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Black Nymph
09-26-2006, 04:02 PM
Sharp Eyes: Chapter 2 - You...Me....Us?

You woke up the next morning feeling better than you had in 3 years. You slid out of bed and wrapped in a robe, walking into the bathroom.
"Ugh, I look awful." You said, seeing you hadn't taken your makeup off last night.
You took a washcloth and thoughourly scrubbed the make up off, putting on some black eyeliner but leaving the rest off for some reason. All the same, you got into your normal black outfit.
You yawned as you walked into the living room on your way to the kitchen.
"Kabuto????" You said, seeing him still asleep on the couch. He sat up sleepily and took off his glasses, rubbing his nose.
"Ok, OW. That is the last time I forget to take off my glasses...Guess I fell asleep, huh?"
"You don't say."
"Oh boy, I see we're not a morning person."
"Well maybe we shouldn't be irritating in the morning."
Kabuto laughed and put his glasses back on.
"Hey, you're not in six inches of black makeup." Kabuto observed.
"Real cute, Kabuto. No, I left out everything but the eyeliner this morning. Felt a bit happier. Wonder why.(note your sarcasm)"
Kabuto stared for a moment, then blushed and looked down. He took off his glasses and polished them, though they were already spotless. You smiled, amused.
"That what you do when you're nervous?"
Kabuto looked up, his glasses still in his hand.
"Polish your glasses."
Kabuto blushed a little, and you realized just how cute he looked without his glasses.
"You look good without your glasses."
You gasped and clamped a hand over your mouth, embarassed at what you just said. Kabuto blushed a deeper crimson and brushed past past you to walk toward the door.
"I guess I'll be going now...."
You couldn't let him now, not after what you said.....not after you figured out that you liked him.
You grabbed his wrist and made him face you. Then, you took a deep breath and pushed your mouth on his. Kabuto loked at you for a second, eyes wide, the snaked his arms around your waist and began to kiss back.

-Sasuke's P.O.V.-

I sat in one of Ninja Academy's seats, my fingers laced and my mouth resting against them. In other words, I was bored. I wished something would happen.
And something did.
There's this emo girl, Tena I think is her name. She confuses even me sometimes, because she's got a vocabulary big enough to fill a thousand books. She and Shikamaru can actually understand what each other are saying, while we're sitting there completely clueless.
And then there's a glasses kid, Kabuto, who's really a data-gatherer. He's good at it, to, and his strength is math.
Kabuto and Tena, they're both smart people, but the last people I'd expect as a couple.
So imagine my surprise when they both walk in with their fingers intertwined.
As if this isn't enough of a shock, Tena's without most of her black and white makeup.
"So, either the sky fell or this is a dream." I said dryly as they took seats beside each other a row above me.
"Wrong on both acounts, Uchiha. What bug bit you anyway? Can't stand other people being happy?" Tena inquired, snapping black-painted fingers in my face.
I slapped her hand away and turned around to glare at them.
"I liked you better when you were emo, Misn."
"Yeah, well fire will turn to ice when I change solely to please you."
"See that, Kabuto? I ran Mr. Heartthrob out fo comebacks."
Kabuto snickered, majorly grinding my last nerve.
"Will the both of you lovebirds shut up?" I finally said, very annoyed. Tena smiled and informed me with a smug look on her face,