him."Let's start then,shall we?"

Seikyu Kiba
12-02-2006, 02:35 PM
Trcye waited for the girl to answer his question of who she was "I told you my name, now tell me yours." He said sensing a presence of a Koi in another world "There's another keyblade holder in a world...it seems the Koi has gotten into a fight with a Hikari...Lets see what Chronos has to say." He said holding out Chronos and the protal appearing. It showed a girl and that Hikari from Agrabah. He watched has the girl shot the purple lightning at him and he smirked "Now some blood shed." He said. The portal dissappeared as he frowned "So..thats all it can reveal for me?"

Crimson Eyes
12-02-2006, 03:01 PM
Shinsei was now before the drawbridge into Hyrule Castle. The drawbridge looked very old and splintered. Like time took it's once smooth surface. Shinsei looked into the entrance. He heard no crowds or anything and the inside looked ominous and bleak. Shinsei was about to step inside when heartless suddenly appeared around him. "Again?"

The heartless danced around him menacingly. Shinsei had his whip out, ready to strike anyone of the heartless who dared to charge him first. Suddenly the circle of heartless jumped at Shinsei all at the same time. "What do you things want with me?" Shinsei took his whip and started to spin with it. The spinning attack took out the circle of heartless. Shinsei stopped spinning and cracked the whip in victory. "Now, I better get in this place before more of those black creatures come back." Shinsei walked onto the drawbridge. Another heartless than appeared behind him and silently followed him.

Shinsei entered into Hyrule village and looked around. He couldn't believe it. The castle looked so grand on the outside, but inside everything was destroyed. Houses were burned and broken. Walls and stairs were crumbled. "What happened?" Shinsei than heard a loud shriek and turned around. The heartless that followed him had jumped right at him. "GAH!" It had almost struck but then it disappeared. Shinsei looked around. "Huh?"
"You should be more careful. This place is crawling with heartless." Shinsei looked at his savior. The person had blond hair and blue eyes. They also wore a gray and blue outfit. Their face was partially covered. "Heartless?"
The mysterious warrior walked by Shinsei. "Yes. The black creature. It is a heartless." Shinsei looked confused. "Okay, so who are you?"

The person turned and looked at Shinsei. "Just call me Sheik." "Well, Sheik, can you tell me how I got here? I woke up and I was in this land." Sheik squinted at him. "You woke up here? Than you must be one of the chosen ones." Shinsei raised his eyebrows. "Chosen ones?" Sheik walked away. "Follow me." Shinsei looked around. "What have I got to lose?" Shinsei followed after Sheik."

Emo is the name
12-02-2006, 03:19 PM
Axel was running when a flash appeared and he was teleported into another area with the man in the cloak staring at him. "What do you want now?" Axel said.

The man looked at Axel before saying, "You have the power of a keyblade. Very rare of a nobody but nontheless you are needed by the great Koi." The man said.

"What use am I to Koi?" Axel asked. "I have no speical power so what am I to you?" Axel asked the man.

"You can destroy the locks and thus destorying the many worlds with the nusinces of the world. Thats all you need to do. And, if you meet any of the keyblade weilders that are not Koi, kill them." The man said darkly. A dark portal appeared and he said, "Go."

Axel hesitated for a second. He looked at the man and thought if he should trust him. After a few minutes he ran into the portal into another world.

Axel walked out of the portal into a city. It seemed more advance then many places he has been. Suddenly there was a exsplosion and mass chaos. He then saw a huge mechanincal robot land only a few hundered yards away. Axel looked around to see many more of them flying around and fireing at innocent people and destoying the city. Sighing, he headed out trying to find the lock.

WORLD FOUND: Gundam Seed

Janus Silverlock
12-02-2006, 04:47 PM
OOC: Heheheh ^^;; whoops. sorry Oathkeeper. Didn't notice you land on me. Uh... yeah.

Janus heard something strange above him as a portal opened from the rift. This was a unique phenemonon, and Janus had never seen it before. Raziel paid it no mind, and kept on walking.

You would be wise to follow, Janus... there are more dangers in Nosgoth than Heartless.

