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Black Nymph
10-02-2006, 03:52 PM
Onyx Eyes: Chapter 1 - I Hate Today More Than I Hate Him"No. Way. It

HAS to be a dream!" I groaned, looking at my calender.
No dream.
It was Valentine's Day, for me, the worst day of the year. Of course, since I had no parents and no guy to spend it with.
Not that I wanted to spend the day with one of Konoha's idiots, but I suppose anything's better than being alone on that day.
"Hey! Misa!"
Or maybe not.
Naruto ran up to be, grinning bigger than I thought was possible.
"So, Misa. You don't have anyone to spend the day with?"
"No, and I don't want anyone to spend the day with. So beat it."
Naruto's grin faded, and I felt almost regretful.
"Sorry, Naruto. I'm in a bad mood. See ya later." I ammended and walked off.
Staring at the ground, with my luck I of course had to run smack into some one.
"Watch it, Kanta!" The kid snapped. I glared at him.
"Call me by my last name again and see where it lands you." I sneered, staring into Sasuke' onyx eyes.
I slammed my fist into his jaw.
Sasuke glared at me with death in his eyes.
"You're dead, Kanta."
With that, Sasuke tackled me and we rolled around in the dust wrestling.
I kicked Sasuke off of me and stood up, only to be tripped by Sasuke the first step I took.
"Get out of the dirt, maggots, and fight on some other day."
Anko roughly kicked me in the stomach, separating me from Sasuke.
"Why kick me and not Uchiha?" I asked, looking irritatedly at Anko.
"Because if I kick Uchiha I'll likely get killed." Anko replied calmly.
"Who says you won't get killed if you kick me?" Igrowled, my fists clenched.
"And what's wrong with fighting? You seem to promote it, Anko."
Anko replied, "Because it's Valentine's Day, Misa, and you're not supposed to fight."
"Hn. And I supose this useful advice came from Orochimaru-sensai?"
Anko glared at me, and I grinned. There was a killed spot for Anko.
Sasuke froze.
"Orochimaru-sensai?" He asked, dumbfounded.
I clamped a hand over my mouth. I wasn't supposed to tell people Orochimaru-sensai was my...well, sensai.
"A word to anyone and I'll do more than kick you." Anko threatened.
Sasuke payed no attention and lifted my clear off the ground by the front of my shirt.
"What are doing with that slime?" He asked, shaking me.
"Put me down, Uchiha."
Sasuke lifted me another inch higher.
"What are you gonna do?" I asked, amused. Sasuke threw my a good 50 feet into a tree.
"Uhn!! OW, Uchiha, I think you broke something." I complained, struggling to my feet.
"What are you doing with Orochimaru?" Sasuke spat his name, like he was the scum of the earth.
"Anko found me as a kid, figured out I had a good bit of chakra, and took me to Orochimaru to train. In short, he became evil and Anko-sensai became my sensai."
"But I thought she didnít teach." Sasuke said.
"I didnít think so either." Anko told him, "But I just had to teach Misa."
"Why do you hate being called by your last name so much?"
Sasuke asked, changing the subject.
"I was disowned. My whole family, save my late brother, hates me. SO I hate being called by my family's name."
Anko walked off, and I went off with Sasuke to nowhere in particular.
About 20 Sasuke-fangirls rushed up. Sasuke groaned.
"NO!!! Dang it, leave me alone!" Sasuke snapped.
"C'mere, Misa." Sasuke entwined his fingers in mine, walking off and half-dragging me.
"What do you think you're doing?" I askedm walking home and trying to untangle my fingers.
"Look, if I'm with you maybe the stupid girls will leave me alone."
"But we're not together."
"They don't know that."
"Well ain't that great for you Uchiha but all I see for me is a day attatched to you. Bye."
I walked to my apartment, leaving Sasuke trailing behind me.
To find it a pile of charred ash.