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09-24-2006, 10:14 PM
Those of you who have found your way to this thread and want to sign up, the sign up thread for this rp is located here:


Okay, onto business. ^^ Welcome to all of you who have joined! I'm ready to get started, so lets get moving. I hope this rp turns out awesome! Here are some ground rules, and after that we're all set!

1. No double posting or spamming.

2. I'm so sick of 2-lined posts! Keep your posts at a minimum of 5 lines please!!

3. All things said out of character must be put in OOC

4. You can post one time back and forth, but if I see back-and-forth-back-and-forth-back-and-forth, then you're in trouble. This isn't a chat room!

5. Up to 3 posts a day. Gotta let ppl catch up ya know! [UNLESS: you are RP'in more than one character, then you get to have more ^^]

6. If you're going to be gone from the RPG for a long length of time, please let me know.

7. If you are gone for more than a week w/o notice, I will keel off your character or give your character away! I don't want to, but I don't want my RP to die... sorry!

8. Pretty please inform me if you plan on deviating from the storyline or have any sudden changes with your character before you post it in the RPG, so that I may approve it. (examples: you're character is joining the evil side, is going to be kidnapped, is pregnant {<<LOL} or anything of that nature)

9. No God-modding. Don't make your person so strong that they are super stronger than the other agents. ALL of the agents are of about equal strength, so keep that in mind when disputes come up between characters. The only real exception is the Weaponoid [Sorry! It's part of the storyline I came up with ^^;] but even then not in all cases.

10. You must respect your GM, me. If I ask you to do something or if I suggest to you to do something, please don't take it offensively, I'm just trying to run my RPG here and I think I deserve your respect. <3


The Database is under construction YO!




09-24-2006, 10:42 PM
OOC- This is basically the intro post, so I'll be voicing a number of characters. I'll also be playing as Ryo. I've also decided that I'll be playing Yoshiro too, because I want him in the story.

A young man in STAAR uniform walked down a corridor in the company of a blonde female, who was completely outfitted in metalic armor. Doors slid open, and the man pointed things out to her, describing them, almost like a tour guide. "So, this is whats known as "The Hall". It's the place that all of the members of the Agent Division hang out at inbetween missions. It's got a whole garden, artificial beach, a mini cafe, resting quarters, and a few other things. Heh, I don't know why they call it "Tha Hall" though, as you can see it's not just a hall, haha I mean, it's, well, it's alot bigger... ya know..." he paused, noticing the girls apparently blank expression. He was obviously not holding her attention very well. He loosened the collar of his shirt, while thinking [alright, just how the heck do you make conversation with a weaponoid? Oh well, it's a good thing we're already there...] They stopped in front of glass sliding doors. As they both stepped in, they saw a young man with fiery red hair who happened to be conversing with another slightly older man at a table.

"Good evening Captain Ace, may I speak with you?" The red-haired man stood up from the table and walked towards them. "Allen, we're on friendly terms you know, you can call me Ryo." Allen smiled sheepishly. "Y-yes Cap-- I mean, Ryo. I have come to you today because the Head Division has assigned you with a new task--" Ryo quickly interupted "Look Allen, I already recieved my new assignment from Head Division. Supposedly some STAAR agents intercepted a message that seemed to suggest that the ISS was about to become the victim of an alien invasion. And so, they're having me gather some extra agents to join my crew, team 01, and then we're all supposed to hop on a spaceship and go whoop some alien butt. Yeah, I already know all this."

The man replied to Ryo's remark with a stupified look. "I-i-invasion, sir??" He cleared his throat "Eh... Captain, I know nothing of the invasion mission... The Head Division has required something else of you... they require you to take..." he paused, gesturing to the weaponoid "Her... on the mission along with you... she's "the" weaponoid, sir."

Ryo blinked, staring at the tan female before him "Sh-she's the weaponoid?" "Yes" replied the other agent. Ryo nodded towards him. "Alright then, you can go now..." The other agent quickly turned around and walked off. "So? They want me to babysit you then? Well..." he extended a hand towards her "I'm Ryo, or Captain Ace if you prefer. Welcome to the team. What's your name?" The girl did not return his handshake and mearly stated "It is good to make your aquaintance captain. I am known as Weaponoid K-E-I. Serial numb--" she was interrupted by Ryo "No no no, I want your name, not your serial number and all that. What's your real name?"

The girl was shocked by this remark, and although her face did not have the expression, her eyes had widened in reply. "My... name is Mia." Ryo grinned. "Well, Mia, welcome to the team. This is Yoshiro..." Ryo nodded to the man he had been speaking with earlier "His agent name is Gambler..." Upon hearing his name, Yoshiro stood up and walked over to the two of them.

"Don't worry Ryo, I heard most of the conversation..." Yoshiro got a gleam in his eye "Heh heh she's one hot weaponoid! Wow I didn't know they made them so fiiiiine!" Ryo smacked Yoshiro in the back of the head "Grrrr down boy!" he shouted "Geez Yoshiro, act a little more seriously. Theres going to be quite a few others who are joining us on this mission too. Most of them are rogue agents, people that work on their own. They're not going to act very kind to someone as unprofessional as you." Yoshiro just stuck his tongue out in reply. Mia just stared at them curiously, eyeing their odd behavoir.

[an hour later]

Ryo and Yoshiro sat in the room, (Mia preferred to stand) waiting for the new agents to show up for their latest mission. "Hey Ryo, wanna shoot some dice while we wait? I bet you--" Ryo quickly put his hand up "No, they're coming right now..." His red eye focused on a wall to their right "They'll be coming in soon..."

09-25-2006, 05:06 AM
Babs walked down the hall adjusting her black gloves her face empty of any emotion. some of the other agents quickly moved out of her way, she stopped before a door and knocked until she heard a faint come in and entered. Inside she saluted ryo "agent shadow reporting for duty sir" She saw that mia was looking at her outfit which consitent of a leather top that ended just above her midriff and leather pants with combat boots and a kevlar jacket with the staar emblem on it.

red storm
09-25-2006, 05:08 AM
Marching through the corridors was a blue haired, green eyed girl wearing a blue dress-uniform. Said girl was on her way to a briefing conserning some battle in some place. Her mind wasn't really there when she got the message, she'd been to engrossed in modifiying her ear-connectors. USB was good, but wireless acces was far less secure, and therefore easier to hack. Except for her, of course.

She giggled slightly as she entered the hall. Seriously, the hall? Higher ups weren't exactly the most original of people. Why not call it 'the hangout' or 'the garden' at least those were a bit more accurate. Oh well.

"Hayo, cap!" she shouted as she waved for Ryo. "I hear there's some problem in some place, and we were... send... to...." She trailed of as she noticed Mia standing, her hand dropped slightly. The scanners installed in her eyes were displaying a detailed information on the weaponoid. Her eyes went wide, and the others were starting to think she was terified of the weaponoid. Any minute now she could turn around and run away.

"She's! So! Cute!"

.... Or maybe not.

Cerea leaped forward, hands clasped in front of her face and her eyes all stary. "Amazing! I heard stories about you, and how cool you were suposed to be, but they never said you were such a cutie! Ooh! I really like that necklace, oh and the winged connectors! And you have the cutest set of blue eyes!"

09-25-2006, 05:16 AM
Babs sighs when Cerea enters and starting squaling, she liked cerea very much being one of the few droids that helped her fit in. But also in being a good sparring partner, rubbing her nose she grabbed cerea by the collar of her uniform and pulled her back "calm down cerea, we don't want her to get a nervousbreak down already because of you" she gave the girl a smirk "and i don't want to have to make a back-up again of you system" she lets go "seeing the fact that you can't sits stil for 5 minutes"she crosses her arms and looks to mia.

Seikyu Kiba
09-25-2006, 05:41 AM
OOC: Finally...No Way! Agent Cards! Sweet! Mia your my new friend! I'll collect them all!

as Babs and Cerea were getting to know each other a tall man walked in with his arms crossed and his eyes closed this guy was actually quit the strange one off all the agents he almost looked evil with his two giant hand blades rubbing together.. It seemed like he didn't want to be bothered do to the fact that he was Dante Cry...also know as Agent Stray, the agent that works alone, why they called him for a team mission was his question but it didn't let it bother him. In a low voice he said "Agent Stray." is all he said

red storm
09-25-2006, 07:50 AM
"...And that headband, wow! Does it do anything? It's looks like a -urk-" Cerea was cut of mid-centense as Babs pulled her back by the collar of her uniform. As soon as she let go she whirled around to face the girl. "Moo, I was just saying Babs I mean, look at her! She is so cute!" She tilted her head at the Babs. "Or do I sense a hint of jealousy in your voice?" She grinned spun around untill she was behind her and threw her arms around the girls' neck, resting her cheek against Babs' "Don't be, you're to pretty to be jealous."

09-25-2006, 07:58 AM
Babs just blinked "i was merely trying to dam in your reaction" she smirks "remember the first time you met me? You scared me so much in punched your arm off and it costed you three days just to repair it". She frowns when Cerea threw her arms around her neck and started to tighten 'also may i remind you that unlike you i am just 17% droid and stil need to breath"she chuckles.

09-25-2006, 10:30 AM
OOC: The shakkar is an energy blade carried by all Selvadt warriors. It sits on the forearm, and when activated creates a 2' long blade of energy that can cut as well as deliver a shock to most A.I. control systems.

A lone Sevadt battleship hung in orbit around Luna(the moon). Nestled safely inside the ship, far from the vulnerable hull, Admiral Vorridian Nool sat in his office, reveiwing the basics of Terran(human) language. He vocalized different sounds out of the gills running down his neck, trying to master it. He was a soldier, not a diplomat, and his assignment had come on short notice.

A he let out a short honk, the Sevladt equivalent of a sigh, and pushed himself out of his chair. He finished adorning his dress uniform, and strapped his sidearm and shakkar on. His long legs carried him down the corridors of the ship, and to the hangar bay. There, a transport shuttle waited.

A few minutes later, they touched down at the STAAR compound, and after he had been cleared by security, Vorridian began following the directions on the holomap to the office the meeting was supposed to take place in. However, he soon became lost, and walked up to a group of agents. In a piping, yet authoritative voice, he asked, "Excuse me, but where I find office of agent..." He trailed off as he read the notes on the bottom of the map. "Obsidian?"

09-25-2006, 12:51 PM
Lost in what seemed like a sea of dress uniforms, Minjonet was quite pointedly dressed down - in fact, the baggy denim jumpsuit she was wearing seemed as if it had been stolen from one of the hanger crew. Her boots, at least, were shined to gleaming and from their fancy decoration looked as if they might have been part of a dress uniform, maybe, perhaps in their better days. Over her back was strapped a fine lazer rifle, the leather strap slung across her chest; another lazer pistol sat at her hip on her belt along with several bulging pouches of curious accoutrements. As the other agents passed, some quite pointedly stared, obviously not quite used to the appearance of a Hybrid.

As he came walking up, she looked the Sevadt over pointedly for a moment before smiling. "Obsidian? I'm looking for 'im, too. At least they gave you a map." She chuckled deeply, moving to peer over his shoulder. "That room, there, I'd guess." She pointed with a paw, claw poking through the hologram as she gave a lazy shrug, her tail twitching in thought.

09-25-2006, 01:50 PM
@Seikyu Kiba: *pokemon theme sounds* Gotta collect 'em all! Agent cards!
@red storm: *squee* you put it in you're siggy!

Mia: As each of the agents filed in, Mia stared blankly at them, looking each of them over with her blue eyes. Her eyes focused in and out, gathering information on the subjects. Her internal systems potrayed holo-screens with statistics of each of the agents. Agents CQ unit-34, Shadow, and Stray. Two classified cyborgs, the remaining a soldier. She was beginning to analyze their capabilities, but was soon interrupted. The said cyborg, Cerea, had walked up to her and began speaking. Mia's eyes widened, but she said no words or made any attempt to stop Cerea's outburst. She glanced at her curiously as she took in her words. [[I have confirmed this is what is known as praise. Praise: Expression of approval, commendation, or admiration. Response? Correct response not detected in nanite mainframe...]] Mia did not know what to do in this situation. As soon as she had finished analyzing, the other agent, Babs, had removed Cerea from her and the two of them began conversing with eachother. Mia was still very confused, and somewhat frustrated. It had been mentioned that she was activated before she could have a social interaction bit installed in her nanite base, however, she was still technically human. So in a sense she should have been able to peice together some sort of response. She decided to put this conflict aside for now.

Ryo: Ryo nodded towards the agents walking in. "Agents CQ unit-34, Shadow, Stray... looks like we're still missing quite a few more people then." he paused "Umm... Agent Stray, can't say I've had the pleasure of working with you yet. I take it you're a rogue agent, right?" Although the tall man looked like he didn't want to be bothered, Ryo was not intimidated, he had dealt with worse people. Ryo noticed Cerea's reaction to Mia and laughed slightly. "Heh heh for a second there Cerea, I thought that you were afraid of her or something... Still the same as that one time we worked together. I trust you haven't forgotten? It was some time ago though..." He found the situation very amusing, especially because of Mia's reaction. Most likely because she had recently been awakened, she didn't seem familiar with these sort of situations, or how to respond to them. But Ryo figured that since she was locked up in some case for 13 years, it was understandable. He decided to help the situation, not wanting to see Cerea offended by Mia's seemingly harsh reaction. The last thing he needed was an unruly crew on his hands. "Cerea, I'm sure that she didn't mean to be so rude... I'm sure she's still pretty new to this thing, she'll warm up eventually" he said kindly.

Yoshiro: Yoshiro nearly salivated as he saw the two females walking into the room. In fact, he didn't even realize that there had been a man walking in behind them. As soon as they had all began getting aquainted, he shimmied over to where Babs and Cerea were busy talking. "Soooo, how are you ladies today? It's nice to see that we're going to have some wonderfully attractive females such as yourselves onboard this mission... How about later on when we get on the ship, I can show you around? Me and Ryo fixed it up good. I can show you girls the hot tub too! Hows about it?" Yoshiro flashed a big shiny grin, ignoring the angry look from Ryo.

09-25-2006, 02:00 PM
babs looked at yoshiro and smirked mischieviously 'so this is the guy that reqeusted al those porn book printout's'. She looked to him innocently "but then the water can cause my ubs ports to malfuction and then i can't download and print your porn books anymore"she smiled sweetly as cerea stared at her with open mouth, ryo seemed to ready to blow up and mia and stray just looked at her.

Seikyu Kiba
09-25-2006, 03:16 PM
OOC: Yep Yep^^ Its nice of you to make them

Dante glanced over at Ryo and nodded "Indeed." He said quietly listening to the others talking and noticed the one called Mia standing there. He observed her and was thinking of if she was analyzing abilites, But instead looked away and continued to sharpin his blades quietly. He continued to listen but also over heard what Cerea and Babs were talking about and apparrently he asumed that those two had something together all though he wasn't quiet sure, his eyes grew wide as a thought crossed his mind he knew that these were going to be the weirdest people he met, of course he never worked as a team.

red storm
09-25-2006, 04:15 PM
Still leaving one arm around Babs neck, Cerea put her other hands index finger under her chin as she responded to Ryo's query. "Wasn't that the mision where I ended up in bed with that cute brunette? What was her name again?" She shrugged "Guess I forgot." She frowned as Ryo apolagized for Mia's behaviour. "Bah, you know me better then that cap! As unoficial morale officer of STAAR, I can hardly turn my back on someone -a very cute someone- who's a bit new to emotion, can I?"

Then Yoshiro came in and started flirting with them. Cerea resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Even if she did swing that way, there was no way she would actually believe such a lame excuse for peeking.

Then Babs told him off with the excuse of not being able to download his porn because of her USB ports. Cerea's mouth was hanging open with surprise, and protest. She had taken personal care to make Babs' USB ports waterproof during her last tinkering spree. When the reason for the excuse finally got through her mind, she gave the girl a sinister smirk.

Turning back to Yoshiro she spoke "I'm sorry, you must be very kind to offer such great effort to show us around. Unfortunately, I don't swing that way." With that she threw both her arms around Babs again "I swing this way!"

09-25-2006, 04:19 PM
Rhoan ayutzuki walked down the corridor he was using his eye implants to asses danger and to locate and watch the meeting he turned a corner and began a inspection of the meeting room and chose a tactical standpoint in case of confrintation he deactivated his eye implants and opened the door saying "Frost reporting sir" and began to watch the rest of the agents while taking a seat in the corner and waiting for briefing he also noted mia he knew she was a weaponoid because he could see through her if he activated his eye implants
after keeping a watch on everyone for sometime now watching them mess around he thought "this is a waste of time" scince the meeting hasnt started yet he decided to inspect his elbow blades the were projecting at 1' long 100% he had nothing to do now so he began listening to conversations and keeping an eye on the door he muttered "the meeting better start soon" and then fell silent
thinking "always the waiting" ... he spent the next several minutes thinking about the misson and wondering why so many agents are here he concluded its either big assault or just vitally important and left his thoughts at that he rechecked all his weapons knew he coulndnt keep himself amused for long so he began listening to the agents talk again

09-25-2006, 04:25 PM
Babs made a choking noise and pulled cerea of her "luckily for my health i do not swing that way" She looks to mia who looked curious at the interaction 'don't worry you get used to her..in two or three years" she chuckles something she rarely did among other people "Cerea here is a true battle driod, i am more for the reasearch, hacking, dowloading.."she glanced to yoshiro "and aparantly printing porn" She pokes cerea "and i keep cerea's anti-virus and hacking software up to date or else she was probely taking over by a virus a long time ago"she blinks "though i do sometimes think she has a unremovable virus in her head that should explain her behavior" she brushes her hair back

fox demon naruto
09-25-2006, 04:32 PM
Zen was walking down the many hallways of the base twirling one of his pistols around his finger. Many people who passed stay far away for fear of being shot or just attacked by him. As he passed a cornor a young man called out to him, "Ah, Zen sir! You are needed in the brefing room for a mission with Captian Ace." Zen just looked at the boy. He looked no older then 19 and then gave a small chuckle. "Sure no problem but now you must die for calling out to me and not standing infront of me." Said Zen as he pointed his pistol at the boy's head. The boy started to shake and sweat. Zen pulled the trigger but nothing happened, Zen then gave a loud laugh. "Ahahahahahahaha! I had the safty of kid." He said showing the boy. "Thanks for the info." Zen said walking away. "O-of course Zen Sir!"

Zen walked into the room to see a few people he didn't know. He then noticed Ryo and said," Captian Ace! Zen Crimson reporting for duty." As he saluted him. He then walked to a cornor and looked at the people for a few minutes before going back to twirling his pistol.

09-25-2006, 04:33 PM
Arisu ran down the corridor which led to the meeting the high officials were giving."I'm so late. Geez I just had to bursh my hair for a whole hour in the bathroom." said the red haired girl. Her bionic legs giving her the boost she needed to reach the door in time.She made sure the small handgun she had was lodged in her left legging. The girl opened the door and saluted to the high officials "Arisu Arisugawa: Agent name Ice Queen." she said taking at spot, leaning agains tthe wall, smoothing out her STAARS jacket.

09-25-2006, 04:48 PM
Mia: Mia closed her eyes, and leaned against the wall with her arms crossed over her chest. After taking some time to re-assert the data she had collected on her new comrades, she found that the same situation kept presenting itself. It was on her mind, no doubt. An unidentifiable feeling. A feeling coming from her 'inferior' side. Her human side. Although she did not understand the feeling, she knew that it was there. And it was a current annoyance. Perhaps it was caused from her previous interaction with Cerea. She pushed it away again. As soon as it had aroused, the annoyance was gone. She opened her eyes and turned to look out the window. The outdoors had never been real to her. She had never been on the outside before. The closest feeling of reality she ever had was in virtual reality sims used to test her fighting ability. And what of her life before becoming the weaponoid she now was? That was just another unsolved mystery. Her eyes fell on a lone bird, sitting on a tree branch. She focused on it. What did this bird mean to her? Nothing, except data.

Yoshiro: After hearing the remarks from Cerea and Babs, Yoshiro pouted. [[Man did I get shot down!]] he thought to himself with a dissatisfied frown. His mind wandered for a mear moment as Cerea's comment re-entered his mind, producing some arousing thoughts, however his more charming and polite side soon took over. "Ohhh I see ladies. Well, guess both are of you are off-limits then..." Yoshiro perked up "Well, lets start again. I'm Yoshiro, aka Gambler, and I'll be the one piloting the ship. Ryo and I have been on this ship together for awhile. Our team is usually made up of me, Ryo, Alice, Amber, Sable, and Zen, so they'll know things about the ship too once you meet them. But of course me and Ryo are the experts. So, if you girls need anything, just let me know. And don't worry, I'll try my best not to make any more advantages on you" He said with a charming smile. [[so long as I can help it anyways...]]

Ryo: Ryo nodded to Cerea "Yeah, that was the mission. We wasted alot of time trying to find you while you were busy seducing some girl! Though I have to admit, it was pretty funny in the end." Ryo turned his attention to Dante, who seemed reluctant to talk. "I see, so you are a rogue agent then. Well, you won't be the only one, all the new agents coming in are rogues too." Noticing that Yoshiro was finished attempting to seduce the girls, Ryo breathed a sigh of relief. He made his way over to him and rested his elbow on Yoshiro's shoulder "Unfortunately, girls, me and Yoshiro go way back... I know he's a lecher, but he's also polite most of the time. Not to mention..." Ryo glared in Yoshiro's direction "He knows what I'll do to him if he's not" he said in a serious matter. Ryo then grinned "Well! I think we're all going to get along just fine huh? Now we just have to wait for all the slackers to come in." Ryo glanced out of the corner of his eye to find Mia looking out the window. [[wonder what she's thinking...]]

09-25-2006, 04:54 PM
"Thank you," He told Minjonet, bowing at the waist. He then walked away, in his birdlike stride, to the office that Minjonet had pointed out.

"Please, please, come in, Admiral." Agent Obisidian set, motioning to a Terran chair. Obisidian sat behind his desk, his tone and manner comforting. "A political officer." Vorr thought.

"Thank you." Vorr said, and paused in front of a chair. He looked at the others, and found an armless one. Pulling it in front of him, he turned it so the back was facing the desk, then sat in it.

Obisidian cleared his desk and said, "I'm sorry for the mess, and any weird looks you recieved on the way here. Alien relations have been a little strained ever since that report came in of an attack force." Obsidian's glassy black eyes fixed on Vorr's navy ones. "Not that that's leaving the room."

Vorr blinked, and said, "If you need help, I will fight against enemies of Terra. I have fought in 57 major battles, and my ship has fought in 39 of those battles. I am here to open an alliance."

Obsidian sighed, and said, "But then we have the glory hounds and racists who'll give me hell about it." Obisidan smiled, and said, "Between us old war dogs, I say screw 'em. Give whatever assistance you can." The agent rose, and said "There's a group of agents we've assigned to deal with the problem, you probably passed them, but you should start there. O'ilu sheehar weenal."

Vorr blinked at the last scentence, and said, "Your Selvan is as good as my Terran. He ran his hand down his left gills, then held the hand out to Obisidian, a Selvadt goodbye. He walked back to the odd assortment of agents he had seen before, and entered the room. Instinctively, he did the oppisite of the gesture he had done to Obisdian, and said, "I am Admiral Vorridian Nool, and I am here to offer help against other races."

09-25-2006, 04:54 PM
Sabel was in no hurry. As she walked down the hall she took extra time just wink at all the men. She reached the door of the room and walked casually in again talking time to wink at certain people. "Agent Rose." was all she said to Ryo.

Seikyu Kiba
09-25-2006, 05:09 PM
Dante nodded to Ryo and then looked over at the 3 people who walked in, He didn't say anything but he got up and leaned against the wall stairing at them, Sabel who entered seemed to be more into medical supplys, He then glanced over at Arisu and thought she is probably the one who will be less prepared and more about her looks, His eyes continued to glance around the room with a evil glare. He glanced at Admiral Vorridian and noticed he was probably the only normal person here..all though he could be wrong.

09-25-2006, 05:11 PM
Arisu smiled politey at Yoshiro and waved a small little wave. "It's nice to meet you too.He..he" she said 'Geez he seems like a captial pervet.' she thought a small vain twitching on her forehead. She began to walk around and introduce herself to a mysterious man named Dante, her long red hair bobbing as she walked. "Hello there I'm Arisu Arisugawa nice to meet you." she gave a low bow
to him.

09-25-2006, 05:28 PM
Minjonet watched the Selvadt stride down the hall, tail twitching back and forth in obvious curiousness, before she coughed to remind herself that she had to be off somewhere too. After a long moment of muttering to herself she pulled out a data pad and thumbed the side to scroll through the information, finally getting the room number she needed again. "Oh, so it's over there. All right, then." Muttering to herself, she ambled off, walking at a leisurely pace.

"Two-oh-one, two-oh-two... this should be it." She looked the door to the conference room up and down before nodding to herself, pausing a moment to lick her fingertips and pat down a place on her muzzle where she knew there was a bit of fur that always wanted to stick up. Taking a deep breath, she opened the door.

A rather fierce looking girl in the corner, several more gabbing away, people in dress uniforms looking awfully... important... Minjonet looked down at herself and gave a disgruntled sigh. She guessed this must be the place. Nodding to all, she gave a terse "Morning." before sitting at one of the chairs at the conference table, looking perceptively nervous (especially if you noticed her tail starting to floof out just-so).

Seikyu Kiba
09-25-2006, 05:35 PM
Dante looked at Arisu and nodded "Dante Likewise." In a low voice, of course his voice had to be low because his mouth was covered by a metal mouth mask (what ever you want to call it). He looked at Minjonet who just entered the room and noticed she was the only one who sticked out. Then he glanced back over to Arisu and thought she might be the one who will always needs to be protected. And if he had to do protecting make sure its during a battle.

Lucidian Dyne
09-25-2006, 06:50 PM
"Now arriving: ISS Shuttle 2-575 from departure point, Colony Chiba. Passengers: one. Please pick up your cargo at the turnstile."

And so concluded a four hour long trip. Even with the fusion reactors backing the power of the shuttle, it was still too long of a flight to sit through. Light speed vessels were only granted clearance for interstellar travel -- too fast for intersystem plots.

