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Black Nymph
09-28-2006, 08:00 PM
Just a note: Tsunade and Orochimaru are both fourteen in this story. Here goes the actual thing:

"AHHH!! GETITOFFGETITOFFGETITOFF!!!" Tsunade shrieked, staring with huge eyes at the snake on her leg. Orochimaru dropped from the tree above her and snatched the snake off her leg.
"Don't scare it like that." He said, setting the snake free in the opposite direction.
"It won't hurt you if you don't scream like that."
Tsunade only stared at where the snake had been on her leg. Orochimaru raised an eyebrow, curious.
"I never knew you were scared of snakes. They're my summoning, and whenever we trained you never had a problem."
Tsunade was on her feet in an instant, and she grabbed the front of Orochimaru's shirt.
"A word to anyone and you're good as dead."
Orochimaru removed Tsunade's hand from his shirt.
"Fine, but I want to know why."
"You can control them, more or less, when we train. You have no power over real snakes."
Orochimaru looked thoughtful for a moment, then summoned a snake and thurust it in Tsunade's face.
"GAH!! Orochimaru!! You're DEAD!!"
Tsunade slapped the snake aside and tackled Orochimaru.
"OW, Tsunade, I was kidding!" Orochimaru said, pushing Tsunade off of him.
"I told you I hate snakes!" Tsunade said, lying face-up in the grass. She rubbed at a cut on her cheek.
"You're bleeding." Orochimaru stated flatly, wiping the blood off her cheek. Tsunade shivered at his touch.
"Geez, your hands are cold. What do you do, sleep in ice?"
Orochimaru glared at her and put his knuckles against her face.
"COLD!!" She said, bolting upright.
Veeeeery bad move.
Since Orchimaru was leaning over Tsunade, when she sat up her mouth met Orochimaru's.
Oh no....If he doesn't kill me, I'll die of embarassment! Tsunade thought, panicking. She pulled away from Orochimaru and muttered, "Sorry." Orochimaru blinked and was silent for a moment, as if not believing what had just happened. He wiped Tsunade's lip gloss off his mouth and looked down.
"I-it was an accident, I guess...Um, wanna come to my house later tonight?" Tsunade looked up surprised. "Sure, I guess. See ya then."
She climbed to her feet and walked off to her house.

*~At Tsunade's House, Half an Hour Before She'll Leave For Orochimaru's~*

Tsunade sat down in frot of her mirror and surveyed the makeup in front of her. She had just taken a bath, and she had blow-dried her hair.
She ran a brush through her blonde hair, letting it cascade freely to her shoulders. She put on some aqua eyeliner and a little blueish eye shadow, topping it all off with some lipstick and clear lip gloss over it.
She stepped into a pair of tan pumps and started towards Orochimaru's house. "Hey Orochimaru." She said when the door swung open. Orochimaru blinked, then nodded and stepped aside.
"Hello Tsunade. Wanna watch a movie?" Tsunade nodded and surveyed Orochimaru's choices.
"Ooh, how bout Harry Potter 4? I haven't seen it yet." Orochimaru smiled and nodded, taking the DVD out.
"It's a great movie, despite the junk they leave out."
He put the movie in the DVD player and settled down on the couch beside Tsunade.

Haflway through the movie, when the dragon comes from behind Harry without warning, Tsunade jumped and clutched Orochimaru's sleeve. Orochimaru blinked and looked at Tsunade's hand, then slid his arm around her shoulders.
"You scare easily." He said. Tsunade shrugged and snuggled deeper into his embrace, putting her head on Orochimaru's shoulder.
"I don't care. Look where it gets me." It took Orochimaru a minute to figure out she was talking about his arm around her shoulders. He blushed and looked at his lap.

When Voldemort was broguht back to life in the movie, Tsunade had ot laugh.
"You look like him." She said, nuzzling his shoulder.
"I do not. He's pathetic!" Orochimaru complained. "How can you compare me with him?" Tsunade smiled. "Well, he does."
Orochimaru smirked. "If I'm Voldemort, you're Wormtail." Orochimaru laughed, a gorgeous, deep, melodic sound to Tsunade's ears.
"No way!" Tsunade groaned. "He jumps at his own shadow!" Orochimaru smirked again. "BOO!" Tsunade jumped and glared at him. "So do you." Orochimaru pointed out.
"What. EVER."
Orochimaru had an idea. An impulse, really.
He turned his head and kissed Tsunade.
Oh. My. Gosh. Did he just do that? Tsunade thought, her eyes wide. But after a second, she linked her arms around his neck and kissed back.
Orochimaru broke away for air, his his arms remained around Tsunade.
"What'd you do that for?" Tsunade demanded.
"No way. You like me?"
Tsunade looked at hi wide-eyed for a moment, then smiled.
"Wait, so you...."
"Uh, yeah."
Tsunade tilted her head and kissed Orochimaru again, running her fingers through his long dark hair.
Two legendends, in love.

Yes, I know, the most unlikely couple in the Naruto world. But I felt like doing it after seeing two pictures of them together.

09-28-2006, 09:05 PM
Just so if anyone replies and whines about the title... I'm adding "One Shot" as an option in the rules thread ;)

Black Nymph
09-29-2006, 05:38 AM
ok. I'm expecting critisism anyway, because it's the weirdest pairing the the face of the earth. But I felt like doing it.