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10-17-2006, 08:25 PM
Sailor Moon was standing amongst her fallen comrades. Regretting the words she had said earlier that day about disbanding the scouts, she stared out beyond the circle of fallen senshi. Holding her hand to her chest, she closed her eyes and sighed. Almost willing the youma to attack her and take her out, as easily as it did her friends.

“Do not give up all your hope, Princess Serenity.”

She opened her eyes, surprised at the soft female voice that spoke out to her. She turned to look for the source, but she was alone. She glared at the youma, and her feeling of defeat quickly vanished. She felt a tightening in her chest, somewhat similar to an anxiety attack. All sadness the Princess had felt, was quickly depleting, and a feeling that was overwhelming took over. She closed her eyes as the rage completely consumed her body, the white in her fuku started to shine, the blue in her skirt started to fade and shimmer like the summer sky, both in color and glow. When she opened her eyes, her eyes glowed like blue fire. She raised her hands to her chest, and softly started chanting.

“Cower from my strength” She said, lowering her arm and extending them outwards. “Gain from my weakness.” Slowly speaking louder and louder. “Rise from my ashes!” She eventually screamed, falling to the floor in a kneeling position. A red earthy glow surrounded her, and in a spiraling blue flame upwards, a phoenix flew out of the ground. Slowly circling around her, and eventually branching out and enveloping the fallen soldiers in a shroud of blue mist.

The senshi slowly got up, dazed and wide eyed. Were they still in a battle? Collectively they rushed to the battle front, finally defeating the youma with practiced ease. But then… Why wasn’t it so easy before?

“That was weird…” Mars said, looking around for Sailor Moon. “Oh my gosh!” She shouted, running to Sailor Moon’s aide. “What the hell happened?!” She screamed, holding her lifeless body. Ami immediately started analyzing Sailor Moon, looking for vital signs.

“She’ll be alright.” Sailor Pluto said, stepping out of a black hole a few feet away, and walking to the senshi.

“Pluto? What happened?” Jupiter asked, kneeling beside Mars near Sailor Moon’s body.

“Yeah, last I checked, half of us were knocked out, and she was cowering behind us.” Venus added, and then Mars spoke up.

“When I was on the verge of passing out, she was walking towards the monster. I tried to tell her to run, but I collapsed.” She admitted guiltily.

“It wasn’t your fault this happened Mars,” Pluto started. “This is something that comes with being a Princess. Wielding the power of the Imperial Silver Crystal has It’s advantages and it’s disadvantages.” She paused, kneeling beside Serenity, whom had by then faded to her more powerful form, Princess Serenity. She would need all the strength she had to recover. “You know she’s always been frail for a girl. With the extra strain of leading the senshi, she’s even weaker than she was in her past life. Which is why I’m sure after this, she will have someone else act as leader.” Pluto continued, brushing a strand of hair out of Serenity’s face. “Especially when her new powers start to kick in.”
“New powers?”

It was then the group was joined by Tuxedo Kamen. Whom had gotten there just as she fell. Cursing himself, he chose to watch from afar while the scouts defeated the last youma. He had been busy fending it off, and not noticing what Sailor Moon was doing. He then wondered if it were still the same klutzy girl Usagi, lying there unconscious.

“Well, new for her. But not new to her line.” Pluto answered, wondering where he had been. It was his duty to protect the Princess at all costs. She was his bride to be, even if he didn’t particularly know it yet.

“I remember seeing it before.” He started, looking down at Serenity, his eyes growing soft. ‘Bunny…’ He thought to himself fondly. The girl he had fallen in love with on the internet… If it was her.

“When?” Pluto asked, wondering if he could possibly remember.

“In one of my dreams. The ones I believe to be past memories.” Everyone was listening intently. Never did Tuxedo Kamen actually talk to them about himself. Or anything for that matter. “In the dream, everyone was dying during an epic battle and Queen Selenity was holding a very young Princess Serenity in her arms, and she did the same thing, said the same words, that Sailor Moon had said.” He finished, and looking back at Serenity, he noticed her eyes open, watching him. His eyes opened wide, and he rushed to her side, taking her hand in his, he asked her how she felt.

“I’m okay…” She says cautiously, as if seeing how it felt. “I just feel so very, very tired.” She yawned emphasizing the fact.

“Come on then, let’s get you home.” Mars said, as Jupiter helped her lift Serenity up.

“Wait now, Scouts. We can’t just take her home.” Pluto said, cautioning them.

“You’re right.” Tuxedo Kamen said, reaching for Serenity, and picking her up into his arms. “I’ll take care of her. Me and the Princess have some talking to do anyway.” And with that, he jumped onto a roof, and into the afternoon’s sunset.