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10-14-2006, 01:05 AM
Mighty Magical Princess Mitch: Chapter 3

Flying at a breakneck speed toward the demon horde Mitch turns toward Jack and asks “Ok, how do I beat them?”

Jack matter-of-factly says “With your Magical Powers, of course.”

To which Mitch replies “Let’s pretend I don’t know how to do that.”

Jack says “This is really my first time doing this… They told me I’d be taking the Wand of Power to the best player in the world and she would know all the spells.”

Mitch tries to think when suddenly a burst of green fire streaks toward him. He tries to avoid it, but it clips the boogie board and the board shatters into a million fragments of crimson fire. He plummets toward the ground. Just before passing out he gets out the words “God Doohickey… FLY!!! You fiddly Wand thing.” And the fire erupts and the boogie board returns, and once again he is on his way to engage the enemy. “Alright, time to open a can of Whoop-Apples.” By this time he’s very close to the demons’ front line. He steadies himself and points the Wand toward the demons and shouts “Magical Wand of Power, KILL THEM ALL!!!!” Nothing happens.

Jack sidles up to him and says “Umm... A Magical Princess can’t use the power of the Wand to DIRECTLY kill a foe. You have to use the Power of Peace and Love to turn your enemies nice.”

“You have got to be kidding me… Strawberry!” He attempted to swear. He thinks about this for the few precious seconds he has and raises the Wand to his flying enemies and shouts… “By the Power of Peace and Love… ALL BECOME FLOPSIE BUNNIES!!!” The Wand of Power trembles as if building up a force greater than the Sun itself and unleashes a blood red fire that completely engulfs the enemy horde. After the fire dissipates, Mitch smiles and blows a cute little kiss toward one of the former demons which has been transmuted like the rest of his evil brethren into a large tan cute and cuddly flopsie bunny. Mitch is smiling widely because, just as he remembers, bunnies can’t fly. One by one the cute bunnies hit the ground with wet thud, until the sky is once again clear.

Jack looks at the scene in total horror, but eventually turns to Mitch and says “Well, technically, I guess the ground killed them, not the Wand, soooo… Good job.” He managed to say this as if straining to not throw up.

Back in Amy’s bedroom Mitch looks at himself in the mirror again and thinks to himself… If Amy looks like this, he better be around to keep the dirt bags away from her. It was then he realized he didn’t want to leave her to grow up without any real parents. He bore so much pain from the loss of his wife he completely forgot about Amy’s pain, and the pain she would feel from loosing a second parent. He decided right then and there, anything he did, it would be for her.

Jack is floating in front of him and says “What ya thinking about?”

“None of your business you carnival prize.” He jibes. Then Mitch asks “Ok, how do I change back?”

“Change back?”


Jack thinks “Umm… Well, the Magical Transformation was designed to complete with the end result being a 100% physical match up for the Chosen One.” Jack said this with an authoritative nod.

“”And that means….” Questioned Mitch as he clutched the Wand so tight his knuckles were turning white.

Jack smiled and floated closer to the opening in the window as he said “This is your new body!!” He floated partially out the window as if to escape and said “But it looks REALLY good” as he bolted up to the sky.

“Wand of Power… FLY me to that soon to be dead cat!” With that the Wand produced the boogie board and he followed Jack into the night attempting to swear as he flew.

End of Episode 1