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10-03-2006, 06:28 AM
Sakura stood atop a hilltop a few kilometres from Konoha village. A slight breeze ruffled the grass beneath her feet, a few strands Of her hair blurred into her vision as she took in her surroundings. It was a particularly bright and sunny day, not a cloud in the sky. Indeed it was a beautiful day, but the fact seemed to escape Sakura even though she was standing right in the middle of it. It was not that she did not see it, she was just so totally indifferent to it. In fact she had been indifferent to a lot of things lately. For a long while now, she had not cared much for anything. Ever since he left. Ever since he left her.

It had been three years since that fateful day, and life had never returned to normal. Three years since the love of her life abandoned her. Three years since the ground seemed to have opened up and swallowed her. He had left, underlining the fact that he never cared in the first place. Through the years Sakura had known and loved Sasuke. She knew that he did not seem to return her affections in any way, but she had always believed that somehow her undying love for him would be returned some day.

As the wind ruffled her hair once again she closed her eyes, and tried to remember the happy times. The times Sasuke would actually smile at her. It had happened a few times over the years and when it did, it meant the world to her. She would be dancing on air for days, replaying it in her mind over and over, playing with the thought that he loved her back.

But he left, in his quest to kill his brother. Her inner most fear had been realized . All her love and affection had been useless. She couldn't take it. Her mind could not cope with the fact that he did not care at all. It was all she had thought about ever since he left. It had been three long years. She was tired...so very tired

When Kakashi-sensei had broken the news to her, she had hit rock bottom Ever since she had been digging a mental hole for herself, sealing herself off from the world. For the first period of time she had sobbed uncontrollably every waking hour. She had been sitting in her room all day crying non stop, only interrupted by occasional hours of restless sleep. After some time she had become so weak, she had been suspended from her duties as a ninja. On top of that, her love had been branded a traitor and a missing-nin, one to be killed on sight. Bit she was not capable of letting him go.

Sakura bent her head backwards and stared of into the sky. All she could see was blue. It was kind of empty, just like her. Tranquill, motionless, catatonic. She could hear the breeze in her ears as it blocked out all the other sounds the forested area made around her. Nothingness and a slight buzzing. It was morbidly reminiscent of how she felt.

She remembered how she had tried to soothe his pain that time when his curse seal had first been activated so long ago. She remembered how she worried about him during the chuunin exam. She remembered the time he had given in to the power of his curse, and gone after the ones that had hurt her. In that moment she was so happy about him caring, but the way he showed it was terrifying. If only she had realized then. He was an avenger, she would never have any place in his stone cold heart. Nor would anyone for that matter. But her heart would never let go of him. No matter what.

Sakura lowered her head and looked down the cliffside. The last years her mind had constantly tumbled downwards. She had become a useless shinobi unable to shake the image of the raven-haired boy with the dark eyes from her mind. She sighed inwardly as she stepped a little closer to the edge.

To be continued...

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