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Ch 1: available in my journal.

Ch 2: http://www.animeforum.com/showthread.php?t=46769

Ch 3: http://www.animeforum.com/showthread.php?t=47871

Well I'm so sorry this took so long. But for those of you who know me personally know that I've been going through some personal matters that haven't exactly been "conducive" to the creative mind. And for those of you who saw my thread on writer's block, well you can guess that that is why this took so long to update. Enjoy, all the same.

*note* if you don't already know this, the writting in itallics are Mary's thoughts

The people in the arcade were completely oblivious as the heart-pounding activity reached its peak. Both girls felt themselves stewing in the product of their efforts, felt the humid air in the bathroom making it difficult to breathe. They panted their exhaustion into each others waiting ears as the intense heat inside them slowly leaked away. Mary did all she could to savor this moment, letting it wash over her, letting the sweet sound and smell swirl inside her head. This is how it felt to have zero troubles. In this moment, she had to worry about nothing. And in the next, she would have to worry about everything.

"So…I guess I’ll see you tomorrow."


Outside in the cool evening air, Nicole smiled at Mary. The looming moon overhead reflected in those Irish green eyes of hers. Mary tried not to look in them. And though she turned her eyes away, he mind flashed the image of Brooke giving her that same smile just last night, the moon reflected in those bright blue eyes in the same way. The eyes that seemed to see directly into her soul…

Nicole hesitated for a moment, hovering in indecision. After a moment’s deliberation, she took a step forward and kissed Mary softly on her left cheek. Then, blushing deeply, she waved, turned, and started down the sidewalk.

Mary seemed to take a while to move. Her awareness of the current situation slowly seeped into her brain and tickled down to her neck and spine. It made her shiver slightly, despite the cool May air that made her clothes flap occasionally in the slight breeze. Under different circumstances, Mary would have quite enjoyed walking home on a night like this. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and it was neither hot nor cold. The moon shone bright as ever so it wasn’t dark at all. And the pleasant breeze in the air made everything so peaceful. Yes, a night like this was the complete opposite to the atmosphere in her mind.

If the surrounding weather were to mirror the feelings inside her, it would be a horribly windy and rainy night, as if a typhoon had blown into town for a long visit. Trees would be bent at forty-five degree angles, and every small object not tied down would blow by in a whirl of colorful debris.

Actually, the fact that none of this was taking place added to Mary’s already swelling mountain of emotions. When before there was confusion and guilt and regret and self-hatred, now added to them was anger and something else she couldn’t quite put a name to (even if she had bothered). For now she just clenched her right fist as hard as she could. She felt the sharp pain of her short nails digging into her palm, but she ignored it. She kept it clenched tight as she took a few faster steps and, pulling her arm back, she thrust it forward and put her fist to a telephone pole. She kept it there, slightly embedded into the splintered wood for several seconds. She watched through blurry eyes as a trickle of crimson slid unto the amber wood. And she pushed her fist in a bit harder until the trickle widened with more blood. Seeing her own scarlet flow contrasted against the old and worn wood gave her an odd feeling of satisfaction. She smiled to herself, applied more pressure for a moment, then pulled away and started walking again. She idly felt the prickling of pain and tickle of dripping liquid as she walked.

She arrived home without further incident. Naturally she hoped over the three steps that led to her front door and put her uninjured hand on the handle. It refused to turn. Yeah, of course they forgot about me. She slid her hand into her pocket and pulled out a ring of three or four keys, and used one to unlock the deadbolts. Then she pushed the door open and slammed it shut behind her.

Once again in the safety of her bedroom, she then lifter her right hand up and examined the damage. It smelled of an interesting mixture of varnish and blood. Scratches and scrapes surrounded the punctured area of flesh on the knuckle of her middle finger. A large splinter was wedged into the deep cut. She put her index and middle finger around the wood, but made no effort to remove it. Instead she pushed it deeper in, gasping quietly at the increased pain. A new gush of blood came out and started to slide down her hand slowly. Satisfied, she looked more closely at the smaller scrapes. A few of these also had splinters in them, though none quite as large. But the small amount of blood that had leaked from them was already dried.

Frowning, she emptied her pockets of keys and wallet, throwing them unconcernedly on her desk. The room still looked as though a hurricane had blown through it. Finally, scenery to mirror the feelings inside her. This, more than anything calmed her enough to throw herself on her object-strewn bed and sleep.