Janus was curious, though, and tried to get a closer look at the portal, when out of it comes a young boy. Janus was knocked backwards by the weight of the child landing on him, but then the boy got up and dusted himself off before lending Janus a hand back onto his feet.

Im so sorry i just fell through that portal at sea.=
Have you seen a black portal?

The boy said. Janus was puzzled, had this child been drawn into this war as well? He couldn't tell yet if the boy was a keybearer or not, but he extended a hand in greeting.

Uh... a black portal? No... I don't believe so. Perhaps you got lost? This is not a world for a child...

Janus glanced in the direction of Raziel, and to his relief the former vampire stood just within sight, not going any further into the mist without Janus. "Good" Janus thought. "I need him."

If you wish I can open a door back to the rift for you... but I would not recommend you stay here. This place is very dangerous.

Janus looked down at the boy with his best "I'm the adult, listen to me" look, and waited for the boy to respond.

12-02-2006, 05:04 PM
Through the theater Jonwolf strode, dodging the fallen bodies and blood stains with ease. No matter how fast Jonwolf seem to go, the man with the guns just seemed to be faster. He knew that once he even got close to this man, he would have to act quick, or risk a face full of buckshot.

Out of the theater, down the road, into the sewers, into a lake, into another city Jonwolf followed the man. How in the name of Altursa does he manage to keep pace? Jonwolf thought rather agitated that he was only able to corrupt 2 or 3 rather strange looking people along the way. Those heartless could not keep up, and sulked away to find other hearts to corrupt.

Jonwolf couldn't seem to identify the goal of the man. He blew away everything he came in contact with. This held a nugget of good luck for Jonwolf, however, for he was able to follow the nameless trigger happy man by the trail of bodies he left.

Jonwolf came out of the high rise that he had been following the man through for at least a good 15 minutes, to not see bodies littered in the streets.

He cursed aloud, wondering where the man and his shotgun had dissapeared to. Suddenly he heard a noise from above. Looking up, he saw the man in the distance, flying throught the air with a jetpack on. Jonwolf just stood there, mouth a gap, looking at the man who he had chased for such a long time, escape by using a jetpack.

"Where In all of Dunmar did he get a bloody Altursa forsaken jetpack!?" he cursed a loud. After another few seconds of watching him fly through the air, Jonwolf decided that continuing on foot would be fruitless.

He sliced open the air and walked in momentarily to try and find a new position for Jonwolf to continue his hunt for hearts. After choosing a new location, he steped in and viewed his new surroundings.

He was in the parking lot of a huge football stadium. All around him were the assorted creatures he hd seen dead and bloody earlier. After a rather quick scuffle with 3 of the pigs and a skinny alien thing, their were enough heartless to corrupt the surrounding enemies.

Jonwolf could hear gunshots and a loud roar followed by an even louder gunshots, this time it sounded automatic. Quickly heading towords the stadium, Jonwolf wondered how in the world the man got there so fast.

Once Jonwolf entered the stadium he could see the 2 battling near the 50 yard line. There was the man, bulky with yellow hair in a spiked flat top, wearing a red tanktop, pants, dark glasses, and a kevlar vest filled with grenades, guns, and other various weapons.

In front of him was a creature much much larger. His head seemed elongated and at the end was a single large eye. His arms were giant turret-like weapons that seemed to hold infinate ammo. The two dodged and took each others bullets, with no victor of the match in sight.

Jonwolf could not miss an opportunity like this. With great haste he rushed onto the feild from the backside of the creature. Leaping into the air Jonwolf stuck the talon into the back of the creature, making it roar in pain as the Raven claw pulsed. What remained was an even more horrible creature than what stood before.

It stood at the same height as before, except now it's entire form was black. The guns looked like purple crome and shot forth deep purple bullets. The eye turned blood red and left a trail like Jonwolf's Raven Claw when he neared the Hikari. Adorned on his chest, in crome red was the heartless symbol.

The man stoped and looked for a moment puzzled for a second before calling out a one liner "You put on a pretty dress for me?" he said in a very gruff voice before returning to his aunslaught of attacks with his cornicopia of guns.

