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09-30-2006, 02:02 AM
Sailor Moon Fan Fiction
Dedicated to Fleurrouge

Usagi dragged her feet walking home from the scout meeting. Rei had been a complete frumpy witch! She had yelled at her for being late. Which wasn't her fault at all, she had detention. But no, it's iresponsible to be late for a scout meeting. Because she was the leader, and the Princess, and she had more responsibilites than they did. "Oooohh!!!" She said, stomping into her house and up the stairs. She slammed her door and sat down grumpily on the bed.

Maybe her REAL friends would understand. They always seemed to understand. She got up and turned on her computer. Waiting for it to boot up, she ran downstairs to grab some cookies and milk. Who cares if Rei had made that offhanded remark about how she was getting fat? When she got back she had already automatically logged onto the internet, via her wireless cable access.

She popped open her IE browser and typed in http://tuxedomask.com/chat.php. All her friends would care and listen to her problems. They would be supportive. When the chat finally loaded and she entered, at least a dozen people greeted her warmly. Such a change from the greeting she got from her 'real' friends earlier. She sighed, and started pouring out her emotions in the chatroom. Telling them how she's been having a bad day, and how she got detention for getting a D minus on a test, and when she went to hang out with her friends, they were all angry at her. Even the usually calm and rational Ami, was angry with her.

Her friends started telling her that she should tell them how she felt, that she should just explain to them how she feels. But she just replied back with it was complicated, and she couldn't explain. 'Why not?' They asked, weren't they her friends? Didn't she trust them? 'You wouldn't believe me if I told you...' She replied sadly. 'Why wouldn't we? Haven't we always been here for you?'

She sighed. She knew they wouldn't believe her. But they didn't KNOW her real name... or who she was, or what she looked like. Would it really be that big of a deal? They were from other countries, they didn't know what went on Japan, did they? She took a deep breath, looking around to see Luna was around, or if she were still bad mouthing her to everyone else.

She started typing her story in the chat, from the very begining to the very end. There were a few people who laughed and didn't believe her, it was too rediculous, but those who knew her thought it could be true. Others wanted proof. She told them she didn't care if they believed her, it just felt good to share it with someone. She told everyone she had to go eat dinner. And she'd be back later. She logged out of the chat, and went downstairs to eat.

Meanwhile, in the chatroom...

One of Usagi's friends had remained completely quiet since she had started her story. He couldn't believe it. BunnyMoon was Sailor Moon? It seemed so believable. And it sure explained a lot of things. Her quick departures, her lousy mood on the same day the Sailors had battled. Not wanting to think about it anymore, he logged off. He needed to relax. He'd think about this later. Wondering if she would still care about him, when he told her his truth.

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10-05-2006, 10:34 PM
Awwww, I really liked this. I also love how you used the old site name! Please do continue it!!!

Lysander Cyric Korvein
10-06-2006, 04:36 PM
Very...dramatic. Emotional person. same as Maru on the use of the old site. for the next chapter try to make it a bit more mello. the story-line is excellent. keep it up, i wanna see the next chapter. keep up the suspense also