He took a deep breath through his nose and let it drag out in a ragged sigh. Same stinkin' air; every colony was full of it, the odorless, sterile artificial atmosphere. It tasted dead to him, a death unlike rotting corpses and decomposing foods. No, Luna Colony was just like Alden, just like Bain, like Chiba and Diamond. Nothing like Earth. He would gladly give up the last four years of his life to do it all over again on Earth.

He grunted to himself, erasing the fond memories from his mind. He passed through the turnstile, picked up his two bags, passed through the check-in station and was out of the terminal without a fuss. Just outside, there was a mass transit system -- gyrotrains. Tunnels stacked upon each other, parallel trainlines, at least seven lines high. None of the train cars ever touched the tracks. He crossed his vision to one of the cars and was presented with a shameless plug: "StarSlip: What will you enjoy next?"

[Tch, the paperpushers are getting dumber by the slogan...] He rolled his eyes, turned on his heels and threaded his fingers through his bangs. He looked upon the time schedule of the gyrotrains. It didn't take him long to find his own entry: "ISS Military, Luna Outpost". Its passenger limit was full, and due to leave in thirty seconds. He went to the appropriate gyrotrain, walked inside, threw his bags underneath a chair and sat down. He rubbed his eyes for a moment, noticed a deafening silence and blinked as he looked around.

He was the only person on board.

He sighed to himself, his chin flopping into his uplifted palm as he looked out to the window. Another trip without someone to talk to. He liked his alone time just like the next busy soldier, but this was starting to wear on him. He'd almost be willing to put up with romantic advances from strange, beautiful women. Almost.

Another thirty minutes were shot, without incident. He departed from the gyro, felt gravity settle back into him and looked up at the glass-paned complex before him. There were domes as huge as stadiums circling around an even more spectacular dome in the center -- he could already spot contained beach paradises, snow-fraggled biomes and weaving forest structures, all situated in the outer domes. The whole center was deveoted to the vast military community that worked and lived under the glass. Buildings as tall as skyscrapers, housing units... those were few compared to the gigantic compound in the center, a 10,000 room building with ten window-lit faces in a most familiar shape. Here was "STAARs", at long last.

He failed to be impressed. He stepped through the first dome barrier, and immediately the black void that enveloped the domes melted away to reveal clear blue skies, lush green trees and all manner of flora, fauna and creatures inhabiting this particular dome. Earthling high-types were the ones that were always awed by the holograph system contained in each section of the compound -- he only saw it as another screen of smoke to pass through.

He was quick to the STAARs building. He checked in, changed into white slacks and a black t-shirt, his shirt molding to his modest frame. After being led by the nose for fifteen minutes, he finally found the captain's office.

He could hear voices. He muttered to himself, kicking absently at the floor. [Thought this was going to be a private meeting...] He reasserted himself, flicking his fingers through his bangs and setting his best "face" on. With his authorization papers in hand, he approached the door and took a deep breath.

[I already know this is gonna blow.]

Coltrayn pushed the door open and stood; everything fell silent. He was presented with a flood of unfamiliar faces. And then the noise started back up again -- whether or not they were still looking at him was beyond his care. His eyes darted around the room, spotting the captain... and noticing he was rather busy at the moment. He stifled a dissatisfied sound and went over to the captain's desk, tossing his papers in a semi-neat stack onto his "in" tray. He didn't feel much like playing "nice guy" at the moment. He brushed past a platinum blonde female in metallic plating, failing to register a "sorry" with her. Instead, he took to standing next to the window, the same one the weaponoid was looking out of. He crossed his arms, stared out the window, and tried his hardest to look like he didn't want to talk to anyone, let alone be here.

09-25-2006, 07:29 PM
OOC: Those playing Alice, Amber, Sable, and Zen, keep in mind that you are all already previous members of Team 01, so you already know Ryo and Yoshiro. kkthx ^^

Ryo: Ryo looked around the full room with a satisied smile. It was about time that the room was starting to get full. He himself was becoming impatient with the tardiness of the other agents. He knew Alice and Amber were always extremely late for everything no matter what though. And, as far as he could tally up, there was two others besides them missing. One being a rogue agent by the name of Mist, and the other was a young boy, codenamed Tourniquet, who had the title of "agent administrator". Ryo let out a sigh. As soon as the four other agents show up, they could finally move on. However, Ryo noticed that the crowd was becoming impatient. He hoped that the missing agents would turn up soon. As the glass doors seperated for yet another time that day, Ryo felt relieved. One of the missing agents had finally shown up. As the agent moved his way with paperwork, Ryo was about to give him a friendly greeting, but decided against it for now [[looks like another guy who doesn't want to be bothered. Quite a few of them I see...]] He looked down at the paperwork. [[Agent Mist huh? Well, now we've only got three more to go...]]

Mia: Mia stopped looking out the window as her observational sensors indicated additional lifeforms entering the room. She did not move, but her eyes followed the newcomers. Like what she did with the others, she gathered data on each of them. [[Agents Frost, Rose, Lioness, Crimson, Ice Queen, and... one alien, Selvadt race, no title in the agency.]] She resolved that perhaps he was some sort of advisor to the mission, and left it at that. As she made another quick sweep of the room with her eyes, she noticed many of the agents looking at her strangely. This was of no surprise to her. She calculated that perhaps it was becuase of her appearance. After all, she more than stood out from the others. She continued to look around, however not changing her position. She was interrupted by a sudden presence near her. She looked to her left, noticing the newer agent that had walked in. She looked at him curiously. She found it odd that he too, like many of the others did not wish to socialize. She continued to stare at him curiously.

Yoshiro: Yoshiro had the "shot down" feeling again, and this time from Arisu. He decided that it would be best to just quit while he was ahead. Agent girls were alot harder to win over than city ones. He left the girls alone, and retreated over to where Ryo was sitting. He took his original place next to Ryo. "Heh... Ryo, who the heck are we waiting on?? I mean really, we've been waiting for-ev-er. Me, you, and the weaponoid have been in this room for about 2 hours now." Yoshiro whined. He leaned back in his chair, nearly falling at first, but regained his composure, attempting to hide his embarassment.

09-25-2006, 07:44 PM
Minjonet leaned back in her chair a bit, twirling around (as is so tempting in better office chairs) before declaring to nobody in perticular, "I shoulda baked muffins. Tha'd get people talking."

She let her chair go another full spin before slowing to a stop. As if to work off nervous boredom, she hopped up, starting to pace, her tail swishing out behind her. She finally came to a stop beside Mia and Coltrayn as they stood there staring out the window. For a few moments she stood, paws clasped behind her, staring stoically ahead.

"So." She coughed nervously, looking sideways at Coltrayn and Mia. "Wha's so interestin' out the window?"

Seikyu Kiba
09-25-2006, 07:49 PM
Dante actually decided to waste his time and glance out the window, only to get distracted and stared back at the weaponoid also known as Mia, He read her carefully noticing she was shy and also that she didn't compute with the actions of Cerea. He chuckled a bit and then started to get impatient "Hmph, this is the weapon?"

09-25-2006, 08:03 PM
Arisu was getting bored now that the nobody was talking much yet. She started to repeatdly tap her biontic foot on the shiny,marble floor. Soon she got bored with that after a few minutes and took the hairbrush her mother had given her out of her STAAR's bag and began to brush her hair. It always clamed her down when she started to brush the long, red strands in her air.

fox demon naruto
09-25-2006, 08:52 PM
Zen looked around the room with boredom. Other then he usual team he didn't have anything intersting. Until he saw Mia. 'So thats the weapon everyone was talking about. Dosen't look much but hey, Can't read a book by its covers.' Zen thought with a shrug. Sighing he walked over to Ryo and patted his arm. "So, Cap'n Ace what now? Its kinda boring here even with the new talk of the town." He said pointing to Mia. Sighing he grabbed his gun and put it away."What a bore. Why can't the heads just have the team 01 by itself. I mean we can probably take this mission by itself. I mean I never have used 'that' in a mission yet." Mumbled Zen throwing his hands up in the air.

09-25-2006, 09:07 PM
Something bothered Vorridian about Mia, but he couldn't put his finger on it. He just felt opposed to her presence, even though he hadn't even heard her speak yet. He walked to the window that agents had gathered around, and looked out of it, looking for his battleship, which he assumed was on this side of the moon. He saw a spark that seemed to posess the flowing lines and sharp shape of the Seeraol, and assumed that was it.

Seeraol, he replayed the name over and over in his mind. The name he had given his personal battleship. The name that had once been given to his wife. Unbidden, memories of the Third Battle of Selvan arose. He saw flashes of it again, torpedoes tearing a transport to shreds, the fanatic fighter battle, a battlecruiser ramming an A.I. ship, both of them tumbling into the atmosphere...

He fluttered his gills, feeling a bit of wetness on them. The memory was still raw, even after several decades. He turned to Ryo after hearing several comments about missing agents, and said, "Amoung the Selvadt, those who are late are denied their chance of glory in combat."

fox demon naruto
09-25-2006, 09:25 PM
Zen turned around to meet Vorridain saying something to Ryo. After he finished Zen said, "Aye, I would belive we have more then enough power to do what ever it is to do." Zen said yawning. He walked over to Vorrindain, and said, "Hi, whats your name? The names Zen aka Crimsome." Zen said cheerfully then darkly then cheerfuly quite fast. 'I gotta stop doing that!' He thought.

09-25-2006, 09:45 PM
OOC: Last post of the day... oh yeah, and Ryo will now be played by Lucidian Dyne after this post. heh heh

Mia: Mia sensed the presence of the agent codenamed Lioness behind her. After some time, she heard her speak. Mia was silent for a moment, then simply replied "The bird..." She said these words without her signature monotone voice. She then spun around and faced Minjonet, her sky blue eyes focusing slightly. She gave her a slight nod of recognition. "Agent Lioness, hybrid, specializing in sniping, skills involving heightened senses." she ratified these facts with her usual robotic tone. "As you can see, I have eliminated the need for you to introduce yourself, if it is what you were proceeding to do." Seeing that she had inflicted a mysterious look on the womans face, she quickly interceded with the same tone "However, may I state that it is an honor to meet an agent with a reputation such as yours. It seems as if we will be joined by many talented agents in this mission." She turned to look at the alien on her left, then the one known as Agent Mist on her right. She then turned away without another word, her blonde hair swooshing behind her. Her boots clacked against the floor as she made her way to Ryo, who was talking to Zen. "Captain, I have observed that 79% of our comrades have become restless with anticipation of your briefing. Might I suggest that you begin your briefing, and then update the others at a later time." She said this as more of a command then a suggestion.

Ryo: "Calm down Yoshiro..." Ryo said in response to Yoshiro's whining. He was getting tired of waiting himself. He looked towards Zen as he walked up to him. After listening to Zen's words, he said "Yeah, you might be surprised what the weaponoid is capable of. Even though no one knows too much about her, I'm sure STAAR wouldn't have made it such a big deal if she wasn't powerful..." He then smirked at Zen's remark about 'that'. "Zen, ya know, thats probably why they didn't send us alone on this mission. Our team.... well, we tend to be kinda flashy... heh heh you know that Zen, considering you're the 'flashiest' of all of us. Anyhow, this mission involves great care--" he was interrupted by the Selvadt's remark "Yeah, you're" He was really surprised when Mia strode up to him, making demands. But even though he didn't want to admit she was right, she was right.

"ALL RIGHT ALL RIGHT EVERYONE!" he stood up and cleared his throat. "Mission debriefing time. The others can catch up later. Okay, most of you probably know the jist of it. We're on a covert mission to intercept plans for an alien invasion. Now, the details are as follows. We meet the alien force before they even get halfway here. We enter their ship undetected. We find the core reactor of their ship. We destroy it. It explodes. We leave. Now, this mission must be dealt with in the utmost care. STAAR has no substancial proof about the invasion to hold up in a galactic trial, which is why we aren't making any obvious moves. As you can guess, this is a stealth takeout mission. Therefore, they can't see us before we get in. We can't leave evidence. We can't leave any survivors. Understand? So, we leave at dawn tommorrow morning. I suggest that all of you get packing. It will take us about a week to get to the destination. Make sure to keep that in mind when packing. And, if theres no further questions-" he smiled "Then I'll see you all in the morning, crew."

Lucidian Dyne
09-25-2006, 10:54 PM
OOC ~ Damn, and I had my last post all typed out. ;_; Okay, speed tpying on the double! *zoooooom*

Coltrayn lazily looked back to Minjonet. Ah, that priceless look of shock! It hardly occured to him that she would be at the mercy of these "first time" looks for a long time to come, though his look was void of the fear for the unknown that most others had. He sized her up, shrugged to himself and tumped his head against the glass. "I'm trying to figure out how the oxygen in this room is being kept fresh with so many... people..."

He drew off with a disgusted expression as he saw everyone begin to crowd the window. Some alien with inverted knees cut off one side of his escape. There was a man with blades on his arms about to close off the other. "Oh, God... make way...!" He shivered coldly at the thought of so many unknowns surrounding him, and was quick to find his exit. He wasn't bigoted -- aliens were never ailen to him -- but he did value elbow room. He took a seat at the table as the captain roused everyone to a sit.

The orders were given -- probably could've done more with the presentation, he thought -- and soon he was thirsting for his first mission with the STAARs. He pulled out of room before a round of introductions could be made.

Ryo saw each of the agents through the door, patting some on the back, commenting to his old team members, shaking others' hands in welcome and offering the rest a friendly good night. He shut the door with his back and felt his tensions melt away, much like his body was doing against the door. He stole a quick glance with his cyber-eye to the last members of 01 turning the hallway. He took a deep breath and sighed his relief.

He went to stand, though his preconceived notions of solitude were held back -- Mia was still in the room with him, staring at him with a blank look. And it all came flooding back into him. Here at last, the pinnacle of STAARs technology, and here he was entrusted with her care and development. Officially, that was his primary task.

Unofficially, it was up to the entire team to supply the proper field experience. That's all that was needed. The Research Division made no provisions for her personality files, let alone any social development at all. She was to be used solely as a weapon.

Ryo could hardly see that as fair. [I mean, she -is- human... isn't she?] He studied her face. Just like a human's. She had human arms, legs. Hands, feet. She was just encased in metal. She must be human.

He cleared his throat, strode over to his desk and settled evenly into his chair. He tapped the folder of profiles against the desk, straightening the papers inside. He felt very foolish: he didn't know if he should be setting the example or if he should regard her like any other agent.

".... Mia," he started off in an even tone. "If you wish to retire, you have your own quarters in the female section..."

09-25-2006, 11:19 PM
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Yoshiro: Yoshiro said good night to Ryo, then on the way out said a special good night to each of the ladies, before he himself headed to his sleeping quarters. "Good thing I knew about the mission beforehand. Now I don't have to spend all night packing!" he said aloud to himself "Nothing but re-lax-ation!" He stretched his arms above his head, sneaking a peak out the window. It was already pretty dark out. They had remained in that room for some time. He walked through the doors into his room. He sent his alarm clock, knowing that even though he had set it, he wouldn't wake up to it. "Heh, Ryo will just have to come and wake me up like he normally does. Hopefully not with a bucket of cold water this time though..." he turned around on his bed and soon fell fast asleep, exhausted from the days many events.

Mia: During the speech the captain presented, Mia did not bother listening. She had already been briefed on the mission. She watched as one by one, the agents exited and returned to their own rooms. She soon found herself alone in the room with Ryo. She stood in silence for a moment, awaiting orders of some sort. After she was spoken to, she replied "Confirmed, captain. I believe the one you referred to earlier as Allen pointed the female quarters out to me. If I am dismissed, then I will leave you to your solitude." she turned abruptly then, her long blonde hair trailing behind her as the sound of her metalic boots resounded through the empty quarters. She stopped just in front of the door. She had a question to ask him but... "Captain...." she paused, waiting for a moment. She then said "Good night, captain." she had changed her mind, and she started to head for the door.

Seikyu Kiba
09-26-2006, 05:25 AM
OOC: 12:04am! Geez you have to much time on your hands.

"Hmph, Good Night." He said in a low voice as he took one last glanced at Mia and then walked out the door with the others and then looked at them all "This.." He just said with out finishing. He decided that it would be best to retire. So He walked to his room passing everyone else, throwing both his double blades on his back, and went into his room. "If they get in my way..." he said closing his eyes. Something shot threw his mind about Arisu, for some reason he felt as though she was only only one who truly wasn't creeped out by him, which didn't bother him but more surprised him. But he quickly shook it off and went to sleep.

09-26-2006, 05:50 AM
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OOC2: I gotta change my color font sometime for you Lucidian, I promise that to.

In his clanking boots he sprinted down the area towards the office to get to the meeting as fast as I could with a USB Microphone Headset daggling around his neck with the wire in some electronic connected in his pocket.

He had a shocked and disgusted expression when he had the door yanked open to find only an suspiciously looking character and Ryo inside.

"I apologize! I hadn't realized that it began!" He sighed as he threw his head back with the headset doing the same.

His senses pecked up and he toke a look at the weird person closeby Ryo and straightened his posture trying to figure out what it was.

"Are you a Cyborg?!" His mouth opened wide with glee and he held out both his arms and hands out for a shake as he itched closer to the machine, suddenly becoming oblivious to Ryo.

red storm
09-26-2006, 07:09 AM
Cerea huffed "Virus smirus, this is all me." She finally released Babs from her patented 'deathglomp', and paid a bit more atention to the briefing. "Sneak in, blow up, make sure we don't end up in court." she murmured. "Sounds simple enough." Then Ryo turned towards Mia and mentioned the words 'retire' and 'quarter' causing her head to snap up so fast, you could almost hear it.

In the blink of an eye, she was right next to the two, and grabbed Mia's hand. "Doooon't worry about it cap, I got it covered. I'll show her to the female quarters and explain what goes where and why. See you when the mission starts!" With that, she walked out of the hall and onwards towards the female quarters, tugging Mia along and away from the group. "Just so you know, I'm always here if you need anything. And I mean anything." she emphasized with a wink.

09-26-2006, 07:33 AM
Babs just saluted "i wil make a printout of the briefing for the people that were not there captain" She sighs when cerea started to pull mia along and started to following the two 'o wel if someone can intreduce mia to feeling than it's certainly cerea'she thought.

As she stopped before number 5 in the female quarters she pressed a button on the door and it opened her room was fairly simply, a bed, a closet, a desk and her personal computer. She sat down in the computer chair and pulled her left glove off.She stuck the usb cable in it "start printing briefing" her pupils started to flicker and the printer started to print.

09-26-2006, 10:54 AM
As of now, Vorridian was starting to question the wisdom of the Council. The Terrans had an obvious threat on their hands, and yet they didn't simply destroy the enemies. He paused, then walked back to the meeting room. He knocked, and stood in front of Ryo's desk, arms held behind his back. "Excuse me, Captain, but I would like to offer my services another way. I have a warship in orbit around Luna. It is rated to be fight two Enemy vessels at the same time."

He paused, and said, "I would gladly lead it into battle against the enemy, or offer a team of Suaroa* to aid you."

*Elite stealth troops.

09-26-2006, 01:00 PM
Minjonet stood there blinking in shock as Mia efficiently eliminated the need for introducing herself. "Um - er - ppfth?" It was no use, by then Mia had walked away, declaring the start of the briefing.

Keeping her voice low, Minjonet muttered to herself, "Well that's nice! She knows my name but I don't know hers! Lovely job at introducing she does, huh."

During the entire briefing she stared at her arm, ruffling the fur, continuing to murmur. "I shoulda baked muffins. ...I should bake muffins. Muffins for tomorrow. Lemon-poppyseed? Nah, some people don't like the poppyseeds... blueberry... everybody likes blueberry muffins." The muttering seemed to be a very concious act, as if trying to block the information that they were going to go slaughtering people from herself.

She looked up finally, at the end, as everyone began to disperse. "In the morning then? Heh... in the morning, 'n... I guess." Looking around the group she gave a nervous laugh before shuffling out. For a few long moments she stood just outside the door, staring blankly at the opposite wall, before turning and heading off down the corridor - not in the direction of living quarters, but in the direction of the kitchens.

09-26-2006, 01:25 PM
OOC- Well, I was just too excited thats why ^.^; Anywho, hopefully the RP moves a little slower today, even though yesterday was fun

Also, Opinionated, keep in mind that when you suggest bringing your own group of people in the RP like you said, you're taking away from the currently RPing characters. If we use 'your' ship and 'your' crew, that doesn't leave much for the rest of us to be doing. Also, the objective of the mission is stealth, so the idea is too keep the force limited, not to bring in two extra battleships. I'd appreciate it if you would stick to the storyline I am setting up. kkthx ^^

Mia: As Mia was about to leave the captain's quarters, she was stopped by a rather excited looking boy. Mia eyed him in a suspicious manner. After doing a bit of analyzing and cross referencing, she found him to be the agent Tourniquet, age 16, rank of agent administrator, a master hacker. When questioned whether or not she was a cyborg, she responded "You are incorrect, Agent Tourniquet. I am classified as a weaponoid. My name--" she stole a glance at Ryo, who before had asked her for her real name. He had been the only person so far to do that. "My name is Mia, also Weaponoid: K-E-I. Serial number 0001. Product of STAAR's research division, 1st class." she looked down at his outstretched hand suspiciously. It was the same gesture Ryo had made to her before. She decided to make sure to ask what to do in this situation later.

Before she was able to say anything further to Kleiss, she was dragged away by Cerea, who had come back to lead her to the female quarters. She made no move to stop Cerea, as she found her actions more curious than threatning. She tilted her head a little, listening to her speak. "Acknowledged." she replied "If I find myself needing something, I will think to ask you Agent CQ unit-34." Mia seemed oblivious to the full nature of Cerea's more than kind gesture.

09-26-2006, 01:37 PM
Babs pulled the usb cable from the printer and made a couple of neat pileso the briefing report. She putted her usb in the computer after starting it up and starting her daily check of the security the mainframe computer, she frowned when she found a weakness in one of the fire walls 'thats odd, i do not know of any repairations in the research area'. she pressed the comicator on her desk "captain ryo do you know if agent tournaquet has done any repairs in the research area? I have found a weakness in the firewall or perhaps someone else?" she found it strange the mainframe computer was checked daily for virusses and possible hackers, so breaking in should be nearly imposible

fox demon naruto
09-26-2006, 02:57 PM
Sighing Zen walked out of room without a word. "Man, I hate stealth missions! I never get to kill enough people. Oh, well I'll just be the one destorying that core so I'll kill all of them! Maybe a few more wile we escape. Ah, well I guess another mission another pain in my life. Got enough from my members and Ryo is alright but that damn weapon thingy will probably do all the work and take most of the fun. But. I can't get a better job so maybe I'll just stay out of the way. Damn new weapon thingy!" Mumbled Zen. As he walked h noticed someone say 'Craaaazy!'

"What the hell did you say." Zen said walking up to the boy.

"Nothing s-sir!" Repiled the boy.

"You sure? 'Cause I could've sworn you said I was crazy." Zen said louder and grabbing the boys collar. "Are you willing to lie to me BOY?" Zen said praticly yelling.

"N-n-n-no-no SIR!" THe boy yelled scared for his life.

"Thats what I thought." He said letting go of him. "Now get out of here kid." He snapped at the boy making him run for his life. "Hmmm, I wonder how many people I have made piss there pant to day." He mumbled counting. "20! A new record!"

09-26-2006, 03:01 PM
Babs was waiting for answers of the captain when she heard some screaming down the hall 'now what"she stood and walked to the door opening it 'i am glad i got those long usb cables' she thought as she poked her head out. she frowned at zen's actions "agent zen please, refrain yourself from scaring the agents" She leans against the doorposts "we do not need a shortage of agents because you like to scare people"she scowled

09-26-2006, 04:14 PM
Sabel walked out. Of the room. She followed Minjonet who headed toward the kitchen. She caught up with her "So why are you headed toward the kitchens? by the way my name is Sabel." she said jumping right into the conversation at the same time she studied Minjonet.

09-26-2006, 04:27 PM
As Sabel caught up to her, Minjonet smiled and slowed down to an ambling stroll, as to better talk and walk. "Minjonet, myself. Good to meet you." She gestured widely towards the kitchens with a paw. "I bake when I'm nervous. No way I'm going to be able to sleep tonight, baking's a little better than pacing my room, y'know? 'sides, maybe people 'll get started talking if they have something to eat. Whaddya think, lemon-poppyseed or blueberry muffins?"

09-26-2006, 04:35 PM
Sabel let out a broad friendly smile. She didn't really pay attention to any of the men that they passed which was highly unusual. Half of them just stared at her but when she made friends almost nothing could get her to turn away. "I'm partial to blueberry!" as she walked by a small flower strained against it's pot she pushed her hands down by her sides to keep the pot from exploding like it usually did.

fox demon naruto
09-26-2006, 04:44 PM
Yawning Zen walked pass babs like he never heard her. "What fun I had today!" He said as he walked into his room. He grabbed a bag and pack some extra ammo and clothing for the trip. "Great a week without a single kill." 'Your still to bloodthirsty!' Snapped his mind. "Shut it! I'm still very sick," He said preteding to cry. 'Ahhh, Boo woo cry me a river!' "Blah, blah, blahblah." Zen said in a childish way. 'What a baby.' "What a baby!" 'Now your just annoying!' "Oh, my. How could you?! You broke my little fragile heart!" He said in a woman voice as he clutched his heart and fell to the ground. "Anyway I don't need a annoying voice right now Nez." He said. 'Ya ya ya. I'll just look at your childhood again. Its fun to watch.' Nez grumbled. "Freaking voice thinking he knows everything with his mind reading and smartness and 2000 I.Q.ness!" Zen mumbled.

OOC:Yes he has a voice and its name is Nez! He'll pop in and out here and there. I do love I pick Zen. I do act like that sometimes!

09-26-2006, 04:46 PM
"Blueberry? Well, tha' settles it then. More people like blueberry. It'll be good for people to arrive to some breakfast..." Minjonet nodded sagely. "Wonder if the ship we're going on has a kitchen? Well, a kitchen big enough to do anything in, anyway."

09-26-2006, 04:59 PM
Arisu walked down the main corridor to the feamle quarters and entered her password. The sliding door opened to revealed her room , which consisted of a bed , a drawers and all of her belongings at neat piles along the room. She removed a large suit case form the closet and began to pack her things for the mission ahead. She frowned "I must foucs on the mission ahead." she said grimly. As soon as she finished packing her things she decided to get a change of scenery. So she exited from her room and found a spot on the ship where you could look out and see the moon. She pressed her hands on the cold glass.

