View Full Version : Original Fiction: Me name is Jolly Roger

10-27-2006, 09:43 PM
me is Jolly, yes like Jolly Roger. It wasn’t me original name actually I don’t know me original name. Me sea dad gave me that name. I was born in the streets. Me Mum and Me Da died shortly after me turned 5. I never knew them much. I was thrown out into the street. I was a beggar until the age of 12 and here is how my story goes...

I came a runnin’ down the street and turn the corner quickly. I had just stolen from a man and he caught me doin’ it too. He now come runnin’ after me. Me turned the corner and ran behind a man “Please, Da help me!!” me said and he nods. The man comes around the corner and comes to attention. “Captain, Sir! Have ye seen a little snot nose brat come runnin’ around this here corner!” yelled the man. Me looked up at the man and he was indeed in a captain’s uniform. His big hand pushed me out from behind him and the man looked at me and grabbed me arm hard. Me bit him and he let go a howlin’. “You little sun of a...” he howled sucking on his finger. Me backed away from him but the captain grabbed me arm...I didn’t dare bite him. “Say ye sorry, Miss” said the captain kindly. Me bowed to him but not to the other man. “I am sorry” me said but me clung on to the me money. When ye was in London as lowly beggar whatever money ye got ye kept or shared with ye mates. The man spit at me feet. The captain backhanded him “Say ye sorry, James!” The man named James sways on his feet but then stands and bows towards me. Me has never had a man bow to me. The captain looks at me “Since ye don’t seem like ye will give James back his money ye will just have to pay it off” Me grimaced. Work usually meant that ye would be a slave or have all the work others do not want. “Ye will just have to join me crew” says the captain. Me takes a step back. “But Da me am a girl. Me can’t possible become part of ye crew.” me says. Girls ain’t respected much in London. The captain nods “Yes ye can. I am Captain and I can do what I want!” he said proudly. “But...but Sir a girl?! Girls are weak and are meant for housework and such!” said James. The Captain turned on his heel making up his mind. “Come along, Miss. We be leave in the mornin’ at high tide” he said. Me followed along not sure if me should run or me should trust these people. Me decided to trust ‘em after all. We were off in the mornin’ not to see land for months.

I really hpe you like it! I know there is mispelled words. It is meant to be like that. She had ground up on the street and wasn't taught porper English. Please tell me if I should go on with my story of not.