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10-13-2006, 06:25 PM
Mighty Magical Princess Mitch: Chapter 2

Mitch drops the Wand of Power and starts to the throttle the cat saying “What the hell did you do to me?”

The cat chokingly replies “The… Earth… Must save… The Earth… from invaders.”

Mitch released his grip on the cat’s neck when he realized it wasn’t doing any good and resumed yelling at the creature instead “I’m going to tear your fruiting body apart…” Mitch got a puzzled look on his face. “Wait a second… Did I just say ‘fruiting’?”

The cat was regaining his composure and said “Yes. You are a Magical Princess now, you are filled with the Power of Love and Righteousness. You can’t swear.”

“The fudge I can’t!” … “Oh diddle-it.” … “SUGAR!!!” He gives up. “Why can I say ‘hell’ but not fluffy… ah, Dingo!”

The cat replies “The invaders I was telling you about, you remember them right? The ones that will destroy the Earth in about 10 minutes now are from Hell. So for you to be able to say that is proper, however, I believe you should not be able to say it in the context you are using. I’ll have to check with the office about that…” Mitch is getting even more agitated as he hears a shrieking coming from outside. He looks out the window and sees what looks like a large dark cloud descending, but the cloud is made up of many individual creatures. He grabs the cat’s tail and thrusts the Wand in its face and says “How does this frilly thing work?”

The cat replied “You never played the game?”

“What game?” He questioned

“THE game! The Massively Multiplayer Magical Princess Makeover Game!” The cat yelled.

“You mean that crap my daughter likes?” He offered. The cat starts to panic again as the demon horde gets closer. Then Mitch says “Aww, what the hell.” Then he leaps out the second story window and starts to head toward the ground and yells “Magical, Whatever, Power Thing… FLY!!!!” With that the crystal star spits fire again and the fire forms a red crystalline boogie board looking thing that his feet land on in mid air. The boogie board starts to propel him up toward the cloud of death. Bracing himself, he takes stock of the situation. “Ok, I’m a 12 year old girl with a magic baton, flying on a ruby boogie board toward a horde of invading demons… Flower me!” Just then the cat flies up along side him and salutes.

“It would be my honor to fly into battle with you… Umm… What’s your name?” The cat asked.

“Mitch.” The other replied.

“It would be my honor to fly in to battle with the Mighty Magical Princess Mitch!”

“You call me ‘Princess’ one more time and I’ll tear your fun-loving liver right out of your fanciful body” He then added “What’s your name, by the way?”

The cat proudly exclaimed “Moofie!”

To which Mitch nodded, looked toward the invading demons and said “Ok, let’s get those fruity berries Jack!”

Confused, the cat said “But I said my name is Moofie.”

“And I say it’s Jack, you have a funny problem with that?”