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Sakura Holic
09-28-2006, 01:02 AM
Akai’s Morning wasn’t a great morning…
“MOM! When are you going to get the curtains fixed? I got burned on the shoulders again!!”
Akai Yuki. A junior year student in high school woke up, getting burned from the sun. Poor him.
“This afternoon! I’m a little busy this week, I’m sorry Akai deer! Why don’t you go and put some of those human ointment on? Might help.”
Ointments… I hate those things… ugh. Forget it. I need to go to school.

Akai hurried to the bathroom, getting ready for the day. He brushed his teeth and fangs, washed his face and shower. He came out of the bathroom all ready for school in his school uniform. He rushed downstairs and grabbed an apple from the table.

“Bye Mom! Bye Dad! Bye Rika!” Akai called out as he grabs his school bag and left the door to school under the morning sun. Akai isn’t a human, He’s a vampire, and so is his father. But his father is manageable to resist water and sunlight. Poor Akai cant stay under the sun for too long. His skills in water are normal like a human should be able to swim perfectly. But he has mainly problems on garlic.

“Hey Akai! How’s it?”
“Hey Akai!”
“Nice to see you!”
Akai reached the school campus and this is like the old days were everyone greets him every time.
“Akai! Over here!” a guy called out to him, sitting on a bench. Akai went over and greeted,

“Morning Takeshi.”
Takeshi Takakashi. Senior, and the most popular guy of all. His favorite hobbies is sports, reading about vampires, and loves talking about it also. His nickname is Vampire Boy. It’s because of him reading about vampires and sometimes talking about them. They both meet each other since 6th grade. [akai's grade.]
“Morning Akai. Hey did you do that pre calculus homework yet?” Takeshi asked him.

“It’s not due until next Monday, so no.”

"Darn… I need help.”

“Oh well… go figure.”

Takeshi got off the bench. “Let’s go for a walk!”

“Uh, well-

Akai heard that voice behind him. It’s Kannako. Akai turned around.

“Hello Kannako.” Greeted the both of them.

“Hello Tsuki.” Greeted Akai. “How’s the day treating you?” Akai nervously asked.

“I’m fine, thanks for asking.” Tsuki respond.

“OH! Here is your CD you wish to borrow Akai!” Kannako took out an CD and gave it to Akai.

“You remembered! Thank You.”
Kannako and Tsuki are best friends since 2nd grade. Kannako is the best when it comes to music. And when she has to stand up for her and Tsuki. Kannako has the whole collection of CD’s all over the world. Her dad is a world wide DJ. If you ask her to borrow a CD or more, your going to have to pay a fee. What ever CD that came out and you don’t have it, she has it already. Tsuki Kage. The girl beside Kannako. Best friends with Kannako. They are both sophomores. Tsuki is Akai’s crush she didn’t know about. But will sooner.
“Hey Tsuki, You ok?” asked Kannako.

“Yea… just concerned on my Geometry homework.”

“Ah…” Kannako turned to Akai. “Can you help her? I’m in algebra 1.”

“Uh…s-sure. W-why not?” Akai spoke shyly.

“Really?” Tsuki asked with a happy face.
Akai went pink when she saw his favorite face on Tsuki.
B-Bmp. B-Bmp. There goes Akai’s heart beat.


“Thank You Ak~” Tsuki’s was cut off by a girl. She pushed her aside as Tsuki fell on the ground.

“Tsuki!” Akai shouted as he helped her up.

“Oh my…. I’m so sorry Tsuki. You should watch where I’m going.” Mocked the girl. She walked up to Akai.

“Akai… honey-

“I’m not your honey.”

“Um, yea what ever. Listen, I need help on that pre calculus homework. Will you help me today after school at my house? We can get together and be alone for hours.”

“Not interested.”

“What? This is outrageous! Why?”

“Because of many things Keiko…plus, I don’t like your attitude, or you.”
Keiko went mad, and walked away, while they waiter for her to go further away from them.

“I’m so sorry about Keiko treating you like this.” Akai apologized to Tsuki.
Keiko Momo. A witch of all kinds of bad attitude. She bullied Tsuki in 2nd grade. But when ever Kannako is in the way, she doesn’t have the chance to pick oh Tsuki much. Keiko is one of the poplars too, so to speak.

“No really. I’m fine. Thanks for your concern.”

Tsuki bowed at Akai politely.

“Oh no don’t do that! I’m just….” Akai paused. “A… good…guy?” Akai felt bad when he said “good guy”. He is a vampire guy.

“Your so sweet Akai.”

“ooo000ooo some one has a girlfriend!” Teased Takeshi.

Akai pushed him aside.

“Excuse me for one second, ladies.” Akai smiled and left. “Shut up Takeshi, I don’t need that kind of support.” Akai blushed pink. But Takeshi didn’t notice.

“You’ll need to find a girl for the high school banquet anyways. Why the wait up? It’s in 3 months!”


“Hm… Akai seems nice to you. Why don’t you go out with him?” Kannako suggested.

“We’re only friends…”

“Come one!” Kannako shouted at her. “You need to find a guy for the high school banquet anyways.

“Not interested…”

“So stubborn!” Kannako frowned.

“It’s just that…. If I go with Akai, wont the girls get mad or something?” asked Tsuki. She’s talking about the Akai fan girls.

“Yea, but Akai is there to stand up for you…”

“Subject will be changed. They’re coming back.” Tsuki demanded.

“Welcome back boys!” Kannako shouted.

“Hello again to you both.” Akai smiled. (not his fangs showing)

“Uh…” Tsuki spoke to Akai. “About that homework tutor, where should I go..? Your house or mine?”

“Huh?” Akai paused. “Oh! Uh... your house”


Akai could never let anyone in. He’s a freaken vampire, his family is a vampire, and she might be bitten!

“Why? Is your parent’s home or something?” Tsuki asked.

“No, they’re just embarrassing.” Akai lied.

“I see.”

Ring Ring!
“Come on, Lets go to class.” Takeshi ran and the others followed.