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09-27-2006, 11:59 PM
a man's love : chapter one

The shining intese flame of the moon pulls me into its desire. It swallows my pupils in a sensless movement. In that movement i feel a power, a pain and a pleasure release in my body. An intimate spot deep in my body where no man or woman yet touch. My body tightens, my muscles tighten and I breathe in the warming glow of the moon, the trees and the ground.
The pain, the breaking, popping pain releases in my jaw. A quick wet pop of muscle and flesh in my mouth. I feel my bones tightening and my teeth moving. A sliding crunch of bone reaches out of my gum. A fang. I feel the moon pull me in, my mouth drained of humanity and flooded with beast. My hearing becoming clearer and acute. My ears no longer are the same. They start to bend, strech and mutate into its beast. I open my mouth of shining bone and scream to nobody. My face stretches out into a long beastly snout, my nose no longer human, but a wet peice of flesh at the end of my face.
My spinal cord shaking, popping and cracking forcing me onto my knees and hands. Pushing me onto all fours. My back longues out a howling scream of flesh and muscle. Wet bone movements and flesh for in my arms and legs, popping my finger and toe bones. A long stretch of bone rising from my fingertips, a massive claw. My hand mutating into a paw, cracking its way through my human skin. My feet and legs sliding out of my human into my beast. A wet snap of bone rawrs out my spine, my tail bone spreading and stretching into a tail. All the while massive clumps of thick brown fur rise from my skin. A sweet ozzing liquid coming from my skin from the change.
I open my eyes and no longer see the world as i once did. I see it as a game, as animal versus animal and me finding my prey. I stand up on my new found legs and howl to the disiring pull of the moon. To the flaming ball of change.

I run, leaping from feet to feet like a natural instinct. I brush through trees, knowing exactly where every log, twig and mound is. Knowing i wont fall. A distant howling seems to rawr ahead of me. A loud crackling sound of wolves.
I run, I keep running and I come to a massive clearing, where the trees no longer grow where the grass is dominant. I suddenly stop and gaze at only what my eyes can understand.

A large stone slab resides in the middle of the clearing, surrounded by thick grass and weeds. The moonlight shines in a luminant streak towards the slab of stone.
Surrounding the slab is not only grass and weeds, but my fellow werewolves.

Sakura Holic
09-28-2006, 01:14 AM
Nice chapter! Though.. its short...
But It doesnt matter to me much. I just love your words on how you put them. Nice work Mystic!
^ ^

Princess Cupcake
09-29-2006, 07:05 PM
Oo wee. A werewolf story. Interesting how you describe his transformation yet you could add some feeling into the charactor and make it more mysterious. I do however like how you've started and I hope I've encouraged you to keep going. <3

10-05-2006, 12:48 PM
wow great way of telling how a wearwolf transforms i know this sounds corny but well quite frankly i really dont give a d*** so on that note i say nay