The man finaly relized that his bullets simply whizzed through the reformed beast. It raised it's gun and fired it, striking him multiple times. The purploe bullets stuck to the man like napalm and spread over his body. "Duke Nukem doesn't go out like a " he shouted out, his one liner being cut off by the darkness that now covered his entire body. His heart gave into darkness and his body began to reform.

Now there stood Dukem Nukem, 10 feet tall, all black with deep red crome for the guns and weapons on his vest. His eyes wer still not visible behind his black shades. His right arm was now a tripple barreled shotgun that was as big if not bigger than his whole body colored in deep purple and red crome.

Duke looked down at the gun and gave a smile before raising it and pointing it square at the monsters head. "Say cheese you son of a" he said before the gun fired, sending hundreds red chrome scattershot bullets directly at the monster. Jonwolf dove to the side in cover to avoid the wide scatter shot. The blast was so powerfull it tore not only the monster to peices which faded into smoke, but completly blew out the back of the stadium, sending bits of debris everywhere.

From the whisping peices of the monster that Duke's heartless had killed, a bright light shone out and rose. It formed the shape of a keyhole. Just like before, Jonwolf raised his keyblade and it responded. It seemed to glow in the twilight of the near night sky. The claws shot forth a red beam which struck the keyhole and made it crack and quiver. The bulk of the talon shot the main beam and made the seal break. It turned black and fell to peices like a broken mirror and whisped away into nothing.

The sun dimmed and slowly turned black, and the heartless seem to pour from every opening. Jonwolf looked at Duke who looked at him with his still raised shotgun. He gave a nod to the shotgunned armed heartless, trying to signal that he had some respect. Duke gave a nod back and fired a shotgun blast into the air with a whoop. Jonwolf decided that it was probably a good idea for him to leave and entered the riff, just as the light of the world was replaced with pure darkness. The only light that showed was the red and purple crome from the shotgun and the deep red bullets that sprang forth from it.


((OOC-What is the difference between tainting locks, and destroying them? They seem like the same thing. It lets the heartless in doesnt it?))

12-02-2006, 05:20 PM
OOC: All red print belongs to Iona the selkie

As she dreamed, she had a nightmare. An old selkie friend of hers appeared.


Do not greet me, Suni, for I bear terribe news. You will soon be ingaged in a deadly fight. You will have to fight them.

Fight who?

I can't tell you that.

Can you atleast tell me why?

There will be a war tomorrow at dawn, but not what anyone expects.

Then Iona began to fade into the distance.

Iona! Iona, why cant you tell me? What great battle? Iona!!

But then she was gone. Suni found herself laying in bed, soaked by a cold sweat. "Fuymi, I need to go shower. Stay here," she said. The cats only reply was a lazy yawn. When she left the room, all she could think about was what Iona had said to her in her dream. When she found Eureka, she asked her where the showers were. When she finally got in the shower, the dream had gotten fuzy, almost as if someone was tring to erase it from her memory. But she wouldnt let it go. When she was done, she got dressed again and went back to the room. Maybe now that she was feeling a little better, she could play the guitar. She reached into her guitar case and pulled out the guitar and a pick. She strummed a few notes to warm up and then began to play a song. It was an old luliby she had learned when she had befreinded Iona. She played it 3 times through without stop until she could fall asleep again. When she went to sleep this time, she didnt dream, but slept in darkness, waiting for whatever evil she had to face.

OOC:^Iona is a girl who lived with the pick-pocketers. She only reveiled her secret to Suni. Iona was in her dream because selkies are known for their indivadual abilitys. Iona's ability is dream invasion and prophesies.

Frost Alchemist
12-02-2006, 05:37 PM
OOC: Heheheh ^^;; whoops. sorry Oathkeeper. Didn't notice you land on me. Uh... yeah.

Janus heard something strange above him as a portal opened from the rift. This was a unique phenemonon, and Janus had never seen it before. Raziel paid it no mind, and kept on walking.

You would be wise to follow, Janus... there are more dangers in Nosgoth than Heartless.

Janus was curious, though, and tried to get a closer look at the portal, when out of it comes a young boy. Janus was knocked backwards by the weight of the child landing on him, but then the boy got up and dusted himself off before lending Janus a hand back onto his feet.