09-26-2006, 05:05 PM
Unfortuneately all of Sabel's efforts to stop the pot from exploding didn't work. The was a shattering sound Sabel winced knowing what happened before she turned around. "Not again!" she became angry not knowing what to do for the plant "I'll go get someone for that." she said.

09-26-2006, 05:36 PM
Minjonet paused and stared, blinking at the shattered vase. After a long moment, she deadpanned (in a voice that strongly suggested she was getting tired of everyone being quite so odd at STAAR), "If things explode around you like this regularly, it's going to be real interesting cooking. No offense."

fox demon naruto
09-26-2006, 05:44 PM
Zen walked into another part of his room. As he entered sadness, sorrow, and anger filled his eyes as he stared straight into a shrine that he built for the people he loss. Flashes of a blood soaked temple popped in and he clutched he head and groaned in pain as he he staggered to a wall to get more support. Sghing he slid down the wall and hit the floor with a dull thud. After a few minutes the pictures subsided and he walked out infront of the shrine and started to pray.

Seikyu Kiba
09-26-2006, 05:56 PM
OOC: Wait Fox Demon your Zen not Ryo!

Dante couldn't sleep, So he walked out of his room number 10 and decided to head to a quiet place. He walked around until he found a room where the moon was and he mumbled "This will do." He said leaning against the wall not making a sound. He noticed Arisu in the room but didn't say anything because he didn't want to bother her. So he just leaned against the wall and looked at the moon.

fox demon naruto
09-26-2006, 06:14 PM
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After awile Zen got up and headed to get something to eat. He notice that the halls were much more empty but the room were full with people sleeping or eating. "Must be night. Man I've been praying for awile." Zen mumbled to himself. 'Aye.' Said Nez warily. 'Please got to sleep.' "No, I need for unlike you I'm real. Not apart of my imagination." 'Oh, I'm real as you can get.' He yelled. Zen sighed and went to the kitchen, "Oh, why did my insanity make a voice in my head that was so frigin smart and annoying." He mumbled.

09-26-2006, 06:16 PM
Rhoan had finished checking all weapons and equipment had finished making a meal but coulndnt sleep so he stared out into space for a while then decided to check the corridors he activated his eye implants and saw Dante and Arisu outside he though he should talk to them and found Arisu to be closer so he made steady progress towards the room she was in he wasnt sure if she noticed him or not but lightly cared he walked over beside her and said " always a beautiful view in space isint it" glancing slightly over to her but remaining on the stars

Seikyu Kiba
09-26-2006, 06:19 PM
Dante got kinda bored now that there were two people in the room so with out making a sound he walked out of the corridor and started to walk around the ship again looking around even though he knew the ship quiet well so he just kinda walked around, He saw Cerea Dragging Mia away and he blinked a bit and continued to walk. He sighed in bordom and then walked into one of the training rooms and said "Activate program F3-619X." The computer replied and 6 hologram combat soliders appeared. Of course because he didn't have his blades on him he thought of the next best thing "Hmph." He said pointing his arms out and they both changed into Machineguns "DIE!" he said firing them as the soldiers kept coming at him. He jumped around and dodged slashes from swords and blasts from guns. It was almost like a war zone. Only by himself and more fun.

Lucidian Dyne
09-26-2006, 06:25 PM
Ryo inclined his head to Mia in farewell, expecting to go over the agent files in the welcoming silence. He leaned back in his swivel chair, kicked up his feet onto the corner of the desk, and was about to open the folder until a youngster burst in, wearing a communicator headset and a disgusted expression. "I apologize! I hadn't realized that it began!" Ryo's lips went tight and he crossed his arms. "The briefing was almost five minutes a-- ...go." He was cut off by the youngster's refocus on Mia. Ryo could already feel the frustration spiking his temperament.

"You are incorrect, Agent Tourniquet. I am classified as a weaponoid. My name--"

Ryo nodded his head to Mia as she glanced back to him, reassuring her of her social actions; he also pegged Tourniquet for attendance, which meant that only the twins had yet to show up. About that time, Vorridian entered the room and offered some reconsideration of his duties.

"Excuse me, Captain, but I would like to offer my services another way. I have a warship in orbit around Luna. It is rated to fight two Enemy vessels at the same time. .... I would gladly lead it into battle against the enemy, or offer a team of Suaroa to aid you."

Ryo smiled complacently, but his voice wasn't positive. "Admiral Vorridian, your cooperation with STAARs efforts as an advisor is more than we can ask for. But I cannot permit, much less put in danger the lives of your brethren, let alone put your ships at risk." He sat up straight and leveled his green eye and cybernetic eye to Vorridian's oculars, speaking with respect. "This mission hinges on our ability to remain unseen; we feel our vessels are best equipped for that. Furthermore, the Head Division has granted the clearance only for the agents on this mission." His speakercom buzzed, and he leaned forward and finished his sentence while clicking on the mic. "And personally, I wouldn't feel right taking anyone who isn't an agent with us. Briefing room."

Babs was on the other end. "Captain Ryo, do you know if agent Tourniuquet has done any repairs in the research area? I have found a weakness in the firewall, or perhaps someone else...?"

"No, Tourniquet has just came in..." He rechecked to see him still stadning in the room, with Mia gone to her quarters. "I'll send him down to your room in a moment, but please put an inquiry into the RD's (research division's) inbox. They'll be sure to handle it while we're deployed for the next couple of weeks."

He deactivated the speakercom and nodded his head to the patient Vorridian, taking a moment to gather his thoughts and judgements. "Admiral Vorridian, the admiration for your strength and your fleet's power do not go unnoticed. But I stand by my statements. No one but the agents are permitted to leave with us."

Already, Ryo was feeling delayed with his paperwork, unable to cinch down any ink before his six hours of sleep. He dismissed Vorridian, took up his needed filework and made way to the door, where Tourniquet still stood. He smiled warmly at him and shook his hand. "I'm Captain Ryo. Agent Tourniquet, you would be wise to keep up with our briefings whenever you can. Babs won't always dump her files and print out briefings for the rest of us." Ryo clapped his shoulder as he moved beyond him. "For that matter, she'll be needing to consult with you about some encryption errors in the STAARs infosystem. Please speak with her before 'lights out'." And he was out of the room. He passed by Dante and gave a small nod for the combined hello/goodbye.

He stepped into his quarters and shut the door with his paperwork. It was going to be a long night.

09-26-2006, 06:38 PM
Arisu turned around in surprise as Dante entered the room with her, her hearing was surprisely well. [I wonder what he's doing here..] she thought to herself.Then she saw he left and the other man was here. Arisu tilted her head at him , strands of her hair falling in her face "Hi there, what ya doing here at this hour, can't sleep." she said politely to him.Her hands were still on the cold glass as the moonlight coming from outside shone on her face. [I wonder where Dante went}

09-26-2006, 06:42 PM
OOC- Just a warning, everyone please wrap up your night posts so that we can get started with the next day and the impending mission mkk thx ^__^

Mia: Mia, being dragged by Cerea, was finally given the chance to stop. "Agent CQ unit -34, I believe we have arrived at our destination" she ratified in her usual tone. She tilted her head again, waiting for a response from Cerea. She then noticed Dante look at her as he passed by. She also stole a fleeting glance at him for a moment. She found it very curious how all of the agents were reacting to her. She turned back to Cerea. "I will see you again tommorow on the ship Agent CQ unit-34." she said with a nod. She couldn't think of anything else to say. She felt the impulse to say something, but when she scanned the recesses of her mind for the appropriate words, she found none. She turned away from Cerea and headed to the sleeping quarters that Cerea had pointed out.

As Mia entered the empty room, she stood in the center of it for some time. Her eyes closed as the course of the day played out in her mind. She proceeded to save any necessary information that was collected that day in her nanite hardrive. She opened her eyes again and scanned the room. For a moment, she caught her own reflection. She moved closer to her reflective image as it successfully piqued her curiousity. She moved her hands to the top of her head, her hands sifting through her long blonde hair. Her hands ran along her winged connectors, then moved to her tanned face... over her eyes, nose, mouth... she stopped, batting her eyes at how foolish she was acting. What was the purpose of this? She could find no purpose in her hardware. She turned around and layed stiffly in the bed. Unlike most mechanical beings, Mia did not have to "plug in" to recharge her energy source. Her nanite programming replenished her energy on its own in periods of rest. She closed her eyes and shut down her nanite base, her body soon coming out of commission.

Seikyu Kiba
09-26-2006, 07:40 PM
Dante continued to fire at the soldiers and then finally decided to turn in it "Terminate Program." He said, the computer replied and turned off. He wiped sweat from his forhead and walked out of the room and thought for a second and then walked down the hall and went into a huge room where the stars were perfect out. He sat down on a cusioned chair and changed his hand into a machine gun and then took out a screw driver. He sat there tightening his Gun and looking up at the stars.

09-26-2006, 08:11 PM
Vorridian gave a Selvadt affirmative gesture(cocking his head to the side), and said, "If you need help, just ask." He left the room, and walked back to the hangar he had stored the shuttle in. He waved the pilot out of the chair, and took his place. He powered the small craft up, and it made it's smooth exit into space, to his ship.

It gave him time to think. The Terrans, with their trading fleet, would make economic allies, if not military. Perhaps it was only because he wasn't used to peacetime, but he still felt that it would be more effective to destroy the invasion fleet as it burned into the system. Keep the battle away from the colonies and planets.

Much later, he stripped off his dress uniform, and stepped into the cavation shower. The relaxing vibrations soothed his muscles, and helped him shake off the stress of today. He stepped out, and slipped into his usual, unadorned uniform.

He sat in front of a platter of small fish-looking things, juicily cooked and saturated with spices. He opened his palm, and the slit opened. Flaps inside opened, and a long gullet studded with teeth became apparent. Those flaps stiffened, and formed jaws. He held his hands over one of the fish, and the jaws pulled it into the gullet, where rows of teeth chewed it. He began reading the day's logs while he ate, occasionally drinking.

And then later, he layed down in his bunk, feeling the releif on his feet. In the Selvadt's naturally chirping, piping language, he ordered the lights off, and rolled into unconciousness.

09-26-2006, 08:25 PM
Rhoan looked at arisu with little suprise "yeah somthin like that" he took one last look at the stars and decided "id better get some sleep its a big day tomorow we all need our rest " he turned holding back a smile before he left he said "i guess you like watching the stars as much as me" now he couldnt hold back a small smile hopeing she didint see he said "see you around" opening the door he went to his room as fast as possible put his equipment on the dresser and went to bed only half thinking of the misson ...

Seikyu Kiba
09-26-2006, 08:25 PM
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Dante decided he didn't feel like walking back to his room so he closed his eyes and drifted off in the chair where the stars were and fell asleep, Mia crossed his mind while he slept because he found her unique He but he shook it off. Then Arisu crossed his mind again. He didn't know why it was probably because she made him curiouse. But still he shook it off and continued to dream of nothing but the mission ahead. Also Mia made him seem more comfortable...He shook it off and mumbled in his sleep "No..I will not change."

09-26-2006, 08:48 PM
OOC- Kay, night posts over. Next day now. Oh yeah, and the way Selvadts eat... haha it's so weird!

Mia: Mia sat up with a start, her internal alarms going off. Her blonde hair fell over her shoulders as she leaned forward, swinging her legs around and planting them on the floor. Metalic boots clacked against the solid ground of the room as she stood. Her blue eyes widened, taking in the daylight. The third day she had been awakened from her 13 year slumber. She outstretched her arm and touched her palm to the keypad located on the side of her door. The doors responded to her touch and immediately opened, and she walked out into the corridor. She began to make her way to the STAAR's ship hangar.

Yoshiro: Yoshiro was awaken to a bleeping noise. His alarm. Grimacing, he reached over and slapped at it, to no avail. [[Looks like Ryo won't have to pour a bucket of water over my head for once... and I was looking forward to that too... haha]] Yoshiro thought to himself. He sat up in his bed, rubbing his eyes. Reaching over towards the dresser, he finally silenced the alarm. Gritting his teeth, he forced his way out of bed. As he made his way to the shower, he caught his image in the mirror. His hair was sticking up all over the place, a trace of drool was on his face. He stuck his tongue out at his reflection, and then began to undress. When he finished taking his shower and getting dressed, he made his way out into the hall. He yawned once again, and sleepily made his way to the STAAR ship hangar. "Hopefully I perk up before I have to pilot the dang thing... maybe I'll have a beer... or two..."

09-26-2006, 09:23 PM
Rhoan woke up with a start "nightmares" he muttered to himself he made his way to the bathroom glanced at the mirror he was sweating he took a shower and got dressed he went to the cafe sat down ordered a frozen coffee and mentally prepared himself for the misson he ran a quick check over all his equipment and headed to the hangar

09-26-2006, 09:30 PM
Minjonet had eventually wandered on down the hall to the kitchens.

And she had made muffins. And more muffins. And a batch of lemon-poppyseed muffins just in case someone didn't like blueberry. And then, because it was only three o' clock, she started making cookies. Two batches of snickerdoodles later she noted, with great relief, that it was a reasonable time to begin to head down to the departure hangar.

For not sleeping the entire night she looked surprisingly all right, although still distinctly nervous - and there was a fine sheen of flour embedded in her fur. She sneezed as she strolled out, grabbing all the baked goods she could. Carefully packaged, all of them were a handful but still all right for her to carry; at the top of the stack sat the basket of blueberry muffins, still warm, fresh from the oven, that she intended for people to eat immediately. Her bag, which she had asked to be delivered, sat outside the kitchen door. It wasn't very large at all. Juggling things around, she slung her bag over her shoulder and carefully picked up all the food before wandering on down the hall.

As she began to make her way to the ship's hangar, she hummed nervously to herself, the noise echoing in the hallways which became surprisingly silent. The smell of the blueberry muffins followed her, warm and inviting.

fox demon naruto
09-26-2006, 10:02 PM
Sighing Zen quickly carbed his food and gluped it down on the way out of the kitchen. 'Your a slob.' "Your in denile 'cause you can't do anything in my body." 'I dont know if thats right Zen.' "Ya, and your real." He snapped back. 'Welllll exscuse me! I was just sayi-' "No one cares. You know why? 'Cause I'm the one that can hear you and after awile I get tired of it." He grumbled. 'I still can't belive a super genius like me with a 2000 I.Q. cant find a way to communitcate with other people.' " 'Cause your not real!" He yelled quite loudly. 'Yea just say to everyone!'

Lucidian Dyne
09-26-2006, 10:38 PM
OOC -- Ryo's part to be added later -- keep an eye on this post... Hell, maybe I'll add it on a separate post. o_o;

A new day.

The start of a career, the beginning of a mission, the journey for truth.

Coltrayn had been awake for hours before waking time, letting his thoughts wash his mind, ad infinitum. It bothered him that he should occupy so few life-changing experiences; he was prone to thinking about the same things. hell, he was only, and rightfully, four years old. There was nothing that could be said of the 16 years before that. He couldn't remember a damn thing.

His dreams were like always: he dreamt about nothing. Total black, no shadows or lights, grass or trees, ships or people... but all of it living, the whole blackness breathing. And he was in the center of it, cold and huddled in a ball, staring wide-eyed and terrified at the daunting lack of substance inside his own head. His dreams should've been filled with lush memories of the day or throughout life, people with faces, smiles and laughter; or at the very least filled with nonsensical scenes that had no relation to anything.

No, his dreams never held these things. It was just a hole to him, a hole that terrified him like nothing else in the waking world would.

[I'll find me... I'll find me if it takes my whole life.] Conquering his past... yes, that would take on a whole new meaning with him in the STAARs ranks. How fitting it was that the STAARs base was located on his birthcolony! He would soon have his answers.

Washing, dressing and packing didn't take long for him. Two outfits, hygenics, his combat gear and ammunition -- everything fit in one slim attache' case. His swordrifle hung in a sling against his back. He wasted no time in getting to the hangar.

red storm
09-27-2006, 05:21 AM
"agent agent agent, just call me Cerea m'kay? well, I'll leave you to figure things out and rest. Remember, call me when you need me!" With those parting words she exited the room. As soon as she exited, she turned to Babs "Amai, she's even worse then you were when you came here. I wonder what the old coots at the lab were thinking when they put her together?" Inside, however, a chibi Cerea was jumping in glee. She always enjoyed puzzling together people who had lost their emotions, and Mia never seemed to have them to begin with. There would need to be a lot of social interaction involved to get her together.

As she returned to her quarter and plugged in for the night, she couldn't help but smile. Yes, Mia was definetly the largest puzzle she had ever met. The feeling of acomplishment when she finally fixed it would be tremendous.

Plus, she was damn cute.

The smile turned into a smirk.

Seikyu Kiba
09-27-2006, 05:25 AM
Dante woke up and woke up fast, He looked around and ran down to his room and grabbed his blades and changed his cloths "Hmph." He said looking in the mirror. He ran back down the hall towards the hanger and passed Minjonet but he smelt muffins, Now beging a person who ate, one thing he loved was blueberrys. So he turned around and looked at the basket. All though not to seem creepy he turned around and started to walk. He passed Cereas room and said in a low voice "Mission day." And then continued to head down the hallway. He then met up with Coltrayn and Zen and just walked behind them.

09-27-2006, 06:28 AM
Babs confirmed ryo's answer and mailed to the research labafter zen ignored her. she sighed at the e-mail she recieved and contacted tournaqet "go to bed agent, it was just a mistake made by one of the newer research crewmembers" she fixed the weakness with some simple commands and packed her bag after turning her computer off.

Seeing it was already morning 'darn, i geus i have to rest on the schip' picking her bag up as well as the reports she moved to the hangar walking behind yoshira who seemed like he had not enough sleep.

09-27-2006, 10:00 AM
After Rhoan finished his coffee and left to the hangar while in the corridors he used his eyes to watch the crewmembers they were all still waking up or on their way he took pride in that he wasn't going to be last there in the hangar he took a spot near the ship and waited for the green light to board and launch he looked out the hangar windows waiting for someone to get here or something to happen

09-27-2006, 02:12 PM
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Annnnd I'll post Yoshiro's part later... or maybe I'll edit this post, dunno yet

Mia: Mia wasted no time to get to the ship's hangar. She arrived at the ship they were to be traveling in for the mission. According to her sensors, she was the first one there. She stood in front of the ship, analyzing it's capablities. It was one of the larger ships in the hangar, and was in fairly well condition. The ship possessed the average weapons and equipment that came with all STAAR authorized ships. It also had a *AW mech hangar inside. Her data feed also stated that the ship contained a number of custom upgrades that must have been installed by either Ryo or Yoshiro. Satisfied with the result of her analysis, she found herself reading the name that had been painted on the side of the blue and black ship. 'Iryoku" her translation abilities indicated it was a name meaning "Willpower" in the **Old japanese language. For a moment her curiousity kicked in as she wondered who had come up with the name. STAAR ships are formally known by ***codec, so putting a name on a ship was mearly for decorative purposes only, and the effort was not done often. She shrugged off her thoughts on this matter and quickly turned away from the ship, awaiting the other crew members.


*AW mechs: AW standing for "Advanced Weapon" . They're battle suits developed by the Research division, used primarily for space combat. Only military is permitted the use of AW mechs.

** Old japanese was lost soon after english was declared the official language of the ISS. New japanese is now the primary language of the colony Chiba and is a compromise between the two.

*** codec: A series of letters and numbers, used in patterns to describe ships, AW mechs, and battle weapons.

Seikyu Kiba
09-27-2006, 02:29 PM
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Dante walked into the hanger right after Mia and then leaned against the wall next to the door. He scanned his eyes around the room and then to the ship, he wasn't familiar with the language so he didn't read it, but what caught his eye was the ship it's self. He was amazed on its design and the way it looked, but he didn't show his intrest in the public. "Good Morning." He said to Mia in a low voice.

09-27-2006, 02:33 PM
Minjonet slowly waddled down the hallways, hands full of baked goods. Her boots clacked loudly in the near-empty hallways as she finally found the door to the hangar and fumblingly managed to open it with her tail, backing through to, with a great sigh, stop by the ship and gently put down her burden, slinging her bag down off her shoulder. She stretched with a yawn, waving to Mia mid-stretch with a somewhat sleepy smile. "Mornin'."

She gingerly picked up the top basket of blueberry muffins, slinging it over her arm, as she strolled over to Mia and Dante. "Want a muffin? They're blueberry, fresh."

fox demon naruto
09-27-2006, 02:45 PM
Zen grumbled as he got out of bed. He barly got three hours of sleep. 'What the problem?' "Ever since last night you wouldn't shut up." He snapped. 'Touche! Besides whats the problem?' "Problem? The problem was that you were talking about evalution and the final digit of pie last night! And the last digit was-" 'Just 'cause of that your angry?' "YES! I didn't get much sleep and I'm going on a mission today!" He yelled as he got his cloths on and his weapons. He looked at his hand for a moment before walking out the room with his small bag.

He walked down the hallway until Dante walked behind him. He was about to greet him until he just walked off. 'Disrespctful to me!' "Your not real!" Zen mumbled to the voice in his head." 'Yea and you can get a woman.' "......What?" 'Yep.' "What did you say?" 'Mmmmhmm.' "Dammit!" He yelled before stomping off to the hanger.

Seikyu Kiba
09-27-2006, 02:51 PM
Dante looked over at Minjonet and nodded slowly, he didn't say anything but he walked up to her and stood in front of her with his dead eyes stairing at her, and in a low voice he said "Yes please." He bowed in respect. He maybe cold hearted but manners he never lost, just his emotions. He glanced over at Zen and blinked a few times in confusion and then went back to glancing around the room.

09-27-2006, 03:17 PM
OOC- Feh, don't worry about it Seikyu Kiba, it's a-ok ^^

Oh yeah... I changed the name of the ship, something more fitting to Ryo's ideals. I nearly forgot that he doesn't believe in destiny! haha ^^;

Yoshiro: Yoshiro neared the hangar. [[Almost to the ship's hangar... ahh what I wouldn't give to chill in that hot tub I installed... haha I still can't believe Ryo let me put it in... well, that was probably because he didn't find out until after the fact, but still... heh heh]] he thought to himself. As he rounded a corner, he nearly ran into Minjonet, who was teetering baskets full of baked goods. His eyes widened as drool leaked out of his wide open mouth. "Oye! Miss Minjonet, you're my new hero!" he said in an ecstatic voice "Blueberry's my favorite! Hey, you don't mind if I take one of these baskets off your hands right?" he said, hardly noticing Mia or Dante standing by the ship.

Mia: Mia picked up Dante's voice with her heightened abilities, despite the fact that his words were hardly audible. She analyzed the words within a nanosecond.[[Good Morning... Good: Being positive or desirable in nature; not bad or poor. Morning: The first or early part of the day. Combination of words resulting in a greeting of goodwill. Response: Not detected.]] she mearly stood in silence as a response. It was not necessary to have good relations with others after all. It wasn't in her programming. All that was required was to be a powerful weapon. And that was all. Suddenly Minjonet showed up and offered them her baked goods. It was puzzling to her why the agent had gone through such trouble. She replied to her question. "Negative Agent Lioness, I do not require nourishment. My human body relies on the same energy source as my nanite technology does. I was designed in this way so that I would not have the problems of fatigue, poisoning through foods, or the gaining of unecessary weight." she replied in her usual tone.

09-27-2006, 03:19 PM
Rhoan saw the starr members gathering at a ship on the far side of the hangar he moved fairly fast towards them and sat on the ground at their left side he stared at them for a few seconds then turned his attention to the ship glancing over to the other STAAR members moving slightly to get a better view of the ship activated his eyes to see if there was any miniscule ammount of organic matter on board the ship when there was no life signs were visible he deactivated his eyes and awaited orders before anything
he got up and looked over "so is this ours?" he said in a slighly monotonus voice

09-27-2006, 03:49 PM
Minjonet looked Mia up and down and sighed. "Well you're a killjoy, aren't you. Y'know, kid -" Minjonet made the 'kid' rather pointed, not truly talking down, but instead out of irritation about the fact Mia knew her name but she didn't know Mia's - "people eat food for reasons other 'n just plain nourishment... my blueberry muffins are pretty decent, if I say so myself."

"At least somebody appreciates my work," she chuckled as Yoshiro came bouncing up, offering the basket full of muffins out to him. "Sure, take all you need. I've got plenty more. Stayed up all night baking, kinda a nervous habit. Could be worse, right?" She winked.

Seikyu Kiba
09-27-2006, 03:57 PM
Dante was actually surprised by the offer and nodded with a low voice "Yes please miss." He said politely and bowed in respect of her. He then took a muffin and turned around because of the metal mouth mask (what ever you want to call it) was covering his mouth he lifted it up and ate it and actually he liked it. He turned around after he was done and bowed "Thank you." He said then leaning back up against the wall. He looked at Mia and realized she said nothing but of course he expected that out of someone who just woke up for the first time.

09-27-2006, 03:57 PM
babs walked into the hangar and smiled at the others sight, the reports in her right arm and a weekend bag over her other she stalked to the rest pulling her face in the emotionless face people were used to see on her.

At minjonet's offer she took a blueberry muffin "thank you"she yawned for a moment and handed the captain the printed out reports. and handed Yohsiro a porn book she printed out "for on the way" she said slightly teasing.

09-27-2006, 04:44 PM
Sabel walked down the halls being sure to acknowledge everyone (who was male anyways). She had gotten some one to clean up the mess the small pot had made she used her charm to do it. She arrived at the hangar. She looked around since the room had been so crowded the day before she had not seen Babs or Mia. Minjonet held a lot of baked goods. "Good Morning everyone!" she said cheerily maybe just a little loud. SHe accepted the muffin that Minjonet held out to her.

09-27-2006, 05:05 PM
Mia: Mia tilted her head slightly as she heard herself being called a 'kid'. Although her face was devoid of an expression, her eyes widened in surprise. Minjonet's reaction to her was quite suspicious. Mia observed that her reaction was rather different than her reaction to others. "Another purpose for the consuming of food other than its being an energy source?" she murmered quietly, a hint of her curiousity came out in her otherwise robotic voice. She herself could find no answers to that question. She lost her attention on the matter for a moment, noticing that Sabel had also walked into the room and was looking at her. Mia wondered why the captain was so late to his own mission.

