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Sakura Holic
09-29-2006, 01:01 AM
Akai during class, listening to his science teacher. A.P Chemistry is his last class of the day.

“Now before you put H2O in the mixture, you~ blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.”

Come on…it’s almost after school…and I need some blood. Plus Tsuki needs my help.

Akai looked at the class room clock. 1:28. 2 more minutes…

“And that will be your class work, due next month on the first week of Monday. I expect good quality work now.”

The school bell rang. It’s after school and everyone rushed out of the class.

“Tsuki wait. When should I come over?”

“Hmm…Saturday seems like a good day.”

“Then Saturday it is.”


After school, Akai needs to find a victim. He needs a male to feed blood on. Trying to find someone alone. But no one seems to be alone.

This stinks…

Poor Akai, craving for blood.

Akai can’t suck blood from girls, or they will follow Akai. If a vampire bites a person [human] that is the opposite gender, they will be posses forever. That means that the vampire claims this person his/her property. If a vampire bites a person with the same gender, then that vampire has to erase their memories of them getting bitten.

So Akai went straight home.

Maybe next time…


“Thank you so much Akai! I got all of the problems correct!” Tsuki gave him the paper and she was right.

“You’re a good tutor.”

“Eh… thanks.” Akai blushed pink. He remembered that Saturday where he came over her house. Some thing embarrassing happened. Some thing that Tsuki didn’t know.

I should watch out next time…

“Akai deer!” Keiko shouted as she pushed Tsuki away. “Move it, Ugly!” then she turns to Akai.

“Akai, can you-




“Ugh!” Keiko walked away as Akai helped Tsuki.

“You ok? Where’s Kannako?” Akai asked.

“She’s sick…”

“Oh.” Akai said as he noticed that Tsuki’s right knee is bleeding a lot.

“T-Tsuki, y-your knee.”

“Huh?” Tsuki looked down and saw her right knee bleeding. That made Tsuki very dizzy and sick. Look’s like Keiko’s push was harsh.

“I’m taking you to the health room.” Akai was about to hold her shoulders but Tsuki collapsed in his arms.



Tsuki awoke in the Health Room. She felt faint, but she’s ok.

“Tsuki, your awake.” Next to Tsuki is Akai.

“Akai… have you waited for me all this time?”

“Yea. But its no problem. Really.”

Tsuki remembered her scrape from her knee, and the blood. She felt dizzy once again.

“Ah! Your awake! Are you ok? You are quite lucky that you have Akai by your side.” said the nurse.

“You took me here..? I’m so sorry I’m such a troubled girl.” Tsuki apologized instantly.

“It’s no big deal. I didn’t know you have a fear for blood. I’m sorry.” Akai apologized.

I’m sorry that I’m a vampire that sucks blood.

“We better get going.” Akai held his hand out to Tsuki to help her get out of bed.

“Let’s go home.”