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Black Nymph
10-12-2006, 04:16 PM
"What's up, Dolphin Boy?" You sauntered boredly through Konoha, stopping to greet Iruka.
"Oh no, you??" Iruka groaned.
"Yes, me. Dontcha love it? I pop up just when you don't want it..."
"I can relate to that. Jenni, now is not the time."
You tossed your black hair over your shoulder and rolled your eyes.
"The one and only. I haven't got the faintest idea what he's done, but I know he's headed for the village gates. If I know Narutp, he'll find some knuckleheaded but succsecful sceme to get past the guards."
"Sounds kinda like me, doesn't he??"
"Ooooooooooooh yeah."
"Well c'mon, I'll help you catch the kid. He thinks like I do, after all. They do say great minds think alike."
"Yes, but your mind is hardly great, Jenni."
Iruka could have been talking to thin air, becuase your had already taken off through the trees. Iruka blinked and then shot off after you.
"Dang it Jenni, are you that excited to catch him??"
You smiled over your shoulder at him but didn't say anything.
"Jenni...Slow down, woman!! It's a crazy student, not an ANBU mission."
You visibly jerked and stopped on the next branch, putting both hands to the sides of your head.
"What the heck...?" Iruka wondered stopping beside you.
"The kid...Mizuki....His chakra's gone MAD...I feel Naruto's chakra, but it's overshadowed...and Mizuki-sensai, he's there too, and one the receiving end of Naruto's weird chakra."
Iruka groaned, and just then you went up in a cloud of smoke....
"NARUTO!!!!!!!!!!!" Iruka screeched, as Naruto appeared where you had been. He was coming out of a transformation jutsu.
"Ha ha, gotcha there Sensai. The real Jenni is-" Iruka pushed Naruto out of the tree and ran off, following your chakra trail.
"Jenni!! I know you're out there!" He yelled. He knew you well enough to know you'd be hiding and watching.
"Hey Iruka." You dropped from a tree directly in front of him, hanging upside down.
"What the-Oh. I should have known you'd pop out right here."
You smiled and dropped fully from the tree, nearly falling out. Iruka caught your hand and hauled you up onto the branch.
"Geez, for a Jounin you sure are clumsy. And what have been eating, woman?" You glared daggers at him.
"I'm not heavy, you're just weak."
"You're TOUCHY is what you are. Ok, I'm bored tonight, wanna come and watch a movie??"
You shrugged. "Sure. I got nothing to do..."
You landed cat-footed and the base of the tree, followed by a bit clumsier Iruka, and started off in the direction of his house.
"You know, you ought not to be so arrogant towards guys." Iruka commented.
"I'll be arrogant if I want to, after all most of 'em deserve it."
Iruka's eyebrows arched questioningly.
You smiled softly to yourself. "Yeah. Most."
Iruka sincerely hoped he was the one not deserving of it, and opened the door to his house.
"Kay, here it is. Not much, but..."
"I like it." You said, walking in and looking around. "Ooh, Day After Tomorrow!! Can we watch it???? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaassssseee??????"
Iruka laughed and took the DVD off the shelf.
"Sure, when you put it that way."
You bounced onto the couch (>_< rhymed sorta) next to Iruka as the movie started.

------Sometime Into the Movie--------
"AH!!! Tsunami!!" YOu sreeched, grabbing Iruka's arm. Iruka gave you a wide-eyed look, then slipped his arm around your shoulders.
"It's just a movie, Jenni."
"it's a realistic one." You said, scooting closer to Iruka.
"Oh please Jenn, it's special effects."
Iruka rolled his eyes and went to the kitchen.
"Where're ya going??"
"Popcorn. Don't tell me you don't want any."
"I won't."
You pouted a little, missing the feeling of Iruka's arm around your shoulders.
He came back after a moment, though, and wrapped his arm around you again.
"I'd never peg you for an extra butter girl." Iruka commented.
"Think again, Dolphin Boy."
Iruka rolled his eyes and grabbed some popcorn.
"AH WOLVES!!" You shouted, jumping.
"And you're supposed to be a jounin...What a joke."
"Hey now. I just don't like wolves."
Iruka gave you a weird look.
Then he kissed you.
Holy- this is not happening. Is it? It IS...Yay. I guess I DO like him. You thought.
Iruka grinned at you, blush turning his face scarlet.
"Well you know, I'm a sucker for a guy who makes the first move." You said, smiling. Iruka sighed, and tightened his arm around you.
You tilted your head to kiss him quickly, then put your head on his shoulder and went back to the movie.
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