Her dreams were filtered with thoughts of Brooke and Nicole. First she was kissing Brooke’s sweet lips and caresses her body with her hands. She found a knife hidden in Brooke’s jeans and used it to stab the girl in her heart. Mary watched as the room began to flood from the waterfall of blood now spewing from her dead lover. Choking on the metallic smell and taste, she made her way to the door and was swept down the stairs in the stream. Then Nicole helped gave her her hand and helped Mary stand. Grateful, Mary rewarded her by fondling her breasts. Then she began to moan in Brooke’s voice, but then collapsed on the grass, pale and obviously dead. Mary screamed and ran from her, but the memory of her unfocused eyes loomed in Mary’s mind until she ran unto railroad tracks and was hit by a train. Then someone stepped over her body and threw a bucket of water on her.


"Oh finally you wake up. Were you sleeping this whole time?"

Mary blinked drops of water from her eyes and sat up. Her room was completely devoid of dead bodies and pools of blood and high-speed trains. Felling the panic leave her, she brushed wet hair from her face and felt a jolt of pain through her arm.

"What the hell did you do to your hand???"

Mary tried to hide her hand, but Nicole grabbed her wrist before she could put it out of sight. She pulled it closer to her narrowed her eyes on the many cuts and splinters on her knuckles. As she tightened her grip on her wrist, Mary received another shot of pain and a trace amount of blood released from her deepest cut.

"Mary! You don’t leave splinters in your body, you could get an infection! Get over here."

She was dragged up out of bed and to the bathroom attached to her room. She had a bit of trouble navigating around the mess on her floor. After stumbling over a pile of clothing in front of the doorway, her feet stepped on hard tile. She leaned on the sink for support as Nicole opened a cabinet and rummaged through small bottles of various color liquids and purposes. Finally she found what she needed and pulled out a small bottle of orange liquid and a bigger bottle of something else (Mary couldn’t tell, the container wasn’t see-through).

"My god you are such an idiot. When did you do this to yourself, and WHY didn’t you clean it up?"

"..I uh….don’t kn-OW!"

"What? Sorry didn’t catch that."

"Why did you have to take it out so hard?"

"I had to, it was in there pretty deep."

"Well next time be a little more gentle, would’ja?"

"Next time I’ll let you get lock jaw so you need to go to the hospital."

"Lock jaw? That’s only if I get rust in there."

"Well whatever, just shut up so I can work."

"Ahhh, it friggin’ stings."

"Well good, you deserve it."

"What did I do!?"

"You got it infected so that it hurts, it’s your own fault. Don’t blame me."

"Yeah, okay. So great, it fizzed, and now it’s all clean. You can let go, you’ve got this pincer grip on my wrist--"

"Oh no, we’re not done yet missy.’


"I still got to put the iodine on or it’ll just get infected again."


"Did I stutter? Yes iodine!"

"What do I need iodine fo—AAAAAARRRRRGGGHH!"

Mary thrashed about the bathroom, knocking down the bottle of peroxide and soap on the sink. She tried desperately to pull herself free from Nicole’s grip, but Nicole has such a tight hold that she couldn’t manage it. Instead Mary groaned from the pain and slammed her left hand down on the sink repeatedly.

"Son of a…" she said as the pain passed its peak and started to lower ever so slightly and throb less violently.

After the pain subsided a bit more, Mary stopped struggling and closed her eyes to try and calm herself. Nicole raised an eyebrow silently and, thinking it safe, released Mary’s arm. This caught Mary off guard, so that she fell backward and landed flat on her back on the pile of clothes obstructing the walkway. Nicole put hand to her mouth and made a noise halfway between a giggle and a cough.

"Oh yes, thank you for the warning. I suppose I deserved that too."

"Well, maybe not that time."

Nicole picked up a roll of gauze and walked over to Mary. She got on her knees next to her and gently took her hand in hers. Then she began to wrap Mary’s injuries in the gauze as carefully as she could, not too tight, not too loose. The smooth material covered the painfully prickling areas as it encased it in a soft, protective barrier against infection and possible further injury.

Nicole was quiet for a moment as she looked at the white gauze around Mary’s hand. Slowly a faint tint of red stained it from the inside, barely visible. The moment was completely without noise as she deliberated on what to do about it. After a while Nicole leaned her head down to Mary’s knuckles and she pressed her lips to the gauze ever so slightly. Mary barely felt this kiss, but it made her cheeks flush pink. She didn’t know what else to do besides turn her head away to hide her embarrassment.

