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11-03-2006, 10:29 PM
This is a short 'myth' I wrote for a project in World History. It received a 97.

Many wise humans ask where their dreams come from. Some say it’s a days worth of experiences replaying in our minds. Others say that it’s our fantasies becoming true. Some heretics go so far as to claim our minds enter another dimension.

Thousands of years ago, when primitive humans began to congregate in Egypt, Mesopotamia, and other hearths of civilization, an epic war raged among the different planes of existence. Many mouthed Thazotah, lord of 1,00 planes of existence, prepared to conquer Dreear, the most populous plane.

With the crisis looming, Sheth’kar, Lord of Dreear, called a council among the races. The Sorth who lived on Dreear’s twin moons came, as well as the Dreear Humans, the bird-rodent Zoow, Ul’chaltah, cephalopod-apes who lived under the Great Sea, and even the mysterious Grelophi who lived at the bases of the mountains of the gods showed up in their all-covering cloaks, to name a few. And Reeartha, Lord Sheth’kar’s advisor, was there first, of course.

The Sorth demanded that they meet Thazotah on the Infinite Stairways between Planes, and they gained support from the Zoow and the Ul’chaltah. Some other represenitives pleaded to ally with other planes, a suggestion that caught Reeartha’s ears. Eventually they plagued Sheth’kar for a descision, and he said, “Let those who wish for a battle go and find their battle.” Some races took this as their orders, and left.

The twin moon spilled their contents, and creatures from the forest and sea piled into the Infinite Stairway. An epic battle ensued, and they were slaughtered, and Thazotah continued his march. At this time Sheth’kar began conversing with the lord of the Earthen plane, Hregh’nar’pen. Now, as Hregh’nar’pen was adamant on the fact that no sentient race from his plane would travel to die, Reeartha suggested another possibility: If Hregh’nar’pen would merely let the minds of sentient races be transferred while they slept into a shell in Dreear, and their minds returned when they awoke or died, all would be well.

Both Lords agreed, and the increase of numbers that came from Earthen Humans and the power of their minds proved enough that the resulting battles were in the favor of Dreear. However, the magic of the enchantment on Earthen Human’s minds could not be undone, and so they must travel to Dreear every slumber.

Earthen humans couldn’t remember everything that occurred while they slept, and so modified the most memorable word from their journeys. Thus, Dreear became the human word dream.