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Mighty Magical Princess Mitch: Chapter 1

Officer Mitch Blank. Actually, make that Former Officer Mitch Blank, stood in the middle of the road with a forced smile on his face as he waved to back of the car that was driving away with his daughter.

“I want you to spend some time with Auntie Jen and your cousin Nina, you don’t get to see them much.” The tired father told his daughter the day before. His sister Jen lived in the mountains about four hours away with her daughter Nina, who is the same age as his daughter Amy. Life has not gone well for Mitch since his wife died a year earlier. Amy’s world was turned upside down by the death, his world was shattered. He had hoped to bury himself in his job to deal with some of the grief, but that was thwarted by a bullet from a punk robbing a 7-11. Shot in the back while he was buying a donut, and shot two more times while he was slumped against the counter. The dirt bag was such a complete waste of air that he couldn’t even do that right. He robbed the store, ended up slipping on the blood from the downed officer and hit his head on the corner of the counter and died a week later from a brain hemorrhage. Mitch Blank, he thought to himself, was not so lucky. Six weeks in the hospital and the news he would never patrol again. He opted for disability retirement, and the depression grew from there. He only wanted a good life for Amy, a life he couldn’t see himself being able to provide for her. So he packed her up and sent her off to Jen’s place for a “winter vacation in the mountains”.

“Daaaaad!!!, I don’t want to go. They have a crappy computer at Aunt Jen’s house” Amy complained a day earlier. “I won’t be able to play with my friends and I’m the highest level going against the monster invaders!!!” She continued to whine.

“It will only be for a few days.” The father lied, as he patted her on the head. “Ever since she got that freakin’ game” he thought. The game was some internet nonsense about being a Magical Princess or some other crap to him. She had tried to explain how you interact with others around the globe to compete to be the best Magical Girl who goes on to be the one to save the world. She proudly told him how she was the highest level, and she hoped he would be happy for her, but he didn’t like her burying herself in the computer all night. After all, he was a cop. He knows what kind of sick people are out there in the on-line world.

The house was cold, so he grabbed a bottle of Jack Daniels as he headed up to his bedroom. He sat on the edge of the bed he once shared with his wife. In one hand he held the now half empty bottle and the other he held a picture of his wife and daughter at the last happy time they all had together. He took one more long drag at the bottle and put it down and picked up his .38 caliber gun. He stared at the picture and the gun for a few minutes. He said a silent prayer for Amy’s happiness and muttered “It’s better this way.” And he put the gun to his forehead started to pull on the trigger.

BANG!! There was a loud noise, but it didn’t come from the gun, it was coming from down the hall. He dropped the picture and sprung to attention. He may be suicidal, but he’d be damned if he was going to let some lowlife violate his home. The noise was coming from Amy’s room. He approached the door to her room. For months Amy had been placing a tiny white string with a gluestick between her door and the doorframe so she could tell if he entered her room while she was out. He knew about the string, and was actually proud of her ingenuity. The string was still in place, that meant whoever it was came in from the window. He was imagining some 40ish pedo trying to have his way with his little girl. He double checked his gun and steadied himself and with a crash, he kicks the door in and says “You worthless piece of sh…” Then he realizes he has he gun, and very itchy trigger finger pointed at what can only be described as a pink flying… cat with enormous eyes and a puffball tail. He blinks a few times and the cat screams.

“Who are you?!? Where’s Amy? I have to find Amy.” The cat panicked. “If I don’t find Amy… The world will end!”

“What the hell are you?” Mitch questioned, with gun still drawn.

“I’m the Guardian of the Earth!” the cat said proudly while putting a paw against its chest. “But, I’m a Guardian without a Hero right now.”

Mitch lowered his gun a bit and just said “What?”

The cat frantically explained that he was charged with delivering the Wand of Power to the Chosen One, so she could become the hero to save the world. The cat did have something that looked like a pink pencil with a red gem for an eraser in one of its paws.

“I have to find Amy! She’s the best one. Where is she?”

Mitch completely lowered his gun and told the cat “Look Jack, she ain’t here. She’s at her Aunt’s house, it’s about 200 miles that way.” With that he points out the broken window.

“This is terrible. The world will be destroyed in less than 20 minutes. And why did you call me Jack?” questioned the cat.

“Because you came from inside a bottle of Jack Daniels, that’s why. I’m drunk, and you aren’t real.” He said.

The cat collapsed on the bed as if giving up. “But, I need her.” He whimpered. “I need her to take the wand and say ‘Magical Power Makeover’ and save the world. That’s how this works. It isn’t supposed to happen like this.”

Mitch sits on the bed with the cat and picks up the pencil. “Tough break. Wish I cared, but I really don’t believe you’re real. Why don’t you get the hell out of my head and my house and go find someone else to say your ‘Magical Power Makeover’?”

With the words spoken the pencil glows and crimson fire bursts from the jewel. The very surprised man is caught up in a whirlwind and feels like he’s being ripped apart. When the wind dies down, the crimson fire is sucked back into the Wand of Power which has grown much larger. It’s now about size of a cheerleader’s baton with a red crystal star at one end.

“What the hell…” is what Mitch started to say when he realized his rough voice had been replaced by a very high pitched voice. He looks into the mirror on Amy’s dresser and the image that is staring back at him looks like his daughter in a pink costume from a Lolita fantasy.

The cat, looking as surprised as him says “Ok… That’ll work.”

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