Im so sorry i just fell through that portal at sea.=
Have you seen a black portal?

The boy said. Janus was puzzled, had this child been drawn into this war as well? He couldn't tell yet if the boy was a keybearer or not, but he extended a hand in greeting.

Uh... a black portal? No... I don't believe so. Perhaps you got lost? This is not a world for a child...

Janus glanced in the direction of Raziel, and to his relief the former vampire stood just within sight, not going any further into the mist without Janus. "Good" Janus thought. "I need him."

If you wish I can open a door back to the rift for you... but I would not recommend you stay here. This place is very dangerous.

Janus looked down at the boy with his best "I'm the adult, listen to me" look, and waited for the boy to respond.*Soku watches Janus as nobodies more than before appear around them and the oathkeeper keyblade appears in his hand*

Huh the weapon and these things again. This isnt good, can you help me with these things?*turns to Janus*

12-02-2006, 05:49 PM
he walked aimlessly through the forest and stopped

that smells like blood...

he walked to an opening seeing a two black haired men one dressed in green and the other in white robes a girl with blue hair who looked similar to the man in the robe and a pink haired woman he stopped to watch

Robed Man: Whoever did this must be sick in the head
Green Man: You think ANBU could know who did it
Pink Girl: Hmm...slaughtered
Other Girl: W-who could of done this?

Neoshadows appeared surrounding them

Robed man and other girl: BYAKUGAN!
Green man: Gai-sensei Ill make you proud
Pink Girl: Hmm...

Shade spun into view slashing the heartless into mist and destroying more with his knuckles more appear and the others started fighting as well

Pink Girl: Who are you?

Shade: Does it really matter?

"large body"s appeared

he smashed his knuckles into one spun in the air and hit the other both crushed with a gravational force he quickly spun his scythe breaking them into miss

Green Man: Where out numbered!

Shade rolled his eyes

you think?

Pink Girl: We have to get back to Konha!

Shade shruged and continues to slash the heartless off

you can go...Ill hold them off

All: Hmm...!?!

he slashed others

You heared me

the vanished back at a fast speed


he flipped and sky bombed many heartless crushing them then flipped backwards slamming his spinning scythe into the knuckles then throwing it a gravatational force crushed the heartless he landed and grabbed the scythe

no more?

he shrugged throwing the scythe over his shoulder and began walking again

Janus Silverlock
12-02-2006, 05:54 PM
Janus saw the boy did indeed have a keyblade. "So, he is one of the chosen..." Janus thought to himself. Raziel was waiting for Janus at the edge of the mist, and Janus and the boy found themselves surrounded in Nobodies. Beings that Janus hadn't fought since the battle before he left Radiant Garden. Chaos appeared in his hand, and the nobody near him was struck and vanished into the Rift. He attacked the nobodies nearest to him, and watched the boy carefully out of the corner of his eye.

Be careful, boy... these enemies are tough, if you don't know how to fight them.

Janus fought hard against the nobodies, Chaos piercing into each, one by one. Soon, Janus found his side of the battle was over, and so he turned to see how the boy was faring against his share of the nobodies.

Meanwhile, at the edge of the mist, Raziel returned his wraith-blade to the material world, and took a few small steps closer to the battle that was waging around the boy and Janus, ready to step in if the need should ever arise.

Frost Alchemist
12-02-2006, 06:00 PM
*Soku jumps and fires Ragnorok from the keyblade destroying the nobodies on his side falls down and has a face like he was freaked out*

Wow this is the weirdest day of my life.

*Soku turns to Janus*

Okay thanks for your help, now to find a way back to Destiny Islands.

*turns to leave and falls right into the portal and hears a voice*

Soku you are learning well i will bring you back to the islands.

*falls back to the islands on the ground*


*sees Takiko running and follows*

12-02-2006, 06:32 PM
he walked into an opening and saw a large door that looked like a fortress door


whistled the black haired robed man dropped with masked men he pointed at Shade

Robed Man: He is the one!