Yoshiro: Yoshiro nabbed up a basket in glee "Hahaha I think you've just made my morning!" He began to shovel in a blueberry muffin, not too worried about minding his manners. He soon was approached by the lovely Babs "Brrubss-" he said, his mouth full "Grroo Mrrunnin' hrro--" he was stopped mid-sentence as he was handed a 'naughty' book. He swallowed his huge mouthfull of muffin, nearly choking. He quickly hid the book behind his back "Babs! What the heck! Everyone's going to think I'm a pervert or something!" he plastered an offended look on his face, although he knew that his being a complete lecher was entirely truthful.

OOC- Hey ppls, more info on AW units for you! And a picture! Kay, keep in mind that they all don't look exactly like this, there's different variations of them. AW mechs are only about 8 feet tall, so they're not that big. ((think, like, mini-gundams, and not as flashy)) They're also controlled by what's known as mind impulse ((putting sensors onto your temples that creates a direct link to the AW mech)), This also means that if you're AW mech gets damaged, you can also feel pain, of course even if your AW mech is destroyed, you don't die, it's not like that. Your mind simply induces the feeling of pain because of the link-up with the AW mechs. But depending on the situation, excrutiating pain is sometimes felt. This is part of the reason why mastering mech abilities is very difficult. Heres the pic:

09-27-2006, 05:13 PM
Babs raised a brow and took a bite from her muffing and chewed and swallowed it "i have a whole databank on which girls you touched in what they felt unapropiat way"she took another bite and handed him a paper "the red dotted girls names are the ones that wanted to slap you for it, the blue ones don't care, the pink ones like it when you do it and the blackdotted are the ons you should stay away from they wish to turn you in a eneuch"she walked away leaving yoshrio with the paper and walked to mia "how are you diong on the social parts mia?"she took a bite out of the muffin,

09-27-2006, 05:25 PM
Sabel laughed at Yoshiro. "Hitting on the girls?" she asked him jokingly. She smiled knowing exactly how he would react. She took a small bite out of her muffin and joined Mia. "Hello what's your name?" she asked politely to both Babs and Mia. "I'm Sabel." she added before either one of them could reply.

09-27-2006, 05:28 PM
Babs turned to sabel chewing her muffin and swallowing "most call me agent shadow but my name is babs" she brushes a hair back "nice to meet you sabel, your a medic right?'" she cocks her head to one side

09-27-2006, 05:34 PM
Minjonet took a muffin for herself, shaking her head at Mia. "Kid, we gotta work on you. See, if food was just for nourishment, we'd all just eat those... horrible... nutrition gel packs they hand out for on the field. Y'eat it for pleasure. Though..." She took a thoughtful bite, looking Mia over. "Dunno if you'd really get that anymore, kid. Take a muffin anyway if you'd like one."

She looked over at Babs and Yoshiro with a sideways glare, after a moment's listening snickering quietly to herself... and after another moment's eavesdropping she shot Yoshiro a flat, quiet glare that obviously read as you're amusing but if you try any of that with me I will be forced to claw your face off and hand it to you in a ziploc bag.

09-27-2006, 05:51 PM
babs looks between Minjonet and mia "don't worry mia, learning takes time" she gave a faint smile "this really the first mission i ever been one since i first needed to do a 2 years training, i had cerea to pull me through and she wil pull you through as well"she frowns for a moment "just make sure you do end not in the same bed as hers" she took a bite out of her muffing and

swallowed "it took cerea a year to teach me al mine emotions again and alot off people find it weird since i am a droid" she ate the last off her muffing and wiped her hands

09-27-2006, 05:56 PM
rhoan watched on silence thinking about how the agents happily assulted each other with porn and muffins and laughed but attempted to cover it up quickly he looked around to see if anyone noticed he walked a little closer to the group and sat down again he thought this collection of agents was quite a strange decicion not a bad one their skills build on each others and the morale was usually quite high but altogether most are completly different

09-27-2006, 06:40 PM
With his head sat back agains't the armless leather chair in his office'slash'living quarters, legs spiraled on his desk, his left arm dangling off and his right on his lap who knew what pains of bad disfigured sleeping would await Kleiss.

Loud beeps racketing from his communicator on the desk, he slowly woke up but with difficulty to breathe. He scratched his upper chest with his right arm and noticed the microphone was almost up to the roof in his mouth, blanketed in drool and chewing marks.

Coming to his dull senses he pulled his head down to suddenly start choking on the microphone piece and frightened to death not knowing what to do, he flipped himself out of the chair taking it along with him and his legs knocking down papers, luminous desk light and various other trinkets in disillusion. The beeping eventually stopped and came with a females voice ringing out:"Come to the Hanger Mr.Sleepy Weepy! Mission time!"

Afew minutes later he slung a handgun holster belt around his waist and snapped it together. Toke afew devices into pockets and walked out of his room, looking around the pretty desolate area and walked off toward the Hanger until he found his mates crowded inside and waved.

Taking notice and familiarity of his mates, and ran into the crowd yelling "Hello!" Unfortunealy he didn't have his Headset around him.

Lucidian Dyne
09-27-2006, 07:25 PM
Having taken a detour to the men's room, Coltrayn wasn't surprised to find most of the team here at the hangar. But as he entered, he was immediately taken with the monstrous ship docked inside. It was bigger than most freighters in its class, easily a hundred and fifty feet tall. The body was a streamlined spade shape, powder-painted with an off-black color with light yellow washing over the external ship parts, as well as serving as a trim color. The gloss on the ship suggested that refractive armor was coated on the chassis, allowing it to take glancing shots and indirect explosions without much damage. Coltrayn's face was set in awe. It was every little boy's space fantasy!

... And then he looked back down to the team members. His expression sagged. [Thanks for messing up my daydream, people.] He grumbled to himself and set himself into his soldier's stride. Posture straight, face of indifference, measured steps. One two, one two. Some of the team were eating muffins; yet, by the way everyone was talking with everyone else, most were regarding this mission like a vacation.

Okay, so he wouldn't give pennance for their laid-back behavior. But muffins sounded like an awesome idea. He swung around Yoshiro's flank soundlessly, swiping a muffin and rounding the table to sit next to him and Babs. If they offered a greeting, he would only nod his head in return, preferring the taste of muffin. [Damn good muffin, too!]

He chomped down on another bite of the muffin as he spied the adult magazine peeking out from behind Yoshiro's back. " 'Ey," he began, swallowing his portion and pointing out the magazine. "Some guys have to wear glasses after reading that stuff." His face seemed impudently serious. "Looks like you're gonna need a telescope."

Yep, he wasn't Coltrayn without his insults.

The doors opened once more. Ryo stepped in, graced with greetings, names and comments. He was decked out in a white plugsuit, with faint blue trim outlining the swells of his nicely muscled frame. He earned a few catcalls and whistles from the guys and girls. He scoffed and harmlessly suggested that they take a cold shower.

Seeing him so refreshed, no one might ever guess that he only had three hours of sleep. No signs of fatigue were apparent -- he was in as top a shape as ever. He fell in easily with the team, or rather, those who weren't adverse to a few sedonds of chit-chat. He was all smiles, laughs and shoulder claps. His face was a flash of emotions -- concern for the newcomers, respect for the socially disinclined, familiarity with the ranking agents. He was as a captain should be, and more.

He sooned passed by Minjonet. "Hey, muffins!" He beamed at her as he took a bite of one. "Very nice, Lioness. You might have a future as a galley cook!" He chuckled in apology and waved to her as he strode to the head of the group.

"All right, agents! Fall in!" He twirled his finger over his head a couple of times, ushering everyone to stand in line in front of the ship. He motioned to Yoshiro. "Yo-Yo, get plugged up, you're copiloting." He gestured to the ship with his thumb, cluing him in on the suit's location. While everyone collected in front of him, he looked over to Mia, favoring a few words with her. He wasn't smiling, but his expression wasn't unfriendly. "Good morning, Mia... I trust you made it through the night without incident?"

Seikyu Kiba
09-27-2006, 07:31 PM
OOC: Last post of the night!

Dante was ready to go, He got up and stood next to Mia "Hmph" He glanced over at Mia and then turned back to Ryo "Agent Stray Reporting For Duty." He said, It was amazing he actually said more then 1-3 words. But he didn't care he wanted to show he was ready, so he saluted and stood there waiting.

09-27-2006, 08:13 PM
Arisu was speeding down the main corridor to the hanger, the jet fuels in her feet at high speed making her float above the floor."Oh no Late AGAIN. Geez why can't I wake myself up." she said fianlly finding the others,while brushing her hair at the same time.. She landed on the ground gracefully."Hello, huff..everybody." she said grabbing a muffin from the tray that was in Yoshiro's hand and nibbling on it, all while brushing off her STAARS jacket.

09-27-2006, 09:03 PM
Mia: Mia replied to Sabel's introduction. "Acknowledged, I have already aquired data on you Agent Rose. My name is Mia. I am also known as Weaponoid K-E-I, serial number 0001." she said. Mia turned her head towards Minjonet, who happened to be speaking to her again. She found what Minjonet was saying rather intriguing. However, she still thought that Minjonet was mistaken. Consuming nourishment for pleasure? Mia had never experienced such a phenomenon, therefore she denied it's existence. However, the smiling faces of her comrades suggested otherwise. She remained silent in this matter. She decided to review the concept of "pleasure" at a later time.

Babs spoke up after Minjonet's statement. Mia listened, then replied "What would be the purpose of me being in the bed of Cerea?" Mia asked, her air of innocence was eminent. "Anyhow, do not concern yourself with my development. I am not attempting to develop emotions. I am merely here to test my fighting abilities." she stated plainly. She turned to walk away, but suddenly heard the captain address the crew. As she returned to where the captain was conversing with the others, her eye scanners had noted for some reason his change of uniform. She then saw him looking back at her. As he spoke, she studied his face, noticing that his conversation with her seemed more... strained, than his conversation with the others. She paused for a second, then returned his words with a simple nod and walked towards the entrance of the ship.

Yoshiro: Yoshiro grimaced as Sabel's words. [[Heh! All the girls just love picking on me!]] he pouted as he downed another muffin. His muffin basket that he nabbed from Minjonet seemed to be getting smaller. He looked to his right, hearing Coltrayn speaking to him. Though he realized it must have been a joke of some kind, he didn't get it. His eyes mearly fell on Coltrayn's hands, noticing that he had obtained a muffin. "Grrhey jrust hrow'd ya get thrat?" he asked, his mouth full again. He was soon interrupted by Ryo, as he swallowed his last chunk of blueberry muffin. "Oye oye Ryo! 'Bout time you got your lazy butt up! I thought that this time I'd be the one pouring a bucket 'a cold water on your head! Heh heh" he said with a smirk, obviously satisfied that he had finally been somewhere before Ryo. "Don't worry Ryo, now that I've had some of these muffins I could copilot for days! Well, okay, not really, but I'm ready whenever you are of course" he grinned reassuringly. Yoshiro then raced over to the ship to change into the suit Ryo had mentioned.

OOC- ACK! Sorry everyone I keep getting Coltrayn and Dante mixed up for some reason!! It's fixed now, but still, thats the 2nd time!! grr -.-; I can't believe that! My head really is full of air... heh heh

fox demon naruto
09-27-2006, 09:10 PM
Zen sighed and walked up to Ryo. He didn't give any greetings or complaments or woos. He never has and never will. "Hey Ryo, I don't need to introduce myself since any team mission I've been on since joining was with you and you know damn well who I am. Put me anywhere you feel I'm needed anywhere just put me there." Yawing he walked off and began another jolly converstion with Nez. 'That was respectful.' "What? I never showed him respect when I first came here. I only did that yesterday 'cause I was in a good mood. But someone had to babble all night." He said loud enough for people to hear. 'Yea that was all my fault?' "Yes! It was! For some super smarty guy with all his smartyness I'd think you would have know that!" He said louder. 'do you want people to think you insane!' "There already do!" He roared. 'Yea just yell to the world.' "Just yell it to the world." Zen snapped back childishly. 'Stop.' "Stop." 'Stop!' "Stop!" 'STOP!' "NO I don't wanna!"

Lucidian Dyne
09-27-2006, 11:40 PM
OOC -- I won't hold it against you Mia, but Seikyu might. xD Now now, no fighting, you two. :\

Ryo's expression faltered, his words having a different effect on Mia than he hoped for. He felt his confidence lag, his attention so shot he barely caught the end of Yoshiro's remarks. He balked with a laugh as he looked back to Yoshiro. "HAH! Don't get too cozy with that idea. I might try boiling water on you next time." He grinned in response to his exuberance over the piloting. "We'll get underway in a few minutes. Just remember the plug suit in the Irkoku."

Zen soon confronted him in his marginally insane ways. Ryo put on a straight face and nodded to Zen in a most serious manner. "Crimson, I've got the perfect job for ya. But we'll wait until we get to our destination for the details." He nodded solemnly as he saw him amble away, speaking to his inner voices like he was always prone to doing.

Ryo looked back to Mia, who was standing next to the ship's cargo entry hatch. He didn't want to overbear on her with emotions, like everyone else was prone to doing... though, the HD didn't make any provisions for her emotions. He staunchly disagreed with that -- Mia was an individual, just like the rest of the people in the hangar. Wasn't she deserving of her own free will? He hated to think of her as a puppet.

Everyone present soon collected in front of the ship. He sighed as he tore his attention back to the agents. "Well now..." He muttered as he surveyed the line. "I guess no one's heard from the twins, have they? Vorridian's absent as well..." He sighed and cracked his knuckles, his authority shining through his voice once again.

"STAARs! At ease." He waited for everyone to relax their stances considerably before he drew on. "A week in space is a long time, and the trip back is even longer. I hope you've brought everything you wanted with you, because we're already behind schedule. And that's why I've arrived in my untimely fashion!" He lifts up a roll of documents in his hand. "Revised orders from Head Divison." He slapped the roll in his opposite palm and recited. " 'Ascertain enemy's knowledge about the ISS.' We are going to find out what they know about us. Also, the HD has advised that we get any information we can concerning the alien threat. I've been told that their encryption methods are some of the most powerful security in existence. I do -not- expect to glean that much information, so you hackers will have to stave off your disappointment.

"Otherwise, you've got your orders yesterday. We'll have an advisory meeting when we reach our mission point." He thumbed over his shoulder to the Irkoku. "File in, agents!" He pulled Yoshiro alongside of him, leading the line into the ship. "I'll be up in the bridge. My captain's codes are already keyed in, so you've got control of the take-off procedeure."

09-28-2006, 12:27 AM
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{Finnally its about time} Rhoan smirked while thinking this as he filed into the ship he wasnt exited but he sure as hell wasnt calm he looked over at the other agents in a low stare he then preocupied himslef bracing for the takeoff he felt uncomfortable in such a large ship he was used to smaller fighters and station transfer ships he decided to put that out of his mind and considered pretending to attack people when they made eyecontact but seeing as some of them looked tense he used his better judgement and took a seat on the main deck of the ship waiting for orders or something interesting to happen until then he decided he would stargaze {this misson will be difficult} he thought better relax until then "i bet at least one other person will see this" he thought aloud then realizing this he quickly turned his head towards the window and hoped once again no one noticed

red storm
09-28-2006, 02:36 AM
While all the hub hub on the ship was going on, Cerea had not been sitting idly. Oh no, Cerea, in fact, was the first to board the ship. The ship was, after all, a mojor source of technology and therefore a major source for tinkering. Cerea could be found in the lower coducts, repair tools in hand and gigling with gle as she adjusted the converters that provided power towards the cooling vents. When she heard voices multiplying, she pouted as she realized the others had arived and her little tinkering run was over. She finished what she was doing, packed up and climbed back up.

Conveniently, the hatch that allowed acces to the main bulk was placed in the same room where the others were. Climbing back out and dusting of her clothes, she noticed Mia standing there just as she comented on being in bed with her. Sneaking up on her back, she threw her arms around the girls waist and laid her head on her shoulder. "Good morning sunshine!" She called out. "So, since you didn't call me last night, I asume things went rather well. Don't let Babs' stories scare you. I never had any complaints, not even from her."

Seikyu Kiba
09-28-2006, 05:20 AM
OOC: I hold everything against you Mia! If you can't get my name right then I will be forced to kill you! Lol Jk Jk!

Dante walked aboard the ship and was infact second on, He watched Cerea and Mia do...what ever and then he saw a nice comfy chair. He walked over to it and feel right in "Mmm." he said comfertably in the chair. And then closed his eyes and waited for everyone to get in so they could take off. He actually found out he had a softside for Blueberry Muffins and Comfy stuff. After a while he got up and decided to head to the mens quarters to unpack the very little he packed "Hmmm..." He said glancing around the small room, when he looked forward he saw a hot tube near the window. And was actually happy about that.

09-28-2006, 05:23 AM
babs looked at cerea's apearance and commented dryly "that is simply since i am probely one of the few females that managed to stay out of it" she adjusted her weekend bag and moved into the schip, she looked over her shoulder "by the way i wish to check your anti virus and hack programs again" she turns and keeps walking "and do not tinker to much with the schip, i don't think the captain would want it to blow up"she turned a corner and moved to the females part of the schip to drop her bag off.

09-28-2006, 10:28 AM
"Admiral on the bridge!" Was the first thing Vorridian heard as he stepped onto the combat bridge of the Seeraol. Officers and marines snapped to attention, their eyes on Vorr.

"As you were." He told them as he began walking to center of the bridge. Unlike the vessels of other races, Selvadt warships had their bridges in the center of the craft, far from the hull and vulnerable windows. The center had a large holo-projecter, surrouned by smaller screens.

The Seeraol had entered a geostationary orbit near the STAAR hangar during the night, befitting Vorr's wish to bid the agents good luck and passage into Heaven should they fail. He paused when he rethought the statement, and said: "Weapons: preheat all arms, but do not extend." Even though it was unlikely, he wouldn't be caught unprepared in the event of faliure. All his weapons were 'heated', but were still hidden inside panels on the hull.

His second in command called for a glass of tea while they waited, and Vorridian made it two.

09-28-2006, 11:22 AM
OOC- Feh. I would soooo kick your butt in a nanosecond Seikyu! ^___^ But really though, I am sorry, I can't believe I did that twice! I do live up to the blonde rep huh? lolz

And ummm... Vorridians not joining us on the mission?

*ALSO, because ~Shizuku~ ((the girl who's supposed to be playing the twins Alice and Amber)) hasn't made a post or responded to my pms, she's not going to be part of this mission((*unless she makes a post by the end of today)). Lucidian, might I suggest Ryo recieving a last-minute transmission that the Doubles were delayed on their current mission and won't make it in time for this one? Anywho, that way we can move on and ~Shizuka~ still has an opportunity to be part of the RPG later. kkthx^^

Mia: Mia's eyes were closed as she stood in front of the ship, her arms crossed across her chest. She didn't even notice when Cerea had sneaked up behind her, which was highly unlike her normally. Her eyes immediately opened as Cerea's arms slipped around her waist and tightened. At first, Mia was inclined to attack her, and her fist tightened, but she stopped herself, realizing that she wasn't recieve any damage from Cerea's actions. The last thing she wanted to do was jeapordize the mission by attacking an innocent crew member. She looked behind her, her eyes meeting Cerea's. Mia's pupiless eyes focused in and out on the subject as she was speaking. "Affirmitive--" she began in reply, but paused. Her memory banks signalled a reminder to her that Cerea had requested she call her by her real name and not her agent name anymore. She decided to comply with the request. "--Cerea. No problems were encountered during my rest period. Your guidance last night was quite helpful."

Yoshiro: "No prob Ryo. I'll meet up with you later then." Yoshiro then turned to the crew "Launch of the Iryoku will begin in about 20 minutes, so everyone get in and get settled down." Yoshiro gave a quick wave to everyone as he left them to change into his suit. After changing he hopped into his copilot's chair nd leaned back for a few moments. This was his favorite part of the job. Even though he didn't mind showing of in the heat of battle, he found that his skills with ships and AW mechs were what he was best at. Done relishing the moment, he leaned forward and began to initiate the launch procedures.

09-28-2006, 11:32 AM
babs passed cerea again after seeing mia stil standing outside the schip "do you wish me to check your anti virus and hack software"she looked at mia already knowing the answer probely would be no because the weaponiod was probely fully protected against it but it never hurt to offer.

Seikyu Kiba
09-28-2006, 02:45 PM
OOC: lmao!

After Dante finished unpacking he decided to head back to the main area with Cerea, Mia, and Babs and took a seat back down in a chair and closed his eyes humming lightly in a depressing tune. He then opened his eyes and just watched the three girls talk.

09-28-2006, 03:01 PM
getting no reply from mia babs took it as a no either that or she did not understand it. she sighs and turns to dante and nodded to him as she walked back to the place she dumped her bag and changed. And walked out again, the outfit she wore was the same as first only this was a light kevlar and protected against bullets and laser shooters. she walks to yoshiro and sank through her knee's causing her shirt to tighten a bit and plugged one of her usb cables in the portle.

fox demon naruto
09-28-2006, 03:37 PM
Zen sighed as he entered the ship. He had come to a stand off with nez. He walked around the ship looking at random things, talking to random people about random things. Fighting Nez about pointless things. After a few minutes he walked back to his seat, "For the last time Nez you can't cure cancer with cheese. Besides it already has a cure." 'Aye, but just think of what we can do if we used cheese instead.' 'God, you get more mental by the day!" He said walking to a seat. He sat down and saw Dante sitting next to him. "Ello Chap!" He said to him.

Seikyu Kiba
09-28-2006, 03:49 PM
Dante glances over at Zen and nodded "Hello." He said his low voice and then closed his eyes waiting for them to take off. He changed his left hand into his machine gun and took a screwdriver and was tightening it a bit.

09-28-2006, 03:51 PM
Minjonet listened attentively, although with a somewhat bored expression on her face, as they were quickly given their next set of instructions by Ryo. As the command was given to go board the ship, she very delicately picked up all of her things - the piles of baked goods and all - to waddle on board, setting the stack of food just inside the common area as she slung her bag farther up her shoulder and wandered down to go find the Women's Quarters.

As soon as she found the room marked as such she called back, "Dibs onna top bunk!" After all, the quarters were sparse, but would do - bunkbeds enough, connected to two bathrooms each with showers. Flinging her bag on a top bed and yawning, Minjonet shook her head, fighting off the urge to go and sleep.

It took a few more moments for her to head back to the common room as she poked around the back of the ship with an air of curiousness, leaning into each room that was open and looking into it just enough to see what it was. Eventually she wheeled back to the common area where the rest were talking, and seeing they were there, flopped down in a chair near Dante with a tired sigh. "Pity I can't find the kitchens, otherwise I'd take 'em up on their joke about being the cook."

09-28-2006, 04:06 PM
After diong whatever she did when she was plugged in she pulled the usb out and walked back to the others. she sat in a chair were a usb port was in the arm rest she connected herself again and closed her eyes. eventhough her body needed rest her computer brain needed to move to a continu's flow of information or it would stop working for som reason. It was a little flaw the scientist of the research department hadden't been able to repair yet and though she trusted cerea, she would not let her touch her brain.

09-28-2006, 04:11 PM
Arisu was standing in a corner, not wanting to bother anyone. She was re-loading the small silver hand gun that she kept under her legging until her ears perked up at the further news of the mission. She entered the ship with her brown suticase and walked unitl she found the women's quarters. Entering into a random room , she un-packed her stuff and set it on a bottom bunk.

Airsu walked back to where the others were talking.

Seikyu Kiba
09-28-2006, 04:20 PM
Dante got up and decided to walk around the room a bit. As he did he examined everything that caught his eyes including for some reason Arisu when she walked in. She seemed like a sweet girl. He realized what he was thinking and noticing and he quickly shook it off. So he just continued walking around listening to the conversations.

09-28-2006, 04:36 PM
Sabel began wandering through the ship and to her utter dismay nothing that even resembled herbs or plants. Luckily she packed some of her healing herbs and brought them with her. She saw Dante, Arisu and a few others in the room. She threaded through making sure to check out all the guys. Although after she studied Dante he looked like he wanted to kill her.

09-28-2006, 04:54 PM
Mia: Mia gently removed Cerea from around her waist. "Cerea, I recommend that we board the ship before the launch preparations are complete." she said to her. As Babs asked her if she needed any updates, Mia performed a quick systems check to make sure that there were no problems with her auto-update drives. Babs must have grown impatient waiting for a response, so she had left. Mia then completed her systems check, finding that her auto-update drive that automatically installed new virus protections, ect. was functioning just fine. She turned back towards the ship and walked through the pressurized doors, with Cerea hot on her heels. She glanced around the inside of the ship. Mia began using her wireless connecting capabilities to connect to the ship's mainframe, and produced a map of the inside. The map complete, she found herself satisfied and stood to wait for the launch to begin.

Yoshiro: Yoshiro had completed most of the necessary preparations, and started up the engine. "Eh, I'll let this baby run for a couple of minutes since me and Ryo haven't put her to use in awhile." he said aloud to himself. He got on the ships speaker system. "Alright everyone, launch proceeds in about 10 minutes, so buckle down til we exit the moon's gravitational field. Also, Ryo I'm gonna need ya up here in the bridge for conformation of launch and all that. Yoshiro out." Yoshiro leaned back in his chair again, awaiting Ryo.

09-28-2006, 05:02 PM
babs opened her eyes and fastend her seatbelt, since she was behind yoshira 'must be my karma' she thought, she tapped him on the shoulder "i did a quick update of the anti virus and hack software they are fine now"she sat stil in thought for a moment before talking again "if things are changed ask cerea i have reasons to believe she 'tinkerd' with the schip"she leaned back again her eyes still opened showing the eerie sight of her flickering pupils.

Seikyu Kiba
09-28-2006, 07:09 PM
Dante heard the of the launch in 10 mins so he walked over to a chair and buckles, still glancing around the room his glance wandered over to Sabel. He staired for a bit but not with an evil glare but with a soft eyed kinda look. But he shook it off and then glanced to the ground.

Lucidian Dyne
09-28-2006, 07:38 PM
Coltrayn was the last to board the ship, already coming to feel right at home. His face wouldn't show it, but inside he was reeling. [God, I hope this thing hits light speed!] Despite his inward excitement, he kept a frown on his face as he passed through the common area to drop his things off at the men's quarters.

