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Blood Assassin
10-13-2006, 10:29 AM
Chapter 3, Love At First Sight

The boy couldn’t stop reading, his mind was transfixed, as he picked the book up and continued, he walked along the road he had explored, locked completely on….

My mind was reeling, as I turned around, stunned at what I saw….A young woman, a little older then seventeen. She looked directly into my eyes, and blushed, turning away, “Your masters son right? My master told me to hide out in a closet, so I did…When I heard someone else enter, after HE left, I cautiously came out, when I saw you, like in the pictures, I was relieved.” The woman said. I was speechless out of all the people killed she lived. I blushed as well, as I calmed myself, looking at her I realized that she was beautiful. She was approximately 5’4” with flowing golden blond hair, and crystal blue eyes, Her beautiful tear stained eyes, meeting with mine, how couldn’t I blush? She was beautiful. And in an elegant dress, with a corset, “Uh…Come with me.” I said as I grabbed her hand, for some reason my mind only cared about her safety even though part of me knew she was alright, and safe. How stunning…She must be the most beautiful girl…But I can’t think like that now, I must get her to safety... Maybe have some tea…I shook my head, thinking confusedly father always said he got this way around mom. But I barely knew this woman, how can I have this feeling? Could it possibly…

…I pulled her into the dining room, which was thrashed, and torn apart, as if someone had wanted to destroy not only the people, but the entire building itself. Plates and Glasses were broken on the floor, the table was smashed in half, the cast iron stove was demolished, and our icebox had completely been removed and thrown across the room. (Note an Ice box was smaller than a refrigerator but weighted around 300 pounds, since It was made of 5inch cast iron.) I gaped at the room for a second, before shuffling the glass and fine china out of the way, looking at her I sighed, “Are you alright?” I said calmly, before my eyes darted away, for fear that I would blush again. “Y-yes…” She said with a small sweet voice. A voice I would recognize as my childhood friend Samantha. I gaped at her for a moment, then said, with utmost shock, “S-Samantha?” I uttered, she snapped her head at me, with equal or more shock. “M-Michael?” she asked, and I nodded, smiling, “Oh My God! It’s been so long!” I said wrapping my arms around the beautiful Samantha and hugging her tightly. She blushed, and pushed away, “M-Michael, Look at you, you’ve grown to be a handsome man….” She said, and blushed a deeper red, “And I, the Master’s servant, All because of my Servant blood….” She said with some spite in her voice. Samantha had been the daughter of two servants, under my fathers care, I have had a crush on her for quite some time….And her growing into a beautiful woman stunned me, in many ways.

We found a not yet destroyed place, and we sat down, looking into each others eyes, we smiled. I found it amazing that we still had feelings for each other, and I found it even more shocking, that I felt a strong and powerful bond even after fourteen years of being apart…. My eyes locked, and for the first time, I felt the love that we created when we were children glow red hot. After an hour of catching up, she leaned in and closed her eyes, I too leaned in, and we kissed, for the first time in our lives, we kissed...