Shade turned his attention to them


Masked Man: YOU! Come with us at once to dont fight back it only make it harder on you!

he sighed

Masked Man: Drop your weapons!

he let go of his scythe that vanished back into the light along with his knuckles

Masked Man: Good Job finding him Neji

Robed Man: He had a strange chakra to him

Shade corroprated as the large doors open and he followed the Masked men into it followed by others

hmm...I see what Aura ment...

12-02-2006, 08:28 PM
Moments after entering the rift, Jonwolf could feel the world blink into darkness. Jonwolf would have been grinning but something troubled him. The dream he had, it seemed to just play back within his subconsious repeatedly. "You will die by his hands. . ." Seemed to echo the loudest throughout his mind.

With a sigh Jonwolf thought that maybe Malice could give him some comfort. Holding his talon straight out he said the words that echoed throughout the In-Between, "Malice be the illuminating darkness that guides me." upon the final sylable a beam of darkness shot forth from Jonwolfs talon. The beam went foreward about 15 yards then made contact with something unseen. The very fabric of reality cracked.

The swirling mist of grey and white shuddered upon the impact of the beam and fractured like glass out a good yard and a half around. Through the cracks one could see bits and peices of what lay beyond. Jonwolf gave a snap of his fingers and the soud vibrations was enough to make the fractured peices fully shatter and fall to the ground. Still, the peices of reality held somehow, and the swirling continued even if some peices were not in their intended place.

Walking quickly, Jonwolf entered this makeshift door into a realm of utter darkness. A few moments after Jonwolf entered this realm, the peices that laid on the floor twitched, then reasembled itself, sealing Jonwolf in and forming back so tight, one could not tell ithad been broken.

In this land of darkness, there seemed to be nothing. . . Except the door. The door to Kingdom Malice. Leaning against the door was the creature Jonwolf wanted to see. Jonwolf apprached to a distance of a couple of yards then knelt before him.

"I visit the door in hopes of cleansing my troubled mind." Jonwolf said looking down into the darkness. The man did not look above his cloak.

"What is it that ails you?" he said with a hint of boredom in his voice.

"Sleep, which was once a period of tranquil rest for my mind to sort itself out, is no more. Something has penetrated its calming darkness and tells me things. . . That I shall fail. . . and that I shall die at the hands of a poet."

"Dreams. . ." he scoffed, "They are red herrings just as much as they are oracles. Trust no deam. Trust the darkness and the silence it brings." He said still not looking up.

Jonwolf gave a nod, and stood. He bowed to the man and turned. Now in front of Jonwolf was another door, much smaller than the door to kingdom Malice. As he reached for the knob the door opened before he could touch it. On the other side was the In-Between, the exact spot that he entered. As he steped outside the door the man called to him again.

"Wolfy." it called. Jonwolf hated being called 'Wolfy', the children of his old village used to tease him for being named after the species he was by calling him 'Wolfy'. it's voice echoing though the door and through the In-Between. Jonwolf turned to look at him as the door began to slowly close itself. "Kill the poet. . . And your mind will settle." he said as the door fully shut.

Jonwolf nodded to himself as the door started to fade away like the smoke from a candle, that whisps away into nothing. Jonwolf began to walk. No longer was he aimlessly wandering through the In-Between with no true purpose. He had a mission, It's time to find Mr. Poet. he thought as a teeth-barring grin came over his face.

Natu Utan
12-02-2006, 08:39 PM
OOC: I won't be posting for awhile guys. Entered deep depression state.

12-02-2006, 10:37 PM
"Everyone! Look Out!"

Cross quickly jumped up into the air and slashed at this ginat heartless. This heartless quickly evaded his attack by flying into the air. The Heartless began to spit fireballs at the ground where the party was. All of them quickly evaded.

"Damnit, I can't reach the damned thing"
"Why don't we leave that one to Ryu"

Cross turned to Ryu, who had already transformed into one of his many dragon form. Ryu motioned cross to grab onto his foot as he took flight. Ryu started shooting Iceballs at the Heartless, but to no avail.