Most of the bunks had already been occupied. He swore out loud to himself. "Why am I -always- stuck with the top bunk?" He tossed his 'case in one of the footlockers and grumbled. "Moms' probably bottle fed them until they were 10..."

Yoshiro's voice sounded over the intercom, advising that everyone get strapped in. Coltrayn sighed to himself and pulled his swordrifle from his backsling, setting it on his bed. Hopefully no one else would touch it while unattended... he didn't want to be responsible for a broken arm, much less a breach in the ship's hull because of the swordrifle's... quirks.

He passed back into the common room and chose a seat next to Minjonet, nodding acknowledgement to her before he settled into place. "I've tasted a lot of muffins, but yours don't taste like crap." He twisted his lips wryly at her. "How'd you manage that?"

Meanwhile, Ryo was running through the final diagnostics for Setsunakuteii, his advanced weapon. "Good thing Daddy got you tuned-up just in time..." He mused to himself in a soft hum, his eyes flickering wildly across the screen as he soaked in the information feed on his HUD, inside the belly of his personal machine.

"Ace." Ryo caught a voice transmission at the bottom of his screen. It was HD. [Well, as if we don't have enough on our hands...] "SK: Patch," came his verbal command. An indicator to the side of the icon flashed green.

"STAARs has received transmissions from the Doubles."
"They're not making it back, are they?"
"Negative. They're currently abroad. They were last tracked in Chiba Colony on assignment. They've yet to complete their investigation."
"Roger, HD. We'll be underway shortly."
"Ace, your success is vital to the existence of the ISS. Keep your agents in -check-. They are NOT to spread their findings to anyone."

"Understood, HD. Ace out." The icon fritzed off the HUD, revealing a message in the middle of the screen: {all systems nominal} "Good girl, Sets. SK: Dismount." The systems shut down and everything went black for a moment. Soon, the chest split open with a hydraulic hiss, easing open and folding back along the shoulders. Ryo pulled his extremities from the AW's arms and legs and hopped out of the craft.

He rubbed at his neck as he walked along the auxillary hall of the Irkoku. He couldn't understand why HD thought his agents were going to reveal classified information to the media. His team always kept things under wraps, so it didn't make any sense to him. What was it that they were expecting to find?

He was quick to reach the end of the corridor. There was a small room at the end of simple design: three metallic portals arranged in a triangle. The biggest of the portals had a chair in its place, its arms lined with buttons, panels extending from the top of the chair over the user's head, to show external camera views. He seated himself, pressed a few buttons, and the chair hissed. It lowered into the bridge of the ship, where he saw Babs and Yoshiro at the ready. He smirked back to his second-in-command. "You missed me, admit it."

09-28-2006, 10:06 PM
OOC- For clarification, ships name is: "Iryoku" ^_^;

Yoshiro: As Ryo suddenly showed up, Yoshiro nearly hopped out of his seat in surprise. "Missed you? Heh, gimme a break Ryo! I've seen enough of your ugly face to last me a lifetime!" Yoshiro said with a playful punch to Ryo's right shoulder "Now whaddya say we get this girl outta here? If we're good to go, then give the word cap'n! I'm already plugged in, so I'm ready." Yoshiro said with his usual cocky grin, flashing Ryo a 'thumbs up'.

Mia: As everyone else began to strap themselves in waiting for the ship to take off, Mia had begun walking around the ship. She herself didn't have to worry about a problem with shifts in gravity or changes in acceleration because of her Gravity Coercers. It was an ability of hers to manipulate gravity to some extent. She would remain lodged to the ship's floor despite any changes made. As she made her way throughout the ship, she caught sight of Ryo, quickly making his way to a small room. She felt an odd impulse to say something to him, but said nothing and only watched as he raced off. She had felt that her matter of action towards him earlier was intolerable. She should not have ignored a direct question from her superior, but still... The expression from him had triggered something. Perhaps she had been expecting something from him that he had not given her. Perhaps... but what? She could find no answer. She turned tha oppossite way from where the captain had headed and began walking in solitude down the empty hall.

09-28-2006, 10:17 PM
Arisu sat down beside Dante and started to strap herself into the chair. Wrapping the seatbelts around her body tightly. She was ready for take off, altough she was a little nervous at exiting the heavy gravity of the moon's pull.

Lucidian Dyne
09-28-2006, 11:28 PM
OOC -- Iryoku, not Irkoku? Damn, I'm dumb as cow dung. Shoot me, please. x_x;

Ryo returned the thumbs up and started pressing buttons, looking rapidly between all four of his camera views, the three on his chair over his head and the main screen. He pulled the microphone set upon his head and buzzed into the intercom. "This is the final call. Everyone please strap yourselves into your seats. We'll be exiting the hanger in a few moments. Ryo out." The intercom switched off.

"Sealing the bulkheads!" All of the hangar's doors closed air tight, and secondary steel doors clamped down against the primaries. "Depressurizing the hangar." Vents situated at the sides of the hangar's shipentry flexed open, with just the barest hiss being heard within the ship, though the sound actually thundered outside. It took a few minutes to actually void the air into outer space, but Ryo wasn't long with his procedure. "Retracting landing gear... gryo systems online." The ship was now hanging in midair, one giant spade shape simply floating in the lack of gravity.

"Opening hangar doors!" The monstrous doors in the wall popped open, its gears straining to flex the huge panels outward. Slowly, but surely, the hangar opened up wide -- looking upon it, it was like outerspace was threatening to swallow them whole, and the ship entry was the mouth it would pass through. Earth was clearly visible in a half-moon shape though tha hangar.

"Procedure is green." Ryo let out a breath in anticipation and buckled himself in. He looked back to Yoshiro and gave a nod of his head. "It's all yours, pilot."

red storm
09-29-2006, 01:47 AM
ooc: And lose a valuable RP-er? Never! We're rare enough as it is.

Cerea could hear Minjonet claim a top bunk all the way in the hangar and called out in return "Dibs on a room with Mia!" Then Mia distangled herself from her and spoke "Cerea, I recommend that we board the ship before the launch preparations are complete." Cerea nodded and with a half "Kay." followed Mia onboard the ramp.

Once onboard, she was just in time to catch Babs' last sentence. "if things are changed ask cerea i have reasons to believe she 'tinkerd' with the schip" Cerea responded with and indignant cry. "Hey! The only thing I did was adjust the powerconverters of the aft cooling vents to reduce the power dispersement! Incom sucks at propperly inertializing them."

Seikyu Kiba
09-29-2006, 05:26 AM
OOC: Ooh i'm not good enough? Fine I called a Rebeleation! Mistress that avatar and banner rock! Is that Chobits or am I wrong?

Dante looked over at Arisu and nodded, He closed his eyes and looked up breathing slowly and calimly he was waiting for them to take off so he could get out of this seat and head to the hot tube....It was a nice feature so best not let it go to waste, Even if Yoshiro used it, then he thought about that, and then shook it off he watched Cerea and Babs and Mia talk for a minute and then he then glanced over at Arisu and said "Hello." in a low voice.

09-29-2006, 02:33 PM
OOC- I second that red, you're too valuable to be shot Lucidian ^_^

Yoshiro: "Well then" Yoshiro said, a huge grin creeping on his face "We're outta here!" he hit the clutch and the ship's thrusters blasted on. The Iryoku ripped through the spaceport as it rocketed into space. "Wooohoooohooooooooooooo!!" Yoshiro exclaimed in excitement, his adrenline surging. Takeoff was his favorite part of piloting. The ship had taken off with such speed that they were already clear of the ISS within minutes. Yoshiro turned down the primary thrusters and began coasting the ship. "Initiating artificial gravity now." he hit a few buttons and a message crossed his screen- artificial gravity initiated. "Well cap'n, I gotta say that was a beautiful takeoff. One more day without burning a hole through the hull eh? Hahahaaha" he laughed, his grin broadening. He switched on the ship's speaker system again and spoke "Alright guys, takeoff's complete, you're all free to move about as ya want. Keep in mind that we're still goin' pretty fast and we might get some turbelence from solar winds though so be careful. Yoshiro out." he switched the speaker system off and leaned back in his chair, looking out at the the empty space before him.

Mia: Mia's blonde hair flew wildly about as the ship skyrocketed out of the moons orbit, however she did not move an inch from where she was standing. As the ship began to slow down, she continued walking.

fox demon naruto
09-29-2006, 03:10 PM
Zen was alking around the ship and threw his bags into a random empty room. He most likly wasent gonna get anysleep or drink himself to sleep. "I'll just find in the moring." He said cheerfully. He looked around and saw many people talking and what he heard was mostly computers and MIa. "Damn, I mean yea Mia is well a weapon but I mean I heard enough about her. I might talk to her later on. Even though she talks like a well machine." 'Thats cuz she is one.' "NO! REALY! I HAD NOOOOOOOO I DEA!" He yelled scarticly. 'Blah, blah, blah.' Zen soon ended up to were Ryo was and knocked the door, "Captain, you said you wanted to talk with me when we were in outer space. I would ask to know what." 'Respectful.' "I do anything to figure out stuff, thats what you get when your insane." He mumbled.

09-29-2006, 03:12 PM
Babs swallows a bit as the ship blasts of 'we did not have this in our training' she thought when the schip was moving a bit to normal speed and they could walk around. She undid her seat buckle looking a bit green in the face and rested her hands on her knee's taking deep breaths trying to put her turning stomach to a rest.

09-29-2006, 03:46 PM
He passed back into the common room and chose a seat next to Minjonet, nodding acknowledgement to her before he settled into place. "I've tasted a lot of muffins, but yours don't taste like crap." He twisted his lips wryly at her. "How'd you manage that?"
((Ack, sorry it took me so long to reply, y'all...))

Minjonet grinned widely, settling back into her seat and nodding at Coltrayn as he sat beside her. "Practice. Lots of practice. A good recipe doesn't hurt, either." She chuckled, a half-purr coming through behind the laugh to make a wholly pleasant sound. "I cook when I'm nervous. Could be worse, ya know? Although being in STAAR makes sure I get plenty of practice baking." She laughed again, a little louder, as she fumbled for the seatbelt buried in the chairs cushions.

As further announcements came over the speakers, her ears pricked; momentarily distracted from conversation, she quietly but pointedly dug her claws into the unfortunate seat's armrests just before the whiplashlike force of takeoff hit. Her tail curled into knots as she looked, for a moment, distinctly unhappy, fur standing on end - about, really, at the point Yoshiro yodled "Wooo-hoooo!" in happiness. As soon as the movement of the ship evened out, she noticeably relaxed, giving an irritated sigh and nervously smoothing the fur at the tip of her tail with a paw.

09-29-2006, 04:11 PM
Sabel sat in the chair as the takeoff comensed. A faint yell came from Yoshiro she was used to this stuff that didn't mean she liked it. When the ship stopped she relaxed as she realized she was stiff and wandered to her room. She went through her stuff checking on all the herbs. "Good...good they're still good." she muttered and pushed them and her suitcase back under the bed. She walked casually back out. She nodded at a few people she wanted to go stargaze.

09-29-2006, 08:10 PM
OOC- Just so everyone knows, Lucidian's informed me he'll be out for awhile, so don't expect any replies from his characters real soon.

Mia: Mia continued exploring the ship, and soon found her way to the AW hangar. The AW hangar was on the lowest level of the ship, and was the largest chamber. There was 7 nicely outfitted AW mechs in the hangar, each of them different from the other. Her eyes scanned the machines, analyzing each of their capabilities. She was rather impressed at their well maintained conditions, and noted that one of them, which she assumed belonged to the captain, had been especially well taken care of. She halted her steps at the center of the hangar. She breathed in a long gulp of air, then let it out with a loud whooosh. She realized that she herself had much more in common with these machines than she did with the other people above.Yes, she was a weapon just like these AW mechs.

Yoshiro: Yoshiro closed his eyes, the pilot controls humming in his ear. He was still linked with the system, and if anything went wrong he would be the first to know. He fiddled with the link cords. He was a tad bit bored, now that the excitement of takeoff was over. He opened one eye and looked around. Remembering Babs was behind him, her turned around. "Oye, Babs, ya liked that takeoff right? Yeah, bet you've never seen such smooth piloting like mine, eh?" he said to her with a smug expression on his face.

fox demon naruto
09-29-2006, 08:29 PM
since Ryo wasent answering he desided to leave. "Must be sleeping or somthing." He said as he walked around. He was bored so he desided to look at the AW hanger. He walked around until he reached and looked at many of them. He soon found the Captains AW and looked very nice. He looked next to it and there was his. It was white with strips of Crimson on its side. Next to the captain he was the best. However no matter how hard he tried he never won against Ryo. He never played dirty for he swore that he never would. Looking around he saw Mia in the hang. Grinning he mumbled, "Perfect." He walked up to her and said, "You like it down here?"

Seikyu Kiba
09-29-2006, 08:36 PM
Dante got up and started to walk around. He walke down the hall way into a room where the planets and stars were nice out. He sat down on a couch and looked out. Closing his eyes and humming a tune as he was very comfy in this peaceful room.

09-29-2006, 08:46 PM
OOC- @SamuraiChamploo: Okay, don't ever try that again. I've reported your post, and it's my hopes your banned. Mannnn do I wish I could say what I wanted to say to you, but if I did then I would be banned from this site also.

Mia: Her thoughts were soon interrupted by the agent known as Crimson. The rings in her eyes widened and then closed in, redrawing up information on him. She looked away from him and towards the ground for a moment, her blonde hair falling over her face. She then looked up again at one of the AW units. "I find this place... more accomidating..." she said. She looked back at him. "This is your AW mech, is it not, Agent Crimson?" she asked him, extending her right arm out towards a white mech with the word 'Crimson' on the side.

09-29-2006, 09:08 PM
Arisu was just walking around randomly, until she spotted a room where the stars were showing. She gasped a little as she saw Dante lying there "Oh I'm sorry didn't mean to interupt you, while you were sleeping." she said in a whisper like voice. Arisu stood beside the doorway and looked towards the vast window that contained all of space. She tried to pick out constalations from the vast sea of twinkling stars.

Seikyu Kiba
09-29-2006, 09:12 PM
Dante opened up his eyes and glanced over at Arisu and in an actual normal voice he said "No..It's ok you may sit." He actually said more then 1-4 words, for some reason when he saw her he would want to talk. He didn't know why though. He then glanced at and empty seat and nodded.

fox demon naruto
09-29-2006, 09:15 PM
"Aye, it is. Quite fine. I had built for long range and close range. Since my shot is the best far away. However, I am a demon close range. Ryo usally puts me where I'm needed." Zen said. He then gave alittle chuckle and said, "Ever since I was here I swore the first time I met Ryo that I would beat him. That was so long ago I can't remember. We have a fight atleast every month. Everytime...I'm defeted." He silenced and then said, "Out of everyone in STAAR he is the only one that has my respect. Though I never show it I do." Sighing Zen walked to the AW mech. "Though I have respect for him I do owe- never mind. Tell me do you feel that you are closer to these mechs then you thought?" Zen asked still looking at his mech.

09-29-2006, 09:24 PM
Arisu shyly nodded her head and walked over to sit by him. She turned to him and gave him a small stiff smile. Some reason Dante made her feel werid sometimes, and she didn't nkow why.[What should I say to him..] she thought while playing with her fingers. "Um so you like the stars too I can tell..I like them too. He He" she said in a mousy voice.

Seikyu Kiba
09-29-2006, 09:31 PM
Dante nods and then looks at the stars "Yes...I enjoy looking out at them, space just seems to make me wonder about whats truly out there." He then glanced down "To be honest I never really talked this much, I guess because I have been around all these people." His eyes didn't seem cold anymore they actually seemed more softer but no one could truly tell if he was smiling because of the mouth mask (What ever you want to call it).

09-29-2006, 09:35 PM
Mia: Mia found it puzzling how such an odd character like Zen had the ability to understand what she was thinking so clearly "Affirmitive. Though this body is human, I function just like one of these machines. I am a weapon, after all. Like these AW mechs, I was built with one sole purpose, to fight. I follow the same principals, logic, probability, completing my missions. I am owned by the STAAR corporation, just like these mechs. I take orders, just like a mech is controlled by it's pilot." she reached her hand out and touched the AW mech, looking up at it for a moment, then looking back at Zen "Do you not agree, Agent Crimson?"

fox demon naruto
09-29-2006, 09:48 PM
Zen smirked and said, "Aye, that is what a mech is. You are one too. Hwever, you are more advance then them. You can speak to us have thoughts and move freely. Though you are under STAAR command you are more free then you think. These mech alway take orders and can't say a thing. Its quite depressing don't you agree. Also horrific. I mean I don't know if this happen to you but," Zen spat the next part, "To take something say a human and change into something a other thing wants to do they bidding. I say its horric and anyone that dose that should ide. However I don't know how you became, well you. So I'm really asking would someone like that deserve to do that." Zen asked most seriously. He then said, "Please Mia I ask you to not call me Agent Crimson but Zen. Though I like Crimson I don't want my teammates when talking to me in a safe area to call me that."

09-29-2006, 09:54 PM
Arisu nodded at his comment and clapped her hand s together in prayer "I thank the gods everyday so that we may enjoy the brightness of the stars and universe." she said her eyes closed. She opened them and frowned slightly [I guess he doesn't like big crowds..] she thought . She got up from her spot and walk towards the door." Well see you around then." she said walking away

Seikyu Kiba
09-29-2006, 10:00 PM
OOC: Well I am wrapping today night fokes!

Dante looked as she walked out of the room and nodded "See ya" He said as he sat there watching the stars go by and then closed his eyes [I was right she is a sweet girl] it was odd that he thought to himself because he hasn't had an actual thought so he found it quiet strange, he mumbled under his breath "Everytime...I wonder why?" He said closing his eyes and then getting up and walking to his room, He hopped in the shower and then changed into sweat pants and a white t-shirt and then took off his mouth mask (What ever you want to call it). He noticed he was smiling and then decided to continue smiling, His smile wasn't an evil one but a sweet smile. He laid down on his bed and went to sleep.

09-29-2006, 10:12 PM
Mia: "Confirmed. In our future interactions I will remind myself to call you Zen." she paused, thinking over the words he just said. "Even I myself do not know why I am what I am. However, I make no objections. I am superior to humans, and therefore I am content with that." She paused, and took a few steps towards him. "Still, some of the points you made appear correct. Even so, when you view the basics, a weapon is still a weapon, and that is simply what I am." She walked past him and towards the doors. "I am going to recharge my energy reserves now, I suggest that you retire as well" she looked behind her at him again and added "Zen."

Mia found herself back up the steps and in the women's quarters. She attempted to find an empty place in the quarters, and soon found an empty bunk underneath Cerea's. She stood next to the bunk, and held her left arm in front of her. "Initialize status-check on energy reserves" she said aloud, and a small holo-screen appeared above her arm. It flashed with light as data streamed across it, normally not computable by inexperienced eyes. Mia did not think that she would require much rest, considering she had recharged the night before, and had not performed any vigorous activities today. She was designed so that she was able to fight for long lengths of time without tire. Still, it was customary to try and keep her energy levels at 100% as long as she was able to. As the analysis continued, Mia sat herself on her bunk and waited.

OOC- EDITED: I added the last paragraph to this post so that I wouldn't have to make another post ^^

fox demon naruto
09-29-2006, 10:20 PM
Zen gave a smrik and nodded as Mia walked away. He continued to look at his mech for awile. He didn't know how long but he soon left and headed for the kitchen. Uppon entering Zen grabbed the first thing that had alcohol in it. He swung it and drank it all. Grabbing another he layed by a nearby couch for a long night of drinking beer falling asleep and waking up with a huge hangover.

09-30-2006, 12:01 AM
OOC: Text in < >'s mean that the speech is in Selvadt, not human.


"<Sir, the STAAR ship has just left the hangar.>" The Sensors officer read off the holos surrounding her.

"<Very good. Communications, open a line to the STAAR ship. Nonsecure.>" Vorridian ordered as he took a drink out of his tea. The warm liquid felt soothing as it flowed through his arm.

Vorr activated a screen directly in front of him, and clipped a mic around his gills. "Hello, Captian," He said as he waited for Ryo to respond. "I want to wish you luck, and entry to Heaven if you fail. If you need help, just ask, and we'll come."

09-30-2006, 04:01 AM
Babs looked to yoshiro and glared a bit "i am afraid we have diffrent ideas on the term smooth"she haden't felt this sick to her stomach since cerea had talked her into a drinking contest with her, while cerea was perfectly fine the next day she had a hangover as large as pluto. she blinks nd moves towards the female quarters "i am gonna lie down for a hour or two"she muttered.

Seikyu Kiba
09-30-2006, 10:25 AM
Dante woke up and then got up and smelt alcohol. He got changed into his gear and put on his mouth mask. He walked out the door and saw Zen on the couch with a hang over. "Hmph" He said walking down over to the kitchen he looked around and decided to make some eggs and bacon. Now because he hates taking off his face mask in public he took it off in the kitchen and started to eat.

09-30-2006, 10:27 AM
babs retreated in the female quarters, she pulled a small flat box from her bag and plugged her usb in it. It only contained digital pictures of cats but it would keep her brain working, she layed it on the small ledge above her that served as a nigh stand and layed down.

09-30-2006, 02:55 PM
Yoshiro: Yoshiro gave a curtious nod towards Bab's direction as she dissapeared through the doors. He stretched out again in his seat. "Ahhhhh now all I need is a beautiful woman to lay with tonight... maybe I'll put this baby on autopilot and slink over to the women's quarters later... hee hee hee hee" His smile broadened as he pleasured himself with the idea. However, he did nothing of the sort and simply decided to get to sleep himself. Yawning, he switched the controls to autopilot and reclined his seat back. He was still linked to the ship, so just in case anything went wrong he would notice it right away. He fell fast asleep and dreamed of being on a beach surrounded by beautiful women.

Mia: Mia quickly completed her analysis and found that her energy reserves were at 87% their normal capacity. Mia decided that she should get some rest to make sure her energy levels were at 100%, so that just in case anything were to happen, she would be ready. She stiffly layed down in the bunk, and began shutting down her nanite systems. Her eyelids closed, and she shut down completely, a soft white glow eminating from her body as she recharged. She would soon be fully operational again in about less than an hour. Someone walking by would observe that she looked almost like a mechanical angel sleeping away, her soft glow bathing the surrounding area. It was nearly hard to believe that she was some murderous killing machine.

09-30-2006, 03:04 PM
babs stretched herself as she opened her eyes, the sick feeling her stomach had settled and she sat up being carefull of her head with the top bunk. she removed the usb cable from the box "delete kitty pictures from harddrive"her pupil flickered until she was done. and she stood up noting that mia was resting to, she walked out of the woman quarters and to the deck where yoshiro was sleeping she smirked and putted her mechenical fingers on his head making sure he didn't wake up "start dream enterance"a few days before the mission cerea had with the help of a supirior of the research tinkerd a ability so she could enter and read a persons dream.

in the dream she stood on a beach, she chuckled at the sight of yosh surounded by beautifull women. she adjusted her outfit to a very skimpy bikini and walked to him a seducive swing in her step and sat next to him 'hello yoshiro"she batted her eyes lashes. as soon as she sat down the other women faded leaving the two of them.

fox demon naruto
09-30-2006, 03:05 PM
'Hello sleep head!' Nez yelled to Zen. "Shut it!" Zen mumbled getting up and grabbing his head. He slowly got up and heard someone cooking, very loudly. He slowly walked over to the noise advoiding the many empty bottles. He looked and saw Dante cooking. "Good, please make me something....and some coffee." He grunted to the person.

09-30-2006, 03:36 PM
Yoshiro: Yoshiro was still sleeping, despite the morning hour having aready arrived. In space, there was no difference between morning or noght, and the passage of time would go unnoticed if it wasn't for the clocks inside the ship. He was still dreaming, and soon found himself on the beach alone, with Babs. "Oye, Babs, what happened to the other girls?" he asked, sounding a tad dissapointed. But he soon got over noticing, Bab's skimpy swimsuit. As she sat down next to him, he got a little red in the face "Oye, Babs, I--- thought you didn't like me?" he asked her [[Duh you idiot! This is your dream remember? Anything you want happens here!]] he reminded himseld [[Oh yeah!]] A smile crossed his face as he reached for her hands and held them in his own. "Babs, would you bear my children?" he asked her [[Now where the heck did I get that line from??]] he briefly wondered to himself.

09-30-2006, 03:42 PM
Arisu started her day by waking up abd walking to the pratice training ground. She oepend the large double doors and walked into the shooting gallery. She was wearing her STARRS Uniform and clamped a pair of goggles over her eyes as she went to get a rifle from the weapon storage room. "All right time to train my skills." she said loading a round of metallic bullets into a small but, efficent hand gun she found.

Arisu stood infront of the picture of a alien with tentacles spouting from places. She got behind the line and aimed the gun at the picture. "Alright! NOW" she said as she gripped the trigger of the gun and fired her first round. The soudn of bullets firing rang throughout the ship.

09-30-2006, 03:46 PM
outside yoshiros mind babs snickered the ability was officily created to pull people out of deep sleep, comas or sleep caused by a drug but it didn't she could not have fun with it.

her dream version scooted against him and pulled one of her hands lose and reached for a bowl off grapes that apeared beside her "hmmm but of course"she picks one and feeds him "i am a female do i have any other purposes?" she feeds him another grape and smiles at him ""but i have a little secret to tell you"she leaned close to his ear "i am not a image conjured by you dream, i just invaded it and the next person that enters i am gonna ask to put my usb cable in one of the televisons and show them your perverted thoughts" she chuckles as he looked at her. she smiles sweetly "unles ofcourse you wake right now"she snickes as her image turned into the one he saw on the schip.

Seikyu Kiba
09-30-2006, 03:52 PM
Dante glared at Zen and poured him a cup of coffee and fixed him a plate of Bacon and Eggs. "Hmph." He said as he put back on his Mouth mask and walked into the shoting gallery and he really wanted to shot something. When he got in there he saw Arisu firing her rifle, he didn't want to interupted her but the second alien hologram appeared, it looked like she wasn't paying attention so he changed his hands into the machine guns and went all out at the alien. It fell to the ground with bullet holes in it. "Hmph, you have some pretty good aim." He said walking over. "Please continue I dont mean to disturd."

