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Black Nymph
09-25-2006, 05:52 PM
Sharp Eyes: Chapter 1 - Insomnia

Your name is Tena Misn. You have should-length black hair, black eyes, and silver wristbands and earrings. That's all you must know for you.

Iruka was babbling on about something or other to Naruto, somehting about honor or honesting or something you didn't care about.
Not that you were a bad person, as much as your black eyeliner and black lipstick suggested it, as much as your fishnet leggings and black t-shirt under a long-sleeved fishnet shirt proclaimed it, as much as you looked like it, you weren't.
You had better things to worry about.
Like the whiteish haired boy who had been sneaking glances at you randomly for the past ten minutes. His glasses glinted in the lght eveyr time he did, and it finally got on your nerves. You scribbled a quick note and frisbeed it over to him.

What are you doing? I want answers to why you've been looking at me rnadomly for the past ten minutes.

The boy loked over at you again curiously and a moment later tossed you a return note.

I'll explain after class. I'll walk home with you.

"Ok, see you all tomorrow!" Iruka said brightly. You rolled your black-lined eyes and picked up your red notebook, storlling out of class.
"He's way too happy to be sane..." You muttered.
"I agree."
"You must be Kabuto, yes?"
"Indeed. At least you've got a decent vocabulary." Kabuto sighed. You whipped around to face him.
"Don't criticize what I know; I'm a lot smarter than you all give me credit for."
Kabuto cringed, pushing his glasses up his nose.
"I wasn't criticizng, that's on the contrary a compliment."
"Hn. Ok, why were you looking at me all day?"
"The onyl reason I'm still here is to gather data on Genin. You're my main target today, I don't have much on you."
"All right. You wanna come in?" You had by this time reached your small house.(you were an orphan)
Kabuto looked unsure. You smiled a little.
"Come on, depsite the black lipstick I won't bite. I might look morbid, but I don't hate the world. Well," You paused to chuckle a bit, "Perhaps I do, but you seem a little different. At least no overly happy."
'Woah, she's gorgeous when she smiles...AH! What am I thinking?"
Kabuto smiled a little and stepped inside, and you followed.
"Hey, it's kind of late, you want anything to eat?" You asked, walking into the kitchen.
"Maybe later, but first....You look like you never sleep." Kabuto took in your bloodshot eyes and had a small jolt of recognition.
"Yes, I have insomnia. Hey, now I remember your face. Your the med ninaj's adopted son, right?"
"Yes, and I think I know what's keeping you up."
Kabuto walked forward and placed a single finger on the middle of your forehead, and you melted into a once-foggy and now crystal clear memory.

You woke on a hospital bed to a shrill, uneven beeping and realized it was your own heartbeat on a wall panel. 'She's going critical, and we have no idea what's wrong!" A doctor shouted. Then Kabuto glided calmly in and placed a chakra-encircled hand on your forhead, and you felt fine and dropped off to sleep.

"Wait....So...You...saved me?" You said, bewildered.
"It appears so, yes."
"Um...Thank you?"
Kabuto smiled and laughed a bit.
"You're welcome."
"Oh. My. Gosh. He's amazing when he smiles....OK, WHERE did that thought some from?" you thought.
"Maybe now I can get to sleep. Want to stay for dinner?"
"If it doesn't bother you."
"No way, it gets lonely here with just me and my eye liner." You said, smiling again and making Kabuto's heart thud hard.
"Cool. How's spaghetti?"
So you cooked dinner with a little of Kabuto's help, and afterward you watch a movie. Halfway through it at ten o'clock, you fell asleep. Kabuto looked over at you and blushed scarlet when he found you asleep against his shoulder.
'I hate to wake her up.....I could take her ot her room...."
Kabuto nodded to himself and swept you up bridal-style and put you on your bed. He covered you with a blanket he found and returned to the living room and settled down with a book. An hour later, he was asleep on the couch.