"Ryu, get as close as you can to it, I'll get rid of this thing"

Ryu brought Him as close as he could get him. Cross then let go of Ryu's foot and fell towards the Heartless. His arm began to glow green and with one powerful slash, he destroyed the heartless. Once the heartless was destroyed, the top of the tower began to glow. Cross felt that the keyhole was there and with a swing of his keyblade, he sealed the door.

Cross quickly said goodbye to his new friends and then left the world behind him. On his way back to Twilight Town, he sensed something familiar.


Cross imediatly stopped where he was.

"What was..."

He then felt a strong energy, followed by the opening of a bright Rift. Cross was sucked into the rift within moments. When he came to, he looked around at his surroundings.

"This is!"
"This my Friend, is Kingdom Hearts!"

Cross turned around to see a very surprising sight; It was the statue that was in his dream.

World Locked: Breath of Fire III
World Found: Kingdom Hearts

12-02-2006, 11:09 PM
OOC: Jonwolf, all the worlds in Star Ocean would would be condensed into one. But you could say that the universe in that is just all in one though.

Sanosuke and Arucard had kept a steady pace down the streets. People ran around in terror as vampire heartless attacked from the shadows.
"Be gone foul fiends of the dark wind!" Sano howeled as he summoned his Sforzando Keyblade to his open hand. "How about a Bolero of Waves?"

With that he aimed the double bladed key together and the blades spread apart wide, around the blades formed white rings of energy. He turned the hilt of the blade like a key and send the rings forward. They spread into shockwaves shooting across the ground. Several heartless burst into black mist, the rest were shooken up.

Arucard pulled out his two jackal pistols, they were both to large for any human to weild and both held quite a bit of ammunition. He laughed his dry creepy laugh as he fired the two massive guns with deadly accuracy.

The heartless would implode from the blessings on the bullets, and a majority of them didn't even make it close to him. His eyes were filled with pleasurable excitment, he would chuckle after every kill as if he was having the time of his life. "Hahaha! Lichen boy, I hope this never ends!"

Sanosuke turned and found a group of people huddled in an allyway, the heartless approaching ever so quickly. They screamed in terror, shaking at the deadly creatures. "Arucard! I'm going to attempt something, help me out!" he called to his vampire comrade pointing at the cowering people.

Arucard appeared behind him, they were back to back "Ever get teamed up with a vampire Lichen boy?" he joked

Sano smirked "With you Fangs, I don't have to worry about teamwork." he jested "Now you get left.."

"And you get right..." He smirked as well.

Sano and Arucard blazed down the ally and ran up the walls.

Arucard changed his arms into large dark cerberus heads each with a mouth filled with fangs. They had hundreds of eyes glaring as they smiled with their white fangs. "Alright Lichen boy, let's play with some demons!" he laughed as he lunged the heads at the heartless eating them viciously.

"Woah... I'll get the people..." he said as he jumped from the wall, smacking a heartless in mid air. He stood in front of the people holding his Crest key forward. A swirling green wind flowed around the blade, creating a mystical tune that echoed throughout the ally out into the street. "May the divine winds of the universal Soul give me the power to set these hearts free..." he shouted as he brought his Crest key to his side. pointing his Sforz Key forward.

"Waltz of the Wind!" he called as he spun around lashing bladed wind bombs from his Crest Key towards the remaining heartless. He swung high and low, his song being played by the mystical winds in which he sent to destroy the heartless. The green winds exploded into lime green lights, sending the hearts to Kingdom Hearts.

The wind started to blow as Arucard's cerberus arms formed back into his normal arms. "Well Lichen Boy, you really are something huh?"

After the people ran off Sanosuke tipped his hat "Well I try." With that they went off down the street, the tails of their trench coats flapping in the wind.

12-02-2006, 11:38 PM
he was lead to a dark area which he didnt know of because he was blindfolded they puts him in a chair and unblindfolded him

Masked man: Who are you?

Funny I was about to ask the same thing...

Neji: Who are you Shadow killer?

hmm...Shade Alpha...

Masked man: What do you want from us

You wouldnt believe me even if I said it

Neji: What were those things that attacked us


Masked man: controlled by Orochimaru?

Who knows...all I know is that they steal hearts

Neji: Which explains the missing ninjas at night

Masked man: But how do we stop them?