09-30-2006, 04:05 PM
Yoshiro: "I am not perverted! Can't a man simply admire the beauty of a female without--- whoa whoa whoa, you're gonna do what?!" Yoshiro exclaimed, the full extent of her words hitting him like a ton of bricks. He awoke with a start, to find Babs hovering over him like a cat playing with a mouse. He frowned. "Oye, Babs, why the heck do you always find it fun to play with my emotions?" he said a little poutedly, trying to get her to feel sorry for him in some way.

09-30-2006, 04:12 PM
Chuckled lightly "you are just to easy to tease" she let her hands dangle on her side looking like a cat that had the best cream. She looks at him inocently clearly not feeling sorry for him "how do you like my ability it's made to pull people from deep sleep, coma's and drug induced sleep"she snickers and turned to walk to the kitchen for breakfast "maybe you should start worrying if you see me in your dreams afteral it could be the ereal me"she dissapeared behind the door.

In the kitchen she nodded to dante and made herself a sandwich with ham until she noticed the weard look on date's face "what"she asked as she took a bit from her sandwhich.

09-30-2006, 04:31 PM
Yoshiro: Yoshiro grimaced. He didn't really like being the subject of Bab's tricks. "This is going to be one looooooong trip..." he mused to himself. He rose from his seat and stretched with one last yawn. "Eh... well, I'm fully awake now. Wonder where Ryo went off to? Ah well. Maybe I'll head to the kitchen and grab a bite. Hopefully Babs isn't down there..." he shuddered at the thought of some other way Babs could pull one over on him. Yoshiro grabbed the link visors sitting on the ship's console. The link visors were seemingly a pair of simple sunglasses, however, they were a wireless link to the ship's mainframe,so that even if Yoshiro left the bridge he would still be alerted to any changes in the condition of the ship. He soon found his way into the kitchen, and found that he was in the company of Zen and *gulp* Babs. He proceeded to the fridge. "Oye, you drink all the beer again Zen?? Theres only like, 4 left now!" he said. He grabbed one, opened it up, and gulped it down.

Mia: Still sleeping ^_^

red storm
09-30-2006, 04:34 PM
Cerea was pissed. No wait, she was beyond pissed. She was down right infuriated to the point of murder and mass destruction. She had snuck of to the hangars to check up on her AW mech to do some highly needed repairs, and what did she find? A shiny, blinging, brand new AW mech.

Now, normal people would be overjoyed with having a brand new mech instead of their worn out one, but Cerea was definetly not like normal people. she hated factory new AW mechs. There were two reasons for her dislike of new AW mechs. The first being that she liked to customize her mech, but the second, and most important, was that factory new AW mech were an engineers worst nightmare. Sure, they may look nice and shiny, but what do you see when you open the panels to look below? Factory defects just waiting to blow up in your face. Asembly mistakes no one noticed. But the worst of all, Tamech, the main manufacturer of AW mechs, loves to slip in so called 'technological upgrades' without documenting them, without fully testing them.

And without getting her explicit permission, but that is another story entirely.

So Cerea could be found diving through her mech. Literally. She was below the plating, crates filled with spare parts were scattered around and everywhere on top of her mech. She was scouring to find mistakes in the assembly, or inpropperly adjusted systems. She wasn't disapointed, either.

In just a few minutes, she had found that the fuel-regulator was baddly welded down, the anti-grav fields were operating at only half power because the supliers were scratchy and leaked power everywhere, the cockpit was a mess of wires because some of the panel layouts were faulty and she didn't even want to think about what the hell Tamech had done to the main gun.

Yeesh. Cerea thought. By this rate I have to rebuilt the thing before I can even begin to think about customizing.

fox demon naruto
09-30-2006, 04:39 PM
Zen finished his coffee and food and got up and walked to Yoshiro and said, "Yep I drank almost all of them." He said before grabbing another one and opened it. He looked over at babs and said, "Hello to you!" He said cheerfully. 'Happy arn't we?' "Yep I'm real happy!" He said in a alien tounge. 'Why.' "I don't have a hangover anymore!" Zen said once again in a alien tounge. 'Mmmmhmm'

09-30-2006, 04:45 PM
Babs smirked faintly when yoshiro enters and took another bite and looked at him and zen. Most people found it strange she ate since she was a droid but most people also failed to acknowlege that she was just partly driod and still needed to eat. she looked as the two men talked and ignored zen's madman talk to her, her data had already informed he was a bit weird and causion was handy. So she just kept eating her sandwich.

09-30-2006, 04:54 PM
Arisu looked as the alien hologram went down and she turned to Dante. "Oh it's you. Hi there" she said as she reloaded the gun. Arisu tucked a piece of red hair behind her ear "Well my Uncle taught me how to shoot." she said aiming for the third hologram an fired. Since her mind wasn't focused enough she almost let her aim slip, causing the bullet to go sideways. "AHH." she said dropping the gun

09-30-2006, 05:26 PM
Mia: The soft glow tht came from Mia's body while she recharged suddenly dissapeared as her systems went online. She awoke with a start and lifted the upper half of her body stiffly from the bunk. She looked around and noticed she was alone. She spun herself out of the lower bunk and her boots hit the floor with a soft thud. She walked out of the female quarters and made her way to the kitchen for no apparent reason, considering she did not need to eat like the others. She entered it and found that Zen, Yoshiro and Babs were in there. "Greetings Zen, Agent Gambler, and Agent Shadow." she stated simply to them.

Yoshiro: Yoshiro glared at Zen as he saw him reach for yet another beer. "Sheesh..." he muttered, but made no move to provoke him. Even though he could easily beat Zen in hand to hand combat, he was more worried acout Zen's alien right arm. The last thing he wanted to do was piss him off and have him blow a hole in the ship. Besides, even though Zen was creepy, he wasn't that bad of a guy, and had helped them out on alot of missions despite his wackiness. Yoshiro's thoughts were interrupted by Mia's arrivl to the kitchen. "Oye Miss Weaponoid, you sleep well?" he asked her in response.

Seikyu Kiba
09-30-2006, 06:16 PM
Dante chuckled a bit as he picked up the Rifle and handed the gun to Arisu, and then fired his machine guns at the other hologram "Your lucky you had a choice to learn how to shoot, I didn't have a choice." He said looking down "You should be more focused." He said handing her the gun and then setting her in the rifle position, He held the gun with her. "You see if someones talking to you, you have to beable to here two sounds at once."

fox demon naruto
09-30-2006, 10:44 PM
Zen threw away his beer and said something about Yoshiro in a alien tounge. Something about werid guy. His thought were interuppted by Mia and said, "Ah, hello Mia." He said cheerfully.

10-01-2006, 03:13 AM
Mia: Mia first replied to Yoshiro's question "Affirmitive, recharging proceded without problems. I trust you have rested well yourselves." Mia said, directing the statement to all those present in the room "Well, if you will be excusing me, I have other business to attend to." She nodded curtiously at them and exited the kitchen area.

Yoshiro: [[Gosh she sure is strange]] Yoshiro thought to himself as he watched Mia leave the kitchen [[I've never met anything like her really. I wonder just what she's capable of. Guess we'll find out soon enough...]] he began to scarf down his eggs like a ravenous wolf. When he finished, he stated out loud "Oye, I think I'll go and do some practicing or something... *sigh* it sure does get boring around here though without any action..." he made his way out of the kitchen as well, and turned right down the hallway.

10-01-2006, 02:01 PM
Arisu nodded her head "Right, here two sounds at once." she said focusing her mind on the task of shooting. She let Dante guide her hand and shot at the first hologram that appeared but not before thinking [ His fingers are kind of cold...] It exploded as she shot it in the heart. Arisu raised her arms above her in triumph, "Yeah I did it." she said in happiness. She hugged Dante tightly, suddenly thought about what she was doing and let go.

Arisu blushed a bright red that was the same color of her hair. "I- I'm sorry. I got carried away." she said turning away from him and playing with her fingers. She was silent

10-01-2006, 03:09 PM
babs had finished her breakfast and nodded to mia ans smirked at yoshiro she left. she went to a diffrentsmaller training area that was padded and took of the hollowgram glasses that layed there. she putted on her face and stood in the middle "start fight hologram level 2-xy" she took a battle stance as she saw her opponent apeared and doged a few punches before slamming into the hollograms face with her robo hand.

Seikyu Kiba
10-01-2006, 03:41 PM
Dante chuckled "It's ok." putting his hand on her shoulder "You did good." He said having very light pink blush after she hugged him "You will be a pro in know time." shook his head "Sorry that came out wrong I didn't mean it as an insult." he then changed his left arm into his machine gun and fired a bullet right in the head of another Hologram. "S-so tell me about yourself." He said surprised that he actually stuttered.

10-01-2006, 04:03 PM
Arisu was suprised that Dante wanted to know all about her. She picked up her rifle off the floor and dusted it off. "Well I was born in Bain, the medicial city. " she said in a low voice. She had never talked about her past with people and it made her feel kind of uncomfortable. "Something horrible happened one day I was..in a accident involing both my legs. " she said patting her bionic legs. "I was hit by a car and flew into the air, by the time I had come too my legs had to be replaced with artificial ones. The ones I have here."

Arisu looked away and gently rubbed her eyes.

Seikyu Kiba
10-01-2006, 04:19 PM
Dante put his hand on her shoulder and looked down "I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you upset." He said as he looked down at his hands "I grew up on Earth, I was really rich and bullied for it, The kids made me climb onto a factory bridge and retrieve a ball, It was unstable and it collapsed, Some bars caught my fall but I ended up perminantly breaking my arms, My Parents got the best doctors, One asked me and my parents if I wanted to get Robotic parts, So we all agreed. But when I joined STARR they changed my robotic arms so that they became Machine guns at my will." He then took the two blades on his back out. "They also taught me how to weild these." He said slashing another hologram. "Of course this metal mouth plate covering my mouth is nothing more then something to protect my jaw and teeth." He couldn't believe he talked about his past...it's what makes him so cold hearted and show no emotion.

10-01-2006, 08:13 PM
OOC- WOW. This rp sure slowed down alot. ;_; Anywho, had to take over Ryo's character right quick, two new RP'ers are joining our ranks ^^

Ryo: Ryo felt something vibrating in his pants pocket "Great, yet another message from Head Division" he thought, a bit disgruntled. He took the communicator out of his pocket and switched it on, a small holo-screen popped up. "Captain Ace, because the twins weren't able to come on this mission with you, we decided to make up for their absence with the introduction of two new agents for your team. They're ready for teleportation as soon as you authorize it on your side." Ryo nodded. "Alright then, I'll head to the tele-pad right now and prepare it." Ryo made his way to a room near the bridge and opened the doors. He walked inside and up to a large computer on the wall. The room was also outfitted with a simple circle in the center of it, the telepad. It was used for transport, of course only STAAR and other high millitary organizations were permitted it's use, because such technology was highly highly expensive. He started it up and spoke through the communicator again. "Alright, we're all set here. You can send 'em over." "Confirmed Captain, we're sending Agents Luzifer and Darkness over now."

Yoshiro: Yoshiro found himself heading to his own bunk in the men's quarters. "Eh... now where did I put that data chip at that has all my training info?" Since Yoshiro normally trained on the ship inbetween missions anyhow, he had designed a special training regiment that he always followed, and all the data concerning it was on a special data chip. He soon located it next to a pair of boxers [[Gosh I really gotta find better places to stick my stuff]] and proceeded to the training chambers. As he got down there, he noticed that Arisu and Dante were in one, and Babs was in another. He took the remaining one, not wanting to interfere with Arisu and Dante's bonding time [[That guy could really use some 'bonding]] and Bab's training. [[Last thing I need to do is give her another excuse to pester me]] He walked into the training room he had picked and began to start up the systems, inserting his special data chip.

10-02-2006, 12:30 AM
Luzifer appeared shortly thereafter. His green hair drifting over one eye and his uncovered purple on gazing lacksadaiscally around. "tch... What's the situation?" he asked with unhidden apathy, "The maggots running this place don't feel its proper to tell me anything" god he hated this job... he should have taken the death penalty... he felt so stupid now.

His hand lightly scraped against the pistol at his waist and he ajusted the weight of the rifle on his shoulder.

10-02-2006, 12:38 AM
Ryo: "Yeah..." Ryo began "Um, first off, welcome to my ship. I'm Captiain Ace as you may know, but you can call me Ryo. Anyhow, the mission we are currently a part of is a stealth mission. STAAR has gotten word of an invasion and we're going to intercept it. We break in, get as much intelligence as we can from them, and then destroy their ship, leaving behind no evidence. That's pretty much the jist of it..." he said, smiling politely to his new crew members, but then realizing that it was not entirely returned. "Ummm, well, make yourselves at home, a map of the ship is located on the wall behind you. I'd give you a personal tour--" he said with a slight laugh "--but I have some other business to attend to. I'll be seeing you." he nodded his head politely and then dissapeared out of the room.

10-02-2006, 12:43 AM
"hn..." Luzifer responded... He looked back to the map the annoyance had indicated. He would need a room... He pulled a small box out of his pocket... a room with a solid lock. His eye trained to his watch... still an hour and half till his next dose would be needed... though, it would be best to secure lodging quickly then have to beat the crap out of some maggot that thought they should "share". Though that wouldn't be entirely without its enjoyments. Walking to the dormatory he rudely opened doors looking for one that didn't have any signs of habitation

red storm
10-02-2006, 02:03 AM
OOC- WOW. This rp sure slowed down alot. ;_; Anywho, had to take over Ryo's character right quick, two new RP'ers are joining our ranks ^^ooc: And that's bad? Most of the times you people start mass-posting its somewhere between 2 AM and 6 AM over here. Not exactly times when I'm online.

Inside her AW Mech, Cerea was pulling her hair in frustration. She had seen and serviced many AW Mechs, among which a lot of factory new ones, but this had to be the worst one ever. Besides the control panel, fuel regulator and antigrav generators she had found trouble in the portside booster, faulthy plating in the left arm and non-calibrated targeting software. Growling, she activated the comlink in her right connector and made a link towards Ryo.

"Oi! Ryo! What bastard was responsible for ordering those new Mechs! These things are flying junkyards, we'd need an army of engineers to get these working!" She was mad, really downright furiously mad. Being almost completely mechanical had made her apreciate machines as a sort of kin, and seeing Mechs so carelessly constructed was like someone tortured a little child in her eyes.

10-02-2006, 02:15 AM
ooc: And that's bad? Most of the times you people start mass-posting its somewhere between 2 AM and 6 AM over here. Not exactly times when I'm online.
OOC- Well, what I really meant to say is that we're dropping quite a few characters... about 4 of them as it is now. Believe me, I don't like it when people mass-post either, which is why I had the rules at only 3 posts a day until some people started complaining. Anywho, lol I was wondering why you usually post @ like, 3:00 am my time. Now I know why!

Ryo: Ryo paused as his communicator buzzed again. "Now who---" he was interrupted by the angry rampage from Cerea. He gulped as he listened on, waiting for an opportuinity to speak. "Now Cerea, your AW mech isn't normally stationed on my ship, so maybe it's still intact back at the Agent Division..." Ryo said, hoping in some way to calm down the angry cyborg. "Anyhow, I wasn't in charge of any of this, whoever made the reservations must have given all of the newcomers to my ship new AW mechs... at least, I think so... maybe..." he dearly hoped that Cerea's old mech was intact somewhere and not sent off to some scrap heap, for all of their sakes. "Umm well... I-gotta-go-now-talk-to-ya-later!" He quickly disabled communication from her before she could pass any blame onto him. "Phew" he breathed a sigh of relief and continued on with what he had previously been about to do.

Mia: The weaponoid watched as the captain passed by her through an intersection in the hallway. Although she wished to speak with him, she made no motion to stop him, as her sensors indicated that his quick pace and lack of noticing his surroundings meant that he was in a hurry. She decided that it would have to wait. After all, it wasn't a manner of importance, mainly just her being curious. There were still many things about these humans that she did not understand, despite the fact that her body was human itself, she still functioned as any weapon would. But being introduced to this new enviroment was difficult for her. She turned the down the oppossite way from where the captain was heading and continued down the corridor to where the women's quarters were. Oppossite from the women's corridors were the mens. She immediately turned towards the men's quarters. Her bionic eyes indicated that there was an unidentifiable lifeform in there. In less than a second she was in already in the room, her beamsword was out, and it was aimed at the back of the intruder. "Identify yourse--" she paused, her pupiless sky blue eyes narrowing as she analyzed him. "Confirmed. Identified as Agent 0000-0000-0231 Luzifer of STAAR organization. Threat eliminated." she said in her usual robotic voice. She lowered her weapon and it dissipated, leaving behind just an ordinary hand. "Greetings. I did not intend to disturb you." She turned around, her long blonde hair trailing behind her as she was about to walk back out of the men's quarters.

Yoshiro: Yoshiro inserted the data chip that had all his practice info on it into the ship's holographic training simulator, or, the HTS. He decided to start off at level 6. "Begin." he said, and a large alien lifeform appeared in front of him. Now, although Yoshiro seemed to be a bumbling lecherous idiot, he was extremely skilled in martial arts, and his large muscles were not just another tactic used to pick up women. He raised his fists, and long metal spikes suddenly shot out from his gloves where his knuckles were. He quickly decimated the holographic images using his martial arts skills, barely working up a light sweat. He grinned cockily as the HTS read his score. "Level 6 completed at 94 percent out of 100." Yoshiro wiped his forehead "Oye, this time I'll get 100. HTS, reactivate level 6." he said again, moving back into a fighting stance.

10-02-2006, 05:20 AM
Luzifer muscles loosened and his hand, which was gripping his pistol that he had turned to aim behind him while still on his hip, loosened. "Whatever. Just don't do it again,worm. My mission directives keep me from killing you but i wouldn't my wounding you a bit." he sneered. Damn maggots. This "K-E-I" insect he had been assigned to protect (among a few other directives Research division had given him, which as usual were unknown to agent division) seemed like she would be more bother than she was worth. At least she was the only one all the others were...expendable. He loved working with "expendable" people because with him they always were "expended" by the end of the mission.

10-02-2006, 06:32 AM
Babs was done with her training and had not even sweated 'hmmm perhaps it's time to heighten my training level again'she thought during her walk to the women quarters she passed mia and heard someone call her maggot, she smiled faintly seems that lucifer was here to she walks partly into the men quaters and lens against the doorpost "so your also here luzifer?". Babs knew luzifer since had to restrain him once or twice while she was in training an he was research project. she never liked the seizures he had but always laughed behind the doctors back as he let lose the vowl word string.

10-02-2006, 06:36 AM
OOC- Everyone, I've updated the rules so please take a look at them! Kkthx <3

Mia: Mia stopped suddenly and whipped around, her blonde hair spinning around her head. She stood facing Luzifer again. "It seems you are mistaken Agent 0000-0000-0231 Luzifer. You have referred to me as a worm. Worm: invertebrates having a long, flexible, rounded or flattened body, often without obvious appendages. I am in fact not of this sort. I am classified as a Weaponoid, serial number 0001, product of STAAR." The rings in her eyes moved in and then outwards again, eyeing the man before her. "You are also incorrect in another aspect. Despite whatever efforts you use, it would be impossible for one such as you to kill me. I have analyzed all of your combat records, and it is fact. The gun you just had your hand on would not even be able to penetrate my defensive systems." she said these words in her usual cold robotic tone, her face devoid of an expression. She, of course, intended these words to be a statement of facts, not to be a threat, however it seemed to come out that way. Her head tilted to the right as she noticed Bab's presence, her blonde bangs falling over her face. "Greetings Agent Shadow." she stated to her.

10-02-2006, 03:10 PM
OOC: Sorry about not posting more than once but I'm pretty busy and taht's all the itme I have

BIC: Strolling through the halls after her little stargaze Sabel came upon Luzifer. Somehow sensing he wouldn't want to interrupted she went about her own bussiness. She felt his eyes on her though. She payed no attention to that and whistled a cheery tune. She saw Babs and Mia but didn't talk to them either. When she left she felt liberated "Finally no more having to not talking!" she went to women's corridors and took a nap.

10-02-2006, 03:19 PM
Babs just sighed a mia's response and nodded at her "just call me babs mia and he didn't mean it literaly it's how he calls most people"she turned to luzifer snickering lightly "you call everyone maggots don't ya luzifar?"she smiles faintly.

10-02-2006, 03:50 PM
"tch..." Luzifer scoffed at the people annoying him... He turned his purple eye towards the "weaponoid", "Listen, peon, call me by my product number again and i will kill you." His whispering tone was vicious and cutting save on "product number" where vagues wisps of shame infiltrated his voice. He was being perfectly frank. He would kill her, and to hell with all the torture the research division could dish out.. no one dared call him by his product number... the last person did had his arm torn out of its socket. He had been punished severly for it, 5 hours of withdrawl symptoms but it had been worth it.

He looked towards the second girl who was bothering him... she seemed vaguely familiar but he had probably never noticed her, underneath his smuthering shroud of apathy. "Damn it you idiots! What do you want now?" He said his voice never more then normal conversational tone.

10-02-2006, 03:52 PM
snickers "i believe the two times we met you called me lovingly and i qoute: let go of me your filthy brown maggot" she smirks at him "and then you were dragged of again"she sighs "i already feared you died luz"she turned around and walked to the womenquarters to take a shower.

fox demon naruto
10-02-2006, 04:35 PM
Zen bored with the area went out to find his cloths he dropped in a room yesterday. He walked around a cornor to see Mia and babs walking away. They were with a green hair man he did not know. Not caring he walked over to the man and looked in a nearby room. He saw his bag and started to walk to the door. However, the green hair man was in the way so Zen simply pushed the man out of the way not caring about what he thinks and grabbed his bag.

10-02-2006, 06:00 PM
Mia: Luzifer's words did not seem to effect Mia at all, and her expression remained as blank as ever. Mia didn't understand his angry and vicious demeanor, being that she herself had never experienced such things. She paused momentarily, studying him for a moment, and then responded to his outburst. "If you are asking me not to include your serial number when I address you in the future, I will comply." She turned away, not wishing to waste any further time on this lower life form, this human. Her metallic boots clacked against the hard ground as she walked out of the room. She glanced over at Zen as he passed her by. Her systems indicated to her that she should perhaps remain in the area just in case she was needed to break up a fight. Judging from the personality information she had on each of them, it would be of no surprise.

10-02-2006, 06:16 PM
"you go on believing its a 'serial number'" he replied watching the other strange girl, the one called "babs" walk away... what on earth was that piece of spittle trying to pull? Suddenly he was shoved from behind. He regain his posture quickly enough but his ire which had strated to smulder when he had been referred to by his product number was no close to catching. He breathed deep and some he slipped a small syringe from his pocket. He then turned back, noting the man who had pushed him for future murder and/or " battle accident". Opening another door he finally found an unoccupied room and stepped inside before closing locking and bolting the door. The last thing he need was people bothering him.

He injected the contents of the syringe into his arm and the suppressents did there work forcibly culling the emotion that had been building in him. He had only use a small bit of the control syringe since it was a 2 molar solution currently. He would need to dilute it but that could come later. He sat down on the bed as the suppressants began to numb his body. He would contact Research Division after the effects had passed... perhaps also after he had injected his next does of Gamma triplephalene, his most precious and despised substance. He pulled a book from his pocket, Catcher in the Rye and began to read it. His purple eye began to glaze and he fell into what would have seemed like a trance like state... he forgot everything and detached himself from the world around him

10-02-2006, 06:19 PM
Arisu came from the training room and walked down a corridor and entered the main louge room. She took out a labtop from her blue STAARS bag and turned it on,it plugged into one of the many sockets in the room. "Maybe I can research about what were up against." she said with a curious tone in her voice. Taping on the computor eyes rapidly she went on the internet, her eyes darting back and forth . Maybe these aliens were more than meets the eye.

Seikyu Kiba
10-02-2006, 06:51 PM
OOC: Mitarisorceress12 you can't leave the room while Dante was in the middle of talking to you...oh well I guess I will just follow

Dante walked out of the room with Arisu to the lounge room and sat down next to her "What are you getting so far about what we are going up against?" He said in a low voice and looking down at the ground as he watched her run threw the internet. "She..is amazing." He said watching her run threw the internet he felt another presents and it wasn't very friendly, he might be one of those psycotic types. He then glanced to the ground "I-I'm sorry I made you upset..how about I make it up to you by making dinner?" He said all though shocked at what words came out of his mouth. [w..what am I doing?] he thought to himself.

Lucidian Dyne
10-02-2006, 08:07 PM
OOC -- Okay, I'm back now. x_x; Had a family emergency over the weekend, so I wasn't able to pin down any posts. Hopefully, HOPEFULLY I'll be able to make it up. Wasn't expecting so many additions in my abscence. x_x;;;

Coltrayn had been in his bed for quite sometime, now. Here it was, already well into the "afternoon", and he had nothing better to do than to sleep. And why wouldn't he? The past few days had been weathered with virtually little sleep -- that he slept for this long meant that his nightmares weren't haunting him. He stayed out of sight of everyone in the ship, keeping his swordrifle tucked at his side. He was ultimately oblivious to everything -- and everyone around him.

[Always something to do...] Ryo fluttered a sigh from his lips. His tasks were merciless on his sleeping schedule: six hours for the past two days. He could scarcely sit still for too long before he fell asleep in place.

As he walked down the auxillary hall, his mind drifted, subconsciously counting the amount of things that had left to be done on the ship. The fusion reactor's check went smoothly; he had waxed and polished his AW, sifted through more executive paperwork, checked the ship's manifest, (which, he thought, needed an update of the alcohol supply on the ship. He hoped no underaged drinking was going on...) hosted new agents through the tele-pad, buffed the surface of his AW again, and manually checked through all weapon systems on the ship. Most of these tasks took relatively little time, but Ryo dreaded the paperwork and weapon's check like nothing else.

[Cerea's gonna have to check the Hammerheads... I've never had 1,024 missiles give me so much trouble.] He pulled his arms back behind him as he yawned. He needed to wake up somehow.

And instantly, he thought of coffee.

He took a side hatch in the auxillary hall -- inside was one of many gravity columns used to connect the hall to all sections on the ship. Ryo wondered if anyone else had been using the columns.

