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10-03-2006, 05:59 PM
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The Shattered Heart Part 2

The bright sun, green grass at the bottom of the gully and the blue sky, was ironic considering what she was feeling. She thought of what a contrast the sound of her bones cracking on impact to the ground would be to the happy chirping of the birds, as she took one more step. Sasuke did not want her, and ever since he left, she had become a wreck, so no one else wanted her either. The prospect of being so totally unwanted as she felt was like a splinter in her mind, slowly eating away her sanity. Useless, good for nothing...something to throw away... The feeling was worse than ever and she felt beckoned to relieve herself of the horrifying pain it brought her, her every waking moment, haunting her dreams. She stared down the rugged cliff....

Sakura squatted down and took her backpack off, placing it in front of her. She slowly opened it. After all this torment, she had finally come up with how to deal with it. Sasuke would never leave her mind. He would always be there, a bittersweet sensation. She had tried to come to terms with him being gone over and over. But she had found it quite the unaccomplishable feat.

She took out a large fuuma shuriken, and unfolded it's four blades.

"Well, this is it then" she said silently to herself. She held the giant throwing star in one hand, trebling a bit. No-one could understand how she felt now...no one.. She stretched her arm out behind her and flung the projectile in a smooth arc out in the air. It whirled off to the left but changed it's direction and started to turn. It arced more and took a steady path back towards it's origin.

Sakura let her arms dangle limply by her sides as she closed her eyes. "I'm not totally useless after all. At least I can do this right" A single tear trickled down her cheek. She could hear the shuriken coming closer, the whirling noise a messenger of her oncoming demise. No-one could comprehend how she felt. Useless, unloved, unwanted..

A single image flashed through her mind

She gasped

All she heard was a loud thump as she rolled sideways.

She was confused and startled as she was able to open her eyes. She could see the shuriken imbedded in a tree behind where she was standing before. She turned her head to look upwards. Her gaze was met by a pair of worried azure-blue eyes

A single word escaped her lips

"Naruto.... "