Neji: Use him...

Woman: Perposterous!

Masked Man: Hokage-sama Tsunade

Tsunade: We cant have a stranger running around the village killing these things

Neji: Hmm...?

Like I said before no-one would believe me...

Masked man: What do we perpose we do then Hokage-sama?

Tsunade: I dont know

Neji: Maybe me Rock Lee and Hinata can watch him?

Tsunade: Very well take this "Shade" and put him under strict super vision

Neji: Yes Tsunade-sama...hey you


Neji: Come with me...

he got up and walked after him

Masked Man: hmm...?

Tsunade: Watch them

Masked Man: Yes...Hokage-sama

Emo is the name
12-03-2006, 02:55 AM
A robot crashed to ground infront of Axel. He covered his eyes from the dust. When the dust settled the robot was in pieces. Looking around he found a name on one of the pieces. GUNDAM was written on it. Looking around he saw many of these gundams fighting eachother. 'Must be a war.' Axel thought. He saw that one side had many soilders but were sloppy at handling the gundam. The other side had few but were very skilled at the gundam. The skilled one easily over powered the others and half of the gundams on one side were gone. Suddenly another on shot and began to attack the seemingly invaders. This one looked like the other gundams and was fighter as good as them. Soon the gundam caused the others to retreat. When the gundam landed he found the pilot was only a boy. 'Wow he must be good. But no time for that I must find the lock.' Axel thought looking around the place. Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder and found that the pilot next to him.

"You survived! Good, comeone you will be safe with me. Those gundams could come back at any moment." The boy said.

"Yea sorry I'm staying here I have buisness here." Axel replied.

"What! This place is in ruins what buisness do you have here?" The boy asked.

"Non of your buisness thats what." Axel snapped.

"No, you'll get yourself killed and I wont let it happen."

"Kid I'll die when I die I dont care when when its my time it'll be my time." Axel responded.

"NO! Your still young I can save your life."

Axel sighed and said, "Whats your name?" "Kira Yamato." "Ok then Kira I'll go with you until I'm finished with my buisness." Axel said.

"What I thought your buisness was here." Kira replied.

"I dont know where it is I just know what it looks like and what to do. It will open up when it ready to." 'This place will soon exsplode so I highly doubt it will be here.' Axel thought.

"Great follow me." Kira said running off.

red storm
12-03-2006, 06:18 AM
((OOC-What is the difference between tainting locks, and destroying them? They seem like the same thing. It lets the heartless in doesnt it?))

OOC: While I’m not sure what the GM’s intended with this difference, the way I interpreted it was that if a lock is destroyed, nobody could use it. Whereas if its tainted, only the Koi can use it. Mythus will always taint a lock by default, as it allows the armies of chaos (not to be confused with heartless) to march into a world. Then again, she uses the energies of chaos itself to taint locks.

Barely had Tsunade finished talking to the strange person when a huge explosion demolished a nearby building. “What? Who-” she glanced upwards to see two figures battling with the same weapons as the person in front of her. Almost in a reflex, ninja leaped upwards and started raining projectiles on the two. Tsunade turned to Shade. “Friends of yours?”

Meanwhile, back in the sky, Mythus and the Hikari were locked in combat. Strike after strike was parried by the other. The final strike pitted the two inches away from each other, but a hail of projectiles separated them. Mythus glanced downwards to see a small army of ninja attacking them “Troublesome.” She muttered. “All these humans are delaying the plan. If only I could summon forth a bloodthirster, or even a few of my legions then I’d have no trouble, but the barriers that shield this world cannot fall until the lock is tainted by chaos. I refuse to summon those weak heartless. If only-”

Mythus could not finish the sentence as a wave of chaos made its way to her nerves. A grin made its way to her face. “Hmm, apparently the leader of the Akatsuki is more useful then I thought. He spread the word of chaos to his followers, now if my calculations are correct…” She glanced skywards as the sky turned red. Perfect, the combined forces of those nine powerfull new members of chaos disturbed the balance, if only for a moment. Though the rip is not enough to summon anything of the size of a bloodthirster, I must seize this chance.”