He was lifted upwards into the kitchen, which surprisingly was empty -- he figured at the very least that Minjonet or Sabel would be present, for there was enough food stuffs to last them three months; and the kitchen was home to the only three potted plants on the ship. Ryo gave a weary glance around the kitchen. Hopefully his quiet time wouldn't be shattered.

He made berth for the percolater and turned it on, waiting for the first coughs of water to be heard before he pulled himself into a sit upon the counter. His cybernetic eye was quick to take count of everyone in the ship, counting Mia up as the last subject. [I wonder how everyone else has been getting along with her...] His eyes refocused into the room and he crossed his arms, waiting for the coffee.

10-02-2006, 08:34 PM
Yoshiro: Yoshiro shut down the HTS and emerged from the training chamber. He wiped the sweat off of his forehead and said aloud "Now that was one workout..." he decided that it would be best for him to go and take a shower. Soon after the decision was made, he arrived at men's quarters. He noticed Zen in the room already. Passing him by, he reached for his own possessions and made his way into the shower. Disrobing, he quickly hopped in, the warm water feeling good against his throbbing muscles.

Mia: After Mia determined she was no longer needed, she continued down the hallway. She decided that she was growing weary of being in the ship with nothing to do. She wanted some sort of orders, some sort of purpose. Thinking on the subject, she resolved to find the Captain later and perhaps ask him if there were any tasks she could perform. Suddenly a sickening feeling came over her, it was coming from her abdomen area. Her head felt as if it was spinning for a moment. She turned and leaned her back against the wall, her shoulders drooping slightly. Her blonde tresses fell over her face as her head tilted towards the ground. She closed her eyes and remained against the wall in silence, waiting for the odd sensation to pass.

Aiyana Kusanagi
10-03-2006, 01:49 AM
Ryashi was laying on a bed in Med-Bay, getting some repair work done to her arms and legs. While this was going on, she established a wireless connection with the the central computer to search the internet and send a few e-mails. One of the doctors said "The repairs are complete, Agent Darkness." "Thank you" she said as she walked out. She headed for the tele-pads. "Blasted thing always makes me feel weird for some reason..." she thought to herself as she was listening to what Ryo said and downloaded a map of the ship. when he left, she walked to the main lounge room and sat in a nearby chair.

red storm
10-03-2006, 02:27 AM
Loud cursing and swearing could be heard throughout the corridor as Cerea came stomping down. Hair tangled, covered in sooth and grease this girl was royally pissed. First I find that my AW Mech is at the base, then I find that the new was was factory new, then when I complain that Ryo bastard hangs up on me! "Graaah! stupid! stupid! stupid!" She growled as she ruffled her hair in frustration.

It wasn't untill she had almost passed her untill she noticed Mia. Nothing strange there, if it wasn't for the girl to be hanging over. She blinked, and walked over to her. "Mia? You allright?" Blinking again, cerea noticed where Mia's hands. "That time of the month, huh?" She said comfortly as she rubbed the girls back. She remembered how horrible she felt, back when she was fully human, when that period arived.

10-03-2006, 03:12 AM
OOC- Time of the month... ROTFLMFAO! Not quite what I was goin for red... though I gotta admit it would have been more amusing... ^^;

Mia: Mia looked up at Cerea, who had put her hand onto her shoulder in an attempt to comfort her. Mia had no idea what the cyborg girl was talking about. The feeling had spread from her stomach to her chest, and now throughout her entire body... she felt like... she was going to explode. She discontinued looking at the ground and looked up at Cerea. Mia's eyes were not their usual sky blue color, but rather completely white, and they were... glowing? The rings in her eyes focused on Cerea's face, and her eyes returned to their normalness. The pain seemed to melt away suddenly, but left behind a foggy feeling in her head. She let out woosh of air as she rose from her leaning position against the wall, but her legs failed her and she nearly stumbled. She quickly caught herself. "Time... of the month?" she asked the female cyborg with an air of curiousity in her voice.

10-03-2006, 07:14 AM
Babs sighed after her shower, she died herself and her hair and notices some blood on the tower she groans. Digging in her bag for a moment she pulled out pad "ofcourse just when we are on a mission" she mutters as she pulled a black kevlar dress over her head. it was sleevesles except from some lace and it narrowed at the waist until it widened at the bottom. she putted a pair of tights on and sighs as she tied her hair back with a black bowl. and threw the dirty towel in the laundry bin.

red storm
10-03-2006, 08:30 AM
OOC- Time of the month... ROTFLMFAO! Not quite what I was goin for red... though I gotta admit it would have been more amusing... ^^;ooc: I knew that, but it was the first thing that came to mind, so I went along with it. Misunderstandings are so much fun.

Cerea nodded with a smile. "Yeah, you now, that time of the month. Periods. Ovulation." She put a finger to her lips "Though I never heard of peoples eyes glowing before. Maybe its a reaction of your mechenical parts? Maybe I should have done a small medical scan." She leaned to the wall next to Mia, offering her shoulder as support. "So, how you feelin? Legs are like mush, I bet."

10-03-2006, 03:59 PM
Luzifer could feel the sedatives beginning to wear off already, his emotions had settle and he felt confident about his composure. There was a slight headache building; his emotions that had been in danger of flooding his sense were still causing minor imbalances. However, these seemed to be for the most part ignorable and he believe that he would be able to take the tax of communicate with Research Division. Sitting up from the bed, he set his book down and moved to a chair opposite a communications screen.

He pressed a series of buttons causing the screen to light up and then shift to blackness as it connected with the Research Division which then asked for a passcode in order for him to access the main site for which he was cleared. He typed in “Grigori” and the screen lit up and changed back to a blank transitional state. Suddenly, the face of the head of the Research Division appeared on screen. His hair was in a neat brown combed-over and his eyes looked at him with a soul piercing green. He was older than Luzifer by several years, the wrinkles of middle age just starting to creep into his features which were almost had an insect-like impression to them, his eyes bulging from their sockets large and wide with a small nibbling mouth “Luzifer, finally you’re reporting. How has the new Phoenix Light Rail-rifle been working for you? Any problems that might need to put it back into development”

Luzifer eye glittered with violet chill as he looked at the man on the screen and said with an empty hollow voice, “None so far. I haven’t used it, though I have picked some targets…” his voice was tinged by a slight menace with the last clause.

“Heheh, our own agents I assume” The man said with the skeleton of an omniscient smirk on his face.

“Yes,” Luzifer always hated those he was forced to work with more than the enemy, a “bad” habit of his.

The research head gave a cool chuckle “ Of course, that’s why we sent you on this mission.”

“I assumed that you had taken my 2% teammate survival rate into account. I take it there is a point or event which will tell me to kill all witnesses?” Luzifer said his voice hiding the joy he felt at the thought.

“Of course, when you have finished with the mission and are enroot back, take the liberty of killing off all the remaining people of the group. ”

“Should I commit suicide?” He had a bit of hope that the answer would be yes so that he could escape this hellish life but sadly he knew he was to useful, a direct agent of the research (even if not one in name) was unique and thus he had to be protect.

“No that will not be necessary. You should treat your life more carefully, my contacts in Agent and Head division tell me your in the running to get cybernetic implants to prolong your lifespan.”

“Your behind that aren’t you?” Luzifer asked knowing the response.

“Maybe.” The man said with a smile and the screen went blank.

Sigh… it had been annoying enough killing all those scientist now he would have to do it again only this time… they would be able to fight back. He lay back onto the bed, deep in his core, hidden from even his own thoughts was a core of self-loathing, which even now was being covered with the onset of glee.

10-03-2006, 04:15 PM
Sabel stretched "nice sleep" she said to herself and just moved around the ship. When she came upon Cerea and Mia. She stopped for two reasons One: she had not met Cerea and Two: Mia didn't look at all well. "Is everything allright?" she asked worried. Hmmm...What should I call her KEI or Mia? KEI or Mia? she pondered over that in her brain while she was doing that her eyes almost unconsciously scanned Mia to see what was wrong.

10-03-2006, 05:24 PM
OOC- True, so true ^^

Mia: "Understood. Your use of of the phrase 'time of the month' is another term for menstruation. "However... my sensors indicate that I am not equipped with that function." Mia paused, she had finally fully regained her composure and no longer needed to lean on Cerea for support. "Your assistance was helpful to me, Cerea." Mia stated, again failing at what was supposed to be a proper thank you. Sabel soon approached, asking her if she was alright. "Affirmitive, do not alarm yourselves. I am almost immune to all types of disease, so the possibillity that I am ill is highly unlikely. Besides that, whenever I sustain an injury, my systems automatically heal my body. Instead, I believe that this is a simple malfunction in my systems, and judging from the symptoms it appears that it has to do with my energy reserves. Still, there is no need for concern. I will patch a link with research division and request that I have a diagnostics analysis upon arrival at STAAR headquarters"

Yoshiro: Yoshiro exited the shower, and quickly toweled off. He was hungry, and just like after ever time he trained, he was like a ravenous wolf. He could eat an entire thanksgiving feast if he wanted to. Now fully clothed, he took a look in the mirror and wondered if he should put in the effort to gel his hair. "Eh... after dinner I'll return to my good-lookin self. Heh heh heh" he smirked at his reflection, admiring himself, and then with a final wink in the mirror he exited the bathroom and made his way down the hallway. "Everyone make way cause Yoshiro is hungry!" he exclaimed, his wet hair leaving a trail of water behind him.

10-03-2006, 05:37 PM
Arisu was working fast on her laptop in the louge when she heard a familar voice coming from the hallway. She stuck her head outside the door and waved " Hi there Commander." she said exiting the louge bowing to him out of respect. Arisu ran a hand though her curly , red hair. "Where are you heading too,sir." she said

Seikyu Kiba
10-03-2006, 06:19 PM
Dante got up from next to Arisu, passing Mia and Cerea he gave a simple "Hello" and decided to go walk back to the training room and looked up at the celling "Run program 3X1448" He said taking out his duel blades, The computer replied and hundreds of holograms appeared and came at Dante "Hmph" He ran around quickly slashing each one not missing a single blow. After that he got to the end of the room and turned around and changed both hands into Machine guns. He fired at them all, hitting them all filling them all full of lead. After a while he changed his hands back and began to slash at them again. It seemed endless, He was training for hours and sweating.

fox demon naruto
10-03-2006, 08:05 PM
Zen finished his things and remeber where he was to sleep. Throught out the time unpacking he had a odd feeling about the man he past with the green hair. Though he couldn't tell he just felt it. "Might be the fact I'm a hybrid. Or, insane and have voice in my head." He muttered in a alien tounge. Sighing he walked to the mans room but found it locked tightly. "Damn, he is very secertive. Might be nothing might be something." He said loud enough for the man to hear. "Though its probably nothing. I'm just parinoid." He said loudly again. He walked away when he was far enough he muttered in a alien tounge, "If we die in this mission I bet it on his hands." 'Aye, though we know nothing about him no one is that secertive. and, I just feel that hes death itself.' said Nez. "Most likly his servent." Zen muttered again with a alien tounge.

10-03-2006, 08:46 PM
Luzifer's watch beeped and he slumped forward on the bed pulling a small box out of his pocket. Opening it he was present with a small button, a syringe, and a small hole where the syringe could be inserted. pressing the button and grabbing the syringe it was filled dark, mostly lucid, liquid and, using a rubber stripped tied around his arm, bulged on of his veins so that he could insert the syringe into it and pumped the liquid into his system. In a moment it was finished and he had three more hours before his next douse.

He heard a man speak outside and sneared at him hidden, and unseen. Sighing he stood up and waiting a moment for the man to leave decided that he would be getting food since he was developing some marginal hunger and didn't know when he would next be able to eat if they were to make contact with hostiles unexpectedly. Once he was absolutely sure the maggot who had been talking behind the door was gone he went out in search of the cafeteria. Walking down the halls he had his hands in the pockets of his STAARs jacket and his purple eye zoning out everything. Finding the eating area he grabbed a medium sized portion of food and sat in a distant corner where he could watch the rest of the room... he didn't trust these people and didn't like them either. Just as well. Hopefully a few would get Killed during the mission and make his life easier latter. Still he would have to protect the weaponoid girl... Mia? K-E-I? eh whatever, just an annoying wannabe human. She hadn't accepted the fact that once research division had you, you could never be human again. He could tell, he had seen the same look in her eyes as he had seen in many of the other guinea pigs of the Imaginary Numbers project, most of them ended up commiting suicide if he or one of the other more willing "applicants" didn't kill them first. He had accepted it and stopped trying. As long as he eventually killed or heard of the death of a certain person his humanity was a small price to pay for continued survival.

He began to eat in silence, setting his book on the table to read while he ate.

Lucidian Dyne
10-03-2006, 10:49 PM
The percolater gave a few coughs, brewing faster and faster until at last it sputtered one more time. Ryo woke with a start, having nodded off while the coffee was being made. [Ugh... This is crazy.] He went on with his thoughts as he yawned, plucking a mug from a hanging rack and pouring himself some java. [I've still got to do training exercises... like that's not asking for me to break into a million pieces. And the operation, that'll take me a while to sort out... Wish I knew what to expect with this supposed threat. And there's... my primary objective. I really need to talk to Mia.]

He went for the closest seat he could find. His body showed no signs of weariness -- only those who knew Ryo well enough could look into his human eye and point out his exhaustion. He settled evenly into his chair and sipped on his beverage. Indeed, it was scalding his tounge, but it was the best wake-up call he had all morning. Or, was it morning? He cared less. The expenditure of his energy left his head throbbing, aching for sleep. Time currently wasn't an issue.

He took another sip of the coffee and could feel himself begin to come around. About that time, he spied Luzifer in the corner. He seemed to be a dark, brooding young man. Introverted, but then again, there were a few newer agents that had yet to come out of their shells as well. He felt like he should know more about Luzifer... then it occured to his exhausted mind that he had yet to read his profile. [Hmm... I'll read it when I have the chance...] He took another shallow sip as he cast his vision aside. [HD wouldn't send just anyone.]

He sat back into his chair and stared up at the ceiling. Being captain sure was hard work. Oh, he could task the other agents to run checks on the ship, but he felt more secure when he was able to do it himself. What was the fun in sitting in a big chair all day, playing with office toys and using the tools for inventive streaks of playtime? He couldn't stomach it.

He sat up straight and flicked his communicator's eyescreen on, patching directly through to the ship's radar. All was as quiet as when they took off from the STAARs spaceport. He heaved a sigh through his nose as he unlinked from the ship, standing up and working himself into a full-body stretch. He regained his composure and took his mug with him out of the cafeteria.

His cybernetic eye focused just long enough to reconfirm Mia's position. It didn't surprise him that Cerea was hanging onto her. He heard lots of tales in respect to the cyborg femme, but Yoshiro was 100 times as keen on reciting them as Ryo was. Still, even if Mia was inclined to find solitude on the ship, Cerea had the slight habit of becoming her unwitting prey's shadow.

Yep, he had to fix that.

He pushed a button on the earpiece of his communicator, just as he was entering his quarters. "Agents CQ-unit 34 and Kei. Please report to the captain's room."

10-03-2006, 11:16 PM
Yoshiro: Yoshiro arrived in the kitchen. He noticed half a pot of coffee and realized that Ryo must have been in there. "Heh he must be feelin some stress, he always makes coffee when he's feelin rundown. Though I don't know how he can drink that crap." Yoshiro poked around in the refrigerator. He grabbed the last beer [] and made hmself an overflowing sub with whatever meat he could find. He sat down in a chair and dmired his meal [[Now thats a sub! But still... too bad Minjonet wasn't around, I bet she could make a mean stew or maybe some curry...]] he proceeded to stuff his face. His eyes returned to the coffee pot again. [[Damn Ryo... the guy never asks for help. I've always yelled at him for this, but no, he likes to do everything on his own. I mean, whats the point of being captain? Now if I was captain, I'd have my subordinates pull their own weight... and all the girl agents would wear tube tops and mini skirts...]]

Mia: Mia was about to excuse herself from her female comrades so that she could go and make that report on her malfunction with research division, but she was interrupted by Ryo's words [i]"Agents CQ-unit 34 and Kei. Please report to the captain's room." Mia's wireless communicator activated, and she spoke to him in reply "Acknowledged captain. I will proceed to the said location immediately." Mia gave a temporary glance in Cerea's direction, waiting for her to follow. She then headed with quick pace towards the captains quarters. When reaching her destination, she stepped through the heavy metal sliding doors and into the room, seeing Ryo already waiting. "Greetings captain, how may I be of assistance?"

Lucidian Dyne
10-03-2006, 11:41 PM
OOC -- Space filler here. x_x; It's getting close to Dyne's bedtime. And it would give storm a little time to catch up. =P

Ryo turned from his observation window, his cup of coffee in hand and nearly depleted. "Cerea. Mia." He smiled faintly, tiredly to them both, nodding to each in turn. Just looking at Cerea reminded him of a little mixup; he continued with a guilty chuckle. "Sorry about your mech, but you failed to give clearance for its use in this mission, so it had to stay behind on Luna..." He tapered off his sentence as he went to his desk, picking up an electronic tablet for the girl-crazy cyborg to study. "The Hammerheads are acting up again... I need you to look into cluster D1, and all of the E clusters. They're not responding to the ship's arming and disarming commands."

He smiled a little more. "And I hate to break you away from Mia," he added sarcastically with a brief glance to the weaponoid, "but I moreso hate having our armanents fritz out during a skirmish."

Seikyu Kiba
10-04-2006, 05:20 AM
Dante was training for hours without stopping, He wasn't going to stop until he was passed out on the ground [Last time I try something] he thought to himself and then shook it off "No..I won't change." He said as he slashed another hologram and then turned around and shot another sending a bullet threw its head. He eventually got tired and walked out of the training room now starting to walk down the hall two is room. When he got there he needed a shower, so he removed his close and jumped in the shower, about 5 mins he got out and threw on a tshirt and sweat pants, jumped on his bed and went to sleep....there was nothing for him to do.

10-04-2006, 05:46 AM
babs had walked into the kitchen after yoshiro and started to make some pancakes, aftert he fourth she looks to yoshiro as he eats and turned backt othe stoof dropped a pancake on a small pile on her left "you want some yoshiro?" she threw some more batter in the pan and brushes a hair back.

fox demon naruto
10-04-2006, 02:43 PM
Zen walked into the kitchen and saw Yoshiro and babs talking. He then noticed the green hair man from before reading a book. Giving a sly grin he walked over to the man, 'Perfect! Now i can talk to the guy. He wouldnt dare kill me now since he then would have to go on a killing spree and I belive that he needs this mission to be a win for us. Though, I'd kill him before he had a chance.' Zen thought as he sat across the table from the man. "Sup." Zen said with his head leaning against his face making his eyes shut somewhat. Though you could see the slight boredom in them. However, he was smirking at the man.

Seikyu Kiba
10-04-2006, 02:57 PM
Dante awoke from his slumber and got up to get dressed, He put on his close and mouth mask and then took his blades and put them on his back. He walked down the hall to the kitchen and saw Babs, Zen, Yoshiro, and that new guy Luz, He went to the coffee pot and poured himself a cup of coffee, Since he didn't take his mouth mask off in public instead he lifted it up barely and sipped it. He listened to the conversations and didn't say a word.

Aiyana Kusanagi
10-04-2006, 04:02 PM
Ryashi dozed off in the lounge room until she heard some activity in the corridor. she woke up and walked to the door and saw Dante walking past, and decided to follow him to the kitchen. she walked to one of the cabinets and searched for some pop-tarts "hmm..... no pop-tarts..grr...ohwell." she went to a nearby chair and sat in it.

10-04-2006, 04:11 PM
Watches Ryashi enter the room and chuckles at her grummbling about no poptarts. She took 5 pancakes from the extremely high pile she made and offert them to her "i know they arent poptarts but there eatable"she smiles faintly

10-04-2006, 04:21 PM
Luzifer eye briefly alighted from his book to the man sitting across the table from him but he just seemed like another annoyance that he would have to kill at a latter time, not worth his breath. "hn..." he grunted dismissively before returning his gaze to his book, where Holden was going through one of his psycotic episodes.

fox demon naruto
10-04-2006, 05:00 PM
Zen gave a small chuckle, 'This guy thinks I'm no one he needs to waste his breath to.' Zen thought. Zen pulled outa pistol he had and started to twirl it around his finger not laying an eye of the man. "You know the mission we have is an important and we won't be having our safties on our guns on. THough you must never have it on. Anyway, we might just happen to have a little gun fight and some might just die from a battle accident like say a person get in the way of gun fire at the last moment. You know that kinda stuff. But, you know what? I try to advoid that kinda stuff. And, well with you I fear that might happen from you. I'm consider insane for some reason and I do belive that too. However, I'm defitantly not as psyco like you. However, if I have to I will get very very, let me say once again VERY bloodthristy for your blood." He said before putting the pistol away.

10-04-2006, 05:03 PM
"fascinating..." Luzifer said with boredom thick and viscous in his voice as he turned the page. This maggot was being a bother...well... they were ALL a bother.

10-04-2006, 05:03 PM
babs offerd some pancakes to zen "want some pancakes?'she had made to much for herself to eat and it was a waste to throw it away. she looks around and offert to the others as wel.

Seikyu Kiba
10-04-2006, 05:55 PM
Dante was finished with his coffee, he didn't see any reason to actually eat so he went down to the room where the view of the stars and planets was clear, He sat down and glanced around staring, He looked at his hand and changed it into a machine gun and began to modify it with a screwdriver and wrench so it shot faster and stronger. He looked out at the stars and chuckled a bit.

Lucidian Dyne
10-04-2006, 06:52 PM
With all the hustle going on in the cafeteria, Coltrayn was able to slip in relatively unnoticed. After having spent half a day sleeping, he was ready to shoot his mouth off. His hair was still damp from the shower, matting down around his face as opposed to defying gravity, as was his custom. He was dressed in white slacks and a black button-up, and his swordrifle gleamed within the sling on his back.

He took a huge stretch while on tiptoes, the growl in his throat expanding until he nearly roared out in relief. Some were sure to notice him then; save for nasty, furtive expressions, he wouldn't return any greetings even if they tried. Though, he was quick to notice the stack of pancakes in Babs' possession -- quicker still, he noted the presence of a new face. [Who the hell is this homo?] He twisted his lips into a puckered frown as he studied the green-haired man, reading a book no less.

Coltrayn wouldn't deny that his intelligence centered around weapons training advanced tactics and psychology, so there was never any need for him to read a book. Seeing this boy with a book in his hand suggested that he had profound mental abilities that could not be sneered at.

But he sneered anyway.

Having already found a fork, he glided on his feet to Babs, twisted his fork into a pancake and gave a "hmm" -- a reasonable thank you. His green eyes eyes lingered on her brown hues for a shred of understanding between them, preferring not to say much to her. Instead, he chomped down on his pancake as he sat at the end of the table from Zen and the literary green-haired man, and for purposes that only made sense to himself, stared the unknown down as hard as he could.

10-04-2006, 07:10 PM
Luzifer was growing increasingly annoyed with the pieces of spittle congregating around him, first the annoying wretch with his toothless threats, then the obnoxious girl who pretended to know him, and finally, he thought glanceing up with his amythst eye for but a moment, this waste of pig flesh. He had hoped sitting in a corner reading his book would KEEP people from bothering him but it seem these maggots insisted on bothering him. The new guy was staring at him like some sort of mentally challenge scarecrow and the "babs" girl was talking in her normal annoyingly sweet squel of agonziaing pain. He could not wait to have these people dead on his feet. there blood flowing neatly along the floor. Maybe he would paint a picture with it. It would be the only time any part of their bodies had been used to do something of value.

Still though he gritted his teeth and just resolved not to bother with these peons. He would just have to be patient. They would end up dead soon enough, by his knife or an enemies gun was irrelevent.

He continued to read beginning to zone them out with the words of the book flowing through him. He was beginning to understand the motivations of the Holden character, dealing not only with his pubescent hormone based issues but a growing sense of dissatisfaction with his life in general, not to mention his lack of friends caused by his brothers death and his being abandon by the girl he knew (never was the word abandoned mentioned in the book but Luzifer knew. People always abandoned each other... always. That was why...nevermind)

10-04-2006, 07:30 PM
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Yoshiro: Yoshiro grimaced "Oye Babs, do you always have to eat breakfast? Sheesh seems like thats all people know how to make around here. Now, I could really use some ribs or something... hmmm oooh oooh and pizza..." he salivated, having already eaten his sub he was now beginning to initiate another onslaught of hunger. He nabbed a few pancakes, despite having alreay insulted their presence, and gobbled them down. After all, he wasn't the type to decline an offer for food. Him being raised in Alden colony made sure of that. Even though he had a father, he could hardly be called that. Yoshiro was forced to gamble with life and death. Whether or not he ate, whether or not he got beaten by gang members, whether or not he had a place to stay... it all depended on the roll of the dice. Everyday since he was very young was a gamble just to survive. Perhaps it was another reason why he considered Ryo to be his best friend. Both of them had grown up in the crime ridden filthy streets of Alden. He pondered this while swallowing down his last bites of pancakes. Yeah, if it wasn't for him being born with the psychic ability of a telepath (ability to control the thoughts of another person) he might not have made it. Whenever his ability miraculously kicked in, he used it to make his opponets think he had rolled the right number. Of course, his ability had a certain knack for coming and going, and he wasn't graced with the ability to use it at will, but rather, only when it would miraculously occur. But, that was Yoshiro's life story anyhow, it was all a gamble. Yoshiro *ahemed* and excused himself from the table. It was evident that he was in a fairly gloomy state, but Yoshiro was hardly the type of person to share his troublesand expect pity from others.

