View Full Version : Original Fiction: Me name is Jolly Roger Ch. 1

10-29-2006, 07:25 PM
“Sir! Ye can’t make thisgirl a midshipman! She hasn’t had the training or her family hasn’t even paid a fee to make her one!” said James Brown. I found out that he is the First Mate. Captain John Hills smiled “Would you like her to be a ship boy and sleep with all of them down there? Or would you rather have her in a cabin we can lock up at night for her safety?” Mr. Brown turns red and shook his head “N...No Sir!” Mr. Brown looked over to me. “You girl what is ye name” he said. I had waited for this moment. I have never known my name. I bowed me head and said “I....I don’t have a name” All the men on deck looked at me “Ye don’t have a name?” asked Captain Hills “Then we will have to just give ye a name. We shall call thee....Jolly....Jolly Roger.” said the Captain. I nodded me head “Thank you, Sir” me said. Mr. Brown cleared his throat to get me attention. “Miss Roger this way. We need to get ye a outfit” he said looking me up and down letting his eyes linger in some spots longer then others. I felt uncomfortable under his gaze.

He lead me to go get fitted. I got 3 pants, 3 undershirts, 3 midshipman jackets, and 3 nightshirts. I have never gotten so many clothes in me life before. I thanked Mr. Brown over and over again until he told me to shut me trap or me butt would get the nine tails. I didn’t know what the nine tails was but I shut me trap. He led me back to the midshipman’s berth. He showed me cabin to me and left for me to put me clothes up.

I had dressed in my pants, me undershirt, and me jacket. I was picking off a piece of lint coming out of me room. I looked up and saw 4 pairs or eyes looking at me. I stumbled back a little shocked. A young man stood up “Get up! A lady has entered the room you pigs!” said the man. I bowed still shocked. The young man stuck out his hand. “What is that for?” me asked not sure what me should do with it. He laughed as did the other boys “You shake it” he said. “Why do you shake a hand?” me asked again. He seemed to think on that question and pulled his hand back “I don’t know really” he said after a while. “I am Jolly Roger. What are all ye names” me asked. The other boys stood up and bowed as did the young man. “I am Robin Hedge and this is Thomas O’Malley” the boy name Thomas nodded his head. His hair was red, not orange, but red. He had the same uniform as me had on “And this here is...” the boy stood up and bowed lower then needed “I am Patrick O’Reilly” said the boy cutting off the Robin. He also had red hair. The two red headed boys seemed to be twins. Patrick had the same uniform as me on but the jacket wasn’t buttoned up. Robin pushed Patrick back down into his seat and glared at him. They seem to be fighting over me attention. I have never had this happen to me before. I thought. “And this is Jacob Abbett” the boy blushes at his name and looked down at his hands in his lap. He had dark hair and looked about 7-8ish. He also wore the same uniform. I looked back at Robin. He had blond hair and about 14-15.He didn’t have his jacket on and his white undershirt showed. A bell was wrung “It’s dinner time” said Robin.

Everyone sat down but me. I didn’t know what to do. Robin stood up and pulled out a chair next to him and he was all red “I...I’m sorry...I should h...have pulled out your c...chair before I sat down” he said very embarrassed over such a little thing. I took me seat and he sat down all red. Some other kid came in. He had plates with meat, bread, and what I think is rum. I looked at the boy. He wasn’t dressed like us. He had brown hair and pants that were brown and a gray shirt that looked like it use to be white. He sat the plates down in front of us and set the drinks down hard in front of the Robin, Patrick, Jacob, and Thomas but set me cup down softly in front if me. I noticed how me has been treated. It’s like I am feared. I took a sip from me cup. It was indeed rum and I coughed it up. They all looked me. I coughed again and someone me think it was Robin patted me back. Something else was put down in front of me. I took a swing of it and it was water. I stopped coughing. I straighten up like me seen other ladies do. I looked into all the eyes starin’ at me. I bowed me head down looking at me hands in me lap. I could feel the blood rushing to me face. I picked up a piece of meat knowing that all eyes were on me and I ate it. I didn’t know what me was eating but I knew it was good. I tried me best not to stuff me face and act unlady like. I heard movement and me eyes looked up. They were using a piece of metal. I saw one next to me plate. I picked it up and looked at the others to see how to use it. I copied them and soon me meal was in me stomach and I was starting to feel sleepy. As if Captain Hills read me thought he came into the midshipman’s berth. Captain Hills bows to me and I bow back trying to be polite after all he did take me in. “Miss Roger it is time for you to go to ye cabin. Ye have no watch shift so you should plenty of sleep. In the mornin’ I shall come back and unlock ye cabin” said the captain. I walked into me cabin fall and dozy. The captain locks me door and I start to get undressed and dressed in me nightshirt. I pull back me sheets and get in me bed and pull me cover over me head. I fell asleep shortly after.