“Hikari, earlier you asked me if I was responsible for what happened here. I was not. But I assure you, I will be responsible for the massacre you are about to see.” She raised her keyblade in the air, a chaos barrier forming around her, and chanted.

“Come forth, servants of the blood god, soldiers of the world eaters. Let your axes ring, and blasters flare. Let the blood of the enemy flow from their veins. Come forth, KHORNE BERSERKERS!”

Flares of chaos energy sparked all around the village, and slowly grew to raging inferno’s. Stepping forth from those infernos were groups of eight soldiers, dark-red armoured, their faces covered with large helmets and big axes in their hands. They roared to the sky as they appeared.

“Welcome, men, to a new battlefield! Attack all that is not chaos! Let the word of chaos sound through this world! Blood for the bloodgod!”

Roaring in approval, the hundreds of khorne berzerkes flowed from the very space of chaos itself. They immediately began attacking the stunned Konoha, who retaliated by throwing their projectiles. The projectiles hit home, only to stop halfway through the heavy armour. The ninja, stunned and completely inexperienced in fighting well armoured opponents, tried to retaliate with ninjutsu, but many of the berserkers had managed to get in range by then. In the roaring flame of the houses that caught fire, the sounds of battle rose.

The battle for Konoha was on.

Letting the chaos field fall, Mythus turned back to the little Hikari. “Well then, now that that interruption is out of the way, let us continue, shall we?” And with that, she raised her keyblade once more, and dashed towards the Hikari, bringing her keyblade down on a decapacitating strike.

~Group corrupted: Akatsuki~

Kyuubi Naruto
12-03-2006, 08:12 AM
"Crap!"Lance yelled,seeing the people inside of the village wimpering as they were being overtaken by the beasts.He then saw that Mythus was coming at him and as she did,he held up LeoCross,stopping her attack.As their keyblades were clenched togther,he felt energy from another key bearer."I'm not alone then,I can tell by that energy,it's a Shiro."He then knocked Mythus across the face by flipping back with his hands still on the keyblade,and as the Dragon-like chain around his neck began to glow,he unleashed an immense wave of explosive energy from him,blowing Mythus farther away from him."I dont have time for this,I've got to save the people who are still alright by locking the keyhole!But there's no way that this woman'll just lie over and let me go......"He said with clenched teeth.As Mythus was across the sky from him,he found his chance.He turned downward to see Shade beginning to walk away."You!Down there!"HE said,pointing a beam of light out of his keyblade that hit Shade,but not hurting him."You!Are you a Key Bearer!?"He yelled,still keeping his guard from Mythus,knowing she'd attack an an unexpected time."There's so many things I have to do....defeat this woman,save the village,and lock this world.I must do it...this is my job."He thought,looking back at Mythus,but keeping his ears open for a reply from Shade.

12-03-2006, 08:52 AM
Cross looked around at this scene. It was a magnificant place.The Architecture was a unique mix of white,gold,and silver. There were several fountains around the outer edge of the center. In the center, a statue of the Hikari's symbol, The Full Heart.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?"
"It is" He said turning to the statue
"Young Hikari, is there something that is troubling you? You seem to have lost your resolve"
"I know we're supposed to be fighting to protect the worlds from the Heartless, but I've done it so many times now, it's starting to almost seem pointless. Wherever we Hikari go, there is a world tainted by the Koi"
"If you didn't save these worlds though, what do you think would happen to them?"
"I know what would happen to them" Cross said silently.
"You miss Anna, don't you..."
"Every moment of my life I do..." Cross said looking down

The statue went silent for a moment, but then spoke again

"Meet your fellow Hikari Cross, Help them when they are in need or in trouble"
"Meet the other Hikari..." Cross thought to himself.
"Have you been using the Keyblade I gave you Cross?"

Cross quickly turned back to the statue

"So that wasn't a dream then?"
"Learn to use it Cross. One day it will help you greatly. Now Please go to this world right now" He said opening a rift to another world.When looking in he saw a two Keybearers fighting.
"I want you to meet him first, this one here will stop at nothing to defeat the Koi"

Cross nodded and he jumped into the rift.