10-04-2006, 07:59 PM
Arisu walked into the cafetria, her red hair swinging as she walked. She went back into the kitchen area and made her some hot, milk tea. She sniffed as the warm scent waffed to her nose " Ahh, it smells good." she said walking back out of the kitchen, a small smile on her rosy lips. She took a seat at a empty table.
Arisu looked over a couple of seats away and stared at a man with mysterious green hair [Umm.. I wonder who he is. He doesn't look to friendly] she thought. Bringing the tea cup to her lips she began to sip the tea in peace

Seikyu Kiba
10-04-2006, 08:10 PM
OOC: Just doing my thing around the ship^^

Dante was now done modifing his Machine guns, It was now time to test them out. He walked down to the training hall and stood in the middle of the room "Run program...Apocalypse." The computer replied by making the all blue room a huge wasteland with lava and fire everywhere, Dante looked around and changed his hands into his machine guns and laughed evily as he saw thousands apon thousands of Aliens coming at him "Now..Lets go." He said firing rapidly at all of them watching them fall one by one, He was now surrounded by them in an instant. He began to spin around wildly firing everywhere. He stopped spinning and smiled "These are Perfect." He said lowly as he then took out his hand blades and began to slash at them as they came close.

fox demon naruto
10-04-2006, 08:26 PM
Zen faintly gave a small chuckle by the mans hard headedness. When babs came by he gladly excepted the pancakes. He started to eat as the man zoned out on the people around. Sighing the so called converstation was over. The man must have thought it was a stupied threat that wouldnt get and his way. 'Must think hes an unstoppable force that can beat anyone. Well I guess if he was that bloodthrist but still.' Zen thought as he finished his pancakes and walked out of the room saying, "What a bothersome man he is." He said with a alien tounge.

10-04-2006, 10:22 PM
Luzifer decided his time with these pests was over and without ceremony he stood up and walked off. He wanted to be alone for a while, for ever, really, but he knew that it would never happen like that and he would be forever be tied to the human race, a group where people were abandoned all the time and left to rot. He walked alone through the ships hallways until he came to a window looking out at the ocean of stars. The glittering cosmos stretching out before him he gazed unfeeling into its depths. Vaguely he wondered if He was still alive and looking at the same tide of blinking lights. If He was Luzifer wondered how he could kill Him.

"oh darked lights of gold
fasting quiet in the cold
be ye safe or be ye bold?
do ye just what you are told?" he intoned in a whisper to the stars. How he loathed this condition of forced vassalage to the research division. Worse yet, he was beginning to think it all in vain. When he had been told to kill the scientist of the weaponed K-E-I project he had seen some of the data about her... not much and he wasn't enough of an expert to accuratly interpret its meaning but one things was obvious

She was stronger than him.

He leaned limply against the diamond-polymer-glass and banged his head silently against it causing sharp pain. He had sold his body and his soul for power, sold his humanity itself for the chance to live long enough for revenge but now his power which he had suffered so much for was being put into question by some worthless wannabe human. Some sack of flesh that had its soul taken from its body and still didn't realize it. A robot, a flaming robot!, in a human body was surpassing him. Had that piece of fecal matter suffered like he had? Did it deserve the power bequethed to it? The imaginary numbers project which he had been apart of was little more than a testing ground for some of the techniques that had been used to make her. Normal humans could not take all the modification that she had the power to be given, whatever modification that might have been, he didn't know the specifics, so the Imaginary Numbers was a dulled down form of it. Trying to see if they could replicate a more "mass producable" facimile of it... but no... it had been a failed project. He was not even close to her power... he would die if he ever fought her and the thought made him miserable. He punched the glass with all his might. Damn her... he might be valuble to R Division now but soon he woudl be surpassed by her and he would be abandoned. He punched the glass again grunting in pain. HE WOULD BE ABANDONED AGAIN!!

was it not enough that his...no... he wouldn't think of that...

Damn her, think about all this he wanted to kill her so badly... but he couldn't... she'd kill him like a bug... he smirked... he had forgotten, he was he bug.

He was a human cockaroach.

Aiyana Kusanagi
10-05-2006, 01:54 AM
Watches Ryashi enter the room and chuckles at her grummbling about no poptarts. She took 5 pancakes from the extremely high pile she made and offert them to her "i know they arent poptarts but there eatable"she smiles faintly "hmm...oh, thank you." she said as she responded with a small smile of her own. As she was eating the pancakes, she heard Zen talking about a battle accident to Luzifer. She momentarily pauses and growls "We do not need that type of conversation in here." glaring at Zen, then she turned back to eating her pancakes.

Seikyu Kiba
10-05-2006, 05:32 AM
Dante was still fighting he wasn't stopping, He wanted to push himself to the limit. He continued to fire at all of the holograms, It seemed as though they would never stop coming, He then looked down at his hands and said "Alright now for the upgraded versions." He said as the tip of the machine guns glew red he fired out the same bullets only they fired with striks of red. "Hmph, there...perfect." He said as he looked up at the sky and said "Activate apocolypse." The computer replied by making everything start to explode. Dante standing there still fighting as everything exploded around him.

10-05-2006, 09:01 AM
smaled as some of the people took the offered pancakes zen much to her suprise though she did not show it, was one of them. she snickers at yoshiro's comment and stands still for a moment her pupills flickering "i have found a recipe for pizza in my databank perhaps i wil make some tonight" after eating her own pancakes she collected the dirty dishes and washed them. she decided to get a book from her bag and say her greetings to the others as she left the kicthen.

10-05-2006, 10:45 AM
Vorridian sat in his office, trying in his pitiful grasp of the english language to determine if the holotranslations were accurate. From his main desk projector, slowly rotating holos of A.I. vessels with text beneath denoting the dimensions. Battleships, Carriers, Torpedo Boats, Fighters, Scouts, all the ships that the Selvadt have fought, including their massive Planetdeaths.

"<Sir, foldspace anomaly at the edge of the system!>" Came an office's cry from the communicator on his desk. Foldspace was a technology used by a few races to traverse interstellar distances by folding space around them, literally shortening the universe.

Vorr shot out of his chair and tapped the return signal button. "<Set Condition One! Set course to intercept the anomaly, engines to 95%!>" Foldspace was also used by A.I. vessels. The speeds he just ordered the ship to began to overload the artificial gravity, and he had to steady himself as the ship turned and began accelerating.

The bridge began to echo with the clatter of returning officers and readouts. Most of his command staff met him around the main holo, zooming out the view to attempt to see the anomaly. They wouldn't know for a few minutes what it was, but they weren't going to take a chance.

10-05-2006, 12:11 PM
OOC- Umm I got rid of the Bingo Book thingy on the first page and replaced it with a complete database (http://www.animeforum.com/journal.php?do=showjournal&j=3048) on the RPG, so, if you have anything to add to the database, pm me about it. Oh and don't worry, the agent cards are still around, they've just been moved to the database. OH YEAH and that reminds me, the cards for Ryashi and Luzifer are done now.

Mia: Mia watched the bouncy blue haired girl exit the captain's quarters, obviously in a state of pure excitment at the thought of having permission to tinker with the ship's hammerheads. Mia tilted her head a little, like she always did when she was in a state of confusion. It was one of the very very few characteristics that Mia posessed, as she mostly functioned like a machine anyhow and had no need to develop characteristics of her own. Cerea's demeanor mostly just confused her, however, Mia still welcomed her presence. Interrupting herself, she turned back towards Ryo, her blue pupiless eyes refocusing themselves. She stepped forward, awaiting her own orders of some sort. "Captain, how may I be of service to you?" she asked him.

Yoshiro: Yoshiro headed from the cafteria and towards the bridge of the ship. He had an aura of depression about him. It was highly unusual not to see Yoshiro without a smile on his face, but here he was. He stretched his hands up and crossed them behind his head as he walked, an exasperated sigh making it's way through his lips. He passed the telepad room and went into the room that had the chairs in it. He hopped into his own, and it took him right to the bridge. This was the shortest way to go, and if anyone else wanted to get in they had to go the long way. As he reached the bridge, he began to run a check on all the ship's functions, making sure that everything was running okay.

10-05-2006, 05:11 PM
After Cerea and Mia had left Sabel wandered. She ran into the mysterious green haired guy (literally). She backed up knowing that was probab;y the best way to handle him "I'm sorry I'll go find somewhere else to be." she just turned and marched down the hall. Her hair swinging behind her.

Lucidian Dyne
10-05-2006, 06:16 PM
The green-haired man proved to be less interesting than Coltrayn pegged him for. [Well, he's not worth a steaming pile of crap to me at least.] Everyone seemed to be leaving after him, and it was hard for him to tell if the weight that pinhead carried with him was positive... or not. He simply didn't offer enough to Coltrayn. Therefore, he was just as negligible as the rest. He wolfed down the other half of his pancake in one bite and walked to the sink, washing his fork. Within seconds, he was threading his way into the hallway.

Someone else was coming down the hall. Seeing the intersection up ahead, he sighed to himself and stopped in place, clearing his throat to let the member know of his presence. Sabel rounded the corner, and he gawked. She was quite the looker! She couldn't've been any older than he was, was she? He had seen her in the meetings before, but the lack of time restricted him from interacting with hardly anyone. He was quick to speak, but it took a couple of seconds for his stare to catch up with her face. "Are you lost or something?" He crossed his arms and tried his best to look indifferent, uninterested. And he was! ... for the most part.

Seeing Cerea walk out of the room emboldened Ryo with a wave of relief. He was ill prepared to suffer a lecture from the cyborg -- even if it would've been cut short by pulling rank. "Glad the storm has passed..." he muttered this to himself as he rubbed at the inner corners of his eyes. He blinked as his irises swept up to the weaponoid, her inquiry repeated. He gave a sincere smile as he passed his fingertip around the ring of the mug in his hands.

"You could talk with me for a while, if that's not too much to ask... Actually, I've been meaning to speak with you for the last couple of days." Ryo sounded worn to the edges, having lacked any proficient sleep for the past 48 hours. He peddled over to the side of his desk and sat on the edge, sipping on his now warmed-over coffee.

"So, you've been classified as a weaponoid." He set his mug aside and reclined on the desk with his fists. He stared down at the floor, his mind alight with the details of her making. "And you're the first of your kind. I've seen the files relating to a weaponoid's purpose, but," he added, mirroring her pupiless blues with his green and metal eyes, "...I'd rather hear your definition, in your own words."

10-05-2006, 08:03 PM
Rhoan after finishing his training rounds went to his room to check and rechek his equipment activating his eyes he saw each other agent either training or working hard deactivateing his eyes he decide to take a walk looking for a good windowed area after finding one he took a seat in a desk's chair near the window glancing out gazing out to the neverending stars he saw a peice of paper and a pencil and decided to sketch the view he knew he sicked at drawing but it took up time and thats what eveyone needs right now glancing over his shoulder he activated his eyes again cheking the agents positions thinking {god it would suck if someone walked in here } one of the few things he hated was being interupted doing something or worse doing something unimportant looking back out the window he checked his sketch and it looked like a group of lines he thought laughing to himself {maybe it'll sell like piccaso's paintings} he crumpled the paper up and dropped it in the garbage grabbing up another pice of paper he was going to spend some time on this

10-05-2006, 08:26 PM
Mia: Although Mia's expression remained as indifferent as ever, she was in fact surprised at Ryo's request. She took a step forward, her blonde hair swaying slightly with her step. "Acknowledged." she stated, but paused before continuing. [[My... own words. Describing myself in... my own words]] Her gaze was matched by his eyes, and she seemed to find a sense of understanding in them. Something she wasn't used to with most higher ups. "I cannot convey any specific details of the project with you, as they are protected by a password system. However, I will do my best to deliver an appropriate response to your question. A weaponoid... well, I am designed specifically for the purpose of being the ultimate fighting machine, to prevent the result of unnecessary deaths and to guarantee victory. I am the first effective form of human-mechanic bionics, to be precise." She paused again, noting Ryo's tired eyes. She decided to attempt at keeping the conversation as short as possible. "I consist of a human body, infused with a complex system of a new type of machine, called nanites. The nanite system are much like cells in a normal human body and are the same size. The base is located in the center of my human brain, and the two work together. My abilities derive from using nanites as building blocks. My nanite capabilities enhance this human body to fifty times human capacity at full strength, and also grant me with the ability to use them to build complex weaponry at my will." Mia stopped talking for a moment, attempting to read some sort of reaction from Ryo. "Quite simply, captain, in my own words I am a machine in a human vessel."

10-05-2006, 08:45 PM
Luzifer sighed against the glass... he couldn't afford to be seen like this with "emotion" he thought, giving the word a sickening connotation in his mind. Some annoy girl bumbed into him and shooting her an hateful glance and a sneered let her scamper fearfully from his sight. Damn maggots... actually come to think of it calling them maggotss was a completment, maggots, though pathetic and weak light these bags skin and mush, where less annoying then them. Maggots never bothered him... save for that one time... but that had mostly been the corpse at that point.

Luzifer went back to his lonely vigil... he wish, vainly, that one day he would surpass that "Mia" maggot, as was her former name before she became a product like he was now... he remembered back when he had a name, when he was a human. No longer... never again would he be able to lay alone in the library... this was pointless... pointless thoughts... he stepped away from the window letting the chill inside him seep into his features making it seem like a frosty mist follow him around, like the molecules of the air slowed as he walked. A shadow followed him around the ship, changing his orientation to him so it was out of direct light but always present, always stalking. He found his way to the bridge and heard the conversation between K-E-I and Ryo... he kept in the shadows... hidden in the shadows... hidden from their eyes and ears

Lucidian Dyne
10-05-2006, 09:31 PM
EDIT: reworded the very last sentence

The captain listened to the girl's lengthy explanation, occasionally sipping from his coffee -- actually finishing it near the end of her monologue -- while his eyes betrayed his attention. His senses -were- focusing though, despite his desperate need for sleep. He could recall many instances where Yoshiro kept talking to him to keep him awake, at request. He couldn't count how many times it had helped him on his missions.

"Hmm..." he mused in a soft tone of voice, his hands clasped against the handle of the mug, between his knees. Many of the details she revealed were old news, but it didn't fascinate him any less. "I've read about what little your profile has told me about how the technology was implemented into a human body. Far more advanced than regulation cyborg implants, as I'm to understand." He straightened his posture and averted his gaze offside of her face. "Nanites, weapon materialization, enhanced reflexes and strength... environmental analyzing, utilized through the ocular sensors, comparison capabilities. Sounds like the pinnacle of what a machine should be."

His eyes were on hers once again. Even if she was a machine at the core, the use of a human body to house this kind of technolgy was mortifying, disturbing. It was hard to imagine that someone's body had been hollowed out to create a weapon such as her. A human body! Vessels for vibrant souls, beating hearts that feel and hurt all the same. The knowledge that someone -- who had possibly lived a decent life, had a loving family, and was able to experience care, friendship, anger and jealousy, the whole damn spectrum -- knowing that that person had been reduced to a destructive automaton was unsettling.

"But on the other hand, you appear just as human as the next person. I mean.." He stood up from the desk and crossed his arms, taking just few precious steps towards her while his eyes were averted to the side. "Cyborgs started out human, so they have the bases of their respective personalities intact. They experience just as much emotion, and it isn't just... a mechanical reflex. But it's hard to tell sometimes." He paused for a moment as he studied her perpetually indifferent expression, his viridian eye softened in a mixture of respect and empathy. "Mia, have you... ever thought of what it's like to experience emotion?"

10-05-2006, 10:01 PM
Mia: Mia looked away from his eyes and out of a small window. It seemed that she was discomforted by the question. [[Discomfort? Negative, I am not programmed with such responses. Then why...]] she crossed her arms and replied "Emotion... I am not equipped with such functions... although-" she turned to look back at him, his eyes seemed to be peircing her, and she did not like it. It made her feel a sense of vulnerability. "-by observing others, it has aroused my curiousity in the matter. I was never exposed to such things while I was contained. And when I was activated and began to observe my surroundings, I did begin to wonder... I... suppose the answer to your question is yes, I have wondered... what they are." her voice seemed to crack a little with these words, almost seeming to lose their usual metallic iciness. But, she spoke the next words with absolution. "However, captain, a weapon cannot feel." She looked him over. His fatigue was evident, and she felt the sudden need, although she did not know why, to advise him to rest. "Captain, may I suggest that you obtain some rest? If you would allow it, I will assist you in any incompleted tasks you have." she paused, letting her offer stand.

10-05-2006, 10:13 PM
Luzifer struggled to stifle a laugh. This guy was an idiot! He was givening the thing false hope. Nobody who the Research got their hands on could remain human, they were stripped down like him. She no longer had a soul. Give up worm. He could imagine what it was like with her, floating in a see of numbness, constantly told of her own greatness as had her soul removed from her brain. She was a shell. She was lucky...

She seemed to have more sense then him... but she probably didn't know what she felt. She was an idiot after. But he knew the sentiment. Weapons don't feel. Weapons are ment to kill without mercy... well he had that covered, he thought with a smirk. He wondered whether she had killed children before... he remember the first time he had to do that... he was told to kill some sort of subversive and his family... including the three your old son... he wonder if she could do that. He doubted it...

He began to realize something

He was getting jealous of her... she had so much power and her he was a pissant surviver of a stupid failed project...

she had no soul and neither did he... he would make sure she never got a soul. She would not be able to out do him.

Lucidian Dyne
10-05-2006, 11:34 PM
OOC -- Bedtime post... sorry if this post seems rushed. x_x;

Ryo could divine some semblance of humanity in her... the way her eyes moved with the sensitivity of her thoughts, the acknowledgement of what it meant to have a human psyche...

[No... it's too early to get ahead of myself with this. I need to stick to the objective. But... how is this fair to her?] His exhaustion finally became a match for his mental patterns and he sighed to himself defeatedly, rubbing his at his fleshy eye. "Mmm... yeah, maybe I'm just not thinking clearly." He gave a face-saving chuckle, rubbing at his neck. "Maybe I do need the sleep." Sudden he was punishing himself. "I've still got to lockdown Setsuna. You could help me with that, but I'm finished with everything else... hmm.

"There's a keypad to the side of my AW compartment, in the hangar. All you need to do is press and hold 'zero' for five seconds. The compartment door should close itself. And.. make sure not to lock anyone inside." He could count on the security of the lock: it could only be disengaged with a voice command and a retinal scan.

He unzipped the back of his plugsuit as he walked to his separate bedroom, just next door from the office they were standing in. He stood before the entry for a moment before he turned around to face her again. He hesitated, looking into her soulless eyes. "... Good night, Mia."

Side note:My understanding of japanese is relatively weak, but I think "Setsunakuteii" means something like "I'll stand alone" -- just in case anyone was wondering

Seikyu Kiba
10-06-2006, 05:32 AM
Dante was still in the training room firing his now red bullets at the aliens, He was sweating buckets and his face was red, "Shut down program Apacolypse." The computer responded by shutting off the system and then Dante lefted the room and decided he was going to stay up the whole night, So he walked into the room with the stars and moon in perfect view, which he sat down on a couch and then right when he sat down he fell asleep because of his exhaustion. Then for no particular reason he bega to talk in his sleep "No...No..W..why...didn't I....fight back?" He said in a whisper.

10-06-2006, 08:26 AM
babs had found her book andmoved towards the strag gaze area and sat down in one of the chairs and started to read. she looked up for a moment before turning back to her book as dante came in and sat on the couch.

Seikyu Kiba
10-06-2006, 11:37 AM
Dante opened his eyes and saw Babs sitting on the chair next to him, He sat up and bowed his head and in a low voice he said "Hello Agent Shadow." He glaced over at the stars and chuckled under his breath. "I'm sorry I didn't know some one was in here." He said bowing again.

10-06-2006, 11:40 AM
Babs looked up from her book "hmmm, oh i wasent disturbed"she smiles and "and please call me babs" she turned a page and looked into the book again aparantly very intrested in the story

Seikyu Kiba
10-06-2006, 02:12 PM
Dante nodded and laid on the couch staring at the ceilling, He took off his Mouth mask which was rare for him and set it on a near by table, He then hung his arm off the side and closed his eyes, not really sleeping just relaxing and humming a sad tune.

10-06-2006, 02:22 PM
OOC- Umkay, we're about to be moving pretty quickly here, mission time. Please finish up night posts.

Mia: Mia nodded curtiously "Acknowledged, captain. I will commence the process immediately. And, captain--" she said to him before he shut his door "Good night as well." She turned away from him and began to walk out. She stopped at the door, noticing a presence just outside. Her eyes focused and traced the subject as he talently and quickly exited the area. "Identified." Mia said simply, and she opened the door and exited. She felt no need to pursue the subject, as they had posed no threat, and continued on to fulfill her request.

Mia quickly reached the hangar. The hangar was completely dark and she activated her infra red capabilities to spot the captain's mech. She soon found it, the Setsunakuteii. Sha made a quick scan "Confirmed. No lifeforms present in the AW mech vessel. Initiating shutdown procedure." She located the keypad and placed her finger on the zero button, waiting for the AW's systems to shut down. Her conversation with the captain soon reentered her thoughts.

"Mia, have you... ever thought of what it's like to experience emotion?"

His question seemed to resonate with her in an unpleasant way. To feel emotion, it would go against everything that she was. She was a weapon, and 'a weapon cannot feel'. It was impossible anyhow, the possibility shouldn't even be thought of at all. But still she has wondered... on more than one occasion, what emotion was. But, to actually have emotion herself? It was impossible. And looking at the AW mechs surrounding her only confirmed it. She was like them, not like the captain or the others. She was a machine, and the human body she was in did not change that.

She walked away from the Setsunakuteii, having alrady shut it down, and made her way out of the AW hangar. Now she would have to spend the rest of the night erasing these unexplainable thoughts from her hardware.

10-06-2006, 03:59 PM
Sabel looked at Colytran. Her eyes widened in slight shock. "No I'm not lost just wondering what to do for the3 next few hours" she said in a slightly hot way but kept most of that out until she knew what he wanted anything to do with her. She waited seeing if he wanted anything.

fox demon naruto
10-06-2006, 04:51 PM
Zen got ignoring the womans remarks about what he says and walks away. He soon found himself in his room with his stuff. As he layed down to get some sleep flashes of his memory came back to him and he fell to the ground holding his head. HE was breathing hard and the pain in his head was depleting his strength. In a matter of minutes he had passed out.

Flashback (my style)

A younger Zen was running down a dark hallway of his temple hearing screams and gunshot everwhere. He turned a corner but saw three unknown men that way. They had killed two priest and were cover with blood. The way they killed was babaric and mercless. The young man ran another way until he found the room he was going to. He opened the door in said, "Father Brain Father Brain!" The young Zen yelled. Father brain was a old man of about 60 and had taken in Zen when he came to the temple. Soon Zen thought of him as a father. "Yes I know Zen." The man said weakly. "Father we must get you out of here!" Zen said. "No, all priest stay with there temples no matter what. But Zen, you must leave." He said darkly but soon heard shooting and screaming only a few yards away. "Quick boy run!" Rasped the old man as he shoved Zen out of the room. Zen turned back but the door was already locked. He soon heard the men getting closer and he ran. He turned a corner and hid as two men a man that looked like a regular and a better looking stronger looking on. That man must have been the leader. He heard talking that soon turned into yelling and then heard a gun shot and a dull thud. Zen stood there wide eyed as he heard the man that he thought as a father die. He ran and ran until he came to a large blood soaked area with bodies everywhere. He sat down closed his eyes and started to mutter.

End of Flashback

Other flashes of Zen life after that went by fast. LIke the trip to the place he stayed at. Men taking him from his home and testing him. He saw as he was test on or more like tortured. Then he last saw when he was saved. Half dead.

Zen woke up with a jolt and looked up. He want to scream yell out from the pain in his head but couldn't. His testing didn't allow him to. He slowly got up and crepted to the door. He hung on and started to limp down the hallway clinging to the wall for support. His eye were dark and looked like they died of all emotion.

10-06-2006, 06:12 PM
ooc: srry if i screw up any remaining night posts

Rhoan looked up from his drawing he had spent the whole night drawing a useless picture he sighed and went to take a shower ... after his shower he went to his room grabbed his equipment and checked for other agents he left and went to the star gazing room he activated his eyes and took a seat he would join the other agents when he saw them leave their rooms

10-06-2006, 06:34 PM
Were they human, the officers of the Seeraol would have been sweating bullets. Tense ears and eyes waited for a sensor readout from the foldspace anomaly.

"Scan complete. It's just a message pod." one of the Sensors officers sighed in relief.

"Send out a tug and bring it in." Vorridian said, then turned to his second in command, Uryyls. Their eyes met, and they began a telepathic conversation.

"<We won't always be so lucky, Vorr.>" Uryyls thought to his commander. Uryyls blinked his narrow eyes, his posture a mask of sureness.

"<How do we know we're lucky now?>" Vorr replied as he broke the connection and walked to the elevator.

"<Admiral on->"

"<As you were.>" Vorr said as he approached the message pod. Techs rotating it, and breifly Vorr wondered what the sensor array on the pod was for, when the sensor array suddenly lit up and leaped at Vorr. An A.I. trap.

In a flash, Vorr's shakkar lit up as he broke into a swing more to knock the small assasin droid away than disable it, though it nearly had the same effect. As it hit the ground, weapons fire from half a dozen marines tore it to cold grey metal with navy bits of flesh in a pool of lavender.

He looked at the pile of outer metal and bio-engineered flesh components, thinking, "<Abomination.>"

"<Sir, the message appears to be untampered with.>" Some Tech said as he pulled a grey cylinder out of the pod.

"<Decipher it, but keep it under strict quarintine.>" The admiral said after a moment's deliberation.

10-06-2006, 07:24 PM
Luzifer sighed as Ryo and Mia seperated... he had some questions for Mia...important ones that might not get answered if he delayed... this night seemed filled with forboding... like a door that at any moment could close and lock. He hesitated though... walking into the open and exiting to the main hallway... did he want the answers he might get? Did he? The possiblity would have frightened him if he had that much humanity left... he barely had enough to fear a physical threat like Mia. Still, he had logical objections to the possiblilty of answers... it would put cross-wise thoughts in his mind and could cause emotion to rise during the mission... which might actually be a good thing... the drugs had given him a propensity for blackouting that might be useful if it allowed him to kill these annoying maggot while on the mission... however, the key might be to be stealthy... in which case he might not want to loose what little trust or lack of distrust he had with these people. Still the answers might be useful and Mia had access to a lot of data and information that the Research Division kept censore from him. He stood their blankly in the hallway... oblivious to the fact that at any moment he might be walked in on... he had never been so hesitatant...

damn the holes. damn them too hell...

he sat down in the hallway looking up at the lights as they slowly dimmed to create an environment more conducive of sleep... he would stay awake all of to night... slipping out his book he sighed and began to read... the soulless hallway breathing deep sighs of air-conditioned fumes which stirred ever so slightly, threatening to uncover his left eye but with a brief adjustment he prevented it.

his hand began to write random words in the margin of his book and one that consistantly appeared was "Grigori"