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Blood Assassin
10-12-2006, 11:41 AM
Chapter Two, The Begging

As the boy began to read the book, a small smile appeared on his face, he was liking it a lot. His mind was reeling with the scene he had just witnessed but on the other hand, the book was distracting him even more. For the boy had read:

As the begging of my life starts, I should warn all readers it is about loosing loved ones, horror, and secrets of my life revealed….

It all started around Sixty years ago, when I was a young chap, fresh from my years of London Prep. (Boarding School) Where I had learned from where, all which it takes for a strategist of war. As I neared my home I realized something different about my Abode. The front door was seemingly ripped apart by some massive hammer, and the hinges ripped from about the walls. As I drew closer my stomach churned for there on the window, was a splatter of blood, which dragged itself out through the smashed entrance, towards the back of the house. As my horse drew closer, I decided to tie it to a tree, from which afterward of doing so I drew my blade (From which at the time I had acquired from my grandfather, whom was a royal knight in the Queens army.). As I walked I noticed the ground wasn’t as sturdy as I thought it might be. My foot sunk deeply into the marshy floor, I struggled to pull it out, as I heard something from behind. My heart sank, I had heard the painful screeching cry’s from my horse, Alexander, As I slowly turned my head, I saw that the trunk and near by brush from where I had tied my White Steed, Alexander, was blood covered. My stomach wrenched, and I disposed of my breakfast in an improper manner, my hands on my stomach, for as I looked closer, my steed, had been smashed by that same giant hammer that had smashed the door. Its end trails splattered all over the ground, its eyes still open from shock, its body literally smashed into two.

After gathering my wits about me, I wrenched out my foot, and continued through the now marshy floor, as my body stood in the dark, dank, entrance, from which spider webs loomed on the corners, and the old houses furniture was covered with a white blankets. I began to take short steps, as my feet creaked on the old maple wood floors. As I neared the room from which the blood had spattered, I covered my mouth In shock. For there laying in the doorway lay my dead mother. Her skull crushed into a fine blood and Skeletal dust mixture, as a sickening glob of a sound reminded me that her blood was still emptying out from her opened ruptured neck. Creating a pool around the opening, as I turned to walk away, I shivered, Something wasn’t right….Something was amiss…The thought moved through my head swiftly, and came and went as I moved. I halted in front of two big oak doors, which were smashed in, and there, in my fathers study room, was my father, hanging from the sealing blood dribbling from his mouth, his eyes away from each other, his mouth open like a fish who had been starved without air. I slowly backed away, my back running into something rather large…I slowly turned to see who it was, and my heart jumped, my stomach clenched, and my adrenaline was now giving me the fight or flight effect…..

Heartless Soul Eater
10-12-2006, 06:25 PM
really really good pm me when you write the new one