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10-13-2006, 06:18 PM
Diary Entry One: July 17, 1999.


I hope you are up in Heaven, proud of me for not opening this diary until I was sixteen like you told me to. I'm not sure where you are, after that rainy night I never saw you, or our house. Every night I pray to God that you're safe. I hope you have found a nice place to live; If you are not already in Heaven. I really miss you... I miss the memories of us, they have slowly bean to drift from my mind, for I can hardly remember the day that you gave me this journal...All I remember is that I've been waiting ten years to open in, because you told me every wish I write in here will come true.... I sure hope it will. I laugh everytime I think of you, your smile was just so happy...Atleast, it was until father was gone.... I remember you began to drink, more and more by the day; until you where never again sober. I remember back when you wouldn't believe those monsters in my closet.... I guess back then I was just an obligation that you really didn't like having around. But, I don't blame you.... My tears weren't important back then, it was okay if my heart was broken from being deprived of love.... I guess I turned out okay.... I just hope you know, mother, no matter what you did, I always loved you....

Amber P.

10-13-2006, 06:20 PM
o__o Very powerful. Please continue writing.