A few minutes later, Mary and Nicole were standing outside Mary’s house. After they had spent some time on her bedroom floor, Mary thought it best to get Nicole out of there as soon as possible. She just couldn’t handle being around her right now. She might say something she’d regret…

"Er, sorry if I worried you Nicole. I’m fine. I’ll see you tomorrow."

"Really now?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Well I seem to remember being told that last night too."

"Yeah, and you did see me today didn’t you?"

"I had to track you down!"

"I didn’t mean to sleep in, it was an accident."

"Mmhmm. Just like you accidentally fell into a pile of wood and battered your hand without noticing."

"Come on, get off my back."

Nicole gave her a fierce look. Mary recognized that look at once. It was the one Nicole always wore when she knew there was more going on than people would have her believe. It was a little unnerving to look into those determined eyes, knowing that she wanted Mary to tell her what she was thinking at this very moment. Mary had to look away from those Irish eyes to hide her thoughts from her perceptive friend.

"Okay, I’ll leave for now. But if I don’t see you tomorrow in 1st period I’ll hunt you down again."


Mary stood on the porch and watched Nicole leave for a while. The slight breeze left over from last night whirled through her hair and clothes. She didn’t quite look real as she walked away. More like something planned in a movie. Like a dramatic scene playing out in a good western film. Her hips swayed not so much as gracefully, the way Brooke’s did, but certainly the way they moved had its own beauty to it. It’s own appeal. Mary smiled softly to herself and went back into her house to finally deal with the feelings she’d been avoiding since she woke up (or rather was rudely awaken).

As she lay on her bed (which she had now cleared off), she looked up at the stucco ceiling. The pattern never repeated, always unique. Whether it was done on purpose, she didn’t know or care. Slowly her eyes unfocused until she no longer saw the intricate bumps playing about her senses. Other, completely unrelated images came into her mind. The sight of Brooke with her head thrown back in pleasure. Nicole with her head tilted forward slightly to watch Mary work. Brooke slowly gripping the sheets tighter. Nicole licking her lips and taking over. Brooke gasping for the air that her body needed. Nicole leaning against the stall, panting.

How could I be so stupid?
Mary rolled over unto her side. She was here, in the same spot that she and Brooke shared just a couple of nights ago. When she was finally able to express the explosive feelings she’d kept inside her heart for months. God how she loved Brooke. She wanted so badly to have her there in her arms again, just as she had that night, feeling nothing but love and happiness. It had been, without a doubt, the happiest night of her life. She had laid there quietly, hearing the rhythmic breathing of the girl next to her, watching the rise and fall of her chest, perfectly in sync with each inhale and exhale. She had marveled at the silky skin wrapped around Brooke’s entire body. Each curve and crevice gracefully carved and sanded, until her beauty rivaled that of the gods. Her intoxicating scent had filled her nostrils, and this more than anything had lulled Mary to sleep easily. She did not have to force her mind to focus on the good in her life as she did most nights. That night, all she had to do was lose herself in the warmth and softness of the body next to her. To trust the hand entwined with hers. It had been….pure bliss….

That night with Brooke had caused a deep, unbearable heat within herself. Mary had never felt that kind of heat before in her life. Her very core had writhed in anguished pleasure each time some small movement of her body had elicited a breathy moan from Brooke. Oh god that moan was the most beautiful sound in the world. Even thinking about it now was making her shift restlessly on her bed.

But last night with Nicole….gah, she couldn’t put her finger on it. She had also felt an intense heat then, but it was a different kind of heat. Being with Brooke had given her an insatiable blaze, something continually seeking more and more fuel. Being with Nicole had given her extreme…angst…she guessed was the word. Like she was unable to control herself from taking more and more. These 2 feelings….they were each amazing in their own ways.

And certainly she cared deeply for both girls. Mary had pined after Brooke for most of their friendship. It had always been the foremost feeling, but she had always been quick to hide it. Her friendship with Nicole had been much longer than her friendship with Brooke, and most of that time she spent laughing and joking and teasing and having just an all around good time. Nicole was the kind of person she could tell anything. Brooke was the kind of person to which she wanted to appear interesting.

Mary rolled over to her other side. Forgetting her injury, she used her right hand to help shift her weight. Another sharp pain ran through her arm.

Ow damnit…

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