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10-17-2006, 04:50 AM
Usagi was walking home from yet another meeting where Rei had yelled at her for being late. Kicking her shoes off in the entry way of her house, she trudged up the stairs. Dropping her book bag near her computer, she booted it up. She was getting really tired of all of this, there wasn’t even a reason for the scouts anymore. ‘Maybe I should just disband them. I AM the leader ANYWAY.’ She thought hotly to herself. ‘Without me there wouldn’t even BE a sailor team.’ She logged into the chat, and just sat there and seethed, watching everyone greet her and talk. She also noted how one person in particular was remaining uncharacteristically quiet.

She poked him in the chat, trying to get his attention. He smiled at her, and asked her how she was doing. She furiously typed up how it was always the same and how her friends always picked on her. She then asked him how he was doing.

“Ah, you know. Same old, same old. Still searching for my princess.” He said, making a winking face. Now that he suspected she really was Sailor Moon, he thought she might be the one he was looking for. Usagi just laughed. He was always hitting on her. She suspected that if he really knew her, he wouldn’t be hitting on her at all. When she was silent for too long, he asked her if she was still there.

“Yeah, I’ve just got a lot on my mind.” She replied, letting her thoughts trail off. She wondered if a guy like Tuxedo Kamen would be interested in her. She sighed dreamily, and looked back down at the chat window. MoonlitKnight had asked her a question. She blushed, her heart fluttering at the text. She never told anyone about her internet relationship because she knew they’d just make fun of her. She typed her response and waited for the same reply he always gave her. “It’s okay, no rush. Whenever you want, I will be waiting with pink roses, at wherever you wish.” She smiled, all the stress of the day just wasting away. He always had this effect on her. Made her feel like she was the only one in the world.
And sometimes, she really believed she was everything to him. Except for the times where he’d randomly disappear mid conversation. When she thought maybe he had a real life girlfriend, or wife… But she wasn’t going to think about that now, she was going to enjoy talking to her MoonlitKnight. Nothing else mattered to her.

Mamoru was sitting at his computer desk, smiling at his laptop. The girl really did drive him crazy sometimes. But if she was telling the truth about being Sailor Moon… Well that intimidated the hell out of him. He was kind of scared of meeting her in person, but he did so desperately want to feel her lips on his. Sometimes at night he’d lie awake, just dreaming of her. What she looked like, what she’d feel like. But now he knew what she looked like, kind of. He was dying to ask her if it were the truth.

‘Just do it Mamoru, you idiot.’ He chided himself. ‘C’mon you’ve been dating for 6 months… She trusts you.’ He took a deep breath and typed out the question. Staring at it, his finger hovering over the send button. Taking a deep breath, worried about the consequences he hits the enter button. No more than as soon as he hit the button, he felt a pang in his chest. The Princess was going to need him. He turned his computer off in a rush and ran out the door.

Usagi stared blankly at the screen. There he goes again. She sighed, reading his question to herself. ‘I wonder if he thinks I’m full of it…’She wondered to herself as her scout communicator started going off. ‘Oh great, what do they want now?’