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Sakura Holic
10-03-2006, 06:57 PM
A month past since we went to Kawaii Kon. Risa got a little... pre occupied with her new religion. It's making me and Brianna worried.
"Hey guess what?" Risa announced to both of us.

"What?" I and Brianna answered.

"Daniel Hahn said he would go with me to the banquet!"
My eyes went big when I heard that. I canít believe little Risa, the goody goody girl got a date...

"Congrats!" shouted Brianna.

"So, are you going to ask your crush out?" Risa asked.

"Isnít that a guy thing...?" Brianna asked while she ate her candy.

"Yea..." I answered.

"But its better than nothing..." said Risa.

"Are you going to ask Edward...?" Risa teased.

Once I heard his name, I went red pink.

"Aw youíre blushing!" Risa laughed.

"I want to... but I donít have the guts." i answered.

"I'll ask him for you." Brianna spoke. "Just ask Micheal if he wants to go with me."

"You would do that?" I asked Brianna just to be sure. And Brianna nodded her head.

After school, I talked to Micheal.
"Hey Micheal! Brianna wants to ask you if you would want to go with her to the banquet."

"Brianna who?" he asked.

"Nakano." I answered.

"No." and that was Michaelís answer.

"No!? Why?"

"Why would I go with her? She's a Goth, she's scary and she's too quiet. I mean, did you see her on that Saturday where we have to mural paint? She came to school with chains and wearing black. She's ugly!"

I grew angry at him. Hatred roamed over me. I feel like I want to beat him up for Brianna's sake. How dare he call her ugly? She isnít ugly! And Goths arenít scary! Maybe he's just afraid of the dark! Boys like him are stupid now these days. He didnít even get to know Brianna.

"Well, she's like that! I mean, Iím a Goth too." I answered with a smile. I hate it when i have to hide my anger.

"Youíre different. Your active and she isnít. She's too darn quiet. And thatís why she's scary." he said startling with ever 5 seconds. I can tell he's not trying to lie on every word he saidÖ He thinks Iím scary too. I know. But how the hell am I different? Tell me! I feel like I had enough of it already. Luckily, the buss came to stop your convo.
"Risa, I need to talk to you. I called Sarah once I got home. Just to tell her about the deal Brianna made with me.

"Yea?" Risa answered.

"Micheal said no."

"So... itís just a no right...?"

"That's not all..." I paused and told her the whole story.

"That bastard!" Risa shouted with outrage.

"I feel so sorry for Brianna. She's just too innocent looking..." I said with a sigh.

"Brianna isnít ugly! He's saying that because he hates Goths!" Risa again shouted at my ear. I didnít really care if its loud. Brianna is the one we need to stay focus on. She's going to get hurt... No matter what. She just has an innocent look and an innocent heart.

"Letís not tell her. Iím scared to hurt her." Risa spoke.

"But wouldnít that make Brianna even worst when she finds out?"

"But its all or nothing..."
The next day during lunch, Brianna asked if I asked him. i told her a lie, that I forgot.
"Ok... just tell me when you did ask him." and Brianna left to drop her bag off for the next class. I turned to Sarah and shook her.
"We canít hide it any longer! She'll find out and get hurt!"

"No not yet!" Risa said while shaking her head.

Days past and our classmate Jensen are teasing her about the dateless banquet. Luckily, he didnít blur the whole thing about me asking Micheal for Brianna.

"Jensen! Shut the hell up you fag!" I shouted at his face.

"Why donít you Emo girl." Jensen throws back at me.

"Just because Iím a Goth, that doesnít mean Iím Emo!"

"What ever..." What ever!? Ugh! I hate that word as a talk back.

The lunch bell rang and everyone except me, Sarah and Brianna stayed.
Jerald and Rachel came in but we told them to keep away from us for a while. Itís a private talk between all 3 of us. I gave Brianna and Risa an ice pop I bought earlier, and told Brianna to sit down. So she sat on our teacher's high chair.

"Brianna, we need to talk to you..." I said as I sat down with Risa on the small blue couch.